Justin's Angel-159

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


In a small bedroom on the other end of the Villa, a similar scene was unfolding.
Lance lay on his back, Michael in his arms.
The two were completely naked save for their briefs.
Michael's head lay on Lance's smooth chest, listening to his heartbeat.
Michael had also heard the voice in his mind.
"Seems Josh and Justin are settled in for the night. Their love is flowing as always."
"You sense Josh as well?"
"Yes, Lance. And I sense your feelings. I feel your love for me."
Lance looked into Michael's golden eyes, they shone with a soft glow.
"I do love you, Michael. You've entered my and Josh's heart. We both love you and Justin."
Michael smiled, kissing Lance deeply on the lips.
"I know, Lancy. I know."
Lance smiled, Michael wiping a tear from Lance's green eyes.
"Wow! I'm in bed with Lance Bass! Who'd a thunk it!"
Lance chuckled, Michael smiling.
"And tomorrow I'm marrying Justin Timberlake. And soon I'll see my Lance and Josh united as well."
Lance smiled, kissing Michael's lips tenderly again.
"If it's half as beautiful as this day and tomorrow will be, I'll be the happiest man in the world."
"I love you Lance. And Josh loves you even more. What we have here is a unique situation. Here I am with you, no desires for sex, or lust. And believe me, it would be so easy for any one of us four to give into that.  I'm just covered in a feeling of deep brotherly love. And I feel the same in Justin and Josh. And especially in you. I love you, Lance. You are my dearest brother of love."
Lance teared up, Michael laying his head again on his chest, Lance hugging him tighter.
"I feel the same, Michael. Thank you for not going over that line of love. I can't make myself do it either. Josh is everything to me. And Justin is even more to you."
Michael smiled, his fingers caressing Lance's smooth chest.
"Yes, he's my life."
"Then let's get some sleep and soon you'll be living that life again."
They both smiled, both closing their eyes.

Chapter 159

The Day of Uniting Love

Lance rolled over, finding Michael gone.
He stretched, looking at his watch.
Seven o'clock.
He crawled out of bed yawning and stretching more.
After dressing, he walked out into the living room, no Michael anywhere.
Lance looked around, seeing no sign of him.
Walking outside, he sensed a feeling deep inside himself.
Lance sighed, walking towards the gardens.
It took him a few minutes to find the spot, not having been there before.
He walked down the pathway, walking into the small clearing.
Michael sat on a stone bench, his head down.
"You okay, Mikey?"
Michael looked up, Lance seeing his eyes full of tears.
Lance sat down beside him, pulling Michael into his arms.
Michael cried against Lance's chest.
Lance looked around, seeing the four marble tombs.
He saw the tranquility and peacefulness of this beautiful spot.
Michael regained his composure, Lance still holding him.
"I'm sorry, Lance. I shouldn't be crying on this beautiful day. This day that I marry my Jus. It's just  I miss my Mom and Dad so much. I'd give anything for them to be here today. To see my happiness. To be here with me!"
Michael continued to cry, Lance tearfully holding him.
"They will see it, Mikey. I know in my heart they'll be here. They wouldn't miss this for the world. You yourself know that they are with you always. They'll be here as well. To see their loving son shine in his happiness today."
Michael smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.
"Now, you keep this up and Jus will pick up on it. And you know he won't stand for it. This is the happiest day of your life, Michael. This is Justin's day for you. And your day for him. Everyone–here and beyond– will be surrounding you today. Surrounding both of you. Your love will transcend this world and the next."
Michael smiled widely now, Lance smiling as well.
"You've got a wonderful way of looking at things, Lancy. Thanks."
"Hey, I learned from a wonderful man that life's about living. And today, my dear Mikey, your life is going to be so alive."
Michael laughed, Lance smiling wider.
"Thanks, Lancy. Let's get back to the cottage. Alberto said someone would be bringing us breakie."
Lance smiled, Michael standing up and walking to his father's tomb.
He laid two red roses on top of the marble tomb.
"For you and Mom, Dad. Thanks for giving me this day."
Michael walked back out of the clearing, Lance quietly looking around.
He had thought he'd heard two soft voices laughing.
He wiped tears from his eyes, following Michael back along the pathway.

Justin slowly awoke, smiling and snuggling against someone.
He moved, kissing the hardened nipple that had been laying against his cheek.
He tenderly licked it, sucking it in his mouth.
A soft murmur made Justin open his eyes.
He was staring into Josh's wide eyes of blue.
Justin jumped back in shock.
"Oh gosh, Josh! I thought you were Mico!!!"
Josh smiled widely, kissing Justin's opened lips.
"Relax, Justy. It's okay. Lance does the same thing every morning. It's a sign of love. And I do believe that you did think I was Michael. You tossed and turned all night. You called out his name softly quite a few times."
Justin teared up, Josh's arm going around him.
"You okay, sport?"
"I'm so happy, Josh! Today, in a few hours, I'll state my love for him to the world! And we'll be married! He's my everything! And I know I'm going to be crying all day!"
Josh smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"I can't believe it myself, Jus. It's been only eight months since you met him, and he's entered all of our lives. We all have so much to be thankful for in regards to him. You most of all. I'm beyond happy that he's the one you've fallen in love with, my brother."
Justin smiled, seeing no envy or untruth in Josh's tearing blue eyes.
Josh wasn't in love with Justin anymore, Lance now being his life.
"Let's get some food into you, Justin. It's going to be a hectic day for you. We got to get you married off!"
Justin smiled, climbing out of bed, hearing laughter coming from the other side.
"Our angels are up. Morning angels!" Josh said, laughing, getting up and going to the crib, Justin walking around the bed.
"Morning, Daddy." Noah said smiling, Darian's arms wrapped around him.
"Morning my little man." Josh smiled, rubbing his cheek, and Darian's as well, both little boys laughing.
Justin smiled, Darian and Shauna both looking at him.
"Morning, Dada! Where Papa?"
Justin smiled, picking up Shauna, whose arms were raised.
"Papa's with Uncle Lance. Uncle Josh is here with me. They are our best men. They're looking after each of us today until we get married."
"Unky Josh like Noah? He your best friend like Noah mine?" Darian said, both men smiling.
"Exactly, Darry! Unky Josh is my best friend too!"
Darian and Noah both smiled.
"Me's happy, Dada. You and Papa got friends to keep yous happy."
Both men laughed, all three children giggling.
"Who wants hashies?" Justin smirked, Darian's eyes going wide.
"Me's do!!!"

Lance and Michael walked into the cottage seeing a smiling Vicky and Christina waiting for them in the kitchen.
"Your breakfast, my Lord." Vicky said curtseying deeply, Christina following her move.
"Thank you, wenches. Fetch me my groomsmen!"
Lance laughed, Michael walking with an air of haughty snobbishness.
He didn't see the hand coming.
Vicky burst into laughter, Christina smiling, her hand having slapped Michael's head.
"Geez, Cricket! You taking lessons from Vicky?" Michael said, rubbing his head.
"Yes, we have to keep our pencildicks' heads out of the clouds." Christina smiled, kissing her brother's cheek.
Michael couldn't help but smile, hugging both of them at once.
"Our Mikey's getting married today!!!!" Vicky shouted, her eyes filling with tears.
That got Michael started again.
"Why don't you freshen up, Mikey? We'll get all this food laid out." Lance said smiling, Michael nodding, heading into the bathroom.
Both women looked at Lance.
"He's on a roller coaster of emotions already. I found him crying at his father's tomb."
Both teared up, Lance hugging them both gently and telling them about it.
"He's going to be so emotional. We–all of us–have to keep him focused on one thing. His Justin. Michael will be alright as long as he thinks about him." Lance smiled, both smiling back, nodding.
They put all the food out, sitting down at the table.
Michael walked back into the room, smiling.
"It all smells delicious. But I don't know if I'm that hungry." he said, quietly sitting down, Vicky smiling at him and pouring him a cup of coffee.
"Oh my God!" she said, staring into his eyes.
"Your eyes, Mikey! They're blue!!"
Lance and Christina looked as well, seeing the robin egg blue eyes staring back at them.
"Not again. That hasn't happened in a while." Michael sighed.
"What do you mean?" Vicky said, shocked.
"Grandfather says it's a sign of my trueness in regard to the Messenger. 'He who has changing eyes shall destroy the evil.' Adrian's son Raphael wrote that after his father died. Adrian's own words."
All three looked in awe as they turned back to their original golden brown.
"They've turned blue, hazel and white also. What the three colors mean I now know."
"What do they mean?"
"On this day, that's not important. How's my Jus?"
Vicky and Christina's faces changed, smiles once again on them.
"He's fine. He and your two angels are having breakfast. Josh said he tossed and turned all night muttering your name. Guess Timberlacking misses his Pencildick. Or your little pencil dick." Vicky said, smirking.
Christina burst into laughter, Lance staring at her.
"Yeah, he's not used to a big one, like my Joshy."
Everyone burst into laughter, Lance smiling.
Michael clapped his back, laughing.
"Well done, Lancy!! Kudos on the quick wit!"
Lance grinned then started laughing.
"Give Justin a break today, Mikey. He may be walking funny."
Vicky fell off her chair, Christina crying with laughter.
Michael smiled and laughed, the four diving into their warm breakfast.

A few hours later, Lance sat quietly watching a pacing Michael.
He paced up and down the cottage living room, Lance having had enough.
"Mikey, relax. You're going to wear out the floor boards."
"I hate this waiting. What time is it?"
"It's eleven fifteen, Michael. Ten minutes later that the last time you asked." Tomas said, smiling at Zach, Jake and Paulo.
All Michael's groomsmen were present, spending the morning with him, as well as Jake.
Paulo had just returned from the house, Michael having asked him to check on the kids.
"How's Jus and my angels, Paulo?"
"The kids are fine, Mikey. And Justin's in about the same state as you. Why don't you talk to him?"
"We promised each other last night that we wouldn't. We wanted our union today to be a moment of singular love. A surprise to each other. The longing would make the moment more beautiful."
Everyone smiled, Michael tearing up.
"I miss him so much." he said, Paulo getting up and hugging him close.
"Just a few more hours, Mikey. Just a few more hours."
Everyone felt for Michael, seeing for themselves the longing in his eyes.
"If it's any consolation, I'm completely sure Justin feels the same."
"He does. I feel him." Michael said quietly. "I never realized that getting married was so much like torture."
Everyone laughed, Lonnie walking into the cottage with Alberto and Silas.
All three carried bags of food, Zach and Tomas helping them with them.
"There's the man of the moment. I have something for you, Mikey." Lonnie said smiling, putting his bags down..
He handed Michael a small envelope that he'd pulled out of his pocket, Michael looking at it.
One word was written on it.


Michael smiled, opening it up quickly, his hands trembling.
He teared up reading the small note.

Mico, my troubled angel.

Chin up, my love.
You feel my love and my longing.
I feel your mirrored feelings.
A few hours till we are one.
Our angels send their love.
As do I.
I am yours forever.


Michael smiled, sitting down.
Everyone saw the calmness flooding his face and his body relaxing.
Whatever Justin had written in the note had calmed Michael greatly.
"You okay now, Mikey?" Lance said, smiling at him.
"I'm perfectly okay, Lancy. My Jus waits for me. And he loves me."
Everyone smiled, hearing the happiness in his voice.
"I'll organize lunch. Everyone relax." Michael smiled, Paulo and Tomas nodding.
"Any reply to Justin, Mikey?" Lonnie smiled, Michael getting up and going to the kitchen counter.
He pulled a piece of paper off the note pad, writing quickly.
He folded it, putting it in the same envelope as Justin's note had been in.
He sealed it, writing quickly on the front of it.
He walked up to Lonnie smiling and hugging him, handing him the note after they'd hugged.
"Tell my angels to be good and that Papa loves them and will see them soon. And give this to my Timby."
Lonnie smiled, walking out of the room.
Alberto smiled, Michael hugging him tightly.
"Not long now, Michael."
"No, Grandfather. Not long now." he smiled, looking at Silas.
"Can I talk to you alone for a moment, Michael?"
"Sure Uncle Silas. Come into the bedroom."
"Paulo and I will get lunch ready, Mikey. Take your time." Jake said, Michael smiling.
Silas smiled, following Michael into the bedroom, slowly closing the door behind them.

Justin sat in the gathering room watching Stevie and Becky playing with Darian and Shauna, Noah there as well.
He smiled, his Mother's hand rubbing his back.
"That feels good, Mom."
"Just like when you were a kid, Justy. It always calmed you."
Randall smiled, sitting at a table, playing cards with Lisa, Seth and Chris.
Everyone had sensed Justin's mood all morning.
Joey and Josh were playing pool with Barlow, Kevin and Gregory.
Lonnie walked into the room, Rachel smiling at him from her chair.
"A note from your betrothed, my lord Timberlake."
Justin was up in a flash taking the note from Lonnie, everyone watching.
They'd all seen his bubbling nervousness all morning, this being the first time he'd sat down for any length of time.
Even the three little ones had picked up on it, all three cuddling with him and making him play with them.
Justin hastily looked at the envelope seeing his own written word and one other.

  Mico's Timby

He smiled, tearing up and opening the note.
Lynn walked up to him wrapping her arm around him, Justin reading the note to himself.
He read it all through, a smile of love coming to his face.
"I take it he wrote what you needed to hear, my son?" Lynn said, Justin kissing her cheek.
"Yes, it's exactly what I needed to hear. Listen to this everyone. Mico's words are so moving."
Everyone smiled, listening quietly.

My dear, loving Timby

My chin will always be up when I am looking into your blue pools of heaven.
This morning has been so tough, my angel.
Without you by my side, my nerves and feelings were about to explode.
And then I received a note of love from you.
And now I can face the endless time until I meet you again.
For now I see the meaning of your words.
You are mine. I am yours.
We are us. Two parts of the same soul.
I love you, Jus. And I love our angels.
Thank you for giving me life.
In a few hours I'll live forever.
For I'll have you.
Smile, beautiful.
I'm on my way.


Everyone was in tears, Justin smiling widely.
"He loves me. And he's going to show me how much today."
Justin hugged his mother, Lonnie wiping his eyes.
"You two are too much. I'm gonna be bawling all day."
Everyone laughed, but they all felt their own truth in that statement.
Today was going to be a day of loving tears.

Silas sat down on the bed, Michael sitting beside him.
"Everything okay, Uncle?"
Silas looked up at him, his eyes brimming with tears.
"Everything's exactly as it should be, Michael. I always doubted her, but she was right."
Michael looked confused, putting his arm around his uncle.
"Who was right?"
"Your Nana, Michael. I remember the day she brought you home from San Francisco, from that orphanage when you were nine. She'd put you to bed, you having fallen asleep in the living room, not having said a word the whole six hours you'd been there. She tucked you into your small bed, kissing your cheek, smiling at you. I'd watched from the hallway. I saw that first day the love in her heart for you. We'd returned to the kitchen, sitting and drinking a cup of tea."
Michael nodded feeling a singular truth in Silas' soul.
"She told me that I wasn't to fear. That the little boy sleeping upstairs would one day be the happiest angel the world would ever see. That into his life one day would walk someone who would make his soul come alive in total happiness. She never gave up on that moment, Michael. She told me that she felt Justin was the one. The blue-eyed angel that would make you live. I now see that truth today, Michael. I see that man is your Justin. And I now see you so alive."
Michael teared up, Silas kissing his cheek.
Silas pulled a box out of his suit jacket, smiling at Michael.
"I think the tradition is something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This fits three of those categories."
Silas handed the box to Michael, putting his hand on top of it.
"Helena wanted you to have this on your wedding day. It's very old, there is blue upon it, and it now belongs to you. Something new for you to wear today."
Michael was in tears, Silas' arm now around him.
Michael opened the box, looking in surprise.
Inside the box was a pocket watch.
A golden pocket watch, with a golden chain and fob.
"This was your grandfather's, Michael. Augustus wore this for every day that I knew him. He told me it was his gift of faith. What's inside may surprise you. I don't know the true meaning behind it."
Michael picked up the watch, feeling it's loving warmth.
On the golden case was etched an eagle.
In it's mouth was a cross.
Michael opened the watch carefully, looking at the watch face.
It was blue and gold. Two circles of blue and gold, with a white center.
And engraved in that center was the emblem of the blue heart with the golden cross in its center.
"The emblem of the Tavarros?"
"Yes, Michael. The emblem of the Tavarro faith."
Michael sat quietly, thinking.
He then smiled widely.
"Of course."
"What does it mean?"
Michael smiled, looking at the watch.
"It means the joining of the two faiths."
Michael smiled, hugging his uncle.
"Thank you for this, Uncle. Nana was indeed a special lady."
Silas smiled, wiping his eyes.
"I'm glad I'm here today to see this moment, Michael. To see the joy and happiness in your eyes. Nana was indeed right."
Michael smiled, hugging him again.
"I'm very happy you are here, Uncle Silas. In a short while you have to walk me down an aisle."
Silas smiled, the two walking back out to the living room to have lunch.

Chris and Joey smiled, walking into the bedroom.
Justin stood in front of the mirror trying to tie his bow tie.
"Here, let me help, Curly." Joey said smiling, Justin turning to face him.
Justin smiled, Joey and Chris smiling widely, a surprising look upon their faces.
"You look unbelievable, Curly! That suit looks so different today than the other day when we tried these monkey suits on!" Chris smiled, staring at Justin's white tuxedo, he himself wearing his black tuxedo.
"That's because today it's glowing with love." Josh said, sitting on the bed.
Everyone smiled, Joey helping Justin with his tie.
Seth walked into the room smiling, dressed in his black tuxedo.
"Looking sharp, Mr. Avery!" Joey smiled, Seth grinning.
"Not as sharp as the groom. Looking breathtaking, Justin!" Seth smiled, Justin smiling.
"God, I'm so nervous." he said, Joey hugging him.
"The plight of the usual groom. The nervousness of seeing your bride. Oops, sorry. Of seeing your groom."
Justin chuckled, everyone catching the nervousness in his voice.
"Is my surprise ready?"
"Yes, Jus. Tomas and I set it all up this morning." Seth smiled, Justin beaming.
"Awesome! I hope he likes it."
Seth put his hand on Justin's shoulder.
"He'll see the love behind it. And if he gets emotional, which I no doubt believe he will, you can calm him in his mind."
Justin nodded, Joey finishing with his tie.
"There you go, Jus." Joey smiled, Justin looking around.
"I'm so happy all of you are here. You all make this day so much more special."
All four men teared up a bit, Justin in the middle of a group hug.
A gentle rap came to the door.
Lynn popped her head in, smiling.
She wore a full length gown of baby blue, a white and red rose corsage on her breast.
Justin smiled at her.
"You look beautiful, Mom."
"Thank you, Jus. Could I have a moment alone with my little boy?"
Justin teared up, all the guys nodding and walking out of the room, Josh smiling and closing the door behind him.
Lynn smiled at her son.
"My word, Justin! You look unbelievable!"
Justin smiled, his mother hugging him.
"Justin. I have something to say. Please let me say it all through."
Justin nodded, smiling at his mother.
"Today, on this day of your greatest happiness, I have to admit that I'm deeply moved. I always dreamed of this day for you. That you'd find that special someone who'd love you for you, who'd love you not as the celebrity you are, but as the little boy I raised and loved."
Justin teared up.
"To be truthful I always pictured a young woman. You certainly surprised the hell out of me." Lynn was still smiling.
Justin smiled, but remained silent.
"But seeing Michael–and meeting him–I have to tell you, my son, that you were right that first day."
Justin looked confused.
"Right about what, Mom?"
"You told me that if I only took the time to know him, to see the real him, that I'd see the wonderful person he is. And I have, Justin. I see what he's come to mean to you. And I now feel what he's come to mean to me. I love him as a second son. He's won my heart and I know truthfully that he's won yours. I love him, and I love you. I just wanted you to know that."
Justin pulled his tearing mother into his arms, the two crying.
"Thank you, Mom! That means so much to me!"
Lynn smiled, wiping her son's tearing blue eyes.
Another knock came to the door, Randall quietly walking into the room.
"Hi, Dad."
"Hello, Justin. Everything's ready."
Justin nodded, Randall hugging his son, then looking into his eyes.
"Son, I just want to tell you that I'm proud of you. And that I feel your love for Michael. You're doing an amazing thing here today. He loves you, and I plainly see how much you love him. I wish both of you a lifetime of happiness. I know you'll both always have each other."
Justin sobbed, his father hugging him again, his own wet eyes looking at Lynn.
"Let's get our son to his man. It's time, Justin." Lynn said, smiling at Randall.
Justin smiled, the three walking out of the room.
In the hallway, four handsome tearing men stood smiling, ready to walk with their friend.

Lance smiled, looking at Michael preening himself in the mirror.
"He's going to be blown away, Michael. This is going to be such a surprise."
"I hope he likes it. I'm doing this for him." Michael said, turning and smiling at Lance.
Lance took in the whole effect, smiling widely.
"I'm certain he will. Josh has put tissue in all his pockets. As I've done for you."
Michael laughed, Lance adjusting his tie.
Michael smiled, slipping the gold watch into his vest's pocket, the chain gleaming across his breast.
"Nice. Perfect touch. Brings out your eyes."
Tomas, Zach and Paulo all stood behind Lance, all four wearing their black tuxedos.
"It's getting to that time, Michael." Paulo said, smiling at his brother.
"Can I say something first, guys?"
They all nodded, looking at Michael.
"At this moment, standing here ready to walk that long aisle, I'm glad the four of you are with me. You four hold a special place in my heart. Tomas, my eagle of love. Youthful and beautiful. Friend and cousin. Paulo, brother of love and brother of destiny. Zach, cherished childhood friend, and now brother?in?law. And my Lancy. Dearest friend and brother of love. All four of you have my thanks and my love. Thank you for loving me."
All four were in tears, all individually hugging Michael, then all four hugging him together.
"That was beautiful, Michael." Zach said, wiping his eyes.
"Come on, Zach. I'm supposed to be the weeping bride!"
Everyone laughed, sensing Michael's humor diffusing the emotional moment.
"God, I'm so glad you're getting married! Timberlake can have ya!!!!"
Michael laughed, smiling.
They all felt his slight nervousness.
"Relax, Mikey. He'll be in your arms shortly." Zach smiled, kissing his cheek.
"I love him so much. I just hope I'm everything he needs."
All four looked surprised, hearing in that sentence Michael's old insecurities.
Michael trembled, then burst into tears.
Lance held him in his arms, looking at the other three.
In Michael's mind he heard a voice.
"You are you, Michael. He needs only your love."
Michael pulled apart from Lance, staring into his green eyes.
"Lance?" Michael said in his mind, hearing the familiar voice again.
"Yes, Michael. It is your Lancy. I have your gift now. And you need to wash away those doubts, and insecurities. I want you to walk out of this cottage and walk into that garden. Standing there is your destiny, your love and your Justin."
Michael smiled, hearing the truth and love in that reassuring voice.
In the voice of his best man.
He smiled, looking at the other three.
All three looked concerned, then saw the look of happiness on Michael's face.
"Let's go. My Justin is waiting."
They all smiled widely, Michael smiling back.
Michael walked over to the door, walking into the sunshine, his four friends following.
His white wedding tuxedo lay on the living room coffee table.

The guests were now assembling, the wedding garden filling with friends and family.
They all looked around at the grandeur and open elegance of the beautiful gardens.
Seth and Tomas had transformed the garden into a white paradise of love.
All the seats were long, curved, white pews.
At each end were baskets of white and red roses.
Between each of the three sections of pews were fountains and flower gardens, full of white and red blossoms.
Three sections of pews in a circular arch surrounding the front of the altar were filling with all their families, friends and invited guests.
And Michael had had an idea about the seating arrangements as well.
Everyone was thrown together, no congregation of one entity.
Justin's large family was mixed together with Justin's tour group, the Tavarro and Stavros clans and all their other friends.
Fred and Betty were in awe, sitting between Larry King and Oprah.
Fred and Larry were laughing, liking each other immediately and immensely.
Betty was smiling and chatting with Oprah.
Timbaland and Cassi sat beside Barlow, the boisterous Greek laughing at something Cassi had said.
The Backstreet Boys were sitting beside Christina's mother Nancy, listening to her talk of her grandchild.
On their other side Doris was deep in discussions with Brian Littrell about flowers.
There wasn't an empty seat save for the three front pews.
One for Justin's immediate family, and one for Michael's.
And the third one was Justin's surprise.
The altar sat in the middle of the garden, surrounded in front by the three sections of seats.
It was a raised platform with white marble flooring.
Over it, a large arch was covered in white and red roses.
Baskets of mixed white and red roses were all around the altar in a circular arrangement.
Leading out from in front of the altar was one long aisle the altar in the center, effectively creating two separate aisles
Both intended men would walk down each aisle to the center altar.
That way Michael and Justin would see each other walking down the aisle.
A symbol of the uniting of the two men.
At the far end of each aisle stood an arch, through which both men would walk.
Both arches were covered in red roses.
Everyone picked up on the rose theme, most knowing Michael's love for them.
And the whiteness meaning the purity of their love.
A small platform sat to the left of the main altar, halfway down the aisle.
On it, a small band was set up.
Tim, the guitarist from Justin's tour, had put together the band from the tour.
>From here would come the soft music that would enhance the ceremony.
On the right end of the altar stood a marble, three-foot half-pillar, a large centerpiece of white and red roses on top of it.
Lit candles were glowing in its center, a picture of Michael and Justin in front of the bouquet.
On the left end of the altar another half-pillar stood, the large candle on it wasn't lit.
The garden began to fill, Tomas and Seth, as well as Joey and Zach leading people to their seats.
Paulo and Chris stood at the far end of the aisles, one on each end, under the archways greeting guests.
Lance and Josh stood up at the front altar, in their designated spots.
Father Derrick, Father Nico and Justin's grandfather all walked down Justin's aisle, Lance and Josh smiling at them.
They greeted both men, hugs exchanged.
Three chairs were set up on the altar for the three ministers of the faith.
They all sat down, relaxing, readying for the upcoming special moment.

At the left side of the garden, Michael stood with Alberto and Silas behind the archway, hidden from everyone.
Paulo smiled at him from the archway.
"Any word from Justin? Is he ready?" Michael asked, Alberto smiling, looking at Silas.
"He's ready. Of that I'm certain, my boy." Alberto smiled, Michael smiling.
Michael took a deep breath, closing his eyes, sighing.
In his mind he heard the voice.
The voice that he'd carried forever.
"This is your day, Michael. Enjoy the love and happiness. It's time."
Michael smiled, his golden eyes opening, nodding at Paulo.
Paulo smiled, signaling Josh.

At the right side of the garden, Justin stood between his parents, Randall and Lynn both smiling.
Paul and Lisa both gave him a final hug and kiss, Chris leading them to their front row seats.
Justin fidgeted a bit, anxious to get this moment going.
"Our son's chomping at the bit." Randall smiled.
Lynn smiled back, kissing Justin's cheek.
"Do you feel his love, Jus? I think I do." she said, smiling.
Justin took a deep breath, closing his eyes.
A smile of bliss crossed his face.
"Yes, I feel his love. My Mico's ready. Let's do this." he said, both of his parents taking his arms.
Chris came back through the arch, looking at the three.
A photographer took their picture, another doing the same at Michael's end.
Justin nodded at Chris, Chris smiling.
Chris looking down the aisle, nodding at Lance.
The signal was given.
Love was on the move.

Josh and Lance smiled at each other, winking.
It was almost time for their surprise.
Their moment of love for Justin and Michael.
Everyone was seated, the groomsmen taking their positions at the altar.
The two best men now walked together from the beginnings of both aisles to the center in front of the altar.
They faced the front pews, smiling at all three sections.
Justin's immediate family sat in front of them, Michael's to the left, and the third pew to their right.
Michael would see that pew only when he was directed to it, Justin's groomsmen blocking its view.
Josh and Lance smiled out at everyone, the whole garden bathed in the bright sunshine of a cloudless day.
Both men held a microphone in their hands.
"Would everyone please stand." Father Derrick said, standing behind Josh and Lance on the altar.
Everyone rose, music beginning.
The moment of love was about to begin.
Down Justin's aisle walked Darian and Becky.
Both were dressed in white, a basket of flower petals, red and white blossoms, held between them.
Becky wore a lace dress, white and frilly.
Darian was in a white suit, identical to his Dada's.
Darian was grinning as was Becky.
They both put their free hands into the basket, throwing petals down the aisle.
Everyone smiled, looking at them, and also at another twosome of angels walking down Michael's aisle.
Shauna and Noah walked together, carrying an identical basket of petals.
They were throwing them as well, both smiling, Shauna's arm was around Noah.
They, too, were dressed in white, both grinning and smiling.
Cameras were flashing.
When they'd reached the end of the aisle, the music ended, a new song beginning.
A familiar tune filled the garden, the two best men smiling, their rich voices flooding the garden.

Maybe it's intuition
But some things you just don't question
Like in your eyes
I see my future in an instant
And there it goes
I think I've found my best friend
I know that it might sound more than a little crazy
But I believe

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

There's just no rhyme or reason
Only this sense of completion
And in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I'm searching for
I think I've found my way home
I know that it might sound more than a little crazy
But I believe

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

A thousand angels dance around you
I am complete now that I've found you

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

While their two best friends sang a song of love and meaning, two sets of family began to walk through the archways.
Justin and Michael both looked upon a vision of beauty walking towards them.
Justin stared at the far end of the other aisle.
Walking towards him was a vision of total beauty.
Michael was dressed completely in black, a completely black tuxedo.
Justin stared in awed silence, seeing his lover in his favorite color of beauty.
All of his tuxedo was black save but one white rose on his lapel.
His golden cross lay against his chest, the golden chain from his pocket watch shown as well.
And the greatest beauty of shining gold were Michael's two golden eyes.
For in them Justin could see total love.
He knew in his heart this was Michael's gift to him.
He wore black to show his love for Justin. For what he knew it did to Justin's heart and soul.
And Michael stared at his white angel walking towards him.
Nothing in the world had prepared him for the beauty of Justin's smile and handsome face.
It was as if he was seeing the man in a white light of happiness.
And in his heart he knew it was his love that was making that white light glow.
Justin walked between his parents, his father and mother smiling wide smiles of happiness.
Michael walked between Alberto and Silas, both men wearing white suits, matched with wide tearful smiles.
Michael's contrasting blackness drew everyone to his smiling face.
They all saw the love in that face.
And they also saw the tearful love in Justin's.
Both men then focused on the two men standing at the altar, singing.
Josh and Lance, their best friends, singing a song of love for them.
Both teared up at this beautiful surprise.
All their groomsmen stood at the altar waiting for them, their eyes full of tears.
Josh and Lance stood together, their rich voices filled with love.
Vicky and Christina were crying, tears falling.
Jonathan and Stevie were looking across at them with smiles on their faces.
The trios of love made their way down their aisles, the two men lost in each other's gazes.
Their minds flooded with their words of love.
"Oh, Mikey! You look so beautiful! You did that for me?" Justin said, his face covered in tears, more tears falling.
"Yes, my love. I knew you needed to see me as you love me. In black. I love you. I'll always make your dreams come true. We're finally together, my love."
Justin smiled, Lynn and Randall knowing he was talking to Michael.
Michael smiled back, his grandfather and uncle smiling.

The six people joined in front of the altar as the song sung by their best friends ended.
Both men smiled at them, Josh and Lance blowing them kisses.
Josh and Lance returned to their places, awaiting their best friends.
Father Derrick smiled, standing between Father Nico and Justin's grandfather.
"Welcome, all who seek love. Welcome, all who see love. Today, you will gaze upon love in its greatest beauty, and our hearts will rejoice in the love of these two loving souls. Welcome to this garden of love, and welcome to God's love. You may all be seated."
Everyone sat down again, Father Derrick smiling out at everyone.
"My name is Father Derrick O'Hara. I am Michael's great?uncle. To my left is Father Nicolas Barosa, Michael's first cousin. To my right is Justin's grandfather, Rev. Charles Timberlake. We three, a triad of faith and devotion, will administer the rights of wedded faith to these two smiling angels."
Justin and Michael smiled, their eyes looking to the altar.
"Father Nico, if you please?"
Father Nico smiled, walking down off the altar, standing in front of the six people.
"Who gives these two to each other, extending the hand of family acceptance?"
"We do. Our Justin we give with our love to Michael." Lynn and Randall said, letting go of Justin, gently guiding him towards Michael.
"We do. We give our Michael, with our love to Justin." Alberto and Silas said, releasing their hold on Michael, the young man guided to Justin.
Both young men took each other's hand, smiling at each other.
"Your families have given you to each other as a sign of their welcoming love to the new person who has entered their lives. Take that family love into your own hearts and the two of you will learn and draw strength from it."
"We shall." both said together, Father Nico smiling at them both.
"Walk in God's love, children of God." he said, walking back to the altar, standing beside Father Derrick again.
"We welcome all of you here today, to the moment of love you see unfolding. It is a path that has had many turns and lost roads. These two have fought hatred, pain and deep hurt to be joined here today. It fills all our hearts with happiness to see their smiling faces today. Welcome, children of God. You are surrounded now by his love. And, welcome all of you. There are also others here today, those who are here in spirit. As a gesture of love, Justin has given them their own place of love here."
Father Derrick looked at Michael after speaking, his hand moving towards the right side of the garden.
Justin's groomsmen moved a bit, Justin's surprise about to be revealed.
Michael and everyone else followed Father Derrick's moving hand, seeing an empty front pew in the third section.
The pew was covered in red and white roses. On the pew's bench stood four large photographs, the pictures making Michael's eyes immediately water.
There was a separate picture of Nana and one of his grandfather Augustus.
And then the last two pictures made Michael sob a single sob of emotional love.
His mother's beautiful face, and his father's dashing good looks stared back at him.
"This gift was given to you, Michael, from your Justin. He knew that you'd give anything this day to have these four with you. And we, your family and friends, know that they are here, in spirit and in love."
Michael stared into Justin's blue eyes, Justin's hand now on his shoulder, his mind filling with his loving voice.
"I love you, Michael. I know you wanted them here. I know in my heart they really are."
"Oh Justin, thank you! Thank you for including them on this day!"
"They are a part of you, my love. How could I not?"
"I love you, Jus."
Justin smiled, looking back at Father Derrick, the priest knowing that Justin had calmed Michael.
"For what is love but not the eternal feeling of one's family and happiness? Love does not die when we are called to our Lord's side. God gives us that love forever. It is a part of who we are. Those that have gone on before us still remain with us in our hearts and souls. We welcome them here today to bask in the happiness of these two men."
Everyone smiled, seeing what Justin had given Michael.
A lot of eyes were teary.
Fred handed Betty and Oprah handkerchiefs, both women almost weeping.

Justin's grandfather smiled down at his grandson and Michael.
"Come forth my children, and stand in the center of God's love." he said, smiling at both.
Justin and Michael smiled at him, walking forward, standing at the altar.
"Today, you join as one. Two souls of love making a commitment to each other in the sight of God. Today, you give that one new soul to him, to feel his love and to walk in life with hearts filled with God's love and your own love. Before me stands my grandson, who I've known and loved from the first moment his eyes opened in life. And from that first moment I have seen his need for love. It is his life's blood, and his own love echoes in all the hearts of those who call him family and friend."
Justin teared up, looking at his grandfather with deep love.
"Michael, I'm sorry to say, is new to me, having only met him yesterday. But in such a short time, I see in his eyes and his giving soul all the love that Justin shall ever need. I am blessed to begin this ceremony of commitment. Justin my grandson, face Michael and take his hands in yours."
Justin and Michael turned, smiling at each other, taking each other's hands.
"To marry someone is to give them everything. To be their partner, their lover, their protector and their provider. Do both of you promise in the sight of God to be that to each other?"
"I do, with all my soul." Justin beamed looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"I do, with all my soul." Michael said, staring deeply into Justin's happy blue pools of love.
Grandfather Timberlake smiled, walking to the left, Father Nico handing him two white candles.
Justin's grandfather walked down in front of both of them, smiling.
"God's love is the light that lights the way to your lives of happiness. As a symbol of that love each of you will hold with faith a candle of purity."
He handed each man one candle, both holding it in both their hands.
"Your love also needs its own light of family. Your families shall give light to the darkness in your lives."
Jonathan and Stevie both stood up, smiling at their brothers.
They held in their hands a smaller candle, walking up to the marble pillar that held the lit candles.
They lit their candles, walking over to the two standing men, smiling at both of them.
Jonathan and Stevie turned, looking at Michael.
"We are Justin's brothers. We give you, Michael, our family's welcoming love." Jonathan smiled, tapping Stevie's shoulder.
"Our love will light your soul. You are now my new big brother." Stevie said, smiling widely, a few people laughing and chuckling.
Both men smiled, Michael's and Justin's eyes full of tears.
The two young men both leaned their candles forward, lighting Michael's dormant candle.
The two youngsters smiled, walking back to their seats, their parents hugging them with smiles.
Christina and Vicky stood up, carrying their own candles, walking to the pillar.
Once they'd lit their candles from the lit candles, they walked to the two men, smiling.
They both looked at Justin, smiling at him.
"I am Michael's new sister of destiny and love." Christina smiled.
"I am Michael's sister of friendship and love." Vicky smiled.
"We both give you, Justin, our giving family's love." Christina smiled.
"And that love, from Michael's families and dear friends will be with you always, Justin." Vicky said, both women in tears.
They both leaned forward, lighting Justin's candle.
Both ladies returned to their seats, their men smiling at them with teary eyes.
Justin's grandfather looked out at everyone, then at the two smiling men.
"You both hold now in your hands the light of your new family's love. And in your hearts you hold the light of you partner's love. That, combined with your family's love, will be a light of happiness both of you will carry. It's time for you both to join those lights of love."
Justin's grandfather guided both men to the left of the altar, to the other half pillar standing there.
Another centerpiece of roses, all white, sat on top of it.
A large candle sat in the middle of this bouquet.
Carved in the wax surface was the name Tavarro-Timberlake.
"Behold the candle of your joined love. The Tavarro-Timberlake candle. It is time that it was lit with the light of your now joined families love. And with the deep burning light of love in your hearts."
Both men smiled, leaning their candle forward, the large candle lighting immediately.
It seemed to burn very brightly, almost glowing.
The flame flickered a deep golden hue, then a blue flash of brightness enveloped it, before returning to a normal colour.
All three men stared in awed amazement, they being the only witnesses to the strange occurrence.
Justin's grandfather looked at both men for a moment, then smiled.
"God's true intervention, a moment of miraculous love."
The three men returned to stand in front of the altar, Justin's grandfather hugging them both gently.
He walked back up onto the altar, sitting down beside Father Nico.

Father Derrick stood up, walking down in front of the two men.
"I now have the joyous pleasure now of giving the two of you the final vows. It's time to say your vows and proclaim your love in front of God."
Both men turned to each other, entwining their hands together.
"Before that task is given, only one statement needs stating. If anyone in this garden knows of any reason why these two should not be joined as one, let that person speak now or forever hold his peace."
As if by destiny, a lot of eyes turned towards Chris.
Chris looked around, blushing.
"Hey, it's their lives and their love. I'm not saying a word other than I love you both."
Everyone smiled, Michael and Justin both smiling at Chris.
Father Derrick chuckled, then looked at everyone again.
"Apparently you have Chris' seal of approval. God does work in mysterious ways."
A lot of laughter filled the garden, Chris smiling and blushing.
The laughter died down, Father Derrick returning to the task at hand.
"Michael and Justin wish to say their own vows with the newness of their own full hearts. We shall now hear them speak from their hearts to the one they love. Justin, as by Michael's request–and I can never deny him anything–you may go first."
Justin smiled at Michael, the garden quieting down completely.
Justin looked around at everyone, seeing all his family, looking into all their eyes. And he looked into the eyes of all his friends.
"They are all here, Mico. All my friends and my cherished family. But now, standing here in front of God, I now see only you. I see only your glowing love. It's in my heart, my soul, my body and my world. I can say with no reservations that I am finally whole. You are what I've waited my whole life for. You are my destiny. The you that I fell in love with that first moment I knocked you down. That was the only time, and will be the only time, that I will ever push you away. And ever since that first moment, I've needed your love with me. For in you, I've found my soulmate. You are everything and everyone to me. You love me for me, for the sometimes childish, but always loving man I am. My heart is filled with the deep, unbelievable love that you possess. And here, today, I promise with my heart and soul that every day that love we now share will grow, and spread out to our two angels, and all those here. I love you, Mico. I am yours forever. In the sight of God, and in front of you, I promise only you my faithful true love. I love you, Michael. I am always, and will always be your Jus."
Michael was in tears, feeling every heartfelt word sinking into his soul. Every word etched into his heart. Every tear that fell from Justin's blue eyes was a monument to Justin's love for him.
Crying could be heard from several people in the pews, tissues showing.
Father Derrick smiled at Justin, then looked at Michael.
"And now Michael will say his words of heartfelt love."
Michael smiled, staring into Justin's eyes.
Then he, too, looked around the garden, everyone's eyes focusing on him.
The land of Tavarro was wrapped in a deep silence, as if life was about to flood its center.
"Everyone in this room has had moments of happiness throughout their lives, a constant flowing of loving moments. If you all search your souls, you'll know of what I speak. Of the tenderness of a mother's touch, a father's pride, a lover's embrace. They are the treasured moments of life. I have not felt many of those moments. I thought them as only fantasy and dreams of hope. Until the moment I looked into your blue eyes. Not the night you knocked me down, but a long time before. On a cliff in the darkness of my soul. The night you called out to me asking me not to go. I didn't leave you that night, Justin. And I'll never leave you. For you are my life, my everything. I live because of you, I love because of you. You are my very existence. Your love is wrapped around me, it floods every corridor of my mind, my heart and my soul. I love you. I can't say anything more to express my soul. I love you. Today, I give you myself in all ways. In love, in faith and in life. I am yours forever. As I now know in this once-tortured heart of mine, you are mine. That your love is mine. No one here or anywhere has ever felt the pain and total loneliness that I once felt. And no one shall ever feel the love and happiness I now feel. It's as if I've crossed the two farthest reaches of life. Despair and Redemption. You saved me, Jus. My love is yours now, forever. I love you, Justin."
Justin was sobbing, Michael's hand going to his shoulder, his love calming him.
Vicky and Christina were bawling, Jake's arms wrapped around both of them.
Everyone in the garden saw Michael's love calming Justin's emotions.
Justin smiled, wiping his eyes.
All eight groomsmen standing at the altar were in tears, and surprisingly Joey and Chris were crying the most.
Father Derrick looked at both of them, his own eyes full of joyous tears.
He then turned, looking at Justin and Michael.
"Love flows from both of you. It flows out and warms all of our hearts. It now is time to seal that love with the articles of wedded union."
Both men smiled, taking each other's hands again, facing each other.
"Would your men of honor please stand at your sides?" Father Derrick said, smiling at the groomsmen.
Zach, Tomas, Paulo and Lance stood behind Michael in a semi-circle, Lance by his side.
Chris, Joey, Seth and Josh did the same, Josh standing beside Justin.
Father Derrick smiled, Father Nico and Justin's grandfather walking down and standing on both sides of him.
Father Nico handed Father Derrick his family's sacred Bible.
Father Derrick opened in.
"Justin and Michael. You stand before God in a moment of self sacrifice. Today, you give yourselves to the other, in all ways. In faith, in love, in courage, in hope and in trust. Do you both abide by these sacrifices?"
"I do, with all my endless love." Justin said.
"I do, with all my endless love." Michael said.
"Do both of you promise to love one another, with God's love, with your own love?"
"I do, with my soul." Michael said.
"I do, with my soul." Justin said.
"May I have the rings?"
Josh and Lance placed the two golden rings on the Bible in Father Derrick's hands.
"May I have the children present, please?"
Darian and Shauna smiled, from their seat beside their grandparents, running up to their fathers.
Justin and Michael smiled, wondering what was going on.
This wasn't part of the rehearsed ceremony.
Father Derrick smiled, looking around at everyone.
He knelt down, coming face to face with the two little white angels.
"Hello little ones. I bet you're both happy today."
"Yes, Father. We's seeing our parent's wuv. We's got gift for them."
Justin and Michael looked surprised.
Father Derrick smiled, standing again, looking at the other two clergymen standing beside him.
"God gives us many surprises in life. Today, a special surprise is being given to these two loving men. And that gift will be given to them by their first special little angel. Okay, little ones. It's time."
Darian and Shauna smiled, raising their arms.
Justin picked up Darian, Michael picking up his little princess.
They both smiled, looking at their fathers.
"We wuv you, Papa and Dada. Dis our suprwise."
Both men smiled, their little ones pointing in the same direction.
The two men turned, seeing Becky standing with her mother, her hands behind her back.
"Hi, Uncles. I got something for yous." she smiled, looking up at her mother.
Christina smiled, nodding at her.
The little girl walked up to them both, her hands coming out in front of her.
In her hands she held two pieces of paper.
"You once told me Michael, that happiness is always found in a child's eyes. To never give up hope. Becky is giving you both your greatest wish." Christina said, her eyes full of tears.
Michael leaned down, smiling at the little girl, taking both papers from her.
He stood up, looking at both documents, the truth dawning in his golden eyes.
A sob issues forth, Michael staring up at Justin. Then staring into his daughter's and son's eyes.
"We's yours now, Papa and Dada. You now our fathers!!" Darian said loudly, everyone in the garden awed by this announcement.
Justin looked totally stunned, Darian kissing his cheek.
"It trues, Dada! You's mine now!!"
Justin began crying, kissing his son's cheek, the four hugging each other.
Everyone was in tears, applause resounding around the garden.
Father Derrick smiled at Lance and Josh, both men in tears, seeing the moment of happiness in front of them.
The two men calmed down, the four talking in their one mind.
"It's true, Jus. The adoption papers are real. It's finally real. They're our son and daughter now."
"Oh, Mico! On this day, of all days! It's a miracle!"
"It's God's love, Jus."
"We's a family nows, Dada!" Darian said, Shauna giggling and smiling.
"Me gots two fathers!!" Shauna smiled, both men smiling widely.
The four calmed down finally, turning towards Father Derrick.
"Yes, my friends. The adoption was finalized on Tuesday. Terry brought the documents with her. We thought it only fitting to give you this joy on this special day. Ladies and gentlemen, before you now stands a family. A family of faith and love. Now it's time to recite the final vows."
Both men smiled, Darian leaping into Lance's arms, Shauna climbing into Josh's.
Michael and Justin smiled at both of them, then took each other's hands again.
Father Derrick handed Justin one of the rings.
"Repeat after me, Justin. 'I give this ring to you Michael, as a sign of my faith and love. I ask you to wear it as a symbol of my love and faith.'"
"I give this ring to you Michael, as a sign of my faith and love. I ask you to wear it as a symbol of my faith and love." Justin repeated.
Justin put the ring on Michael finger, the ring sliding down his finger and laying against his rings of Peter.
Michael's eyes glowed white for a moment, only Justin seeing it.
Father Derrick gave Michael the last golden ring.
"Repeat after me, Michael. ' I give this ring to you Justin, as a sign of my faith and love. I ask you to wear it as a symbol of my love and faith.'"
"I give this ring to you Justin, as a sign of my faith and love. I ask you to wear it as a symbol of my love and faith." Michael also repeated.
He put the ring on Justin's finger, Justin smiling widely.
They took each other's hands again, smiling.
"You now wear the rings of love, of the sacred bond of marriage. In the eyes of God and of all those here today, you both are married. Let love and faith flow from your hearts."
Both men smiled loving smiles, staring into each other's eyes.
"What this day's love has brought, let all of us bask in. You may now kiss each other, my friends." Father Derrick said with a teary smile.
Justin and Michael smiled widely, joining as one.
They kissed deeply, both feeling the joyous heart of the other.
Everyone in the garden stood, the cheering loud and boisterous.
Both men heard none of it, their hearts lost in the love of each other's soul.
They finally parted, two little treasures smiling up at them.
Both men went down onto their knees, their little angels running into their arms.
The four then stood up together as a family, Father Derrick smiling at everyone.
"Ladies and gentlemen. I give you the family Tavarro-Timberlake!" he said, smiling widely.
Everyone cheered and clapped, the four smiling widely.
Michael smiled, looking over to his right.
In front of the vacant pew, stood four images of transparent love.
His parents and grandparents.
Michael smiled with tears, seeing the tears of joy in all four sets of golden eyes.
Justin hugged him closer, whispering in his ear.
"What are you looking at love?"
"At love and life, Jus. At love and life."
Justin smiled, the new family walking down the aisle.

End of Chapter 159

That was a moment of deep love.
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