Justin's Angel-162

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael walked back into the bedroom seeing his three kids at play, hearing their rich happy laughs.
"Morning my little angels. And my big angel."
Everyone smiled, Michael leaning down and kissing Justin's upturned lips.
"Morning, Timby. Love ya."
"Love ya back, Mico. What took you so long?" Justin said, licking his lips.
"As you can taste I was dining on the essence of Chasez." Michael smiled, Justin looking at him smiling.
"Ah, so Joshy let you taste the forbidden fruit." Justin smiled, Michael sitting down and wrapping his arms around a nearly naked Justin.
"It was easy to have, it covered a certain blonde cutie."
Justin laughed, Michael telling Justin what he'd walked into.
"Aww, they must have looked so happy. The contented smiles of loving bliss."
"Same look I saw on your face last night, and every night." Michael said, Justin kissing him gently.
Darian climbed into Michael's lap, smiling up at his father.
"You leaves todays Papa?"
Justin and Michael exchanged glances, Michael seeing the look on his husband's face.
"Yes, Darry. Dada and I are going on our honeymoon. It's a grown up trip. Lots of kissing and huggings by ourselves."
"Me understands, so does Shauny. We's be good for Unky Lance and Unky Josh. We's staying and sleepings with Noah."
Michael smiled, seeing the happiness on both little angels' faces.
"So you're not going to miss Papa and Dada?"
Darian looked up at Justin, climbing into his lap, standing in it, kissing Justin's face.
"Me and Shauny's goings to miss yous. But we knows it's not long. We's wait for yous. Me's not going any wheres."
Justin teared up, hugging his little boy, Shauna now in Michael's lap.
"Darry right, Papa. We be waiting for yous to comes back. You wuv us, you no leave us."
Michael was in even more tears, Justin's arm going around him.
"Not for anything in the world, Shauna and Darian. I wouldn't leave you for anything."
Both smiled, looking at each other.
"Me hungy Dada! Me have hashies?"
Justin laughed, kissing his little boy's cheek.
"For my son?  Of course!!"
Everyone smiled, the four heading into the washroom.

Chapter 162

Half an hour later, the four walked into the banquet room, everyone milling around and chatting.
They exchanged good mornings with everyone along with kisses and hugs.
Everyone sat down at tables, a large breakfast buffet ready for everyone.
Darian was looking towards the food, sitting in Randall's lap.
"Someone's starving. Are you boys not feeding my little soldier?" Randall smiled, Darian looking up at him.
"Me wants hashies, Grampa!"
Randall smiled widely, standing up and heading for the buffet.
Michael and Justin both smiled, watching Randall with his grandson.
"Grampa's going to spoil him." Michael smiled, Lisa kissing his cheek.
"And that's what grandparents are supposed to do." she smiled, Justin kissing her, and then hugging his mother.
"My boy's leaving on his honeymoon. I guess you're not a boy anymore." Lynn said, Michael hugging her.
"No, Mom. Your little Justin will always be your little boy. As will Darian be  mine." Michael smiled, Lynn and Justin both smiling.
Josh stood up, tapping a  glass.
"If everyone will allow me, I'd like to propose a morning toast."
Everyone smiled, lifting their glasses of milk and orange juice.
"Today, our wedded friends part from us, as do we from them. They go forward alone in a moment of quiet, happy love. In the next few days, they'll discover each other in new ways."
Chris piped up.
"That ship's long sailed!" he said, laughing.
Everyone laughed, Justin blushing,  Michael smiling.
"Yeah, but what a voyage!!" Michael beamed, kissing Justin's cheek.
Everyone laughed, clapping erupting.
Josh smiled, continuing.
"I'd like all of you to raise your glasses and toast the happy couple. They go forward with all our love, with all our faith. To Michael and Justin. Bonded souls of eternal love."
"To Michael and Justin!" everyone said, toasting them.
Michael and Justin stood up, smiling.
"I'll let the man of the house speak for me." Justin smiled.
"Be careful, Justin! He's a territorial angel!" Chris shouted, Michael smiling at him.
"I love what I love. I protect whom I love. That included you, Disco Chrisco!"
Everyone chuckled, Chris smiling.
"On behalf of Justin, Darian and our little princess Shauna, the Tavarro-Timberlake family wants to thank all of you for making these last few days so beautiful and loving. We saw all of your love for the four of us, especially for myself and my Justin. Today, we are surrounded by family. A family of love, blood and friendship. Each of you has a special place in all of our hearts. Thank you all for being here. I'd never imagined that I'd be standing here surrounded by so much love. I always thought that I never deserved love; but standing here today, I feel deeply in my heart that I do. I need that love, from all of you. Thank you for giving me so much."
Michael was in tears, Justin's arm around him.
Everyone stood, clapping resounding off the walls.
A lot of teary-eyed faces smiled back at Michael, his golden eyes soaking in all their visual love.
"Now, let's enjoy this wonderful meal. Grandfather Tavarro, would you honor us with grace?" Justin said, Alberto smiling.
Everyone bowed their heads, Alberto's voice loud and clear.
"Heavenly Father, bless all of us who gather here today surrounded by your deep unending love. We are blessed to be healthy, loved and welcomed in this home. We all stand around a couple beginning a new life together. Guide them with love, guide them with faith. Their families and friends will be true to them every day of their joyous union. Thank you, Lord, for loving all of us, and allowing us to feel the love that surrounds us today. In your name we praise life, we praise love and we praise all. Amen."
Everyone smiled and began talking, lining up for the buffet.

Justin smiled, watching another hashbrown disappear off his plate, his son's small hand wrapped around it.
"You're bottomless, little man. Where are you hiding all that?"
Darian giggled, his face smeared with ketchup.
"In my tummy, Dada!"
Justin laughed, wiping his face.
"Yep, my boy's got a big tummy! Just like his Dada!"
Darian grinned, chewing on the hashie.
Justin looked over at Michael who was talking to Father Derrick and Fred at another table.
Justin smiled, seeing Betty's arm around Michael.
He looked around, seeing all their friends and family enjoying their last few hours together.
In a little while they'd all be flying home, Justin and Michael heading elsewhere.
He smiled, thinking of that time alone with his angel.
He looked down, Darian smiling up at him, Shauna sitting in Josh's lap, drinking a cup of milk.
He knew in his heart he'd miss both of them so much, but he knew they'd be happy with Josh and Lance, and especially with Noah.
Justin smiled, seeing Noah sitting in Lance's lap, snuggled against him, his small hand on Shauna's shoulder.
He saw the deep bond the three little ones had for each other.
They loved each other dearly.
The next generation of love.
He smiled, looking over again at Michael, seeing him on the move.
Michael was going around to all the tables, talking to everyone.
Justin smiled, seeing his shyness and quietness gone for good.
Michael was a new man, and Justin knew it was because of his love.
Justin thought about his surprise for Michael.
The destination was still unknown to Michael, Justin smiled inwardly at that fact.
It had been expensive, but that didn't matter when it came to his Mico.
He was eager to see the look upon Michael's face when he saw where they'd be spending their time alone together.
He smiled, watching his lover smiling and laughing with Oprah and Larry.
Josh smiled beside Justin, seeing him watching Michael.
"You man's on cloud nine, Justy."
Justin grinned, smiling at Josh.
"Yep, and he's going to be smiling every day. I can't wait to see his expression when he sees the place."
Josh smiled, knowing all of Justin's plans.
He smiled inwardly, knowing Michael's as well.
"Yep. He'll be amazed at the love behind what he's done."
Justin smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.
"Thanks for all your help, Joshy. You really are the best man."
Josh smiled, Lance smiling at his lover.
"Now it's time for your surprise." Justin smiled, handing Darian to Randall.
Justin got up, walking over to Michael, whispering in his ear.
Michael smiled, looking over at another table.
Two people smiled at him.
Michael and Justin walked in front of the now empty buffet table, large baskets of flowers now on it.
"We'd like everyone's attention, please."
Everyone smiled, quiet descending on the room, Michael smiling and then speaking.
"Justin and I want to give our best men something wonderful, something that shows our deep love for them and for their happiness. Through a lot of hard work, perseverence and dedication from some special friends of ours, we've succeeded with something unique. Would Lance and Josh–along with their little angel, Noah–please come up here?"
Josh and Lance looked at each other, the two standing up, Josh taking Noah from Lance, carrying their little angel.
The three walked up to their best friends, smiling.
Justin and Michael smiled back, Michael looking at everyone.
"A short time ago, these two wonderful men took it upon themselves to offer their love to this special little angel. To Noah Daniel, a sweet loving child."
Noah smiled looking around, Michael picking him up out of Josh's arms.
"Noah, little angel, do you love your special parents?"
"Yep, Unky Mikey. Me wuvs dem."
Michael smiled, seeing the smiles on all three faces.
"A few days ago, you asked me if they'd love you forever. Yes, little Noah, they will. For today, I have some wonderful news." Michael said, whispering into the little boy's ear.
A wide smile crossed Noah's small face, his head moving around.
"Papa! Dada! Unky Mikey says yous mine now!"
Josh and Lance looked confused, Michael signaling.
Terry and Denise smiled, walking up to the group.
Lance and Josh looked at Terry and Denise, both ladies smiling widely.
Michael smiled at both of them, looking into Lance's green eyes.
"Yesterday, Justin and I joined as one. And our family joined as well. We were given the greatest gift. Our two little angels now ours forever. That is the gift we want to give you, our dearest friends, now."
Both men looked shocked, Michael in tears.
Terry pulled a document out from behind her back.
"If I could get your signatures on this, we'll get this family organized."
Lance and Josh exchanged looks.
"I told you that this was a trial period, for myself to see how you faired with Noah. Looking at his smiling face and watching the two of you has sealed it. Congratulations, my friends. You both can now have legal custody of Noah. His guardianship is yours."
Both men sobbed, little Noah looking around.
"I yours now for true, Papa?"
Lance took his little boy into his arms, Michael smiling.
"Yes, Noah. You're ours for true and always." Lance said crying, Josh's arms around both of them.
Terry smiled, opening the document, Michael producing a pen.
Terry had a briefcase, resting the papers on the top.
"Sign off on your happiness, Lancy." Michael smiled, Justin's arm now around him.
Lance took the pen, signing the document, Noah now in Josh's arms.
He handed the pen to Josh.
Josh smiled, signing as well, Noah still in his arms, everyone around them clapping.
"You're not quite done yet, guys." Justin said smiling at them, tears in his eyes as well.
Lance and Josh looked at him and Michael.
"You're up next, Denise." Michael smiled.
Denise smiled, a document coming from behind her back.
"This is a writ to finalize adoption procedures. If you'll both sign it, I'll also sign it with heartfelt enthusiasm. Myself and Terry will try and rush this through. Noah needs to be a Chasez-Bass as soon as possible. Your love is in his heart, his love we all see in both of you. And you'll also note the many accompanying notarized letters of steadfast support."
Josh took the document, Lance in tears, Michael's arm around him.
Josh looked at the attached letters.
There were letters from Justin and Michael, Chris, Joey and Kelly, Josh and Lance's parents. Ones from  Father Derrick as well as Johnny Wright, the other two boy bands and Josh's new management.
"How is this all possible? You all had a hand in this?" Lance said, Josh looking into his green eyes, seeing his lover's deep joy.
Michael kissed Lance's cheek.
"Your guardian angel took care of everything." Michael said, Lance looking into his golden eyes of love.
"You, Mikey?"
Michael stood in front of all three of them, his hand on Noah's little shoulder.
"I and everyone here have seen the love all three of you share. It's a family's love. I and my Jus have done this for you. We instigated the proceedings, on your behalf. Now sign that paper and get your Noah's life of love started!"
Lance sobbed, hugging Michael against him, Justin in tears.
Josh grabbed the document, smiling.
"Can I use your back, friend?" he said, smiling at Michael.
"Sure thing, friend." Michael smiled, letting go of Lance and turning around.
Justin held the document on Michael's back, Josh signing it, Noah still in his arms.
Josh smiled, patting Michael's ass.
He handed the pen to Lance, Lance signing his name quickly.
He also patted Michael's butt, Michael smiling.
"That's not included in the package."
Everyone laughed, the two newly-fathered men smiling.
Noah put his hand on his Papa's face, Josh holding him gently.
"We's family nows Papa?"
"Yes, Noah. Daddy and I are yours now. As soon as the papers go through, we'll be your parents."
Noah began to cry, Josh kissing his forehead.
"Me haves yous wuv! Me be wuved forevers! Me so's happy!"
Josh and Lance were sobbing, both kissing their son.
"We're happy too, little Noah Daniel!" Josh said, crying tears of joy.
Lance looked into Josh's blue eyes, both seeing the other's joy.
They leaned together kissing deeply.
"Me wants kissies, Daddy!" Noah smiled, two sets of lips kissing his cheeks, the little boy giggling.
Darian and Shauna climbed out of their grandparents' laps, running to the threesome.
Lance knelt down, Noah at their level now.
"You's gots family now, Noah! You's be with us forevers!" Darian said with glee, Noah hugging him.
"Me gots you two forevers! Me got brudder and sister!"
Lance and Josh–as well as Justin and Michael–were all in tears, hearing the joyous happiness in their three little children.
Everyone rose out of their seats, walking up to the new family, the three encircled in love.

Lonnie took the last two bags from Michael, the two newlyweds standing in the front hall of Villa Tavarro.
They were only taking four bags, Michael surprised at Justin's lack of wardrobe.
Justin himself had packed all the bags, not letting Michael see what they were taking.
Michael had smiled, seeing his obvious excitement.
"Well this is it. Time for my surprise, Jus." Michael smiled, Justin smiling more.
"Shortly love. Shortly you're heart will blossom with my love."
Michael smiled, Justin turning to look at their two little angels.
Darian was in Lance's arms, smiling at his father.
Shauna was in Lynn's, looking at both her parents.
Justin walked up to both, kissing them again.
He'd kissed them several times in the last hour.
"You two be good for Unky Josh and Lance. Enjoy Noah's happiness." he said, smiling at both.
"We will, Dada. We's going to haves fun!" Darian smiled, his voice loud and happy.
Michael walked to them, looking at both little ones, his arm again around Justin.
"Bye, bye Darry and Shauny. Papa and Dada loves you. You know how to talk to us if you're lonely."
Both smiled, kissing their father's cheek, Michael kissing them both again.
"Yep, Papa. We's talks to you every day."
Both men smiled, walking towards the door, Lonnie smiling at them.
Everyone waved goodbye, the two men walking out to the waiting limousine.
They hopped into it, Justin lowering the window.
"Bye my treasures. Dada and Papa loves you!"
The two little ones waved, as did everyone, standing on the front steps.
The car pulled out, heading down the long driveway.
Shauna and Darian were in Josh and Lance's arms now, Noah in Josh's as well.
"They have fun now. So do's we!"
Everyone smiled, walking back into the house.

Michael sat on the plane on a soft leather couch, Justin beside him, snuggled against him.
"So where are we going, oh wise husband?"
Justin smiled, sitting up.
"We're going to a special place. I've only been there once and it's breathtaking in its beauty."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's lips.
"Then there is where you should belong. For nothing can hold a candle to your beauty."
Justin smiled, laying his head against Michael's shoulder.
"It's going to be beautiful. For my angel will be there beside me."
Michael smiled, looking out the window, seeing only clouds.
Judging by the duration of the flight, Michael guessed it was a fair piece from Spain.
The two snuggled together, trading soft kisses and beautiful touches.
Hours later, the plane descended to its destination.
Justin took Michael's hand, walking with him off the plane.
Michael looked around, seeing a warm sunny day and an obvious tropical location.
Palm trees lined the runway, as did lush vegetation.
"Where are we, Jus?"
"You'll soon find out, my love." Justin smiled, walking him down the steps of the plane to a waiting limousine.
A driver stood beside it, another woman standing beside him, smiling.
She wore a bright flower-covered dress.
In her hands were two flowered rings.
Michael stopped a few feet from the car, looking into Justin's smiling blue eyes.
"Hawaii, Jus?"
Justin beamed, kissing him again.
"Yes, my love. You said you'd always wanted to go."
Michael smiled, touched that Justin had remembered that one insignificant comment.
The young woman smiled, walking up to them, placing the rings of flowers around their necks.
"Welcome to the islands of love. Love shines in all that you see, beginning with your own hearts." she said, smiling.
The driver smiled as well, bowing to them, opening the car door.
Michael smiled back, getting into the car, Justin following.
The two snuggled together in the private back seat.
"Everything is prepared, Mr. Timberlake." the driver said over the intercom.
Justin smiled, replying a thank you to him through the intercom.
The car pulled off of the runway, the young woman waving goodbye to them.
"We have another short plane ride to our final destination, Mico." Justin said, snuggling against him.
Michael nodded, looking down at his smiling husband.
"And exactly where are we going?"
"To paradise, my love. To our paradise under the stars."
Justin smiled to himself, snuggling against Michael's warm chest.

The limousine pulled up a private road, driving a short distance to a secluded spot.
The two newlyweds got out of the limousine, Michael seeing a long wooden pier. At its end, a small white aircraft could be seen floating on the water.
Justin smiled at him, the driver opening the trunk, pulling out their bags.
He carried all four bags for them, the two walking ahead down the pier, Michael feeling a warm breeze blowing against them.
The air smelled of flower blossoms and fragrant scents.
As they approached the plane, they spotted a young man waiting for them.
He was handsome, and obviously Hawaiian, his bronzed skin a light mahogany color.
"Aloha, my friends! I am Mayo. I shall be your pilot on this adventure of love!"
Michael smiled shaking his hand, Justin smiling as well.
"Hello again, Justin."
"Hi, Mayo." Justin said, hugging the man gently, Mayo returning the hug.
Michael smiled, seeing they knew each other.
"I have been here before, Michael. Mayo gave Cameron and me a guided tour of the islands in his plane. But where we are going, I haven't been before. Mayo says it is a beautiful place."
"It is the soul of Hawaii's loving center. My wife and I went there for our own honeymoon last year. It is love's paradise." Mayo said, smiling widely.
Michael saw him obviously remembering his own time there.
"Then it must be indeed beautiful. I'm ready. Lead on, pilot of love."
Mayo laughed loudly, his white toothy smile making both men smile.
He helped both men climb into the rather roomy plane, taking the bags from the driver.
Justin and Michael strapped in, Mayo climbed into the cockpit.
"A few minutes and we'll be airborne. It's about a thirty minute flight." he smiled back at them, both men returning wide smiles.
"A Hawaiian getaway! What a wonderful surprise, my love!" Michael said, kissing Justin's cheek.
"Just you and me, my love. Ten days of sun, and fun."
Michael smiled, the airplane propeller beginning to ignite.
The plane moved, gaining speed, then lifting off the water, gliding into the late afternoon sunshine.
Justin and Michael happily chatted with Mayo, the Hawaiian guiding them forward to their happiness.

After a thirty minute flight, flying over several larger islands, the plane banked to the left, a small island coming into view.
Michael looked down at the beautiful clear bluish green water, seeing the waves and coral reefs underneath.
Justin tapped Michael's shoulder, pointing out his window.
Michael leaned over, looking out.
He saw dolphins cresting above the water's surging waves.
He smiled, seeing their majestic beauty and energetic happiness.
"Wow! That's awesome!" he said, Justin smiled, hugging him close.
The plane headed for the island's west coast, finally setting down towards a small cove.
The plane landed, its pontoons coming to rest in the blue water.
It coasted up to a long wooden pier.
Mayo shut off the engine, opening his door, touching his bare feet onto the wooden surface.
He tied up the plane, opening Justin's door.
The two young men smiled, stepping out onto the pier.
"Welcome to the island. Love's Cove, as locals call it." Mayo smiled, both men smiling.
Michael felt the warm breeze blowing, his black shirt suddenly feeling very warm.
"Come, I will show you the beach house." Mayo said, picking up two of their bags.
The two newlyweds linked hands, both taking the other two remaining bags.
Mayo led them down the pier, along a walkway, walking along the beautiful forested coastline.
They walked out onto a white sandy beach, the two lovers seeing a lone house standing back from the beach.
"Welcome to your honeymoon cottage, guys." Mayo smiled, the two looking at it with awe.
It was a small house, nestled between two large palm trees.
It was shaded, and facing the beach.
"This is the only dwelling on the island. Actually it's an atoll, but for most people it's an island. The house is over one hundred and twenty years old. A rich oil baron built it in the early years of the trade boom in Hawaii. He bought this whole island, making it his summer home. It was recently bought from his great-granddaughter by a rich investor." Mayo smiled, looking at Justin.
Michael was also looking at Justin.
Justin smiled at Michael, Michael staring back at him.
"Justin? You didn't??"
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"Welcome to our little love shack, Mico. This is my wedding gift for you. A hideaway for you and me, when we need to be alone."
Michael was in tears, taking Justin into his arms.
"Oh, Jus!! It's so beautiful!!"
Mayo smiled, watching the two kiss deeply.
"Come on, Mico! Let's go!" Justin grinned, pulling Michael towards the house.
Michael smiled, running with him, Mayo laughing, following the two.

Michael smiled, looking around the house.
"It's so roomy and cozy, Jus." he smiled, Justin's arm around him.
There were three large bedrooms, all with their own bathrooms.
A large living room was central, its large window looking out onto the beach.
A large wooden veranda covered the whole front of the house.
Michael walked into the large kitchen, opening the refrigerator.
It was fully stocked.
"What do you think, Mico?"
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"It's perfect." he smiled, Justin beaming.
His happiness at Michael's happiness filled his heart.
"There's a large generator behind the house, you have all the advantages of life. Lights, running water, bathing facilities." Mayo smiled, sitting on the couch, all the furniture deep teak wood.
"There's also a shortwave radio, so you have contact with the real world." he smiled, Michael smiling at him.
"From the real world to the dream world."
Both men smiled, Justin pulling off his shirt.
"Let's get changed Mico, and then hit the beach!" he smiled, Michael grinning.
"On that note, I need to be going." Mayo smiled, standing up.
Both men hugged him, Mayo smiling.
"It is nice to know that someone will be using this place more than it has been. This old place needs some new love. I see that in both of your glowing eyes." he said, smiling his wonderful smile.
Both men thanked him, walking him to the veranda.
"Have fun you two. I'll check back in later in the week. I'll of course, let you know I'm coming." he grinned, winking.
"Thanks for the warning. We'll have enough time to get decent." Michael smiled, Justin grinning.
Mayo laughed, grinning as well.
"Watch the sun on your nude bodies. Play safe."
Both men blushed, Mayo laughing again, waving goodbye from the beach, walking back towards his plane.
The two men smiled, watching him disappear down the beach into the jungle.
The leaned against a railing, Justin's nude arms wrapped around his Mico.
"It's so beautiful, my angel." Justin said softly.
They both heard the plane start up, a few moments later, its white body streaking across the open beach, Mayo dipping his wings in a final goodbye.
"Alone at last. On a desert island with an angel." Justin said, his arms tightening around Michael.
Michael remained quiet, staring out at the white sandy beach.
Justin felt a tremble run through Michael's body.
Michael turned around, sobbing against Justin's chest, his head laying against his soft flesh.
"What's wrong, my love?"
"It's just so beautiful! My life is so beautiful!"
Justin smiled, touched by Michael's heartfelt words.
Michael looked up into Justin's blue eyes.
"That you've done this for me! For me!!"
"Of course it's for you. I love you, Mico. I want you to be happy."
Michael smiled, his tearing golden eyes staring into Justin's.
"Oh, God! I'm so happy! I can't begin to tell you how happy I am! Being here, alone with only you! With a man who really loves me!"
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's open lips.
"I feel the same, my angel. I am unbelievably happy. And I'm going to love you forever. Welcome to our first week of married love, Mico."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's moist lips.
"I love you so much, Jus."
Justin teared up, smiling at his husband.
"I love you, Mico."
The two held each other, a warm breeze coming off the beach.
"Now, how about that walk along the beach? And maybe a swim?" Justin smiled, Michael nodding.
Justin broke from him, opening the front screened door.
"I packed us lots of shorts and tees. "
Michael smiled, pulling off his shirt, Justin and he now with naked torsos.
"My love, we're totally alone. Who needs shorts?"
Michael was nude in moments, Justin staring at his naked form.
Michael threw his clothes onto the wicker sofa, smiling.
"Race ya, Tiger!"
He laughed, running down the veranda steps, Justin struggling out of his jeans, then racing after him.

Justin gasped, his mind exploding with the passion centered in him.
He felt the release of his desires, his fluid exploding out of him.
He looked down in his lust, seeing his hardness buried in Michael's mouth.
They lay together on the warm, sunny, sandy beach.
Justin gasped, Michael swallowing all of his offered love.
"Oh God, Mico! Oh sweet God!!" he moaned, trembling in the sand.
Michael licked Justin clean, taking all of him into himself.
He licked up his stomach, to his nipples, gently sucking both, more attention paid to the right.
Justin trembled, feeling his desire heighten again.
Michael's lips found his, the two tasting Justin's essence.
"Mmmm, that was fantastic, lover." Justin sighed, Michael staring into his blue orbs.
"And it's only the beginning, my tiger of love. I need you. I need you forever."
Justin felt Michael's hands on Justin's legs, spreading them, lifting them upward.
Michael centered himself above Justin, staring at only him.
"You are mine for the taking, my blond god. I'm going to make love to you for hours."
Justin gasped, feeling Michael's shaft of love sink deep into him in one long deep thrust.
"Oh God, Michael! You've never been so deep!"
Michael chewed on his lower lip, his soft breath going into Justin's open mouth.
"I'm going to the bottom of your love, Justin. I'm taking you forever."
Justin moaned, feeling Michael's strength and determined lust.
Michael was making Justin his, in all ways.
Justin belonged to his husband, he was Michael's alone.
"How does that feel, lover? Is my heat of desire all that you need?"
Justin shook, feeling the deepness of Michael's penetration.
"Yes, oh God yes!! I need only that! Only you!! Your love and your need! Take me, Mico! Oh God, take me deep into the center of us!!!"
Justin visibly shook, Michael increasing his thrusting.
He felt Justin giving into him, giving him his whole body to fulfill Michael's passion.
"You are mine. I have you now forever. No one will ever give you what I have. My love is your life, my body is your need."
Justin actually screamed, exploding again all over the two of them.
"Yes, lover! Release all your passion! Give me all of it! My tiger shall roar! Oh God, I love you! Now I give you my passion!!"
Michael moaned, sinking deep into Justin, his mind and his shaft exploding.
Justin gasped, feeling the surge of liquid flood his insides, Michael's orgasm unbelievable in its intensity.
Both men gasped, Michael sinking on top of Justin.
Justin wrapped his arms around his lover, holding him tight.
Michael slowly came back to reality, looking into Justin's closed eyes, Justin's chest heaving with his laboured breathing.
"Oh God, Jus! That was the best!" Michael said, kissing his chin.
Justin opened his eyes, tears flowing.
Michael pulled out of Justin, laying back, pulling Justin against him.
Justin sobbed, a deep sound of heartfelt love erupting in the silent sunshine.
Michael held him, letting his man calm down.
"Oh God, Mico! That was the best yet! Never did it feel so real!" He said, trembling, Michael kissing his cheek.
"It is real, Jus. You and I are real. Our love is real. It's destiny."
Justin looked into Michael's loving golden eyes.
"I love you, Mico."
Michael smiled, rolling over on top of Justin, staring down at him.
"And I love my tiger of love. Come on, let's wash the sand off our bodies. Then my husband's cooking me supper."
Justin raised an eyebrow.
Michael smiled, Justin lost in the beauty of Michael's tenderness.
"Yes, Justin. My man feeds my soul, he needs to feed my body as well."
Justin smiled, Michael standing up, offering his hand.
Justin's smile remained, Michael lifting him up, the two walking to the surging water.

Michael woke up, darkness surrounding the room.
He moved in the large bed, finding himself alone.
He looked out the huge window, seeing the large moon coming out of the clouds, the room suddenly lit with soft moonlight.
He stretched, pulling his pocket watch off the nightstand.
It read four o'clock.
He smiled, stretching.
The evening had been wonderful in its intensity and romantic flair.
Justin had made both of them supper, steaks and garden salads.
Michael had taken Justin again in the kitchen, during their attempt to wash their dishes.
The dishes still remained in the kitchen sink, Michael's desires taking over that chore.
Justin had given in easily to the desire he felt from Michael, both exploding together, the two laying in each other's arms on the kitchen floor.
After that, they'd taken a moonlight dip, the warm water cleansing their bodies and souls.
They'd snuggled for a few hours on the veranda sofa, then adjourning to their bedroom.
In that room, Michael had given himself completely to his tiger.
The prey was claimed, the tiger's hunger extinguished.
Justin had fallen asleep on top of Michael, total satisfied exhaustion overtaking both of them.
Michael smiled, remembering the abandon and passion.
Michael looked around the half-lit room, seeing no sign of Justin.
He climbed out of bed, stretching again, walking out of the room.

Michael stared through the screen door, seeing Justin's nude form sitting on the darkened beach on a mat, his body faced towards the water.
Michael walked down to the beach, walking across the soft sand, sitting down behind his lover.
He wrapped his arms around him, Justin sinking back into his chest.
"You okay, my love?" Michael said, kissing his neck, Justin sighing.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Just couldn't sleep. Sorry if I woke you."
Michael kissed his neck again, his arms tightening around him.
"I woke up alone. I need my Timby."
Justin smiled, turning a bit, kissing Michael's soft lips.
"Something on your mind, sweetie?"
"I still can't believe I'm here, Mico. Here, alone with you. The two of us married. A scant eight months ago you were unknown to me. You've entered my heart, my soul and my life, Mico. Is this all a dream?"
Michael kissed Justin's lips again, Justin feeling his love.
"No, it's not a dream Jus. It's life. Yours and mine combined."
Justin smiled, snuggling against Michael's warm chest.
"Do you want to know what I believe these ten days are, Jus?"
Justin nodded, looking with love at Michael, feeling a moving oration about to unfold.
"These ten days are going to be my life's truth. In these few days, I am going to see the real you, and you are going to see the real me. There are no images or idols here to mask our souls. It's just you and me. And from these days of love, I am going to get a self-awareness of what my life shall be from now on. You will be my life, Jus. You and my angels."
Justin was in tears, Michael smiling at him.
His face changed, looking into Justin's deep pools of love.
"I promised you that I would tell you everything, all that is to come. I–and I know you also–feel the weight of what's ahead for us in regards to Spain."
Justin remained still, sensing Michael's acceptance of what that meant.
"I know what the sacrifice is that I must make, Justin."
Justin stared at Michael.
Michael's arms wrapped around him, Michael beginning to talk, the waves hitting the shore of the beach, Justin listening to Michael's truth.

An hour later, Michael held a tearful Justin in his arms, his husband trembling with emotion.
"Oh, Mico! Why you? What does this sacrifice mean?"
"You only need to think of its original meaning to see its truth."
Justin turned looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"You mean....."
"Yes, my love."
Justin pulled Michael to him, holding him for his life.
"I saw it in the second to last picture on the Hallway of Truth, Justin. I saw my destiny."
Michael finished his moving words, telling Justin the end of it.
Justin sat in silence, no words coming from him.
Michael broke his lover's embrace, standing up, walking to the water's edge.
Justin watched him, seeing the nakedness of Michael's beautiful body.
Justin stood up, walking to him, his arm going around him.
"So, what does this mean for us, my love?"
Michael turned, looking at him.
"The final painting showed me the truth, Jus. I cannot tell you of that image. All I can say is that no matter the outcome of this, you and I somehow will be together. He promised me that."
"Yes, Justin. He. I just don't know what that final togetherness will be. That I don't understand."
Justin hugged his Mico against him, Michael wrapping his arms around him.
"What you've told me, what you have seen, it's so unbelievable!"
"It's my destiny, Jus. I made that decision myself. For him, I did this."
Justin raised Michael's chin, looking into his golden eyes.
"There's a truth of my past that is the reason for all this, Justin. I learned that also on the walk of truth."
"What was that truth, Mico?"
Michael's eyes teared, Justin kissing his lips again.
"That is for the Guardian to divulge, Jus. Just remember that I love you. That's all that's important in all this. Love shall conquer all."
Justin teared up, pulling his lover against him again.
"Oh, my loving Mico! Our love is solid, strong and everlasting. I love you, and you love me. No hidden truth or forgotten past will destroy that. I am yours forever."
Michael smiled against Justin's chest, those words entering his soul.
"I love you, Timby. In all ways, in all times."
Justin smiled, the two feeling a gentle cool breeze blow over their bodies.
"The night air is chilly, Mico. Let's return to our bed of love."
Michael smiled, the two walking towards the house.
Michael stopped on the veranda, Justin looking into his golden eyes.
"Are you all right with what's to come, Justin? With what you've now learned?"
Justin looked for a long time in those golden eyes.
"Yes, Michael. My husband's destiny is also mine."
Michael smiled, Justin and he walking into their love nest.

The next three days were days of immense togetherness and deep love.
The two lovers explored their tropical paradise, together in all ways.
They found coral reefs, walked through the shallow waters, dove in the deep blue oceanic waters.
And they made love, their passion igniting for the simplest of reasons.
They were in love.
And both saw the naked, bare man before them.
The Justin Timberlake image was gone, only the real Justin in Michael's arms.
A shy, gangly, energetic, mirthful, childish at times, young beautiful man.
And that man filled Michael's heart with total love.
Justin spent the third afternoon watching Michael walking ahead of him.
He wore only a small pair of tennis shorts, his masculine form on full view.
Michael was quietly talking to himself, shaking his head about something.
"What are you discussing with yourself, Mico?"
"Oh, I was just thinking about Chris."
Justin laughed, smiling.
"Oh? Am I not enough?"
Michael laughed, smiling.
"You are more than enough in that regard, tiger."
Justin smiled, Michael smiling back.
"I'm envious of him."
Justin looked surprised.
"Envious of our troll?"
Michael smiled, putting his arm around Justin, the two still walking.
"His humor, it's so right out there! He seizes life by the horns and shakes the crap out of it. He holds nothing back. I envy that personality. I've always sat in the background, afraid to throw it all out there."
Justin smiled, hearing an honest truth come out of Michael.
He smiled, just realizing that.
In the last few days, he had seen the real Michael coming out.
A shy, passive, non-confrontational, but loving, kind, decent young man.
"Chris is Chris, Mico. And you are you. If you were that type of person, I think I'd have killed you by now!"
Michael burst into laughter, Justin joining him.
They both laughed, their hands entwining.
"I don't envy Vicky! That man constantly? Good God!" Justin said.
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Chris is still a loving nurturing man, love. To Vicky he is her love. And you've felt the love of his friendship. Their kids are going to have the best dad."
"Oh? And what am I?"
Michael smiled.
"To Darry and Shauny you are more than a Dad. You are a friend, a playmate, and a loving angel."
Justin teared up, Michael putting his arm around him.
"I know you miss them deeply, Jus. I heard you talking about them in your sleep last night."
Justin teared up, sitting down on a fallen log, Michael sitting beside him.
"I miss them so much! I'm sorry, Mico! Here we are, in paradise, your loving arms around me and I’m thinking about them!."
Michael kissed his cheek.
"I love you, Jus. And I know how much they mean to you. They mean even more to me. My heart misses them also. We'll see them soon. And our hearts will double with their beautiful smiles."
"I talked to Darry and Shauna this morning." Justin said, smiling.
"Yes, Darry told me."
Justin laughed, seeing the truth in Michael's eyes.
"They said something strange."
Michael looked out at the water, hearing a soft drone far away.
"What was that?"
"They said they can't wait to get their feet wet."
"Hmm, Josh and Lance must be taking them swimming."
Justin nodded, Michael kissing his cheek.
Justin heard the sound now also.
"Hey, that looks like Mayo's plane."
"Cool. He said he'd be checking in on us."
"True. But didn't he say he'd let us know ahead?"
"Must have slipped his mind. Come on, let's walk back to the house."
Justin smiled, the two walking along the beach, their hands still entwined.

Justin pulled on his t-shirt and his shorts, standing in the bedroom.
He heard voices, smiling.
Mayo had arrived.
They'd made it back to the house, their naked bodies lightly sweating.
They'd taken a quick dip, seeing the plane making its landing, Mayo dipping the wings on his descent.
Michael had quickly dressed, Justin kissing him and touching him through the whole process.
"Love, thanks, but I'm dressing not undressing."
"Mayo can wait."
Michael grinned hearing the man shouting from the beach.
"You put your paws down, Tiger. I'll greet Mayo, you make yourself decent."
"But, lover. . .what's the fun in that?"
Michael grinned, kissing Justin deeply.
"Not much at all, love."
Justin grinned, Michael walking out to greet Mayo.
Justin smiled, walking out of the bedroom a few minutes later.
Michael stood at the front door, leaning against the wall, smiling.
"Where's Mayo?"
"He's outside. He went to get something from the plane."
"Ah, okay. Want me to make up some drinks?"
"No, Timby. I have drinks already outside. You go and wait for him."
Justin smiled, crossing the room.
He pulled Michael to him, kissing him deeply.
"Did I tell you today that I love you?"
"Every hour, my singer of love. Get to it."
Justin smiled, walking out into the late afternoon sunshine.

He stopped dead in his tracks on the veranda, staring in disbelief.
On the sandy beach in front of the house stood two little angels, three smiling men standing behind them, another child in one of their arms.
Justin stared in total shock, Michael walking up behind him.
"It never was a question of them not coming, I knew we needed their love to be complete."
Justin sobbed, running down the steps, sinking to his knees, his two little angels running into his arms.
Darian and Shauna hugged him tightly, Josh and Lance smiling, Mayo beside them.
Noah was in Lance's arms, sensing the love before him.
"Darry and Shauny happy now! They gots their Dada and Papa!"
Lance smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Hi, Dada!!! You supwised?" Darian giggled, Justin kissing his face.
"Yes, my little boy! And my little princess! Dada very surprised!"
Both grinned, Justin standing up, the two in his arms.
Justin looked at a smiling Michael, Josh and Lance both smiling as well.
"We set this up on the weekend, Jus. You made the mistake of telling Josh all your plans. He didn't divulge them, but he willingly agreed to this addition when I told him what it would mean to you."
Justin was in tears, looking at his husband and his best friend.
Josh took Darian, Mayo taking Shauna, the little girl smiling at the Hawaiian.
Justin hugged Michael tightly, kissing him deeply.
Justin's eyes were full of tears.
"My, Jus. I knew in my heart that there never was any doubt that these two little angels–our angels–would have to be here. The last four days have been beyond beautiful, and the next six are going to be even better. For we have our complete love now. Our angels and our brothers of love. Both of us feel in our hearts that that's what we need. Am I correct?"
Justin smiled, kissing him again.
"Thank you, Mico. For always making my dreams come true."
Michael smiled, Shauna climbing into his arms, Mayo smiling at the father and daughter.
"Me here, Papa! Let's be famwy!"
Both parents smiled, Darian leaping into Justin's arms.
"Wuv you, Dada!"
Justin teared up, looking at Michael.
"I love all my angels."

End of Chapter 162

And so the family is united again.
The newlyweds had their moment of singular love, Mico knowing Justin needed something more.
And now two other brothers of love are there as well.
Who knows, some opening hearts may create even more love.

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I'll even forgive the NYY thing.

Onward we walk, the ominous path looming ahead.
Take a deep breath, the storm is about to crest.

Walking in renewed faith, Angel.

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