Justin's Angel-66

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to
this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other
celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin opened his closed eyes, watching as Michael  swallowed him again.
Justin screamed Michael's name as he shot burst after burst of his love down Michael's hungry throat.
Michael devoured it all, needed that liquid love to satisfy  his eager soul.
When he'd cleaned all of Justin's  cock he lay down beside him, wrapping his arms around his naked body.
Justin felt all his desires satisfied in Michael loving embrace.
"I love you, Timby."
"I love you so much, Michael. This was so beautiful. You make me feel so loved."
Justin was tearing again, Michael kissing him again.
"You are loved, by many people. Your friends knew you needed me now, that's why they left. They all love you. But no one loves you more than your Mico. That's what I'll always be to you, my love. Your Mico."
Justin kissed him deeply again, rolling over on top of him.
Justin looked down into Michael's loving eyes.
He saw Michael's own desires coming alive.
Michael ran his hand along Justin's cheek, his finger lightly brushing his lips, Justin sucking on it.
"Make love to me, Timby. Make me feel your love."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael again.
The two settling into another hot passionate moment in their loving lives.

Chapter 66

Justin and Michael spent the rest of the afternoon together, both showing each other tender affection.
The two made love in the shower again, a slow leisurely session of passion.
Around four o'clock Michael began organizing all the food, making sure everything was ready.
Justin set up the music system on the patio, although knowing full well some of the band members would bring their instruments to play.
Soon light music could be heard on the back patio, Michael walking out of the house smiling.
Justin looked at him, smiling as Michael began tapping his foot to the beat.
"Come here, my love." Justin said.
Michael walked up to him, Justin taking him in his arms.
They began to slow dance to the music, Michael resting his head on Justin's chest.
Michael felt the relaxing beat of Justin's heart, soothing to his mind.
All Justin's doubts were gone, the two of them now were committed to a lifetime of loving each other.
Michael raised his head, kissing Justin deeply.
"Mmmm! What was that for, love?" Justin purred.
"That was a thank you."
"You're thanking me?  For what?" Justin raised an eyebrow.
Michael smiled resting his head again on Justin's chest.
"For being you, my Jus. For being you."
Justin smiled, swaying quietly to the music.
Justin's cell went off, Michael sighing.
"Hi, Justin here." Justin said, answering his phone.
"Hi, Justin, your favorite sexy man here."
Justin laughed, knowing who it was.
"I'm sorry Michael's standing right here beside me, who the hell are you?"
"Ugh. Justin, it's Chris!"
"Oh, you meant to say my favorite ugly troll."
Michael laughed, not knowing who Justin was talking to, but guessing.
"Ha-ha. Very funny. Leave the jokes to me."
"I know you're a joke." Justin countered, mouthing the name Chris to Michael.
Michael smiled.
"Shut up, Timberlake. Just wanted to let you know we arrived this afternoon. We'll be dropping by soon. So pull yourself off your boyfriend, or out of him, and make yourself presentable."
Justin laughed, Michael asking to talk to him.
"Hey, Chris! How ya doing buddy?"
"Doing great, kiddo. How's your ugly boyfriend treating you?"
"Well he's keeping me working hard, but then he likes me hard."
Justin started laughing, knowing his Mico could even outdo Chris.
"TMI, Mikey! Too much information!"
"What's wrong, Chris? Jealous? I know my Vicky, she doesn't put out easily."
Chris blushed, Michael sensing his shock.
Justin was on his knees laughing.
"Damn, Tavarro! You don't hold anything back, do ya?"
"Hey, I've heard so much about you, I have to top the master."
"Greater men have tried, my friend. I'll  give you points for effort."
"I'd prefer money, I'm that good."
Justin was smiling, knowing something wonderful would happen tonight.
"Okay, Mikey. Dream on."
"So, Chris, how's my Vicky?  She's been avoiding me lately, I assume you have something to do with that?"
Chris smiled.
"What can I say, everyone wants a piece of me."
"I'll take nothing thanks. It's all pretty used and dirty."
Chris laughed, in spite of himself.
"Good one, grasshopper."
"Thank you, troll."
Justin started laughing again.
"So when are you going to visit our humble abode again, Chris?"
"Didn't Justin tell you, we're coming tonight. Joey and I."
"Man that's fantastic. The whole N*Sync group under my roof. I'm going to be gaga."
"Calm down, flowerchild. We don't need any male groupies."
"How about a fanatic fan."
"That we can use."
Michael laughed, Chris telling him they'd be there around five.
Michael handed the phone back to Justin, wanting Justin to wrap his arms around him again.
"Talk to ya soon, homie. My man needs me."
"Ewwwww, that's gross. Keep it in your pants boys. Later."
Justin smirked, putting his phone back in his cargo pocket.
Michael remained against him, his head on his chest, Justin wrapping his muscular hairy arms around him again.
"I could stay like this forever." Michael purred.
"Me too, love. Unfortunately, we have about sixty people coming here tonight. Let's get changed and relax before they get here."
Michael smiled, breaking their bond, Justin taking his hand and kissing him deeply.
"So, want to pick out my outfit, love?"
"As always, I have to show my man off at his finest." Michael smiled.
A short time later, after a little gropefest and lots of tender kisses, Michael and Justin walked back downstairs.
Michael had dressed Justin in a blue polo shirt, and khaki chinos. Justin had gone with his favorite: black golf shirt and black chinos for Michael.
They relaxed in the living room, cuddling on the couch until they heard the front door open.
Paulo popped his head into the living room, seeing his brothers snuggling together.
"Hey guys, how ya doing?" Paulo said, Michael sensing someone behind Paulo.
"Welcome back, Paulo. Not going to say hi, Jake?"
Jake walked into the living room smiling.
"Hi, Mikey. Hi, Justin. Polo said we weren't supposed to disturb the lovers."
Michael and Justin both smiled at hearing Jake use Paulo's special name.
"It's okay, we're just relaxing." Michael smiled, directing Jake to a couch.
Jake and Paulo sat down, Michael smiling at their closeness.
"So, I should ask guys, what's the situation tonight? You don't know many people here Jake, I don't want you to be uncomfortable. I assume you don't want to display your relationship with Paulo?"
Paulo and Jake both smiled.
"We'll just be friends tonight, Mikey. If that's okay with you?"
Michael and Justin both smiled.
"That's fine Jake. It's your secret."
Jake smiled, Paulo smiling at him.
"Well, I should change, and get ready. Jake, would you like to see my room?" Paulo actually blushing.
Jake smiled, Michael holding in a laugh.
"What?" Paulo said, looking at Michael's smiling face.
"How old are you, Paulo?" Michael asked, bursting out in laughter.
Paulo blushed deeper, Justin laughing now.
"Hey, don't make fun of him! I think it's sweet." Jake smiled at Paulo.
Paulo smiled back, forgetting his sudden blushing.
"Let's go, Jake. " Paulo got up sticking his tongue out at Michael.
"Hey, keep that door open, young man. I don't want to have to come up there and separate you two." Justin said, Michael laughing loudly.
The two men both saluted Justin, Justin laughing now.
Justin and Michael resumed their snuggling, until the front doorbell rang.
"Well, looks like the fun's over." Michael sighed.
"The fun's just about to begin, love." Justin smiled, looking excited.
"I think I'm about to see the "Party Animal"  Justin."
Justin laughed kissing him passionately.
"Justin, can I say something first?"
Justin stopped, sensing seriousness in Michael's voice.
"Yes, sweetie, please go ahead."
Michael put his arms around Justin.
"It's okay if you enjoy yourself tonight. I know you feel you have to be a good host and look the part of the loving lover. And you want to look good in front of your friends. But I want you to enjoy yourself. It's okay if you drink and have a good time. We're home, this is our home. I'm fine with that. But just to let you know, I won't be drinking. I'm not a big drinker. Never have been. And I hope you'll have the respect and caring to stop if I think you're getting out of hand. Okay?"
Justin smiled at Michael, seeing his loving nature in full view.
"Thank you, Mico. I'll enjoy myself if I see you enjoying yourself. Don't be intimidated by these people, once you get to know them, you'll see they're really nice people."
"They must be nice to stay with you for so many years."
Justin smiled, turning towards the door.
Michael waited in the living room.
"Mico, it's for you."
Michael inched an eyebrow, walking into the front foyer.
Justin was leaning against the staircase.
"It's for you."
Michael looked at the door, which was closed, then at Justin.
Michael shook his head, opening the front door.
As soon as he opened it, he was tackled by a flash of blue silk.
Michael was on the floor, someone tickling him and laughing.
Michael stared up at Vicky's smiling face.
"Jesus, Justin, did you hire hookers for the party?"
Justin was laughing, Vicky throwing him a dirty stare, Justin covering his mouth.
Vicky stared at Michael, both of them bursting into laughter.
Vicky got up, helping Michael up.
"This is a surprise, Victoria."
Vicky looked at Michael's laughing face, Michael finally staring into her eyes.
Vicky saw his face change in a flash.
A sob ran through his body, the tears flowing quickly.
Vicky pulled him into a tight hug, Michael crying on her shoulder.
"Oh, Vicky! I've missed you so much!"
Justin was wiping his eyes, Chris, Kelly. Joey, and Lonnie standing in the doorway watching the touching sight.
"I've missed my sweet pencil dick more." Vicky said, now bawling.
Michael chuckled, the two pulling back a little looking at each other.
"My God, Michael. You've gotten so skinny. Timberlake are you fucking the flesh off of him."
Justin looked at her shocked.
"My God, Vicky. You've gotten as huge as a cow. Chris have you knocked her up?"
Chris and Joey both looked shocked now.
Michael and Vicky fell on the floor laughing in each other's arms.
"Oh my God, they're both sick and twisted." Chris said, shaking his head.
Justin was laughing to himself, helping Michael back onto his feet.
"Welcome to our home, Vicky." Justin said hugging her.
"My, what a swanky place! Care to give me the grand tour, Mikey?"
Michael smiled and grabbed her hand, the two disappearing through the dining room.
"They'll be a while, come on out to the patio, guys." Justin said.
Everyone followed, stepping out onto the patio, then relaxing comfortably in the patio chairs.
Justin got everyone a cool drink, sitting down beside them.
"So, Jus. Josh called us on the plane. He told us about what happened. Everything okay now?" Joey said, looking at him with concern.
Justin smiled shyly.
"Everything's more than okay. Michael showed me how wrong I was for having doubts. Lets say he made me see what I needed.  I love him completely. He's mine. I felt so bad for what I'd said in the heat of anger. I can't believe I said it. "
Kelly put her arm on his shoulder, Justin smiling at her.
Justin looked towards the house, making sure Michael wasn't around.
"He forgave me, he's showed me only his deep love. I love him so much. I can't wait to propose to him."
Lonnie, Joey and Chris smiled, Kelly hugging him.
"I've talked to Nana and Uncle Silas. We're working on setting everything up. We have three weeks to do it. God, I hope the weather holds and the day is beautiful."
"The day will be beautiful, Justin. God always shines his beauty on love." Joey said in a determined voice.
Justin smiled, agreeing completely with him.

Michael showed Vicky all through the house, Vicky smiling at his enthusiasm. She saw so many of Michael's touches on everything. On the decor and on the warmth and friendliness of the rooms.
He showed her all the rooms upstairs, forgetting Paulo and Jake were in his room.
They got quite a shock walking into Paulo's room.
Paulo and Jake were laying on his bed, locked in a heated kiss. Paulo had his shirt off, Jake caressing his chest.
"Oh, my God!" Vicky gasped.
Jake nearly jumped out of his skin, Michael seizing the moment.
"Just what the hell's going on here? Are you making advances to my brother? "
Jake was speechless, shocked at Michael's loud voice.
Paulo was on his feet in a flash, his face almost white.
"Calm down, Michael. Don't get all worked up."
"Don't get worked up? The two of you were practically naked. I thought you were a gentleman, Jake. "
Jake lowered his head, seeing Michael's angry glare.
"God damnit, Michael! I'm a grown man." Paulo said, anger now in his voice.
Michael looked down at Paulo's tented pants.
"It appears that way." Michael said, tapping his crotch, then bursting out into laughter, Vicky joining him.
Paulo and Jake looked stunned.
"As you were, gentlemen." Michael saluted with an army salute, walking back out of the room, dragging a hysterical Vicky.
They both laughed all the way down the stairs, Vicky finally catching her breath.
She stopped Michael, looking into his eyes.
"Jake and Paulo?"
Michael smiled.
"I've so much to tell you."
Michael took her arm, talking and walking her through the living room, then down to their office.
Once inside, she looked around.
She saw Justin's work area and Michael's writing area, smiling.
"I think this will be one of the more beloved rooms. The two of you working together here in harmony."
Michael smiled, tears again in his eyes.
"You okay, Mikey?" She asked, hugging him.
"I'm more than okay, I'm in love. I have the house of my dreams, and the man of my dreams. Sometimes I think someone's going to walk in and take it all away from me."
Michael teared up, Vicky sensing he might be talking about Paul.
"Don't be silly, Mikey. You have all this because you deserve it. You of all people deserve happiness and love. And I see it in Justin's eyes. Every time he looks at you I see his unending love. You'll never lose that."
Michael nodded, Vicky sensing something more.
"Is there something you want to share?" She asked, sitting with him on the couch.
Michael told her all about everything that had happened since he'd arrived in Los Angeles.
He ended with that days events.
"I'm not happy with Justin saying that hurtful thing to you, Mikey, but I believe in my heart hedidn't mean it. It came out in the heat of anger."
"Yes, I've forgiven him, and he's more than made up for it." Michael smiled, Vicky smiling also.
"The tour starts tomorrow. We're going to travel together. I'll see him every night singing his heart out. And then he'll be in my arms every morning when I wake up. I don't think I've ever been happier."
Vicky smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Somehow, Mikey, I sense Justin will make you even more happy. He's full of surprises."
Michael looked at her, sensing her feelings.
"I know what you're doing, Mikey. Quit it. Don't analyze everything about life, take it all to your heart."
Michael blushed, nodding.
"Come on, pencil dick. Let's go find your man."
Michael smiled walking towards the patio with Vicky, arm in arm.
They walked outside, Michael watching Vicky's surprised look at the pool.
"Oh, my God! You've got a huge pool, Mikey! You lucky bastard." She said running over to the edge, looking at the beautiful flower arrangements floating on the pool's surface.
"It's beautiful, Mikey. Your dream home is simply beautiful."
Michael smiled, Justin wrapping his arms around Michael.
"A beautiful home for a beautiful angel."
Michael smiled, Justin kissing him tenderly.
"Enough tongue locking, Timberlacking. You've got him 24/7, I have him only for a little while."
Justin laughed, letting Vicky steer Michael to the chairs.
Everyone relaxed, Vicky and Michael catching up on the news.
Paulo and Jake walked out of the house, everyone saying hello.
Jake looked at Michael and Vicky, averting their eyes.
Paulo just glared at Michael, Justin picking up on his look.
"What's wrong with Paulo, Mico?"
"Let's just say we walked in on a little heated love." Michael said, looking towards Paulo.
"Excuse me for a moment, love."
Michael got up walking towards Paulo.
He quietly whispered in his ear, Paulo nodding and following Michael inside.
Paulo walked into the kitchen with Michael, helping him pull out vegetable trays.
"Okay, Paulo. Enough with the death stares. I know you're mad at me."
"I'm not mad, Michael. I'm hurt."
Michael looked at Paulo with understanding in his eyes.
"I didn't mean to walk in on the two of you, I'd completely forgotten you were there."
"It's not that, it's the way you treated Jake. He felt so embarrassed. He really thought you were mad. You hurt my boyfriend, Michael. You owe him an apology."
"You're completely right, Paulo. I had full intentions of apologizing to both of you. I know it was a joke but I saw the look on his face. "
"Really, Mikey?"
"Yes, Paulo. You're my brother, I would never intentionally make fun of you. Especially your love for Jake. I'm sorry for embarrassing you. Believe me, that comes from my heart."
Paulo teared up, hugging his brother.
"Can I ask you a question, Paulo?"
"Yes, Michael."
"How did the two of you end up like that. I was kind of surprised by it."
Paulo blushed.
"I was changing my shirt and turned to see Jake looking at my chest, he looked so shocked. I asked him what was wrong and he started tearing up. I put my arm around him and he told me he'd never imagined I'd look so breathtakingly beautiful."
Michael smiled, hearing Jake's moving words.
"He thought I was beautiful, Michael. Me!  Before I knew it we were kissing, and I pulled him down with me, it felt so good to have him against me."
Michael hugged him tightly.
"You got it bad, sweetie. It's called true love."
Paulo smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"Hey, get your hands off my man!" Justin said walking into the kitchen, smiling.
"Sweetie, he's my bro, relax."
Justin laughed kissing Paulo's cheek.
"Everything okay, you two?"
"Everything's just great, Justin." Paulo smiled carrying two of the trays out to the patio.
Justin put his arms around Michael, kissing him tenderly.
"Care to fill me in."
Michael smiled, telling Justin what had taken place.
"Hmmm, I think I need to have a chat with Mr. Gyllenhaal, to find out his intentions with our wallflower, Paulo."
"Justin, it's time we canned the humor. They're in love. It's their first time, and their emotions are openly displayed. I don't think we need to make light of it any more."
Justin smiled.
"You're right, my angel."
The front doorbell chimed.
"Our guests have arrived. Let's greet them together, Jus, and welcome them to our new home." Michael smiled.
Justin and Michael walked together down the hallway, to greet their friends.

Within half an hour all their friends had showed up. The back yard and patio were full of laughter and talking friends.
Michael walked around with Justin, being introduced to all Justin's crew again.
Justin picked up on everyone staring at Michael in a different way.
He couldn't pick up on what it meant, he even saw the look on Timba and Cassi's faces.
Michael knew what the look was, keeping that truth to himself.
He made small talk with everyone, everyone politely smiling and talking back.
Justin walked up to Josh and Lance, Lance picking up on Justin's quiet mood.
"What's up, bud?" He said, Justin not taking his eyes of Michael as he talked with Tim, the guitarist.
"What's going on, Lance? I've picked up on everyone giving Michael space, like their nervous around him."
Josh had seen it too, as had Chris and Joey. They'd mentioned it to Lance.
"They're all kind of nervous, Jus. They all saw Michael's interview last night. No one knew the extent of Michael's tragic life.  They're all seeing him in a new light. Just let them get used to him, he'll win them all over, like he always does."
Justin frowned a little, not liking this reaction from his friends. This distance they were giving Michael.
Lance put his hand on Justin's shoulder.
"Relax bud, or Michael will pick up on your mood."
"Too late, my friend." Michael said, walking up to Justin.
"What's wrong, Jus?" Michael said, his arm slinking around Justin's waist.
"It's nothing, love. Having fun?"
"Jus, I'm having fun. And you're a lousy liar. I'm not blind, sweetie. I see what's going on."
Justin looked at Michael, deciding what he had to do.
"Everyone, can I have your attention please."
Justin pulled Michael with him to the center of the patio.
Everyone quietly stopped talking, turning towards Justin and Michael.
Justin signaled Chris, who stopped the stereo.
"Michael and I want to thank all of you for coming tonight. This is my way of thanking all of you for what we are about to do. Tomorrow begins the next leg of my life's journey. And all of you are coming with me on the journey. I just want to thank all of you for giving me so much hard work and for all your friendships."
Everyone clapped, shouting cheers for Justin.
Justin smiled, waving at everyone; Michael smiling beside him.
Justin put his arm around Michael, holding him close.
"I know you've all seen our interview last night, and what you've all discovered about my Mico. And I've seen the way you've welcomed him here tonight in our home. It worries me to think that you're nervous around him, please don't be. He's a wonderful, caring, loving man. If you'd just open your hearts to him, you'd see the love that I've seen. The love that's made me fall in love with him."
Justin looked at Michael, kissing him. Everyone looked on, watching the two men together.
"But I'll let Michael put your minds at ease. Talk to them, my love. Let them know how you feel."
Michael smiled shyly, everyone picking up on his calm presence.
"As Justin knows, but ignores, I'm not too appreciative of praise. I've always been one to stay in the background. After last night I can see that I've been forced out onto the center stage, so to speak. And I see the reaction it's made on all of you. I've always been able to sense people's feelings, to sense their concerns. Call it a gift if you will."
Michael's close friends all looked at him, smiling.
"And I've sensed a lot of worry, respect and admiration here tonight, as well as nervousness, surrounding myself. Don't ever feel nervous or worried around me. As you all now know, I've had a tragic hard life. But none of you were involved in that. I've survived, taking it one day at a time. I believe it's made me more determined, more resolved in living life to its fullest. A long time ago someone gave me the courage to go on, to cling to the hope that love would enter my life, and it has. In the form of this wonderful man beside me."
Justin hugged Michael a little tighter, everyone seeing his love for him openly displayed.
"You are all Justin's friends, his extended family. I hope that I can become just as close a friend and part of this wonderful family. If Justin loves you all, that says a lot for all of you. So please, enjoy our company tonight, and our wonderful home. My happiness will show through if you all enjoy yourselves."
Michael looked at Justin, Justin hugging him close.
Clapping began at the back of the group, started off by Timbaland and Cassi.
Soon the patio rang with clapping and whistling, Michael blushing.
Timbaland and Cassi walked up to the two lovers smiling.
"On behalf of all the crew, this close knit family of misfits, we want to welcome you, Mikey. We were all shocked by what happened to you. We were all just in awe of your courage and determination. You've totally surprised us.  Never worry, you have a lot of friends here who will protect both of you from that sick bastard. They'll catch him, Mikey, and all this will be behind you two. Brian, come here."
Brian the tour manager walked up, smiling and shaking Michael's hand.
"On behalf of the whole tour group we wanted you to have this, Michael."
Brian handed Michael a new pass id and photo id.
Michael looked at it, seeing written across it, JT's Inner Circle.
"That gives you full access to all the back stage areas. Welcome to the tour, Michael." Brian smiled patting him on the shoulder.
Michael teared up, smiling at everyone.
"I hope this doesn't mean I have to clean up after Timberlake, I've seen the mess this slob can make."
Everyone laughed, Justin beaming at Michael's smiling face.
"Your job is to keep this man happy, Michael. You're his inspiration. If he sings like he's sung at rehearsals with you there, you'll be a big help." Timbaland smiled.
"Consider it done, Tim. I have many ways to inspire him." Michael said, wiggling his eyebrows at Justin, Justin blushing.
"TMI, Tavarro. We don't need to see nor hear about your rampant sex life." Chris said, Vicky slapping his shoulder.
"Why, Chris. Envious are we? You're just sulking because no one will touch your dirty little body." Michael shot back, everyone laughing.
"Oh yeah, well Vicky's touching it right now!" Chris chimed in.
"That's because she's just as dirty as you are." Michael smirked.
"He's got ya there, love. " Vicky smiled licking Chris's cheek.
Michael walked up to him licking the other one.
"Geez, Chris, you need a quart of sugar, that's just plain nasty." Michael said.
Everyone burst out laughing, Chris speechless.
Justin put his arm around his lover, kissing Michael's cheek.
"And you're sweet as can be, love."
Michael laughed, kissing Justin back.
"Food's on, everyone." Josh called from the barbeque pit.
Everyone started lining up, tables set up on the patio laden with lots of food.
After everyone had filled their plates, Josh and Joey serving out meat off the barbecues, Michael sat down beside Lance, smiling at him.
"So, sexy, dropped any more towels lately?"
Lance blushed, looking towards Josh.
Josh met his gaze smiling back at him, winking.
"Mikey, I'm in love. Totally in love. Josh is so caring and wonderful."
Michael smiled, already seeing that fact in both of their auras.
"Well, damn, its about time." Michael smiled.
"And we have you to thank for this." Lance said, a tear in his eye.
"No, Lance. You have each other to thank. Your love was destined to be united. I saw that a long time ago."
Lance smiled, Michael noticing a young woman walking out onto the patio. What surprised him was the man she was with.
"Who's that, Lance?"
"That's Diane, she's one of Justin's backup dancers. She dances with Cassi."
"What's she doing with Kevin Federline?"
"Oh, shit. What's he doing here?" Lance looked troubled.
"What's wrong, Lance?"
Lance lowered his head, looking towards Josh. Josh was busy filling people's plates with steak and burgers.
"Josh and Kevin had a brief fling, before he turned to me." Lance said quietly.
Michael hadn't realized Kevin Federline went for guys, he didn't seem the type.
"Lance, Josh didn't turn to you, he fell in love with you. He didn't settle for you, you earned his love. Right?"
Lance smiled.
"Right. And I've fallen in love with him."
"That should tell you something right there. It's called trusting someone. Josh loves you, Lance."
Lance smiled, but still looked troubled at Kevin.
Kevin and Diane went up to Justin, Justin hugging both of them.
Justin pulled them over towards Michael and Lance.
"Michael, you remember meeting Diane, she's a dancer with Cassi, on my stage show. This is her friend Kevin Federline."
Kevin smiled, shaking his hand, staring at Michael, lost in his golden eyes.
"Nice to meet you Michael. I saw the tape of your interview. Justin is a lucky guy to have such an amazing friend."
Michael smiled, uncomfortable with his staring. And with what he was picking up from him.
Kevin's hand lingered in his, Kevin smiling at him.
Justin picked up on his staring at Michael, a little cloud of jealously settling in his soul.
Michael picked up on it immediately.
"Thanks, Kevin. Nice meeting you also."
Cassi came up, hugging Diane and Kevin both. She directed them to the food tables, Justin putting his arm around Michael.
Michael didn't say anything, watching Justin watching Kevin. And Michael saw Kevin looking towards Josh, who had just noticed him.
Michael saw the look on Josh's face, and Lance saw it, too.
Kevin walked up to Josh, hugging him. Josh's body  language showed his feelings. He was uncomfortable and shocked at seeing Kevin.
Lance also saw where Kevin's right hand went. Josh tensed up when he felt the hand on his thigh.
Lance set down his plate walking across the patio and disappearing into the house.
Michael shook his head, Justin leaning into him.
"What's going on, love?  What's wrong with Lancy?"
Michael quietly told Justin what was going on. Justin's brow furrowed, a frown settling on his face.
"I think we should ask him to leave. He's upsetting Lance and he's making  moves on Josh."
"Relax, Justin. Lance can handle this. And have faith in his love for Josh. And trust me."
Justin looked at Michael, seeing a smile on his face.
"Okay, Mico. I trust your judgement, in all things."
Michael lightly kissed him, Justin smiling again.
"Mingle, love. Your friends need their Justy."
Justin laughed, tweaking Michael's ass.
"Later love, it's all yours later."
Justin practically beamed, walking over to Timbaland and Tim.
Michael headed into the house.
He found Lance in their office. He was perusing through Michael's books.
"You okay, Lance?"
"I'm fine, Michael. I just need some quiet time."
"Bullshit, Lance."
Lance looked shocked, staring at Michael.
"You're sitting in here worrying about your man. You saw Kevin making a play for him. We saw it all, Justin and I."
Lance nodded, lowering his head.
"How can I compete against guys like him. I'm not muscular and hot. I don't see what Josh sees in me."
"My God, Lance!  I'm so tired of you putting yourself down!  There's a man out there that needs you. That needs you to fight for him. You must have seen the troubled look on his face, he's not attracted to Kevin, he loves you. Answer me one question."
Lance looked at him.
"You have a strong love for Josh. Will you fight for that love?"
"I love him with all my heart."
"Then get off your fucking ass and go tell him you love him. And let Kevin know that."
Lance's face changed; Michael finally seeing determination and his love for Josh shining through.
"Thanks, Michael. I need to let Josh know what I feel for him."
Lance got up, Michael walking out of the office with him.
They walked out onto the patio, Justin looking towards them.
"Where's Josh, Justy?" Lance said.
"He went inside a few moments ago." Justin said, looking concerned at Lance.
Lance looked around not seeing Kevin.
"Excuse me guys." Lance said heading back into the house.
"Be right back, babe." Michael said, kissing his cheek.
"Hurry back, love." Justin smiled heading back to the pool area.

Josh walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge door, pulling out a bottle of water.
As he closed the door he felt arms wrap around him.
"Hey stud, want to have some fun?"
Josh wheeled around staring at Kevin.
Kevin ran his hands down Josh's chest, settling on his covered crotch, squeezing roughly.
"Keep your hands off me, Kevin." Josh said pushing his hands away.
"What's the matter, JC. I thought you liked using me. I love being used by you. I love you fucking me hard. Let's go upstairs. I'd love to get fucked in Justin's bed. Hell, he's your friend, I'll let him fuck me too, or that hot Spanish stud he's fucking."
Josh's anger stared flaring.
"Listen, Kevin. Justin and Michael are in love. They don't cheat on each other. And you need to know something. I'm in love also. With a wonderful man."
Kevin laughed.
"Hey that's cool. He can fuck me too. Hey, it's just sex, man. And guys don't love each other."
"You're wrong, Kevin. I love my man. He means the world to me."
Kevin shook his head, not caring about what Josh was saying.
"What you love is a nice ass to fuck, Chasez. And I have that. You loved it before. And I can take care of that big rod for you." Kevin smirked, rubbing up against Josh more ardently.
"Stop, Kevin. I said no."
"You never said no before, why start now?" Kevin smiled pushing Josh against the counter.
"Because he's in love with me."
Kevin swirled around staring at Lance standing in the kitchen door way.
Michael walked into the kitchen through the other doorway, having heard the previous discussion.
Kevin didn't see Michael, his eyes were focused on Lance.
"Shit, Josh, you're in love with this wimpy guy?  Lancy Pansy?"
Josh's anger surged, pushing Kevin away from him.
"You say that again and I'll knock your fucking lights out! And take your hands off my Josh!" Lance said, staring at Kevin.
Josh looked surprised at Lance.
Kevin looked suddenly uncomfortable, not realizing Lance was this strong-willed.
"Hey relax, Lance. It was just a joke."
"Fuck you, Federline. Your touching Josh wasn't a joke. He asked you to stop and you wouldn't. He's not interested in you, so keep your damn hands off him."
Lance advanced on him slowly, Kevin backing up against the fridge.
"Hey, Lance. I was just looking for a bit of fun. Josh and I had fun before, I thought he'd want to take another ride. You're welcome to try me on for size if you want."
Lance's eyes flared, his fists at his sides.
"I love Josh and he loves me. We don't need any others to satisfy our love. So  why don't you just walk out of here right now. Because if you stay here for one more minute, I'm going to throw you the fuck out of here!"
Josh looked stunned, never seeing Lance so protective and strong.
Kevin nervously backed away from him, walking past Michael, giving him a sideways stare.
Michael still felt the feeling he'd felt earlier.
Josh turned looking at Lance, Lance walking up to him.
"You okay, sweetie?" Lance asked tenderly.
"Yes, Lance. I'm fine. You know, you're amazing."
Lance smiled, looking into Josh's blue eyes. Josh lowered his head.
"I didn't lead him on, Lance. I have no feelings for him. He was someone from my past; you are my future."
Lance kissed him tenderly, Josh staring at him when their lips parted.
"I know my love, I know. And I love you, only you. It's just you and me from now on, Josh. We need only each other."
The two lovers kissed deeply, their love glowing from their auras.
Michael smiled, quietly walking out of the kitchen.

Michael headed upstairs to use the washroom, before heading back to his Justin.
He walked into their bathroom, using the toilet. When he walked back into the bedroom, he was surprised to see someone sitting on their bed in the dark.
Michael flicked on the light, seeing Kevin sitting there.
"Hey bud, I knew you were up here, I sensed you wanting us to be alone."
Michael stared at him, not believing the open brashness of this man.
"What are you doing here? Would you please leave this room?"
"So this is yours and Justin's bed. Bet a lot of hot times happen here."
"I said get out."
Kevin got up standing in front of Michael.
"Oh, I don't think you want me to leave. I've seen the looks you've been giving me. You want me."
Michael started laughing. Kevin's eyebrows came up.
"What are you laughing at?"
"Well, let's see. You make a pass at Josh, he turns you down. You offer Lance the same, he tells you to fuck off and stands up for his man. Now you're offering me something. I can't help but feel like I'm second rate."
Kevin pressed up against him, pinning Michael against the dresser.
"I don't think you're second rate. You look fucking hot to me. Let me show you how hot I am."
Kevin put his hand on Michael's chest, running it down towards his center.
Michael's anger took hold of him, he grabbed Kevin's arm, twirling him around, throwing him against the wall, his arm jammed behind him.
He pushed his face up against the wall.
"How dare you!! Do you think you can make advances to anyone??! Do you really think I'd want someone like you when I have the love of my life??!"
Kevin couldn't believe the strength Michael possessed. He was helplessly pinned up against the wall.
"Hey, sorry man. I guess I was wrong."
"Damn right you were wrong. You're wrong about a lot of things. If you're not careful someone's going to teach you how wrong you can be."
"Hey, I was only looking for some fun."
"Well you're not going to find any here. You have two choices. You can act civilized in my home, go back downstairs and be friends with everyone. Or you can get out. The choice is yours. But I warn you, I don't give second chances."
Michael let go of him, Kevin staring at him.
Michael saw the fear in his eyes, the uncertainty.
"I'm sorry. I'll go downstairs."
Kevin quickly exited the room, disappearing down the hallway towards the stairs.
Michael leaned against the doorway, sighing.
"God, even in my own home." He said quietly, composing himself again.
He walked downstairs.

Josh and Lance were in the living room sitting together talking quietly. They looked up at Michael walking into the room, Lance smiling at him.
Michael sat down beside him, patting Lance's shoulder.
"How goes the world of love?" He asked smiling quietly.
Josh picked up on his quiet mood.
"It goes well, very well, Mikey. How about yourself?"
Michael sighed, looking around, seeing no one.
"I had a little run in with Kevin upstairs. He followed me up."
"What?!" Josh sat up, Lance and Michael seeing his anger brewing.
"Relax, Joshy. I handled it. He left in a hurry. I've given him a choice. Behave or get out. It's his choice."
Lance shook his head, Josh hugging him close.
"Michael, that's more than he deserves. If it was my house, he'd be sitting on his ass in the driveway." Josh said, the anger still there, but now controlled.
"But it's not your house, Josh. It's Justin's and mine. It's our home, everyone is welcome here. But abuse that hospitality and you're out. He's on his last strike."
Josh and Lance looked at each other, hearing the seriousness in Michael's voice.
Vicky and Chris came into the room, Vicky looking around, settling her eyes on Michael.
"Thank God, there you are." She said pulling Michael up by the hand.
"Michael, please come here." Justin's voice entering his mind. "I need you, babe."
Michael picked up on Justin's feelings of worry and his trembling soul.
Michael started rushing out of the room, not talking to anyone, Vicky looking at his retreating back.
Lance looked at Vicky sensing deep concern in her eyes.
"What's wrong, Vic?"
"It's that asshole, Kevin. He's pawing all over Justin. And Justin is really uncomfortable about it."
Josh and Lance rushed out, Chris and Vicky following.

Michael walked through the patio doors, searching for Justin.
He saw him beside the pool talking to Timba and Cassi.
Kevin was beside him, laughing about something.
Michael saw the look on Justin's face, and where Kevin's hand was.
It was settled on Justin's left ass cheek.
Michael saw him kneading Justin's ass.
Timba and Cassi both saw Kevin's hand also.
Michael walked across the patio, Lance and Josh coming out of the door staring at Michael.
Vicky, Chris and Joey joined Josh and Lance, watching Michael's movements.
Michael walked up to the four people.
"Kevin, it's time you left."
Kevin turned looking at Michael, smirking.
"Why, Michael?  I'm just chatting with my friend Justin here, right Justin?"
"It's okay, Michael. " Justin said, Michael seeing it wasn't.
"No it's not, Jus. This man is intruding in your personal space. I gave you a choice, Kevin. And you've blown it."
"I haven't blown anyone yet, Mikey." Kevin smiled at him.
Michael's eyes glowed a golden spark, Kevin shocked at what he thought he saw in them.
It happened so quickly, no one else saw it.
Kevin flew in the air, landing in the center of the pool.
The large splash sent water flying, Cassi and Timba just missing getting wet.
Justin stared in shock at Kevin coming up for air.
Michael put his arm around him, hugging him tight.
"You okay, Jus?"
"I am now. Thanks, Mico. He wasn't stopping, even after I told him to."
Michael's brow furrowed, watching Kevin swim over to them.
Kevin tried to get out of the pool, Michael pushing him back in with his foot.
"What the fuck are you doing, I want out."
"You'll stay where you are until I'm done talking to you."
Kevin looked up at him, seeing that golden glow still there.
"I gave you a chance and you didn't listen. You're going to get out and leave our house. You're not welcome here ever again, understand?? You don't even know what you've done wrong. That's the saddest part of all this."
Michael stepped back, letting Kevin out of the pool.
As soon as Kevin was on his feet, Michael's hands were on his chest.
He picked Kevin up, his feet leaving the ground.
"Someone has to teach you some respect, Kevin. It might as well be me."
Michael tossed him back into the pool. Timba and Cassi looked shocked, Michael throwing Kevin around like a twig. Kevin had at least forty pounds on Michael.
Kevin came back up to the surface, gasping for air.
Michael stood at the edge of the pool looking down on him.
"Care to make it three."
"What the fuck do you want from me?"
"I want you to learn some respect. Now get out of the water."
"Why, so you can just throw me back in?"
Michael heard Chris and Joey laughing on the patio. Kevin heard them too.
"No, I won't. Come out. You and I need to talk."
Kevin swam to the edge again, climbing out slowly.
Michael remained still, letting Kevin stand up.
Michael looked around realizing that a lot of people had left, it was going to be an early start for San Diego for a lot of them in the morning.
Everyone that was left at the party, around thirty people, stood still taking in the whole altercation.
"Come with me, Kevin." Michael said, turning, looking at Justin briefly, and walking around the pool to the other side.
Michael sat down on a lounge chair waiting for Kevin to join him.
Kevin looked at everyone, seeing them staring at him. He felt totally embarrassed.
Kevin reluctantly walked around the pool, standing in front of Michael.
"Sit down, Kevin. It's more private here. I need to show you something."
Kevin sat down staring at Michael. Michael's hands came up quickly, touching both sides of his forehead.
Justin who was watching from the other side of the pool, sensed what Michael was doing.
After only a few moments and a few words spoken from Michael, Michael got up, Kevin rising also.
Michael let Kevin walk ahead of him, water dripping off his soaked clothes.
Kevin walked up to Justin, lowering his head.
"I'm sorry Justin. For being forward with you. Please accept my apology. I'll never do it again. I'm sorry."
Justin nodded, not speaking.
"It's time to go, Kevin." Michael said, everyone hearing his calmness.
Kevin walked across the patio, Michael following him.
He stopped in front of Josh and Lance, looking at both of them. Diane had picked up her purse, sensing it was time for their departure.
Josh saw tears in Kevin's eyes.
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."
Kevin turned walking into the house, Michael following him to the front door, Diane walking behind them.
Everyone stood quietly wondering what had gone on between Michael and Kevin.
After a few moments Michael came back onto the patio.
"Sorry for the dramatics, please everyone relax. Tim, lets get some music going again."
Tim smiled at him, turning up the stereo again.
The people began talking again, the mood starting to relax again.
Michael sat down in a deck chair, Justin sitting in his lap.
"You feeling okay now, sweetie?" Michael asked rubbing his back.
"Yes, Mico. I'm fine."
"Geez, Mikey. How the hell did you do that?" Timba asked looking at him with wonder.
"I'm stronger than I look, Tim." Michael smiled a small smile.
"Man, that you are. I've never seen someone fly like that, it took a lot of strength to do that."
"What did you say to him, to get him to apologize for his atrocious behavior?"  Joey asled, looking at Michael with pride.
Michael's face changed a little, everyone seeing it.
"Justin, excuse me. I need to use the washroom."
Justin got up, kissing Michael.
"Hurry back, love."
Michael smiled his secret smile, Justin sensing his mood.
Justin knew Michael didn't like doing what he'd done.
"Is everything okay, Jus?" Lance said, also sensing Michael's mood.
"Michael did something he doesn't like to do."
Josh and Lance looked at him, confused.
Lonnie nodded his head, knowing what Michael had done. He'd seen him do it in New York.
"Michael showed Kevin what it felt like to be attacked, to be abused. He connected with his mind and showed him that. How far he went I don't know."
Everyone looked shocked.
"He had to do it to show Kevin how others felt at being molested. He showed Kevin what it felt like. That's why you saw that lost, shocked look on Kevin's face. He never knew what it felt like. He knows now. It will haunt him for a long time. He'll think twice about doing it again."
Timba and Cassi looked totally shocked.
"Timba, Cassi, Michael is a special man. He's so gifted. If you only knew how gifted. He's even helped you."
Justin got up, looking at his friends.
"It's time Timba and Cassi knew, guys. Tell them everything. I'm going to see my Mico. Be right back."
Justin left them, hearing Josh starting to tell them Michael's story.

Justin found Michael in the kitchen, filling the dishwasher. He sat back, watching his lover clean up.
"You're amazing, you know that?"
Michael looked up smiling at him.
"Thank you, Mico. For being my knight in shining armor."
Michael walked up to him, lightly kissing his lips.
"I protect what I love."
Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around him.
"There are a few shocked people out there, Mico. You're going to be the talk of the tour."
Michael sighed, Justin kissing him again.
"I'm happy about that. They all see now how special you are. They all saw you come to my rescue."
Michael smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"The guys are telling Timba and Cassi everything, Mico. I hope that's okay."
Michael nodded knowing that Timba and Cassi were his good friends now, they needed to know all about him.
"I'm sorry, love. I'm sorry if this in some way ruined this night."
"Mico, stop that! This night wasn't ruined. I wanted this to show everyone the man I love. And they all got to see the real, fantastic you."
Michael smiled.
"I should clean up this mess."
"Leave it, love. I'm help you in the morning. Lets go and enjoy the last few hours with our friends. On this beautiful night, the night of my angel."
Michael felt the deep love Justin showed when his lips pressed tightly against his.
"Okay, Jus. I have a surprise for Lance anyway."
Justin raised an eyebrow.
"Come on, Timby."
Michael grabbed his hand, pulling him back out onto the patio.

They walked back outside, seeing that a lot more people were leaving.
They hugged Justin and Michael both, thanking them for a wonderful evening.
Michael looked at the small group huddled around two tables on the patio.
He focused on two faces.
Two faces staring at him, with tears running down their cheeks.
Timba got up, walking to Michael, pulling him into a big bear hug.
"Oh, God! What you did for me, Mikey! How can I ever repay you??"
Michael now knew of what Timba spoke.
"You're standing here, smiling and healthy, more than enough payment, Tim."
Cassi hugged Michael, thanking him through wet tears.
Michael, as always, felt shy and bashful, praise lost on him.
"Damn, Michael. I've never met anyone like you. You're goodness at its best. What you've done, for Justin and his family. For his brother, for Justin. To risk your life for love, it's so unbelievable. I'm just floored."
Michael saw the deep emotions in Timbaland.
"Hey, bud. I'm me. This is me. The real me. It's how I've always been. How I was raised. To do good for others. So get used to it, I'm going to be there for you."
Timba smiled, Cassi wrapping her arms around him.
"For all of you." Michael said, looking at the upturned smiling faces, a lot of tears showing.
"And I'm going to do something for one of you right now. Josh can I see you and Tim for a moment." Michael said pointing at Tim the guitarist.
The two men got up walking over to Michael.
Michael talked to both, Justin sitting down beside Lance.
"What's going on Justin?" Lance said.
"You got me, Lancy. I don't have a clue."
The three separated, Tim going over and shutting off the stereo.
"It's time for some real music. Right Josh?" Michael said, Josh smiling.
They set up some microphones, Timbaland helping getting it all set up.
Tim pulled out his guitar case he'd carried in, opening it.
Tim pulled out his guitar, handing it to Michael.
Michael took the guitar, smiling at Josh.
Michael began to play a beautiful quiet melody, Josh smiling and picking up the microphone off the stand.
Justin relaxed watching his Mico play the guitar.
Tim started playing a small keyboard, the two sounding quite good.
Lance sat beside Justin watching Josh looking at him.
"This song is an old country song, but the words have special meaning to someone special in my life. This person is a special part of my heart. I need that part to feel whole. Hopefully this song will show that person what they really mean to me."
Josh started singing, his rich voice sounding beautiful on the small patio.

Just tonight, I saw an old friend, someone who
I use to take comfort from long before I met you
I caught a spark from his eyes of forgotten desire
With a word, or a touch, I could have rekindled that fire

Old flames can't hold a candle to you
No one can light up the night like you do
Flickering embers of love
I've known one or two
But old flames can't hold a candle to you

Lance looked deep into Josh's eyes, feeling the words and their meaning. Josh's love for him and no one else. Lance felt that love deep in his heart. A single tear ran down his cheek, matched by an identical one on Josh's cheek.

Sometimes at night, I think of old lovers I've known
I remember how holding them helped me not feel so alone
Then I feel you beside me and even their memories are gone
Like stars in the night lost in the sweet light of dawn

Old flames can't hold a candle to you
No one can light up the night like you do
Flickering embers of love
I've known one or two
But old flames can't hold a candle to you
Old flames can't hold a candle to you

The music slowed down, Lance getting up and walking to Josh.
They were in each other's arms immediately, kissing deeply.
Michael and Timbaland smiled at each other, blushing.
"Well, it appears Josh and Lance's secret is out." Michael smiled.
Josh and Lance broke their kiss, realizing where they were.
They looked around seeing everyone clapping.
Timba looked at Justin.
"What can I say, love is love."
Timba smiled, then started laughing.
Justin joined him, staring at his Mico.
"You did good, love." Justin said to Michael in his mind.
"I love you, Timby." Michael replied back.
Justin's and Michael's smiles were only for each other, the true smiles of love.

End of Chapter 66

Looks like Michael is there for everyone.
Have we seen the last of Kevin?
Lance seems to have finally accepted Josh's love totally.
And everyone now knows Michael's special gifts.
They will be needed; the path widens ahead.

Special props to my New York buddy, Mike.
Thanks for all your support.

Hugs, Angel.