Justin's Angel-164

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


A few minutes later, the two fathers brought their ducks up onto the beach, the three little ones sitting down in happiness, a small breakfast laid out on a blanket.
Josh helped fill their plates, the three waiting for the food.
Justin sat cross-legged beside Darian, handing him his plate.
Josh looked over at Michael.
He brought up the subject about what had happened last night.
"What happened when Lancy contacted with you that first time, Mico? The intensity of the moment almost knocked Justin and me down."
Justin and Lance nodded, looking at Michael.
Michael looked at all three.
"When Lance touched me, our centers united."
"Why did Lance's touch do that?" Justin asked, Michael looking at him.
Michael then looked at Lance, his emerald eyes staring back at him.
Lance suddenly felt something new.
"Because Lance is the Guardian of Truth."
Michael stood up, walking towards the house.
All three were stunned into silence.

Chapter 164

Fredrick screamed in his sleep, throwing the young sleeping body off of him.
The youth awoke, woken from his troubled sleep by the bluntness of his master's care.
He lay on the bedroom floor, naked and chilled.
The room was like an icebox.
He cowered at the feet of his master.
Fredrick stared down at him from the side of the bed, his feet now on the floor, towering above him.
The young man was around nineteen, slim and totally smooth.
No hair lay on the man's body.
Even his head was bald.
Fredrick's breathing was haggard and gasping.
He focused, coming out of the nightmare.
The same nightmare he'd had for many nights now.
Ever since he'd been marked with the white light.
That light invaded his mind, coming out in his nightmares.
"What is that light?" he said to no one in particular, the youth looking up at him in fear.
Fredrick's eyes focused, his mind coming back to him.
He stared down at the youth.
"Why are you on the floor? Back into that bed!"
The young man moved with surprising speed, not wanting to feel the man's wrath.
He'd felt it all night, in his fiery passion and torturous caring.
The man had been very brutal.
He'd taken the youth hard, ripping the innocence out of him.
The young man felt the blood in his lower regions, knowing his insides had been brutally ravaged.
He sobbed, curling up in the sheets.
Fredrick turned, looking down at him.
He ran his fingers along the man's smooth torso.
His hand wrapped around the youth's flaccid center.
Fredrick leered, smiling an evil smile.
He'd taken great pleasure in defiling this youth.
He'd thrown him in the shower, shaving all the youth's hair away, every last strand.
Then he'd taken him to his bed, taking all the young man's dreams from him.
Ravaging his small lean body, and raping his soul.
He now was his totally.
And he was here for an ancient purpose.
"My pet. Do not be afraid. I am your master."
The teenager calmed, the hypnotizing voice entrenched in his soul.
He even smiled, staring at the man above him.
"That's it. Come, stand before me now."
The young man rose out of the bed, standing quickly.
Fredrick stared at him, then guided him towards a mirror that hung on the bedroom's wall.
It was old, a large frame around its edge depicting hummingbirds and flowers.
The young man stared into the mirror, seeing his nakedness and baldness.
His hands, in reaction, went to his bald head.
"Yes, my child. I had to remove your hair. For a single reason."
The teenager looked at the man in the mirror.
He saw the largeness of the man's erection, and the face of his master.
"Why, sir?" he said, with bowed respect and an inner fear.
"For the rite of truth, my child. You are the conduit of truth."
Fredrick stood behind the young man, his hands running down his shoulders.
His large arms wrapped around the youth, his feet spreading the young man's legs.
The young man gasped, feeling the hardness of fire sinking into him again, his small ass opened by the instant thrust of hardness.
Fredrick leered into the mirror, the youth staring at him in shock.
Two red eyes burned behind him.
Two red eyes of hate and evil.
He began to scream, and struggle.
To get away from what he saw in those eyes.
He saw before him his own life's end at the hands of this monster.
In a flash the silver knife was at his throat, the warmth of the opening flesh shocking him.
Blood exploded all over the mirror, the youth's voice instantly cut off.
He staggered, his body sagging forward, Fredrick's grip on his body stronger now.
Fredrick moaned, his passion erupting.
And the instant his orgasm began, the mirror flooded with life under the cover of blood.
Through the coated veil of blood, a vision formed, Fredrick letting go of the young man.
The limp body fell to the floor, a vessel now of death.
Fredrick stared at the mirror, seeing the vision come to life.
It was a vision of St. Aurelia's Church.
Fredrick smiled, seeing himself on the altar, the Stone of Vengeance destroyed behind him.
He saw the fear in everyone's eyes, in all the congregation.
He smiled, seeing himself standing before them, strength and purpose emanating off of himself.
And then his own envisioned self turned, staring at something else.
Fredrick's heart leapt in his chest.
It couldn't be?
No, it was to much to hope for.
The bedroom came to life with Fredrick's wild laughter and joyous heart.
The vision faded slowly, Fredrick staring as his greatest joy faded into redness.
The mirror became a mirror again.
Fredrick's gaze tore away from his own face, the mark on his forehead chilling his own blood.
After a few moments of calmness, Fredrick's smile returned, looking down at the lifeless body of the young man.
"Thank you for this gift, child! Your life is over! Enjoy the wonders of Sarcosa! As I'll enjoy the wonders of Micky's final moments!"

Lance stood up, walking after Michael.
He stopped him from leaving, turning him around.
"I am the Guardian of Truth?" Lance said, his face a mask of deep shock.
Michael stared into those emerald eyes of love.
Josh and Justin were on their feet, watching the two men.
The three little ones continued eating, all their eyes on Michael.
Noah's head moved around, his senses listening to all being said.
"Yes, Lance. I've known from the first moment I gazed into your loving eyes that you would come to mean so much to me. Adrian told me of your true value. The value of your love. You are he that must guard the truth."
Lance stared into Michael's golden eyes.
"And what is that truth?"
"That I am afraid even I don't know."
Michael lowered his head, Lance putting his hand on his shoulder.
"Why me, Michael? I am not anyone special. I am only me."
Michael raised his head, staring at him.
"You are the most special of men, Lance. Your heart is pure, giving and deeply loving. The love in your heart knows no bounds. Josh can speak well of that."
Lance turned, looking at Josh.
"I'm not worthy of this honor, Michael. For I sense the Guardian is a man of deep faith with God."
"No greater faith have I seen than yours, my dearest friend." Michael said, kissing Lance's cheek.
Justin and Josh walked up to the two, their three little ones watching them.
"Everything Mico said is right, Lancy." Josh said, his arm around his lover.
Lance looked into his Joshy's blue eyes.
"You are a wonderful caring man, my love. I have felt the greatness of your heart, and the depth of your faith. All of us have."
Lance turned back to Michael, seeing something else in Michael's eyes.
"Somehow I sensed a greater bond between us, Mico. I just wasn't expecting this."
Michael looked into Lance's emerald eyes, also feeling Justin's eyes upon him.
"The bond between you and me holds many similarities, Lance. We both endured pain until we found the love we needed."
Josh and Justin both teared up, both sensing that truth.
"We both have a burning faith in God's reasoning, in God's design for us. Neither of us has given up on his love."
Lance smiled, seeing the truth in Michael's eyes of love.
"Alright, Michael. If you need me to be this Guardian, then for you I shall give everything."
"I do not ask this of you, Lance.  It is not of my doing. I wish all of you had no part in this. This is as it is. Not by my design, but by God's. I am sorry for all that you must see, for all that you may have to endure. Forgive me for walking you all through my destiny."
Michael turned again, on the move, Justin now standing in front of him.
"I love you, Michael. And so do Josh and Lance. We won't let you run from your destiny. We hold no blame against you for what's happening here."
"I had a say in all this, Jus. He is my best friend. I never wanted this for him, or Josh's part , or even yours."
Michael was in tears, Lance's arm going around him.
"Your love has guided us all here, Mico. Your love has united us all. Nothing, whether evil or good would stop us from being here for you. We do love you. All three of us." Lance said, kissing Michael's tearing cheek.
Michael became surrounded by the three men, enfolded in a deep loving hug.
The touching moment was broken by a gentle tug on Michael's pants.
He looked downward, Noah's upturned face smiling at him.
"You be's okay, Unky. You gots us all."
Michael bent down, the little boy climbing into his arms.
Darian and Shauna had been standing right behind their little friend, all three having walked up to them.
"The Guardian free you, Papa!" Shauna said, her smile wide and loving.
Justin picked up his daughter, looking into her blue eyes.
"Free Papa from what?" Justin asked her gently, Shauna giggling at him.
"Ask Noah, Dada. He knows lots." Darian said, his arms now around Justin's leg.
All three adults looked at Noah sitting in Michael's arms, his head against Michael's chest.
"What am I to be freed from, Noah?" Michael softly said, the boy playing with the golden cross around Michael's neck.
"You be free from dark, Unky. You be free to wuv us. Your boo eyes shine bright." the little boy said, his hand going onto Michael's cheek.
The four men exchanged looks, not sure what Noah was meaning.
Michael leaned down a bit, kissing the little boy's cheek, Noah giggling and smiling.
"Have you been talking to Adrian again, little one?" he said, hugging the boy gently.
"No, Unky. Me talks to her."
"Her? To my Nana?"
"Me no know who she is. She nice. She says she wuvs you. You her little boy."
Michael felt a tremble and a sob run through him, Justin's arm now around him.
"My mother, Jus! My mother has talked with Noah!"
Noah smiled, moving, stretching out; Lance taking him into his arms.
"She nice wady. She kissies me." he said, the other two little ones laughing.
"They're all around us, Jus. My family is all around us."
All four smiled, returning to the beach blanket, sitting down together.
Josh looked at Michael, seeing a contented happiness now in his eyes and face.
"You walk with our love, and the love of many others surrounding you, Mico. Have no fear, all of us are here for you. And we all willingly and easily give you are love and devotion." Josh said, Michael smiling at him.
"I know, Josh. Lance, my friend. You are the Guardian. With that comes great responsibility. And a greater faith. I have full confidence in you carrying that truth with greatness and distinction."
Lance smiled, seeing Michael's faith in him.
"I'll carry it with honor and love."
Michael smiled, the little ones standing up.
"We swims more, Papa?" Darian said, climbing into his father's lap.
"For sure, little man. We just have to wait a little bit. Your tummy's full. You'll sink!"
Darian giggled then laughed as his father tickled him, Justin smiling at Michael's loving care for their son.
The three men watched Michael playing with Darian, Noah and Shauna, all three feeling a deep sense of truth.
The road ahead was uncertain, but it was paved with their combined love.

They spent the day as a family, deeply connected in their love for each other.
Justin and Michael swam with their angels, Josh and Lance building sand castles with Noah.
In the afternoon, the group walked around the island, the little ones running everywhere, the open air and nature feeding their energy.
"Your son is a ball of energy, Lancy." Michael smiled, Josh running after Darian and Noah across the beach, the two little ones hand in hand.
Darian was Noah's guide through joyful life.
They'd returned to the sandy beach in front of the beach house.
"Yes, he's so alive with happiness and childhood innocence. And your angels are feeding his happiness. They truly are his guiding eyes." he smiled, Michael's arm around him, the two walking across the sand.
Justin was sitting in a lounge chair, Shauna sleeping on his naked chest.
Michael smiled, seeing his husband's tender care of their daughter.
Justin was shielding her from the sun with a beach umbrella.
The two men sat down in chairs beside Justin, Justin smiling at them.
"Our little princess has succumbed to the sun's rays." Justin smiled, rubbing her back.
"She's a sound sleeper. You know she sleeps anywhere she wants, when she wants. Just like her father." Michael said, Justin grinning.
"Awesome. She really is a Timberlake."
Lance chuckled, Michael folding his arms.
"I'll have you know the Tavarros are sound sleepers as well!"
Justin laughed, leaning over and kissing Michael's tender lips.
"I won't argue that point. Some mornings it's all I can do to make you open your eyes."
Michael purred, licking his lips.
"Oh, you're good at waking me, no doubt about that. Those lips would wake the dead."
Lance laughed, as did Josh, who'd just sat down in the last chair, his arms full of boyish glee.
Darian and Noah were in both of his arms, both little boys yawning.
"Looks like the brotherly twosome have started winding down. Let's take them all inside, Joshy. Our angels can nap and us four can relax on the veranda. I want to snuggle with my teddy bear." Justin said, standing up, Shauna a dead weight in his arms.
Michael smirked, Justin smiling.
"Just because I'm hairy, doesn't mean I'm a teddy bear, Jus."
"You'll always be my teddy bear, Yogi."
Josh and Lance held in their laughter, Michael rolling his eyes.
"Ok, Booboo."
Justin laughed, the four walking towards the house.

The four relaxed, Justin and Michael snuggling on a couch, Lance and Josh laying in a swinging hammock on the veranda.
The late afternoon was bathed in a silent, sunny quietness.
"It's so peaceful here, so utterly relaxing. This was a wonderful idea, Jus." Michael said, Justin purring beside him.
"Yes, it's a real getaway. We've got to use this often." he said, kissing Michael's left nipple, the two shirtless and only wearing beach shorts.
"Just to get our money's worth out of it. Right, Mr. Millionaire?" Michael said, smiling.
"Michael, my love. I bought this for both of us. And for our family. We need a place to hide from the world. To rekindle again and again our deep loving closeness. I'm not worried about how much this cost, so you shouldn't be either."
Michael smiled, kissing his lover's lips deeply.
"What blows me away is the love behind it. Never in my deepest dreams did I think that you would show me so much love as what you showed me these last few weeks. You married me, you love me and you are me. I love you, Jus. Thanks for making all this a part of my soul."
Justin teared up, the two lost in their kissing and love.
Josh and Lance quietly watched, both seeing their two best friends and brothers full of happiness.
The two lovers broke their heated tender kiss, Michael looking at the swinging twosome.
"This place is open to both of you also. You are our family as well. Let's think of this as love's center. Our love's center. We can come together or as separate couples, it doesn't matter. But all of us will feel our love here. And that love will increase as the years move on."
All three smiled, hearing Michael's moving words.
"You sound like you've seen the future, Mico. That you somehow know what lays ahead isn't the end." Lance said, looking at Michael.
Michael smiled, standing up, walking to the wooden railing, looking out into the warm sunshine.
"Nothing will end the love we have, guys. Nothing. Neither life, pain, nor death. My love is forever. Justin's already realized that, you two should, too. You're all stuck with me. Regardless of that final outcome."
Lance got up, walking up to Michael, Josh smiling at Justin, waving his hand.
Justin got up, laying down beside Josh in the hammock, the two snuggling together.
Lance's arms went around Michael's waist, his body against him.
Michael leaned back, Lance kissing his ear.
"We are a part of you as well, Mikey. Our love is entrenched in your soul."
Michael smiled, turning around, staring into Lance's green eyes.
"You are the Guardian of Truth, Lance. And you're my dearest friend. I love you."
Lance smiled, leaning in and kissing Michael deeply.
Josh smiled at his lover, seeing his love for Michael.
Josh felt Justin's fingers on his cheek, turning his head.
"You are the Singer of Truth, Josh. And my dearest friend. I love you even more." Justin said, kissing Josh on the lips, Josh lost in the deep love he felt coming from his friend.
The twosomes kissed and smiled, holding each other.
"Wow. This is so wonderful. Feeling all the love from our dearest friends. No hidden sexual agenda between us. It's so unbelievable in its tenderness." Lance said, Michael smiling at him.
"Aww, and I was hoping to tongue Joshy's ass." Justin said.
Michael looked totally amused, the two in the hammock bursting into laughter.
"Sweetie, you can't even handle mine." Michael smiled, jumping on top of Josh and Justin, kissing them both.
Lance walked over, his hands going to Michael's beach shorts.
He pulled them down, Michael's round smooth ass on display.
"That ass looks totally manageable." Lance said, Michael turning in surprise.
Lance burst into laughter, the other three joining him.
"That's awesome, Lancy!!" Justin grinned, kissing his friend.
Lance laughed, helping Michael out of the hammock, Michael pulling his shorts up again.
"Nice one, Lance. You'll be a regular Chris when I'm through with you."
Lance laughed, kissing Michael's cheek.
"Oh, God! I don't want to be hetero!"
Michael's rich, joyous laughter filled the open air.
"How about we make our angels a nice supper?"
Michael smiled, he and Lance walking into the house.

Josh and Justin remained in the hammock, both snuggling together.
"Awesome place, Justy! This was a fantastic idea! Lance and Michael are so happy!"
Justin smiled, looking out on the beach, feeling Josh's half-naked body beside him.
"Did you ever believe we'd be here, Josh? Here with those two loving us?"
Josh smiled, kissing Justin's tattooed shoulder.
"No, Jus. Never. All my life I felt like such an independent spirit. Going anywhere, doing what I wanted to do. And now I have Lance in my life. I feel so grounded. His love–and Noah's–complete me. As does your love."
Justin smiled, looking into Josh's blue eyes.
"I see your total happiness, Josh. It's something I always wanted you to have. There never was a day that I didn't think about you, about wanting you to be happy. Even when I was having such success with my career, I still thought of you, and what I wanted you to have."
Josh looked surprised, staring at Justin.
"You have been so important in my life, Josh. More than a brother. I thank God for letting me share my life with you."
Josh was in tears, Justin kissing him tenderly, Josh looking into his blue eyes.
"Michael was right, Josh. I do love you, I have always loved you. My love for him is total. He is my soulmate. But my love for you is real also. You and Lance are part of me, a wonderful loving part. I love you, brother. I just wanted to say that to you."
Justin laid his head on Josh's chest, Josh's arm going around him.
"I love you too, brother."
Michael stood quietly behind the screen door, having heard Justin's deeply moving words.
And Josh's just as moving reply.
He smiled, walking back silently into the house.

And so the rest of the week passed with days of joyous laughter.
They walked, talked and swam under the warm Hawaiian sun.
The little ones became bronzed little statues of happiness, that warm sun darkening their looks.
Jus and Mico spent a lot of wonderful hours with their little ones, their family unit bonding like cement.
The love of their hearts cemented in each other.
Josh, Noah and Lance became even closer, a family united in love.
And the four soulmates' one soul of brotherly love grew even greater.
The four adults also saw the real closely bonded unit of three little angels.
The children never fought, never argued, no tantrums thrown or silent vendettas among them.
All that the three shared was happiness and love.

On Saturday, Justin and Michael took their angels for an afternoon dip, Josh and Lance saying they needed time alone.
The family spent the afternoon together in the secluded cove down the beach from the house.
It was a small inlet, the water crystal blue and full of small fish.
Darian and Shauna were in heaven, catching the little fish in their hands, their fathers smiling beside them.
The four had a wonderful time together.
Around four, Michael said it was time to return to the house, to start supper.
The four walked back together, the little ones holding their fathers' hands.
Upon walking onto the veranda, Michael's nose picked up on a wonderful smell.
"Something smells heavenly. What is that?"
The front door opened, Josh and Lance walking out.
Both wore Hawaiian shirts, leis around their necks.
"Welcome brothers of love. Welcome to the Tavarro-Timberlake Luau." Lance smiled.
Justin and Michael smiled, the little ones looking up at their uncles.
"Where Noah?" Shauna said.
"Here I is!" the boy said, walking out from behind his fathers.
He had four leis in his hands, smiling at everyone.
"Me gots flowwies for my famwie."
Michael and Justin smiled, bending down to their knees, the little boy handing the four their leis.
Justin and Michael put theirs on, Darian and Shauna letting Noah put theirs around their necks.
"There! We all smells nice!" he said, Lance laughing lightly, picking up his son.
"Tonight is our way of thanking you four, for giving us this week of love."
Justin and Michael smiled, the four men exchanging kisses.
"Come on, dinner's ready. Let's eat! My son's famished!" Josh said, Noah giggling.
Everyone laughed, sitting down at the table that was all set up on the veranda.
Flowers were all over, the tropical flair showing everywhere.
"This is so nice." Michael said, Lance and Josh smiling and disappearing into the house.
They returned a few minutes later with large trays, laden with food.
Michael smiled, seeing a wonderful abundance of food on display.
Hot dogs, hashies, steaks, Caesar salads, and other simple fair.
"Hey, we know what our family likes." Josh said smiling.
Darian screamed with glee seeing the hashies and dogs.
Justin laughed, holding his shaking son in his lap.
"Yep, Darry. Doggies and hashies! Your favwits." Noah beamed, his hand attached to a flower.
Darian grinned widely, kissing Noah's cheek.
"Tanks, Darry. Dis flower for yous." Noah said, Darian smiling and taking the flower.
"Thanks, Noah. I wuv you."
The four fathers all teared up, seeing the deep love in the two little boys' hearts.
"Me wuv you forever, Darry. Me marries you someday." Noah said, kissing his cheek.
Darian grinned, looking up at his Papa.
"Noah be mine always. Me wuvs him."
Michael smiled, seeing the tender innocence of the two little boys.
Suddenly his vision blurred, the blueness surrounding the two boys.
He saw the vision pass quickly, feeling Justin's hand on his shoulder.
"You okay, Mico? You kinda zoned out there for a moment."
Michael looked into his husband's blue pools of love.
"I'm fine, Jus."
Justin smiled, Michael picking up a hot dog, handing it to Darian.
Darian smiled up at him, handing his hot dog to Noah.
Noah smiled, biting into it.
Michael smiled, a single tear running down his cheek.

The family enjoyed the delicious food, the four adults sipping a nice crisp wine.
The little ones clapped and giggled, filling their faces with doggies and hashies.
After the delicious meal, the kiddies all had ice cream cones.
Darian ended up wearing half of his, in his eagerness to devour it.
Justin took him into the house to clean him up, the little boy contented to be with his father.
They all relaxed on the veranda, the three little ones sitting all around Justin on one couch, Michael laying in the hammock, the other two lovers spooning on another couch.
"That was delicious Lance and Josh. Thanks for the family dinner." Justin smiled, his two friends beaming back.
"No prob, Jus. We were happy to do it." Josh smiled, Lance against him.
Michael lay in the hammock, gently swaying back and forth.
"Wead us story, Dada!" Darian said, snuggled against Justin's side.
Lance smiled, getting up, going into the house, and quickly returning with a story book from the kids room.
Justin thanked him, opening the book, Lance returning to his spot beside Josh.
Justin opened the book, all three little ones snuggling in his lap and beside him.
Justin's soft melodic voice filled the quiet air, the little ones listening intently.
Michael closed his eyes, listening to Justin's beautiful words.

Michael's eyes opened, instantly recognizing the room.
He smiled, looking around, seeing someone sitting on the familiar couch.
"Hello, Michael."
Michael felt a sob of emotion run through his body.
He cried, running to the couch, falling into her wide open arms.
Diana Stavros held her son, his soft crying music to her loving heart.
Michael felt the love wrapped around him, his mother's love.
"Oh, Momma! It's really you!" he said, his eyes filled with joyous tears.
"Yes, my boy, my special little angel. It's I, your loving mother."
Michael smiled, kissing her cheek, seeing the sparkling goldenness of her eyes.
Eyes that followed him throughout his life, in his dreams and in his hopes.
"I love you, Mom."
She smiled, kissing his forehead, her arms still around him.
"I know, my Michael. And I know of your deep love for your new family. Your father and I are happy seeing the happiness in you now."
Michael smiled, a complete smile of happiness.
"They're so loving, so beautiful. I have everything I've dreamed of."
"Yes, Michael. God has given you the life you always deserved. And God has given you so much more. We just learned of that surprising revelation. Your father and I love you, Michael. And we're so proud of you."
Michael released his mother, sitting up now, looking around the room.
"Why me, Mom? Why does this revolve around me?"
"God's reasons are his own, Michael. All you can do is remember his love is at the center of all this. As is your father's and mine. As well as your loving grandparents."
"Is Nana happy?" Michael said, looking into her golden eyes, seeing so much of his Nana in his own mother's looks and deep loving eyes.
"Yes, Michael. Your Nana is beyond happy. Papa and she are loving each other, and giving all that love to your little ones."
Michael smiled, hugging her gently.
"Yes, they've told us of seeing her. She loved me, now she loves them."
Diana smiled, looking with happiness at her son.
"They are angels, Michael. And they–along with Noah Daniel–are very special."
Michael nodded, smiling.
"He's happy, Michael. Daniel is happy where he now is. His love begins again, in that special child. He'll have the life he was always destined to have with Josh and Lance's love."
Michael smiled widely.
"Is that what happens, after life passes from us? Do we begin again on another path of life?"
Diana felt the sense of wonder in Michael's words, and the sense of wanting answers.
"That is God's design, Michael. He shows his love in some rather spectacular ways. Noah Daniel is a sign of that. And I feel that you are even more of a sign."
Michael looked around, his face taking on a more serious look.
"What will happen, when the truth is shown?"
Michael stood up, walking to the one side of the room, staring into the mirror.
The entrance to the Hallway of Truth.
Diana stood, looking at her son.
"What did you see on the Walk of Truth, son?" she asked, Michael turning and looking at her.
She waited with bated breath, looking into his golden eyes.
"I saw the past, the pain and suffering I endured. I saw the present, the love and happiness I earned. And I saw the future."
Diana was in tears, remembering the past, the lost years without her child.
"What is the future, Michael? What is the final truth?"
Michael walked up to her, Diana wrapped in her grown son's loving embrace.
"You now know of my destiny. I go forward accepting the truth. As for my future, I sense in some way it will be okay. That God loves me and shall love me always. I'm not afraid, Mom. I have the love I have carried all my life. Yours, Dad's, Nana's, and now Justin's and our angels' love. What lays ahead doesn't scare me. That final painting gives me hope."
She looked up into Michael's golden eyes, seeing the peace and acceptance there.
"Will you be happy, Michael? Does the painting end in happiness for you?"
Michael smiled at her, his face a mask of happiness.
"His love is in me, how can I not be happy?"

Michael felt a weight against him, opening his eyes.
He stared into two green emerald orbs.
Lance lay against him, the two laying together in the hammock.
"Welcome back, sleepyhead." Lance smiled, Michael still staring at him.
Lance stared in surprise as Michael's golden eyes changed to hazel, then blue, then back to their golden hue.
"Mom?" Michael said softly, only Lance hearing him.
Michael's eyes focused, looking again at Lance.
"How long was I out?"
"About half an hour, love." Justin said, sitting with Josh on the couch, their little ones not present.
Michael looked around, Lance kissing his cheek.
"Our little ones are in bed. Justin's story drove them to Dreamland." Josh smiled.
"Michael, your eyes changed again!" Lance said in wonder.
Michael rose up, stretching, the other three looking at him quietly.
"My eyes change for a reason, Lance." Michael said, looking at his friend.
"What reason, Michael?" Josh said, Justin quietly looking at Michael.
Michael looked out on the darkening beach, leaning against the railing.
"They show the colours of my love, Lance." Michael said, smiling back at him.
Lance got up, standing beside Michael, smiling.
"You said Mom, when you awoke? Were you dreaming of her?"
Michael looked at all three.
"I was in the room of destiny again, in the heart of Villa Tavarro. She was there."
Justin got up, his arm going around Michael.
"She's so beautiful, so loving. Like she always was, Jus."
Josh got up, his arm going around Lance, the three listening to Michael.
"She just wants to show me her love, the love I'd been denied for so long. I feel it deep in my heart, my mother's love."
Everyone smiled, Justin hugging Michael tightly.
"I sense–and know–your happiness at that, my love." Justin said, kissing Michael deeply, Michael feeling Justin's love.
"I am happy, Jus. And I'm ready for what lays ahead." Michael said, smiling.
All three saw his deep conviction, his deep determination flooding that beautiful face.
Lance and Josh smiled, Michael smiling at them.
"We have two more days in the sunshine and love. Let's enjoy them both."
All four smiled, kisses exchanged.
The two couples said their goodnights, the soulmates joining in their centers of love.

Sunday flew by, the day filled with laughter, love and happiness.
Another day of sunshine and life.
Monday flowed the same, but ending on a touching moment.
A moment created by Michael.
For his three friends.
He'd asked them for some time alone in the mid afternoon, all three sensing his giving heart.
The three stayed with the children on the main beach, all six swimming and relaxing.
Justin saw the bronzed bodies of his two little ones, their blond hair a brighter blond, the sun having lightened it even more.
He himself was tanning deeply, as was his Mico.
Lance and Josh were bronzed as well, the Hawaiian sun casting its magic.
Justin had radioed Mayo that morning, the Hawaiian pleased that they'd been enjoying themselves.
He'd be out on Tuesday morning to pick them all up.
With a surprise.
Justin had told Michael that, Michael smiling.
Somehow Justin sensed Michael knew what was going on.
He remained silent to the others.

They enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Michael for their last night in paradise.
They all sat down at six, feeding on rich pasta salads and Michael's delicious stew, a basket of his rolls disappearing in a flash also.
The little ones were full and contented, Justin and Josh playing with them after the meal.
Lance helped Michael clean up the dishes, the two talking quietly in the kitchen.
"So what surprise do you think Mayo has?" Lance said, Justin having told them.
"I think he wants me to meet someone." Michael said quietly.
Lance nodded, but remained quiet.
"And what surprise have you planned for us, oh loving one?" Lance said, his hand on Michael's back.
"I've planned a moment of love, my green-eyed Guardian."
Lance nodded, the name still sounding unusual to him.
"I will guard your love always, Mico."
Michael smiled, pulling the drain plug from the sink, the water draining out.
"And I will take all your love, Lance."
Michael leaned over, lightly kissing him, Lance putting the last dishes away.

Around eight thirty, the little ones were packed off to bed, Darian snoring in Justin's arms, Shauna asleep in Michael's.
Josh carried Noah in his arms, his little boy asleep as well.
The three dads undressed their little angels, Lance standing in the bedroom doorway.
He smiled, seeing their love for their children.
Noah lay between his two friends, Darian's arm on instinct wrapping around him.
Josh and Justin smiled, all three kissing their sleeping foreheads.
"And the angels will sleep unencumbered, till God awakens their next day of love." Michael said, Justin smiling at him.
The four quietly walked out of the room, Michael the last to leave, his golden eyes softly glowing, wrapping the three in his protective love.

The four sat on the veranda, Josh and Lance looking at Michael.
Michael was looking out into the darkened night, a small smile on his face.
Justin's arm was around him, he also looking at him quietly.
"So, what's the surprise?" Justin said, Michael's eyes focusing on him.
Michael smiled, looking at all three.
"Come with me, my brothers and my love." Michael said, standing up.
The three smiled widely, Michael feeling a little excitement in their joined soul.
The three followed him, Michael grabbing a flashlight off the veranda table, walking out into the darkness, a beam of light ahead of him.
The four walked for about ten minutes, not worried about the little one dues to Michael's protective love surrounding them.
Finally, Michael stopped at the end of a path.
Justin knew the path led to a quiet, secluded cove.
"One moment, guys. Be right back."
They nodded, Michael walking ahead, the three left in a black darkness.
The darkness didn't last long.
Ahead of them, they saw lights now illuminating the beach.
"Come forward, guys." Michael's voice said, ahead of them.
They smiled, walking down the path.

All three stared in surprise.
Tiki torches were lined up all around the small beach, in a circle.
And in the middle of the circle, two blankets were laid out, about four feet between them.
On the blankets were bottles of wine in glass ice buckets, filled with ice.
A tray was on each blanket, bowls of strawberries and other fruit on them, as well as bowls of melted chocolate.
Several pillows were on each blanket, both looking like individual paradises.
Michael stood between the two blankets smiling.
"On our last night here, I felt we needed a moment of love."
The other three smiled, Michael raising his hand, a small remote in it.
He hit a button, soft music playing across the beach.
"I'd love to dance with my husband." Michael said, Justin tearing up.
Justin walked across the sand, Michael pulling him into his arms.
"I love you, Jus. Dance my heart away."
Justin pulled him closer, the two dancing together.
"Shall we?" Josh said, taking Lance's arm.
"Yes, let's!" Lance said, the two walking up beside their friends.
The four danced as couples, swaying softly to the beautiful music.
The four were lost in the happiness and love that clouded their souls.
The song finally ended, both sets locked in a tender kiss.
"Come, my Jus. Let's sit in our paradise."
Justin smiled, the two sitting down on the blanket.
They snuggled together, watching their friends do the same on the other blanket.
"This is wonderful, Mico. So romantic and private. So free and open." Josh said, Lance's head on his shoulder.
Michael picked up a strawberry, dipping it in chocolate, feeding it to Justin.
"We can relax, be free and enjoy the centers of our love." Lance said, Michael smiling.
"First up, I'd like to propose a toast." Michael said, the other three smiling.
Michael opened a bottle of wine, filling four glasses.
They all stood up, between the two blankets, Michael handing each a glass.
All three smiled at him, Michael smiling back.
"Here's to love, friendship, destiny and desire. We have all of that here. We are with those that we love the most. Justin, Josh, Lance and Michael. Four parts of a soul of love. Tomorrow, we return to the real world. To an uncertain world. But every moment of these last few days shall be in our hearts. That love shall guide us through life. Here's to love. Our love. Our love for each other."
"To our love!" the other three said, each drinking the sweet white wine.
"Delicious! Just like my man!" Justin said, kissing Michael tenderly.
Michael broke the kiss, staring into his man's blue loving eyes.
Michael took Justin's glass from him, setting both of them down on the blanket.
"It's a beautiful night, my love. How about a swim?" Michael said, his shirt coming off as he smiled at him.
Justin smiled, his own landing on the blanket.
Michael smiled at Justin and his friends, his shorts and briefs joining his shirt.
Michael walked to the water, Justin right behind him.
Lance and Josh watched their friends' nude bodies walking into the calm surf, the lights from the many lamps illuminating the whole beach.
"Their beauty is breathtaking!" Lance said, Josh kissing his neck.
"Yes, my love. Almost as breathtaking as yours. Shame to let all that water go to waste. Care to join them, my love?" Josh said, smiling at Lance.
Lance smiled, removing his shirt.
Within moments, the two lovers walked down to the water, Justin and Michael swimming together, their eyes on two visions of male beauty.
The two lovers dove into the warm water, coming up beside Justin and Michael.
"A wonderful, refreshing idea Mico!" Lance said, Josh's arms around him.
"Yes, it refreshes the soul. I love my tiger clean." Michael said, kissing Justin's neck, his husband swimming against him.
The two became lost in their passion, Lance and Josh doing the same.
They swam for a while, then walked out together across the cooling sand, laying down on the blankets.
Their nakedness on display, their caring hearts free and open.
The two couples' passions flowed, both twosomes of soul giving into their desires.
Their passion filled their hearts, their bodies quenched with the love they needed.
Afterwards, the two couples relaxed, their bodies covered with other blankets, the coolness of the night sinking into their bodies.
They drank more wine, feeding each other the remaining fruit and chocolate.
Josh and Lance joined their blanket with Justin and Michael's, the four together as one.
Lance sat looking out at the water, Michael's arm around him.
"Penny for your thoughts, Lancy?"
Lance looked into Michael's golden eyes.
"It's so beautiful. Our love, the bond we now have. Here we sit, naked and comfortable with each other. I feel so loved."
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"We are all loved, Lance. And our children shall know that love for all their long lives."
All four smiled, Josh laying against Justin, their bodies together.
They both felt their warmth, and their love.
Lance shivered a little, Michael wrapping a blanket around both of them.
"Yes, thanks."
Michael smiled, the four relaxing, looking up at a sky full of stars.
They all saw a shooting star flash across the sky, its brightness standing alone in the dark night.
"A shooting star! Make a wish, Mikey!"
Michael smiled at Lance, closing his golden eyes.
He opened them a few moments later, a tear running down his cheek.
"You okay, Mico?"
"Wishes can come true, Lance. And this wish is mine."
Michael looked up at the falling star, its end brightening in the dark sky.
"Let's go in, friends. The night of love has ended. Tomorrow, we return to life. And to its surprising conclusion."
Michael got up, Lance looking up at him.
Michael smiled, extending his hand.
Lance took it, standing beside his naked friend.
Josh and Lance got up, picking up the blankets, all four cleaning everything up.
Michael extinguished the torches, the beach of love swallowed in the encroaching darkness.
Justin turned on the flashlight, pointing it towards Michael.
Michael's arms were full of Tiki torches, Justin smiling.
His husband's concern for leaving things clean and as they were was unflinching.
The other three smiled, picking up the remaining items.
Justin walked first, the flashlight leading their way, the four walking back to the house, naked and relaxed.
They left all the stuff on the veranda, walking into the house.
Michael checked on the kids, all three deep in their dreamland.
He met the other three standing in the hall, all four still nude.
"We'll pack in the morning. I'll be up early to put everything right." Michael said, Justin's arm going around him.
"My organized angel. You keep our lives so managed."
Michael smiled, looking at Josh and Lance.
"I love all three of you. Tonight, for some reason, I feel the need for your love the most. I need all three of you tonight. Will you all hold me, while I walk through my dreams of destiny?"
Justin looked at his friends.
"Our Mico needs us. I'll be there for him." Lance said, Josh smiling.
"So will I."
Justin smiled, taking Michael's hand in his.
"Tonight, our love–all of our love–will wrap around you. I love you, Mico. And I love these two loving friends."
Michael smiled, opening the door to their bedroom.
All four walked into the room, the door left open for their angels.

End of Chapter 164

A chapter of bonding love.
The bonding love of the three little angels.
The bonding love of the four men of destiny.
The week of loving bliss has ended.

Up next, the return to Spain.
And the first of the dawning realities.

Walk with me, the journey will be unbelievable.


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