Justin's Angel-67

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to
this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other
celebrity mentioned in the story.


The music slowed down, Lance getting up and walking to Josh.
They were in each other's arms immediately, kissing deeply.
Michael and Timbaland smiled at each other, blushing.
"Well, it appears Josh and Lance's secret is out." Michael smiled.
Josh and Lance broke their kiss, realizing where they were.
They looked around seeing everyone clapping.
Timba looked at Justin.
"What can I say, love is love."
Timba smiled, then started laughing.
Justin joined him, staring at his Mico.
"You did good, love." Justin said to Michael in his mind.
"I love you, Timby." Michael replied back.
Justin and Michael smiles were only for each other, the true smiles of love.

Chapter 67

Justin woke up, rolling over in  bed.
He was all alone, Michael wasn't beside him.
Justin glanced at the clock, reading eight o'clock.
Justin yawned, stretching his arms.
He'd only been asleep for five hours, the last guests, Lance and Josh,  leaving their home at two.
Justin got up, stretching again and walking into the washroom to relieve himself.
"Mico, where are you, my love?" Justin thought.
"Morning, Jus. I love you. I'm downstairs doing some work, and some cleaning."
Justin smiled, knowing Michael couldn't leave anything undone.
"I'm popping into the shower, love. I'll be down shortly."
"Okay, Jus. Love ya."
Justin smiled, Michael's love warming his heart. He hopped into the shower.
Justin came out of the bathroom grabbing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, quickly dressing and heading downstairs.
He walked into the kitchen. No Michael. Justin grabbed a juice box out of the refrigerator. He walked all over the downstairs, not finding his Michael.
Justin noticed the place was spotless. Michael must have had Vicky and Chris helping him.
Vicky had stayed overnight, as well as Chris, Lonnie and Jake.
Joey and Kelly had to return to their place to be with their daughter.
Justin finally went outside through the patio doors finding Michael sitting at the patio table, working on his laptop.
The whole backyard was clean and back to normal, everything cleaned up, including the pool.
Justin walked up behind him, wrapping his arms around him, kissing the back of his neck.
"Morning, love. Your Timby loves you."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's tender lips.
"Where is everyone, Mico? The place looks completely spotless."
"Everyone's still in bed, as far as I know. I was just sending some e-mails, then going to make breakfast for everyone."
Justin looked surprised at Michael.
"Mico, you did all this yourself? What time were you up?"
Michael blushed, lowering his eyes back to the computer screen.
"I never really went to sleep, sweetie."
"What?" Justin said concerned.
"It's okay, Jus. I just couldn't sleep, I've a lot going through my mind."
Justin sat down beside him, sitting close.
"Everything okay, babe?"
"Yes, Jus. Nothing for you to worry your beautiful head over." Michael said kissing him again.
"Here, love. I want to show you my surprise. I wanted to surprise you today with this."
Michael popped open his saved mail, finding the e-mail he was searching for.
"Look at this, Jus."
Justin looked at Michael's computer screen, seeing some kind of schedule.
"Is this your book tour schedule, Mico? You've finally finalized it?"
"Yes, Jus. Everything has been all set up and finalized. Notice anything?"
Justin looked at Michael then concentrated on the schedule.
It slowly dawned on him what he was seeing in front of him.
"Michael, you've got to be kidding me?"
Michael smiled, kissing Justin deeply this time.
"Nope, it's exactly what you see, sweetie."
Justin's smile could have lit up the world, it was so bright.
"How did you manage all that?"
Michael sighed, putting his arm around Justin.
"I gave them an ultimatum, Jus."
Justin looked at Michael with concern.
"Every date is worked out around your tour schedule, Jus. When you go to a city, I'll be touring there also. You'll have a concert, I'll have two or three book signings. The first one starts here, in Los  Angeles, next week, when you're back here."
Justin couldn't believe what he was seeing or hearing.
"You did all this for me, Mico?"
Michael looked at Justin with his golden eyes, Justin seeing so much love in them.
"I did this for us, Justin. I hated the thought of you not being with me, and I sensed you wouldn't have enjoyed my being away from you."
Justin blue eyes started tearing, seeing what Michael had done for him, for them.
"Michael is this really what you want? Is this the best for you? You may not be getting the full exposure your book deserves."
"Justin, you and I together, that's what I want. I love you so much. To be away from you never was an option for me. I told them that from the start. They weren't happy, I understood their view, but I'm not changing anything. What's important to me is you. You and your love. I need it, Jus. I need you."
Michael was almost crying, Justin standing up and pulling him up into a tight hug.
"Oh, Mico. That you'd do this for us, it's so totally overwhelming. I love you so much, and now you'll be with me, always."
Justin started crying, Michael letting him rest his head on Michael's chest. Michael wiped the tears from his own eyes.
"Geez, you begging for sex again, Timberlacking?" Vicky said walking arm in arm with Chris onto the patio.
Justin looked up smiling at his friends, then running and grabbing both of them by their hands.
"Come, see what my Mico's done."
Vicky and Chris smiled at Justin's obvious happy mood.
Justin pulled them to the table, showing them Michael's schedule.
He explained everything to them, Vicky looking at Michael with a strange look on her face.
"Well Vic, you said not  to analyze life, just take it into my heart. This is what Justin's heart needs, and what I need."
Vicky hugged him, not saying anything.
"Wow, Mikey. That's some fantastic planning, you worked everything into detail. There's only one time the two of you will be apart. On the thirty first. That's your birthdays, guys." Chris said quietly.
Justin looked at the schedule, missing that completely.
"God, no.  I don't want that."
Michael put his arm around him, seeing Justin's concern.
"Jus, calm down. I've got another surprise for you."
Justin looked at him, unsure what to say. This threw a wrench into his own well-laid plans, for his surprise.
"Look, you're in Toronto on the thirtieth. I'm in New York. I was thinking of some place in between where we could celebrate our birthdays. How does Nana's sound?"
Justin looked at Michael in shock. This was working right into his plans.
"I can meet you there, it's only three hours from Toronto and three hours for New York. Then I can go to Montreal with you that late afternoon for the concert."
Justin smiled, knowing something Michael didn't.
Justin had rescheduled the Montreal concert for the next evening, they would have their whole birthday evening together.
"Sounds like a great idea, babe. I finally get to see where you grew up. I want to spend our birthdays together. Now that it will mean something more to you than pain."
Michael lowered his head, then raised it, smiling quietly at Justin.
Justin knew that day still held some pain for Michael. The day his mother left him, the day he hated most in life. Justin so wanted that day to mean something happy and beautiful. He was going to try his hardest to change Michael's view.
"Any day spent with you is special for me, my love." Michael said kissing Justin.
"This day will be more special, Mico. It will be our special day together. The first of many."
Michael smiled at his lover, seeing the joy on Justin's face.
Yes, he'd made Justin happy, knowing that he'd be with him through all the tour.
Justin was bouncing around in such a happy mood.
Michael sensed he'd waited for the right moment to spring this on him.
Justin would be in a fantastic mood for tonight's first concert.
Michael kissed him again, Justin smiling.
Michael sensed there was something more behind that smile, but he wouldn't push it.
"Come on Vicky, lets get some breakfast going for our hungry men." Michael said, grabbing her by the arm.
"Sure thing, Mikey."
The two walked back into the house heading for the kitchen.
Vicky helped Michael start breakfast, then sat down at the counter watching him cook.
"Okay, Vicky. I sense you wanting to say something."
Vicky lowered her head sighing.
"Why are you doing this, Mikey? I've never known you to give up your career for anyone. It's always been your passion."
"I'm not giving up my career. I'm writing my third book as we speak."
"You know what I'm talking about. This tour is half of what it should be. Why are you sacrificing your fame?"
Michael turned looking at her quietly.
"Fame never mattered to me, you know that. I'm in love, Victoria. In deep love. I've never felt like this. I can't go a day without seeing him. And I  know how much my being there means to him. Who knows how much time we really have?"
Vicky looked shocked.
"What do you mean, Michael? Are you in that much danger?"
Michael saw Vicky's distress, putting his arms around her.
"I don't know, Vicky. It feels like a change is on the horizon. I know some of what will happen, what I need to be prepared for. I just don't know how things will go. Adrian said it was up to me. What he meant, I don't know."
"Michael, does Justin know about this?"
"I've told him what he needs to know. Some I have to keep to myself. He's such an important part of my life. I want to spend as much time with him as I can. My career can't compete against him, it never will. He's the most important part of my life."
Vicky nodded, hugging Michael tightly.
"Why can't you just have a normal life, Mikey? Why do you have to be in the center of all this drama?  You so deserve to be happy."
Michael hugged her, smiling at her.
"What makes you think I'm not happy? Look at me. Look at my Justin. How could I not be happy?"
Vicky smiled, hearing someone coming into the kitchen. Jake and Paulo walked in, hand in hand.

"Well, Jus. That worked out perfectly for you. Michael is going to come to Nana's on his own, you didn't have to trick him into anything." Chris said smiling at his friend.
"I know, it's like someone's guiding us to this special moment in our lives." Justin said, looking towards the house.
"So, sounds like everything will work out well for both of you." Chris said quietly.
Justin picked up on Chris's quiet mood.
"What's wrong, Chris? You don't sound too enthusiastic."
Chris smiled at him, patting his arm.
"It's not what you think, Jus. I know in my heart that you and Mikey are meant for each other. It's just, I don't want you to be upset by what I have to say."
Justin was now concerned, Chris usually didn't interfere in other people's lives.
'Okay, Chris. Say what you have to say."
"You know what that day means to Michael. What it represents in his mind. The pain and hurt he's always associated with that day. My God, Jus. He was so terrified of that day he'd disappear just so he wouldn't have to face it with anyone. I assume he went somewhere and cried for his lost mother, alone and unloved."
"He did, Chris. Michael told me the truth. He told me where he went. Every year, since he was able to drive he went back to the house he'd shared with his mom. The house she killed herself in. The older couple that live there went away each year, leaving Michael the house to himself. He walked that house for days, hoping in some way to feel her presence, to somehow sense her still there for him. He was looking for her lost love. He never gave up on finding that again. And now he's found it, she really loved him."
Chris was moved by Justin's poignant story.
"I'm sorry, Jus. I didn't know. That must have been so hard for him to do. To do that alone every year. He must have felt so alone and unloved."
"It was very hard on him, Chris. He saw it as an atonement, a way to make her see his love for her. What he didn't know was that she was right beside him all the way."
Chris nodded, now seeing why Justin so wanted to fill that day with love, deep love to heal Michael's painful soul.
"I see now what you're wanting to do, Jus. To erase that pain from Michael's memory, to fill that day now with love. I think Michael will see it that way."
"I think he will, Chris. He now has his mother's love back, he told me that himself. He's not afraid of that day anymore. He wants to spend it with me."
Justin smiled a smile that made Chris envy him. Justin had found true love finally. Chris marveled at the way Justin had changed. He'd been a excitable, precocious teenager when they'd first met. Deep down inside he'd been a frightened lonely little boy, gradually coming out of his shell.
All of his success was gained by a lot of hard work, and gritty determination.
"I've always had a lot of respect and admiration for you, Jus. You've always gone out and gotten what you wanted. Through determination and hard work you've achieved so much. Today you're heading out on tour, your own tour. I'm proud of you, Slim."
Justin smiled hugging Chris tightly.
Chris looked at him, Justin actually seeing tears in his eyes.
"But I've never been more proud of you then when I see you with Michael. He is your soulmate, Jus. I've never seen you so centered, focused and happy. The real Justin shines brightest in his arms."
Justin smiled, believing everything Chris said was true.
"Thanks, Chris. I believe that completely."
Chris smiled, Paulo and Jake walking out onto the patio with Lonnie.
"Hi guys. Mikey said for us to come out here and relax, breakfast will be ready shortly." Lonnie said, Justin and Chris greeting the three men.
They all sat down, Justin watching Paulo and Jake sit close together.
"How did you sleep last night, Jake?"
"Very peacefully, Justin. Thanks, I love it here."
Justin smiled, Paulo blushing.
After Michael had gone to bed, Justin had locked up everything last night. When he'd come back upstairs, he'd seen Jake knocking lightly on Paulo's door.
Paulo had let him in, Paulo spotting Justin as he'd closed the door.
Justin gave him a thumbs up and went into his own bedroom. Justin didn't tell Michael about what he'd seen.
Justin knew the two men had spent the night together in Paulo's room, but he sensed nothing physical had happened. He saw love in Paulo's eyes.
Justin smiled at Paulo, Paulo sensing Justin hadn't told Michael.
They quietly chatted, Vicky coming out finally, telling everyone to haul ass into the kitchen.
Everyone laughed, going inside.
They sat down to a large breakfast, Michael outdoing himself as usual.
"So, Jus. What's the plan for today?" Michael said, pouring orange juice for himself and Justin.
"Well, we leave here around noon. I have a television interview at four. Back to the arena at six, then we relax until the show starts at eight. I have a meet and greet at seven, but that's it. Pink opens for me and I go on at nine. Then we're off again tomorrow morning for Anaheim."
Michael nodded, filling Justin's plate with bacon and eggs.
"Wait till you see the bus, Mico. It's awesome."
Lonnie laughed.
"Yeah, Mikey. It's the only way to travel. Especially since all these first eight shows are close together."
"It's fully outfitted, Mico. You, myself, Paulo and Lon will be riding on it. We will sleep on it too, a few nights."
"Wow, Justin how big is it?"
"Big enough for a relaxing, comfortable space. You just have to see it, Mico."
Michael heard someone ringing the front doorbell, Paulo getting up to answer it.
Paulo walked back into the kitchen followed by Johnny Wright.
"Morning everyone. My, I lucked out. Just in time for breakfast." He said smiling, Michael offering him  a chair.
Justin introduced Jake and Vicky to Johnny, Johnny shaking their hands.
"What brings you to our home so early, John?" Michael asked, placing a plate in front of him.
"Well, Michael. It's actually you I've come to see." John said filling his plate.
Justin looked at John with concern.
John smiled, patting his shoulder.
"Relax, Justin, it's all good. You won't believe the calls, e-mails and letters you've received at our offices here. And the work you've created for us, Michael. We gotten calls for more interviews, any details about you.  Seems like the two of you have made a big impression on a lot of people."
Michael looked at Justin, Justin feeling his shyness and anxiety.
"Every television network and news show wants to interview you, Michael. And you too, Justin. The two of you are like nothing they've ever seen before. Your story has gone right to the hearts of a lot of people. We've even been getting donations for abused children and rape crisis centers. You need to set up some fund--fast."
Michael looked shocked, shocked that so many people were that interested in him. It had to be because of Justin's involvement.
Justin sensed Michael's shock, taking his hand in his.
"Has all the buzz been good, John?"
"So far, yes. I know what your alluding to, Justin. I saw the papers yesterday. Don't take one headline to heart."
Justin nodded, Michael feeling his guilt again. Michael kissed his cheek.
Justin looked at Michael, seeing his forgiveness and love.
"I'm sorry that all that was dumped in your direction, John. I'll talk to my agent and publishers today, we'll try and take all that off your shoulders."
"Not at all, Michael. I'm happy to do it. Justin is involved in this too. So what do you guys think about doing some more interviews?"
"Well, John, as great as all that sounds, I'm not looking for publicity because of my past. I've gotten over that, I'm dealing with my future now, our future."
John nodded, looking at Justin. Then he looked into Michael's golden eyes.
"I'm sorry for what happened on the show with your attacker, Michael. None of us wanted or expected that to happen. I must say, you are a remarkable man.  You handled it all very well. To go through that kind of life, and still be so positive. It says a lot for you, Michael."
"Thanks, John."
"We'll talk about the interviews, John, but the decision is Michael's. His book tour starts next week, and it's all been set up to coincide with my tour." Justin handed John the printout of Michael's and his tours.
John looked shocked.
"Really, Michael? You did all this?"
"Yes, John. I couldn't entertain the idea of being away from this horny boy here for long."
Justin laughed, everyone seeing what Michael's schedule meant to him.
"That's some creative planning." John said, looking at the schedules.
"But aren't you losing out on some key markets for you, with this reduced tour?" John said, Justin's face changing a bit.
"This is what I want, John. I'm not in it just for the money. I need something more. I need Justin's love." Michael said, the smile returning to Justin's face.
"Okay, Michael. On to other things then. Timba told me about your singing voice. I'd like to hear it for myself."
Michael's mood changed, Justin sensing what he had to say.
"Sorry, John. Michael has no interest in a singing career. He only sings when he wants to show love. Am I right, love?"
"Yes, Jus. Everyone has praised me on my singing, John. I sing when I want to say something, when words aren't enough. I don't need a music career to make me happy. Writing a story brings me the greatest joy, next to loving this man."
Justin squeezed Michael hand, feeling Michael's love.
John shook his head, he couldn't understand this young man.
He wasn't looking for fame, for adoration, for wealth and prestige. All he seemed concerned with was making others happy. And being with Justin. John saw the deep love between these two men. And he saw what Michael had done for Justin. He'd made Justin Timberlake grow up. He seemed more focused, centered and balanced.
"Okay, Michael. Whatever you decide is fine. Let me know what your publishers want to do. Here's my card."
Michael took John's card from him, smiling at him.
"Right now I'm heading to San Diego to watch my man perform. Who'd have thought, I'm seeing Justin Timberlake sing live."
Everyone laughed, seeing Michael's bright-eyed wonder.
"For you babe, I'm going to sing my heart out." Justin kissed him again.
They all sat together, laughing and chatting. Breakfast soon ended. Justin showed John around their new home, John wanting to discuss some other business matters with him. Michael went for a swim with Vicky.
The two friends laughed and swam together, Chris relaxing on a lounge chair by the pool.
"So, Mikey, all set for this new adventure?" Vicky asked, the two relaxing on floating chairs.
"Yes, as ready as I'll ever be." Michael said quietly.
"Okay, pencil dick. Out with it. What's bothering you?"
Michael smiled, knowing Vicky could read him like a book.
"I'm just concerned, I have this feeling. Like something's not right. Like something may happen."
Vicky watched him talking, worried now.
"Is it like a premonition or something?"
"I'm not sure, it's just a feeling, under my skin. All I know is all my senses and gifts are heightened. I'm on guard for whatever it is."
Vicky nodded, looking at him again.
"Fate deals its hand, always, Mikey."
Michael smiled, nodding also.
"Yes, it does. But on to better things. So what's the deal with you and Chris?"
Vicky smiled, a smile Michael took deep meaning in.
"He's so special, Mikey. He makes me so happy, and makes me feel alive."
"Oh my god, Vicky's in love. Call the editor of Tramp's magazine. The bimbo's gone batty."
Vicky splashed water in Michael's face, Michael laughing his head off.
"Sorry, sweetie. I know what's going on." Michael said.
"Oh, yeah, what's going on?"
Michael grabbed her hand, pulling her chair closer.
"I see love in your eyes, Victoria. Deep love. And I see it in his eyes. The two of you are in love. You've both got it bad."
Vicky blushed, Michael in shock.
He'd never known her to blush over a man.
"I need to tell you something, Mikey. Chris has asked me to move down here and live with him. I've told him yes."
Michael didn't show any emotion on his face. He jumped out of his floating chair, swimming across the pool towards Chris.
He climbed out of the pool, walking towards Chris.
Everyone came out of the house just as Michael stopped beside Chris.
Chris had his eyes closed, enjoying a quiet moment.
Michael picked up Chris in his arms and carried him to the pool's edge, Chris realizing too late what was going on.
Michael threw him into the pool.
He landed about three feet in front of a shocked Vicky, his large splash soaking her and knocking her off her floating chair.
Chris and Vicky both came up out of the water, gasping.
"Jesus, Tavarro. What the hell did you do that for?" Chris said, swimming to Vicky.
Vicky splashed water at him, not looking too happy.
Michael folded his arms across his chest, staring at both of them.
Justin walked up beside him, seeing Michael's face.
There was a hurtful look on it.
"What's going on, Mico?"
"Well, Jus. It seems our two friends didn't think it was important enough to tell me that they are in deep love and moving in together. I was just repaying them in kindness."
Michael turned around and walked back to the patio, passing everyone's shocked faces, walking into the house.
Justin watched him go inside, sighing.
Justin looked at Chris and Vicky, who were swimming to the pool's edge.
"We're sorry, Jus. We were going to tell you guys before you left." Chris said, helping Vicky out of the pool.
"You need to talk to Mico, Vicky. He looks really hurt. I don't want my man upset about anything."
"He looked hurt?"
"Yes, Vicky. I don't know what's wrong."
Vicky put on her robe, heading into the house to change and then talk to Michael.
"Oh, by the way, thanks for telling us, Chris." Justin said walking up to Chris, pushing him back into the pool.
Lonnie, Jake, Paulo and Johnny all burst out laughing, Justin walking back into the house.
Justin went upstairs, walking into their bedroom.
Michael was standing naked drying off his body.
"Mmmmmmm, mid morning sex. I'm up for it." Justin purred, Michael quietly walking into the bathroom.
Justin followed him in, watching him towel off his hair. It was a little longer  but still really short. Justin missed Michael's long flowing hair, it felt so nice to run his  fingers through.
Justin scanned his toned body, loving the beautiful view in front of him. He never tired of looking at Michael's beautiful body.
But Justin still saw the hurtful look in Michael's eyes.
"What's wrong, babe?"
Michael sighed, Justin taking him in his arms. Michael's heat intoxicated Justin.
"I'm not much of a friend, Justin."
Justin looked surprised.
Michael walked back into the bedroom, Justin following him.
Justin remained quiet as Michael pulled on his clothes.
He put on black briefs, a black golf shirt and a pair of Justin's designer jeans.
"So, Mico. What did you mean by that?" Justin said sitting down on the unmade bed, beside Michael.
"I didn't even know that my Vicky and Chris were in love. I didn't sense it until she told me and I really looked at both of them. I haven't been there for her. I'm not much of a friend."
"Like hell, Mikey."
Michael looked up at Vicky standing in the doorway.
"I think that's my cue to exit gracefully." Justin said, slinking quietly out of the room.
Vicky sat down beside Michael, putting her arm around him.
"Now you listen to me, Tavarro. I don't ever what to be the cause of sadness in you. You've got a life here now Michael. A life with someone incredible. Justin loves you so much. Don't worry about me. I'm going to be fine. We'll always be friends, sweetie. Right?"
Michael hugged Vicky tightly, crying on her shoulder.
"I'm sorry for not being there for you when you fell in love. You didn't have anyone to talk to."
"I had Chris. I'm sure it was the same for you with Justin. As I remember I wasn't there either."
Michael nodded, kissing her cheek.
"It's just not fair. We've been apart for so long, and now you're coming to live here and I'm leaving."
Vicky smiled.
"I'll still be here when you get back. It's not forever, Mikey."
"Promise me you will, I need you Vicky."
"Of course, Mikey. I'm going to be here for you. We'll be just like we always were, two crazy misfits."
Michael smiled, Vicky's words lifting his mood.
"Hey, I need a pencil dick around to make me feel good. And now I have two."
Michael laughed, Vicky smiling.
"Yeah, Pencil Dick and Timberlacking."
Vicky laughed pulling Michael up with her.
"Lets go find your freaky boyfriend. He's probably lost without you."

Vicky and Michael walked into the living room seeing Justin playing the  piano.
Jake and Paulo were snuggled on the couch.
"Where's John and Lonnie?"
"John had to fly, stuff to do. He'll be at the arena tonight, with everyone else. Lonnie's gone to get the bus. He'll drive up in it in about an hour. We should do our packing, love." Justin said, stopping his playing.
"Sure thing, love. Come on, sweet cheeks."
Paulo and Jake laughed, the two also getting up to go and pack Paulo's things.
"I'll go find my Chris." Vicky smiled.
Michael hugged her, Vicky walking towards the kitchen.
"You two okay, Mico?"
"We're fine now, Jus. Just a little girl talk."
Justin smiled, putting his arm around Michael's waist.
They walked upstairs, following Paulo and Jake.
Michael and Justin helped each other pick out clothes for the week ahead. They wouldn't be back home till Friday night, late.
They had a break during the week, Wednesday and Thursday no concerts. Michael was forming something in his mind.
A little loving and a special night for someone.
Michael smiled, Justin looking at him while they filled their suitcases.
"And what are you smiling at?"
Michael kissed Justin on the lips.
"I'm plotting, my love."
"Ah, and what exactly are you scheming?"
"I'm such a romantic. I want to see people happy."
Justin smiled, not really sure who Michael was alluding to, but trusting him to tell him when he was ready.
"You are a real romantic, Mico. I can attest to that." Justin purred, kissing Michael's neck.
"Jus, tone it down. We don't have time for that. Unfortunately."
Justin nodded, sighing.
"But we'll try out that bus tonight."
Justin smiled widely.
"I'm usually pretty hyper after a concert, Mico. Think you can handle all that energy bursting out of me?"
"I'll have something bursting out of you, and I will suck all the energy out of you."
Justin blushed, Michael kissing him deeply.
They heard a horn blaring, Michael and Justin going downstairs.
They opened the front door, Michael shocked at what was parked in the driveway.
A long gigantic bus was parked in front of the house, the biggest bus Michael had ever seen.
"My God, Jus! That's huge! That's all just for you?"
"Yes, Mico. Come on, let me show you inside."
The door on the front opened, Lonnie stepping out, followed by another older man.
"Michael, this is Gary. He's driven the bus for us since the NSync days."
Gary shook Michael's hand, Michael smiling at him.
"Nice to meet you, Michael. Lon told me all about you. Nice to have someone with a little culture and maturity on this old crate."
Michael laughed.
"Lonnie didn't tell you all about me. I'm not that cultured."
Gary laughed, Michael sensing he'd get along well with this older man.
"Come on in, Mico. You're going to flip when you see this."
Michael climbed into the bus after Justin, shocked at what greeted him.
The front area was like a living room, two large couches, as well as two comfortable looking chairs,  and a large television on one wall.
After the living room was a walk-in kitchenette.
Michael just stared, looking around at everything.
"Come on, Mico. There's so much more."
Justin led him through the kitchenette, further back into the bus.
They passed a bedroom, Justin showing Michael inside.
There were two bunks, one over the other inside this small room.
"For Lonnie and Paulo." Justin said smiling.
On the opposite side to this bedroom, was a bathroom, complete with stand-up shower stall and sink.
Michael started walking towards the back of the bus, Justin stopping him quickly.
"Let's go, Mico. Let's get our stuff from the house. I want to get going."
"You're not going to show me our sleeping quarters?"
"It's a surprise, love. Humor me."
Michael smiled, Justin walking him out of the bus, Michael stopping to look over the kitchenette and the living room.
They walked out of the bus, going back into the house.
Paulo had brought down all their bags to the front door.
Lonnie and Paulo loaded them all into the bus, taking Michael's lap top into the front of the bus.
Justin waited while Michael walked around the house, making sure everything was alright.
By the time he had thoroughly checked everything, everyone was waiting in the front foyer.
Lance and Josh were there also, both hugging Michael when he saw them.
"We wanted to see you two off. But don't worry, we'll see you tonight."
"Tonight?" Michael said confused.
Justin smiled kissing him.
"All my family and friends will be at the concert tonight, Mico. It's kind of a tradition. We're all together at the first one and the last one."
Michael smiled, looking forward to seeing Justin's family again.
"Awesome, Jus."
Justin laughed sensing Michael's enthusiasm.
Michael took one last look up the stairs, Justin suddenly realizing that Michael felt this was his home he was leaving. Michael was going to miss it. That filled Justin with happiness.
"Don't worry love, we'll be back home soon enough."
Michael smiled, hugging Justin.
"We'll watch over the place, Mikey." Josh said, Michael smiling at his friend.
Everyone exited the home, Michael locking the front door.
Paulo and Jake had walked a little ways away from everyone, Michael seeing their eyes.
"Well, this is it, I guess." Jake said, Paulo seeing his downcast eyes.
"Yes, my love."
"I'll miss you, Polo. I've come to love you, my sweet."
Paulo looked into Jake's blue eyes, seeing love there. Jake was lost in Paulo's green orbs.
Within a heartbeat their lips had met, both men tasting their love.
Everyone smiled seeing the two men saying their goodbyes.
"It's only a week, Jake. We'll take care of your Polo." Justin said, smiling at the two men.
They broke their kiss, looking towards their friends.
"Time to go, love. Call me tonight?" Jake said, Paulo reluctantly letting go of him.
"I will, my love. Love you."
Jake smiled.
"I love you too, Polo."
Vicky smiled at the two men, seeing the blossoming love.
Everyone hugged Michael, Justin, Lonnie and Paulo, the four men climbing onto the bus.
Within moments the bus pulled out of the circular driveway, down through the gates and onto the highway.
Justin and Michael sat on a couch snuggling close.
"Well, now begins the next part of the grand adventure." Michael said, Justin smiling.
"And I've got an angel beside me all the way." Justin said, kissing Michael deeply.
Lonnie and Paulo smiled from their chairs.
"Come on Paulo, I'll show you around this house on wheels." Lonnie said getting up.
Justin and Michael were oblivious to their leaving, both men lost in the passion of the heated kiss.
Justin's hands were on Michael's chest, stroking his nipples through his shirt.
Michael was moaning softly, Justin's heartbeat quickening.
They broke the heated kiss, Justin nibbling on Michael's neck.
"Mmmm, I missed this this morning. Feeling your closeness, your heat." Justin said, his hands still running down Michael's body.
Michael could feel Justin's amorous mood, and the effect it was having on his nether regions.
"Care to show me our love nest on wheels?" Michael said in a sensuous tone.
Justin smiled at Michael's calling it that.
"With heated pleasure, my love."
Justin got up, Michael seeing his tented pants, chuckling.
"Looks like the monster needs to be unleashed."
Justin laughed, kissing Michael again, this time more tenderly.
"What can I say?  My baby gets me excited."
Michael smiled, rising up and letting Justin take his hand.
Lonnie and Paulo came out of the kitchenette with drinks in their hand.
"I'm going to show Michael my surprise, Lon. Back in a little while."
Lonnie smiled, Paulo not knowing what was going on.
"Sure thing, Jus. We'll leave you guys in peace. Come on Paulo, I'll show you our electronic gadgets."
Justin pulled Michael down the hallway, leading him to the end of the hallway and a closed door.
"Welcome to our love nest, Mico." Justin smiled, opening the door.
Michael walked into the room after Justin, Justin turning to watch Michael's reaction.
Michael stopped, looking around at everything, total surprise registering on his face.
"Surprise, Mico!"
Michael looked at the large bed, a queen size bed, covered in rose petals.
A bottle of champagne and two glasses were on a small table beside the bed.
The room was larger than Michael thought it would be. Lots of room for walking around and there was a desk and chair on the left side of the bed.
Michael walked over to the desk surprise registering on his face.
Michael looked at the pictures on the small desk, his pictures. The photographs of his mom and dad, Daniel, and Vicky.
"I thought you'd like them with you while we traveled." Justin said, opening the bottle of champagne and filling the two glasses.
Michael looked around, spotting two pictures on the wall .
One was of Justin and Michael together; their arms wrapped around each other.
It had been taken at Michael's surprise party in Chicago by Vicky.
The other picture was of all their friends and family together, taken at Christmas.
Michael had tears running down his cheek looking at the pictures.
The one of him and Justin showed so much love in both their eyes. It had been taken at the dawn of their love.
"That picture of us is so beautiful, Jus."
"Yes, I love it also. It shows the love in our eyes, the new love. The love I still see there every time I look in your eyes."
Justin handed him a wineglass, Michael smiling at him.
"Here's to our love on the road. It will be as magical as the love we have at home."
Justin clinked his glass against Michael's, smiling at his emotional face.
They both took a drink, the champagne tasting sweet.
Michael leaned forward and kissed Justin deeply, Justin feeling his love flow through him.
"Mmmmm, Mico. That tastes so sweet."
Michael laid his head on Justin's chest, feeling his heartbeat, loud and strong.
"Are we really here, Jus? Are we on tour finally?"
Justin smiled, kissing the top of Michael's head.
"Yes, my love. Finally."
Michael picked up on a new feeling in Justin, a well hidden nervousness.
Michael raised his head, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"Oh, my God! Justin Timberlake, mega star and pop star extraordinaire is nervous!"
Justin blushed, sitting down on the bed.
Michael sat beside him, putting his arm around his neck.
"Sorry, Jus. Didn't mean to make light of your feelings. Want to talk about it?"
Justin looked into Michael's eyes, seeing the love, as always, shining.
"I just feel overwhelmed, Mikey. I'm here finally and I'm nervous. I so want to make everyone happy. I want everyone to love the show, and in a sense, love me."
Michael smiled, finally seeing the real, insecure Justin Timberlake. Michael knew now it was all an image. Justin was a nervous, insecure, love junkie. He needed love to make the image feel real.
"My sweet Justin. I can't imagine a man like you being overwhelmed. Just take a moment and look back on all you've done. At a young age, you sang your heart out with four friends. The four of you took on the world, and earned their love, and respect. You took your music to heart, and sang what you wanted to sing, making it your own. That took courage, determination and guts. The guts to stand up for what you wanted to do. I admire you, Jus. That took so much of yourself to do. And now look at you, you're writing and singing your own songs, songs that meant something to you. If anyone should be overwhelmed, it's your audience. To see you shining in the spotlight is like a dream to them. I know it will be to me."
Justin looked into Michael's truthful eyes, seeing all the truth in his words. Mico had made him see his self-worth.
"Thank you, Mico. Thank you for showing me the truth."
"No, Jus. Thank you. For being you. For giving me this chance to see you shine. For all of us to see you shine."
Justin leaned in, kissing him tenderly. He broke the quick kiss, looking in his golden eyes.
"I love you, Mico."
Michael smiled, the words never tiring in his heart.
"I love you more, Timby."
Justin stifled a tight yawn, Michael picking up on his tiredness.
"Lay back, love. You need a nap. It's a two hour drive, maybe you can sleep some."
Justin smiled, laying back on top of the rose petals.
"This was supposed to be our magical romantic moment today, love. That's what I'd planned."
"Love and romance don't need to be planned, baby. It comes from the heart. Tonight, after you rock the world, I'll rock yours."
Michael lay beside him, Justin snuggling against  him, his head falling on his chest.
Within moments, Justin was lightly snoring.
Michael smiled looking around the room.
Yes, this would be their mobile love nest, of that Michael was sure.
And tonight, he would show Justin a special love, a love for only him.

End of Chapter 67

And so their on their way. Tour time, finally?
Let me know what you think so far.
Hope everything is to your liking, everyone.
It's taken ahold of me, this story is a part of me.

Hugs, Angel.