Justin's Angel-165

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael smiled, the four relaxing, looking up at a sky full of stars.
They all saw a shooting star flash across the sky, its brightness standing alone in the dark night.
"A shooting star! Make a wish, Mikey!"
Michael smiled at Lance, closing his golden eyes.
He opened them a few moments later, a tear running down his cheek.
"You okay, Mico?"
"Wishes can come true, Lance. And this wish is mine."
Michael looked up at the falling star, its end brightening in the dark sky.
"Let's go in, friends. The night of love has ended. Tomorrow, we return to life. And to its surprising conclusion."
Michael got up, Lance looking up at him.
Michael smiled, extending his hand.
Lance took it, standing beside his naked friend.
Josh and Lance got up, picking up the blankets, all four cleaning everything up.
Michael extinguished the torches, the beach of love swallowed in the encroaching darkness.
Justin turned on the flashlight, pointing it towards Michael.
Michael's arms were full of Tiki torches, Justin smiling.
His husband's concern for leaving things clean and as they were was unflinching.
The other three smiled, picking up the remaining items.
Justin walked first, the flashlight leading their way, the four walking back to the house, naked and relaxed.
They left all the stuff on the veranda, walking into the house.
Michael checked on the kids, all three deep in their dreamland.
He met the other three standing in the hall, all four still nude.
"We'll pack in the morning. I'll be up early to put everything right." Michael said, Justin's arm going around him.
"My organized angel. You keep our lives so managed."
Michael smiled, looking at Josh and Lance.
"I love all three of you. Tonight, for some reason, I feel the need for your love the most. I need all three of you tonight. Will you all hold me, while I walk through my dreams of destiny?"
Justin looked at his friends.
"Our Mico needs us. I'll be there for him." Lance said, Josh smiling.
"So will I."
Justin smiled, taking Michael's hand in his.
"Tonight, our love–all of our love–will wrap around you. I love you, Mico. And I love these two loving friends."
Michael smiled, opening the door to their bedroom.
All four walked into the room, the door left open for their angels.

Chapter 165

Justin awoke the next morning, his head laying on a smooth, muscular chest.
He opened his eyes, feeling the warmth of the body against him.
He also felt strong arms around his waist, another body spooned against him.
He looked up slowly, seeing Josh's sleeping face.
Justin's head was laying against Josh's rising chest.
Justin felt its warmth and smoothness.
So different from the carpeted chest of his husband.
Justin smiled, remembering last night's final moments.
The four of them climbing into bed together, Michael in the center, Justin beside him.
Lance's arms wrapping around Michael, Josh's around Justin and Michael.
Michael had fallen asleep cocooned in  their love.
They had fallen asleep together, naked and loved.
Justin looked down Josh's smooth chest, seeing its taut, muscular form.
Two small erect nipples above a washboard stomach.
Justin looked further down, seeing Josh's center large and erect.
He smiled, remaining still.
Lance moved behind him, his hands rubbing Justin's chest.
Justin felt Lance's own hardness against his backside.
Justin smiled, lifting his head a little.
Michael wasn't anywhere in the room.
He lay back, hearing soft laughter coming from outside the room, immediately knowing his son's giggling voice.
Michael was with their three little angels.
Justin lay in bed with his two loving friends, his husband caring for their loved ones.
Josh moved a little, pulling Justin against him, away from Lance.
Lance, in turn, snuggled more into Justin, his hardness slipping between Justin's legs.
Lance's hot breath was on Justin's ear, Justin feeling his own morning desires stirring from their touches.
He smiled, voicing his mirthfulness, turning his head towards Lance behind him.
"Why Mr. Bass! Are you trying to seduce me? Or are you trying to take me?"
Lance's green eyes popped open, Lance staring into Justin's blue ones.
Josh's eyes opened, after having heard the rather loud voice.
Lance moved a little backwards, looking at Josh.
"Sorry, Jus. I thought you were my Josh."
Justin smiled, leaning backward, kissing Lance's soft lips.
"Morning, my Lancy. Morning, my Joshy." Justin said, kissing Josh next.
Both smiled, Justin smiling back at both of them, their arms around him, Justin surrounded by their love.
Lance leaned across Justin then, kissing Josh tenderly, Justin smiling at the two kissing.
"What a nice way to wake up. Surrounded by your beautiful love."
Josh smiled, looking at Justin's smooth torso, snuggled between the both of them.
"I sense this is Mico's doing, putting you between us."
Justin smiled, nodding.
"My angel wrapping me in love."
Lance smiled, looking around.
"And where is our guardian angel?"
"I heard the kids, he's in the living room with them." Justin smiled, looking into his green eyes.
"Ah, I see." Josh said, staring at his lover also.
"So Michael had his angels, and we have ours."
Lance smiled, looking at Justin.
"And such a hot, sexy one."
Justin grinned, Lance's hand now on Justin's chest, joined there by Josh's.
Both men leaned forward, taking turns returning Justin's earlier kisses.
Justin felt their love, their combined love.
He also felt Michael's in his heart.
"Wow! What a sight!"
All three men turned, looking at Michael standing in the doorway, leaning against the door frame, his arms folded.
He wore a wide, infectious smile.
"Wow! Three of the hottest musical stars together in one bed. All three naked and primed! Why, it's every gay boy's fantasy cum true!" he said, grinning widely.
The three laying on the bed smiled at him.
"Why don't you come here and live out your fantasy?" Justin said, winking at him.
"Nah, I'll let the little soldiers claim that victory. Attack!!"
Three missiles of love ran between Michael's legs, heading in a rush for the bed.
Lance leaned down, helping his son and Darian, whose hands were joined, climb into the bed.
Michael walked up beside the bed, helping Shauna climb up, the three little angels climbing on top of their three fathers.
"Morning, Dada! Morning Unkies!" Darian said with glee, Justin kissing him again and again.
"Morning my little man! You having fun?"
"Yep, Dada! Me's and Noah and Shauny plays all morning with Papa! We have fun!"
Justin smiled, Michael leaning down and kissing him, then kissing Josh and Lance.
"A bed full of angels. Aren't I lucky? Good morning everyone!!"
They all smiled at him, saying good morning back, Darian looking at his father.
"Why Unkies here with you, Dada? You sleeps with fwiends?"
Michael smiled, sitting on the bed beside Lance, his hand rubbing Lance's shoulder.
"Yes, Darry. Papa and Dada sleep with their best friends." he said, the three little ones smiling.
"Dat Gweat! Yous likes me's and Noah. Friends for wife!"
Everyone smiled, Justin tickling his little boy.
Noah climbed onto Justin's back, his small arms around his neck.
"Me saves Darry from tickle monster."
Justin laughed, Lance's fingers tickling his son, Noah's loud laughter bringing smiles to all the adults.
Michael smiled, seeing Shauna giggling in Josh's lap, everyone happy and smiling.
"Okay, all my tickling angels. Breakie is ready. We've got a day of traveling ahead of us. Get dressed and I'll get everything set."
Lance and Josh got out of bed, Noah in Lance's arms.
"Dibs on the shower first!" Josh said, his lover and son both smiling.
"Leave me some warm water, Chasez-Bass family!" Justin grinned, his two angels in his lap.
Josh smiled, his naked body on display, as well as Lance's.
Both walked out of the room, their two beautiful backsides moving with grace.
"Remarkable. Simply beautiful." Justin said, Michael smiling.
He leaned over, kissing Justin tenderly.
"Thanks, my love." Justin said, looking into his golden eyes.
"Thanks? For what?"
"For leaving me wrapped in their love."
Michael smiled again, kissing his cheek.
"I knew it was what you needed. The same love I received last night from them, and from you."
Justin smiled, Darian rubbing his chest.
"Me's hungy, Dada!"
Michael laughed, picking up his giggling son.
"My little man needs his hashie fix. Why don't you join our friends, Jus? I'll take these two and get them going."
Justin looked surprised, Michael kissing him again.
"They are part of us, Jus. In all ways. No shame or undetected lust are in any of us. We are totally free with each other. It's all about the love now."
Justin smiled, climbing out of bed, Michael and their angels following his naked form out of the room.
Justin walked towards the bathroom, Michael and the kids heading for the kitchen.
Justin opened the bathroom door, a cloud of steam hitting him in the face.
He saw his two dearest friends in the shower, Noah in Lance's arms.
Josh's head popped out of the curtain, smiling at Justin's naked form.
"What's with you and walking into our showering time?"
Justin laughed, Josh smiling widely.
In the smile and blue gleaming eyes, Justin saw the love of their joined souls.
"Room for one more?" Justin asked, smiling.
Josh smiled, Justin joining him and Lance and laughing little Noah in the shower.

The three men walked out of the bedroom, Lance carrying Noah, all three in tanks and shorts.
Justin looked around the house, seeing the place immaculate.
Michael had cleaned it from top to bottom.
Michael saw Justin, Josh and Lance looking around, smiling.
"It's our second home now. I want it as clean as our real home."
All three smiled.
They sat down to a mini feast, Michael's cooking in full force.
Darian sat in Justin's lap, his fourth hashie disappearing into his mouth.
"That boy's got a real fetish with hashies, Jus." Josh said laughing.
"My boy knows what he likes! Right, Darry?"
"Yep, Dada. Me wuvs hashies!"
"Me toos!" Noah said, one in his hand.
They had a relaxing breakfast, everyone eating heartily.
Lance helped Michael clean the dishes, the house finally spotless.
Josh and Justin took the kids for one final swim, down to the main beach.
Lance packed up their things, Michael closing their suitcases, his family's traveling wardrobe laid out on the bed.
An hour and a half later, all of them were relaxing on the front veranda, all their bags there, ready for their departure.
It was almost ten o'clock, Mayo's scheduled arrival time.
Their flight out of Hawaii was scheduled for four that afternoon.
That left them a couple of hours to spend on the mainland before leaving Hawaii.
Michael stood at the railing, everyone hearing the approaching plane.
They all watched it swoop down over the beach, Mayo dipping his wings a bit, heading for the cove.
Michael looked out over the sandy beach, down at the clear blue water, and around at all the abundant vegetation.
Justin walked up to him, wrapping his arm around him.
"A part of paradise we have, my love. Thank you for bringing me here." Michael said, Justin smiling a teary smile.
"You're welcome, my angel. And thanks for giving all of us such beautiful moments of love."
All those around them smiled, Michael smiling at everyone.
"I could do no less for my family."

Mayo was greeted by everyone, hugs exchanged.
"By all your smiling faces, I'd say the week was a smashing success!"
They all smiled, nodding yes.
"Excellent! Our Hawaiian love has filtered into all of your hearts. You shall return many times for a new infusion of that love." he said, Michael smiling at him.
"Yes. Always."
They carried all the bags down to the airplane, Justin and Josh strapping the little ones into their seats, then climbing into the cabin.
Everyone took their seats, Michael sitting in the cockpit with Mayo.
"Ever fly a plane, Michael?" Mayo smiled at him, starting the engines.
"No, never. I find it hard enough to stay on the ground looking after my angels!"
Everyone laughed, Justin beaming.
"Once we're airborne I'll let you get a feel for it. Most angels can fly."
Michael smiled, the plane beginning its takeoff across the water.
They were airborne in a few moments, flying across the beach.
The beach house came into view, everyone looking down at the quiet, beautiful spot.
"Until our next reunion of love." Lance said softly, Josh's hand in his.
Justin smiled, Michael looking down with a tear in his eye.

They landed on the mainland half an hour later, the plane coaxing to its final spot along the long pier.
Michael grinned, climbing out and tying up the plane for Mayo.
Mayo had let him take the controls for a bit, Michael marveling at the feeling of the plane in his hands.
Everyone had seen his mirthful happiness and stern concentration.
He fell in love with flying in that one moment of happiness.
Mayo said he was a natural.
Mayo climbed out of the stopped float plane, smiling at Michael.
"Thanks, Michael. Let's help everyone out."
Michael smiled, everyone debarking the plane.
All the bags were put down on the pier, everyone standing around.
They looked around, looking for the limousine.
It was nowhere in sight.
At the end of the pier a van sat, no driver in it.
"Where's the car?" Justin asked, Mayo looking at him.
"That's my surprise, guys. I'll be driving you around this afternoon."
Michael smiled at Mayo.
"Well, I knew you had a few hours before your flight out this afternoon. I thought that maybe you'd like to spend some time in the real Hawaii. My grandmother and I would like to invite you all to our family home."
Michael smiled, putting his hand on Mayo's shoulder.
"We would be honored to meet your family, Mayou."
Mayo looked shocked.
"How did you know my given name?"
"I feel your grandmother's love in your heart. She named you in love."
Mayo smiled, Michael picking up two suitcases.
"Lead the way, my Hawaiian friend."
Mayo grabbed two other suitcases, the group following him happily down the pier.

A half hour later, they drove down a lone private lane, the road shrouded in lush vegetation.
The car crested a small hill, a large house coming into view.
To the travelers it looked like a small mansion.
Behind the house could be seen the ever expanding ocean.
The house and grounds rested on a peninsula.
"Welcome to my grandfather's home. He built it himself. It is my family's home."
Everyone looked around in quiet awe.
The van pulled up to the front door, Mayo shutting off the engine.
He got out, opening the side door, everyone climbing out.
He walked up to the front steps, everyone following.
The front door opened, an older woman standing on the threshold.
She was around seventy, but her looks were youthful and her presence commanding.
"Ah, Mayou. You are back with our guests. Please everyone, come in, and welcome to my home. I am Mayou's grandmother, Kona."
Michael remained quiet, his face unchanged.
Mayo introduced everyone, Kona's eyes finally resting on Michael's smiling face.
She quietly stared into his golden eyes.
"Welcome to my home, Kaleiokalani ."
Michael smiled, taking her hand and gently kissing it.
"I am honored, daughter of love."
She smiled, bowing gently.
She turned, walking forward, Mayo following her into the house.
Everyone looked at Michael for a moment in wonder, Michael then walking quietly behind Mayo.
Everyone followed, Justin exchanging glances with Lance and Josh.

They were lead through the lavishly decorated house, seeing rooms of beauty and artistic taste.
They walked out onto a large stone terrace, covered in floral beauty.
The view from this terrace was breathtaking.
It overlooked the long beach of Oahu's coastline.
They were on the main island of Oahu.
"Please sit down, everyone. Lunch will be served in a little while. I shall return in a moment. Mayou, please come with me. I need to talk to you about something. And Lini is waiting."
Mayo smiled a loving smile at his grandmother.
The group smiled, watching him take his grandmother's arm, the two walking back into the home.
Justin and Michael sat down, Josh and Lance sitting down as well.
The kids were in their laps, Lance looking at Michael.
Everyone was looking at Michael.
"Kaleiokalani? What does that mean, Michael?"
Michael looked at Lance, then looking towards the terrace entrance.
Mayo and another young woman walked out into the sunshine.
"Everyone, this is my flower of love, my wife Lini."
The young woman smiled, all the young men getting up.
She shook all their hands, Mayo's eyes on Michael.
When Lini shook Michael's hand, she bowed a small curtsey.
"Welcome to our family home, Kaleiokalani."
Justin looked at Michael, sensing his calm heart, and loving soul.
"It is a house of love and beauty. You are the beauty, Kona is the love."
Kona smiled, walking out onto the terrace behind her grandson.
"To have you here Warrior, is a blessing upon my soul."
Everyone but Michael looked at Kona with the same question going through their minds, "Why did she refer to Michael as Warrior?"
But they all decided to keep the question to themselves for now.
Michael smiled, walking up to her.
"All corners of the world are blessed with family. It is good to stand in the heart of my own."
Kona smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Welcome, lost child of love. Your greatness precedes you."
Michael smiled, then laughed.
"The Stravos hand touches all places in the world. My family is spread wide."
Kona laughed, hugging Michael now.
"Barlow told me of your golden eyes, and your giving heart. Welcome cousin."
Everyone looked totally stunned, Justin staring at Michael.
"Kona's a Stavros? You knew? Didn't you, Mico?" he said, a touch of surprise still on all their faces.
"Yes, my Jus. I sensed Mayo's connection to myself almost immediately. Blood ties run deep."
Mayo smiled widely, standing with his hand in his lovely wife's hand.
"I am honoured to be in the same family of love. Welcome to the Hawaiian branch of the Stavros dynasty." Mayo said, hugging Michael tightly, Michael smiling widely.
Lini smiled widely, seeing her husband's obvious happiness at Michael's inclusion in their family.
Mayo and Michael separated, Michael smiling at Kona.
"My name is Kona Stavros-Mahuna."
"Your brothers have a loving sister. I am so happy to finally meet you."
Michael sat down on a couch with Kona, the elderly woman smiling at him.
"My brothers informed me of your coming here, Michael. I just had to meet you."
Michael smiled, looking at Josh, Lance and Justin's confused faces.
"Kona is Barlow and Julius's older sister. She was once a Lady of Devotion."
Kona looked at Michael, smiling.
"You truly are remarkable. How did you know that? It is not something that fills our family with pride." she said, a calm determined gaze steadily looking at Michael.
Michael smiled, kissing her cheek again.
"Your eyes betray you. I see the depth of your faith, your faith as a daughter of Aurielia."
Kona smiled, everyone smiling at her.
"I have lived in her faith all my life. Since I was a little girl. I went into the sisterhood of faith, becoming a Lady of Devotion."
"But your love was greater than your faith. Wasn't it?"
Kona teared up, looking at her grandson.
"My Mayou's grandfather was a loving, great man. Dominic Mayou Mahuna captured my heart. For his love I gave up my calling. In my own Mayo, I found so much love. And for fifty years I felt that love. I lived it. I have never regretted my decision to forgo my faith to her for his love."
Mayo smiled, a tear in his eye.
Kona had named Mayo after his grandfather.
"To have love, is to have faith in life. Love is the greatest reason for changing destiny." Michael said, looking at Justin.
Justin knew of what Michael spoke.
"My family, and my brothers forgave me. However, it took a long time. But she made them see the light." Kona said, lost in his beautiful calm face.
"My Nana?"
Kona looked into Michael's golden eyes.
"Yes, your loving Nana. Helena was an exceptional woman. And my dearest friend. She stood by me when no one else would. She changed the hearts of my family, they welcoming me back. She and Augustus were true friends."
Michael looked over at Josh and Lance.
"True friends love you forever." he said, both men tearing up.
Shauna climbed down out of Josh's lap, running to Mayo.
The Hawaiian picked her up, she smiling at him.
"You's famwie?" she said, Mayo smiling.
"Yes, little one. I am your father's cousin."
Shauna smiled widely.
"Good! Me gots more pwaymates! Dommy and Koni be such fun!"
Mayo and Lini looked shocked, their eyes looking towards Michael.
Michael smiled, getting up and taking Shauna into his arms, Mayo staring at him.
"My little ones are very special. They can see the beginning threads of love. Little Dominic and Koni shall have her and Darian's friendship and love. They shall enter our family of love already loved by my own angels."
Lini was in tears, as was Mayo.
They both began to kneel, Michael's hand going up.
"Do not kneel my friends. I am only me."
Mayo looked into Michael's golden eyes.
"No one knew of our picked names for our coming little ones. Your children truly are as special as you."
Kona stood, walking up to her grandson.
"Your grandfather's and a variation of my name? I am so touched, Mayou."
Mayo smiled, hugging his grandmother.
"We wanted it to be a surprise. Looks like we are the ones surprised. We weren't even sure if it was a boy and a girl. " Lini said, smiling.
"Well, Doctor Shauna says it is. Right, Docky?" Michael smiled, kissing his daughter.
Shauna giggled, looking at the young couple.
"Yep! Me's right!"
Everyone laughed, Michael sitting down again, Kona smiling and sitting down beside him.

They relaxed, enjoying a light lunch together, the group learning all about Kona's family and life.
Michael sensed her deep love for family, faith and tradition.
She was steeped in family history, lore and love.
Mayo had heard all the stories since childhood.
His grandmother had taken him in when his parents were killed in a tragic boating accident.
"Your grandfather was a man of deep love and faith, Michael. I'd never met anyone who could make someone feel so loved almost immediately upon meeting him. He was a saint in all our hearts."
"I know, Kona. I have met him."
Kona looked shocked, staring at him.
"He died when you were but a small infant."
"I have met him in visions. He walks with God's love."
Kona was in tears, her eyes betraying her sudden shock.
"You are the one that was foretold! The Warrior of God!" Mayo said with deep respect, looking at Michael.
"Yes, Mayo. I am he that the Stavros' and the Tavarros have been waiting for."
Justin told them of the meeting in Greece, all three sets of Hawaiian eyes staring at Michael in awe.
They looked at his hand, seeing the double ring, the rings of Peter.
"I am he that shall save my families. Both sides of the devoted. Trust in me and all shall be as it must be."
Kona looked at him, standing up.
"I have something for you, Warrior. I was entrusted with its keeping by your grandfather. No other knows of its existence. I was entrusted to give it to he that was foretold. You are he, soulreader." she said, walking into the house, everyone watching her go.
Mayo looked at Michael, Michael returning his loving gaze.
"Will you bless our children, Michael? For them to be blessed by you would enlighten my wife's soul in these troubled times."
Michael smiled, Lini standing and walking over to him.
Michael put his hand on her stomach, the young woman showing her expectancy.
"I bless these little ones in their hearts and souls. May their lives be filled with the love of their family. Let them smile and laugh in the heart of that same family."
Lini smiled, leaning down and kissing Michael's cheek.
"Bless you, Kaleiokalani."
"What does that name mean?" Lance said, Josh smiling beside him, knowing Lance's need to know.
Michael looked at Lance, a steady stare of love.
"Child of Heaven." Mayo said, looking at Michael.
"It is a name of deep honor in Hawaiian folklore. It means a man chosen by God for a life of destined greatness." Lini said, her eyes showing reverence and deep awing faith.
Michael remained quiet, Justin sensing that old feeling of blushing humbleness.
Justin got up, sitting down beside him, Michael smiling at him.
"Michael's destiny lays on the path of my love. I thank God for that."
Michael smiled widely, kissing Justin's cheek.
"You are my destiny, my love."
Mayo and Lini smiled, their arms around each other.
Kona walked out of the house, a small wooden box in her hands.
Justin stood up, Michael standing as well.
She walked up to him, her face showing sadness.
"Your grandfather summoned me to his home when he knew the end was near. I arrived from Hawaii the night he died, Michael. It was as if he was hanging on until I arrived. There is something you need to know, my son."
Kona beckoned the two men to sit down.
Michael and Justin sat back down, Kona sitting beside Michael.
"Your grandfather and I made a pact when we were only small children, Michael. We loved each other dearly, being of the same family. We made a promise to each other to always be there for each other when we needed that person the most. That moment at the end of his life, was when Augustus needed me the most. For in me he felt a hope for his redemption."
"His redemption?" Michael said, looking at her with concern.
Kona sighed, tears in her eyes.
"Helena didn't know at that time Michael, but Augustus knew that you were the one. How he knew that, I don't know. But he knew. He told me that himself. That his own grandson was the chosen one. The one to save our family. And he felt within himself the guilt of not meeting you. He felt that he in some way failed you. So that was why he didn't meet you. He couldn't look you in the eyes for what he took to be his own failing. And this, he said, may be a sort of atonement for him. This he was entrusted with. Where or who he got it from he didn't say. And so he gave me this to give to you, when you had been revealed. I have followed your every move, Michael. I have waited until now."
"Why didn't he walk past his own hurt and meet me? All I wanted was his love. And why didn't you tell me who you were? It could have saved me a little time." Michael said, his face calm and serene.
"He asked me not to reveal myself to you. To let you come to me. For when you did, he said you'd see me for who I am. That you would sense my family's closeness to you, chosen one."
Michael smiled, then laughed softly.
"My grandfather and his sense of humor and drama. That man must have been amazing!"
Kona smiled, nodding.
"Yes, he truly was. He left this for you, Michael. I know not what it is. He sealed it himself, on his deathbed, Helena and I being the only ones there. Even she, I don't believe, knew what it was."
Michael took the box into his hands, looking down at it.
He felt a sudden jolt of energy flow through him.
He trembled a little, Justin feeling it.
"Are you alright, Mico?"
"Yes, Jus. I just had a sense of destiny." Michael said, looking down at the wooden box.
It was about six inches square, with a look of old teak wood.
The top of the box was smooth and blemish free.
A steel antique clasp was on the front, a wire run through it, joined under a round seal of wax.
The box's edge was sealed with a coating of wax, the seal unbroken.
Everyone had stood up, walking around the two men and Kona.
The kids were in Josh, Lance and Mayo's arms, all three little ones quietly watching Michael.
Michael remained quiet for a moment, his mind filling with a voice.
Michael looked up, staring into Kona's blue eyes.
"You have no idea of its content?"
"None, Michael. All I know is what Augustus told me. And what I was to tell you before you opened it."
"And what did he ask you to tell me?"
Kona took a small breath, remembering the recited words that Augustus had spoken in the last moments of his life.
"Life begins with owning up to one's mistakes. That maybe you can find comfort in lost love, in lost treasured mementos. Our brothers forgive us our misguided love."
Michael was silent for a moment, the voice talking to him.
Kona saw a small tear run down Michael's cheek.
"I loved him so much." Michael said in a soft, quiet voice, Justin barely hearing it.
Justin almost thought Michael's voice sounded different.
Michael stared down at the box again.
"Aren't you going to open it, Michael?" Lance said quietly, Michael's eyes looking up at him.
Lance smiled, Noah smiled as well, Michael smiling back.
Michael broke the round wax seal, pulling the metal wire out of the clasp.
He lifted the clasp, then slowly lifted the wooden lid, the edging of wax cracking, the box opening.
A covering of light blue silk covered a shape inside the box.
Michael stared at the blue cloth for a moment, as if remembering something that cloth represented, then lifted it off the concealed item.
Everyone crowded around, looking on expectantly.
What was in the box surprised all of them.

Inside the wooden box was a small, plush teddy bear.
It looked very old and well worn.
It was brown, with bright blue eyes.
A cuddly child's teddy bear.
Sewn upon its stomach were two embroidered letters in light blue silk.


Everyone stared in surprise, seeing the small bear.
"A teddy bear? Is it yours, Michael?" Justin said, looking up at Michael.
What his eyes beheld caught the breath in his throat.
Michael's face was white as a sheet, his eyes bluer than they'd ever been.
Justin caught him as he fell forward, the box falling from his hands.

Michael opened his eyes, seeing two blue eyes staring into his.
Justin sat beside him, his arm laying on Michael's waist.
"Justin. What happened?"
Michael was laying down on a couch, a group of concerned faces looking down at him.
"You passed out, Michael. Are you alright?" Lance said, his face a mask of worry.
"I think so. I feel a little lightheaded, but that's about it." he said, starting to rise up, Justin's hand going to his chest.
"Relax, Mico. You shouldn't move." he said with concerned love.
"I'm okay, Jus. Let me sit up."
Justin reluctantly let Michael rise up, Michael sitting on the couch, Justin's arm immediately going around him.
"What happened, Mico? You saw that bear and passed out. Why would that affect you so?"
Michael looked at the wooden box, it sitting on the table in front of them, the lid open, the bear laying in the box.
Michael reached his hand into the box, picking the small bear up.
He looked at it for a moment, turning it around in his hands, the bear's blue eyes staring back at him.
"I don't know, Jus. I've never seen this bear before. But I feel a sense of remembrance surrounding it. Like somewhere deep in my thoughts I remember it. Look at the initials. MT,  as in Michael Tavarro. This bear somehow must be mine."
"But what would Augustus be doing with it? He never met you, Michael. Only Helena saw you before Augustus' death. Unless she took it from you. But why would your loving grandmother take a child's treasured toy? And I believe with all my heart that on that final day of Augustus' life she knew nothing about what was in that box." Kona said, sitting in a chair across from them.
"I believe you, Kona. This is not of Nana's doing. And I think Augustus didn't really know what this was either."
"What do you mean, Michael?" Mayo said, looking on with concerned interest.
Michael leaned forward again, Justin watching his every move.
Michael picked up the box, examining it more closely.
He found what he thought might be there.
It was on the inside lid.
A small mark carved into one corner of the inside lid.
A cross with another cross in a circle in its center.
"The mark of the Aurelian Order." Michael said quietly, showing it to everyone.
"The Aureliean Order? What have they to do with the Stavros'?"
Michael looked up at Mayo, his question on everyone's mind.
"The Aurelian order was started by Artanga Rostin, the father of the Stavros Dynasty. His son was Stavros Rostin. From him the Stavros family began. They took his revered first name as their last. The Aurelian Order is the connecting factor of both sides of my family. From its turbulent beginnings, my destiny was etched. It was created as the goodness to fight the evil of the Dracarian order. Our families are the chosen ones. The ones to fight evil in this world. It is all of our destinies. Through our ancient Orders and ancient beliefs, we have fought for right and justice. For faith and love. I am the joining factor. I shall now join both families to fight the good fight. It is my destiny."
Everyone remained silent, listening to Michael's profound words.
"The two families separated long ago shall now come together. As it was always destined to happen. In a short few days, a battle of good and evil will begin. I will be the center of that battle, the rod of truth. From that truth our combined family will be reborn. And it shall go forward as a moving force in the goodness of this world."
Mayo and Kona were in tears, Michael's words sinking into their hearts.
"I shall stand by you, Michael. For my family's part in this." Kona said, looking at him.
"I am the Warrior. I know all who side with me. All the Order's soldiers are known to me. Isn't that right, Mayo?"
Justin watched as Michael stood up, walking to the young man.
Michael put his hand on Mayo's shoulder, looking into his eyes.
"You are already a part of this, Mayo."
Michael put his hand on Mayo's chest, opening his shirt a bit.
Everyone looked on is surprise, seeing a small tattoo on Mayo's collar bone.
A cross within a cross.
"How did you know?"
Michael smiled, kissing Mayo's cheek.
"You forget, Mayou. I am goodness, I am life. I see into all your souls."
Mayo nodded, looking at his awestruck grandmother.
"My parents invoked in me a sense of deep pride at my heritage, Grandmother. I joined the order when I was twelve. Their leader sought me out."
Kona stood up, walking up to her grandson.
"The surprises of life always lead us forward. I am proud of you, Mayou. I love you."
Mayo teared up, hugging her gently.
Michael smiled.
"And so the Order is a part of both sides of our families. And I am in necessity its leader."
Lance and Justin exchanged looks, Michael looking down at Justin.
"It is almost time for us to go, Jus."
Justin stood up, his arm going around Michael.
"I'm tired, Jus. So tired. I need to sleep."
Justin hugged him tighter, everyone seeing his tiredness.
"We'll be on the jet soon, Mico. You can sleep all the way."
Michael nodded, everyone standing up.
"I am coming with you, Michael. As a son of Stavros, as a soldier of Aurelia." Mayo said, his grandmother smiling widely.
"And I am a daughter of Devotion. I go where my family needs me." Kona said.
Michael smiled, looking at Lini.
"My place is at my husband's side. We are a family."
Michael nodded, leaning down and picking up the wooden box.
He put the teddy bear, which was still in his hand, into the box, closing the lid.
"Onward to the grand adventure. A little more has our family grown."
Everyone smiled, the group leaving the terrace.

The white jet flew through the late afternoon sunshine.
Michael lay on a couch, Shauna asleep on his chest.
"I can move her, love. You need sleep." Justin said, smiling at him.
"She's my princess, my love. She's perfectly okay where she is."
Justin smiled from the other couch, Darian asleep in his lap.
Everyone was quietly sitting around, most of them sleeping.
Josh and Lance were snuggled together, Noah asleep in Josh's lap.
Mayo and Lini were asleep together, their arms around each other.
Kona sat quietly knitting, looking over at them, smiling.
Michael looked at the box sitting on the table in front of him, Justin looking at it also.
"What does that bear mean, Mico? Really?"
Michael looked into his blue pools of love.
"I don't know, Jus. But someday I feel I will."
Michael closed his eyes, not wanting to stare into Justin's blue eyes.
For if he stared any longer, he'd give into the love shining there.
And he'd tell Justin the truth.
The truth of what he now sensed.
Of what the voice had said in his mind.
The crying voice of love.

End of Chapter 165

And so the family grows.
A little bit of fate uniting Michael with more relatives.
Michael's power of knowledge seems to be growing.
He seems to be ahead of everyone.
What lays ahead for him?
For his family?
What does the little teddy bear mean?
Why had the Aurelian Order hidden it?
And how did Augustus come to possess it?

Up next:  The return to Spain and the beginning of Michael's destiny.

I hope it will hold you spellbound.

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