Justin's Angel-175

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The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Later in the deep night, quietness descended on the remaining rooms of the house.
One lone figure walked silently through its darkened halls.
He walked down the spiral staircase, his feet making no sound.
He walked room to room, reliving lost memories.
Lost memories of childhoods gone by.
Of moments lost, and love lost.
He found himself in the room of destiny, finding it now empty, only stone bleak walls.
"All gone now." he said softly.
He walked up the stairs, waiting as the fireplace returned to its final form.
He looked at the portrait of Adrian, watching as it rose upward.
He stared at the shelf.
His hands found the first box, opening it, seeing within it the ancient parchment.
"Do good with it, Lance." he softly said.
He stared for the longest time at the last box, sensing what it might contain.
He lifted it down, gently opening it, seeing the blue cloth on top of its hidden treasure.
His fingers moved across the cloth.
He remembered the cloth, and what it was from.
His body trembled, raising the cloth.
He gasped, seeing the emblazoned initials staring up at him from its furry chest.
A sob of joy issued from his lips, his hand taking the object into it.
He set the box on the shelf again, moving backward, sinking onto the couch behind him.
The portrait lowered, the shelf hidden as always.
He sat in his loneliness, holding the little bear in both hands.
Tears fell from his eyes, their wet drops glistening on the bear's face.
A gentle laughter filled the silent room.
The lost one faded into nothing.

Chapter 175

The Day of Destiny

Justin opened his eyes, a head laying on his chest.
He looked down, seeing the white streaks in Lance's spiky locks.
Lance lay against him, his arm laying across Justin's chest, his hand resting on Josh's hip.
Josh lay snuggled against Justin's right side, his face against Justin's cheek.
Justin smiled, feeling the warmth of the two men surrounding him.
He looked to his left, seeing Michael gone.
He also saw the empty crib, knowing Michael was tending the little ones somewhere.
He sighed, remembering the passion he'd felt throughout the night.
The four had been together in every beautiful moment, no jealousies, no hidden desires.
Each had fulfilled the needs, wants and desires of the other three.
And the tenderness and deep love had been unbelievable.
Lance had gently cried in Michael's arms when the passion and love became too overpowering.
And Josh and Justin had lived out their lost dreams in regards to each other.
But what the four had given each other didn't seem like physical love.
It felt more like an extension of their love, the four giving themselves completely to the other three.
Josh moved around a bit, his lips kissing Justin's cheek.
"Morning my angel." Josh said, slowly opening his eyes.
"Morning sweetcakes." Justin said, smirking.
Josh looked into Justin's smiling face.
"Oh sorry, Jus. I thought you were my Lance."
Justin smiled, lightly kissing Josh's lips.
"You mean our Lance."
Josh smiled, looking down at Lance sleeping against Justin.
"Seems our Messenger has snuggled us all together again. Where is the man of our hearts?"
"I don't know. I was just going to call out to him."
Josh smiled, joining with his mind.
"Mico, my angel. I love you. Where are you? Your Josh and Justy miss their angels."
Josh and Justin both felt Michael's happiness flood their minds and hearts.
"I just finished helping your Moms with breakfast. Jonnie and Stevie are playing with the kids. I'll be up in a few minutes. I'm sure you two can find something to do."
Josh and Justin looked at each other smiling.
"How did you know there were only two of us awake?" Josh said in his mind.
"You forget, I read your souls. My Lancy is snoozing. You need to wake our third angel."
Josh smiled, sitting up.
Justin stared at his smooth sleek chest, Josh smiled at him.
"I think Lance is attached to you. He's always so cuddly in the morning."
Justin smiled, gently moving his body to the left, Lance laying back, murmuring.
Justin smiled, looking at his smooth-blemish free chest.
"Your man is beautiful, Joshy. And his passion and love are beyond belief. It is only equaled by yours. It was as if I had three Michaels last night."
Josh smiled, staring at Justin's naked chest.
"Yeah, we were all lost last night. The passion was incredible. Thank you, Justin. And Michael was so unbelievable."
Justin smiled, leaning forward, kissing Josh deeply.
"Both of us are with you always, Josh. With both you and our Lance."
"Thanks, Jus. I love both of you. And I'll speak for Lance as well. We both are here for you and always for our Mico."
Justin smiled, pulling his best friend into his arms, their hug deep and loving.
"A wonderful sight of endearing love."
Josh and Justin turned, seeing Lance's green eyes staring at them.
They both smiled, Josh leaning forward and kissing Lance first, the two exchanging their morning words of love.
Justin kissed Lance then, a tender kiss of love.
"Mmm, wonderful. And where is our Mico?"
"I'm right here, Lancy."
The three looked towards the doorway, Michael and Joey standing there, the three little ones in front of them.
Joey's face was showing a look of nonjudgmental calmness.
The three little ones made a beeline for the bed, Justin leaning down and scooping up his two angels, Lance picking up Noah.
"Mornings, Papa and Daddy! Me makes toast! Me can cooks now!!" Noah said with boisterous glee.
Josh grinned widely, kissing his son's cheek, the boy's brown eyes filled with happiness, looking into his father's blue orbs.
"Awesome, Noah! Papa and me can sleep in every morning and our little man can feed us!"
Noah laughed, Darian laughing with him.
"No, Daddy! Me nots big enough to make big breakie. Me just makes you toast."
"Alright, little man. That's perfectly okay with us. We love toast."
Noah smiled, snuggling against Lance's chest.
Joey smiled, leading Michael over to the bed, Michael sitting down.
"My breakfast is ready. With some help from everyone. Joey's been my constant companion. I think he's smitten with me."
Joey rolled his eyes, Justin smiling at him.
"OK, everyone. Breakfast is waiting. I'll let you guys take care of this wandering angel. And put some clothes on guys, I can smell the raunchiness." Joey smiled, then laughed, walking out of the room.
Michael smiled after him, the three others looking at him.
"Wandering angel?" Justin said, Michael looking towards him.
"I've been up for a while, Jus. Walking around, meeting everyone as they got up. Joey took it upon himself to be my guide."
Justin leaned forward, kissing his lover's moist lips.
"Good morning, Mico. I love you."
Michael smiled, kissing deeply back.
"Love you more, my angel."
The other two saw the deep love emanating off the two lovers.
"And how are the two brothers of my heart?" Michael said, Josh and Lance smiling.
"We are beyond wonderful, Michael." Lance said, leaning forward and kissing his lips.
"Mmm, loving and tender. Our Lance is delicious."
Lance smiled, Josh kissing Michael next.
Michael smiled, his hands stroking Josh's smooth chest.
"Okay, enough snuggling. You guys need to get ready for breakfast. And I need to get changed. The day's begun." Michael said, standing up, Justin's eyes on him.
Michael walked over towards the closet, Josh standing up and walking up to him.
Lance and Justin both smiled at seeing Josh's nude body.
"Need help, Mico?"
"Yes, thanks Joshy. I need my black Armani suit and black silk shirt."
Josh smiled, opening the closet doors, finding the garments.
Michael smiled, pulling his t-shirt over his head, his hairy chest now on display.
"You and Jus take a shower, Joshy. Lance and I shall take care of the kiddies."
Josh smiled, looking towards Justin, Justin smiling and getting up, dumping a giggling Darian on top of Noah.
Lance smiled, watching Justin and Josh walk naked into the bathroom.
He eyes turned back towards Michael, seeing him putting on his black clothing.
"The day is finally at hand, Mico."
"Yes, Lance. It begins. In fact, it already has begun." Michael said, looking towards the closed door.
"Really? What's happened?" Lance said, standing up.
He walked to Michael, helping him on with his jacket.
"I've found the last piece, Lance. Everything's a go."

Twenty minutes later, Justin guided Michael into the dining room, everyone turning towards the group entering through the double doors.
Alberto stood up, as did everyone else.
Two extra tables had been set up, the group now large.
Justin smiled at everyone, guiding Michael to Alberto's table.
"Hello, Poppa." Justin smiled, Alberto kissing his cheek.
"Hello, Justin. Everything is prepared, Michael."
Michael smiled, Justin guiding him to the seat beside his grandfather.
Alexander and Doris stood across from them.
"Please, everyone, sit down." Michael said, everyone smiling at him, then sitting down.
Michael and Justin remained standing.
"You too, my love."
Justin smiled, sitting down.
"If you'll all allow me, I'd like to say grace."
Everyone voiced their agreement, Michael moving his head around.
"It is us again, dear faithful Lord. Your children of faith. We break bread together this morning as one unit of love. As a family. Around myself today, I feel so much love and faith. From both sides of my giving family. We are all here together, Lord. On this, your day of enlightenment and your day of discovery. This was always the day I feared, the day I never looked forward to. But today, here now, I feel the love and the faith associated with what's to come. I fear no more, dear Lord. I walk forward on your path, your love and the love I feel in all of those here entrenched in my heart. Bless all of us gathered here together. We go forward with your love. Amen."
"Amen." everyone softly said, a lot of eyes full of tears.
Michael sat down, his hand going in Justin's.
"Eat up, my love. It's going to be a long day."

The meal passed quickly, everyone quietly talking, Michael sensing all of their casual glances towards him.
Alexander sat across from Justin, quietly looking at Michael.
"What time does the service begin, Great Uncle?" Michael asked, Alberto looking at his brother.
"At noon, Michael. The benediction, the devotion, then the anointment of the family through Alberto. Then Alberto's farewell address. Then the council will call upon the masses to elect the new Patriarch. Victor senses a great victory. I sense something more."
Michael smiled, setting down his coffee cup.
"Victor Falisca shall never hold the reins of power that leads the Tavarro Dynasty. The council will not choose he who shall lead you. That God shall do.  A true blood of Adrian shall guide all of you."
Alberto looked around at all his brethren gathered in the room.
Nico, Marco, Paulo, Tomas, Antonio, Christina, Tisa and Sandaria.
All his loving grandchildren.
"That narrows the field down considerably, cousin." Marco said, smiling at Michael.
"His love flows always. Thomas?" Michael said, lifting his head.
"Yes, Michael?" Tomas said, sitting beside Mayou  and Kona, Seth at his side.
"You and I shall remain here. We shall go to the church and enter while Grandfather stands upon the altar giving his address of faith."
Alberto looked at his grandson.
"While you stand there you have the floor, Grandfather. You can allow me entrance, you can welcome me into the place of destiny."
Alberto nodded.
"You know all of it, don't you my son? All that's to transpire?"
"Yes, Poppa. I know all of it." Michael said, sensing everyone's silent stares.
"It shall all play out. All the beauty and heartfelt wonder. Today will be etched into your hearts forever. As it already is in mine."
Justin's hand tightened in Michael's.
"Come, my angel. Let's go for a walk. I'd like to visit them."
Justin nodded, Josh taking Darian out of his lap, Shauna climbing into Alberto's.
The two men left the dining room, everyone silently watching them go.

Justin watched Michael walking around the tombs.
His fingers caressed the marble tops of each one, his body leaning against his father's tomb.
Justin sensed Michael wanted a moment alone in silence.
Justin remained seated on a stone bench, quietly watching.
Michael sat a single white rose on top of his father's marble tomb.
"The day is upon me, Father. The day of my destiny. The day of my final truth. I wish you were here, Father. Your tender love is needed so much. I miss you and Momma. I know somehow you'll be with me today. I love both of you."
Justin remained silent, watching Michael softly talking.
"Take care of them all, Father. All that I love. Somehow I sense I'm leaving. That I'm going somewhere. That somehow I need to go. That this is my final journey. A final journey of love and destiny. I trust you and Momma to guide me with his love. I love you, Dad."
Michael leaned down, gently kissing the smooth marble surface.
He turned, Justin standing, Michael walking into his waiting arms.
Justin hugged him tightly, feeling Michael's deep love.
"They are with you, always. As are all those you love, Mico."
Michael nodded, Justin guiding him to the stone bench.
They both sat down, the tranquility of the place not lost on Justin.
A place of quiet beauty and deep love.
"We need to talk, Justin. We need to talk of us." Michael said, his hand in Justin's.
"I love you, Michael. And I'll wait forever for you."
Michael looked up, sensing the deep love emanating off his husband.
His deep love for him.
"Justin, you need to know all of it."
Justin looked into Michael's upturned face.
"I sense the finality in your words, my angel. But I also sense something else. A deeper love surrounding us. I know what you want to tell me."
Michael took both his hands in his, Justin looking at him.
"Justin. . .I died. And I was returned to see this out. That means that when this is done I shall hold no reason to remain here. My time will be over."
Justin pulled Michael against him, feeling Michael's sorrow.
"I refuse to believe that, Mico! God united us, he joined us for a reason. For both of us to find each other. To experience the deep love we both now share. And to give that love to Darry and Shauny. God loves us, Mico. I believe with all my heart he's forgiven you for what you've done. Perhaps today he shall take you from me, but that won't stop the love we share. I love you, Michael. No destiny, no death or pain shall remove that love. It's forever."
"I feel the same feelings, my Jus. I found you, I found your love. My greatest dreams were fulfilled when I looked into your blue pools of love. I shall move heaven and earth to stay with you. But something is puzzling me. Something my mother said to me the last time we met in Adrian's room."
Justin put his arm around Michael, Michael's head going to its favorite spot.
"What did she say?"
Michael was silent for a moment.
"She told me that my father had a message for me."
"And what was that message, Mico?" Justin said, looking towards Ramon's marble tomb.
"You are trapped on this path but for a moment. For him shall the paths be changed."
Justin quietly thought about that statement, finding it confusing.
"Does he mean you're not on the right path? Or that something is going to change this outcome?"
"I don't know, Jus. He's trying to say something, of that I am sure. As to the 'him' he's referring to, I'm not sure about that, either. It could be God, it could be Adrian, or someone else. I thought I understood all that was ahead. I've seen it all play out in my mind, and in my heart. But something else is going on here. And I believe my father is at the heart of it."
Justin nodded, Michael lifting his head.
"Are you ready for this, Jus? Are you ready for all that shall happen?"
Justin leaned in, kissing Michael gently.
"Yes, Michael. I am ready to stand by you. My love, my soul, and my life are given over to that."
Michael nodded, then sat up straight.
"Then you need to know all of it."
Justin nodded, Michael beginning to tell him all that this day would mean.

Michael held Justin, feeling him regaining his emotions finally.
Justin had been sobbing, crying and trembling.
Michael knew in his heart what the truth would do to him.
But he couldn't deny his Justin that truth.
Never would he have allowed him to walk blind into that truth.
Justin finally calmed down, Michael rubbing his back.
"It's alright, Jus. It's going to be alright."
Justin nodded, wiping his eyes.
"Oh, Michael! What this will mean! What this will mean to all of us!"
Michael smiled, knowing the final part he had told Justin would make all this bearable.
"Yes, Justin. What it means to all of us. I think many will be saved. And they that can't see it shall be judged. The time is here."
Justin nodded, sensing in Michael a firming up of his resolve.
Michael now had in himself a total acceptance.
A total acceptance of what was to happen.
"I love you, Justin. You've given me life, love and happiness. My heart, soul and love will always be for only you."
Justin smiled, Michael leaning forward and kissing him deeply.
Justin felt all his love flowing through him, all the greatness of Michael's essence.
Their closeness broke, Justin staring at Michael's beautiful masculine face.
"It's time, Michael. The hour is at hand."
Michael nodded, Justin and he standing.
Their hands united, Justin feeling Michael's love.
"The path crests, Jus. The pinnacle is at hand."
The two walked out of the small clearing.

Sister Agatha rubbed her hands together, a slight chill in the morning air.
She'd been watering the flowers in the hospice's beautiful garden all morning.
Sister Amelia walked out, smiling at the older nun.
"Sister, Father Nico is waiting in Manuel's room."
Sister Agatha smiled, her chair moving towards the doorway, Sister Amelia holding the door open, the older nun sailing up the ramp.
Father Nico and Manuel smiled seeing the nun gliding into the room.
"Good morning, Manuel. How goes the workout?"
Manuel smiled, climbing out of his bed into his wheelchair.
"It's going great, Sister Aggie. But Sister Amy is a tough taskmaster. She's making me do double pushups and sit-ups."
Sister Amelia folded her arms, her face a mask of stern tenderness.
"You're walking out of that chair, Manny. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!" she said, Sister Aggie smiling.
"Aye, Aye master!" Manuel said, Father Nico chuckling.
The young man smiled at the two nuns and the priest, his wheelchair moving forward to the priest.
"Thank you for the talk, Father. And I shall pray for your troubles. God loves all of us. And one day I'd love to meet your cousin. He seems a man of deep faith."
"He is, Manny. A greater faithful man I shall never know."
Manuel smiled, pushing his chair out of the room by his muscular arms, Sister Amelia smiling and following him out.
Sister Aggie smiled, looking at the young priest.
"The day is upon us, Nicholas. How finds our Messenger?"
"He is ready. You wouldn't believe the faith and love that emanates off him. My family is in for a thunderous awakening."
"We all are, Nicholas. We all are." she quietly said.
Father Nico looked at her, sensing something more in her words.
"Is everything alright, Sister?"
The nun looked up at Father Nico, her hands going to her chair wheels.
"Follow me, Nicholas. I need to show you something."
Father Nico followed the older nun out of the room, down the hallway.
He saw she was heading to the last room.
She opened the door, Father Nico holding it open for her as she wheeled her chair into it.
Father Nico looked around the room, seeing the quiet emptiness of it.
Her bedroom was simple, comfortable and plain.
The quiet room of a simple giving Sister.
She wheeled over to her bed, moving out of her chair with simple ease, sitting on the bed.
Father Nico sat down in an old overstuffed chair, looking at his friend.
Sister Agatha reached to her nightstand, picking up her rosary.
"What troubles you, Sister?"
"Do you believe in your path of life, Nico? Do you believe in God's design for you?"
"Yes, Sister. God gave me life to do good. To find the goodness in everyone and guide them to his love."
She smiled, stroking her rosary.
"Thirty years I have lived in that chair. It being my closest friend. I believed that God gave me that pain, that path of life, for a reason. This place has been my life. The caring of so many wounded, struggling youths. Damaged in life, but loving in soul. I've seen his love in all of them. There have been small miracles. Small moments of his guiding love."
Father Nico got up, sitting down beside her, his arm going around her.
"He knows of all your sacrifices, Sister. No greater love have I seen than yours with these children."
She smiled, looking into his golden eyes.
"He was here last night, Nicholas."
Nico stared at her.
She looked across the room, seeing the wooden cross that had lain upon her wall for almost forty years.
She stood up, walking up to it, looking up at the small wooden cross.
"I believe he's more than God's Messenger, Father. And he has healed me with God's love."
Father Nico stared in awed shock, the nun standing alone.

Michael walked into the resting room, Justin guiding him.
Everyone looked towards them, Lynn walking up to the two men.
"Breakfast was wonderful, Michael." she said, Michael putting his arm around her.
"You need to take a bow for that. I just guided you and Lisa to my recipes."
She smiled, kissing his cheek and quietly looking at Justin.
Justin smiled back at her.
Shauna crawled out of Seth's lap running towards Justin.
Justin knelt, the little girl leaping into his arms.
"Papa, Darry's stuffed! He eats too much!"
Justin laughed, seeing his son laying across Randall's lap.
"Our piggy's getting fat."
Shauna laughed, Darian smiling at his fathers.
Michael smiled, Lynn guiding him towards his grandfather.
Alberto took his arm, Michael smiling.
"You're wearing your white suit, Poppa?"
"Yes, Michael. The purity of my soul on display."
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"The beauty of our patriarch's love."
Alberto smiled, looking at his grandson's calm manner.
"Doris and Rachel will be staying with the little ones, Michael." Justin said, Michael nodding.
"Yes, our little ones need to be left here safe. Out of destiny's harsh ways. But their love walks with all of us."
Shauna smiled, snuggling against Justin's chest.
Michael smiled, Alberto guiding him to the fireplace.
"Right here, Michael." Lance said, standing a few feet away, Josh's arm around him, Noah in Josh's arms.
"It is time, my friend. You have the cross?"
Lance nodded, everyone seeing Michael's golden cross hanging around his neck, where it had been since the Hallway.
Josh and Justin had both seen it the night before when Lance had removed his shirt.
Michael had told them that Lance was now its owner.
That he now wore Michael's faith.
Justin had nodded, accepting that reality with calmness.
"Wear it always, Lance. For with it, you shall always see the truth in everyone." Michael quietly said.
He looked around, sensing all that stood or sat in the room.
All his close friends and family.
And the twelve of faith.
He walked over to the fireplace, Lance now at his side guiding him.
Michael's hands went out, the portrait rising.
Everyone remained still, watching the two men.
"The box on the right is the prophecy, Lance. Take it with you, and carry it close. No one is to see its truth, only you. Read it now to yourself."
Lance looked at the old box, removing it gently, opening its wooden lid.
Inside was a rolled parchment.
He took the parchment out gently, setting the box back onto the shelf.
He unrolled it, quietly looking at the old writing written upon it.
"It's in Spanish, Mico. I can't read it."
Michael nodded, remaining still.
"Look again, Lance."
Lance looked down again at the parchment, the words seemingly clearing in his mind.
He read it now, seeing it in English.
He stood still for a moment, then raised his head.
Everyone saw tears in his eyes, Lance rolling the parchment back up, and placing it in his jacket pocket.
"The words are just, Michael. The truth set forward."
Michael nodded.
"The other box laying here, Lance, is the box given to me by Augustus. Keep it safe, Lance. Its treasure is real."
Lance looked to the shelf again, seeing the second box.
He also saw the box open, Lance pulling it down.
The box was empty.
He looked to Michael, Michael's head turning.
"The box is empty, Michael. The bear is gone."
Michael looked shocked.
"Gone? That can't be!"
"It's true, Michael. There's nothing in it."
Michael felt forward, taking the box from Lance's hands.
He felt all around it, his head moving around.
"It can't be. No one could break that shield. Only if....."
Justin walked up to them both, seeing Michael's surprised face.
"What happened to the bear, Mico? Why would anyone, and how could anyone, steal it?"
Michael regained his composure, setting the box back upon the shelf, the portrait slowly beginning to descend again.
"I don't know, Jus. To find it and then to lose it, it doesn't make sense."
Justin put his arm around Michael, Michael feeling his reassuring love.
"It can't be changed now, Jus. We must go forward. What time is it?"
Alberto pulled out his pocket watch, seeing Michael wearing his.
"It's almost eleven, Michael."
"Time for all of you to get going. I'd like to speak to my twelve souls of faith alone please. And their loves."
Everyone else nodded, the twelve remaining, as well as Tomas, Paulo, Emile, Gregory, Rachel, Josh and Jarod.
They all sat down, Michael standing in front of all of them.
"You twelve shall stand together today. A moment of clarity and sacrifice shall guide you all to your choice. I just want to say that I love all of you. You are my dearest friends and family. All of you. Lonnie, Chris, Vicky, Trevor and Nick. Seth, Kevin, Marco, Antonio and Jake. And my dearest sister and brother, Christina and Zach. All of you mean the world to me. And all of us shall love each other always. Thank you all for standing with me. And the four cornerstones of faith, Josh, Tomas, Lance and the Commander. Today ends all of the uncertainty. Today ends the evil. Your faith, love and devotion shall show the world God's beauty and love. It's time to go forth with his love, and mine."
The twelve walked up to him, each tearfully hugging him.
The others hugged him as well.
They all reluctantly departed, waiting in the foyer with the others for Justin.
Justin and Michael sat down on a couch, Darian and Shauna climbing into their laps.
Shauna snuggled against Michael's chest.
"No be sad, Papa. It must happen. We's knows always you be with us. Me and Darian make Dada happy. And we wuvs you."
Michael smiled, Justin looking on with awed wonder.
"I love you, Shauna. My little princess of love. Papa will always be with you."
She smiled, Darian climbing from Justin's lap into Michael's.
"There's my little man! How's my boy?"
"Me's okay, Papa. Me wuvs you. Me wooks after Shauny and Noah. Dada and us be's okay. You wiff us always, Papa. You's wong. You no goes away."
Michael smiled, kissing each little one's cheek.
"You two have made Papa and Dada so happy. We both love you deeply."
"Me knows that Papa!" Darian smiled.
Justin and Michael both smiled, the door opening.
"It's getting late, Michael. We should be heading out." Seth said, Tomas beside him.
"Alright, Seth. Let's do this, Jus."
Justin smiled, standing up, Michael joining him.
The little ones walked in front of them, following Tomas and Seth out of the room.
Michael stopped for a moment, alone in the doorway.
He looked back at the fireplace, sensing the presence.
"Soon, my little one. You have much to answer for. But he's with you."
Michael shut the door behind him.

Tomas and Michael stood on the front steps, the vehicles driving out of the front yard and down the driveway.
Doris and Rachel stood behind them, the little ones in their arms.
"We have about an hour and a half, Tomas. I'd like to change."
Tomas nodded, surprised that Michael wanted to change from his black Armani suit.
"I assumed you'd be wearing your present attire. The shock of your beauty would surprise them."
Michael smiled, taking Tomas' hand in his.
"For this moment I need to show my trueness. Come, I need your help."
"We'll get the kids their lunch." Doris said, nodding at Rachel.
Michael nodded, the two women setting the little ones down on the steps where Becky and Stevie were waiting. The little ones laughed with their older siblings, Shauna's hand in Becky's.
Tomas guided Michael upstairs, Michael directing him to the closet.
He directed Tomas to a bag buried in the back of the closet.
"Pull that one out, Tomas. Its contents are what I need."
Tomas nodded, pulling out the garment bag
He set it down on the bed, Michael pulling off his suit jacket.
Tomas blushed a little, realizing Michael was going to strip down.
"It's okay, brother. You've seen me like this before."
Tomas nodded, quietly waiting.
Michael removed his suit, discarding it on the bed.
His beautiful toned body stood on display for Tomas to see.
Tomas saw the beauty and masculinity of Michael's muscular body.
Justin was indeed a lucky man.
Michael unzipped the garment bag, revealing its contents.
Tomas' eyes widened when Michael held up the garments.
"The garment of truth. The purity of what I am."

Justin looked out the SUV's window, the car coming to a stop in front of St. Aurelia's church.
Justin sat between Antonio and Alberto, staring out at the arriving congregation.
People were everywhere, walking with noble quietness and dignity up the ancient stone steps of the church, everyone heading into its heart.
Justin looked at all the people, sensing the path of destiny Michael was leading them onto.
The car doors opened, everyone quietly climbing out.
People stopped, looking at the arriving dignitaries.
Alberto stood upon the steps, his white suit gleaming in the late morning sunlight.
Xavier Tavarro, a member of the council, stood upon the top steps looking down at the patriarch of his family's dynasty.
Alberto walked up the steps, his arm in Justin's, everyone watching their arrival.
"You are not welcomed here, tainted one!" Xavier said, staring at Justin, his words spoken with a sense of nervousness.
Justin stared at him, Alberto staring at him as well.
"His is my grandson of marriage. He and his family hold a legitimate place in my family's heart. They are all welcomed here by me. I am still the patriarch of this family, regardless of what you or your sniveling leader think!"
Xavier lowered his eyes, turning and rushing into the church.
Justin knew he was heading to warn Victor Falisca.
Justin's family–and Alberto's–walked up the steps, standing and waiting beside the two men.
Out of the church doors walked Victor Falisca, followed by the council members, Xavier looking now very nervous.
"You are the dying Patriarch, Alberto. You have just cause to be here. But these people are the scourge of the evil that walks this land. They are not welcome by any of us." Victor said, Justin seeing him staring directly at him.
In that gaze, Justin saw deep want and malicious lust.
The sight of the man disgusted Justin's loving heart.
Alberto's head raised, his body suddenly erect, the man towering above the others.
Alberto had always been a moving specimen of Spanish beauty and masculine authority.
Alexander stared at his brother, seeing him as the man he'd once been, in the days of his long lost youth.
"Behind me and beside me stands my family. All of them entrenched in my heart. I am Alberto Tavarro, Patriarch of the Tavarro clan. No sniveling toad or bunch of disobeying lackeys shall stop me and this family from entering the church of my patron saint! I walk forward, and I'll walk over any that stand between me and my faith!"
Victor glared at the man, all those around them staring in nervous anticipation.
Victor saw their gazing eyes, knowing he couldn't denounce Alberto's claim.
He nodded, relenting his gaze, walking back into the church, leaving Alberto.
"Come everyone, destiny awaits. We shall see all that needs to be seen. God's day is at hand." Alberto said, Justin once again taking his hand, the two walking forward into the church.
Chris leaned over to Joey, softly talking.
"That looked dangerous. I thought there was going to be blood spilled by the look in his eyes."
Joey nodded, looking around.
"Let's pray Michael can stop that." Joey said, continuing to scan the crowd.
His protective heart doubled in size, knowing he'd do all he was asked of.

Tomas sat looking at Michael beside him.
The two were in the vehicle, driving towards the church.
His mind thought back to a few minutes before.
They'd had lunch with Doris and Rachel and the little ones.
Michael had been attentive and loving to his little angels, as well as Noah, Becky and Stevie.
The five kids had laughed and smiled at Michael, Tomas sensing them giving him their undivided attention.
Doris and Rachel had been surprised by Michael's attire, the outfit standing out in its entirety.
They hadn't said anything, only looking into Tomas' brown eyes.
After they'd eaten and Michael had played with the kids for a while, Tomas quietly told Michael it was time to go.
He'd guided Michael upstairs at his request, to pick up something.
Upon returning to the top of the spiral staircase, Tomas had been touched by what waited there for them below.
The five children stood at the bottom steps, in a V shaped pattern, Noah at the center point, Darian on his left, Shauna on his right.
Becky was behind Shauna, Stevie behind Darian.
Doris and Rachel stood back from them, taking the scene in as well.
The five children stood waiting for Michael, Tomas quietly whispering in his ear at the top of the stairs.
Michael looked downward, slowly walking down.
Noah and the other four's eyes moved with him every step downward.
Michael stopped in front of the five when he reached the bottom, leaning down onto one knee.
"And what's this? My five angels here to see me off?"
Noah's brown eyes stared at Michael.
"We love you. We are always here to love you. The five of us will be as one when you need us the most."
Noah said quietly, Tomas hearing deep maturity in the articulate words he had spoken.
Michael smiled, the little boy rushing into his arms.
Michael wrapped his arms around the child, Tomas in tears seeing the deep love in the child's eyes.
He also heard Noah say something softly to Michael.
"I know who I am, Unky Mikey. Daniel's love is here for you as well."
Michael let go of Noah, the little boy standing in front of him.
Michael's face showed wondrous shock.
Darian and Shauna climbed into Michael's lap, both kissing their father's cheeks.
"Wuv you, Papa. We's be with you always."
Michael kissed them both, the little ones climbing out of his lap, replaced by Becky and Stevie.
"Be safe, Uncle Mikey. I love you." Becky said, Michael tearfully kissing her cheek.
Stevie hugged Michael deeply, Michael kissing his forehead.
"I love you, Michael. You'll always be my brother. I'll be here for you and Justy, always."
Michael hugged his little brother close, Tomas wiping his eyes.
The five children moved back together, Becky and Stevie taking Darian and Shauna's hands in theirs.
Noah stood in their center, his brown eyes looking at Michael.
"Your five angels wuv you, Michael." he softly said, Doris and Rachel in tears.
Michael stood up, smiling at all five little ones.
"I love my five angels. See you soon, little ones."
Tomas sat in the car looking at Michael, seeing his head focused ahead.
"That was a moving farewell, Michael." he said, sitting beside him.
"It wasn't a farewell, Tommy. I sense it was a beginning."
Tomas looked surprisedly at Michael.
"A beginning? Beginning of what?"
Michael's hand went to the silver faith ring on his right stubbed finger.
"The beginning of my salvation."

Lance sat quietly in his seat in the pew behind Alberto and Justin.
Josh was at his side, their pew filled with their friends and loved ones.
Behind him sat the twelve rings of faith.
Three pews on the left side of the church were filled now by the friends of Michael.
The rest of the pews were filled to capacity with all the Tavarro brethren.
Lance's hand went to the rolled parchment sitting in his jacket's chest pocket.
He went over in his mind again the words he'd read.
The enriched Prophecy of the Chosen Ones.
Lance ran through it again in his mind.

And through these final Days of Judgement the angel of God's love shall walk among thy chosen ones.

He who shall be born of fifty souls united.

He who shall be giving of love but tortured of soul.

Through his golden eyes shall God seek our truth.

For he shall bring forth the instrument of our redemption, entombed in the Stone of Vengeance.

He who cannot see shall see the final truth.

His spoken judgement shall cleanse the hearts of all the generations.

A thousand and seven hundred souls shall glow in God's heaven.

The rest shall be consumed in sin's embrace.

And he shall rid the earth of that final sin, that sin against God.

His own sacrifice shall be thy final testament to God's truth.

Into himself shall he draw the weakness of our unworthy souls and he shall show us our commander of truth.

And through his love and self sacrifice shall the chosen prosper through a thousand generations.

And a house of love divided shall unite to bring forth the salvation of his sacrifice.

And his blood shall flow to the sacred cross, the defender of faith unleashed.

Only through the heart and love of a child shall thy angel return to us.

Through innocence and love shall he rise again

The prophecy now held seventeen lines of faith.
Two new sentences of wonder.

"And a house divided shall unite to bring forth the salvation of his sacrifice.
And his blood shall flow to the sacred cross, the defender of faith unleashed."

The words of truth and light and love.
The two sentences of newness puzzled Lance.
Lance sensed the blood spoken of might be Fredrick's.
And the sacrifice would be Michael's.
He was trying to figure out its meaning in regards to what he'd learned in the depths of the Tavarro home.
Ramon had not spoken of the meaning of those new words, only of Lance's part in bringing them to light.
Lance's thoughts went to the words he'd spoken only to him.
The words of Michael's truth.
The words of the trueness of Michael's life.
A tear ran down his cheek, Josh seeing it.
He leaned over, kissing his cheek.
"Are you alright, my love?"
Lance nodded, looking into his lover's blue eyes.
"Yes, Josh. The light of their blueness fills my heart with love."
Josh smiled, kissing him gently.

Justin looked around the great expansive church, taking in all the staring eyes.
The eyes of all Michael's brethren.
The church was packed with every adult member of the Tavarro clan.
Justin also saw the standing faithful on the left and right sides of the pews, the room filled to capacity.
Over two thousand faithful lost members of a family lost in time and tradition.
Justin knew in his heart that today their past, present and future would collide in a moment of greatness.
And his Mico would be at the center of that storm.
Justin sat between Alberto and Paulo, the other seven grandchildren and their soulmates filling the front pew.
While the church was filling up, Father Nico had quietly walked up to the front pew, whispering in Alberto's ear, Alberto's face changing to shock.
"No! That is impossible! That is truly a miracle!" Alberto softly said, Nico pointing to a woman standing a short distance down the aisle.
Justin's eyes fell upon her green ones.
In those eyes he saw deep faith and love.
She was a Sister of God, her attire showing her faith.
She stared at Alberto then, the man standing up.
She walked up to him, bowing gently.
Her eyes fell upon Justin, Justin seeing her radiant smile of faith.
"You are his loved one?" she softly said.
He knew she spoke of Michael.
"I am his love and he is my life." Justin said, the nun gently kissing his cheek.
"Tell him the gift he's given me I shall cherish always. My faith is real, my life is set on his path." she said quietly, then walked away.
Justin looked at Alberto, the man wiping his eyes.
"What gift is she talking of?"
Alberto quietly told Justin the truth.

The immense clan silenced as one.
Father Nicolas Barosa stood upon the main altar, standing in front of the Stone of Vengeance.
"Welcome faithful, welcome brethren. To the day of Redemption. To the moment of truth. We all stand here together as one family of faith. It is our day of Redemption. God's love I feel in all of us. Today is our day of being one with God. He shall show himself today as he wishes. Let all of us take heart in his love being here for us. We shall start with the benediction. Let us bow our heads."
Everyone bowed their heads, Father Nico reciting the family's benediction to God.
After the sacred words were spoken, Father Nico raised his head crossing himself.
"And now all children of Adrian, it is time for our devotion to God. Please stand."
The brethren as a whole stood in deep awed respect.

"We the brethren of Adrian, the children of his lineage have faith in God's love.
We follow the path of our past, our present and future.
We follow the path of God's destiny.
We give ourselves to goodness, faith and love.
We give ourselves to righteousness, honor and faith.
We give our wealth, our body and our soul to the goodness of God's faith.
We shall help others less fortunate, less deserving of that praise.
Our hearts we give to the goodness we must do.
The goodness others deserve from us.
God's love, faith and courage echo through all of us.
We are one with each other, we are one with God.
God is just, God is love."

Justin heard the loudness of the joined clan speaking their pledge to God.
He raised his head, looking around, seeing some not reciting the words.
The people of doubt.
And Justin's eyes focused on one man, standing with the council, to the left of altar.
Victor Falisca.
Justin saw his eyes staring back at him.
The lust, hatred and need now unashamedly glaring at him.
Justin saw Victor's hands in his center, seeing what they were doing.
Justin couldn't believe the disgusting openness this man was blatantly showing him.
In his heart he saw plainly Victor's desire for him.
And Justin knew in his heart he'd never let that man touch him.
Justin's eyes went to Father Nico, who now had walked to the right side of the altar, the devotion ended, the clan again silent.
Now the priest gazed at the statue of Aurelia.
"We stand in the church of St. Aurelia, the patron saint of our family's faith. She was a daughter of God, a follower of Peter, blessed apostle of Christ. Our family is entrenched in the faith of God. In the destiny of his ways. We anoint ourselves with the tears of Aurelia, the tears of faith."
Father Jericho got up from his seat in the right front pew, going to a small font beside the statue, filling a small bowl with the water laying therein.
Father Nico stepped down off the altar, moving to the front pew, standing before it.
In his hand he now held the small bowl of water, given to him by Father Jericho.
"In my hands I hold the tears of Aurelia, the water that fills the font by the altar. This water seeps out from the statue's base every spring. It is captured and held for this day, as a symbol of her divine faith in God. As the head of this family, I anoint you Alberto Tavarro, with her tears of faith."
Alberto nodded his head slowly, Father Nico dipping a finger into the small wooden bowl.
He rubbed the water over both of Alberto's eyes.
"I anoint you as a faithful child of Adrian, a child of Aurelia's faith. Together, both sides of your destiny shall lead you. Blessed are you, grandfather of our soul."
"Blessed be the Patriarch, blessed be our faithful leader." the clan said as one, Justin quietly listening.
Father Nico returned the bowl to Father Jericho, the two priests going back to the altar, standing in front of the Stone of Vengeance.
They both bowed, everyone in the church standing, then going to their knees.
Father Nico raised his head, looking at the cross of Jesus hanging over the altar.
"Blessed are all of us to walk the path of God's love. Blessed are we to feel his love in our soul. Blessed are we to be Tavarro."
"Amen." all the Tavarro clan spoke as one.
Father Nico and Father Jericho rose together, walking down from the altar, sitting down in the right side front pew, beside other Tavarros.

Victor Falisca stood, the other council elders standing beside him.
They all wore the green robes of their office.
Victor spoke as the voice of their importance.
"The faithful part of this day is ended. Now comes the destiny of your birthright. The choosing of the new Patriarch of the Tavarro clan. Alberto Tavarro's disgraceful tenure as its head is now at an end. As tradition states, he is allowed one final moment of grandeur, of pompous awkwardness. I ask you as my brethren, let us forego this tradition. We need not hear the disrespectful words of a tyrant. Who voices my sentiment?"
Others arose agreeing with Victor, shouting their approval.
But they were not many.
Victor's brows furrowed, looking down at everyone.
Father Nico stood up, glaring at his sister's husband.
"The traditions of the Tavarro dynasty must be observed. My grandfather must have the floor."
Victor glared back at the priest; the other elders, including Alexander, nodding their approval.
"Very well. You have spoken. But heed not the words of a disillusioned man. Fanaticism has taken his soul."
Victor relented, returning to his seat.
Alexander stood alone, as the head of the council of Odisa.
"Brethren of faith. Brethren of love. Today is the last day of our brother Alberto's patriarchy. Let us hear now his words of farewell. You have the floor, brother of my heart."
Alberto stood, his white suit on full display, everyone's eyes upon him.
He walked up to the altar, walking up the three steps to its base.
Alexander smiled at him, hugging his brother tightly, then returning to his seat.
Alberto stood on the altar, looking out at the amassed brethren of the Tavarro clan.
At his family that he had guided for thirty years.
His loud, calm voice filled the silent church.
"Brothers and sisters of faith, children of Adrian. My time is at an end. My guiding you in faith is over. For thirty years I have opened my home, my heart and my soul to all of you. I have been a faithful child of Adrian and of Aurelia's faith. These are my final moments of leading all of you. Of leading my family. Never have I been prouder than I am at this moment. For I have lived to see this day. The day of our final Redemption.
Each year we have stood here, and prayed here for the final day of deliverance. For the final day of destiny. For he to come among us and to save all of us from the evil we now feel entrenched in our hearts, and in our brothers. That day is finally here. And my grandson is that man we have waited for."
Victor was on his feet in a flash, his finger pointed at Alberto.
"You shall not speak of that man! Of that monster of evil!"
Alberto turned, glaring at his granddaughter's husband.
"I speak only of one man, the prophesied Messenger of  God! He walks among us! And I have the floor, Victor!"
Victor started walking towards Alberto, Alexander putting his hand on his shoulder.
"My brother has the floor. Sit down or I'll knock you down."
Victor stared in surprise at Alexander, seeing the deep resolve in his golden eyes.
Victor reluctantly sat back down, glaring at Alberto.
Alberto turned back, looking out at his brethren.
"I have failed all of you. I have let the evil fester in our combined soul. It has taken hold of my own son, my eldest son Fredrick. He is lost to that evil. And with that evil he has done so much hurt. To my own family most of all. He murdered his own brother and sisters. He took from me my own children. He attacked their offspring, hurting their souls. Today, on this day, I shall see that vile creature once more. For I feel in my heart his presence. He shall make himself known."
Everyone murmured, eyes looking around.
"Fear not from him. A taskmaster shall bring him to his justice. For so the prophecy states. My grandson shall call his uncle to feast on that justice."
Alberto looked towards the altar, the Stone standing alone.
The book of prophecy to its left, the Tavarro family bible to its right.
Alberto looked at the book, remembering in his heart every word of that written prophecy.
Alberto froze, his mind zoning in on one sentence.
"Dear God! I have been so blind!"
Alberto remained silent, staring in shocked awe at the book.
Alexander looked at his brother, seeing his distress.
Alberto remained motionless, staring forward.
Alexander looked out at his family, quietly getting up and walking to his brother.
"Are you alright, Bertie?" he softly said, his hand going to his brother's shoulder.
Alberto's face turned, Alexander seeing the tears flowing.
"It was all there, right in front of us. The words of truth. It truly is him, Alex. Michael is the one!"
Alex looked at his brother, seeing the joy in his golden eyes.
Alberto looked out towards his brethren, seeing at the end of the church Seth and Emile standing.
They had remained outside, waiting for Tomas and Michael.
Seth nodded towards Alberto, a smile of deep love coming to the elder Tavarro's face.
"My children, my friends and brethren. My grandson is the Messenger of God. For the words of the true prophecy do solely name him."
Alberto walked to the altar, picking up the book of prophecy,
He walked to the center of the altar, standing in front of the Stone of Vengeance, the book open before him in his hands.
Alberto's joyous voice filled the room.

"And through these final Days of Judgement the angel of God's love shall walk among thy chosen ones.
He who shall be born of fifty souls united.
He who shall be giving of love but tortured of soul.
Through his golden eyes shall God seek our truth.
For he shall bring forth the instrument of our redemption, entombed in the Stone of Vengeance.
He who cannot see shall see the final truth."

Alberto raised his head, staring towards the church doors.
Everyone's eyes turned in that direction, seeing the two men standing at those doors.
Alberto now understood the meaning of the words of the prophecy, and the reasoning behind Michael's blindness.
"He who cannot see? My Michael has been blinded by the evil in our hearts. He is the Messenger! He needed to be blind to open the Stone! God has set him to this task! Our Messenger has come!" Alberto shouted, his finger pointed to the doorway.
Seth and Emile opened the doors.
Everyone stood in silent shock.
In the doorway stood Michael Augustus Tavarro.
The only son of Ramon Tavarro.
The grandson of Alberto Tavarro.
The fiftieth child of Adrian's lineage.
A child of Aurelia's lineage.
A young man deeply hurt throughout his life.
But through it all, he gained courage, faith and love.
And now he stood there as the Messenger of God.
As the blind Messenger of God.
The one to unleash the final truth.
He stood alone, Tomas standing behind him.
He wore upon himself a white robe, clean and blemish-free.
On its left breast was embroidered the sign of the Aurelian Order.
A cross within a cross.
Justin stared at his Mico, seeing him standing alone in front of the world.
His hands were extended outwards, the burned crosses on their palms softly glowing white.
His glasses were gone.
His blind eyes lay open for the family to see.
Two completely white orbs staring back at them all.
A blind man walked forward to seek out their destiny.

End of Chapter 175

And so the Messenger has come.
Michael needed to be blind to open the Stone of Vengeance.
As the prophecy has foretold.
He who cannot see shall see the final truth.

And now the day of judgement begins.
Will Victor stop Michael from reaching the Stone?
What lays at the heart of that stone?
Why has Michael chosen Tomas to walk with him?
Can Tomas and the others protect Michael in his state of blindness?
Where is the missing Fredrick?
Shall he prevail this day?
Or will Michael truly see the end of the evil in his family's heart?

Up next:  The chapter of revelation. . .the chapter of judgement.
Prepare to be surprised.

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