Justin's Angel-148

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


On a hill in upstate New York, a man walked in the moonlight.
He'd walked slowly along the paths below, viewing the small cottages, staying away from the one near the lodge, its lights telling him that someone remained there.
He'd made his way up to this clearing, having been told by his leader where to find it.
He looked around, looking out onto the lake, sitting down upon the boulder.
"A warm, inviting solitude registers here." he softly said, his golden eyes looking around.
"I see why you held this as your sanctuary, Michael."
He stood up, walking to the clearing's edge, looking downward.
"To jump from here would have been your death." he pondered, then sighed.
"Soon, my friend. Soon you and I will meet. And truth and faith shall combine."
The young man looked out into the growing darkness, looking down at his hands.
One had a tattoo across the back of it: a cross within a cross.
The other looked scarred and weather worn.
In his good hand he held a cane.
He felt the pain in his joints, the agonizing pain.
He'd survived great peril and dangerous paths to arrive at this point.
"I follow you, Messenger. Your destiny awaits. I follow you to its end."
He limped out of the clearing, the moonlight fading behind clouds.

Chapter 148

Michael woke up feeling a bit of weight on his chest.
He opened his eyes, seeing Tigger sitting on his chest.
"Morning, Tig." he said quietly, scratching the cat behind his ear.
Michael looked to his left, Justin laying beside him.
He looked over Justin seeing the clock reading six thirty.
He yawned, looking at Justin.
A light snore was escaping his lips, his smooth chest fully exposed.
Michael smiled, looking at the man who'd captured his heart.
"Up, Papa?"
Michael smiled, hearing Shauna's voice in his mind.
"Yes, sweeties. Be right in."
Michael smiled, sitting up, Tigger moving onto the bed, then climbing up on top of Justin.
Justin murmured, Tigger settling down, staring at Michael.
"That's it, Tig. You guard Justin." Michael said, smiling.
Michael walked out of the room and entered the nursery across the hall.
Shauna smiled up at him from their crib, Darian still laying down, but his eyes were open.
"Morning angels." he said, kissing both of them, Darian raising his arms.
Michael lifted the boy up, Darian wanting down.
He set the boy down, the little boy heading out of the room, Michael knowing where he was headed.
He picked up Shauna, the two following Darian.
Darian ran across the hallway, into the other bedroom, smiling widely at seeing Tigger in bed with Justin.
"Up, Papa!" he proclaimed, Michael dropping Shauna onto the bed, and then lifting Darian.
Both little ones made a bee line for Tigger.
The cat meowed, climbing off Justin's chest, sitting down on the bed in front of the kids.
Both giggled, petting the cat, Tigger purring.
Justin who'd felt the movement in the bed, opened his eyes.
He smiled, seeing his little ones with the cat.
"Morning my loves. Love ya." he said, smiling and stretching.
"Love ya more, Timby. And I'm sorry to say you've been replaced by a cat. Our angels made a bee line for him, not you."
Justin chuckled, looking at his angels.
He put on his pouty face, the two little ones giggling.
"My angels wuv Tigger more than me?" he mocked crying, the two little ones climbing on top of him.
"We wuvs you Dada. You our Daddy!" both smiled, Justin smiling widely.
He tickled both, the three giggling and laughing, Michael smiling.
"Okay my three little ones. I'm going to start breakfast. You three head for the tub."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael, Michael kissing him tenderly back.
"Get them clean, sweetie. It's going to be a special day."
"Yep, Dada. Gamma coming!" Shauna said, Darian smiling.
Both men looked at the two with surprise on their faces.
"What do you mean angel?" Justin said, running his fingers through her blond curls.
"Gamma coming here, she going to be okay." she said, petting Tigger, who was laying down, his eyes closed, purring loudly.
Justin looked at Michael, Michael smiling.
"They have the gift, Jus. Maybe the gift of destiny."
Justin nodded, the two little ones smiling up at both of them.
Michael stood up, Justin picking both of the little ones up.
"Let's get wet, angels." Justin giggled, the two giggling with him, Michael walking out of the room.

Michael walked into the kitchen, finding Rachel already cooking.
"Morning Rach. I wasn't expecting you till later this morning. You must have came in early."
"Yes, Mikey. Jonas dropped me off at six. He and Lonnie were going to a little league tournament. Byron is coaching a youth group's team."
"Ah, cool. Are they coming for breakie?"
"No, Lonnie said they'd be back by lunch. All three of them."
"Cool. It will be nice to see Jonas and Byron again. How goes things with you and Longford?"
Rachel smiled, Michael smiling widely.
"That smile says it all."
Michael sat down at the kitchen table, Rachel handing him a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper.
"I love the man, Mikey. Thank you for bringing us together."
"It wasn't me, Rach. Your love for each other drew you to each other."
She smiled, going back to her preparations.
Twenty minutes later, Michael lifted his head from the newspaper, Justin walking into the room, Darian and Shauna dressed in shorts and tees.
Justin lifted them into their chairs, Rachel kissing them both.
"Morning angels." she said, both smiling up at her.
"Morning Rach!" they said together.
She smiled at them, placing plates of hash browns and sausages in front of them.
Justin helped them start their breakfast, Michael continuing his perusal of the paper.
"There's an article about Doris' hearing in the paper, as well as an item about Josh's new album. It's gotten a great review."
Justin smiled widely, Michael handing him the entertainment section.
Justin quietly read the article, beaming widely.
"I knew it would be a winner. This reviewer loved it. Cool. Joshy will be so happy!"
Michael smiled, agreeing with him.
Then he handed him the other article.
Justin read the article about Doris, looking quietly at Michael.
"Don't be upset by this, Mico. Don't take it literally."
Michael remained quiet, nodding.
"What's going on, Jus?" Rachel said, sitting at the table, all the food now on it.
Justin read the article, Rachel and Michael quietly listening.


"Today a hearing is scheduled for Doris Jacobs, accused murderess of Harrison Jacobs.
As our readers know, she is the grandmother of Justin Timberlake's and Michael Tavarro's little wards.
Her defense is claiming self-defense in her killing of the children's grandfather.
The famous couple were given their guardianship back after Doris' confession of murder.
Seems to this reporter, that being famous and wealthy can give you all you want.
There is word of the twosome legally adopting the two infants. Money can buy you anything.
Word has surfaced that the judge in the guardianship case was a personal friend of Michael Tavarro and Justin Timberlake.
Doris' hearing today will probably work in her favor, her famous friends' influence guaranteeing that.
Michael Tavarro always seems to be surrounded by sinister, shady doings.
A sadistic uncle, a murderous attacker, and now a murderous grandmother.
Paul Richards, his attacker, was suspiciously murdered, as well as a personal assistant to Oprah Winfrey, who had personal contact with Michael Tavarro.
Michael Tavarro himself killed a man in Chicago, defending apparently his friend and lover Justin Timberlake.
Injury and sadness surround this man like a blanket of death.
News has surfaced of JC Chasez and Lance Bass's new relationship, as well as their looking after an abandoned child.
Is Michael Tavarro warping the minds of our celebrities?
Is his gayness sending ripples through the ranks of our young stars?
What's up next for the famous duo?
Rumors of an impending wedding.
Michael Tavarro has all he desires now.
And the Timberlake family appears to have been totally whitewashed.
Stay tuned readers, I'll keep you posted on all the tidbits."

Justin set the paper down, Michael looking at him.
"Do you see the name of the reporter, Jus?"
Justin looked at the byline, seeing the name.
"God no! Not him again?" Justin said, his eyebrows furrowing.
"Yes, Jus."
"You know this guy?" Rachel said, looking at them both.
"I had a run in with him on the first night of Justin's tour. Brad Stevens and I are not on the best of terms. My confrontational words cost him his job on ET."
Justin put his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"The man was a leech, Mico. A dirty-handed leech. He got what he deserved."
"Yes, I know that, Jus. But now he's found a new medium to criticize us in. He's out for blood."
"Don't let one article upset you, love. I don't give a damn what he writes, Mico. Let's talk to Will and go after him. He's feeding the public lies."
Michael nodded, Justin throwing the paper into the garbage.
"That's where it belongs. We know the truth."
Justin saw Michael's calm matter, his determination seen in the open.
Justin smiled, kissing him gently, then giving Darian his juice cup.
"But God help him if he ever comes near me, Jus."
Justin looked into Michael's golden eyes. In them, he saw determination and resolve.
"Love ya, sweetie."
Michael smiled, kissing him.
"Love ya too, Timby."
Rachel smiled, the three starting their breakfasts while looking after the kids.

After breakfast, Trevor showed up with Nick.
"Morning guys. You ready to tackle that foundation, Mikey?"
Michael smiled, handing both men cups of coffee, both thanking him.
"The drill sergeant has spoken. Come on Trev, let's hit the books, literally."
Trevor smiled, following Michael towards the office, kissing Nick tenderly.
Michael smiled at them both when they parted.
"Fuel for the soul, Mikey." Nick smiled, Michael holding in a laugh.
The two walked down the hallway.
Nick sat down at the table, talking with Justin.
"Read the article about Doris this morning. That guy's an asshole, Justin." Nick said, Justin nodding.
"Yes, Michael showed it to me. But take heart, it rolls off both of us. Lies and innuendo don't stand a chance against the truth."
Nick smiled, seeing the determination in Justin's eyes.
"On to better things. Loved the review of Josh's new album. I'm so happy for him." Nick smiled, Justin smiling as well.
"Yep, we all are. Josh deserved this success. He'll make it big. His party is Saturday."
"Yes, Trev and I are invited, Drew's coming as well."
"Cool. It will be nice to see all our old friends. Christina, Pink, The B Boys."
"Yeah, they're all still in the biz. It's so remarkable."
"What about yourself, Nick? Any rumours of a 98 Degrees reunion?"
Nick laughed, smiling.
"We don't have a Michael to inspire us."
Justin smiled, then looked at Nick with a tender look.
"Michael inspires all of us, Nick."
Nick nodded, looking towards the office.
"Where would I be without my Trev? I owe Michael so much."
Justin smiled, patting his hand.
"You're in love, I see it in your eyes."
Nick smiled widely, blushing.
"He's my everything, Justin. I've never met anyone who wraps my soul in so much love. I love him totally."
"And Trevor?"
"He has said the words, and he means it. He loves me too. He loves me."
Nick smiled widely, Rachel smiling from the kitchen, washing dishes.
The little ones were looking at him, Nick smiling at them.
"We likes Unky Trev, and yous." Darian said, Justin smiling.
"We likes your kissies." Shauna said, Nick blushing.
"That's because they're in love, sweetie. They kiss because they love each other."
"Like you and Papa, Dada?" Darian asked, looking intently at his father.
"Yep, just like us."
Both little ones smiled, looking at Nick.
"You gets kiddies too?"
Nick almost choked on his coffee, Justin laughing.
Justin got up, picking up Shauna, smiling at her.
"Not all couples have children, sweetie. Nick and Trevor don't at the moment."
Nick blushed, picking up Darian.
"Later, Dada. They get some later." Darian quietly said, playing with his toy truck, which was in his small hands.
Nick looked at Justin, Justin smiling.
"Come on Nick, let's go to the pool."

Lonnie, Jonas and Byron showed up around eleven, walking out to the patio from the kitchen, Rachel on Lonnie's arm.
Jonas carried a tray of lemonade, all of them heading to the pool.
Byron stopped suddenly, seeing Justin standing in the shallow end of the pool in swim trunks, Darian and Shauna splashing in the water beside Nick.
Byron stared at Justin's sleek, muscular body, lost in the vision of male beauty in front of him.
Jonas was staring at Nick, his smooth torso fully in view.
"Wow! Nick Lachey!" Jonas stuttered, Byron now seeing him.
Both young men froze, Lonnie laughing.
"Yep. That's Nick and Justin. Friends and singing sensations. Calm down boys, and close your mouths."
Both young men blushed, Jonas setting the tray down on the table.
Justin and Nick waved at everyone, the four sitting down around the table at the pool's edge.
Justin climbed out of the pool, smiling as he walked over, Darian and Shauna running ahead of him.
Rachel picked a wet Shauna up, giving her a cup of lemonade.
Darian climbed up into Lonnie's lap smiling, the big man handing him his cup.
Both young men were staring at a nearly naked Justin in front of them.
"Come on guys. I'm sure both of you have fine forms too. And just relax, I'm just Justin, not the idol you think I am."
Justin smiled, then sat down in a shocked Byron's lap.
"There. You have Justin Timberlake in your arms. Now the fantasy's complete." Justin said, smiling at the man, Byron's arm around his wet back.
Byron was blushing, Jonas starting to laugh.
"Don't pop a woody, By, or you'll never live it down." Jonas said, Byron starting to laugh.
Justin was laughing now, bouncing on top of him, Byron all out laughing.
"Geez, how come superstars weigh so much?"
Justin stopped, staring at him, Lonnie bursting into laughter.
Everyone was laughing now, Justin smiling.
"Good one, Byron. Good one. Just for that you don't get to dry me off."
"Can I have that job?"
Justin turned, smiling at Michael and Trevor walking towards the table, both wearing only swim trunks.
Justin smiled, getting off Byron's lap, Byron sighing in relief, Lonnie and Nick laughing.
"Yep, that's your job, my sweetie." Justin said, wrapping his wet body around Michael.
"You teasing the young impressionable boys, Justy?"
"Just trying to make them relax around me. See the real me."
"They're seeing almost all of you, Justin. Even your little tummy."
Darian laughed, that making Byron and Jonas laugh.
Justin smiled, picking up Michael into his arms heading for the pool.
"Justin, no!!" Michael screamed, the two falling into the water.
The large splash almost came to the table.
Everyone laughed, Justin and Michael coming up for air.
Justin smirked, Michael splashing him, a wide smile on his face.
Justin smiled at his lover, pulling him close.
Michael smiled back, running his wet hands down Justin's chest, stopping at his stomach.
"I love you, Justy. Tummy and all."
Justin smiled, kissing him deeply, everyone smiling.
Trevor walked up to the table, Nick–as well as Byron and Jonas–staring at his smooth, tight form.
"Looking good, Trev." Nick smiled, Trevor blushing.
Nick got up, walking up to him, pulling him close and kissing him deeply.
Jonas and Byron stared in shock, looking in disbelief.
"Nick is..." Byron stuttered.
Rachel smiled, patting his shoulder.
"Yes, Byron. Nick and Trevor are together. But it's not publicly known."
Byron and Jonas nodded, promising it would remain that way.
Jonas smiled at Byron, leaning in and kissing him.
"Love emanates off this house. Here we can be ourselves, Jon." Byron said, Jonas smiling and standing up.
"Couldn't agree more, By." Jonas said, pulling off his shirt.
His chocolate skin was smooth and muscular.
Nick and Trevor smiled, seeing the smooth form of his chest and legs.
"You're looking good too, Jonas." Nick said, smiling.
"Let's hit the water, By." Jonas said, smiling as Byron stood up, his shirt coming off too.
His body was tight and muscular, with a little chest hair.
The two young men dove into the pool, Nick and Trevor jumping in right after them.

An hour later, Rachel was setting the patio tables, lunch now almost ready.
They all sat around laughing and talking, Justin and Byron playing with the little ones on the grassy yard.
Byron was now completely relaxed around Justin, the two now equal friends.
Michael's cell phone went off, Lonnie answering it.
"Hey, Mike. It's Will." he said, Michael walking over from the barbecue.
He took the cell from Lonnie, walking back to the barbecue, Justin watching him.
He talked for a few minutes, shutting down the barbecue, carrying a plate of burgers back to the table.
He sat them down finishing his phone call.
"Thanks, Will. See you soon."
He closed off the phone, everyone staring at him.
"She's free. The judge gave her a commuted sentence. She's been acquitted on the self-defense plea. She also received probation for the larceny charge in regards to our hearing. She's free to go back to her life. And that life starts here."
Justin smiled, taking Michael's hand in his.
"For sure, my love. Our little ones have their grandmother back."
Michael smiled, looking at the two little ones.
"She coming, Papa?"
Michael lifted Shauna up out of her highchair, kissing her cheek.
"Yes, little angel. Gamma's coming."
Shauna smiled, Darian clapping his hands.
"Will said it will be about a half hour. They'll be here for lunch."
Everyone smiled, seeing Michael's happiness at the woman coming to their home.
"Rachel, can you get the second bedroom next to yours cleaned up? She'll be staying with us for a bit."
She smiled, getting up and Lonnie following her.
"Our angels need to be changed, Jus. They need to look good for their grandma."
Justin nodded, Byron and he carrying the two into the house.
Michael smiled, sitting down at the table, Trevor looking at him.
"Is this wise, Michael? Letting her into their lives? She's done some terrible things."
Michael looked at Trevor, smiling.
"All that's happened in her life never was her doing, Trev. Her husband abused her, and he abused her daughter. She was so confused that she sought escape in God's love. She should have been escaping from him. Tragedy was the end result of that, she was pushed to her limits. I don't fault her for what she's done. How can any of us? You know of what I speak, Trev. You went through it with Keith. Now, she has a chance at living a normal life. And she needs love in that life. The love she can get from her grandchildren."
Nick nodded in agreement, Michael continuing.
"And it's more important to the kids, our kids. They need to know the love of a grandmother. Like I did, and Justin did, and I'm sure both of you did. A grandmother's love can be so moving and she can teach them so much."
Trevor nodded, lowering his head, Nick lifting it.
"Michael's right, Trev. Don't judge her by her past, judge her by her love."
Trevor smiled, nodding at Michael, Michael smiling back.
"I'm sorry, Mike. I should have felt the reasoning behind your decisions. You did the same for me."
Michael smiled, Nick kissing Trevor's cheek.
"I'd do it for all my friends, my friend."
Trevor smiled, feeling Michael's deep love from across the table.

Will drove through suburban Los Angeles in his car, Doris sitting beside him.
"Where are we going, Mr. Preston?" she asked, looking around at the affluent neighbourhood they were driving through.
"Someone wants to speak to you before you return home, Doris." he said, smiling at her.
Doris remained quiet, looking around at the passing homes.
The trial had been surprising for her, she not expecting such leniency.
Her doctor had spoken calming words to her all week, giving her a faint glimpse of hope.
But the end result had shocked her.
As had the written statements from Michael Tavarro and Justin Timberlake.
They held no grudge against her for what she'd done.
She sat in the car, her thoughts on the young man with the golden eyes.
The forgiving, loving young man.
One thing he'd said had remained in her mind.
That he'd talked to her daughter Serena. That he'd told her that Serena still loved her.
That was the one thing in life that was keeping her going.
Her daughter's forgiveness.
Doris teared up, Will looking over at her.
"You okay, Doris?" he gently asked.
"Yes, Mr. Preston, I'm okay. Just thinking about fate and the paths we are led down. My life is forever changed. I believe by one man."
Will smiled, sensing whom she was thinking of.
"He is a remarkable man."
Doris smiled, looking at him.
"What do you know about him? Can you please tell me?"
Will smiled, telling her all that he knew of Michael's tragic life, and his courageous struggle to survive it.
"Such pain, such destruction. How did he ever survive it?" she quietly said, almost as if to herself.
"Michael said he never gave up. He lived life one day at a time, making each day seem like its own lifetime. It's an enlightening concept."
Doris nodded, thinking that over.
To live each day as its own lifetime.
She smiled, liking that way of looking at life.
"I think I'll try that."
Will smiled, turning into the laneway to Michael and Justin's home.
Jim opened the gates, greeting Will.
He smiled at Doris, Doris smiled back, looking around.
Will drove his car up the driveway, parking beside the house.
He got out, walking around the car and opening Doris' door.
Doris slowly got out, looking up at the large home.
"Who's home is this?"
Will just smiled, leading her towards the front door.

Michael answered the doorbell.
He opened the door to a shock-faced Doris.
Michael smiled, hugging her gently, Doris unable to move.
"Welcome to our home, Doris. Please come in."
Will gently guided her forward, Michael taking her arm.
He lead her into the living room, Will following.
Doris looked around, seeing the beauty of the home, in all its furnishings and warm-looking rooms.
"What am I doing here, Michael? I thought I'd be the last person you'd want to see. Especially in your own home."
Michael smiled at her, guiding her to the sofa, sitting down beside her.
"Now why would you think that?"
"Because of what I almost did to you. I almost destroyed the family you were trying to create."
Michael gently kissed her cheek.
"No one can destroy that, Doris. And we've forgiven you for what your part was. You weren't responsible for your brother's greed, or you husband's abuse."
Doris teared up, looking at Michael.
"Why did you help me, Michael? I saw the letters you and Justin wrote. Why?"
"Because we see in you goodness, Doris. We–myself most of all–know the life you were forced to live. The tragic life you had to endure. We want to help you help yourself."
Doris smiled, taking Michael's hand.
"Mr. Preston told me of your childhood, and all the pain you endured. How did you survive that? I know the pain was unbearable for me."
"I survived it just as you did, Doris. With hope, courage and a resolve to not give up.  I feel that resolve in you. And I know what's at the center of it."
Will sat on a chair, listening to the heartwarming exchange between the two.
Michael's golden eyes gazed into her blue eyes.
"Serena was the heart of your life. And she still is, Doris. She was your child, your dear little Serena. And now you go on with the love you thought she denied you. She never denied it, to you or her children. Her love is still in you, as I told you. She told me that herself. She still loves you, as she still loves her children. She's beside all of you. And that's why you're here now, my dear lady. "
Doris was crying, her eyes full of tears, Michael's arm around her now.
"That tragic part of your life is over, dear lady. Now comes the next part. The best part. And that part will be unbelievable in its beauty and heartwarming love. And this is how it should start."
Michael smiled, looking towards the open doorway.
Will turned, looking to see what he was looking at, as did Doris.
Doris trembled a little, seeing who stood in the doorway.
Darian and Shauna stood looking at their grandmother, Justin standing behind them, wearing a large smile.
The two little ones were dressed in new clothes, matching baby blue short sets.
Shauna and Darian both smiled, then ran towards their grandmother.
They both stopped in front of her, looking up at her.
"Hi, Gamma." Darian said loudly, Michael smiling at him.
Shauna put her hands on Doris' knees, looking up at her.
"Hi, Gamma. We wuvs you. You heres in our home."
Doris was in tears, Darian wanting up into her lap.
Michael lifted him up gently, Darian snuggling against her.
"Wuv you, Gamma."
Doris looked down at the two little children, seeing their smiling faces looking up at her.
"You face is just like Serena's, Shauna. The same beautiful blue eyes and long lashes." she said in tears.
"Me wook like Mommy? Cool!"
Justin smiled, sitting down on Doris' other side, lifting Shauna up into Doris' lap.
"Doris, as Michael said, they are your grandchildren. They need to feel the love of a grandmother, as Michael and I have both felt. We would never keep you from them. You need to feel their love. Michael and I have felt it, it's beyond beautiful. It will wrap around your heart."
"My little Serena's children! Her little angels! I have them in my lap! They want to love me!" she said, openly crying, Justin putting his arm around her.
Michael smiled, sensing her opening heart.
"The innocence of a child opens all our hearts, our souls fill with their blossoming love."
Doris smiled, nodding at Michael.
Shauna snuggled against her.
"Justin and I welcome you to our home, Doris. We invite you to stay with us for a while. Get to know your grandchildren. Let them into your heart, and their hearts will fill with your love."
She looked surprised, staring at Michael.
"You trust me in your home? You want me to be a part of your life?"
Michael kissed her cheek as did Justin.
"Michael and I feel the love in your heart, Doris. And the goodness that is bubbling to the surface. A smile on your face will be like a ray of sunshine in our hearts, especially in your grandchildren's hearts."
Doris smiled, shyly at first, then looked down at the two treasures in her lap.
Her smile then widened, Justin and Michael smiling at each other.
"You've changed my life, both of you. It's like I'm walking out of a dream."
"You are, Doris. Out of a nightmare into the sunshine of your later years. Love will be your driving force."
She smiled at Michael, his words deep with meaning.
"I accept your invitation, Michael and Justin. Thank you for doing this."
Both men smiled widely, getting up.
"Lunch is ready, please join us on the patio." Michael said, looking at Will as well, who'd just stood up.
Doris gently put the two kids down, both taking one of her hands when she stood up.
"Come on, Gamma. We shows you our pool and play yard." Darian said, beginning to pull her arm.
Doris laughed at his eagerness, walking ahead with the two little ones, Justin, Michael and Will following.

Justin introduced her to everyone on the patio, all of them sitting down while the kids walked her around the backyard.
"She looks very happy, Mikey." Nick said, smiling.
"Her heart is healed, her life back on track. She'll be happy always."
Trevor smiled, seeing Michael's own happiness.
"The kids love her, you can see that plainly." Rachel said, smiling at Justin.
"Yep, she's their grandmother. You always love your grandmother." Justin said, looking at Michael.
Doris came back onto the patio, helping the little ones up the steps, the two running to a kneeling Justin.
Justin picked both up, Michael helping him put them into their highchairs.
"It's a beautiful place, Michael." Doris smiled, looking around.
"It's our home. And you're always welcomed in it." Justin smiled, Doris tearing up.
Justin felt her emotions, hugging her tightly.
"Welcome to a new life, Doris." he said, she smiling through her tears.
"Thank you, Justin. Thank you, Michael." she smiled, Justin pulling out a chair for her.
"Would you say grace, Doris?" Michael asked, everyone looking at her.
Doris looked surprised, everyone lowering their heads.
She put her hands together, lowering her own head.
"God, we thank you today for the food we are about to receive. And for the company we share. Today I sit with new friends, and my grandchildren. My lost daughter's two angels. I feel so blessed, so welcomed by such a loving group. Thank you God, and we all thank you for all the love we've been given. Amen."
Everyone smiled, Doris wiping her eyes.
Michael smiled at her, handing her a basket of his rolls.

They all sat around chatting amicably, Doris answering questions and asking her own while they ate.
Justin and Michael saw her relaxing now, her nervousness gone.
"So there's a room upstairs for you, we want you to spend the next week with us. Longer if you want." Justin said, smiling at her, Doris smiling back.
"I'd like that. Thank you."
"Enough with the thank yous. You're family now." Michael smiled, Doris smiling.
"Okay, Michael."
She relaxed even more, laughing at times as well.
The meal finished, everyone relaxing around the patio.
The two little ones were let down, Doris sitting on a chaise lounger with them, Shauna handing her a book off the table.
"We want you to read us story, Gamma."
Justin smiled, looking at Doris.
"They nap in the afternoon usually, for an hour or so. They like to hear a story. I'll show you their room, you can read to them there." Justin said, picking up Darian, the small boy smiling and yawning.
Doris stood up, following Justin with Shauna in her arms.
"Show her her room at the same time, Jus." Michael said, Justin smiling and blowing him a kiss.
"Sleep well, angels." Michael called back, both little ones waving goodbye.
Everyone smiled, seeing the smile on Doris' face.
Will rose up, ready to leave.
"I'll bring in her suitcase, Michael. And I'll see all of you at Josh's Saturday."
Everyone nodded, saying goodbye, Michael walking to the door, then out to the car with him.
"Thanks for everything, Will. You've given us a new family member."
"Michael, you did that. You are amazing, my friend." Will smiled, Michael winking.
"You ain't seen nothing yet, baby!!" Michael smiled, striking a pose.
Will laughed, but saw a look in Michael's golden eyes.
A look of knowledgeable truth.
"I somehow believe that, Mikey."
Michael smiled, taking the suitcase out of the back of Will's car.
"See you Saturday, Will." he said, hugging him tightly.
Will seemed surprised by the hug, hugging him back gently.
"Yes, for sure."
Will got in his car, driving down the driveway, Jim closing the gates.
Michael stared at the disappearing car, then at Jim.
"Hold onto your hats boys! Life's about to get a whole lot wilder!"
He smiled widely, walking back into the house.

End of Chapter 147

A little shorter than usual.
Sorry for that, but I just wanted to end it on a uplifting, pleasant note.
There's a new family member.

The kiddies have their grandmother in their lives.
Lots more loving and happiness surrounding the joined family.

Up next, Josh's party, with a few surprises and the welcoming back of some old acquaintances.

Keep reading, it only gets more interesting!

Keep the faith, love the life.


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