Justin's Angel-157

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin found Michael exactly where he knew he'd be.
He was sitting on a stone bench, his father's resting place in front of him.
Darian climbed up onto the bench, climbing into his father's lap.
"Love you, Papa." he said, Michael's tearing eyes looking down at his son.
"I love you, Darry."
Justin sat down beside them, Shauna going into Michael's lap as well.
Justin's arm went around Michael.
"That was a beautiful thing you did in there, Mico. Bringing so much secret love to light."
"I know, Jus. I felt so much of it last night. I knew it couldn't be contained in the darkness of their uncertainty. Now it can grow in the open, and we can all bask in its beauty."
"What place this, Papa?"
Michael smiled at Shauna who'd asked the question.
"This is a special place, little angels. Do you see these four stone blocks?"
"Yes, Papa."
Justin smiled at Michael, knowing what Michael wanted to do.
"This is the heart of my family. For here lays in eternal sleep my father. And his mother. And his little brother, Matthew."
"Yes, Darian, little Matty sleeps there." Michael said, pointing at Matthew's stone tomb.
"But he is in the house too?"
"Yes, Darian. That is his spirit."
"What about your daddy, Papa?"
Michael stood up, walking over to his father's tomb, his children in his arms.
Justin followed.
"My father lays silent in peaceful love, his spirit is in heaven with my mother."
Justin's arm was again around him.
"Me wants meet your Daddy, Papa." Darian said, Michael's eyes full of tears.
Michael moved against the tomb, his little ones looking down at the etched name.
"Okay, little ones. Dad, these are my little ones. This is Darian and this is Shauna. I've shown them your love through me, Dad. I'm so happy to have them in my life."
Darian put his little hand on the marble top, smiling.
"Hi, Grandpa. Me's Darian. Me's happy with Papa. He wuvs me and Shauna."
"Me's Shauna. Me wuvs Papa and Dada. We's happy with their wuv." Shauna said, leaning down and kissing the marble surface.
Both men smiled through tears, the two little ones breaking the somber mood.
"These two little ones are your grandchildren, Dad. In them, I've found the love of family, the love I once had with you and Mom. Be at peace, Dad. Your love will flow through me to them. I love you Dad."
The four turned, walking back out of the quiet spot.
Shauna looked back, seeing a blossoming white rose at the bottom of Michael's father's marble tomb.
She smiled, talking quietly to her brother in their mind.
Darian nodded his head, looking back into the clearing with a smile on his face.

Chapter 157

The remainder of the day began with the arrival of the Avery and Stavros families.
Seth, Thomas and Father Derrick arrived around eight thirty, the Stavros' just after ten.
Gregory, Kevin, Barlow, Julius and Samuel all arriving together.
Alberto and Alexander hugged Father Derrick, joyed at seeing their long-lost adopted brother.
"It's been too long, Derry." Alexander said, tears in his eyes.
"Hello, lost brother of love." Derrick smiled, kissing his cheeks.
Michael hugged Father Derrick, the priest hugging him as tightly.
"How was your flight, Father?"
"It was great. I sat back and listened to Irish music the whole way. Sister Margaret has introduced me to a new group, Celtic Thunder. Irish ballads and tenor songs. Quite remarkable."
Michael smiled, Justin smiling as well.
"I know their music, Father. I've gotten my love for that from you. I still remember the stereo on your desk at the orphanage. And all the old cassettes you had."
Father Derrick smiled, remembering as well.
"For such a young man, Damian McGinty has quite a rich, baritone voice. He does some deeply moving ballads." Michael said, smiling.
Justin quietly listened, his mind going over something.
He smiled, Josh looking at him.
Justin whispered into Josh's ear, Josh smiling.
Michael remained oblivious to what was going on behind him.
Everyone gathered in the gathering room, Alberto and Antonio relaying the events of the last few days.
All eyes turned toward Michael, Michael smiling quietly at them all.
"I sense this week is going to be a week of unimaginable wonder." Father Derrick said, smiling.
Michael stood up, Justin standing as well.
"Now that the two sides of my heritage are together, I feel a gathering of love. It's good to have all my families under one roof."
Everyone smiled, Michael looking at Father Derrick.
"Uncle, we wish you and Father Nico, as well as Justin's grandfather who arrives Friday, to each do a part of the ceremony. A triad of faith uniting us."
Father Nico was in tears walking up to the elder priest.
"I would be honored to be a small part of this beautiful ceremony!"
Michael and Justin both smiled, Father Derrick smiling back.
"We are reciting our own vows. But you, Uncle, will ask the important parts."
Father Derrick nodded, the four sitting down and discussing a few things.
After that, Michael asked everyone to walk outside, to tour the gardens.
Seth and Tomas were awed by the unbelievable grandeur of the Tavarro estate.
"My God! It's like a botanical garden here!" Seth stuttered, looking around the lush gardens.
Alberto smiled, as did Alexander.
"Most of these garden layouts were designed by Michael's father. His eye for beauty shines through all over this vast estate." Alexander said, Michael smiling.
"And my grandfather's loving touch has kept them beautiful."
Alberto smiled, Seth and Tomas walking around the garden.
"We have decided on a circular seating arrangement. That way, everyone can see the ceremony." Justin said, Michael smiling.
"Awesome!" Tomas said, quietly talking with Seth.
Crewmen were already erecting parts of the circular seating areas.
The two walked around, looking at all the flowering bushes and trees.
They disappeared down the pathway heading to the pool.
"Looks like our two gardeners are deep in wonder." Father Derrick smiled, Kevin chuckling, Gregory's arm around him.
Michael and Justin told them their ideas, everyone awed by what they wanted to do.
"If it all works, it will be spectacular!" Alexander said.
"Michael's wedding day will be a day he'll always remember." Justin said, Michael smiling into his blue eyes.
"I will because you will be standing beside me, my angel."
Justin beamed, Michael kissing him.
Everyone smiled, seeing their love shining.
A short while later, Seth and Tomas returned, wide-eyed with excitement.
"This place is unbelievable!" Seth smiled, looking around the larger garden.
"So what do you think? Any ideas?" Justin said, smiling at them.
"Oh yes, Justin! We've come up with a few! Let's talk!" Tomas smiled, Seth's hand in his.
"Ok, let's go to the veranda and relax." Alberto said, taking Doris' arm in his.
A lot of the new arrivals looked a bit surprised, seeing the two older people together, certain conversations of enlightenment beginning in the background.
Michael smiled, realizing a lot of catching up would take place among all the new arrivals and those already knowledgeable.
Everyone walked back to the large veranda, sitting down everywhere.
Justin and Michael quietly sat at a table with Seth and Tomas, the four discussing their ideas.
Justin and Michael were amazed at their insight and knowledge of color styling.
Michael suggested a few things himself, the two florists smiling with glee.
After about half an hour the plans were laid out.
Tomas and Seth would have free reign over the gardens and the grounds staff.
Some flowers would have to be brought in, but most would be available on the grounds.
Over a delicious lunch everyone relaxed and talked, the wedding the central theme.
The three little ones were passed around to everyone, all their newly arrived extended family wanting to hold them.
Michael smiled, seeing their love for everyone in the room.
On several occasions he saw Antonio and Jarod quietly looking at him.
He knew they wanted to thank him for what he'd made them do.
Their revealing of their love.
After lunch, everyone relaxed in different places: the veranda, the gathering room or their own rooms.
Jonathan and Samuel had hit it off, the two laughing and kicking a soccer ball around the yard, Stevie running between them.
It was a down day, a day to relax.
Tomorrow would see the remainder of their close group arriving.
Jake, Joey and Kelly, Chris and Vicky, Zach and Christina. Justin's dad and stepfather would be flying in on Thursday.
Justin's grandparents, and the parents of the other NSyncers would all arrive on Friday.
The remaining other invited guests would also arrive Friday morning.
Alberto had insisted that everyone would stay there, the one hundred plus rooms more than adequate to house them all.
It would also be more secure, no one having to leave the estate.
Alberto had doubled his interior staff for the weekend, and his supply rooms had been abundantly filled.
No one would want for anything.
It was his gift to Michael and Justin.
A house of love to be married in.
Friday afternoon would see the rehearsal, and that night the rehearsal dinner.
And Saturday would be the big day.
All the tuxedos arrived late that afternoon, all coming from Yves St. Laurent's own design studio.
A tailor would be on-site on Thursday to do last minute adjustments on everyone.
By late Tuesday afternoon, everything was arranged and designed, the house a home of relaxing happiness.
Wednesday would be Tomas' and Seth's day to organize their garden of love.
Michael sensed they'd be up at the rising of the sun, their eagerness showing in their wide eyes.

Michael walked into his grandfather's study, finding Antonio and Jarod in a heated kiss on one of the couches.
They both pulled away, blushing.
"This room needs a better lock on it, and closed windows."
Both men blushed, Michael laughing.
"As you were, lovers. Don't mind me."
Antonio began to stand up, Michael telling him to remain seated.
Michael sat down, smiling at both of them, looking around the room.
"A room of history and quiet solitude. I see why my Poppa loves this room."
"Yes, it was always a wonderful room to hide in. To become lost in the words of our history." Antonio said, Michael looking around at all the bookcases filled with old books.
He got up, pulling one off of a shelf.
"The history of Faith in Ancient Spain. Interesting but weighty reading." he smiled.
Antonio and Jarod both looked at him.
"Michael, we both.... we both wanted to..." Jarod stuttered.
"Relax, my friends. You do not need to thank me for what happened. You both showed your courage revealing your secret. That in itself if enough reward for me. For I now see the love in both of your souls, as I saw it revealed that dark night by the pool."
Both men blushed, Antonio staring into Michael's golden eyes.
"You saw us making love, Michael?"
Michael nodded, both blushing more.
"It was a beautiful moment in time, one I shall hold in my heart forever. It was just as beautiful and magical as any moment that I have had with Justin."
Both men smiled, sensing Michael's moved soul.
"We aren't as beautiful as you and your beautiful Justin, Michael." Antonio said, turning and looking into Jarod's blue eyes.
"But to my eyes, my Jarod is beyond beautiful."
Michael smiled, seeing Antonio's love for Jarod.
"That is all that matters, Tio. Do not judge your love against others. Only judge it against what's in your heart. That way the passage of time will not change what's in your heart, or the love in your soul."
Both men smiled, getting up and hugging Michael.
"From what I saw, I'd say all the Tavarro men have wonderfully big gifts."
All three laughed, Michael's humor lifting all their moods.
Justin walked into the room, smiling.
"What's so funny?"
Michael smiled at him.
"Oh, we were just comparing the Tavarro manhoods."
Justin stopped in his tracks, staring at all three.
"I should warn you, the Timberlakes are phenomenal. It like riding a horse."
Antonio and Jarod were bursting with laughter, Justin blushing deeply.
"Oh, Michael!" he blushed, Michael's arm wrapping around him.
"My stallion runs with the wind. There's no way to corral this bucking beauty."
Everyone was laughing, Justin finally joining in.
"Let's saddle up, I need to run for hours." Justin smirked.
"Well hey, Mikey!! You saw us in the flesh, turnabout's fair play. Let's see the two of you!" Jarod said, Antonio smirking.
Justin and Michael looked at each other, quietly talking in their minds.
Justin pulled his shirt off, his famous chest on full display.
Antonio and Jarod stared in shock at Justin's beautiful form.
Michael smirked removing his own shirt.
Both men stared at him, seeing his well-formed, muscular, hairy torso.
Justin's hand went to the waist of his jeans, popping the top button.
Antonio grabbed Jarod's arm, pushing him towards the door.
Michael smiled, his hand opening Justin's jeans.
Both men blushed deeply running out of the room, Antonio closing the door.
Justin and Michael stared at each other, then burst in laughter, falling against each other.
"Did you see the look in their eyes? They were totally shocked that we'd do it." Justin laughed, holding onto Michael.
"Did you see the reaction in their pants? My man's beauty hardens the libido of a generation." Michael smiled, kissing Justin's chin.
Justin looked into Michael's eyes.
"I only want to excite one man."
"Wait a second. I'll go get Josh." Michael said, making to leave.
Justin pulled him against him, backing both of them up against the closed door.
Justin's lips found Michael's, Michael sensing the deep passion flooding his soul.
"I was talking about you, Mico. My own stallion of love."
Justin's fingers were busy, opening Michael's pants.
His hands disappeared into those pants, wrapping around Michael's engorged hardness.
"Oh, Jus!" Michael moaned, Justin sinking to his knees, taking Michael's pants with him.
Michael gasped, Justin swallowing him whole.
A knock came to the door, Michael trembling against it.
"Wh-Who is it?" he stuttered.
"It's Lance and Joshy. What's going on? Antonio and Jarod are two shades of red."
Michael smiled, Justin not stopping.
"Go away guys. We're busy!" he shouted.
"Let us in, Mikey!" he heard Lance talking.
"Go away Lancy. Right now!"
"Come on Mikey. Let us in!"
Michael shook his head, Justin standing up smiling.
"Persistent little buggers, aren't they?"
Michael smirked, pulling his lover against him.
"Okay then, let's let them in." Michael said, his hands pulling Justin's pants down.
Justin smiled widely, seeing what Michael wanted to do.
The two removed everything, Justin jumping onto the couch, laying back, his legs spread wide.
Michael smiled, seeing his lover's beautiful body on full display.
He blew him a kiss, Justin mouthing one back.
Michael flung the door open, Lance and Josh almost falling into the room.
Michael knew they both had had their ears against the door.
"Care to join us, or can I get back to taking my man!"
Both men stared in complete shock seeing both the other men completely naked.
"Oh, sweet Jesus!" Lance said, looking at Michael's erect condition.
Josh was staring at Justin, seeing his best friend laying back, his muscular body on full display.
Justin's hardness was standing on full display, laying against his stomach.
Josh looked over every inch of Justin's body, Lance doing the same with Michael.
"Are you going to just look?" Justin said, his hand going to his cock, lifting his ass up, Josh and Lance both seeing his hidden center.
Both men turned beet red, Lance pulling Josh towards the door.
"We're so s-sorry!" he stuttered, the two disappearing out of the room.
Justin was laughing his head off, Michael laughing as he closed the door.
Michael turned the lock, walking over and staring down at a still laughing Justin.
"You're plain evil, Timby. Showing them something they can't have."
Justin's laughter stopped as Michael's hand went to Justin's center.
Justin moaned as he felt Michael's fingers rubbing his rosebud.
"That center of my love is yours alone, Mico. Always and forever."
Michael teared up, lifting Justin's legs, sinking forward.
Justin shuddered, feeling Michael's love entering his soul.

Twenty minutes later, Justin and Michael walked out onto the veranda, four sets of eyes staring at them.
Attached to those eyes were blushing faces.
Justin held in a laugh, Michael's arm around his waist.
"And have the four inquiring minds been satisfied?" Michael asked, Antonio looking into his golden eyes.
"Yes, Michael. And apparently Josh and Lance are even more satisfied."
Justin laughed, Michael looking at Josh.
"Count yourselves lucky, our best men. You now know why you are in our foursome of love. Total openness and total love."
Josh and Lance smiled, Michael seeing them both relax.
"Okay, so how does eleven tonight sound?"
Josh looked puzzled, Lance looked confused.
"Eleven, Mikey?"
"Well, turnabout's fair play. You two, naked at eleven. Jus and I will be there in your room. Don't disappoint us."
Michael smiled, walking off the veranda heading towards Jonathan and Stevie, who were playing with Samuel and Lonnie.
Lance and Josh looked in total shock, Justin ruffling both of their heads.
Josh slapped his hand, Justin smiling.
"Oooh, I get to see the Chasez physique again! And this time you'll both be dry!"
Justin laughed, heading towards Michael.
Lance and Josh exchanged looks, then looked at Antonio and Jarod.
Both younger men burst out into laughter.
"I think we've been had, Lancy."
Lance nodded, looking deep in thought.
He leaned forward, whispering into Josh's ear.
Josh smiled, nodding.
"You are my rogue angel. I love you so much."
Lance smiled, kissing his lover deeply.

Jonathan looked up, seeing Michael smiling at him.
"Hey, Jonnie. Nice form. You could be a soccer star, little brother." Michael said, Jonathan beaming.
"I try hard. And Samuel's given me some good pointers. He's on a team and everything."
Samuel smiled, Michael smiling back.
"Doesn't surprise me. He's quick and level-headed. Very agile. You both are."
Both young men smiled, Justin now at Michael's side.
Michael looked into Justin's eyes, Justin nodding.
"Hey, little bros. So when's our time?"
Jonathan and Stevie looked at Justin, both looking confused.
"Our time? For what?"
Justin folded his arms, looking quizzically at them both.
"Well, geez, homies. Mico and I drag your asses half way around the world and yous is ditching us for da younger crowd?"
Michael laughed, patting Justin's shoulder.
"Sweetie, you ain't no homie. Chill."
Justin smiled, relaxing.
"What the hood boy here is saying is that it's brother time. We promised our bros some Q time."
Both young men smiled, Samuel quietly watching.
"Really? You mean the four of us??" Stevie said, his eyes wide with wonder.
"Yep. The Timberlake men are going to chill."
Jonathan grinned widely, then looked at Samuel.
"Um, Justin? Would it be okay if Samuel comes as well? He's got no one his age except me to chill with."
Justin looked directly at the young man, Samuel lowering his head.
Michael smiled, looking on as well.
Samuel lifted his head, staring into Justin's deep blue eyes.
"Yes, Justin?"
"By the powers of the Timberlake family hierarchy, you are bestowed the name Samuel Timberlake for the next twelve hours. Welcome to the family."
Jonathan high-fived a smiling Samuel, Michael and Justin smirking.
"Thanks, Justin!"
"Awesome! Another brother!" Stevie said with glee, Michael ruffling his blond hair.
"So what's the game plan, Timberlakes? What mischief can we get into?"
They all passed out ideas.
Swimming, hiking, soccer game, touch football.
Nothing seemed to intrigue them.
Father Nico walked past them, heading to the house, having heard the family exchange.
"There's an entertainment Villa on the other side of the estate."
"Entertainment Villa?" Michael said, intrigued.
"Yes, it's like a sports centre. Horseback riding, batting cages, go carts, mini golf. A lot of different venues and games."
Michael looked around, seeing four sets of wide gleaming eyes.
"I think we have a winner!"
Everyone smiled widely, Father Nico walking back to the veranda, the five following.

An hour later the Timberlake brothers, all inclusive, walked into the Laurenticia Sport Villa.
Father Nico knew the owner well, an old family friend.
It had been easy for him to get the group some private time.
Being midweek and late afternoon, the place was relatively deserted anyway.
After introductions by Father Nico, and instructions and information given, the five took off for a day of brotherly bonding.
Everyone made a bee line for the go carts.
Stevie pouted a bit, seeing that it was a big boy's activity, Michael catching his somber look.
"Okay, Jus. I'm going to need some help here. You know I drive like a gramma. Do you think I can borrow your speedy bro, Stevie? I've seen him playing Xbox racing. The boy's a speed demon!"
Justin smiled, seeing what Michael was doing.
Stevie's head was up, staring at Michael.
"Well, you need to ask Stevie."
Michael bent down, staring into the boy's blue eyes.
"Well, can you help me, bro?"
Stevie grinned widely.
"Yep, Mikey! I'm the best!"
Michael smiled, climbing into one of the carts.
Stevie climbed in, sitting down in front of Michael, leaning back against him.
"You got the wheel, little man. Let's feed them our dust."
Stevie laughed, Michael hitting the gas, the car roaring to life and taking off down the track.
Jonathan and Samuel jumped into their own cars, taking off after them.
Justin laughed, climbing into the last car, Michael flying by, Stevie laughing in front of him, their second lap starting.

They spent the afternoon as a group of crazy, happy, uproariously fun, loving brothers.
Every venue was hit.
Mini golf, go carts, the batting cages.
Justin had a good eye hitting the balls, Michael in awe of his control.
Stevie surprisingly was better at it that Jonathan.
All the brothers were in awe of Michael when he climbed onto a black horse, galloping towards some jumps.
They sat on their horses, Stevie riding with Justin, watching him in awe.
He was graceful, leaping over small jumps and obstacles, in full control of the horse's movements.
Justin smiled, sensing Michael's laughing soul.
"Wow!!! Mikey's a horsemaster!" Samuel said, staring in awe.
"Mikey's Mikey. He's good at everything. He's my bro." Jonathan said, Justin seeing the pride in Jonathan's face.
Michael gently loped up to them, his horse stopping in front of them.
"Wow, Mico! That was unbelievable!"
"I rode horses back home. There was a stable at the end of our lane. I love horses. Come on guys, let's go for a gallop."
The four horses took off at a steady gallop, laughter and happiness riding on them all.

Four hours later, the band of Timberlake youths walked onto the veranda, everyone smiling at them all.
Stevie leapt up into his father's lap, smiling widely.
"We had so much fun, Dad!!"
Randall smiled, seeing the joy and happiness on his three sons' faces.
"Great to hear little buddy! I take it the Timberlake men ruled the world of sports?"
"For sure, Dad!" Jonathan smiled, Michael smiling behind him.
"Right now the Timberlake men need showers. Jonnie smiles like a horse!"
Jonathan laughed, sniffing Michael.
"You smell like a loser, Mikey!!"
Justin burst into laughter, remembering Jonathan's beating Michael in the last three games of mini golf.
Michael smirked, ruffling his blond mop.
"Ha...ha, bro! Next time I'll destroy you!"
"Ya best call Tiger again! You need more lessons!"
Everyone laughed, including Michael, seeing the joy on Jonathan's young face.
"I will, little bro. And then your ass is mine!"
Jonathan beamed, hugging Michael.
"Thanks for today, brother." he said, breaking the hug, Michael smiling at him.
"Any time, Jon."
"Come on Sam, let's get cleaned up. You can change in my room."
Michael and Justin smiled, watching the two teenagers disappear into the house, Stevie following them.
"You got three real happy boys there, guys." Lance said, smiling in Josh's arms on the couch.
"Yes, my sons. You've made your brothers very happy." Lynn said, Lisa and she kissing them both on the cheek.
"They're my bros. I'll always try to make them happy." Michael said, Justin's arm around him.
"Geez, Jus! You smell like the horse!"
Everyone laughed, Justin tickling him.
Darian and Shauna climbed down off Rachel and Doris' laps, running to their fathers, grabbing onto their legs.
"Missed ya, Papa and Dada!!" Darian said, Justin smiling down and picking his son up.
"Missed you too, little man! And my little buttercup!"
Shauna smiled up at him, Michael picking her up.
"Let get cleaned up, Jus. And then we'll have supper with our angels."
Everyone smiled, watching the four walk into the house.
"They look so good together, a real family." Julius said, playing cards at a table with Alberto, Paul and Barlow.
"Yes, that they are." Alberto said, Doris smiling at him.

Jonathan and Samuel walked into Jonathan's room, Stevie jumping up on the bed.
"Get into the shower Stevie. I'll pull some clothes out for you." Jonathan said, Stevie smiling and getting off the bed, walking into the bathroom, closing the door.
Samuel leapt onto the bed, laying down.
Jonathan pulled some clothes out of the dresser drawer, setting them on the bed.
"Your brothers are so cool!!!"
Jonathan smiled, sitting down beside him.
"Yes, they are. Justin's always been loving, and Mikey, well he's something special."
Samuel smiled, looking up at Jonathan.
"Yeah, Mikey's unbelievable!!"
Jonathan smiled, looking at Samuel.
"You're something special too, Jonnie."
Jonathan smiled at him, seeing something in Samuel's eyes.
"Thanks, Sam." he said, a little blush coming into his cheeks.
The bathroom door opened a few minutes later, Stevie walking out of the room.
"Here ya go, Stevie." Jonathan said, handing him a t-shirt and shorts.
Stevie smiled, Jonathan helping him change.
Within moments Stevie was all set, Jonathan watching him run out of the room heading back downstairs.
Jonathan looked back at the bed, Samuel now sitting up.
Jonathan sat down again, Samuel looking at him.
They both sat in silence, then Samuel spoke.
"Justin and Mikey look good together. They seem to be really in love. I love watching them kiss."
Jonathan smiled, nodding his head.
"Yes, they are in love. They love each other greatly and are always showing it."
Samuel and Jonathan looked at each other at the same moment, staring into each other's eyes.
Samuel made the first move, pulling Jonathan's head to his.
Their lips met, a feverish kiss of newness exchanged.
Jonathan pulled back, nervously looking at Samuel.
Samuel moved closer, Jonathan backing up.
"I should shower, and get changed." Jonathan said quietly.
Jonathan got up, walking into the bathroom, shutting the door.
Samuel lowered his head, a tear forming in his eye.
He got up, walking quietly out of the room.

Everyone met in the dining room for a late supper, the mood gay and festive.
They all dined on rich, Spanish cuisine.
Toasts were made, everyone laughing and smiling.
Michael and Justin fed their little ones, the little tots smiling and laughing.
Michael noticed Jonathan and Samuel sitting apart, finding that strange.
They'd both been so happy together all afternoon.
He quietly talked to Justin in their joined mind, the two looking at both young men.
Justin watched his brother, seeing him avoiding Samuel's gaze.
No one else seemed to notice the two young men, Justin listening to Michael's words in his mind.
After dinner, they all adjourned to the veranda again, card games going into play.
Justin begged off, relaxing with his two little ones, the two playing with Noah on the veranda floor.
Michael noticed Samuel going back into the house, quietly talking to Justin.
Jonathan talked to his father, then headed down the steps of the veranda off into the darkening night.
"Where's Jonnie going, Dad?" Justin asked.
"He said he wanted to go and sit by the pool for a while."
Justin nodded, Michael quietly looking at him.
"Excuse me, guys. I'm going to go talk to my brother."
Randall and Lisa nodded, both looking at Michael.
"Can you watch the kids, Dad? I think I forgot something in the house."
"Sure thing, Mikey." Randall said, smiling, looking down at his grandkids.
Michael quietly walked into the house.
Justin walked through the hedge, spotting Jonathan sitting on a lounge chair, staring into the pool.
Lights were on around it, giving the pool a romantic glow.
He saw now why Antonio and Jarod came to this spot.
He quietly walked over to his brother, sitting down beside him.
"Beautiful night, Jonnie. Why are you out here by yourself?"
Jonathan looked up into his brother's blue eyes, Justin seeing tears in Jonathan's blue eyes.
Justin's arm went around him, Jonathan laying his head on Justin's chest.
"I think I've just ruined our friendship."
Justin held his brother, moving Jonathan into his lap, the young man clinging to him.
"Did something happen between you and Samuel?"
"Yes, Jussy. We kissed."
Justin looked surprised, but still held his brother.
"And how did that make you feel?"
Jonathan's head rose up, looking into his brother's eyes again.
"I really like him, Justin. He's a really nice guy. But I don't like him like that. Like you and Mikey?"
Justin smiled, brushing the hair hanging in his brother's eyes.
"I understand, Jon. You're not gay. And that's perfectly okay."
Jonathan's head returned to Justin's chest.
"I think he wants more, Justin. How do I tell him no? All I want is his friendship. I don't want to hurt him."
Justin held his brother, then sighed.

Michael tapped gently on Samuel's door, hearing the boy saying enter.
He walked into the room, the young man getting up off his bed, sitting up quietly.
Michael saw the tears in his eyes.
He smiled at him, sitting down beside him.
"Care to talk to a friend, Sam?"
Sam looked up at him, the tears flowing now.
Michael put his arm around him, Samuel crying into his chest.
"There, there, my friend. It's okay. Let it out."
Samuel cried for a few minutes, then wiped his eyes.
"I did something stupid, Mikey. I've hurt Jonnie."
Michael smiled at him, rubbing his back.
"You kissed him."
Samuel looked up at him in surprise.
"Yes. How did you know?"
Michael smiled at him, kissing his cheek.
"You forget, I can read your heart, Sam. I feel your feelings."
Samuel lowered his head, Michael raising it.
"I feel your heart and your love, Sam. It's okay."
"I'm gay, Mikey. I've felt these feeling for a while. And being here with Jonathan, seeing his beauty and feeling his deep friendship, I thought that... well maybe..."
Michael smiled at him, hugging him again.
"You thought that maybe he'd return those feelings."
Samuel nodded.
"Now I've screwed it all up! And he hates me!"
"Oh, Sam! Jonnie doesn't hate you. He's just a bit shocked by what's happened. He loves you dearly as a friend. Don't be hurt by his rejection. It only means that he doesn't feel for you the way you want him to. He is still your friend."
Samuel wiped his eyes, looking into Michael's golden ones.
"Really? He doesn't hate me?"
Michael smiled, Samuel smiling back.
"Let's go find out."

Justin held his brother, feeling his blossoming adulthood.
Justin lifted him up, Jonnie staring at him.
Justin looked into his brother's blue eyes.
"I suddenly realize that you're a young man now, Jon. And with that comes all these new feelings. I know you're not gay, Jon. I've sensed that in you."
"I'm sorry, but I like girls, Justy."
"That's perfectly alright, bro. Every person has their own likings and feelings."
"I think Sam's gay. I think I saw that in his eyes."
"And how does that make you feel?"
"I'm okay with it, Jus. I see the love you and Mikey have. I want Sam to be happy too. He's my friend."
"Really, Jonnie?"
Jonathan and Justin looked up, seeing Samuel and Michael standing by the entrance.
The two young men looked at each other, Michael pushing Samuel gently forward.
"Yes, Sam. I am your friend." Jonathan said, Sam smiling.
"I think we need to leave these two alone, Jus. These two friends need to talk." Michael said, Justin smiling and getting up.
He looked at Samuel, Samuel smiling at Justin.
The two older men quietly walked back through the hedge, Justin's arm going around Michael.

Jonathan smiled at Sam when he sat down beside him.
"I heard all you said, Jonnie. About you being straight. I need to tell you something."
Jonathan remained quiet, Samuel lowering his head.
"I'm gay, Jonnie. I hope you really are okay with that."
Jonathan raised Samuel's head, the two looking into each other's eyes.
"I was really surprised when you kissed me, Sam. I felt the deep love in that kiss. That's why I panicked and shut you out. I was surprised at the intensity of your love."
Sam nodded, Jonathan still looking at him.
"I am perfectly okay with your being gay, Sam. I see the love and happiness my brother has. I want you to have the same. It just can't be me. I'm sorry for that."
Sam smiled, remaining still.
"I understand, Jon. I don't hate you for not wanting to love me."
"Sam, I do want to love you. But only as a friend. I am straight, that aspect will never change. But  I really want to be your friend."
"Yes, Sam. I love you as you are. You're so athletic and fun to be with. Being gay shouldn't matter."
Sam smiled widely, Jonathan smiling just as wide.
"Ok, Jon. I want the same, too."
Both smiled, Jonathan chuckling.
"You're a hell of a kisser, Sammy."
Sam laughed then blushed.
"Hey, you're a Timberlake. Who wouldn't want to kiss you?"
Jonathan laughed, Sam laughing as well.
Jonathan hugged his friend, Sam hugging him back.
Both wore smiles of happiness.
"They going to be okay?" Justin asked, the two men quietly watching from behind the hedge.
Michael kissed his cheek.
"They needed to talk it out, Jus. Jonnie needs Sam's friendship. And Sam needs his even more."
Justin smiled, kissing his lover deeply.
"I see Sam's reasoning. It's so easy to fall for the Timberlake charm and breathtaking beauty."
Justin smiled, the two walking back to the house.

The next morning saw the arrival of the other boy banders and their loves.
Chris and Vicky, Joey, Kelly, and Brianna, Silas and Nora as well.
Michael and Justin met them all at the front door, hugs exchanged, Chris' eyes wide with awed wonder.
"Geez, Mikey! You some kinda prince or something? This place is a palace!"
"He's my prince, my prince of love." Justin said, his arms around his lover.
Chris rolled his eyes, Joey shaking his head.
"You won't say that after he becomes your ball and chain. Mikey's a nagger." Chris smirked, Vicky looking at him with steady eyes.
Chris lowered his eyes.
"Sorry, Mike. I've gotten the lecture from Victoria. I'm to be on my best behavior this week."
Michael hugged his friends, Chris smiling after they parted.
"There's no such thing as best behavior with you, Snookums." Michael smiled.
Chris grinned, Michael looking at him intently.
"You are you, Disco Chrisco. I wouldn't want you any other way. And I'm sure Vicky feels the same."
Vicky smiled, nodding.
Chris practically beamed.
"Awesome! The game's afoot!!"
Michael laughed, Justin shaking his head.
"Word of warning Chris. There's an Olympic-sized pool here." Justin smiled, Chris looking at both of them.
"I'm wearing the same clothes all week!!"
Everyone laughed, Michael and Justin showing them all around.
The house was in full activity, everyone having fun and relaxing.
And the gardens were beginning to transform.
Seth and Tomas were in their glory, the gardens blooming with rich colors of happiness.
Michael and Justin stopped by only once that morning, giving the two free reign over everything, their trust complete.
They both saw the garden transforming into a flowery paradise.
They all enjoyed a wonderful lunch together, Michael almost having to drag Seth and Tomas into the room.
"You two need nourishment. Can't have our gardeners collapsing in the warm Spanish sunshine. You're both getting bronzed." Michael smiled, the two smiling back at him.
Everyone noticed the changed looks in the two men.
Both looked more muscular and tanned.
"California sunshine agrees with both of you." Silas smiled, drinking a cup of tea beside Alberto and Father Derrick.
Tomas smiled, his arm around Seth.
"My Sethy's becoming a tanned adonis. His beauty and love my everything."
Everyone smiled, Michael smiling the most.
"And Seth's eagle is soaring free."
Tomas smiled at his cousin, the conversation going in other directions.
Everyone new learned all the latest news, all eyes looking towards Michael.
Michael lowered his from their steady gaze, Justin's hand in his.
"My own eagle of love soars highest when he spreads his wings of love through his family."
Michael smiled at Justin's touching words, everyone smiling.
"Three days my angel. Three days and you're stuck with me forever."
"Three days and my heart has its eternal happiness."
Michael teared up at Justin's loving words, the two kissing deeply.

The rest of the day was a happy, joyous gathering of Michael's ever-expanding family.
He saw their love shining brightly for Justin and him.
The newcomers were filling in on all the preparations and plans.
Chris and Joey volunteered to help with the construction projects, the two men diving into their assigned tasks.
They were charged with constructing an arched platform by the pool where photographs would be taken, the large beautiful pool in the background.
Michael saw their happiness at being included in the preparations.
Justin and Michael spent the afternoon with the kids, playing in the south gardens.
Everyone joined together at the pool, a barbecue decided for supper.
The kids laughed and played in the water, their fathers and uncles playing with all of them.
They all dined on burgers and steaks, the whole group joyous and happy.
Michael saw all the beautiful men swimming and laughing together.
Emile, Paulo and Marco, Seth and Tomas, Josh and Lance, and Antonio and Jarod.
In all of them, he saw much beauty and love.
But his eyes always turned to a young man he watched diving off the diving board.
Justin Timberlake's beautiful body glistened with wetness, his muscular form taking Michael's breath away.
He smiled, seeing before him his life.

After supper. Joey and Chris showed Michael and Justin, and Seth and Tomas, the platform, all of them happy with its design.
An archway was above it, the platform surrounded with a railing, room for floral creations to line the whole railing.
"So, it's moved to the pool's edge on Saturday. The wedding party has lots of room to stand in it for pictures. I think the whole theme will be awesome!" Joey said, smiling.
Seth and Tomas gave them a description of all the flowers that would be around it, both men smiling.
"It truly will be beautiful, Michael. You'll have some wonderful pictures."
They both agreed, the two young friends smiling at them.
They returned to their family, Chris quietly smiling.
He walked up onto the platform, moving to the back railing of the platform.
He pushed on it gently, the railing bending backwards.
He smiled widely.
"Tavarro, it's your beautiful day. And it's my day of victory. I hope you see the love behind it." he quietly said, smiling.
He pulled the railing back to its original place, walking back to the gathering.

End of Chapter 157

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