Justin's Angel-72

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael hung up the phone, Justin looking at him.
"Everything okay, Mico?"
Michael sighed, wiping his eyes.
"I've never had so many people care about me. I know everyone will be calling today, once they all find out. Suddenly I feel so loved."
Justin kissed Michael, Paulo and Jake all smiling at him.
"You are loved, Michael. We all love you." Paulo said, wiping a tear from his eye, Jake hugging him close.
The group quietly talked, Michael telling them what Fredrick's plan had been. To kidnap Jonathan to force Michael  to come to him. Michael didn't tell Justin what Paul's  thoughts had been in regards to what he wanted to do with Jonathan. Justin didn't need to think about that.
Michael snuggled against Justin's chest, sighing deeply.
"You're tired, babe. Want to lay down on the bed."
"No, Jus. I'm happy right where I am." Michael contently smiled, closing his eyes.
Justin held him as he fell asleep in his arms, Paulo's cell phone going off, Paulo answering it quickly.
Michael didn't move.
Paulo told Justin it was Josh, Justin smiling.
The family was finding out, they would all begin to call. Call, to voice their love for Mico.
Call ,to feel their own protection, the protection of their angel's love.
Justin looked down at Michael's sleeping form, letting out a long sigh of relief.
I love you, Mico. In a short time you'll know how much.

Chapter 72

Wednesday night's concert was just as well-received as the previous two.
Pink, Justin and Timbaland shone like jewels in the sun.
The fans were many and awed by what they witnessed.
Michael had watched it all, forever entranced by Justin's beauty on stage.
After the concert, they'd jumped back on the bus, heading out after the interviews and post-concert events were done.
At three in the morning they pulled up in front of their home, Justin waking Michael who slept against him on the couch.
Justin was alert and full of energy, Michael picking up on that right away.
"How do you do it, Jus? All this pent up energy. You are a walking ad for testosterone."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael.
"I'm energized with my happiness and your love."
Michael smiled, climbing off the bus with Justin, Lonnie hugging them both.
"I'll call ya later in the day, guys. Have a nice rest."
Gary waved at them as Lonnie climbed on the bus again, Paulo and Jake hugging him as they got off.
The four watched the bus drive away, Justin hugging Michael tightly.
"I'm too energized to sleep, lets take a swim before we turn in, love." Justin said, Michael feeling his desire rubbing against his ass.
"I think someone wants more than a swim." Michael smirked pushing back against Justin.
Michael heard Justin moan a little.
"You two want to join us, Paulo?" Justin said, Michael surprised by that.
"We don't want to intrude." Jake said smiling.
"It's no intrusion. And it's a big pool." Justin said.
"Okay, Justin. But I didn't bring swim trunks."
"Who needs trunks. We're all adults here, and we are brothers."
Paulo and Jake nervously smiled, Michael laughing.
"Oh come on prudes! Live a little!"
Paulo smiled, Jake still blushing a little.
The four went inside, Michael shutting off the alarm.
They left their bags at the foot of the stairs, following Michael and Justin out to the patio.
Justin flicked on the lights, the pool bathed in soothing light.
"I'll grab some drinks for us, you guys go ahead." Michael said, heading back into the kitchen.
Jake and Paulo looked after him, then turned to see Justin pulling off his shirt.
His smooth muscular chest came into full view, both men staring at it.
"Didn't anyone ever tell you it's impolite to stare." Justin said laughing as he removed his pants, standing in his boxer briefs.
Jake took in every sculptured inch of Justin's toned, muscular body.
Paulo couldn't keep his eyes off it either.
Michael walked out seeing the two staring at his Justin.
Michael set down the tray of drinks, smiling.
Michael didn't feel jealousy at all. He knew that Justin was his alone, it didn't bother him that his brothers looked at him, he had Justin's love and soul.
"Don't be an exhibitionist, love. You're making these two drool."
Jake and Paulo blushed, turning and looking at Michael, seeing only a smile on his face.
"Hey, I got it, I flaunt it." Justing laughed, shucking his briefs.
The two men turned, shocked at what stood in front of them.
Justin was aroused, not completely, but aroused none the less.
Michael smiled as Justin dove into the pool, the men following his bubble butt as it disappeared beneath the water.
Justin came up, all wet and glistening.
"The water's fantastic, Mico. Come on in."
Michael smiled, pulling off his shirt.
Jake stared at the hairy chest on Michael. It was even more developed than Justin's.
Taut, tight and muscular, the hair accentuating the darkness of Michael's Spanish skin.
His body resembled Paulo's only more compact and tight.
Michael smiled at Jake as he removed his pants, standing in boxer briefs, which quickly joined the rest of his clothes on the patio stones.
Jake and Paulo stared at Michael's nude body, the olive skin seeming to glow in the semi-darkness.
Michael walked up to them, smiling.
"You are my brothers. I feel no shame standing in front of you like this. You shouldn't feel it either. We love who we love, with that one man we are sacred. "
Michael turned, walking to the pool's edge.
Paulo stared at Michael's well-defined back, and his sculpted butt. He was perfection, in God's beauty.
Michael dove in, coming up out of the water beside Justin.
"Nice, Michael. That was a beautiful thing you said. I love you."
Michael smiled swimming beside Justin, kissing him lightly.
"Think the two prudes will see it that way?"
Justin smiled, turning to look at them.
Paulo leaned in kissing Jake tenderly.
"Let's do it love. They are our brothers who've bared themselves completely to us. Can we not do the same?"
Jake smiled kissing Paulo back.
Then Jake pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his compact, muscular chest.
Justin and Michael looked at him, then Paulo.
Paulo removed his shirt and pants quickly, Justin laughing at the red briefs he had on.
"Hey Paulo, where'd you get the panties."
Jake and Michael laughed, Paulo smiling, dropping the red briefs quickly.
In a few moments both men were standing nude at the pool's edge.
Michael watched Justin staring at them, seeing him take in their naked forms.
He put his arm around him, kissing his neck.
"Tell me what you see, my love."
"I see two visions of immense beauty."
"I agree. They are breathtaking."
Justin turned looking at him.
"But they don't compare to your beauty, Mico. Your beauty captures my soul."
Michael teared up as they watched the two men dive into the pool, coming up close to them.
"Man this feels so refreshing." Paulo said, smiling at his brother.
"Yes, Paulo it does. And relaxing."
Paulo smiled as Jake swam beside him, kissing his cheek.
Michael smiled at their obvious love.
" Justin and I are going to float down to the far end for some private time. Enjoy yourselves, guys."
Jake and Paulo smiled as they watched the two lovers swim slowly away.
Jake pulled Paulo against him, kissing him deeply.
"I think we deserve some private time of our own." He said. swimming backwards to the other end of the pool.
The two couples spent time together alone, loving each other.
They kept their distance and their privacy, trusting each other completely.
Sex wasn't really a part of it, for Michael and Justin, it was more a meeting of love.
Justin and Michael held each other, light kisses being given to each other, Michael relaxing against Justin's chest.
They rested together, just being in each other's arms.
"It's so good to be home, love. So good."
Justin smiled.
"Yes, Mico. It is. I'm feeling relaxed now, and a little prunish, let's go to bed."
Michael smiled, the two swimming back towards Jake and Paulo.
They both stopped, looking at the two lovers from the center of the pool.
They were locked in a passionate kiss, oblivious to their surroundings.
Paulo was in Jake's lap, Michael and Justin seeing what they were doing, realizing the freedom their brothers now felt.
"I don't think we need to watch, Jus. Let's leave them to their desires."
Justin kissed Michael's cheek, the two turning and swimming to the pool's edge.
They pulled themselves out, their bodies dripping water.
Paulo turned his head, looking at the two men standing naked.
He saw their aroused states, sensing it wasn't their watching them that had done that. It was their love for each other.
Michael looked at Paulo, smiling.
"We'll leave you two to your happiness, Polo."
Paulo smiled at his brothers, watching their beauty.
Michael and Justin dried each other off quickly, walking back towards the house.
Paulo felt Jake's lips on his nipples again, and feeling his hardness sinking into him.
He moaned, now lost in the man before him, thoughts of his brothers evaporating in his mind.
His only need now was Jake; his only want, his love.

Justin woke up, finding himself alone in bed.
"Where's my Mico?" He said in his mind.
"I'm in the kitchen, love. Good morning, I love you." Justin heard in his mind.
"Love ya too, babe. What time is it?"
"It's almost noon, love. Get dressed and come on down, I'm making lunch. Lance and Josh are coming over."
Justin yawned, climbing out of bed, his body feeling tired.
He smiled, remembering the passion last night.
When they'd come upstairs, their desires were unbelievable.
They'd satisfied each other before falling asleep in each other's arms.
He showered and dressed, walking downstairs.
He walked into the kitchen seeing Michael working at the counter.
Justin hugged him, kissing his lips tenderly.
Michael purred, Justin smiling.
"Morning, love. How are you doing?"
"Doing good, love. Just cutting up some salad stuff. Jake and Paulo are out on the patio relaxing."
"Are they naked again?" Justin asked smiling and wiggling his eyebrows.
"In your dreams, horndog!" Michael smiled, Justin kissing him again.
"Last night was remarkable, Mico. Here I was with two totally hot, sexy, naked men, and all I could look at was you."
Michael's golden eyes looked into Justin's blue pools, Michael hugging him again.
"I was the same, my love. I guess we're stuck with each other."
Justin smiled, feeling the warmth of Michael's body against him.
"Aren't we the lucky ones?"
Justin broke the close hug, sitting down on a stool at the counter.
"Need me to help with anything, my love?"
"You're officially the man of the house, you're responsible for the barbecue. Can you start it, Jus? I've thawed burgers and dogs."
"Sure thing, Mico. God, I love this. Just relaxing and being home. And being here with the love of my life."
Michael smiled, feeling the same way.
"Couldn't agree with you more."
Justin kissed him again heading out to the patio.
He walked out finding Jake and Paulo laying together by the pool on chaise lounges.
Both had wet swim trunks on, having just come out of the pool.
"Morning, Jus." Jake smiled at him, Justin smiling back as he walked up to the barbecue.
He started it, closing the lid to let the heat intensify.
He walked over, sitting on a chair.
"Morning boys, how are you two lovebirds doing?"
Paulo smiled, Jake taking his hand.
"We're fantastic."
Justin smiled, knowing that feeling.
"So am I. And Michael's happy." Justin smiled looking towards the house.
Paulo smiled at Justin, seeing a new happiness in him.
The happiness of contented love.
"I love him so much, and I'm almost ready to show him. I called Nana yesterday, everything's a go. I just need to call everyone with their responsibilities. I want that day to be perfect. Not for me but for my Mico."
Jake and Paulo smiled, seeing the determination in Justin's eyes.
"It's going to be magical, Jus. Just the small part you've told us seems so beautiful."
Jake said smiling at him.
Justin smiled, remembering Michael's confession, his deep love and all his sacrifices.
"I love him more than I've ever loved anyone. He's my world, and I want to show him how much I love him."
"You show me that every day, my love." Michael said standing at the doorway.
Justin looked up at Michael seeing a wide smile on his face. Michael walked across the patio, sitting down in Justin's lap.
He kissed him deeply, Paulo and Jake linking hands.
"My love, what are you cooking up?"
Justin blushed, Michael smiling.
"Never mind, if you're planning something it will be beautiful. But you know I hate surprises."
Justin smiled, giving Michael a pouty look.
"Damn, Timberlake, who can resist that look? Okay, keep your secrets."
Justin looked in Michael's golden eyes, lost in their beauty.
"There will never be any more secrets between us, Mico."
Michael smiled, laying his head against Justin's chest.
"So, how was your night of happiness, my brothers?"
Jake and Paulo smiled, Jake kissing him.
"It was heaven. But a little wet." Paulo said, Jake laughing.
"But every moment was bliss, beautiful bliss. Including the floor show."
Michael laughed, as did Justin.
"Guys, thank you. Thank you for your openness and love. This house seems like a second home to me now." Paulo said, Michael smiling at him.
"It will always be your home, my brother."
Paulo teared up, Jake squeezing his shoulder.
"So, what's the plan for  today?" Paulo asked, looking at Michael and Justin.
"Today is our day, a day of relaxation and togetherness. Mico and I are just going to stay here, together in each others arms. Word of warning, it could get pretty hot around here."
Michael blushed.
"My horndog."
Paulo and Jake smiled, seeing Justin's hand go into Michael's shirt towards the back.
"Calm down lover, we've got company coming."
"Well, they can watch too. I'm not bashful." Justin said, kissing Michael's neck.
"We saw that last night, brother." Paulo said, everyone chuckling.
"We're all brothers now, Paulo and Jake. Jus and I love each other, and we love showing that love. Just accept that and it will rub off on you." Michael said smiling.
"It did rub off last night, right Paulo?" Jake asked, his own hand behind Paulo, rubbing his back.
Paulo blushed.
"Big time."
They all laughed, relaxing in the calm relationship they now shared.
"Well, sweet cheeks. You should get your buns moving and start barbecuing. Lance and Joshy should be here shortly."
"My buns are only for you, love. And I love having your hot dog between them."
They all groaned at Justin's crude joke, Michael standing up.
"Jus, that was so bad."
Justin smiled standing up. Michael sat in his place, Justin turning and putting his ass right in front of Michael.
"You love my hot buns, sweetie. You relish them don't you?" Justin said, wiggling his butt in front of Michael.
Paulo and Jake were laughing, Michael just shaking his head.
"Get that moving before I put some mustard on it."
Justin smiled, pulling his shorts down a bit , exposing his crack to Michael.
"Don't forget the ketchup." He laughed.
Michael smirked and was on him in a minute, tickling him.
Justin was laughing, as was Michael.
Michael's fingers found Justin's backside, slipping beneath his shorts.
"These hot buns don't need any fixings. They're delicious all by themselves."
Jake and Paulo laughed again, Michael just looking into Justin's eyes.
Justin smiled, kissing Michael deeply. He felt his own desires rising again. He so wanted Michael to make love to him.
Michael broke the kiss, leaning into Justin's ear.
"Later my love, you and I."
Justin smiled breaking their embrace and heading into the kitchen.
He returned shortly with Josh and Lance in tow, the three talking together, Justin carrying a plate of dogs and burgers.
Paulo and Jake got up hugging their friends.
Michael hugged Josh, kissing his cheek.
"Missed ya, Joshy."
"Missed you too, Mikey. I hear you've been protective as ever."
Michael smiled, knowing Justin had filled them in on Jonathan's attack.
Josh hugged him again, Lance remaining quiet.
Michael looked at Lance, seeing him staring at him.
Michael hugged Lance, kissing his cheek also.
"And it's wonderful to see you, Lancy."
"I should give Justin a hand. I'll be back." Lance said walking over to the barbecue.
Michael looked at Josh, Josh just sighing.
"What's wrong with Lance, Josh?" Michael said as they sat down at the table.
Josh looked over at Lance talking to Justin.
"He seems to be avoiding me. Have I done something wrong?" Michael asked.
Josh looked reluctant to tell Michael.
"Come on, Josh. If I've done something wrong, I should know."
"Michael, Lance is very upset with you. I'm sorry to have to tell you that."
Michael looked over at Lance seeing him staring at him with no smile on his face.
"What's happened, Josh?"
Josh looked at Paulo and Jake, both looking concerned.
"I found him in our bedroom crying his eyes out last night. It took me forever to calm him down. I've never seen him so upset. He's finished reading your second book, Michael. I haven't finished reading it, and he won't tell me what's got him so upset. Only that he was mad at you for the ending."
Michael lowered his head, then looked up at everyone.
"I assumed that reaction would come from some people, I just never thought it would be Lance. Excuse me."
Michael got up walking towards Lance.
"Lance, we need to have a talk, please."
Lance looked at Michael, not moving.
"I don't want to talk to you right now, Michael." He said in a soft voice.
Justin looked at both of them sensing something was wrong.
"Everything okay, Mico?" Justin said, Michael looking at him with warm eyes.
"No, I don't think it is. Lance is mad at me, for ruining his concept of love."
Lance looked at him, sudden tears falling from his green eyes.
"Michael, how could you do that!" Lance said walking away from them.
Michael looked after Lance, Justin looking surprised by Lance's outburst.
Lance sat down in a chair beside Josh, Josh looking at him with deep concern.
Josh put his arm around him, kissing his cheek.
"Calm down love, don't get upset."
Lance remained quiet, not looking at Josh.
Michael walked back over to the table, sitting down beside Lance. Justin stood beside Josh.
"I'm sorry, Lance. I'm sorry that I didn't write the story the way you hoped it would turn out. I know the loving person you are, the man with so much hope in his heart. You were hoping for a happy ending, a story concluding with love and happiness. I'm sorry Lance, life doesn't always work that way.  I won't apologize for writing what I wrote."
"But Daniel, he deserved so much more, he deserved some kind of happiness. Why did you make his life end so tragically?" Lance was crying again, Josh holding him.
Michael looked crestfallen, his eyes beginning to water.
Justin felt a sense of hurt in Michael, a deep sense of loss.
"Is that what you think, Lance? You think I did it on purpose? I did it for a reason."
Lance looked up at him.
He saw the hurt in Michael's eyes, sensing something in Michael's tone.
Michael looked at everyone.
"I take it no one has finished reading the book except Lance."
Everyone nodded, feeling embarrassed.
"It's okay everyone, it's only been a few weeks since I gave you them for Christmas."
Justin smiled, he'd started reading it, but with everything going on he'd had no time to finish it.
"In the first book, you all read of Daniel's hard life, his brutal childhood. At the end he found love in his best friend, Jason. The next book dealt with their lives, their happiness together, their love. But as in life, love sometimes isn't enough. Daniel's love for Jason faltered. Jason's love destroys Daniel at the end of the second book."
Everyone looked shocked, Michael remaining calm.
Lance stared at him, sensing a truth coming from Michael.
"I'm sorry, Lance. At the time I thought the end justified the means. You need to remember that this book was written six months ago, in the depths of my own despair. In the depths of my loneliness and hurt. I'd lost my own Daniel, I'd lost Paul, and I felt so alone. Love, or what I thought of as love, wasn't a part of my life. I was lost. Those characters I created had become my life, my focus point. They, in essence, were my own feelings coming to life. I fought so much with my own heart and soul through every word I wrote down. Why should they be together when I was so alone? Why should they find happiness when it eluded me? Why should they have love when I had an empty heart?"
Tears were flowing out of Michael's golden eyes, Justin walking to Michael and kneeling beside him, putting his arm around him.
"Jason loved Daniel and felt his love slipping away from him. His choice was final. He decided that he couldn't live without Daniel's love, so he killed his lover. Like what had almost happened with Paul. That's what my own feelings were at that time. Because I wanted people to see that love sometimes can hurt and destroy. I gave my heart to someone and they destroyed it. So I destroyed my heart again with that story, to battle my own demons. They say love conquers all, but sometimes love isn't what we hope it is."
Justin's had tears in his eyes, seeing Michael's old self in the open again. The lost, lonely man, the man afraid of love.
Michael looked into Lance's tearing eyes.
"I thought love was something unobtainable. Something I'd never have. So I wrote that book from my heart, my lonely aching heart. I wouldn't change a word of it. Because it was my feelings written down, although they turned out to be incorrect."
Lance continued to stare at Michael.
"I was wrong, Lance, so very wrong. I found the love I longed for, and it was so different from what I feared. It was beautiful, because it was Justin's love. So forgive me Lance, forgive me for giving up on love, for taking my own feelings out in Daniel's tragedy. For destroying him and--my own heart--without thinking of what love really is."
Michael looked at Lance, Lance staring at him in shame.
"Oh God, Michael. I'm so sorry. I'd forgotten your own pain, your own suffering. To me, the book had taken on a different meaning. To me I saw Daniel as myself. Hurt and lost, finding love and dying for it. As you showed me, I would have, if I would have stayed with Riechen. I thought you were using loneliness to justify love, to be used and thrown away. I'm sorry, now I see what you meant by all of it. Forgive me?"
Michael kissed Lance's cheek, smiling at him.
"There's nothing to forgive. You read the book in your own way, and saw through my mistakes. You're remarkable, Lance. Josh is so lucky to have such a loving man."
Lance smiled at him hugging him tightly.
"I'm sorry for being so critical, I should have sensed your reasons for all the pain in your words."
Michael smiled.
"I don't have that pain anymore, Lance. Justin healed me."
Justin had tears in his eyes, leaning up and kissing Michael's soft lips.
Michael smiled when Justin pulled back, Lance smiling at the love shown so openly.
The friends spent the next few hours together, talking, laughing and swimming.
At three o'clock Lance and Josh left with hugs, as did Jake and Paulo, sensing the two lovers needed some home time together.
Paulo was going back to Jake's to spend the afternoon. Michael and Justin promised to call him if they needed to leave, although Paulo sensed they wouldn't be going anywhere.
Once the house was empty, Michael closed the front door, locking it.
He walked into the kitchen finding Justin washing dishes.
He leaned against the door frame as Justin smiled over at him, continuing with his work.
Michael stood there watching his man doing housework.
He smiled seeing Justin's calm love for such a menial task.
He also watched Justin's body, seeing the long hairy legs flex and move with Justin's movements.
Seeing his hairy arms flex with every movement.
Michael felt his desires flow through him, seeing such a vision of beauty before him.
Justin smiled as Michael came up behind him.
"Looking to help, love? I'm almost finished."
Michael leaned against him, kissing the back of his neck.
"Don't let me stop you, Jus. Just go on with your work."
Justin continued but he felt a heat coming from Michael. The heat of passion.
Michael's hands moved around, wrapping around Justin's waist.
Michael pressed up against Justin's body, Justin immediately feeling Michael's hardness.
"Oh, oh. Someone's excited. Let me finish this and I'll take care of my baby."
Michael didn't say anything for a moment, just continuing to press against Justin.
"God, you feel so sexy, so hot. Keep doing that, I'll keep myself amused."
Justin smiled as he felt Michael's hand slip under his waistband.
Michael went for his prize, his hand wrapping around Justin's soft cock, a cock that began to wake up.
Justin moaned, feeling Michael's hot breath against his neck.
"You're so hot, love. And you smell so inviting." Michael purred, Justin picking up on the lust in his voice.
Justin remained working, as Michael's hands pulled at his shorts.
Justin felt Michael's hands on his ass, kneading his cheeks.
Michael's lips were attached to his neck, sucking his skin.
Justin moaned a little as his hardness lengthened in Michael's hand.
Justin's shorts fell to the floor, Justin stepping out of them.
Justin started to turn around, Michael holding him tight.
"Don't move, my love. Just enjoy."
Michael sank to his knees, Justin feeling his firm hands on his ass.
Then he felt a wetness probing his crack.
Justin spread his legs apart feeling Michael's tongue invade his center.
Justin's legs trembled, his hands dropping the dish in them, grabbing onto the counter top.
Michael was in heaven, his tongue and lips licking Justin's center.
Justin pushed back, Michael's tongue probing deeper.
A shudder ran through Michael, a shudder of want and need.
He pulled open his own shorts, his hand going to his own enlarged cock.
He stroked himself while devouring Justin's ass.
Justin was moaning now, Michael's passion connected with him.
Justin pushed his legs wider, Michael's hand attaching to Justin's cock again, stroking him.
Justin closed his eyes feeling the need in Michael and sensing what Michael wanted.
Michael rose up, his short falling to his ankles, Michael quickly discarding them.
He pulled his shirt off, then helped Justin out of his.
Justin still remained facing the sink, his body trembling at its nakedness.
Michael's hands were all over him, rubbing and caressing his nude body.
They wrapped around him both going to his hardened nipples.
Justin could feel Michael's hardness between his ass cheeks.
Michael licked at Justin's earlobe, sucking it into his mouth.
Justin moaned pushing back against Michael.
"I want you Jus. I need you so much."
"I'm yours, my love. Take me, take me to that place. Our love center."
Justin trembled as he felt Michael's hardness pushing against his ass ring.
Then he felt it sinking into him, Justin's mind flooding with music.
Their music, the music of their love.
Michael began a steady rhythm, Justin feeling his needs. His frantic need, as if he wanted to meld together with him, to become one.
He felt Michael lengthening more inside him, his thickness expanding.
Justin was stroking himself, Michael tweaking his nipples as he plunged deeper into him.
"Oh God, Jus. You're so hot, so beautiful."
Michael turned Justin's head, latching onto his lips as Michael exploded in Justin's ass.
His trembling subsided, Michael pulling out, turning Justin around.
Justin stared into his smiling face, seeing love in his golden eyes.
Michael didn't say a word, sinking to his knees, enveloping Justin's leaking hardness deep into his throat.
Justin shook with the force of this connection.
Michael had been satisfied, now it was Justin's turn.
Michael deep throated him, stroking his balls as he took all of his lover's desire into himself.
Justin was visibly shaking, his mind on one thing:  the talented, beautiful man pleasing him.
Justin didn't last long, his desires exploding deep into Michael's hungry mouth.
Once he'd drained Justin of his desires, they held each other kissing deeply, both men tasting Justin's desire.
"Mmmm, babe, that was fantastic! I needed that." Michael purred, Justin sensing his satisfaction.
"You're the best, love. The best." Justin said.
Michael looked at him quietly, Justin picking up on something.
"How do you know that, Jus? I'm the only man you've been with."
Michael laid his head on Justin's naked chest, sighing.
"You're the only man I need, Mico. I never want to experience another."
Michael smiled, hugging Justin tight.
"I can't believe you weren't tempted last night, Jus. Seeing those two beautiful bodies."
Justin looked down into Michael's golden eyes.
"They were beautiful, Mico. But they didn't have what I need. They didn't have the beauty of your smile, the love I see in your eyes and the warmth I feel in my heart when you hold me. You are what I need, what I will always need."
Michael teared, leaning up and kissing Justin deeply.
"Justin, I love you. No other will ever replace you in my heart and soul. No other body could replace the fever I feel by your touch and scent. You are mine, and I am yours. Forever. I love you."
Justin smiled, hugging Michael tighter.
They both felt their love, strong and sure. The visions of beauty they beheld last night were beautiful, but the vision they saw of each other was unbelievable.
They were in love, a deep love that would forever keep them faithful, faithful to their love and their hearts.
Michael quickly helped Justin finish the dishes, the two taking a shower to clean their love juices from each other. It turned into another heated session of love, Justin taking Michael to their love center.
The late afternoon they spent on the living room couch, cuddling and  talking.
Michael talked to Justin about his book signing on Monday afternoon, Justin giving him tips on public speaking. Michael still felt a bit of anxiety about that, crowds never thrilling him.
Michael would be introduced, giving a reading from his book and then opening to questions from fans. That followed with a signing session.
It was at a large book store in downtown L.A.
Michael's session in the afternoon, Justin's concert that evening.
They were free until Sunday, going to Glendale, Arizona, for a concert then back to L.A for their first dual session on Monday.
"So, love. What do we do for the next two days?" Michael said, contentedly, his head laying in Justin's lap.
Justin stroked his hair. It was now growing longer, but it still would be a couple of months until it was back to its original beauty.
"How about two days of just you and me, together here, in our love nest?"
Michael smiled, Justin smiling down at him.
"My idea of heaven."
Justin loved when Michael said that. This would be his heaven, Justin now knew that. That sent a moment of pain into Justin's heart, knowing what Michael had sacrificed.
Michael picked up on it.
"Jus, I don't want you feeling like I've given something up. I've gained everything. I have you, that's all I've ever wanted."
Justin smiled at him, feeling Michael's love.
They remained quiet for a moment then Justin looked down at him again.
"I want a family, Mico."
"Okay, Jus. Lets start making babies."
Justin laughed, running his hand along Michael's cheekbone.
"That sounds like fun. But I think the end result would be two satisfied barren men."
Michael laughed, smiling up at him.
Michael sat up, Justin holding him in his arms.
"I've been thinking about it, Mico. About us getting married and having a family."
Michael smiled, basking in the warmth of Justin's body against him.
"I want that, Jus. I want to be yours if front of God and our families. And I want a child. A little Justin junior, or maybe a little Becky for you."
Justin smiled, feeling Michael's love for his happiness.
Michael kissed him, Justin feeling so happy.
"We have our whole lives to be happy, Jus. To grow with each other, to see our child grow. It will be so lucky. It will have so much love to grow with."
Justin smiled, then felt Michael's mood change.
"It's not possible before this final confrontation, Jus. Can you wait till that's over? I have all that to deal with. It's going to be all I can handle at the moment."
Justin's own mood changed.
"I hate this waiting Michael. This not knowing what's going to happen."
Michael hugged him tighter, kissing his cheek.
"I know, Jus. I know. But it's only seven months, then it will be over. Then we have a lifetime to be with each other. The day I say I do to you, will be the beginning of our next adventure. The adventure of our eternal happiness."
Justin nodded, holding Michael tight.
"I can't wait for that day, Mico. I want that day so much."
Michael sighed, holding him tight.
"We have to wait, Jus. And I promise you that every day until then will go quicky, full of my love and my being with you."
Justin smiled, kissing him again.
They heard the front door opening, Paulo and Jake walking into the living room.
"Oh God, Jake. The horndogs look so happy. I think I smell sex in the air."
Jake laughed, draping his arm around Paulo's shoulder.
Michael laughed getting up and hugging both.
"You may smell it in the air, but I smell it on both of you."
Jake blushed, Paulo just smiled.
"Jake has such a wonderful home."
Michael smiled, kissing Paulo's cheek.
"And so do you Paulo. Jake is always welcome here."
Both men smiled. Justin getting up.
"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm famished. All this relaxing has got me starving."
Michael smiled, grabbing his wallet off the end table.
"How about a night out on me, dinner and a night of fun?"
Everyone smiled, Michael grinning.
"My Mico wants to have fun. And just what am I, a distraction?"
Michael kissed him.
"A much needed and loved distraction."
Justin beamed, the four men heading out the front door.

They ended up at a quiet restaurant that Jake told them about.
It was Italian cuisine, the atmosphere friendly and inviting.
The four friends laughed and ate heartily, the conversation light and humorous.
Michael's quick wit and smiling face kept them all happy.
Justin marveled at the happiness he felt in Michael.
He felt so content and happy. Justin felt it was the first time he truly felt that Michael seemed happy. Really happy.
Justin knew a big part of it was him, and his love.
That made him smile.
They finished their dinner, relaxing with dessert.
"This is a nice restaurant, Jake." Michael smiled at him.
"Yes, I love it. I come here whenever I can. It's close to the waterfront as well, I usually go for a nice quiet stroll after dinner."
Michael smiled, Justin loving it on his face.
"That sounds like a plan, I'd love to take a stroll with my man."
Justin smiled, his hand on Michael's under the table.
The four friends walked along the waterfront, looking at all the boats going back and forth.
They walked together, keeping their hands to themselves, being out in public.
Justin so wanted to take Michael's hand in his.
Michael smiled at him, sensing his want.
Justin took his hand, Michael squeezing it tight.
They walked along, quiet and enjoying the beautiful view.
The sun was just beginning to set in the sky, the beautiful orange and red glow bringing a quiet beauty to the area.
Ahead of them six young men sat on benches, throwing rocks into the water, the ducks flying around.
They all looked street tough, rough, and out of place in this environment.
Hispanic features were evident on most of them, one man seeming to be a giant.
The four friends started walking past them, Justin and Michael breaking their contact.
The men seemed to be watching them, Michael seeing a sneer on one leering face.
"Hey, Raoul. See the pretty faggots. All out having fun. Maybe we should give them the fun they're seeking."
Michael felt Justin's nervousness, his uncertainty.
"Stay calm love, we'll be past them soon."Michael said in his mind.
Two of the men got up, standing in front of them.
Paulo scanned everyone, Michael sensing him steeling his body, reaching for his strength.
"Do you mind? We just want to pass." Michael said.
Michael heard two of them whispering in Spanish, Michael understanding every word.
"Well now, you can pass. But you have to pay us to pass, Mr. Big Man."
Michael stared as the other young men circled them.
One man, whom Michael took to be the leader, got up, walking in front of them.
He was hispanic, around nineteen, a lean muscular body, and a pair of deep brown eyes, staring at Michael.
Three of the men drew knives, Paulo stepping beside Michael and Jake.
"We don't want any trouble. Just let us pass." Michael said again, calmly.
"We'll let you pass. Give us all your jewelry and money and maybe you can do something for us also,  pretty boy." The leader said staring at Justin.
"And what would that be?" Michael said, the man staring into Justin's blue eyes.
Michael could feel Justin leaning against him, his fear evident.
"You can let your pretty boyfriend get down on his knees. He's  going to suck me dry, just like he does to you every night."
Justin's nerves were running now.
"Justin, calm down. I'm here, he's not going to touch you." Michael said in his mind.
Justin calmed a bit.
Then he talked to all three of his friends in their minds.
"When I move, Paulo, protect Justin and Jake. Stay together in a group. Are you ready?"
He heard all three reply yes, Michael feeling Jake's and Justin's fear.
Michael stepped forward staring at the man.
"This is your only warning. Leave us in peace or suffer the consequences. I give only this warning."
The man laughed, his friends laughing, tightening their circle.
"Well, well! We have a hero, do we? Maybe you should get on your knees first. I like bringing a strong man to his knees."
The young man pulled out a gun, concealed behind his back, pushing it against Michael's head.
"On your knees, faggot."
Justin's heart clenched in his chest, as did Paulo's and Jake's.
Michael's eyes took on an instant golden glow.
The young man looked at him confused.
Michael's gifts took over, his reflexes like flashing lightning.
Within seconds he had disarmed the young man, breaking his wrist in the process, the man screaming in pain. And Michael dropped him to his knees, by a well placed kick, his gun falling onto the ground.
The others had no time to react, Michael was on them in a heartbeat.
One he dispatched quickly, with quick punches and kicks to the head and face.
The giant of a man lunged at him, Michael dodging his thrown punch.
Paulo took on another man, Justin and Jake tackling another one, the man shocked with surprise.
The two friends getting the upper hand with him quickly. The man was knocked out by their punches.
Paulo punched his opponent in the face, the man swinging his knife at him. Paulo knocked it out of his hand, his fist finding the man's stomach.
The man went down, doubling over, Paulo hitting him on the back of the neck, the man not getting up again.
The one remaining man pulled out a gun, aiming it at Paulo.
Before he could line up, he was hit with a garbage pail lid on the side of the head. Michael had thrown it across the group.
The man fell down, Paulo on him in a heartbeat, disabling him completely.
Paulo looked at his brother smiling, Michael too busy to notice.
The giant of a man was still fighting with Michael.
Michael felt his strength, his bulk. Michael had to do something quickly.
The man lunged at him again, Michael side stepping, putting all his strength in one kick. It connected with the jaw of the man, the large man falling down unconscious.
"The bigger they are, the harder they fall." Michael thought smiling.
Within moments the six men had been disarmed and brought down.
Michael was beside Justin in a moment, scanning the men on the ground.
Michael made sure Justin was okay, Justin nodding his being okay, a large fearless smile on his face.
Paulo picked up all the guns and knives and threw them far out into the water.
Michael looked around seeing the young leader crawling up onto his knees, holding his wrist with his other hand.
The young man looked around seeing his friends all laid out.
He stared at Michael, Michael seeing fear in his eyes.
Michael walked over to him, staring into his brown eyes.
The man saw the glowing gone, only two deep golden eyes staring at him.
" I warned you. I told you of the consequences. I make no apologizes."
The man lowered his head, feeling defeated and humiliated.
"Please, don't hurt me, please don't. I'm in so much pain already."
Michael stared at him, Justin, Jake and Paulo surrounding Michael.
"Give me your hand."
The man looked at him in fear, reluctantly showing his hand to Michael, knowing he was going to give him pain again.
Michael saw the wrist was broken, closing his eyes.
He took the hand in his own, the blue light immediately showing.
The man looked shocked, and he felt the warmth of Michael's healing.
Within seconds Michael opened his eyes letting go of the man's hand.
The man moved it, feeling no pain, seeing it as it had always been.
The young man looked at Michael in awe.
"Who are you?" He said with trembling in his voice.
Michael stared at him, as if he were staring into his soul.
"Tomas, I am a friend. Carmen sent me with a message. She wants you to go on, to go on in goodness, not this path you lead. Open your eyes, Tomas. See the pain you see here today, see the path you are on. Walk away from it.  Seek out Father Derrick again, he'll help you. Onward towards a better life. Don't do it for her, do it for yourself. Make her sacrifice worth something."
Tomas fell to his knees, shock on his face.
"No, it can't be. It can't be. That's impossible."
Michael knelt touching his shoulder.
"She said to tell you something. To remember that night on the orphanage roof, the star were like diamonds in your eyes."
Tomas sobbed, falling against Michael. Michael held him in his arms.
The other three men looked at Michael in shock, not having a clue what was transpiring in front of them.
"It's up to you, Tomas. Follow your heart, the heart she loved."
Michael got up, walking past the young man, everyone following.
Tomas rose, turning and looking after Michael, Justin looking back at the young man.
Tomas looked around him, at his friends, then walked away in the other direction, then ran.
Michael walked onward, the others remaining quiet, sensing Michael's need for silence.
Justin put his hand in his again, Michael looking into his eyes, smiling.

The ride home was quiet, Michael not saying much, Justin sensing his mind on other things.
He knew Michael would talk when he was ready.
They got home, Michael walking into the living room, sitting down at the piano.
The others sat down, looking at Michael.
Michael began to play the piano, a song Justin hadn't heard before.
He became lost in the melody, feeling the light breeze of joy in all the notes.
Michael looked up smiling at him, Justin seeing calmness in his eyes.
Justin got up sitting beside Michael on the piano bench.
Michael finished the song, Justin putting his arm around him.
"That was beautiful, Mico."
"It's a song I've been working on, it still needs some work."
Justin smiled, sensing it was perfect as it was.
"I don't think so, Mico. It sounded beautiful."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"I know you all want to know what happened out there."
"Whenever you want to tell us, Michael. We'll understand." Paulo said, smiling at him.
Michael sighed, looking at the keyboard.
"I had another vision. When I touched his hand to heal him. All I wanted to do was ease his pain."
Justin put his arm around him.
"God, I guess, wanted to ease his soul."
Everyone looked at Michael, seeing his smile.
"Tomas was orphaned when he was very young, himself and his sister Carmen. They stayed together until Tomas was nine, Carmen sixteen. Carmen died from leukemia. Tomas has been alone for the last ten years. He fell into a bad group, turning to street gang activity. His only joy in his life was his sister, she leaving him alone. I felt all that in his heart. I needed to show him that he was on a destructive path, I needed to change his course in life. I came up with the idea of using Carmen to get his attention. I used his own memories to shock him. And send him on the right path, back to Father Derrick."
"Who's Father Derrick, Michael?" Jake asked, lost in Michael's story.
"Father Derrick ran the orphanage where Tomas lived until he was fifteen. He turned his back on the only person who ever helped him. Father Derrick has been looking for him since, I guided him back to him, because he needs him. I just hope I convinced him to take the right path."
Justin kissed Michael's cheek.
"You're amazing, my love. The man was going to shoot you, and you end up helping him."
Michael looked at Justin, seeing the tears beginning to fall.
Michael took him in his arms.
"When he pulled that gun, I thought the worst. I though he'd kill you."
Michael held Justin while he cried, Jake and Paulo feeling the same feelings.
"Jus, I'm okay. I handled it. I am safe, that's all that's important. I took the risk for you and for us. I wanted to live, Justin. I needed to protect you."
Justin smiled, kissing his lips, Michael responding.
They sat around talking for a while, Michael telling them everything.
"Man, Mikey, you have the moves. I've never seen anyone so tight with his moves." Paulo said looking at him with wonder.
"I took a lot of self-dense classes, after Paul."
Justin squeezed his shoulder, Michael smiling.
"I will never let anyone hurt me ever again."
Paulo and Jake picked up on the finality in Michael's words.
"But my man had a few moves too." Michael smiled, looking at Justin.
"I was just as surprised as you, Mico. I've never fought someone like that. When Jake and I tackled that guy, I just felt so focused. I didn't have time to be afraid."
Michael kissed him, Justin smiling.
"Fighting never solves anything, Jus. It should only be used when absolutely no other means are available, like tonight."
Justin nodded, snuggling against Michael.
"I think we've had enough excitement, sweetie. Let's call it a night, guys."
Paulo and Jake nodded, Michael taking Justin's hand.
"We'll lock up, Mikey. You guys go to bed."
Michael smiled at Paulo, hugging him then Jake.
"Night, guys."
Once they were in their bedroom, clothes removed and laying beside each other, Justin pulled Michael to him.
"You never cease to amaze me, love." Justin said kissing him.
Michael laid his head against Justin's chest, sighing.
"Sometimes, I amaze myself. I need to tell you something, Jus."
Justin kissed his forehead, remaining quiet.
"When I took his hand, I felt no love, no joy in him. He seemed so lost. I had to help him. Do you understand?"
Justin smiled.
"I do, Mico. You wanted to help him live."
Michael looked up at Justin, nodding.
"You felt he mirrored yourself, didn't you, Mico? An orphaned boy, lost with no family or love."
Michael nodded, Justin hugging him tighter.
"That's why I love you, Mico. Your heart, it's so giving and loving. You see the pain in others and want to heal them."
Michael smiled laying his head down again.
"Do you think I've helped him?"
Justin thought for a moment, remembering the look Tomas gave him as he turned and ran.
"Yes, Mico. I think you did."

Outside the orphanage, Father Derrick was picking up the toys left in the playground, the darkness closing in after he turned the lights off.
One single light remained, the gloom depressing.
Father Derrick picked up a football, looking at it with fond memories.
He'd been running this place for twenty years, seeing a lot of special children, children who needed so much love.
And in all that time he'd met only one who had walked away from his giving love.
A young man, a lost young man, in pain and need, too closed off to seek what was right in front of him.
Father Derrick had often wondered about that young man, if he was still alive or in trouble.
He sighed, placing the football in the tote box.
He looked towards the street, seeing  a young man standing alone.
A young man standing in the shadows.
The young man walked towards him, the priest wondering what he wanted.
"Can I help you, my son?"
"Yes, Father Derrick. Help me to find the right path."
Father Derrick looked in shock as the young man hugged him, weeping in his arms.
"Tomas? Is that you?"
The young man nodded against his chest, the priest feeling his tears on his cheek.
"Welcome home, Tomas. Welcome home."

End of Chapter 72