Justin's Angel-166

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The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


The white jet flew through the late afternoon sunshine.
Michael lay on a couch, Shauna asleep on his chest.
"I can move her, love. You need sleep." Justin said, smiling at him.
"She's my princess, my love. She's perfectly okay where she is."
Justin smiled from the other couch, Darian asleep in his lap.
Everyone was quietly sitting around, most of them sleeping.
Josh and Lance were snuggled together, Noah asleep in Josh's lap.
Mayo and Lini were asleep together, their arms around each other.
Kona sat quietly knitting, looking over at them smiling.
Michael looked at the box sitting on the table in front of him, Justin looking at it also.
"What does that bear mean, Mico? Really?"
Michael looked into his blue pools of love.
"I don't know, Jus. But someday I feel I will."
Michael closed his eyes, not wanting to stare into Justin's blue eyes.
For if he stared any longer, he'd  give into the love shining there.
And he'd tell Justin the truth.
The truth of what he now sensed.
Of what the voice had said in his mind.
The crying voice of love.

Chapter 166

The jet set down a few hours later in the darkness of night, its white sleek body pulling into the Tavarro private hangar.
The passengers disembarked, Michael and Justin the last to leave.
Michael looked down for the plane's hatch, seeing Father Nico and Antonio smiling up at him.
He smiled back, Shauna cuddled against his chest, sleeping.
Darian was asleep as well, in Justin's strong arms, his soft snore filling the quiet night.
Michael smiled, seeing Josh and Lance introducing their Hawaiian friends to the two Spaniards.
Michael descended the steps, Father Nico smiling at him.
"Welcome back to your homeland, Messenger." he said, Michael kissing his cheek.
"It is good to be back. I trust all is well with you and Poppa?" Michael said, catching Father Nico's averting eyes.
"Poppa is well. Doris' love has regenerated his lively heart." Antonio said smiling, gently hugging Michael so as to not wake Shauna.
"Well, our angels need their beds. Let's go to the Villa."
Father Nico nodded, guiding them to the waiting limousines.
Everyone got into the two cars, Father Nico and Antonio riding with Justin and Michael.
The cars pulled out into the Spanish evening, driving towards Zamora.
"Alright, what is wrong?" Michael said, looking into Nico's tired eyes.
Nico's eyes met Antonio's.
"Someone tried to break into the Villa Sunday morning, Michael. They set off the alarms in the resting room. The assailants got away, but one was wounded by the guards, blood found. Nothing appears to be missing, but the action has the family and our grandfather on edge."
"The resting room? Were they looking for the hidden chamber below?" Justin asked, concern on his face.
"Yes, Jus. and they were looking for something specific." Michael said, all three men staring at him.
"You know what they were looking for?" Justin said, his hand going in Michael's, the two little ones snuggled between them in car seats.
"Yes, Jus. I know exactly what Fredrick was looking for."
"So they were there because of Fredrick! We weren't sure, we thought or hoped maybe not." Antonio said, Nico nodding.
"Fredrick seeks the prophecy, the true one. He now knows of its existence. Someone has betrayed us." Michael said, looking out of the window into the dark night.
They all looked deeply concerned, Justin looking down at his little ones.
"Someone is in league with him? A spy? A traitor??!!" Antonio said, sudden anger flashing on his face.
Michael felt all of his–and their–anger and fear.
"This person did not do this on their own accord, Tio. Like you and like our Marco, this man was tortured for his information. He now has returned to us, even he not knowing what's happened. He walks with a clear soul, and a trapped mind."
Father Nico looked on in shock, staring at Michael.
"Who is it, Michael? We must help him."
Michael looked at all of them.
Father Nico and Antonio sat in stunned silence, hearing the finality in that one word.
Justin lowered his head, a tear in his eye.
Antonio got his voice back.
"Good God, Michael! You mean to say you'll let him remain like that? You will not help him? You will not help a friend in need?"
Justin's head shot up, staring at Antonio.
"Michael can't!"
Antonio and Nico stared with surprise at Justin's emotional outburst.
"This man is part of your destiny! What he does in the next few days is destiny. Look into Michael's eyes! See the pain in them for what he has to let happen. See the heartbreaking acceptance!!"
Michael put his hand on Justin's shoulder, instantly calming his emotional husband.
Both men looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing the pain and acceptance in those golden orbs.
Justin regained his composure, looking at the two Spaniards.
"Michael has told me what's to happen here, and what we have to let happen. It's all part of what's to soon unfold. I'm just as mad and upset that our friend is being used, being degraded in this way by that monster. But I can't change it, because Michael won't let me. For what that man will do, shall set in motion a chain of events that need to happen if we have any hope of winning this. The first part of this shall be Michael's fate."
Michael looked into Justin's blue tearing eyes, seeing the reluctant acceptance of what they must let happen.
Antonio stared at Michael.
"Michael's fate? You mean the accident that will hurt you? The one you spoke of, Michael?"
"Yes, Tio. This man shall be forced to hurt me. And it's a hurt that perhaps I deserve. For my failing him."
Justin's hand squeezed Michael's.
"You didn't fail him, Mico. Only one man is responsible for this. And we both know who that is."
"Yes, Justin. I know it's Fredrick's doing. My uncle will pay for this and so much more."
"I know, my love. And I know your heart is large."
Michael nodded, looking at his two cousins.
"You two are my family. I share my love with you. I ask now only one thing of you. This that we have talked of must remain with us. No one is to know of this. What happens will happen. The end result of this will be joyous. For from this shall come our Commander of Truth."
"This man is the Commander of Truth?"
"No, he is not. But through him, to free him of his pain and torture, our Commander will reveal himself."
Both men reluctantly nodded, lowering their heads.
"Alright, Michael. For that truth, for that moment, we shall remain silent. We both believe in you enough to heed your words. We shall honor you in all things."
Michael smiled at Father Nico, his words touching his heart.
"I and my brother have total faith in your decisions. We shall honor you." Antonio said, his voice full of love.
"I love both of you, my cousins. And I love this tortured man. And the Commander of Truth. Always believe in me doing what's right. I have seen what must happen. Nothing can change that course. I feel the uncertainty and concern in all three of you for my well-being. I will be well loved by all of you."
The three smiled, Michael looking down at his little ones.
"For life begins with a moment of faith. And love is its center."

What greeted the limousines after they'd driven through Zamora and crested the hill towards Villa Tavarro, shocked them all into silence.
The final driveway leading up to Villa Tavarro was lined with people.
They stood staring at the oncoming limousines.
Hats were removed, people bowing their heads as a sign of respect.
"Behold the Tavarro clan. They are all here waiting for you, Michael. For the Messenger of God." Father Nico said, looking upon his clansmen.
Michael looked out, seeing old and young faces staring at him.
Those eyes were filled with hope, faith and love.
And Michael looked deep into some of those staring eyes, seeing a redness of evil.
The evil was present as was the goodness.
He sighed, leaning back into his seat, Justin silently watching him.
The limousines drove through the front gates of the estate, a wider presence of guards showing at the entrance.
The paparazzi were also evident, although tightly controlled behind barricades.
Their cameras flashing as the limousines drove by.
Upon entering the land of Tavarro, Michael noticed that more men patrolled the grounds, this a new reality.
Alberto wasn't leaving anything to chance.
Justin saw the guards almost doubled in size, men standing everywhere.
The surroundings were not lost on Michael.
The cars pulled up to the front door, Alberto standing on the steps, waiting.
Michael smiled, the door open before the car stopped.
Michael strode out of the car, walking the short distance to his waiting grandfather.
Doris stood behind him, smiling widely.
Alberto pulled Michael into his arms, hugging him tightly.
"Welcome home, grandson! Welcome home from your voyage of love!"
Michael smiled, breaking the hug, looking into his grandfather's golden energetic eyes.
"That love follows me, Poppa. I give it to all that reside here. Although, I see love already resides here. Hello, Doris!" Michael said, hugging her next, Doris in tears.
"Welcome back, Michael. And where are my angels?" she said, Michael laughing lightly.
"Oh, I see where your allegiance lies!" he said, smiling widely, looking back at the car, Justin's form climbing out, smiling at everyone.
Darian was in his arms, rubbing his little blue eyes.
"We's here, Dada?"
"We're at Poppa's, Darry."
Antonio climbed out of the car, Shauna in his arms, still sound asleep.
Darian looked quietly at his sister, then snuggled against Justin's chest, closing his eyes again.
Doris walked down the steps, smiling at Justin, kissing his cheek.
"I'll put them to bed, Justin. You and Michael spend time with Alberto."
Justin smiled, Doris picking up Darian, the little boy again sound asleep.
Antonio followed her, smiling at Alberto.
Justin hugged Alberto when he ascended the steps, Michael smiling at both of them.
Everyone else got out of the limousines, the Hawaiian family looking about in silent wonder.
Justin introduced Alberto to the Mahunas, Kona smiling at him warmly.
"A wondrous house, Mr. Tavarro. A place of faithful beauty."
Alberto smiled, thanking her with a deep bow.
He smiled at Michael and Justin.
"Come, my sons. Let's go inside. Everyone's waiting."
Michael smiled, wrapping his arms around Justin and Alberto, walking between both men into the house.
Father Nico smiled and followed behind them with Lance and Josh, Noah asleep in Josh's arms.
"I'll put Noah with his friends. Be right back." Josh said, walking towards the spiral staircase.
Lance smiled, walking towards the resting room.
Alberto sighed, looking at Michael.
"It is alright, Grandfather. Nico told us."
"Again disaster invades the Tavarro home. They were ruthless in their anger."
Michael put his arm around his grandfather, feeling his hurt.
"Life is life, Grandfather. We go forward."
Alberto nodded, then reluctantly opened the doors.
They all walked into the room, all stopping in shock.
Michael stared at the stone fireplace, seeing the destruction of anger.
Adrian's portrait was repeatedly slashed, a large cut running through its center.
The first stone lion was damaged, the lion's head laying on the stone hearth, its blue eyes missing.
Michael saw the golden jewels gone from the other scarred lion.
Michael saw Paulo, Marco, Emile and Jake standing in front of them, all quietly smiling at him.
"Welcome back, newlyweds." Emile said smiling, walking up to Justin.
Justin hugged him, Jake hugging Michael.
Michael kissed his cheek, then hugged Marco, Jake hugging Justin.
Emile smiled as Michael hugged him gently.
Paulo smiled, seeing their love for his three soulmates.
Michael looked at his cousin, the two hugging tightly.
"Welcome back, Mikey. Our hearts are whole again."
Michael looked at all four of them, Justin introducing the Mahunas to everyone.
Michael then walked over to the stone fireplace, looking up at his ancestor's portrait.
"To defile him is to defile faith and love. For this they shall answer." he quietly said, looking down at the lion's head laying at his feet.
Alberto walked up beside him, putting his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"They didn't have time to find the entrance. All that lays there is still safe."
Michael nodded, kneeling down, running his hand over the lion's brow.
"They had no chance of gaining entrance to that domain. For it is surrounded with love. A demanding love. Only I can enter there, and the Guardian also."
Lance looked at Michael.
Josh, Antonio and Jarod entered the room, Josh stopping in surprise at seeing the damage.
Justin was quietly explaining to the Mahunas and their friends what had happened in regards to Lance.
Paulo and Marco looked at him with surprised and awed faces.
"You are the Guardian? The Guardian of Truth?" Marco said, looking at Lance, then Michael.
"According to Michael, yes. And according to destiny." Lance said, Josh putting his arm around him.
"When do I walk with you, Michael? When do I walk the Hallway of Truth?"
Michael looked up from his quiet solitude, his eyes wet with tears.
Justin began to walk toward him, Michael standing.
"Jus, would you and everyone step out of the room for a few moments? I have to do something."
Justin looked concerned, seeing the golden fire igniting in Michael's eyes.
Everyone saw it also, Mayo and Lini staring in disbelief.
Kona was crossing herself, her hands coming together in prayer.
"You heard, Mico. Would you all please step out into the hall?" Justin said with acceptance, seeing the determination in Michael's glowing eyes.
Everyone quietly moved towards the door.
Justin was the last to leave, looking at Michael, seeing more tears flowing.
"Do you need my love, Mico?"
"I have it Jus. Always."
Justin smiled, blowing him a kiss.
Michael smiled his Justin smile, Justin closing the door behind him.

Everyone sat and stood quietly in the immense front foyer.
The room was in silence for over five minutes.
They heard no sounds coming from the resting room.
Josh looked at Justin, who leaned against the door frame of the resting room, his fingers gently rubbing the wooden frame.
He looked deep in thought.
"What is Michael doing, Jus?"
Justin looked up into Josh's concerned blue eyes of love.
"I don't know, Joshy. I feel his calmness and a little hurtful anger, but nothing else. He seems to be greatly concentrating on a task or something. Wait! I sense he's coming."
Justin stood straight, one of the double doors of the resting room opening.
Michael smiled at everyone, his normal golden eyes filled with happiness.
"Come in my friends. We have much to discuss. The truth approaches."
Michael turned, walking back into the room.
Everyone was surprised by Michael's outward appearance of happiness.
Everyone walked into the room, all of them stopping dead in their tracks.
"Good God, Michael!" Father Nico said, staring in disbelief.

The room was as it had always been.
Clean and unchanged.
Michael stood between the two stone lions.
The perfectly smooth, unmarked and unbroken statues of kingly beasts.
Their jeweled eyes returned.
Alberto's eyes gazed up at his family patriarch.
Adrian's portrait was as it had always been.
No marks or blemishes touching it.
"It's a miracle!" Kona whispered, Mayo's eyes taking in all the beauty of the returned history.
"It is as it should be. No evil can diminish the truth. This room has stood as it was made by Adrian for centuries. No evil could destroy its beauty. Or what it stands for."
Justin walked up to the statues, seeing their jeweled eyes staring at him.
"How is this possible? Where did you find these jewels?"
Michael looked at Justin, staring into his blue pools.
"A couple of thieves will find their pockets suddenly empty. My gifts reach everywhere. I can walk Matthew's path of love anywhere I want now. All except for one place."
Everyone stared at him, sensing Michael's calmness and determination.
"You can travel where you want?" Paulo said in awed wonder.
"Yes, Paulo."
"I sense a greatness of power about you, Michael. It's as if you've grown." Alberto said, looking at his grandson with quiet respect.
"I have grown, Grandfather. This last week of love has enriched my soul. And the next few days will show my destiny. It's time we organized all that must be. Please everyone, sit down."
Everyone sat down, Justin sitting with Michael and Alberto on the couch in front of the fireplace.
Michael snapped his fingers, a fire igniting in the hearth.
"There's a slight chill in the evening air. A dampness of fate." he said, Justin snuggling against him.
Alberto sat in stunned silence.
Everyone else sat down in quiet wonder, staring at the man of golden faith.
"Let us begin."

They all sat there listening to Alberto explain the schedule for the next few days.
He told them of what the next few days would bring.
This was the annual week of Redemption.
An old custom of the Tavarro clan.
Once a year, the clan assembled on the land of Tavarro to respect its heritage, to honor its past.
The clan had arrived in continuing clusters for the past two days, every inn, motel and hotel full in the village of Zamora.
Pilgrimages had been held to the Church of St. Aurelia.
Hours of worship and gaiety, of love and faith.
And they'd found out of the returning of the Messenger.
And the reality that Michael was that same person.
That was why they'd lined the road outside the ancestral home.
To finally see he who would show them their destiny.
All the surrounding guards around the ancestral home were Tavarro descendants.
The home of Adrian was surrounded by loyal family.
But all of them sensed that perhaps not all those souls were loyal.
The evil of Fredrick ran through that family in a rampant flow.
Michael explained to them Fredrick's control on part of his family.
And what Michael would do to remove that control.
It all came down to the final moments at the end of the week of Redemption.
The final meeting in the Church of St. Aurelia.
Wednesday, the next day, would see the arrival of Michael and Justin's family.
Lonnie, Rachel, Joey, Chris, Kelly and Vicky were coming tomorrow, along with Nick, Trevor, Seth, Tomas and Father Derrick.
They were all flying in from Los Angeles on a Tavarro jet.
Uncle Silas, Christina and Zach were coming from New York, stopping in Florida to pick up Justin's family.
They would all be here again for the rest of the week.
Wednesday also would see the arrival of the Stavros clan, their presence guaranteed by Michael's presence.
The second branch of the family of faith would be on Spanish soil.
They followed their Warrior.
Wednesday night would be the center of the week's festivities.
The Feast of Redemption.
The annual feast and gathering on the grounds of the Tavarro home.
Alberto stood, bowing to Michael.
"I would be honored to welcome the Stavros family to that feast. The land of Tavarro is open to all kindred brothers and sisters of faith."
Kona smiled at him, Mayo bowing to him.
"I will accept for all of them, Alberto. Thank you for bestowing on us your friendship and brotherhood." Kona said, a sense of regalness emanating off her.
Alberto smiled, sitting down again, Michael smiling at Mayo.
"The Aurelian Order will be here also, Grandfather. For they are entrenched on both branches of the Tree of Love."
Mayo looked at Father Nico, the priest smiling at him.
"You look well, Mayo."
"Thank you, Artanga."
Nico smiled, hearing the title of his position.
The leader of the Aurelian Order.
The twenty third Artanga to lead them.
Alberto stared at the young man, Michael smiling.
"Mayo is a follower of the Order, Poppa. Nico trained him as a soldier of the Order. Like I said, it blossoms on both sides. As it has always meant to."
Nico and Mayo traded hugs, their once faithful friendship renewed.
Michael stood up, looking up at Adrian's portrait.
"Adrian led our family with an unflinching faith. Stavros began his family with his father's and mother's deep faith. He was the son of Aurelia. Who better to invite her protective Order into that fold? The Aurelian Order protected both sides of destiny, both sides of lost faith. Until this final moment. It is now time for those two sides to come together again. I will see that done. The Feast will reveal many surprises. And in a moving way."
Alberto and Kona stood, walking up to him, smiling at his loving smile.
"We both welcome you, servant. We shall follow you to God's love." she said, kissing his cheek.
Alberto kissed the other side, smiling at his grandson.
"Kona speaks the truth well, Michaelangelo. The Tavarro and Stavros clans will honor all you show us."
Michael nodded, looking at Justin.
"Right now, I was hoping you'd both honor me with a goodnight hug. I am dreadfully tired."
Alberto and Kona smiled, both gently hugging him.

Justin lay in bed, looking at his husband as he walked out of the bathroom wearing only boxer briefs.
Their angels lay sleeping in their bed, surrounding Noah.
Justin lay naked under the covers, his blue eyes gazing at Michael's taut form.
"I never tire at looking upon your beauty."
Michael smiled his Justin smile, flicking off the bathroom light.
He walked over to the dresser, pulling off his watch, looking at a wooden box he'd set there.
He ran his finger across it, his mind wandering.
He looked around, then upward.
Justin heard the faintest of sounds.
"Hello, Matty."
A soft giggle echoed off the walls.
"Hi, Mikey. Welcome home."
Michael smiled, looking upward.
"How are you, little soldier?"
"I'm happy. I'm okay. It moves forward."
"Yes, it does. Are you sure you're okay?"
"Yes, Mikey. Poppa's happy. I like Doris. She sweet."
Justin smiled, hearing the happiness in the little boy's voice.
"And the other part?" Michael continued.
Justin looked at Michael, not understanding what he was meaning.
The room was in silence.
"It helps, Mikey. It truly does."
Michael smiled, leaving it at that.
"Thanks for fixing the lions, Mikey!"
Michael walked over, sitting down on the bed, Justin sitting up, wrapping his arm around him.
"You knew I would. It's a special place."
Matthew's giggling voice echoed again.
"Yep. It is."
"Goodnight, Matty."
"Night, Mikey and Justin."
"Night, Matty." Justin said, Michael pushing him backwards, Michael cuddling against him.
"What were you talking to Matty of, Mico? About something helping?"
"Matty's worried about something. And I am too."
Justin turned his body a bit, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"What's going on, Mico?"
"Something else lays behind all this, Justin. Something more than just the Tavarro and Stavros destinies. I almost think at times that I have it, and it just keeps eluding me."
Justin pulled him close, feeling Michael's thoughts.
"Whatever it is, we'll learn together, Mico."
Michael looked into Justin's loving eyes.
"Look to the Guardian. For truth sometimes is hard to bear." Michael said, quietly.
"Where did you hear that?"
Michael looked up into Justin's searching eyes.
"Augustus told me that when I talked to him last. I think Lance will find the truth in what's going on during the Walk of Truth."
Justin hugged him closer.
"I think Lance will be the key to unlock everything."
Michael looked into Justin's eyes again, kissing him deeply.
"No matter what truth lies ahead, I love you Justin."
Justin kissed him back, his hands running down Michael's naked back.
"And I will always love you, Michael. No truth will change that."
Michael smiled, his head laying in its familiar place.
"Tomorrow, I reveal myself to all of the Tavarros. I only hope they take me with good grace."
"How could anyone not love you, Michael? To look into your golden eyes is to look at love."
Michael raised his head, staring at his husband.
"That love you see Justin, is yours alone. That is a singular love. It's yours. No one sees what you see."
Justin was in tears, hearing the love in those beautiful words.
"I need that love always. I need it right now."
Michael smiled, his fingers gently rubbing Justin's exposed nipples.
"You're still tired, Mico."
"I will never be too tired to show you my love."
Justin smiled, their lips meeting.
His hands went downward, pulling on Michael's briefs.

In a secluded spot on the west side of Zamora, two young men sat drinking.
There was a knock at the door, one man standing and going to open it.
He looked through the peephole, unlocking the door.
Into the room walked Victor Falisca.
"You took a chance coming here? Were you followed?" the man at the door said.
"Don't be a fool, Marcus. I take no chances."
Marcus looked at Victor, seeing his arm in a sling.
"You're lucky to be alive. That guard's bullet almost hit your heart." Marcus said.
"Victor doesn't have a heart, remember?" the other seated man said, humor in his eyes.
Victor glared at him.
He and the two young men were the vandals who'd trashed the Tavarro home.
Fredrick had sent Victor on the mission to retrieve the prophecy.
Victor had failed badly.
Marcus looked at Victor's neck, seeing a fresh bruise.
His hand went to Victor's chest, grabbing his nipple.
Victor cried in pain.
"I see the master wasn't too happy with you. Your nipple feels bruised."
The other man laughed, Victor glaring at him.
"Where are the jewels? Fredrick wants them."
Both men smiled, the seated one going to the messed up bed in the corner.
"Get them for him from the bag, Bastian. And we want our money now."
Victor pulled a wad of bills out of his pocket, throwing it on the table.
Both men grinned, Marcus picking it up.
"Good. Good. The master is generous."
Victor remained quiet.
He was watching Bastian searching through the suitcase, throwing clothes about.
"I can't find them!"
Marcus' face changed, rushing over to the bed.
Both men searched in vain.
"They're gone! You took them, didn't you!" Marcus said, staring at Victor.
"Now how the fuck could I do that! I was nowhere near this place!"
Both men sat down, anger in their eyes.
"What's going on here?"
"What's going on here is that you two are fools! Fredrick already knows the jewels are gone! That piss ant Michael Tavarro has taken them back!"
"But why? He doesn't strike me as the type to care for jewels?" Bastian said.
"And how did he find them? No on knows of our existence." Marco chimed in.
Victor shook his head.
"He took them for other reasons. And you two fucked up. You two are to disappear. Now!"
Marcus and Bastian looked at each other, Marcus whispering in Bastian's ear.
"Okay, Victor. We'll head for our hideout in Barcelona. But first we think we deserve more that just a wad of bills. How about a parting gift?"
Victor stared at both of the young men.
The two brothers were over six feet tall, muscular and strong.
He remembered his first encounter with them and Fredrick.
How Fredrick had given Victor to them.
And how the three of them had mercilessly raped him for two days.
Victor had fed on every degrading, painful thing they'd done to him.
His hunger for pain entrenched in his lustful heart.
The two men stood as one, walking up to him.
"We feel like taking our frustrations out on you, slut." Marcus said, always having been the dominant one over his younger brother Bastian.
"And we'll leave you with some marks to remember us by." Bastian said, his hand going around the slung arm of Victor.
He squeezed the wound on Victor's forearm, Victor screaming in pain.
Marcus slapped him across the face.
"Get your clothes off bitch! Or we'll rip them off!"
Victor removed the sling with trembling quickness.
He removed his clothes quickly, both men leering at him.
He threw them on the table.
Both men were surrounding him, running their hands all over him.
"You are a fucked up, whiny little slut, Victor. How Fredrick hasn't killed you yet amazes me." Marcus said, squeezing Victor's balls, his cock coming to instant hardness.
Bastian's hand sunk between Victor's ass cheeks, his fingers invading that opening.
Bastian pushed Victor forward, Victor falling onto the table on top of his clothing.
Bastian's fingers came out, his hand closing into a fist.
He pushed forward, his whole fist beginning to enter Victor.
Victor screamed, his voice cut off by a large cock shoved into his mouth, Marcus standing in front of him naked.
"You're going to feel every inch of us tonight, Victor. And you're going to wish for the pain to stop." Marcus said, ramming his cock down his opening throat.

Justin lay in bed, Michael asleep against his chest.
Michael's breathing was relaxed, Justin feeling the warmth blowing against his smooth chest.
Their session of passion had been tender and slow.
Both giving each other their deep love.
Michael had quickly fallen asleep, Justin feeling his deep exhaustion.
Justin remained still, thinking to himself.
All that had happened today weighed heavily on his mind.
The inclusion of Mayo and Kona to Michael's family.
The revealed treasure of Augustus.
The miraculous healing of the Tavarro fireplace and Adrian's picture.
It had been a day of wonders.
He remembered the first time he'd met Mayo, when he and Cameron had vacationed in Hawaii.
The young man had offered his services, flying them around the islands.
On second pondering, Justin realized that maybe destiny had united them.
So that one day Mayo would meet Michael, and the family would be joined.
Justin marveled at how destiny guided all of them.
He thought of the small bear, and Michael's reaction to it.
It was as if Michael had seen a ghost.
Justin sensed that Michael was holding something back.
Something he was worried about telling Justin.
Justin looked down at his sleeping face, Michael's beautiful face sending a small shiver through Justin.
Michael moved a little, tightening his hold on Justin.
Justin relaxed, not wanting Michael to sense his thoughts.
He stared at the wooden box on the dresser, its shape seen in the moonlight coming through the opened balcony doors.
Justin was positive that teddy bear was Michael's.
Why would Michael be so shocked by it?
And why did he say he didn't remember it?
Was some traumatic moment of his past connected with this treasured toy?
Was it so traumatic that Michael had blocked it from his memory?
Michael stirred a little, Justin gently rolling him onto his back.
Michael sighed, but remained asleep.
Justin got out of bed, checking the daybed, their three angels sound asleep.
He smiled hearing Darian's soft snore, Noah snoring as well.
He looked at the two little boys, remembering Noah's little speech on the island.
About he wanting to marry Darian.
And he also remembered Michael's zoning out for a moment.
Had Michael seen a vision?
Justin thought that maybe he had.
Were these two little boys going to fall in love?
Justin smiled, feeling the joy in his heart at that thought.
He loved his son and daughter, knowing that their sexual orientation wouldn't affect his love for them.
His fatherly love was unconditional.
He gently pulled the fallen blanket over them, suddenly feeling two strong arms encircle his waist.
Michael's lips found his ear, gently kissing it.
"I awoke and my angel was missing." Michael said in a soft whisper, Justin turning around.
He smiled at Michael, seeing his nude body shining in the moonlight.
"You should be sleeping, my tired angel."
"How can I sleep without my Justin beside me? Why aren't you sleeping my angel?" Michael said, kissing him tenderly.
"My mind was on different things. On these new occurrences." Justin said, quietly walking towards the balcony.
He walked through the open doorway, Michael sighing, then following him outside.
Justin leaned against the stone railing, looking out upon the darkened grounds, standing naked on the balcony.
Michael wrapped his arms around him again, holding him close.
"I hate this quietness. This quietness before the storm. For that's what this is, isn't it Mico? A storm is brewing and you're at the center of it."
Michael turned Justin around, looking into his blue eyes.
"Yes, Justin. A storm has been brewing for a long time. And in a few short days the hurricane will come. But after any storm the sun returns and the sky clears. Think of that storm as being only a moment in time. The sunshine of our lives will shine a lot longer."
Justin loved the way Michael explained things to him.
His beautiful words making Justin understand.
"Will our sunshine be together, Mico?"
Michael looked at him.
"What's going on, Jus? I can't sense your feelings."
"Because I've grown also, Michael. I can hide my feelings so well from you."
Michael's brow furrowed.
"And why have you decided to do that?"
"Because I don't want you to feel them. Because I'm being a baby again. I feel like I'm going to lose you. And I'm so terrified of that." Justin said, Michael seeing the anguish in his eyes.
Tears fell from Justin's eyes, a sob erupting.
Michael pulled him close.
"Why didn't you tell me, love? Oh, my darling! You will never lose me! I thought we'd agreed on that?" he said, stroking Justin's back.
"I know we agreed on that, Mico. But I'm so scared. For you, for the pain you may endure. I hate seeing you hurt. I would give anything to see you not get hurt. I love you so much." Justin said, still crying.
"And I love you, Jus. Always. I know there will be pain, and I've accepted that. I have to. I have no choice. But I shall not feel it. I will only feel your love."
Justin calmed a bit, Michael still rubbing his back.
"I know your spiritual being will never leave me, Michael. But I need the physical you too. I love when you make love to me, like tonight. There is so much passion, romance and love in it. If I were to lose that, my heart would break."
Michael smiled, hearing the truth in Justin's heartfelt words.
"I feel the same, my stallion of love. Your touch makes my heart race. Look at me, Justin."
Justin looked at Michael, his eyes going over every inch of his toned, muscular body.
"Before you, I stand naked and unashamed. That's because your love made me see how beautiful you believe me to be. I've always felt ashamed of myself, of my looks and physical form. But you have erased those feelings from me. I see and feel your love through all of me. Through your passionate lovemaking, and through your feelings of love. You will never lose me, Jus. Spiritually, emotionally or physically. For I cannot survive without all three of you."
Justin smiled, having heard what he longed to hear.
"I love, you Michael."
"I love you, Timby."
Justin looked into Michael's eyes.
"Who is he, Michael? The controlled one? The agent of destruction?"
"That is not to be known, not until the allotted time. I'm sorry for that, Justin. But the man must walk into his fate as they all must. Most of all, Fredrick."
Justin nodded, seeing the reasoning behind it, although not liking it.
"Alright, Michael. I have faith in our love. And I have total faith in you. Your telling me the trueness of what you believe we'll have is good enough for me."
Michael smiled, kissing him deeply.
"I love you, Justin. Let's go back to bed. My tiger has hunted, now he needs rest.
Justin smiled, walking into their bedroom, following a naked Michael.

Victor Falisca awoke in the darkened room.
A light from the other room cast shadows around him.
He felt the two sleeping men on both sides of him.
He moaned, feeling his ravished body.
All his muscles ached.
And he felt the dried blood on his back and chest.
Bastian had produced a knife at one point, tracing lines of hurt all around his body while Marcus took him again.
Bastian had fed Marcus the blood, Marcus tasting all of Victor.
The pain and defiling torture had surrounded Victor's soul.
He thrived on it.
Laying here in the darkness he relived every moment of it.
Bastian was snoring beside him.
Marcus was asleep on his other side, his hand  wrapped around his own cock.
Victor saw its hardness in the shadowed light.
He knew they both would take him again in the morning, in more painful ways.
How he longed for that.
But he knew it wasn't to be.
Fredrick himself had been even more brutal before Victor returned to these two men.
Fredrick had raped him twice, then told him what was required of him.
He was to return here and seek punishment from these young stallions.
That he had obtained.
And now for the final part.
Victor got up quietly, stealth-like in his silence.
Victor was very good at being quiet.
He couldn't say the same for these two bumbling idiots.
Their noise had set off the alarms almost costing Victor his own life.
He rubbed his forearm, feeling the blood oozing down his arm.
Marcus had sucked on the wound with relish several times, as had Bastian.
They were blood worshippers.
They thrived on drinking blood.
Self imagined vampires.
Victor smiled, walking naked out into the other room, going to the table.
He rummaged through his clothes, finding what he sought.
Yes, they weren't too bright.
They hadn't thought to search his clothes.
Victor pulled out the two silver small knives and two pair of handcuffs.
He smiled, seeing them gleaming in the moonlight.
He returned to the room, closing the door behind him.
He quietly walked around the bed, gently moving the two sleeping men's arms, locking the handcuffs around them and around the bedposts.
Both men, still sleeping, were secured into complacency.
Now Victor's moment of reward was at hand.
He smiled, climbing onto the bed.
He slapped both across the face simultaneously.
Both men leapt up, the confining handcuffs restraining them.
They struggled, seeing the knives in Victor's hands.
"My young friends. Thank you for the pain and torture. It truly was exquisite. Every moment I shall treasure forever. But I am a man of routine. Always after such nights of debauchery and torture I hunger for something else. Fredrick knows this and you two are my reward for my faithfulness to him."
Both looked at him puzzled.
"Let us out of these cuffs you fuck! I'm going to rape you to death, you slut!" Marcus said, Bastian looking terrified.
Victor laughed, then licked his lips.
"Tonight I am unusually ravenous. I feel I could eat the world. I think I'll start with you Marcus. I love to devour those who think they're so strong. Your flesh will be unbelievably succulent."
Victor pounced on top of Marcus, his teeth sinking into Marcus' throat.
Blood flew everywhere, Marcus screaming.
Victor pulled back, a chunk of flesh hanging from his mouth.
He turned, smiling a deranged smile at Bastian.
Bastian stared in complete horrific shock.
"Your brother is delicious. Taste him, Bastian."
Victor kissed Bastian, Bastian tasting his brother's blood in his mouth.
Marcus lay struggling beside his brother, his lifeblood leaking away.
"Yes, he truly is delicious, Bastian. And, therefore, you must be even more delicious, being the younger."
Victor licked his blood-filled lips, Victor's head looking down.
Bastian's eyes dawned in realization of what Victor had spotted.
"I crave a delicacy, a real treat."
Victor leered, a demonic grin on his face as he lowered himself.
Bastian screamed as he felt Victor's teeth rip into him.
He knew instantly that he was joining his brother in death.

In the Tavarro home, a young man lay in the darkness of his bed.
He felt a sense of something being wrong in his mind.
Then he felt darkness.
He got up, quietly.
Not wanting to awaken his lover.
Someone stirred, the man quietly walking out of the room, not before donning a pair of jeans and t-shirt.
He silently walked down the darkened corridors, walking all through the house.
He walked in silence, his mind on one room.
He walked into that room, seeing the stone lions staring in the darkness.
He stared at them, looking all around, a grimace of anger on his face.
He stood there for a long time, thinking.
He sensed out feeling the surrounding danger.
He walked away from the fireplace, going to the other side of the room.
He opened a door, looking into a darkened room.
He lit no light, his eyes searching the darkened room.
He found the box deep within the darkened room.
He sat it on a table, opening it.
Everything was ready in the box.
As it once had been before.
This time, the end result would be different.
This time, death would claim someone.
The man looked up into a mirror on the wall in front of him.
His red eyes stared back, a grin of unmistakable menace on that young, handsome face.
He took the box with him.
A short twenty minutes later, he returned to his bedroom, crawling into bed.
He looked at the young man laying beside him.
He smiled, running his hands along his nude body.
He so wanted to taste this treasure.
He looked around the darkness one final time, laying back down.
That could wait till after.
Then he could have this one or all of them.
Fredrick smiled through the young man's eyes.
Their redness disappearing, the young man's mind again filling with sleep.

End of Chapter 166

Ominous tidings towards the end.
Who is the young man and what did he take with him?
Victor has shown a monstrous side of himself.
Fredrick's evil reacts in many ways.
Let's hope Michael can stop it.

Coming up next: The Feast of Redemption.
And the resulting drama.

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