Justin's Angel-150

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin checked on their angels, the two following Doris out of the room, leaving the door open.
They said goodnight, Doris walking down to her room.
Justin and Michael walked into theirs, Justin pulling Michael into his arms as soon as the door was closed.
Michael felt Justin's deep love in the deep kiss he gave him, and the rising desire.
"My tiger's on the prowl!"
"Oh God, my love! You excite me so! All night, every movement you made set my heart on fire!"
Michael broke the hug, looking into his eyes.
"Are you sure it wasn't something else? You don't have to overcompensate to hide your feelings, my love."
Justin looked surprised, sitting down on the edge of the bed.
"I felt him, Mico. I felt his desire for you."
Michael put his arm around his lover.
"I felt it too, Timby."
"I can't believe he's gay."
"Jeff hides it well. Very well."
Justin looked surprised.
"Um, Mico. I was talking about A.J."

Chapter 150

Michael was roused out of his sleep, feeling a furriness against his face, then a tongue licking him.
"Justin, your tongue's rough."
He heard laughter, slowly opening his golden eyes.
Tigger sat on his chest, staring at him and purring.
Behind the cat, three smiling faces looked down on him.
"Morning my little angels."
All three little ones smiled, Noah's hand going to Michael's face.
"Morning, Unky." he smiled, Michael smiling.
"Morning, Papa. Noah and unkies here!" Darian beamed, Michael stretching, sitting up.
Tigger jumped onto the bed, Noah laughing as the cat rubbed up against his small body.
"Me likes kitty." he chuckled, petting the cat, Darian and Shauna smiling.
Justin, Josh and Lance all stood by the bed, smiling at Michael.
Justin leaned down, kissing his lover.
"Good morning, sunshine. Love ya!"
Michael was lost in the kiss, feeling Justin's love.
"Morning, lovebuns. Love ya back. Morning brothers of love."
Lance and Josh smiled, saying good morning.
"And why are our two best friends here so early?" Michael said, glancing at the clock, seeing it was ten o'clock.
"Justy invited us to brunch last night, Mikey."
Justin smiled, Michael smiling at him.
"You mean we get to eat with the superstar, J.C. Chasez!!" Michael said, his eyes wide with fake worship.
Lance laughed, sitting down on the bed, Noah climbing into his lap.
"Yeah, isn't it wonderful. A mega superstar in our midst. Wow!!!" Justin said, batting his eyelashes.
"I'm asking him for his autograph, Jus. Do you think he'll sign my ass?"
Everyone burst into laugher, Josh laughing the loudest.
"Anyone got a pen?" he smiled, Justin laughing again.
Justin leaned down, picking up his angels.
"We'll let you get ready, love. Rach and Doris have brunch all organized. Come on guys."
Lance stood up, Noah smiling against his chest.
"I need to talk to Mikey for a moment, be right down." Josh said, Justin nodding, Lance nodding as well.
They walked out of the room, their children in tow.
Michael smiled at Josh, stretching his upper body. His lower half was covered with the blankets.
Josh smiled, sitting down on the edge of the bed.
"What's on your mind, Joshy?"
"I just wanted to apologize for last night. My being angry with you."
Michael smiled, sitting up beside Josh, putting his arm around him.
"It's okay, Josh. I sensed your feelings right away. We're okay now?"
Josh smiled, nodding.
"Last night was unbelievable, Michael. Everyone was so happy for me, praising me. It went right to my heart. You were right, I was skeptical about my talent, my success. I'm not now, thanks to you. I talked to Steven this morning, the record's taking off. I'm already on the Billboard top fifty. My video appears on VH1 tonight."
Michael smiled, hugging him.
"Way to go, Joshy!"
Josh smiled, looking at Michael's naked chest.
His body was compact, sculpted and muscular.
Michael saw Josh's wandering gaze, smiling.
"So how does it feel to be on the road to success?"
Josh smiled widely, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"It feels damn near fantastic!"
Michael smiled, standing up.
Josh stared in awe, Michael's nude form on full display.
He smiled, quietly looking away.
Michael smiled, walking to the dresser, picking up a pen.
He walked back in front of Josh.
Josh looked up into his eyes, Michael smiling at him.
He handed Josh the pen, winking and turning around.
"Make it out to Mikey." he smiled, his ass turning right in front of Josh.
Josh stared at both perfectly formed cheeks.
He burst out into laughter, Michael's own joining him.
Josh stood up, smiling.
"You're one of a kind, Tavarro."
Michael smiled, hugging him, Josh feeling the warmth of his body against him.
"You're one of a kind also, Chasez. The best kind."
Josh smiled, letting go of Michael.
"I'll let you get ready, Michael."
Michael smiled, feeling perfectly comfortable with Josh's loving gaze.
"See you downstairs, Josh."
Josh smiled, walking out of the room.

Michael walked into the kitchen, everyone sitting at the table waiting for him.
Doris was at the counter, putting hashbrowns onto a platter, Rachel filling a plate full of pancakes.
"Good morning, Michael." she smiled, Michael hugging her, kissing her cheek.
"Good morning, Doris. Good morning Rach."
Everyone smiled, seeing Michael's relaxed mood.
He sat down at the table, between Darian and Noah, the three kids in their highchairs.
Michael greeted Lonnie, and smiled at everyone else.
"Having hashies, Papa!" Darian said, an eager look on his face.
"My boy loves his hashies." Michael smiled, Justin chuckling.
Rachel and Doris brought over the food, the table all set.
"Dig in everyone, before it gets cold." Rachel smiled, Michael smiling at her.
She sat down beside Lonnie, Lonnie's arm resting on the back of her chair.
"Everyone recovered from the superstar gala last night?" Michael said, putting hashbrowns on his son's plate.
Darian smiled, licking his lips, waiting for them to cool.
"Yep, all good." Lonnie smiled, Rachel blushing.
"Some of us more than others." Michael smiled, not saying any more.
Everyone talked and ate, the comfortableness of the room relaxing everyone.
After brunch, everyone was relaxing, sipping coffee.
"It was nice to see all the BB's and 98's again." Lance said, smiling.
"Yeah, the guys haven't changed much." Josh said, smiling.
"They may have changed more than you know." Michael said quietly, Justin looking at him.
"What do you mean, Mikey?" Lonnie asked, Rachel refilling his cup.
"It's nothing important. For the moment anyway." Justin said quietly, Michael nodding.
Everyone exchanged looks, remaining quiet.
Michael and Justin had talked for a while last night on their revelations.
They had both decided to keep their observations to themselves, unless something warranted their speaking out.
Lance sensed they were keeping quiet about something.
"So, Joshy. When's your music video on?"
"At seven on the countdown. It's debuting at number forty seven."
Michael smiled, winking.
"Daddy singing?" Noah asked, Lance smiling.
"Yep, little man. Daddy's going to be on TV singing." Michael said, Noah smiling.
"Me going to hear." he said, Josh tearing up, Lance's arm around him.
"I'd give anything for him to see it." Josh said quietly, Michael looking at him.
"He will, Josh. In his mind's eye, he'll see it the way he thinks it will look. The same way he imagines what both of you look like. It will be special in his own mind."
Josh smiled, as did Lance, liking Michael's concept of Noah's disability.
"I like that idea, Mike." Lonnie said, everyone agreeing.
Noah looked around, smiling.
"Me sees you Daddy. Me sees you in my mind."
Josh smiled, picking the child up out of his highchair.
"We should go, Lancy. I've got calls to make and Steven's coming over this afternoon." Josh said, leaning down and kissing Justin goodbye.
"We'll watch the video, Joshy."
"Cool. I want you honest opinion, especially you, Mikey."
Michael smiled, Lance hugging him goodbye.
Their friends left to hugs and goodbyes.

Michael sat in his office, working on his laptop.
A knock came to the door, Michael bidding enter.
Doris walked into the room, smiling at Michael.
"I'm not disturbing you, am I, Michael?"
Michael smiled, putting the cover down on his laptop.
"Not at all, Doris. It's never a disturbance if you want to talk or need something."
She smiled, sitting down on the couch near his desk.
"Thank you, Michael. You're so kind."
"Hey, it's Mike, or Mikey, remember?"
She smiled, nodding.
"So what can I help you with?"
"I saw Serena last night."
"Oh? She came into your dreams?"
"No, Michael. It was just after I put Darian and Shauna down for the night. They told me she was here and outside wanting to talk to me."
Michael remained quiet, his golden eyes quietly staring at her as if it wasn't anything unusual.
"And I take it she was there?"
Doris nodded, Michael seeing the tears beginning to fall from her eyes.
Michael got up, sitting down beside her, taking her hands in his.
"I see in your eyes your happiness. I won't ask what she talked to you about."
Doris smiled, seeing the caring love in Michael's golden eyes.
"My little girl is happy. And she wants me to be happy."
Michael smiled, looking at her quietly.
"Thank you, Michael. This week here has been exactly what I needed. Being with our angels has put my heart and soul in order."
Michael smiled at Doris' calling them "our angels".
"So, I take it you've resigned yourself to the role of doting grandmother?"
Doris smiled, patting Michael's knee.
"Damn straight."
Michael laughed, seeing her happiness in her eyes and face.
"I'd like to see them as often as you'd allow, Michael. I need them in my life."
Michael smiled, then smirked.
"Come with me, Gamma."
Doris looked confused, following Michael out of the room.

Michael walked into the living room, Justin sitting on the floor, looking up at them when they came in.
Darian and Shauna were on the floor beside him, playing with toy trucks.
"Justin, it's time for our surprise."
Justin beamed, getting up. Darian and Shauna stood up as well, Justin taking both of their hands.
"Follow us, Gamma." Darian said, sounding like he was in charge.
Justin laughed, as did Michael.
"You heard the boss. Follow our little man." Michael laughed, Darian smiling.
They met Lonnie and Rachel at the bottom of the stairs, Lonnie winking at Michael.
They all walked up the staircase, Doris wondering what was going on.
Once they all were in the hallway, Darian and Shauna took Doris' hands in theirs.
"Come on, Gamma. See surprise."
Doris smiled, walking with the little ones, Justin and Michael following their kids. Lonnie and Rachel following behind them.
They walked up to Doris's room door, Doris stopping in surprise.
On the door was a sign, delicately carved and painted with small flowers.


"This your woom forever, Gamma." Shauna said, smiling up at her.
Doris looked in shock, staring at Justin and Michael.
"It's yours for as long as you want it, Doris." Justin smiled, kissing her cheek.
She started tearing up, looking at Michael.
"I can stay here with them?"
"Yes, Doris. Like the sign says, this will always be your room. Our angels will have your love, as they've always been meant to have." Michael said, his golden eyes glistening, Justin's arm going around him.
Doris sobbed, Darian and Shauna hugging her legs.
"Don't crys Gamma. We's here to makes you happy." Shauna smiled.
"You stays here and be's happy. Dat's it!" Darian said, folding his arms.
Justin and Michael laughed, seeing Darian's determined stare.
"Yes sir, little man." she said, laughing and saluting him.
Darian's face lit up with a wide smile, hugging her legs again.
"I am happy, my angels. I'm happy to be with you always."
Michael and Justin smiled, hugging her gently.
"Go ahead in, Gamma." Justin smiled, opening the door.
Doris smiled, walking into the room.
Her eyes went wide, seeing the room transformed.
A rocker recliner sat in the corner, beside the window.
There was also a small couch, television, queen size bed and a writing desk.
"We hope you like it. You're more than welcome to bring anything you want from your house to make it more comfortable." Michael said, smiling at her.
Doris nodded, looking around the cozy, quaint, roomy sanctuary.
"So you'll stay?" Michael said, looking quietly at her.
Doris looked around at everyone, smiling.
"How can I leave so much love? And my little angels?"
Michael and Justin smiled, as did Lonnie and Rachel.
"There are a few things I'd like to bring. My knitting, clothes and such. Some family knickknacks."
"Sure thing. Lonnie will drive you over later." Justin said, smiling.
Everyone saw her happiness, Doris sitting down in the rocker, Darian and Shauna climbing up into her lap.
"Gamma can wock us to sleeps every night, Dada." Shauna smiled.
Justin face dropped a little, Doris looking quietly at him.
"Now, now, little ones. That's your parents' job. I'm only your grandmother. I'm here to give you love, and make you smile. Dada and Papa's love is most important for you. You're their angels first."
Michael smiled, winking at Doris.
"Ok, Gamma. We's wuvs Dada and Papa. Me always wants to falls asleep in Dada's arms." Darian said, smiling up at his father.
Justin teared up, Michael smiling as well.
Darian's little arms reached out, Justin picking him up, Darian snuggling against him.
"Welcome home, Doris." Michael said, smiling.
She teared up, smiling up at him.
"Thanks, Mikey."

Lonnie drove Doris over to her home later that afternoon.
Rachel went with them, helping her pack her things.
Justin and Michael spent the afternoon with their angels, all four laughing and playing around the house.
Around five o'clock, Michael got busy working on dinner, Justin playing in the backyard with the kids.
Lonnie, Rachel and Doris returned shortly after, Lonnie carrying bags upstairs.
"I think she's packed everything from that house." Lonnie laughed, Justin helping him carry some bags.
Rachel and Doris laughed, Doris playfully slapping Lonnie's big arm.
"It's not that bad. Just some personal things."
Michael smiled, returning to his kitchen.
Rachel walked in, the phone ringing.
"Tavarro-Timberlake residence. Just one moment please." she said, looking at Michael.
"It's someone named Charles Harrington for you Michael."
"Thanks, Rach. Can you keep an eye on the stir fry?"
Rachel nodded, Michael taking the phone.
He talked for a while, Justin walking into the kitchen.
He saw Michael on the phone asking Rachel who he was talking to, Rachel telling him.
"I understand, Mr. Harrington. Tomorrow at eleven. We will both be there. As well as our legal team."
Michael closed off the phone, putting it back on its charger.
He turned, looking at Justin.
"Everything okay, sweetie?"
"Everything's perfect, Justin. Tomorrow's going to be a day of finality."
Michael returned to the stove, taking the spoon from Rachel, thanking her.
Rachel smiled, looking at Justin, Justin nodding his head towards the door.
Rachel nodded, leaving the kitchen.
Justin sat down at the kitchen counter on a stool, looking towards his lover.
"Care to fill me in on where we're going to be tomorrow at eleven?"
Michael sighed, shutting down the burner, pulling off the pan of stir fry.
He turned, looking into Justin's focused blue eyes.
"We're going to meet with Charles Harrington. Owner and chairman of the board of the Los Angeles Times."
Justin's face changed, looking at Michael with awed wonder.
"And Brad Stevens is going to be brought to reckoning."
Justin's face changed into a wide smile.
"You've got something up your sleeve, sweetie?"
"I have the truth, Justin. The whole truth."
Justin got up, pulling his man into his arms.
"My knight in shining armor." he smiled, kissing Michael deeply.
Michael smiled back, seeing Justin's deep faith in him.
"For you and our loved ones I'll always be your warrior of love."
Justin teared up, Doris, Rachel and Lonnie walking into the room.
The little ones were tagging along beside Lonnie.
"Everything okay, guys?" Lonnie asked, his hand in Shauna's.
"Everything's super, Lon. My man's going to bat for us again."
Lonnie and Rachel smiled, Michael smiling at them all.
"Tomorrow's going to be a surprising day." Michael said, looking again into Justin's blue pools of love.
Everyone quietly looked at him, sensing no more clarification on those words.
"Let's eat, everyone." Michael said, returning to the stove.

After dinner, they all adjourned to the living room to watch Josh's premiering video.
"We see Unky Josh dance and sing?" Darian said, sitting in Justin's lap.
"Yep, little man. Unky Josh is going to be a star."
Michael smiled, sensing no jealousy or indifference in Justin.
He was happy for his best friend and his success.
Michael smiled at him, Justin smiling back.
They all snuggled down, watching the program.
Josh's video came on, everyone quiet and taking it all in.
Michael smiled, seeing Josh in perfect form, his voice in perfect tone.
The video consisted of him walking along a darkened street.
At different doorways, it showed a part of his character's fictitious life.
He wore a black tuxedo, looking like Frank Sinatra.
His rich voice was his own, distinct and his alone.
Everyone remained quiet, his voice casting a spell on all of them.
Justin smiled, hearing Josh's true unique voice on display for the world to hear.
This was the true Josh, the Josh that he and Michael loved.
The video ended, everyone clapping.
Michael picked up the phone, Justin sitting beside him.
Someone answered, Michael winking at Justin.
"Hello, is this J.C. Chasez's house?" Michael said in a different voice.
Josh, on the other end of the phone, didn't recognize the voice, looking over at Lance, Noah in his lap.
"This is he."
"Oh, my God!!! J.C.!!! I'm talking with him!!!!! Oh God, I think I just creamed my pants!!!!"
Justin laughed beside Michael, Lonnie and Rachel smiling with laughter.
"How did you get this number?" Josh said, getting concerned about how this deranged fan got his home number.
"Why your sexy boy toy gave it to me, sugar pie!" Michael said, smiling at everyone.
"Who is this?" Josh said, Lance looking concerned.
Michael looked at Justin.
"It's one of your greatest fans, Joshy. Tonight you shone in the heavens."
Josh was silenced, a tear glistening his eye.
Lance smiled, sensing who it was now.
"You really think that, Mikey?"
"You areľand always will beľmy singer of truth."
Josh was in tears, Lance patting his shoulder.
"Thank you, Mikey. Thanks for that praise."
"Your best friend wants to talk to you, Josh. Love ya."
Josh smiled, Justin coming on the phone.
"It was awesome, Joshy!! Totally in the zone!!"
Josh smiled widely, Lance smiling.
Justin and Josh talked for a while, the kids climbing into Michael's lap.
They smiled at him, snuggling against him.
Michael smiled, watching his lover give his friend his love.

Justin woke up, stretching and finding himself alone.
He looked at the clock, seeing seven thirty.
He yawned, remembering the night's passion.
Michael had been almost unbelievable in his need and desires.
Justin smiled, his body feeling its contented happiness.
He looked towards the balcony, seeing Michael staring out into the morning light.
Justin sat up, stretching more, looking at his lover's naked form in the morning sunshine.
He sighed, taking in his flawless beauty.
Then Justin saw the returned scar on Michael's lower back.
"It's okay, Timby. I wear it for her." Michael said, turning to look at him.
Justin stood up, walking out onto the balcony, his arms going around his lover.
"Your heart knows no limits, Mico. I love you."
Michael turned, pulling him close.
"And I love you, my musical angel."
Justin smiled, feeling the calmness in Michael's soul.
"A new day of discovery and life." Michael smiled, his lips finding Justin's.
"You've discovered every inch of me, Mico."
"And I love to explore you always. It's like reclaiming lost lands."
Justin giggled, Michael's wet tongue on his chest making him tremble.
"That tickles, lover."
Michael smiled, replacing his tongue with his fingers, stroking Justin's hardened nipples.
"Mmmm. That's nice."
Michael smiled, Justin looking into his golden eyes.
"All ready for today, Mico?"
"Yep. All set. Harry will be here around nine."
"Harry? What's he got to do with  this?"
"He's my lawyer, Jus. As is Will. They're both going with us. Along with some interesting things he's been able to uncover. Harry is a very resourceful man."
Justin nodded, realizing Michael was keeping it to himself.
"I've had my suspicions, Harry was just verifying it all."
Justin nodded, looking into his calm, golden, loving eyes.
"Care to share what you sensed?"
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's lips.
"It's better if you don't know, love. All will be revealed shortly. I'm going to hit the shower, you go wake our angels."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing him and slipping back into the room.
Justin watched him go into the bathroom, closing the door.
Justin walked into the bedroom, pulling on his briefs and a pair of shorts.
A wifebeater he pulled over his muscled frame.
Justin picked up his cell phone off the nightstand, hitting favorites.
"Hey, Josh. Sorry to wake you up. I need you and Lance."

Michael walked into the kitchen, seeing his three angels at the table eating cereal.
Justin smiled, seeing Michael all dressed up in a black Armani suit.
"Whoa, babe! You look totally awesome!"
Michael smiled, leaning down and kissing his upturned lips.
"Swallow the cereal first, Jus."
Justin laughed, as did Darian and Shauna.
"Coffee, Mikey?" Rachel said, Michael nodding.
The front doorbell rang, Michael walking into the hallway.
He returned a few moments later with Harry.
Michael introduced him to Doris, both smiling at each other.
Harry was well aware of the current surroundings.
"You have everything, Harry?"
"Yes, Michael. Let's go over it all."
"Excuse us everyone. I've laid out your clothes, love. Once the kiddies are fed, take a shower and get dressed. We'll be done shortly."
Justin nodded, watching Michael and Harry head into the office.
"Do you know what's going on, Justin?" Doris asked, Justin shaking his head no.
"Michael and his surprises. Get used to it, Gamma." Justin smiled, quietly watching the closed door.

Michael closed the folder, looking up at Harry.
"So, I was right?"
"Yep, Michael. Right on the money."
"Thank you, Harry. This is some top notch investigating. I want you to give Mark Charleston a hefty bonus."
Harry smiled, nodding.
Mark Charleston was a top private detective, whom Harry had used on several occasions.
Augustus Tavarro had hand-picked him, his credentials astounding.
"He has no qualms about going into any situation, Michael."
"I'll have to meet him some day."
Harry smiled.
"Me, too."
Michael laughed, smiling at him.
"My grandfather, I think, loved the sense of drama."
Harry nodded, taking off his glasses.
"I've also brought you the proofs of your requested documents."
Michael nodded, taking the new folder from Harry.
Harry remained quiet, watching the young man in front of him.
He never ceased to amaze the older man.
Harry quickly had picked up on Michael's shrewd, keen sense of business. He'd mastered his substantial portfolio rather easily. It all seemed like second nature to Michael.
And he'd done some remarkable things with that wealth.
Harry felt in his heart that Michael's close-knit circle would be stunned with what Michael was doing.
Michael put the folder down, taking up the pen that lay on the desk, signing the documents.
"It's all in order."
Harry nodded, signing the documents as well.
"Witnessed and verified. I'll have it all notarized."
Michael nodded, quietly looking at the older man.
"May I say something, Michael?"
"Go right ahead, Harry."
"I've dealt with your family for over fifty years, Michael, since I met your grandfather when he was a young lawyer. I've done some secretive, shady things. Oh, they were all legal, your grandfather was a law-abiding man. But I've never seen such decency and forthright planning as you've done. If this makes it to the light of day, a lot of people are going to be shocked. The title Saint comes to mind."
Michael blushed, handing the folder back to Harry.
"It's your job to keep it from coming to light, for as long as possible. I have complete faith in you doing that."
Harry smiled, nodding.
"On to more important things, Harry."
Harry nodded again, smiling.
"Let's go get him, Michael."
Michael smiled, standing up.
At that moment Justin walked into the office, wearing a light grey suit.
"Man, Mico, this is one boss suit! When did you pick this up?"
Michael smiled, adjusting Justin's lapel.
"I have my own shopping fits, my love."
Justin laughed, Harry smiling.
"All set, love?"
"Yep, we're good to go." Michael smiled, Harry putting the folders back into his briefcase.
"Then let's go." Justin smiled.
They walked out of the office and down the hall.
Michael stopped, staring at the front door.
Josh and Lance both stood there, both dressed in suits.
Will stood beside them, wearing a black business suit.
"Your posse is ready, Mr. Tavarro." Josh said, taking a stance of defiance.
Michael looked at Justin, Justin staring into his golden eyes.
"They were mentioned in the article also, Mico. They want to defend you, too."
Michael teared up, walking up to his two best friends.
Lance smiled, hugging him gently.
"Brothers of love, Mikey."
Michael nodded, hugging Josh as well.
He then hugged Will, Will blushing a little.
"Harry needs to show you some things, Will. You can discuss it in your car."
"Okay, Michael. We'll follow you."
Michael nodded, everyone walking out of the house.
Doris and Rachel stood in the doorway, watching them leave.
The three little angels, sat on the front steps, looking after their fathers.
"Unky Mikey show dem!" Noah said, smiling.
Darian and Shauna nodding their heads in agreement.
Doris and Rachel looked at each other, both women then looking with wonder at the three upturned faces.

A group of well-dressed men stepped out of the elevator on the fifteenth floor of the L.A. Times building.
Michael was at its head.
He walked up to the receptionist's desk.
"Michael Tavarro and Justin Timberlake to see Mr. Harrington."
"Yes sirs, Mr. Harrington is expecting you. Please follow me."
The group was lead down a hallway, Lonnie walking in the back
They were ushered into a large boardroom, a large table in the center of it.
Comfortable chairs were set up around the table.
"Would you like some coffee, or something else?" the receptionist asked.
"No, Nancy. Thank you."
Nancy looked surprised, wondering how Michael knew her name.
"Mr. Harrington will be here momentarily."
Michael thanked her, the woman closing the door on her way out.
Michael looked around the table, then walked around it.
"Let's sit on this side, it will show us as more in charge."
Will nodded, everyone taking their seats.
Justin sat beside Michael, Josh and Lance on Justin's left, Will and Harry on Michael's right.
Lonnie stood quietly behind Justin and Michael leaning against the wall, his arms folded.
He was in tune with his surroundings, his mind in full gear.
After a few minutes, the door opened, an older, strong, determined-looking man walked into the room, followed by a younger man.
"Ah, Mr. Tavarro, Mr. Timberlake! Welcome to my humble empire!" the older man smiled, as everyone around the table stood.
"Thank you for taking the time to see us, Mr. Harrington." Michael said, shaking his hand.
"I was intrigued by your call, and it's Charles, please."
Justin saw Michael was in full charge of this meeting, his voice filled with determination and authority.
But he also sensed friendship in Michael's dealing with this man.
"It's Michael, Charles."
"Please sit down, Michael."
Everyone sat down, Michael the last to sit.
"Alright, let's get right to the gist of this problem. I take it you are unhappy with our reported articles, Michael."
"Michael is very unhappy." Harry said, Michael quietly looking at Charles.
Michael introduced everyone, Lonnie being the last.
Charles looked at the big man, his face showing no change.
"Then I assume you will be taking legal action again my reporter and my paper. First I should tell you that I stand behind all my employees. We are in the business of reporting news. You and Justin are a hot topic at the moment. You've been thrust into the spotlight. And in being so, you must understand that you are fair game in any way we wish to report."
Michael folded his hands, looking at the older man.
"I totally understand the rights and freedoms of the press, Charles. But I will not stand by and watch my fianceÚ and myself, and our friends and family, be purposely singled out with muckraking or fear-mongering."
Charles' brow furrowed.
"We are in no way doing that. We are only reporting what needs reporting."
"I never said you were doing it. Brad Stevens is doing it. And for a very specific reason."
Charles continued to stare at him, the two men measuring each other up.
"Well, I think we need to discuss this face to face with Mr. Stevens. Carruthers, get Stevens." Charles said to his young assistant, the man getting up and disappearing out of the room.
Michael remained quiet, Charles staring at him.
"On a more personal note, I myself want to commend you, Michael. And you Justin."
Both men smiled at Charles.
"You both have shown a lot of courage in all that you've done."
"We've only shown our love for each other." Justin said, Michael taking his hand in his.
"Maybe that's what should be reported, Charles." Michael said, Charles nodding.
The door opened, Michael's face changing to a mask of blankness.
Into the room walked Brad Stevens.
He stared at the men sitting across the table, his eyes zoning in on Michael.
"You wanted to see me Mr. Harrington?"
"Sit down, Mr. Stevens. We're trying to reason out some things here. I'm hoping you can shed some light on all this."
Brad sat down, staring at Michael, then looking at Justin.
"I take it these two are suing us over my articles." Brad smiled, satisfaction on his face.
"We have no intention of doing any such thing." Michael quietly said, everyone in the room looking surprised.
Brad looked the most surprised, staring at Michael.
"I will not seek legal action against Mr. Harrington. He's done nothing wrong. As for you, I can handle you without the involvement of lawyers."
Brad's face showed a touch of anger, his eyes glaring at Michael.
"We don't see eye to eye, Stevens. On many levels. I know your reasons why. And you've now taken it upon yourself to voice your hatred in Mr. Harrington's paper. Charles doesn't see the underlying message. You almost had everyone fooled. Both of you."
"Oh, and what message is that?" Brad said, everyone hearing the venom in his voice.
Michael folded his hands, staring back at the man quietly.
"That you're trying to do everything in your power to push me out of Justin's life. And it's not going to work."
Justin looked at Michael confused.
Stevens stared back at Michael, but his eyes quickly glanced at Justin.
Michael knew he'd been right. That the feelings he'd felt so long ago had been real.
Michael looked around at everyone, everyone seeing the determination in his golden eyes.
They were out for truth, and Michael knew where he'd find that truth.
He eyes stopped on Brad Stevens, the man glaring at him with sheer hatred.
"You're in love with my Justin. You have been even before his tour started. And it's eating at your heart that I walked into his life. Well, guess what? I am not leaving, and there's nothing you can do about it."
Stevens stood up, glaring at Michael.
"Are you insane? That's a lie!!"
Michael stood, staring back at him.
"You know it's true, I feel it in your heart. You've been badmouthing me for long enough, Stevens! It ends here!"
Stevens face showed anger, Charles putting his hand on his arm.
"Calm down, Brad. Sit down."
Michael walked around the table, standing in front of Brad.
"You can't deal with the fact that Justin has found love with me. You think it should be you."
Brad looked nervously around, not making eye contact with Michael.
"That's..... absurd." he quietly said, suddenly looking like a trapped man.
Michael remained still, staring at him.
"And I know who's bankrolling your latest assault on our lives."
Brad looked shocked, staring again at Michael.
"What are you talking about Mico?" Justin said, staring up at his lover.
"Brad's now found another benefit to his maligning me. He's being paid to spread this hatred, to insinuate these allegations. He's being paid handsomely."
Charles looked at Brad, then at Michael.
"I assure you that I am not paying him to say untrue statements, Michael!"
"I never said it was you, Charles."
Michael, in a flash of surprising speed, seized Brad by his arms, pushing him back up against the wall.
"How much is he paying you, Brad? How much is my Uncle Fredrick paying you?"
Lonnie was around the table in a flash, pulling Michael back from Brad.
"Calm down, Mikey." Lonnie said, seeing the smoldering anger in his golden eyes.
Everyone had stood up, Justin right behind Lonnie as he put his hand on Michael's shoulder.
Brad looked totally in shock, staring with fear at Michael.
Justin's touch, calmed Michael's glaring, golden, glowing eyes.
"It's okay, Jus."
"Your uncle has been paying him, Michael?" Justin said, Michael nodding as he stared into his golden eyes.
"Yes, Justin. Harry did some investigating, with the help of a detective. Seems that Mr. Stevens here has been showing large deposits in his bank accounts the last few months. They've all been deposited from a bank in Spain. And the man's name on that account is Fredrick Tavarro."
Charles stood up, looking at Michael with surprise.
"Is this the same uncle that's been trying to kill you, Michael?"
"Yes, Charles. It is. And he's been paying Stevens to write his untruths to damage my name. Call it a smear campaign, or a vendetta. It all amounts to the same. And Brad thought his prize at the end of it would be my Justin!"
Charles looked at Brad, the younger man looking cornered and scared.
"Is this all true, Stevens?" Charles said, Michael sensing the anger brewing in him.
"It's all nonsense, he has no proof!" Brad said, staring at Michael.
Michael walked over to the table, Harry handing him the documents.
Michael threw them on the table in front of Charles.
"Here are the records, bank statements, and personal e-mails between Stevens and a man called Gamot. Gamot is my uncle's henchman."
Charles briefly perused them, then threw them down on the table.
He turned, staring at Brad.
"I gave you full reign with that column. I gave you unprecedented freedom, and this is how you use it? To malign an innocent man and his friends?? You disgust me! You're fired, Stevens! Get out of this building now!!"
Brad stared at him, then glared at Michael.
In that gaze Michael saw evil.
"I don't need this stupid job! I have more money than I ever thought! And I have a promise of something greater! For the next thing that I must do!"
Charles walked up to him, staring at him.
"Oh, and what's that?"
Michael turned looking at Justin, Justin putting his hand in his.
What happened next was like stopped time.
Brad moved like lightning, pushing Charles backwards, Brad's hand coming out of his pocket.
In it was a knife.
A silver knife with a skull on its handle.
A skull with ruby eyes.
Michael saw it, remembering seeing its silver form before.
In one quick, surprising thrust, the knife embedded itself in Michael's chest, Michael staggering backwards.
Lonnie was on the man in a heartbeat, wrestling him to the floor, Lonnie's fists flying.
Justin had Michael in his arms, holding him as he sagged to the floor.
Josh and Lance were by his other side, helping Justin lay Michael slowly down.
"Mico, stay still, relax. Please stay still."
Charles' assistant was running out of the room, heading for help.
Charles looked totally shocked, not believing how this had occurred.
Lonnie had knocked Brad unconscious, now standing up.
He looked over at Michael, seeing him gasping for breath, the knife in his chest, a few inches down from his shoulder blade.
"Jus. It's so cold. I feel so lightheaded. I see the redness."
Justin was in tears, looking at the knife.
His hand went on top of it, pulling it out in one quick movement.
It fell to the floor, the noise of it hitting the tiles echoing off the silent room.
Michael gasped, Justin's hand covering the bleeding hole.
Lonnie sensed what Justin was going to do, moving towards Charles.
"Let's step out and give them quiet, I think I hear an ambulance coming."
Charles nodded, walking quietly out of the room with Will, Harry and Lonnie.
Lonnie took one look back, Josh looking up at him, his eyes full of tears.
Justin closed his eyes, Michael's own closing.
A blue glow  surrounded Michael's chest, Josh and Lance watching in silence.
Lance lay his head against Josh's shoulder, Josh's arm wrapping around him.
After a few minutes, Justin removed his hand, the blueness winking out.
The wound was still visible, but the bleeding had stopped considerably.
"He's going to live, I've stopped the internal bleeding. I've saved him." Justin said, holding onto his lover.
Michael's eyes remained closed.
"He'll sleep for a while. He's going to be okay."
Josh and Lance moved over to the other side, both hugging against Justin.
"Oh, Jus! I thought he was dying! That wound, it looked so lethal!" Lance said in tears.
"It was lethal, Lance. But my love will always save my Mico."
Josh teared up, kissing Justin's cheek.

Brad Stevens finally woke up when he was pulled up off the floor by three armed police officers.
He stared in confusion, looking at Michael's injured body.
"I hope he dies! I hope he dies and leaves you, Justin! You were mine! I love you!" the man stuttered out, his face staring at Justin.
Justin looked at him, staring into his pathetic face.
"Get him out of here! I never want to see his face again!"
Brad was pulled out of the office, Charles putting his arm on Harry's shoulder.
"I'm truly sorry. I never would have imagined this would happen."
Harry nodded, his eyes full of tears.
The ambulance showed up minutes later, Michael gently lifted into a stretcher, his eyes still closed.
Justin went to the hospital with him.
Lonnie drove Josh and Lance to the hospital, Harry and Will following.  Lonnie dropped them off and then returned to the house to tell Doris what had happened.
Lonnie knew that Michael would need his little angels beside him.
Lonnie drove into the driveway seeing Doris and Rachel waiting on the front steps of the house, the three little ones sitting quietly beside her.
He got out of the vehicle, Doris standing.
"We're ready to go to him, Lonnie." she said quietly.
Lonnie looked in shock, Rach walking up beside him.
"The kids knew something had happened, Lon. Darian said Papa's hurt. Shauna said he needed them. To stop the pain."
Lonnie looked over at the three little ones.
"Michael was viciously stabbed. He's in the hospital. Justin's tried to heal him. He'll live but he's still hurt." Lonnie was in tears, Rachel kissing his cheek, her arm around him.
"Come on, Lonnie. Let's get his angels to him."
Lonnie nodded, walking over to the front step, looking down at the three little ones.
Noah looked up at Lonnie, as if he saw him standing there.
"The blood of his evil is in Unky. We's got to make it go 'way."

End of Chapter 150

And so Michael has paid dearly for bringing out the truth.
What did Noah mean?
What do he and his playmates have to do?
I've slipped a few little intrigues into this chapter.
Hope it triggers a few thoughts in my readers' minds.
Onward we go.
Up next: Off to Spain, and the upcoming nuptials.

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