Justin's Angel-163

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Justin stopped dead in his tracks on the veranda, staring in disbelief.
On the sandy beach in front of the house stood two little angels, three smiling men standing behind them, another child in one of their arms.
Justin stared in total shock, Michael walking up behind him.
"It never was a question of them not coming, I knew we needed their love to be complete."
Justin sobbed, running down the steps, sinking to his knees, his two little angels running into his arms.
Darian and Shauna hugged him tightly, Josh and Lance smiling, Mayo beside them.
Noah was in Lance's arms, sensing the love before him.
"Darry and Shauny happy now! They gots their Dada and Papa!"
Lance smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Hi, Dada!!! You supwised?" Darian giggled, Justin kissing his face.
"Yes, my little boy! And my little princess! Dada very surprised!"
Both grinned, Justin standing up, the two in his arms.
Justin looked at a smiling Michael, Josh and Lance both smiling as well.
"We set this up on the weekend, Jus. You made the mistake of telling Josh all your plans. He willingly agreed to this when I told him what it would mean to you."
Justin was in tears, looking at his husband and his best friend.
Josh took Darian, Mayo taking Shauna, the little girl smiling at the Hawaiian.
Justin hugged Michael tightly, kissing him deeply.
Justin's eyes were full of tears.
"My, Jus. I knew in my heart that there never was any doubt that these two little angels–our angels–would be here. The last four days have been beyond beautiful, and the next six are going to be even better. For we have our complete love now. Our angels and our brothers of love. Both of us feel in our hearts that that's what we need. Am I correct?"
Justin smiled, kissing him again.
"Thank you, Mico. For always making my dreams come true."
Michael smiled, Shauna climbing into his arms, Mayo smiling at the father and daughter.
"Me here, Papa! Let's be famwy!"
Both parents smiled, Darian leaping into Justin's arms.
"Wuv you, Dada!"
Justin teared up, looking at Michael.
"I love all my angels."

Chapter 163

Everyone sat on the veranda, Michael quietly watching Justin playing with their children.
Justin sat on the floor, Darian and Noah playing blocks together, Shauna playing tea party with Justin.
Michael knew in his heart he'd done the right thing.
He'd felt Justin's feelings even before they'd left Spain.
His loss of their love echoed deep in his heart, Michael sensing it out easily.
He smiled, seeing the joy now on Justin's face.
Yes, he'd done the right thing.
Lance sat quietly beside Michael, Josh and Mayo chatting away on the other couch.
Lance's eyes were on Michael.
He sensed a deep relaxing calmness coming from Michael's soul.
As if his life was centered on the moment in front of them.
"You were right, Mikey. Justin has everything he needs now." Lance said, smiling at his friend and the little ones.
Justin looked up, smiling, then turning back to Shauna's laughter.
Michael smiled, Lance smiling back at him.
"Our days together were beautiful and private, the next ones will be open and joyous."
Lance smiled, sensing something more in Michael's words.
Michael smiled, standing up.
"Okay, I should start dinner. Will you be staying, Mayo?"
"Thanks Michael, but my wife has her parents over tonight. I should get going."
Michael smiled, nodding.
"I understand, it's a night for celebrating."
Mayo looked at him with a bit of surprise.
"How do you know that?"
Michael walked up to him, smiling and touching his shoulder.
"I see the joy in your eyes, and feel the happiness in your heart. Congratulations! You and your wife will love those two future angels."
Mayo stood in shock, Michael's golden eyes staring into his soul.
"How on earth and in God's love do you know that?"
Justin smiled widely, standing up and looking at Mayo.
"Michael can read people's souls, Mayo. That's fantastic news!! Congrats my friend!! I know what it's like to have two small treasures to love." Justin said smiling, looking down at his own two angels.
Mayo smiled, Justin now hugging him, Lance and Josh shaking his hand in congratulations.
Mayo's eyes remained on Michael.
"Thank you all. We're telling the new grandparents tonight."
He smiled widely, Michael's smile matching his.
"That's so unbelievable! You are a soul reader? My Kona would love to meet you. She is deep in the faith."
"Your grandmother Kona's love and heritage speak volumes to my soul. Tell her her life's joy shall give her two special great grandchildren."
Mayo teared up, hugging Michael now.
Everyone looked a little surprised by Michael's words, remaining quiet.
Mayo smiled, walking off the veranda.
"Have a safe and wonderful week, my friends. I shall radio you in a few days, and I shall return on Tuesday to fly you all back out."
Everyone said goodbye to him, waving as he walked down the beach.
All eyes turned to Michael.
He smiled, walking into the house.
Josh looked at Justin.
"Michael's our Mikey, guys. You know he involves himself in everyone's happiness."
Both men nodded, Josh sitting down again, Lance sitting in his lap, Justin returning to the floor with their three angels.

Dinner was a gregarious abundance of food, Michael's cooking delicious and filling.
Michael told them all of his feeling Mayo's inner soul, of his wife's pregnancy and Mayo being raised by his grandmother alone.
"I think I'm drawn to people who've been raised by their grandparents. They always seem to stand out."
Justin kissed his cheek, Michael smiling with love.
"Your path parallels so many others." Lance said, looking at Michael.
Michael smiled, nodding at Lance.
"Yes, destiny has a way of doing that."
After dinner, the four lovers took their little ones for a swim in the clear blue water.
Darian and Shauna loved the warm ocean waters, Noah taking to it like a fish.
Josh and Justin swam with them, Lance and Michael sunning on the warm white sands.
They lay beside each other on their stomachs on large thick beach towels, both wearing only swim trunks.
"Our men are reverting to their childhoods again." Lance smiled.
"Yep, we have five kids to watch the next few days."
Lance laughed, Michael's arm going around his nude shoulders.
Lance felt that tingling sensation again, the one he'd felt when Michael had kissed his chest, after walking into the middle of their lovemaking the other morning.
They both looked into each other's eyes.
"They may be kids during the day, but in the night air, our men shall be visions of love."
Lance smiled, rolling over on his back, his toned smooth chest exposed.
"I'm so in love with him, Mikey. Josh is unbelievable in his beauty and love."
Michael smiled, his fingers running across Lance's chest.
"Do you want to talk about it, Lance?"
Lance's green eyes looked into Michael's golden ones.
"I've been getting these feelings, these sensations when you touch me."
"What do they feel like?"
"It feels like totally charged love. Like I'm being shocked with love."
Michael sat up, folding his knees in front of him, sitting cross-legged.
He stared down at the water, his lover swimming with Darry and Shauny.
Josh swam with Noah in his arms, his bronzed body sleek in the water.
"I'm sorry Lance. For it being so precise, so shocking."
Lance sat up, his arm now going around Michael.
"What is it, Mikey? What is behind these sensations?"
Michael sighed, looking again into Lance's green eyes.
"I am a receptacle of love, Lance. My soul, my heart and my very being are love in total essence. I always thought that when Justin gave me his love, that my heart would fill with it and I'd be whole."
Michael looked at Justin, feeling that deep love.
"His love is in my heart, but my heart isn't completely full."
Lance looked surprised.
"I've lately been feeling another love slowly filling that heart. I love my Justin completely, he is my soulmate. Nothing will ever change that. But I sense a newness surrounding his love."
Lance remained still, staring into Michael's golden beacons of love.
"It's your's and Josh's love, Lancy. Your combined love is wrapping itself around my Justin's love."
Lance looked shocked, Michael gently kissing his lips.
"It's not a physical love, Lance. Although I sense we could easily give into that part. What I feel is your total love, an essence of pure joy and happiness. I don't know how else to explain it but to say it's like the four of us are becoming one soul, one heart of love."
Lance kissed Michael back, a little more tenderly.
"I've been thinking about all four of us lately, Mikey. I see the way Josh looks at Justin sometimes. I see a sense of hidden longing in him. I know Josh loves me and that I am his soulmate. Our pact of love can never be broken. Even by you or Justy. Wow, isn't it unbelievable?"
Michael looked at Lance, sensing a truth in him.
"When I was with Riechen, and he gave me to those other men, I felt so used. So totally used. With you and Justin I don't think it's like that. I could give myself to you both easily, if that's what Josh or you two would want. Does that sound strange?"
Michael put his arm around Lance.
"No, Lance it doesn't. For one simple reason. None of us three would ever use you, Lance. From us you'd only receive our love."
Lance teared up, laying his head on Michael's shoulder.
"Do you want me in that way, Mikey?"
Michael looked into Lance's green eyes.
"Justin once had a dream, long ago with Daniel. Daniel told him that my salvation would come from someone with green eyes."
Michael wiped a tear off Lance's cheek.
"You are that salvation, Lance. But in a very unique way. I've never met anyone with such a loving, touching heart. You–like me–have gone through a trauma of pain. That bond links us. I look at you and I see a loving, kind, movingly honest and incredibly beautiful soul. And that is all wrapped up in a stunningly beautiful package. I won't lie to you, Lance. I could so easily give into those needs, just as you just confessed. Justin gives me our center of love, that is all I desire in regards to lovemaking. From you, and your beautiful Josh, I desire something else. A soul-lightening, heart-expanding love."
Lance teared up, hugging Michael to him.
Michael smiled, hugging him close, Lance's green eyes staring at him.
"I love you, Mikey."
Michael smiled, looking back.
"I love you, Lancy."
"Aww, Jus! Isn't that heartwarming?" Josh said, he and his best friend standing in front of them, their three angels sitting down on the towels.
"Yep, Joshy. It's damn near inspiring."
Both men sitting smiled, their respective mates sitting down beside them, their wet bodies glistening.
"Jus, you're dripping everywhere. Here's a towel. And my angels are soaked." Michael smiled, wrapping a towel around the two of them together.
"We plays with fishies, Papa. Dada shows us fishies!!!" Shauna said happily.
"Me catch one, hold in my hands so Noah can feels it, Papa!" Darian said proudly, smiling widely.
Noah clapped remembering the fish in his hands.
"That's wonderful, little ones. Dada showing you nature's creations. But you must always be gentle with them."
"Yes, Papa. We let it go and it swims away. So much fun!" Darian grinned, Michael smiling.
Justin looked at him and Lance.
"You two okay? You both looked like you were having a deep conversation." he said, smiling at Lance.
"Just talking of love, Justy. Michael is such a good listener." Lance smiled, Lance putting his arm around Josh's now dried shoulders.
"That he is, and he's so much more." Justin said, kissing his husband's turned lips.
Josh and Lance smiled, Lance kissing Josh's lips.
"Okay, how about we play with our angels for a bit?  It's starting to darken. The sun's at horizon level."
The little ones grinned, getting up, Justin chasing them towards the house.
The other three stood up, picking up their towels.
Michael smiled, Lance and Josh putting their arms around him from both sides.
Michael looked at both, Josh smiling.
"Thanks for all this, Mikey. For bringing us here. I love you."
"Love ya back, Joshua."
Josh smiled, kissing his lips gently.
The three walked behind their four kids.

Justin pulled the blanket over the three sleeping youngsters.
They were all together in a makeshift crib.
One of the guest bedrooms's large beds had been surrounded by pillows and blankets, the three little ones sound asleep in its fortified center.
Josh stood at the doorway, watching his best friend's caring love with the three little ones.
Justin tucked the blanket around them, kissing each small forehead.
Josh smiled, walking into the room, sitting on the bed beside his friend.
His arm went around him, Justin smiling and leaning into Josh's chest.
"Don't they look beautiful?"
Josh smiled, looking at his son wrapped in a bond of loving friendship.
Darian's arm was around him, Noah's wrapped around Shauna.
The three were united in dreamland as they are in life.
"Yes, Jus. They are as beautiful as their fathers."
Justin smiled, Josh's fingers rubbing Justin's cheek.
"Do you feel it, Josh?"
"Feel what?"
Justin smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.
"Our opening love. The new love we share. I've felt it since Lance joined us all together in our minds. A new love of brotherhood. I feel deeper for you now. Like you're more than just my best friend. And I sense you want that as well."
Josh stared into Justin's blue eyes, Justin leaning forward.
He kissed Josh deeply, Josh feeling a sharp sensation flood his mind and body.
He returned the kiss, feeling its deep desire.
They parted, Josh looking into Justin's blue eyes again.
"I love Lance completely, Justin. But I sense something in myself in regards to you. I don't know what it is. I know it's not want or desire, I only desire Lance."
"I know, Josh. I feel it too. I don't know what it is, either. But I think I know someone who does. Let's go talk to him."
Justin got up quietly, taking Josh's hand in his.
The two quietly walked out of the room, closing the door.
They lit some lamps, walking quietly out of the house.

They found Lance and Michael down on the beach, Michael working on a fire in an earthen pit, the fire starting to ignite.
Lance was laying out blankets on the white sand.
The fire roared to life, Michael smiling.
"That should keep the chill off of us. That and something else."
Justin looked at Michael, Michael's face showing a loving smile.
Michael looked up into the sky, the others looking as well, Lance sitting down on the blankets.
The evening had darkened into a sky full of stars.
"Wow, that sky is breathtaking!" Josh said, sitting down beside Lance, the two joining in a close hug.
"Yes it is, lover. A sky for watching."  Lance said, laying back, Josh laying beside him.
Justin smiled, Michael throwing sticks and more wood onto the fire.
"Yes, it's beautiful. And all the angels are smiling, as Uncle Silas always says." Michael said, his eyes looking upward.
Everyone smiled, Justin laying down on the blanket a few feet from Josh and Lance, staring up into the night sky as well.
They all wore t-shirts and wife beaters, shorts and sandals.
Michael removed his sandals as well as Justin's, laying down beside his husband, his head laying now on Justin's chest.
Lance smiled, getting up and removing Josh's and his own shoes.
He laid back down, Josh's arm around him.
The four friends stared up into the heavens.
"So many points of light. I feel so insignificant." Michael said, staring upward.
Justin kissed his forehead, the other two listening to Michael's heartfelt words.
"You are not insignificant to me, my love. Or to Josh and Lance. You shine so much brighter in our eyes."
Michael smiled, putting his arm around his man.
"Thanks for those kind words, Jus. And you're right."
Michael sat up, staring down at Justin, then looking over at Josh and Lance.
"Okay, we need to talk about this. Of what we're all feeling. Some truths need shedding, more love needs spreading."
The other three looked at Michael, Josh chuckling.
"I didn't know you were a poet, Mikey?"
Michael laughed, smiling at his friends.
He turned, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"Jus, I am not jealous or hurt by any of your feelings. Of what you feel for Josh."
Justin sat up, staring at Michael.
"I feel them all, Jus. I feel your searching questions, your doubting feelings. And I feel them in Josh, too."
Josh sat up, Lance rising and putting his arm around him as well.
"I feel them too, my love."
Josh looked like he might tear up, looking at Lance.
"I love you Lance. Completely."
Lance smiled, kissing his man's soft lips.
"I know that, Joshua. I've known that for a long time. My heart and soul are yours as yours are mine. But Mico's right."
"Mico?" Justin said, shocked at Lance calling Michael that.
Michael looked at Lance, smiling.
"Justin, my love. Lance and even more so Josh have earned the right to call me that. It is, as my Nana once said, a name of love for me. She gave you that right to call me that because she felt the love in your heart for me. I give them now the right to call me that name because I feel the great love in their hearts for me. We need only use it when we are together, as we use the names Jus, Joshy and Lancy."
All three looked surprised, Michael kissing Justin tenderly, then moving over and kissing both Lance and Josh.
"Okay, all of you. It's time the truth is told. I'll begin with you, Joshua."
Josh lowered his head, Lance raising it.
Their eyes met, Michael seeing their unchanged love.
"Your heart once yearned in all ways for my Justin. I showed you the destined love that Justin and I shared. You then opened your heart to me, as a friend. Just as much of a friendship as you had always felt for Justin."
Josh nodded, looking at Michael directly.
"Lance, you were hurt deeply. Given to others by a man who didn't love you. You felt used by those men, taken by force, your love not given freely. Your heart is now filled with the love of your Joshua. But you feel an equal love radiating off myself and Justin. You're confused by what that means."
Lance nodded, looking at Michael with love.
Michael turned, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"Justin, my love, my soulmate. I love you, I trust you, and I want always what's best for you. I feel all the love in your heart. My heart is almost filled with that love. But I also feel in you a love, a deep love for Joshua. It started out as friendship, turning into brotherly love. You yourself once told me that you had fallen in love with Josh but had been too afraid to take that one step forward. And now, here, it's turned into something more."
Justin looked shocked, wrapping his arms around Michael.
"I love you, Michael! You must believe me!"
Michael smiled a smile of total truth.
"I know, Jus. I do believe you. I know I am your soulmate. That will never change. Even Joshua's love won't change that. It will only enhance it. I'm not jealous, my love. For one simple reason."
All three looked at him, sensing the truth behind Michael's words.
"For the simple reason that I love all three of you. I hold no jealousy towards any of you. And I have all three of you to thank for that."
"In what way, Michael?" Josh said.
Michael smiled widely.
"I have all three of you to thank because all three of you are part of me. Lance united us in our minds, I have united us in our souls. It's quite simple. I love all three of you. My Jus the most. But an almost equal love I have for Lance and for our loving Joshua. Justin healed my heart. His love–and yours–now fill it."
All three were in tears.
"I told Justin this week the truth in regards to what lays ahead for me. And he senses my strength and courage. That I am not afraid for what must come to pass. I am not afraid, because my heart is full of your love, of your joined love. I can face my destiny because of that love."
All three pulled Michael into their arms, the four joined as one.
Had anyone been eating a piece of Michael's love cake, they'd have seen a magical sight.
For when the four came together, a bright white glow encircled them.
It was their joined aura–that of pure innocence and completeness.
"I love all of you. Do you love me?" Michael said, tears in his eyes.
"Yes, my Mico. I love you always." Justin said, kissing his lips.
"Yes, Mico. I love you for all you've given me." Lance said in tears, kissing his cheek.
"Yes, Mico. I love you for forgiving and loving me." Josh said crying, kissing his neck.
Michael smiled, breaking the bond.
He stood up, all three looking up at him.
"I love all of you. It's a true love, based on our mutual friendships, love and guiding hearts. I give myself in all ways to all of you. This time tonight is about us. About what we need from each other. It will be singular in its openness, and in its beautiful honesty. There are no hidden agendas here, no conspiring desires. The only things here are love and hope, and trust and faithful courage. I love all of you."
The other three stood, looking at each other, seeing in each other's eyes the deep love and faith they shared.
"Michael, we all agree to what you've said. We all love you. And I trust you." Lance said, smiling through tears, Josh's arm going around him.
Josh, Michael and Justin all sensed in Lance what that trust meant.
Michael's eyes closed, then opened again.
They glowed a bright golden hue for a few moments, then returned to their natural brilliance.
"I have cocooned our little ones in a circle of our love. They will sleep unabated till morning. Now comes our moment. Our moment of truth. Lance started our joining with his centering our minds. I finish it now with our joining in love."
The three men looked at him, seeing Michael's loving golden eyes.
"It's time for us to be true to each other. "
Michael pulled his shirt over his head, the other three staring at him.
He quickly removed his shorts and briefs.
He stood in front of the three singers naked and unashamed.
"Here is your Mico in his unashamed glory. I stand now in front of love. In front of your combined love."
Justin was in tears, as were Lance and Josh.
They all stared at Michael's beautiful form, at his unearthed passion.
Josh smiled, sensing his heart fill with love.
Lance looked at him, Josh seeing the love in his eyes.
Justin stared at his lover bearing his heart, his soul and his body for all of them.
"I love all of you. Take all of me that you need. Just please leave me with your love. Please don't take that from me." Michael said, his eyes full of tears.

Justin stood up, meaning to go to his love, Lance putting his hand on Justin's shoulder.
"Wait, Jus. My love and I need to show Michael our love."
Justin looked at both of them, his two friends walking to Michael.
They both looked into his golden eyes, seeing the need in them for their love.
Josh bent down, picking up Michael's shorts.
"Lance and I love you, Mico. With our hearts and our souls. You do not need to bear your body to us, to give all of yourself to us."
"Yes, Mico. We do love you. Not for your beautiful body, but for your cherished soul of love."
Michael was in tears, Justin walking up to them as well.
"I'd give all of myself for you both to love me. I just love you so much!" Michael sobbed, Lance taking him into his arms.
Michael clung to him, Justin and Josh's hands going to his naked back.
They both rubbed his shoulders, Michael calming down.
"Mico, my love. I love you forever. You are my soulmate. And I love Josh and Lance. Yes, I once had those feelings for Josh, maybe deep down I still do. But nothing that Josh can show me, can do or give to me shall ever change my love for you. I need only you, my love. Only my Mico."
Michael broke from Lance, Justin taking him into his arms.
They kissed deeply, Josh and Lance silently watching.
The two newlyweds parted, Michael smiling at Justin.
"And here I thought I was going to be in the center of an orgy!"
All four laughed, Josh handing Michael his shorts again.
"Cover yourself, my friend. Your love is showing."
Michael smiled, pulling his shorts back on.
Josh and Lance both smiled, Michael hugging and kissing them both individually.
When he parted from Josh, Josh was smiling.
"Thank you for making me see what I must do, Michael."
Michael nodded, looking at Justin.
Josh walked over to Justin, looking into his blue eyes.
"Justin, I love you. I've loved you for a long time. It started out as friendship, almost a big brother type love. I protected you, and I loved you."
Justin was in tears, hearing the love in Josh's words.
"When we parted, when you went forward with your life, I felt so alone. I longed for you, I needed you back in my life. I needed that closeness again.  I just couldn't see that you weren't ever out of my life. All I had to do was call you, day or night and you would have come running to be with me. I, instead, made it into something that wasn't real. I convinced myself that I loved you. That you needed me to love you. For that I'm truly sorry."
Justin put his hand on Josh's cheek, wiping away a tear.
"I did need you, Josh. I did love you. For the briefest of times I was in love with you. That first kiss sent my heart and soul into confusion. I carried that confusion for a long time. Until I realized that you and I were more than just acquaintances. We were brothers. And the more I thought of that, the more I realized that you were not what I was searching for. But you did send me on that soul-searching trek. For that I'll always be grateful. You, in a way, led me to my Mico."
Josh smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"For that I can't take credit. Destiny led you to Michael. As destiny led you to his love."
Josh turned, taking Lance's hand in his, Lance standing beside them now.
"I picked the wrong one, Justin. I should have seen what I now see in Lance. In Lance, I now see the love I always wanted. The love I always needed. Why didn't I see it sooner? I could have had his love so much sooner. I could have changed his life's trek. Forgive me, Lance, for letting you follow that path, that path to your pain."
Josh sobbed, Lance pulling him into his arms.
Justin's hand was now on Josh's shoulder.
"Oh, my darling! You have no cause to be sorry! I chose my path, I chose my trek of redemption. Maybe it was the wrong path, maybe it was something more. Do you know what I think?"
Josh looked up into Lance's green eyes of love.
"Justin was meant to be your dearest friend. Your brotherhood of love sustained both of you until you walked the right path. My trek of pain ended in your arms, Joshua. I believe it was always meant to be that way. For in that way, our love is now more real, more genuine. I felt pain, to be healed with your love. You felt loss to be healed by mine."
Josh was in tears, taking Lance into his arms, kissing him deeply.
Justin was in tears, looking at them both.
"I love you so much, Lance."
"I love you so much more, Joshua."
Both turned, looking into Justin's tearing blue eyes.
"I stood by both of you through our growing years, through our years of friendship and love. Now I'll stand with you forever. I love both of you." Justin said, both hugging him tightly.
The three broke their bond of love, turning to look at Michael.
Michael was sitting down, his head between his knees.
He was sobbing, his body trembling.
Justin was beside him in a flash, holding him in his arms.
Lance and Josh knelt down, too, their arms around him as well.
"It's alright, Mico. It's okay." Josh said tenderly.
Michael looked into his eyes.
"You all show so much love to each other, so much tenderness! It's so beautiful!"
All three singers smiled, seeing what Michael had done for them.
"You're one of a kind, Mico. I see now what you've done." Josh said, smiling.
Justin smiled as well, Lance smiling also.
"Michael, you are so talented at making people open themselves up. You just healed our misguided paths of love. We're now joined as one, thanks to you."
Michael nodded, looking into all three sets of eyes.
"Is there room in there for me?"
All three smiled, pulling Michael to his feet.
"You are our center, our core, Mico." Lance said, kissing him tenderly on his lips.
They all felt the love off each other, it seemed to be radiating.
Josh kissed Michael next, another tender kiss.
Justin's kiss was filled with his passion, his desire and his deep love.
Michael felt all of that in his soul.
Michael broke that kiss, feeling his heart calm and contented.
"I needed all three of you to see what the others meant to you."
They all nodded, looking at each other.
"Lance is my soulmate, Justin is my best friend. You are my dearest loving friend. All three of you are part of me." Josh said, Lance echoing the same sentiment next.
Justin smiled, his arm around his lover.
"Mico is my life and my soulmate. Josh is my dearest friend. Lance is my friend of love. All three are all that I need to feel totally loved. That and our children."
Everyone smiled, the three looking at Michael.
"My existence is to find love. To feed on it, to give it out in larger volume. All the love I need I find in all those on this island. My lover, my loved ones and my children. I give myself to all of you in all ways. The offer of a physical love may always be there. Who knows where our hearts will lead us? I know now that we all love each other completely."
Everyone was in tears, Michael kissing all three.
Justin's soft voice broke the silence.
"Why don't we show each other that physical love?"
All three sets of eyes were on him.
"Not with each other but with our soulmates."
Josh and Lance looked at Michael.
"What do you mean, Justin?"
Justin took Michael's hands in his, looking into his golden eyes.
"I love you, Mico. I make love to you. It's the most beautiful moment of my heart. And Josh and Lance do the same. It's just as beautiful to them."
The other two nodded, looking with love at each other.
"You said earlier that this night was for us, our moment of truth. We've shared this moment of truth, in all ways. You also said that you would finish this with our joining of love. All four of us love our soulmates. Why not show that love to the others?"
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes.
"When I make love to you, Justin, it's the most moving moment of my existence also."
Justin smiled, kissing his man's tender lips.
Josh and Lance smiled, Justin looking at them.
"We love our soulmates, we make love to our soulmates. We should not be ashamed of showing that tenderness. It's needed. For you can then see how greatly I love my Mico, Josh. And we can see how greatly you love your Lance."
All four looked at each other, Michael nodding.
His fingers went to his shorts again.
They lay discarded again, Michael's body laid open to the world again.
Josh smiled, sensing his heart fill with love.
He pulled off his shirt, as did Justin.
The three looked at Lance, tears in his eyes.
"Guess I should join the crowd!" he said, looking at Josh.
"Only if you need to see our love, Lance." Michael said in a soft, loving voice.
Lance smiled, his shirt landing on top of the others.
"I do so much, Mico."
His shorts came next.
Josh and Justin laughed, theirs joining his.
Then three pairs of briefs joined the pile.
All four stood naked together, looking at each other.
They all saw the state of their centers, all four rising in union.
Josh stared at Justin, seeing the beauty of his unblemished skin.
Lance looked at Michael, seeing the rugged strong masculine body, rippling with toned, hairy muscles.
"You're beautiful, Mico." Lance whispered, Josh now looking at him as well.
"Yes, Mico, you are breathtaking."
Josh and Lance had seen Justin naked in the bathroom.
"We all are breathtaking in the eyes of our soulmate." Michael smiled, looking at all three of them.
He saw their smooth unblemished bodies, so beautiful and muscular.
But his eyes as always turned to Justin's.
Its beauty was immeasurable.
Justin smiled, seeing Michael's eyes on only him.
He took his lover into his arms, Josh doing the same with Lance.
The four, as one, sank to the blanket, the two twosomes laying apart.
Justin began to kiss Michael's chest, Lance rolling his head in their direction.
He and Josh watched Justin's tender caring love for Michael.
They felt their own desires heightening, their own hands and lips now moving together.
The two couples began their own separate moments of passion.
They stole glances at the other two, their own partners bringing them back to their need and desire.
Michael felt lost in Justin's lovemaking.
Justin swallowed his center, Michael entering their center of love.
At the same moment, Lance was entering his center of love, Josh there with him.
Michael reached out his hand, Lance taking it, both lost in their centers.
On contact, Lance felt all of Michael's and Justin's love.
It, combined with his own and Josh's, sent a charge of electricity through all four of them.
Justin and Josh both jumped back, in shock.
"Good God, what was that?" Josh gasped, feeling the aftermath tingling inside him.
All four stared at each other, seeing their open love.
"That was our centers joining. Don't be scared, when you feel the depth of it, you shall surrender to it."
Josh and Justin looked at each other, seeing the highly aroused state both were in.
Michael moved a little closer to Lance, their shoulders touching.
Their loved ones were above them, both staring at them with longing looks of desire and need.
"Please, my love. Take me there to our love." Lance said, his green eyes staring into Josh's blue.
"Please, Jus. Take me to the center of my existence." Michael said, his golden eyes glowing.
Josh and Justin were upon them in a heartbeat, their lips uniting.
Both men lifted their lover's legs, centering themselves.
Both looked at each other, staring into their blue eyes.
Justin leaned over, kissing Josh tenderly.
"Give Lance what he needs, Josh. My Mico has all of my love."
Josh smiled, sinking forward, his lips attaching to Lance's.
Justin sank deep into Michael, their lips uniting as well.
All four felt the instant connection.
A force of true love shot through them, but separate in a singular way.
The love of the joined four was pure and innocent–it was true love.
All four became lost in that joined love for only a moment, their love now drawn to the one who was their soulmate.
Josh and Lance were in their center of love, Jus and Michael in theirs.

The foursome of love spent over an hour exploring their soulmate's bodies; gentle touches, caresses and kisses given.
They fed on all their love, on the love and seed of their lives.
Each individual looked at the other three, seeing their beauty and their lover's tender admonishing.
Michael and Lance kissed, Josh and Justin kissing as well.
That was the limit of their exploration.
They felt no hidden desires for the other two, only for what they felt from their soulmate.
The most open moment came from Josh and Lance.
They began a second movement of love.
Justin and Michael smiled, seeing their unabashed openness.
The two lovers began their passion again, this time Lance's passion in full charge.
The other two watched, Justin looking at Josh's beautiful body and Lance's tender caring of it.
"They are so in love." Justin said softly.
"It's like looking in a mirror." Michael said, Justin looking into his eyes.
Michael pulled him downward, wrapping his arms and legs around his Justin.
"Take me again, my tiger." he whispered, his voice heavy with emotion.
Justin roared again, all four lost in their separate passions.

After that, the coolness of the darkened night propelled the foursome indoors.
The fire in the pit had long turned to embers.
"I'm cold, Mico." Justin said, his body trembling.
"Aww, my angel needs warmth." Michael smiled, pulling him up, smiling down at the other twosome.
"My boybander needs to cuddle under some covers. We should call it a night, my friends." Michael said, smiling at them.
Josh and Lance rose up, their nakedness on display, as well as Justin and Michael's.
Lance picked up all their clothes, handing Justin and Michael theirs.
Michael went to the water, returning and dousing the embers with a bucket of water.
He smiled, taking Justin's hand.
Lance and Josh followed, looking at the two naked backsides in front of them.
"Man, those are like Greek statues." Josh quietly said, Michael turning and smiling.
"Yours are the same, my beauties."
All four smiled, walking into the house.
It was completely quiet, Lance going into the children's room.
The other three stood in the hallway, quietly waiting.
Lance came back out, smiling at them all.
"They're all sleeping. None of them have moved."
Michael smiled, sensing that already.
"Alright you guys, we'll take our leave then." Justin smiled, taking Michael's hand.
The four stood together, Michael making the first move.
He kissed both of his friends, a kiss of tender passion.
Justin followed.
The four parted, smiling.
They went into their separate rooms.

The next morning, Justin and Michael were the last to awaken.
Justin woke up to Michael sitting on top of him, Michael's moaning with heated pleasure.
Justin was deep inside Michael, his hardness sensing all of Michael's desires.
Michael continued, his golden eyes staring down at his loving husband.
Justin became lost in that stare, lost in the need and want in those two golden suns.
Justin exploded deep within him, Michael exploding all over his lover's chest.
Michael sank down on top of him, Justin's arms wrapping around him.
"What a wonderful way to wake up!"
Michael smiled, kissing him deeply.
"I woke up needing you. I'll always need you."
Justin teared up, kissing him again.
"Thank you for last night, Mico, and for this. For showing all of us our new love."
"Thank you for wowing the crowd." Michael beamed, Justin laughing.
"Yeah, I'm surprised we didn't get a standing ovation."
Michael roared with laughter, smiling widely.
Justin felt his total joy.
"You're so happy, Mico."
"Yes, Jus. Totally happy. I have you, Josh and Lance, and our three angels in my life. It's truly a life of love."
Justin smiled, Michael getting up.
"The others are up and outside, I heard Josh and Lance taking them down to the beach. Let's grab a quick shower and head down."
Justin smiled, climbing out of bed.
Twenty minutes later, they walked down to the beach, finding the three kids swimming with Josh.
Lance was laying in a deck chair, sunning himself.
"Morning all, how are the soulmates?"
Lance smiled, looking up at Michael's near naked body, only swim trunks on him.
"Your two partners of love are fantastic. As are our children."
Michael smiled, leaning down and kissing Lance tenderly.
"Come in, Dada!! Water wonderful!" Darian screamed, Justin smiling widely.
Justin ran for the water, his bronzed body diving into the spraying waves.
He came up a few feet away, swimming to his angels.
Both grinned, Justin taking them into his arms, kissing them both.
"Morning my little ocean beauties."
Michael smiled, voicing his hellos to the little ones, sitting in a deck chair beside Lance, Lance handing him a cup of coffee from a carafe sitting by the chair.
Michael smiled, taking a sip.
"Thank you for last night, Mico. For showing us your and Justin's love."
"I hope the show was worthy of our love."
Lance smiled.
"Don't worry, Josh and I will give you tips."
Michael laughed loudly, Josh and Justin looking towards him, both smiling.

A few minutes later, the two fathers brought their ducks up onto the beach, the three little ones sitting down in happiness, a small breakfast laid out on a blanket.
Josh helped fill their plates, the three waiting for the food.
Justin sat cross-legged beside Darian, handing him his plate.
Josh looked over at Michael.
He brought up the subject about what had happened last night.
"What happened when Lancy contacted with you that first time, Mico? The intensity of the moment almost knocked Justin and me down."
Justin and Lance nodded, looking at Michael.
Michael looked at all three.
"When Lance touched me, our centers united."
"Why did Lance's touch do that?" Justin asked, Michael looking at him.
Michael then looked at Lance, his emerald eyes staring back at him.
Lance suddenly felt something new.
"Because Lance is the Guardian of Truth."
Michael stood up, walking towards the house.
All three were stunned into silence.

End of Chapter 163

Well, that was interesting.
And very intense.
I decided to join the four in a special way.
Originally I had intended on the four succumbing to their desires, becoming a foursome like Paulo's.
But it just didn't seem right to me.
I wanted these four to have an even more special love.
I hope it worked.
And that it seems more real.
They are open in body and soul to each other now.
And now Michael has revealed the Guardian.
I hope that surprised you.
I'm sure for some it didn't.

What will Lance's reaction be to this news?
What will Josh's be?
Who is the remaining Commander of Truth?
A few interesting thoughts to think through.

Up next:  The final days in paradise, and the return to Spain.

Join me, it's not far now.
But perhaps lengthy in its telling.

Hugs, Angel.

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