Justin's Angel-151

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Brad Stevens finally woke up when he was pulled up off the floor by three armed police officers.
He stared in confusion, looking at Michael's injured body.
"I hope he dies! I hope he dies and leaves you, Justin! You were mine! I love you!" the man stuttered out, his face staring at Justin.
Justin looked at him, staring into his pathetic face.
"Get him out of here! I never want to see his face again!"
Brad was pulled out of the office, Charles putting his arm on Harry's shoulder.
"I'm truly sorry. I never would have imagined this would happen."
Harry nodded, his eyes full of tears.
The ambulance showed up minutes later, Michael gently lifted into a stretcher, his eyes still closed.
Justin went to the hospital with him.
Lonnie drove Josh and Lance to the hospital, Harry and Will following.  Lonnie dropped them off and then returned to the house to tell Doris what had happened.
Lonnie knew that Michael would need his little angels beside him.
Lonnie drove into the driveway seeing Doris and Rachel waiting on the front steps of the house, the three little ones sitting quietly beside her.
He got out of the vehicle, Doris standing.
"We're ready to go to him, Lonnie." she said quietly.
Lonnie looked in shock, Rach walking up beside him.
"The kids knew something had happened, Lon. Darian said Papa's hurt. Shauna said he needed them. To stop the pain."
Lonnie looked over at the three little ones.
"Michael was viciously stabbed. He's in the hospital. Justin's tried to heal him. He'll live but he's still hurt." Lonnie was in tears, Rachel kissing his cheek, her arm around him.
"Come on, Lonnie. Let's get his angels to him."
Lonnie nodded, walking over to the front step, looking down at the three little ones.
Noah looked up at Lonnie, as if he saw him standing there.
"The blood of his evil is in Unky. We's got to make it go 'way."

Chapter 151

Justin sat in the chair, quietly looking down at his hands.
Lance sat beside him, Josh pacing up and down the room.
"These hands healed him. I brought the pain out of him, I healed his injuries." Justin said quietly, Lance putting his arm around him.
He saw in Justin's face the wonder of what he'd done.
Josh looked down at his friend, seeing Justin's calmness.
"Can you feel him, Jus? Is he okay?"
Justin looked up, staring at his best friend.
"Something's wrong,  guys. Mico's somewhere, but I can't sense his presence. It's like his body is here but his soul is somewhere else. And I don't think it's a good place."
Lance looked at Josh.
"Why do you say that, Jus?"
"Because just before Michael passed out he said he saw the redness. We all know what redness means. Evil." Justin said, looking down at his hands again.
"I saved his life, but I've lost his soul."
Justin now was in tears, Josh now sitting on his other side, both of his friends holding him.
"It's okay, Jus. Michael is strong. He'll come back to you. To all of us."
Justin smiled a little, the door of the waiting room opening.
An older doctor walked in, smiling at everyone.
"Mr. Timberlake. A pleasure to meet you. Your friend is responding well to treatments. His wound has stopped bleeding, all the internal injuries have begun to mend. It's truly quite remarkable."
Justin smiled, remaining quiet.
"Has he regained consciousness yet?" Josh asked, looking at the doctor.
"No, he hasn't. And that has us worried. It's like he's in a self-imposed coma. We have tried everything to bring him out of it. He's in a very deep sleep."
"May I see him, doctor?" Justin asked, standing up now.
"Certainly. I'll take all three of you to his room."
The three men followed the doctor out of the room.
He led them to the second floor, down a corridor and into a well-lit room.
Michael lay in a solitary bed, his body draped in a white gown.
Justin sat down on the edge of Michael's bed, taking his hand in his.
He felt the warmth of Michael's love, and the depth of his soul.
Josh and Lance stood at the end of the bed, their arms around each other, Lance's head on Josh's shoulder.
"Mico, my love. It's me. Your Timby. I'm here now, my love. Please open your eyes."
Michael's face remained still, his eyes closed.
Justin leaned forward, kissing his closed lips.
A tear fell from his eyes, landing on Michael's cheek.
"Come back to me, my Mico."

Michael awoke in darkness, not knowing where he was.
All around him was complete darkness.
He couldn't see anything through the pitch blackness.
He listened, hearing the soft echoing of distant footsteps.
They became louder, seeming to be behind a wall.
They stopped, Michael sensing the evil that seemed to float on the air.
He then heard a deep, resounding laugh.
It echoed off the walls of wherever Michael was, until it seemed to be ringing in his ears.
Michael felt a tremor, then the sound of a door opening.
The room he was in flooded with a gray shrouded light, not illuminating, but smothering.
Michael looked around, seeing himself in some kind of stone cell.
In the open doorway, stood a black shadow with red piercing eyes.
"Welcome to your eternal life, Micky."
Michael immediately recognized the voice, the face taking shape in the gloom.
Before him stood Fredrick.
His laughter again filled the room, Michael attempting to stand up.
He didn't make it easily.
For on his arms, chains of steel were locked into steel bands, on both arms and on both legs.
Michael was chained like an animal.
"Do you like it, Micky? This is your home now. I designed it just for you. The center of your nightmares."
Michael struggled, looking down at his hands, sensing a pain in his soul.
His right hand was missing a finger.
The ring of faith, of Justin's faith, was gone.
Only a small bleeding stump remained.
He looked up at Fredrick, his red eyes glaring back at him.
"Where am I you bastard??!!!"
Fredrick laughed.
"You are in the place of your destiny, Michael. You are in Sarcosa. The Realm of Lost Souls. A place between heaven and earth. Between hell and redemption. This room was of my making. My plan worked perfectly. Stevens was an easy person to manipulate. Lust guides a man to do anything. That knife he stabbed you with, do you remember it?"
"Yes, it was from my dreams. And Paul carried it when he attacked me."
Fredrick smiled, leaning against the doorframe.
"It's a special knife, Michael. It carries in itself a conduit of magic. All a person needs is the right spell to make it a powerful weapon. When Stevens pierced your body, the knife released its lethal magic, bringing you here. A now powerless victim. Your body remains in Los Angeles, your soul is mine forever. Your Justin will watch you wither away to death while your tortured soul remains here for eternity."
Michael struggled, sensing out his gifts.
He found a wall against them.
He was indeed helpless.
"Yes, Michael. You are helpless. I have you exactly where I want you. The only drawback to this place, is that I cannot kill you here. It isn't allowed. No one dies here. Think of this as a permanent hell. You'll linger here for eternity, alive but not alive. And you are tortured by all who reside here. It is a den of lustful torture. You'll come to love it."
Fredrick's wide smile showed all of his evilness and meanness.
"I wanted to do that all to you myself, Micky. But this is just as good."
Michael struggled with his chains, Fredrick laughing again.
"I've won, my insulant little bastard of a nephew. Kneel before me, bask in my victory!"
Fredrick's sinister laugh echoed off the walls of the small cell, Michael remaining still.
"I'll die before I kneel to you, faithless one."
Fredrick crossed the room, slapping Michael hard across the face.
"It will be a painful, torturous existence. You will be used by all that inherit this place. All the monsters of your nightmares. Look now upon the first one. The one that I entrenched in your soul."
Fredrick turned Michael's face towards the doorway.
Standing in its dismal light was Paul.
Or what Michael thought used to be Paul.
His skin colour was a sallowly grey, his body naked, scarred and bloodied.
A hole was in his chest, where once his heart lay.
He moved with a slow gait, as if he was nonexistent.
A walking zombie, a death walker.
"He's dead, but his soul lingers here. For all his evilness, he'll pay for eternity in this place. But you'll be the only gleaming happiness in his pitiful existence. I once promised you to him, as a reward for destroying you. I now give him that reward. For you are destroyed, Michael."
Fredrick moved away from Michael, back to the door, moving silently past a still staggering Paul.
"Scream all you want Michael, it will only draw other monsters to this place."
Fredrick turned, looking at Michael.
"I've won, Micky. You are now forever out of the picture. I think it's time I met the love of your life. He looks like a delicious little morsel. He will be so easy to break."
Michael stood, glaring at Fredrick.
"I'll kill you if you touch him! For the day you do, I'll destroy you!"
Fredrick's laughter filled the room, the man walking out of the room, Paul remaining.
"Enjoy your reward, faithless servant. Eat his flesh, taste his blood. Let his screams nourish your tortured soul."
Fredrick smiled, then stared at Michael.
"I've won, Micky. Your life as you knew it is over."
Fredrick closed the door.
Michael was again in darkness.
But now, he wasn't alone.

The door of the hospital room opened, Lonnie, Doris and Rachel walking in quietly.
In their arms were the three little ones.
Darian and Shauna stretched out their arms for their father, Justin getting up off the bed.
He took both of them into his arms, the two little ones snuggling against their Dada.
"Papa need us, Dada." Darian said, looking towards the bed.
Justin was in tears, Josh's arm around him.
Noah lay in Lance's arms, looking around.
"Unky okay, Papa?" he asked.
"We don't know, little angel." Lance said, Noah kissing his wet cheek.
Everyone surrounded the bed, Darian and Shauna wanting down.
Justin gently set them down, the two little ones going to their Papa's chest.
"Open eyes, Papa. Come backs to us!" Shauna said, little tears in her eyes.
Darian put his arm around his sister, kissing her cheek.
"We's here Papa. We's bring yous back." Darian said, Justin tearing up more at his son's loving voice.
Noah moved in Lance's arms, wanting down.
"Me sees Unky. Me wants to be's with Darry and Shauny."
Lance sat the little boy down, Noah crawling up beside his playmates.
Doris walked up beside Justin, putting her hand on his shoulder.
"They knew something was wrong, Justin. They said their Papa was hurt and in a bad place. I think they know what's going on." she quietly said, everyone looking at her.
Lonnie held Rachel in his arms, both watching the three little ones.
Justin sat gently down on the edge of the bed, looking at all three little ones.
"Do you know where Papa's gone, little angels?" he softly said.
Noah looked up at him, his hand on Justin's cheek.
"He with bad man, Unky Justin. We's got to saves him."
Lance and Josh looked surprised, looking quietly at their son.
"How can we save him, Noah?" Justin said, staring into the boy's little brown eyes.
"We send him our loves. Everyone do it." was all the little boy said, Darian and Shauna nodding.
Justin smiled, nodding at his children.
"We join hands Dada." Shauna said, reaching out for her father's hand.
Justin took hers, smiling at her.
Everyone stood around the bed: all five adults, Justin and the three little ones.
They all joined hands, encircling Michael.
The room was silent in the moment.
Darian smiled, looking down at his sleeping father.
His little blue eyes began to glow blue, then he closed his eyes.
"We's coming Papa. Wuv's coming." he spoke softly.
The room suddenly flooded with a white light all around them.

Michael was alone in the darkness, trying desperately to struggle out of his chains.
He felt the dampness of the sweat running down his body, and the pain throbbing from his butchered finger.
He also felt the person who was in the room with him.
He could hear Paul's breathing, the walking dead closer to him now.
His mind and soul felt a terror, a terror he'd felt before.
In a nightmare he'd had before.
That night, the first night of his and Justin's grand adventure. In New York.
He had to get out of here, he had to find his love and protect him.
Then he felt the hand on his shoulder, the thick fingers digging into his flesh.
"Michael. I have to." the thick voice said, Michael screaming.
The thing's hands were upon him, moving all over him, ripping at his clothes.
Michael fell backwards, trying to escape, knowing he was trapped.
Then he felt something inside him.
He felt a depth of love rising up from his soul, flooding his mind.
It took him only a moment to realize what it was.
It was the love of his loved ones.
In his mind he saw Justin, Darian, Shauna, little Noah, Lance and Josh.
Doris and Lonnie and Rachel were there, too.
He felt all of their love, it seemed to cocoon around him, to draw into him.
He also felt his own gifts returning.
And then the room was flooded with a bright white light.
Paul screamed, sagging to his knees, crawling against the wall. trying to cover himself against the glaring light.
Michael looked around, seeing the bleakness of the walls, the stink emanating off them.
He looked to the right wall, seeing the white center of light.
It looked like a doorway.
Michael smiled, knowing where that doorway led.
Back to life, back to his loved ones.

He turned, looking downward.
He focused his mind, the steel chains and shackles breaking apart, giving Michael his freedom.
Michael moved his arms, and legs, getting his circulation back.
The door of the cell flew open, Fredrick standing there, staring in shock.
He cringed, backing away from the white light, Michael seeing it actually burning Fredrick's flesh, smoke coming off him.
Fredrick screamed and fled out the open door, Michael moving towards it.
What Michael beheld shocked him to his soul.
To say it was like Dante's Inferno would be no exaggeration.
Outside the cell was a world of depraved, disgusting imagery.
Men, or what at one time were men lay in piles of rubble, most of them deformed or disfigured.
They were doing acts of unthinkable horror and sexual depravation on each other.
Gangs of them were attacking individuals, the weaker being victimized by the strong.
Michael shuddered, thinking of what all of these half men would have done to him.
"Never, Uncle. Never again."
Michael turned, slamming the door shut.
He walked towards the white light, then stopped.
He turned, looking at the pathetic creature that once was Paul.
Michael's heart went out to him, knowing what kind of tortured existence he must have had here since his death.
Michael knew that Fredrick pulled Paul here, to use for this moment.
That even in death Paul hadn't been able to escape Fredrick.
Michael walked over to him slowly, kneeling down.
Paul moved away from him, as if sensing Michael was there to hurt him like all the others had.
"Paul, it's me, Michael."
"You hurt me! Hurt me with light! I'm tired of hurting!" he sobbed, cringing against the wall.
Michael had tears in his eyes, looking at the trembling man thing.
"I never hurt you, Paul. And I never will."
The man stopped his trembling, his head raising.
In that blotched, grey, damaged face, Michael saw those green eyes, the green eyes of his past.
"I never wanted this, Michael! It hurts so much! I never wanted this!" the man sobbed, Michael putting his hand gently on his naked, sweating shoulder.
Paul looked over at the white light glowing in the wall.
It hurt his eyes to look at it, his head lowering.
"Go into the light, Michael. It is your salvation. Go back to those that love you. Go back to your Justin."
Michael felt the hot tears running down his cheek.
"I'll not go alone, Paul. You're coming with me."
Paul's head rose, staring into Michael's golden eyes.
"I can't Michael. I don't belong in that light of goodness and love. I was sent here for my sins."
"No, Paul. Fredrick brought you here. The same way he brought me. The man who murdered you, he had a silver knife, didn't he?"
Paul nodded, Michael sensing the truth of Fredrick's plan.
"You have been his pawn for the last time, Paul. It's time for you to go forward. Towards God's design for you."
Michael stood up, looking down at him.
"Come, my friend. It's time for you to be free from him forever."
Michael held out his hand, staring at his former boyfriend.
Paul struggled to his feet, looking with fear at the lighted center.
"I'm scared, Michael. I'm scared of what's out there."
Michael smiled, taking Paul's cold hand.
"Love and happiness, my friend. That's what's out there."
Paul looked at Michael's smiling face, Michael's other hand touching his naked chest where the gaping hole was.
Paul's skin closed in, the hole disappearing.
"I can't replace your heart, Paul. Only God can return that to you."
Paul nodded, Michael turning and walking forward slowly.
Paul reluctantly followed, holding in his emotions.
At the moment the light touched them, Paul gasped.
"It doesn't hurt! It feels so warm and inviting."
Michael smiled, pressing onward.
They disappeared into the light, the wall of the cell closing into darkness.
The cell disintegrated, Fredrick's hold on this world gone.

They walked for a while in the white light, bathed in its warmth and tenderness.
Michael looked at Paul, seeing a transformation beginning.
His grey, dead skin slowly vanished, replaced with the smooth muscular skin he'd always possessed.
Paul's face was again its original masculine, youthful one.
No surgery or false disguises covered it.
He was the boy that Michael knew when they were both young.
Before the beginnings of their tortured relationship.
Paul stopped, looking down at his hands, then feeling his face.
"I'm my old self. I'm young again."
Michael smiled, walking forward.
The whiteness seemed to divide ahead, the two stopping at a fork in the path they were on.
Michael looked to the left and then to the right.
In the glowing light of the path to his right, Michael felt the love of his children.
He felt the warmth of his two little angels' smiles.
He turned, looking into Paul's green, surprisingly calm, eyes.
"It is here that we must part, my friend. The path on the left  is yours. The path on the right leads me to my family."
Paul smiled, his face taking on a beauty of youthful happiness.
"Thank you, Michael. For forgiving me. And for doing this for me. You saved me from an eternal life of pain."
Michael smiled, looking one last time into those green eyes.
"Faith and love begins with forgiveness, Paul. Follow the true path to your salvation. God welcomes you."
In a last act of forgiveness, Michael hugged Paul to him, Paul shocked at the love he felt from this man.
Paul released him, staring into his glowing golden eyes.
Paul looked ahead to the left, feeling a sense of destiny wash over him.
He walked a step forward, stopping, a wide smile enveloping his face.
"I see it now! Oh, Michael! Thank you! Oh, God, it's so beautiful!" he said, his body moving forward, disappearing into the whiteness.
Michael remained a moment, watching him fade away.
Michael smiled, wiping his tearing eyes.
He turned, walking into the whiteness of his family's love.

Michael opened his eyes, staring at three sets of shining blue eyes.
"My loves." he murmured, tears in his eyes.
Justin was smiling, his eyes full of tears.
Darian and Shauna leaned forward, kissing their father's cheeks.
"Hi, Papa! You's back with us! We wuvs you!"
Justin was starting to cry, Josh and Lance standing beside them all, their eyes full of tears.
Justin leaned forward, kissing his lover's moist lips.
"Oh, my Mico! You came back!" he sobbed, Michael's arms going around him and his two little angels.
"I could never leave you three. Your love will always bring me back."
All three smiled, Michael sighing, everyone feeling his tiredness.
"We'll leave the family alone. We'll make some calls Justin." Josh said, Lance smiling at them.
In Lance's arms now, a smiling Noah looked towards the bed.
"Welcome back, Unky. I wuvs you."
Michael smiled, looking at the little boy.
"I love you, little Noah. Thank you."
Noah smiled, Lance walking out of the room with him, everyone following.
Michael turned from watching them leave, staring into his Justin's beautiful blue eyes.
Justin leaned gently forward, kissing him again, Michael sensing the need for love in that kiss.
"I love you, Mico. Always."
Michael smiled, Darian snuggling against his chest, Shauna already against his other side.
"I love you, my Jus. You and these two are all I need, all I ever want."
Justin smiled, running his hand gently along Michael's cheek.
Michael raised his right hand, stroking his lover's own cheek.
Justin leaned back, staring at Michael's hand.
"Michael. Your hand!"
Michael looked at his hand, seeing the truth. The truth of what had come to pass.
On his right hand, his ring finger was missing.
He lifted his left hand, seeing the double ring still there.
Peter's rings still remained, but his ring of faith was gone.
Justin was staring at him, his eyes full of tears.
"That dream, that nightmare you had in New York, Michael. It came to pass, didn't it."
Michael ran his left hand along Justin's tearing face, pulling it forward, kissing his lips tenderly.
"What came to pass was your love conquering all, my Jus. Your love saved me."
Justin smiled a tearful smile, Michael's eyes drooping.
"I'm tired, Jus. I need to sleep. I can sleep now, my angels surround me."
All three smiled, Darian and Shauna snuggling against him, Justin laying beside him now.
Michael closed his eyes, drifting off into a quiet, dreamless sleep.

Justin walked out into the hallway a few hours later, leaving his lover with his two angels, all three asleep.
Josh and Lance came walking towards him, smiling.
"How is he, Jus?" Josh said, Justin smiling.
"He's sleeping. My healing has helped, but he still has to recover. It will take time."
Lance smiled, hugging him.
"We've called everyone, they all send their love. They all saw the news stories. Your moms want you to call them, Jus. Lynn's ready to fly down."
"I'll call them, Josh. Where's Doris, Lonnie and Rachel?"
"Doris is watching Noah back at your place. Lonnie and Rachel have gone out to pick up some food for you. You need some energy, my friend." Lance said, kissing his cheek.
Justin nodded, walking back into the room, Lance and Josh following.
They all sat down on a couch, Justin looking towards the three sleeping angels.
"So, what happened, Jus? Where was Michael?"
"I'm not totally sure, Lancy. I think that nightmare he had in New York, the one where he was chained and trapped, I think that really happened. His right ring finger is gone, guys."
Josh and Lance looked stunned, looking towards Michael.
They both stared at his right hand, which lay against the sheet.
They could see the small stub.
"Your faith ring is gone, Jus?"
"Yes, Josh. What that means, I don't know."
Josh put his arm around him, holding him tightly.
Lonnie and Rachel quietly walked into the room, smiling at the three sleeping in the bed.
Lonnie carried some bags, Justin seeing the MacDonald's logo.
"I'm famished. Thanks, Lon."
Lonnie smiled, handing Justin one of the bags.
The five sat quietly eating, their eyes looking towards the sleeping trio.
An hour later, the others left, leaving Justin with his three angels.
Justin crawled into the bed, snuggling beside Shauna, his head against Michael's.
"Sleep well, my love. Tomorrow I'll heal you completely."

In the early morning, Vicky, Chris and Joey walked into the room, followed by Lance, Noah and Josh.
Vicky was beside the bed in a flash, touching her old friend, kissing his forehead.
Shauna and Darian remained at his sides, all three still sleeping.
Justin walked up beside her, smiling.
"He's going to be okay, Vicky. He's surrounded by what he needs."
She was in tears, smiling up at him, hugging Justin gently.
Paulo, Jake, Marco and Emile walked into the room, Paulo smiling at Justin, hugging him gently.
His tearful green eyes looked down at the sleeping threesome.
The other three gave Justin tender, tearful hugs.
"It's all over the news. How could that bastard do that to him!?" Vicky said, tears still in her eyes.
Justin sighed, gently pulling her towards Chris, Chris pulling her into his arms.
Vicky cried quietly on his shoulder, Justin smiling at Chris.
"It's okay, Victoria."
Vicky lifted her head, turning towards Michael's opened golden orbs.
"Michael, you're okay?"
Michael sighed, trying to sit up a little, still feeling the pain.
"Relax, love. You still need to heal." Justin said tenderly, gently raising the bed so Michael could sit up.
Darian murmured a little, his blue eyes opening.
"Morning, Dada." he said, rubbing his eyes.
Michael smiled, Justin gently lifting the little boy into his arms.
"Morning, Papa." he said, smiling down at him.
"Morning, Darry. Love ya."
The boy smiled widely, snuggling against Justin's chest.
Shauna yawned, opening her blue eyes.
"Morning, Papa." she said, snuggling against his chest.
"Morning, my little princess. Love ya."
She smiled, looking up at Darian and Justin.
"We's go home?" she softly said, Michael hugging her against his chest.
"Papa go home soon. Dada will take you home."
Shauna smiled, remaining quiet.
Lonnie and Rachel walked into the room, Doris with them.
"Some little angels want some hashies?" Lonnie's loud voice said, his face a large smile.
In his hands, he held bags of food.
The little ones squealed with glee, Michael smiled.
Doris gently kissed his cheek, taking Shauna into her arms.
"You rest, Michael. I'll feed our treasures."
Michael nodded, Justin sitting on the bed beside him, watching Doris sit down with the children, the little ones eating hashbrowns and toast, their juice bottles on the coffee table beside the couch.
Michael felt Justin's hand go into his, Michael smiled.
"While the kids eat, I'm sure you all want to know what happened?"
Everyone nodded, sitting down, surrounding the two on the bed.
"It was a trap. A trap to capture me forever."
Everyone looked surprised, Justin's face lowering.
"Fredrick has taken his final gamble. And he's failed."
Michael began at the beginning, telling them everything.
>From Stevens' involvement, and his part in the plan. He'd been duped by Fredrick into being the weapon.
Michael explained the magic behind the knife.
"The police have it, Michael. Is it dangerous?" Lonnie interjected.
"No, Lon. It is now again just an ordinary knife. It needs someone of power to ignite it again. And no one will ever do that again."
Michael explained what the knife did.
How it drew him into his foretold nightmare.
How he awoke in that prison, chained and helpless.
In the Realm of Lost Souls.
Lance and Josh were in tears, hearing Michael's narrative telling of the events.
Justin looked up at the mention of Paul.
"He was a shallow image of his old self. A walking zombie. In his chest was the hole where his heart once lived. He was brought there by Fredrick to be my first assailant."
Justin put his arm around Michael, Michael feeling his love.
"I felt the terror, the hopelessness of where I was. Alone in the dark, with no love to aid me. Then your love entered my soul, Justin. Yours and all of you that were here. That love invaded that prison, its brightness destroying my darkness."
Everyone smiled, remaining quiet.
"And Fredrick walked back into that room, that brightness of love attacking him. He fled in immense pain. He now knows that love has saved me again. Your love has saved me. It will be the weapon I will use to destroy him. Or what he is."
Michael remained quiet for a moment, everyone sensing him lost in thought.
"Before I left, I did something."
Justin looked quietly at him, sensing Michael's reluctance.
"What did you do, Michael?"
Michael's golden eyes looked into Justin's blue pools of love.
"I saved Paul, Justin."
Everyone looked totally shocked, stunned into silence.
"I looked down upon that wretched creature, that once was he. And I felt such total sympathy and love for him. I realized at that moment that he was just as much a victim as I was in regards to Fredrick's evil. Fredrick denied him the peace of death by pulling him into Sarcosa to use him against me again. I felt from the first moment Paul's reluctance to do that. He was a victim, just as much as I was. So I lifted him up, soothed his trembling soul and walked him into the white light of God's love."
Everyone stared at Michael, seeing the tears in his golden eyes.
"He changed in that light, his youthful beauty returning."
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes.
"God gave him back himself, Jus. God gave him back his heart. And Paul walked into the light of heaven. I believe in my heart he's finally found what he's sought all his life. He's found forgiveness and he's found love."
Justin kissed Michael's wet cheek, smiling at him.
"I love your loving heart, my angel. You are a remarkable, loving man."
Michael smiled, everyone agreeing with Justin.
Michael received kisses and hugs from everyone.
He raised his right hand, everyone staring in shock. They all saw the missing finger.
"Herein lies the truth. The nightmare was real. I lost my faith in that torturous place. But I was freed from it by my family's love."
"No you didn't, Unky." Noah quietly said, smiling at him from Lance's arms.
Michael looked at the small child.
Noah's hand extended towards Michael.
Everyone stared in shock at what lay in his little palm.
A silver ring of faith.
Justin gently picked the ring up, looking at it, seeing the engraved initials.
"It's your ring, Mico! The engraving proves that!" he said in wonder, staring at the little child.
Michael took the ring, putting in over the stub, it fitting in it's usual place, albeit a little lower on the finger.
"Thank you, Noah. Where did you find it?"
Noah giggled, Lance smiling at the trembling bundle of joy in his arms.
"Adwian gaves it toos me."
Michael stared at the boy, then looked at Justin.
"The man still surprises me." Michael said quietly, laying back.
Justin sensed his tiredness.
"You need some more rest, sweetie. Let's leave you for some quiet rest."
Michael nodded, everyone getting up, gently hugging and kissing him goodbye.
Justin kissed him deeply, Michael smiling.
"I'm taking the kids back home, I'll be back in a few hours."
"Okay, Jus. They should go home."
"Lonnie will stay with you. You'll not be alone."
"I'm never alone, Jus. You know that."
Justin smiled, kissing him again, Lonnie sitting down in the chair beside the bed.
"Take care of my man, Longford."
"Sure thing, Timberlacking."
Justin laughed, and Michael smiled.
Justin left, Michael closing his eyes.
Lonnie remained quiet, staring at the ring on Michael's right hand, and the stub of his missing finger.

Michael opened his eyes, immediately seeing the familiarity of the room he stood in.
The lost room of his ancestors.
"Again I return."
"Yes, Michael."
Michael turned, smiling at the man who sat on the couch under a familiar painting.
"Hello, Adrian."
"Hello, my child."
Michael walked up to him, sitting down beside him.
"Thank you for this." Michael said, holding up his hand, the silver ring shining.
"You needed it, Michael. So I went to that place and recovered it. It lay on the floor of the destroyed room. A room that no one dares enter, for fear of the white light. An ingenious escape, my friend. How did you think of it? That love was the answer to your freedom?"
"I didn't , Adrian. It was Noah Daniel and my two angels."
Adrian looked surprised.
"Already? That young and they know?"
"Know what?"
Adrian looked away, looking around the room.
"The time is coming soon, Michael. The time of the truth."
Michael nodded, looking at his ancestor.
"What is your role in all this, ancient one?"
Adrian smiled, looking again into his golden eyes.
"I am the caretaker of knowledge. That is my role."
"Where's Matty?"
"He's around. He walks the halls of his father, he stays close to him now."
Michael smiled, knowing how happy that would make both of them.
"Alberto must be so happy."
Adrian smiled.
"He is. His hard life at this time needs some tenderness. He'll get that from his lost son, and from you in the next few weeks. Your marrying in his garden will fill his heart with joy."
"I want to marry among my father's beauty."
Adrian smiled, patting Michael's shoulder.
"Where are my father and mother, Adrian? I haven't seen them or felt them for a while."
"They are doing God's work. And they don't know the depth of what's truly going on."
"What is going on, Adrian? I saw one painting of truth on the Hallway of Truth that troubles me."
"The second to last one. The one of the child?"
Michael nodded, looking up at the painting above him.
"I sense that child is at the heart of all this."
Adrian smiled.
"We all do things in our youth that we sometimes regret. Don't be too hard on him. He did it with love's intent."
Michael nodded, smiling, looking at the painting again.
"You met Aurielia, didn't you?"
"Yes, Michael. I met her two years after I returned home. She sought me out, at Peter's request."
"Saint Peter sent her to you?"
"Yes, Michael. Peter sent her to fulfill his wish."
Michael looked confused.
"It's a long story. One that you must hear. For from it came the destiny that you now walk."
"I'm listening, caretaker. Give me your knowledge."
Adrian smiled a tender smile, kissing Michael's cheek.
"It began on a rainy day....."

The next morning, Michael was released from the hospital.
He awoke feeling a lot better, another session of Justin's healing touch almost rejuvenating him.
The scar on his chest remained, Justin unable to remove it.
"Don't fear, my love. I wear it now as a mark of honor. One day it and the others shall disappear."
Justin nodded quietly, feeling Michael's renewed strength.
He also felt Michael's renewed determination and resolve.
"Another couple of days and I'll be back to normal, my angel. Come on, let's go home."
To go home was a balancing act in itself.
Michael was in a wheelchair, Justin pushing him.
The twosome, followed by Paulo and Lonnie had to fight their way through a mob of reporters outside the hospital.
Michael was thankful the children remained at home.
They answered no questions, Justin seeing the strain it was having on Michael's face, Lonnie seeing it, too.
"Step back. Give the man some room. He's just recovering from a vicious attack. Give the man some room!" His loud voice echoing above the din of the crowd.
The reporters backed up, the four slipping into their darkened SUV.
Michael lay back, resting against the seat.
"Man it never ends."
Justin rubbed his shoulder, Michael sighing, closing his eyes.
The car started moving through the surrounding crowd.
Michael looked out the window at all the faces and cameras flashing.
He failed to notice a solitary man standing back from the encircled crowd.
He leaned against the hospital wall, watching the retreating vehicle make its way through the onslaught.
His blond hair blew in the light breeze.
His golden eyes stared in silence his hands folded in front of him, one covering the disfigured one.
His tattoo stood out for the world to see.
His tattoo of faith and loyalty.
His tattoo of destiny.

Justin walked upstairs, having shut off all the lights.
It had been a calming day for Michael, surrounded by his friends and loved ones.
All the guys hung around, being there for him.
The rest of their circle of love called all day, sending him their love.
But the greatest calmness he received from his threesome of love.
The kids seldom left his side, their love there when he needed it.
And Justin had kept Michael quiet, silent and calm.
He smiled, walking into the bedroom, finding the room empty.
Michael had been in here half an hour ago, in bed and almost sleeping.
Justin saw the half unmade bed, Michael's side empty.
He walked out of the room, across the hall, quietly opening the door.
Michael sat in the rocking chair by the window, silently rocking, watching the crib in the center of the room.
Both of their angels were soundly sleeping, Justin looking down at them himself.
"They were so happy having you home again."
Michael smiled, Justin looking into his golden eyes.
In them, he saw so much love.
Michael opened his arms, Justin sitting down in his lap, Michael's strong arms surrounding him.
Justin cried, Michael holding him for a long time.
They talked in their minds, not wanting to awaken their angels.
They talked of love, hope, happiness and each other.
And Michael calmed Justin's hidden fears, his love Justin's anchor.
An hour later, the two retired to their bedroom.
Michael fell asleep as always, encircled in the warmth of Justin's love, his head against his smooth chest.
Justin fell asleep finally, connected in all ways to his life, and his love.

Fredrick's last few days had been agonizing.
The pain had been almost unbearable.
Gamut bore the brunt of Fredrick's painful anger.
He also saw the state of discomfort Fredrick was in.
Fredrick bathed in cold water for hours to relieve the pain of his sensitized skin.
And that skin reddened into an unnatural paleness.
Gamut thought it looked the colour of skin after a nasty burn.
He remained silent, forgoing enquiries, lest Fredrick unleash more anger.
For two days he howled and lamented, all through the night hours.
Finally, his painful body succumbed to sleep, waking the next day more calm.
After that, Fredrick lay on the couch in his study for hours, perusing books, or just laying there thinking.
It had failed. His masterful plan had failed.
Somehow, Michael was able to escape an unescapable hell.
Never in all his reading on Sarcosa had he heard of any way to escape its death grip.
He sensed in his mind that it wasn't Michael's doing.
And that bothered him deeply.
Who else possessed the power and gifts to pull Michael from there?
Fredrick spun the ring on his finger, his mind deep in thought.
He cleared his mind, the darkness of that place empty of life.
Then the voice spoke again.
The voice of his reasoning, the guiding force of his soul.
"He is crafty, this one. He has contingencies for all eventualities."
"Yes, and that worries me."
"Why let that worry you? You know what will come to pass. You have the final weapon to bring about his destruction."
Fredrick smiled, an evil, mad smile.
"Yes, that day will be the final victory. Alright, Michael. I'll wait until then. For on that day no one will save you!!"
Fredrick's laugh echoed off the enclosed room, Gamut hearing it throughout the desolate rooms between his own small room and Fredrick's.
Back in Fredrick's room, the voice in Fredrick's mind spoke again.
"There now lies the matter of balancing the magic. You know what needs to be done. A soul for a soul. It is the law of life and death. His escape means his soul must be replaced. They call for you to honor eternity's right."
Fredrick listened in silence, hearing the wailing voices of the lost coming from the walls.
Fredrick's blood ran cold, hearing the meanness and longing in those tortured voices.
"It is being done as we speak. I tie up all the loose ends. He is of unimportance. His use is over."
The voice in Fredrick's mind laughed, Fredrick smiling.
He rubbed his forehead, the white cross mark still visible.

Brad Stevens lay on the cot in his jail cell in the darkness of early morning.
His mind was on all that had happened to him.
He felt alone and lost.
He'd become a media star but in the wrong way.
His own old networks were clamouring to interview him.
He felt so disillusioned. He'd been given wealth and power, and now he felt it slipping through his fingers.
He couldn't recall where he'd gotten that knife from.
Why had he stabbed Michael?
He remembered doing it, but it felt like he was lost when he did it.
As if someone else was controlling him.
He'd wanted Michael gone, forever out of Justin's life.
So that his heart's wish could begin.
But to kill him was never in Brad's plans.
He'd always felt in his heart that Justin should be his.
>From the first moment he'd interviewed and met Justin, he'd become lost in that beautiful face.
He lay there remembering Justin's gaze at their final parting.
It was full of anger and loathing hatred.
Brad sighed, seeing the light in the jail's hallway come on, the place filling with a bright glow.
The other three cells in the small confinement area were empty.
He heard the guard before he saw him, walking down the hall between the cells.
He looked up at him, seeing it wasn't the usual guard.
He shrugged, turning his head away from him.
The man stopped at his cell, staring in at him.
"Well, well. Hello Mr. Big Reporter."
Brad ignored him, the man still staring at him.
The man unlocked the cell door, walking into the room, closing the door behind him, locking it again.
Brad turned his head, staring at him.
"Word on the street is you're a faggot. You were pining for Justin Timberlake. As if a scab like you could ever have that. Looks like you fucked up, kiddo."
The man stared at him, actually leering at him.
"Any word from my lawyer? I need to get free of this dank place."
The man smiled at him menacingly.
"Where you're going you won't need lawyers. Although there might be a few there."
Brad stared at the man, the man pulling something out of his pocket.
Brad's eyes were glued to it.
A silver knife with a skeleton head.
He could see the red rubies staring at him.
"He doesn't leave loose ends, my friend. And time for me to have some fun, Stevens."
The man was on him in a flash, the knife entering Brad's shoulder.
Brad gasped, feeling the man on top of him, ripping at his clothes.
He also felt the darkness taking him.
In the real world, his assailant had removed his clothes, his hands all over Brad's body, his hardness entering the unconscious man's center.
In the world of darkness where Brad suddenly found himself, something else was happening.
He wasn't in total darkness now, and many hands were upon him.
As were many biting teeth.
He began screaming as the monsters of Sarcosa began to feed on  him.

End of Chapter 151

And so Michael's soul has been replaced by Brad's in Sarcosa.
Is that justice or is it too much?
Fredrick's evil loses again.
But what of the weapon he seems to possess to destroy Michael?
Will he succeed?

The three angels of love united to save him from that evil.
Will they succeed one more time?

Unfortunately, only I have the answers to those questions.
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