Justin's Angel-176

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Alberto raised his head, staring towards the church doors.
Everyone's eyes turned in that direction, seeing the two men standing at those doors.
Alberto now understood the meaning of the words of the prophecy, and the reasoning behind Michael's blindness.
"He who cannot see? My Michael has been blinded by the evil in our hearts. He is the Messenger! He needed to be blind to open the Stone! God has set him to this task! Our Messenger has come!" Alberto shouted, his finger pointed to the doorway.
Seth and Emile opened the doors.
Everyone stood in silent shock.
In the doorway stood Michael Augustus Tavarro.
The only son of Ramon Tavarro.
The grandson of Alberto Tavarro.
The fiftieth child of Adrian's lineage.
A child of Aurelia's lineage.
A young man deeply hurt throughout his life.
But through it all, he gained courage, faith and love.
And now he stood there as the Messenger of God.
As the blind Messenger of God.
The one to unleash the final truth.
He stood alone, Tomas standing behind him.
He wore upon himself a white robe, clean and blemish-free.
On its left breast was embroidered the sign of the Aurelian Order.
A cross within a cross.
Justin stared at his Mico, seeing him standing alone in front of the world.
His hands were extended outwards, the burned crosses on their palms softly glowing white.
His glasses were gone.
His blind eyes lay open for the family to see.
Two completely white orbs staring back at them all.
A blind man walked forward to seek out their destiny.

Chapter 176

The Final Stand

The crowd was on its feet, staring in awed wonder at the man standing in the doorway of their church of faith.
Staring at a young man of exquisite beauty and awe-inspiring calmness.
They all were drawn to the whiteness surrounding him.
His white eyes, the white garment he wore, the white crosses on his palms.
Justin stared at Michael, seeing his man in a new light of awing acceptance.
Justin felt his determination, his zoning in on the moment.
The moment of his destiny.
Alberto stood upon the altar seeing his grandson standing before him, between him and his family.
It was as if Michael was the center of their being.
The white light of their faith.
Alberto felt it in his soul.
He looked down at his family.
"I welcome the Messenger of God. Walk to the altar of your destiny, my child." Alberto said, going to his knees, bowing his head.
Michael's white eyes scanned the room.
His voice resonated off all the walls.
"I am he that was foretold! I am your Messenger! I am your judge! I walk to the Stone of Saving Faith! I unleash the truth of your devotion! Prepare for the judgement of God! And the revelation of your destiny!"
Michael moved forward, Tomas going to his side, taking his arm in his.
Behind Michael and Tomas walked into the church the brethren of his family Stavros.
All the hundred men of guarding faith.
All wearing again the black suits to show their faith in him.
Gregory stood beside Zach and Christina, seeing his brethren following Michael, spanning out and surrounding the multitude.
Their presence was not lost on the council standing on the side of the altar.
Victor's anger was showing in obvious form.
"How dare you disrupt the council's work with your army of brutes! Leave now, faithless demon!" Victor screamed, Alexander staring at him.
Alexander and Xavier looked at each other, both men moving away from Victor.
The other council members looked shocked by Victor's outburst.
Victor moved off the altar, moving to the center of the aisle, standing at the end of the aisle Michael was now walking down.
Ten men moved out of the pews, pulling out of their jackets long knives.
Alberto stared in surprise, seeing them line up in front of Victor.
Alexander saw it as well.
"Never in all the length of our faithful lives have weapons been drawn in the church of our Lady! Step back from this madness, Victor!" Alexander said, walking toward him.
Father Nico grabbed him, pulling him back.
"Step away from the madness we see before us, Uncle. They know not their madness." Nico said, staring at his brother-in-law.
Michael continued walking forward, every eye in the place upon him.
People were murmuring, some yelling at the man walking through their midst.
Michael felt the doubts and evilness flowing from them.
Michael also sensed the position Victor had adopted in front of him.
"You shall not walk upon this altar, demon! You shall die before we allow that!" Victor shrieked, the ten men tightening their stand, blocking the aisle entirely.
Michael stopped, the multitude waiting with bated breath.
They all saw the confrontation before them.
And the disruptive height it was cresting to in their shrine of faith.
Michael remained calm, his staring white eyes starting to unnerve the men standing in front of him.
Michael's eyes seemed to be boring into Victor's soul, Victor averting his eyes.
Michael's calm voice filled the room.
"You cannot stop the path of destiny, even you, pawn of evil. Watch and see the faith of God's love. Behold the Carrier of Truth."
Tomas felt Michael's love fill his soul, knowing the moment of his own destiny was at hand.
Tomas' golden eyes seemed to softly glow, everyone staring at the young man at Michael's side.
Tomas' body began to float, rising off the carpeted aisle.
Audible gasps could be heard in all the staring crowd.
Victor looked on in utter shock, seeing the young man begin to lift Michael with him.
Within a moment, Tomas was airborne, carrying with him his cousin Michael.
The two men floated above and over the ten standing guards and Victor, the congregation gasping in shocked wonder.
Victor stood in shock seeing his adversary flying over him.
Alberto has risen back up to his feet staring in disbelief at what was happening in front of him.
All the family were staring in the same way.
Seeing before them the flight of an angel, carrying a blind man to his destiny.
Alberto stared as Michael and Tomas lowered to the ground, their feet settling down in front of him upon the altar.
Alberto stared at his grandsons, Tomas smiling at him, releasing Michael's arm.
Michael turned, looking out upon the mass that was his family.
"I am here to see destiny done. I am here for one reason alone. To ignite the faith in all of your hearts. Those who shall not welcome it shall be judged by God. The time is upon you. Watch the light of God's love. It is time."
Victor screamed at the ten staring frozen men behind him now, they coming out of their awed daze.
"Seize him! Don't let him get to the Stone!!"
The men started moving, their way instantly barred by the clan of Stavros.
The black-suited men had moved quietly into place, creating their protective barrier.
Michael's brethren in black stood three rows deep between the armed men and Michael.
"You will have to murder unarmed men to get to him! Stay yourselves from this madness! We shall not move!" the front man said.
It was Barlow's son, Armand.
The men looked uncertain, staring towards Victor.
"We cannot harm or kill unarmed men in our church, Victor. That is murder and most sacrilege!" one of the men said, the others agreeing.
The men lowered their weapons.
Victor leered at them with obvious hatred.
"You fools!" he sputtered, staring up at Michael.
"You've won this round, heathen! But prepare for his coming!"
"You should also, Victor. For his coming will be your end."
Michael turned, ignoring Victor, looking at his grandfather.
"Guide me to it, Grandfather. Walk with me those final steps. See the love of God's goodness."
Alberto teared up, taking his grandson's hand.
The two men walked towards the Stone of Vengeance.

Everyone stared at the white-robed man being guided by their patriarch.
They'd all seen the calm, serene look upon Michael's face.
As if he'd totally succumbed to a sense of faith.
They'd all felt in their hearts an enlightening, a sense of something wonderful surrounding them.
Chris and Vicky had been shocked by the look upon Michael's face.
Michael looked calm.
Totally calm.
Justin hadn't been shocked, sensing in his heart and soul what Michael was feeling.
Total acceptance.
The day was here, the truth about to unfold.
Justin knew that truth, and what the final outcome would be.
All he could do now was stand and watch it all unfold.
Michael had spoken to him the moment before he'd walked into the room, telling him how deeply he loved him.
That all this was for him and for Michael's family.
Love was central to all of this, and Michael would give all his love to all of them.
Justin's heart lightened on hearing seven words entering his mind.
Seven words showing Michael's unending love.
Those words would get Justin through this.
They and Michael would be enough.
For Justin felt in his heart the true meaning of those love-filled words.

Alberto lead Michael to the Stone of Vengeance in the center of the altar, Michael standing in front of its marble pedestal.
"Step back please, Grandfather. Tomas, surround him with your love."
Tomas nodded, Alberto moving back and standing beside him.
Tomas' arm went around his grandfather.
Michael's hands went gently onto the table, spreading them out, then lifting them up on both sides of the Stone.
"Prepare for the destiny of Adrian's faith. Prepare to start your new lives." Michael said, both of his marked hands immediately touching both sides of the Stone.
The affect was instantaneous.
The church hall flooded with a blinding light, its whiteness shining brightly.
Everyone was blinded by the intense light.
They all felt its radiating warmth.
Michael stood in the center of it, feeling its totally energized center.
And he felt himself drawn into the stone, feeling its core.
Then he felt the stone disintegrate.
The light ended as abruptly as it had started, everyone wiping their eyes.
They all stared towards the center of the altar, Michael's back to all of them.
Michael's body seemed bent forward.
Alberto and Tomas recovered their composure, Alberto softly speaking.
"Michael? Are you alright?"
Michael's back straightened, his body trembling, then a deep sigh issuing from him.
He stood tall and straight.
"Light of God, Light of Destiny. Symbol of faith. The judgement begins." he said, his voice sounding clear and intense.
Michael turned, his whole body moving around, standing to the right of the Stone.
Everyone saw the instant change in him.
His white eyes were now completely golden, pulsating with a soft intense glow.
Their irises were a soft white, both eyes looking like a lion's eyes.
Everyone's eyes moved from his face to what lay to his right.
Beside him, the Stone of Vengeance was gone; only a flat slab of marble left in its place.
And laying upon that marble was something small.
Michael remained still, staring forward, his hand going to the slab of marble.
He picked up the object laying there, moving it in front of him.
Everyone stared in quiet wonder at what Michael held in his hand.
It was a small wooden cross.

It looked of similar wood to the cross hanging on the left wall of the church.
Michael raised the small cross upwards, his hand now above his head, the cross above him.
Michael voice filled the silent room.
"Behold the hidden treasure of faith. Not the faith of God, but the faith of one man. Your ancestor, Adrian Tavarro. He made this cross from a piece of wood, taken from the cross hanging there for all of you to behold."
Everyone's eyes turned to the cross hanging on the wall, seeing on its left side, towards the bottom, the missing cut of wood.
They'd all heard throughout their lives the story of Adrian's meeting Jesus.
Of his being at the crucifixion of the Son of God.
Of how Adrian had walked out of bondage into freedom.
Of how, on his leaving the city, he'd returned to the place of that crucifixion.
That before he'd fled the General, he'd done something on the hill of Golgotha.
And now they knew the truth of what Adrian had done there.
He'd cut a small piece out of the True Cross, fashioning this small testament to his faith in Jesus.
To his faith in God.
A symbol of the true faith of Jesus, of the love Adrian had found, of the love that had freed his soul.
He'd carried it home with him, on his journey of freedom.
And when he'd returned to Spain, he'd somehow placed it in the Stone of Vengeance.
To be one day unveiled by the Messenger.
Alexander walked out from standing beside Father Nico, to the front of the altar.
"It cannot be!! If that is true, then what hangs there is the True Cross! Our forefather Adrian cannot have found it!!"
Michael's eyes moved downward, staring at his great-uncle.
"The True Cross it is. Thou can see the reddened wood. The redness of his blood. Adrian's son Raphael made a pilgrimage to Judea. He brought the cross home for his father, as a testament to his love." Michael's voice echoed in deep tones.
Samuel stood beside his father Julius and his Uncle Barlow, staring at Michael.
Michael walked to the edge of the altar, staring down at his family.
"The time is now. The destiny of Adrian's faith is at hand. His pact with God shall now come to pass."
Everyone's eyes were glued to the cross.
Suddenly every door in the church slammed shut, everyone startled into motion.
Some screamed, some trembled.
Victor and his men rushed to a side door, the door barring anyone from exiting.
One man pushed against it, another helping him.
It didn't budge.
"You cannot escape the judgement of God! Or the judgement of Adrian!" Michael's voice said, all eyes again upon him.
"The time is here! Each of you shall be judged by the light of God inside me! By the light you saw emanating from the Stone of Vengeance! The light of truth!"
Michael's hand lowered, the cross now stretched out in his hand in front of him.
"Behold the instrument of judgement!"
The cross instantly glowed white, its light bright and glowing.
A soft white of intricate beauty.
"Each of you shall touch the cross of Adrian's truth. There is no escape from this judgement. You shall all be judged by Adrian's faith."
Alberto walked in front of Michael, kneeling.
"I shall be first, Messenger and judge." he said, his hand going forward.
It gently touched the cross, a ball of white light now appearing over Alberto's head.
"See the light of goodness, see the light of faith. You are pure of heart, and a true Tavarro. Go with God, child of Adrian."
Alberto nodded, standing up, his eyes filled with tears.
Tomas replaced him, kneeling also.
He did the same, the same ball of white light appearing.
The mark of a faithful child of Adrian.
Alexander then moved, pushing Xavier forward.
"You shall be judged for what you have let happened, Xavier. As we all will."
Xavier trembled, Alexander giving him no ground to move.
Xavier stood in front of Michael now, sinking to his knees.
"I am lost, holy one. Please, let me see the light!"
"Touch the cross, child."
Xavier trembled, his fingers edging reluctantly forward, touching the glowing cross.
People screamed, seeing the black ball now appearing above Xavier.
"You are tainted with his evil. You are lost to God and faith. Adrian's destiny is not yours."
Michael's eyes glowed intensely, Xavier screaming and collapsing.
The black ball above his head flew upwards suspended high above the congregation.
"See the center of evil. See the mass of corruption. I shall draw all of it from all of the tainted. Their evilness shall be lost forever. Such is the judgement of Adrian."
People began to weep, others to move away, Michael remaining still.
His family and friends looked on in shocked wonder, seeing the scene unfolding.
"Those of life and faith, come to me and touch the cross. Those of evil, you cannot hide. I shall seek all of you out. There is no escape from your judgement. It shall end here."
People moved quickly towards Michael, kneeling en mass, their fingers and hands moving forward.
Father Nico and Father Jericho began to organize them in some form of order, lining them up in lines, the procession moving forward.
It was easy to pick out the tainted ones, they ran for the doors.
The sealed doors of the church.
They found no escape.

For over two hours, people touched the cross of white light held in Michael's hand.
Some of the courageous tainted ones took the leap of faith, only to lose in the end.
Their evil revealed, their evil souls devoured in the white light of faith.
They collapsed, their bodies limp, their minds silent.
They were laid on the back pews, their number steadily increasing.
Over one hundred passed, more coming.
The faithful were revealed, the evil ones exposed.
Then Michael was on the move.
Others of faith pulled the screaming and sobbing ones from the doors, their frantic attempts to escape thwarted.
Brothers dragged brothers forward to their destiny.
All their trueness revealed.
Families sobbed, seeing the evil that ran through them.
They were led to Michael, their fate sealed.
The black ball in the heavens increased in size, all their amassed evil above them.
And the heavens gleamed with all the white lights of faith over the heads of the chosen.
The goodness and love of each shining bright.
Victor, in the confusion, had sunken back into the recesses of the altar's dark corners.
He sat in panic and near hysterics seeing all the wonders around him.
He knew if that cross touched him, his corrupt soul would make all of theirs look small.
Where was his master?
Where was Fredrick?
He promised to reveal himself when the time was right.
How could he let this happen?
Victor was near panic, seeing the remaining members of his faction robbed of their strength.

Finally all had been chosen, all had been revealed.
Michael had walked through the Tavarro and Stavros brethren, uniting them both in a white cocoon of faith.
Gina Tavarro had been pulled in front of him by her own brother, Nicolas, Alberto's eyes filled with tears. Alberto remained silent, looking at his own granddaughter, knowing she'd now have to pay for her loose morals.
The evil shone in her, pulled out of her like all the others.
Alberto carried her comatose body to a pew, looking at her silent face.
He remembered the loving child she'd once been.
Michael moved on, walking to the front pews.
All that remained were the twelve of the rings, and Michael's family.
And Victor, hiding behind the former Stone's marble altar.
What he didn't realize was that Michael knew exactly where he was.
Everyone looked towards Michael's friends and family, Michael standing in front of them.
"You, my friends and faithful family are the remaining few. It is time. Let he who's sinned be the first to touch the cross of faith. I give you that choice, my lost friend. You now know the truth of what's been done to you. The truth of what you were forced to do."
Everyone remained silent, one person walking forward, his face a mask of wet tears.
"I am sorry, Michael. His evil is inside me."
Paulo, Jake and Marco stood in shocked silence.
Emile stood in front of Michael.
"No it cannot be!!!" Marco sobbed, Jake's arm going around him, his own face filled with tears.
"Yes, Marco. It was I that planted the bomb, I that tried to kill my loving friend. Fredrick's evil is in me. I stood here today feeling it unleash, sensing in my heart what I've done. "
Emile fell to his knees, falling in front of Michael, his arms wrapping around his legs.
"Forgive me, Michael. Forgive my weakness."
Michael stood motionless, his golden eyes looking downward.
"I am sorry, my lost friend. The cross is truth. You must touch it and remove the evil from your soul. I am sorry. The evil shall be lost forever."
Marco sobbed, Jake trembling beside him.
Paulo sank to his knees, pulling Emile into his arms.
"No, it cannot be! Not you, my love! Not our sweet Emile!"
Emile looked into Paulo's tearing eyes.
"Yes, Paulo. I did it. Fredrick grabbed me in the village, taking me into his soul, raping my mind with his evilness! He controlled me, forcing me to do what he needed done! I planted the bomb, I blinded our friend! Forgive me, please forgive me!"
Emile sobbed, standing back up on his feet, moving to Marco.
"Forgive me, Blue! Forgive me!"
Marco pulled his Emmy into his arms, the two holding tightly to each other.
Marco looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing no forgiveness there.
Only the light of faith he'd seen himself when he'd touched the cross.
The light of God's truth.
"I forgive you, my love. I am sorry."
Marco held him, Paulo now looking into Michael's eyes.
Paulo was in tears, sensing what those golden eyes meant.
Emile would not be saved.
Emile could not be saved.
Emile separated from Marco, Marco still crying.
He turned, looking at Michael.
"Forgive me. I shall take my punishment."
His hand went forward towards the cross.
Paulo stopped it, moving in front of him.
"No, Michael. I cannot allow this."
Michael remained motionless, all the people staring at the two men.
"It is not your decision, Paulo. It is the will of God."
"No, Michael. It is my choice. Take me instead."
Emile stood in shock, staring at Paulo.
"Take the evilness from him, rid him of that pain. Put it inside me and take my soul." Paulo said, laying his loving soul bare in front of the Messenger.
Michael's golden eyes stared at him, staring into Paulo's loving soul.

"You would give your life for a man lost to evil?" Michael said, every person in the hall hearing his calm voice.
"I love him, Michael. I would give my life for him, or any member of my family. For anyone in this hall. They all need the love of God, they all deserve life."
Michael's golden eyes glowed, for only a moment.
"Raphael, son's heart of Adrian's love. Come forth." Michael said, the young man moving to Michael's side.
The two men stared into each other's eyes.
"Do you believe it is so?"
"Yes, Michael. His heart is true, his love is just. He is the one."
Samuel lifted the necklace off his own neck, the one he'd made for his father Adrian.
Michael's voice filled the church, every person lost in his moving words.
"Children of Tavarro, Children of Stavros. For thousands of years, our separated families have walked in silent evil, on lost paths. Today, these paths have joined and this man has shown all of you the giving heart of a faithful man. The giving soul of a leader. I proclaim him here today, here on this spot of faith. His giving heart, and total faith mark him as such. Paulo Tavarro shall be your Commander of Truth."
Paulo stared in total shock, his grandfather taking him into his arms.
"I give all my heart and love to you, my grandson. The path of our heritage I can now leave in good hands." Alberto said, Paulo tearing up.
Paulo turned, looking at Michael.
"Do you accept your destiny, child of Adrian? Shall you lead thy people in their faith and destiny?"
Paulo stared at his cousin, remembering every moment he'd seen the man's giving heart.
"I shall carry your faith in me always, Michael. And your courage. I accept."
Samuel smiled, placing his father's necklace around his brethren's neck.
"You now wear the love of my soul, my gift to Adrian. My father's faith and love shall guide you always."
Paulo felt the instant flood of love flow through him, his green eyes sparkling.
Michael's hand went forward, the cross in his hand, now no longer white.
It was again just a wooden cross of faith.
"This is the instrument of your guidance, Paulo. It now belongs to you."
Paulo stood in awed wonder, silently taking the wooden cross from Michael.
He instantly felt its faith when it lay in his hand.
It briefly flashed white, then just as quickly returned to its wooden form.
Michael looked at his family and friends, their white lights of faith instantly appearing over them.
The whitest was above Justin's head.
The whiteness of his pure love.
The love that filled Michael's heart.
Michael's eyes turned to Paulo.
"You are the Commander, Paulo Tavarro. You have one moment of righteous faith. Use it for what your heart desires."
Paulo turned, looking at Emile, who still was held by Marco.
He turned back to Michael, staring into his bright, golden eyes.
"One moment?"
"Yes, one chance to right a grave injustice. Show your family your guiding love."
Paulo smiled, turning back to Emile.
"Evil be gone!"
Paulo laid the wooden cross upon Emile's breast.
Everyone stepped back, watching Emile's body contract, a black circle of evil pulled from him.
Emile remained standing, the blackness rising to the glowing ball of evil, joining it.
Everyone stared at Emile, the young man still standing.
Emile put his hands to his chest, feeling his heart and body intact.
Michael smiled a small smile, Paulo walking to his friend.
"I love you, Emile. You are my family, my life and my love."
Emile smiled a tearful smile, Paulo pulling him into his arms.
Marco and Jake were sobbing, seeing their love remained intact.
The foursome of love was returned to its one soul.
They all felt Emile's goodness and love.
Everyone around them stared at Paulo, kneeling as one, Paulo looking out on his brethren, and the Stavros clan.
"God's love has removed Emile's evil through me, and saved him from the judgement. Let all of us remember this moment and what we sense now shall guide us.""
Michael watched for a moment, then turned looking into Justin's blue pools of love.
Justin nodded, sensing Michael's next moment.
"Now comes the final battle."
A tear slid down Michael's cheek, his golden glowing eyes looking into Justin's blue ones.
"Come out, Uncle! I know you watch with eagerness! Come forth from your crypt of evil!"

Michael turned, looking towards the right side of the altar.
He saw what he knew was there.
"You cannot hide from your fate, Victor. Your master's evilness is coming."
Victor peered out from behind his place of concealment, behind the marble altar, his body slowly rising.
All his former colleagues and family stared at him, Victor seeing their anger showing on their upturned faces.
He trembled as he slowly walked to the altar's center, the masses watching what was being played out.
"I... I am only one man! I cannot find fault in what I have done! I was only doing God's work!"
Michael's golden eyes stared at him.
"God's work?? You followed the orders of evilness! You have murdered innocents for that cause! You are a monster spawned from the evil of our heritage! Today is the day of your judgement! And God has claimed you as not worthy of his faith! This day you pay the price for what you've done! Today your soul perishes, Victor Falisca!"
Josef Chavallo stood in the center of the church, his eyes upon the man who'd murdered his brothers.
His mother stood by his side.
They both wore the white glows of goodness.
"You cannot kill me in cold blood, Michael! I am just as lost as all of you!!" he moaned, staring in hope at his former council members.
They all lowered their heads.
"I shall not touch you, Victor."
Michael stared at Victor, and then saw the movement behind him.
He alone had seen the man rising out from the altar behind Victor.
From his hidden rooms buried deep beneath the church of St. Aurelia.
He'd risen up from the earth through the hidden entrance behind the altar.
The hidden rooms created by the builders of the church for storage, now lost in time.
Even the Tavarro family hadn't known of their existence, Fredrick having found them by chance when he was young.
Others now saw the man standing in the shadows behind Victor.
"Oh my God!" Alexander yelled, Victor turning around in surprise.
He stared at the man standing in front of him in the shadows.
Victor smiled, seeing the white cross marking his face, seeing his master before him.
"Master! You've come!"
He didn't see what was in Fredrick's hand.
He felt the hardness by his heart, the knife sinking deep into his heart.
He staggered, looking into the red-eyed evil face before him.
"Say hello to the monsters of Sarcosa, Victor." Fredrick said, releasing the knife, it embedded in Victor's chest.
Victor fell backwards, his body falling upon the altar, twitching its final spasms of life.

Michael stood still, watching the man walk out of the shadows.
He saw the face of his father, the twin brother of Ramon Tavarro.
Justin and Lance gasped, seeing Ramon Tavarro's likeness standing upon the altar of the church.
"Well, the moment is at hand, nephew! How long I have waited for this!" Fredrick said, smiling down at his nephew.
Alberto walked up to the front of the church, staring at his own son.
"Hello father. Still living? My that's a shame. I don't think I've tried hard enough to end your life. That shall change today. After this is done, you shall be the first to die." Fredrick said, staring at his father.
"Today shall be the last I ever look upon you. For today, either you or I shall be gone." Alberto said, Paulo putting his hand upon his grandfather's shoulder, his arm going around him.
"My, that was quite the show, Michael! Awing all the puppets and lackeys with your little gifts of magic! Just wait till they see mine! You have nothing compared to my greatness! Today, a fly shall be swatted from my life! And I'll hold that fly's heart in my hand!"
Michael remained silent, staring at the man standing upon the altar.
Fredrick looked around the masses, every face staring at him.
"I am Fredrick Tavarro! I am the man of destiny! I am the chosen one! My word shall be law! All of you shall be my servants! Together we shall rule the world!!"
Michael finally spoke, everyone looking at him.
"To follow you is to follow madness."
Fredrick's face changed, the anger flashing instantly, his hands flying outward.
A flash of lightning flew from them, heading for Michael.
Michael's hands raised, white light flowing from his upturned palms.
The white light halted the firelight coming from Fredrick.
Alberto stepped backwards, shocked by the sudden energy flying between the two men.
"Step back into the safety of our family, Grandfather. For I shall fight this battle!"
Alberto reluctantly stepped back, Paulo following him.
They both stood by Justin in the front pew.
"Well done, Michael. You are indeed strong. My greatest mistake was not snuffing out your life when you were seven! I should have killed you the night I took your mother's soul!"
Michael's eyes changed, Justin sensing how those words sank into Michael's soul.
He knew Fredrick was trying to unsettle Michael.
Justin felt no change in Michael's soul.
Michael remained calm, Justin sensing his hardened soul.
Nothing Fredrick could say would phase Michael's determination.
"You cannot hurt my mother or my father ever again, Freddy."
Fredrick's face changed, smoldering anger showing again.
"My name is Fredrick!! Only that bastard father of yours ever called me that! He will never call me that again! Neither shall anyone! For the next person who does shall burn alive!"
Michael remained still, staring at the man who murdered his father, and drove his mother to suicide.
"You have robbed me of my family. But you have not robbed me of their love. I carry it always. You cannot destroy that." Michael said, his body moving towards Fredrick, both men now standing upon the altar of Aurelia's church.
Michael stared at his uncle.
He'd waited so long for this moment, for this judging moment.
"You are possessed, Fredrick. Possessed by an evil that has festered on the soul of our family. I am here to end this evil, forever."
Fredrick glared at Michael, taking in the vision of the man before him.
"You are a fool, nephew! You do not see the greatness that I have become! The greatness of my destiny!" he said, opening his arms in mocking smugness.
"I see the evil that possesses your heart. We all see the mark of the cross I have placed on your forehead. You are marked as evil. I am here to destroy that evil. It is time for you to be judged."
Fredrick smiled, Michael seeing the touch of madness in his now golden eyes.
"A mark does not show anything! All it shows is something you shall answer for!"
Fredrick's hands went up again, a fiery red flash heading in Michael's direction.
Michael's white light of righteousness stopped the red fire of evil.
Michael lowered his arms, Fredrick glaring at him.
"We are equal in strength, fallen one." Michael said, looking at him.
Fredrick laughed, everyone sensing the madness in that laugh.
"You are a fool, Michael! I know exactly what is needed to destroy you! I can snuff out your life in an instant!"
Michael stared at Fredrick, feeling the smugness coming from the man.
"Like you murdered my father? Like you just murdered Victor?"
"Victor outlasted his usefulness! Your father, on the other hand, was a moment of immense pleasure for me! I only wish I could have done it myself! To hear his scream would have been delicious!" he snarled.
Alberto's face changed to anger, Paulo feeling his grandfather's anger.
"You are a murderous monster! I hate the fact that I spawned you! I wish you'd never been born! How could you have turned into this monster?? I gave you everything!" Alberto said, Michael sensing his grandfather's anger.
"You gave me nothing, old man! You placed my brother on a pedestal of virtue and goodness, totally washing your hands of me! But I had the last laugh! My own brother stupidly gave me my greatness!"
Michael looked at Fredrick, seeing his smiling face.
"What did my father give you?"
Fredrick laughed, raising his hand, Michael and all the congregation seeing the red glowing ring upon his finger.
The evilness of the red ring.
The ring of Dracarius.
Worn this day by Fredrick.
The last lord of the Dracarian Order.
"I wear the ring of Destiny! The ring of strength and power! You father walked away from this treasure of greatness! I alone saw its truth! The truth of what I now possess!"
Michael stared in shock, looking at his uncle.
"Yes, Michael. Your father–not I–found this ring. His pompous faith made him think he was too good for it. He couldn't see what it was, choosing instead to hide it from me. He took great lengths to keep it hidden, burying it in a ruin in Rome, thinking I wouldn't find it. I found it through the woman who seduced him. He was mortal, Michael. Your father fucked her and she fucked his mind!"
Michael's face remained calm.
Fredrick stepped back in surprise.
"How do you know that name?" he said, anger in his voice.
"I know all of what you've done, Fredrick. I know you used her to try to destroy him. But you couldn't destroy his faith or his love for my mother. And you couldn't destroy my mother's love for me."
The fire again flew from Fredrick's hands, Michael protecting himself.
The Tavarro and Stavros families stood in terrified silence, seeing two men of miraculous strength confronting each other.
Goodness against evil.
"Yes, Michael. I used her! I used her to murder your father! To kill that bastard of a fool! So pious and righteous, such a foolish man! Like my father!"
Alberto's eyes burrowed into his son's face, Fredrick glaring at him.
"She killed your father on my authority! She rid me of my foolish brother! And I rid myself of the others! My foolish whining sisters! I was raised in a family of fools!"
"You were raised in a family of love, you monster!" Alberto said, Paulo holding onto him.
Paulo, Marco and Tomas stared at the man who'd murdered their parents.
"Love? What a foolish concept! Love is useless! Michael knows the truth in this! You all know it! The only concept of importance is power! Power and strength! I now possess that! I shall possess everything!"
Fredrick smiled at Michael.
"As I once possessed your mother, Michael."
Michael stared at Fredrick.
"Yes, Michael. I possessed her. I took her over and over. I raped her when she was but a child. And then she became mine again, through a surprising twist of fate. My own brother married that slutty little tramp. Time and circumstances made her again mine,  I enjoyed taking her from him, erasing her mind of his love and tenderness. She finally realized what a real man was. She enjoyed it, I think. She always screamed in ecstasy. Most sluts do."
Justin sensed what Fredrick was doing.
Trying to anger Michael to confront him, to somehow attack him in anger, letting his guard down so that Fredrick could strike in for his own attack.
Michael remained still, Justin feeling his calmness.
The calmness of reality.
The reality of what was about to happen.
"I have a sister, Fredrick."
Fredrick stared at Michael in shock.
"Victor didn't tell you? I'm surprised. My loving sister Christina was born five years before I was. She was the result of your monstrous first attack on my mother. She is your child, Fredrick."
Christina moved from beside Zach, walking to her grandfather's side.
Fredrick stared at her with shocking surprise.
"A daughter? Diana was wise to hide this from me. For you never would have lived. No matter, now. Are you as much a slut as your mother? Would you like to try me on for size? Your mother enjoyed it. Interesting. You have her slutty looks."
Christina stared at the man who was her father.
"I have everything of my mother's! Her kind heart, her loving soul!  I have nothing of  yours! For I could never be your daughter! I have the faith and love of God!"
Michael smiled at Christina, the first smile he'd shown since he'd entered the room.
Fredrick laughed, almost doubling over in laughter.
"Faith and love? You are as foolish as her, and this brother of yours!"
Michael's eyes again zoned in on Fredrick.
"I stand here for them, Fredrick. I stand here to see justice done for all my family. The time is at hand. Relinquish the ring of evil. . .or die."
Fredrick's face changed, his eyes scanning all those surrounding them.
Michael sensed uncertainty in Fredrick's eyes.
Then he returned to his calm self.
"I know your weakness, Michael. That weakness shall be your undoing. You are not the only one who has been guided by the past. The lost order of the Dracarians knew of this final moment, giving me the weapon of your undoing."
Michael's hands went to his side, staring at his uncle.
"And what is that weapon, Fredrick?"
Fredrick smiled, turning quickly, the blast of energy leaving him.
It hit Alberto squarely in the chest, propelling the man backwards, Alberto flying into his brethren, collapsing on the ground.
Paulo and Justin were beside him in a flash, the older man laying motionless.
Alberto moved, struggling to open his eyes.
He stared into the eyes of his grandson.
"Paulo..... my child. Love them all as I have.. I love..." Alberto struggled, closing his eyes, collapsing against Paulo's chest.
Michael entered Justin's mind.
"Heal him, my love. Return him to his grandchildren."
Justin moved, kneeling beside Alberto, Michael focusing on Fredrick.
The man was laughing.
"So easy! So very easy! There in itself is your undoing Michael! You care too much for them. They are only slaves to use! You are as much a fool as your father!"
Michael's eyes glowed, their white irises glowing brighter than their goldenness.
The blue light of healing surrounded Alberto, Justin's concentration intense.
Fredrick stared at the young man, seeing his healing touch.
"So you've infected your slut with your magic? Interesting."
Michael stared at his uncle, Fredrick's attention now drawn to him.
"That is of no matter. I shall break him after I have destroyed you. He shall come to need me."
"Enough, monster. Your time is at an end. Prepare for your judgement."
Fredrick laughed again, staring at the defiant man standing in front of him.
"As I said Michael, you have one weakness. One obvious fault. It is your so-called love. You love for all these sappy, insignificant  mortals! They are now your undoing! You have a final choice! Them or yourself! For I shall destroy all of them!"
Fredrick's hands went up, his body turning.

Justin's blue light faded, Alberto opening his eyes.
Alberto looked into the young man's blue eyes, seeing the truth in them.
"He's going, isn't he?" Alberto softly said, Justin looking back at him.
"You're okay, Alberto. I've healed the pain and damage. Let's get you up."
Paulo and Justin–along with Jake and Marco–gently lifted the older man up, Alberto sitting in the nearest pew, his hand grabbing onto Justin's arm.
"My loving grandchild, he's doing all this for us, isn't he?" Alberto said, Justin gently rubbing his shoulder.
"Yes, Poppa. For all of you." Justin softly said, Paulo staring into his blue eyes, Justin staring back at the young man.
"The sacrifice? Oh God, I know what it is now!" the young green-eyed man of faith and love gasped.
Paulo had seen the truth in Justin's eyes as well, his head turning again towards the altar, just as Fredrick's body turned, and his hands raised.
People screamed, the red firelight exploding from those limbs, heading forward towards all of them.
The consuming light of evil.
And death.

End of Chapter 176

Don't hate me, I had to do one more cliffhanger.
One more moment of uncertainty.

At last, Fredrick has come out of hiding.
I thought it was a wonderful idea to have his hidden place of concealment under the church.
A symbol of evil festering under goodness and faith.

The end is almost in sight, but a few questions remain.
What is the sacrifice that Paulo now knows?
What is its meaning in regard to Michael?
What is the weapon that Fredrick has to stop Michael?
And will it work?

Shall all be safe?
Shall Michael survive?
What were the seven words Michael spoke to Justin?

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