Justin's Angel-178

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The knives that held Michael's body upon the cross disintegrated upon the disappearance of Jesus, Michael's body floating downward, laying upon the cross in the floor.
Justin walked forward, kneeling beside his love, his life.
He took Michael's body into his arms, holding the carrier of God's love.
"I love you, Michael. I shall see you there." he softly said, tears falling.
Everyone remained on their knees, one man standing up.
Tomas walked to his cousin's lifeless body, looking down as Justin's head raised.
Tomas saw the truth in Justin's eyes, the acceptance of Michael's destiny.
"Let me carry him, my friend. I promised him I would."
Justin nodded, Tomas kneeling down, taking his cousin's lifeless body into his arms.
He rose, the congregation of tearful eyes rising as well.
Tomas began to walk down the aisle, Justin following.
Josh and Lance followed beside him, their eyes on their friends.
All eyes were upon the young man carrying an angel of love.
Alberto walked behind them, Tomas leading the way.
Tomas was taking Michael home, to the land of Tavarro, to rest in eternal silence.
Samuel stood at the front pew, watching the brethren of Michael following behind the procession.
Samuel remained, looking up to the blood-soaked cross, the cross he'd carried home for his father.
Samuel looked up, a tear running down his cheek.
For Samuel knew that Michael had saved them all.
And they'd been given their faith.
And Samuel knew where Michael must go.

Chapter 178

Destiny's Room of Life

Rachel and Doris stood on the balcony overlooking the main entrance to the Villa Tavarro.
They saw the approaching procession.
Both women had a child in their arms, Darian and Shauna looking on as well.
Doris saw Alberto walking at the front of the group coming up to the front gates, giving thanks in her mind.
Her man was alright.
Rachel smiled seeing Lonnie's large frame further into the crowd.
Her own thoughts were on him.
Becky and Stevie sat behind them playing with Noah on the balcony floor.
Noah's head popped up, his brown eyes looking around.
"Unky Mikey coming home."
Rachel quietly looked over at the little boy, seeing a tear in his brown eyes.
Rachel's head turned back, searching the silent crowd walking through the gates.
Both she and Doris now saw Tomas walking behind Alberto, and the man he carried in his arms.
And they saw Justin walking behind Tomas, Lance and Josh's arms around him.
In their hearts, they felt a deep ache of encroaching sadness.
"Papa gone to pwace." Shauna said, Darian's hand going into hers, both sitting quietly in the two ladies' arms.
Doris and Rachel exchanged looks, then turned, getting the kids together and rushing into the house.

Alberto walked in quiet silence, his thoughts on the man behind him.
On his grandson, now gone from his loving life.
His eyes moved around the grounds he walked past, seeing all the flowering bushes and beds.
Sculptured visions of beauty created and lovingly tended by Michael's father.
Now tended by Alberto as a devotion to his long dead son.
His loving son he'd seen today.
He'd seen the look on Ramon's face at the moment of his leaving, the look of sadness and acceptance.
The acceptance of what his own son had done.
Their dear, sweet, loving Michael had sacrificed everything for all of them.
His heart, his soul, and ultimately, his life.
Tears fell from Alberto's eyes, remembering those golden brown eyes, so rich and beautiful.
He'd only ever seen one other pair so deeply moving.
And those had belonged to his own young son, his beautiful loving lost Matty.
Ramon's and Alberto's eyes were golden brown, but lacked the intensity those two younger ones had.
And Alberto sensed what that color meant.
A heart and soul of unending love.
Alberto looked upwards, scanning the stone walls of the Villa.
Searching perhaps for Matty's cute little face.
His eyes found the youngster nowhere.
Alberto's thoughts turned to the final truth they'd all witnessed today.
And what he sensed was this day's true meaning.
The vision of their Lord, the beautiful man standing on their altar.
Their Lord had appeared to all of them, through the soul of a young man of deep love and giving heart.
Michael's love was God's love.

Tomas walked in silence, holding in his arms a man he'd come to love as a brother.
His dear sweet Michael.
Michael had told him that he would have to carry him twice.
The first across the church of Aurelia, Tomas baring his gift for all his family.
And now here, as a sign of his own love for this man, he was carrying Michael home.
Home to the land of his forefather, the great and loving Adrian.
Tomas remembered every moment and wondrous thing he'd seen today.
But in his heart of young love, nothing moved him more than the words his own lost mother had said to him.
Tomas' eyes fell downward on the silent face staring up at him.
"Thank you, Michael. For giving me that moment of love. For all you've shown me today. I shall carry that truth and all of your truth in my heart and soul."
Twice Seth and Paulo had offered to help carry Michael, Tomas refusing.
This was his task, his devotional task to Michael.
For that's what Tomas now sensed in his heart.
Michael was chosen by God, Michael was the bearer of God's love.
Pure unselfish, giving love.
And Tomas thought of the words he'd heard in his mind, spoken by the man who'd stood below Michael on the cross.
Their saviour and their Lord.
"Love always, child of love. Carry him and his words in thy soul. Michael's love is mine. He is I and I am him. Our Father's love is forever."
Tomas looked forward seeing his task almost finished.
But he knew in his heart the journey for him was just beginning.

Rachel and Doris stood on the doorstep of the Villa, seeing the heartbreaking sight before them.
Both women sobbed, letting the little ones down, the five children standing together, silently looking upon Tomas' burden.
Doris pulled a tearful Alberto into her arms, Rachel falling into Lonnie's strong arms of love.
"The vision, the vision of love we've seen. Michael was and shall always be love." Lonnie sobbed, Rachel hugged him close, not sure what Lonnie spoke of, just knowing it must have been miraculous from the look of faith that he wore upon his face.
"Why Papa sleeping?" Darian asked, looking with his big blue eyes into his loving father's blue eyes.
Justin walked up to the five little angels, kneeling down.
Shauna and Darian climbed into his arms, their two little bodies sinking against him.
"Papa sleep, Dada? Papa gone?"
Justin teared, hugging the two little ones tightly, Justin feeling his mother and father's arms going around the three of them.
"Papa sleeping forever, Darry! He's gone to God's place."
Shauna smiled, kissing her father's wet cheek.
"We's sees him soon, Dada. Papa says so."
Justin sobbed, Lynn in tears, taking the little girl into her arms, Randall letting Darian climb into his arms.
Noah climbed up into Justin's trembling arms, Justin feeling the child's arms go around his neck.
"No worries, Unky. Unky Mikey no leave. He in all our hearts."
Josh and Lance stood behind Justin, standing beside Lynn and Randall.
All of those close felt a combined sob go through them, now realizing what lay before them.
Michael was gone.
His love was gone from their shining eyes.
All that remained was the lifeless body Tomas still clung to.
"Let's lay him in the resting room, Tomas. My grandson's final journey there." Alberto said, Doris still holding onto him.
Tomas walked forward, following Alberto.
Every one of the immediate family followed, Justin remaining on his knees, Becky and Stevie now in his arms as well, their heads on Justin's shoulders.
The large contingent of the Tavarro and Stavros clans remained on the front lawn, families drawn together in embraces of deep grief and sadness.
"Let's get the kids inside, they need to rest." Justin said, his tearful eyes pulling at all the heartstrings of everyone surrounding him.
Lance and Josh helped Justin rise up, Lance taking his son, Becky climbing into her father's arms, Zach hugging her close.
Stevie and Darian traded spots, Stevie snuggling against his father's chest, Darian again in Justin's arms.
They all walked in silence into the Villa Tavarro.

Josh quietly walked into the bedroom, his eyes drawn to the sight laying on the bed.
Justin was in the middle of it, his two little angels snuggled against him, both little ones sound asleep.
Justin's eyes were wide open, staring up at the ceiling.
"You need rest, Jus. Try closing your eyes."
"I can't Joshy. I do and all I see is Michael. I feel him, I see him, and I need him."
Josh sat down on the bed, his hands going onto Justin's chest.
"So do I, Jus. I still smell his scent in my nostrils. I still feel the touch I felt from him last night. I can't believe he's gone."
"Where is he, Josh?"
Josh's head lowered.
"They've laid him out in the resting room. His body is in front of the fireplace, between the two lions."
"Where it all began. Where Michael learned the truth. The truth he told me this morning. I knew, Josh! I knew how all this would play out! What Michael's sacrifice would be! What his destiny was! That he was to sacrifice himself for all of them! I stood there and let him die, Josh! I let him walk out of my life! What kind of man am I?"
Josh sensed Justin on the edge of breaking down.
"But he didn't tell me the final part. He didn't tell me who he carried in his soul. I should have realized it. I should have known the love he carried wasn't of this earth. That was so much more. His love was so much more. He was a part of heaven, he was a part of God. He never was mine. He never was real. He was the carrier of Jesus' love. He wasn't only my Mico!!!"
Justin sobbed, his body trembling, the two little ones oblivious to their father's anguish.
Josh was in tears, those words crushing his soul.
"No, Jus! You've got it all wrong,"
Josh and Justin's eyes turned, seeing Lance standing in the doorway, Noah in his arms.
Lance walked over, the little boy climbing down onto the bed, into his father's lap, Josh tearfully smiling at him.
Noah remained silent, wrapped in Josh's loving arms.
Justin slowly moved, the two little ones still sound asleep, Justin sitting up, Lance sitting down beside him.
Noah moved out of Josh's arms, climbing up the bed and snuggling between his two little friends.
Josh smiled, seeing his son's love for those two blond angels.
Lance put his arm around Justin's shoulder, Justin's head falling on his chest.
Josh moved, sitting on the other side of Justin.
Justin sobbed, Lance letting him calm down.
Josh turned back, seeing Noah's eyes shut, the three now asleep together.
Josh looked into Lance's green eyes, the two men snuggling against Justin's body, being his rock.
"You've gotten it wrong, Jus. Yes, Michael carried inside himself Jesus' soul and love. But Michael was there as well. Think of what we've seen. Remember the changing of his eyes. From hazel to golden brown, to white then blue. I believe in my heart–God I know in my heart–that Michael was something special. He was a vessel of God's making, Justin. He was himself, the golden brown eyes, the eyes you always looked into, seeing that unending love. That was Michael's own love, Jus. He was he, the man you and we fell in love with. The hazel eyes were Jesus', the white eyes were the white light that surrounded us today. The intense love of Michael. A combined love of Michael and Jesus."
"And the blue, Lance?" Josh said, looking at his lover with deep love.
"The blue I'm not quite sure of. I think for all intents and purposes that Michael was himself a trinity of love. His own love, Jesus' love, and I believe someone else's."
Justin looked into Lance's green eyes.
"I loved him so much, Lancy. He is everything to me. How can I go on now without him? Even when he gave his promise today, I still sense he's leaving me."
Lance looked at his best friend's blue eyes full of tears, and his lover's blue teary eyes and smiled.
"Michael will never leave us, Jus. Always remember his dying words."
Justin thought of those three words, the three words that ignited his own heart with Michael's love.
Why had Michael screamed those three words in his final breath?
"Love conquers all?" Josh said softly.
"Yes, Josh. Love conquers all. Michael's love for you, Justin, will conquer all. There's no way on this earth and in heaven's halls that Michael's love won't stay with us."
Justin smiled, hearing the faith in Lance's voice, as well as the deep conviction and love.
"Your love for Michael is unending, Jus. As is his for you. We've all felt that. Yes, his body may be destroyed, his physical presence, but that deep love he's always shared and given so easily shall never die."
Justin nodded, Lance smiling at him.
"So why don't you snuggle up onto this bed with those three angels? Josh and I will be right here beside you. Our love isn't leaving either."
Justin teared up, the two men kissing him tenderly and deeply, Justin feeling all their love.
Justin moved onto the bed, gently picking up his son, snuggling against Noah and Shauna, Darian now laying on his chest.
The two men sat quietly watching Justin close his eyes.
Lance and Josh were wrapped in each other's arms, watching Justin's breathing relax, their friend drifting off to sleep.
Josh laid his head upon Lance's chest, Lance holding him tightly.
"I cant' believe he's gone! Why did it have to end so tragically? With so much pain for him? Why couldn't he go with kindness and love?"
Lance stroked Josh's back, his lover trembling against him.
"He went with all our love in his heart, Joshy. I know that, truly. For in his final moment his eyes looked upon me. And in those eyes I saw total love. And something else more glorious."
Josh raised his head, looking into Lance's green eyes.
"Michael's eyes at that moment were blue, Josh."

Father Nicholas sat on the front steps of his grandfather's house.
He had clasped in his hands a rosary, given to him by Sister Agatha.
She'd given it to him on the day of his walking into the church.
On the day of his first sermon as a priest of the church of St. Aurelia.
She now stood in front of him, as were the multitude of the Tavarro and Stavros clans mulling around the front lawn of the Villa Tavarro.
All of them had followed Tomas on his trek of love.
All of them had followed their Messenger.
They stood in silent wonder, lost in all they'd witnessed.
Waiting for someone to clarify all they'd seen.
To make it seem somehow real.
Father Nicholas sat in silence thinking of all that he'd seen in his own church.
He heart and soul remembered the hazel eyes of his Lord, the eyes of love.
He knew in his heart that what he'd seen was real.
What they'd all witnessed was the second coming of God.
And that his holy son had given them a task.
Father Nico stood up, looking out upon all his family that stood before him.
He saw Kona, Mayo and his wife standing together, seeing in them the same look of hope, of renewed love and faith.
Father Nico looked upon Father Derrick, the older priest smiling at him.
Father Derrick's arm was around Gina.
Gina, the lost granddaughter.
The young woman who'd been given a second chance by God himself.
As had the others tainted with Fredrick's evil.
All of them cleansed by Adrian himself, a gift from their ancestor.
"Children of Adrian, sacred hearts of destiny. Our task has been given, our souls have been cleansed."
Alberto, Alexander and Paulo walked out of the house, looking at the young priest addressing their family.
"God has sent his son again onto this earth, carried here in the soul of our lost Messenger. We all witnessed the greatness and love of God today. Our Lord favored us with his love. Each of you felt in your heart his love and his singling you out for a mission from God. We are the children of Adrian, a child our Lord favored with his love so long ago. We now carry in our hearts a devotion to God and a devotion to goodness. Our task lays before us. We need only to vow to each other–to our now combined family–our pact with God and each other. Together we shall spread the word of his love, the word of all we have witnessed. The people shall be changed forever. My heart soars with that revelation. We are truly blessed.  Who now shall join me in this task?
Who now shall devote their life and love to God's work?"
Paulo walked forward and down the steps, standing in front of his family.
"I am the Commander of Truth. I–and all of you–witnessed that truth today. From a heart of love, a great sacrifice was given. We all were saved by Michael. We all were protected with his sacred love. I still feel that love in my heart. And it's joined with the love I have for all of you, and with the love I felt from our Lord, shown upon our sacred altar. I give my heart, my soul and my life in guidance to all of you. Let us walk together in our faith, and our love."
Paulo knelt down, every person before him and behind him kneeling as well.
"God, give us your love, give us your strength. For today an angel has flown upon the winds of life. His task is over, his truth revealed. His sacrifice etched in all our hearts. That sacrifice we shall make good upon. I dedicate my life to his truth, to the truth of God. I go forward spreading his love."
"I shall join you, Commander of  Truth! I am a messenger of God!" all the people said as one, Paulo's head raising.
In every set of eyes he saw the cleansed love of God.
"Praise be to God! Praise be to the Messenger!"
"All hail his sacrifice! All hail his love!" they said as one, Father Nico in tears.
Alberto stood up, Paulo rising as well.
All the family stood again, looking at their former Patriarch standing upon his ancestral home's doorstep.
"My grandson is dead. His life given for all of us. Tomorrow, his body shall be entombed with his father. My son, whom I saw today for the final time. All our lost families are now joined in the halls of heaven, let us honor them with our love. Let us send our Messenger to them in a moving way."
Samuel walked out of the crowd, walking up to the steps, staring up at Alberto.
"Destiny has one final moment, Alberto. Michael shall not lay with his father. Michael's room of eternity is ready. It was built by Adrian himself so many years ago. It is the Room of Life."
Alberto and Paulo looked down at the young man, staring in silent wonder.
"God put my father to task to build a place for Michael for eternity. A room built in love, for a man my father knew he would one day meet. A man of destiny and heavenly love. Michael was so much more than what we saw. Michael was a vessel of love, destined by God to carry his love. The love of his son, Jesus Christ. Today we witnessed God's love, radiating off Michael's deeds, off the deeds of my Father, off the deeds of all the Tavarro and Stavros brethren. This was our day, our day of destiny. All we have been given today stems from the love of one spirit. Of one soul. A soul lost in time and life. Our dear Michael. Here, now, he may find eternal peace, eternal love."
Samuel's eyes were filled with tears, Paulo walking up to him, looking into his eyes.
"Where is this room, Raphael?"
"Let me show you, Commander. For at the moment of Michael's death, it revealed itself."
Samuel turned around, walking off across the lawn, everyone following.

Samuel walked through the hedges, standing on the stone pathway, looking out before him.
Paulo, Alberto, Nicolas and Alexander looked in stunned silence, the others of their family filling out behind them. surrounding the swimming pool.
They all stared in stunned wonder at the large statue of Michael that had stood in the center of the pool.
The statue now stood upon a marble mausoleum that had risen out of the center of the pool.
A marble slab had extended from it to the pool's edge, creating a walkway across the water to the chamber below the statue.
An opening of darkness was at the end of the walkway.
Everyone's eyes were looking upwards seeing the change in the statue above them.
The sword was gone from Michael's carved raised hand, replaced by a small cross, everyone knowing it was a vision of the cross of Adrian's love.
In Michael's other arm was a small child, carved out of white marble.
The small child wore a smile of moving love.
"Faith and Love. The two traits of our giving Messenger. So shall it honor him." Samuel said, looking at Alberto and Paulo.
"Come, Paulo and Alberto. You alone need to see this." Samuel said, walking across the walkway, the two Spaniards following the young man.
The three entered the mausoleum, Samuel lighting a torch which had hung upon the wall for over two thousand years.
It lit immediately, the three men looking around the room.
It was a stone room, the walls carved out of slabs of marble, gleaming in the light.
In the center of the room was a stone altar, carved out of one block of white marble.
Paulo walked quietly forward, and saw written upon it words of faith.
"Carved by Adrian, my loving father. Read the words of his destiny." Samuel said, tears flowing from his eyes.
Alberto was crying as well, sensing some profound moment.
Paulo took the light from Samuel, moving it over the three foot high altar.
The light's rays made the carved letters spring to life in their vividness.
Paulo read the Spanish words to himself:

"Sobre esta piedra lo pone que nos dio todos
Sobre esta piedra lo pone que nos amó todos
El mensajero eyed de oro
Nuestro niño fiel

Deje su alma retrasarse aquí
Deje su amor fluir de aquí
Déjelo ahora caminar a su uno mismo verdadero
Déjelo encontrar su propia verdad
Un oso marcará su amor, un niño lo ahorrará el
Bienvenido a casa, niño perdido
Michael Augustus Tavarro
Niño cariñoso de dios

Para ellos unirán en el claro"*

Paulo looked at Samuel, reading the words aloud in English, not sure if Samuel still retained his Spanish heritage and his understanding of Spanish language.

"Upon this stone lays he who gave us all
Upon this stone lays he who loved us all
The golden eyed Messenger
Our faithful child

Let his soul linger here
Let his love flow from here
Let him walk now to his true self
Let him find his own truth
A bear shall mark his love, a child shall save him
Welcome home lost child
Michael Augustus Tavarro
God's loving child

For they shall unite in the clearing"

Paulo's tears fell upon the marble altar, his hand rubbing its smooth surface.
"He knew! He knew that he was going to die! He knew when he read it upon this stone!"
Samuel's hand went onto Paulo's shoulder.
"Yes, Paulo. Michael knew that this was his destiny. That this was his ending."
Paulo looked into his grandfather's tearing face.
"A bear shall mark his love, a child shall save him? What does that mean? The bear, if it means Michael's little stuffed bear, is gone! And what child shall save him? He's dead! How can Michael be saved now?" Alberto said, a sob running through him.
Paulo went to his grandfather, wrapping his strong arms around him.
"This is Michael's resting place, Grandfather. We are to lay him upon this altar for all time. It's as it must be. This is bigger than all of us. Somehow I sense this isn't over in regards to Michael. Those written words have given me hope. Tomorrow, we shall inter our loving Michael here. And then we shall leave it in God's hands."
Alberto nodded, Samuel nodding as well.
"God walked with Michael, my friends. I can't see him leaving him now."

Father Nicolas hugged Alberto and Paulo when they returned from the tomb, the two men looking at everyone.
"This is the tomb of the Messenger. No one enters it until tomorrow. Tomorrow we entomb him within, wrapped in our love."
Everyone nodded at Paulo, his commanding voice revered without question.
The family left, others remaining, looking around at the new monument to Michael's love.
Father Nico was walking with his grandfather when he saw Sister Aggie walking towards him urgently.
"Father, it's the work of God! It's a miracle!"
Father Nico and Alberto exchanged looks, looking at the nun.
"Sister Amelia is here, she's in near hysterics. It's the children!!"
"The children? What children?" Father Nico said, trying to calm the Sister down.
"The children at the Hospice, Father! Our Manuel is walking, Father! Others are walking, and moving around totally healed! Little Tisa is smiling and talking! It's truly a miracle!!"
Father Nico and Alberto–as well as those standing around them–were shocked.
"Sister Amelia says there are other reports from the village, miraculous reports of healing. The Lord has smiled upon all of us!" she said, tears flowing from her eyes.
Father Nico was in tears again, looking at Alberto.
"Go, my grandson. Look upon the work of God. Come back to us with the news. Tonight, we begin our vigil for Michael."
Father Nico hugged him, walking quickly away with the older nun.

Father Nico walked into the hospice, staring in shocked wonder.
Manuel was standing in the hallway, Sister Amelia smiling beside him.
"It cannot be!! You are standing, my son!"
Manuel smiled, running up to the priest, picking him up and twirling him around.
"I can walk, Father! God has given me my legs back!" the young man said, tears of joy in his brown eyes.
Father Nico couldn't help but smile widely, seeing the joy in the young man's eyes.
"And there's more, Father. Come see." Sister Amelia said, the two other following them both.
They walked into the lounging room, stopping in total shock.
Twenty invalid youngsters were laughing, talking and running around in wild abandon.
Only now they weren't invalid anymore.
Little Nathan, blind since birth, and mute was laughing and smiling at the priest and nuns.
"I see all of you. I can scream with joy, Father!" he chirped, screaming and laughing.
Sister Agatha was in tears, seeing Tisa walking up to her, her body erect, her smile wide and loving.
"So many days you sat with me, I was hearing all your kind words, and feeling your thoughtful hugs! I wanted to scream out to you, to let you know I heard and felt it all! Now I can thank you, dear Sister! Thank you for never giving up on me!" she said, the old nun hugging her tightly to her.
"You are welcome, my child! You are so welcome!" she cried.
"Excuse us, Sister. What of Joseph?" Father Nico said to Amelia.
Amelia was in tears.
"That's just it, Father. Joseph is awake!"
Sister Aggie and Father Nico looked at each other in surprise, then both looking at the young sister.
"He woke up? After twenty years in a coma he woke up?" Sister Aggie gasped, the younger Sister quietly nodding.
"It started with him, Father. I walked into his room and he was sitting up in his bed staring at me. I dropped a whole tray of medicine. His eyes Father, his eyes were so intense!"
Father Nico sat down, stunned beyond hope.
A young man, trapped in darkness for so long, miraculously awaking.
All the miracles Father Nico's eyes had looked upon, all the moments of renewed faith he now saw.
"This is God's doing. This stems from Michael and God." the priest said, both Sisters gathering all the children together.
"A prayer of thanksgiving we needed, Father. A prayer of love we were given." Sister Aggie smiled, tears in her eyes.
Father Nico smiled widely, standing again.
"I think all these little ones need to see their parents. And I need to visit Joseph. Come, you make the calls Sister Aggie, I'm heading into the village shortly. To see the light of God shining everywhere."
Nico smiled at the two sisters.
"You said a short time ago that God's coming to town and things will never be the same, Sister Aggie. Look now at his wondrous love."
The older nun smiled, dancing a small jig, winking at the priest, Father Nico laughing.
He saw the gaiety and happiness in the nun's revitalized eyes.
God truly was here.

Justin opened his eyes, a soft breeze blowing across his face.
He looked around, recognizing the spot immediately.
He looked upwards, scanning the path leading towards the boughed trees.
A smiled covered his face, Michael's seven words of love echoing in his mind.
The seven words he'd said to him just before he'd walked down the path of his destiny and the path to his death.

"Our love will unite in the clearing."

Justin began running up the path, reaching the hanging trees, knowing that on the other side of them was Michael's sanctuary, Michael's clearing.
He stopped suddenly, hearing laughter.
Rich, happy laughter.
He walked through the trees, coming upon a sight of immense beauty and touching love.
His beautiful Michael, the love and heartsong of his life sat upon the boulder in the middle of the clearing, two little angels with him.
Shauna sat in his lap, her face the face of an angel, her smile wide and loving.
Darian stood beside Michael's knee, his hands full of flowers.
"Dey's bootiful, Papa! Dada will wuvs dem." Darry said, Justin's heart filling with love.
"I know I shall, my little man."
All three turned upon hearing the voice, Justin staring into Michael's eyes.
He stared into two blue orbs of deep love.
They were the bluest eyes that Justin had ever seen.
A soft baby blue, with light sparkles of light flowing into them.
Justin became lost in them, sensing they were where he'd always wanted to be.
He felt Michael's familiar love, and something new.
A refreshed love, a cleansed love.
It was as if Michael's heart and soul were cleansed and refilled with a greater love.
A new love ready to take on the world.
Ready to live life.
Justin destroyed the distance between his family and himself, the four joining in an embrace that was felt into the heavens.
An embrace of destined love.

Father Nico gently knocked on the bedroom door, a soft voice saying enter.
He smiled, hearing the strong, soft voice.
He opened the door, seeing the young man sitting up in the bed.
The young man's head was down, perusing a magazine.
"Hello, my son. It's a joy to see you with your eyes open." Father Nico smiled.
The boy raised his head, Father Nico staring into his eyes.
Two balls of intensity and energized love stared back at him.
"Hello, Nico. My dreams have been too long."
Father Nicolas collapsed into a chair, staring in thunderous shock at the man before him, the man rising out of the bed, coming right for him.
Father Nico screamed, the man embracing him.

Justin backed up a bit, staring at his loving husband.
"Your eyes, Mico! They're so different!"
"Here a lot is different, my Jus."
Darian snuggled against Justin's chest, Justin having picked him up just before embracing Michael.
The two men leaned forward, their lips touching, all their love sensed as always.
It flowed through both of them.
Their two children smiled at each other, seeing their fathers united.
"Told you Dada! Papa no goes away! He comes here to be's with us. In our dweems!" Shauna said, smiling.
"Is that what this is, Mico? A dream??"
Michael's hand went into Justin's, Justin seeing the mark of the cross gone from both palms.
And he saw that Michael's ring finger was again whole, his silver ring of faith in its usual spot.
Justin teared up, Michael pulling him close, the four united as ever.
"It's more than a dream, Jus. God's given me a way to be with you. A way for all of us to be together. Here in this place. This clearing is my life now. My spot of heaven. For every night, when you and our little ones fall asleep, the four of us shall join here. You and I, in a sense, shall lead double lives. You in the real world during the day, we here in God's loving spot during the night."
Justin sobbed, now understanding all of it.
Michael sacrificed his physical being for all of them, but his heart, soul and love remained for only his three loving angels.
It remained in this place, as a point of hope for all three.
When the real world got too complicated, or too intense, they could surrender to this world, and be with he they all loved.
"What of you, Mico? Is this enough for you?"
Michael smiled, Justin seeing the shining love in his now blue eyes.
"Yes, my Jus. You, Darry and Shauny are enough for me. Your love and faith always with me."
Justin smiled, amid his tears, Michael's lips against his again.
They parted, the two fathers sitting on the boulder, their arms around each other, their little angels in their laps.
"We need to talk, my love. About all that happened today." Justin said, his blue eyes on Michael.
"Yes, my love. We need to talk. The next few days will be hard on all of them. You, my love, shall be their guiding heart. You and my Guardian."
Justin looked at Michael, his lover kissing him gently.
"Lance has a secret, Jus. A secret even I don't know. I think this world, and yours, are about to collide. God's told me to be ready. For my final truth."
Justin looked on in surprise, seeing on Michael's face a bit of fear, and uncertainty.
"Look to the lions, Jus. For they shall roar one last time."
Justin was about to say something, Michael silencing him with a tender kiss, their two little ones looking up at them with smiling faces.
"We wants kissies too, Papa and Dada!" both little ones said, their fathers picking them up, their faces covered in loving kisses.

End of Chapter 178

"Look to the lions, Jus. For they shall roar one last time."
Another riddle of sorts, or another opening of Pandora's box.

A little shorter than usual, it just needed to end at this moment.
The next chapter deals with Michael's farewell.
His final moments on his friends' path of love.
As always I'll try to instill a little moving passion, and tender beauty in it.
The end is close, my friends.

Only a couple of chapters left.
And I sense I'll feel a great loss in myself when it's done.
But Michael shall live on, in many ways.

Together with you on the final path, Angel.

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