Justin's Angel-70

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to
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The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other
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Michael helped Justin climb into bed under the covers, Michael starting to get up to remove his clothes.
Justin grabbed his fiercely, clinging to him, refusing to let him go.
And Justin began to cry, and then to sob openly.
"What's wrong, my love?" Michael said, feeling Justin's heartache.
"Don't leave me, Mico. Please don't leave me."
Michael was shocked. Where was this coming from.
"I'm not going anywhere, Jus. I'm right here with you, right where I want to be."
"I don't want you to die, I don't want you to leave me."
Michael was shocked, holding onto Justin, letting him feel his love against him.
"I love you, Timby. I'm here now. I love you."
Michael rocked him back and forth, Justin slowly calming down.
Michael held him until he heard Justin lightly snoring.
He gently laid Justin back down, Justin sleeping soundly.
Michael got up, removing his clothes.
He crawled into bed beside Justin, Justin not moving.
Michael lay still, thinking about what Justin had said.
Justin was terrified of losing him.
And Michael couldn't understand why.
Michael moved against him, holding him close, his head on Justin's chest.
"I'm not leaving you, Jus. Ever."

The love of lonely hearts issued forth by desire;
Comes on heated lips and open souls on fire.
First was friendship and pain mingled with deep loss;
Then came love and desire, on a rose's white gloss.
He who loves forever shall be the first in line
For deeper happiness, your love forever mine.

From Daniel's Passion, by Michael Tavarro.

Chapter 70

Moments of Love

Michael lay in bed thinking, his thoughts interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing.
"Hello?" Michael said quietly, Justin not moving beside him.
"Morning, Mikey!"
Michael lay back on the bed.
"What time is it, Paulo?"
"It's nine thirty, Mikey! You two going to sleep the day away!"
"Paulo, it's Justin's day off. Why are you bothering us so early? Go lay around the pool or something. Justin won't be up for a while, you know he partied a little too much last night."
"Okay, Mikey. Thought maybe you'd like some breakfast. Lon and I are heading downstairs."
"Okay, Paulo. I'll meet you downstairs shortly. Give me ten minutes or so."
Michael hung up the phone, smiling.
Paulo seemed in a good mood. That was good. Wait till this evening.
Michael smiled, his plans all carefully laid out.
He looked down at Justin, seeing him laying sound asleep beside him.
Last night's revelation troubled Michael. Where had that suddenly come from?
Had Justin been that bothered by Paul's public declaration?
He'd seemed so strong to Michael, not afraid of Paul.
Michael had to talk to him, but he'd wait till Justin and he had some free alone time later tonight.
He scanned down Justin's body, all his body exposed, the covers pulled down.
Michael couldn't get enough of Justin's taut, smooth form.
His chest sent Michael's blood rushing downward.
Michael thought it was the most beautiful part of his body. He could lay for hours against it, feeling his heart beating.
Michael ran his hand across it, Justin not moving at all.
He shook his head. Justin had drank a lot last night. But he'd stopped when Michael had asked him to, not going over the line into all out binging. Michael was happy about that. Justin had listened to him.
Michael knew he'd have a hangover this morning, but Michael would fix that for him.
Michael scanned over his chest, seeing a light dusting of hair between Justin's nipples, running his fingers through it.
Michael liked the idea of hair on Justin's chest and arms, it sent a fire into his heart.
Justin shaved, not liking hairy skin, but he'd stopped shaving his arms for Michael, knowing it turned him on. Maybe Michael could talk to him about his chest.
Michael wanted Justin to be as he was, the real Justin. Not the beautified or glamorized Justin Timberlake.
The real Justin sent Michael's heart racing. Hair and all.
Michael noticed Justin was highly aroused, another side affect of the alcohol.
He smiled, pulling the sheet up over his lover, covering his body.
Michael quietly got up, going into the bathroom.
He quickly showered, then dressed in a pair of cargo shorts and a t?shirt.
Justin hadn't moved,  totally oblivious to the world around him.
Michael would let him sleep for a while longer, to rejuvenate his tired body.
"Love ya, Timby." Michael whispered, kissing his lips lightly. Michael smelled the alcohol on Justin's breath, not liking that smell at all.
Michael quietly left the room, going downstairs.
He found Paulo and Lonnie in the hotel restaurant already drinking coffee, waiting for him.
"Morning, guys." Michael smiled, sitting down.
"I take it lover boy is still zonked out?" Lonnie said smiling.
"Oh yeah, completely." Michael said.
Lonnie looked at him, as if he wanted to say something.
"Something on your mind, Lon?" Michael asked, after he'd finished ordering from the waitress who'd arrived at the table.
Lonnie and Paulo ordered, the waitress leaving.
"I just wanted to say I'm proud of you."
Michael looked surprised, not sure what Lonnie was alluding to.
"I saw how you handled Justin last night. He was on the brink of a night of wild drinking, you’re the first person I ever saw who was able to make him stop. You curtailed that in a wonderful way."
Michael smiled.
"Justin and I have made an agreement. The night of our party, actually. I have no qualms about him enjoying himself, or drinking, I want him to. But I won't put up with a drunk. We've agreed that when I think he's had enough he'll listen to me, and stop. Last night he did. That was the first time we've been in that situation. I was kind of surprised he listened to me."
"I wasn't." Lonnie said, patting Michael's arm.
"Justin will always listen to you, Mikey. He loves you too much not to."
Michael smiled, looking at Paulo, seeing a smile on his face as well.
"You sounded awful chipper this morning, Paulo?"
Paulo smiled again, actually blushing.
"I called Jake this morning. We talked about a lot of things.  He kept saying he loved me so much. He says he'll have a big surprise for me soon. I can't wait. What do you think it might be, Mikey?" Paulo asked, taking a drink of his coffee.
"Maybe he's going to ask you to marry him?" Michael said, no expression on his face.
Paulo nearly choked on the coffee in his mouth, Lonnie patting him on the back.
Paulo looked at Michael in shock.
Michael burst out laughing,  Paulo finally relaxing, his breathing coming back to normal.
Lonnie smiled, shaking his head at Michael.
"You are just so twisted, Mikey." Lonnie said, starting to laugh.
Michael looked at Paulo, laughing.
Paulo couldn't stay shocked for long, joining in on the laughter.
"Lonnie have I introduced you to the future Mrs. Jake Gyllenhaal." Michael said, pointing to Paulo.
Paulo and Lonnie both lost it again.
The waitress looked at them strangely when she came back with their silverware, Michael looking so serious.
"I'm sorry, we'll be more quiet. I just found out my brother's engaged."
Paulo fought the laughter, tears in his eyes.
"That's wonderful." The waitress said smiling at Paulo.
"Yes, but it will be a shotgun wedding. The bride's pregnant." Michael said smiling at the waitress as she began to leave.
Lonnie lost it completely, Paulo right behind him.
The two burst out laughing, Lonnie putting his head in his hands on the table.
The waitress looked confused, Michael smiling at her again.
"I'm sorry, it's all a personal joke. No one's getting married. But my brother is deeply in love, that's the important thing."
Paulo looked at Michael smiling.
The waitress smiled, walking away, Michael calming her with his beautiful smile.
"Mikey, I'll say it again.  You, my friend, are twisted. Please don't ever change." Lonnie said patting him on the back.
Michael smiled, the three relaxing and enjoying a wonderful breakfast together.
"So, Paulo, you and I are hitting the malls later. For some power shopping."
"What about lover boy, it's his day off, Mikey? The two of you should be together." Paulo said, smiling.
"Justin has an interview this afternoon, so you and I will shop then. Jus and I will be together all evening and night. Besides, I want to look for a new outfit for you. We're going to dinner tonight and I want you to look sharp."
Paulo frowned.
"Mikey, you and Justin should have dinner together alone. I'd only be a third wheel. I'll eat with Lonnie in our room."
"Lonnie has other plans, right Lonnie?"
"Yep, my brother lives here, going to pop down and see him for supper, once the interview's done." Lonnie said.
"So, I'll not have you staying alone in your room, my wallflower."
Paulo nodded, smiling.
"Okay, but I'm disappearing right after. You two need time for some loving."
Michael smiled, Lonnie winking at him.
"That's cool, we don't need you to watch. Unless you need lessons."
Paulo laughed, blushing again.
"Twisted man, just twisted." Lonnie said laughing and shaking his head.
Michael paid for breakfast, the other two thanking him. Michael left a sizeable tip for the flustered waitress.
They went back upstairs, Lonnie heading out to see his brother for a bit. Paulo was in charge of Justin and Michael till Lonnie met them at the television station for Justin's interview.
Lonnie and Paulo had complete faith in each other's ability to keep these two men safe. They'd talked at length about their responsibilities in regards to Michael’s and Justin's safety.
Michael walked into his suite with Paulo, Michael walking directly into the bedroom.
Michael called Paulo into the room, Paulo walking in.
Paulo saw Justin sound asleep.
Paulo also caught a look of mirth on Michael's face.
Michael wiggled his eyebrows at Paulo, cupping his hands together.
"Fire! Fire!" Michael screamed.
Justin leapt up out of bed, totally naked, and in a state of arousal. He was looking around in confusion. He fell off the bed  landing on his stomach on the carpeted floor.
Michael and Paulo were laughing, seeing Justin's ass sticking up in full view as he got up on his knees.
"Ain't that a beautiful sight." Michael said walking over to Justin, slapping his ass, and laughing his head off.
Justin stood up slowly looking at Michael.
"Very funny, Mico." Justin said rubbing his eyes.
Paulo was immediately blushing, seeing Justin's large erection standing out from his toned body.
He turned his head away, looking at the wall.
"Sweetie, you're making Paulo blush, and making him jealous."
Paulo blushed redder.
Justin looked down seeing his aroused state.
"To hell with Paulo. He was in on your little joke, he has to deal with what I've got hanging out."
Justin pulled Michael into his arms, wanting a kiss, and maybe more.
"Jus, I love you. But I'm not kissing that mouth until you gargle with mouthwash. And take a shower, all I can smell is alcohol. You've been sweating it out all night."
Justin smiled, nodding, his cock rubbing against Michael's hand.
"Love you more, Mico. Be right back. And don't forget, I always get even."
Justin walked up to Paulo, smiling.
"And don't think I'll forget your part in this, bro."
Paulo looked into Justin's eyes.
"Morning, Justin." He said not trying to look down.
Justin smiled at Paulo's modesty.
"Think of what you're seeing as a special gift from me, sexy."
Paulo blushed red again, Michael laughing.
"Get going to your shower, horndog." Michael said walking out into the other room.
Justin laughed at Michael's leaving, turning back to a red faced Paulo.
"It's okay if you look, Paulo. I don't mind. Go ahead. Michael trusts us completely."
Paulo slowly looked down again, scanning over Justin's body. It was so beautiful.
But this was Justin, Michael's Justin. And Michael was so damn lucky.
Paulo smiled, looking up into Justin's blue eyes.
"Michael's very lucky, Justin. You’re beautiful."
"Thanks, Paulo. But I'm the lucky one."
"That you are."
Justin smiled widely.
"I hope I am lucky, too. I hope Jake is as beautiful as you are."
Justin smiled, now knowing that Paulo wasn't attracted to him in that way. His mind was only on his Jake.
Justin hugged him, kissing his cheek.
"I think you have nothing to worry about. He'll be the man of your dreams in every way."
Paulo smiled, feeling totally comfortable now with Justin's nudity. To be so close to someone so beautiful and to think only of his Jake, that spoke volumes in Paulo's mind. It was Jake he wanted, Jake he needed. He was totally in love.
Paulo smiled a large smile, Justin sensing his newfound happiness.
"I'll see you shortly, bro. I have to get cleaned up for my Mico."
Justin released him, walking into the bathroom, Paulo following his bubble butt as he walked.
Yes, Mikey was indeed lucky, Paulo thought.
Paulo walked out into the living room seeing Michael on the phone.
Michael hung up smiling as Paulo sat down beside him.
"I ordered some breakie for Jus. Why are you smiling, Paulo?  Get another eyeful?"
Paulo blushed again, Michael laughing.
"It's okay, bro. Justin is beautiful, who couldn't resist looking at him naked?"
"He is that, Michael. And he's completely yours. Looking at Justin naked made me realize he's beautiful, but he's not my Jake. It's Jake I want to love, to make love to."
Michael smiled, sensing the deep truth in Paulo's words.
"But I will say one thing, Mikey. You have one beautiful man there, you’re damn lucky."
"Don't I know it, Paulo. Don't I know it." Michael smiled.
Shortly Justin came walking out of the bedroom wearing a t?shirt and shorts, rubbing his head.
"Any aspirin, love?  I've got a killer headache."
"I wonder why, Jus?." Michael smirked.
Justin blushed a little, sitting beside Michael.
Michael leaned in kissing him deeply, Justin smiling when the kiss was broken.
"Mmmm, much better. I almost have my Jus back. Let me help your hangover, love."
Justin relaxed as Michael put his fingers on Justin's temples.
Michael closed his eyes and concentrated.
Justin felt all the weariness and his headache leave him.
Michael opened his eyes breaking contact.
Justin smiled a wide smile.
"I feel fantastic! Thanks, love. My Mico, the surefire hangover cure!"
Michael smiled kissing Justin again.
There was a knock on the door, Paulo letting in a waiter with Justin's breakfast.
Justin ate heartily while Paulo told him about Michael's little joke in the restaurant.
Justin laughed until milk shot out his nose, that making Paulo double over in laughter.
Michael just quietly smiled.
Justin winked at Michael, Michael winking back.
Michael had filled Justin in early last night on his surprise for Paulo, Justin seemed ecstatic about it.
Justin knew Michael was a hopeless romantic, this proving it even more.
They sat around for a while just relaxing, Justin and Michael cuddling together. Paulo never tired of watching his two brothers cuddle together. He saw how much love the two shared, wishing Jake were here so he could do the same.
Michael didn't sense any of last nights sorrow in Justin, sensing he'd buried it deep again. They definitely had to talk later.
They quietly chatted, Justin getting up and dressing for his interviews.
Paulo and Michael drove Justin to the television station, Lonnie meeting them there.
Paulo and his brother headed out to do some shopping.
They hit all the trendy men's clothing stores, finally ending up at an Armani store.
Michael found the perfect outfit there for Paulo, a grey silk shirt and dark charcoal pants. The outfit made Paulo's darker Mediterranean looks stand out.
"Right on the money, bro. The women, and men won't be able to take their eyes off you tonight."
Paulo looked at himself in the full length mirror, smiling. He did look good, he only wished Jake could see him look this good.
Michael knew who he was thinking about.
Michael told the salesperson that he'd take it, in two different sizes.
Paulo looked at him confused, as Michael gave the salesperson the other sizes.
"For my Jus. If it looks this good on you, he'll want it himself."
Paulo laughed, Michael smiling.
They headed back to the hotel, it would be another two hours before Justin was free.
They went to Michael's room, relaxing and chatting.
Michael showed Paulo his schedule again, Paulo making notes for his own planner.
"So how often will you be able to see Jake?" Michael asked when Paulo had everything noted.
"Well, after this weekend, he's in Boston and New York shooting a new movie. He won't have any free time till after April." Paulo frowned.
Michael knew how hard this would be for Paulo, being away so much. Love never was easy.
"I'm sure you two can find a way to be together. Love always finds a way."
Paulo smiled, sensing Michael was thinking about something else.
"Mikey, is something bothering you?"
Michael sighed looking into Paulo's green eyes.
He quietly told him about Justin's revelation last night.
Paulo listened to Michael telling him all Justin had said.
"They say a person's tells the truth when they're drunk. That their true feelings come out. I think he's really afraid of losing you, Mikey."
Michael nodded, feeling the same feelings.
"There is only one way to truly show him, I didn't want to do it, but I don't think there is any other way."
"How do you do that?"
Michael looked at Paulo, remaining quiet for a moment.
"I have to tell him the truth. All that I know and all that will come to be."
Paulo looked at Michael, sensing Michael’s unsure feelings.
"I promised his a while back that I would sit down with him and tell him everything I know, so we could deal with it together. I think it's time to face our future."
"Are you allowed to do that, Mikey? Does Adrian want you to?"
"Damn it, Paulo! I don't care. I'll not let my Justin live in fear, in sorrow, thinking I might leave him!"
Michael's face showed great concern and worry, all of it directed at Justin.
"I just don't know how he'll react when he hears the truth."
Paulo put his arm around Michael.
"I think his love will be enough, along with your love."
Michael smiled, Paulo still sensing some worry in Michael's heart.
"I love him so much, Paulo. He's everything to me. I just want him to be happy."
Paulo smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"If he's with you, he'll be happy."
Michael smiled a genuine smile now, Paulo smiling back.

An hour later, Justin and Lonnie left the studio, the interview done.
"Ya did good in there as always, Slim. Proud of you." Lonnie said, driving an SUV.
"Yeah, everything went real well. Man, everyone's picking up on Michael's and my friendship. Half the questions were about him."
Lonnie smiled.
"And that's what you want, right?"
"Yep. I want everyone to know the real Mico." Justin said smiling.
"I saw the real Mico last night." Lonnie said, looking at Justin.
Justin looked confused, wondering what Lonnie was talking about.
"I just couldn't believe it, Jus. Michael asked you to stop drinking and you did immediately. No one's ever been able to make you do that, not even your Mom."
Justin smiled, looking at his friend.
"I love him, Lon. I'll always do anything he asks of me. All I have to do is look into his golden eyes and  I melt. I trust him in all things."
Lonnie smiled widely, hearing what he'd hoped he would hear.
"I've never met anyone like him, Lon. He's so totally focused, determined and together.  And his heart and soul are so full of love. I remember the first time I felt a small part of that love in him, I thought I'd do anything to feel that love with me always. I never dreamed he'd be the man he is, and that he'd love me."
Lonnie smiled again, patting Justin's shoulder.
"I think he loves you even more. All you have to do is look at what he's done for you, what he's accomplished for you, in your own life, and you'd see that."
Justin nodding , knowing Lonnie was right.
"I can't believe what he's now doing for Paulo and Jake. Bringing them together like this, it's so romantic. He's so giving and loving. I'm going to marry him, Lon. I want to. I love him so much, I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I just hope that it will be a long life."
Lonnie picked up on something, looking at Justin.
"You okay, Jus? Something in the way you said that, makes me believe you think it may not be. What's going on?"
Justin's face changed.
"I'm okay, Lon. I'm just still worried about this Fredrick thing. About Paul."
Lonnie nodded, it worried him, too. There had been no sign or word about those two men. Their presence still hung a dark shadow over Justin and Michael's lives.
"We're all here to protect you, Slim. And you've got Michael at your back. The way you two communicate, he'll always be with you."
Justin smiled at that. He searched out for his Mico.
"I'm on my way, Mico. We'll be at the hotel in fifteen." Justin said in his mind.
"Great, Jus. We're just relaxing waiting for you. The surprise should arrive in about a half hour. Once you're here, I'll disappear to get it organized. See you shortly, sweetie. Love ya, Timby." Michael said back to Justin.
Justin smiled, Lonnie immediately guessing what was going on.
Justin smiled at Lonnie.
"Michael's in a good mood. His surprise is almost ready."
"Paulo doesn't suspect anything?"
"Nope, he's clueless. He's going to be blown away."
The two smiled, marveling at what Michael was doing.
"Justin. About what we talked about, I think you need to talk with Mikey about all that. You need to let him know you're scared for him. Maybe he can help you.  If anyone can, I know he can." Lonnie said.
"I will, Lon. I think we need to sit down, and Michael needs to tell me what he knows. He promised me he would. Only then can I deal with my feelings." Justin said half smiling, then looking out the window.
Lonnie looked at his friend, feeling for Justin's worry.

Justin and Lonnie walked into Justin's suite, Michael and Paulo relaxing in the living room watching a basketball game on the television.
Lonnie plopped down beside Paulo, the two talking away.
Michael hugged his Justin to him, kissing him deeply.
"Missed ya, lover." Justin said, after breaking away from Michael's sweet lips.
"Missed you too, sexy." Michael purred, nibbling at Justin's ear.
Justin felt his urges building, wishing they were alone.
"Please, Mico. Don't tease me." He said, his breathing deepening.
Michael smiled, sensing the affect he was having on his lover.
"Okay, love. I'll calm down. But after dinner, your delicious body is all mine."
Justin beamed, he loving that private smile Michael was giving him.
"Well, now that you two guys are back, I have to run out for something. Paulo, keep my Justin amused."
Paulo laughed, Justin looking at him.
"Hey, I saw his ass and more this morning, I'm not touching that pervert."
Michael and Justin both laughed, Lonnie looking confused.
Michael got up kissing Justin, grabbing his phone and Justin walking him out of the suite.
Justin stepped into the hall, looking around and pulling Michael against him.
"How long will you be, love?"
"About half an hour. I'll be right back."
"Hurry back, love. I'd like a little fun before we have to go."
Michael smiled, kissing his lover.
"Keep it in your pants, love. I'll take care of that myself."
Justin smiled, seeing the look of lust in Michael's eyes.
They parted, Justin watching him walk down the hall and into the opening elevator.

An hour later, Michael returned to the suite, Lonnie zonked out on the couch, Paulo nodding off.
"Okay, rise and shine. It's five fifteen, our reservations are for six thirty, Paulo. Why don't you take sleepy there and go get ready. Be back here at six fifteen. Now move it."
Paulo smiled, Lonnie laughing and stretching.
"Will do Mikey. I need to be heading to my brother's soon too. I'll get Paulo all spiffed out and take care of what you asked me to do."
The two men left the suite, Michael smiling, walking into the bedroom.
Justin was sitting at the writing table by the bed, going over his itinerary for the concert series.
"Everything organized and ready, love?" He said looking up at Michael leaning against the door frame.
"Yes, it's all a go. We need to get ready love. Let's get all dressed up."
Justin's brow furrowed.
"Why do we need to do that? It's Paulo that's got the hot date."
"And what if I told you I have something magical planned for my Jus too?"
Justin's face lit up.
"Really, Mico?"
Michael smiled, walking to the closet.
He pulled out two garment bags, lying them down on the bed, looking at Justin.
Michael turned and went into the closet again, walking back out, his hand behind his back.
"Stand up, my love."
Justin got up, Michael walking up to him.
He pulled a white rose from behind his back, giving it to Justin.
"A rose of white beauty, to symbolize my deep love for you."
Justin smiled, smelling the perfumed scent of the fresh rose.
Michael kissed Justin lightly on his moist lips, Justin wanting more.
Michael backed off, smiling at him.
"Stand still, my love. Let me dress you."
Justin smiled as Michael unbuttoned his shirt, removing it. His hands lightly traced down his chest, across his washboard stomach, and stopping at his waist band.
Michael undid the button and zipper, Justin's pants falling down, Justin stepping out of them.
Michael could see his full erection trying to break free from its confinement.
"Calm down my love. Pleasure comes much later. Right now begins our special night of romance."
Justin's eyes teared up hearing Michael's love in his voice.
"I love you, Mico."
Michael smiled, running his left hand along Justin's cheek.
"I love you more, Timby."
Michael walked over to the bed, smiling back at his love.
He opened one of the garment bags, pulling out a baby blue silk shirt and navy blazer, as well as a pair of black dress pants.
He walked back to Justin, helping him pull on the dress pants, Michael pulling up the zipper over his large bulge. He heard Justin moan softly, Michael kissing his lips lightly again.
Michael ran the belt through the loops, then helped Justin on with the silk shirt.
Michael loved the feel of silk against Justin's body, it highlighted all the muscles and curves of his torso.
"You look so hot in silk, my love."
Justin smiled, as Michael's hands ran across his chest.
"That's the hottest I've ever felt getting dressed." Justin smiled.
"Wait till you get undressed." Michael said, licking Justin's earlobe.
Justin trembled, Michael feeling it.
"Here, love. Let me help you with your socks and shoes."
Michael sat Justin down on the chair at the dressing table. He bent down in front of Justin, putting navy socks on both of his smooth long feet.
He massaged each foot, treating it as a beautiful part of his man.
Justin sighed, loving this attention from Michael.
Michael put on the new Gucci dress shoes he'd bought Justin.
Justin looked at them, seeing how nice they looked.
"Wow, Mico!  Those are awesome shoes!"
"Nothing but the best for my love."
Justin smiled at Michael as he got up, kissing him lightly again.
This light romantic mood was filling Justin's soul with love and desire.
"Relax my love, while I get dressed." Michael said standing up now.
"Would you like me to dress you, my sweet?" Justin smiling at him.
"No, Jus. You relax and just watch."
Michael walked over beside the bed, turning and facing Justin.
Justin sat still waiting for the show he sensed Michael was going to give him.
Michael removed his t?shirt slowly, Justin taking in his muscular furry chest.
Michael stood still, unbuttoning his shorts, the pair falling to the floor.
Justin stared at the body exposed to him.
The white boxer-briefs stood out on the darker complexion of Michael's skin.
Justin could see the growing bulge in those briefs, feeling the desire in Michael.
He just wanted to run across the room and take him in his arms. His body had that effect on him.
But Justin knew this night was about romance.
Michael smiled, seeing how it was affecting Justin.
Michael walked to the bed, opening the other garment bag.
He pulled out a black silk shirt, black dress pants and a black jacket.
Justin's eyes went wide.
Michael knew how Justin loved him in black.
Michael seductively put on the pants, then the shirt. When he was completely dressed, he stood looking at Justin, Justin getting up and walking to him.
Michael helped Justin on with his navy jacket.
The two men stood in front of each other, looking into each other's beautiful eyes.
"Tonight is about romance, my love. It's not about you, or me, it's about us. What we are together. A couple in love. I love you, Justin. With my heart and soul. Tonight, I will show you my love. Will you show me yours?"
Justin looked into Michael's golden eyes.
"I will show you my love, my heart and my soul. I love you, Michael."
The two kissed, both feeling their inner love and happiness.
"Let's go and make others feel our love. Paulo's night of love is about to start."
Justin smiled, taking the white rose off the bed, and breaking the stem down. He pinned the rose to Michael's black jacket lapel, adjusting it to look just right.
"A flower, for the flower of my heart."
Michael teared up, kissing Justin again.
The two walked out hand in hand, just as they heard a knock on the suite door.
Justin opened it to see Paulo all dressed and ready.
"Wow, Justin. You look sharp. You too Michael. I feel underdressed." Paulo said as he stood in the hallway.
"No way, Paulo, you’re a sharp-ressed man. Michael, your taste is superb." Justin said, smiling at Michael.
Michael smiled walking up to Paulo, hugging him.
"All set, bro?"
"Yes, I guess.  I still feel uncomfortable about intruding on you two, though.  You both look so beautiful and romantic, I shouldn't be there."
Michael put his arm around Paulo's shoulder guiding him down the hallway as Justin walked beside them.
"You, in no way, will be intruding on Justin's and my romantic evening. Please believe me, Polo."
Paulo looked at Michael suddenly.
"You called me Polo."
They were at the elevator door now, Justin pressing the up button.
"You are my brother, Polo. On very special occasions, I'd like to use that name."
Paulo nodded smiling.
The three got in the elevator, Justin hitting the button for the top floor.
"Why are we going up? The restaurant is on the ground floor." Paulo asked, looking at his two brothers.
Michael smiled hugging Paulo again. He broke the hug as the elevator doors opened.
They walked down the hall stopping in front of a suite door. Justin tapped lightly.
Michael turned, taking Paulo's hands in both of his, looking into Paulo's deep green eyes.
"Polo, you are my brother. I love you with all my heart. I wanted to do something for you, to help the love that's entered your heart, to make you see the love that I see in you. I love you bro, I do this for you, and you alone. Enjoy your wonderful evening. Open your heart to all the love that's inside you and that's in this room."
Justin opened the door, Michael letting go of Paulo's hands.
Paulo looked into the suite, seeing Jake standing in the center of the room, a red rose in his hand.
Paulo walked slowly inside in shock, turning back and looking at Michael.
"Have a wonderful evening." Michael said as he closed the door in front of him.
Paulo turned, looking at the vision in front of him.
Jake was wearing a grey silk shirt and pants that matched Paulo's perfectly.
To Paulo he was a vision of beauty, his blue eyes seeming electrically charged as they stared at him.
"Hello, my love. Welcome to our night of love." Jake said, giving Paulo the rose.
Jake took him in his arms. Paulo still hadn't said a word, the moment still in his mind.
"Jake, how...."
"All this is your brother's doing. He did this for us. He told me that you've been so lost without me. He called me last night, and told me to get my ass up here and make you happy. I didn't have to think twice. I almost ran here. I've missed you so much, Polo."
Paulo could see the tears in Jake's blue eyes.
"I've missed you more, my love."
Jake's lips found Paulo's in an instant, the two entwined in a love that went to their souls.
Paulo was lost in the kiss, feeling the passion and the love.
Jake was lost in Paulo's love, their souls uniting.
They broke the kiss, their hands lightly touching each other's face.
"I love you, Jake. With all my heart and soul."
Jake felt a sob rush through him.
"I love you too, my Polo. With all my being."
Paulo took him in his arms, holding him as Jake cried tears of happiness.

Justin and Michael walked hand in hand down the hallway, Justin seeing Michael smiling to himself.
Justin stopped him, kissing him deeply.
"Mmm, Mico. That was the best." Justin said as he parted with him.
"That's only the beginning."
Michael pulled out his key card, inserting it in their door behind Justin.
Justin smiled as Michael opened their door.
Michael led Justin into the suite. Justin stopping in surprise.
There was a table laid out with candles, roses and a bottle of wine. A cart with food on it was also present.
"How did you..." Justin began to ask.
"With help from our good friend Lonnie."
Justin smiled, Michael walking him to the bedroom.
The room was lit with candles, rose petals strewn all across the bed.
"I wanted to make up for our lost night on that bed of roses."
Justin teared up, Michael pulling him to him.
They kissed a deep kiss of love.
"I love you Justin, with everything inside me."
Justin started crying, Michael holding him close.
"I love you, Mico, you'll never know how much."
Michael held him, humming softly, Justin regaining his composure.
"I'm overcome by the romance, love. You're such a romantic."
"You inspire me, my love."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing him again.
"Let's sit down and enjoy a fine meal, my love. " Michael said, leading Justin back to the table.
The two sat down, Michael pouring each a glass of wine.
They both took a sip, Justin looking into Michael's golden orbs.
"This is so wonderful, love. You really surprised me."
"I like to keep you on your toes. And I like to curl them too."
Justin laughed, looking at Michael with so much love.
"That you can do, my love. Every night."
Michael smiled, taking Justin's hand in his while they ate their delicious dinner.

Jake and Paulo each held a glass of champagne, Jake looking into his green eyes.
"I want to propose a toast, my love."
Paulo raised his glass, Jake touching his with his.
"I want to toast our love, our happiness, and most of all, you, my love."
Paulo smiled, both taking a sip, Paulo kissing Jake again.
Jake purred, when they broke the kiss.
"Wow. You taste divine."
Paulo smiled, Jake pulling out a chair for him.
Paulo sat down, Jake putting a plate of food in front of Paulo and then sitting down himself.
"Michael ordered the meal and set this all up. That's a wonderful brother you have, Polo."
Paulo smiled thinking of Michael.
"Yes, he's beyond anything I dreamed of."
Jake smiled, taking Paulo's hand in his.
They sat together holding hands, while they ate their favorite foods.
Michael had thought of everything.

The meal was delicious, Jake and Paulo talking and laughing through it, never taking their eyes off each other.
Jake got up, taking two small plates of cherry cheesecake off the cart, placing one in front of Paulo.
The two ate their dessert, spoonfeeding each other small bites.
After they'd finished, Jake walked over to an end table, pulling something out of a drawer.
He came back with an envelope and a  blue box.
He set them both down in front of Paulo and sat down again.
"What is this, Jake?"
Jake smiled, looking into Paulo's emerald eyes.
"I honestly don't know, Polo. Michael told me to give this to you after dessert. He said for you to open the box first."
Paulo smiled, looking into Jake's beautiful blue eyes.
Paulo opened the blue box, staring in shock. Jake's curiousity was piqued as well.
Paulo pulled out a beautiful white orchid.
His eyes began to water, a sob running through his chest.
Jake became concerned, getting up and putting his arm around Paulo.
"You okay, my love?"
Paulo nodded. Then he looked at the letter.
"Could you read this to me, my love. I'm a bit emotional."
Jake pulled his chair beside Paulo, sitting down.
Jake quietly opened the envelope, unfolding a single page of paper.
He looked up into Paulo's emerald eyes, seeing the tears flowing.
Jake returned to the letter, beginning to read.

My Polo:

You hold in your hand a symbol of your lost love and grief.
Your mother always wore white orchids, this flower became a sacred part of your memories.
She loved you, Polo. With all her heart and soul. And she still loves you, of this I know truthfully. Believe me on that.
But a memory of lost love is just that, a memory. Cherish it but don't let it rule you.
Look up, my brother.
Sitting here in front of you, reading this letter, is the love of your future.
Your soulmate, and your true love.
He loves you, Polo. With all his heart and soul.
I know the pain of a lost mother's love.
The pain of being alone. And the pain of letting that loneliness control you.
But I, like you, have been given a chance at true happiness.
I took my chance, it's time for you to do the same.
Open that loving heart of yours and it will fill you with happiness.
I have a final gift for you, a gift I only give those I care about the most. That need it the most.
I gave it to Lance and Josh, now I give it to you and Jake.
I show you both now true love, the true love your heart needs.
With every kiss your heart will fill with his love.
Look into Jake's eyes and you'll see that gift.
Kiss him and you'll feel it.

Your brother in love, Michael.

Paulo looked up when Jake had finished, seeing tears running down Jake's cheeks.
He stared into Jake's eyes as Michael had said to do.
He saw it, deep within those blue pools of intensity.
He saw love, deep love. True love.
Jake saw the same in Paulo's green eyes.
Within a heart beat the two lovers kissed, both feeling a surge flow through them, a new surge of intense happiness.
It entered both of their hearts, both feeling the other's love, the other's want and need.
They'd never felt this before, this feeling of sensing the other person's feelings.
They kissed forever it seemed.
Then they broke the kiss.
"Wow, that was unbelievable." Paulo and Jake said together.
Both smiled, staring into each other's eyes.
After a few moments they got up, linking hands and walking over to the couch.
Jake turned on the stereo, soft music filling the room.
The sat together as one, on the soft couch.
They knew this was all Michael's doing, his gifts.
But it didn't matter, they felt a newness to their love, a new level of happiness.

The two cuddled on the couch, quietly talking to each other about  love.
While Paulo was talking with Jake, inside he was thinking to himself  “Is this the night?  Is the time right?”
Well, what he didn’t know was that fate had already answered that question!  
The sound of the DJ on the radio broke his train of thought, and by the time he focused on what the DJ was saying, he only heard the tail?end of a dedication. . .

“. . .from Adrian.  And he says ‘Go with your heart. You deserve it.’”

It was as if someone was watching over them because when Paulo heard the song that “Adrian” requested, he knew that this, indeed, was the night.
The two lovers listened to the song coming out of the stereo.

I’ve gotta take a little time, a little time to think things over
I better read between the lines, in case I need it when I'm older

Now this mountain I must climb, feels like the world upon my shoulders
Through the clouds I see love shine, it keeps me warm as life grows colder

In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
Can't stop now, I've traveled so far, to change this lonely life

I want to know what love is, I want you to show me
I want to feel what love is, I know you can show me

I'm gonna take a little time, a little time to look around me
I've got nowhere left to hide, it looks like love has finally found me

In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
Can't stop now, I've traveled so far, to change this lonely life

I want to know what love is, I want you to show me
I want to feel what love is, I know you can show me
I want to know what love is, I want you to show me
(And I wanna feel) I want to feel what love is
(And I know) I know you can show me

Let's talk about love ? I want to know what love is
The love that you feel inside ? I want you to show me
And I'm feeling so much love ? I want to feel what love is
No, you just can't hide ? I know you can show me
I want to know what love is (let's talk about love), I know you can show me
I wanna feel it too ? I want to feel what love is
I wanna feel it too, and I know and I know ? I know you can show me
Show me love is real, yeah ? I want to know what love is...

As the song played, the two lovers inched closer to each other and shared a kiss that they both felt would begin a night that they would never forget!

Paulo and Jake parted, both looking into each other's glistening eyes.
"I love you, Jake. I've never felt like this for anyone before. Michael's right. I have deep love in my soul. I know it's you I want to give it to."
Jake smiled.
"I feel the same love in my soul, Polo. I love you so much."
Paulo looking into his blue eyes, seeing his love shining through.
"I want to know what love is, I want you to show me." Paulo said.
Paulo took Jake's hand in his, the two rising as one.
The room was filled with soft music as Jake and Paulo walked into the bedroom, hand in hand.
They both looked at the large white bed, red rose petals scattered across its white bedspread.
A few candles were lit it the room, giving it a soft romantic atmosphere.
Michael had thought of everything.
Paulo ran his hand along Jake's cheek, feeling his warm skin.
They kissed deeply again, pulling together close.
They both could feel the growing desire in each other, the need.
Paulo broke the kiss, staring in Jake's glazed eyes.
'I want to make love to you, my Jake. I want to ignite the fires of love in our souls."
Jake moaned lightly as Paulo's hands ran down his back, settling on his butt cheeks.
Paulo kneaded the covered flesh, feeling Jake's enlarged center rubbing against him.
They both felt the rising heat, the desire flowing through them.
Paulo moved his hands around to the front of Jake's chest, slowly undoing the button's of Jake's silk shirt. The last one wouldn't give, Paulo popping it off, the button landing on the carpet.
Jake smiled, looking into Paulo's green eyes.
In the semi-darkness Jake though he saw them glow a little.
Paulo pulled the shirt out of Jake's pants, opening it wide. His eyes were locked on Jake's, their lips crying out for each other. Paulo connected again with those moist lips, both feeling a trembling run through their bodies.
Paulo stepped back a little, his eyes scanning slowly down Jake's chest.
A beautiful muscular chest lay before him, two small nipples hardened and standing up.  A light covering of black chest hair covered the center of that chest, Paulo running his fingers through it.
Jake moaned loudly, Paulo marveling in the reaction he'd given him.
Paulo looked down, pass the six pack abs, to the large bulge in Jake's pants.
Jake was at a heightened state of arousal and Paulo was the cause.
Paulo leaned in, nibbling on Jake's left ear, tasting his skin.
Jake put his arms around Paulo again, Paulo nibbling harder, Jake moaning.
Paulo licked downward, his tongue tasting Jake's glistening skin.
His sucked on the Adam's apple on Jake's throat, Jake gasping, his hold tightening on Paulo.
Jake's hands had made their way around, squeezing Paulo’s round, hard buns.
Paulo trembled a little, his desire increasing.
He licked downward, through the soft chest hair, moving to the left, tasting Jake's left nipple, taking it into his mouth, sucking gently on it.
Jake gasped out Paulo's name, Paulo looking up at his face.
Jake's eyes were closed, his tongue running across his lips.
Paulo wanted Jake to do this to him, to feel that tongue on his body.
Paulo rose up, kissing those lips again, this time they opened widely, Paulo's tongue sliding in.
The kiss became a heated kiss of passion, both men tasting each other's tongue and moisture.
Jake's fingers were on Paulo's chest now, no hesitation in their purpose. Jake undid the buttons quickly, his passion running through him.
He pulled Paulo's shirt off quickly, taking in the sight of Paulo's smooth muscular torso.
His chest was that of a Spanish god.
Jake ran his fingers gently along Paulo's chest, the well-defined pecs glistening with a brushing of sweat.
Two firm nipples stood out, surrounded by pink circles.
Jake traced his fingers down Paulo's chest, passing his perfect abs.
Jake remembered seeing Eric Bana at a pool party, Paulo's body reminded him of his. But still more beautiful to look upon.
Smooth and well-defined. Muscular and beautiful.
Jake's fingers settled on Paulo's belt.
He looked into Paulo's eyes, Paulo nodding, a small moan leaving his lips when Jake undid the belt and opened the front of Paulo's pants.
Jake pushed the pants downward, they fell to the floor with a soft sound.
Paulo stepped out of them, pulling off his shoes with his feet, then his socks.
Jake looked at Paulo's body, seeing the muscular legs, with a brushing of dark hair.
Paulo watched Jake eyeing his body. Paulo blushed a little, Jake smiling.
"You're so beautiful, my Spanish beauty. Your body defies words, it’s so breathtaking."
Paulo smiled, his hands going to Jake's belt.
Jake stayed still as Paulo opened his pants, pushing them downward. Jake stepped out of them, Paulo kneeling to remove Jake's shoes and socks. Once he'd done that his hands moved up Jake's legs, feeling their hairiness. They were muscular, strong and firm.
Paulo came eye level with Jake’s black boxer-briefs seeing the outline of his large manhood, trying to break free of its confines.
Jake looked down at Paulo seeing where he was looking.
"Stand up, my love."
Paulo stood up, Jake taking him in his arms again, the two kissing a tender kiss of love.
Paulo stepped back, walking to the bed.
Jake stood still looking at Paulo's sleek form as his ass moved in the white bikini briefs he wore.
Jake had taken a long glimpse of the large bulge contained in those white briefs, the size causing a lump in his throat.
Paulo lay down on the bed on his back looking at Jake.
"Come to bed, my jewel. I need you in my arms."
Jake smiled at the name Paulo said.
"You are the jewel of my heart. A rare piece of beauty filled with the brilliance of love."
Jake teared up, walking to the bed and climbing into Paulo's waiting arms.
"That's beautiful, Polo."
"You are beautiful, my jewel." Paulo said, wrapping his arms around Jake's naked form.
Jake moved a bit, his body now on top of Paulo's .
They met in a kiss of deep love.
Both now felt that instant bond, that sense of knowing the other's feelings and desires.
Michael's special gift to both of them.
They both felt the heat of their bodies against each other, feeling that they fit so perfectly together.
Paulo opened his legs wider, Jake centering himself between them, Paulo then wrapping them around him again.
"Oh God, Polo. My Polo. I need you so much. I need to taste you."
"Then seek out what you need, Jake. Take your fill of me, as I need you."
The two kissed more passionately now, their heat sending them on a new adventure. The adventure of love's desires.
Jake broke the kiss, his lips finding Paulo's neck, sucking on his smooth skin, the taste igniting Jake's passion.
His lips went lower, latching onto Paulo's right nipple, tasting its hardness. Paulo gasped, Jake feeling him push his body up against him, Jake feeling the hardness against his thigh.
Jake inched lower, licking a trail down Paulo's chest, sucking on his belly button which was an outie.
Jake tongued the small piece of flesh, Paulo trembling,
Jake's hand brushed against the hardness confined in Paulo's small briefs.
"Take them off, Jake. I need to be free." Paulo struggled to say.
Jake needed no encouragement.
His hands pulled the white briefs down, Paulo's hardness slapping  against his abdomen.
Jake quickly removed them, throwing them on the floor, turning back and taking in all of Paulo's body.
Jake looked at the vision of male beauty laying there for him to love. Paulo was breathtaking, his cock in perfect proportion to the rest of his muscular body. Long, lean and firm. Jake saw a small amount of liquid leaking out the large head, Jake immediately wanting to taste it. He crawled up Paulo's body, Paulo looking into his eyes.
Jake put a finger in the pooled liquid, lightly touching the end of his hardness. It jerked up, Paulo gasping.
Jake brought his finger to his lips, taking it into his mouth.
"Mmmm. delicious. Like you, my love." Jake said, smiling at Paulo.
Paulo grabbed Jake's shoulder, pulling him down, their lips meeting again, Paulo tasting himself on Jake's lips.
Paulo rolled Jake over, now on top of him, Jake feeling his weight .Their lips still tasting each other, Paulo's hands tugging at Jake's boxer briefs.
Jake smiled, lifting his ass a little as Paulo pulled them down and off. Paulo pulled off him scanning down Jake's body, seeing his large manhood in the same state as his own.
"God, Jake, you're so beautiful."
Jake ran his hand along Paulo's shoulder, looking into his eyes. He saw Paulo gulp in a breath of air.
"Go ahead, Paulo, it's okay. I want you to touch me, it excites me so much."
Paulo smiled, his hand slowly touching Jake's manhood. Jake gasped, his body trembling.
Paulo loved the warmth in his hand, his hand moving up and down, his lips sucking on Jake's left nipple again.
Jake moaned and trembled as Paulo licked the nipple, Paulo relishing the taste. He wanted more, and he knew what he wanted and needed.
Paulo lifted his head, looking down at what was in his hand, lowering his head.
Jake saw what Paulo was about to do, his body trembling.
When Paulo's mouth closed on the head of Jake's cock, Jake felt his mind explode with ecstasy, the feeling of Paulo's lips on him sending him over the edge.
Jake immediately exploded, his fluid filling Paulo's mouth, Paulo swallowing as much as he could.
Jake's whole body was thrashing and trembling as his cock filled Paulo's mouth.
Paulo drank all he could, the taste driving him wild. It tasted so rich and wonderful, Paulo sinking lower on the throbbing organ.
Jake pumped into Paulo's mouth his body coming down from its high.
Paulo licked and cleaned all of Jake's fluid off his cock and stomach, getting every drop.
Paulo looked up at Jake, Jake staring into his eyes.
"That was delicious, lover. You taste divine."
Jake's face changed, his eyes tearing.
Paulo was up beside him in a moment,  holding him close as Jake began to cry.
Paulo held him as Jake slowly stopped.
"I'm sorry, Paulo. I'm sorry I didn't last long. You must think me a little kid."
Paulo looked into his blue eyes, wiping away the tears.
"I'm in awe of you, Jake. To think that I did that to you, that I excited you that much, it fills me with so much love."
Jake looked at Paulo, Paulo kissing him gently.
Jake could taste his own juices on Paulo's lips.
"Really, Paulo? You’re not upset?"
Paulo smiled at Jake, then looked at him with a look of desire.
"I love you Jake. You just showed how much I affect you. And I know you'll affect me in the same way."
Jake pulled Paulo to him, kissing him deeply this time, tasting himself again.
His lips worked down Paulo's body, kissing and licking until he was facing Paulo's large erection.
It was leaking again, Jake licking it all up. The delicious taste sent him in search of more.
He took Paulo's large erection in his hand, stroking it, Paulo trembling and moaning.
Jake smiled, diving onto the flesh, devouring as much as he could.
Paulo gasped, his hips bucking upward, sinking more into Jake.
Jake could feel Paulo's emotions breaking down, his control gone.
Paulo exploded, Jake now drinking his lover's nectar.
Paulo screamed Jake's name, his head rolling around.
The orgasm raced through him, his heart pumping deeply.
After he'd calmed down, Jake crawled up to him, taking him in his arms, kissing him gently.
"Oh, Jake! That, that was unbelievable! What you did to me!"
Jake smiled, running his hand along Paulo's cheek.
"I love you, Polo."
"I love you more, my jewel."
They held each other, their bodies together, their love entwined in their hearts and soul.
"I want more, Jake. I need more of you." Paulo said, looking into his blue pools of true love.
"We have the whole night, my love. We have forever."

Meanwhile, Justin and Michael were beginning a night of their own. After their romantic dinner  Michael went to turn on the stereo to enhance the mood with some music and a slow dance.
Justin took Michael in his arms.
Amazingly, it seemed fate was lending a hand to this couple as well, as Michael would soon discover.  When he turned the radio on, the DJ was just beginning another dedication.

“‘To my Angel, know that I’m with you always, from Danny’”

The song that followed ignited a passion in both of them like they’ve never experienced before.  They started grinding against each other wildly to the beat of the music.  Michael started singing the first verse along with the radio, and his melodic voice filled the room.

As the midnight moon, was drifting through
The lazy sway of the trees
I saw the look in your eyes, lookin' into mine
Seeing what you wanted to see
Darlin' don't say a word, 'cause I already heard
What your body's sayin' to mine
I'm tired of fast moves
I've got a slow groove
On my mind

Michael’s golden doorways to his soul looked directly into Justin’s blue pools when he sang the chorus.

I want a man with a slow hand
I want a lover with an easy touch
I want somebody who will spend some time
Not come and go in a heated rush
I want somebody who will understand
When it comes to love, I want a slow hand.

Justin was turned on more than he’d ever been.  And you could hear it in his voice when he took the second verse staring directly at Michael.

On shadowed ground, with no one around
And a blanket of stars in our eyes
We are drifting free, like two lost leaves
On the crazy wind of the night
Darlin', don't say a word, 'cause I already heard
What your body's sayin' to mine
If I want it all night
You say it's alright
We got the time

They then sang the chorus to each other.

'Cause I’ve got a man with a slow hand
I’ve got a lover with an easy touch
I found somebody who will spend some time
Not come and go in a heated rush
I found somebody who will understand
When it comes to love, I want a slow hand.

If I want it all night
Please say it's alright
It's not a fast move
But a slow groove
On my mind

'Cause I’ve got a man with a slow hand
I’ve got a lover with an easy touch
I found somebody who will spend some time
Not come and go in a heated rush
I found somebody who will understand
I found a lover with a slow hand
Ooh, a lover with a slow hand

And I get all excited with his easy touch
I found somebody who will spend the night
Not come and go in a heated rush
Ooh, a lover with a slow hand

The music ended, neither man hearing it, their lips were lost in a passionate kiss, a kiss of burning desire.
Justin wrapped his hairy masculine arms around Michael, lifting his body up, Michael wrapping his legs around Justin's waist.
Michael let Justin take charge,  he knew Justin was on fire. Michael could feel it in his soul.
Michael let Justin carry him into the bedroom, setting him down gently on the bed, Michael laying back.
He watched as Justin removed his clothes, the open silk shirt remaining on his chest.
Justin removed all of Michael's clothing, then climbed into the bed, Michael laying the full length of its center.
Justin lay on top of him, staring into his golden eyes.
"I love you Michael. The romance was beautiful, filling my heart with love. And now all that love I will give to you, in my touch, my kisses and my desires."
Michael pulled Justin down, their lips meeting.
Michael's hands felt the silk on Justin's back, his desires doubling.
Justin knew how silk ignited Michael's passion, that's why he had kept the shirt on.
Michael was squirming as Justin's tongue sucked on his own.
Their hard cocks rubbed together, both feeling the fluids leaking onto each other, it only igniting their desires.
"Oh God, Jus. I need you inside me, I'm lost without you inside me." Michael said moving his legs higher, Michael feeling the silk around his calves.
Justin positioned himself and Michael, slowly sinking into Michael's center, Michael screaming Justin's name as Justin closed his lips on his again.
Justin was fully inside him, all his weight on top of him, Michael trembling.
Justin broke the kiss, pulling up.
Michael looked into his blue eyes seeing love staring back at him, intense love.
The baby blue silk shirt clung to Justin's sweaty torso, Michael greatly aroused.
"Make love to me, my Jus."
Justin pulled out almost all the way, then sank in again. Michael gasped, his breathing rushed.
"Oh yes, oh God, that's it!  That feels so fantastic!"
Michael’s hands went to the silk shirt, running across it, feeling the smooth skin.
Michael moaned and gasped as Justin picked up the rhythm.
Michael's hand pulled on the fabric, the shear fabric giving.
He practically ripped it off Justin, this show of desire igniting Justin's passions, his control gone, completely.
He exploded just as Michael did the same, both men tightly holding onto each other.
Justin lay on top of Michael, shreds of silk all around the bed.
He lifted his head, staring into Michael's flushed face.
"You owe me a silk shirt, Hercules."
Michael laughed, kissing Justin's lips.
"I owe you so much more."
Justin smiled, putting his head back down.
They held each other closely, basking in the afterglow.
After a little while, their hands began to roam again, as did their lips.
Their passion and desire began anew, both knowing that tonight would be a night of slow, beautiful lovemaking.
And both sensed they wanted and needed it, for each other's heart, and for their own.
Michael knew where Justin's thoughts were, and he had full intentions of exposing those thoughts, when he'd show Justin all his love.
Tonight, Michael would give Justin what he needed.
Everything he needed.
And Michael only hoped he'd accept it all.

End of Chapter 70

So, love now enters Paulo’s and Jake's one heart of true love.
Michael took care of everything.
Let's hope he can take care of Justin's fears.
Next up, Michael's confession.
A special thanks to my buddy, Mike for his help with Paulo's magical night, the beautiful songs and the beauty of the moment.
Props to you, buddy.

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