Justin's Angel-69

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to
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The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other
celebrity mentioned in the story.


Maria Sanchez was in heaven.
Here she was sitting in a private box at a Justin Timberlake concert.
She looked up at her big sister Sonya, smiling.
Sonya was smiling also, watching Justin glide around the stage not twenty feet away.
It had been a traumatic day, Maria almost being hurt.
She remembered every terrifying detail. Climbing the fence to get a better look at Justin, then getting the idea to climb over to get closer. Then she had slipped, seeing the ground rushing toward her, closing her eyes waiting for the pain. Then she felt those strong arms wrapping  around her.
She opened her eyes to see an angel smiling at her, Maria laying on top of him.
His golden eyes shining at her, entered her soul.
Then she was in the arms of a kind, large man. He soothed her, telling her everything was ok.
He'd taken her inside, calming her down.
She'd seen him on television, knowing he was Justin's personal bodyguard, Lonnie.
He'd explained to her what had happened and who'd saved her.
Michael, the man for the television the other night. Justin's best friend.
The man with the beautiful golden eyes.
And now here she was, sitting in a private box. A gift from Justin to help her deal with her harrowing ordeal.
And she was going to meet him later, Sonya and her were going to meet Justin Timberlake.
She kept looking at him singing so close to her. He seemed more beautiful in person.
She heard someone behind her, looking around to see Lonnie smiling at her.
"Hi again, Maria. Justin needs your help."

Chapter 69
The second to last song of each concert was to be a personal favorite of Justin's.
A song he loved with his heart, and wanted to perform himself.
This first night was to be an Elvis song, Love me Tender.
Michael and Justin had sung it together at Christmas time, Michael loving the song as one of his favorites.
Everyone quietly sat waiting for Justin to begin.
Lynn smiled at Michael, sitting behind him, Michael turning around and talking to her quietly.
"You've got a lot to be proud of, Mom. Justin has been fantastic tonight." Michael said over his shoulder, smiling at her.
Lynn picked up on Michael's tiredness immediately, rubbing his shoulders.
"Mmmm, that feels wonderful, Mom."
Lynn smiled.
"Something else wonderful is about to happen, I believe." Lynn said pointing, as the center stage was bathed in a spotlight.
Justin stood in that center stage spotlight, standing with his arm around a young girl whom Michael recognized immediately.
"Everyone, this is Maria. Say hi, Maria!" Justin smiled down at her.
"Hi." Maria said shyly, looking out at all the people. The crowd responded with shouts of hello back.
"Maria's a bit shy, it's been an overwhelming day for her. As I'm sure all of you've heard today, a young lady was almost tragically hurt here today. She fell over a fence right here at this stadium, and if not for the quick reflexes and strength of a courageous individual, she could have been seriously hurt. Everyone, this is that sweet young lady."
The crowd roared, cheering for Maria.
Maria was beaming, looking up at Justin.
"Maria and I have a lot in common. We both have the same guardian angel."
The crowd roared, Michael sitting quietly, unsure where Justin was going with this.
Chanting could be heard steadily rising from the crowd.
They were chanting one name. Michael.
Justin and Maria were both smiling, Justin looking towards Michael. The crowd followed Justin's gaze, seeing Michael in a private box with Justin's family and the Nsync guys.
Michael was only looking at Justin. Justin felt his golden eyes on him.
"He's a shy angel, he doesn't take well to praise, but he knows how all of us feel."
The crowd was on its feet now cheering for Michael.
"What are you doing, Jus?" Michael said to him in his mind.
"This is for you my love. Just relax and enjoy it." Justin replied back.
Justin focused on the young girl beside him.
"What do you think of Michael, Maria?"
"He saved my life, Justin. He'll always have a special place in my heart. And he has such beautiful golden eyes."
A lot of awws could be heard through the crowd, as well as clapping.
"Maria. What can we do to repay this special angel?"
"How about a song, Justin?" She said smiling. The crowd erupting again in cheers.
Justin took Maria's hand walking over to a large black piano, the spotlight following them.
Justin sat down on the bench, patting the spot beside him.
Michael smiled seeing the worship in Maria's bright eyes and her wide smile as she sat down beside Justin, Justin putting his arm around her shoulder.
"This song is called Angel. It's been recorded by Sarah McLachlan and Westlife. This is my own spin on it. Maria and I both want to dedicate it to our angel, the one who risked his own safety to protect us. This is for you Michael. We love you."
The crowd erupted in cheers and clapping again, Justin beginning to play the piano.
Maria sat beside him, her eyes not leaving Justin's smiling face.
Justin's beautiful voice filled the quieting stadium, everyone lost in the beautiful music.
Michael sat still watching his love sing to him, to him alone.

Spend all my time waiting
for that second chance
for a break that would make it okay
there's always some reason
to feel not good enough
and it's hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction
or a beautiful release
memory seeps from my veins
it may be empty
or weightless and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight

Your in the arms of the angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that I fear
You're pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie
Your in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here

I'm so tired of the straight line
where everywhere I turn
there's vultures and thieves at my back
the storm keeps on twisting
keep on building the lies
that I make up for all that I lack
it don't make no difference
escape one last time
it's easier to believe
in this sweet madness oh
this glorious sadness that brings me to my knees

I'm in the arms of my angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that I fear
I am pulled from the wreckage
of my silent reverie
I'm in the arms of my angel
may I find some comfort here
I'm in the arms of my angel
may I find some comfort here

All his family and friends watched Michael, seeing the tears in his golden eyes, seeing the love Justin was singing to him.
The applause was deafening when the song finished, Justin and Maria standing up again, Justin whispering in her ear.
They both looked up, waving in Michael's direction, both bowing to him.
The crowd erupted again, a lot of eyes looking in Michael's direction.
The darkness hid his moist eyes from most people, except for those around him.
Lynn's hand was on his shoulder, Michael's left hand squeezed by Lance.
'He didn't have to do that. But it was so beautiful." Michael said, Lance picking up on the emotion in his struggling voice. And Michael's deep exhaustion.
Within moments, Justin's final number, My Love, began.
The crowd was now on its feet dancing and cheering Justin's dancing.
Halfway through the song, Lance leaned in to Michael.
"We should get moving Michael. This way we're back in the dressing room before the crowd starts moving. We'll wait for Justin down there."
Michael nodded, Josh helping him get back into the wheelchair.
The whole group left their box, Michael listening to Justin's voice as they went out.
Paulo wheeled Michael to the elevator, the group descending downwards.
When the elevator doors opened, they were met with a flash of cameras, reporters standing at the entrance waiting for them all.
Michael was shocked by all the flashes and people closing in on them.
Paulo pushed the wheelchair ahead slowly, Lance and Josh, as well as everyone else in the group answering questions about Justin's concert.
They'd almost made it to the dressing room door when someone put their hands on Michael's wheelchair.
"Michael, Brad Stevens here from ET. What did you think of Justin's song tonight, his song dedicated to you?"
Michael looked up at the man he'd seen twice today. In person and on television.
Michael saw a lot of other video cameras pointing at him, other reporters zooming in on this discussion.
"It was a wonderful thing he did. I was totally surprised by it. I wasn't expecting it or needing it. It was a very nice thing Justin and the young lady did."
Paulo as well as Lance and Josh picked up on Michael's emotionless stare.
They all knew Michael's view of this reporter.
"Yes, the young girl you saved today. Has she thanked you personally yet? I'd like to be there when she does for our show." Brad said, smirking at Michael.
There was that arrogance again, Michael thought. Time to nip that in the bud.
"Yes I'm sure you'd like that Mr. Stevens. Just like you were there this afternoon."
Brad looked at him strangely, Michael sensing his sudden worry.
"I have to ask you something, Mr. Stevens. Why didn't you try and save her? You saw her climbing and then struggling, you were closer. And I saw you looking right at her. "
The other reporters looked at him in shock, all now looking at Brad. All the video cameras continuing to film.
Brad felt suddenly uncomfortable.
"I didn't have time to react."
"Really? But you had time to call your camera man over and get it all lined up."
"Is this true Stevens? " Another reporter asked.
"Yeah, he's right. Your video was really focused, Stevens, like it was all ready to go before the tragedy happened. Did you let that girl almost get hurt to get a story?" Another asked.
Michael watched Brad's face go white, seeing his trapped look.
"If you'll excuse me, I've seen the type of interview you do, Mr. Stevens. I'm not about to let you put me on the defensive like you did Justin this afternoon. A good reporter would treat their subjects with more respect, not interrogate them."
Michael nodded up at Paulo, Paulo pushing the chair ahead.
Brad Stevens stood alone, still in shock, the other reporters looking at him with contempt, bordering on disgust.
Paul wheeled Michael into the dressing room, the rest of the family and friends following him in, security closing the door, and guarding it.
Once inside, Joey and Chris began laughing their heads off.
"My God, Mikey!  The look on his face!  It was priceless! You nailed that bastard to the wall! Kudos, Mikey!" Joey said smiling at him, patting his back.
"Yeah, Mikey. You really put him in his place. Thank you, you really defended Justin and that young girl out there." Randall said, patting his other shoulder.
Michael nodded, smiling a little. Everyone saw his continuing tiredness.
"I couldn't let that man think he could bully people with his tactics. I also needed him to see how wrong he was in not trying to help Maria."
Everyone nodded, knowing Michael's good heart.
"I think I need to lay down, I'm really tired." Michael said quietly.
Lance helped him onto the couch, pulling his legs up.
Michael smiled closing his eyes.
Everyone talked quietly, waiting for Justin to return.

Michael heard Justin's voice in his ear.
"You okay, babe?"
Michael opened his eyes, seeing Justin's blue ones staring into his.
Michael took a deep breath, Justin leaning down and kissing his lips.
Michael picked up on Justin's still excited mood.
"You were fantastic out there, sweetie." Michael said, smiling a tired smile.
"I had your love and faith, how could I not be?"
Everyone smiled at Justin's tender words.
"You didn't answer my question, love. How are you?"
"Just tired, my love. Just really tired. My foot is still throbbing, I don't think I have the strength right now to heal it."
"It's okay love, we're going to take you back to our hotel room. I've got some PR work to do, some interviews, I'll be a while."
"I understand Jus, I really do. You do what needs to be done. And go to the party also. It's for you, you know."
There was a party being held in Justin's honor by management in the same hotel where they were staying that evening after the concert.
"I'm not going without you, Mico. "
Michael sat up, swinging his legs around slowly so Justin could sit beside him.
"You're going, Jus. This is your party. I'll just relax for a while at the hotel, and maybe come down to the party later. Okay?"
Justin nodded, his hand in Michael's.
"It was so wild out there Mico. The crowd loved me and was so into it. "
Michael smiled.
"You were unbelievable, Mr. Timberlake."
Justin smiled a large smile, kissing his lips again.
A knock came at the door, Johnny Wright walking in.
"Fantastic show, Jus. Just fantastic." He smiled, Justin jumping up and hugging him.
"It was the bomb." Justin's enthusiasm evident to everyone.
Vicky sat down beside Michael, Michael smiling at her.
"I think your man is wound up. You're going to be even more exhausted in the morning."
Chris and Joey laughed.
Justin blushed, smiling at Michael.
"I think Michael's too tired for that kind of night."
"Hey it doesn't matter if he's awake, lol." Chris smirked.
"I knew that was how you made love, Chris. What do you do, drug them?" Joey said, laughing.
"I'm buying you a chastity belt, Vicky. For your protection." Michael said.
Everyone burst out laughing, Chris blushing red.
"Me and my big mouth." He said, still blushing.
"Justin, they're waiting for you in the blue room. Lots of stuff to do. But one thing needs to be taken care of first." John said, smiling at Michael.
John went back to the door, opening it.
Maria and her sister Sonya were standing outside.
"Come in ladies." John smiled at them.
The two young ladies walked inside smiling. Then they saw Lance and Josh, as well as Chris and Joey. Their mouths dropped, Justin smiling and going up to them both.
He hugged them both.
"Hi, Maria, we all saw your performance. Nice job." Josh said, smiling at them both.
Maria blushed, Josh hugging her, and then her sister.
Sonya was in shock.
"Relax ladies, we're just normal guys, not idols." Lance said smiling at both of them.
Maria smiled, her eyes falling on Michael sitting down. She nervously looked at her sister, Sonya urging her on. Maria stood in front of Michael.
Michael sat up straight smiling at the young girl.
"Glad to see you standing, Maria. Last time I saw you, you were flying."
Maria smiled, looking again into his golden eyes.
"Thank you, Mr. Tavarro. For what you did for me. I'm sorry I was the cause of your getting hurt."
"First off, my name is Michael. Second, you're forgiven. I just want you to promise me something. Please don't go climbing fences again. You're too pretty to be flying around."
"Okay, Michael. I won't do that ever again. I promise." She smiled at him, then hugged him tightly.
Michael was surprised, he thought she seemed so bashful.
"Thank you, Michael."
"You're welcome, sweetie."
Maria pulled back, smiling at him again. Michael looked at Sonya, seeing tears in her eyes.
"What you did, Michael, for my little sister. I almost lost her. Thank you for saving her. She's my only sister."
Michael opened his arms, the young woman hugging him tight.
Michael patted her back, gradually getting her to stop crying.
Maria smiled at her older sister, Justin hugging her again.
Sonya calmed down, Michael quietly chatting with her.
Maria met everyone, Josh turning out to be her favorite. Josh gave her a kiss and a big hug, Vicky taking photos of them with all the guys.
All the guys gave them autographs, taking the address from the two girls, promising to send them the photos.
The two young ladies left with large smiles on their faces.
"Thanks guys, you made two special girls very happy." Lynn said, smiling at all her boys.
They all smiled back, Justin kissing Michael and getting up again.
"I'm off, love. Be back to the hotel soon, I'll stop in before I head to the party."
"Okay love. See you then."
Justin disappeared through the doorway, Michael sighing.
Paulo helped him back into the wheelchair, everyone hugging him.
He promised them all he'd try and get to the party, everyone knowing that he probably wouldn't.
His face gave away his tiredness.
They all understood what he'd been through.
Paulo guided him through the open door, security guards following them closely.
All the reporters were gone, probably at Justin's interviews.
Paulo and Michael got into a waiting limousine heading off toward the hotel.

Michael woke up sensing movement in the room.
He opened his tired eyes, seeing Justin standing at the end of the bed in just his briefs.
"Sorry, love. Didn't mean to wake you."
Justin slid under the covers, laying close to his Mico.
"What time is it Jus?"
"It's about ten minutes after two."
"I take it the party's over. I'm sorry, love. I must have been really zonked out."
Justin kissed him tenderly, Michael sighing, cuddling up against him.
Michael lay his head in his favorite spot.
"It's alright, Mico. You needed the rest more. Now close your eyes and get some sleep. I'm here now."
Michael smiled. Then it dawned on him.
He raised his head looking at Justin.
"Justin. You didn't leave the party because of me did you? You've only been there for less than an hour probably."
Justin pulled his body up to a sitting position, Michael rising with him.
"I left the party because I love you Mico. I wanted to be with you. I made an appearance, that was enough. I'd come in here earlier and you were totally out of it, Mico. Everyone knew I was worried about you, I wasn't exactly the life of the party."
"I'm so sorry...." Justin put his finger to Michael's lips, to quiet him.
"You have nothing to apologize for. I'm where I want to be, Michael. Here, with you in my arms. This has been a special day. I got to sing my heart out to thousands of fans. And I had you there to make me soar. I felt your love and faith every moment I was on stage. You're my love, Michael. I love you and need you. Let's just say I missed you. I'm with you now and I'm happy."
Michael had tears flowing from his eyes, Justin wiping them away with his finger.
"I love you, Jus. I'm so glad you're here with me. I need you so much."
Justin took Michael in his arms, Michael laying his head again in its favorite place.
"What you did tonight, that song you sang to me. It entered my soul. I love you so much."
Justin smiled, remembering how it felt to sing for his love in front of all those people, and how the words meant so much to him.
"I was only going to surprise you with my showing you off to the crowd. Then your accident happened and I wanted to do something more. We quickly organized the song and ran through it only once. I hope it was okay?"
"Okay? It was magical, Jus. It was one of the best things I've ever heard you sing."
Justin smiled, pulling Michael closer.
Michael raised his head again, kissing him deeply.
Justin still felt the tiredness in Michael's soul.
"You need rest my love. Let's just cuddle and fall asleep together."
Michael looked into his blue eyes, seeing Justin's energy level still high.
He knew what Justin was doing for him. That made him love him more.
"Thank you, Jus. I am still tired. I'll make it up to you in the morning."
Justin smiled, Michael laying on his chest again, Justin sighing deeply.
"Goodnight my love. I love you."
"I love you more, Timby."

Justin felt a warmth in his center, and a moisture.
He slowly opened his eyes, looking down.
Michael's head was bobbing up and down, Justin's shaft buried in his mouth.
Justin moaned, Michael looking up at Justin, not releasing his grip.
Michael's hands were between Justin's legs, massaging his balls and playing with his center.
Justin gasped, knowing he was close.
Michael grinned sinking Justin's member deeper into his throat.
He felt the first gush, the first burst of love going down his throat, followed by a rush of others.
Michael drank all he could, relishing the taste and creaminess of it.
Justin was bucking and trembling, his orgasm rocking his body.
Once Michael had cleaned Justin's cock of all it's nectar, Michael crawled back up the bed, resting against Justin.
Justin opened his eyes again, Michael seeing the love in them.
"What a way to wake up, Mico! You're the best!"
Michael smiled, licking Justin's right nipple, Justin trembling again.
"I love you, Jus."
Justin smiled, their morning ritual so wonderful.
"I love you more, Mico."
They lay together snuggling and cuddling, Justin feeling his needs rising again.
Michael got up, smiling at him, walking towards the bathroom.
Justin looked in wonder.
"Michael, your foot?"
"Completely healed, lover. I'm right as rain. Come into the bathroom and I'll please you in ways that will shudder your soul."
Justin was on his feet in a flash, following Michael into the washroom.
They made love, slowly and gently, Michael giving himself to Justin completely, the warm water heating their desires.
After a frenzied, heated session of love making, they were again laying in bed together both glowing in the aftermath of their love.
"So what's the plan today?"
Justin looked at the clock, it was eight-thirty.
"Well, back on the bus, driving to Anaheim for concert number two tonight. I've got promos all afternoon but tomorrow's a day off, then we're off to San Jose for Wednesday night's concert. Then we're off till Sunday's show in Glendale, Arizona."
"I've got something planned for tomorrow night, love."
Justin smiled, looking at Michael's hairy chest, running his hands through the soft fur.
"And what would that be?"
"Let's just say I'm helping out Paulo's dreams, as well as Jake's. And a few of my own."
"Oh, really? I thought I was your dream come true."
"You are my love, you are." Michael said, his hands running under the covers, Justin shuddering again.
"So, we should get dressed, my love. Lonnie and Paulo should be up already."
"Jake stayed with Paulo last night. Do you think they've gotten together yet?"
"No, Jus. Not yet, I'd feel it in Paulo's soul."
Justin hugged Michael, kissing his cheek. Michael was still connected with everyone.
"But, if I have my way, it will be soon." Michael smiling.
"My little matchmaker." Justin kissed him again, Michael tickling him a bit then getting up.
Justin lay in bed looking at his naked lover.
"Come back and make love to me again, Mico. I need you."
Michael smiled pulling on some new clothes.
"Sorry, love. Pull that hot body out of our bed. Your public awaits."
Justin frowned, getting out of bed, stretching.
Michael eyed every inch, every tight, smooth inch.
"Justin, your so breathtaking. I love looking at you."
Justin walked to him, standing in front of him.
"It's yours for the taking, anytime, anywhere."
Michael smirked, running his hands down his chest.
"I'll hold you to that, lover." Michael said, slapping his butt.
Justin smiled pulling on a pair of briefs.

They met everyone in the restaurant downstairs, Paulo had met them in their room with Jake.
They all sat down to a quiet breakfast, all chatting about last night's show.
Jake was leaving, going back to L.A. in an hour, Paulo sighing.
Michael didn't say anything.
Everyone else was heading home also, Justin and Michael heading to Anaheim together.
Within an hour, they were saying goodbye to Jake, Paulo looking so lost.
Half an hour later, they said goodbye to everyone else.
Then the four were on the bus again driving down the highway.
Justin and Michael relaxed, snuggling on a couch in the living room, Paulo and Lonnie busy reading newspapers.
"Hey, Michael. That reporter from last night was reprimanded. ET shucked him off to cover Broadway shows in New York. You did good bud." Lonnie said smiling at him, showing Paulo the article.
Michael didn't say anything, Justin picking up on his quiet mood.
"Don't feel sorry for him, love. I don't."
Michael nodded, smiling at Justin.
"I'm not sorry for him, he earned my wrath last night. No one messes with my Justin. I never met anyone with such an attitude. That worries me."
Justin felt Michael's protective love close. He hugged him a little tighter, kissing his cheek.
"I hate to see you worry, Mico. He's gone, he won't bother us again."
Michael remained quiet, snuggling closer to Justin.
Michael watched Paulo, sensing his quietness, he wasn't really reading the papers.
"Love, I need to talk to Paulo for a minute, will you be alright alone here?"
Justin pouted big time, Michael smiling, giving him a loving kiss.
Justin smiled, Michael feeling his desire against him.
"Hurry back, love." Justin said sighing.
"Paulo, I need your help with something." Michael said heading for the bedroom.
Paulo folded up his newspaper, got up and followed Michael.
Once they were inside the bedroom, Michael shut the door.
"So, spill. I know you're bothered by something, Paulo."
Paulo sighed, sitting on the bed, Michael sitting beside him.
"I miss Jake. It's only been an hour and I miss him. Last night we slept together, just slept. It felt so good to have him in my arms. I felt those feelings, I wanted to do so much more."
"Then why didn't you? I know Jake loves you just as much."
"It just didn't feel like the right time. I know it sounds silly, but I think I'll hear something or see something that will make me know it's time."
"You mean like a sign?"
Paulo nodded, blushing.
"That's not silly, Paulo. That's fate. I'll tell you something, that even Justin doesn't know."
Michael got up, pacing in front of Paulo.
"I knew Justin would be the one for me. A long time before we met."
Paulo stared at Michael in disbelief.
Michael sat down beside Paulo. He looked into his green eyes, seeing the truth of what Paulo would one day be.
"I knew all that my life would deal me, a long time ago."
Paulo put his arm around Michael.
"We are family, Paulo. You and I. We are brothers. I can never lie to you. I need you to know, for other reasons as well. Reasons I can't explain right now."
Michael rubbed his hands together.
"Adrian told me a long time ago. The last time I saw him when I was young, he sat me down and told me my destiny. He told me there would be so much pain and suffering, that I would be abused, tortured and hurt. That my soul and heart would be pounded ruthlessly. And that all came to pass."
Paulo held Michael a little tighter.
"And he told me I would be given a special gift. The gift of a special love. A young man would walk into my life and I would fall hopelessly in love with him. I was shocked, I hadn't sensed I was gay, I was only eight. He told me I would recognize him by his piercing blue eyes, that I would be knocked over by his beauty. At the time I didn't know what he meant by that, but I learned the truth. Let's say the floor I hit knocked that into me."
Paulo smiled, a tear forming in his eye.
"Justin was always destined to be my Justin. He was destined to be my love. And I can tell you now that I bore the pain and suffering, knowing that there was someone ahead to give me his love. That's why I never gave up, I knew, I believed with all my heart, that he was out there, waiting to be mine. And here now, I have his love, and my heart and soul have never been happier."
Paulo smiled, hugging Michael.
"So yes, I understand what you're saying about a sign, a hope for that special moment. I went through a lot of hardship waiting for him, and I saw the sign when I opened my eyes and looked into his piercing blue pools of love."
"Did Adrian tell you all of your destiny?"
Michael's face changed a little, looking into Paulo's eyes.
"He told me much, Paulo. Back then, and a short time ago. A lot of it is up to me, my decisions affecting the final outcome. But I know what must happen, yes."
Paulo looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing determination and acceptance.
"Will you be okay, Mikey?"
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"My life is in God's hands. I can only live by his love."
Michael felt he needed to change the subject.
"So, when do you see Jake again?"
"Not till whenever we get back to L.A." Paulo said, knowing Michael was changing the subject.
"That's only a  few days, we're going home probably Friday."
"It just feels like I can't wait that long."
Michael smiled, hugging Paulo.
"That's a sign of true love, my little lovesick puppy."
Paulo smiled, Michael ruffling his hair.
Paulo laughed, starting to tickle Michael, climbing on top of him. Michael started laughing loudly.
Justin came walking into the room, wondering what all the laughter was about.
He saw Paulo on top of Michael, the laughter flowing from Michael.
"Unhand my man, brother! I'll save you, my love!"
Justin dove on the bed, tackling Paulo, Michael gasping for air.
Paulo quickly flipped and pinned Justin down, starting to tickle him.
"My hero." Michael laughed, listening to Justin's laughter fill the small room.
Paulo let go, laughing at Justin.
"I'll let you two get your breath back, I  know how you old timers get winded fast. "
Paulo laughed, ducking the pillows that both Michael and Justin threw.
Paulo left, laughing his head off.
Michael smiled, looking after him.
Justin climbed on top of Michael, Michael looking into his blue eyes.
"He seems a lot happier, I take it you had a good talk with him."
"You sensed his mood too?"
"Yeah, I know he's missing Jake. Ah, young love."
"It can't hold a candle to our  love."
Justin smiled and leaned in, kissing him deeply.
"So what did you tell him?" Justin asked after their lips parted.
Michael looked into his blue eyes, knowing it was time to tell Justin the truth.
"He was talking about needing a sign to know when he found true love and was ready to go all the way with Jake."
"And you told him about your sign."
Michael looked surprised, staring at Justin.
"Mico, I've always sensed that our meeting, our falling in love was pre-ordained. It was, wasn't it?"
Michael sat up, hugging Justin to him.
"Adrian told me a long time ago about a blue-eyed man I would meet. About my being given a special gift, your special love."
Justin smiled, Michael telling him everything.
After Michael finished talking, Justin kissed him deeply.
"I so want to meet Adrian. To thank him for uniting us."
Michael had tears in his eyes.
"Our love united us, Justin. He just guided me to you. I love you so much, Timby."
Justin held his lover, a smile on his face.
"I love you more, my special angel."
The two lay together, holding each other close.
No more words were needed, they both felt in their hearts their connection of fate.

The day flew by after they arrived in Anaheim.
Justin left right after lunch, heading to a television studio for interviews.
Michael and Paulo spent the afternoon at the hotel, relaxing by the pool, Michael working on his book.
Michael received a call from his agent, going over Saturday's final schedule, Michael's first appearance.
He was also told about the reaction to his latest brush with stardom. His book sales were rising, the second book to be released in just over three weeks, just before their birthday, actually.
That was why Michael had to go to New York. A book launching party.
Michael also got a call from Jake, Michael finalizing his surprise for Paulo. Paulo seemed oblivious to anything.
Justin came back to the hotel around five o'clock, taking a shower, Michael joining him.
While Michael washed his back, Justin rubbed his ass against Michael's crotch.
"I though stars weren't supposed to have sex before the big game?" Michael teased.
"This star needs to find his center of love to center him." Justin said turning around, kissing Michael deeply.
Michael kissed back just as feverishly.
They broke the kiss, Justin's hands roaming down Michael's body.
"I think we should have our own ritual, before each of your concerts." Michael said, taking Justin's manhood and stroking it.
Justin moaned, Michael smiled.
Michael turned around, Justin looking at his beautiful ass.
"Take me, Jus. Take yourself to our center of love."
Justin leaned in, entering Michael easily, Michael moaning.
They made love, tenderly and heatedly, Justin erupting inside Michael.
Michael tenderly cleaned Justin's body, Justin doing the same to him.
They dried off, and dressed together, Justin adorning another suit, this time a light grey Armani.
"Man, Jus, you look so classy and sexy."
"That's the image, love. I'm bringing sexy back." He struck a seductive pose.
Michael smiled, patting Justin's ass.
"Just bring your sexy ass back."
Justin laughed, looking at Michael in his black polo shirt and grey slacks.
They arrived at the arena at six, Justin having some meet-and-greets to do before the concert.
Michael relaxed, working on his lap top, Pink walking into the room.
"Hey, Michael, you're looking a lot better." She said jumping into the seat beside him.
"I'm right as rain. And I'm going to watch your show tonight."
"Cool, please give me your opinion, honestly too."
Michael smiled, liking this voracious girl.
"Will do. I'm always honest, sometimes too honest."
Pink laughed, Paulo popping his head into the room.
"Your manager is looking for you Pink." He said smiling, then leaving.
"Okay, thanks gorgeous. Man, Michael, that man is hot. Every girl on the tour is talking about him. Almost as much as they're talking about you."
Michael blushed, then smiled.
"Paulo's my cousin."
"That connects the resemblance. Damn, is all your family gorgeous?"
Michael frowned.
"I only know Paulo and our grandfather, and an uncle. I can't honestly say."
Pink picked up on Michael's quiet demeanor.
"I got to run, but later sweetie, you and I are going to have a long chat."
Michael smiled, Pink hugging him.
"I've got all the dish on your man, all his stupid mistakes."
Michael laughed, Pink rustling his hair.
She left, Michael going back to his lap top.
The night went fairly quickly, Michael watching all of Pink's show, marveling at her exuberance and energy. He caught a couple of slight errors in the routines, not sure if he should voice his opinion.
After her show, Michael sat back and watched Justin's show. It was as awesome as the night before. A little different but still beautiful, magical and unbelievable.
Lonnie and Paulo both watched Michael become lost in Justin's singing and dancing.
Lonnie was used to the shows already, keeping a well trained eye on everyone else.
After the show, everyone gathered in the dressing room, Justin as hyper as he'd been the night before.
Pink came walking in her face a mask of concern.
"I'm so bothered by this, Justy." She said landing in a chair.
"What's wrong, Pink?" Justin asked sensing her confusion.
"By the fly, nice show, Justy. I'm talking about my performance.  I know something went wrong out there, I feel it, I just can't pinpoint it.  Maybe I'm just too much of a perfectionist."
Michael sat down beside Justin, Pink looking at him.
"You watched me, Mike? What do you think?"
"Okay, I said I'd be honest, so I will be."
Pink smiled at him.
"Your singing was flawless, and your dancing impeccable. But your back-up dancers missed the mark at least three times. I saw the choreography go off line twice. If you tighten up their line on the first and next-to-last two songs, everything should be smooth. The tall blond girl covered twice for the mis?steps of the short brunette."
Pink looked at Michael, greatly impressed.
"You saw all that, Mike? Wow. Do you have dancing experience?"
"Not really, I was in a dance class in school and worked in a ballroom dance hall one summer. I'm just speaking from what I saw with my eyes. I think they've done it before, it looked too relaxed to be new."
"Thanks, Mike. I'll check it out in warm-up tomorrow. Props to you sweetie."
Pink got up kissing Michael's cheek.
Justin was beaming, Michael looking at him.
"You're so amazing. You always seem to see and know everything."
Michael blushed, Lonnie and Paulo smiling at him.
"Let's head out and grab some chow. Tomorrow is an off day, I'd love to hit a club." Justin said, Michael agreeing.
They had a leisurely meal at a steak house, the food good, and the atmosphere relaxing.
They ended up in a trendy nightclub at around midnight, Justin and his entourage given a private room to relax in.
Pink and Paulo hit the dance floor, Justin and Michael relaxing for a bit.
Diane came walking into the room sitting beside Michael.
"Hi, Michael. We haven't talked since the party at your place. I want to apologize for Kevin's actions there. I'm sorry he acted like such a jerk."
Michael smiled at her, patting her hand.
"It's not your fault, Diane. He's responsible for his own actions. I'm sorry, but he needed to be taught some respect."
Diane nodded, looking at him with a worried look on her face.
"He's changed, Michael. Since the party he's completely changed. He's not as cocky and open as before. I think he's a better person. I don't know what you said to him, but I think you've shown him the respect he needed to have. He's a totally different person."
Michael smiled a small smile, looking towards Justin.
Justin was gazing out onto the dance floor, Michael seeing his eagerness.
"Get going, Timberlake. We can see your chomping at the bit to dance." Michael laughed, Justin getting up and kissing him.
"We'll be right back." Justin grabbing Diane's hand and pulling her through the door.
Two hours later, Michael still hadn't seen Justin for less than five minutes. Michael quietly chatted with people, begged off dancing, using his hurt foot as an excuse, no one knowing it was completely healed. Michael made eye contact with Justin every now and then, letting him have fun. The man was a dancing machine. Michael also saw he was downing a considerable amount of alcohol. At about two o'clock, Justin plunked down on the seat beside him, putting his arm around his shoulder, Paulo sitting down in another chair. Lonnie was sitting beside Michael, the two had been chatting.
"How goes the dancing, Jus? You look totally wound up." Lonnie said.
Michael saw Justin's slightly glazed eyes, knowing he'd have one hell of a hangover in the morning.
Justin took a long drink out of a glass, Michael taking a sip after he set it down. It was pure vodka.
Lonnie had known Justin a long time, he knew Justin was on the brink of all out partying, which meant he'd be getting wrecked. It was going to be a long night.
Lonnie looked at Michael seeing he was cold sober. It was going to be an even longer night for Michael. Justin didn't listen to anyone when he was drinking.
Michael turned Justin's face to his, looking him in the eyes.
"Jus, I think you've had enough. Time to chill and relax. Please stop drinking, for me please."
Justin looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing his concern and love.
"Okay, Mico. I'll stop."
Justin pushed the glass away, asking the passing waitress for a bottle of water.
Lonnie sat in shock.
How in God's name had Michael done that?
Michael smiled at Justin, taking his hand under the table.
The two sat together for the next hour, talking and laughing. Justin turned down several requests for dances, saying he was tired.
Lonnie couldn't believe the sudden change in him.
Michael was a wonder.
At three Justin said he'd had enough, Lonnie picking up on the fact that the alcohol was finally kicking in. Justin was done.
Michael guided him out of the club into the back of a waiting limo.
Justin rested against Michael's chest, Paulo and Lonnie talking quietly.
When they got to the hotel, Lonnie helped Michael lead Justin to the elevator.
"Need help getting him into bed, Mike?" Paulo said as the elevator door closed.
"No, its okay, my angel just needs sleep."
"I don't envy him is hangover in the morning." Lonnie said, smiling at Michael.
"I'll take care of my baby." Michael said, Justin opening his eyes, leaning against him smiling.
"Time for loving, sweetcheeks." Justin said, slipping his hand under Michael's shirt.
Paulo and Lonnie tried holding in their laughter, not doing very well at it.
"Calm down tiger, we're in the elevator. Wait till we're in our room."
Justin purred, rubbing up against Michael, Michael smiling in spite of the situation.
The door opened, Michael guiding Justin to their door.
"Night guys, see you in the morning. Preferably late morning."
"Night, Mike. Night, Justin."
Justin staggered a bit, waving at the two men, his other hand still under Michael's shirt.
Lonnie and Paulo continued to laugh going into their room across the hall.
Michael led Justin directly through the living room into the bedroom.
"My baby wants me bad." Justin said, starting to pull off his clothes.
Justin stumbled falling back on the bed, then sliding off it, his pants around his knees.
Michael couldn't help but laugh, seeing the great Justin Timberlake laying on his ass, almost naked.
The celebrity rags would pay hefty for pics of this.
Michael sighed, leaning down and helping a laughing Justin back up onto the bed again.
Michael pulled off Justin's shoes and socks, then pulled his pants the rest of the way off.
Justin fell back, laying on his back, his breathing ragged.
Michael looked up at him feeling his sudden irregular feelings.
Michael pulled him up, leading him quickly to the bathroom.
Justin threw up in the toilet, all his dinner coming up.
Michael held him, letting him finish.
"You okay, sweetie?" Michael asked, when it looked like Justin was finished.
"Yeah, that feels better, I'm so tired Mico. I'm sorry."
"I'll help you to bed, sweetie. You need sleep."
Justin let Michael lead him to the bed, Michael removing his briefs and shirt, Justin now completely naked.
Michael helped Justin climb into bed under the covers, Michael starting to get up to remove his clothes.
Justin grabbed him fiercely, clinging to him, refusing to let him go.
And Justin began to cry, and then to sob openly.
"What's wrong, my love?" Michael said, feeling Justin's heartache.
"Don't leave me, Mico. Please don't leave me."
Michael was shocked. Where was this coming from?
"I'm not going anywhere, Jus. I'm right here with you, right where I want to be."
"I don't want you to die, I don't want you to leave me."
Michael was shocked, holding onto Justin, letting him feel his love against him.
"I love you ,Timby. I'm here now. I love you."
Michael rocked him back and forth, Justin slowly calming down.
Michael held him until he heard Justin lightly snoring.
He gently laid Justin back down, Justin sleeping soundly.
Michael got up, removing his clothes.
He crawled into bed beside Justin, Justin not moving.
Michael lay still, thinking about what Justin had said.
Justin was terrified of losing him.
And Michael couldn't understand why.
Michael moved against him, holding him close, his head on Justin's chest.
"I'm not leaving you, Jus. Ever."

End of Chapter 69

So ends another chapter in Michael and Justin's lives.
Did you enjoy Justin's surprise for Michael?
Michael certainly put Brad in his place, but have we heard from the last of him?
What is Justin scared of?
What can Michael do to help Justin?
I've never been able to see Justin live in concert, I've written it how I'd like it to be, hope its close to the real thing.
Lots more coming up including Michael's surprise for Paulo and a confession.

Keep the faith, Angel.