Justin's Angel-156

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Alberto stood, walking around the table, walking up to Michael and Justin.
"Before me and before all of you, I see two people in love. A greater love I have never seen. My grandson's heart is filled with a love that's unbelievable. It will be my greatest honor to give him to the man who loves him beyond his own self!"
Justin and Michael both had tears in their eyes, Alberto looking back towards the council.
"They shall marry on Saturday, in the garden of Adrian. As one of my last acts as leader of the Odisa and patron of St. Aurelia, I seal this fate. It shall be done."
"You are a fool, Alberto! To allow such debauchery and evilness into your ancestral home! Your dynasty will be the laughing stock of the Tavarro history!" Victor said, others nodding.
Michael stared at the man, Victor smirking.
"You  talk of debauchery and evilness, I know the secrets of your heart, lost one. I know who guides you and gives you your dreams."
Victor looked nervous, looking quickly around.
Michael turned looking at the other council members.
"I am sorry if you feel that my life and my choices do not meet your standards of faith and family. I know in my heart that that means nothing to me. What's important to me is that my family, my friends, and most importantly, the man I love, believe in me. That love will surround me on Saturday. I had hoped that all of you could rejoice in that love, but it worries me not. Those I love and care for shall be there. I am leaving, I've nothing more to say."
Michael turned, beginning to walk down the aisle, Justin beside him.
"Run, coward." he heard behind him.
He stopped, then turned, Justin stopping as well.
Michael stared into the eyes of Victor Falisca.
"I give you fair warning, Victor. Watch your back. For he that you trust shall plunge the knife into it. And you will awaken in the hell you have created."
Michael walked out of the church, all the doors flying open.
Alberto stood in front of the table, turning to look at his cousin and brother.
"The council is dissolved. No further discussions shall pass my ears. In two weeks, I shall no longer head this family. I hope the Commander of Truth sheds a greater light upon your lost minds."
He walked down the aisle, Father Nico following him.

Chapter 156

Michael stopped at the bottom of the church steps, sitting down on the stone steps.
Justin sat down beside him, his arm going around him.
Jarod and Antonio remained standing, looking at the two men.
"Wow, Michael. You laid it all out on the table." Jarod said, Antonio quietly looking at him.
"I told them what they didn't want to hear. Now it begins." Michael said quietly, Justin's arm tightening a little more around him.
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes.
"And my knight of love stood proudly by my side. Thank you Justin, for showing your love and for standing up for what we believe in."
"I'll always stand by your side, and fight for our love."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin deeply.
The other two young men smiled, looking quietly at each other.
The two lovers broke their kiss as they heard someone walking down the steps.
They stood up, Alberto walking down to them, Father Nico by his side.
"Michael, I'm proud of you, son. You showed a lot of courage and strength in there. The family now sees your determination and resolve."
Michael smiled at his grandfather, but caught the look of concern in his eyes.
"Let's walk home, Poppa." he said, taking his grandfather's arm, Justin smiling.
The six men walked back down the street, heading in the direction of Villa Tavarro.

"So, Michael. You and Victor have thrown down the gauntlet." Alberto said, the others around them hearing their discussion.
"Victor is a wound in the heart of the Tavarro family, Grandfather. He festers and spreads evil through our family. He is the servant of Fredrick."
Alberto stopped, staring at him.
"He is directly involved with Fredrick?"
Michael looked his grandfather in his golden eyes.
"Victor is Fredrick's right hand man. He knows where Fredrick hides, he's been there many times."
Everyone looked surprised.
"I'll kill him! Gina needs to know this immediately! I won't let her stay with him!" Alberto's anger showing in his words.
Michael put his hand on Alberto's shoulder, not wanting to tell him the rest, but knowing he must.
"Gina knows, Poppa. She and her husband have given in completely to Fredrick's cause. And they've both given everything to him. Their hearts, souls and bodies. I'm sorry, Poppa."
Alberto's face took on a look of deep, crushing hurt.
"My little Gina? She and he?"
"Yes, Grandfather. On her own wedding night, Fredrick took her as his own, at Victor's request.  But she'd been deflowered by him when she was nine. And Fredrick took Victor also. Victor is a depraved degenerate, a sex-hungry submissive slave. And Fredrick is his master."
Alberto sat down on a stone bench, Michael sitting down beside him.
"I promise you, Grandfather, on my word as your grandson, and on my love, that I shall make right the pain and evil that flows through our family. My uncle shall pay for all the hurt he's done. He shall be judged by they that he hurt the most. And you will see that day, as will all of you. It is close at hand. So cast away your worries and concerns."
Alberto looked up into Michael's golden eyes.
"Believe in my love, Grandfather. It shall carry you through that day of judgement."
Alberto smiled widely, his grandsons smiling also.
"I do believe in your love, Michael. And in the love you and Justin show together. Come, lets go home. I want to get ready for my grandson's wedding."
Michael smiled, helping him up, the two walking together, everyone following with Michael's love in their hearts.

Michael and Justin sat down on the veranda, a cozy loveseat vacant for them.
"Man, I thought American media was bad!!" Justin said, rubbing Michael's shoulders.
They'd walked right through the paparazzi, Michael's demeanor determined and focused.
They'd thrown countless questions at the couple.
Antonio, Nico and Jarod trying to protect the two men, with not much luck.
The six men became surrounded, Michael seeing them trapped.
He stopped, Justin stopping at his side.
The cameras went off continuously, the reporters shouting.
Michael's voice carried over everyone else's.
The crowd of about two hundred reporters stopped in shocked silence.
Michael's loud resounding voice had caught all of their attentions.
Michael looked around seeing everyone drawn to him.
"My name is Michael Tavarro. You are in front of the home of my grandfather. This is a moving week for this family. For in a few short days I and my fianceé, Justin Timberlake, will be married on the grounds of this beautiful home."
Michael took Justin's hand in his, smiling at his lover, Justin smiling back.
"All of you are here because you believe this to be worthy of the world's knowing. But it's something more to my Justin and myself. It's a moment of intense love and happiness in our lives. We both wish this to be a private moment. And we shall have that. To that end, we wish that you all would respect our rights. In return, Justin and I will be releasing pictures after the wedding. The media will have access to those, and we will allow three reporters into the ceremony, sans cameras.  You can decide which three. Those are our conditions, I hope you respect that. That is all we have to say and all we will be saying. Good day, ladies and gentlemen."
The group moved forward, the reporters looking a bit surprised.
Cameras continued to go off, the mob following them until they walked through the gates, guards closing them behind them.
Justin looked at Michael, their hands still entwined.
"Unbelievable, my love. Such total honesty."
Michael smiled, walking up the driveway.

Justin's hands massaged Michael's still tired shoulders, Michael sighing.
"Still tired, my love?"
"Just a bit, love."
Alberto sat looking at his grandson, while Antonio and Jarod filled everyone else in on the happenings at the council.
"That was a moving thing you did, Justin. Proclaiming your love for Michael." Lynn said, smiling at her son.
"I'll always show my love for my man." he said, kissing Michael's cheek.
Michael smiled, snuggling against Justin's chest, Justin wrapping his arms around him.
"Victor worries us, Michael. He could create a lot of trouble for you." Josh said, Michael smiling at him.
"Victor won't do anything. For one reason alone."
Justin felt Michael's determined mind.
"What reason, Michael?"
"For the simple reason that I am with him. I will know everything he does and thinks. I have entered him, in a Devotion of necessity."
Justin looked totally shocked, turning Michael to face him.
"You gave that man a devotion?!!!"
"It was necessary, Justin. I have to know what he's going to do. That alone will keep us safe."
"Is it that serious with him, Michael?" Alberto said, his face deeply concerned.
"Yes, Grandfather. It's that serious. He doesn't want me walking into that church on that prophesied day. I sense one more gamble on his part. But little does he know that I will be right there beside him."
"You can sense him? What he thinks and knows?" Antonio said, looking worried.
Michael's gaze fell upon the young man, Michael getting up and walking in front of him.
"Yes, Antonio. I know all that is in his heart and all that is in his soul. The man has had a life of depraved sexual atrocities. I won't go into it for it's too disgusting. All the leaders and wealthy, powerful men of this region have used him in some atrocious ways. And he's insatiable in his needs and wants."
Michael looked into Antonio's troubled eyes.
"How old were you when he attacked you, Tio?"
Everyone looked shocked, Antonio's eyes filled with tears.
"I was twelve."
Michael's hand went to his shoulder, the two connecting with their eyes.
"I'd gone to stay at Gina's for a weekend. He'd drugged her to make her sleep through the night. And then he came for me. He crawled into my bed. He... he tried to....."
Michael squeezed his shoulder, Antonio trying to remain calm.
"I fought him, he didn't succeed. I fought him all through the night, hiding where I could. He was so full of hate and lust, I was so scared."
Jarod's arms went around Antonio, Antonio crying into his chest.
Jarod looked at Michael, the two looking at each other.
"You have great courage, Tio. The courage of hope. It saved you that day, and it's saved you often since then." Michael said with love.
Antonio raised his head, looking at his cousin.
Alberto looked at his grandson, tears on his cheeks.
"I joined the Order to fight against the hate and evil I sensed in him that night. That was my reason at first. Then I gained the faith of what Aurelia stood for. For the love of God."
Antonio looked deeply into Michael's golden eyes.
"You are he that shall fight that evil. And I will stand with you."
Michael smiled, nodding.
"I will fight with all of you standing by me."
Everyone smiled, Michael looking at Justin.
"But first I have to marry this angel."
Justin smiled widely, Michael sitting down in his lap.
"That moment of truth will soon come. Right now, this moment is focused on love. I'm tired, Jus. Let's call it a day."
Justin nodded, everyone saying goodnight  to the two men, among hugs and kisses.
Michael and Justin returned to their bedroom, Justin beginning to pull off his clothes.
Michael sat on the bed's edge, looking down into the crib to its right.
Three little angels slept soundly, Michael smiling at them.
Justin sat down beside him, beginning to help Michael out of his clothes.
"Our angels are in slumberland."
"Yes, sweetie. It's where you should be also." Justin said, pulling off Michael's shirt.
He ran his hands through the soft chest hair, Michael sighing.
Justin gently pushed him back, Michael laying on the bed, Justin opening his belt and pants.
They fell to the floor quickly, Justin raising Michael up for a moment, pulling back the covers.
Michael crawled into the bed, Justin shutting off the single light, getting into bed with him.
Within moments, Michael's head was on Justin's bare chest.
"Mmmm, my favorite spot of heaven." he sighed, Justin smiling.
"Sleep well, my angel. I love you."
"Love ya, Jus." Michael said in a soft, sleep-filled voice.

Michael awoke with a start, looking around.
The room was in darkness, Justin's soft snoring filling the silence.
He looked at the clock, reading one fifteen.
He sighed, laying back, Justin's arm pulling him against him.
Michael smiled.
Even in sleep, Justin was protecting him.
After a few minutes of laying quietly, Michael felt a thirst enter his throat.
He unwound Justin's arm, moving slowly away from him.
He got up quietly, looking into the crib.
All three angels still slept undisturbed.
Michael quietly walked out of the room, into the hallway.
The hall echoed the silence of the sleeping household.
He quietly walked downstairs, going into the large kitchen.
There he had a refreshing cold glass of milk, leaning against the kitchen counter.
He closed his eyes, taking in the silence and love he felt emanating from within the house.
He felt something suddenly, a sense of passion.
What surprised him was that it wasn't coming from the house.
It was coming from outside.
He quietly went out through the kitchen's patio doors.
The night was mild, a soft breeze blowing.
He wore only his robe, naked underneath.
He walked down the garden path, walking towards the swimming pool.
He heard voices, Michael taking great care to be silent.
Through the opening of the hedge pathway Michael saw a surprising sight.

Antonio was moaning, the person underneath him trembling with passion.
They lay naked and exposed at the pool's edge on a blanket, Antonio's passion sinking deep into his lover.
"Oh God, Tio! Yes!!!"
Antonio smiled, leaning down and kissing those moist offered lips.
Antonio felt his passion at the brink, his hardness pulsating in the moist warmth that surrounded it.
Then he felt the edge break, Antonio screaming out his lover's name.
He collapsed on top of that person, sweat glistening off his nude body.
After he gained control of his emotions, he pulled out, laying beside his lover.
His lover moved, snuggling against his naked body, both satisfied and laying in the afterglow of  love.
"It's been too long, my loving Tio."
"Yes, my loving angel. Too long. I'm sorry I walked away from you."
His lover raised up a little, staring down into his lost lover's eyes.
"I never stopped loving you, not for a moment. I carried your love inside me always."
Antonio teared up, pulling those moist lips to him again.
"I'm back, my love. I'm back to love you. If you still want me. Can you please love me again?"
Soft fingers gently caressed Antonio's teary, smooth cheek.
"Forever, my angel."
Antonio pulled his lover's naked, young body against him, the two lost in the kiss of reunited love.

Michael stood in the darkened hedgeway looking at the deep, loving passion in front of him.
He'd sensed in his heart the connection between the two.
For he'd felt in his heart their deep love for one another.
And the sadness associated with that parted love.
In one, he felt deep, reaffirmed love.
That person had carried it for years, hope never dying in their heart.
In Antonio, Michael felt heartache and longing.
He knew the sacrifice that Antonio had made.
To walk away from someone's love to fulfill his family's need.
Michael sighed, then smiled, seeing their love united again.
"Your one soul begins tonight, my young friends. Bask in the love you'll have forever."
Michael quietly walked away, making no sound.
He walked back to the house, seeing a light on in the window of what Michael knew was his grandfather's study.
Michael walked quietly towards the lit window along the veranda.
He saw that the window was open, Michael hearing voices.
He slowly looked into the room, seeing an even more surprising sight.
Alberto stood in the center of the room, Doris in his arms.
They were together, locked in a tender passionate kiss.
Michael stood in shock, staring at a moment of intimate passion.
Then he saw Alberto pull back.
"I'm sorry, Doris. I never meant to be so forward. Forgive me my passionate soul."
Doris' hand went to his rugged cheek.
"It takes two to tenderize that kind of kiss, Alberto."
Alberto nodded, looking into her deep eyes.
"Fate has played a part in all this, Doris. Fate brought you to my grandson's door. And fate has brought you to me."
Doris sat down, Michael seeing a sadness on her face.
"I've found the love of my little grandchildren, how can I hope for even more?"
Alberto sat down beside her on the couch, his hand going into hers.
"I haven't  felt this way in a long time,  Doris. Not since my dear Marisa passed away. I thought I'd never need another. But it's been so lonely in this house. And now the ray of sunshine that is your smile has washed the cobwebs out of my heart. My brother's evil is now over. I want to live again, with your love in my heart."
Doris stood up, looking down at him.
"Michael will hate me when he finds out."
"Michael loves you, he'd want you to be happy."
Alberto stood, taking her into his strong arms again.
"Why didn't Harrison tell me the truth? Why did this have to happen?"
Michael's ears perked up.
"I know not his reasoning, all I know is what's come to pass. I swore that I'd kill him if he ever hurt another. I'm so sorry that it was you."
Doris was in tears, looking into Alberto's eyes.
"Why couldn't it have been you?"
Alberto kissed her gently, wrapping her in his protective arms.
"It is I now, my darling. You have my love now."
Doris looked up at him, seeing the love in his golden eyes.
"I need you tonight, Alberto. More than I've ever needed anyone."
Alberto nodded, the two walking out of the room, the light extinguished.
Michael remained on the veranda, him mind deep in thought.
He smiled, a small knowing smile.
He sat down in a chair, then looked up, a small group of shadows changing.
He smiled, the shadows taking shape.
"I'd wondered where you'd gotten to, my little friend."
The shadow smiled, Michael patting the seat beside him.
The two talked for a while, Matthew joyous at meeting Michael again.
Michael played games with the small boy, a joyous smile on his face.
After a while the little spirit left with a kiss upon his cheek and love in his heart.
Michael walked back into the house, returning to his own spot of heaven.

The first rays of the morning sky stretched across the bed, Justin's eyes flickering open.
He sighed, moving in the bed.
He rolled over, finding himself alone.
He looked around the room, slowly sitting up.
He glanced to the crib, finding it empty.
He yawned, stretching his taut nude body.
"Mico, my morning beam of love. Where are you and our treasures?"
"Morning Jus. Love ya, my special angel. We're in the kitchen, preparing breakfast." he heard in his mind.
Justin smiled.
"Love ya too, Mico. What time were you up?"
Justin looked at the clock, reading seven fifteen.
"About an hour ago. Darian woke me, he was wanting up. That got the other two moving."
Justin smiled, standing up, his nude form on display.
His morning hardness stood out from his body, Justin scratching himself.
"I'm in need of your love, my Spanish angel."
"Take a cold shower, Timby. I've got my hands full with your darlings."
Justin laughed, knowing Michael was in the center of his happiness.
"Be down shortly, my Mico."
Justin felt Michael's smile fill his heart.
A light tapping came to the door, Justin putting on his robe.
"Come in." he said, the door opening.
Alberto walked into the room, smiling.
"Good morning, Justin. Is Michael up?"
"He's downstairs in the kitchen. He didn't tell me but I know he's probably making breakfast for everyone."
Alberto laughed, nodding his head.
"That giving angel always gives."
Justin smiled.
"Actually Justin, this is good. I'd like to talk to you about something. Something that I'm scared to tell Michael."
Justin nodded, sitting down on the bed, patting a spot beside him.
Alberto sat down, Justin remaining quiet, waiting for the older man to open up his heart.
"I have a secret, Justin. A secret that may shame my grandson."
Justin looked concerned, Alberto looking into his blue eyes.
"I've fallen in love. And I tried to kill my own brother."

Michael finished the last stack of pancakes, putting them in the warmer oven.
He smiled at the three little ones, who all sat together at the table, in three highchairs.
They all had empty plates in front of them.
"My word, my little piggies gobbled down everything!"
Noah laughed, Darian and Shauna giggling.
"More, Papa?" Darian said, smiling up at him.
"For my little gobbling goobies, all they want!"
Shauna laughed, Michael tickling her.
He brought more pancakes, putting one on each plate, Noah smiling at the smells.
"Yummy, Unky Mikey. Me wuvs panskates."
Michael smiled, pouring syrup over them.
"Eat up, little goobies."
They all smiled, diving into the warm food.
Alberto and Justin walked into the room, Michael smiling at them both.
Justin kissed him tenderly, Alberto hugging him.
"Morning, my favorite men. Breakfast is ready. The others are on their way. Justin help me move these three angels into the dining room."
"Let me help as well, Michael." Alberto said, lifting Darian out of his chair, and then gently picking up the chair, plate and all.
Michael smiled at them both, quietly watching them.
He sensed a bond between Justin and his grandfather, a bond of openness.
He smiled, remaining quiet, walking back to the stoves.

Everyone met in the dining room, Michael having laid out all the prepared food.
"God, Mikey! You feeding an army?" Emile said, kissing his cheek.
"Just the Tavarro clan. All the hungriest men you'd ever want to meet."
Alberto smiled, Michael staring into his golden eyes.
Doris came into the room, smiling at everyone, saying good morning.
"Good morning, Doris." Alberto said, smiling widely at her.
"Good morning, Alberto." she replied, a little redness showing in her cheeks.
Michael smiled, filling Darian's juice cup.
"Morning, Grandmother." Michael said quietly, a smile on his face.
Doris looked at him with a surprised look.
"Morning, Michael." she said, taking her seat on Alberto's left, Alberto at the head of the table.
Justin sat on Alberto's right.
Everyone else sat down, morning pleasantries exchanged.
Michael quietly looked halfway down the table, seeing Jonathan and Stevie quietly filling their plates.
He'd forgotten his two younger brothers because of what had taken place yesterday.
He'd have to talk to Justin after.
A servant came into the room, whispering something into Alberto's ear.
"My brother Alexander is here. It's a surprise actually, and a rarity. He comes here not often."
"Please, Grandfather. Ask him to join us. I've prepared lots of food." Michael smiled.
Alberto nodded, talking to the servant.
A few minutes later, Alexander walked into the dining room.
Alberto stood, hugging his younger brother tightly.
"A joy to have you in our home again, brother."
Alexander smiled, his eyes going to Michael's.
"I am honored as always to be with my brother. And his growing family." Alexander said, bowing to everyone.
Alberto introduced everyone, everyone saying hello to the older man, handshakes welcomed.
"Alex is the baby of the family. Our father's pride and joy."
Alexander laughed, smiling at his brother.
"You lie, Bertie. You know you were his favorite. The golden boy of our age."
Alberto blushed, Alexander's eyes settling on Doris for a moment.
Michael caught the exchange, quietly watching all of them.
Alex smiled at her then stared at Michael and Justin.
"Join us for sustenance, brother."
Alex smiled, then spoke.
"I would love to break bread with your family and friends, Bertie. But first I must beg forgiveness."
Alberto's hand went to his brother's shoulder.
"You are my brother. We've stood together through many things."
"It is not you I seek forgiveness from, Bertie."
Alexander walked over to Michael, going down onto his knees.
"Forgive me Messenger, for doubting your truths, and for doubting your bond of love."
Michael smiled, leaning forward and kissing Alex's cheek.
"Great-uncle, your love and faith shine brightly in your blue eyes.  I love you as family, as I love all of these present. Welcome to my heart and to my family."
Alex smiled, rising. Justin got up, offering his seat to Alex.
"Thank you, Justin. I see Michael's love in your heart and eyes."
"Yes, Alexander. It's unbelievable in its beauty."
Alex smiled, sitting down beside his brother.
"This will be a joyous occasion, my brother. Love will flow again on the Tavarro lands."
Alberto smiled, a quick look towards Doris.
Michael caught the look, and then began to laugh.
Everyone turned, looking towards him. Justin smiling at him.
"What's so funny, Mico?"
"Sorry, didn't mean to laugh at it. But in my heart it feels so absurd."
Josh looked at Michael, smiling.
"What's absurd, Mikey?"
"The absurdity of holding secrets, of denying our needs and wants."
Michael stood up, scanning the room.
His eyes stopped briefly on four single sets of eyes staring back at him.
He smiled at everyone, looking towards Alexander.
"The young at heart are equal to the old of soul. Am I correct, Uncle?"
Alex nodded, not sure of what Michael was alluding to.
"Today more of my friends and family will arrive. The gardeners of our wedded beauty shall begin their tasks. And at the beauty of their flowery love all of us soon will gaze. And for some of us it will cement the love we feel in our hearts."
Michael looked around, smiling.
"This old house holds many secrets, as do some of its inhabitants. I think it's time the past was buried forever, and the future allowed to unfold."
Michael walked up to his grandfather, looking into his confused golden eyes.
"You carry in your heart the pain of failure, Grandfather. A failure you believe lays at your feet. Your failure to save Rafael. And the heartache he caused to she that you now love."
Alberto gasped, as did Alexander.
Doris looked like she might faint.
Everyone saw the looks on all three matured faces.
Michael looked at Justin, seeing his surprised face.
"I know Grandfather talked to you about this, Jus. Your heart and his can't hide that love."
Justin nodded, blushing a little.
Michael looked at Alex.
"How do you know of Rafael, Michael? He is a stain on our family's heart that we've tried hard to erase."
"You can't erase family, Uncle. It has a habit of returning to open old wounds."
Michael put his hand on Doris' shoulders, Doris lowering her head.
"Fate–as well as destiny–works in all our lives. Destiny brought me and Justin our two little angels. Fate brought us their loving grandmother. And, in turn, fate brought her here to this place of love. And walking into this home she beheld a sight she hadn't expected to see."
Alberto and Doris were staring at each other.
"She looked up a staircase and saw a man staring down at her. She thought it was her late husband standing there. But in truth it was his twin brother."
Everyone in the room stared in shocked silence.
Alberto's hand went into Doris', the tears flowing from her eyes.
"I thought it was my husband Harrison standing there, but I knew it wasn't. The man staring down at me had eyes filled with deep love."
Everyone looked surprised, and confused.
Michael looked around the room.
"Doris' husband Harrison Jacobs changed his name from Rafael Tavarro when he sought escape in America. Even Doris didn't know his true identity, he never divulging that. She was totally shocked seeing his twin standing on that staircase. Later she talked to Alberto and the truth became known to both of them."
Alberto smiled, Michael holding a smile at the corners of his mouth.
Michael took one hand off Doris' shoulders, placing it on his grandfather's shoulder.
"And the two of you opened up your hearts in the last few days to each other. And in both of you, each of you found love. A love you hadn't seen or needed in a long time. And now I see it in both of your eyes."
Alberto looked around the room, seeing everyone's eyes upon him and this wonderful woman at his side.
"Michael, my grandson, tells the truth. Doris is the widow of my brother Rafael."
Alex looked deeply shocked staring at Doris.
"Rafael is dead, Alberto. You know that to be true. He has been for many years!"
"No, Uncle. He wasn't dead after he fought Alberto. He didn't die from the wounds Alberto gave him on the night Rafael tried to murder you in cold blood, Alexander."
Alex's face went white, his head bowing into his hands.
"My own brother tried to murder me. The evilness was in his soul."
Michael walked around the table, putting his arm around Alexander.
"Your brother Rafael, Alberto's twin, was lost in the evilness that's surrounded this family for generations. If you go throughout our history, you will see its head rearing repeatedly. For Gaius Dracarius did indeed curse this family."
Alberto and Doris looked at Michael, seeing in his eyes his unchanged love for them.
"But, as always, a greater goodness comes out of that evil. Sitting before us we see that goodness. Two lonely people have found each other, have united in the love they've needed. I, for one, welcome both of them into my heart as true lovers of my soul."
Both teared up, Michael hugging them both.
Alberto sat down again, his hand in Doris', then looking at his brother.
"Brother, the past is just that. Our brother chose his fate, and he's now paid for that."
Alex nodded, looking at Michael.
"Rafael was the Ying to Alberto's Yang. They were like night and day. Two different to be alike. Our father saw in Alberto the goodness of our faith. And Rafael hated him for it. It festered in his heart until he lashed out at those he should have been loving. Myself and my brother."
Michael put his hand on Alberto's shoulder again.
"History repeats itself again. My father's twin lashed out in an even greater way."
Justin looked up at Michael, feeling the pain in his heart.
Alex nodded, looking at his older brother.
"Rafael sought to gain control of the family. He attempted to kill our father. Alberto stopping that crime before it could bear fruit. I was Rafael's next target. And Alberto saved my life that night, so long ago. I was summoned by Rafael, not knowing of his previous attempt to kill father. I met him down by his cottage on the river, and there he tried to strangle me with wire. Alberto walked into the middle of it. In the fight that ensued after, Rafael was mortally wounded. He fell into the river, his body washed away. Alberto and I thought we lost our brother that night. But now I see we didn't."
Michael nodded, looking at Doris.
"Rafael didn't die, that night down by the river. A fisherman pulled him out of the river, about a mile down the river. He carried him to his home, nursing his wounds. When Rafael was healthy enough he killed that same man, the man who'd saved him. Rafael wanted no witnesses. He went into hiding, eventually going overseas to America."
Michael smiled at Doris.
"And there he met and married a young woman. A young woman with a giving soul, whom he brutalized and tortured for his own amusement. And the rest we now know."
Doris was in tears, Michael looking between her and Alberto.
"I see in both your eyes that love of hope and happiness. Cherish it. No one here will deny you both what your hearts need. The past is over. Rafael has gone. The pain can now go from both of your hearts, replaced with a new love of happiness."
Alberto and Doris smiled at each other, Alberto standing.
He helped Doris gain her feet, the two smiling at each other.
They joined together in a kiss, Michael tearing up a little, Justin smiling at him.
"Everyone, Doris and I are in love. This wonderful lady has captured my heart!"
Everyone smiled and applauded, Alex rising and walking up to his brother.
"Welcome to the family, Doris. For the second–and most joyous–time."
She smiled, hugging Alex.
Alberto smiled, hugging him next.
Everyone relaxed, Lance looking at Michael.
"Michael, how did you know all this?"
Michael looked at Lance, smiling.
"Adrian told me the whole lineage of the Tavarro dynasty. He told me of each moment of evil. Rafael stood out as one of the lost souls given over to that evil. My father's betrayal being the most evil."
Justin's heart felt Michael's resolve and determination to right that wrong.
"And to be totally truthful, last night I had a bad case of the wandering soul."
Alberto and Doris looked puzzled, Michael blushing a little.
"I walked past the study window, Grandfather. I saw the two of you locked in an embrace of love. And I heard your conversation. I put two and two together and the connection dawned on me."
Both smiled at him, Michael still blushing.
"I'm sorry for eavesdropping, I hadn't intended on doing that. Please forgive me."
Both hugged him tightly, everyone smiling.
"It's alright, grandson. We lost ourselves in the moment."
Michael smiled, kissing his grandfather's cheek.
"I don't know about that. It was a beautiful moment, worthy of becoming lost."
Both smiled, Michael chuckling.
Michael turned, looking around the room.
He looked lastly at Justin, giving him a wink.
"This house, as I said, holds many secrets. One person has seen them all these past twenty years. Right, Matty?"
"Yes, Michael."
Everyone looked around with a smile, Alex's face going white with shock.
"Calmness, brother. My loving Matthew walks these halls again. His spirit stays close to me." Alberto said, smiling at his brother.
Alex sat down, his face showing total awe.
"Matty, our little wandering angel, has seen all of the secrets of this house of history. It was he who warned my father of the bomb that Felicia had left, Grandfather. It was he who learned of Fredrick's secret hiding place. Little Matty knows where Fredrick lays in hiding. He had been beside you at all the moments of decision that you and your family have made."
Alberto nodded, sitting down beside Doris.
Michael smiled at him.
"He was here when Father Nico began his quest of truth, the Aurelian calling. He was there when you sent the man after Antonio, to save him from your own son."
Antonio looked at his grandfather, Jarod looking at Antonio.
Michael walked over towards Antonio, placing his hand on Antonio's shoulder.
"And he was here, standing beside you Antonio, when you sacrificed your happiness for your family's need."
Antonio looked up at Michael, staring into his golden eyes.
"What I saw last night was the joining of one soul. One soul denied two years of love. It beats again, both of your loves making it come alive. Let peace enter your heart, my cousin. Let your heart open to all of us."
Antonio was in tears, looking towards his grandfather.
"Grandfather and Uncle, I ... I have something to say."
Alberto and Alex looked at Antonio, Jarod now rising up.
Jarod stood beside Antonio, his hand going to his shoulder, Michael stepping quietly back.
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes, the two staring at each other.
Jarod looked at his grandfather, Antonio looking at his.
"Jarod and I are in love. We fell in love four years ago. The family bond we once shared gave way to love. I left this wonderful man to fight for my faith and my family. I should never have done that. My faith, my family and my love are all in this man. I love him completely."
Jarod smiled, looking at both older men.
"I, in turn, love Antonio. I have for all of my life. He walked away from me, I could not fault him for that. It was his duty to his family, to my family. But I'll never let him go again. I love him completely."
The two older men looked at each other, shock and distress on their faces.
Michael walked up to them both.
"You two are brothers. Heads of this family. Look upon what stares at you. Look upon love. The binding light and guiding force of this family, from the beginnings of Adrian has been love and faith. Both of these men love each other deeply. They set aside that love to honor their family. I think it's time that family honored them. By accepting their love and letting that love echo through the hearts of all of us."
Jarod and Antonio were in tears, hearing Michael defend their love.
Both older men stood up, Alberto looking at Doris.
"Antonio, come here." Alberto said, quietly.
"Come to me, my grandson Jarod." Alex said, looking at him.
Both young men got up, walking to their respective grandfather.
"My son, I love you. From the moment your loving mother and father were taken from you, I have tried to be your parent. I have seen you grow into a man of deep faith and trueness of heart and soul. I felt the sorrow in you the day you departed from me. I now know that sorrow was the impending loss of Jarod's love. I'm sorry for making you sacrifice that." Alberto said, Antonio hugging him.
"I hold no hatred against you for that, Grandfather. I took up the cause of faith. My life I have given over to it. But Michael is right. What is faith without love? I need Jarod's love."
Alberto looked at Jarod, who stood in front of his own grandfather.
"And I want you to have it, my grandson. Jarod, I welcome you to my grandson's heart. And the heart of our family."
Alberto pulled his brother's grandson into his arms, the two young men hugged deeply by him.
Everyone in the room was in tears, seeing an accepting love shining from the two young men.
Alex looked at both of them.
"Jarod, my son's son. Your father and I have not always seen eye to eye on many things. My own restaurant I gave to you, for I saw in you more potential than your own father. But he and I have always seen the love that you give to both of us. I love you my grandson. I always will. If Antonio brings you deep love, how can I not love him as well? Alberto, my brother, is right. It's time to welcome both of you to the heart of your family."
Both young men were in tears, Alex now hugging both.
Everyone clapped and cheered, Michael standing quietly against the wall.
Justin's eyes were on him, seeing the single tear running down his cheek.
They all heard a gentle giggle flow through the air.
Alex and Alberto looked up to the ceiling.
"Love's spreading, Poppa." the soft voice of an angel ringing through the silence.
"Yes, Matty, my little angel. Love is spreading through every corner of this house. The Messenger's love is spreading through our hearts."
The four men turned, looking at Michael.
Michael lowered his head, then quietly walked out of the room, leaving everyone in silence.
Justin watched him leave, bowing his head in thought.
"Is he alright, Justin?" Josh asked, watching his friend disappear.
"Yes, Josh. I just feel the weight of Michael's responsibilities weighing down upon him. He carries so much on his shoulders."
Josh nodded, everyone remaining quiet.
"My grandson is a remarkable man. Look at what he's just done." Alberto said, Doris' hand in his.
Antonio and Jarod looked at Justin, Justin smiling.
"Michael wandered quite a bit last night. He wandered out by the pool."
Both men blushed, realizing that Michael had seen their moment of love.
"It's alright, cousins. He regrets disturbing your love. And Michael's means so much more. Michael's love is even greater."
A soft laugh echoed through the room, Alberto smiling.
"Yes, Matty?" Justin said, looking up.
"Mikey's the best, Justin. He's so much fun. He played with me last night."
Justin smiled, knowing Michael's and his own love for this little lost angel.
"I know, Matty. And he told me that you told him everything."
"Yes, I had to."
"What else lays in secret here, Matthew?" Alberto said gently, Alex looking at him.
"Mikey will right all that, Poppa. It's his destiny. And I'm sorry for that."
The room went silent, everyone looking at each other, not sure what Matty meant by that.
"What do you mean, Matthew?" Alex said.
The room was silent, no answer returned.
Alberto looked at Justin.
"There's something else going on here, Alberto. And I sense Matty is in the center of it. If Michael knows, he's not saying."
Justin stood up, lifting his two angels up, Darian and Shauna smiling at him.
"We go to Papa. He needs our wuv."
Justin smiled, excusing the three of them, walking out of the room.
Antonio and Jarod sat down again, this time their hands linked together.
Alex looked at Alberto.
"The excitement never stops around our lost Michael. Okay, Bertie. What's been going on here?"
Alberto smiled at his brother.
"Let me tell you the true story of our history, brother. And the trueness of Michael's love."

Justin found Michael exactly where he knew he'd be.
He was sitting on a stone bench, his father's resting place in front of him.
Darian climbed up onto the bench, climbing into his father's lap.
"Love you, Papa." he said, Michael's tearing eyes looking down at his son.
"I love you, Darry."
Justin sat down beside them, Shauna going into Michael's lap as well.
Justin's arm went around Michael.
"That was a beautiful thing you did in there, Mico. Bringing so much secret love to light."
"I know, Jus. I felt so much of it last night. I knew it couldn't be contained in the darkness of their uncertainty. Now it can grow in the open, and we can all bask in its beauty."
"What place this, Papa?"
Michael smiled at Shauna who'd asked the question.
"This is a special place, little angels. Do you see these four stone blocks?"
"Yes, Papa."
Justin smiled at Michael, knowing what Michael wanted to do.
"This is the heart of my family. For here lays in eternal sleep my father. And his mother. And his little brother, Matthew."
"Yes, Darian, little Matty sleeps there." Michael said, pointing at Matthew's stone tomb.
"But he is in the house too?"
"Yes, Darian. That is his spirit."
"What about your daddy, Papa?"
Michael stood up, walking over to his father's tomb, his children in his arms.
Justin followed.
"My father lays silent in peaceful love, his spirit is in heaven with my mother."
Justin's arm was again around him.
"Me wants meet your Daddy, Papa." Darian said, Michael's eyes full of tears.
Michael moved against the tomb, his little ones looking down at the etched name.
"Okay, little ones. Dad, these are my little ones. This is Darian and this is Shauna. I've shown them your love through me, Dad. I'm so happy to have them in my life."
Darian put his little hand on the marble top, smiling.
"Hi, Grandpa. Me's Darian. Me's happy with Papa. He wuvs me and Shauna."
"Me's Shauna. Me wuvs Papa and Dada. We's happy with their wuv." Shauna said, leaning down and kissing the marble surface.
Both men smiled through tears, the two little ones breaking the somber mood.
"These two little ones are your grandchildren, Dad. In them, I've found the love of family, the love I once had with you and Mom. Be at peace, Dad. Your love will flow through me to them. I love you Dad."
The four turned, walking back out of the quiet spot.
Shauna looked back, seeing a blossoming white rose at the bottom of Michael's father's marble tomb.
She smiled, talking quietly to her brother in their mind.
Darian nodded his head, looking back into the clearing with a smile on his face.

End of Chapter 156

And so, more surprises are revealed, more secrets uncovered.
And Michael and Justin inch closer to their uniting ceremony.
I couldn't leave Antonio alone.
His faith and love deserved some form of happiness.
And all the family of importance to Michael will now stand by him.
Up next:  the eve of the wedding, and the magical day.
It promises to be touching, romantic and surprising.
The little angels will play a joyous part.
I'm sure you've sensed the specialness in these two little angels.
That specialness will show itself in an unusual way.

Recently several people have asked me how I've thought this story up.
It's all come from my inventive mind.
I've had a lot of my own feelings hashed out in this story and a lot more opened to the world.
This story, in a sense, is a cleansing of my own soul.

I'd, at this time, again, like to thank a fellow traveler who's walked with me through most of this.
Mike, you're more than an editor, you're a good friend.
Your bitchiness and hearty humor make me think I can write anything.
Thanks for the diction, and the inspiration.


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