Justin's Angel-68

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to
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The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other
celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin leaned in kissing him tenderly. He broke the quick kiss, looking in his golden eyes.
"I love you, Mico."
Michael smiled, the words never tiring in his heart.
"I love you more, Timby."
Justin stifled a tight yawn, Michael picking up on his tiredness.
"Lay back, love. You need a nap. It's a two hour drive, maybe you can sleep some."
Justin smiled, laying back on top of the rose petals.
"This was suppose to be our magical romantic moment today, love. That's what I'd planned."
"Love and romance doesn't need to be planned, baby. It comes from the heart. Tonight, after you rock the world, I'll rock yours."
Michael lay beside him, Justin snuggling against  him, his head falling on his chest.
Within moments Justin was lightly snoring.
Michael smiled looking around the room.
Yes, this would be their mobile love nest, of that Michael was sure.
And tonight he would show Justin a special love, a love meant for only him.

Chapter 68

The bus rolled into the stadium parking lot, going through the security gates at the back.
Michael could hear screaming outside, sensing that a crowd was waiting for Justin.
Michael looked up hearing the bus stop.
Justin lay against him sleeping deeply.
Michael smiled, kissing the top of his blond head.
"Sweetie, we're here, I believe. Time to shake it and wake it."
Justin's eyes opened sluggishly, pulling his body tightly against Michael.
"I want to stay here, where it's warm and cozy."
"And upset your public?  I don't think so. They'd have my head on a platter."
Justin's hands went down rubbing against Michael's leg.
"Your heads, both of them are mine. No one elses."
Michael laughed at Justin's corny joke, Justin joining him.
"How long have I slept?"
"About two hours. It's almost three."
"Did you get some needed sleep?"
Michael blushed, looking away.
"I take that as a no. Geez, Mico. You need some rest, you were up all last night. I want you alert and rested for my big performance and I may have a surprise for you."
Michael looked at Justin, Justin sensing his unease.
"You know I hate surprises, Jus. This is your day. This day is Justin's day. Being here is the only surprise I can handle right now."
Justin laughed feeling Michael's deep wonder at being here.
Justin sat up, Michael laughing as he brushed off the rose petals from Justin's back.
"I don't think you should be going outside covered in rose petals, love."
Justin smiled, rolling on top of Michael.
"I so want to make love to you."
"Tonight, my love. Tonight I'm yours."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's neck, Michael sensing it turning into passion, Michael pushing him back.
"Calm down horndog. Lets get going."
Justin sighed, climbing off Michael and giving him a hand to get up.
The two walked out of the bedroom, walking down to the living room; Lonnie and Paulo looking out the windows.
"Man, Justin. There's a hell of a crowd of screaming girls out there." Paulo said, looking in awe.
Justin laughed, Michael and him looking out the window.
The bus was pulled up in the back lot of the stadium, a fence separating the crowd from the bus. Security guards were standing along the fence keeping people from climbing up.
"Well at least they won't be surrounding me. " Justin said in good humor.
Michael smiled, shocked at the large group of people.
"How did they know you'd be here this early?" Paulo asked.
"Don't know how they know but they always do." Lonnie said.
Michael could sense that Justin was happy at the sight of the large gathering. To him, it meant he was a star.
"Well guys, we should get going. You have that interview in about forty five minutes, Jus." Lonnie said, Michael seeing him taking charge.
"Are you prepared to meet my adoring public, Mico?" Justin said, kissing him deeply.
Michael knew it would be their last real passionate kiss until later tonight. Michael made the most of it, Justin soon lost in the heated passion.
There would be too many prying eyes around today, too much public exposure.
"Ready when you are, Jus." Michael smiled, feeling Justin's happiness.

Lonnie walked off the bus first, the screams intensifying.
Justin walked off next, waving to everyone, followed by Michael, then Paulo.
When Justin came into view the sound was deafening.
Michael was in awe, never seeing so many enthusiastic people in one spot. And it was all for his Justin.
Michael also saw video cameras and reporters behind the fence.
Justin was locked in the Timberlake image, his smile never wavering.
Justin walked over to the fence, closely watched by Lonnie.
"Justin, Justin. We love you, We love you." Fans screamed, pushing against the fence.
"Thanks for coming everyone, I want all of you to enjoy the show tonight. It's going to be fantastic."
More screams echoed off the enclosed area.
Justin signed autographs for several people through the chain fence, smiling at everyone. Lonnie stood beside him, scanning the crowd.
Michael stood silently behind Justin and Lonnie, trying to look nonchalant, to blend into the background.
He'd almost succeeded until someone pointed at him.
"Hey, it's that Michael guy from Larry King. Everyone, it's Michael!"
People began to start shouting at him, waving their hands.
Michael nervously smiled, Justin ushering Michael over towards him.
Michael reluctantly walked over, Justin smiling and asking for quiet.
The cameras and reporters zoomed in on Michael and Justin together.
The crowd began calming down.
"Thanks, everyone, this is my good friend Michael. You may have seen him on TV the other night."
Everyone cheered and clapped, Michael blushing.
"Michael, are you traveling with Justin?" A reporter asked, his mike aimed at him through the fence.
"Yes, Justin has invited me to go along on the tour. I'm also touring for my novel." Michael said calmly, Justin smiling at him.
Michael saw a lot of envious faces on the girls in the crowd.
"Hey guys, you have to read Michael's book." Justin said grinning at his fans.
There was more screaming and applauding, a lot of the girls looking now at Michael with adoring eyes.
Justin picked up on that right away.
"Thanks, Jus. But they're all here to worship you, buddy. Am I right ladies?" Michael smiled a killer smile at everyone, Justin seeing some women sighing.
The screaming intensified, Justin laughing and waving.
Michael picked up on an unsettling feeling, as if something was going to happen.
The reporters started asking more questions, Lonnie starting to direct Justin away from the fence.
The two men waved goodbye, walking towards the stage entrance.

Michael caught a movement out of the corner of his eye, zooming in on a young girl of about thirteen or fourteen climbing over the far corner of the fence. Michael saw someone he thought was her sister trying to talk her back down.
There were no security men at that end, all of them focusing on the entourage heading into the building.
A reporter closer to the girl than Michael was watching her and then spied Michael, looking towards where he was looking.
Michael saw the girl slipping, losing her hold on the fence just as she climbed over the top. It would be a nasty fall. A pile of debris lay at the bottom of the ten foot fence. She could be critically injured.
Michael ran for her at lightning speed.
The reporter sensed what was about to happen, directing his cameraman to capture Michael's attempt to save her.
Everyone else stopped walking, Justin wondering where Michael was going.
Then he saw the young girl falling.
Michael was at the fence in a flash, just catching the girl before she hit the ground.
The weight of her sent Michael falling backwards, Michael landing on top of the debris, the girl landing on top of him.
Michael screamed in pain as his ankle got caught in the fence, twisting.
Justin, Lonnie and Paulo were by his side in a heart beat, Lonnie lifting the frightened, crying girl off Michael, holding her in his strong arms.
Justin knelt beside Michael, worry etched on his face. He could see Michael struggling to breathe.
"You okay, Mico? Don't move!"
Michael nodded his head, trying to catch his breath, the wind having been knocked out of him.
The security guards were surrounding them, one calling someone on his radio, the reporters all filming what was going on now.
"We need to get out of here, Jus." Michael whispered to him.
Two paramedics came running out of the stadium carrying a stretcher.
They knelt beside Michael talking to him quietly.
After a few minutes they gently lifted him onto the stretcher, the two paramedics carrying Michael.
The crowd had all gone silent, watching all the drama unfold.
Justin was visibly shaken, they all saw that. His best friend had been hurt.
Lonnie walked the young girl into the building, she was now calming down. They needed to get her checked out as well.
"Everyone, Michael's okay, just a twisted ankle. He's going to be fine. The young lady is okay also, thanks to Michael." Justin smiled a small smile at everyone, clapping starting to be heard through the crowd.
Justin talked to the head of security, wanting them to find whoever was with the young girl.
Paulo stayed beside Justin, making sure he was protected, sensing Michael wanted him to stay there.
Paulo also felt Justin's deep worry for his Michael.
Justin started walking towards the stadium again, not answering questions thrown
at him by reporters. Some were about Michael being a hero, Justin knowing what that would do to Michael. Justin just wanted to get to Michael, and Paulo was going to make sure he did.
Paulo took charge, guiding Justin into the stadium away from the crowd and reporters.

They were directed to an office section, walking into a room, finding the paramedics wrapping a bandage around Michael's ankle.
Justin was sitting beside him in a moment, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"You okay, Mico?"
Michael nodded, but Justin saw pain on his face.
"I don't think you are, Mico."
"He has a badly sprained ankle, three bruised ribs and severely pulled back muscles. Landing on all that debris didn't help him any. He's lucky he wasn't seriously injured." The older paramedic said, while the younger one finished bandaging Michael's ankle and foot.
"He's to stay off his feet for at least a couple of days; it will take that long for that ankle to heal." The younger paramedic said, standing up.
"Thanks guys, glad you were here." Lonnie said escorting them out of the room once they were finished.
Once the door was closed, Justin was kissing Michael, Michael sensing his deep worry.
"It's okay, love. I'm okay and I'll be fine by the morning. Sorry about this, Jus. I wanted tonight to be really special for us after the show." Michael had tears in his eyes, Justin gently holding him.
"You're alright, babe. That's all that matters. When I think what would have happened to you or that sweet little girl, both of you could have been seriously hurt. How did you know that was happening? Your gifts, right?"
"I think so. I just felt something wasn't right, and I caught her out of the corner of my eye. I knew I had to react fast or she was going to be hurt. I'm sorry, Jus."
Justin kissed him again, Paulo seeing Justin was going to be alright, that he had his Michael back with him.
Justin lifted Michael's shirt seeing the deeply bruised ribs, the color almost black.
"That must really smart, love."
Michael nodded, Justin lowering his shirt and kissing him again.
Lonnie stuck his head back in, the two lovers pulling apart. Lonnie smiled, winking at them.
"It's almost time for your interview. We've told them what's happened and they said to take your time."
"You go ahead, Jus. I'll be okay, Paulo will help me back to the bus to rest."
"They've pulled it into the lower garage, you'll be out of view from the public, it's a secure area." Lonnie said, patting Michael's shoulder.
Justin looked at Michael seeing his painful expression, not wanting to leave him.
"Jus, you're here for a purpose and a reason. Your purpose is to promote your tour. Your reason is because this is important to you. I'll not let you jeopardize that just because I'm a little shaken up. I just need some rest, and then I'll be okay. Nothing will keep me from seeing my man shine in the spotlight tonight."
Justin smiled, hearing Michael's pride and love in him.
"Okay, Mico. I'll do it. But I'll be back with you as fast as I can. Then we'll relax until show time. Got it?"
Michael let Justin kiss him again, Justin still feeling his pain.
"Okay, Jus. Got it. I just need some quiet time to recharge my body. I'll be right as rain soon."
Justin looked at him again nodding, Lonnie smiling, seeing Michael's determined, although pained, expression.
Justin gave Michael another kiss, reluctantly getting up to his feet. He looked one last time at Michael, smiling at him, then walking out of the room with Lonnie.

Michael sighed, Paulo sitting down beside him.
"How are you really, Mikey? I sense you were just being strong for Justin."
"It's damn painful, Paulo. I just need some peace and quiet so I can relax and start my healing process. I should be feeling a lot better soon."
Paulo nodded, two security guys coming into the room.
Paulo stood up directing them to carry Michael's stretcher gently.
The two men picked up the stretcher, Paulo following them out of the room.
They made their way down to the basement garage, finally stopping in front of Justin's bus.
Gary was waiting for them, Michael seeing the concerned look on his face.
"You okay, sport? " The older man said smiling gently at him.
"I've been better, Gary. I'll be good once I'm laying quietly."
"Then let's get you into bed, buddy." Paulo said, Gary and him gently lifting Michael up off the stretcher. The two men left as Paulo was letting Michael stand on his own, Michael obviously fighting the pain.
"Let's go now and get this over with." Michael said, taking a deep breath.
Michael walked forward the pain ripping through his back, and his foot.
He climbed the stairs quickly, mostly hopping up them.
Paulo guided him carefully through the living room, kitchen and hallway.
Michael's face showed the deep pain he was in, tears flowing from his eyes.
Gary pulled the covers off the bed, rose petals flying everywhere.
"Sorry about that, slipped my mind." He said, smiling.
Paulo helped Michael lay down, removing his shoes.
Michael was practically crying, the pain evident in his actions.
"You okay, Mikey?"
Michael couldn't speak, just slowly nodding.
"Let's leave him, he needs rest and quiet." Paulo said, putting his hand on Michael's shoulder.
Michael put his hand on top of his, managing a weak smile.
Michael closed his eyes, the two other men quietly leaving the room.
Once Michael was alone, he took a deep breath, concentrating his mind on what was going on with his body.
He felt all the pain points, centering on his back and ribs first. The muscles had all been pulled and twisted from the force of the girl's weight slamming into him, the debris acting like a cement wall, giving no comfort.
Michael knew these injuries would take a lot of his gift and strength to fix, he felt he'd have to leave the injured ankle till the morning.
Michael pulled the power from his mind, centering on the pain in his back. He felt the power unleash, the warmth of his gift flowing to that one point.
Then he felt the relief flow through him but also his strength ebbing. He struggled to direct the gift to his chest, fighting to remain awake. A tingling began in his ribs, just before Michael succumbed to exhaustion.
Paulo walked into the bedroom again, seeing a faint blue glow around Michael's chest.
It only lingered a moment, then disappeared.
He quietly walked over to Michael seeing his breathing relaxed and normal.
Paulo let out his own breath of relief, sensing Michael would be better when he woke.
"Please be okay brother, please." Paulo kissed Michael's forehead, then quietly walked out again.

Paulo sat quietly in the living room talking with Gary, getting to know the older man. He was forty-five and had driven a bus for twenty years, loving to travel. He'd known Justin since the early NSync days. He'd driven them all around the country. Now he again was Justin's driver, and that made him happy. He loved all the boys; they were like nephews to him.
About a half hour later, Justin and Lonnie walked onto the bus, Gary smiling at them both.
"Your young man is sleeping, Curly." Gary said, Justin grinning and hugging him.
"He's quite the catch, hero and all." Gary smiled.
"That he is Gar, that he is." Justin said, walking towards the bedroom.
Justin quietly entered the bedroom, seeing all the rose petals scattered around the floor.
He gently lay down on the bed beside Michael, feeling his forehead, feeling the usual warmth there.
Michael muttered a little, Justin resting against him.
"I love you, Mico. I love you so much." Justin quietly said, closing his eyes.
Within moments, he was asleep. Michael moved, cuddling up against him.
They never heard Paulo opening and then closing the door quietly.
Paulo sat back down on the couch, looking at Lonnie. Gary was gone, going to grab some dinner for them all.
"How'd the interview go?" He asked.
Lonnie frowned a bit.
"I've never seen Justin so focused. It was with Entertainment Tonight. It started out all about the tour and tonight's concert. Then the reporter, Brad I believe, brought up the Larry King interview. Justin was happy at first, talking about Michael and his book and life, then the questions got a little personal."
Paulo tensed up a bit.
"The reporter wasn't very professional. He asked how close a friendship the two of them had. Justin just stared at him calmly. And he told him all about his feelings towards Michael. It was very moving, very personal. I think a lot of people will get the double meaning behind Justin's words. I believe Justin made some very suggestive comments, although no one has a clue yet about the truth. I've never respected him more that I did seeing him talking about Michael. He even talked about today's events. You have to watch it, Paulo. It's on tonight. We'll watch it all together. Justin wants Michael to see it."
Paulo nodded looking towards the hallway.
"Michael's not going to be happy about that. About people being underhanded with Justin. That Brad guy better lay low."
Lonnie laughed, Paulo smiling.
"How's the young girl that fell, Lon?"
"She's right as rain. Just scared by what happened. Management is giving her VIP tickets and a backstage pass to meet Justin and Michael. They found her sister who'd come with her, she wants to thank Michael personally."
Paulo smiled, thinking how that would go down with Michael.

Gary came back a half hour later, carrying three bags of Chinese food.
Lonnie quietly got up, going back to wake Justin.
He quietly walked into the room, not wanting to wake Michael.
"It's okay, Lon. I'm awake, but Jus is out like a light. What time is it?"
"It's five-thirty, Mikey. How ya doing, buddy?"
Michael sat up, feeling the pain gone from his back and most of it from his side. But his strength was gone, exhaustion evident in his body.
"The pain's gone, I've healed my muscles, but my strength is totally zapped. I'm just going to relax, my ankle is still the same. I'll heal that when I've gotten my strength back."
Lonnie marveled at Michael healing abilities. The man was remarkable.
"As long as I live, I'll never get over your abilities, Michael. You're one of a kind. The best kind."
Michael smiled, Lonnie hugging him lightly.
"Dinner's ready if your hungry. Better wake up sleeping beauty. He needs some energy in him if he's to make it tonight."
Lonnie walked out, smiling.
Michael gently shook Justin's shoulder, Justin opening his blue eyes, staring into Michael's tired-looking golden ones.
"Mmmmm, Mico. Are you okay, love?" Justin said, sitting up, rubbing his eyes.
Michael lay beside him, smiling a small smile.
"I'm okay. I've healed my pulled muscles and bruised ribs, it's just taking a lot out of me. I didn't have the strength to heal my ankle, that will have to wait till tomorrow."
Justin kissed him gently, smiling.
"Then I'm taking care of you tonight. You're going to relax, we'll get a wheelchair for you to go around in. You're taking it easy, love. No more heroics or using your gifts, okay?"
Michael nodded, smiling at Justin.
"Dinner's ready, Jus. You need some energy to wow everyone tonight. Come on love, help me hobble out to the living room."
"Okay, love, but I'm carrying you piggy back, no walking."
Michael laughed lightly, wrapping his arms around Justin's neck.
Justin carefully lifted Michael up carrying him out of the bedroom.
Everyone smiled looking at Justin carrying Michael out.
"Giddy up horsey." Michael smiled, Justin laughing.
He gently deposited Michael onto one of the comfy chairs, placing his injured foot on an ottoman.
"Okay, babe?"
"That's fine, Jus. Thanks."
Lonnie and Paulo smiled at Justin's nurturing side, seeing him care for Michael.
"Anything you need, love?"
"A glass of water would be nice for now. Thanks."
Everyone picked up on Michael's tired looking eyes, sensing how much he'd drained himself.
"Feeling better, Mikey?" Paulo asked, Gary also showing concern as he sat a glass of water down beside Michael.
"The back pain is gone, my ribs feel better, but the ankle is still throbbing. I'll survive."
Justin quietly talked to Gary, the driver leaving.
"Gar's going to get you a wheelchair, Mico. That way you can come inside and watch the show."
Michael nodded, smiling at Justin.
"Timba's going to be coming down shortly. Cassi's here too. My parents are showing up at six-thirty with everyone else." Justin smiled sitting on the arm of Michael's chair, Michael taking his hand in his.
"How about you dive into that food, love?  It'll be a while before you can eat again."
Justin smiled, getting up and sitting at the kitchen table with Lonnie and Paulo.
All three dove into the Chinese food, Michael not wanting any food.
That concerned Justin for a moment.  Michael told him he'd eat later, his stomach needed time to get some strength back.
Michael sat quietly chatting with the three men as they ate, Michael smiling seeing how much food Justin had consumed.
Ah, the hunger and energy of youth.
Michael knew Justin would burn all that off tonight.
Michael closed his eyes for a few moments concentrating on his gifts. Their levels were lower, but he sensed their strength increasing gradually. He figured he'd be mostly back to normal in a few hours.

Michael opened his eyes to a smiling face directly in front of him.
"Tim, when did you get here?"
Timba laughed, Justin smiling at Michael.
"Mico, you fell asleep for about twenty minutes."
"Really? I thought I had just shut my eyes." Michael said, surprised that he'd fallen asleep.
He looked around seeing Cassi smiling at him too.
"How's the hero?" She said sitting beside him, Michael blushing and looking down.
Justin sensed his usual reluctance.
Cassi put her arm around him.
"I know, Mikey. You're not a hero, just a good man. But sweetie, to all of us you are a hero."
Michael smiled, still feeling uncomfortable.
"So, Jus. That was quite the interview." Timba said, changing the subject for him.
Justin avoided looking at Michael, Michael sensing something.
"What happened, Jus?"
"Nothing, love. We'll watch it at seven on television. The whole gang can watch. Right now, we need to get ready and head into the stadium."
Justin went back into the bedroom, going to change. He grabbed a suit bag that had been delivered containing his concert clothes. He closed the door, Michael looking around at everyone.
"Okay, out with it, What happened in the interview?"
Timba looked at Lonnie, Lonnie nodding. Timba quietly gave Michael a rough idea of what had happened. He didn't tell him word for word what Justin had said, but Michael got the gist of it. Michael's brow furrowed, his mind on Justin.
"Okay, thanks Tim. Justin doesn't need to know that I know. He's got enough to concentrate on. It will all come to light when we watch it."
Justin came out of the bedroom, Michael staring in wonder and lost in desire.
Justin had a two piece black suit on, slim fitting, showing his form. He looked totally breathtaking.  He wore a white shirt and black tie, his beauty showing through.
"Man, oh man. I'm looking at a vision of beauty." Michael said, his eyes never leaving Justin's.
Justin smiled his special smile for Michael, bending down and kissing his lips.
"Thank you, love. I think I look sharp too."
Everyone smiled.
Justin had a shirt and a  pair of pant in his other hand, looking at Michael.
"So, it's time for you to change. I don't think you need to limp back into the bedroom. I can help you change here."
Michael smiled, nodding at his lover.
Everyone felt uncomfortable, as they watched Justin take off Michael's shirt.
"Hey, it's okay guys. I'm not getting totally naked, so calm down."
Timba laughed, Cassi smiling and eyeing Michael's sleek hairy chest.
They all saw the bruised area where his ribs had been hit. Justin saw a lot of the ugliness of it was gone, but a large bruise still showed.
Michael lifted his ass a little, allowing Justin to remove his pants.
"No playing down there, don't want to shock the troops."
Everyone laughed, Michael's humor infectious.
Justin's face was a deep red.
He certainly knew how to lighten a room.
Justin put the new pants on Michael, a pair of dark charcoal dress pants.
He helped him on with the black silk shirt he'd selected.
"Damn, Justin. What's with you dressing me up in black all the time. Aren't angels supposed to wear white?"
Paulo laughed, Justin smiling at him.
Michael had just given Justin a wonderful idea about something. He smiled to himself, filing it away for later.
'And there we are, a vision of astounding masculinity." Justin said, proud of what he had done.
"Looking good, Mikey." Everyone said.
"Yeah, I'll match the wheelchair."
Justin laughed, Michael smiling at him.
"Let's go, babe."
"Aren't you forgetting something?"
Justin looked around, not seeing anything.
Michael grabbed him by his tie, pulling him down.
Their lips met in a heated kiss, the passion and love flowing through both of them.
They parted, Justin looking extremely happy.
"That should hold you." Michael smiled seductively.
"Okay, horndogs. Let's go." Lonnie said laughing.

Everyone exited the bus, Paulo carrying Michael this time.
Gary opened up a wheelchair he'd gotten from inside, Paulo gently setting Michael down in it.
Paulo pushed Michael in the wheelchair, Justin walking beside them.
They went upstairs, taking the elevator up.
They arrived in the private back stage area, security verifying all their identities. Michael was impressed by all the security.
They were all directed to a large room set aside for Justin's entourage.
Michael looked around, surprised at the comfort and relaxing atmosphere in the room.
"This room will be the same at all the concerts, Mico. It travels with us, it's kind of a place to call home for me." Justin smiled.
Michael saw a table set up with drinks and food as well as a large televison complete with electronic games attached.
"It gets boring before the show, love." Justin smiled, reading Michael's mind.
"Hmmm, you saying you're going to get bored with me, Timberlake?"
Everyone laughed, Justin blushing.
"Never, Mico."
"I'm going to check the stage, Jus. Back shortly." Timba said, Cassi walking out with him.
Everyone was just relaxing when the door opened.
Lynn, Randall and Lisa, as well as Steven and Jonathan came walking in, Steven leaping into Justin's arms.
Michael smiled watching Justin's smile widen.
Everyone was shocked at seeing Michael in a wheelchair.
Lisa was beside Michael in a heartbeat, gently hugging him.
"What's happened? Are you okay, Michael?"
Justin quickly explained what had happened, everyone looking with concern towards Michael.
Steven and Jonathan both went over, kissing Michael's cheeks.
"You okay, bro?" Jonnie said, Stevie gently climbing up into his lap.
"I'm fine now that my brothers are all here." Michael smiled looking at Paulo as well as Jonnie and Stevie.
Paulo quietly explained the new relationship between him and Michael. Everyone smiled seeing what Michael had done for Paulo.
"You mean I have another brother?" Stevie said, a large smile on his face.
"Yep, kinda,  if that's what you want, Stevie and Jonnie?" Paulo said smiling at them.
Jonnie ran to Paulo, wrapping his arms around him.
"Fine with me, Paulo." He said, Lisa and Randall smiling.
Stevie climbed off Michael's lap, Michael flinching as he climbed over his injured foot.
Stevie ran up to Paulo, Paulo letting him jump into his arms.
"Hi ya, bro." Stevie said, Paulo laughing.
"Hi ya, Stevie."
They all talked happily amongst themselves, Michael sitting quietly watching all his family interact.
Justin picked up on him watching everyone, talking to him in his mind.
"You okay, love? You seem quiet."
"I'm fine, Jus. Just watching my new family. How are you doing, love? " Michael said to him in his mind.
Michael had picked up on Justin's quietly growing nervousness. His anticipation of the upcoming concert.
"I'm fine, Mico. Just getting excited about tonight."
"Calm, my love, keep calm. I'll be here to give you my love."
Justin turned looking at him, a tear in his eye. They joined  hands, Lynn picking up on their silent mood.

"So, honey, what's on tonight's agenda?" Lynn asked, smiling.
Lonnie got up turning the television on, finding the channel needed.
"Well first, I'm going to be on Entertainment Tonight in about ten minutes. We'll all watch that, then we'll relax till it's time for you all to be seated. I go on at nine, after Pink."
As if on cue, there was a knock on the door, Pink walking in as Lonnie opened the door.
"Hello everyone." She said smiling.
Justin introduced her to everyone, leaving Michael to the last.
"Ah, so this is the fantastic Michael everyone's been telling me about . A pleasure, my friend."
Michael smiled at her, liking her right off the bat.
They quietly chatted with her, more knocking coming on the door.
Lonnie opened it to a  group of smiling people.
All the Nsync men as well as Vicky and Jake were all standing in the hallway smiling.
Paulo's smile widened at seeing his Jake.
Their smiles vanished when they walked in and saw Michael in the wheelchair.
Vicky was beside him in a flash, tears beginning almost immediately.
"What in God's name has happened, sweetie?" She exclaimed, hugging him tightly.
Michael let Justin explain the story again, everyone quietly listening.
They all looked at Michael, that feeling washing over Michael again.
"Listen, everyone. I'm okay, I'll survive. I'll be alright tomorrow. Don't worry about me. This is Justin's big night, let's concentrate on his happiness, and let's give the hero worship some needed rest."
Everyone smiled, nodding at Michael. His smile returned.
Jake sat beside Paulo, Paulo kissing him lightly. Michael smiled more.
"Time for the TV show, Jus." Lonnie said, everyone settling in to watch.
The camera panned to a young woman in a studio, smiling at the camera.
"Good evening, tonight's insider report deals with Justin Timberlake's first concert for his new Future Sex/Love Sounds tour, which opens tonight in San Diego. Our brand new reporter Brad Stevens is on hand for tonight's concert as well as an in-depth interview with Justin. Brad, how's the excitement level out there today?"
"Jan, there's a heightened sense of happiness and excitement in the crowd who've been lined up since five o'clock to watch the show tonight. But the real excitement happened here earlier this afternoon. Our cameras caught it all as it unfolded. Watch."
Michael immediately recognized the man as the reporter who'd seen the girl falling and hadn't done anything himself for her.
The video came on, showing Justin's arrival, the crowd and the harrowing rescue.
Everyone kept looking at Michael, awed at what he'd done.
"As you can see our exclusive ET camera caught that heroic rescue of the little girl. The hero shown is none other than writer Michael Tavarro, who's already been hailed as a hero for saving a woman and her daughter in Chicago, as well as Justin Timberlake himself in a gun battle a short two weeks ago. I sat down with Justin this afternoon for an exclusive one-on-one interview."
Michael's brow furrowed as he took in what the man had said. Michael didn't like his attitude. The reporter really thought he was someone special.
Michael remained quiet, Justin watching him.
The camera showed Justin and Timba sitting in two chairs smiling at the camera.
A one-on-one interview, okay, Michael thought.
That wasn't saying much for Timba.
The reporter chatted about their tour, Justin and Timba both talking about everything coming up. Brad talked about Justin's Larry King interview, Justin talking at length about Michael. Then Michael watched as Brad started asking Justin questions about today's rescue.  Justin explained what had happened, explaining that Michael and the young girl were both okay, Michael injured, but okay, nonetheless.
Then Michael sensed the change in the reporter's attitude, a sense of being ahead of Justin. As if he were baiting Justin into a trap.
"You and Michael are very good friends, Justin. How close of a personal friendship is it?"
Justin stared at him calming, then smiled.
"Michael, I'd have to say, is my best friend. I've never met anyone like him. His giving heart and beautiful soul give me a lot of inspiration. If you met him you'd see the greatness of his kind heart. He's a special part of my life now. I'd be lost without him."
Michael looked at Justin's calm demeanor, seeing what Justin was saying between the lines, and also seeing what the reporter was trying to allude to. Justin smiled back at the camera, Michael seeing his special smile.
"It's been reported that you've welcomed him into your own home and he's staying with you. Your family has taken him into their hearts also. Isn't that a bit strange for someone you didn't know only a short two months ago?"
Michael didn't like this guy's pointed questions.
"That's how quickly you feel Michael's love. He's a remarkable soul. My whole family as well as all my close friends love him dearly. He's family now, to all of us. Every day will be a better one, knowing Michael is in my life. I love the guy. And you have to read his book. It's totally awesome."
Timba beside Justin voiced his own opinion of Michael, Michael seeing the reporter not interested in that.
Michael also sensed the reporter had been silenced by Justin's profound direct words.
The camera came back to the reporter outside the stadium.
"Well there you have it Jan, Justin Timberlake's tour kicks off tonight, here in San Diego. We've been told Michael Tavarro will be well enough to attend tonight. We're hoping to get an interview with him. Stay tuned."
Lonnie turned off the television.
"Fat chance of that. " Michael said, Justin sensing his mood.

"Justin, why did you say that? Anyone could sense what you truly were saying." Randall said, looking at his son with concern.
"Because I want them to sense that, Dad.  I've decided that I'm not going to hide this anymore. I'm gradually going to show the world what Michael means to me."
Justin sat down beside Michael, taking his hand in his.
"That was very moving, Jus. Thank you for saying all that on television."
"I meant it all, Mico. I love you. And I just told the world that. It feels pretty damn good. I know I didn't state it in the true way, but I still meant it. It's a start. I'm ready for the real thing. We just have to decide when."
Michael kissed Justin, everyone smiling. Pink was in mild shock, but a smile came on her face just the same.
"Awesome, Justin. It's surprising, but not totally.  I knew there was a reason you've seemed so happy lately. Hey, congrats."
Justin got up hugging his old friend, Pink. Michael smiled as she hugged him next.
"I gotta go, get my stuff together. We'll chat after the show, okay guys?"
Both men agreed, smiling.
"I'm sorry, but I'm not up to watching your show, Pink. How about tomorrow night?" Michael said.
Pink smiled hugging him again.
"That's cool, I'm usually much better the second time around."
Michael laughed, liking her a lot.
Everyone settled down, quietly chatting and relaxing. Lance and Michael quietly talked, Lance sensing Michael's exhaustion.
"You sure you're okay, Michael? I sense you're really tired."
"I am, Lance. I didn't sleep last night at all, and with all that's happened, it's a fight just to stay awake. But I have to. Justin needs me here, he needs my support. I won't miss this for anything."
"Okay, Mikey. I'm here if you need me. Relax, we've got about an hour and a half before Justin goes on." Lance said, helping Michael move onto the sofa.
Michael smiled, leaning back against the sofa, closing his eyes.
Justin smiled, looking at his lover resting.
"You're still tired, babe. Are you sure you wouldn't just want to go back to the bus?  I'll understand completely. I love you." Justin's thoughts entering Michael's tired mind.
"I'm not missing this show, Jus. Not for the world. I love you more, Timby. And I'm going to be out there clapping the loudest. I'm just taking a short nap. Don't worry. I've got mother Lance looking after me."
Justin laughed in the open, Josh looking at him.
"Sorry, Josh. Michael was telling me something."
Josh smiled, looking over at a sleeping Michael.
"Okay, Jus." Josh marveling at their communication abilities.
Everyone remained quiet, seeing Michael sleeping. The talk took on a quieter tone.
After about half an hour, the group could hear the crowd screaming and shouting.
Pink had begun her concert.
Justin got up, pacing back and forth, listening to the crowd's reactions.
Loud applause could be heard after each song.
Everyone could see Justin's heightened excitement and his blossoming nervousness
Justin continued to pace.
"You'll wear a track in the floor, love."
Justin stopped, looking at Michael staring at him.
"Come here, my Jus."
Justin walked over, sitting down beside Michael.
"I think I know what needs to be done to calm you, love."
"You want us to leave, Mikey? You two going to get it on." Chris said smirking.
Vicky slapped him.
"No it's okay, Chris. You can watch. I'll give you play by play."
Chris's face went white, everyone laughing, everyone except Justin.
Michael turned back to him, sensing his deep nervousness.
"What I'm going to do doesn't require us getting naked. Do you trust me, my love?"
"With everything I have, my love."
Michael smiled, placing his fingers on both sides of Justin's temples, then closing his eyes.
Justin gasped, then quieted down completely.
For a few moments the room was quiet, everyone seeing Justin's and Michael's auras suddenly appear.
The two glowing blue auras were separate at first, then they glowed brighter as they joined together above both men.
Then the combined aura moved over Justin, and everyone saw a glowing white center in the aura. It glowed brightly for a moment, then the whole aura disappeared completely down into Justin's body..
Michael opened his eyes, not moving.
Justin opened his and a large smile crossed his face.
He looked into Michael's golden eyes, Michael smiling at him.
"Wow. This is unbelievable."
Michael nodded, kissing Justin's cheek.
Justin jumped up smiling at everyone.
Brian popped into the room smiling.
"Everything's ready Justin. We're good to go."
Justin hugged everyone, all his friends and family surprised at his sudden happiness.
Lance helped Michael into his wheelchair, Justin saving his hug until the last.
Justin knelt in front of him, putting Michael's face in his hands.
"Thank you, Mico. Thank you for your love and your courage. I love you."
They kissed deeply, everyone smiling.
"Go out there and blow them away, love."
Justin got up heading out after Brian.
"See ya back here after the show." Justin said smiling at Michael.
Michael smiled at him as he walked through the door.

Everyone stared at Michael. Michael blushed.
"Okay, spill it." Lance said smiling at him.
"He was nervous, really nervous. He was having doubts about giving a good performance. I had to help him."
Lance stood beside Michael.
"We all saw your auras, Michael. We saw them join together." Josh said smiling.
"There was a white glow in the center, what does that mean?" Lance asked, Michael smiling a small smile.
He sighed, everyone picking up on his tiredness.
"That white glow, Lance?  That was the gift I needed to give him. My faith."
Lance looked in awe at Michael.
"He needed the strength to go out there, that's how terrified he was. I felt it in his mind and in his heart. My faith is the only thing that's kept me going all these years, the faith that something better was ahead for me. It's the one thing that's given me the courage to go on. Now he has my faith, my faith in him. And it, along with my love, will make him take on anything."
Michael was smiling now, Lance hugging him.
"So let's go and see him do his magic, Mikey." Lance said taking the handles of his wheelchair.
Everyone followed the two men, security guards guiding them to their private seating area.
Michael looked around, seeing the large audience around them. Their seats were in a private box, directly to the right of center stage.
Michael watched the stage, seeing the crew setting up.
The audience around them was beginning to chant.
"Justin. Justin. We want Justin."
Michael smiled marveling at how calm and happy they all seemed.
He knew the noise level would be deafening once Justin appeared.
Michael sat quietly, Lance and Josh sitting beside him.
The lights all went down suddenly, the crowd starting to clap, then scream.

Justin stood off stage, looking out into the full house.
He spotted Michael, with all his family and friends.
Justin saw Michael's golden eyes searching around, looking at the crowd.
Timba patted Justin on the back.
"Let's knock their socks right off em, Jus." He smiled at him.
Jusitn smiled back, Timba seeing his calm manner.
"My Mico's here, I can do it for him."
This was the moment of truth for Justin.
And Michael's faith and love were all Justin needed to fill his heart with determination.
The determination to give his best.
Justin walked onto the stage in the darkness, stepping into his pre-rehearsed spot.

Michael remained quiet, everyone around him excited with anticipation.
Michael could feel all their feelings.
So much happiness for his man, for their Justin.
In the darkness, soft music began to play, Michael identifying it as the prelude to Sexyback.
A single spotlight hit the center stage; Justin Timberlake standing there in a seductive pose.
The audience went ballistic, the crescendo of noise reaching a fevered pitch.
Michael just sat quietly still, staring at the one person he loved more than his own life.
His love, his Justin.
Standing in the spotlight of adoration, his voice beginning to float on the winds of music.
Justin's voice filled the stadium with a beautiful sound, the crowd swaying, dancing and screaming.
Justin was in his dance routine, his form gliding across the stage, Michael lost in his movements.
He'd seen him rehearse, but this somehow was different. It was as if grace and beauty came together in a ballet of impeccable timing and movement.
Justin was in the zone. His movements and voice perfect.
Every now and then Michael felt Justin's eyes glance his way.
Michael remained quiet, Josh and Lance both looking his way.
They both saw Michael's eyes locked on his Justin. Josh squeezed Lance's hand, Lance smiling at him.
They both felt Justin's stage persona was in perfect form.

For over two hours, through various musical numbers, Justin thrilled the crowd.
Michael remained quiet, watching Justin do his magic.
Everyone around him saw Michael's quietness, knowing he was lost in Justin's singing, in his beauty.
After every song, while the crowd roared and showed Justin their adulation, Justin was in his own world.
The high he got from the response was feeding his soul.
And in those short breaks a voice came often in his mind, the voice of his angel.
Lance and Josh, as well as others close saw Michael's eyes, saw those glistening  tears.
They knew Michael and Justin were talking to each other, their love uniting in a
silent message to each other.
The words weren't important, the love behind them fed both of their souls.
Justin was in the center of his world, doing what he loved.
And the man he loved was there with him, in every possible way.

Maria Sanchez was in heaven.
Here she was sitting in a private box at a Justin Timberlake concert.
She looked up at her big sister Sonya, smiling.
Sonya was smiling also, watching Justin glide around the stage not twenty feet away.
It had been a traumatic day, Maria almost being hurt.
She remembered every terrifying detail. Climbing the fence to get a better look at Justin, then getting the idea to climb over to get closer. Then she had slipped, seeing the ground rushing toward her, closing her eyes waiting for the pain. Then she felt those strong arms wrapping  around her.
She opened her eyes to see an angel smiling at her, Maria laying on top of him.
His golden eyes shining at her, entering her soul.
Then she was in the arms of a kind, large man. He soothed her, telling her everything was ok.
He'd taken her inside, calming her down.
She'd seen him on television, knowing he was Justin's personal bodyguard, Lonnie.
He'd explained to her what had happened and who'd saved her.
Michael, the man from the television the other night. Justin's best friend.
The man with the beautiful golden eyes.
And now here she was, sitting in a private box. A gift from Justin to help her deal with her harrowing ordeal.
And she was going to meet him later, she and Sonya were going to meet Justin Timberlake.
She kept looking at him singing so close to her. He seemed more beautiful in person.
She heard someone behind her, looking around to see Lonnie smiling at her.
"Hi again, Maria. Justin needs your help."

End of Chapter 68

Finally Michael gets to see Justin soar on stage.
Hope you've all enjoyed this little bit of drama.
What has Justin got up his sleeve and why does he need Maria's help.
Stay tuned, lots of excitement coming up, with a heavy dose of romantic on the horizon.
If only life imitated art.

Keep the love and faith,
Your Angel.