Justin's Angel-158

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The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


After supper. Joey and Chris showed Michael and Justin, and Seth and Tomas, the platform, all of them happy with its design.
An archway was above it, the platform surrounded with a railing, room for floral creations to line the whole railing.
"So, it's moved to the pool's edge on Saturday. The wedding party has lots of room to stand in it for pictures. I think the whole theme will be awesome!" Joey said, smiling.
Seth and Tomas gave them a description of all the flowers that would be around it, both men smiling.
"It truly will be beautiful, Michael. You'll have some wonderful pictures."
They both agreed, the two young friends smiling at them.
They returned to their family, Chris quietly smiling.
He walked up onto the platform, moving to the back railing of the platform.
He pushed on it gently, the railing bending backwards.
He smiled widely.
"Tavarro, it's your beautiful day. And it's my day of victory. I hope you see the love behind it." he quietly said, smiling.
He pulled the railing back to its original place, walking back to the gathering.

Chapter 158

Eve of Love

Michael woke up, feeling Justin's warmth against him.
The two were spooned together, Justin's arms around Michael.
He sighed, then smiled, snuggling closer to his lover.
Justin stirred a little, his arm wrapping tighter around his man.
Michael smiled, feeling Justin's protective love.
But Michael also felt the stirring of his morning need.
He gently but firmly lifted Justin's arms, sliding out from his reach.
Justin murmured,
"Where are you going, Mico? Come back to bed, it's too early."
Michael leaned down, kissing Justin's lips, Justin's eyes opening slowly.
"I need relief my love. And our angels are in need of love."
Justin smiled and yawned, rolling over, looking towards the crib.
"Morning Dada!" Darian said, smiling at him.
"Morning, little man. Morning, Noah." Justin smiled, sitting up.
Noah and Darian grinned, both talking to him.
Shauna lay wrapped in the blankets, her blue eyes glued to Justin.
"Morning, little princess." Justin said, standing up and stretching.
He walked to the crib, Michael walking into the bathroom.
"Morning, Dada." Shauna said, smiling at him.
Darian and Noah were playing together, Justin handing them their small trucks.
Shauna raised her arms, Justin gently picking her up.
She laid against his chest, Justin kissing her cheek.
"You're very quiet this morning, princess."
"Me been tinking, Dada."
Justin smiled, sitting down on the bed.
"And what has my angel been thinking about?"
"Me's so happy you and Papa are marryings. We's be family now. Me, Darry and you two. I wuv you Dada. I'm so happy you wuvs us back."
Justin teared up, feeling the deep love in the little girl's eyes.
"I love you with all my heart, Shauny. You and Darry are going to be my children. We will be a family as soon as you're adoption papers go through."
"Me wants to be Timberwake. But me no wants Papa to be sad me's not Tavawwo."
Justin smiled, Michael smiling as well, having heard the conversation as he walked out of the bathroom.
Michael leaned against the wall, quietly listening, neither seeing his presence.
"Well guess what, angel? You and Darian are going to be both!"
"Really, Dada?"
"Yes, Shauny. You and Darry are going to have our joined last names. Tavarro-Timberlake. We are all going to be Tavarro-Timberlakes."
She smiled widely, looking at Darian, the little boy watching them with a large smile.
"Yay!!! We's be both."
Shauna kissed Justin's cheek, Justin smiling.
"I wuv you both, Dada. Papa so wuving and kind. And you's big brother, so happy to plays with me and Darry."
Justin hugged her, Michael wiping tears from his eyes.
"We love both of you. So you okay now, princess?"
"Yes Dada. Me's okay!"
Michael smiled, walking over to the bed, sitting beside Justin.
"Morning, sweet pea."
"Morning, Papa!" she said, climbing into his lap.
"Morning, Papa!" Darian said from the crib, Noah looking up.
"Morning, Uncle Mikey!"
"Morning my two little men. All ready for a fun day? Your big sister Becky comes today!"
Both grinned, as did Shauna, Michael dumping her back into Justin's lap.
She giggled, Michael gently tickling her.
"Okay, Jus. You wash up these three little munchkins, I'll get breakie started."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing him deeply.
"Love ya, Timby."
"Love ya, Mico."
They smiled at each other, Michael pulling on a t-shirt and shorts, then walking out of the room.

Michael walked into the kitchen finding Lynn already cooking.
"Wow, Mom! You beat me to it!"
She smiled, Michael kissing her cheek.
"I wanted to make breakfast for everyone. Lisa is helping too. She just went to get some flowers for the table."
"Wow, both of the Moms are up!"
"And you're up early. It's only seven. Where's my son, deep in slumberland?"
"No, he's washing our angels. He woke up when I tried to crawl out of bed."
Lynn laughed.
"My son and his claws of steel. He's been like that since he was a child."
Michael smiled, sitting down at the counter.
"I would have loved to see Justin when he was young. He must have been so rambunctious and energetic."
Lynn laughed as did Lisa as she came into the room, Michael taking the flowers from her full arms.
"That's an understatement, Mikey. That boy was a ball of energy, from morning to night." Lynn said, smiling.
Michael kissed Lisa's cheek, saying good morning.
"Lynn's right, Mikey. I only knew him from age 13 but he was totally wound up, always. He hated sitting around doing nothing. He was either playing sports, or singing or something."
"Wow, he's mellowed now. He's like dead weight in the morning."
Lynn laughed, stirring a pan full of eggs.
"He's always been a sound sleeper. And he can sleep anywhere. But like you said, try getting out of his grip. He's like a vise."
"And I'm the reason for that."
Michael looked at Justin's father as he walked into the room.
Randall walked up to Lisa, putting his arm around her.
"I know Justin clings to people in his sleep because he's afraid they'll leave him. Like I did."
Michael looked at Randall, Randall averting his gaze.
"Justin clings to people because he needs love. That's the only reason. It's not your fault or anyone else's. Ever since I've known Justin, I've sensed his deep need for love. It's just him, the man I love. His heart needs constant love, and I'm so happy I have more than enough to give him."
"My heart's full now, Mico."
Michael smiled, Justin walking into the room carrying Noah, Darian and Shauna walking in front of him.
Darian was in Randall's arms in moments, Shauna climbing into Lisa's arms.
"Dad, your love has been with me always, Mom and Lisa's too."
Randall smiled at his son, Justin kissing his cheek.
"Mikey's right. I've always hungered for love, it's my life's need. But I have so much now, Mico and the kids fill my heart completely. And I have all my family's love. I'm happy Dad. Totally filled with love."
Randall smiled, sitting down, Darian giggling in his lap.
Josh and Lance walked into the room, Noah's head turning.
"Papa and Daddy?"
"Hey, little sport. How's my boy?" Josh said, Noah climbing out of Justin's arms into Josh's.
"Me's great, Daddy. Me's played with my fwiends."
Everyone smiled, seeing Noah's happiness.
Lance kissed the little boy's cheek, Noah giggling.
"Hope our angel isn't being a bother, guys." Josh smiled, Michael kissing his cheek.
"Noah's an angel. He's no bother. But we are giving you a bill for our babysitting service."
Lance and Josh both laughed, Michael kissing Lance's cheek.
"You're a bundle of happiness this morning."
"Yep. The countdown has begun. T-minus two days. And then I'm taken."
Justin beamed, kissing his lover's lips.
"No one can take you, love. You're your own man."
Michael smiled, picking up Shauna.
"I'm a man, a writer, and now a father. And in two days, I'll be a married man. That day will complete my hopes and dreams."
Everyone smiled, the two moms tearing up.
"Let's go into the dining room, everyone's on their way." Michael said.
Michael walked out of the room, Shauna in his arms.
Darry jumped down from his grandfather's lap, running to Michael, Michael taking his hand in his, walking with his little ones into the dining room.
"The boy's extremely happy, Jus. You can see it on his face."
Justin smiled.
"I think I've never seen him happier, Dad. I can't imagine the look on his face on Saturday. He'll be mine forever."
Lynn hugged her son, Justin tearing up.
"We'll all be privileged to see that look, my son."
Justin beamed, his Mom kissing his cheek.
"Go sit with your family, Justin."
Justin smiled, walking out of the kitchen.

Breakfast was a coming together for all the friends and family.
Good food, good laughter and comradery.
After breakfast, Michael sat in the gathering room with the Stavros clan, the second part of Michael's family his immediate focus.
Justin took the kids swimming with Josh and Lance.
"This place is truly awe-inspiring, Michael. Your father's family is steeped in history." Julius smiled, sitting on a couch with his brother Barlow.
"As is my mother's family and heritage." Michael smiled, Barlow smiling at him.
Gregory sat on a couch with Kevin, the two sitting together close.
Samuel sat in a chair, smiling at Michael.
"How goes the spreading of the Warrior's cause?" Michael asked, the five looking directly at him.
"The family is fully behind you, Michael. Your revealing moment in the center of our faith has ignited the soul of our clan." Barlow stated, his eyes tearing up.
"I have spoken to all the family, Michael. They are completely behind you. And a force of one hundred men will stand with you at that last moment." Gregory said, looking with pride at his cousin.
Michael stood up, looking at the three adult members of his mother's heritage.
"I need not their strength, I need only their faith. It is not an army that I need but a family of faith. That is what I want to stand with me on that final day. Not a force of direction but a family of faith."
Julius and Barlow looked in shock, Gregory standing.
"You need protection, Michael! Those men shall be armed." Gregory stood in front of him.
"You are my friend, my cousin and my family, Gregory. Your love is my greatest protection. No weapon shall enter that church. My word is final."
"But, Michael. To go in there against an unknown, it's foolhardy!" Barlow said.
"It is not an unknown that I shall face. It is my horrific uncle, or what once was my uncle. I stand alone against him, my faith against his evil. My gifts against his. And the greatest weapon I possess is love. He fears love. It is the weapon he cannot stand against. And for me to succeed against his evil, I need all of your love. The love of your united soul."
"You will have that, now and always Michael." Gregory said, clasping his hand.
Michael smiled, hugging his cousin.
"Very well, Michael. You shall have a force of faithful loving Stavros beside you." Barlow said, shaking his hand, Julius doing the same.
Michael smiled, looking at all of them.
"I shall have your love, the Tavarros' love and the love of others. Right, Matty?"
"Right, Mikey!" a soft voice said in the air, everyone standing in shocked awe.
"That is my father's younger brother. A spirit that walks this house. He was brutally murdered by my Uncle Fredrick. A child of his blood, his own little brother. He guards and watches the Tavarro home, and he walks with me always. He and many more spirits of my family shall join against this evil. Be prepared for a day of unbelievable faith and love."
Matty giggled, his youthful voice echoing off the walls.
"Love ya, Mikey."
"Love you back, little Matthew."
Everyone smiled, hearing the love in the joyous voice.
"You are walking with God's love, Michael." Julius said, Barlow nodding his head as well, both men in awe of the man in front of them.
Michael nodded, looking towards the door.
"Come in Christina, my sister of love."
The door opened, Christina, Zach and Becky walking into the room.

Justin dove into the water, the coolness refreshing against the warm morning Spanish heat.
He emerged, seeing Christina and Zach walking along the pool's edge.
Becky was in Michael's arms, Darian and Shauna running towards him from Josh and Lance's arms.
"Becky! Becky! You's here!" Shauna squealed, Michael setting the girl down, Shauna and her hugging.
"Hi, Shauny! Hi, Darry! I'm here to love you."
Michael smiled, Justin smiling as he climbed out of the pool.
His wet glistening body on full display.
"Hello soon to be sister and  brother-in-law." Justin smiled, Christina kissing him, and laughing as Justin tried to hug her without getting her all wet.
Zach smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"Hey future brother. It's a short walk now to the gallows. You still have time to run away from this maniac!" Zach smirked, Michael sticking his tongue out at him.
"No way, Zacky! I'm dying to marry this maniac! And I hear married sex is unbelievable!" Justin laughed, Christina smiling.
"You got that right!" she smiled, Zach smiling more.
"Ah, married love! Ain't it grand??" Michael smiled, Justin dripping water on his feet as he kissed him.
"Love, you're all wet. Just the way I love my Timberlake popsicle." Michael said, pulling Justin against him.
They all laughed, sitting down and enjoying the morning together, Becky climbing into Justin's still wet lap.
That fact didn't matter to her, she was in his arms of love.
To her, her happiest world was in Justin's loving embrace.

After lunch and a rejoining of all the family–the Warrens welcomed wholeheartedly by everyone–the eight members of the wedding party adjourned to a room upstairs for a final fitting of their tuxedos.
Michael smiled looking around the room and seeing all the members of his brotherhood of love.
Some were almost naked, pulling on tuxedos.
Zach, Josh and Lance had their shirts off, Michael seeing their smooth muscular torsos.
Justin and he were in their boxers, Seth and Tomas in suit pants with no shirts.
He smiled seeing their youthful beauty.
Joey and Chris were almost completely dressed, just beginning to undress, Joey smiling at Michael.
"So you just asked us all to get a free peep show, Mikey?"
"Of course Joe. I've been hankering to see your hairy sexy self." Michael smirked.
"Well then, feast your eyes on this perfect specimen." Chris said, pulling his shirt off.
Joey smiled removing his shirt.
Michael stared at Chris.
"Geez, Chris! That specimen died in the petri dish!"
Everyone burst into laughter, Justin almost doubling over.
"Ha..ha, Tavarro. I'll have you know Vicky drools over me."
Michael smiled, patting his shoulder.
"She always had some strange fetishes."
"Stop, Mikey. You're killing me." Joey said, almost falling to the floor.
Chris folded his arms, his hair chest on full display.
Michael smiled, putting his arm around him.
"I know that Vicky loves everything about you, Chris. And I see your love for her. Sorry if I touched a sore spot."
Chris smiled, relaxing.
Michael released him, looking at Justin.
"Get me some disinfectant, love. I think I touched more than a sore spot."
Joey lost it, rolling around the floor, Chris looking totally shocked.
Michael looked into Chris' eyes, Chris seeing his mirthful love in those golden orbs.
He smiled, laughing himself.
"Good one, Mikey. Good one."
They all regained their smiles, changing into their tuxes.
An older man walked into the room, smiling at them all.
They remained still as the tailor adjusted their tuxedos, Justin staring at Michael in his.
He thought his love looked unbelievable.
If Justin was staring, Michael was completely lost in his gaze.
He'd never seen his lover looking more beautiful than totally covered in white.
He remembered that day in the clearing, seeing Justin standing in white on the cliff's edge, waiting to propose to him.
Michael teared up, Justin seeing him on the verge of crying.
He walked up to him, looking at him with concern.
"What's wrong, my love? Are you okay?"
Everyone remained still, looking at the two.
"I just saw the beauty of you standing there. You look so unbelievably beautiful. And I realize that your beauty is shining for me. Your shining only for me. You are my white angel."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Yes, my love. My beauty always will shine for only you."
Michael smiled, kissing him back.
Everyone smiled, Joey looking at Chris.
He saw him wiping his eyes.
"You okay, Chris?"
Michael and Justin turned looking at Chris.
"It's just so damn romantic." he quietly said, not looking at them.
Everyone smiled, saying nothing, hearing in Chris' simple words the beauty of the moment.

The rest of the day flew by, the family all together and joyous.
Michael took Christina and Zach on a tour of the mansion, the two awed by all the beauty.
"Our family home is unbelievable, Mikey." Christina said, Michael smiling at her.
"Yes it is, my sister. It's truly magical."
Michael showed them the resting place, both holding Michael in their arms as he showed them his father's place of rest.
"It truly is a beautiful spot, Mikey. Alberto picked a beautiful spot."
"Yes, his love for his sons shines brightly here."
Christina kissed his cheek, Michael wiping his eyes.
"And your love for Justin will shine brightly on Saturday. I think it's going to be a moving ceremony. The gardens look so beautiful."
Michael smiled, kissing her cheek.
"I'm so glad you're here to join in it, Cricket. I have my sister with me on the best day of my life."
She smiled through tears.
Michael and Justin had asked her and Vicky to be a special part of the ceremony.
They'd both agreed easily.
"Fate has drawn us all here, Mikey. To see the love of two beautiful soulmates shine."
Michael smiled, walking towards the house with his arms around his sister and his childhood friend.

Friday morning saw the arrival of all the remaining guests.
They came in groups, the Tavarro jets in full use that day.
>From New York and Chicago came Jake, Vito and Loren, Nancy, Harry Sanders, Zach's parents and Fred and Betty.
>From the Memphis area came Justin's family.
His grandparents, cousins and aunts and uncles.
The other NSync families all came on both planes, their families spread across the country.
>From Los Angeles came the larger group.
The Backstreet Boys, and Kevin, as well as the 98 Degrees group, along with Trevor and Michael's agent, Ryan.
Also with them came Pink, Timbaland and Cassi, Justin's cousin Rachel, Will, Ted and Steve and his wife, as well as all of Justin's tour crew including Gary the bus driver and Johnny.
Terry and Denise joined the group, awed by the surrounding celebrities.
Larry King and Oprah Winfrey were both invited, both happily accepting.
Oprah and her boyfriend Stedman came on the Chicago plane with Jake and the others.
Larry and his wife came with the L.A. gang.
They both meant a lot to Justin and Michael, playing an important part in their opening love.
And that was the extent of the invited guests.
Close friends and family.
It was to be a wedding of love, not a showcase for celebrity status.
The first group to arrive were from New York and Chicago.
They were shocked by the size of Villa Tavarro.
They were all greeted by Michael and Justin at the front door, all of them in awe of the grandeur of the mansion.
"Welcome to the heart of the Tavarro family. Please make yourselves at home."
Jake was in Paulo's arms immediately, the two kissing deeply.
Oprah stood back looking completely in shock, Michael standing beside her.
"Isn't love grand?"
She regained her composure, smiling at him.
"Yes, it truly is that. And it's damn surprising as well."
"Yes, the secrecy of difficult love. I hope you're okay with that. There may be a few surprises in that regard."
She smiled, looking into his golden eyes.
"Love, whether secret or open, is still love. Whatever happens here this weekend you can trust me to be discreet."
Michael smiled at her, seeing her complete openness with what might transpire this weekend.
He smiled, greeting everyone else.
"My word, Michael! Are you a prince or a count?" Fred asked, Michael smiling.
"No, Fred. I'm me. Lovable ole me."
Everyone smiled, the twosome of love giving them a guided tour.

Two hours later, the Los Angeles and Memphis planes landed, the larger group standing in awe at the front steps of the mansion.
"Holy mackerel! This is a palace! I had no idea Michael was this rich!" Justin's granddad said, everyone nodding.
The front door opened, Justin smiling at everyone.
"Y'all made it! Fantastic! Hi everyone!"
Everyone hugged him, chatter beginning immediately.
"God damn, JT! This place is unbelievable!" Timba said, Justin smiling at him.
"Yes, it's that all right. But don't be overwhelmed, it's still only a home. Alberto's got all of your rooms ready, everyone. Let me show you where you are all staying. The east wing is spacious and comfortable. You'll not want for anything. The whole house is open to everyone."
Everyone smiled, following Justin into the Villa Tavarro.
All the now full house gathered for lunch in the ceremonial banquet room.
It was much larger than the regular dining room, and more comfortable.
A large buffet had been set up, the large group diving into delicious food.
Tables were in abundance, Alberto fully prepared for the large group.
Michael was the last person to join the group, everyone smiling at him.
"There you are, Mico. I thought you were lost." Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around him.
"No, Jus. Just dealing with something. Hello everyone!" he said smiling at everyone, receiving hugs from a lot of new people.
Justin introduced him to his grandparents, his mother's and father's parents.
"This is Grampa Timberlake, Mico."
"Hello, sir." Michael smiled, the older man smiling at him.
"Yep, he's a keeper, JR."
"JR, sir?" Michael asked, smiling at Justin's happiness.
"That's what I always call my energetic little boy."
Justin smiled, kissing his grandfather's cheek.
Michael smiled, both of Justin's grandmothers putting their arms around him.
"Oh, Justy! He's a looker!" Grandma Bomar said, Michael blushing.
Grandma Timberlake kissed his cheek, licking her lips.
"Simply delicious."
Randall laughed, as did Lynn, both seeing Michael's blushing face.
"Well, your grandson's filled me up with his love. That's probably what you're tasting."
They all laughed, Justin smiling at Michael's overflowing humor.
He also saw his grandparents' total acceptance of Michael's love.

A few minutes later, Michael walked up to the boybanders table, Justin's arm around him.
AJ and Jeff both hugged him, Justin quietly watching.
"Awesome palace here, your highness." AJ said bowing.
Michael laughed, smiling at him.
"A prince I'll never be. That's Justin's calling."
Chris and Joey both laughed, Justin blushing.
"More like Prince the wonder dog!" Chris smirked, Michael smiling at him.
"Leave your parentage out of this, Chrisco!"
Joey laughed, sitting back and taking it all in.
Chris stared at Michael, catching his meaning.
Vicky quickly guided him towards the buffet, not wanting her man to be the center of one of Michael's mirthful beatings.
"Man Mikey, this place is the bomb!" Timba said, Michael receiving hugs from him and Cassi.
"It's a historical place, in regards to my family. From here began the path of faith."
Timba nodded, smiling at his friend.
Justin and Michael walked around, talking to everyone at the tables, greetings exchanged.
Josh's and Lance's mothers both hugged Michael tightly, Michael blushing but remaining calm.
After everyone had eaten and were now relaxing, Lance tapped the glasses at his table.
"If I could have everyone's attention, please."
The room gradually quieted down, everyone looking towards Lance and Josh who were now standing.
"My Josh and I want to welcome you all to the Villa Tavarro. Josh and I are the best men for our loving friends Mikey and Jus. We'd like to inform you of what will be taking place over the next two days."
Everyone smiled, looking towards Michael and Justin who were now standing beside Lance and Josh.
"This afternoon the rehearsal will be taking place in the main garden. That area is off limits to everyone now, our gardeners of love finished with all the preparations. Seth and Tomas say it will be unbelievably beautiful. It's now a surprise for all of you until tomorrow. Let's give them a round of applause, they've worked their hearts out." Lance said, everyone clapping.
Seth and Tomas stood up, blushing and waving.
"Only the wedding party and immediate family will be attending the rehearsal. For everyone else there are lots of activities to keep you amused. There's an Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis courts, badminton nets and a large veranda for card games and other activities. Feel free to use everything, Alberto and other family members will guide you to all their locations."
Alberto, Marco and Paulo all waved.
Everyone chatted, a murmur of happiness flooding the group.
"This evening at seven, the rehearsal party will begin. There will be lots of delicious food, drinks and musical fare to entertain you all. I'm sure you have all now found your rooms and hopefully the rest of your stay will be enjoyable." Lance finished, smiling at everyone.
Josh kissed his cheek, everyone smiling.
"For the moment, I'd like to begin this adventure by proposing a toast to the happy couple. Everyone please lift your glasses."
Everyone stood, Justin and Michael smiling at everyone.
Josh smiled at both of them, Lance's arm going around him.
"Today begins your moment of romantic love. We all are so happy to be included in this moment of grandeur. All of us will bask in the beauty of this weekend. But I know in my heart the happiest twosome here will be both of you. All of us love you two, you've entered our hearts and our souls. Congratulations, my dear friends. May this be the beginning of a lifetime of love and happiness. Here's to you, Justin and Michael!" Josh said, tears in his eyes.
"To Justin and Michael!!" everyone cheered, both men smiling with teary eyes.
Everyone drank to the toast, Justin asking for calmness after all the clapping had died down.
"Thank you all. I'll let Michael voice our wishes." Justin said, wrapping his arm around Michael.
Michael looked at everyone, his golden eyes teary and wet.
"Today, I feel like I'm in a dream. I see all around me so much love and happiness. Thank you all for joining Jus and I on this joyous occasion. Tomorrow we hope the beauty of all this will flood your hearts with happiness. All we ask is that all you loving couples soak in that love and romance. For if we see all of your love shining, our love will draw from it. Enjoy your stay here in my ancestral home. It truly is a palace of love. Thank you all."
Everyone cheered and clapped, Michael blushing, Justin kissing him tenderly.
The cheering increased, the group breaking up.

The family and all the wedding party spent the afternoon in the main garden.
Everyone was deeply awed by the beauty of the place.
Seth's and Tomas' love shining in all the floral displays.
The rehearsal itself went smoothly, a lot of people shocked by the wonderful ideas the twosome had come up with.
Everyone became a part of the event, all their close family and loving friends.
Justin and Michael had both decided on a surprising moment for each of them, these being secret until the wedding.
Justin wanted Michael to be awed by his idea. Michael felt the same for Justin.
Josh knew Justin's idea, Lance knew Michael's.
They'd discussed the two ideas together, the best men awed by the deep love from both men for their partner.
After the rehearsal, the group separated, some heading to the pool, others to relax on the veranda with friends.
Justin and Michael and the kids headed for the pool.
They walked into a festive display of happiness.
All the BSB's and 98's were at the pool, along with others.
Justin pulled off his t-shirt, Josh and he picking up the three little ones, heading for the shallow end.
Michael pulled his shirt off, diving into the refreshing water.
He noticed a few people staring at him, and others staring at Justin.
Michael was met in the water by AJ and the other BSB's.
"Man, Mikey! You're really put together!" AJ smiled, Nick looking at Michael.
"Thanks, but I'm nothing compared to others here. Just look at Paulo and Marco." Michael smiled.
Paulo and Marco were diving off the diving board, both wearing Speedos.
"Man they are unbelievable!" Nick said, Kevin smiling as well.
"Yes, but the most beautiful are our own soulmates." Michael said, Nick and Kevin smiling at each other.
AJ continued to stare at Michael, Howie swimming towards the edge of the pool.
"Come on, AJ. Let's soak in some of this warm Spanish sun." Howie yelled at him.
"I'm fine where I am, I'm staring at Spanish beauty."
Michael stared at him, AJ smiling at him.
Michael saw Nick and Trevor diving into the pool, swimming towards them.
AJ remained where he was, staring after Michael.
"Hey boys, how are the twosome of love?" Michael said as he swam to them.
"We are damn near fantastic, Mikey!" Nick beamed, Trevor smiling at his lover.
"Great to hear. You both look beyond happy."
Trevor smiled, looking at Michael.
"Nick and I are moving in together."
Michael grinned, hugging both of them in the water.
"Awesome, guys! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!"
Both grinned, Justin yelling at Michael.
"Your angels want to play with you, Papa!" he smiled, Michael looking at his friends.
"My children have summoned me. I need to be with all three."
Nick and Trevor laughed, Michael swimming towards Justin.

Michael sat beside Justin, their little ones swimming and laughing in front of them.
Michael saw Justin looking around, his eyes on AJ.
Michael smiled, whispering in his ear, his hand going behind Justin.
"Love conquers all."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael, Michael's hand going under Justin's trunks, kneading his ass.
"I'm sorry, Mico. I just hate the way AJ's staring at you."
"I know, Jus. I've finally seen it myself. I'll have a talk with him."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing him again.
"My angel has no worries. I'm not into tattooed muscle boys. Blond Timberlake singers with beautiful bodies do it for me."
Justin smiled, Darian climbing into his lap.
"Me wuvs you too, Dada!"
Justin smiled, Darian smiling up at him.
"I'm so loved by my men!"
Darian giggled and Michael smiled.
Michael looked over at AJ, the man glancing toward him.
"Yes, I'll definitely have to have a talk with him. And with someone else." Michael said quietly, Justin looking at him.
"You mean Jeff?"
Michael smiled, looking at Jeff standing beside Nick and Trevor.
His bronzed body was muscular and smooth.
And his blue eyes were staring at Michael.
"Way ahead of ya, Jus."
Justin smiled, snuggling against his man, their two little ones splashing them.

Michael smiled, Justin's hand running down his back, the two men shirtless in their room.
"Jus, we have to get ready. It's almost seven."
"I'm happy right here. Let's ditch the party and stay in bed all night." Justin purred, his hand going around to Michael's furry chest.
"And have your Moms and family chasing me all around this place? No thank you."
Justin laughed, kissing Michael's neck, breaking their intimate hug.
"Alright, my love. Guess I'll have to share you."
Michael smiled, handing Justin his shirt.
The two finished dressing, Justin looking stunning in a navy silk shirt and  grey dress pants.
Michael, as always, was covered in black, a silk shirt and tight black pants.
"Man, those pants fit your tush so deliciously!"
Michael laughed, kissing Justin.
"Something tells me my ass is going to be rubbed raw tonight!"
Justin laughed, kissing him passionately.
"My hands are going to be so happy!"
Michael chuckled, kissing him gently.
"Remember Jus, we sleep apart tonight. Tradition, you know."
Justin's face changed to a pout.
"Aw, Mico! That's an old wives' tale. Let's not separate, let's spend this night in each other's arms."
Michael sighed, running his fingers along Justin's cheek.
"I'd agree with you, my love. But you know what the older generation is like. Your moms and grandparents won't budge on that stipulation."
Justin sighed, nodding.
"Come on, love. Let's go and begin a night of happiness."
Justin smiled, walking out with his man.

The central ballroom was full, all of their family and dear friends there to witness their love.
When Justin and Michael entered, applause broke out from everyone, the two men smiling widely.
All the boy banders were whistling, Michael blushing.
They were both hugged and kissed by everyone.
They all sat down to a wonderful meal, a blend of different cuisines, as requested by Michael and Justin.
Spanish food, Greek and Southern-style dishes.
A blend of all their families' rich foods.
It all was a big hit with everyone.
Toasts were given, the two men smiling and tearing at wonderful words given by their friends and family.
After that, everyone relaxed, the tables cleared for a festive night of music and love.
Justin's tour band was all set up, all the guys smiling at them.
Josh walked out onto the platform stage, smiling at his friends.
"If the couple of the night would stand in the middle of the room, we'd all like to see them dance together."
Everyone clapped, Justin and Michael walking into the center, everyone standing and watching.
Music filled the large room, Josh smiling at the microphone.
Michael smiled, seeing his friend smiling at both of them.
"I'd like to sing a song for Michael. Listen to the words, my friend, and in them you'll find your love for Justin."
Michael's smile lit up the room, Josh beginning to sing.
Justin took Michael in his arms, their love shining in each other's eyes.

You ask me if I love you and I choke on my reply
I'd rather hurt you honestly than mislead you with a lie
And who am I to judge you on what you say or do
I'm only just beginning to see the real you

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much and I have to close my eyes and hide
I wanna hold you till I die
Till we both break down and cry
I want to hold you till the fear in me subsides

Romance and all its strategy leaves me battling with my pride
But through the insecurity some tenderness survives
I'm just another writer, still trapped within my truths
A hesitant prize fighter still trapped within my youth

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much and I have to close my eyes and hide
I wanna hold you till I die
Till we both break down and cry  
I want to hold you till the fear in me subsides

At times I'd like to break you and drag you to your knees
At times I'd like to break through and hold you endlessly
At times I understand you and I know how hard you've tried
I've watched while love commands you
And I've watched love pass you by
At times I think we're drifters, still searching for a friend
A brother or a sister, but then the passion flares again

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much and I have to close my eyes and hide
I wanna hold you till I die
Till we both break down and cry
I want to hold you till the fear in me subsides

Throughout the song, Michael felt the deep words that Josh was singing.
He felt the meaning of what Josh was saying.
The words about fear and his losing that due to Justin's love.
He had no fears now, his heart and soul filled with Justin's love.
Justin stared constantly into his golden eyes, Michael feeling his unending love.
Towards the end of the song their two little angels ran up to them, hugging their legs.
Michael and Justin smiled, leaning down and picking them both up.
The four family members danced as one, the little ones wrapped in their love.
After their dance, the couple mingled, their loving angels in their arms.
Everyone saw the happiness and love on their young faces.
Darian kept telling everyone he met the same thing.
"Dada and Papa's gettings marries."
Everyone smiled and kissed the boy's cheek, Shauna giggling every time.
"Darry's a parrot! He keeps saying same thing!"
Darian laughed, Justin and Michael laughing.
The evening wore on, lots of happiness and joyous love showing.
Michael danced with all the ladies, and a few of his male friends.
Paulo, Marco and Jake.
Justin danced with Seth and Tomas, and others.
Michael smiled, seeing all the boy bands mingling together, egos and notoriety put aside.
He felt in his heart that this weekend they'd all be just friends, their competitiveness forgotten.
Michael excused himself, needing to use the facilities.
While in the washroom, having just finished up, AJ walked into the room.
Michael was washing his hands, looking up as AJ went to a urinal.
Michael was just finishing drying his hands when AJ finished.
"An awesome night, Mikey! And I must say you look unbelievable. Nice outfit, black is your color, man."
"Thanks, Justin loves me in black."
"Timberlake's a lucky guy."
"Yes he is."
AJ stared at Michael, drying his hands off in front of him.
Michael stared at him, then sighed.
He'd had enough.
"Okay, AJ. Time to get this in the open. Either put your eyes back in your head or start looking elsewhere."
AJ looked a bit surprised, Michael sensing a trembling in him.
"Okay, so you know. I think you're one incredible hot man, Michael. I'm bi, and I think you are fantastic. No chance that you and Justin have an open relationship?"  AJ said, his arm going against the wall, his face inches from Michael's.
"Justin and I love only each other. No one will ever replace him in my eyes. So you can step back and walk out of this room. Either that or test my charitableness."
AJ stepped back, then lowered his head, walking silently out of the room.
Michael sighed, then smiled.
He adjusted his clothes, looking in the mirror.
"Well, Michael. You're drawing them like flies."
He laughed, walking out of the room.
He ran right into Jeff Timmons.
Jeff smiled, his blue eyes scanning Michael's whole body.
"We have to stop running into each other like this, either that or get even closer.." he smiled, his hand on Michael's shoulder.
Michael stared into his blue eyes, seeing all that lay behind them.
Jeff nodded, smiling at Michael.
"Can you meet me in my Grandfather's study in five minutes? We need to discuss something."
Jeff smiled widely, nodding his head, winking at Michael.
Michael smiled, walking out of the room, in his mind he was talking to Justin.

Michael sat in his grandfather's study, the door opening.
Into the room walked Jeff, a smile on his face.
"Hey, Mikey. I'm here."
Michael nodded, sitting quietly on the couch.
Jeff looked around the room, seeing the two of them alone.
He admired the large desk and high-back chair behind it, the chair turned towards the window behind the desk.
Jeff sat down beside Michael, Michael feeling he was a little too close.
"Alone at last. And what's on your mind?" Jeff said, his hand on Michael's shoulder again.
"What's on my mind is that you need to stop this, Jeff. This attraction you have to me."
Jeff removed his hand, Michael sensing his nervousness.
"I'm sorry, Michael. It's just you're so unbelievably beautiful. I think I'm really into you."
"I'm getting married tomorrow, Jeff. Justin is and always will be my love. He alone possesses me. I'm sorry, but that is final."
Jeff's head lowered, Michael putting his hand on Jeff's shoulder now.
A knock came to the door, Michael saying enter. Jeff looked up, confused.
Into the room walked AJ.
"You wanted to talk, Michael?" AJ said, stopping when he saw Jeff there also.
"Oh, sorry. Didn't realize you weren't alone." AJ said smiling at Jeff.
"Sit down, AJ. This involves you also."
Both men looked confused, Michael standing up.
"Sit down."
AJ heard the finality of Michael's last words, sitting down beside Jeff.
"Both of you need to understand something right now. I've seen your gazing eyes, and I've felt your hidden desires. Both of you feel the same, act the same and desire the same. But it stops now."
Michael folded his arms, staring at both of them, both showing surprising shock.
"You both feel a need for me. A need for me to be with you."
Both lowered their heads, quietly looking at each other.
"Well, what you want you can never have. All you can have is my friendship and the love that goes with that. Justin is my love, my true love. No one, not even beautiful young talented men like yourselves will ever come between him and me. We love each other completely. That's what this ceremony tomorrow is, a uniting of our deep love."
AJ looked up, Jeff seeing his eyes were wet.
"I've been so alone, so empty inside. I'm sorry for being so ardent, Michael. But you're so beautiful. When do I find my Michael? Justin's so damn lucky."
"Yes, I am."
Both men looked towards the desk, the high back chair turning around, Justin sitting in it.
They both looked shocked, Justin standing up and putting his arm around Michael.
"I'm sorry, Justin. Truly I never meant to try anything!" Jeff said, tears now in his eyes.
AJ nodded as well, afraid to look directly at Justin.
"Look at me, my friends."
Justin looked both men in their moist eyes.
"I know that. As does Mico. We both sensed your desires and needful wants. I had full faith in Michael staying true to me. We love each other and trust each other completely."
Michael smiled, hearing the truth in Justin's words.
Both AJ and Jeff saw the deep love in both other men's eyes for each other.
"I brought both of you in here for one reason alone. To tell you that what you seek cannot be given from me." Michael said, Justin taking Michael's hand in his.
Michael and Justin walked to the door, both turning around, looking at the two seated men.
"What you seek is sitting right in front of you."
The two walked out of the room, closing the door behind them.
Both men turned, looking into each other's eyes.

Justin pulled Michael close, kissing him tenderly.
"You're amazing, Mico. You knew that in each other they'd find what they need."
Michael smiled, kissing him again.
"Yes, Jus. Now they just have to see it. They need to talk and deal with their own identical feelings. From that, perhaps a mutual love can grow. Come on, let's return to our family."
Justin smiled, the two walking back to the ballroom.
They returned to their family and friends, the room full of music and laughter.
Michael and Justin danced together, feeling in each other their undying love.
The little ones tired out, Darian falling asleep in Justin's lap, Doris taking him and Shauna up to their room.
Rachel took Noah, half asleep in her arms.
Michael and Justin watched them leave, Michael kissing Justin's lips, Justin feeling a deep meaning in the kiss.
"Sit down, my angel. I have a surprise for you."
Justin smiled, sitting down between Josh and Lance, Michael smiling at all three.
Michael walked up to Tim, the guitarist, speaking quietly to him, Tim nodding.
The band finished their song, Timbaland walking up to them, taking the microphone.
"Ladies and gentlemen. If you'll all indulge me a moment, I'd like to say something to Justin."
Everyone quieted down, Michael walking over to the grand piano sitting in the corner.
"It fills all of our hearts with happiness seeing the love shining off our friends Justin and Michael this evening. Tomorrow begins their journey of united love. I've known Justin for a long time. I've heard him sing his heart out at every concert and hall across this earth. But never have I heard him sing with so much love and tenderness as I've heard this last tour. And there was only one reason for that. His Mico. His angel has been his inspiration. And tonight, Michael wants to show you how much your beautiful voice inspired him. This is for you Justin, with love from your Mico."
Justin saw Michael begin to play the piano, everyone quietly watching him play.
And Justin felt his heart leap when Michael's voice filled the quiet room, surrounded by the music.

I hear your voice and suddenly
I'm falling, lost in a dream.
Like the echoes of our souls are meeting,
You say those words and my heart stops beating.
I wonder what it means.
What could it be that comes over me?
At times I can't move.
At times I can hardly breath.

When you say you love me
The world goes still, so still inside and
When you say you love me
For a moment, there's no one else alive

You're the one I've always thought of.
I don't know how, but I feel sheltered in your love.
You're where I belong.
And when you're with me if I close my eyes,
There are times I swear I feel like I can fly
For a moment in time.
Somewhere between the Heavens and Earth ,
And frozen in time, Oh when you say those words.

When you say you love me
The world goes still, so still inside and
When you say you love me
For a moment, there's no one else alive

And this journey that we're on.
How far we've come and I celebrate every moment.
And when you say you love me,
That's all you have to say.
I'll always feel this way.

When you say you love me
The world goes still, so still inside and
When you say you love me
In that moment, I know why I'm alive

When you say you love me.
When you say you love me.
Do you know how I love you?

Justin was in tears, walking over to Michael, Michael taking him into his arms.
All their friends were standing, awed and in tears at hearing Michael's moving song.
Steady clapping echoed off the walls, Justin and Michael lost in each other's arms.
"That was so unbelievable, Mico! You expressed so much love in that song!"
"Yes, Jus. I love you."
Justin smiled, Michael gently lifting him up, the two standing as one.
Michael looked around seeing the looks of awe struck wonder on quite a few people.
Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmins, as well as a lot of others.
AJ looked totally stunned, staring in total wonder.
Michael smiled, everyone smiling back.
"Thank you all. Enjoy the music and the rest of our night of happiness." he said, taking Justin's hand and walking onto the dance floor, others joining them as the music began again.
Around eleven thirty, the two stars of the night sat down at a table with Lance and Josh, the four friends smiling.
"So, your time runs short. You know the custom, the sanctity of the virginal pact." Lance smiled, Justin rolling his eyes.
"Let's forgo that guys. Michael and I want to stay together tonight, we don't want to see our love end."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"Our love is never-ending, my angel."
Justin smiled, Lynn and Justin's grandmothers walking up to the table, followed by the Timberlake men.
"Tradition is tradition, my son. I suffered through it, as do all lovers. It is the tradition of love."
Both men sighed, moving closer together.
"You have half an hour boys. Make the most of it. It will be fifteen hours before you lay eyes upon each other again." Randall smiled, his father chuckling.
"On that note, excuse us everyone." Michael said, pulling Justin up with him, the two slipping away outside.
Everyone smiled, seeing their loving gaze.

Justin felt Michael's heat, his passion and desire.
They lay together on a couch on the veranda, the coolness of the night around them.
"Mmmm, Mico! You feel like fire!"
Michael murmured, kissing Justin's lips repeatedly, savouring his delicious taste.
The snuggled together, feeling each other's loving hearts.
"Ten minutes, my love. Why do I feel like I'm losing you?" Justin said, a tear falling.
"You'll never lose me, my angel. I want you to think of something else. Tonight, you'll be with your best friend. You and Josh will be together. I have the greatest confidence in his keeping you happy until you're in my arms again."
Justin smiled, kissing him tenderly.
"That you'll have, guaranteed." Josh said, he and Lance walking out onto the veranda.
Both lovers looked up at their best friends.
"It's time, guys. We better get going, Mikey." Lance said, his voice full of love.
Michael and Lance were staying together in a small cottage on the west side of the Villa.
Alberto had informed Michael that it was the same cottage he stayed in on the night of his pending marriage long ago.
Michael felt a happiness in continuing that tradition.
Justin and Josh were staying in the house with their little ones and Justin's family.
Lance pulled a reluctant Michael up off the couch, the patio doors opening.
All the family came walking out, Justin getting up.
They all smiled, seeing the two men saying their goodbyes.
"Until tomorrow, my angel." Justin said, tears in his eyes.
"Be strong, my love. Tomorrow begins the next  path of our grand adventure. Stay here in the heart of your family and our friends." Michael said, his own golden eyes tearing.
"I love you, Mico. Forever."
Michael pulled him close, their kiss a kiss for the ages.
Everyone was deeply moved by the tenderness and love emanating off both men.
"I love you, my love. I will be forever yours, Jus."
Justin smiled, Michael walking down the steps, Lance walking beside him.
They disappeared into the darkness, Justin watching his love fade into the night.
"Come on, Jus. Let's check on our angels."  Josh smiled.
Justin smiled, walking into the middle of his family, all of them surrounding him in a group hug.

Michael smiled, turning on the cottage lights.
It was a homey small cottage, loving and cozy.
There was a small living room, a kitchenette and one bedroom.
Alberto had left a bottle of wine in an ice bucket, a vase of roses sitting on the table.
Lance walked up to it, opening the wine.
"Let's have a toast, Mikey. Then we should hit the hay. Big day tomorrow."
Michael smiled as Lance filled two glasses.
Lance handed him his glass, Michael smiling into his green eyes.
"Here's to you, Mikey. To the happiness and love I feel in your heart. It's the same happiness I feel in mine. The happiness of true love."
Michael smiled, clinking his glass against Lance's.
The two sat down on the couch, smiling at each other.
"I still can't believe that tomorrow's almost here. That I'll walk down that aisle and marry my Jus." Michael said, Lance putting his arm around him.
"Does it feel like a dream, Michael?"
"Yes, Lance. I've felt like I'm in a dream since the first moment I looked into Justin's blue eyes."
Lance smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"Well, there ya go. That kiss is real. You're not in a dream. This is all real. Tomorrow one of my dearest friends will wed you. And I couldn't be happier for anyone than I am for you right now, Michael."
Michael teared up, kissing Lance on the lips.
The two smiled at each other, staring into each other's eyes.
"I'm happy you're here with me tonight, Lance. I still feel surrounded by love. By your deep love."
Lance teared up, smiling.
"I owe you so much, even my life. I love you Michael. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else tonight."
"Now Lance. Not even in Josh's arms?"
Lance blushed, Michael smiling.
"Well, maybe there. But I think you'll do in a pinch."
Michael laughed.
The two relaxed, Lance and Michael talking to each other.
A gentle tap came to the door, Michael walking over to it.
He smiled, seeing Alberto, Silas, Marco, Paulo, Emile, Jake, Christina, Vicky and Zach.
"Justin is surrounded by his family, so should you be, Michael." his grandfather said.
Michael began to cry, Alberto pulling him into his arms, the others patting his back.

A couple of hours–and several bottles of wine–later, everyone was happy.
Michael yawned, Lance watching him.
"Time for bed, Mikey. You've got a wonderful day to get to."
Michael smiled, standing up.
"Come on, my best man. Let's hit the sheets."
Everyone laughed, Lance blushing.
"Mikey, I'm no Justin."
Michael laughed, hugging his best friend.
"No you're not, Lance. You're you. The you I love as my best friend."
Lance smiled, everyone standing up.
"We'll let you get some sleep, Mikey." Christina said, kissing his cheek, Zach's arms around her, as she was staggering a bit.
"Thanks, Cricket."
She smiled, hugging him tightly, followed by Vicky.
"You are so damn lucky, Mikey! You have all you've ever wished for."
"So do you, Tramp!"
Vicky smiled, then laughed, kissing him deeply.
"That I do, Pencil dick. That I do. Good night, Michael. Love ya. See you in the morning of the day of your love."
Michael smiled, everyone else hugging him and kissing him, all of them leaving.
Michael watched them leave, seeing them disappear towards the house.
"I have a family! I finally have a family!"
Lance put his arm around his friend, Michael tearing up.
"Yes, Michael. And you have so much more."
Michael smiled, kissing Lance's cheek.
"Let's go to bed, Lancy."
Lance smiled, following Michael into the bedroom.

Josh stood by the crib, looking down at Noah snuggled between Darian and Shauna.
Justin pulled off his shirt, smiling at his friend deep in silent thought.
Justin dropped his pants, standing in his boxer briefs.
Josh already wore the same outfit.
Justin took in his friend's taut, muscular body.
He'd always found Josh to be a handsome man, his body matching his face.
Justin walked up beside him, Josh looking at him.
"They look so peaceful together, like they're totally happy with whom their with."
Justin smiled, wrapping his arm around Josh's smooth, warm torso.
"I know how they feel. Tonight, I have the love of my best friend. It's like a perfect ending to a perfect day."
Josh smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"Yeah, but I'm sure being here in Mikey's arms would make it beyond perfect."
Justin smiled, then tears began to fall.
Josh put his arms around him.
"You okay, Justy?"
"I miss him, Josh. He's only been gone an hour and I feel lost without him."
"He's only a thought away, Jus."
Justin smiled, suddenly realizing that.
"Mico?" he thought in his mind.
"Yes, my angel? Why aren't you sleeping?"
Justin smiled, Josh knowing what was going on.
"I spent time with my parents and my bros. I didn't want the happiness to end. I'm just getting ready for bed, Josh is about to go, too."
Michael smiled on the other side of the Villa.
"And I'm in bed with Lance. We've got our brothers of love to guide us through this hard night. "
Justin smiled, looking at Josh.
Josh smiled back, his smooth body shining in the lamp light.
"Jus, tonight is about us bonding with our friends. Lance and Josh are our brothers of love. He's there for you as he always was. Your friend, brother, and dearest Josh. I love you and I love both of them."
Justin smiled, walking to the bed, pulling back the covers and climbing in.
Josh smiled, climbing in as well.
The two men lay beside each other.
"Until tomorrow, my angel." Justin said in his mind.
"Love ya, Timby."
"Love ya, Mico."
Josh turned off the light.
Within moments, Justin was against him, Josh wrapping his arm around him, Justin's head on Josh's smooth chest.
"Like old times, Joshy."
Josh smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes in the semi-darkness.
"It's different, Jus. There's more love between us."
Justin smiled, kissing Josh on the lips.
Josh felt the love and friendship in that kiss.
Justin could feel the desire building up in Josh.  
Though Josh would never act on it, knowing what Justin & Michael have as well as his own & Lance's relationship.  Suddenly Josh heard a soft voice in his mind.
"It's OK Josh, I know your true feelings for Jus."
Josh was in tears, his thoughts on the voice of love he heard.
His lover's voice.
Unbeknownst to him, Justin could also hear the voice.
The two slowly parted their lips, looking into each other`s eyes.
Justin`s hands were on Josh`s chest, feeling Josh`s heat.
"I feel your love Josh. I sense the deepness of it. Thank you for loving me. And for loving my Michael. I feel the same for you and our Lance."
Josh smiled, Justin laying his head down again, Josh hugging him closer.
"Thank you for this, Jus. For allowing me to be here as I always was. I'll always be your brother of love."
Justin smiled, closing his eyes.
Josh smiled, closing his.
"Goodnight my Lance. I love you."

In a small bedroom on the other end of the Villa, a similar scene was unfolding.
Lance lay on his back, Michael in his arms.
The two were completely naked save for their briefs.
Michael's head lay on Lance's smooth chest, listening to his heartbeat.
Michael had also heard the voice in his mind.
"Seems Josh and Justin are settled in for the night. Their love is flowing as always."
"You sense Josh as well?"
"Yes, Lance. And I sense your feelings. I feel your love for me."
Lance looked into Michael's golden eyes, they shone with a soft glow.
"I do love you, Michael. You've entered my and Josh's heart. We both love you and Justin."
Michael smiled, kissing Lance deeply on the lips.
"I know, Lancy. I know."
Lance smiled, Michael wiping a tear from Lance's green eyes.
"Wow! I'm in bed with Lance Bass! Who'd a thunk it!"
Lance chuckled, Michael smiling.
"And tomorrow I'm marrying Justin Timberlake. And soon I'll see my Lance and Josh united as well."
Lance smiled, kissing Michael's lips tenderly again.
"If it's half as beautiful as this day and tomorrow will be, I'll be the happiest man in the world."
"I love you Lance. And Josh loves you even more. What we have here is a unique situation. Here I am with you, no desires for sex, or lust. And believe me, it would be so easy for any one of us four to give into that.  I'm just covered in a feeling of deep brotherly love. And I feel the same in Justin and Josh. And especially in you. I love you, Lance. You are my dearest brother of love."
Lance teared up, Michael laying his head again on his chest, Lance hugging him tighter.
"I feel the same, Michael. Thank you for not going over that line of love. I can't make myself do it either. Josh is everything to me. And Justin is even more to you."
Michael smiled, his fingers caressing Lance's smooth chest.
"Yes, he's my life."
"Then let's get some sleep and soon you'll be living that life again."
They both smiled, both closing their eyes.

End of Chapter 158

Well, some surprising moments.
And a final openness among our four brothers of love.
Seems Michael is in tune with everyone's thoughts and feelings.
What has he done for AJ and Jeff?
Is there a chance there for a new romance?

I had to include music to the party, Michael's singing his heart to Justin.
And I thought the idea of Michael and Justin sleeping with their best friends a particularly appealing idea.
I know some people are hoping for a more intoxicating, erotic blending of these four.
I've opted for a more loving, brotherly concept.
Hope that meets everyone's approval.

Up next, we have the long-awaited exchanging of vows.
I'm hoping to make it a moving, loving, romantic moment.
Let's hope you all have some tissues.
I think it will be one of my best.

Hugs, and awaiting the dawning light of love, Angel.

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