Justin's Angel-71

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin lay on top of Michael, shreds of silk all around the bed.
He lifted his head, staring into Michael's flushed face.
"You owe me a silk shirt, Hercules."
Michael laughed, kissing Justin's lips.
"I owe you so much more."
Justin smiled, putting his head back down.
They held each other closely, basking in the after glow.
After a little while their hands began to roam again as did their lips.
Their passion and desire began anew, both knowing that tonight would be a night of slow, beautiful love making.
And both sensed they wanted and needed it.
For each other's own heart , and they sensed for their own.
Michael knew where Justin's thoughts were, and he had full intention of exposing those thoughts, when he'd show Justin all his love.
Tonight Michael would give Justin what he needed.
Everything he needed.

Chapter 71

Paulo stared up into two blue eyes filled with love, feeling the weight of Jake on top of him.
He felt Jake's fingers running across his chest, also his lips on his neck.
They'd been making love for hours, both satisfying new desires, new passions.
They'd explored and tasted every part of each other's bodies.
Paulo had been so surprised by what had turned him on the most.
Jake had been sucking on Paulo's cock with abandonment, relishing the taste, when one of his fingers had slipped under Paulo's balls.
It had rubbed against his center, Paulo almost jumping out of his skin.
Jake was shocked, thinking he'd hurt Paulo, taking him in his arms quickly.
"Are you okay, my love? I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that."
Paulo sensed Jake's worry, his deep hurt at possibly having hurt his feelings.
"No, Jake. It's okay. In fact it was fantastic. It sent a charge of electricity through me. I've never felt anything like that."
Paulo looked into his concerned blue eyes, kissing his full reddened lips again.
"Jake, do it again. Only this time......" Paulo blushed lowering his head.
Jake pulled Paulo's head up with his fingers.
"Yes, Paulo?"
"Would you do it with your tongue?"
Jake looked into those green eyes, seeing the need. Jake smiled, nodding.
Paulo practically burst with joy as he turned over, getting into a kneeling position.
Jake moved down the bed, moving behind Paulo.
There in front of him was a perfect bubble butt. Smooth and blemish free.
Jake leaned in, running his hands across both smooth cheeks, Paulo moaning.
Jake parted the cheeks, exposing a small pink pucker.
He ran his finger gently along the crack, brushing against the center. Jake immediately felt Paulo's reaction, his center trying to suck in the finger that was on top of it.
Jake smiled, replacing his finger with his tongue.
He gently began to lick around the center, Paulo bucking and trembling.
This was turning on Paulo completely, and Jake wasn't far behind him.
Jake realized he loved the taste, a blend of man sweat and Paulo's own taste. He began to hunger for it, wanting more. His tongue sought out all it could find, Paulo practically weeping with desire.
"Oh, God, Jake! That feels so good! Oh, God!"
Jake dove in, taking his tongue deep inside Paulo, Paulo moaning loudly.
Jake rimmed Paulo for a long time, until he felt Paulo explode all over Jake's hand which was wrapped around his cock head.
Jake thought of something new.
He pulled his hand up, rubbing all Paulo's liquid love onto his ass, into his center.
Then Jake dove in, sucking and licking it all up.
Paulo was thrashing around more, Jake was in heaven.
And so Paulo had found out that he loved rimming. Almost as much as Jake loved it.
Their lovemaking became more tender, more fulfilling. Both men finding the hidden desires in each other.
And now here Jake was, on top of Paulo, about to do the final act, the final act of their bond of love.
Jake felt Paulo's large organ against his wet hole.
Paulo had spent half an hour, licking and rimming him, exploring his hole, making it ready for Paulo's shaft of love.
And Jake wanted it. Jake wanted to be a part of his Polo.
They'd both agreed Jake was ready. That this was the best position, Jake would have control of the passion.
Jake looked up into Polo's glowing green eyes. Yes he knew now that they indeed glowed, they glowed with his love.
Jake didn't hesitate, he pushed backwards, Paulo's shaft finding its home.
It sank effortlessly inside him, until Jake was resting on Paulo's hips.
Jake felt his mind explode with a new passion, he felt all of Paulo's life experiences, all his pain and sorrow, all his joy. And Jake then realized that he, he himself, was Paulo's greatest joy.
The tears ran down Jake's face, Paulo now sensing all the same feelings. He felt all Jake's experiences, his shame at being what he thought was unmanly. His joy too, the joy that Paulo gave him.
Paulo was crying too.
Paulo was going to show Jake that he was a man. Paulo was going to let Jake have his center also.
They began a rhythm of heated desire, Jake feeling so alive, so free and focused.
He started begging Paulo to sink deeper into him, Paulo gently flipping Jake over, Paulo now on top, staring down into Jake's blue eyes.
Paulo sank deep into him, then back out, then in again.
Jake kissed him deeply, Paulo thrusting away.
"You're my Jake, my jewel. I'm so turned on by your tightness, your hotness. Oh, God, Jake, I'm going to explode."
"Give me all of it, Polo. Give me all you've got."
Paulo exploded, filling Jake's insides with his thick creamy love.
Both men were trembling, their desires unleashed.
But Paulo wasn't satisfied, he saw the hardness of Jake's desire, wanting the same as he'd shown Jake.
"It's my turn, my jewel. Give me your explosion of love."
Paulo pulled out, laying back, waiting for Jake to mount him.
Jake slowly worked on Paulo's center, teasing it, opening it with well lubed fingers.
Both men had agreed that since they were virgins, neither unclean, that protection wasn't necessary. They loved each other, there would only be each other.
Jake felt Paulo's desires mounting, his opening ready.
"Are you ready my love? I want to be sure you're okay with this."
Paulo looked into Jake's blue eyes, seeing love and concern.
"I trust you, Jake. With my love and my soul. I need you inside me, I need you a part of me. Hurry, please."
Jake felt the need and pleading in Paulo's words, positioning himself between his upraised legs.
Jake put a leg on each of his shoulders, gently centering himself.
With a single slow downward thrust, he sank deep inside his Polo.
Paulo's eye opened wide, he felt something he'd never felt before.
He felt complete.
Jake had been missing from himself. Jake was now a part of him.
Paulo smiled the most heartwarming smile, Jake lost in its brightness.
But what took Jake's breath away and made him begin his rhythm of love were Paulo's emerald eyes.
They were glowing, now two golden eyes.

Michael gasped as he felt the final plunge, his erection erupting in a explosion of desire deep inside Justin.
Justin screamed as his own orgasm ran through him, his fluid shooting out against the shower wall.
The water cascaded down on their wet bodies, both men trembling in the collapse of their joint orgasms.
They clung to each other, gasping for breath, both feeling spent, all their desires satisfied.
This had been the fourth orgasm for both of them.
The night had been a night of deep lust, deep passion and intimate romance.
They'd given each other countless hours of pleasure, this had been their greatest night of pleasure.
Michael sighed as he slipped out of Justin's firm backside, Justin turning and clinging to Michael.
"Oh God, Mico. I think you've taken me to new levels of happiness."
"Then my night of romance was a success?"
Justin looked into his golden eyes.
"Yes, my love. Completely."
Michael kissed Justin lightly, both men feeling so happy and content.
They washed each other down, caring more now about cleanliness than desire.
They dried each other off, slipping into their silk robes, walking out of the bathroom.
Justin began to head towards their totally wrecked bed, the sheets on the floor, rose petals everywhere.
"I think I have a rose petal up my ass." Michael said, Justin laughing.
"Want me to pull it out."
"God no, Jus. It will only get us going again."
Justin smiled, sensing both of their filled desires.
"Yes, I guess you're right at that." Justin smiled. "But, you know, I'm not tired, I just feel contented."
Michael smiled, looking at the clock. It was one thirty. They'd been making love for six hours.
"Let's go out onto the balcony. We can relax and just be together. There's a love seat out there."
Justin smiled, walking out the door onto the  balcony.
They looked out on the city, all the lights glowing.
Michael went back in, returning with another bottle of wine and two glasses.
The two lovers sat down on the love seat, drinking the sweet wine, the cool air relaxing them after their heated night of lovemaking.
"Mmmm, this is so nice. Being here with you against me." Justin said cuddling against Michael, taking a sip of the sweet wine.
"Yes it's divine. Heaven actually." Michael smiled, kissing Justin's wet lips.
Justin purred, Michael remaining quiet.
After a few minutes, Justin sensed Michael's quietness.
Michael was staring out into space, looking out at nothing.
"Penny for your thoughts, my love?" Justin asked, kissing Michael's exposed neck.
"Why are you scared, Jus?" Michael said quietly.
Justin's head flew up, staring into Michael's eyes.
"Where did that come from?" He said hesitantly.
"It came from you, Jus. Last night."
Justin looked shocked, Michael sensing confusion.
"Last night, when I'd put you to bed after you'd gotten sick in the washroom, you'd clung to me in a tight embrace. You begged me not to leave you, not to die."
Justin lowered his head, getting up and standing at the balcony's rail.
"I'm sorry, Mico. You weren't supposed to hear that. I guess the alcohol brought it out of me."
"Why wasn't I suppose to hear it? Don't you think I should know when you're afraid, when you have fears?"
Justin turned looking into his concerned eyes.
"I didn't want you to know, I didn't want you to see that I'm behaving like a scared little baby again, scared I might lose you. You're so strong, so determined. I don't have your strength, Mico. I'm terrified I'll lose you, my love."
Michael was on his feet, holding Justin against him, feeling Justin's tears falling on his chest.
"I've carried this around deep inside me. I'm pretty quick at learning, Mico. I've learned how to bury my feelings deep. You never suspected, did you?"
"No, Jus. I didn't. You hid it very well. And that concerns me. You've kept this from me. I thought we trusted each other."
Justin stepped back, looking at Michael.
"Trust. How many secrets lay hidden in your soul, Michael? How many things do you hide from me? You talk about trust, and you can't trust me."
Michael felt the weight of Justin's words, and the truth in them.
He lowered his head feeling ashamed.
Justin sensed he'd gone too far, taking Michael in his arms again.
"I'm sorry, Mico.  I didn't mean to lash out at you like that. I know you keep your secrets for good reasons. For my protection and from watchful eyes."
Michael looked up into Justin's blue eyes, seeing only love there.
"I'm the one who should apologize, Justin. I haven't done as I had promised."
Justin looked into Michael's eyes, seeing shame there.
"I promised you, on our trip to New York to see Vicky, that I' d sit down with you and tell you all I know. I've learned a lot more since then, and I want to tell you, even though Adrian advised me not to."
Justin hugged Michael close, kissing his cheek.
"No, Michael. I won't hold you to that promise, not at the risk of the many."
Michael sat down on the love seat again, Justin sitting beside him.
"The needs of the one do outweigh the needs of the many, Jus, especially when you are the one."
"No, Jus. I need to be truthful, to calm your fears, to show you what you have to accept. I'm just scared of what your reaction may be."
Justin put his arm around Michael.
"My love will be my reaction, Mico. My love for you."
Michael smiled a small smile, getting up again.
He stood at the rail, turning and looking at Justin.
Justin stared at him, seeing the beauty encased in that silk robe. His lover, his Mico.
"When did you start having these fears, Jus?"
Justin lowered his head.
"The moment you awoke in that hospital bed, when you came back to me."
"You're scared that I will be taken away from you again, this time for good."
Justin lowered his gaze.
"I'll never leave you, Justin. Never."
"I can't."
Justin looked up.
"What do you mean, you can't?"
Michael looked up into the night sky, a tear falling down his cheek.
"I've already left you once, Justin."
Justin stared at Michael, speechless.
"I died in that hospital bed, Justin. I went to heaven. I wasn't suppose to come back."
Justin looked at Michael in shock.
"You were suppose to go on with your life, alone, without me. I wasn't suppose to come back. You were suppose to walk ahead without me."
Justin's own tears were slowly coming to the surface, his eyes burning.
"I gave my life to save yours, Justin. I gave it to change the vision, so that you would be saved. There was no grey area, I was fully committed to dying."
Justin's tears fell, his face looking lost and confused.
"I don't understand, Michael. That can't be. You're here, you're with me now."
Michael stared into his blue eyes.
"That was my choice, Justin. My decision."
Justin looked into his golden eyes, seeing determination and love.
"Mico, you told me your mother and father said it wasn't your time, that you needed to come back to love me."
Michael nodded.
"They did say that, Jus. After I' d told them what I had decided on my own."
Michael sat down beside Justin, taking his hand in his.
"I went to heaven, Jus. Of that place, I'm sorry, I cannot speak. But I heard God, I felt him inside me. And he asked me a question."
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the wonder there.
"He asked me why I had tried so hard to bring my mother back to life, when she'd died in my arms and her soul had abandoned her. I told him that I'd never give up on saving her, that I needed her love. I needed her. "
Justin smiled, knowing Michael's love for his mother.
"Then he asked me if there was anything I now regretted leaving behind."
Michael looked into Justin's tearing blue eyes.
"I told him that I regretted leaving you."
Justin sobbed, Michael holding him close, Justin now crying openly.
Michael knew how this would affect Justin, but he had to finish.
"God gave me a choice, Justin. I could remain in heaven or come back to you. I chose you."
Justin pulled back staring at Michael, tears running down his his face.
"You did that? You chose me over heaven?"
Michael got up again, Justin watching him as he walked to the rail again, staring out into the darkness.
"Yes, Jus. God asked me what was so special that I would want to return to a life of hardship, maybe physical pain and torture. I told him it was your love.I needed to come back to your love. I couldn't be alone again, I just couldn't. You made me see how alone I'd been all my life, and I feel so much love from you. I needed your love. So my only choice had to be you."
Justin got up again, putting his arms around Michael, kissing his moist sweet lips.
"What does all this mean for you, Michael?"
Michael's face changed, Justin seeing uncertainty there.
Michael remained quiet for a moment, turning again and staring out into the darkness.
"You have to understand, Jus. I couldn't leave you. I couldn't let you walk on through life's journey alone. I had to be here with you. To love you and be loved by you."
"Oh, Mico! That's so beautiful!" Justin said, kissing his lips again.
Justin saw tears in Michael's eyes, Michael turning his head away from him, saying the next words softly.
"I won't be able to go back, Justin."
Justin spun Michael around staring into his golden eyes.
"What do you mean you can't go back? You can't go back to heaven?"
Michael stared into Justin's eyes, seeing concern and wonder.
"Yes, Justin.That's what it means. I chose to come back to be with you, to be with you always.  So you need never be scared again.
That was my choice, heaven or you. I can't leave you, Jus.
It was explained to me that I would remain here with you, beside you, always. If you need me I'll be here. If you need me to love you, I'll be here to love you. I'll be with you always, I'm not going anywhere, Jus. I'm here with you, for as long as you live."
Justin stared in shock, not believing what he'd just heard.
"What happens to you if I die first, Mico?"
Michael lowered his head, Justin raising it so he could see into Michael's eyes.
"Please, Mico. Tell me. I need to know."
Michael hugged Justin to him, kissing his cheek.
"I don't know, Jus. God didn't tell me about that part. Even if he had, it still wouldn't have changed my choice."
Justin began to cry, Michael holding him, his own tears threatening to unleash. He had to be strong for Justin.
"Oh, Jus. Don't cry, I thought you'd be happy."
"How can I be happy when I know you've sacrificed everything for me? Your eternal happiness, maybe?"
Michael looked into his blue eyes, kissing him on the lips.
"You are my eternal happiness, Jus."
Justin looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing deep conviction there.
"We know God is loving, Jus. We both know that. He gave me this choice for a reason. What it is I don't know. All I know is that I need you. Heaven wouldn't have been heaven for me without you there. I needed you, so I knew I had to come back.  And I was given the choice. I won't ever be sorry for my decision. What happens in the end, happens. I will go on with God's love in my heart, I leave it to him to decide my fate for me."
"But Mico, you were in heaven!"
Michael kissed him again, hugging him tight.
"A lifetime with you, my Jus, that is my heaven."
Justin kissed him deeply, then Michael held him close in his strong arms.
They stood still for a long time, Justin wrapped in Michael's arms.
Justin finally looked up at him, kissing him tenderly.
"I love you, Mico! I love you so much! Thank you for coming back, for loving me so much to come back for me! Oh God, thank you for coming back!"
Justin kissed him again, tears rolling down his cheeks.
Michael smiled, knowing now that Justin really felt safe.
"We have a lifetime ahead of us, love. A lifetime of happiness, hope and love. I'll make it special every day, for every day of your long life."
Justin smiled, Michael feeling a sense of relief flood Justin's conscience, Justin had accepted his truth.
"I love you, Mico. I still can't believe what you've sacrificed. But I know I can't change that. But I'll make sure that every day will be just as special for you. I will make it your heaven."
Michael smiled, kissing him again.
"That's all I've ever wanted, my love. You and I together, loving and living."
The two sat down together, holding each other tight, knowing their love was there, strong as ever.
"I need to be truthful with you in regards to Adrian's prophecy as well, Jus."
Justin nodded, sensing Michael now wouldn't hold anything back from him.
"I want to tell you what Adrian has told me, about what's to happen, and what I need to do."
Justin sat quietly as Michael told him all he'd learned from Adrian; about the commander of truth, about the final battle and what needed to be done beforehand.
Justin sat quiet, wonder flowing through him, and deep concern. The things that were asked of Michael concerned him greatly.
"So you don't know what the final outcome will be, and Adrian doesn't either?"
"No, Jus. Just how things will happen to reach that point."
Justin nodded, laying against Michael's chest, Michael stroking his head.
"We'll go forward together, Mico. I'll be with you each step of the way. I'm not afraid anymore. Not when I know you'll be with me always."
Michael smiled, lifting Justin up, walking him back into the bedroom.
They removed their robes, climbing into bed together, Justin returning to his place against Michael's chest.
"I love you, Mico. Forever. And I promise you, when I go to heaven, you're going with me."
Michael remained quiet, kissing Justin's forehead.
"I love you more, Timby."

Justin woke up, looking over at the clock on the night stand.
It was nine o'clock.
Michael was still sound asleep, his head resting now on Justin's chest.
Justin smiled, running his fingers lightly through Michael's short hair.
Justin thought about what Michael had confessed to him last night.
How he'd come back to him because he needed his love, and didn't want Justin to be alone. How he'd given up eternal happiness for him.
A tear ran down Justin's cheek, Justin wiping it away. Michael stirred a little, hugging him tighter, as if sensing Justin's tears.
Justin thought to himself about all that Michael had revealed.
How could anyone be that loving?
And how could he have that much love for me? I feel so lucky, and so happy.
Michael loves me that much.
God, I love him so much, he's everything to me.
I have to show him the depth of my love, my need for him.
And I  think I know how.
Justin hugged Michael a little closer, Michael smiling against his chest.
Michael stirred, his eyes slowly opening.
"Morning, Jus. I love you." He said, kissing Justin's smooth chest.
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's forehead.
"Love you more, my angel."
They laid together, sensing each other's feelings.
A cell phone rang, Justin pulling his cell off the stand.
"Good morning, Justin here."
"Morning, sleepy heads." Lonnie said, Justin smiling.
"Hey, Lon."
"Are you two up for a hearty breakfast? I've arranged a private breakfast in the restaurant for ten-thirty."
"Sure thing, Lon. I'm hungry, Michael's worked up my appetite."
Michael smiled, taking the phone from Justin.
"Morning, Afro Sally. How are you this fine morning."
Lonnie smiled, picking up on both their good moods.
"I'm peachy, Mikey. I take it you are too?"
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's chest again.
"I'm in heaven."
Justin smiled, knowing the new meaning behind Michael's words.
"I've already called the other lovebirds. They'll meet us there." Lonnie said, smiling.
Michael smiled, looking at Justin.
"How did they sound, Lon?"
"Tired, but very happy. Almost as happy as you two."
Michael smiled, sensing out for Paulo.
He found him and he also found a new happiness in him.
"Okay, Lon. We'll meet you down there after ten. Bye."
Michael flipped the phone closed, reaching over Justin to put it back on the stand.
He remained on top of Justin, staring into his blue eyes.
"How is my love, this morning?" Michael asked, running his hand along Justin's jaw line.
"I'm happy, Mico. Happy that I have you here with me, always."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin lightly.
I feel your happiness against my belly."
Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around his lover.
"Would you like me to spread some of that happiness?"
Michael felt his own happiness below.
"I' d love it, but we don't have much time. How about we have some wet fun?"
Justin smiled, as Michael stood up, putting out his hand and helping Justin out of bed.
The two walked arm in arm into the bathroom.

Lonnie was relaxing in the private dining room, sipping his first cup of coffee when the door opened.
Justin and Michael walked in, Lonnie immediately seeing Justin's new happiness.
Whatever Michael had done, it seemed to wash Justin in a new light. A light of extreme happiness.
Lonnie got up hugging both men, the three then sitting down.
"You're looking extremely happy, Jus. I take it Michael's the reason for that?"
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"Yep, my man's one happy camper. And he'll be happy for a long time."
Justin smiled, putting his arm around him.
Lonnie smiled, looking at both smiling at each other.
"Ah, love is in the air, and it's not even spring yet." Lonnie said, Michael laughing.
"You old smoothie, you." Michael said, Lonnie laughing now.
"Thanks for last night, Lon. The dinner was fantastic." Justin said, hugging his friend again.
"Hey, I like to help romance. I'd do it anytime for two people so deeply in love."
Both men smiled at him, Lonnie smiling back.
The door opened again, two visions of new love walking through it.
Jake had a broad smile on his face, Michael seeing his aura burning a bright blue.
Paulo's was still golden, but Michael could see blue threads weaving through it. The blue threads of Jake's love. And his smile was breathtaking.
Justin hugged Jake, the two immediately talking..
Paulo hugged Lonnie, Michael standing quietly watching him.
Paulo turned looking into Michael's golden eyes.
The others saw the look the two men were sharing, the room suddenly quiet.
"Good morning, Polo." Michael said, softly. Paulo immediately began to cry.
Michael took him in his arms, Paulo crying against his chest.
Jake looked concerned, Justin putting his hand on his shoulder.
"Give them a moment together, Jake." Justin said in a whisper.
Jake nodded, Justin smiling at him..
"It's okay, Polo. Calm down. You're supposed to be happy." Michael said.
Paulo pulled away, looking at Michael with tear filled eyes.
"Happy? I'm beyond happy, Mikey! What you did for me last night–the letter, the flower, what you knew it would do to me! Thank you!  Thank you for making me see what I now have, what you've given me. Thank you, my brother!"
They all saw the tears in Michael's golden eyes, and the happiness.
"I've only shown you what you needed to see, Polo. Jake gave you what no one else can. His deep true love. Be happy, brother. Be as happy as I am."
Justin smiled, sensing Michael's good mood and seeing the love between these two men.
A brotherly love.
The two hugged again, Michael breaking it slowly and walking up to Jake.
"Welcome to the family, Jake. My new brother."
Jake smiled among his own tears, hugging Michael tight.
"Thanks, Mike. For everything. For knocking me flat on my ass, and introducing me to a vision of my happiness. I'll be his true love forever. I'll always be there for my Polo."
Michael wiped his eyes, looking at Jake.
"You damn well better be. You don't want me on your ass. " Michael said, his face suddenly serious.
"Got it, Mikey. You need never worry." Jake smiled, Michael smiling back.
Everyone sat down, Paulo telling Justin and Lonnie about the orchid and showing them Michael's letter.
Michael sat quietly eating his breakfast, shyly smiling.
Justin looked up at him after reading the letter.
"That's so beautiful , Mico! Your writing is so beautiful. You show so much love and soulfulness in every word." Justin said, squeezing his hand.
MIchael smiled.
"I've always found it easier to write down my feelings. It's easier for me to say what I feel. For people to see what I am trying to show them."
Paulo smiled, Lonnie now reading the letter.
They ate and chatted, Lonnie putting the letter down.
His eyes were full of tears, wiping them with his hankerchief.
"That's beyond beautiful, Mikey. I can see the beauty in all those words. And the love."
Michael smiled, Lonnie smiling back.
"So what's on the agenda today, Mr. Timberlake?" Michael asked trying to change the subject.
"Well, we leave again at noon. Bus it to San Jose. I have interviews and meetings until seven, show starts at eight. Do you want to head for home tonight, Mico? We're free until Saturday, I' d love to wake up tomorrow in my own bed."
"You're sure you don't want to party tonight?  I'm fine with that, love."
"No, Mico. I partied last night, I'm okay. I want to spent the next two days just relaxing."
Michael smiled kissing Justin tenderly.
"And I want to be with you too, in our home."
Justin smiled, sensing Michael's deep love for his new home, for their new home.
"I want to play house too." Justin smiled.
Lonnie and Paulo started laughing, Justin blushing.
"Sounds great, Jus. I have a french maid outfit you can wear. I'll get you cleaning the whole house." Michael smiled at him.
Lonnie was laughing his heart out, Jake and Paulo right behind him.
Justin was two shades of red, Michael kissing his cheek.
"And you'll look damn sexy, too."
Justin looked at Michael, seeing him burst into laughing, Justin's own heart laughing.
He soon had tears in his eyes, his laughter mingling with the others.
Michael's face changed suddenly, his face going blank.
Paulo caught it first, leaning over to him.
"What's wrong, Michael?"
Justin stopped, looking at Michael.
"Oh God!  Not our Jonnie!" Michael said, almost yelling, jumping out of his seat.
Michael backed up against the wall.
Justin was on his feet in a flash, beside Michael, deep worry in his eyes and face.
"What's wrong, Michael?? What's wrong with Jonathan??"
Michael looked at his lover, seeing Justin's fear.
"I have to go to him now, Jus. I have to help him, right now. He's being chased."
Justin nodded, everyone surrounding them.
"Call the Orlando police, Lonnie. Tell them to get to Randall's house. Jonathan is in real danger. He's after him." Michael said.
Lonnie was on his cell in a heartbeat, knowing full well who "he" was.
Michael leaned against the wall, everyone seeing his eyes glowing bright, Michael closing them.
He felt his gifts flowing, traveling through space, seeking out Jonathan.

Paul stood outside the home, watching.
He'd been here, in the shadows, for two days.
His lord had told him to come here, to snatch the brother of his lover.
To catch him for bait. To draw in Michael.
Paul smiled looking across the street.
The young man was there with three friends, home from school.
His mother had just left, his father still at work.
The youngest had just left with his mother.
Paul played with his brown shirt, not liking this disguise. He'd worked as a UPS driver in L.A, hating the job.
Here he stood in the uniform again, a disguise to reduce visibility.
Paul saw the four friends running outside, heading to the basketball net.
Paul relaxed, leaning deeper into the shadows.
He watched for over an hour as the four youngsters played ball.
Paul was enthralled by the young man, Justin's brother.
He had his brother's grace and smooth movement.
And his dashing looks.
Paul had him pegged at thirteen or fourteen, handsome, blond and slim.
He'd be a heartbreaker like his older brother in a few years.
If he made it, that is.
Paul heard the voice in his head, the voice of his penance.
Keep your mind focused. This needs to go smoothly.
Once you have him, you can play with him. Think of him as a smaller Justin. I know you want Justin. You might as well taste the Timberlake flavour early.
Paul smiled, staring at the young man.

Jonathan was having a blast.
His friends had been awed by his new guitar and amps.
Pete was Jonathan's best friend, since pre?school.
He was also a good guitar player. He'd played Jonathan's guitar, saying it was top of the line.
And he'd promised to show Jonathan more songs for playing.
Here  they now were playing basketball, four friends having fun.
Suddenly Jonathan felt a presence in his mind.
"Jonnie! It's Mikey!  Someone is watching you! Someone is going to try and grab you! Get into the house now!"
Jonathan stopped in mid dunk, standing still.
He turned, looking around.
He saw the delivery man standing at the end of their driveway.
A shiver ran down his spine, his friends looking at him strange.
They also picked up on a golden glow in Jonathan's eyes.
"That man's dangerous! Don't let him near me!" Jonathan said backing up.
His friends stared at the stranger who was beginning to walk up the driveway.
Jonathan keep walking backwards, never taking his eyes off the man.
His friends sensed Jonathan's fear.
"Hi, I'm looking for 27 Fairfield Drive. Is it close?"
"You're nowhere near that. And we don't talk to strangers. Please leave now." Donny, a chubbier young man said, balling his fists.
Stan and Pete also stood their ground, all three moving slowly in front of Jonathan.
"I' d like too, but I'm here for you, Timberlake. And you need to come with me now."
"I'm not going anywhere with you, Paul."
Paul looked shocked, sneering at him.
He stared at the boys, pulling his silver knife from his back pocket.
The boys stared in shock at the knife.
"We can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way. I need to take you for God's work, Timberlake."
The boys shrank back, Jonathan seeing the fear in their eyes.
"Run, guys! Run home now! Run!"
Jonathan took off running for his house, the other three running in different directions.
Paul never deviated from his target, shooting across the lawn running after Jonathan.
Jonathan was running for his life.
The front door seemed like a thousand miles away.
He felt Paul closing in on him, he could hear his breathing behind him, feel him reaching out for him.
Then Jonathan felt a presence inside him, a strong masculine presence. And a renewed strength and determination.
Jonathan stopped immediately, whirling around.
He threw out his hands, feeling a surge of energy flow through him.
Paul was so intent on catching him he was unable to stop.
He saw Jonathan wheel around, and then he felt like he'd run into a wall.
A wall of air.
The wall hit him fully in the face, throwing him head over heels. He fell on his back, the wind knocked out of him.
Jonathan still stood still, staring at him.
Paul saw the glowing golden eyes, knowing now it wasn't Jonathan standing in front of him.
Paul struggled to his feet, hearing a siren close by.
His ribs felt broken, his face was bleeding.
"Stay away from us, Paul. Stay away from all of us. I am their protector, their shield. Tell Fredrick his chance is gone. He'll pay for his sins, as will you."
Paul stared, hearing the voice of Michael coming from this small boy.
Paul turned and ran, jumping into his parked vehicle, just as a police cruiser pulled down the street.
Paul raced away, the  cruiser in pursuit.
Another cruiser pulled into the yard, an officer jumping out.
"Are you okay, son? Did he hurt you?"
Jonathan saw Pete and Stan in the back seat looking at him with tears in their eyes.
"No, I'm okay. I just need to go inside."
The officer put his arm gently on the young man, walking him into the house.
"Thank you, Michael. Thank you for protecting me." Jonathan said in his mind, feeling the presence almost gone.
"I love you, my brother. Your family are on their way." Michael said, leaving his younger brother.

Michael opened his eyes, seeing Justin's blue tearful eyes staring at him.
"He's okay, Jus. I stopped him. Jonnie's okay."
Justin started crying, Michael holding him close.
Lonnie was on the phone, talking to someone.
Jake and Paulo put their arms on Michael's shoulders, Michael staggering a bit.
Justin immediately pulled him over to a chair.
"Are you alright, love? It took a lot out of you, didn't it?"
"Actually I'm fine, Jus. I'm fine. Just a little dizzy. It will pass shortly."
"What happened?" Jake asked, as Lonnie hung up his phone.
"The police have arrived, Mikey. Jonathan's safe. His parents will be there in five minutes." Lonnie said.
Michael took a deep breath, telling them all he'd sensed and all that had happened.
Justin's tears began again, and he felt Michael's love enter his heart.
"It's okay, Jus. I stopped him. I'll be able to stop him from touching any of you. I know now, I have the power."
They all looked at him with wonder, Michael looking only at his Justin.
"I devoted myself to all of you. For all of your protection. And I aim to protect all of you."
Justin hugged him tightly, Michael holding onto him.
"We'll give them a few minutes, I'm sure they will call shortly. You need to assure them that everything will be okay, Jus. Tell them what I just told you. Tell them I'll be here for all of them."
Justin smiled.
"It's time to get going, Justin and Michael. The bus needs to leave in about half and hour." Paulo said, taking charge, Lonnie smiling at him.
"Okay, Paulo. Jake, you're coming to San Jose with us?" Michael said as he got up, Justin holding onto him tightly.
"If I'm welcome, yes."
Paulo beamed, kissing him lightly.
"You're welcome, indeed." Michael said, smiling at the two.
They all walked out of the restaurant, Lonnie staying to pay for the meal.

They all relaxed on the couches on the bus, rolling down the highway.
Michael lay against Justin, Justin talking on his cell phone to his father.
Lisa and Randall had arrived a short time after the police, hugging their son tightly.
Jonathan explained to them what had happened and how Michael had aided him.
"Dad wants to talk to you, Mico." Justin said handing him the phone.
Michael smiled at him, taking the phone.
"Hello, Dad." Michael said.
Justin lay back watching his love talk to his father. He felt Michael's love for his family shining through.
Michael had saved Jonnie from being kidnapped, and God knows what else.
Justin teared up, thinking about how close he'd come to losing his brother.
And he thought about the protection Michael had become for all of them.
Michael was amazing, so giving, so protective of those he loved.
And he loved no other the way he loved Justin.
Justin smiled, cuddling up against Michael, Michael putting his arm around him.
Justin looked up at Michael, Michael smiling back at him.
"Your dad's putting Jonathan on the phone."
Justin smiled as Michael handed him the phone.
"Hello, Jonnie? Hey bro, how ya doing? You okay?"
"Yes, Justy. I'm fine, thanks to your boyfriend.  He's one special man, Jus."
"Don't I know it, Jonnie. He'll be here always to protect us."
Michael smiled at Justin's acceptance of that.
"I was really scared, when it happened, Jus. Don't tell mom and dad. They're worried enough. But I'm not scared anymore. Now that I know Mikey's there for me. Can I talk to him?"
Justin smiled, hearing the love in his brother's voice.
"Sure bud, and you take care, I love you Jonathan."
"I love you too, Justin. Thanks for being my big brother."
Justin teared up, Michael rubbing his shoulder.
"I'll let you talk to Mico." Justin said, handing the phone back to Michael.
Michael kissed Justin's lips, Justin feeling his love.
"Hello, Jonnie."
"Hi, Michael. How are you? Dad said you were tired."
"I'm doing fine, Jon. I'm doing fine. On the bus now relaxing and heading to San Jose."
"Cool, Mikey. I just wanted to say thank you, Michael. I was so scared and then I felt you inside me, I felt your love and strength. I wasn't scared anymore."
"I'll always be here for you bro. Always. No one will ever hurt you, all your brothers will be here for you."
Michael felt Jonnie's smile even from where he was.
"Cool, bro. Cool. I'll let you go, just wanted to say thanks. Love ya."
"Love ya too, Jon. Bye for now."
Michael heard Randall come back on as well as Lisa picking up the extension.
"Hey, Mikey. Thanks for being here for our son. We love him so much, and we love you so much." Lisa said, Michael feeling her tears and joy.
"I love you guys too, Dad and Lisa. I love you all a lot. Tell Stevie that Jus and me will try and get down to see him soon. We're sending some pics out at  the end of the week for his book."
"Okay, Michael. We will. Stay safe you two. Tell Jus we love him."
"Will do, Dad. Love ya. Goodbye."
Michael hung up the phone, Justin looking at him.
"Everything okay, Mico?"
Michael sighed, wiping his eyes.
"I've never had so many people care about me. I know everyone will be calling today, once they all find out. Suddenly I feel so loved."
Justin kissed Michael, Paulo and Jake all smiling at him.
"You are loved, Michael! We all love you." Paulo said, wiping a tear from his eye, Jake hugging him close.
The group quietly talked, Michael telling them what Fredrick's plan had been. To kidnap Jonathan to force Michael  to come to him. Michael didn't tell Justin what Paul's  thoughts had been in regards to what he wanted to do with Jonathan. Justin didn't need to think about that.
Michael snuggled against Justin's chest, sighing deeply.
"You're tired, babe. Want to lay down on the bed?"
"No, Jus. I'm happy right where I am." Michael contentedly smiled, closing his eyes.
Justin held him as he fell asleep in his arms, Paulo's cell phone going off, Paulo answering it quickly.
Michael didn't move.
Paulo told Justin it was Josh, Justin smiling.
The family was finding out, they would all begin to call. Call, to voice their love for Mico.
Call, to feel their own protection, the protection of their angel's love.
Justin looked down at Michael's sleeping form, letting out a long sigh of relief.
I love you, Mico. In a short time you'll know how much.

End of Chapter 71

So, Paul's back to his tricks again.
Thank god Michael's there for everyone.
Onward to more adventures.
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