Justin's Angel-170

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Vicky smiled, hugging her fiancee.
She saw his deep love for Michael.
"I just hope he's alright." Chris said, tears in his eyes, Vicky rubbing his back.
As if to answer that lingering hope, a doctor came walking into the room.
"Hello everyone. My name is Doctor Josef Chavallo. I'm the doctor in charge of Mr. Tavarro. I assume all of you are his family?"
Justin stood up, looking at the doctor.
"I am his husband, and life partner. This is his grandfather." Justin said, Alberto nodding.
"Your excellency. I didn't realize who this man was." the doctor said, bowing to Alberto.
"That's alright, Josef. What is Michael's condition?"
The doctor's face changed.
"He's received traumatic injuries. Both legs are shattered, as is his hip. All his ribs were broken. He felt the full force of that blast. He has twenty five percent burn damage on his face, chest and legs. These injures are not life-threatening, thanks to his being protected by falling between two stone walls. At least that's what was mentioned a short while ago by the police."
"He fell between two stone lions. They must have sheltered him from the blast." Father Nico said.
"The guarding lions of Adrian." Theo said, bowing his head.
Justin stared at the doctor, sensing there was something else.
"Will Michael be alright?" Justin said.
"He will heal from these injuries, but it will take a long time. The pain will be intense, his legs are shattered, most of their bones broken. But that's not the greatest injury. There is something else you need to know."
Justin felt the doctor's reluctance to tell him.
But he also felt the doctor's compassion and caring.
"I'm sorry to have to tell you this."
Justin steeled himself, ready for the worst.
"Please tell me. What's wrong with my Mico?"
The doctor looked into Justin's tearing blue eyes.
"Michael is blind."

Chapter 170

Vicky sobbed, Chris holding her tightly.
Justin's mother and Alberto both had their arms around Justin.
"He's blind?" Alberto gasped, his body trembling, Justin feeling it.
"Yes, I'm sorry it's true. Both eyes have sustained massive smoke and heat damage. It's inoperable and irreversible. There's too much damage. It was as if his eyes were seared."
Vicky sobbed again, Joey now holding her as well as Kelly.
Paulo and Jake stood in the doorway, having heard the whole conversation.
"Then it's over. Michael's part in this is over." Paulo said quietly, Alberto looking at him with heartfelt sorrow.
"No. I refuse to believe that." Alberto said, letting go of Justin.
"Michael is a special man. A man of God's love. He can't fail at this late date. This changes nothing. My faith and love are with him always."
Paulo walked over to his grandfather, hugging him tightly.
Justin remained still, his mother concerned by his silence.
Justin walked over to the couch, sitting down again, putting his head down into his hands.
Lynn walked over, sitting down beside him.
"He needs you now, Justin. More than any other time in his life. You are his love, his inspiration and his life."
Justin raised his head, his eyes full of tears.
"I love him so much! Why does he have to endure this pain? Why can't he just have happiness?"
Vicky walked over, sitting down and pulling Justin into her arms.
"He does have happiness. We've all felt the happiness in his soul when he's with you, Jus. You and Darry and Shauny are his happiness. He'll need all of you more now than ever before. Don't give up on him, Jus. Don't give up on our Mikey."
Justin raised his head, looking into Vicky's red eyes.
"I'll never give up on him. He's my life, and my love. I need to see him."
The doctor nodded, talking quietly with Alberto.
"He's in intensive care; they're just finishing the reconstructive work and then he'll be moved into a room. He'll be there in about an hour. I'll come back and take you to him." the doctor said, bowing his head to Justin, then walking out of the room.
Alberto sat down, Paulo and Jake sitting with him.
Father Nico looked around at everyone.
"Antonio says the bomb was planted in the piano. Grandfather had fallen down a few feet from it. Michael had no chance to move away. He was right in front of it when it exploded. I can't believe he's survived. God's hand is in this, that is certain."
Justin looked around at everyone.
"Michael knew this was going to happen. And he let it happen."
Everyone looked downwards, Paulo looking into Justin's eyes.
"Why, Justin? Why would he not stop this? Why let himself be hurt so horribly like this? Where is the sense in all this?"
"Michael said that out of this pain shall come the key to igniting the faith of all of you. What he meant by that I don't know. All I know is that it's almost cost him his life. He's sacrificing himself again for all of you. Just like he did out on that lawn this evening."
Lynn put her arm around her son.
"Where are the kids, Momma?"
"Rachel and Doris are with them, Justin. They're sleeping in their bed."
"I want them here tomorrow. Michael will need their love as well, and I won't keep them from their father. They love him also."
Lynn nodded, kissing her son's cheek.
"We'll get through this, Jus. Michael has a strength and purpose in his life. And he has his gifts."
Justin nodded, thinking about his own gifts.
"And I'll do everything I can to help him heal himself."

Marco and Emile showed up about twenty minutes later, hugging everyone.
Alberto told them of Michael's condition.
"The bomb was in the piano, placed there by someone inside the house. It had to be that way. Michael was right. Someone has failed him." Antonio said, looking at Father Nico.
Alberto shook his head, not believing the treachery that had befallen them.
His eyes lay upon Justin, Justin looking quietly back.
"This has to be Fredrick's doing, his last attempt to stop Michael. And it truly has." Marco said, tears in his eyes.
"No, son. It may have stopped Michael the man, but  it hasn't stopped what he stood for. Goodness and love. Faith and hope. Those are ingrained in all of us. Sunday's meeting will happen, and somehow God's love shall prevail." Alberto said, his grandsons seeing the hope and strength in his tired old eyes.
"The Villa Tavarro is surrounded, Poppa. All the Tavarro faithful have remained there. They wait for word on our Michael's condition. They are holding vigils before the Stone. It still remains there. The Stavros faithful are here, Grandfather. They've encircled the hospital downstairs. Gregory is on his way up." Marco said, Emile's arm around him.
Josh walked over to the window, looking down from their third floor room.
He saw by the lamplight the black-suited men standing at different intervals around the outdoor gardens.
Two hundred men were standing guard over their wounded Warrior.
Gregory walked into the room, focusing only on Justin.
"How is he?" Gregory said, tears in his eyes.
"He's coming down to his room shortly. He's broken, Gregory. Broken in body and soul." Paulo said, his eyes full of tears.
Kevin, who stood behind Gregory, put his hand on Paulo's shoulder.
"We've failed him. We let this happen." Gregory said softly, sinking to his knees.
Justin stood up, walking to him, helping him stand again.
"No, Gregory. We haven't. Michael let this happen. For one reason only. He said that it must happen. That he must fall. Why or what it means I know not. Only that it had to happen. It was Michael's final choice. To accept that pain or run from it. His loving heart chose that pain. He's taken that pain for all of you."
Everyone lowered their heads, tears in all their eyes.
"But why, Justin?? Why now, when the end's so close? Was this all for nothing?" Gregory said, his emotions erupting.
Kevin put his arm around his lover, trying to calm him.
Justin's face changed.
A look of deep hurt and anger on it now.
"Do you think I like this?? Do you know what this has done to me?! To my Mico?!! My husband almost died tonight! I almost lost him. I feel his hurt and his pain. It's so great and mind-numbing. And he hasn't woken yet. How do I look into his blind eyes and comfort him? How do I make that pain go away?" Justin sobbed, Josh and Lance beside him, holding him tightly.
Justin pulled out of their hold, staring at Gregory and Alberto.
"My Mico has sacrificed everything for your families. His body, his mind and his heart. I love him and you all say that you love him. Why can't he have peace and happiness? Why does it all have to lay on his shoulders?? He never wanted this. I sure as hell never wanted it. All we ever wanted was to love each other. His own family is tearing him apart."
Justin sat down, his head lowered, sobs racking his body.
Everyone stood quiet, feeling his deep pain and love for his Mico.
Lance looked around, seeing all the hurt and tearing eyes of Michael's family.
He walked over to Justin, kneeling in front of him.
"Jus, my dear friend. You've forgotten one thing. One thing that's been in both of your hearts. Love, Justin. A deep unending love. You know in your heart that Michael's had your love from the moment he met you. He told me himself that you saved him. Your love saved him. He told me that I was the Guardian. That I was to Guard the Truth. He's told me the first truth. I want to tell you all what that first truth is."
Josh looked at his lover, seeing him strong, determined and loving.
"Michael's own personal truth is hidden. I soon shall learn that, I believe. It's what I am destined to learn. But he told me something truthful, something that surprised and touched my heart."
Justin's head raised, looking into Lance's green eyes.
"I asked him why he kept going on. After all the pain and suffering, and the certain suffering he was heading into, why would he keep going on? He told me that love conquers all. That he'd found something he'd never had before. And that he'd been promised it for enduring a life of tragic pain. It was love, Justin. Love is the greatest gift he's been given."
"He said that?" Justin said, still staring into Lance's truthful eyes.
"Yes, Jus. And we've all felt his love. That deep faithful love that he's given so freely. Never in our lives have we ever met someone so giving. The love in him is large, Jus. And the greatest love he saves for you. We've all seen it in his eyes, and in your smile. Today is a day of change for both of you, Jus. You need to be the strong one now. Michael needs you. And he needs your strength. All of us know your love for him, and his for you. We all know what's at stake here at this moment, and you already see the doubts setting in. The next few days will be as Michael said. Full of doubt and concern. I agree with Alberto. I have the faith of Michael's destiny. Nothing shall change that for me, or for anyone in this room. His love is in all of us. We know in our hearts this isn't over."
Justin wiped his eyes, Lance hugging him gently.
"I'm sorry I got angry. I just hate seeing my Mico hurt. I'd never blame any of you for that. I blame only one person. And his day is coming."
Lance hugged Justin tight, his own mind on that very thought.

A half hour later, the doctor returned, walking into the room.
"Michael is in his room now. I can take you to him, Mr. Timberlake. He's awake."
Justin nodded, getting up, Alberto and Lynn's arms around him.
"I need you with me, Mom. You too, Poppa."
Both teared up, nodding their heads, the doctor nodding as well.
The three walked quietly out of the room, their friends and loved ones saying silent prayers.
Justin walked into a room on the fourth floor, the room lit only by a single light beside a hospital bed.
And laying in that bed was his life.
Michael was laying under a white blanket, his face covered in white bandages.
A large bandage covered his eyes.
Both arms were outside the covers, tubes running into his right one, bandages wrapped around his left.
The beep of machines could be heard in the quiet room.
A nurse stood upon their entering the room, the doctor quietly talking to her, she slipping out of the room.
Michael's erratic breathing could also be heard.
Justin held in a sob, staring at his injured Mico.
Lynn and Alberto were in tears, gently guiding Justin forward.
Justin sat down beside the bed in a chair, his hand gently taking Michael's right hand.
Justin felt the instant connection, the flow of love running from Michael to him, and Justin returning that love.
Justin also felt the immense pain Michael was in.
Michael's ragged breathing seemed to change, his mouth opening slowly.
"Jus.... is that you?" a soft, struggling voice said.
"Yes Mico, my love. It's your Justin." Justin said, tears running down his face.
"Everyone safe....   are they....okay?" Michael gasped.
"Yes, Mico. No one got hurt. You saved all of us, my angel."
Michael struggled to force a smile on his face, Justin in tears.
"It's hurts so much, Jus. My legs feel on fire. I can't see...I can't..."
Justin held his hand, trying to stop his crying, unable to stop the tears falling down his own cheeks.
"Be still my love. You're legs are broken. As is your hip. Don't move if you don't have to. The pain will lessen, my love."
Michael gasped, his body trembling to Justin's touch.
"I can't see..... Jus.... why can't I see?"
Justin looked at his mother and Alberto, seeing Lynn sobbing into Alberto's chest, the Spanish grandfather crying tears of pain.
"The explosion damaged your eyes, my love. They were burned." Justin said, knowing he couldn't deny Michael the truth.
Michael remained still, the words sinking into his soul.
"I'm blind?"
Justin's own sob let go, Michael's hand tightening on Justin.
"Don't cry, my love. I'll be alright. I just need to focus on the pain.... I'm so weak... it's taking hold, Jus." Michael struggled to say, his voice sounding distant, as if he were sinking into unconsciousness.
The doctor walked up to the bed, a small tray in the returned nurse's hands.
"I have something for the pain, Michael. My name is Doctor Chavallo. We're going to lessen the pain for you so you can sleep." the doctor said, taking a needle off the nurse's tray.
He inserted it into the IV running into Michael's right arm, injecting the drug into his system.
"Morphine." the doctor said to Justin quietly, Justin nodding.
The doctor injected a second needle into the tube, emptying its contents.
"A sleeping drug, to make him sleep. He should sleep until mid-afternoon." the doctor quietly said, looking down with concern at Michael.
Michael's breathing gradually relaxed, his trembling lessening.
"I love you... Ju.." Michael softly said, not finishing his sentence.
"Michael?" Justin said softly, no answer coming back.
Justin leaned over, kissing his lips.
"Sleep deep my love. When you awake, we'll connect to ease your pain." he softly said, tears falling on Michael's bandaged face.
The doctor quietly looked at him, then at Alberto.
"Justin, Michael will have a long road ahead of him. I can only imagine the pain he's in. His bones will start to knit and mend, that will be excruciating. It's going to take a long  time. You showed great courage telling him the truth about his blindness. I see deeply your love for him. He'll need you so much ahead."
Justin looked up at the doctor.
"He's my life, doctor. I'm with him forever."
Alberto and Lynn smiled, seeing Justin's emotions coming under check.
The doctor walked quietly over to Alberto.
"Is this who I think it is?" he softly said.
Alberto looked into his brown eyes.
"Yes, Josef. My grandson Michael. The Messenger of God." Alberto said, staring quietly at the young man laying in the bed.
"Then it's over? He can't possibly stop this now?" the doctor said, a tear falling from his eyes.
"Life is about holding onto hope. My hope is that Michael shall heal himself. His gifts hold the key. Let us pray God gives him back to us."
Josef looked back at Michael, then quietly knelt beside the bed.
"I shall give all of my soul to make you well, Messenger. For my mother's sake and for my own peace of mind. Bless you and God keep his love with you."
The young man crossed himself, rising up again, Justin quietly staring at him.
He bowed to Justin, then quietly walked out of the room.
Alberto walked to the other side of the bed, quietly sitting down in a chair.
Lynn walked over beside Justin, putting her arm around him.
"Another Tavarro follower, Alberto?"
Alberto looked at Michael, then at Justin and Lynn.
"He is Rosario Chavallo's only remaining son. The eldest of three."
Justin looked towards the door, remembering Michael's talking with the woman at the Feast.
His confessing to her the death of her two sons.
Josef must have been informed of the tragedy.
"He shows a lot of courage continuing on such a day of tragedy for his family. He has the heart of his grandfather Mason." Alberto softly said, looking at his own grandson.
"Michael has your courageous heart, Grandfather." Justin said, looking at him.
"He saved me Justin. He risked his life just like my Ramon did. Why? I am old, I am tired and used up. My time on this earth is waning. Why didn't he save himself? Now look at him. He carries the pain I should carry. And now he's put everything in jeopardy. My family's destiny. For what? For me? I never deserved that risk. How do we go on now? Who can save the heart of my family?"
Alberto was in tears, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"Never give up on Michael, Grandfather. I know God's love is in his heart. This happened because it had to happen. Why, we know not. But it's destiny. Nothing you or any of us could have done would have changed that. Michael was fully prepared for this. Maybe not for the damaging pain, but he was willing to take that pain on. I'm sorry for my outburst earlier, my love for Michael is everything to him. I see that you and all your family love him, just as much as I do. I'm not giving up on him. Somehow destiny is still in play. What the end result will be, only time will tell."
Justin looked down at his husband.
"When he wakes up again, I'm going to try to heal him. I don't know how much I can do, but I'm going to give it my everything. Just as he's always given. His love is my love."
Alberto nodded, hearing the love in Justin's voice for him and for Michael.
"His family will always be with him, Justin. I'll make damn sure of that."
Justin smiled, leaning over and kissing Michael's grandfather's cheek.
"So will I, Poppa. So will I."

The next few hours saw everyone quietly visiting Michael in small groups.
Justin never moved, staying with his lover, waiting for him to awaken.
Josh held Justin while Lance quietly prayed at Michael's side, both men quietly crying.
They saw the deep love that Lance felt for Michael.
Lance's hand was in Michael's while he prayed to God to heal him.
Vicky was an emotional mess, sobbing against Chris when they and Kelly and Joe visited.
No amount of care could make her stop crying.
"He's hurting so much. Why him?"
Justin held her, feeling her deep love for Michael.
"He'll survive, Vicky. Our love will always be his."
She gradually calmed down, her tears still flowing.
Paulo, Jake, Marco and Emile came together, the foursome of love needing to show Michael their love.
They were all in tears, Marco and Emile deeply moved by seeing Michael.
"He's so loving, so giving. Why can't God give him his greatest dreams?" Marco said, Emile holding him tightly, staring at Michael's sleeping form.
"God has, Blue. He gave him Justin." Emile softly said, his eyes full of tears.
Justin hugged all four of them, the four quietly leaving.
And so the room became a beacon to all Michael's loving family and friends.
They cocooned him in a blanked of love, Justin wrapped in it as well.
Lynn never left her two boys' sides, sitting across from Justin.
Justin fell asleep, his head laying against Michael's hand.
Lynn quietly remained vigilant, seeing their love before her.
"Sleep well my angels. Tomorrow begins your day of healing."

Fredrick lay on his bed, Victor struggling to remain calm.
Fredrick was leering at him, an evil smile upon his face.
"So the Messenger has fallen! Excellent! My servant did as he should! And the bomb had its effect! Michael is finished!"
Victor nodded, remaining still.
Victor wasn't sure who Fredrick's new servant was, for he didn't have the courage to ask.
He'd told Fredrick everything.
All about Michael's confrontation with the Tavarro family.
His spies had told him of the Stavros family arrival and the bombing after.
"The fool walking into his own foolish ending! After Sunday, I shall savour making his life a painful endurance! If he thinks he's in pain now, it's only just begun! What of that slut he married?" Fredrick said, his glaring eyes taking in Victor's trembling movements.
"He remains at his side at the hospital." Victor said, staring at his master's enlarged organ.
"And Michael is blind? That's a shame. I so wanted him to see who'd beaten him. For him to see me ripping his heart out. Oh well, the result had its desired affect. The family will be lost now, sheep to be easily led. Sunday, I shall reveal myself. And the world will know the power of the Dracarian Order! And the might of Fredrick Tavarro!"
Fredrick rubbed himself, rising out of the bed.
He walked around Victor, the man trembling.
"You were very foolish disposing of those two brats so callously. I don't know how Michael found out, but somehow he did. And that worries me. You leave too many loose ends, Victor."
"They were my reward, sire. You said so yourself." Victor trembled.
"Yes, your reward. I hope their taste was worth the risk you've taken. If this comes to light completely, I wash my hands of you.  I cannot allow cannibalism to infect the Tavarro name. And I leave no loose ends."
Victor gulped, Fredrick's hands going down his back.
"I feel and sense your desires, Victor. You want Justin."
Victor nodded, reluctantly.
"What if I said you could have him? Oh, I'll use him first, I want to have Michael sense that horror. But I could be persuaded to give you the remains. They won't be too tainted."
Victor stared into his new golden eyes.
"That would be wonderful, my Lord."
Fredrick stared at him.
"I want you to stir the unrest. Make the family give up their hopes on Michael. The man is finished. He is no longer a threat. Speak well of my name, Victor. Give the people their coming benefactor's worth."
"Yes sire. I shall proclaim the greatness of your wonders."
"Tell them that I, Fredrick Tavarro, am the real Messenger of God. Michael was a usurper, a fake. I want them to hunger for my upcoming revelation."
"Yes, sire. It shall commence immediately."
Fredrick smiled, his fingers brushing Victor's cheek.
"You are so obedient, Victor. So giving of your desires to please me."
"I am yours alone, dear Lord."
"I shall reward you on Sunday, Victor Falisca, sainted servant of his Lord."
Victor smiled, bowing to his knees.
Fredrick pulled Victor's face into his naked crotch, Victor taking all of Fredrick's largeness down his throat.
Fredrick had taught him well on how to service him.
Fredrick smiled evilly, pulling hard on Victor's hair.
"Gamot!!!" Fredrick yelled, Victor looking up at him.
Fredrick's servant walked into the room.
"Yes, Lord." the large man said, carrying a bag.
Fredrick pulled his cock out from Victor's wet mouth, teasing him with it.
"My favorite servant is famished. Give him his treat."
Gamot walked forward, stopping beside the bed.
He didn't look towards Fredrick's nakedness.
He opened the bag, dropping its contents on the white sheets.
Gamot convulsed, looking away quickly.
He walked out of the room quickly.
Victor's eyes were drawn to the redness leaking onto the white sheets.
Two red, bloody hearts lay on the bed, their blood seeping into the sheets.
"You forgot the greatest delicacy, my servant. You forgot to devour their hearts."
Victor stared in shock.
How had Fredrick found them?
He had been certain their hidden graves lay covered.
Victor felt the bile rising in his throat, the stench of the decomposing organs overpowering him.
"Eat them now, Victor! Take their souls into your murderous heart! Never leave a task unfinished!" Fredrick said, pulling the man up and throwing him on the bed.
Victor stared at the organs less than an inch from his face.
He felt Fredrick ripping off his pants, and forcing his head forward.
Victor was trapped.
Trapped in a nightmare of his own doing.
He sank forward, his mouth opening.
His teeth sank into the rotting flesh, Fredrick's hardness sinking deep inside him.
Victor became forever lost in the madness of his master's own destiny.

Michael woke up, the complete darkness all around him.
"Justin!" he said, his voice seemingly lost.
"I'm right here, my love." he felt a warmth across his chest, knowing his love was holding him gently.
"It is true, isn't it? I cannot see?" he softly said, feeling the numbing pain coursing through him.
"Yes, my angel. It's true."
Michael felt the emotion in Justin's voice, his hand searching out for his.
Justin's hand joined with it, both feeling their unending love.
"Josh and Lance are here, too, Mico. Our brothers of love are here."
"Hello, Mico." Josh's tender voice echoing in Michael's mind.
"Hello, Mico." Lance's loving words calming Michael's heart, his hand touching his shoulder.
"Hello......my loves." Michael softly said.
"Mico, I'm going to join with you. I'm going to see if I can reduce the pain. I don't think I can heal you, but I can try and stop the pain so you can heal yourself." Justin softly said.
Michael struggled to nod, his mind and body overflowing with an intense pain.
Josh and Lance both kissed his cheeks, then kissed Justin.
Justin took both of his hands, laying one on Michael's chest, the other on his face.
The blue glow was instantaneous.
Josh and Lance remained quiet, seeing the expressions come over Justin's face.
First was a deep shock, then a horrific grimace, then calm determined concentration.
The two remained connected, Justin lost in Michael's soul.
After half an hour, Justin broke the connection, collapsing into Josh's arms.
Michael gasped, then shook a bit, then relaxed.
His hand moved, going to his face.
"Thank you, Jus. The pain has lessened considerably. I sense my oneness again. I need to focus on myself for a moment." he softly said, his hand returning to his side.
Josh and Lance looked to Justin, seeing his eyes on Michael's face.
A deeper blue glow flooded the hospital bed, Michael's body covered in it.
They all knew that Michael was trying to heal himself.
The glow intensified, Michael's body slowing beginning to move.
Lance, Josh and Justin stood in amazement, seeing Michael's legs moving.
His crushed legs were moving?
The blue glow disappeared, Doctor Josef walking into the room.
The room was bright with afternoon sunshine.
He saw the three men standing around Michael, looking down at him.
"Is everything okay?" he quietly asked, looking at Michael.
"Everything is better, Josef." Michael said, his voice stronger.
Josef looked surprised, hearing Michael's enriched voice.
"My legs are healed, the pain has diminished. As is my hip and left arm. The pain is still there but greatly diminished. A couple of more sessions and I'll heal them completely." he quietly said, Justin picking up on the tiredness now in his voice.
"And your eyes, Mico?" Josh said, staring quietly at him.
"I cannot heal them. I don't know what's wrong?  I can't even touch them with the gift."
Doctor Josef stood in dumbfounded shock, pulling the blanket down off of Michael's chest.
Michael's legs lay exposed, bandaged but somehow different to the doctor's eyes.
Michael lifted the left one, bending the knee.
"Good God!!! That's impossible!! I set that leg, it was completely crushed!!"
"God's good love has healed me, Josef. I shall be healthy in a couple of days." Michael said, lifting his hand.
Justin took it in his, feeling Michael's instant connection with him.
The doctor couldn't believe his eyes.
He stared at Michael's face, leaning in and removing the bandages from his face.
All the burn marks were gone.
"Your skin is all healed! It truly is a miracle!" he said, trembling with excitement.
"I have a destiny to fulfill, Josef. The destiny of our hearts."
The doctor looked quietly at Michael.
"How did you know my name was Josef?"
Michael's head moved a bit, as if he was sensing out something.
"Is the door closed, Josh?"
"Yes, Michael. There's just the four of us here." Josh said, looking at the confused, excited doctor.
"I feel your heart and soul, son of Rosario."
Josef sucked in his breath, a tremble going through him.
"Josef, I need to ask you to keep this to yourself. My healing must go unknown."
"But why, Michael? This is miraculous! You truly must be the Messenger!"
Michael lifted his hand, the doctor taking it, staring in awe at his healed hand.
"You are a faithful man. A descendant of the Tavarro faith. Your mother raised one child of greatness. I asked you to stand by me. I ask you to join me in the faith."
The doctor looked at Michael, sensing a greatness emanating off this man.
"I shall do all I can for you, Michael. I shall keep this quiet."
Michael nodded, still holding onto the man's hand.
"I need to be truthful with you in all ways, Josef. So ask me the question that burns in your heart."
Josef looked upset, the others quietly watching the conversation between the two men.
"Who killed my brothers, Michael? I want to know."
Justin and Josh exchanged looks, knowing that answer.
"Victor Falisca murdered your brothers as a reward from Fredrick Tavarro. Victor is a lost soul, a defiled monster. You need to know the truth of that. Bear it in your heart as you must. I beg your forgiveness for telling you the truth."
The four men remained quiet, Michael telling Josef the horrific details of Bastian and Marcus' deaths.
Josef was sobbing, Josh holding onto him.
"I'll kill him! I'll kill that monster!!"
"No, Josef." Michael said, sitting up, a gasp coming from him.
Josef went to him, gently laying him back down.
"You're still not fully healed, Michael. Lay back, you need rest." he said tenderly.
"Therein lies your soul, Josef. A kind, caring, giving healer like you cannot fill his heart with anger and revenge. Victor Falisca shall receive his just reward. I promise you that."
"My mother, did she know of this? It would crush her soul. They were troublesome and lost, but they still were her children. They didn't deserve that kind of death."
"She has a strong heart, and a forgiving soul. After all this has ended, you can break it to her gently. She will find comfort in your love. The love of her giving son."
Josef was in tears, wiping his eyes.
"I believe in your goodness, Michael. I believe in the destiny of your vision. I shall abide by your requests."
Michael smiled, a tired half-smile.
"I'm exhausted now, I need to rest. And when I awake I want to see my angels. Where are they, Timby?"
"Mom's bringing them in late this afternoon. They want to see there Papa." Justin smiled, tears in his eyes again at hearing that name for him.
"Their Papa needs them in his arms. Their love will heal me even more."
Michael sighed, quieting down in the bed, the four men quietly walking out of the room.

Michael woke up a couple of hours later, feeling a weight upon his chest.
A weight that was moving.
"Shauna?" he softly said, a small hand going to his face.
"Hi, Papa! You okays?" the little girl's voice cutting through the darkness of Michael's mind.
"Yes, my angel. Papa's okay." Michael said, emotion in his voice.
Justin stood beside the bed, Stevie holding his hand, Jonathan standing beside him.
Darian and Shauna sat on the bed, Shauna on top of Michael's chest.
Lance and Josh stood on the other side, Noah in their arms.
Christina and Zach stood at the end of the bed, Becky holding her dad's hand.
"All the kids are here, Mico. They all wanted to see you." Justin said, Darian looking up at his father, Justin nodding with a smile.
Darian climbed up onto Michael's chest also, Michael putting his arms around both of them.
"We wuvs you, Papa. You be's okay." Darian said, kissing his father's cheek.
All the adults were in tears, Michael openly crying, his soft sobbing heard by all of them.
"My little angels! Papa loves you so much!" he said, his voice full of emotion.
The room was full of all of Michael's family, all of them standing around the bed.
Vicky was in Chris' arms, seeing Michael holding his little ones.
Randall, Lisa, Paul and Lynn were in tears, seeing the greatest gift Michael had been given.
The love of his children and Justin's love.
Alberto, Doris and Father Nico sat on a couch, Paulo, Marco, Emile and Jake standing against the wall.
Lonnie and Rachel sat in chairs, all their eyes on the scene in the bed.
Noah moved in Lance's arms, wanting down on the bed.
Lance lowered him, Noah climbing towards Darian.
Michael felt the extra weight, knowing it was Noah Daniel.
"Hi, Unky Mikey. You's be okay. Me helps you with your eyes. Me shows you how to be blinded."
Justin sobbed, hearing the deep love in Noah's little voice.
Josh and Lance were in tears, as were all the others.
Noah crawled up between Darian and Shauna, both smiling at their little friend.
"Noah right, Papa. He helps you, and we's too. We's all be heres for you." Darian said with calming authority.
Noah kissed Michael on the lips, Michael smiling at all three.
"Thank you Noah. And thank you my angels."
Everyone smiled, seeing Michael's smile.
He held the kids for a bit, then Justin and Josh gently lifted them off.
Christina came around the bed, hugging Michael gently, her face a mask of tears.
"I'd thought I'd lost you! I love you, my brother!"
Michael held her, kissing his sister's cheek.
"You'll never lose me, Cricket."
Zach helped Becky climb onto the bed gently, Zach leaning over and kissing Michael's cheek, taking his hand.
"Love you, Michael. I'm so happy you're here." Zach said with deep emotion, Lance rubbing his back.
Becky kissed Michael's cheek, Michael smiling.
"Love you, Uncle Mike. Please be okay?"
"I'm going to be fine, princess. I love you."
She smiled, as did Christina.
Everyone took turns gently hugging Michael, he sensing immediately who each one was.
Jonathan and Stevie hugged Michael together, he feeling his little brothers' love.
Justin remained in the chair by his side, seeing all their love for his husband.
Vicky clung to Michael, sobbing against his chest, his arms around her.
"Calm down, ya bimbo! Fat chance of your pencil dick leaving you!"
She sobbed, Chris rubbing her back, his face covered in tears.
Michael continually kissed her head, rubbing her shoulder.
"Now stop, sweetie. Your mascara will run and you'll look like a circus freak!"
She laughed gently, Michael's love in his humor.
"I know what you're doing, Mikey. I love you so much."
Michael smiled, sensing his familiar humor had calmed her down.
"One advantage to all this, I don't have to see your troll's ugly mug."
Vicky laughed in spite of the situation, Chris shaking his head behind her.
"Hey, Mikey. The troll's right here." he said, wiping his eyes.
"I knew he would be, Chris." Michael said softly, Chris looking at him with tenderness.
Chris bent down, kissing Michael on the lips.
"Glad you're back with us, ya freak!"
Michael smiled, hearing the love in Chris' emotional voice, and sensing it more in the touching kiss.
"You kiss like a girl, Chris. Vicky are you a lesbo?"
That did it for most of them, laughter erupting all around Michael.
His infectious humor destroying the gloom in the bright sunny room.
Seth and Tomas–as well as Father Derrick–all hugged Michael, spending a few minutes with him.
All his family and friends showing their love.
Justin felt Michael's calming soul, the pain still there, but greatly diminished, replaced with a tiredness of healing.
"Is Poppa here?" Michael said softly, Alberto getting up and walking to the bed.
"I'm right here, grandson."
Michael took his hand with his other hand.
"How are things out there?"
Alberto looked at Justin, Paulo pulling a chair up for him.
"Let's not talk of that now. We have to get you well again." he said, trying to sound lighthearted.
Michael sighed.
He'd sensed concern and worry from his grandfather, as well as from his cousins.
"What's happened?"
Alberto looked at his grandson, then around the room.
"Victor's very quick, Michael. All day today he's been stirring up unrest and trouble among the people. Everyone's on pins and needles. He's taken the Stone back to the church, and the family have returned to their homes. He's spreading rumors that you are a fake and that Fredrick is the real Messenger. And what's worse is that people are beginning to believe him."
Alberto looked deeply wounded by that.
"They all saw your powers, your gifts of love. Why can't they believe?" he said, Michael sensing the hurt in his soul.
"It is the time of Renouncement. The Messenger's message is falling on deaf ears. It follows the path as it must."
Alberto put his hand on Michael's shoulder, Michael feeling his love.
"You haven't failed, Michael. A lot of people were awed by what you did yesterday. That cannot be forgotten in their hearts."
"And it won't, Grandfather. No matter how much they are led astray he shall draw them back."
"He, Michael?" Justin said, quietly watching Alberto.
"He that I shall make known." Michael softly said.
"The Commander of Truth?" Alberto said, looking around at his family.
"What time is it?" Michael said, quietly.
"It's around four, Michael." Josh said, Michael smiling at him.
"I shall remain here today, and return to the Villa tomorrow evening." he said, everyone hearing the finality and determination in his words.
"Michael, you're deeply injured. Moving you is out of the question." Randall said, his concern evident in his voice.
"Move I must, Dad. Time stops for no one, especially me."
Justin's brow furrowed.
"Mico, you are not well. I don't want you straining yourself. For God's sake, you can't see! How can you do anything helpful?"
Michael sighed, hearing the concern in Justin's voice.
"I am not doing anything soon, Jus. I just need to be out of this hospital. Grandfather's house is comfortable and it's where I must be this weekend."
Justin looked around.
"You know what's going to happen, why this had to happen, don't you?"
"Yes, Jus. There's no way that I'm not going to be at that confrontation. I don't give a damn that I'm blind or injured. That doesn't matter. What happens must happen. I'll drag myself into that church if I have to."
Justin lowered his head, Michael's hand going to his face.
"Don't be concerned for me, my love. We've discussed this. You know this is as it is. Pain means nothing against your love."
Justin raised his head, Michael feeling his love.
Darian and Shauna were put down on the bed again, crawling up to their father.
"Now, if everyone will excuse us, our family needs some time alone." Justin said, everyone smiling and getting up.
They all quietly left, the two fathers and their two angels left alone.
Darian and Shauna snuggled against Michael's chest, his arms around him.
Justin lay beside Michael, the four close together.
"How do you go on from here, love?" Justin said, gently kissing Michael's cheek.
"I go on with your love, Jus. And these two angels. I'd give it all up to see your three smiling faces. But I see them in my soul."
Justin teared up, closing his eyes, laying against the man he loved.

Sister Agatha Rose set down her bible, rubbing her tired eyes.
She'd been reading for three hours, finding no solace in the good book.
Her mind was troubled.
The news from Father Nico that morning was troublesome in itself.
She'd devoted her life to God for over forty years.
Even tragedy and pain hadn't destroyed that rock of faith that was her soul.
She pushed her wheelchair across the room, opening the door to her bedroom.
This chair had been her companion for over thirty years, a tragic accident joining the two.
She rolled gently down the hallway, the far door opening.
Father Nicolas Barosa walked into the hallway, smiling at the woman rolling towards him.
"Good afternoon, Sister Aggie. How goes God's will?"
"It goes as always, to the hearts of all of us. How are you doing Father? Has your cousin regained consciousness?"
"Yes, he's awake. But the news isn't all well. The bomb has destroyed his eyesight and injured him greatly."
The nun crossed herself, lowering her head, a silent prayer for a hurt soul.
"God gives us all great challenges. We walk through them with his love and our faith."
The priest smiled at the older sister, seeing her giving heart for a stranger.
"How are our charges?"
"They are all as they've always been. All with hearts of love, although some still remain silent." she said, opening another door, Father Nico holding it open while she rolled through.
Father Nico looked into the small room, seeing the sleeping form.
"No change, as always. It's been so long." he said.
"Yes, such a lost soul."
"How are Manuel and Tisa?" he asked, the nun smiling up at him.
"Tisa smiled this morning, I saw it as plain as day. A good sign."
Father Nico smiled.
"Manuel's faith shows greatly. He spent three hours in therapy this morning. Courage runs through him."
"He has a great task master."
The nun laughed, rolling back out of the room.
Father Nico took one more look at the person laying in the bed.
The man had lain there for a long time.
Lost on life's journey.
His path only darkness.
Father Nico had worked with Sister Aggie at this hospice for over fifteen years.
The man in the bed had been here when Nico had first walked in.
Manuel had been here for three years.
A tragic car accident robbing him of half his body.
But that young man hadn't given up, gaining his movement back slowly.
He still couldn't walk, but there was a faint hope.
Tisa was paralyzed with a rare form of polio since she'd been a child.
Now, at eighteen, she was basically completely paralyzed.
A smile from her was a small sign of hope.
Father Nico visited all the other rooms with the sister, seeing all their charges as normal.
"So much hope, but so little change." he quietly said.
The nun stopped her wheelchair, looking up at him.
"To have faith in God is to have hope. I sense something is about to happen. Small signs of hope have been showing. Joseph moved."
Father Nico looked at her with shock.
"I saw it myself. His finger moved."
Father Nico looked at a cross hanging on the wall.
"He's here. Our Messenger is here. I think we're in for a weekend of miracles." she said, taking his hand in his.
Father Nico looked into her tired blue eyes.
"God's coming to town, Nicolas. And we'll never be the same."

End of Chapter 170

And so Michael returns to us.
What can he do if he's blind and injured?
What of the final confrontation?
How can the family turn back from Fredrick's power?

Will Lance have to be more than the Guardian for Michael?
What's Justin's part in all of this?
Many questions of intrigue and wonder.
Hang on, the day fast approaches.

I know a lot of fans are dreading the upcoming confrontation.
For in it they sense the coming end of this story.
All stories of happiness and love must end somewhere.
I hope this will end to your liking.
Just remember, this is what I wanted to write.
The end justifies the means for me.

But no worries.
I kind of like doing this.
Many more ideas are flowing in my mind.
Who knows.
Destiny has a way of capturing you.

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