Justin's Angel-177

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Justin's blue light faded, Alberto opening his eyes.
Alberto looked into the young man's blue eyes, seeing the truth in them.
"He's going, isn't he?" Alberto softly said, Justin looking back at him.
"You're okay, Alberto. I've healed the pain and damage. Let's get you up."
Paulo and Justin–along with Jake and Marco–gently lifted the older man up, Alberto sitting in the nearest pew, his hand grabbing onto Justin's arm.
"My loving grandchild, he's doing all this for us, isn't he?" Alberto said, Justin gently rubbing his shoulder.
"Yes, Poppa. For all of you." Justin softly said, Paulo staring into his blue eyes, Justin staring back at the young man.
"The sacrifice? Oh God, I know what it is now!" the young green-eyed man of faith and love gasped.
Paulo had seen the truth in Justin's eyes as well, his head turning again towards the altar, just as Fredrick's body turned, and his hands raised.
People screamed, the red firelight exploding from those limbs, heading forward towards all of them.
The consuming light of evil.
And death.

Chapter 177

The Sacrifice

Time stood still.
Motion became silent stillness.
The red fire of evil ignited from Fredrick's hands, hurtling forward towards the Tavarro and Stavros clans.
In two minds an instant connection developed.
Justin felt Michael pulling his gift from Justin's soul, Justin giving in completely as Michael had once asked him.
All the magic and gifts fled Justin's being, Michael's love remaining alone.
Justin felt it all leave, all that Michael had given him through their bonds of faith and love.
The gift that was Michael's essence.
The magical gift of God's faith.
All the gifts were entering Michael's soul, all the power and strength of the gift given to him by God.
Justin's gifts were uniting with Michael's.
And Justin knew the reasoning.

Michael felt the surge flow into him, the surge of the gift.
The gift he'd had since he'd been a small child.
His mind flooded with memories of that first time.
That first time he'd felt the gifts.
The day he'd accidently killed the little bird.
He'd been so distraught, so hurt by doing such a monstrous thing.
His tears had fallen on the little bird, his genuine tears of hurt and anguish.
Of love and guilt.
His supposed gifts hadn't revived the little bird that day.
It had been his tears of love.
The water from Michael's heart.
His own true love.
Michael suddenly sensed the truth.
The truth of what he was.
Of who he was.
He was love.
Pure undeniable love.
He smiled, feeling the gift within himself take hold, his mind focusing on the evil before him.
His love ignited, not from his hands, but from his now hazel eyes.

Fredrick smiled, looking intently towards Michael.
He hoped beyond hope what Michael's reaction would be.
He now saw before himself his greatest dreams.
Michael was being true to his own heart.
His showing his trueness would destroy him.
Fredrick grinned widely, focusing on the force flowing through him.
He smiled, keeping just enough power hidden.
His red eyes glowed, lost in their evilness.

Everyone stood in shocked silence, seeing a wondrous miracle unfold before them.
From the eyes of their Messenger, God's light of whiteness erupted.
The intensity of it, and its speed, were unfathomable.
It surrounded the whole congregation, a white light of protection.
Fredrick's red firelight disintegrated against it.
Alberto stood up, trembling, Marco at his side, everyone looking at the white light surrounding them.
The light was like a force field, surrounding the family of faith.
Joey looked at Michael, now standing on the other side of that light.
Joey's mind was in turmoil.
He'd stood back, as always, watching everything unfold.
His eyes remained focused on one man.
While others watched Fredrick's appearance, watched the death of Victor, or the attack upon Alberto, Joey's watchful eyes were on Michael.
Joey saw the look of determined calmness on Michael's face.
He saw the look of someone of intellectual calmness.
Then it suddenly dawned on him.
Michael knew all that was happening.
Michael already knew it would happen.
He'd calmly steeled himself for all of it.
Joey had seen the reaction of Justin when the light of Fredrick's evil was unleashed, sensing Justin knew more than he was letting on as well.
Joey sensed that this was all preordained.
Then Joey saw a new look in Michael's eyes.
It was at the moment of Fredrick's attack on the people.
Michael looked totally shocked by something.
Joey sensed it wasn't Fredrick's attack that shocked him, it was something else.
It was as if Michael had realized something that he hadn't known.
Joey's eyes flitted from Michael to Justin.
In Justin's face he sensed loss.
Then Joey saw Michael smiling, a smile of deep faith and love.
And then Joey saw Michael's eyes change colour.
And then he saw the igniting white light.
And his mind, the loving mind of their dear friend Joey, clicked.
The truth flooded Joey's mind.

Justin stood looking around them all, seeing the protective light of Michael's soul.
The gift of Michael.
The gift of God.
Alberto looked at Justin, the young man staring at him.
"He's surrounded us with his gifts! He's protecting us from evil!" Alberto said, others staring at him, then at Michael with quiet awe.
"No, he's not. It's not a magical gift surrounding us."
Everyone's eyes turned to Joey, the man standing alone, Kelly looking at her husband.
"What are you talking about, Joey?" she said, Joey tearfully smiling at her, then at everyone.
"It's so simple, really. It's right here before us. It's always been right here. He's given us this gift every day. He's surrounded us with this gift always."
Justin looked at Joey, a smile appearing on his face.
"You have felt this gift most of all, Justin."
Joey walked up to his bandmate, putting his hand on Justin's shoulder.
"It's love, Justin. The greatest gift that Michael has. The essence of who Michael is. Michael has surrounded all of us with love."
Alberto turned, looking at his grandson standing alone on the altar and his son standing at the other end.
Goodness and evil opposed to each other.
Alberto saw the light of redness in Fredrick's eyes, his hands now turning towards Michael.
Alberto looked at Michael seeing his eyes now their normal golden colour.
The realization dawned on him instantly.

Alberto rushed towards Michael, the white wall of love stopping him instantly.
It held him there, Alberto helpless to go forward to his grandson.
"No, Michael! You can't do this!"
Alberto's grandsons were by his side, staring at their grandfather.
He turned his eyes filled with tears.
"Don't you see? Don't you see what he's done? Look at his eyes!!"
They all turned, all the congregation's eyes upon their Messenger.
"His eyes are normal!" Marco said, staring at Michael.
He now knew the truth.
They all saw the truth when the blast of red fire flew from Fredrick's hands.
It hit Michael squarely in the chest, propelling him against the church's stone wall.
Michael fell to the ground, gasping in pain.

Paulo raced to the front edge of the white light of God's love.
"He's sacrificed all of himself for us! That was the sacrifice of the Messenger! Our loving child of Adrian is giving his life and love for all of us!" Paulo said, the tears rolling down his cheeks.
Everyone stared in stunned silence, realizing now what Michael had done.
He'd given all of himself, all of his love to protect all of them.
The barrier that surrounded them was himself.
Michael had given all of himself as a sacrifice.
Michael now stood alone against a monster, in essence sealing his own fate.
People sobbed, falling to their knees, seeing the truth in Michael's sacrifice.
Others rushed to the barrier, its whiteness stopping them from going forward.
Alexander sobbed, unable to go to his hurting great nephew.
"No! Not for me! I am old! No, Michael! Not for me!" he sobbed, Nicholas' arm going around his great uncle.
"The light of his love bars our way. We are separated from him." he softly said, his eyes filled with tears.
Sister Aggie put her arm around the young priest, the two then guiding Alexander to a seat.
She stared at Michael, seeing him laying on the church floor, gasping and struggling to rise up.
"Go with God, child of faith. He shall guide you on."

Fredrick's laughter filled the church, the man lowering his arms.
"Into the trap of love a mouse did fall! Only to be gobbled up by the cat!" he laughed, walking towards Michael.
Michael's eyes opened, his body coursing with pain.
He looked up, seeing Fredrick approaching form.
"Such a fool, Micky! Giving up all you possessed for them? Such a fool! I knew your love would be your undoing!"
Fredrick stood over Michael, leering down at him.
"Such a pathetic, helpless fool!"
Fredrick leaned down, picking Michael up by the scruff of his robe's neck.
He threw him across the room, Michael's body hitting the statue of Aurelia, falling hard on the ground in front of her.
Michael screamed in pain.
Justin stood beside Lance and Josh, their arms going around him.
Justin felt no pain coming from Michael, realizing that Michael had indeed given all of himself for them.
Their bond of magic was broken.
Justin's eyes filled with tears, knowing Michael would have to bear this trial alone.
All the children of Adrian and Aurelia looked on helplessly.
Tears fell from all their eyes, all of them standing, watching the horror unfold.

Fredrick laughed again, his eerie laughter echoing off the walls of the stone church.
Fredrick walked over to Michael, seeing the young man laying flat on his back, his face bleeding from cuts and lacerations.
"Such a foolish boy, Micky! Did you really think you could destroy me??"
Fredrick pulled the young man up, Michael staggering, Fredrick's hand around his throat.
"I have the power of destiny, you fool! I am greatness and power!"
Fredrick lifted Michael off the ground, Michael's feet swaying.
"You shall bow to me before I destroy you, Micky!"
Fredrick threw him down, Michael collapsing almost to his knees.
Somehow he remained on his feet, staggering.
"I will not bow to you, Uncle. You have no worthy trait to worship." he said, his bleeding face glaring at him.
Fredrick's hand went up, slapping Michael across the face, Michael collapsing.
Fredrick glared at his fallen body, then turned.
He walked to the center of the aisle, staring at the white light surrounding the clans.
"What light is this, Micky? Some trick of your making?"
Fredrick walked forward, his hands touching the barrier.
He screamed pulling them back quickly, feeling the deep pain.
"AAAAH!!!" he screamed, holding his hands.
Michael looked up, his face bleeding, staring at his uncle.
"It is the protective light of love, Fredrick. The same light that marks you. The same light you've feared all your life. The same light that shall destroy you." he sputtered, staggering to his feet.
Fredrick moved his burned hands, looking at his red fingers.
"This is trickery, this is false! Nothing can destroy me!"
His hands went out again, the firelight leaving them, hitting the wall of white.
The firelight disintegrated.
He hit it again.
All the people behind the wall stared at the monster standing in front of them.
"Release them, Michael! Or I shall destroy you!"
Michael looked at his family behind his wall of protection.
"My soul I give for their salvation. My heart I give in place of theirs. Destroy me as you must. Then watch your own destruction."
Fredrick's face changed into anger, his red eyes glaring at those in front of him.
They all saw the evilness now unleashed, the trueness of Fredrick's soul.
The madness of those red burning eyes.
"I shall have all of you! You cannot hide behind this wall forever!"
Fredrick's red eyes glared at Justin.
"You I shall have first, slut! Michael will only be a memory in your tortured mind! Watch now as I destroy him!"
Justin's tearful gaze stared back at the man, the image of Ramon Tavarro.
"Your brother's love runs in his son's heart, Fredrick. Ramon shall destroy you!"
Fredrick's face changed, his head moving around.
Justin knew in his heart that Fredrick was searching for his lost brother.
"You lie, slut! My brother is dead!"
Fredrick turned looking at a staggering Michael.
"Alright, Michael! If you give your heart so easily, I shall take it! And your Justin shall taste it before the day ends!"
Justin stared at Michael, seeing his golden eyes looking towards him.
"My heart Justin owns, Fredrick. It is his alone, forever. And both of us are God's children."
Fredrick stared at Michael, then erupting into laughter again.
"God's children? You fool! There is no God! I am the only God these people shall ever see! You, unfortunately, are tiring me! It's time to die, Micky! The fly's life is over! But no worries. I shall show them what you've given them! Let them see your sacrifice! Let me honor your faith, Micky!"
Fredrick's hands flew up, Justin closing his eyes, a sob leaving his throat.

The blast hit Michael's chest, propelling him back against Aurelia's statue again, Michael feeling the impact against his back and side.
He felt ribs breaking, the pain excruciating.
He screamed, Justin burying his face in Josh's chest.
Josh held his best friend, his own face a mask of wetness.
His heart broke seeing the life being torn out of Michael, seeing Fredrick's monstrous torture.
Alberto was on his knees, his grandson Tomas and Seth holding him, both young men sobbing.
They all saw and felt the pain in Michael's hurt body.
Paulo, Jake, Emile and Marco stood together, the foursome of love seeing their friend being torn apart by evil.
Chris held Vicky, the young woman sobbing into his chest, her heart breaking at seeing her loving friend's death approach, unable to do anything.
Zach held Christina against him, the young woman staring at her hurting brother.
She felt in her heart the greatness of his unselfish love, of what he'd now done.
Of the sacrifice he had made.
For all of them.
Father Derrick stood looking upon his great nephew, seeing for himself the true sacrifice the young man had made.
He remembered the young child he'd once met, seeing in that child's eyes a look of hope.
Here now he saw a new look of love radiating from the tortured man's soul.
Joey's wet eyes stared toward Justin, Lance and Josh, his hand also going in Chris', his heart joining with his bandmates' hearts, all five as one for their Michael.
"Stop, please stop! Don't hurt him!" Josh cried, Lance's own tearing eyes focused on the scene unfolding in front of him.
The scene he'd seen on the walk through the Hallway of Truth.
The fight between Fredrick and Michael.
Between evil and goodness.
Lance knew the next scene, his heart hardening, trying to prepare for it, knowing it would all soon lay upon his shoulders.
Lance looked at Justin, his eyes now open.
Their blueness was steeled, Lance knowing Justin also knew the moment was at hand.

Michael collapsed, his body unable to endure more and still stand alone.
Fredrick slowly walked over to him, smiling down at the tortured man laying at his feet.
"You were a worthy opponent once, Micky! You bested Paul, that halfwit fool! You bested Victor, a useless vagrant! But I, the greater man, have prevailed! You talk of your God, of his saving love! Where is it, Micky? Where is he?"
Fredrick laughed, his foot going under Michael's kneeling head.
It raised Michael's head, Michael's bruised face looking up at Fredrick.
"You want to meet him, Micky? Let me send you on your way. But first, I think you need to atone for your sins. For the sin of thinking you could destroy me!"
Fredrick's hand went down with lightening speed, pulling Michael again to his feet.
Fredrick threw the young man again, this time across the altar, Michael's body flying through the air.
He hit the far wall with his back, landing on the wooden cross.
Air held him against it, his arms being pulled outward.
Fredrick grinned, seeing before him a mockery of the faith of the Tavarro clan.
Michael lay on the cross, spread out like the man who'd once lain there.

"Behold your precious Messenger, children of Tavarro! Behold his sacrifice!!"
Everyone's eyes were upon Michael, seeing his tortured body strewn across the cross.
Michael was held there by Fredrick's power, the man laughing again.
"See the crucified angel! See the mockery of your faith!"
Fredrick glared at all of them.
"Let's make this more genuine, more real." he smirked, pulling out of his jacket three silver knives.
He threw all of them in a flash of speed, people screaming as the knives flew, one embedding in each of Michael's wrists.
The final one struck Michael just below his shin, trapping one leg against the other, both trapped against the wooden cross.
Fredrick released Michael from his wall of air, Michael sagging from the cross, suspended by his own limbs.
Michael now was truly crucified upon the cross of his Lord.

Lynn screamed against Paul's chest, Lisa doing the same against Randall's.
They felt the heartache of their loving son-in-law, of the man they'd come to love as a son.
Justin stood in the arms of his two loved ones, Josh and Lance both staring at their friend in the moments of his life's ending.
No man could survive what Fredrick had now done.
They saw Michael's head lowered, his body trembling.
Fredrick smiled, looking at the man now suspended in front of him.
"Behold the Messenger of God! Or should we say, the Messenger of Fools!" Fredrick laughed, looking at all the people staring in horror below him.
"I should have brought another knife, I so want to finish this!" he smiled, a smile of pure evil.
Fredrick smiled, looking upon the dead corpse of Victor Falisca laying upon the altar.
"Why of course! I always bring one to spare!" he laughed, walking over to the dead man, leaning down and pulling out the larger knife embedded in his chest, his prized possession.
Fredrick wiped it off on Victor's shirt, smiling down at the dead man.
"Such a fool. Seems to be a trend among the Tavarros." he smiled, looking again at the man he'd hung upon the wall of the church.
He smiled, looking down at the knife in his hand.
The knife given to him by the last leader of the Dracarian order, just before Fredrick had plunged it into his heart.
Legend had it that this knife was General Marius Dracarius' own knife.
It was silver, polished and gleaming.
Fredrick's greatest prize next to the red ring upon his finger.
What better to end the life of his greatest enemy?
Fredrick smiled, walking closer to Michael's suspended body.
"A treasure to end a life, Micky." Fredrick said, hearing sobbing coming from the multitude.
He knew this was having its affect.
He was instilling fear into the masses.
Showing them his greatness.
He smiled, looking down at one man alone.
His red glowing eyes focused on Justin.
Justin stared back at him.
"Say your goodbyes, slut! Your whore leaves you!" Fredrick screamed, throwing the knife.
Justin's head lowered, his blue eyes of love closing.

The knife hit Michael dead center, over his left breast, piercing his heart.
Michael's head flew upwards, his golden eyes searching the heavens.
A scream of anguish and heartfelt ending left his lips, his last words echoing across the dying sky's light.
"Love conquers all!" he screamed, then collapsed, his body silent in its movements.
People screamed, sinking to their knees.
Alberto collapsed into Tomas' lap, his sobs echoing with the others.
Gregory looked up at his dying cousin, his heart breaking with sorrow.
Julius and Barlow were on their knees, their faces a mask of deep anguish, Samuel with Raphael's soul standing beside them, a face of tearful sorrow staring at his descendant.
Father Derrick was on his knees, his prayer guiding a young man to God.

Justin sobbed, his eyes now on his Michael.
On the love of his life.
On the moment he'd dreaded since he'd learned of it from Michael himself.
His giving, loving Michael.
Michael had told him everything.
Of the sacrifice he would make, of the torturous end he would have to endure.
It was his destiny, it was his trial of faith.
And it all played out if front of Justin's eyes.
The horrific end of the man he'd loved.
Of the soul of goodness that had been his soulmate.
But in Justin's heart he felt that man's unending love.
It still radiated from his soul.
Justin found comfort in that, in the love he'd been given.
And those seven words that Michael had spoken to him a short time ago echoed in his mind.
He grasped onto them, holding onto a hope.
A hope that maybe Michael wouldn't leave him.
That his love would still go on.
All those around him sobbed and cried, staring at the man who'd said that he was their saving faith.
That he was their judging soul.
Josh's face was buried in Lance's chest, his lover holding him against the horror.
Protecting him from the truth.
The truth of Michael's ending.
Of his silencing moments.
Lance looked up at the man hanging upon the wooden cross.
His dearest friend, and of late his loving soulmate.
The center of their foursome of love.
Lance looked over at Justin, at the young man standing alone, seeing his blue glistening eyes looking at the love of his life, at his soulmate's final moments.
Lance then stood tall, releasing Josh from his embrace, his lover lifting his head and staring into his emerald eyes.
"Love does conquer all, Michael." he softly said, walking forward.
Josh and Justin stared at their loving Lance, watching him walk into the whiteness.

Fredrick's mind was a jumble of emotions.
The foremost one being madness.
And happiness at seeing the nemesis of his life destroyed.
Michael was finished.
Fredrick watched him, seeing the blood gushing out of the knife wound, running down Michael's chest, down his body, now dripping upon the floor.
He saw the final gasps of Michael's chest, it now motionless.
The Messenger was gone.
He smiled then laughed, his face wearing a grin of extreme satisfaction.
He turned to gaze upon the terrified, to show them his anger.
He stared in shock seeing the whiteness still surrounding them.
It hadn't disappeared upon Michael's death.
He stopped, staring at a young man who walked out of the whiteness.
A young man with white streaks in his spiky hair.
"Who are you, foolish boy?"

Lance walked through the whiteness, sensing a sudden flash of warmth run through him through the necklace he wore around his neck.
The golden cross that was given by Justin to Michael.
A sign of his faith in Michael's love.
Lance smiled, realizing it was the guiding factor in Lance's ability to breach the white barrier of love.
For it was a part of Michael's love.
It passed easily through, carrying Lance with it.
Lance stepped out of the whiteness just as Fredrick turned.

Fredrick stared at the beautiful young man before him.
"Are you a treat for me? An offering of beauty to entice me?"
Lance stared at him, raising his arm.
In it was a parchment.
Lance stared at the monster in front of him.
"I am the Guardian of Truth. I walk out of the whiteness of his love to end this."
Fredrick stared at the young man, seeing no fear in his green emerald eyes.
"The Guardian? What foolishness is this?"
"I hold the truthful prophecy of Adrian. It is the trap upon which you've walked into, Fredrick."
Fredrick leered at him, raising his hands.
"Say hello to your friend, fool! Join Micky in the hell he now resides in!"
The flash of firelight burst forth, Lance not moving.
Instantly a part of the whiteness moved, surrounding Lance in a cocoon of love.
The firelight of evil disintegrated against the whiteness.
Fredrick stepped back in shock.
Lance then moved forward, his courage now so much greater.

"I am the Guardian of the truth. The truth of what the prophecy is. I hold it here in my hand. The true prophecy, the correct one."
Fredrick felt an unease settle upon him.
"What kind of trick is this? Who are you?"
"I am one of Michael's three soulmates. I am one of his loving friends. I am the Guardian of the Truth. so named by him. It's time you knew the truth, Fredrick."
Fredrick backed up, unsure of what this was.
Lance raised his hand again, the parchment in it.
"Behold the prophecy, Fredrick. The prophecy of truth."
"I know the prophecy, fool! It was all a bunch of nonsense!"
"It was something more, monster. It was a trap. A trap designed to entice you into its center. A center you cannot now escape, Fredrick Tavarro!"
Fredrick stepped further back, backing up onto the altar.
Lance unfurled the parchment looking up at the man.
"Let me read you its truth. Let all of those present hear its truth. For judgement is at hand."
Fredrick glared at Lance, his nervousness beginning to show.

"And through these final Days of Judgement the angel of God's love shall walk among thy chosen ones.

He who shall be born of fifty souls united.

He who shall be giving of love but tortured of soul.

Through his golden eyes shall God seek our truth.

For he shall bring forth the instrument of our redemption, entombed in the Stone of Vengeance.

He who cannot see shall see the final truth.

His spoken judgement shall cleanse the heart of all the generations.

A thousand and seven hundred souls shall glow in God's heaven.

Thee rest shall be consumed in sin's embrace.

And he shall rid the earth of that final sin, that sin against God.

His own sacrifice shall be thy final testament to God's truth.

Into himself shall he draw the weakness of our unworthy souls and he shall show us our Commander of Truth.

And through his love and self-sacrifice shall the chosen prosper through a thousand generations.

And a house of love divided shall unite to bring forth the salvation of his sacrifice.

And his blood shall flow to the sacred cross, the defender of faith unleashed.

Only through the heart and love of a child shall thy angel return to us.

Through innocence and love shall he rise again."

Fredrick stared at Lance, hearing the two new lines of text.
"'And a house of love divided shall unite to bring forth the salvation of his sacrifice? And his blood shall flow to the sacred cross, the defender of faith unleashed?' What rubbish is this? Those lines aren't in the prophecy!!"
Fredrick shook his head at this foolishness.
Lance turned around looking upon his friends and Michael's family.
"Come forth twelve of Michael's faith. Come forth and search out your destiny."
Fredrick watched in surprise as twelve tearing people walked through the whiteness.
Lonnie, Jake, Chris and Vicky,  Seth and Kevin.
Marco, Antonio, Nick and Trevor.
And lastly Zach and Christina.
The twelve wearers of the rings of truth.
The twelve chosen by Michael, for this moment.
For the moment of their destiny.

Fredrick eyes saw the whiteness come off the barrier, surrounding each of the twelve.
He stared in shock, seeing the protection all thirteen now wore.
He raised his hands, frantically firing at each of them, his power disappearing the instant it touched the whiteness.
They wore the love of Michael as a protective shield, a blanket of love surrounding them.
Fredrick's evil could not penetrate that love.
And Fredrick now saw them moving around him.
They now surrounded him.
He felt trapped in a circle of his own doing.
Lance looked at all twelve, then at the man in their center.
"Behold the Twelve of Truth, chosen by the Messenger to surround you! To lock you in the center of your judgment! For now your judges come!"
A clap of thunder echoed in the heavens, everyone in the church looking upward in now silent wonder.

A rumbling sound came from the heavens about them, the now dark night brightening.
Four stars in the sky now brightly shone, everyone looking up at them.
Fredrick stared upwards as well.
Then he was on the move.
He ran between Lonnie and Jake, an invisible barrier hitting him.
Fredrick fell on his ass, staring in disbelief.
"You cannot escape the circle of judgement. The power of the rings of truth surround you." Lance said, standing alone in front of the white barrier.
Fredrick looked upwards, seeing the stars now moving.
He crawled back to his feet, staring upwards as four bright stars streaked across the sky.
Around him, in the center of the altar, four beams of light descended from the heavens.
Each beam stood as a corner, Fredrick standing in a square of light.
Everyone in the church stared in disbelief as the four beams took on human form.
Fredrick stared in stunned horror as the four revealed themselves one by one.

Paulo gasped seeing his mother standing upon the altar.
Valeria Garcia.
Tomas stared in disbelief, a sob coming from him, seeing another woman looking down at him.
Her face was so like his Carmen's, he knew it was his lost mother, Teresa Santiago.
Marco and Antonio stood in the circle staring at a beautiful woman now showing herself, their lost mother Dahlia Barosa.
Nicholas, Tanisa and Sandaria all looked at their mother, remembering her glowing face.
Justin and Alberto stood now beside each other, staring at the last beam of light as it took form, both knowing who now would be shown.
Fredrick stared at the final light, seeing his brother now staring back at him.
Ramon Tavarro stared at his twin brother, seeing the trapped look in his eyes.

"And a house of love divided shall unite to bring forth the salvation of his sacrifice." Lance said, his voice echoing in the dead silence of the church.
"Behold the house of your own self, Fredrick! Your siblings! All of whom you murdered! They shall stand and watch your judgement! They shall be honoured by that justice!"
Fredrick ran again, the four siblings surrounding him in the center of the twelve.
He hit a wall of steel, propelled backwards, falling again.
Between the four golden souls other lights of love emerged, Fredrick now in a square of lighted sides.
Between Ramon and Teresa stood Diana Stavros.
Between Teresa and Valeria stood Helena Stavros.
And between Valeria and Dahlia stood Augustus Stavros.
The final shape of light appeared, Fredrick gasping.
Between Dahlia and Ramon stood Paul Richards.

Justin stared up at the young man, seeing now the truth of what Michael had done.
He had healed Paul's soul, his forgiving love guiding the young man to a final peace.
A peace of love and forgiveness.
A peace of revengeful love.
Somehow Paul had seen the light of Michael's love.
Fredrick stared up at him, Paul staring down at him.
"Prepare for judgement, monster! Prepare for the end! The souls of Sarcosa await!"
Fredrick trembled hearing each frightening word.
He was indeed trapped.
Trapped in his own making.
"No! This is impossibe! I am great! I am all powerful! This can't happen!" he screamed, trembling on his knees.
Alberto felt Justin's hand go in his, Justin walking forward, gently guiding the old man into Michael's love.

Alberto and Justin walked through the light of Michael's love with ease.
For Justin's heart was filled with that same love.
They walked to Lance's side, Alberto looking up at his five children.
He saw his family again united.
Four roses of love that he'd grown through his own loving heart.
And one rotting flower of evil, now beginning to shrink on the vine.
"Justice is at hand. Reap now that which you have sown, my son." Alberto said, staring at that which once was his son Fredrick.
Ramon's eyes fixed upon his father, Alberto staring into their loving soul.
Ramon's head moved, his now tearing eyes looking upon his silent, motionless son.
His son hanging from the cross of their faith.
"And his blood shall flow to the sacred cross, the defender of faith unleashed."
All eyes turned to the young man hanging from the wooden cross of faith.
They saw the blood dripping from his feet, pooling on the floor, now beginning to move across it.
It edged slowly towards the inlaid cross.
The cross marking the floor of the church.
The cross embedded in the floor below the wooden cross.
The place of hidden truth.
The moment it touched it, that cross ignited in a glowing whiteness.
And the floor opened, a bright beam of whiteness moving upwards.
And out of the whiteness walked Adrian Tavarro.

In Adrian's hand was held a sword, a sword of silver beauty.
Justin looked at the strong, beautiful man.
He now in his heart sensed what this was.
It was a battle that had played out of the fields of Italy so many years ago.
A battle between a young soldier of faith and a monstrous man of evil.
Adrian again was meeting his old foe, the evil of the Dracarian Order.
That had been the first battle of goodness against evil.
Fredrick was the instrument of that evil, as had been all those before him.
All those that had worn the red ring of evil.
And Justin sensed this would be the final battle.
Fredrick rose to his feet, staring at the man walking towards him.
The man who walked through the shields surrounding him.
All those surrounding him looked at the man, lost in the moving love they felt from him.
Adrian walked into the center, alone with the monster.

Fredrick laughed, a loud boisterous laugh, the last laugh of his total madness.
He looked upwards.
"Come to me, my hidden strength!"
The ball of blackness, the evil that Michael had removed from all the tainted souls, descended in a flash, entering Fredrick's body.
The circle around him moved backward feeling the impact of the power of evil, but the twelve remained intact.
His four siblings remained motionless, Ramon staring at his brother.
Fredrick's body stood taller, a sinister smile upon his face.
"Again we meet, faithless slut!"
Adrian glared at the man in front of him.
At the possessed man.
"I told you that you would die, slut. I didn't say when. You escaped me once, now comes your end!" Fredrick said, his voice now different.
Everyone now knew who this was.
General Marius Dracarius, Adrian's former master.
This was the final confrontation between the two ancient souls.
Adrian's love had descended through the generations, as had Marius' evil.
Marius' descending through an Order of evil.
Each generation a battle between goodness and evil.
Between faith and monstrosity.
"It ends here finally, ancient monster. Today, I right his faithful pact. Today, I give my soul to his love." Adrian said, staring at his former master.
The two charged at each other, Adrian's sword held high.

Fredrick smiled, a sword of red light appearing in his hand.
It stopped the falling blade, Adrian's blow deflected.
Fredrick lashed forward, his sword just missing Adrian's chest.
Everyone, every last person standing in that hall, watched the battle unfold.
The battle that was part of their heritage.
Their ancient ancestor's first battle of faith.
They saw the greatness of Adrian's faith, of his strength to fight on to live in a world of love.
They saw his great faith in life.
That life was for the living.
And this man had lived.
He'd lived to sire a family of faith, to begin the family now standing around him.
His family of faith and love.
Before them they saw their beginnings.
The beginnings of their faith.

The battle raged on, the two opponents attacking each other.
Lance watched, seeing his former vision unfolding.
His eyes looked towards the cross, looking at his loving friend, who's eyes were not taking in this battle.
A tear ran down Lance's cheek, a tear for the love he'd felt when Michael's eyes had closed.
The love in his heart had seemed to radiate a new light.
Lance smiled, then focused again upon the battle before him.
He knew what would win this battle.

Fredrick stepped back, staring at the man before him.
"You are strong of heart, Adrian! As foolish as you always were!"
"I am filled with the love of God, monster. You have never been able to take that from me or my children since that first day. Lay down your weapon and be judged by God."
Fredrick laughed, a different laugh, a laugh of combined destiny.
"You murdered me and my son, Adrian. I shall now rip out your heart."
Fredrick lunged, his red sword stabbing Adrian's chest, Adrian gasping.
People screamed seeing the death blow.
Fredrick smiled, glaring down at him.
"I am Marius Dracarius. I have won, slave. Now I shall have your heart."
Marius pulled the sword out of Adrian, Adrian falling to his knees.
Marius smiled raising the sword.
Adrian looked up, softly speaking.
"I need love. I need only my faith."

Lance's mind instantly zoned in on those seven words.
Of course! He thought.
Lance turned, looking into the green eyes of Paulo.
Two sets of green eyes staring into each other's soul.
Paulo had walked through the white light, with no help from anyone.
The cross laying in his hand had been his salvation.
Lance also now saw that the white light was moving.
The barrier was disappearing, flowing towards the cross.
It was flowing into the small cross in Paulo's hand.
All the white light of Michael's love was entering that small little cross.
The cross instantly began glowing, its whiteness radiating.
"Give me my son's love, Commander."

Paulo raised his eyes from the white cross.
He stared into the golden eyes of Ramon's apparition.
Ramon standing upon the altar.
Paulo smiled, now realizing what he held in his hand.
He threw the cross towards Ramon, it landing in his outstretched hand.
Ramon turned, rushing forward towards his ancestor.

Adrian prepared for the inevitable, awaiting Marius' retribution.
He saw the monster's arms raising, the red sword clenched in his hands.
Then he felt something going into his hand, turning and looking into two golden eyes.
The golden eyes of Ramon Tavarro.
"From my son, faithful father."
Adrian smiled, the cross now in his hands.
Adrian moved the cross quickly above him, the red sword falling towards him.
The red-lighted sword hit the cross of Adrian's faith.

Fredrick and Marius sneered together, bringing the sword down.
Fredrick saw his brother kneeling beside Adrian at the last moment.
And then he felt the sword hit the white cross.
Instantly both felt the white light of love.
Fredrick and Marius both screamed together, then apart from each other.
Adrian arose, embedding the cross into Fredrick's face.
Into the already marked indentation.
And before everyone's eyes, the two men of evil separated.

Marius and Fredrick separated, their souls and bodies pulled apart by the force of Michael's love.
Two men now lay upon the altar surrounded by the circle and inner square of justice.
Adrian knelt looking upon his monstrous master.
Marius was gasping, his red fading eyes were slowly winking out.
The ring of the Dracarian order lay upon his finger, now gone from Fredrick's.
"Thou hast lost, monster of evil. Get thy soul back to Hell. You shall never dawn this earth again, and neither shall your evil."
The ground underneath the church shook, everyone stepping back, Adrian remaining in his place.
The altar's floor of marble cracked, a large crack forming under Marius' body.
In one fluid motion, his form was swallowed into the crack, a blast of heated fire bursting upwards.
A soul of evil returned to Hell.

Ramon helped Adrian to his feet, the two men exchanging looks.
Ramon's eyes turned, looking down at his struggling brother.
Fredrick lay defeated, his body and face a mask of scarred tissue.
The white light of love had burned him.
Fredrick struggled to his knees looking towards the opened crack that had consumed Marius.
He looked up, pleading into his brother's golden eyes.
"Brother, help me! I was imprisoned by that monster, his soul controlling me! Help me see the light? Help me find my soul again??" Fredrick said, his burned hands going together in a plea of hope.
Fredrick's three sisters moved, standing beside their brother of love.
"You are our brother. But you are not our loving brother." Dahlia said, her face a mask of tears.
"I'm your little Freddy! I'm the little lost boy you all once loved!!" he moaned.
Ramon moved forward, his three sisters remaining still.
Alberto stood up again, walking up the steps of the altar.
He walked up to his son, Ramon's golden eyes looking upon him.
Alberto nodded, his gaze looking down upon his other son.
"It is time my son. Time for you to be judged."
Fredrick looked between the two, Ramon leaning down and picking up the fallen cross.
Fredrick cringed moving away from him.
"No, don't touch me with that, please! It burns!!"
"It is the light of love, Fredrick. The light of God." Alberto said, his eyes full of tears.
Ramon brought the cross against Fredrick's cheek, the man screaming, a mark appearing in the flesh.
Ramon stepped back, seeing the scar.
"You are still evil, my brother. There is no love in your heart. Here now you are judged."
The ground rumbled again, everyone on the altar stepping back.
Another crack appeared, this one cracking in front of the fallen man.
Fredrick was trapped against the altar, watching with horror the crack widening.

Then there was silence.
A deadly silence.
And then deep in the earth screams and horrific sounds could be heard.
Marco and Antonio and all the others saw a faint light coming from the gap.
The sound grew more, voices of anguish now being heard.
The crack widened, vile things beginning to rise from it.
Justin walked up to Alberto, standing beside him, now seeing what these things were.
They were once people, people reduced to horrific shells.
Justin knew in his heart these were the monsters of Sarcosa.
And one he recognized immediately.
The horrific form turned for a moment, staring into his eyes.
It was Brad Stevens.
Another form was a woman, of once great beauty and once stately aura.
Ramon looked upon his former friend, Felicia Cortez.
Another was fairly clean and untouched, Alberto looking upon Victor Falisca's dead image.
Fredrick was sobbing, the former creatures of his power surrounding him.
They lunged for him, sinking their teeth into his flesh, Fredrick's screams echoing off the church's stone walls.
Felicia's mouth went for his throat, ripping out his flesh.
Fredrick gasped, his voice cut off, his body pulled towards the gaping crack.
The scene of horrific evil fell into the crack, Fredrick Tavarro going to his judgement.
An evil soul was being dragged to Sarcosa.
The cracks in the altar floor disappeared.

Everyone in the church sank again to their knees, seeing the judgement of God taking an evil soul back to Hell.
They saw Adrian's gaze fall upon all of his brethren, his golden eyes staring into their souls.
"The evil of our dynasty has ended. Our hearts are cleansed, our souls given over to the faith of God. God's will shall be done!"
The group as one spoke.
"Praise be to you, our Father! Praise be to God!"
Justin remained standing, Ramon walking up to him and a kneeling Alberto.
"My brother is gone. His evil has been consumed."
Justin stared into Ramon's golden eyes, seeing the light of Michael's love in them.
"He gave all for us, Justin. His love was greater than all of us."
Ramon took the young man to his heart, hugging him tightly, Justin's head falling upon his shoulder.
Diana walked up to her husband.
She too hugged him, Justin's eyes filling with tears.
"He is everything to me. He is all." he cried, Ramon and Diana in tears.
"We know, Justin. We know." Ramon said, looking towards his son.
"Never forget what he said to you, my child. His love knows no end." Diana said.
Justin was hugged by both, the trinity of Michael's love standing alone.

Ramon's sisters walked up to their children, the other grandsons of Alberto having walked up upon the altar.
Valeria looked upon her son Paulo, Paulo's eyes full of tears.
"Hello, Momma."
"Hello, my sweet Polo. Our new Commander of Truth."
Paulo smiled, his mother kissing his cheek.
"I have loved you always, my child. For always and forever."
He smiled, looking into her loving golden eyes.
"A mother's soul fills with pride at her son's loving heart and joyous soul."
She hugged her child to her bosom.

Tomas watched the young woman now standing in front of him.
Teresa Santiago was a vision of Spanish beauty.
"Hello our Carrier of Truth, my little angel Tomas."
Tomas smiled, his eyes filled with tears.
Seth joined him, smiling at the young woman's apparition.
"Hello, heart of my son's love." she smiled, Tomas falling into her arms.
"I wish I could have known you, Mom." Tomas cried, Seth rubbing his back.
"I have known you, my special angel. You are your sister's and my greatest joy."
Tomas moved back, looking into her golden eyes, seeing his sister's face in his mother's looks.
"Tell Carmen I love her."
"She knows, my boy. My little boy. We all love you."
Tomas smiled, Seth kissing his cheek.

The five remaining children of Dahlia Tavarro surrounded their mother, all their faces a mask of tears.
Marco stood in the center, Dahlia's arms around her little child.
"Oh, Momma! I finally have your love!"
She smiled, looking into the eyes of her five loved ones.
"You all have that, all of you."
They all smiled, Dahlia smiling back.
Another image appeared in the center of the altar.
Three young men stood there.
Vila Barosa, Derek Santiago and Carlos Garcia.
The three fathers of Alberto's grandchildren joined their wives, the children united with their parents.

Justin stood beside Alberto, the elder Tavarro again standing.
Josh and Lance had walked up to Justin, both their arms going around his waist.
Justin's eyes were still drawn to one person alone.
To his love and life.
Alberto's eyes were drawn to his grandson as well, a tear again falling from his eyes.
"Oh, Michael!" he softly said, two arms going around the old man's waist.
Alberto looked into Ramon and Diana's loving faces, and looked around at all his children's families.
Behind them stood Nana and Augustus.
Nana walked up to Justin, kissing his cheek, then kissing Alberto's.
"All is as it always was. My children are here again. Their children are again loved. But what of our Michael?" Alberto said, tears in his eyes.
Ramon smiled, kissing his father's cheek.
"Our time is almost gone, Father. This is now Adrian's time."
Alberto looked towards his ancestor, the man standing alone, smiling.
Everyone on the altar quieted down, all the eyes in the church turning to his golden eyes.
"This day was a test for all of my children. A moment of astounding love. One soul sacrificed all for us. One soul gave all his love to all of us. And we now stand here today, his love in all our hearts. See the final truth of Michael's love."
Adrian's hands went outward, a white light flashing across the church.
All those that were laid out on the back pews arose, staring around them.
People gasped, the fallen ones being surrounded and hugged by their families.
Gina Tavarro slowly staggered down the aisle, her tearful eyes looking up at her family.
"Forgive me, Grandfather? Forgive me for walking the wrong path?"
Alberto teared up, Adrian looking at him.
"Life begins for all of them with forgiveness. The evil is gone from all of their souls. Judge not their blemished souls, welcome only their new ones."
Alberto walked forward, taking his eldest grandchild into his forgiving arms.
"Welcome home, my Gina."
She sobbed, her grandfather's love again in her heart.
Adrian walked across the altar, the other heavenly apparitions following him.
The lost clan of Tavarro, the ghostly images of lost love walking to the wooden cross hanging upon the church's wall.

Adrian's eyes raised upward, looking upon the young man hanging there.
The first day of his seeing this image etched forever in his mind.
"Behold the truth of Michael's love."
Adrian knelt down upon one knee, his head lowering.
Ramon and his sisters, and their spouses as well as the other spiritual beings as one knelt behind him.
Everyone else stood in silence, a white light softly glowing in the center of their images.
The small cross that still lay in Ramon's hand began to glow again, to take on its whiteness again.
The whiteness left the small cross, a ball of white love raising upwards, it's brightness intensifying as it ascended.
It entered Michael, disappearing into his motionless body.
The room was in silence, everyone's eyes turned to him.
And then his whole body instantly glowed a soft white, a spiritual form coming off of his body, lowering itself to the ground below, standing upon the etched cross carved into the floor.
The form took on a human shape, changing suddenly into a young man.

The man's beauty was etched in his facial features.
Soft, long, brown hair flowed upon his shoulders, a trimmed beard upon his chiseled chin.
Two intense hazel eyes looking out upon all of them.
They all saw the deep glowing softness of his eyes, love completely filling them.
He wore a robe of untarnished whiteness, of beautiful imagery.
He stood in silence, looking out upon the brethren of Adrian's legacy.
Every soul in that church–Tavarro, Stavros and all others–sensed immediately who this apparition was that stood before them.
He was the essence of Michael's love.
And the heart of their faith.
A once prophetic carpenter of Judean descent.
And also the man of their life's faith.
The Son of God.
Jesus Christ.
As one entity they all sank to their knees, overcome with the purity of the emotions in their hearts.

Jesus' eyes moved upward, staring at the still remaining form hanging from the cross.
"A soul of beauty, a soul of love. He shall be loved by my Father."
His hazel eyes turned again, looking in Justin's blue eyes, Justin on his knees upon the altar, Josh and Lance at his sides.
"Arise my child. You alone among all of them have his true love."
Justin was in tears, rising to his feet.
"Never fear his loss, my child. Only ever feel his love. It always was so much more than me."
Justin nodded his head, staring at the man before him.
Justin now saw the truth of Michael's existence.
Of what Michael's purpose and destiny had been.
To carry the love and soul of the Son of God.
Michael had, in a sense, been the essence of God's love.
The purest form of that love.
The faith of man, the hope of mankind.
And here now, standing before them, was the soul of their faith.

Jesus' eyes looked upon the brethren again, each one staring at him with wonder and amazement.
"Your time is at hand, children of Adrian. Walk forward and proclaim my faith. You carry in your hearts my love, and Michael's, and God's. Your destiny unfolds. You are the carriers of our faith. Lead and show the world my love."
Jesus looked down at Adrian, the young man looking upwards into his hazel eyes.
"My dear friend of the past. Your life given to my devotion. God welcomes you now, to spend eternity in his sacred halls with those that love you. And my love is yours."
Adrian's golden eyes filled with tears, the man standing now, the other apparitions standing as well.
All of them began to fade into the air, all their now golden eyes staring one last time at their remaining families.
Jesus stood alone upon the altar, Michael's form hanging above him.
He looked up again, a single tear running down his smooth, olive skinned cheek.
"Never in heaven's halls or angel's souls has such love existed. I and my father shed our tears." he said, the Son of God going to one knee before the cross.
His image faded, the image of their faith disappearing before all their humbled eyes.

The silver knives that held Michael's body upon the cross disintegrated upon the disappearance of Jesus, Michael's body floating downward, laying upon the cross in the floor where Jesus had knelt.
Justin walked forward, kneeling beside his love, his life.
He took Michael's body into his arms, holding the carrier of God's love.
"I love you, Michael. I shall see you there." he softly said, tears falling.
Everyone remained on their knees, one lone man standing up.
Tomas walked to his cousin's lifeless body, looking down as Justin's head raised.
Tomas saw the truth in Justin's wet eyes, the acceptance of Michael's destiny.
"Let me carry him, my friend. I promised him I would."
Justin nodded, Tomas kneeling down, taking his cousin's lifeless body into his arms.
He arose, the congregation of tearful eyes rising as well.
Tomas began to walk down the aisle, Justin following.
Josh and Lance followed beside him, their eyes on their friends.
All eyes were upon the young man carrying an angel of love.
Alberto walked behind them, Tomas leading the way.
Tomas was taking Michael home, to the land of Tavarro, to rest in eternal peace.
Samuel stood at the front pew, watching the brethren of Michael following behind the procession.
Samuel remained, looking up to the blood-soaked cross, the cross he'd carried home for his father.
Samuel looked up, a tear running down his cheek.
For Samuel knew that Michael had saved them all.
And they'd been given their renewed faith.
And Samuel knew where Michael must go.

End of Chapter 177

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