Justin's Angel-152

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Brad sighed, seeing the light in the jail's hallway come on, the place filling with a bright glow.
The other three cells in the small confinement area were empty.
He heard the guard before he saw him, walking down the hall between the cells.
He looked up at him, seeing it wasn't the usual guard.
He shrugged, turning his head away from him.
The man stopped at his cell, staring in at him.
"Well, well. Hello Mr. Big Reporter."
Brad ignored him, the man still staring at him.
The man unlocked the cell door, walking into the room, closing the door behind him, locking it again.
Brad turned his head, staring at him.
"Word on the street is you're a faggot. You were pining for Justin Timberlake. As if a scab like you could ever have that. Looks like you fucked up, kiddo."
The man stared at him, actually leering at him.
"Any word from my lawyer? I need to get free of this dank place."
The man smiled at him menacingly.
"Where you're going you won't need lawyers. Although there might be a few there."
Brad stared at the man, the man pulling something out of his pocket.
Brad's eyes were glued to it.
A silver knife with a skeleton head.
He could see the red rubies staring at him.
"He doesn't leave loose ends, my friend. And time for me to have some fun, Stevens."
The man was on him in a flash, the knife entering Brad's shoulder.
Brad gasped, feeling the man on top of him, ripping at his clothes.
He also felt the darkness taking him.
In the real world, his assailant had removed his clothes, his hands all over Brad's body, his hardness entering the unconscious man's center.
In the world of darkness where Brad suddenly found himself, something else was happening.
He wasn't in total darkness now, and many hands were upon him.
As were many biting teeth.
He began screaming as the monsters of Sarcosa began to feed on him.

Chapter 152

The next few days were relaxing for Michael.
He was surrounded by his family, all of them there for him.
He played with the kids, Noah there as well.
Lance and Josh saw the bond now between Michael and their little boy.
They all sensed that in some way the children were a life line for Michael.
They'd rescued him from evil's embrace.
The media still hovered around their front gates, visitors being inundated with cameras and microphones.
Thursday's calmness was interrupted with the news of Brad Stevens' death.
His body had been found in his jail cell, his heart ripped out of his chest.
A silver knife lay imbedded in his shoulder.
He'd been raped, then brutally stabbed to death.
Justin watched Michael as he was told the news by Lonnie, a group of them sitting in the office.
"I never wanted that. But Fredrick's evil is far reaching. And I know why he did it." Michael said, Justin sensing his anger.
"Why would he kill Brad? He was of no more use to him." Justin said.
Michael's golden eyes glared at him.
"He was of use for one final thing, Justin. Brad took my place in Sarcosa."
Everyone in the room looked surprised.
Lance looked at Michael, feeling his anger.
"Took your place?"
"Yes, Lance. I wasn't supposed to leave that place. Destiny has been changed. When I did leave, the balance of evil and death was altered there. Another soul needed to be sent to restore continuity. Even hell is organized."
Justin put his hand on Michael's shoulder, Michael sighing.
"Fredrick gave them Brad rather than himself. Fredrick has another death to answer for. His list of evil grows."
Josh, who sat with Noah in his lap, looked at Michael.
"Will he try again? Another attempt to destroy you before the final conflict?"
Michael looked deeply into Josh's blue eyes.
"No, Josh. He won't  try anything else. It's less than four weeks until the Feast of Redemption. He's fully prepared to wait until then. And I am fully prepared to walk into his trap."
Everyone stared at him, Justin as well.
"His trap? What do you mean, Michael?"
"Fredrick's mind is deluded, Jus. His thoughts only on greed and power. He's been given the tool to destroy me. Or so he thinks. I know what it is and I'll let him use it. God's love will judge him. I only hope that it works as it's supposed to."
Michael remained quiet, lost in his thoughts.
"I don't like the sound of that, Mico. Of him destroying you." Justin said, Michael seeing the worry in his eyes.
His arms went around his Justin.
"To destroy me is to destroy himself, Jus. I'm willing to trust in God to protect me."
Justin nodded, still unnerved by Michael's blunt words.
Michael looked around at everyone, smiling.
"Come my friends. Let's think of next week, and the joy our souls will share."
Everyone smiled, Justin kissing his lips tenderly.
"Wow! In a little over a week I'm going to marry you!"
Michael smiled, kissing him back.
"Yep. One week of bachelorhood left, my angel. Use it wisely. I'm going to be a real bitchy wife."
Everyone laughed, Michael's humor diffusing the seriousness that had clouded the room.
Justin laughed, looking around.
"Well, one week. I guess I can have a lot of fun in seven days."
Michael laughed, slapping his back.
"Me too, lover. I've always wanted to take a crack at Lonnie."
Lonnie looked shocked, Michael bursting into laughter.
Justin and Josh were on the floor, the kids laughing, not really knowing what was making their parents laugh.
Rachel was laughing beside Lonnie, smiling at Michael.
"All that black beauty, mmmm. Like a big bowl of chocolate ice cream." Michael winked at Rachel.
Michael smiled at Lonnie, Lonnie blushing but calmed by that beautiful smile.
Michael leaned down, Justin pulling him down on top of him.
"I want to spend seven days making love to an angel."
Michael smiled, kissing his lover's open lips.
"Unfortunately, my angel, you've got other responsibilities. If you remember?"
Justin raised an eyebrow.
Michael laughed, kissing him again.
"Well, let's see. We leave on Sunday for Spain. We might as well leave from Florida."
Justin looked confused, then it dawned on him.
"Oh, Mico!! Stevie and Jonnie!"
Michael smiled, nodding.
"I remember their brother promising them a time of brotherhood."
Justin smiled, sitting up.
Darian ran across the room, jumping into his lap.
"We goes see Stevie, Dada?" he asked, his eyes bright and wide.
"Yep. We goes see Stevie in Florida."
Michael smiled, Justin smiling at him.
"Thanks, love. For loving them." Justin smiled.
"Hey, they're my bros."
Everyone smiled, Josh and Lance seeing Michael's love for Justin's family.
"I'd booked the flights a couple of weeks ago. We leave tomorrow morning. All of us and our foursome of love. I've already talked to Paulo." he smiled, Justin smiling widely.
"But you're taking it easy, Mico. This weekend you're relaxing."
"I will Jus. I have your Mom to keep me company while you're gone."
"Gone? Where am I going?" Justin said, looking confused.
"Well, let me see. Five little kids, and seven big kids, where would you all go?"
Justin's face lit up, looking down at Darian.
The two little ones screamed, Noah's head going up.
"Darry's going to Didnyworlds?" he asked his father.
Michael smiled, getting up and taking Noah into his arms from Lance.
"Yes, little one. Darry, Shauny, Stevie, Jonnie and you are all going to Disneyworld."
Noah smiled widely.
"You takes me too?"
"Why of course, Noah. I said it was a time of brotherhood. You are Darry and Shauny's little brother."
Lance teared up, Josh smiling at Michael.
"Okay, Unky. Me's be there for them always!"
Michael smiled, his two little treasures smiling up at Noah.
"We's goings to have so much fun, Noah!" Darian squealed.
Michael sat Noah down, the three little ones talking wildly and excitedly.
Michael and Justin snuggled together on the couch, Michael looking up at his mother's mirror.

That evening and the next morning saw a movement underway.
Bags were packed, everything readied.
Lonnie filled the SUV with suitcases, the little ones dressed and ready.
Doris was  totally shocked the night before, when Michael and Justin insisted that she was coming along.
"But I'd just be in the way. The kids need time with your Moms, Justin. They are their grandmothers."
Justin shook his head, smiling at her.
"And so are you, dear lady. Our angels are so lucky, they now have three grandmothers. And they're all going to be together for them."
Doris smiled a tearful smile, nodding. She agreed to go along.
She was actually smiling widely that morning, Michael seeing the excitement in her eyes on the journey ahead.
He sensed she hadn't gone far from home.
He knew she'd be totally awed by Spain, when she found out she was headed there as well.
Michael now considered her part of his extended family.
Everything was ready, everyone set to go.
Lance, Noah and Josh came over, their bags in hand.
The foursome of love showed up shortly thereafter, Justin smiling when he met them in the front hall.
All four had wet hair, Justin chuckling.
"A little wet fun to hold you four over?"
Marco blushed, Jake's left hand in his.
That blush filling the hall with Justin's laughter.
"Ah, young love." he said, smiling.
They all walked into the living room, everyone waiting.
"We're all good to go Jus. Where's Michael?" Paulo asked, smiling at everyone.
"He's in the office. I'll go see what's keeping him."
Everyone nodded, the little ones on the floor playing with Marco and Emile.
Justin walked down the hallway entering the office, the door open.
He stopped, seeing Michael standing in front of his mother's mirror.
Justin though it had glowed a little when he first walked into the room.
"We're all ready, my love."
Michael turned, his eyes full of tears.
Justin had him in his arms in a flash.
"You okay, Mico?"
"I'm okay, Jus. Just lost in my thoughts. I've just realized that when I return to our home I'll be married to you. You'll be mine forever."
Justin smiled, kissing him lovingly.
"I already am, Mico. Your love and my love are joined forever."
Michael smiled, kissing him again.
"Justin I love you. You've given me so much. So much love."
Justin wiped the tears from Michael's eyes, smiling at him.
"I have so much more to give you."
Michael's smile went right to Justin's heart.
Michael turned, looking at his desk.
He looked at all the old familiar pictures, his Pulitzer Prize award sitting on the shelf in the center of the photographs.
He remembered the day he'd been presented with it, a few weeks after Nana's death.
He'd opted for a quiet, private ceremony, just his immediate family.
One reporter for the Pulitzer foundation had taken photographs.
Justin had been so proud of him that day, his love showing in his smiling face.
And that day, Michael truly felt like a writer.
He smiled, looking now into Justin's loving blue eyes.
"Let's go, love. The kiddies are getting restless." Justin said, staring back into his golden orbs.
Michael nodded, picking up his leather briefcase and his laptop bag.
They met everyone in the hallway.
"Everyone go outside, I'll just double check the place." Michael said quietly, Justin nodding.
They all went out, climbing into the three vehicles, waiting.
"Is he okay, Jus?" Lance asked, looking at him with concern, Lance having sensed Michael's quietness.
"He's just saying goodbye to his home." Justin said quietly.

Michael walked around the upstairs and the downstairs quietly looking at everything.
He stared into his bedroom, remembering the nights of passion, and moments of love.
Across the hall lay his children's room.
A room of happiness.
He looked in all the rooms, leaving all their doors open.
A sign of the returning love being welcomed again.
This house had become so important to him.
It was his home now. His home of family love.
Tears ran down his cheeks, quietly walking around the house, checking that everything was secure.
Each step he carried in his heart.
For in his soul he sensed it might be a while before he walked here again.
He walked back to the front door, laying his hand against it.
"The heart of a home is love. I'll carry that with me always." he quietly said in the silence, a tear running down his cheek.
He walked out of his home, closing the front door and locking it.

They landed in Orlando mid afternoon, Justin sensing Michael was running on his last legs.
"Relax love, Lonnie and Paulo can get the bags. We'll go to the cars."
Michael nodded, smiling at his children in Rachel's and Doris' arms.
They left the airport about twenty minutes later, Justin driving the car containing his family, Paulo and Lonnie driving the other two.
A short twenty-minute trip later, they pulled up in front of a large home in a upper-class neighborhood.
Everyone got out, Lynn and Paul walking out the front door with Lisa.
Justin ran up, hugging his moms and stepdad.
"Welcome home stranger." Paul smiled, Lynn looking towards Michael who was quietly standing beside Justin, Lance behind him with Noah in his arms.
She pulled Michael into her arms, hugging him gently.
"Welcome to Justin's home, my son. I'm so glad you're okay." she said through tears, Justin tearing as well.
Michael smiled, Doris smiling at Lynn.
"I'm as well as I can be, Mom." Michael said, Lynn seeing the tiredness in his eyes, and the reluctance to talk in his voice.
Lisa and Paul both hugged him gently, kisses exchanged.
"And this must be Gamma." Lynn smiled, turning to Doris, Doris blushing.
"Aren't they treasures?" Lynn said, Shauna hopping from Doris' arms into Lynn's.
Darian jumped into Paul's.
"Treasures they are, indeed." Doris smiled, Lynn putting her arm around her, talking to her quietly.
Michael and Justin both saw her acceptance of Doris.
"Hi Grandpa." Shauna said to Paul, Darian smiling at them from Paul's arms.
"Hi, little princess. How's my girl?" Paul smiled at her.
"Me's going to Disneyworld!" she said, everyone laughing.
Two young men came flying out of the house tackling Justin before he had a chance to react.
Jonathan and Stevie were on top of him, knocking him down, hugging him and kissing him.
"Welcome home, bro!!!" Jonnie was screaming, Justin laughing.
Michael and Lynn stood by, smiling widely.
The two young men got up, spotting Michael.
They ran at him, knocking him to the ground, Michael bursting into laughter.
"Help me!! I'm being assaulted by Timberlake Munchkins!!!"
Everyone laughed, Justin getting up, smiling at his brothers' great love for Michael.
Then Justin saw Michael's face whitening.
He rushed over, gently asking his brothers to stop horsing around with Michael.
The two boys stopped immediately, sensing Justin's concern.
Michael smiled at them, albeit a trembling smile.
"You okay, love?" Justin said with tenderness, helping Michael regain his feet.
"Yes, Jus. Just a little spell of weakness, I'm fine."
Everyone in the excitement had forgotten Michael was still recovering from his attack.
Jonathan and Stevie's faces changed, Michael's arms going around both of them.
"No worries, little men. I'm just a little tired. Where's those youthful smiles?"
Both boys smiled tenderly at him, Michael smiling back.
"Come on bro, welcome to Justin's home." Jonathan said, Michael smiling at his younger brothers.
The three walked into the house, followed by Justin and Lynn and the others behind them.

They spent the afternoon relaxing, Lynn showing everyone around the house.
Justin pulled Michael gently away from them all, guiding him upstairs.
They walked into a room at the end of the hall, Michael smiling.
It was Justin's old room, Michael seeing a lot of him in its decor and warmth.
"So this is where Justin Timberlake walked through adulthood?"
Michael saw trophies and ribbons on a bookcase, looking them all over.
"Wow, Jus. Some nice prizes. Singing competitions, a few sport ones. Very nice."
Justin smiled, looking them all over.
"My greatest prize to date is you."
Michael teared up, kissing him gently.
Justin pulled him gently backwards, the two falling on the double bed.
"If this bed could talk. All the nights of masturbation."
Justin blushed red, Michael laughing gently.
"To be a fly on the wall." he said, kissing his lover.
The two held each other, Justin's head laying on Michael's chest.
"I'd laid here so many nights, dreaming of my future. Of finding someone to love me completely, and someone I could love completely."
Michael nodded, remaining quiet.
"All my dreams of fame and wealth have come true, Mico. And the greatest dream to come true has been you."
Michael teared up, Justin raising his head.
"I never imagined those nights long ago that it would be you, my love. God's given me a wonderful surprise in you."
Michael smiled, pulling his lover's head down, kissing his moist lips.
"He's going to give you a lot more, my sweetie."
Justin looked quietly at Michael, seeing the tiredness in his eyes.
"So, when do they turn this into a state historical site?" Michael asked, Justin laughing.
"I'm not that amazing, my love."
"You are to this tortured heart."
Justin teared up, kissing him again.
"That heart is no longer tortured, it's filled with my love."
Michael smiled, Justin sitting up.
"And right now, the heart, and all the rest of you needs to rest. I feel your tiredness, Mico."
Michael nodded, Lance and Josh walking into the room.
"Ah! So you've seen the Timberlake shrine. Lynn hasn't changed a thing with this room since he was a teenager. They're supposed to be giving guided tours soon. The holy shrine of St. Timberlake." Josh smiled, bowing in awed wonder, Lance holding in a laugh.
"Well they better clean all the cum stains off the walls, this feels more like masturbation city." Michael smirked.
Lance and Josh burst into laughter, Justin blushing.
"Oh, Mico!"
Michael laughed, kissing him tenderly.
"I almost want to start licking these walls."
That did it, all three singers were now laughing their heads off, Michael smiling widely.
"On that hilarious note, let's let Mikey have a rest." Justin said, getting up, Michael pouting.
"How can I sleep without you in my arms?"
Justin smiled, leaning down, Michael's arms trying to pull him down.
"Sorry babe. Sleep, not love."
Michael nodded, relaxing back into the pillows.
"Very nice. I still smell you." he smiled, closing his eyes.
The three singers quietly exited the room, Justin closing the door.
"How's he doing, Jus?  We all see his tiredness. That attack really took a lot out of him. More than he's letting on." Lance said, Justin nodding.
"Yes, Lancy. It took a lot out of him. He faced his nightmare alone. And it almost took him."
Lance put his arm around Justin, sensing Justin's worry.
"That's just it, Justin. Michael wasn't alone. He faced it with your and his children's love in his heart. And that saved him."
Justin turned at the words just spoken by his mother.
Lynn walked up to him, hugging him tightly.
"Doris told me what had happened. How the three of you brought him back. Oh, Justin! The depth of your family love. You and those precious angels." she said, tears in her eyes.
Justin hugged his mother back, kissing her cheek.
"Darry and Shauny love him and me greatly, Mama. And I love all three of them with all my heart. We'll always be there for each other, in all ways."
Lynn smiled, looking towards the closed door.
"Let's let him sleep a while. Come on downstairs, everyone." Justin said, Lynn and his friends nodding, following Justin.

Justin spent a few hours with his younger brothers just catching up, enjoying each other's company.
"Mom says we're all going to D-World?" Jonathan asked.
Justin smiled, ruffling his brother's hair.
"Yep, Jonnie. You and me are taking the kids to D?World tomorrow. I'll need your help with my two angels."
Jonathan beamed, sensing Justin's faith in him.
"For sure, Justy. I look after Stevie all the time. I'm very responsible."
"Don't I know it J-Man. You're becoming a man."
Jonathan smiled, Stevie watching the two as they talked.
"I got three big brothers." Stevie said, smiling.
Justin and Jonathan smiled, Stevie jumping into Justin's lap.
"Is Mikey okay, Justin?" Stevie said, looking into Justin's eyes.
"Yes, Stevie. He's just tired, and needs time to recover. He'll be right as rain in a few days."
Stevie smiled.
"I love him, he's so special."
"Don't I know it little man, don't I know it. And I'm counting on my two brothers to help me with Mico, too."
"For sure, Justin. We'll be his support and his friends. He's our brother now!" Jonathan said, Stevie agreeing with him.
Justin smiled, hugging both of them.
Lynn and Paul stood in the doorway, quietly watching.
"Looks like Michael's got a posse to watch his back." Paul smiled.
Lynn kissed her husband, looking at the three young men.
"Yep, he finally has his own brotherhood." she said, smiling widely.
They walked back out of the room, leaving the three brothers to bond.

Michael walked into the kitchen an hour later, stretching and yawning.
"What a soft bed. No wonder Justin sleeps so well, it's been bred into him."
Lynn smiled, kissing Michael's cheek as he passed her and Doris cutting up vegetables.
"My son could sleep standing up. That's what's bred into him."
Michael laughed, smiling at her.
"And where are my angels?"
"They're out back with Stevie and Jonathan. The kids are playing games. Justin, Lance and Josh are there as well."
"Ah, so all the kids are playing."
The two women laughed, Michael smiling again.
"How are you feeling, Michael?" Lynn asked ,looking at him.
"Almost back to my old self, as normal as that can be." he said, sitting down at the table.
He picked up the folded newspaper that lay on the kitchen table.
Lynn face changed, showing concern, seeing him opening the entertainment section.
Michael stared at the articles and photos, Lynn walking over beside him.
"I'm sorry, Michael. Justin didn't want you to see those."
Michael nodded, staring at the pictures and reading a few lines from the articles.
He set the paper down, folding it up again.
He stared off into space for a moment, Lynn putting her hand on his shoulder.
"It's alright, Lynn. I knew the whole thing would come out. Comes with the territory. I just don't like seeing Justin thrust into the middle of this. Look at who's the center of all these articles and photos. My Justin. What happened was between me and Brad. And it tragically ended for him. He paid for it with his life. But they don't write about that. They write about Justin being associated with all this. That's not fair to him. Sometimes I hate the celebrity status we are forced to endure."
"I will always be in the center of everything dealing with you, my love."
Michael looked up, seeing Justin in the patio doorway, his hand in Darian's.
"Hey, little man, having fun?" Michael smiled at Darian.
"Yes, Papa. Me and Noah's having funs with Stevie and Unky Jonnie."
Michael smiled, Justin looking at Doris.
"Gamma, Darry needs to go pee."
"Come on, little soldier, let's get you taken care of. " she smiled at him, Darian grinning and following her.
Lynn walked back behind the counter, Justin sitting down at the table beside Michael.
"I didn't want you to see those articles about Brad or the photos."
"Why not, Justin? You didn't want me to accept the truth?"
Lynn stared at Michael, hearing the hurt in his voice, Justin taking his hand.
Michael wasn't looking at him.
"And so the truth now comes out. I knew there was an underlying hurt in you, Michael. I now see what it is."
Michael still remained silent.
"Please look at me, my love."
Michael turned, looking into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the depth of his love there.
And Justin saw the dam holding back the tears in Michael's eyes.
The dam that at that moment burst.
"Oh, Jus! It's all my fault!! I never wanted him hurt, I just wanted him to stop trying to hurt us!" Michael sobbed, his head lowering.
Justin put his arm around Michael, letting him cry out his pain.
"This wasn't your fault, Mico. This lies at the feet of your Uncle Fredrick. He was behind all of this, and unfortunately Brad was caught in the middle."
"I should have sensed how conniving my uncle can be. I should have sensed what he'd planned. Instead I let another man suffer for my ignorance."
"Michael, I won't let you think this is your fault! Never!!"
Michael looked up into Justin's blue eyes.
"I should have saved him, Justin!! A man's dead!! How many more must die before I can rid the world of this hatred, this evil?? This man who is my uncle!! I want this to end!! Just to find peace with myself!!"
Michael sobbed, Justin taking him into his arms.
Lynn was in tears seeing the heartache in Michael.
Justin began humming, Doris and Darian walking back into the room.
Lance and Josh walking in from the patio, Noah in Lance's arms.
They all saw the distressed state Michael was in.
Darian ran across the kitchen floor, wanting in his Papa's lap.
Justin lifted him up, Darian hugging himself against Michael's sobbing chest.
"No cry, Papa. Me's here."
Michael looked down, the small little face looking up at him.
Michael fought a smile, lifting his little boy up further, Darian's face laying against Michael.
"Me wuvs you, Papa. You's no blames for it. He's to blame. You's our wuv. And wuv is all you's needs."
Justin looked at his son, mystified.
How had the little boy known??
Noah looked at Darian with his fathers.
"Darian makes it all right." he softly said, Darian smiling over at him.
Michael's eyes stared at Noah for a moment.
"Me's here too, Papa." Michael heard in his mind.
"Thank you, Shauny." he thought back to the little girl who was outside with Stevie and Jonnie.
"I'm okay everyone. And you're right, Jus. This wasn't my fault. My uncle is responsible." he said, handing Justin Darian.
The little boy looked at his Papa, Michael smiling at him.
"Thank you, son."
"Welcome Papa!" he smiled, Michael rubbing his cheek.
"I'm okay, everyone. My angels, as always lighten my heart."
Justin smiled, his arm around Michael.
"I sensed your views of the pics and articles, Mico. The never-ending media domination into our lives."
"I'm sorry, Jus. I thought I was getting used to it. To all the reporters and stories. I don't think I'll ever be comfortable with that side of it all."
Justin kissed his cheek, Michael smiling.
"My love. This is why I love you. I love your innocence and refreshing frankness. You're not pulled into the celebrity fold, you will always be just you. You've fought for me in every venue. And I know in my heart you'll always fight for me."
Justin picked up the newspaper, throwing it in the trash can.
"Don't let words of gossip and fluff destroy your love for us."
Michael smiled, getting up and pulling Justin to him.
"Okay, Jus. I'll never be anyone but myself. So, you promised to show me this wonderful home of yours."
Justin smiled, Jonnie and Stevie coming into the room, Shauna's hands in both of theirs.
"Come on Papa, sees outside first." she smiled.
Michael smiled, picking up his little princess.
"For sure, angel. For sure."
The family of four walked outside, Noah watching them go.
"Dey's be okay. Wuv's around dem." he said, Lance looking down at him.
Josh looked at his son as well, both men sensing Noah's truth.

Michael relaxed all evening.
He had a delicious dinner with his family and friends; everyone seeing his calm, happy personality once again in full view.
The thoughts of self-doubt were buried deep again, the old Michael back.
Justin and he went for a quiet walk later that evening, Justin showing him all around the neighborhood.
They met several people that Justin knew, quiet chit-chat exchanged.
"It's a loving, wonderful place, my love. I see why you've always thought of this as your home."
Justin smiled, his hand in Michael's.
"I think of home now as being beside you, Michael. Home is you and me and our angels."
Michael smiled, kissing him deeply, the two standing on the sidewalk, in public.
"Mmm, I've waited a long time for that. To kiss you in the openness of life. It feels so wonderful."
Justin smiled, pulling him against him.
"I've waited longer, my Mico. And the wait was well worth it."
The two smiled at each other, kissing again, then walking back to Justin's childhood home.
Their angels were sent to bed around nine, the adults relaxing and just talking out in the summer evening breeze.
"So, you two. Everything is falling into place. One more week and the big day will be here!" Lynn said, smiling.
"Yep, one week and I marry my angel." Michael smiled.
"And I marry my destiny." Justin said, laying on the couch, his head resting in Michael's lap.
Michael looked down at him, seeing the beauty of his upturned face.
"Michael Tavarro-Timberlake. I'm going to love that name."
Everyone smiled, Marco and Emile quietly watching them.
"What's it like to have that deep love we see in the two of you, Michael?" Emile suddenly asked, Marco looking over at him.
Michael smiled, looking towards the young man.
"You don't need to ask that question, Emile. I see the same deep love in your eyes. The love you have for Marco. Don't ever judge your own love against any other's. Judge it with your heart, and with the heart of he that you love."
Emile nodded, Marco kissing him tenderly.
Paulo and Jake smiled, as did Michael.
"So I take it the twosomes of soul are still intact." Michael said, looking at Jake and Paulo, then Marco and Emile.
The four blushed, looking at their lovers.
Lynn and Doris smiled, getting up.
"We'll leave the boys to discuss their friendships. Good night boys." Lynn smiled, everyone getting up and hugging the two ladies.
That left the foursome, along with Lance, Josh, Justin and Michael.
Lonnie and Rachel were also outside, farther away, walking the lush gardens and watching the starry night sky.
Justin got up, turning on the outdoor stereo, a soft melody filling the night air, then sat down between Michael's legs on the floor.
"We didn't have the chance to thank you, Michael." Jake said, smiling at him with love.
Michael looked confused.
"Thank me for what?"
Emile got up, sitting down beside Michael, Marco sitting on his other side.
Justin sat between Michael's knees on the floor, looking quietly ahead.
"In regards to that day at the pool, when you talked to all four of us, in your own words, and we told you our feelings. That night we opened our hearts to each other, and we opened our souls." Emile said.
Michael nodded, sensing something from Justin.
"We stopped, Michael. What we told you we thought we wanted didn't happen. We saw the truth in our souls. That each of us has a soulmate. That that soulmate can be the only one." Paulo said.
"And then we thought that you'd gotten it wrong. That the great Michael Tavarro wasn't perfect. We thought you'd really wanted us to join as one soul, physical and emotional. And then you called and said those words." Marco said, tearfully smiling at Michael.
Michael stared at him, remaining quiet.
"What did Michael say?" Lance asked, Josh smiling at them.
Paulo stood up, looking at his cousin.
"I remember every word."
Paulo spoke, repeating Michael's words.
"I sense now that the four of you have reached the plateau of your love. And all four of you sensed the deep truth in that moment. Paulo and Jake are one, Marco and Emile are another. The bond of love the four of you feel is in truth one soul. One soul of love and friendship. But a separate bond is built into each of you four soulmates. The bond of true love. The love of eternity. Nothing and no one can break that bond. I sense you've all shown that to each other. But the four hearts in this room have great deep love to give the other three. Nothing needs to change in the four of you. You are a foursome of love. Goodnight, my friends. Bask in your love for each other. Give your passion to he who owns it."
Michael looked at Paulo, hearing the deep truth in those words.
"Those were beautiful words, Michael. So heartening and loving." Josh said, everyone nodding.
"Yes they are, Josh. Unfortunately, I never spoke them. I never called you four."
Everyone in the room looked surprised, Jake getting up.
"Come on, Mikey! It was you, we all recognized the voice. And your timing was perfect. Right when we were thinking of you."
Michael moved, Justin moving aside to let him stand up.
"I never called your home, Jake. It wasn't me!"
"Come on, Mikey. Don't go all shy on us now. Accept our thanks and love." Emile said, standing up with Marco.
Justin remained sitting on the floor watching them all.
"I've already accepted your love, Emile. I just can't accept your thanks for something I didn't do. To be honest, I thought for sure the four of you had already decided to become one of body and soul."
Everyone looked confused, staring at him.
"Okay, Mikey, if it wasn't you then who was it?" Marco said, totally confused.
"It was me."
Michael turned, as did everyone else, all eyes locking on Justin, who still sat on the floor.
Justin's blue eyes looked up at them all.
Michael stared at him while Justin got up, standing before his friends.
"All that day, I felt the feeling of all four of you. The doubts in all of your souls. Our gift grows in me Michael. I now can sense others. And in all four of you, I felt that doubt of breaking your vows of love. The vows of your soulmate's love. I lay that night in my own bed, with Mico sleeping in my arms. I searched out for all four of you and found you in that room. At the crossroads of your love. It was I that called, disguising my voice as Michael."
Everyone looked in wonder at Justin.
"Yet another thing I can now do, Mico. It's another gift, I believe." Justin said, his voice sounding identical to Michael's.
Michael stood in silence, a look of shock on his face.
"Why did you call as me, Timby?"
Justin took Michael's hand in his.
"Because I knew that they'd believe that those words came from you and your loving soul. Coming from me, they wouldn't have meant as much."
Michael teared up, hugging Justin to him.
"Oh, Jus! Those words were your words! And they were as beautiful and as loving as anything that I could have said!"
Justin smiled, the foursome of love walking up to him.
"After you called, the four of us talked for hours. Thank you, Justin. For showing us our true feelings. You gave all of us the courage to express our feelings. And we've all gained our true soulmate's love." Marco said, kissing Justin's cheek.
The other three hugged him, echoing the same sentiments.
Michael looked at Justin, Justin looking into his golden eyes.
"Don't be too concerned with what's going on inside me, Mico. I sense it's all God's planning. I carry what I carry to aid you, to join us for what lays ahead."
Michael nodded, Justin kissing him tenderly.
Justin broke away from him, their hands remaining together.
"All of you, Lance and Josh included, share the bond of a soulmate's love. Hold onto it, cherish it. That love will be your guiding light for the rest of your loving lives."
All six nodded, tears in all their eyes.
"On that note of love, I think we should retire. Come my love, let's call it a night. All the kiddies need sleep before their big day." Michael said, smiling.
"Disneyworld. Yay!!!!" Josh yelled, everyone laughing, the serious mood broken.
"I said all the kiddies, Josh. Time for you to tuck in your little boys, Lancy."
Lance laughed, Josh looking at him with a raised eyebrow.
"Joshy loves when I tuck him in. But believe me, he's no little boy."
Everyone looked shocked for a moment, Michael bursting into laughter.
"Well said, Lance. Well said. And lucky you."
Justin smiled, seeing Michael's mood now joyous and calm.
"Night, everyone. See you in the morning." Justin said, his arm going around Michael's waist.
Everyone said goodnight, the two walking upstairs.
Within minutes, the two were nestled in Justin's old bed, snuggled against each other.
"My man is full of surprises." Michael said, playing with Justin's right nipple.
"I like to keep you on your toes."
Michael smiled, kissing the exposed nipple.
"I like to curl yours."
Justin laughed, as did Michael, the two snuggling together.
"I love you, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's forehead.
"I love you, Mico."
The two fell asleep, wrapped in their love for each other.

Michael sat at the patio table, browsing through the boxes of wedding paraphernalia that Lynn had brought down.
"Nothing catching your eye, Michael?" Doris said, knitting in a chair beside him.
"No, nothing particularly."
"These designs are nice." Lisa said, smiling at him, showing him a magazine.
Randall and Lisa had come in just before the group had left for Disneyworld.
Justin had hugged them both, as had Michael.
They'd become teary-eyed when Michael smiled at them.
They saw him well, and healed, Michael calming them all.
It was now late afternoon, the six adults having spent the day together.
Lonnie and Rachel had begged off Disneyworld, opting for spending the day alone, walking the streets of Orlando shopping.
Michael sensed their deep love.
So, Paulo was the guardian of the group of overanxious kids that climbed into two vans heading for Disneyworld.
Justin had popped into Michael's mind a few times during the day, just to check in.
Michael sensed his childlike happiness.
Darian and Shauna had also visited, Michael feeling their overflowing joy.
Both ranted about all the joyous sights they'd seen.
"What exactly are you looking for, Mike?" Randall asked, he and Paul playing checkers at the table beside them.
"I'm looking for something special, Dad. A special moment to touch my Justin's heart."
Randall and Lynn smiled.
"That moment will be at the altar, Michael. When he hears you say 'I do.' "
Michael smiled, blushing.
"That moment will be unto its own. I'm thinking something more romantic."
"Well, I think the whole day will be romantic." Doris said, smiling.
"Yes, you'll enjoy it, Gamma." he smiled, flipping through the magazine in front of him.
Michael looked up, as did everyone else.
"Well, it wouldn't be our wedding day without all those we love there, now would it?"
Doris looked totally shocked, tears beginning in her eyes.
Lisa put her arm around her.
"They say Spain is the land of love. It's the perfect place." Lisa said, looking at her.
Doris nodded, Michael smiling at her.
"You'll love Spain, Doris. And Lisa's right, in so many ways."

The exhausted, joyous, happy group arrived back home around seven o'clock.
Lisa and Lynn had just finished doing the dishes.
Michael lay snoozing on the living room couch, Lonnie and Rachel watching a television show.
Randall and Paul were falling asleep in their chairs.
The hallway was flooded with joyous laughter, Randall putting his finger to his mouth when they entered the living room, everyone seeing Michael asleep.
"How longs he been out, Dad?" Justin asked, putting Darian down on the floor, Josh letting Shauna down.
Lance put Noah down, the boy walking towards Rachel and Lonnie.
"About an hour. Right after dinner. He was looking tired."
Darian and Shauna ran to the couch, Justin helping them gently climb up on top of Michael.
Shauna kissed his cheek, Michael moving his head a little.
Darian giggled, licking Michael's nose.
Justin started laughing softly, Michael's golden eyes opening.
He saw his two angels wearing Mickey Mouse ears.
"God, Justin. You haven't signed them up for your old show?"
Justin laughed, Michael smiling widely.
Michael kissed both of his angels, lifting them up, the two now in his lap when he sat up.
Justin kissed him gently, Michael purring.
"Missed ya, lovecakes."
"Missed ya too, Mico."
"Yeah sure. I felt you three all day. Your minds and eyes were all on fantasy land."
All three giggled, Randall and Paul smiling.
"It's okay you three. My angels are best when they're totally happy."
They all sat around, Lynn bringing in coffee for everyone, as they listened to the day's events.
Michael wore a never-ending smile, listening to his angels' happiness and joyous escapades.
The others put in their own joyful moments.
"Stevie was really wound up all day. He ran me ragged." Paulo said, rubbing his legs.
"Get used to it, Polo. You'll have a large brood." Michael smiled, Jake raising an eyebrow.
"A vision?"
"No, Jake. A guaranteed fact." Justin smiled, Paulo smiling widely.
Randall, Lisa and the boys left around nine, the others gradually winding down.
Lynn and Justin bathed the little ones, Darian, Shauna and Noah having a ball in the large bathtub.
The three little ones fell asleep together, wrapped in each other's arms.
"The three amigos." Michael said quietly, Justin rubbing his shoulder.
Justin remembered a day when Nana had called him, Vicky and Michael that same phrase.
"She's watching over them, Mico."
"Always, Jus. Always."
Lance and Josh smiled beside them, gazing at their happy, sleeping son.
"They seem so happy together, as if it was always meant to be." Josh said, quietly.
"It was, Joshy. God's way." Lance said, the other three smiling.
The four hugged each other in the hallway, parting into their own rooms.

Justin awoke in the dawn of the early morning, sensing something on top of him.
He also sensed his own desires running unabated.
He opened his eyes, Michael's golden eyes staring at him.
Michael's lips attached to his, Justin feeling his overflowing desire.
Michael was on top of him, Justin deep inside him.
"Oh, Timby!! Oh, yes!!" Michael moaned, sinking down onto him again.
Justin stared at him, feeling his abandoned desires.
And he felt his own gaining speed.
He pulled Michael down to him, their tongues exploring each other's mouths.
Justin's fingers found Michael's own swollen shaft, pumping it.
They became lost in the rhythm, the rhythm that Michael controlled.
Michael's fingers found Justin's chest, stroking his nipples, his shaft pulsing inside him.
"Oh, my love! I'm all yours! Flood me with your love!"
Justin exploded, gushing inside Michael, Michael's own cock erupting across Justin's chest.
Michael screamed, then collapsed on top of Justin, Justin's strong, hairy arms encircling him.
Michael panted and puffed, Justin coming back to reality.
"Oh God, Mico! That was amazing! It's been too long!"
Michael smiled, kissing his wet, moist lips.
"I know, my love. And I'm sorry for that."
"Don't say that, Mico. You know it was beyond your control. I'm just so happy you're back to your old self."
Michael smiled, lifting up, Justin's shaft slipping out of him.
"And my old self loves the man here with me. Love ya, Timby."
Justin beamed, kissing him deeply.
"Love ya more, Mico."
The two smiled, Michael getting up, pulling Justin up with him.
"Today, our adventures in Spain begin. Starting with our day of love. In less than seven days, I'll unite with you in all ways." Justin said, Michael smiling at him.
Justin lowered his head.
"I still can't believe I'm the one you want, Mico."
Michael reached out, pulling his lover against him.
"There can be no other, my Justin. You are my destiny, my love and my soul. "
Justin teared up, Michael kissing him with renewed passion.
"Race you to the shower, my love!"
"What do I get if I win?"
"You've already won, Jus. You've won me."
Justin beamed, Michael pulling him towards the bathroom.

End of Chapter 152

A chapter of quiet regenerating.
Gearing up for the next and final part of the story:  Spain.
All roads lead to Spain.
And I believe with all my heart that what I write going forward will amaze you.
At least I hope it does.

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