Justin's Angel-160

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


They took each other's hands again, smiling.
"You now wear the rings of love, of the sacred bond of marriage. In the eyes of God and of all those here today, you both are married. Let love and faith flow from your hearts."
Both men smiled loving smiles, staring into each other's eyes.
"What this day's love has brought, let all of us bask in. You may now kiss each other, my friends." Father Derrick said with a teary smile.
Justin and Michael smiled widely, joining as one.
They kissed deeply, both feeling the joyous heart of the other.
Everyone in the garden stood, the cheering loud and boisterous.
Both men heard none of it, their hearts lost in the love of each other's soul.
They finally parted, two little treasures smiling up at them.
Both men went down onto their knees, their little angels running into their arms.
The four then stood up together as a family, Father Derrick smiling at everyone.
"Ladies and gentlemen. I give you the family Tavarro?Timberlake!" he said, smiling widely.
Everyone cheered and clapped, the four smiling widely.
Michael smiled, looking over to his right.
In front of the vacant pew, stood four images of transparent love.
His parents and grandparents.
Michael smiled with tears, seeing the tears of joy in all four sets of golden eyes.
Justin hugged him closer, whispering in his ear.
"What are you looking at love?"
"At love and life, Jus. At love and life."
Justin smiled, the new family walking down the aisle.

Chapter 160

As soon as Michael and Justin, with the kids in their arms, walked through the archway and out onto the large lawn, they were enveloped in a group hug from their eight men of honor.
Both smiled, as did their little angels, feeling the joy from all their friends.
Josh and Lance hugged Michael and Justin, both men smiling.
"Your vision came true, Justy." Lance smiled, Michael smiling.
They all remembered the Easter egg vision that Justin was given.
The wedding and the two small children running into their arms.
"Yes it did. But there was a change. A black vision of beauty wasn't included in it."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin deeply.
"I guess I have the ability to change my own visions." he smiled, Justin smiling back.
Michael looked at Josh and Lance, their hands together,
"Thank you both for that wonderful song of surprise. Your loving voices made it so much more special." Michael smiled, Lance tearing up.
"We felt the song said all we needed to say in regards to both of you." Josh said, smiling, his eyes tearful as well.
Both men nodded, Justin smiling at Josh.
Out of the garden came all their families, the two men surrounded on all sides.
Kisses, hugs and crying happiness were shown.
Lynn kissed Michael, hugging him gently.
"Oh, that was all so beyond beautiful, Michael!"
Michael smiled, kissing her cheek.
"Thank you, Mom. You ain't seen nothing yet!" he smiled, Lynn laughing.
They looked into each other's eyes, seeing the bonded love of mother and son.
"She'd be so proud of you, Michael."
Michael teared up, hugging her again.
"She is, Mom. All of my Moms are."
Lynn patted his back, tearing up.
"Say hello to your real grandkids, Gramma." Michael smiled, Shauna jumping into her arms.
Lynn began crying, Paul's arm around her.
Justin's four parents and Doris all hugged Michael and Justin, all looking at the two tots, Darian now climbing into Randall's arms.
"The five loving grandparents." Justin smiled, all five smiling, cameras going off.

Three women tackled Michael, Justin smiling.
Christina, Vicky and Rachel were kissing him repeatedly.
"Congrats, Mikey! He's a hell of a catch!" Vicky smiled through tears, Chris smiling at her.
Lonnie walked forward and hugged Justin, his face a mask of tears.
"Congrats, Slim. A greater moment of love I've never seen." he said, Justin hugging him back.
"Thanks, Lon. Thanks for being here always."
Lonnie smiled, kissing his cheek.
He then hugged Michael, once the three girls had let him go.
"Congrats, Mikey. Love ya!" he said, Michael smiling.
"Thanks, Longford."
Everyone walked out of the garden now, the two newlyweds inundated with hugs, handshakes and kisses.
To look upon the scene would be to see two wide, beaming, white smiles.
Justin and Michael were both in heaven.

All their family, friends and loved ones congratulated them, in groups and in separate moments.
Through it all, two men kept stealing glances at each other, feeling the renewed love in their souls.
Michael and Justin both felt complete for the first time in their lives.
For over half an hour the twosome talked with everyone, seeing all their happiness for them.
Josh finally walked up to the twosome who now held hands.
"It's time to continue with your day, my friends. Up next, the pictures. The pool's ready, as are the flowered gardens."
Both smiled, seeing the two photographers carrying their equipment back into the garden.
Justin also noticed the three chosen reporters standing away from the group, quietly writing down notes.
They carried no cameras, only notepads and micro recorders.
"Josh, make sure those reporters are taken care of. They, too, are our guests." Michael said, Justin smiling.
Josh smiled, nodding.
"They want you in the garden first, guys."
Both nodded, walking back into their garden of love.

Quite a few pictures were taken there, in their garden of love.
Michael and Justin standing in front of their lit candle of love.
Pictures with their groomsmen and with their families.
Wonderful touching photographs with their little angels, Becky, Stevie and Noah included.
All the parents were beyond happy, seeing the touching moments that would be captured on film.
Josh quietly talked to the three reporters, informing them of their being totally welcomed to enjoy everything.
All three smiled in wonder, quickly disappearing to the second garden, where all the invited guests had been directed to.
There, punch and light refreshments had been prepared for the guests.
An open bar was ready as well.
The wedding dinner would be held on the southern terrace, the dining area surrounded by Seth's and Tomas' flowering love.
After all the pictures had been taken in the wedding garden, the group moved towards the pool.

Michael smiled, walking into the pool area, seeing the white wooden gazebo platform set up.
It was beautifully covered in red and white roses, Seth and Tomas having done a fantastic job.
First up were single photographs of the couple, then different photos of the parents, children and the happy twosome.
The beautiful clear water of the pool gleamed in the background, candles floating on its surface.
It truly was a beautiful background.
All through these photographs, Chris sat quietly watching, his mind and eyes on one part of the platform.
The back railing.
Several times Michael and Justin had come close to leaning against it, Michael then moving away for some reason.
Chris was getting extremely edgy and nervous.
For one moment, he thought that Randall would ruin the setup.
Randall actually seemed to be leaning against it.
But he just moved away and nothing  had occurred.
The group of groomsmen then joined them on the gazebo, all lining up on both sides.
Chris quietly moved back a bit, gently pushing on the railing, it moving outward.
He smiled, knowing it was working perfectly.
Now to get Michael to lean against it.
He didn't even care if Justin went with him backwards into the water.
You can't win a war without some casualties.

After about half an hour of watching people standing around and taking their own pictures, Chris had had enough.
He quietly picked up Vicky's camera, Vicky smiling at him.
"Okay, Mikey. How about one of you and Justin at the back of the gazebo between the two baskets of roses?"
Michael smiled, agreeing happily, seeing Chris' smiling face, as well as Vicky's.
Both men smiled, moving to the back railing.
Chris held his breath, pointing the camera.
Michael smiled, his arm around his husband, leaning against the railing.
Nothing happened.
"A little further back, the angle's not good." Chris said, looking a bit surprised.
Michael moved back a bit, his arm now resting on the railing, Chris knowing his weight should have propelled him outward.
"How's this, Chrisco?" Michael smiled, jumping onto the railing, sitting on top of it, his arms going around Justin, his chin resting on Justin's shoulder.
Justin smiled, everyone taking pictures.
Chris, on the other hand, stared in shock.
Michael smiled, Vicky slapping Chris' shoulder.
"Take the picture, Snookums!"
Chris came out of his shock, snapping the picture.
Michael smiled, jumping down, taking his lover's hand.
"That was a great idea, Chris! Thanks!"
Chris nodded, quietly walking over to the railing, pushing against it.
It didn't move.
He pushed hard, the railing not moving an inch.
He slammed his fist down on it, then turned, staring at Michael whose back was turned to him.
Chris sighed, folding his arms, leaning back against the railing.
Michael turned around, smiling at Chris.
"Oh, by the way, Chris, I love you for your mirthful heart. There was no way it was going to work. I bow to you for your inventiveness, but you've forgotten one thing."
Chris blushed, everyone–including Justin and Vicky–looking confused.
"What's that, Mikey?"
"On this day especially, my gifts will be doing wonders."
Michael smiled, snapping his fingers.
Chris went flying backwards, the force holding the railing instantly letting go.
He plummeted into the pool, the large splash soaking all the baskets of roses.
Michael laughed, everyone staring in surprise.
He walked over to the fallen railing, looking down at Chris floating in the pool.
"Chris, my dear friend. I sensed yesterday your mirthful plan, my joking angel. I just wanted you to think you had me. I love you, my wet water angel!"
Michael smiled widely, Chris finding it hard not to smile.
All around the gazebo everyone was now laughing, realizing that Chris again had failed in an attempt to best Michael.
Michael leaned down, extending his hand, pulling a dripping Chris out of the pool.
Chris sighed.  
"Will I ever be able to get one up on you, or will I always be left all wet?"  
Michael let out a guttural laugh that soon spread to everyone, including eventually Chris.
"I wouldn't like to say never, but this comes darn close!"  Michael replied once he calmed down.
Michael smiled, looking at Chris.
Samuel walked out from the pool's entrance carrying a black tuxedo.
"I can't have you dripping all over everyone, Snookums." he said, Chris staring in shock.
"It totally fits you, Chris. I had the tailor duplicate your measurements. I knew somehow you'd end up wet today. I knew there was no way I'd allow myself and Justin to fall into the pool. My gifts stayed the movement of your booby-trapped railing."
Chris looked into his golden eyes.
Then he himself started laughing loudly, taking the suit from Samuel's hands.
"I give up!!! Be right back, Mikey!" he smiled, walking away towards the house, a wet trail behind him.
The moment of merriment and laughter became the talk of the gathered guests.
Those fortunate enough to see it spread the story like wildfire.
Chris, for his part, remained good-humored about it, smiling at anyone mentioning it.
'Yep, I'm a wet duck as usual." he'd say and smile, getting laughter from the others.
As soon as he'd looked into Michael's golden eyes upon his return from changing his suit, he saw the unchanged love radiating off his friend.
He knew in his heart he'd never give up trying to best this wonderful man.
It fed his soul like a breath of life.

Everyone mingled in the gardens, or by the pool.
A half hour later, most of the photographs were finished, save the cutting of the cake and the reception.
Justin and Michael walked around the pool, talking with everyone, then going to the second garden where all their guests were relaxing.
Antonio and Jarod both hugged them, congratulating them, both in tears.
"It was so moving. A showcase of true love." Antonio said, Jarod's arm around him.
Both grooms smiled, thanking them.
Coming up towards them was Nick and Trevor.
Trevor was sobbing when he hugged Michael, Nick smiling quietly.
"Congratulations, Justin. You have yourself a real angel there." Nick smiled, Justin hugging him.
Michael rubbed Trevor's back.
"You see, Trev? Love can be beautiful. And it can be very moving. Justin gave me that today. And I know in my heart Nick will do the same for you one day."
Both men smiled, Michael hugging Nick, Justin being hugged by Trevor.
The couple were keeping it low key, the reporters watching everyone.
Justin and Michael saw that, Michael quietly talking to Justin in his mind.
They both agreed together that the reporters would be gone after dinner.
The evening's happiness would be a time of open love.
And so they walked around, greeting all their friends again.
Oprah smiled at both of them, shaking her head.
"Simply unbelievable, Michael. Congratulations, Justin. Your love is so unbelievable."
Justin and Michael smiled, Michael hugging Oprah tightly.
She was a bit surprised then laughed, returning the hug just as tightly.
Then she gave Justin the same hug.
Justin was surprised as well, Michael winking at him.
Somehow Michael's love was even entering Oprah's independent, forthright heart.
A twosome of love walked up to them, Michael's great?uncle between them.
Terry and Denise smiled widely, both kissing their cheeks.
"Congratulations, Michael and Justin! For all you've become today!"
Michael stared at both of them, then burst into tears, hugging both of them together tightly.
"What you've given me today! Oh God, how can I thank you??"
Justin was in tears, feeling the same emotions.
"We gave you what you deserved, Michael. You and Justin showed everyone your love for those children. I've never seen two people more deserving of being parents than you two. Darian and Shauna will have a life of love and happiness. We all see that so easily." Denise said smiling, Terry's arm around her.
"Thank you both, for all you've done. We'll never forget this. Darry and Shauny have two very special aunts now." Justin said, his arm around a tearful Michael.
Both ladies smiled, as did Father Derrick.

An hour later, it was time to sit down for the wedding dinner.
The wedding party quietly walked into the mansion to make their entrance for the dinner.
Alberto and the rest of his family guided everyone to the south terrace, where the wedding feast was going to be served.
It was a spacious open terrace, surrounded by marble statues and stone railings.
Tables were set up, beautiful floral arrangements on all of them.
Each table sat eight people.
Everyone walked around finding their name settings.
As in the church, Michael and Justin had not separated anyone, so no one felt secluded into their own group.
Oprah and Stedman sat with Vito and Loren, Fred and Betty sitting beside the Backstreet twosome of AJ and Howie.
Ryan sat beside Larry King, the two in a lengthy discussion about Michael's writing.
Everyone was seated, waiting for the couple's introduction.
A few minutes later saw the groomsmen walking out onto the terrace from the house.
They lined up into two lines, on both sides of the entrance to the mansion.
The last two to come out were Lance and Justin.
"If I could have everyone's attention, please?" Lance said, smiling.
Everyone quieted down, Josh smiling as well.
"Lance and myself have the great honor of giving to you the newest stars of married love, Justin and Michael Tavarro-Timberlake! Accompanying them are their two little angels of love, Darian and Shauna Tavarrro-Timberlake!"
Justin and Michael walked out of the house, their hands together, wearing smiles of breathtaking beauty.
Each carried one of their loving children, everyone standing and clapping.
All four smiled, Justin and Michael walking to their table.
The clapping continued, unabated, everyone now standing behind their chairs at the wedding party table.
Michael smiled, hearing the telltale sound of tapping glasses.
He pulled Justin to him, kissing him deeply, the applause increasing.
Darian and Shauna giggled, watching their dads kiss.
Joey smiled, walking around in front of the table, smiling.
He picked up a wireless microphone which lay on the table, turning it on.
"Justin and Michael wish to welcome all of you to this loving feast of celebration. I will be your master of ceremonies. First off, I ask all of you to kindly sit down."
Everyone smiled, sitting down, including the wedding party at their expansive table.
Darian and Shauna sat in their parents' laps.
"Secondly, I'd like to propose the first toast. Sitting before me is a young man who I've known for quite some time. I always knew that Justin one day would become someone very special. But I never imagined that it would take Michael's love to truly make him a man of great beauty, love and happiness. I see all of that today. Thank you, Michael, for giving all of us a better Justin. For making his love blossom even more. To you, Michael."
Everyone seconded the toast, Michael smiling at Joey.
Justin was in tears, Joey smiling at him, leaning across the table, pecking him on the cheek.
Justin smiled, Joey winking.
"From now on, for me, you two will be Gumby and Pokey."
Michael laughed, as did Zach and Doris, remembering their old nicknames, Joey smiling.
Kelly smiled at her husband, sitting next to Jake and Kevin and Gregory.
"I've been asked to tell all of you that tonight's feast is in itself something very special. All the food being served tonight is from Michael's grandmother's family recipes, from both sides of his heritage. We are being treated to a Greek and Spanish feast. Before we dine, I'd like to have Justin's grandfather, Minister Charles Timberlake, say the grace."
Justin's grandfather stood at his front table, smiling at everyone.
Everyone lowered their heads, the elder Timberlake beginning the grace.
"Dear Lord, we, your children of love, are gathered here today in a moment of joyous celebration. Four parts of a newly ordained family have brought us all together to bask in their happiness. Bless all four of them, two fathers and two loving children. Four angels of true love. All of us will see their love grow through the coming years. Today we break bread with them, tomorrow we watch their love grow through all of us. Blessed are we all in God's love. Amen."
"Amen." everyone said, Justin's grandfather smiling.
"Now bring on them vittles!"
Everyone laughed, Justin's grandmother blushing and slapping her husband's leg, the elder Timberlake smiling widely as he sat down.

Dinner was a blend of rich Greek food and spicy, meaty Spanish fare.
Everyone loved it, the food flowing in abundance.
Baskets of Michael's own rolls were evident on every table.
Alberto smiled widely, sitting with Doris and Randall and Lisa.
His pride in his late wife's favorite meals being shown.
Vicky, Christina, Father Derrick and Uncle Silas rounded out their table.
Glasses tapped, the couple kissing periodically.
Michael whispered in Joey's ear, Joey grinning.
"The couple will now disregard all glass tappings. If you want them to kiss you have to shower them with flowers. As we can all see, Seth and Tomas have covered this landscape with beautiful flowery baskets. To get our grooms to kiss, you have to walk up to the table and give each a flower. And Chris, no dumping the dirt in Michael's lap."
Everyone laughed, including Michael.
Josh stood up, pulling two roses out of the table's centerpiece.
He handed one to each of his friends.
They smiled, kissing deeply, Josh smiling and sitting back down.

And so through the meal Justin and Michael saw a steady piling up of roses in front of them, Chris and Zach removing a lot when the couple began to disappear behind them.
Justin and Michael fed their little ones in their laps, the two little angels consuming lots of food.
"We're going to have two little tubby angels if we continue like this." Justin said, Michael smiling.
"Then that's what we'll have, love. I'll not starve my son and daughter to win beauty contests."
Justin smiled, seeing Michael's loving smile, the names he'd said filling both their hearts with joy.
Their son and daughter.
Darian and Shauna were now forever theirs.
They were now a family in all spiritual, legal and emotional ways.
Darian looked up at his father, smiling.
"Food great, Dada!"
"Yes it is, little piggy."
Darian laughed, looking at Shauna who smiled, then looked up at Michael.
"We's happys, Papa. Yous now ours forever."
Michael teared up, Justin sitting beside him putting his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"Yes, my little princess. Dada and Papa are yours forever."
Both little ones smiled, Justin's eyes full of tears.
Michael knew that this realization had flooded Justin's heart with great happiness.

Joey stood up, smiling when the meal was finished, dessert over.
The couple had walked over to the cake table, cutting the wedding cake among flashing cameras.
Michael had created the wedding cake himself, a three-tier love cake, of blue and golden roses.
Two men stood upon its top, both embraced in a pose of love.
Joey smiled, having had three pieces of the cake.
"If you'll all agree with me, I do believe we should give thanks to two special people for this delicious meal we've just partaken of: Alberto Tavarro, Michael's grandfather, and Mikey himself!"
Everyone clapped and cheered, Alberto standing up and bowing, Michael nodding and smiling with love at his grandfather.
"The first speaker for tonight's moments of vocal love will be Alberto Tavarro."
Alberto smiled, standing up and walking in front of the table, Joey handing him the wireless microphone.
"A short eight months ago, my grandson Michael was lost to me. I knew not where he lived or who he was. An then into my dreams walked an angel of love. That angel guided me to my grandson's door. And when that door opened, Michael greeted me with his endless love. A stranger, at his door and unknown. But the instant I looked into those golden eyes, I knew how great his love was. How great and forgiving. Justin has often talked of falling instantly in love with Michael the first time he looked into those same golden eyes. And all of us have felt a greatness of love looking upon this special angel. Today, on this day of immense beauty and love, I feel so happy to call this young man my grandson. For in my heart–and in my family's heart–he is so much more. We, your family of destiny, love you, Michael. And we now love Justin, and your two little angels of love. I take it upon myself now to welcome Justin to our family, a new addition of loving heart. Today, he joins our name of Tavarro with Timberlake. And I know in my heart that joined name will ring down through history as the name of a loving family. So,  I ask all of you here to join me now in a toast of welcome to Justin. Welcome to our family of love."
Everyone toasted Justin, seeing both young men in joyful tears, staring at Alberto.
Alberto walked around the table, taking both men into his arms, hugging both with love, the two little ones kissing his cheeks with smiles.
"Love ya Poppa." Darian said, the old man tearing up.
"And I love all of you."
Everyone clapped, Alberto quietly returning to his seat.
Joey smiled, taking over again.
"Next up, we have Randall Timberlake, Justin's father."
Randall stood up, smiling at his son and new son-in-law,
"Justin, today is a day of great happiness for me. For today I truly believe that I am a great father."
Justin smiled, Michael watching him quietly.
"And I have your new husband to thank for these feelings. Michael has shown me so many ways that you feel deep love for me. He's brought me closer to my own son than I've been in a long time. I thank him greatly for that. But more importantly, I thank my own son for giving me so much of his new open love. They say that a father's greatest pride shows on his child's wedding day. All of us here know of the hard trip both of these young men have had to reach this moment. Today I feel the proudest in my life. That pride beams for my courageous son. Today, he follows his heart. A heart filled with the love of this remarkable man, and their two loving new children. Both of you have given me and my wife, Lisa, and Lynn and Paul a new lease on life. We're grandparents now. Although a couple of this foursome will argue that point of maturity."
Everyone laughed, Lynn smiling and blushing, as was Lisa.
"Today, it gives all four of us a great feeling of loving joy to welcome Michael into the Timberlake clan. In all of us he'll find patience, joy and faithful love. We now love him as our new son. I'd like to toast him, and our two new grandchildren. Welcome, all three of you, to the Timberlake family."
Everyone rose again, toasting Michael and the kids, Michael in tears.
Randall, Lynn, Lisa and Paul walked around the table, all four hugging Michael, the two kids smiling up from Justin's lap.
Michael was sobbing, tears falling in great abundance, Lynn holding him as he calmed down.
Everyone was clapping, seeing the joy all of them felt towards this loving young man.
Once Michael had calmed down–Justin's loving voice in his mind–the four returned to their seats.
Joey introduced other speakers, toasts and small speeches being given.
Gregory welcoming Justin and the kids into the Stavros family.
Father Derrick speaking of Michael's past and his future joy.
Perhaps the most touching speech was the last one.
The fivesome of music, Justin's former group mates and soon to be rejoined fivesome of fame, took center stage, all standing in front of Michael and Justin.
Chris had the microphone, looking at the newly-married twosome.
"I've asked to be the spokesman for *Nsync for this moment. We started this band a long time ago as five friends wanting to make it famous and wanting to become great stars. But even from the beginning, we became something more. We became brothers. Today, little Justin has married. And another man has now walked into our small circle of brothers. All five of us welcomed this man into our center of life. From the first moment we met him, we've all felt the great loving heart of Michael. And I personally have bonded with Michael in a special way. Some of you saw that today."
Slight laughter and chuckling could be heard around the terrace, Chris smiling.
"Michael, in all sense of the word, you are now our brother. You opened your heart to all of us, even wisecracking me. That took a lot of guts. And now you've given all five of us something more. You gave us our soul back. These past few weeks we've worked together again as always. And all five of us have felt that joined soul again. The soul of our loving music and of our brotherhood. None of us can ever repay you for that. For giving us our soul again. I have my brothers in my life again. And they all have me. We thank you for that, Mikey. For your unquestioning love and for your loving Justin. We love you Michael. With all our joined soul of brotherhood."
Michael smiled at all four of them, Justin beside him in tears.
Chris was in tears, Michael getting up and walking around the table to all four of them.
"Thank you, Chris. I thank all four of you. My brothers forever."
All four hugged him deeply, the guests clapping wildly, a lot of tears flowing.
Michael broke lastly with Chris, smiling at him.
"But you're still getting wet again."
Everyone laughed, Chris smiling widely.
"We'll see, Mikey. We'll see."
Michael laughed, the four hugging him again.

The dinner was over, all the speeches ended.
People were moving off the terrace, Joey informing them all that the reception would begin in about an hour. The grounds were open to everyone, the reception taking place on the south lawn.
Michael and Justin wanted to have it in the evening coolness.
The three reporters departed, thanking Justin and Michael, both shaking their hands.
They felt a truce with the paparazzi, promising the reporters lots of photographs for the media.
Everyone relaxed, walking the gardens and viewing the grandeur of Villa Tavarro.
The beauty of the flowers and majestic sculptures awed everyone.
Oprah stood at the pool's edge looking up at the statue in its center.
"That's Michael, isn't it?" she said, Paulo and Jake standing beside her.
"Yes, it is an image of he who shall cleanse our family's heart." Paulo said quietly, Jake smiling at him.
Oprah quietly looked at him, Stedman as well.
"Your family is very mysterious, Paulo. I'd like to hear its story some day."
Paulo smiled at her, looking up at the statue.
"Something tells me that my family's history will one day be known to everyone."
Jake quietly smiled, his eyes on his lover.
"The history and story of your family would make anyone feel proud, Polo." he said, Paulo smiling at him.
"I am proud. But today, I feel more than pride. I feel total happiness. I'm proud and happy today to be a Tavarro. For Michael's heart is the heart of our family's life. And I feel his complete happiness."
Everyone smiled, looking towards Michael and Justin who were talking to Alexander, Fred and Larry King.

After about an hour of quiet relaxation, the guests began to gravitate towards the south lawn, where the reception area was ready.
Tables were set up around a large dance floor, a stage at one end, the band set up and ready.
Soft music played, people beginning to sit down.
Floral bouquets were set up on each table, as well as two large stone fountains on the far end of the dance area.
The wedding party's table was positioned between the fountains.
Streamers of blue and gold were laced around the tables and lighted lampposts.
Dusk was at hand; the land succumbing to the oncoming evening darkness.
The wedding party and their friends had walked into the mansion, relaxing in the resting room.
Michael smiled, looking at all their close friends surrounding them.
"Thank you all for this day of happiness. Your smiles and tearing eyes make it so special."
All of them smiled, Vicky and Christina in tears.
Justin put his arm around Michael.
"If you'll all excuse us, I need to speak to my husband for a moment. We'll be back shortly."
Michael smiled, Darian and Shauna smiling up at them from Josh and Lance's laps.
"Be right back, sweeties."
"Okay, Mikey." Lance said, blowing him a kiss.
Justin laughed, pulling Michael out of the room.
"Where are those two off to? Justin seemed in a hurry." Chris said, sitting with Vicky.
"Snookums, where do you think? Justin has that look. He needs a private moment with his man."
Chris' eyes widened in surprise.
"With all these people around? Geez, can't they wait till tonight?"
Vicky shook her head, kissing his cheek.
"Could you after seeing your lover looking so beautiful all day?"
Chris smiled, kissing her tenderly.
"I understand."
Everyone smiled, understanding as well.
"So, Chris? What's next in your diabolical mind? Another failed trap for Michael?" Lance smiled, looking at his friend.
Chris smiled widely, looking at everyone.
"Well, my friends. How about a late night welcoming for our two friends?"
Everyone looked intrigued, Chris beginning to talk.

Justin pulled Michael into their bedroom, his arms around him immediately.
Michael felt the deepness of Justin's passion and desires in the kiss he gave him once the door was closed.
They kissed for what seemed an eternity, Justin's hands going behind Michael, moving lower.
"Mmmm, my husband! That was fantastic! I'm out of breath!" Michael said, breaking the kiss finally, looking into Justin's now tearing eyes.
"What's wrong, my love?" Michael said, kissing his bottom lip gently.
"My husband. It sounds so beautiful when you call me that. I never thought I'd see this day! We're finally married and together for always!" Justin said, his emotions laid bare upon his face.
Justin's head fell onto Michael's chest, Michael holding him tightly.
"I know the feeling, Jus. It seems like a dream to me. But I know it's real, you're here in my arms. And we're now married and together always. I love you, my husband."
Justin smiled, his hands moving downward, beginning to play with Michael's center.
"Care to show me how much, my husband?"
Michael felt the stirring desire inside himself and in Justin, knowing that if he gave in the world would disappear around them.
"We don't have the time for that moment of bliss, my angel. And remember the promise we made to each other yesterday. That tonight would be our moment of deep love."
"Yes, I remember. The anticipation of the moment, the stirring of our desires. Oh God, Mico. I want you so much!"
Michael smiled, hearing Justin's love in those words.
"As I you, my love."
"Tonight in the cottage, it's going to be so beautiful. I missed your love so much."
Michael smiled, looking down into Justin's upturned eyes.
They were staying in the cottage tonight, just the two of them alone.
Josh and Lance were taking the kids tonight, as they would for the honeymoon. They both knew how important tonight was for both of them as their first night of married bliss.
"I'm going to make it a night you'll never forget, Justin."
Justin smiled, moving upwards, kissing Michael deeply.
They broke apart, Michael tidying up Justin's suit, its whiteness so beautiful.
"You looked so dashing and stunning walking down that aisle, Jus."
"As did you, my black angel. What a surprise!"
Michael smiled, Justin straightening Michael's tie, pulling the watch out of Michael's vest pocket.
Justin looked surprised at this new addition to Michael's wardrobe.
"A gift from Nana. It was my grandfather's. Silas gave it to me this morning, Nana wanting me to have it on my wedding day."
Justin smiled, seeing the tear in Michael's eye.
Justin opened the watch, surprised by the inner beauty.
"The Tavarro emblem?"
"Yes, Justin. My grandfather knew of the sign of Tavarro."
"What does this mean, Mico?" Justin said, replacing the watch into its hidden pocket.
"It means the coming together of the two families. A sign of unification."
Justin nodded, sensing something more behind Michael's words.
"Today isn't a day for truths or revelations, my husband. Today is about you and me, and our moment of love. Let's get back to our friends, and our evening of happiness."
Justin smiled, kissing him again.
"I love you, Michael."
"I love you, Justin."
The two took each other's hand, walking back down to the gathering room.

A soft laugh came echoing off the resting room's walls when they entered again, Michael smiling.
"Did you see the moment of love, Matty?" Michael asked, everyone looking around.
"Yes, Mikey. I watched from the second floor. It was beautiful. I'm happy for both of yous."
Michael and Justin both smiled, Michael looking upward.
"Why didn't you come down to the garden?" Justin said, Michael looking at him.
They heard silence for a moment then a deep sigh.
"I wasn't allowed. I can't sees him."
Michael remained quiet, looking towards the stone lions.
"I understand, Matthew. Soon enough."
A soft laugh filled with love and happiness echoed off the walls, then the room became quiet, the young spirit gone.
Paulo looked at Michael.
"Who can't Matthew see?"
Michael looked around, everyone quietly watching him.
"That's a story for another day, everyone. Come, my friends. Let's get this show of love on the road. Justin's itching to dance!"
Everyone looked at Justin, then they all smiled at Michael.
"Dibs on second dance, Mikey." Zach said, Michael laughing.
"I'll pencil you in on my dance card, stud."
Everyone laughed, the group heading towards the south lawn.

Darkness had flooded the evening's festivities.
Lampposts lit the area of love, all the white covered tables gleaming in the twilight.
The band was ready, everyone at their tables.
To the right of the fountains was an archway, covered in blue and golden Tavarro?Timberlake roses.
Behind it in the secluded darkness the wedding party stood ready.
Jake walked across the dance floor, walking up onto the platform.
"Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the wedding party's entrance."
Everyone stood, smiling and looking towards the archway,
Out first walked Randall and Lisa, followed by Lynn and Paul.
Behind them walked Alberto, Doris on his arm, followed by Silas, Christina on his arm.
Then came the eight groomsmen, walking together in pairs, all carrying baskets of blue and golden Tavarro-Timberlake roses.
They set them down on the tables, smiling at everyone.
Jake smiled when they all took their places in an arch around the dance floor.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Justin and Michael Tavarro-Timberlake and their son and daughter, Darian and Shauna!"
The cameras went off, the four parts of one soul walking through the archway.
Darian and Shauna walked together in front of their parents, Justin and Michael arm in arm.
Everyone threw blue and gold roses towards them.
The four smiling together, walking to the center of the dance floor.
Josh and Lance smiled, walking up onto the platform, Jake smiling and handing them the microphone.
Jake stepped down, walking to Paulo, the two together.
"Welcome to the final part of this day of love. Our two grooms will now dance their first dance of love as husbands." Lance said, smiling.
Everyone who'd walked in with them formed a circle around the couple, Darian and Shauna joining their grandparents.
"And now for the first dance, there is a little surprise we've cooked up.  We thought of the perfect song, but couldn't quite figure out who should sing it.  It fits not only the newlywed, but all of us so well.  Finally, it hit us!  Why not the singer himself!??" Josh said, smiling at Justin.
Justin took Michael into his arms, Michael's eyebrows furrowed.
People started murmuring.
"So, without further ado, to sing the song of First Dance, Newlyweds, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Celtic Thunder's own. . .Damian McGinty!!"
A slight pattering of applause erupted, only one person standing in awe.
Michael looked totally shocked.
Justin looked into Michael's golden eyes.
"For you I do this. It seemed the perfect voice and the perfect song." Justin said, pulling Michael against him.
The applause died down, then silence.
The people looked at the stage in slight confusion.  
A young man, no older than fourteen stood upon the stage.
Who is this kid??
Once he started singing though, confusion turned to awe!!
For belonging to this kid was the voice of an angel!  No one, not one person could tear their tearing eyes away as he began:

Like a bird without wings
That longs to be flying,
Like a motherless child
Left lonely and crying.
Like a song without words,
Like a world without music,
I wouldn't know what to do
I'd be lost without you
Watchin' over me.

I get so lonely, when you're away
I count every moment, I wait every day,
Until you're home again
And hug me so tight
That's when I know

Everything is alright.

Like a bird without wings
That longs to be flying,
Like a motherless child
Left lonely and crying.
Like a song without words
Like a world without music,
I wouldn't know what to do
I'd be lost without you
Watchin' over me.

You're my guardian angel
My light and my guide
Your hand on my shoulder
And you by my side.
You make everything beautiful,
You make me complete.  
Everything in my world
I lay at your feet..

Like a church with no steeple,
Where a bell never rings.
In a town without people,
Where no voice in the choir ever sings.

If a boat on the ocean
Would be lost with no sail,
Then without your devotion
Surely all that I dreamed of would fail.

Like a song without words
Like a world without music,
I wouldn't know what to do
I'd be lost without you
Watchin' over me

I wouldn't know what to do
I'd be lost without you
Watchin' over me

All through the song, Michael stared into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the deep, flowing love.
And Justin's total happiness.
It was as if they both floated on air, their love lifting their souls and hearts.
Michael laid his head on Justin's chest, the two dancing to the music.
They listened to the words of an angelic voice, the words meaning so much to both of them.
"I love you, Jus."
"I love you, Mico. Forever."
Everyone stood around them, awed by the vision of total love dancing before them.
Lance and Josh joined the circle, their own eyes full of tears.
"Destiny had found its center. They never looked happier." Lance said quietly, Josh kissing his cheek.
Lance looked into his blue eyes, Josh pulling him against him.
The song ended, the crowd applauding loudly, as were the wedding ensemble.
Damian bowed, smiling.
"Congratulations, Michael and Justin. Many years of happiness. Now for a lighter tune." he said smiling, more music flooding the dance floor.
All the couples now surrounded the two grooms, everyone beginning to dance.
Darian and Shauna wrapped their arms around their fathers' legs, both men smiling, dancing slowly with their little angels.

The song ended, everyone cheering the young man standing on the stage.
He bowed, walking down and smiling at Justin and Michael.
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
Michael smiled at the young man, extending his hand.
Damian shook it, smiling.
"Hello, Michael and Justin. Congratulations."
"Thank you, it was so beautiful." Michael said, a tear showing on his cheek.
"Thank you, Damian. It was perfect." Justin smiled, Michael looking at both of them.
"Surprised, Mico? Josh set it all up. He and Damian's manager are old friends."
"I was honored to do it. I've followed both of your careers." Damian smiled.
Michael smiled.
Damian smiled again, Jonathan walking up to the group.
"Hi, I'm Jonathan, Justin's brother. Sam and I were wondering if you'd like to sit with us. We're the only teenagers here."
Justin and Michael both laughed, Damian smiling, following Jonathan to their table.
Michael smiled, Justin kissing him again.
"Thank you, Jus. That was beautiful. And the perfect song."
Justin beamed, so happy it had been perfect in Michael's eyes.

And so the night progressed, the two men dancing with each other, their children and all their friends and family.
Vicky cried on Michael's shoulder as she danced with him, Michael feeling his old friend's loving soul.
Zach was in tears also when Michael danced with him.
Even Oprah was pulled to the dance floor by Justin, everyone feeling their total happiness flooding all their hearts.
But, as usually happens with good things, they came to an end.
The little ones had fallen asleep in their father's arms, Doris and Rachel quietly taking them upstairs.
Justin had been reluctant to let go of Darian and Shauna, Michael's arm going around him.
"They're mine now, I don't want them to go."
Michael kissed Justin, Lance and Josh standing beside them, Noah being carried inside by Christina, Zach carrying Becky.
"They'll be with Lance and Joshy. I wouldn't want them anywhere else, besides with us."
Both men teared, Michael and Justin smiling at them both.
The adults partied for a while longer, the clock finally showing one o'clock.
Michael and Justin were looking towards the western gardens.
Behind them lay the small cottage for their upcoming night.
"I'm going to go for a bit, love.  Be right back."
Justin smiled, watching Michael go into the house.
"Your man ditching you already, Timberlake?" AJ said, walking up to him, Jeff right beside him.
"No, I think he's going to check on the kids."
Justin smiled at both men, both shyly looking at him.
"We both wanted to thank you and Mikey for what you made us see the other day. And for forgiving us both."
Justin nodded, still smiling.
"What we saw were two people that needed to look into themselves. My Mico has a great way of making people see their own hearts. And the other hearts that surround them. I hope both of you are happy now."
Both men smiled, looking into Justin's calm blue eyes.
"Yes, Justin. Michael made us see that we've both been looking for the same thing. Someone to love. We think that maybe we've found that in each other. We're taking it slow, and learning about each other."
Justin smiled, hugging them both gently.
"That's all you can do. Mico and I started out just like that."
"And look at us now." Michael said, walking back up beside Justin.
"The kids okay, Mico?"
Michael smiled, kissing Justin lightly.
"They're all sound asleep."
Everyone smiled, Michael hugging the two men as well.
"I don't need to know what I can see right in front of me. I wish both of you happiness."
Both men teared up, smiling, then walking quietly away.
Justin put his arm around his husband.
"Last dance is coming up. Time for me to dance with an angel."
Michael smiled, pulling Justin to the dance floor.

Tim, the guitarist, walked up to the microphone.
"This is now going to be the last dance for the loving couple. They've picked "From this Moment".
Everyone smiled, the two grooms walking into the center of the floor.
They began dancing again, everyone quietly watching them.
The music flowed, the two dancing quietly in each other's arms.
Lance and Josh joined them, as did Zach and Christina, Vicky and Chris, Joey and Kelly, Jake and Paul.
All the couples saw their beauty flowing, the two married newlyweds' love radiating from the center of the floor.
Justin looked into Michael's golden eyes.
"I am yours forever, my angel."
Michael smiled a smile that radiated from his heart.
They moved closer, beginning a kiss of endless love.
The moment their lips connected, the dark night sky exploded with fireworks.
Everyone stared in awe, seeing exploding stars of blue and gold, shooters and lightning rods of blue and gold, and clusters of falling lights.
The sky was full of their brightness.
They all clapped, Josh and Lance noticing that Michael and Justin were still kissing.
Josh looked up at the sky, then all around the outdoor gardens.
He saw no fireworks area, nor people lighting them.
Then it dawned on him, Lance touching his shoulder.
"It's not the fireworks of modern science, Josh. It's the fireworks of Michael and Justin's hearts."
Josh stared in wonder, Lance kissing him tenderly.
"Let's bask in the radiating brightness of their hearts." Lance said, both men smiling.
Everyone had heard Lance's words, staring at the couple standing now alone, lost in a kiss of endless time.
The two parted, the sky still ablaze with dying blue and gold stars.
Justin looked up into the bright blue and golden sky, then into Michael's glowing golden eyes.
"My love soars to new heights. Our grand adventure is going to be unbelievable."
Justin smiled, the two walking towards the archway.

They'd hugged everyone goodbye, a lot of tears shed, Justin and Michael smiling widely.
Their day had been one of unbelievable beauty and love.
All their friends and family now carried that in their hearts.
Lance and Josh walked their friends down to their little cottage of love.
The four walked in the quiet darkness, their arms around each other.
Michael and Justin stopped in the doorway, looking at their dearest friends.
"I guess this is it?" Lance said, Michael gently kissing him.
"Yes, Lance. Thank you for all that you've done for both of us. And thank you for joining the four of us now completely together. It was you, wasn't it?"
Josh and Justin looked surprised.
"Yes, Mikey. I do believe I have a part of your gift now. The four of us somehow have become connected in your way. We can talk to each other now together in our minds."
Everyone smiled, the words now flowing in silence.
"Why now, Michael?" Josh asked in his mind.
"Because the four of us are now a true soul of love. Four parts of our whole."
Everyone smiled, Michael kissing both of his friends on their lips.
"Thank you, my friends. Thanks, Joshy and Lancy." Michael said in tears, Justin kissing them both now.
"Thanks, Josh. Thanks Lance. I love both of my brothers, almost as much as I love my Mico."
The four smiled, the two turning and slowly walking away.
"Take care of our angels. Tell them we'll see them in the late morning." Michael said, the two smiling and waving goodbye.
Justin and Michael smiled, Justin taking Michael's arm.
"Well, I guess the last tradition is for me to carry my husband over the threshold of our loving cottage."
"No, Jus. This is not to be our place of love."
Justin looked confused, Michael kissing him deeply.
Michael broke the kiss, opening the door.
"We're just changing here, I've got our clothes ready." Michael said, walking into the room.
Justin followed, seeing Michael head into the bedroom.
Justin looked around, seeing a quiet little cottage.
He smiled, then saw a white envelope sitting on the kitchen table.
He went towards it, Michael calling from the bedroom.
"Come on Justin. We haven't got much time."
Justin walked into the bedroom seeing Michael pulling on a black shirt, and already wearing black pants.
His black wedding tuxedo lay discarded on the bed.
Michael handed him a white shirt, silky and soft. And a pair of white pants.
Justin smiled, quickly changing into the clothes.
Michael smiled, watching his lover change.
He saw the smoothness of Justin's beautiful skin.
Within minutes, Justin was ready, Michael walking him out into the living room again.
Michael pulled him against him, kissing him deeply.
Justin became lost in the deepness of the passion in that kiss.
Michael broke it, smiling at Justin.
"If we stayed here tonight, our mirthful friends and family would give us no peace. I've come up with another idea. I sensed in my heart that maybe it was always supposed to be this way. The light of his love giving me so much. Come my Jus, it's time to see the beauty of my love."
Justin was deeply moved by Michael's words, staring into his now glowing golden eyes.
"Do you trust me, Jus?"
"Yes, my husband. I trust you and love you."
Michael smiled, putting his arms around Justin.
The room took on a great brightness, as if the two were surrounded by white light.
Justin turned, looking towards the table, seeing the note laying there.
One word was written on it:


Justin smiled, hearing in his mind the laughing words coming from Michael.
He and his new husband disappearing into the whiteness of a magical place.

The band of laughing conspirators struggled through the darkness, a few of them heavy with overflowing laughter.
And a few of them tipsy with too much inebriation.
Chris, Vicky, Kelly and Joey, Paulo, Jake, Marco and Emile all quietly slunk along the pathway heading towards the cottage.
To their left walked Josh, Lance, Antonio, Jarod, Christina and Zach.
They'd all agreed to Chris' plans, finding some delight in surprising their newly married brothers.
All of them now were surrounding the cottage, seeing a light on in the living room.
Joey looked at his watch, reading two thirty.
They'd sat around laughing and drinking after the other guests had retired, finding themselves not wanting to end the day of happiness.
Chris' idea then popped into their mirthful minds.
That the newlywed couple shouldn't be allowed to have all the fun.
And so now here they were, surrounding their honeymoon cottage, about to surprise them.
All of them carried water guns, and balloons.
Two married men were about to become wet newlyweds.
Chris grinned widely standing at the front door.
"On the count of three. We're going to find them in bed probably. You ladies be prepared for some saucy revealing nakedness."
Christina shook her head, Vicky rolling her eyes.
"One. Two. Three!!!!!"
Chris flung the door open running into the cottage, followed by everyone else.
Marco and Emile, followed by Paulo and Jake ran in the back door.
Chris didn't stop, heading directly for the bedroom screaming loudly.
"Time to cool off, loverboys!!" he screamed, flicking on the lights.
He stopped in surprise.
The room was empty.
Justin and Michael's tuxedos lay on the still made bed.
Vicky and Christina looked around in surprise.
Antonio checked the closets, finding nothing.
"Where did they go?"
Everyone looked at Chris, Chris walking back out into the living room.
"The cheeky bastards have flown the coup." he said, looking around.
Joey spotted the note sitting against the vase of roses on the kitchen table.
He picked it up, looking at the front of it.
"Hey, Chris. Here's a note addressed to you."
Chris and everyone looked at the envelope in Joey's hand.
Chris walked over, taking the note from Joey.
He opened it, looking at, and reading, the few words written there, recognizing Michael's handwriting.

Hello, my mirthful friends.

I knew you all would attack our supposed cottage of love.
I knew your loving giddiness would overflow into a moment of laughable love.
Unfortunately, I have another surprise lined up for my Justin.
Tonight is our night of love.
Even you group of loving angels couldn't stop me from giving him that.
So Jus and I have gone to a place I've always kept close to my heart.
I need him and him alone tonight.
Thank you for thinking of us, and wanting to surprise us.
You can put down the water guns and balloons.
Love ya all.
Believe me, Jus and I are somewhere magical.
See you later this day.

Love, Mikey.

Chris looked around at everyone seeing tears in a lot of eyes.
He also saw all of the water guns and balloons sitting now on the kitchen table.
"Where do you think they've gone?" Lance asked, Josh's arm around him.
"Knowing Michael, it's to Justin's center of love."
Everyone smiled, Lance searching out Michael and Justin in his mind, Josh doing the same.
No reply came back, no reply really expected.
They both smiled, everyone else smiling.
"There's something more at the bottom of the letter Chris." Vicky said, pointing at it.
Chris lowered his eyes reading the last part.

p.s. I've only one other thing to say.
With age and wisdom comes stealth and energy.
Have a wet one!

Everyone looked confused, the room suddenly becoming a place of pandemonium.
Through the two doorways came rushing in all the older members of the Timberlake, Tavarro and Stavros families.
Randall, Lynn, Lisa, Paul, Silas and Alberto, Julius and Barrow, as well as Doris.
The younger ones looked in shock, seeing all of them loaded to bear.
Water guns exploded as did balloons filled with water.
Screams of laughter and joy erupted from the older people.
The younger crowd dove for their forgotten weapons.
The room became soaked with the flying wetness, young and old laughing in happiness.
In a former cottage of wedded bliss, laughter and friendship echoed off the walls.

Justin opened his eyes, looking around.
He stared in shock.
Before him was a view of immense beauty.
He stood upon the cliff looking out over Tavarro Lake.
He turned seeing Michael sitting on the boulder, smiling at him.
He wore his black outfit, his golden eyes glowing as well as his golden cross on his opened neck.
"Is this a dream, Mico?"
"We are in my sanctuary, Jus. My real sanctuary."
Michael stood up, walking to his husband.
He pulled Justin into his arms, kissing him deeply.
Justin felt the total desire and passion in Michael's prolonged kiss.
Justin smiled when they parted, staring into his golden eyes.
"We're really here? On the other side of the world?"
Michael smiled, taking Justin's hand in his.
"Yes, Mr. Tavarro-Timberlake. I wanted this night to be special, Justin. A night of singular love and beauty."
"I knew it would be beautiful, you are here."
Michael smiled, kissing him again.
"I came here earlier, setting it all up. I wasn't checking on our angels, I was here."
Justin looked still in slight shock.
"How did we get here?"
Michael looked at him quietly.
"With my gifts, and a little help."
"Help? From who?"
"From Matty, Jus. This is his gift to us."
Justin looked surprised looking around.
"It all looks so real."
"It is real, Justin. We really are here."
Justin now looked totally stunned.
"You mean we have really traveled here?"
"Yes, we traveled on a path of love and magic. Matthew designed the path, I chose the destination."
"This all seems so unreal."
Michael kissed him again.
"Is our love unreal, Timmy?"
Justin looked with deep love into Michael's eyes.
"No, Mico. Our love is totally real."
Michael smiled, a heartwarming beautiful smile.
"Welcome to our first night of married love, Jus. Come with me."
Justin smiled, Michael pulling him towards the pathway down to the cabin.
They ran down the hill in the deepening twilight, Justin smiling at Michael's obvious happiness.
They reached their cabin, it looking as it always had.
Justin smiled as Michael pulled him into the house, climbing the stairs to their bedroom.
Michael smiled, opening the door, stepping inside.
Justin looked totally surprised.
The bed was covered in white silk, red rose petals covering it.
Soft music played, candles gently giving off soft light.
Michael smiled, running his hand along Justin's cheek.
"I am yours forever, Jus. As you are mine. Tonight begins our passion of wedded love and happiness. I promise to show you that passion every day in my kisses, my touches and my words. I love you, my husband, my Jus."
Justin sobbed, pulling Michael into his arms.
"Then show me now, my husband, my Mico. I love you and need you so much."
Michael smiled, pulling his husband towards their bed of life.

End of Chapter 160

And so the day ends, a new beginning for both men.
I'm so happy that I wrote these moments this way.
A little humor, lots of love and romance.
I truly believe I showed a lot of their love, and everyone's love for them in these few words.
I hope you all got something meaningful and tender out of it.
I know I did.

I'd love to hear your words and thoughts.


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