Justin's Angel-179

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Justin backed up a bit, staring at his loving husband.
"Your eyes, Mico! They're so different!"
"Here a lot is different, my Jus."
Darian snuggled against Justin's chest, Justin having picked him up just before embracing Michael.
The two men leaned forward, their lips touching, all their love sensed as always.
It flowed through both of them.
Their two children smiled at each other, seeing their fathers united.
"Told you Dada! Papa no goes away! He comes here to be's with us. In our dweems!" Shauna said, smiling.
"Is that what this is, Mico? A dream??"
Michael's hand went into Justin's, Justin seeing the mark of the cross gone from both palms.
And he saw that Michael's ring finger was again whole, his silver ring of faith in its usual spot.
Justin teared up, Michael pulling him close, the four united as ever.
"It's more than a dream, Jus. God's given me a way to be with you. A way for all of us to be together. Here in this place. This clearing is my life now. My spot of heaven. For every night, when you and our little ones fall asleep, the four of us shall join here. You and I, in a sense, shall lead double lives. You in the real world during the day, we here in God's loving spot during the night."
Justin sobbed, now understanding all of it.
Michael sacrificed his physical being for all of them, but his heart, soul and love remained for only his three loving angels.
It remained in this place, as a point of hope for all three.
When the real world got too complicated, or too intense, they could surrender to this world, and be with he they all loved.
"What of you, Mico? Is this enough for you?"
Michael smiled, Justin seeing the shining love in his now blue eyes.
"Yes, my Jus. You, Darry and Shauny are enough for me. Your love and faith always with me."
Justin smiled, amid his tears, Michael's lips against his again.
They parted, the two fathers sitting on the boulder, their arms around each other, their little angels in their laps.
"We need to talk, my love. About all that happened today." Justin said, his blue eyes on Michael.
"Yes, my love. We need to talk. The next few days will be hard on all of them. You, my love, shall be their guiding heart. You and my Guardian."
Justin looked at Michael, his lover kissing him gently.
"Lance has a secret, Jus. A secret even I don't know. I think this world, and yours, are about to collide. God's told me to be ready. For my final truth."
Justin looked on in surprise, seeing on Michael's face a bit of fear, and uncertainty.
"Look to the lions, Jus. For they shall roar one last time."
Justin was about to say something, Michael silencing him with a tender kiss, their two little ones looking up at them with smiling faces.
"We wants kissies too, Papa and Dada!" both little ones said, their fathers picking them up, their faces covered in loving kisses.

Chapter 179

Moments of Farewell

Justin's eyes opened, two sets of blue and one set of brown eyes staring at him.
"Hi, Dada! We's back!" Shauna said, Noah kissing Justin's cheek.
Justin smiled at all three, and the two adults standing beside the bed.
"How long have I slept, Joshy?" Justin asked, stretching his arms, the three little ones on his chest.
"About two hours, Jus. The little ones woke up about ten minutes ago." Josh said, sitting again on the bed's edge, Lance sitting beside him.
Justin playfully dumped the three little ones onto the bed, all three giggling.
"Everyone's been asking for you, but they all knew how emotionally exhausted you were. They're waiting for you downstairs. Doris and Rach have a small supper ready. The kids need to eat." Lance smiled, Justin getting up and sitting between the two of them.
"Did Darry and Shauny say anything to you?" Justin softly asked.
Both men exchanged looks, then looked at the three little ones playing happily with each other.
"No, Jus. What are you talking about?"
Justin thought for a moment, then looked at the kids.
"It's nothing. I just saw Michael in my dreams." he softly said, Lance's arm going around him.
"I'm sure you did, Jus. I'm almost positive. Let's get the kids tidied up and you need to change." Lance smiled, seeing the stains on Justin's shirt, knowing where they came from.
Justin nodded, standing up, pulling off his shirt, Josh handing him a fresh shirt and pants that he'd picked out.
Both were black, the colour of respectful mourning.
Justin saw Josh and Lance both wearing black shirts and pants, their jackets on the chair.
"A sign of respect and sympathy now. Michael always wore black for me. But that black marked his beauty and golden-eyed soul." Justin softly said, Josh pulling him against him.
Justin softly cried for a moment, getting his emotions in check.
"I'm okay. I have to be strong, for all of you. Michael wants me to be strong."
Lance and Josh exchanged looks again, then smiled and nodded at Justin.
Within a few minutes, they had the kids dressed, the six walking downstairs.
Justin saw everyone waiting for him in the dining room.
They all stood upon his entering, his two children walking with him, each holding onto one of his hands.
Josh and Lance were walking behind them, Noah in Lance's arms.
Justin smiled at everyone, a forced smile, but a smile nonetheless.
Lynn walked up to her son, her face a controlled mask of calmness.
"How are you, my son?"
"I'm holding up for them, Mom. Mico's love is still in my heart."
Lynn gently sobbed, Justin taking her into his arms, his mother sobbing against him.
"He was so real, Jus! He was ours and he was so loving!"
Justin nodded, feeling his mother's deep entrenched love for Michael.
"Yes, Momma. He was real. And he was and always will be ours. Our loving angel."
Everyone was in tears hearing the moving words–the calm, reassuring words–coming from Michael's loving Jus.
Paul walked over, taking Lynn into his arms, kissing Justin's cheek, Justin feeling his step father's deep love.
Randall and Lisa then walked up, Randall hugging his son deeply.
"I love you, Justin. And I loved Michael. He is–and always will be–in my heart. As will you and my grandchildren."
Justin smiled, Lisa hugging him as well, her eyes filled with loving tears.
"Your grandkids need to be fed, Dad. Come and take Darry, he loves when his granddad feeds him forbidden food."
Randall smiled, the little boy running into his lowered arms, Randall picking him up, kissing his cheek.
Lisa picked up Shauna, the four going to the buffet table.

Alberto and Paulo walked over to Justin, both men looking into his blue eyes.
"My grandson's love fills you, my new grandson. I feel his love in all of us." Alberto said, his body straight, his face one of deep calmness.
"Michael is–and always will be–here with you and all of us, Poppa. His love was too great to diminish into nothing. It's carried in all of you."
Everyone smiled, Paulo taking Justin's hand.
"I have given my life now to my family. To its well-being, and to its destiny. I walk and lead them with Michael's love in my heart. I'll never meet another soul so giving, so loving. I shall carry those traits with me always. I'll make Mikey proud of me."
Justin nodded, the young man hugging him tightly.
"That's all Mico ever wanted for you Polo, for all of us. To be giving, to give our love to everyone. All of us sensed that the greatest in him."
Paulo nodded, as did the others, Justin watching as Vicky and Chris walked up to him.
"I can't believe what he did today, Justin! I can't believe what he was! That inside that giving, loving man was so much more! We all saw the greatness of who he was, the greatness of the love he carried. I just can't believe it was my sweet little pencildick!"
Justin laughed, smiling at this amazing loving woman.
"It was, Victoria. Love was Michael, and Mico was love. Michael was our greatest hopes, our greatest dreams. He carried in him the essence of God's love. He carried the Son of God's love."
Vicky teared up, Chris' arm going around her.
"Justin, my dear friend. I envy you. I envy the love you yourself carry now. The love of Michael's soul. His true love. To have that would be to have life's energy and life's soul. I never met a man so full of life and energy. Every joke he played on me, every moment of mirthful joy he gave all of you at my expense, I shall carry in my soul as the happiest moments of my life. I loved him so much, Jus. I can't believe he's gone. I need Mikey in my life!"
Chris broke down, sobbing loudly, Justin holding him against him.
Joey walked up, putting his arm around his dearest friend.
He saw Chris' open love for Michael.
A love he'd never gotten time to confess to Michael.
"It's okay, Chris. You still have all of us. And I know in my heart, Mico will always have the last laugh." Justin smiled, Chris raising his head.
"Really, Jus? Do you really think so?"
Justin smiled a warm smile of love.
"Yes, Chris. You better be on your toes. I think he's got one more surprise in store for all of us." Justin said, Joey, Vicky and Chris staring at him.
"I'd like to eat something. Then I need to see my Mico."

They all sat down quietly, the group filling their plates, quietly eating at smaller tables.
Justin sat with Josh and Lance, and their three angels, Alberto and Samuel also sitting with them.
"All is ready, Justin. Michael's farewell will be the grandest in the Tavarro history. We could do no less for such a large part of our souls." Alberto said, Justin nodding.
Samuel informed Justin of the Room of Life's appearance, and its destiny in regards to Michael.
"Another brick in the wall of the Tavarro Building of Life." Justin quietly said.
"Is something wrong, Justin?" Lance said, looking at his friend.
Justin's eyes went to Darian and Shauna.
Both smiled at him, and nodded.
"We talked with Michael an hour ago. He's in an even more special place. One single room would never hold him."
Justin's words echoed around the room, everyone staring in silent wonder.
Alberto dropped his fork, his face showing deep shock.
Justin took Alberto's hand in his, everyone in the room staring at their table, having heard Justin's shocking words.
"Michael isn't gone, everyone. He's in Exaltosa. The realm between life and afterlife. He's there for a purpose. God's given him a gift."
Lance remained calm, quietly watching Justin; Josh was beside him, an emotional wreck.
"What gift has God given him?" Josh said, his eyes filled with wonder.
"He's given him my love. And Darian and Shauna's love. The love of the three that loved him completely."
Alberto squeezed Justin's hand, Justin's blue eyes shining.
"I am never going to lose my Michael. He's in a special place, a place designed for only the four of us. A place where we can join together and be as one. Every night when I tuck my angels into bed–and I fall asleep alone in mine–the three of us shall go to that special place. There, we will be as we've always been:  a family. God's given us each other for eternity. We'll never be alone."
Everyone was in tears, feeling and hearing the heartfelt joy in Justin's words and eyes.
The impossibility of the dream that Justin had woven for himself.
"So tomorrow Michael's physical being shall be entombed forever, but his love, his unending love, will go on as always. I and my children will feel it every night, and we shall carry it with us through our days. Michael isn't leaving us. He is and always will be with all of us."
Justin's smile lit up his whole face, a lot of people finding their own comfort in that smile.
They realized in their hearts that maybe Michael wasn't gone, as long as his love was in all their hearts.
They quietly talked after supper, Justin's revelation on all their minds.
Justin told most of them what he'd witnessed, about the clearing and Michael's now final place of love.
In all their minds, they saw the deepness of Justin and Michael's love.
That perhaps God wouldn't allow that love to end, that the four would be together always.
They all gave Justin words of love to give to Michael, when next he met him.

After supper, the group quieted down, one man standing.
Alberto had stood up, everyone in the room quieting.
"My friends, family and loved ones. Tonight begins the vigil of Michael's last day. At midnight, four brethren of his soul and heart shall stand guard before him. At six in the morning, the last four shall replace them. Four members of his family. I ask now for Justin, his loving husband, to choose those to honor our Michael."
Justin stood up, looking around the room, staring at everyone.
"Michael loved all of you. He told me himself those he wants to be with him. For he's felt their love greatly. For the first four he's chosen friends. Friends of his heart. Seth, Zachary, Lonnie and Trevor."
The four men looked deeply moved, tears in all their eyes as they stood, walking up to Justin's table, Justin individually hugging each of the four.
Seth, the first, was sobbing, Justin rubbing his back.
"He saved you, Seth. To give you a life of happiness and joy. Please honor him with your love tonight."
"I will, Justin. My love is his always."
Justin smiled, pulling Zach into his arms.
"You were there for him through his youth and his adulthood. In you, he saw a brother of love. I trust always in your love for him. He wouldn't have asked anyone else."
Zach nodded, his eyes full of tears of love for his lost friend.
"I shall stand by him with my love.... Justin."
Lonnie walked up, hugging his friend.
"No words need speaking, Justy. Michael is and always will be my loving friend."
Justin teared up, knowing how much Michael meant to the large man.
Justin then looked at Trevor, the young man in tears.
"Trevor, Michael's wet angel. He pulled you out of your own lost thoughts, pulling you into the arms of he who now loves you. Will you stand guard, loving my Mico?"
Trevor fell into Justin's arms, a deep sob coming from him, Nick watching from across the room, his eyes filled with tears.
"He was my best friend, Justin. He saved me to love again. He gave me a new love, a new hope and a new life. I shall always stand by my guardian angel."
Justin smiled, the four regaining their emotions.
"And the four of family to guard Michael in his final hours shall be Tomas, Antonio, Marco and...Emile."
Emile looked thunderstruck, slowly rising upwards.
"No, I cannot do this.... I am not his family. I am a coward who almost destroyed him.....I cannot do this.. I just can't!" he sobbed, Marco standing beside him now, Jake on his other side, their arms around him. Paulo's tearing eyes were looking at all three.
Justin walked over to the grief-stricken man, looking into his wet eyes.
"Michael knew of your love for his cousin Marco, Emile. You are his soulmate. And one day you shall marry him. Then, on that day you shall be family. But today, here at this moment, your Michael loves you as family. And no one–no one in this room–faults you for what Fredrick did to you. No less than we can fault Marco, or even Paul. You all saw Paul standing upon that altar, a heart filled now with God's peace. Michael forgave him, giving that lost soul an eternal peace. And here, today, he forgave you, Emile, in the church he gave you back your soulmates. So will you stand by him, honor him, and love him?"
Emile wiped his eyes, seeing the love of Michael's heart.
"I loved him, Justin. For his forgiving loving soul I shall stand by him."
Jake put his arm around Emile, kissing his cheek.
"You are family to all three of us, Emmy." Jake smiled, Paulo and Marco smiling.
Paulo smiled at Jake, his lover and basically his second in command.
Justin smiled, looking at Michael's grandfather.
"It is time for all of us to see our Michael." he said, his two little angels running into his arms.
"Come our angels. Let's go see Papa."
Justin quietly walked out of the room, followed by Alberto and the emotional Tavarro clan and friends.

Justin looked upon his lover, laying on a covered altar between the two lions guarding the fireplace of Adrian's soul.
His body had been cleansed, Michael now wearing another white robe, the symbol of the Aurelian Order on its left breast.
It had been found in the bag that had contained the one he'd worn into the church.
Where Michael had come by them was a mystery.
Father Nico had stated that they had only been worn by the order at private religious ceremonies.
How Michael came upon them they knew not.
Justin looked down at his silent face, seeing the beauty of his adonis-like features.
His smooth unblemished nose, smooth cheeks and soft pouty lips.
His eyes were closed, now forever to be closed.
Justin ran his finger along his jaw line, remembering so many nights that that touch had ignited Michael's desires.
Darian and Shauna had both kissed their father's cheek, stating their love for him.
Both held in their Dada's arms.
They now lay in Vicky and Chris' arms, both sleeping quietly.
Justin stepped back, standing next to Alberto, both men beside Michael's laying form.
Everyone paid their respects to their fallen brother, each emotional moment viewed by Justin and Alberto.
All Justin's family, all the Tavarros and all the Stavros'.
Justin and Alberto held a lot of them in their arms when the emotions became too unbearable.
For over four hours they walked into the room, giving their condolences, then leaving.
Finally the evening of worship was finished, a moving prayer recited by Father Derrick, Father Nico's absence then noted.
He still hadn't come from the village with the news of God's giving heart.
Alberto sent Jarod to seek out the young priest.
Everyone stood quietly, watching as the four brethren of Michael's friendship took their places in the four corners of the resting room.
They all folded their hands in front of them, silence descending on the room.
"Go forth into a night of eternal silence, Messenger of Love. Tomorrow, you journey to his soul. Tomorrow you lay at peace." Father Derrick said as he, Justin and Alberto were the last to leave the room.
Father Derrick closed the door saying a farewell prayer.
"Until tomorrow, lost soul of goodness. Let God's love surround you."
They all retired to different rooms, more heartfelt discussions and moments ahead.
Justin, Lance and Josh took their angels to bed, all three men saying goodnight to their family and friends.

The three angels were put together in their crib bed, the three fathers smiling down at them.
"They are now and always will be siblings. See the love in their tender embraces." Lance said, Justin's arm around him.
"I think Michael saw their future. I think he saw our two little boys falling in love." Justin softly said, Josh smiling and kissing his cheek.
"Michael saw much, Justin. He saw more than any of us could see. I think he knew from the start that all would play out this way. Why, Justin? Why did he have to go? I just started loving him so much! I've lost part of my soul!" Josh sobbed, Justin pulling his best friend into his arms.
Lance was in tears as well, seeing the emotional heartache in his lover's eyes.
"Oh, Joshy! Michael was Michael. Do you really think if he knew it all that he'd change it? He wouldn't because he believed in all life's paths. The path that led him to me. And the path that led him and me to you and Lance. Michael did a wonderful thing, Josh. He united all four of us under his soul of love. We all felt that radiating love. I still feel it. I felt it even more when I walked into that clearing this afternoon. For Michael is love, Josh. The Michael I saw there wasn't the same Michael. He was different. And I realize now why. For standing there in front of me was the true Michael. The real Michael. Not the Michael who we all know. That Michael was a combination of his love, Jesus' love and someone else's love. That someone else I believe is the central part of this story. That final truth has yet to play out. But what I do know is that the Michael I met in the clearing was the most beautiful, the most loving and the most real Michael I have ever known. That man I fell in love with, the real man hidden inside Michael Tavarro. And he's mine–and yours–for eternity. I'm going to see if I can give you what you need, Josh. What all three of us need."
Lance and Josh looked at Justin, Justin removing his shirt, his pants dropping to the floor.
He walked over to the bed, removing his briefs and standing beside it.
Justin looked over at the two men, both gazing at his nude form.
"Come here, Joshua and Lance."
Both men felt deep love in Justin's voice.
They both walked over, standing in front of Justin.
"I love you, Joshua. I love you, Lance. Michael loves both of you as well. I think it's time you both felt the real Michael's love. Join me in my dreams, join me in my soul. We need him so much."
Lance and Josh were in tears, Justin gently opening Josh's shirt, Lance removing Josh's pants.
Lance's clothes were off in moments, Justin moving to the bed, the two men joining him.
Justin lay in the center, one on both sides of him, all three together.
"Our Mico awaits. Our love awaits. Let's begin here and finish there."
Josh leaned forward, his lips joining Justin's.
Lance leaned over, his lips kissing Justin's neck.
The three came together, their heat, their heart's love and their hopes joining.

Justin opened his eyes, laying in the soft grass in the clearing.
Josh lay beside him, his hand on Justin's chest.
Lance lay on his other side, his arm across the two, his hand resting on Josh's hip, his head on Justin's chest.
Justin looked forward, seeing his Mico sitting on the boulder, smiling.
"Awaken, dear friends of love. I'm here for you."
Josh moved, his head raising and his eyes opening.
He stared into Michael's blue eyes.
Lance's green eyes opened staring at the man in front of him.
At beautiful Michael, yet a different Michael.
His eyes were the bluest he'd ever seen.
A soft blue of sparkling brightness.
He instantly remembered where he'd seen them.
Josh was on his feet in a flash, sobbing and running towards Michael.
Michael stood, Josh leaping into his outstretched arms, Michael holding his dear friend against him.
"I thought I'd lost you, Mico! I thought I'd lost you!" he cried, Justin and Lance standing up, both tearfully smiling.
"Never, Joshy. Never. My love is yours always. As it is our Lancy's."
Lance smiled, walking quickly to him, Michael embracing him as well.
The two men cried, feeling the man's powerful arms around them, and his love radiating into their hearts.
Justin smiled, his blue eyes staring into Michael's blue eyes.
Justin walked up to all three, they all parting.
Michael smiled, seeing all three naked before him.
"Three revealing angels walking into my heaven. I am truly blessed."
Lance smiled, suddenly seeing that they were all naked except Michael.
"Michael, we love you. We need you."
Michael teared up, leaning forward and gently kissing Lance's lips.
"I need all three of you. Each for his own love, for his own soul. And all for all our giving souls. I am yours forever. This place is for all of you. And I sense how greatly you need to feel my love again, Lance. And you as well, Joshua."
Lance teared up, sensing in his heart his greatest joy.
That Michael wanted him here.
"I'm finally truly loved! I'm finally wanted!" he sobbed, Josh feeling his love double for his lover.
"We all want you, Lance. We all need you. Come, let us show you." Justin said, Michael's hands pulling off his shirt.
All three stared at him, watching him as he removed his clothing.
He stood before them all, his body free of its scarred tissue.
His body was whole, it was real and it was so beautiful.
"Here in my heaven, we shall all hear my heartsong."
The four joined, slowly sinking onto the soft grassy clearing.

Lance woke up, feeling a weight on his chest.
He opened his eyes, seeing Noah's brown orbs staring into his green ones.
"Morning, Papa. You sleeps too long!"
Lance smiled, tickling the little one, Noah's rich laugh echoing in the room.
Lance looked around, seeing Josh and Justin sitting on the bed, dressed with the two twins in their laps.
"I overslept? What time is it?"
"It's almost five thirty. Justin wanted to get up early to greet the friends downstairs for breakfast. Their duty is almost done."
Lance nodded, looking at Justin.
He saw that his friend was calm, but there was a deep sadness about him.
"How are you doing, Jus?"
"I"m okay, Lancy. You need to shower. We'll meet you downstairs."
"Alright, Jus. And Justin?"
Justin looked into his green eyes.
"Thank you for last night, for giving us time with Mico."
Justin smiled, leaning over and kissing Lance's moist lips, then kissing Josh just as tenderly.
"He needed it just as much, Lance. We all needed it." he said, smiling then getting up with Darian in his arms.
"Come on, little man. Let's go get some hashies."
Darian giggled, then snuggled against his father's chest.
"We say goodbye to Papa today?"
Justin stopped, Josh and Lance watching him.
"We say goodbye to his body, sweetie. Papa's in his special place now, but his body is going away. We shall always have Papa's love. Understand?"
"Yes, Dada. I tink so. We's wuv the real Papa!"
Justin smiled, kissing the little boy's cheek.
"Exactly, Darry. Exactly."
Justin smiled at Josh, Josh getting up, Shauna and Noah now in his arms.
"Come on, Joshy. Let's feed our tigers."
All three little ones laughed, the two men heading out of the room, Lance climbing out of bed.
Once they left, Lance began to head towards the bathroom.
A few minutes later Lance walked out of the bedroom in a robe, drying his hair.
He halted, sensing something.
He turned, seeing a person sitting in the chair at the far side of the room.

Justin and Josh set the kids down in the dining room, Lynn and Rachel already up, kissing the two men's cheeks.
"Did you sleep well, Justin?" his mother asked.
"Yes, Momma. I was with Michael."
Josh smiled, Lynn and Rachel tearing up.
"That's still so unbelievable."
"Yes, love truly can be."
The four turned, seeing Father Derrick standing in the doorway, Father Nico beside him.
"Hello, Justin. How are you?" the young priest said, walking up to him, hugging him gently, Justin pulling him into a tight hug.
"I'm fine, Nicolas. I'm handling it well."
The priest smiled, looking around at all of them.
"Yesterday was a day of unbelievable miracles, my friends. Every invalid, handicapped and sick person for twenty miles around here was miraculously healed yesterday. It happened at the moment of Jesus' kneeling at the cross."
Everyone looked stunned.
"Everyone?" Lynn softly said.
"Yes, Lynn. Over three hundred people. All their limbs healing, all their ailments gone. Blind people can now see. Paralyzed children can now walk. It is the light of God's love. It is God's holy miracle." Father Derrick said, his hand going to the young priest's shoulder.
"To see it in front of me, those small children who'd had such hardship, such pain. To suddenly see them dancing and laughing and running, it truly was a sight of unbelievable beauty! I've been walking for hours just feeling it in my soul! I'm sorry I forgot the solemness of this day. Forgive me for not being here for all of you."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek.
"You were where you were needed most."
Father Nico looked into Justin's eyes.
"Your eyes are so blue. Bluest pools of life."
Justin looked at him confused.
The priest blushed, rubbing his eyes.
"I'm sorry, dead tired. I need to sleep for a few hours then get ready for today's service."
"Come, we'll get some food into you, then you can sleep, Father." Rachel said, guiding him to the table.
"Remarkable. A day of God's giving heart. It's spreading like wildfire, Justin. The press is picking it up, people are flooding in from all around. Our church's secret has been revealed. It's now a beacon for the hopeful, for the faithful. Our town is the center of a new faith. A faith ignited by our Michael's love."
Justin nodded, Lynn quietly watching her son.
"Don't worry, Justin. We will not let any outside pandemonium interfere with this moving tribute. Only those of our clans and friends are invited. Alberto has the jets moving, your friends and family flying here. Alberto's contacted everyone on the list you gave him."
"Thank you Father. I know in my heart they all deserve to say goodbye to him. They all loved him."
Father Derrick nodded.
"It's time to open the room. The next four are ready."
Justin nodded, taking the older man's arm, the two walking quietly out of the room.

They met Alberto, Marco, Antonio, Tomas and Emile in the foyer, all five in completely black suits.
"It is our uniform of devotion, devotion to a faithful man." Alberto said, Justin nodding his respect.
Father Derrick walked up to the double doors, turning the knob.
He opened the doors, all of them walking in.
What they saw upon entering surprised them.
All four of the nightly guardians were on their knees, lined up in front of Michael's altar, praying with lowered heads.
Lonnie raised his head, looking towards them.
"A night of love and beauty. I shall cherish it forever." he said, his face a mask of tearful beauty.
The four stood up, Trevor, Lonnie, Zach and Seth wiping their eyes.
They all looked quietly at Michael's silent form, then walked out of the room.
Alberto and Justin exchanged looks, the other four men taking their positions.
Emile and Marco stood on opposite ends of the fireplace, each standing beside a lion.
Antonio and Tomas stood against the wall, level eyed with the other two men.
Michael now laid in the center of their square of guarding love.
Alberto walked over to his silent grandson, leaning down and gently kissing his grandson's forehead.
"Until later, my angel. It is a day of goodbyes."
Justin saw the man's love for his lost grandson, putting his arm around his waist.
Both men looked down on his beautiful face, Father Derrick quietly walking up.
"You can have a moment of quiet peace with him if you like, Justin. We can all step out."
"No, Father. It is alright. I saw him in my dreams last night. I need not feel his coldness here."
Father Derrick nodded, Alberto's eyes tearing.
"Come, Poppa. You need some food, it will be a long day."
The three quietly walked out of the room, the doors now remaining open.
Two servants hung wreaths of mourning on each door, Michael's room of mourning ready.

Everyone joined Justin and Alberto for breakfast, the dining room again filled.
Randall sat beside his son, Jonathan on his other side.
Justin felt Jonathan and Stevie's deep emotions on losing their brother, he quietly pulling them both aside after breakfast, talking to them as their brother, filling their hearts again with Michael's love.
The three brothers walked into the mourning room, Justin guiding them both to say their farewells to their brother.
Lynn, Randall, Lisa and Paul watched the moving moment, seeing three young men showing their love for a leaving soul.
And they all saw Justin's deep love in his caring for their feelings, for their needs.
The three brothers hugged each other, the two younger ones kissing Michael goodbye.
Others arrived mid-morning, the first jet landing.
Timbaland, Cassi, the BSB's and 98 Degrees members arriving together with Oprah and Larry King.
Jonnie Wright, Pink, Will Preston and his new boyfriend Ted there as well.
Another bonding of Michael's love.
Michael had been right.
It truly would be Bill and Ted's excellent adventure.
All Justin's band members and crew, including Gary, there as well.
Justin knew in his heart that Michael had entered their hearts.
Justin met them all, feeling their deep sympathy and respect for a man who'd truly welcomed them all into his heart.
They all hugged him, some breaking down.
Kevin and Nick were emotional, both hugging Justin together.
"He was so giving! He gave us so much! He forgave us and gave us each other! How can we ever thank him?" Kevin sobbed, Nick rubbing his back.
"By building on the love you now share. By making each day a day of living. That's Michael's soul. To take each day as one life. Live each day to the fullest. You have each other to love now." Justin said, smiling at both tearful men.
Timbaland was sobbing uncontrollably, Cassi and Tim holding him tightly.
Justin hugged his friend, no words capable.
"He loved all of us. He gave all to us. Remember him always."
"I will, Jus. He gave me everything." Timbaland sobbed, Cassi quietly kissing Justin's cheek, the three walking out of the mourning room.

Justin remained there, as all the Tavarro brethren and the Stavros brethren walked silently by the altar.
Each bowed or kissed Michael's hand, a sign of their devotion.
They all still carried in their hearts Michael's gift to them.
Their destiny.
Gregory and Kevin both hugged Justin, Alberto and Uncle Silas–who Justin insisted deserved a spot beside them.
Uncle Silas had been unusually silent through all the past two days.
Lynn had talked to Justin, telling him she thought it was shock.
Justin had tried to talk to him mid-afternoon during a quiet time, Silas remaining silent for a moment, then finally opening his heart.
"Age walks with us down our paths of life. Why should one so young fall from it?"
Justin sensed Silas was angry that Michael had been sacrificed.
"It's God's way, Silas."
Silas' grey eyes looked into Justin's.
Silas' anger and tears unleashed.
"I saw them upon the altar, Justin. Auggie and Helena. My two dearest hearts. They looked so happy together. I saw their love as it had always been. Their's alone. I have that same love now with Nora. I love her greatly, Justin. The four of us have lived our lives, Justin. Why couldn't Michael have his? A greater love I've never seen than yours. It just seems so unfair."
Justin knew now what Silas was so angry at.
That God was denying Michael his love.
Justin wrapped his arms around the older man, Silas' head falling on Justin's shoulder, a soft cry coming out of him.
"You've got it wrong, Uncle Silas. God isn't denying Michael his love. God has given Michael his love."
Silas looked into Justin's eyes, Justin telling him about Michael's special place, and what it represented.
Their undying love.
Forever joined, forever theirs.
Silas stood in silent wonder, staring into Justin's blue eyes.
"Michael isn't gone, Uncle Silas. He's in the hearts of all of us. And he's forever in my dreams."
Silas smiled, hugging the young man to him.
He cried for a bit, Justin sensing they were tears of relief.
The two men walked back into the mourning room.

At four, the time was winding down.
The next part of this day was upon them.
The four guardians moved, standing now at both ends of Michael's altar.
They bowed their heads, everyone quietly stepping out of the room.
Only twelve others remained.
Justin, with his children Darian and Shauna.
Josh, Noah and Lance.
Silas and Alberto, Doris at his side.
Zach, Christina and Becky.
Michael's immediate family.
This was their farewell.
The moment of their parting from this wonderful man.
Silas walked up to the altar, looking down on his favorite soul.
"I love you, Michael. Your joy, and youthful love beats in my heart. Say hello to Nana, I know you'll be in her arms. I love you."
Silas stepped back, wiping his eyes.
Alberto walked forward, placing both hands on his grandson's chest, Doris watching him with love.
"Goodbye, our messenger of love. Goodbye my grandson of love." he sobbed, Doris gently pulling him back.
Zach and Christina walked forward, both kissing Michael's cheek.
Becky leaned down, wrapping her hands around his neck.
"I drew you a picture, Uncle Mikey. It's you and Santa Claus. You be his helper always now. Be happy. I look after Unky Justin."
Justin sobbed, hearing in her tender innocent words what Michael meant to her.
The family trio stepped back, Christina leaning against her strong Zachary.
Josh and Lance quietly waited, everyone leaving the room.
Justin walked up to the altar, staring down at Michael's body.
"Farewell, Michael's being. Your beauty captured my heart. Your love fills my soul. It was always more than just your physical being. It was always the love that was so much more. I love you, my angel. Justin's angel."
Darian and Shauna climbed down onto the altar  beside their father, both snuggling against him.
"We wuv you, Papa. We sees you soon. You like new you better." Shauna said, kissing his cold cheek.
Darian kissed him as well, both climbing back into Justin's waiting arms, snuggling against his warmth.
"Let's go, Josh. It's time."
Josh and Lance walked forward, both kissing Michael's cheek.
"Love you, Michael. In all ways, in all lifetimes." Josh said, Lance kissing Josh's cheek.
"So long, Michael. I love you." Lance said, Noah leaning down and kissing Michael's cheek.
"The bear knows. It be here soon."
Everyone looked for a moment at the small child, Noah patting Michael's cheek.
"Bye, Unky Mikey." he softly said, snuggling against Josh's chest.
Josh and Lance guided Justin out of the room, the two twins in his loving arms.
Justin walked out of the room, Josh and Lance with their arms around him.
Chris, Vicky and Rachel took the little ones, the three men standing in silence.
The foyer was filled with all of Michael's dearest friends and family.
Justin looked around, seeing Vito and Loren, Fred and Betty, as well as other people that had been touched by Michael's love.
They were all here awaiting his final procession.
Michael's eight guardians followed Alberto and Gregory back into the room.
His eight pallbearers would gently lift him into his coffin.
His final home.
Justin thought of their home in the States, and how much it captured Michael's soul and essence.
He longed to go back there, just to feel Michael's presence.
A tear ran down his cheek, knowing now that Michael would never walk those rooms again.
He'd only walk with Justin in his dreams.
Lance and Josh's arms went further around Justin, Justin feeling their love.

A short time later, Gregory walked out of the room, carrying in his hands a large wreath of red and white roses.
He smiled at Justin, then walked up to Paulo.
"You are our honored Commander, and his dearest cousin. Shall you honor him as his Greek heritage demands?"
"He was my friend, he was my blood. I walk forward carrying his love."
Paulo took the large wreath, still remaining in the middle of the foyer.
Alberto walked out of the room, quietly asking Justin to come back in.
Justin walked back in alone, following Michael's grandfather.
He saw the casket now sitting on top of the altar, the lid half opened.
It was completely white, of smooth alabaster finish.
On top of it lay a white and two red roses.
Three flowers from the three of his life.
Justin walked up to it, staring into Michael's beautiful face.
Their eight friends surrounded the two men, Justin leaning forward, kissing Michael's face.
"Go to peace and love, my Mico. Go to your final truth. I love you." Justin said, tears now falling onto Michael's face.
Justin stood up again, removing from his neck the pendant that Michael had given him.
The stone of Tavarro that had once belonged to his father.
Justin put the stone around Michael's neck.
"You deserve to wear this now, lost Tavarro child. Your father's love is forever with you, Michael. As is mine. Goodbye."
Alberto teared up, Justin putting his arm around him.
Justin nodded to Tomas, the young man's face covered in tears.
Tomas gently lowered the casket lid, Michael's face hidden forever.
The eight men carefully lifted the white coffin onto a movable dais, walking it towards the opened doors, Justin and Alberto walking in silence behind it.
They entered the foyer, everyone kneeling.
The coffin made its way to the opened front doors, the rays of sunshine beaming into the front entrance
Everyone followed Justin and Alberto, all of Michael's family and friends.
Paulo walked in front of the moving coffin, a wreath of love in his hands.
Upon entering the afternoon sunshine, they were met with a moving sight.
The whole front lawn of the Villa Tavarro was filled with all of the Tavarro and Stavros clans.
Each one was totally dressed in black, a white rose on each breast.
Over five thousand souls of Michael's family were united in their farewell to their heaven-sent Messenger.
When Michael's coffin came through the doorway, they as one knelt upon the land of Tavarro.
This sign of deep respectful love moved Alberto to tears, Justin holding him gently.
"We are one family finally. Joined by his love." Alberto softly said, Justin remaining quiet.
Justin's family scanned the multitude, awed by all those they saw.
The front gates were closed, only family members on the grounds.
Behind the gates stood thousands of others: onlookers, reporters and cameramen
Michael's final days had drawn the world's attention.
The miracle of his deliverance sparking the souls of the world.
But this moment was for only him.
For him and his family.
It was his farewell.

The eight men lifted the white coffin, walking down the steps and carrying it slowly across the lawn.
They carried it towards the south grounds, where so many joyous celebrations of late had been held, including Michael and Justin's wedding, and the Feast of Redemption.
Now Michael's funeral would be held there.
It was Alberto's last gift to his grandson and his son.
In the beauty of Ramon's flowers would Michael be eulogized.
The procession walked the short distance, the multitude around them weeping and praying.
They came upon the splendor of the funeral area.
An altar had been erected in the central garden.
A thousand chairs were set up, the remaining family would surround the whole area.
The coffin was carried down the main aisle, the marble altar waiting for it at its end.
Upon the altar stood the Cross of St. Aurelia's, the true cross.

In front of the aisle stood three men of faith.
Father Derrick, Father Nicolas and Justin's grandfather.
The three ministers of the two lovers' marital vows.
Justin's grandfather looked at his grandson, smiling at the strength he was showing.
The eight men set the casket upon the marble altar in front of the holy men; Paulo placed the wreath in front of the coffin.
Justin and Alberto sat in the front row, Rachel and Lynn sitting beside them, the two little ones in their laps.
Darian climbed into Justin's lap, sensing his father's need for him.
Shauna followed.
Justin smiled at both little ones, the two snuggling against him.
The three priests moved to stand behind Michael's coffin, looking out upon the gathered mass.
"Welcome all of his faithful, welcome all of his friends. Welcome family and loved ones. Today is Michael's farewell to us. And we to him. Let us pray." Father Nicolas said, tears in his eyes.
Everyone knelt, the young priest's eyes searching the heavens.
"Father, light of our love, we are here as one. Joined together by this man's love. By your love. Welcome this soul into your heavens, let him walk with your love again, the love he gave to all of us. Let us rejoice in that love, in Michael's sweet love. My own heart feels it, as do all of ours. Praise be to you, Father. Praise be to you for giving us his and your love. Amen. Please be seated."
Everyone said "Amen" and sat down, Father Derrick gently running his hand across Michael's casket.
"A child arrived at my door one day long ago. A lost child of hurt and sorrow. I buried that child's mother that day, bringing a lost waif home to my orphanage. He seemed so lost, alone and unloved.
I bathed him, I fed him, and I tried to show him a small moment of loving care. That night when I'd tucked him in, just as I was closing his door, he said something in a small trembling voice."
Father Derrick's wet eyes looked down at the white coffin.
"For goodness I will live. For hope I shall endure."
Everyone silently thought of Michael's words, and sensed their meaning.
"Even at that age, the tender age of eight, that child knew his destiny. That he was to endure life and its hardships to arrive at this moment. At the moment of his sacrifice. For yesterday, an angel of God's love sacrificed himself, giving all of us his love in return. We carry that love, and the greater love of our Lord, which he also revealed to us. I always knew in my heart that Michael was  a special child, I just never imagined the greatness of his love."
Father Derrick leaned forward, gently and tenderly kissing the coffin's surface, his tears flowing.
"Go with our love, Michael. Peace be your greatest dreams."
Everyone was moved by the tenderness and love emanating off the old priest.
Father Nico gently hugged him, looking out on the crowd.
"We shall now hear words of love from both sides of Michael's family. A hymn of God's faith shall separate them."
Paulo stood up, walking to Michael's coffin, standing behind it, his hands gently rubbing its surface.
"A man of love has revealed our destiny. His golden eyes of beauty are etched in all our minds. The Messenger has come. His message delivered. We are the children of Adrian, we are the Chosen. Our duty lies ahead of us, it started yesterday. Given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. We are the carriers of his love. We are the new messengers. A child of immense love and courage stood before us yesterday and revealed his true self to us. I still feel that radiating love in my heart. Michael's love. It, combined with our Lord's, has united all of us. The evil is gone, our hearts cleansed. We shall never forget what you have given us Michael, friend of my heart, family of my soul. Go forward to his love, you more than anyone deserve that. We love you, our Messenger. Thank you for giving us all."
Paulo was in tears, leaning down and kissing the coffin lid.
He stood again walking over to Justin, his emerald eyes scanning the crowd.
"Before me is Michael's family: his husband, Justin Tavarro-Timberlake, and his two children, Darian and Shauna Tavarro-Timberlake. These three were his life, his soul. From this moment on, they are true Tavarros. They have earned that right. Go in peace, loving ones. Our hearts are yours always."
Justin stood, his angels in his arms, Paulo hugging and kissing all three.
Paulo then knelt, everyone surrounding them kneeling as well.
Justin was in tears seeing before him a new family, his Michael's family, now his.
Justin bowed to them all, then sat down again, everyone rising.
The choir behind the altar began singing.
The hymn-The Old Rugged Cross-sung by all.
All their eyes were upon the wooden cross standing behind the altar.
The true cross, the one cross.
The crucifying cross of two individuals, but of one heart.
Jesus, the Son of God, and Michael, the Messenger of God.
The hymn ended, Gregory Stavros walking up to the white coffin.
He knelt, crossing himself before the flowered wreath, then stood.
He turned, looking out upon all the Tavarro clan, and his own brethren.
"We are one. The two families now joined by one heart. The heart of this man laying here. Yesterday, he gave all of himself to join us, join us in a way that shall echo through the ages. He joined us with his love. We are now joined by a purpose given to us by God. We are the messengers of his love. We shall spread that message throughout the world. I stand now with our Commander, as my family shall. We now are brothers. And here today, we say farewell to the most giving brother I shall ever know. My dear Michael, giving of heart and love. You shall be in my heart always. I am proud to call you family. As we all shall be. Go to God, my loving friend. Go with all our love."
Gregory bowed before the coffin, his face a mask of tearful love.
He leaned over the wreath, gently kissing the coffin's lid.
He walked to Justin, hugging him and kissing the little ones' smiling cheeks.

Justin's grandfather walked in front of Michael's coffin, folding his hands in front of him.
"I am an old man. I have seen the greatness of the world's love throughout my lifetime. But no greater love have I felt than the love that emanates in this place. I feel all of your love for this courageous man. For this loving individual. I knew Michael for only a short time, but in that short time I saw his great love. The love he gave so freely to my grandson, and my great-grandchildren."
Justin teared up, looking with love towards his grandfather.
"God calls us all home to him at the end of our lives. Today, he's calling our Michael home. But I believe in my heart that Michael won't go on that voyage today. I've heard from my grandson that he still sees Michael in his dreams. That that giving man still has a hold on the love he was given by my grandson. Perhaps there's something more for Michael to finish, perhaps he lingers only to find love. Whatever the reason, that giving man remains in all of our hearts, in all of our dreams. Let's not think of this as an ending. Let's think of it as a beginning. The beginning of Michael's happiness. For in the years to come, his love will grow in all our hearts, and even in the hearts of people who never met him. For Michael's message is a message of hope. A message of life's essence. To have hope, courage and love shall guide any man throughout his life. Thank you, Michael. Thank you for showing all of us that message. Let us pray in silence, a prayer from each of us to God."
Everyone knelt or bowed their heads, a silent prayer sent to God's ear.
After two minutes, Father Derrick and Father Nico joined Justin's grandfather, the three men of God standing together.
"To finish this service, one person has been called upon to sing a song of faith. That person was assigned this devotion by our Messenger. Michael called him the Singer of Truth, the fourth cornerstone of his devotion.  Come forth, Joshua." Father Nicolas said, Josh standing up and walking to the altar.
Josh stood upon the altar, looking down at Michael's family.
"Michael gave me this song a few months ago. He told me that it was written for me alone. That an one singular moment, I would sing it. For God's truth and for his love. I believe now that moment is at hand. He named me the Singer of Truth. I am one of four, the four cornerstones of Michael's house. I ask the other three to join me. Paulo Tavarro, Commander of Truth. Tomas Santiago, the Carrier of Truth. And Lance Bass, the Guardian of Truth."
The three men rose, walking up and standing beside Josh.
"We are given by Michael our life's devotion. Tomas will carry the truth of Michael's sacrifice to all. Paulo shall command the united family of Tavarro-Stavros. And my Lance shall be the guardian of the truth. I am the singer, for I shall sing Michael's song. I sing it now out of my love for him. My love echoes with his. Listen to the words and feel his loving presence. It is called The Destiny of Us All."
Josh nodded towards the organist, the music beginning.
Josh's rich voice filled the afternoon sunshine, his voice sounding like a heavenly angel.

Tears fell from heaven,
Carried in our hearts of doubt
His love surrounded us,
the evil he burned out.

He walked for all of us,
Across the path of hate
His love surrounded us,
His sacrifice our fate.

Come, let us do all that we can.
Come, let us all join all our hands
and walk with this sacred man.
and let's talk with him,
and let's walk with him
Our hearts filled with joy,
Through the light of his love.
sent from heaven above,
It's the destiny of us all.

We walked in solace,
we walked in strife.
The gift of the Messenger
our eternal life.

He left us with his love,
That sweet angel's love.
We walk with hearts that now overflow,
Because the seeds of his love.
Are what we now shall sow.

Come, let us do all that we can.
Come, let us all join all our hands
and walk with this sacred man.
and let's talk with him,
and let's walk with him,
Our hearts filled with joy,
Through the light of his love.
sent from heaven above,
It's the destiny of us all.

Josh ended the song, his face covered in tears.
It matched everyone's surrounding him.
For the words sank into all of their souls.
The words of Michael's love.
Father Derrick walked up to Josh and his three friends.
"God himself could not say what that song said, Joshua. It was God's voice singing to all of us." the priest said, hugging him tightly.
Josh nodded, the four men returning to their seats.
Father Derrick stood upon the altar, looking down at the white coffin.
"It is time, our loving friend. We now must part from you, Michael. Your voyage of eternal life now begins. Go to his love, Michael. Your love remains in our hearts. Goodbye, Messenger of love."
Everyone stood, the eight pallbearers lining up on both sides of the coffin.
Paulo picked up the wreath again, beginning to walk down the aisle, the coffin lifted, the eight moving to follow him.
Justin and Alberto walked behind them, his family following.
The crowd followed, the white coffin led to its tomb.
The procession hadn't taken but two or three steps when a voice was suddenly heard.
It was Raphael.
He was singing a familiar song.
The procession continued as he sang.

O Lord my God! When I in awesome wonder
Consider all the works Thy hands have made.
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power throughout the universe displayed.

Then the entire procession slowly began to join in.

Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to Thee;
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!
Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee:
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!

When through the woods and forest glades I wander
And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees;
When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur
And hear the brook and feel the gentle breeze:

Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to Thee;
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!
Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee:
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!

And when I think that God, His Son not sparing,
Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in;
That on the cross, my burden gladly bearing,
He bled and died to take away my sin!

Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to Thee;
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!
Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee:
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!

When Christ shall come with shouts of acclamation
And take me home, what joy shall fill my heart!
Then I shall bow in humble adoration,
And there proclaim, my God, how great Thou art!

Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to Thee;
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!
Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee:
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!

They walked across the south lawn, Paulo guiding them to the main pool.
They walked down the pathway, the crowd moving forward, surrounding the large stone pool.
The eight friends of love walking out of the hedged pathway onto the stone patio.
They stood as one at the edge of the pool, the stone walkway before them.
Justin looked up at the statue, seeing its changed appearance.
Michael's image now stood for love and tenderness towards children.
Once the singing ended, Father Derrick stood in front of the coffin, bowing his head, everyone following his motion.
"Herein lies your eternal peace, Michael Tavarro. Go to it with God's love. From ashes thou didst come and into darkness and dust thou shalt return. We loved you, lost one, we all loved you."
Father Derrick walked around the coffin, hugging Justin, and kissing the two little angels in his arms.
"You have all the time you need, Justin. Your privacy shall be respected."
Justin nodded, asking specific people to join him.
The eight carried the coffin forward, the small group following.

They all walked into the lit stone chamber, everyone looking at the rich marble walls, and the altar laying in its center.
The eight lifted the coffin above it, guiding it to its final destination.
They gently set it down, Michael's white coffin sitting in the middle of the room.
The eight were joined by Justin, his parents and stepparents, all five children, Lance and Josh, Christina, Joey and Kelly, Chris and Vicky, Nick, Rachel, Alberto and Doris, Jake, Jarod, Father Nico, Father Derrick, Kevin and Gregory, Uncle Silas and Nora.
All of Michael's loving friends and family.
Each had a rose in their hand, some of white and some of red.
Each person walked up to the altar, reading the written words carved by Adrian.
They laid their rose upon Michael's casket, gently kissing him goodbye.
The last remaining person was Justin, he slowly carrying his two angels up to their father's resting place.
Darian and Shauna gently laid their roses upon their father's casket, smiling down upon him.
"We wuv you, Papa. Sees you soon." Shauna said, Justin beginning to cry.
Vicky took her from him, Chris letting Darian climb into his loving arms.
Justin laid his hands upon the white lid, his tears falling upon its whiteness.
"Here, at this end, how can I say goodbye, Mico? I love you so much, my angel. I know you're in the clearing always for me, but you're here also. Justin's angel is here, about to descend into darkness for eternity. Never shall I hold the real you against me again. Oh, Mico! My love and life! For them, for our two angels, I shall go on. They need my love, and they need yours. I love you, my Mico! I love you!"
Justin laid his head against the smooth surface, sobbing.
Lance and Josh were beside him in a moment, their arms wrapping around him.
"He's not gone, Jus. Our Mico isn't here. He's somewhere else. In time, you'll see the truth in that truth, Jussy. I am certain of that." Lance said, Justin raising his head.
"Your angels need you now, Jus. Their father needs them."
Justin nodded, stepping back, walking to Vicky and Chris.
They both gave Justin his little ones, the two friends' arms around the family.
"Come on, Justin. Let's go home." Chris said, his eyes filled with tears.
Justin looked once more at the white tomb, then walked out of the chamber, everyone following.
They walked across the walkway, all standing on the stone patio, looking at the center of the pool, at the chamber now in its center.
The pool was surrounded with the Tavarro-Stavros faithful.
They all heard a lion's roar.
The walkway moved, moving towards the center of the pool, sinking under the water.
The entrance to the chamber closed, its doorway disappearing on the stone surface.
Etched into the marble wall where the doorway had been were three words.

 Love Conquers All

Everyone stood in silence, gazing upon the eternal tomb of Michael Augustus Tavarro.
"Goodbye, Mico." Justin said, walking back to the house, his two angels in his arms.

End of Chapter 179

And so Michael is laid to rest in his ancestral home.
His body's eternal peace at hand.
I hope it was a just and fitting farewell.

But somehow I sense some unanswered questions remain in my readers' thoughts.
The next chapter, I hope, can answer all that needs answering.

It, I believe, is a fitting tribute to Michael's truth.
Read on, lost souls.

Nearing the end of our journey, my friends.
I hope it has been an inspiring one.

Gazing at the final words, Angel.

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