Justin's Angel-161

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael stood up, walking to his husband.
He pulled Justin into his arms, kissing him deeply.
Justin felt the total desire and passion in Michael's prolonged kiss.
Justin smiled when they parted, staring into his golden eyes.
"We're really here? On the other side of the world?"
Michael smiled, taking Justin's hand in his.
"Yes, Mr. Tavarro?Timberlake. I wanted this night to be special, Justin. A night of singular love and beauty."
"I knew it would be beautiful, you are here."
Michael smiled, kissing him again.
"I came here earlier, setting it all up. I wasn't checking on our angels, I was here."
Justin looked still in slight shock.
"How did we get here?"
Michael looked at him quietly.
"With my gifts, and a little help."
"Help? From who?"
"From Matty, Jus. This is his gift to us."
Justin looked surprised looking around.
"It all looks so real."
"It is real, Justin. We really are here."
Justin now looked totally stunned.
"You mean we have really traveled here?"
"Yes, we traveled on a path of love and magic. Matthew designed the path, I chose the destination."
"This all seems so unreal."
Michael kissed him again.
"Is our love unreal, Timby?"
Justin looked with deep love into Michael's eyes.
"No, Mico. Our love is totally real."
Michael smiled, a heartwarming beautiful smile.
"Welcome to our first night of married love, Jus. Come with me."
Justin smiled, Michael pulling him towards the pathway down to the cabin.
They ran down the hill in the deepening twilight, Justin smiling at Michael's obvious happiness.
They reached their cabin, it looking as it always had.
Justin smiled as Michael pulled him into the house, climbing the stairs to their bedroom.
Michael smiled, opening the door, stepping inside.
Justin looked totally surprised.
The bed was covered in white silk, red rose petals covering it.
Soft music played, candles gently giving off soft light.
Michael smiled, running his hand along Justin's cheek.
"I am yours forever, Jus. As you are mine. Tonight begins our passion of wedded love and happiness. I promise to show you that passion every day in my kisses, my touches and my words. I love you, my husband, my Jus."
Justin sobbed, pulling Michael into his arms.
"Then show me now, my husband, my Mico. I love you and need you so much."
Michael smiled, pulling his husband towards their bed of life.

Chapter 161

Justin awoke, snuggled against Michael.
He smiled, looking into Michael's sleeping face.
Even in sleep Justin could see the happiness on that beautiful face.
Last night had been a night of passion, love and total bliss.
Michael had been so giving and so needful.
Justin sighed, wrapping his arm tighter around him.
Michael stirred, his head moving against Justin's smooth chest.
Two golden eyes opened, looking into Justin's blue pools of love.
"Morning, love. What time is it?"
Justin looked at his watch, reading ten thirty.
"Well, according to my watch, which is still on Spain time, it's ten thirty there."
Michael smiled, his arm wrapping around his lover.
"Still early. We don't need to rush."
Justin chuckled, Michael raising his head and looking at him.
"The great Michael Tavarro not wanting to rush out of bed to be with his family?? I don't believe it!"
"Actually it's the great Michael Tavarro-Timberlake now."
Justin smiled, hearing that name.
"I love you, my husband." Justin said, Michael leaning in and kissing his moist lips.
"I love you, my sexy husband. And that's why I'm in no rush. I'm in bed with my husband. The world can wait."
Justin smiled, kissing his Mico again.
Their hands began to roam, feeling the heated smoothness of their lover's body.
Justin rolled over on top of Michael, Michael spreading his legs open, wrapping them around Justin's legs.
"Take me my angel. I need your love inside me." Michael moaned, Justin sinking forward.
His morning hardness sank deep inside Michael, Michael gasping then smiling.
Justin watched his face, seeing the look of bliss crossing it, Michael's eyes closed.
They opened, staring into his soul.
Michael pulled him down, their lips connecting.
Justin began his rhythm, Michael moaning with each downward thrust.
"Oh God, Jus! Yes, that's it! Oh God, Timby! Again!!"
Justin felt the abandoned passion flooding Michael's soul, the same feeling beginning to well up inside him.
He felt the heat focusing in their center, Justin's body beginning to tremble.
Justin screamed when the orgasm took hold of him, erupting inside Michael, Michael himself exploding between them.
Justin felt the wetness on his chest, his eyes glued to Michael's contorted face.
In the throws of passion, Michael's face took on a majestic innocence.
They both moaned and shuddered, Justin falling against his man.
Michael's arms wrapped around him, a flood of emotions coursing through both of them.
Justin began to weep, Michael's hold tightening on him.
He felt Justin slip out of him, the two remaining together.
Michael kissed Justin's face, wiping the tears away.
"Oh God, Mico! That was so unbelievable!"
Michael smiled, kissing him gently and tenderly.
"Yes, Timby. There was a specialness to it,. A newness. And I know what it is."
Michael sat up, looking at Justin.
"Come on angel, let's go out on the back porch, I want to see the sun come up."
Justin looked at Michael, his lover climbing out of bed, his nude body on display.
Michael didn't put on his clothes, only grabbing a blanket off the chair by the window.
Justin smiled, climbing out of bed and following Michael downstairs.

They walked out onto the porch, the darkness hiding most of the lake's beauty.
There was five hours difference in time between the lake and Spain.
Michael laid out the blanket over the couch, sitting down on it, Justin sitting beside him.
Michael wrapped the blanket around both of them, Michael snuggling against Justin's chest, both feeling the other's warmth.
"Mmmm, this is nice, Mico."
"Yes, being alone, together and warm."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek, his arm tightening around him.
"So you were saying you know what the newness is?"
"Yes, Justin. It's more than being married to each other. I believe with all my heart that when we said those words to each other in front of God we became one soul completely. What we now feel when we make love is both of our feelings. You don't feel just your own trembling desires, you feel mine as well. That's why it feels so heightened, so energized. Your feelings of love have doubled, so have mine."
Justin was in tears, sensing the truth inside himself.
"I felt all of your desires, all of what I was doing for you. It felt so beautiful."
"It was beautiful, my Jus. And I felt all that you were needing and what my body was doing to you."
Justin leaned in, kissing him again, feeling the newness even in their joined kiss.
"It's God's gift to us, Jus. He's joined us as one. My husband, my lover, my friend. You are everything to me now. As I am to you."
Justin teared up, laying his head against Michael's nude chest.
They sat there together, watching the dawning light overtaking the darkness around the lake.
The orange glow of the sun rose above the far end of the lake.
"This place is so special, Mico. I see how easy it is to fall in love with it."
Michael looked up towards the clearing then into Justin's blue pools.
"It is the place of my destiny, Jus."
Michael stood up, walking to the porch railing, looking out at the golden rays shining on top of the water.
Justin stood up, taking the blanket with him.
He put his arms around his husband, Michael feeling his warmth against him.
"Such a short time left." Michael said quietly.
"I've tried not thinking of it." Justin said, lowering his head.
Michael turned, lifting his chin.
"I love you, Jus. Always remember that. I made you a promise that I'd let you know everything. And I shall. This week when we go on our honeymoon, when the two of us are alone, I will tell you everything."
Justin looked into Michael's eyes, seeing the deep love for him shining in their goldenness.
"Alright, Mico. But if it's risky by you doing that, I shall remain in the dark."
Michael pulled Justin to him, kissing him deeply.
"You are my husband, Justin. I shall not keep secrets from you. But you do need to know that there is one part I cannot tell, even to you. I made a pact with them that I would abide by that truth."
"I understand, Michael. All I want to know is that I'll always be yours forever, and that you'll not leave me."
Michael smiled at him, a reassuring smile of love.
"I promise that I shall always be with you, and that you are mine forever. I love you Justin."
The two kissed deeply, both feeling everything the other felt.
They hugged close, lost in their love for one another.
"These past few days have been so unbelievable, Mico."
"Yes, they have. And we were together all through it. Now I feel your feelings, my angel. Let's get dressed. Someone needs his little boy and girl."
Justin blushed, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"Never feel embarrassed by that Jus. They are our children–our son and daughter. They mean everything to us. I know they shall both be first in our hearts. But we shall always have each other's soul. Let's get going, I need them in my arms, too."
Justin smiled widely, the two walking hand in hand back into the cottage.

Justin felt the whiteness clearing, his eyes opening.
The two men stood in the Tavarro cottage.
Michael's hand still held his, a kiss going to his cheek.
"Feel okay, Jus?"
"Yes, Mico. It's just a little surprising. All that whiteness, and the music."
Michael smiled, having heard the music as well.
"Yes, the music of our souls. It blossoms on the trail of love."
Justin smiled, looking around the room.
Both men smiled seeing the discarded remains of balloons and a few discarded water guns.
"I do believe your moment of merriment went well."
Michael laughed, kissing Justin again.
"Yes, I'm sure of it."
Both men smiled, Justin looking towards the door.
"Okay, husband. Let's go find our angels."
Michael beamed, Justin and he walking out of the room.

"So you have no idea where they've gone?" Randall asked, sitting in the resting room with everyone.
"No, sir. They didn't tell even us." Josh said, sitting beside Lance.
Lunch was over, everyone having heard the news about last night's revelations.
And they'd all laughed hearing the merriment that followed, Michael setting all of it up.
"That man truly is gifted. He's always one step ahead of me." Chris said, Vicky smiling, seeing his love for her best friend.
"It's not like them to just disappear." Lonnie said, concerned.
"The note said they'd gone somewhere close to Michael's heart. I know Mikey will keep Justin close." Paulo said, assuring his friend.
"Knowing Michael, it probably is somewhere special." Lynn said, everyone smiling.
Chris smiled at Vicky, Vicky looking around.
"I don't think Michael and Justin are anywhere close."
Everyone looked at her.
Vicky looked down at the five little angels playing in the center of the room, Josh and Lance on their knees with them.
"I just have a feeling that Michael's used his gifts or something. It just seems strange to me that they'd just disappear. You all remember the Child's Gift and how Michael made the kids and himself disappear? Maybe Michael's used his gifts to take Justin somewhere, maybe like the Circus of Magic."
Everyone looked deep in thought.
"We just needed to hide from the water warriors. No worries, we have returned."
Everyone looked towards the door, two young men standing there with wide smiles on their faces.
"Dada!!! Papa!!!" Darian and Shauna screamed, on their feet and running.
Their fathers were on their knees sweeping the little ones into their arms.
"Yous go fars aways, Dada!" Darian said, kissing his father's lips.
"Yes, little man. We went far away." Justin smiled, his eyes teary.
"It's okay, Matty tells us nots to worries. He tells us wheres yous is!" Shauna smiled, Justin looking at Michael.
Michael smiled, looking upwards, then looking at everyone.
Everyone got up, hugs and kisses exchanged, Justin telling everyone where they'd been, and the magical night of Michael's love.
Everyone's jaws dropped, all eyes staring at Michael.
Michael blushed, sitting down, Shauna in his lap.
"You traveled across the world in a flash?" Chris said, in shock.
"Geez, Mikey! Are you like, Superman?" Joey asked, Michael's head lowering a bit.
"No, Joe. I'm not Superman. I didn't use my gifts to do this. I used a gift given to me by Matty. And he wouldn't tell me who gave it to him."
Alberto looked upwards, as did others.
"He's not here. He said he had to watch someone."
Everyone sat down, everyone talking at once.
Michael answered their questions, a smile on his face, his eyes focusing on Justin often.
They all sat in amazement, staring at Michael.
The man truly was amazing in his caring and love for Justin.
"Well, now that the newlyweds are back, you've got a room full of wedding gifts to open!" Lynn and her mother said together, Justin blushing.
"Let's all go into the ballroom. Do you boys need lunch?" Alberto said, standing, taking Doris' arm.
"No, Poppa. We're both okay." Justin smiled, Chris smirking.
"I thought you'd be famished, what with all the bumping uglies you've been doing!"
Joey held in a laugh, looking sideways at Michael, waiting for his quick response.
"Hey, we don't need to hear what Vicky calls your junk, Chris!"
Joey exploded in laughter, as did Lonnie and Jake.
Michael looked with surprise at Justin, the orator of that quick comeback.
Chris also looked at him with total shock.
"Way to go, husband! I'm impressed!" Michael laughed, hugging his husband.
Justin beamed widely, talking in his mind to him.
"I felt you about to say it, I just beat you to the punch."
Michael laughed, sensing their new connection.
"Awesome, sweetie! Chris is speechless!"
Justin laughed, Chris folding his arms.
"Oh, dear God! You're just like him now!!"
Justin laughed, smiling widely.
"Yep, I'm Mikey Number Two."
Everyone laughed, walking out of the room, leaving Chris looking defeated.
"Cheer up, Chris. Think of the splashes of love you're going to receive." Joey laughed, pulling his friend along with him.

Everyone else from the house joined the group in the ball room, sitting around and chatting, the newlyweds in the center of the congregation.
The two opened all their gifts, oohs and ahhs echoing in the room.
They received a lot of nice mementos and other beautiful things.
Donations were given to both their foundations, most people knowing they didn't need much for their home or themselves.
Darian and Shauna sat in their laps or on the floor in front of them, helping rip open the gifts.
Everyone smiled seeing the close connection between the family, all four smiling at each other.
All the gifts were finally opened, the two men touched by the giving hearts of their friends.
An early supper was laid out, a large buffet ready for everyone to enjoy.
They all laughed and ate together, Justin and Michael talking with everyone.
Gregory pulled Michael aside, talking to him briefly.
Justin quietly watched, sensing Michael's feelings.
Paulo and Alexander did the same thing with him a few minutes later, Justin wondering what was going on.
He left Darian and Shauna with Rachel, walking up to Michael as Alexander walked away with Paulo.
Justin's arm went around him, kissing Michael's cheek.
Michael smiled, a look of quiet tiredness in his eyes.
"You okay, love? You look tired."
"I'm okay, Jus. My tiger tired me out last night. And I feel their worry. Everyone's on edge. What with us leaving tomorrow morning on our honeymoon, then returning here a week from Wednesday. Then that Sunday is the Feast of Redemption. They're worried I'm not prepared enough."
"And are you prepared?"
Michael  looked into his blue eyes of love.
"Yes, Jus. I'm totally prepared for what's to come. I just hope they are. I need them to show their faith and courage. It's the only way it will work."
Justin hugged him close, Lance and Josh walking up to them.
"Everything okay, guys? You both look concerned." Lance said, Michael smiling at him.
"Everything's perfect, Lancy. I'm calling a meeting for tonight at ten in the gathering room. I want you two to be there."
Both men looked at Justin and then nodded.
"Excuse me, but I need to talk to a few others." Michael said, walking away across the room, the three men seeing him talking to Seth and Tomas.
"What's going on, Jus? Is he okay?"
"He's fine, guys. He's being Michael. I'm sure we'll learn it all shortly." Justin said, walking back to his little ones.
Josh and Lance looked at each other, then watched Michael talking to different people.

All the gifts were opened, the two men touched by the giving hearts of their friends.
The little ones played happily, running around to everyone, Justin on their heels.
Michael saw his tender care with them, his wanting to be close.
He smiled, thinking of the next week, and Justin's being away from them.
Josh sat down beside Michael smiling and watching the kids as well.
"You've got a big kid there, Mikey."
"Yep, my big boy."
Josh laughed, Michael smiling.
"Is it all arranged?" Michael asked Josh, his eyes remaining on his family.
"Yep, everything's taken care of, Michael."
"For love and happiness, no greater thing could be done."
The two smiled, watching Justin and the kids playing.

After dinner, all the guests wandered the gardens, or did activities in several of the rooms.
The BSBs and the 98 Degrees guys played pool in the games room.
Jeff and AJ had held a private meeting with their combined bandmates, their new relationship laid before them.
All the guys had welcomed the happiness they saw in both men's eyes.
Trevor was now welcomed as well, a permanent fixture in the 98 Degrees hearts.
Michael had called his meeting for ten o'clock.
Private conversations had taken place, views and ideas expressed.
What it finally came down to was that no one knew what the meeting was for.
At ten minutes to ten selected people began to gather in the gathering room.
All the Stavros clan, all the Tavarro family, as well as Justin's immediate family.
The NSync guys, Vicky, Trevor, Nick, Jake, Emile, Lonnie and Rachel as well walked into the room.
Everyone sat around, Justin sitting with the kids, Darian in his lap.
Michael was nowhere to be seen.
Small talk was exchanged, a sense of concern flooding the room.
The door finally opened, Michael walking into the room.
Justin looked up at him, smiling.
Michael was dressed completely in black.
He wore a black vest, black silk shirt and black jeans.
His golden cross gleaming on his chest.
He wore all his rings and the golden pocket watch.
He smiled at everyone, walking into the center of the room.
"Thank you all for coming. Please make yourselves comfortable, everyone."
Everyone sat down, a few remained standing, all eyes on Michael.
"First off, Justin and I want to thank all of you for being here these last few days. Your love for Justin and me made our wedding so special."
They all smiled, Justin getting up, Darian jumping into his grandfather's arms.
Randall smiled at the little boy, Darian's eyes on his fathers.
"Michael is right. Both of us love all of you." Justin said, his arm going around Michael.
"That being said, I've asked all of you here to talk about what's going to happen in a few weeks."
Everyone nodded, silence descending on the room.
"Tomorrow, Jus and I will be leaving on our honeymoon. We shall be gone for ten days, then returning to this house for what lays ahead. I sense in all of you concern for what might happen. All I can ask you is to have faith in me, in my ability to know what shall take place, and what must be done."
"We have that faith, Michael." Gregory said, Michael nodding at his cousin.
"Yes, I know you do. But I also feel your worry and concern for my safety. I can't stop you from worrying, all I can do is tell you that you need not worry. It has all been ordained. What goes forward can't be changed. Sit down, my love. It is time all of you know what will happen. Well, part of it anyway."
Justin looked at Michael, then sat down beside his father again, Darian climbing back into his arms, Shauna climbing up into his lap as well from the floor.
All eyes were directed at Michael.

Michael sighed, folding his hands in front of him, his eyes looking around the room.
Everyone saw deep acceptance in those searching golden orbs.
"The confrontation is at hand. In two short weeks I shall enter that church in a far different way that you shall ever imagine. Shortly, something is going to happen to me. Let us call it Fredrick's last gamble. Or call it pre-ordained destiny, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that I must bear more pain. I shall be hurt."
Everyone looked stunned,  worry on all their faces.
Michael raised one hand, to hush and calm them.
"I cannot stop what must happen, it is my destiny. All of you are now my family. In you all I shall find the strength to go forward as I must for the final journey. As in all this, your love shall guide me forward."
Michael looked at Justin, seeing tears in his eyes. Tears in his eyes at hearing his lover would be hurt.
"Do not fear for me, Jus. All my life I have had pain. I now finally realize why."
Everyone was in silence, sensing a truth coming from Michael.
"God gave me all that pain not out of malice but out of love. He gave it to me to steel my heart and my body. To ready myself for what must come. The greatest pain a person can feel is the loss of a loved one. I felt that when my mother left me, as I did when Nana passed. I shall not feel that ever again. Fredrick will try to hurt those I love, it's second nature for him to do that. I will not let him touch any of you. I shall make my choice when it comes to that. Fear not, for none of you shall be touched by his evil. My gifts, and my destiny will see to that."
Michael looked around at everyone, seeing tears in quite a few eyes.
"My whole life had been about pain and soul-crushing hardship. That pain hardened my soul and gave me the courage to walk forward. Now I have been given the complete opposite of pain. I am healed and loved by all of you. God has given me that as my reward for what I was chosen to do. I thank him and love him for that. It truly wasn't expected. I never imagined my dreams would ever come true. But they have. In all of you, your love and your friendships. That is the greatest weapon God could give me. And Fredrick will be shown that by the chosen twelve."
"The chosen twelve?" Paulo said, looking confused, his wet eyes staring at Michael.
Michael walked over to the stone lions, placing a hand on top of one, the blue eyed one.
He stared up at his ancestor's portrait.
He saw the likeness of his own self in that man's face.
"St. Peter was much more than a disciple and teacher of God's word. He was the keeper of the faith."
Justin's eyes were glued to Michael.
"All of you remember the story I told of Adrian's beginnings. Of the meeting he had with Aurelia."
They all nodded, their eyes not moving from Michael.
"On that night Adrian was given something by Aurelia, something she asked him to keep hidden. Adrian was true to his word, hiding it in a place where only one could find it."
Justin watched as Darian climbed down off his lap, running across the room to his father, hugging his leg.
"You dat one, Papa?"
Michael knelt down, lifting his son up, kissing his cheek.
"Yes, Darry. I am that one."
Darian smiled, kissing his father's cheek.
Michael smiled, walking back over to Justin, Darian jumping back into his lap.
Michael smiled at his family, all three smiling back.
"I found Aurelia's gift at the end of the Hallway of Truth. It sat upon a shelf at the end of that Walk of Truth.  And beside it lay the true prophecy written on parchment."
"What is the true prophecy, Michael?" Father Nico asked, his eyes wide with wonder and needful hope.
"That true prophecy is in itself a great device. Adrian's leaving out the trueness of its words will lure Fredrick to his judgement. The lines of text missing from the Tavarro Prophecy are in themselves a truthful weapon. They summon the Judges of Truth."
"Who are the Judges of Truth?" Marco said, standing beside Paulo.
Michael walked up to the two young men, putting his hand on both of their shoulders.
"They are the true souls of love."
Both stared at Michael, sensing some hidden meaning in those words.
"The confrontation will reveal many things. Some miraculous in their dawning love. That day will be a day of deep love and even deeper faith. And all of you shall witness it."
Michael walked back to the fireplace, looking at both lions.
"The Stavros family a few days ago offered me a hundred men of strength and courage. I turned that gift down. For it is not through strength that this evil will be cleansed from our family, but through the courage and trueness of all of you, and most importantly, my chosen twelve. For in those twelve the world shall see courage and deep love. It was my task to chose those twelve. And I have done so."
"Who are the twelve, Michael?" Barlow said, looking around the room.
"Each has been chosen for a different reason, for a different courage. My friends, it was not an easy task. But I have felt in my heart and in theirs, the trueness of the twelve."
Michael turned, looking around the room.
"All twelve are my friends."
Everyone looked at each other, not sure who they were.
"I chose twelve friends, twelve souls of love. For that is what I shall need that day. Your love, and with it the guidance of the Guardian, shall trap Fredrick for evil's judgement."
Michael looked around the room, his eyes settling upon Justin's.
"The twelve must accept this destiny freely with their hearts. I shall not force them to take this task upon themselves."
Lonnie stood up, Rachel looking up at him.
"If I am one of the twelve, I shall accept based solely on my love for you, Michael."
Michael smiled, walking up to the big man, smiling up at him.
"Thank you, Longford. For you are indeed one of my chosen twelve."
Lonnie smiled, Michael's hand going in his.
"Shall you be my chosen? Shall you stand for love?"
"I shall."
Michael smiled, leaning upwards kissing his cheek.

Michael then walked over and stood in front of Jake.
"Shall you be my chosen? Shall you stand for love?"
Jake looked totally shocked, staring into Michael's golden eyes.
Paulo's arm went around his fianceé.
"I shall." Jake said, Michael smiling, kissing his cheek.
Michael walked over stopping in front of Chris and Vicky, Joey and Kelly looking surprised.
"Shall you both be my chosen? Shall you stand for love?"
If Vicky looked surprised, Chris looked totally stunned.
"Y-you want m-me?" he stuttered, Michael's hand going to his shoulder.
"In your mirthful soul, and joyous heart there is much love and courage, Christopher. That in itself shall aid me greatly."
Chris smiled, Michael waiting.
"I shall." Chris said, Michael smiling, kissing his cheek.
Vicky smiled at her best friend, Michael looking at her with deep love.
"I shall."
Michael kissed her, then smiled, walking onward.
He stopped in front of the Avery men, Tomas staring at him with concern.
Michael looked into Seth's blue eyes as well as Kevin's.
"Shall you be my chosen? Shall you stand for love?"
Both men smiled, looking into his golden eyes.
"I shall." Seth said with pride.
Kevin seconded with the same response.
"I shall."
Michael moved on, kisses given.
He stood in front of the Tavarro men.
"Marco and Antonio. Two men with tortured souls now healed with your own courage. Shall you be my chosen? Shall you stand for love?"
Both were in tears, feeling in Michael's words the special bond they had with him.
"I shall, with all my heart." Antonio said, Marco looking straight at Michael.
"You gave me that courage, Michael. I shall for your love."
Michael nodded, hugging both, kissing their cheeks.
Michael smiled, walking across the room to Nick and Trevor.
Both stood, staring at him with amazement.
"Both of you are kindred hearts, united in your need for each other. In you I see true love and  courage. Shall you be my chosen? Shall you stand for love?"
Trevor was in tears, Nick's arm around him.
"I shall, Michael. With honor." Nick said, Michael kissing his cheek.
Trevor stood in silence, staring at Michael.
"Shall you be my chosen? Shall you stand for love?" Michael asked again, Trevor almost weeping.
"Oh God, yes! I shall, Michael! For you, my life I give!"
Michael  hugged him gently, kissing his cheek.
"It shall never come to that. For any of you. You twelve most of all shall be protected."
Michael looked at Justin, his husband smiling at him.
Ten down, only two remained.
Michael looked around seeing everyone's eyes still glued to him.
Justin saw the tear in Michael's eyes.
Michael walked across the room standing in front of his sister and her husband.
"Zach, and my dear Christina. My sister and my childhood friend. Your hearts of love have washed the pain of my soul away in many ways. Shall you be my final two chosen? Shall you stand for love?"
Zach stared at his friend, and then at his wife.
He saw the tears in her eyes.
"Michael, I cannot let my love be put into danger." Zach said, Christina looking at him.
She took her husband's hands in hers.
"Zach, I love you with all my soul. And I love my brother. He needs both of us. To eradicate the evil that surrounds us. How can we not aid him? I love him with all my soul. He is my brother. I shall stand with you, brother."
Michael nodded, looking into Zach's troubled eyes.
Zach saw the deep love in Michael's. The protective love. He knew in his heart that Michael would die protecting his sister.
"Forgive me, Michael. I feared for her safety, not for my own. But I see in your eyes the protective love you carry. I know that you shall protect all twelve of us, your sister the most. I shall stand with you, I shall stand for love."
Michael smiled a tearful smile, hugging both, kissing their cheeks, their own kisses returned.
"And so I have chosen the twelve. My dear friends  Lonnie, Jake, Chris and Victoria, Seth and Kevin. Marco, Antonio, Nick, Trevor, Zachary and my dearest sister Christina. I sense the feelings of others, their sadness of my not choosing them. All of you I love, but these twelve are special.
You twelve I have chosen for reasons of my own. Love, faith, courage and determination abide in all of you. Together, you shall move the world with your strength and courage. It is time for the solidifying of the Order of the Rings."
Joey leaned into Chris, whispering-but his voice carrying.
"Geez, I feel like I'm in 'A Knight's Tale'. Where's the dragon?"
Michael laughed from across the room, smiling at his friends.
"Excellent comparison, Joe. It is somewhat like that. Only the dragon here is my uncle's evil. But these twelve are not knights, but more akin to pillars of strength. From them the light of truth and justice shall flow."
Everyone stood in awed silence at Michael's moving words.
Michael walked back to the  fireplace, standing between the two lions.
He raised his arms, both hands now resting on the lion heads.
"It is time to reveal the treasure that Aurelia gave Adrian."
Michael put his hand in each of the lion's mouths.
His eyes instantly glowed white.

Everyone stood, staring in amazement.
The fireplace did not change like before, moving to reveal a hidden stairway.
This time only one thing moved.
Adrian's portrait.
It rose up the wall, revealing a small shelf like indentation behind where the portrait had lain for centuries.
They saw something laying on that shelf.
Alberto looked at it with surprise, knowing that shelf had never been there before.
The painting had been removed on occasion for cleaning, the wall always being blemish free.
He sensed this hidden shelf had always been concealed there, for the Messenger's own use.
Michael removed his hands from the lions, walking to the mantle, putting his hand up into the shelf-like hole.
He pulled a small wooden box off the shelf, about six inches square.
The portrait began lowering again, the shelf again concealed.
Michael walked over to a small table, setting the box down.
"Would the Chosen Twelve please approach?"
The twelve walked forward, standing in a line in front of the table.
Everyone else watched as Michael opened the box.
Emblazoned upon the top of the dark wooden box was a symbol:
A cross with a circle in the center, another cross in its center.
A cross within a cross.
The mark of the Aurelian Order.
Michael opened the box, revealing a surprising sight.
Inside the box were twelve ebony rings.
All made of dark ancient wood.
Each had the same symbol on them.
The same symbol from the top of the box.
"These twelve rings are the Rings of Life. What that means at this moment, is unimportant. Each of you twelve shall wear one. Please take one. You will see that they all shall fit."
Lonnie walked up first, picking up one of the rings. They were surprisingly very light. He put it on his big massive finger, the ring slipping on easily.
"It does fit, and I feel something."
"You feel the rightness of life. You feel my gifts. We are all now connected."
Each took a ring, all their fingers soon adorning one.
Michael looked at all of them, smiling.
"From now until the moment of truth, all of you shall feel a refreshing optimism on life. These rings shall soothe your souls and cast the doubts from your troubled minds. You shall feel energized and alive. For on the day of judgement, all twelve of you will be ready."
Michael closed the box, asking them all to return to their seats.
They all did, everyone sitting down again.
"All of you here are my family. In the truest sense of the words. I love all of you. Today begins the final path of my destiny. The twelve are chosen, the course is set. All that remains is the final truth. May all of you have peace of mind knowing that I shall go forward with all of your love in my heart. God could never give me a greater weapon."
Michael walked over to Justin, Justin standing, both kids in his arms.
"Tomorrow, I walk in wonder on the path of my Justin's surprise honeymoon. My Justin by my side. Our angels' love in my heart. The next two weeks will be the happiest of my life. I love you, Jus. And you two angels, Darry and Shauna."
"I love you, Mico."
"Wuv you, Papa." the two little ones said together, Michael kissing all three of them.
"Come on everyone. It's time we closed off all this drama. What lays ahead lays ahead. I'm happy right where I am." Michael said smiling, Shauna jumping into his arms.
"Let's put our angels to bed, Justin."
Justin smiled, the four walking out of the room, everyone standing up, watching them go.

After Justin and Michael had left, the group sat around talking about all that had transpired.
The twelve talked to each other, awed by what Michael had given them.
They showed everyone the rings, Father Nico and Father Derrick examining them.
"They are very old, of olive tree construction I believe. That would make them of Arabian or Mid-Eastern origin. Truly remarkable." Father Derrick said, handing the ring back to Antonio.
"Do you feel the calmness in your soul?" Christina said, Zach and Vicky nodding.
"It's like nothing scares me now. As if I don't fear anything. I can face all that I must." Chris said, staring at his ring.
Vicky put her arm around him, kissing his cheek.
She stared at Father Nico and Father Derrick.
"What is this symbol supposed to mean?" she said, raising her ring, everyone seeing the engraved sign.
"Adrian gave that symbol to Artanga Rostin when the Aurelian Order was created. What its original meaning is has been lost in the sands of time." Alberto said, looking up at his ancestor's portrait.
"As he gave us the pendant of Tavarro." Antonio said, pulling his out from under his shirt.
"Signs of faith, signs of love. A heart and cross." Lance said absentmindedly, looking at the stone lions.
Josh put his arm around him, Lance looking at him.
They talked to each other in their now open minds.
"You okay, love?"
"Yes, Josh. I'm okay. Just a little tired."
Josh smiled, looking at everyone.
"We should call it a night. Everyone's traveling tomorrow."
Everyone nodded, Lance remaining beside Josh as the room emptied.
"Ready to go, love?"
"Yes, Josh. Ready to go forward."
Lance got up, taking his hand, the two walking out of the room.

Michael awoke, his head laying against Justin's chest.
He moved a little, Justin's arm going around him.
He knew in his heart Justin's love was protecting him.
Justin moved, wrapping his arms completely around Michael, cocooning him against his warm body.
Justin's eyelids flickered, Michael knowing he was on the verge of waking.
Michael gently pulled his strong hairy arms back, releasing himself from Justin's prison.
Michael smiled, Justin's arms moving again, Michael sidestepping their grasp.
Justin sighed, moving in the bed towards him.
Michael stood up, wearing only boxer briefs, smiling.
He walked over to the crib, seeing Noah sitting up.
The other two angels were asleep, Darian's soft snoring the only sound in the  room.
"Hello little one. You're up early." Michael's soft voice said, Noah's head going up.
"Unky Mikey?"
"Yes, Noah. I'm here for you." he said, the little boy's arms going up.
Michael gently lifted the little boy up, Noah laying against his chest.
Michael walked over to the bed, gently sitting down, not wanting to disturb Justin.
Noah snuggled against him, his little face smiling.
"Me likes waking ups with my fwiends. Me not alone no more."
Michael smiled, kissing his head.
"You'll never be alone, little Noah Daniel."
Noah smiled, his hand going to Michael's face.
"Me gots my dads now. Theys wuvs me. And me gots yous twos and Darry and Shauny, and lots of others whos wuvs me. Me's so happies."
Michael smiled, as did Justin, laying behind Michael, his blue eyes now open.
He remained quiet, listening to his husband caring for the child.
"Yes, my little man. Everyone has welcomed you into their hearts. And that's because you're so special, such a good little boy."
Noah smiled, playing with Michael's golden cross.
"Me wants to stays with Daddy and Papa always. Me hopes mes can."
"Yes, that shall be wonderful. Can I tell you a secret, little one?"
Noah's head raised, Michael seeing his blank eyes looking around.
"Okays Unky."
Michael kissed the little boy's cheek, Noah smiling.
"I've seen the future, Noah. You are going to be with them always."
Justin smiled, watching the reaction on Noah's little face.
A blend of total happiness and joy.
"For reals?"
"Yes, Noah. For reals. So don't worry about that, okay? You have your friends and all of us forever. We're not letting anything happen to our little Noah."
Noah smiled, Michael gently tickling him.
"How about I take you to Daddy and Papa?"
"Yes, me wants to bes with thems."
Michael smiled, standing up, grabbing his robe.
He put it on, walking quietly out of the room.
Justin lay back, smiling.
For he knew something himself.
He smiled, a soft voice speaking in the dawning light.
"Morning, Dada!"
Justin smiled, turning his head, seeing Darian standing up in the crib.
"Morning, little man." Justin said, getting up, lifting the little boy out of the crib.
Shauna was sitting up as well, smiling up at him.
"Morning, princess." Justin smiled, Shauna giggling.
"Morning, Dada. Where Papa and Noah?"
"Papa  took Noah to be with his dads."
"That good. They needs to wuv."
Justin smiled, plopping Darian down on the bed, the little boy giggling.
Justin picked up Shauna, dumping her on the bed as well, both laughing now.
Justin laughed, diving onto the bed playing with his angels.

Lance lay against Josh, Josh's lips on his left nipple.
"Oh, Josh!" Lance softly moaned, Josh's tongue licking the hardened nub.
Josh's hand was under the covers stroking Lance's hardened center.
Josh's head raised, his lips attaching to Lance's.
Lance became lost in the passion of his lover, feeling Josh's soul on fire.
Josh moved, his naked body now on top of Lance's.
Lance felt Josh's own hardness against his stomach.
He also felt Josh's hand moving behind his ass, guiding Lance's sabre of love to his center.
Josh broke the kiss, sighing a happy sigh of lust.
He sank back, Lance sinking into him.
"Oh God, yes!! That's what I need! Oh God, Lancy!!"
Lance became lost in Josh's movements, up and down, sinking then raising upward.
They both felt their passion welling up, their emotions on that edge of release.
Josh screamed, feeling Lance explode inside him, Lance gasping.
Josh exploded himself, his fluid coating Lance's chest.
Josh fell forward, his body laying on top of Lance.
Lance opened his eyes, staring into Josh's tearing eyes.
"I love you so much, Lance."
Lance moved upward, his lips kissing Josh's.
"I love you, Josh. Thank you for showing me your love."
Josh smiled, wiping his eyes.
A soft knock came to their door, Josh lifting up, Lance sliding out of him.
Josh said enter, pulling the covers over them both.
Michael walked into their room, Noah in his arms.
Noah was smiling, his head moving around.
"Dada? Papa?"
Josh smiled widely, climbing out of bed, forgetting his nakedness.
He walked up to Michael, taking his son from him.
"Good morning, little man. Daddy's missed his boy."
Noah grinned, Josh kissing his face repeatedly.
"Me miss Daddy and Papa!!"
Michael smiled, his eyes scanning Josh's naked body.
He saw the remains of Josh's explosion on Josh's midsection and in his pubic hair.
He looked towards Lance, seeing the same residue on his smooth glistening chest.
Michael smiled widely, Lance looking into his golden eyes.
Michael ran at the bed, jumping into it, landing on top of Lance.
"Morning, loving Lancy! Need someone to lick that all off you?"
Lance looked downward seeing his wet chest, blushing deeply.
Josh suddenly realized his state of dress, blushing as well.
Michael laughed, kissing Lance's red cheek, looking at Josh.
"My brothers of love. Don't be ashamed of my seeing you like this. All I see is both of you with contented hearts and loving souls. You love echoes in my heart."
Both smiled, Josh remaining where he was, his body of full display for Michael.
Lance smiled, returning the kiss Michael had given him.
"My Josh showed me all his love this morning."
"Lucky you, Lance." Michael smiled.
"I think I'll go get my own love. My tiger was stirring when I left."
Both men smiled, Michael sitting up.
He looked at Lance, his naked wet chest on display.
Michael leaned down, licking Lance's left nipple, tasting Josh's love that covered it.
Lance felt a ripple of love flow through him. A highly charged flow.
"Might as well have a snack for the road. Mmmm, Josh's love is tasty."
Michael smiled, getting up, kissing a surprised Josh's cheek.
"Very tasty indeed. Lance may put on some weight with all its richness."
Michael smiled, walking out of the room.
Josh looked at Lance, seeing a smile on his face.
"That was something else." Josh said, sitting down beside him, Noah in his arms, Lance leaning over and kissing his cheek.
"Yes, our Mikey is something alright."
Lance smiled kissing Josh deeply.
"I think he just wanted to see what I see, to taste what I taste. Your complete love."
Josh smiled, kissing Lance back.
"We should shower, love. How about a washy, Noah?"
Noah clapped his hands, the two men getting out of bed, Noah in his Dad's arms.

Michael walked back into the bedroom seeing his three kids at play, hearing their rich happy laughs.
"Morning my little angels. And my big angel."
Everyone smiled, Michael leaning down and kissing Justin's upturned lips.
"Morning, Timby. Love ya."
"Love ya back, Mico. What took you so long?" Justin said, licking his lips.
"As you can taste I was dining on the essence of Chasez." Michael smiled, Justin looking at him smiling.
"Ah, so Joshy let you taste the forbidden fruit." Justin smiled, Michael sitting down and wrapping his arms around a nearly naked Justin.
"It was easy to have, it covered a certain blonde cutie."
Justin laughed, Michael telling Justin what he'd walked into.
"Aww, they must have looked so happy. The contented smiled of loving bliss."
"Same look I saw on your face last night, and every night." Michael said, Justin kissing him gently.
Darian climbed into Michael's lap, smiling up at his father.
"You leaves todays Papa?"
Justin and Michael exchanged glances, Michael seeing the look on his husband's face.
"Yes, Darry. Dada and I are going on our honeymoon. It's a grown up trip. Lots of kissing and huggings by ourselves."
"Me understands, so does Shauny. We's be good for Unky Lance and Unky Josh. We's staying and sleepings with Noah."
Michael smiled, seeing the happiness on both little angels' faces.
"So you're not going to miss Papa and Dada?"
Darian looked up at Justin, climbing into his lap, standing in it, kissing Justin's face.
"Me and Shauny's goings to miss yous. But we knows it's not long. We's wait for yous. Me's not going any wheres."
Justin teared up, hugging his little boy, Shauna now in Michael's lap.
"Darry right, Papa. We be waiting for yous to comes back. You wuv us, you no leave us."
Michael was in even more tears, Justin's arm going around him.
"Not for anything in the world, Shauna and Darian. I wouldn't leave you for anything."
Both smiled, looking at each other.
"Me hungy Dada! Me have hashies?"
Justin laughed, kissing his little boy's cheek.
"For my son?  Of course!!"
Everyone smiled, the four heading into the washroom.

End of Chapter 161

And so the newlyweds have returned.
What was Matty talking about?
What can the twelve do to help Michael?

Michael now shares a closeness with Josh and Lance.
What's in store for these four?
Will their love grow more, and will they give into each other's desires.
Will their desires transend their soulmates.

Up next, a honeymoon begins.

Hugs, Angel.

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