Justin's Angel-153

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin awoke in the dawn of the early morning, sensing something on top of him.
He also sensed his own desires running unabated.
He opened his eyes, Michael's golden eyes staring at him.
Michael's lips attached to his, Justin feeling his overflowing desire.
Michael was on top of him, Justin deep inside him.
"Oh, Timby!! Oh, yes!!" Michael moaned, sinking down onto him again.
Justin stared at him, feeling his abandoned desires.
And he felt his own gaining speed.
He pulled Michael down to him, their tongues exploring each other's mouths.
Justin's fingers found Michael's own swollen shaft, pumping it.
They became lost in the rhythm, the rhythm that Michael controlled.
Michael's fingers found Justin's chest, stroking his nipples, his shaft pulsing inside him.
"Oh, my love! I'm all yours! Flood me with your love!"
Justin exploded, gushing inside Michael, Michael's own cock erupting across Justin's chest.
Michael screamed, then collapsed on top of Justin, Justin's strong, hairy arms encircling him.
Michael panted and puffed, Justin coming back to reality.
"Oh God, Mico! That was amazing! It's been too long!"
Michael smiled, kissing his wet, moist lips.
"I know, my love. And I'm sorry for that."
"Don't say that, Mico. You know it was beyond your control. I'm just so happy you're back to your old self."
Michael smiled, lifting up, Justin's shaft slipping out of him.
"And my old self loves the man here with me. Love ya, Timby."
Justin beamed, kissing him deeply.
"Love ya more, Mico."
The two smiled, Michael getting up, pulling Justin up with him.
"Today, our adventures in Spain begin. Starting with our day of love. In less than seven days, I'll unite with you in all ways." Justin said, Michael smiling at him.
Justin lowered his head.
"I still can't believe I'm the one you want, Mico."
Michael reached out, pulling his lover against him.
"There can be no other, my Justin. You are my destiny, my love and my soul. "
Justin teared up, Michael kissing him with renewed passion.
"Race you to the shower, my love!"
"What do I get if I win?"
"You've already won, Jus. You've won me."
Justin beamed, Michael pulling him towards the bathroom.

Chapter 153

The morning began with a house full of activities.
Michael and Justin got everyone up early.
Everyone was assigned a job, the house a flurry of flying bodies.
They were all ready to go by eight o'clock.
Lonnie and Paulo had the vehicles loaded, everyone ready to leave.
Lynn and Paul exchanged kisses and hugs, as did Lisa and Randall.
Justin's moms were going with them to do the wedding planning.
Randall and Paul would fly in Thursday afternoon.
Stevie and Jonathan were ready by seven, waiting patiently to leave.
Justin saw the deep happiness in their eyes, their eagerness to spend the week with their big brother.
Michael and Justin had talked and Michael had easily worked the two younger men into their wedding plans.
Justin was moved by Michael's acceptance of Justin's family, now his family.
Michael himself was in a jovial, happy mood.
Justin sensed he was almost completely healed, although the scar still lay upon his chest.
Michael had even prepared a sumptuous breakfast for everyone before they'd left.
It was a long flight, so lunch would be missed.
Michael knew that Alberto would have a feast ready for all of them when they landed.
After the early breakfast, the three vehicles pulled out of Lynn's driveway and headed for the airport.
Upon arriving there, they were guided to a private hangar, the press evident nonetheless.
They saw reporters in the terminal, watching for them.
They boarded the sleek, white Tavarro jet, taking off into the early morning sunshine.
Jake remained behind, having some meetings at the start of the week.
He would be landing in Spain on Friday.
Emile and Marco left with Paulo, accompanying Michael and Justin.
The rest of the family–Vicky, Christina, Zach and Becky, Joey and Chris, and Father Derrick, Tomas and Seth–would all be arriving Thursday.
Nick and Trevor were flying in late Friday morning with Jake.
The press had gotten wind of the date of the wedding, and the location.
Michael and Justin weren't worried, the Villa Tavarro was a private residence and Alberto had the means to keep it that way.
And there the sunshine of their happiness would wrap around their extended families.
For it was a wedding of family and friends.
That was what both men wanted.
Not a glamorous Hollywood extravaganza, but a family affair, steeped in love and romance.
They both knew that their celebrity status would require some pacification with the press.
Photos would be given afterwards through their respective agents.
They owed their fans that much.
The service and day itself would be theirs.
And Justin was going to make sure that Michael had the day of his dreams.

The jet landed in the small private airport, the passengers debarking from the plane.
Father Nico was there to great them all, Marco hugging his older brother tightly.
Justin introduced his mothers and Doris to Nico, Nico smiling a warm welcome.
"Welcome to the land of Spanish love. The warmth and love of this land will enter your souls, I have no doubt. Come, let's adjourn to the Villa Tavarro. Grandfather awaits."
Michael smiled widely, hugging Nico.
"Hello again, Michael. How are you, my cousin?"
"Being here will find me well. I am in your heart's center again, Father Barosa."
Nico smiled widely, leading them towards the two limousines.
The ride to the villa was happy and joyous, Michael pointing out things to Lynn and Doris, Justin showing Lisa the sights.
They pulled up at the front gates of the villa, Michael seeing the crowd surrounding them.
"Paparazzi. They've been here since Friday. They learned of your upcoming arrival. As have others. Grandfather has called an emergency meeting of the Ordisa."
Michael nodded, Nico looking at everyone.
"The Ordisa is the head council of the Tavarro family. It meets to decide anything that is deemed important to the family's welfare. Your wedding and arrival has been deemed important, Michaelangelo."
Michael nodded, looking ahead as the car drove through the gates, the reporters flashing cameras.
The cars drove up the extended driveway.
Lynn, Lisa and Doris all looked in awe at the surrounding gardens, and were completely speechless when the house came into view.
"Oh my God, Michael! It's a palace!" Lynn said, staring in disbelief.
"Welcome to Villa Tavarro, dear ladies." Father Nico smiled.
The cars stopped in front of the mansion, everyone getting out.
Two servants came down the steps, heading for the  trunks of the cars.
"Come my friends, Grandfather awaits." Nico said, smiling at his cousin.
Michael took a deep breath, then walked up the steps.
Justin felt an old feeling coming from Michael.
He felt Michael's old feelings of not wanting attention and praise.
Justin walked behind him, carrying Shauna.
Darian was in Josh's arms, Noah in Lance's.
Nico walked into the front foyer of the large home, everyone following.
They all stood in the foyer, the ladies looking around at all the grandeur and beauty.
"It's simply breathtaking, Michael! You're family must be unbelievably old and wealthy!" Doris said in awe.
"No matter the largeness or lavishness of a house, it isn't a home without love."
Everyone turned upwards at the voice that filled the large room.
On the top of the stairs stood Alberto.
Everyone looked in awe at his commanding presence.
He wore a white suit, gleaming in the sunlit room.
What took their breath away was his erect body, and physical appearance.
The man looked almost twenty years younger.
A sense of life and vitality beamed off the man as he quietly walked down the stairs, stopping in front of them, staring into Michael's golden eyes.
"Welcome home, my healing angel. Your love warms my heart and my home." Alberto said, tears in his golden eyes.
He walked forward, hugging his grandson tightly, Michael wrapping his arms around him.
"Hello, Poppa. A joy as always to feel your love."
Everyone smiled at the touching moment, Justin looking at Alberto.
Alberto broke the hug, smiling at his soon-to-be grandson.
"Hello, Justin. Welcome again to the Tavarro home. And soon I'll welcome you to our family. A joyous moment is upon us. Let's bask in its beauty."
Justin smiled, Alberto hugging him.
"You look wonderful, Grandfather. And you're not limping." Justin said, smiling at him as they broke their hug.
"Yes, I am fit as a fiddle, as your saying goes. Life has recharged me. And someone's love has healed me." Alberto said, looking at his young grandson.
Michael blushed, lowering his eyes, everyone staring at him.
Justin felt his old feelings of not wanting attention, Justin smiling.
In his heart, he now knew that Michael had healed his grandfather's heart and body.
"Come, let us relax in the gathering room. Drinks will be here shortly."
Nico begged off, having church duties to attend to. He  promised to return for the evening meal.
Everyone went into the large gathering room, Michael looking towards the fireplace.
"It's good to be home again, Grandfather." Paulo smiled, as did Marco, both hugging him.
"This place has missed all your youthful exuberance." Alberto smiled.
"I'm sure a youthful presence still remains here. " Michael said quietly, looking up at Adrian's portrait.
They all heard the soft laughter behind the walls.
Lynn looked at Doris, both showing shock.
Lisa looked a little surprised too.
They'd all heard the story of this house and its remarkable inhabitants on the plane ride that morning.
Michael wanted them to be prepared for what they were walking into.
"Hello, Matty." Michael said, smiling softly.
A soft voice echoed near the fireplace.
"Hi, Mikey. You play?"
Michael smiled, running a hand across the blue-eyed stone lion.
"Later, my young friend."
A soft giggle was the answered reply, the room quieting down.
Michael sat down on a couch, Alberto sitting down beside him.
"He's been with me pretty much all the time, Michael. His youthful love has re-energized me."
Michael smiled, kissing his grandfather's cheek.
"I thought it would, Grandfather."
Alberto smiled, looking around at everyone.
"All is ready, my boys. The garden is at your disposal, as are all the grounds. I know that this coming weekend a moment of immense love and beauty will be shown."
Justin and Michael both smiled, Darian climbing into his great-grandfather's lap.
"Hi, Poppa!" the little boy said, smiling up at him.
"Hello, little one. I've missed you."
"Me's here now. We's have fun, Poppa."
Alberto laughed, talking softly with the child.

They sat around for a while, refreshing cool lemonade served by a servant.
"Nicolas told us of the Ordisa's meeting, Grandfather." Michael said, looking at him.
Alberto's eyebrows furrowed.
"Let me take care of that, Michael. I am still the leader of the Tavarro clan. And I am master of my own domain."
Michael saw the determination and calmness in Alberto's golden eyes.
"That you are, Grandfather. And I wish to speak at that meeting. When is it?"
Alberto looked surprised.
"It's tomorrow evening, at the church of St. Aurelia. But that isn't required, Michael."
Michael stood up, everyone seeing determination is his eyes now.
"The time is upon us, Grandfather. I am the Messenger. It's time they began to hear the message."
Justin stood up beside him, Michael's hand going in his.
"They wish to judge us for marrying on Tavarro land. They'll hear from me on that subject." Justin said, protectively.
Alberto nodded, quietly looking at the two men.
"I see a love of soul radiating off both of you. They need to see that as well."
Michael smiled, looking at Justin.
"I'm a little tired, Jus. I think I'll lay down for a bit. Everyone, please stay and enjoy my grandfather's hospitality."
Justin nodded, Michael kissing him and then his grandfather, then walking out of the room.
Justin sat down beside Alberto.
"Is he okay, Justin? I sense deep tiredness in him." Alberto said with worry.
"He's still recovering, Grandfather. And I think he senses Fredrick's nearness. His love feels the evil."
Alberto nodded, looking at Justin.
"How did he survive that? To be there and to survive that." Alberto said, a tear in his eye.
"Love saved him, Grandfather. And love will save him always."
Alberto smiled, everyone smiling as well.
"I felt it as soon as he walked into this house, Alberto. I felt his blanket of love and protection cover this home. Michael's gifts are enshrining us in his loving protection." Justin said quietly, Alberto nodding at him.
"I felt it too, Justin. I felt the return of the Messenger of Love."
Justin smiled, Alberto looking into his blue eyes.
"At the end of his last visit, he took me into his arms in farewell. And he healed me. All the tiredness and hurt of my life fell away when I felt his healing love enter my heart. I am that I am through his love. And in a few days, my heart will fill with eternal happiness, seeing you and he joined forever."
Justin smiled, getting up.
"The ladies would like to see the grounds, Grandfather. My Moms need to know what's in store for them."
Alberto chuckled, standing up.
He smiled at Doris, Doris smiling back.
"If you'll allow me." Alberto said, extending his arm.
Doris stood, taking Alberto's arm, Alberto smiling.
"Come everyone. We've got some planning to do."

Michael stirred from his dreamless sleep, opening his eyes.
He was in bed, sunlight shining on his face from the balcony windows.
He stretched, getting slowly up.
He looked at his watch.
He'd slept for about two hours.
He walked over to the balcony, walking out into the late afternoon sunshine.
He looked down on all the beauty of his ancestral home.
It truly was breathtaking.
All the sculpted gardens and statues adding their own flawless beauty.
He looked to the left side of the house, just glimpsing the top of the statue that graced the central pool.
Michael's statue, that stood in the center of the pool.
The Messenger and Warrior united in declaration.
"The place of eternal peace." he quietly said.
"What did you say, love?"
Michael turned, seeing Justin walk out on to the balcony.
He was bare-chested, having thrown off his shirt when he'd walked into their bedroom, seeing Michael standing on the balcony.
"Just talking to myself, love. And another vision of beauty adorns the landscape." Michael said, smiling at his lover.
Justin beamed, his arms going around Michael.
"All that is here is beautiful. Starting with you, my beautiful angel."
Michael smiled, feeling the warmth of Justin's naked chest against him.
"So what's going on? Where is everyone?"
Justin smiled, snuggling against him.
"The kids are with Doris and Grandfather, playing in the south yard. My moms are walking the gardens. They're totally in awe of all the beauty. They think the large garden will be a place of matrimonial beauty. They've come up with some wonderful ideas."
Michael smiled.
"So have I, my love. So have I."
Justin looked at him, smiling.
"Oh, something going on I should know about?"
Michael kissed him, Justin feeling the deep love behind that kiss.
"We all have our surprises, my sweet."
Justin blushed, Michael pulling his shirt off.
"Do we have some time for us, my angel?"
"Dinner's not for about an hour."
Michael pushed Justin lightly backwards, directing him back into their bedroom.
"That's more than enough time for what I need."
Michael's hands were on Justin's waist, fumbling with his belt.
Justin fell back on the bed, his pants hitting the floor.
Michael was on top of him, feeding on his lover's passion.

The two lovers walked hand in hand into the large dining room, everyone smiling up at them.
"About time. We were almost going to send out a search party. " Father Nico smiled, the two smiling back.
"It's so easy to get lost in the beauty of this place." Justin said, reluctantly releasing Michael's hand.
Michael sat down beside his grandfather and little Darian, who sat in his lap. Alberto moved Darian, who climbed over the table into Justin's lap when Justin sat down beside Michael.
"Me played all day, Dada!" the little boy smiled.
"Awesome, little bud. Now are you hungry?"
"Me starving, Dada."
Alberto laughed, his great-grandson smiling up at him from his father's lap.
"Well, then let's not waste any time. Let's get our angels fed." Alberto smiled, ringing a bell.
Servants walked into the room carrying trays laden with rich food.
Doris' and Lynn's eyes widened with wonder.
"Rich Spanish fare, dear ladies. Only the best for my family." Alberto said, smiling at Doris.
Doris blushed, smiling back.
Lynn looked over at Michael, Michael smiling at her.
"So, Justin tells me you've fallen in love with the gardens."
"Yes, Michael. The beauty of nature here is breathtaking!" Lynn said, smiling, Lisa agreeing with her.
"It's all thanks to my father. He designed all the gardens and scenery around this large, old house." Michael said quietly, Justin's hand going in his.
Everyone felt Michael's thoughts of his father.
Alberto most of all.
"The forecast for this weekend is sunshine and no rain. Your father's beauty will bloom brightly. His loving beauty will smile upon us." Alberto said, smiling.
The servants removed themselves from the room, Alberto smiling at Michael.
"My grandson of love, would you say grace?"
Michael smiled, nodding.
Everyone lowered their heads, Michael smiling at his two little angels who were looking at him.
"Dear Lord, we gather here today surrounded by love. Your love and our own. The love of life, and family. Bless us this day for all that we share, for all those we love. Think of my own heart for a moment. It soars today filled with the love of my family. My family of life and of chance. We unite here today in our circle of love. Watch over us, Lord. Protect us for what waits in the gloom. Love us as we love you. We break bread today joined in our love for each other and for you. Praise you, as we walk forward. Amen."
Everyone raised their heads, Alberto looking at Michael.
"Well said, my grandson."
Everyone dove into the rich food, Justin feeding Darian, Doris feeding Shauna.
Noah sat in Lance's lap, his father feeding him from his plate.
"So, Grandfather, we have much to discuss. I've learned a lot in the last few weeks. Some things need clarifying. I'm hoping you can shed light upon some of it." Michael said quietly, Justin watching him.
Alberto looked at Michael, seeing his warm smile.
"If there's anything I can do, please don't hesitate to ask. If it's history or the past, I'm fairly knowledgeable."
Michael smiled, taking a drink of the sweet Spanish wine.
"We'll discuss it after dinner."
Alberto nodded, the discussion turning to other topics.

The meal was over, everyone filled with a contented feeling.
They all relaxed on the south veranda, sitting in overstuffed chairs, watching the dying sun set in the sky.
"A wonderful day. My house is again alive with the sounds of family." Alberto said, sighing with happiness.
Michael sat with Justin on a couch, the two snuggled together.
Marco, Paulo and Emile all sat on a couch, relaxing with each other.
Lonnie and Rachel sat on the floor with the three children, playing a game.
Doris and Lynn were in separate comfortable chairs quietly taking in the beautiful scenery.
Lance and Josh were sitting on the steps of the veranda, snuggled together, Lance in Josh's lap.
Alberto sat in his rocking chair, smoking a pipe.
Father Nico leaned against the railing smoking a cigarette.
"The quietness of the approaching evening. The best time of the day for thinking." Alberto said, looking out upon his home.
Michael smiled, sitting up more, Justin quietly watching him.
"We need to talk , Grandfather."
Alberto looked at him, sensing something troubling Michael.
"What troubles you, my grandson?"
Michael got up, walking to the railing looking down at a large red rose bush, smelling the fragrant blossoms.
"The air is filled with the scent of beauty. But my heart is filled with questions."
Michael turned, looking at his grandfather.
"Who is, or was Felicia Cortez?"
Alberto dropped his pipe, his face a mask of deep shock.
Nico was at his side, picking up the pipe, looking at his grandfather with concern.
"Are you okay, Poppa?"
Alberto stood, staring at Michael.
"How do you know that name? I will not hear that name spoken in my house, ever again."
Alberto stood up, turning to walk away, Michael beside him in a flash.
"You cannot run from the past, Grandfather." Michael said, turning him around to face him.
In his grandfather's golden eyes, Michael saw fear, hate, turmoil and deep sorrow.
"Let go of the past, Grandfather. It wasn't your fault. He does not hold it against you. And I do not hold it against either of you."
Alberto looked at his grandson, seeing only deep love in those moist, golden eyes.
"I can't Michael! I can't think of that time again! Of how stupid I was not to see the truth! Of what it cost me!" Alberto said, his body now trembling, his emotions letting go.
Michael quietly guided him to the couch, sitting him down beside Justin, Justin's arm going around his as well as Michael's when he sat down.
"How did you find out that name, Michael? I didn't think anyone knew of her existence. Of what she stood for."
Doris got up at Michael's request, she and Rachel taking the little ones into the house for their evening baths.
Michael sighed, then began to talk, everyone listening.
He told his grandfather of the bible found on the rock in the clearing, and what truths were laid within its pages.
How Daniel was indeed Michael's brother.
And the trueness of who little Noah was.
Alberto remained silent, all of Michael's words seeping into his soul.
"A child? A child was born of that? My dream walker was my Ramon's child? I didn't know of that. All I knew of was her deceit, her cowardice and her lies."
Alberto stood up, walking to the railing looking out at the setting sun.
"To walk into the past again, is to rip one's heart open again." he muttered, Michael walking up to him, his hand going onto his shoulder.
"I love you, Poppa. Nothing you say can change that. I need to know the truth of my father's death. The truth of what she meant to him."
Alberto looked again into his eyes, then turned, walking back and sitting down in his rocking chair.
Michael sat down beside Justin again.
Justin's arm went around him, his love ever present in Michael's soul.
Alberto smiled at both of them, seeing their deep love.
"To start with, you must know the real truth of all this, Michael. Your father's love for you mother never wavered. In his heart, only her true love remained."
Michael smiled, that meaning a lot to him.
Alberto folded his hands together, leaning his head back, staring off into space.
The floodgates of the past opened in his mind, his voice filling the quiet night air.

Twenty Years Earlier

Ramon Tavarro stood on the balcony of his family home.
His father's arm was around him, the two looking out into the late afternoon sunshine.
"It's good to be home, Father."
Alberto smiled, tears in his joyous eyes.
"You never had to leave, Ramon. You ran away from my love."
Ramon turned, looking into his father's golden eyes.
"I ran away from myself, Poppa. Not you. I couldn't remain here with the memories of Matthew and all that had happened."
Alberto's head lowered, Ramon's arm going around him.
"It's alright, my son. He still wanders my dreams and my heart as well."
Ramon nodded, the two walking back into the house.
They walked into the gathering room, Ramon's sisters standing up.
"Ramon, my little brother!" Teresa smiled, hugging him into her arms.
Ramon smiled, kissing her cheek, then looking at his sister Valeria.
Valeria smiled, her husband Carlos nodding.
Dahlia, the oldest sister rushed up to him, smothering him with kisses.
"Our little brother is now a man!" she smiled, her blue eyes shining.
"And my loving, beautiful sisters are now mothers! How are my nieces and nephews?"
"Paulo is an angel." Valeria smiled, thinking of her little boy, her only child.
"Our six are running us in circles." Vilas, Dahlia's husband said, smiling.
"All except our little Marco, he's just an infant angel." Dahlia smiled, Vilas' arm around her.
"And your two angels, Teresa?" Ramon smiled.
"Carmen and Tomas are god sent, Ramon. My life is so filled with joy. Derek is in Rome at the moment, but I am not alone. I have my angels."
Ramon smiled, sitting down on a couch, Teresa sitting beside him.
"And what of your angel? Poppa told us of your Michaelangelo. Any pictures?"
Ramon smiled, pulling out his wallet, showing her the picture of Diana and little Michael he always carried.
"He's seven, a real loving angel. He has our father's golden eyes."
Everyone looked surprised, staring at Alberto, who was quietly smoking his pipe.
Garrison, his new manservant, stood behind him, remaining quiet.
"Dinner is ready, everyone. Let's continue this conversation during the meal. Where is Fredrick, Garrison?" Alberto asked his servant.
"He's running late, sire. He'll be here shortly. And he told me to inform you he's bringing a guest."
Alberto's brow furrowed, standing up.
"My son hired you, Garrison. I'll accept his judgement in that respect. But I need to know things immediately. Do you understand me?"
"Yes, sire. It won't happen again."
Alberto nodded, smiling at his children.
"Come, let's eat anyway."
They all smiled, walking behind him, into the dining room.

Dinner was just finishing when Garrison walked into the room.
"Sire, your son has just pulled into the driveway."
"Thank you, Garrison. Tell him to join us here."
The man bowed, walking back out of the room.
Everyone looked up a few minutes later when the door opened, Garrison holding it open.
Into the room walked Fredrick Tavarro.
Ramon looked up, setting down the picture of his wife and son, which he'd just shown to Teresa again.
Ramon stared at Fredrick, the two brothers staring eye to eye.
Fredrick was Ramon's twin in looks and body size.
But that's where their similarities ended.
Their personalities were like night and day.
"Well, well! The prodigal son has returned! Greetings, lost brother!" Fredrick said, smirking.
"Hello, Freddy."
Fredrick's eyes leered at him.
"It's Fredrick. Freddy was a child's name. I am a man. I am Fredrick Tavarro."
Ramon remained quiet, feeling the smugness and hate emanating off his brother.
"And how are my dull, boring sisters?" Fredrick said, slumping down in a chair by his father.
"We are well, Fredrick. And we aren't dull." Dahlia said, staring at him.
"How are those six brats of yours, Dahlia? Another in the works perhaps? Still spreading you legs for Vilas' every whim. Or is he spreading others?"
Vilas stood up, glaring at him.
"Now see here!"
"Sit down, brother-in-law. Before I knock you down." Fredrick said, challenging him.
"Enough of this talk!" Alberto said, everyone quieting down.
Vilas returned to his seat.
Fredrick stared at his father.
"Why have you summoned me here, Father? My time can be spent better elsewhere."
"You'll come when I summon you. And not hours late." his father said, staring at him.
Fredrick glared back.
"I have brought a guest, she's using the facilities at the moment. " he quietly said, looking towards Garrison.
The man walked out of the room.
"I don't care if you brought the Pope with you! You come when I call!" Alberto said, sitting up straight.
Fredrick glared at him.
"What is it you want, Father?"
Alberto stood, walking beside his other son, Ramon.
"I have summoned you all here to tell you what's about to happen."
Fredrick remained quiet, the door of the room opening again.
Into the room walked a young woman, strikingly beautiful.
"This is my guest, Felicia Cortez. " Fredrick smirked, smiling at Alberto.
Alberto stared at her.
"Cortez? Horace Cortez is your father?" he said, staring at her.
"Yes, my father is Horace. Do you know of him?"
"I do. He is a respected man of the town. A candidate for mayorship this season. I am honored to meet you. But why are you with my son?"
She smiled, a breathtakingly beautiful smile.
"I am a friend of his, nothing more. I asked to meet you, to discuss the church's new orphanage program. I and my father are patrons of Aurielia. You being the highest of the patrons, I was asking to seek your help with this." she said, smiling at Ramon.
"Ah, I see. I welcome you to our home then, dear sister of faith."
She smiled at him, Alberto's warm smile filling the room.
"A sister of faith should know not to associate with this monster." Alberto said, Fredrick glaring at him.
"I am only her friend, Father. She really isn't my type." Fredrick smirked, folding his hands in his lap.
"Yes, I know that. I know what your type is, you animal!" Alberto glared.
Fredrick laughed, Felicia sitting down beside Ramon, Ramon smiling at her.
"Have I come at a bad time? I wish not to intrude on family matters."
"It is alright, my child. Please remain seated." Alberto said, staring at his two sons.
Fredrick noticed the photo sitting in front of Ramon, leaning across the table and picking it up.
He stared at it, his face showing confusion.
"I'll take that back, brother." Ramon said, extending his hand.
Fredrick's eyes met his, throwing the photo on the plate in front of Ramon.
"Your wife looks very delicious. I take it that's your sired brat. Another Tavarro coward unleashed."
Ramon's eyes glared at Fredrick.
"My son is an angel walking in love. You'd take care to watch what you say, my brother."
Fredrick chuckled, staring at his brother.
Felicia picked up the photo, smiling.
"Your son looks just like you. A handsome man he one day will become."
"If he lives." Fredrick stated, laughing.
Ramon glared at him, sensing some underlying truth in his brother's words.
"Continue with your conversation, Father." Dahlia said, watching her two brothers.
"Thank you, Dahly. As I was about to say, I have asked Ramon to return to his ancestral home. . .for a single reason: He is to succeed me as the head of the family."
Fredrick glared at Ramon, standing up.
"You're giving that immense power to this piece of shit??!!! This coward??!!"
Ramon stood, glaring back at his brother.
Alberto put his hand on Ramon's shoulder.
"Yes, Fredrick. Ramon is my eldest son. He has earned the right, through that claim and the deeds of his soul! You, on the other hand, are a blotch on my heart! I have heard the stories, and I've seen the proof! I know of your lust for men, Fredrick! For innocent, unwilling young men! You disgust me!!"
Fredrick stood, staring at both men.
"So my desirous truths are revealed! No matter! But I will tell you this: I have earned the right to succeed you, Father! And I'll do all in my power to do it! The time for faithful bull shit is over! It's the beginning of the end for you, old man! For all of you!!"
Fredrick picked up a glass of white wine, taking a drink, then hurling the glass at his father.
It missed his head, smashing against the wall.
"The next time I see you, Father, it will be over your grave!!"
Fredrick turned to go, Ramon holding his father back.
"I disown you, Fredrick!! You are cut off from the wealth of the Tavarro name! Stay out of our lives, stay away from all of us!"
Fredrick stopped, turning to look at all of them.
"I never was a part of this family, so-called Father! I am my own man! I have unbelievable gifts that will bring you to your knees! And in time all of you will kneel to me! Or die in your own ways!"
He stormed out of the room, pushing Garrison out of his way, knocking him down.
Garrison regained his feet, looked to the table, someone staring back at him.
Alberto felt Ramon ease his hold on him.
"I'm sorry, Father. I'm sorry for what has happened here."
Alberto put his hand on his son's shoulder.
"It is not your fault, Ramon. It is mine for not seeing the truth of his evil ways. For letting this go on far too long."
Alberto looked beside him, into Felicia's blue eyes.
"I guess I should go." she quietly said.
"No, child. I fault you not for your bad choosing of friends. You are welcomed in my home."
She smiled, Ramon smiling at her as well.
She stood, taking his hand, bowing gently to him.
"I am honored to meet the future master of Villa Tavarro."
Ramon smiled, looking into her mesmerizing blue eyes.

Present Day

Alberto took a sip of his tea; Michael, Justin, and the others remaining silent.
"The day of your father's return was the day I shunned my other son."
Michael's golden eyes looked upon Alberto's, the two men showing their love.
"What had you discovered, Poppa?"
Alberto sighed, rubbing his forehead.
"I'd been shown letters, photos, and first-hand accounts from young men. Your uncle was a depraved sexual maniac. He'd raped innocent young men, some almost children. The law of the town was now after him. It was my duty–not as a father, but as a member of that community–to bring him to justice. Unfortunately, right after that night, he disappeared into the shadows."
"Into his lair of secrecy?"
Alberto nodded, looking around.
"The constabulary looked for it for months. The young men had spoken of dark stone rooms, deep within the earth.
Your uncle has some hidden fortress somewhere."
"Yes, Poppa. He resides there now." Michael said, feeling Justin's arm  tighten around him.
Alberto looked at Michael, Michael nodding.
"Continue, Grandfather."
Alberto began to speak again.

Twenty Years Earlier

The next few weeks were full of turmoil and uncertainty.
Fredrick had disappeared.
The police and members of local authority had questioned everyone in the family.
No whereabouts of their relation were found.
Felicia returned often to the villa, she and Ramon spending time going over the church's different plans.
Alberto became enamored of this beautiful, intelligent woman.
In her, he saw a lot of goodness and intelligent resourcefulness.
Alberto smiled at her openness and beautiful, graceful charm.
And Alberto became aware of something else.
He saw the young woman falling in love with her son.
He saw it in her glances at him, in her smiles and warm embraces.
Alberto decided to approach his son on what he saw.
He found Ramon in the gardens around the central pool, working on a large rose display.
"It looks beautiful, my son." he smiled, Ramon standing up, his naked chest gleaning with sweat.
"Roses are the flowers of love, Father."
Alberto smiled, sitting down on a stone bench by the pool.
He patted the spot beside him.
His young, beautiful son sat down beside him.
"You have grown into a strong, muscular, beautiful man, my son. Felicia is right. Michael will one day be a mirror image of your beauty."
Ramon smiled, thinking of his son.
"He is such an intelligent, wonderful boy, Father. He holds in his heart the same love of nature as both of us."
Alberto smiled, loving his unseen grandson with all his heart.
"I so want to meet him."
"Soon, Father. I intent to write Diana shortly. I want both of them to come here to be with me, on my path of faith and love."
Alberto nodded, staring at his son.
"And that is what I must speak to you of, my son. That path of faith and love. I am worried."
Ramon looked at his father, nodding his head in attentive quietness.
"She's in love with you, my son."
Ramon looked shocked.
"Felicia has fallen in love with you, Ramon. I see it in her eyes and her movements."
Ramon looked downward, in silent thought.
"I haven't returned the same, Father."
Alberto smiled.
"I am happy to hear that, Rammy."
Ramon smiled, remembering the name his younger brother Matthew called him.
"I haven't heard that name in a long time." he said, looking towards the pool in front of them.
The pool that had taken that young boy's life.
It would have destroyed Ramon's heart at that moment if he'd known the truth of that event.
Alberto stared up at the statue, Adrian's venerated statue of old.
"You resemble the man standing so proudly there, Ramon. But I know it is not you. I sense deep in my heart that it may be Michael.  A future Michael. Michael as a man."
Ramon looked up at the statue, seeing the beauty of the man's chiseled looks.
"You think he may be the one, am I correct Father?"
Alberto looked at his son.
"One day, long ago, I thought it was you. But we proved that wrong. As I myself proved myself wrong."
Ramon nodded.
"I will bring my son here, Father. He will take the test of the Stone of Vengeance. And the truth will be as it must be. As for Felicia, I will talk to her. She needs to understand me. I love my Diana, she is all to me."
Alberto smiled, putting his arm around his son's naked chest.
"I see in you the love of faith and fatherhood. They both will love you forever."
Ramon smiled, standing up.
"I'm meeting Felicia in town at her father's house. I'll try and not hurt her. She is a wonderful person."
Alberto smiled, getting up.
"I'll continue your work, my son. Go get ready. I need to feel soil in my hands."
Ramon smiled, hugging his father, kissing his cheek.
"Enjoy, Father. Enjoy life's richness of beauty."
Alberto smiled, watching his son walk away.

Ramon knocked on the wooden door of the quaint smaller home in the eastern part of town.
It was a modest home, in a affluent part of town.
A man opened the door, smiling at him.
Ramon thought he even looked like he was eyeing him.
"Ramon Tavarro to see Miss Felicia."
"Yes, sire. Please come in. She will be with you momentarily."
Ramon nodded, being shown into a bright, warm living room.
The man removed Ramon's coat, his fingers touching Ramon's shoulders.
"Please sit down, sire. The mistress will be in in a moment."
Ramon nodded, sitting down, the man smiling then leaving the room.
He quietly waited, smiling to himself.
Inside he felt a nervousness, and a reluctance to hurt this young woman.

Upstairs unbeknownst to Ramon–or even to Alberto who was narrating this tale–Felicia was smiling to herself.
She's been waiting for this moment.
She'd fallen hopelessly in love with the young Spaniard.
His looks, his smile and his personality had won her heart.
Even if it was a heart of cold emptiness.
She saw his identical appearance to Fredrick, but Ramon possessed a more loving beauty.
The phone beside her bed rang.
"Hello?" she spoke with a happiness in her voice.
"My, aren't we happy?" A thick voice said.
Felicia's heart stopped.
"Cat got your whore's tongue?!"
"No, Fredrick. I am here." she said, dread settling into her heart.
"I know he's there. So this is your devious plan. To seduce my brother to control him. Ingenious. Very ingenious. But I want more. I want his heart and his soul. You know what to do to get it."
"Yes, Fredrick."
"Don't fail me, Felicia! I'd hate to have to destroy your father's life as well as take yours!"
The phone went dead, Felicia setting it down.
She stared at herself in the mirror at her dressing table.
Her mind thought back to her first meeting Fredrick.
To his coy seduction of her, to his fake promises of his love alone.
In Ramon she saw the same beauty, the same body of magnificence.
But in Ramon she saw more.
She saw the innocence of untainted love, of real beauty.
Fredrick had fooled her.
He fooled her into his bed, and then into the beds of those whose power and wealth he needed.
He'd let her be used by so many men of high standing.
For Fredrick to gain his own separate, independent wealth.
That was why Fredrick no longer feared severed ties from his father.
He had the wealth to launch his own assault on his family.
And in so doing, he's made her his own.
But tonight, tonight she would be herself.
Downstairs waited a man whom she wanted.
Whom she desired.
She'd seen the look in his eyes.
He wanted her too.
She smiled, standing up and looking at her beauty in the mirror.
"Tonight I find love. And tomorrow I tell my Ramon the truth. One way or another."
She went to the table, opening a drawer, picking up a small packet.
She walked out of her room, descending the stairs to her heart's love.

Ramon smiled at her when she walked into the room.
"Hello, Felicia. You look absolutely beautiful."
She smiled, sitting down on the couch, Ramon sitting beside her, a respectable distance between them.
"Where is your father?  I'd so like to meet him."
"He's in Madrid on business, unfortunately. There is only I and Manuel here."
Manuel, her servant walked into the room, bringing a tray of glasses and a decanter of white wine.
He set it down, smiling at his mistress.
She saw the look of lust in his eyes.
Fredrick had given her to her own servant a short time ago, in a fit of rage, making her feel lower than dirt.
The man had been brutal in his domination, relishing her passiveness.
"You may go, Manuel. I will call you when I need you."
Manuel, a young man of around thirty smiled, leering at Ramon for a moment, quietly leaving the room.
"What an odd fellow. He doesn't look very friendly."
"He is an indentured servant. He knows his place." she smiled, remembering the man's brutality.
Ramon smiled, turning to look at her.
"We need to talk, Felicia."
Felicia smiled, pouring each of them a glass of the white wine.
"Go ahead, Ramon. Speak with your heart."
Ramon stared into her blue eyes, then sighed.
"What you seek from me, I cannot give you, Felicia. I cannot love you in the way you desire. My heart, my soul and my body belong to my Diana."
Felicia froze, her face a mask of indifference.
But inside her, her heart cracked in two.
The man she'd needed, she'd wanted, didn't want or need her.
"I see. I guess I'm just a fool. I thought in your eyes I saw deep love."
Ramon looked at her again.
"What you saw there is friendship, Felicia. I do love you, but only as a friend."
Felicia put a fake smile on her face, looking into his golden eyes.
"I understand, Ramon. I was a fool to hope for something I've longed for for so long."
She got up, walking to the fireplace, putting her head down, a light sob issuing from her.
Ramon got up, walking up to her, putting his hand gently on her shoulder.
"I am sorry, Felicia. You are a wonderful, loving, kind woman. Someone someday shall find great joy in your beauty and truthful soul."
She smiled at him, but in her mind she laughed endlessly.
You fool! No one has ever found joy in my soul! It's always been my body they've wanted! And apparently you are no different!
She smiled at him, kissing his cheek.
"I know, Ramon. Thank you for being honest and truthful with me. You are a true friend."
She walked back over to the couch, looking down at their wine glasses.
Ramon stood at the fireplace.
"Let's drink, then, to friendship. I still have you as a friend."
Ramon smiled, nodding.
Felicia picked up the wine decanter, filling the glasses again.
Ramon didn't see her pour the contents of the packet into his glass.
She returned to him, smiling, handing him the glass.
Ramon smiled back, lifting it.
"You are a dear friend, Felicia. My Diana will love you as a sister."
Felicia smiled, watching him as she sipped her wine, he drinking as well.
They returned to the couch, Ramon listening to her talk.
Ramon felt a weirdness in his mind, a sense of cloudy thoughts filling his mind.
He felt lightheaded, beginning to stand.
Felicia held him down, her hands on his chest.
"It's better if you remain still, let it take effect."
Ramon glanced at his glass, dropping it to the floor.
"What have you done?"
She smiled, her fingers lightly caressing his cheek.
"I'm awakening the desires within you, Ramon. Tonight, you and I will fulfill our latent desires. It's a powerful drug. Shortly, it will consume you."
Ramon struggled, pushing her off him, struggling to his feet.
He staggered, heading towards the doorway.
A bulk of a man stood in its brightness, Ramon falling into his arms.
"Good, Manuel. Carry him upstairs."
Manuel grinned, picking Ramon up, carrying him, the young man trying to struggle, feeling the darkness flood his mind.
Upstairs Manuel threw him down on the bed.
He began to undress Ramon, pulling his clothes off, leering at his muscular form.
"You are very beautiful, Ramon. I will enjoy you." Manuel said, smiling.
Felicia walked into the room, staring at him.
"Get out, Manuel. Now!"
Manuel smiled, walking up to her.
"You may have your pleasure. Then it will be my turn."
She stared at him, her eyes like fire.
"He is mine, Manuel. And you are only my servant."
He grabbed her by the throat.
"I'm sure Fredrick would love to hear of this! Of your seduction of his brother, and your need for him! You have orders from him, do you not? I don't think this is part of it! Maybe I should inform him!"
He let her go, going towards the phone.
She stopped him with her hand, Manuel smiling.
"Go ahead, enjoy your needs. I will sit back and watch. The drug will take effect at any moment." he said, his fingers on her breast.
Manuel sat down on the couch in front of the windows, watching.
On the bed, Ramon began to thrash about, his hands searching out for someone.
Felicia stood by the bed, removing her clothes.
Manuel leered, staring at her nude form.
His own hands were in his lap, stroking himself through his pants.
Felicia stared down at the bed, seeing the beauty of the male form reaching out for her.
She sank down on top of him, Ramon attacking her with passion.
"Diana, oh my Diana." he groaned, Felicia covering his mouth with her lips to silence her name.
Ramon rolled over, beginning his passion.
He entered her, his hardness sinking deep within her, Felicia gasping out his name.
They made a feverish love, Felicia lost in his passion, in the strength of his manliness.
In Ramon's mind, it was his Diana with him. The love of his existence.
Manuel gazed at them, his hands lost in himself.
They made love for hours, Felicia taken again and again.
Manuel smiled, standing up when he felt his own needs on the brink.
He pulled off his clothes, his smooth muscular body laid bare.
He walked to the bed, seeing the two laying beside each other, Ramon's body glistening with moisture after their feverish lovemaking.
He saw the hardness of Ramon's manhood still erect and needful.
Felicia looked up at the man towering above them.
"You will not touch me. I have his seed within me. I will have his child." she said, looking at the man.
"It is not you I long for, whore. It is him. I need him to take me. And then I will have him."
Felicia moved out of the bed, walking quietly out of the room.
She did not need to see this.
The man's needs repulsed her.
Manuel looked down at the beautiful body below him.
His hands wrapped around Ramon's hardness.
Manuel smiled when Ramon's hands reached out for him.
Manuel climbed on top of him, feeling the warmth of his smooth body.
"I need you, Diana."
Manuel laughed, leaning over Ramon, kissing him gently, Ramon moaning
Ramon flipped him over.
He pushed downward, his manhood sinking into Manuel.
Ramon screamed as his sex organ felt the warmth surround it.
Manuel gasped, beginning his rhythm, Ramon lost at what was going on.
To his mind he was making love to his Diana.
He exploded inside Manuel, the man gasping, his own juices exploding all over Ramon.
Manuel pushed him off, licking his and Ramon's juices off Ramon's body.
He turned him over, seeing the beauty of his center laying exposed.
Manuel's tongue went between those smooth cheeks, burying into that hole of heat.
Ramon gasped, spreading his legs.
He remained drugged as he felt fingers probing him.
He thought nothing as he felt someone crawl underneath him, a mouth against his.
He felt the breasts below him, and the smooth warm body.
Felicia had returned, she guiding Ramon's manhood into her again.
He felt nothing of the man behind him, playing with his ass.
As he sank into her, he felt a wetness behind him.
And he felt the sabre of heat sinking into him.
He groaned, becoming lost in the woman below him.
His Diana.
He sank into darkness as he came inside her again.
And he felt nothing of the defiling of his own body.

Ramon woke in the early morning light, feeling a warmth against him.
He looked to his right, looking into Felicia's blue eyes.
"Good morning, my love." she smiled, Ramon jumping out of the bed in shock.
He felt a weirdness inside him.
A dull pain and moisture and wetness.
"What have you done??!!!" he said, backing away from her, his nude body on full display.
"I have taken what is mine. You are mine, Ramon. You were always meant to be mine. It is done. And I feel the beginnings of life growing inside me. I am yours, Ramon. Not Fredrick's as I have been."
He stared in shock. looking at her as she stood in front of him.
"Fredrick's? You've been with my brother?"
She walked to him, taking him in her arms.
"Fredrick was nothing, as were any of his friends, compared to you. You are unbelievable in your beauty and your passion. I love you Ramon. Please love me in return."
Ramon pushed her back, staring at her.
"You are just like him! The evilness of him lives in you! You drugged me last night, didn't you? You drugged me to get me into your bed because you knew I would never go there of my own free will! You are less that a woman, Felicia! You're less than a whore!"
Felicia stood still, the heat of his words slapping her across the face.
Ramon grabbed his clothes, pulling them on quickly.
She leered at him, charging at him.
She slapped him across the face.
He fought with her gently, throwing her back upon the bed.
"Stay away from me, forever! I hate what you stand for! You are nothing to me!"
She laughed, a sinister, evil laugh.
"I meant a lot to you last night. You took me again and again. I meant more to you that your precious Diana ever did or ever will!!"
"Don't you dare ever speak her name!! She is more of a woman than you'll ever be!!"
Felicia glared at him, then laughed.
"Does she know her husband was taken by a man?"
Ramon froze, staring at her.
"You know it's true, you feel it in your body. His wetness is inside you. He took you while you took me. Manuel think's you're quite the prize. Don't you, Manuel?"
Manuel walked out of the bathroom, smiling widely, standing naked.
Ramon saw the rigid manhood standing out in front of him.
"Up for some more fun, stud?" Manuel said, stroking himself.
Ramon glared at him, then at her.
"You bastards!" he stuttered, rushing towards the door.
Manuel took him into his arms, attempting to push him towards the bed.
Ramon punched him in the face, the man falling to his knees.
Ramon staggered to the door.
Both laughed, Ramon turning to face them.
"Don't ever come near me, Felicia! For the day you do, it will be our last meeting!"
Ramon left, slamming the bedroom door.
Manuel smiled, rising up and walking up to Felicia, the woman staring at the closed door.
"So what's the next step?" he said, his hands snaking to her center.
Felicia felt his fingers enter her, she moving her hand towards the night stand.
"My next step is to give him what he asks. Your next step is to die."
Manuel was still staring at her when he felt the silver knife enter his heart, a small gasp coming from his lips.
He fell to the floor, his fingers falling out of her.
She stared down at him, seeing his full erection still standing.
"Welcome to Sarcosa, vile creature. Enjoy your reward."
She pulled the silver knife out of his body, throwing it on her nightstand.
She sat down on her bed, rubbing her stomach.
"Alright, Fredrick. You will get what you want, and I have what I want."
She put on her dressing gown, then began to pull Manuel's body towards the doorway.

The next evening, Ramon walked into the family dining room for the evening meal, finding only Alberto and Garrison waiting.
"The meal tonight is for our own enjoyment, my son. We need to talk." Alberto said, Garrison quietly walking out of the room.
Ramon sat down beside his father at the head of the table.
"What is wrong, my son?"
Ramon looked into his father's golden eyes, seeing the deep love for him there.
He broke down, telling him everything.
Of Felicia's deceit, of her drugging him and using him.
Of her letting her servant defile him.
Ramon sobbed in his arms, Alberto holding his son.
Alberto spoke words of love to his son, of his love for him.
And of Diana's forgiving love.
How he knew in his heart that Ramon would find forgiveness in her.
"My son. You were at a disadvantage. You were not in control of yourself. I believe with all my heart that somehow Fredrick's hand lays at the heart of this. I'm sorry that that woman fooled us all so greatly."
Ramon calmed down, his father's unending love calming his soul.
Garrison walked into the room, bowing.
"Miss Cortez is here to see you, Alberto." the young man said, with deep respect.
Alberto and Ramon exchanged glances, Ramon's face taking on an angry look.
"Show her in, Garrison. And then leave us alone."
Garrison disappeared, shortly returning with Felicia.
Garrison quietly looked at her, then bowed, closing the door behind him.
"Well, I wanted to talk to Ramon in private, Alberto."
Alberto stood, Ramon remaining in his chair, not looking at her.
"And what did you want to talk to him about, vile woman?!"
Felicia smiled, staring at the older man.
"Ah, I see you now know. I didn't think you'd have it in you to blab your disgrace to someone."
Ramon turned, glaring at her.
"I have full intentions of telling my own wife. To seek her forgiveness for being duped by a trollop."
Ramon stood, Alberto's arm going in front of him.
Felicia walked up to the two of them, setting her bag down on the chair beside Alberto's.
"I've come to tell you something, Ramon. I am almost completely certain that I carry within me your child. I carry a Tavarro."
Alberto stared in shock, Ramon glaring at her.
"But of which Tavarro is it. You're my brother's whore, you said so yourself."
Felicia glared at him.
"No one has touched me in over three months. When Fredrick asked me to come here, I saw my chance. My chance to make some money. To dupe you into forgoing your family obligations. The plan was for me to seduce you, then lead you along for a while, Fredrick gaining control of the family while you walked around love struck. But a complication reared its head. I fell in love with you. And I now carry that sign of our love."
Ramon looked at her with hatred, and contempt.
"A creature like you knows not of love! No one could love the heart of you!"
Alberto lowered his head, seeing how his son wanted to hurt her.
"Please my son. She may carry your child."
"I hope for God's sake she does not! For that child will want for love!"
Felicia teared up, hearing Ramon's truthful words.
"You said that the day you saw me again, would be our final meeting. That it now has become. Goodbye Ramon. May you never see my face again."
Felicia turned, walking out of the room, slamming the door behind her.
Alberto looked at his son, then sat down in his chair.
"It's alright, Ramon. She is gone. I will have the Order follow her. We must remain aware of her movements."
Ramon nodded, lowering his head, the room shrouded in silence.
"Forgive me for bringing this shame upon our family, Father."
Alberto's hand went into his son's.
"I love you Ramon. That will never change."
Ramon smiled a tearful smile, Alberto noticing the bag sitting on the other chair across from him.
"Her bag? She has forgotten it."
In Ramon's mind, he heard a sudden voice.
"Save Poppa!! It's a bomb, Rammy!!!"
Ramon was on his feet in a flash, pulling his father out of his chair, throwing him across the room.
Ramon turned towards the bag, hearing an audible ticking, then a small bell.
He threw himself over the bag.
The room exploded into a raging fireball.

Present Day

Alberto's head was down, tears running out of his eyes.
"He somehow knew at the last moment that it was a bomb. That she herself placed it there. To kill both of us. To kill him for rejecting her, and to kill me to benefit Fredrick's needs."
Michael rose, looking at everyone.
He saw the tears in all their eyes.
"Forgive me, Michael. Forgive me for not seeing her for what she was."
Michael went to his grandfather, pulling him up gently, wrapping his arms around him.
"There is nothing to forgive, Poppa. You loved your son as you love me. With all your heart."
Alberto sobbed, Michael holding him, Justin now by their sides.
Everyone watched, waiting for the older man to regain control.
He looked towards Michael, his grandson's eyes full of tears.
"Your father's heart and soul always belonged to your mother, Michael. And his love was always meant for you."
Michael smiled, kissing his grandfather's moist cheek.
"I have never doubted that, my dear grandfather."
Alberto nodded, Michael and Justin guiding him slowly over to the couch again, both sitting down beside him.
"Thank you for telling me the truth, Poppa. For my now seeing my father's innocence in all that happened."
Alberto forced a small smile, Michael's own wider.
"I now know what I needed to know, and I now know the rest. It all fits perfectly."
"The rest, Michael?" Justin asked, staring at his lover.
"Yes, Justin. The rest. The tying up of lines of destiny."
Michael stood up, looking out into the darkening sky.
"Fredrick's treachery lay in all of that, Poppa. For he left nothing to chance."
Alberto looked up at his grandson.
"I have learned the truth, Grandfather. Of all the sides of this story. And now you can know all of it."

End of Chapter 153

A bit of the past resolved.
Michael now knows of his father's innocence.
What happed to Felicia?
Where is Fredrick hiding?
It seems Michael knows a lot more that he is letting on.

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