Justins's Angel 73

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to
this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Outside the orphanage, Father Derrick was picking up the toys left in the playground, the darkness closing in after he turned the lights off.
One single light remained, the gloom depressing.
Father Derrick picked up a football, looking at it with fond memories.
He'd been in charge of this place for twenty years, seeing a lot of special children, children who needed so much love.
And in all that time he'd met only one who had walked away from his giving love.
A young man, a lost young man, in pain and need, too closed off to seek what was in front of him.
Father Derrick had often wondered about that young man, if he was still alive or in trouble.
He sighed, placing the football in the tote box.
He looked towards the street, seeing  a young man standing alone.
A young man standing in the shadows.
The young man walked towards him, the priest wondering what he wanted.
"Can I help you, my son?"
"Yes, Father Derrick. Help me to find the right path."
Father Derrick looked in shock as the young man hugged him, weeping in his arms.
"Tomas? Is that you?"
The young man nodding against his chest, the priest feeling his tears on his cheek.
"Welcome home, Tomas. Welcome home."

Chapter 73

Friday was a relaxing day for Justin and Michael.
The two shared a quiet day being together, both working in their office for awhile, Michael on his book and Justin on some music projects.
The two spent quality time, close and relaxing.
Paulo spent the day with Jake, the two sightseeing around Los Angeles.
Lonnie stopped by in the morning, Justin filling him in on the altercation from the previous evening.
At first Lonnie was angry, seeing his charges in danger, but Michael had calmed him with reasoning and soothing words.
Lonnie left  feeling reassured by Michael's strength and confidence. But he'd left them with an ultimatum, he was to be called when they left the house.
Michael sensed his worry and caring for Justin, and now himself.
He'd taken a real liking to the large but lovable man.
The two lovers spent the day together, kissing and making love when the mood struck them, which was often.
Michael felt so centered, focused and alive.
He wanted this for the rest of his life, this closeness with Justin. And the homey atmosphere.
Justin relished in it. He'd always been moving, never really settling down to a home life. Two days at home with Michael filled his heart with a new purpose. He wanted to have this for his whole life.
Being with Michael close filled his heart with a contented happiness.
Friday evening saw them all together--Justin, Michael and some of their friends.
Chris and Vicky, Josh and Lance, Paulo and Jake, and Lonnie.
Michael cooked a rich Greek dinner, using Nana's secret recipes.
The food was plentiful as was the conversation.
Justin filled everyone in on the fight and the past events as they relaxed on the patio after dinner.
Vicky became concerned hearing about Paul's attempt to hurt Jonathan.
Michael reassured her that he wouldn't be able to hurt any of them, Michael would protect all of them.
When Vicky heard about the young gang leader, she marveled at Michael's giving heart.
"It takes a lot of  love to do something like that for someone, Mikey, especially since he was trying to hurt you."
Michael smiled, remaining quiet.
Justin looked over at him, Michael smiling back at him. Justin felt his love, close and safe.
They heard the front doorbell ringing, it being connected to a buzzer on the patio.
Paulo got up walking back into the house.
"So, Mikey, all set for your big brush with stardom?" Chris said, smiling at him.
Michael looked like a deer caught in the headlights.
"I'm as nervous as all hell. I hate speaking in public."
Everyone smiled, finding it strange that such a determined man as Michael had such fear.
"Just picture everyone in their underwear. That should calm you down or get you excited. Whatever turns your crank." Chris said, Vicky leering at him.
Chris lowered his head.
"I'll be there, Mico. I'll calm you, just like that day in the bookstore."
Everyone looked at Justin strangely, Justin telling them about Michael's run-in at the mall bookstore.
"There you go, Mikey. Justin has your back, his love will calm you." Lance said, smiling at him and patting his knee.
Michael smiled a small smile, Vicky sensing he was troubled about something.
"Ok, Mikey, out with it! What's bothering you?" She said staring at him.
Michael looked at Justin nervously, Justin picking up on his unease.
"What's wrong, Mico?" Justin said, putting his arm around him.
"I'm worried, Jus."
"About what? That your book signing won't go well? That it won't be big? What is it, love?"
Michael took a deep breath, looking into Justin's eyes.
"I'm worried that everyone will only come to it because of you."
Justin stared at Michael, Michael averting his gaze.
"I think my book is having success only because of my involvement with you, Jus. No one cares about me, or what I am trying to say. I've become a celebrity because of you. If there's a crowd there, it will be because of you, not my writing."
Everyone saw Michael's reluctance to look at Justin.
Justin put his hand under Michael's chin, raising Michael's head.
Tears were in his eyes.
"I'm sorry, Jus. I didn't want you to know, to have to tell you that. My insecurities are back."
Justin kissed him, silencing him.
"Mico, I think you're wrong. We've all read your first book. We've all seen the beauty of it. And what you've tried to say in it. And a lot of people have bought it. Which means a lot have read it. Yes, you've become involved with me, in a highly publicized way. But I can't believe it will affect your success, that is your own. You'll see that for yourself on Sunday."
"I think he needs to see that right now."
Everyone turned seeing Paulo coming out of the doorway. The man who'd spoken walking behind him.
Ryan Parsons, Michael's literary agent walked out onto the patio, Michael getting up smiling.
Michael walked up to him hugging him.
"I thought you weren't coming down until tomorrow, Ryan?"
The older man smiled, hugging Michael tightly.
Ryan said hello to everyone, remembering Josh and Lonnie from Michael's surprise party in Chicago.
Michael guided him to a chair, Paulo going back into the house to get him a drink.
"Well, Michael, I'm early because I've got fantastic news."
Michael looked at him sensing something important had happened.
"I heard most of your conversation, Michael. I heard your doubts about anyone showing up to see you. You couldn't be further from the truth. We've had requests from all over the country from different literary guilds. And whats more, schools are requesting your book added to their order listings and reading lessons. Everyone senses the meaning behind this book. About the struggle of youth against society's boundaries. Being young, gay and being ostricized. You've broken new ground here Michael. This story is unbelievable in its open frankness and raw feelings. Don't ever count yourself not important, you are important, to a lot of struggling young people, who've read your book and seen themselves in Daniel."
Michael couldn't believe the words Ryan had said. Schools wanted his book for young students.
"Are you for real, Ryan?" Michael asked, looking shocked.
"Yes, Michael. It's all real. Your book has shocked a lot of people in its subject and its truth."
Justin beamed, hearing praise in all Ryan's words. Michael's work was important and a lot of people thought so. Maybe now Michael could lose his doubts.
"That's awesome, Mico. I told you a lot of people were behind you." Justin said kissing his cheek.
Ryan smiled seeing Justin's happiness at Michael's success.
Paulo came out of the house, setting a glass down in front of Ryan, Ryan thanking him and taking a drink.
"There's something more, Michael. Something that will remove all those lingering doubts." Ryan said, opening his briefcase.
He pulled out a large envelope, looking at Michael with a look of wonder on his face.
"This came to my office yesterday, Michael. It's for you."
Michael looked at the envelope that Ryan put in his hands, Michael seeing the seal on the left corner.
He stared at Ryan, seeing his large smile.
Michael slowly opened it, everyone sensing something important lay in its contents.
Justin put his arm around Michael's shoulder, Michael unfolding the letter, looking into Justin's eyes.
Justin saw wonder and a sense of unbelievability in Michael's golden eyes.
Michael stared at the letter, beginning to read it.
He dropped it, a look of deep shock on his face.
Justin picked the letter up off of Michael's lap, scanning it.
"Read it to me, Jus, please. I can't."
Justin put his arm around Michael again, and began reading the letter.

"Dear Mr. Tavarro:

On behalf of the president of Columbia University and the board of directors of the Pulitzer Prize Foundation we are pleased to announce that you have been nominated as a finalist in this year's Pulitzer Prize Award of Merit for Fiction.

Yourself, along with four other finalists will be judged and proclaimed by a jury of your literary piers.

The announcement of this years winner of merit for fiction will be revealed on April fifth.

On behalf of the literary council of the United States and the American Novelist Society we wish to extend our congratulations to you on this monumentous acheivement.

You will be informed on the date of the announcement, personally, on the final verdict. We wish you greater success on the road of your literary journey.

Nicholas Lemann,
Dean, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University.

Michael looked totally shocked, taking the paper from Justin's hand, looking at it to see if it were real.
"It's real, Michael. You've been nominated for the greatest literary award available for American novelists. Congratulations, my boy." Ryan said taking his hand and shaking it vigorously.
A large smile covered Justin's face, Justin hugging Michael tightly.
"Oh, Mico. That's fantastic!!"
Justin was beginning to cry, everyone else getting up to congratulate Michael.
Michael stood up, let everyone hug him, still not saying anything, just continuing to stare at the letter still in his hand.
Justin sensed Michael was in shock, putting his arms around him. He kissed him deeply on the lips, that bringing Michael out of his stupor.
"Oh God, Justin! Not in my wildest dreams did I think that I was this good! That my book warranted this kind of adulation. Do you know what this means?"
Justin smiled at him, seeing the realization dawning in Michael's eyes.
"I am a writer, Jus. I am a great writer."
Michael picked Justin up, whirling him around, Justin laughing loudly.
Justin was lost in Michael's revelry, in his happiness.
Everyone stood back, smiling at seeing this new joy on Michael's face.
Michael let go of Justin, hugging Ryan now.
"Thank you, Ryan. For sticking with me these last two years."
Ryan smiled, patting Michael on the back.
"Your welcome, Michael. It's been nothing but joy. And it's only the beginning."
Michael smiled, Justin wrapping his arm around him again.
"My Mico, Pulitzer Prize winner."
Michael blushed.
"I haven't won yet, Justin. It's just an honor to be even nominated. A lot of writers work their whole life and are never acknowledged. I feel so honored and proud."
Vicky smiled at Michael, looking into his eyes.
"You have a lot to be proud of, Michael. Your novel will move and influence a generation of young gay men and women. It's that moving, and that real. Daniel would be so proud of you."
Michael was beginning to shed tears, hugging Vicky to him tightly.
"Thank you, Vicky. I thank you so much."
Lance hugged him, their love for each other again strong.
"So, does this finally destroy all those doubts in that creative mind of yours?" Lance asked, smiling at him.
"What doubts? A great writer like myself, why would I ever have doubts?" Michael said, smiling the largest smile Justin had ever seen on his face.
Everyone laughed, Michael laughing as well.
Vicky hugged him again, slapping him on the head.
"I need to deflate that rising ego of yours, pencil dick."
Michael laughed, blushing, and kissing her.
"Okay, sis."
Vicky laughed, smiling at him.
They all sat down, Michael sitting in Justin's lap, hugging him close.
They all saw the happiness Michael felt at knowing his book was being acclaimed across the country, and not because of Justin.
Justin felt that, too--Michael's joy at himself being the reason behind his success.
The rest of the evening was a relaxing, fun time for everyone, Michael's new happiness infecting all his friends.
Ryan was told everything that had happened to Michael lately, Ryan marveling at his kind heart. He'd known from the start about Michael's relationship with Justin, Michael trusting him completely. And Ryan saw the depth of it now in the faces and actions of the two young men.
Michael called Nana and Justin called his folks, everyone proud and happy at Michael's new success.
Michael got off the phone with Nana, showing tears in his eyes.
Justin hugged him, Michael regaining his composure.
"She's so proud of me, so happy for me. I love her so much. I can't wait to see her on our birthdays."
Justin smiled thinking of that day, a short two weeks away.
"We'll see her soon. Mico."
Michael smiled, returning to their friends.
After midnight, the two men found themselves alone again in their bedroom, laying beside each other after a passionate hour of lovemaking.
They both had felt Michael's happiness and wonder in every moment and feeling of their satisfying each other.
Justin lay back, Michael in his familiar spot, smiling contentedly.
"You're really happy, aren't you, Mico?"
"I've never felt this happy, Jus! That I'd receive this kind of recognition for my book, I feel vindicated."
Justin smiled.
"I'm happy that you're happy, my love."
Michael raised his head, kissing Justin tenderly.
"Thank you for being here to share this happiness with me."
Justin smiled, returning the kiss.
"Wouldn't want to be anywhere else, my love. I love you."
"I love you more, Timby."
The two fell asleep, wrapped in each other's love.

Michael awoke, hearing the alarm go off, shutting it off and falling back down against Justin.
Michael stretched, yawning and scratching his hairy chest.
"Jus, time to get up, we have to get moving."
"I don't want to get up, Mommy." Justin murmured, Michael laughing, rubbing his eyes.
Michael climbed on top of Justin feeling his hardness against his own.
Justin opened his eyes staring into Michael's golden ones.
"Morning, Jussy Wussy. I love my Jussy Wussy. Mommy wants you to get up."
Justin looked at Michael strangely.
"What are you talking about, Mico?"
"You said, and I quote, "I don't want to get up, Mommy", sweetie."
"What? No way."
Michael laughed, rubbing his body against Justin's.
"Sorry, lover, you did say it. Do you miss your Mommy, Jussy Wussy."
Justin laughed, smiling at Michael.
"Nope, I've got a nice teddy bear to cuddle with."
Michael's eyebrows went up.
"I'm not that big or hairy, Jus."
Justin smiled, running his fingers through Michael's chest hair.
"You're perfect, just the way you are, Teddy."
Michael laughed, letting his hand slink downward, wrapping around Justin's hardness.
"Well, my hand's on the gearshift, think I'll take this baby for a test drive."
Justin laughed, then gasped when Michael's head went downward quickly, engulfing his manhood.
Justin moaned as Michael took him deep, his tongue licking down his shaft.
Michael was in his place, that place of utter bliss.
He felt Justin's music flowing through his mind, and felt his taste in his mouth, the taste of his body, filling his throat.
Michael's fingers entered Justin's center, Justin moaning Michael's name.
"Oh, Michael, that feels so fantastic. Please, Mico, I need more, I need you, please."
Michael pulled off Justin's manhood, lifting Justin's legs, parting them.
He sank down, licking at Justin's center, tasting his need, the pucker throbbing at his probing.
Michael rose up, facing Justin's closed eyes, kissing his lips.
His body went to its needed position, Justin feeling Michael's hardness searching for its cavern of warmth.
Within a moment Michael sank into Justin's body, Justin's eyes opening wide.
He stared into Michael's eyes seeing the haziness of desire in them, Michael lost in the center of their love.
Justin leaned upwards, kissing Michael's swollen lips, tasting himself.
Michael kissed back, his rhythm beginning, sending wave after wave of passion through Justin's body.
They felt their desires flowing, their passion heightened by the need and want of each others body. Their hands roamed endlessly, feeling the smoothness of the soft flesh of their bodies.
Within moments they'd passed the point of total abandonment, both exploding as one, their voices calling each other by name.
Michael collapsed on top of Justin, feeling Justin's deep breathing against his face.
"Oh, Mico. That was fantastic as always. I love you so much."
Michael gasped, running his hands across Justin's sweating chest.
"You were pretty hot stuff yourself, Timby."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing him on the lips.
"Lets shower and grab a quick breakie. The bus will be here shortly, and it's off to Arizona for the traveling Justy show."
Justin laughed at Michael still-infectious happiness. Michael pulled him up, heading towards the washroom.

Justin relaxed on the bus, sitting on the couch, a magazine open in his lap.
Michael was sitting at the table, his laptop open, working on his book.
Justin watched him, seeing his concentration focused on the small screen.
He smiled remembering their lovemaking that morning. Michael had been so tender and giving, Justin's body still feeling the warmth of his love. Justin had felt all his happiness in every movement and every touch.
Paulo looked over at Justin smiling. He got up sitting down beside Justin.
"And what are you thinking about, Justin?"
Justin looked at him, smiling again.
"Lets just say it was a wonderful morning, my lover making me so happy."
Paulo smiled remembering his own passion this morning, and more importantly, Jake's.
"I know what you mean. Jake was wonderful this morning also."
"I wish he could have come, I know you miss him already."
Paulo smiled, thinking about his lover.
"He had a family thing today, but I'll see him tomorrow at Mikey's book signing."
Justin smiled.
"We haven't talked a lot lately, Paulo. I'm sorry. Tell me all about Jake and your newfound happiness."
Paulo smiled, Justin leaning back, focusing on Paulo's words.
"It's so magical, Jus. He makes me feel so alive, so passionate. When he touches me, I come alive, I feel I can do anything. And just to look at him makes me smile. I love him so much."
Justin smiled, knowing all too well that feeling.
"Isn't love wonderful? Just think, a few days ago you were lost, now you have Jake's beautiful love, and I might add, his beautiful body, to make you so happy."
Paulo smiled the smile of love, Justin marveling at his happiness.
"I've seen that look so many times on my own face, Paulo. That contented look of love. I'm happy for you bro, so happy."
Justin hugged him, Michael smiling from the table.
He hadn't heard the conversation, but he'd grasped that hug's meaning. Justin and Paulo were talking about love.
Michael sighed, marveling at his own happiness. He felt so alive, so happy. Yesterday's news had just been the icing on the cake. Tomorrow he would begin his own quest to show the world himself. And he was going to show all of himself. No question would remain unanswered, no subject taboo. His life would be an open book. He owed that to his readers and more so to himself.
Paulo got up heading into the kitchenette.
Michael turned back and glanced at his e-mails, seeing one that made him smile.
He read it through, a tear sliding down his cheek.
So, you took my advice, Tomas. Have courage, my young friend, it will only get better.
Michael hit reply, typing a message back to the recipient.
He smiled, finishing the email, glancing up at Justin staring out the bus window.
Michael closed off his laptop, getting up and plunking down on the couch beside Justin.
"And what's running through the mind of the fabulous Justin Timberlake, idol to millions."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's moist lips.
"I was just remembering this morning, and the great Michael Tavarro's heated passion."
Michael smiled, his hand going under Justin's tshirt, feeling his right nipple.
Justin softly moaned.
"You're such a tease, Mico."
Michael smiled, keeping his fingers on his prize.
"And you love it, big boy."
Justin laughed, Michael releasing his hold, relaxing against Justin.
Michael sighed, kissing Justin lightly.
"I need to talk to you about something, Jus."
Paulo came back in handing Lonnie a soft drink, Lonnie thanking him.
"I need to tell all of you this."
Everyone relaxed, sitting down, waiting for Michael to continue.
"I was just reading an email from a good friend. Tomas is back at the orphanage. He's working there with Father Derrick."
Justin looked surprised.
"How did you find all that out, babe?"
Michael smiled, taking Justin's hand in his.
"Father Derrick is an old friend of mine. We've known each other for sixteen years. How's that for fate?"
Justin looked surprised. That meant Michael had known him since he was an child.
"Where did you meet him?"
Michael's tears began to flow, Justin sensing sorrow in Michael.
"He was the priest at my Mom's funeral, Justin." Michael said softly.
Justin immediately hugged Michael to him tightly, Paulo and Lonnie feeling for Michael.
"I was all alone, no one was with me, he was the only person who cared about me. And he believed in God enough not to judge my Mom for her actions." Michael said, all of them feeling a sense of calmness in Michael.
"If life would have gone in the right direction, I should have ended up in his orphanage, and maybe I would have had a better life. But that wasn't my fate, the courts decided to put me in that foster home."
They all knew some of the abuse Michael suffered there, but not all of it. They sensed Michael wanted to tell them of that horror.
"I spent two weeks with him after my mother's funeral. He ran an orphanage in San Francisco, where I was living when my mother had died. He was so kind, so giving, so loving. He treated all the children with so much love. We all loved him. But I wasn't destined for that unending love. I was taken from him, taken to that home."
Justin hugged him tighter.
"Mico, its time you let go of that lost  pain, I know you carry it inside you, deep. If you want, tell us what happened."
Michael looked into Justin's loving eyes, seeing his love.
Yes, it was time to unburden all his hidden truths.
Michael took a deep breath, squeezing Justin's hand tighter.
"Paul wasn't the first person who sexually abused me, Jus."
Justin's heart clenched, tears fighting to erupt.
"The owner of that home, a bald, fat man, abused me. Like he abused all the beautiful boys in his care."
Paulo choked back a sob, Michael looking up at him.
"You need to understand. I wasn't strong enough to fight him, to stop him. I was only a child. I tried to fight him, like I fought that other man. But he beat that out of me quickly, then he used me for all his depraved desires. There was no escape for me from that hell. He didn't rape me, he didn't go that far. He had to think of inspectors and social workers. But he made me do things for him, and he did things to me, with things." Michael shuddered, remembering some of those disgusting things.
"And then his wife started beating me. She was careful too, never on the face or arms."
Justin sobbed, Michael hugging him now.
"She knew what he was doing, what he did with those young boys. And she took out her vengeance. Not on him, but on me."
Lonnie had tears running down his face, Michael trying to smile at him.
"I was all alone, beaten, hurting and so scared.  He came to me at night, she came at me during the day. For over three months that went on, until he found a new boy to abuse.  And I was forgotten, completely. That home was a nightmare for me, every waking moment."
Michael pulled Justin back staring into his tearing eyes.
"I endured it all, Jus. All that abuse and pain, and it followed me in my nightmares for so long after. But Nana's love broke through, and I found happiness again. I don't know what I would have done if Nana hadn't walked into my life; I probably would have stayed in that home. And I probably would have died of neglect. When Nana found me, I hadn't eaten in seven days, they were disciplining me with starvation because I had tried to run away."
Justin saw all the pain Michael had endured, at the hands of those sadistic people. He saw it all in Michael's golden eyes, and felt it all in their joined soul. The pain was free now, open to Justin.
"Mico, you never deserved that pain, that hurt, you were a child, for God's sake."
Michael brushed the tears away from Justin's eyes.
"There are people in this world, Jus, that hurt the defenseless. You've never experienced that, and I thank God for that."
Justin lowered his head, feeling the last of Michael's pain now in the open.
"I lived it, Jus. I felt all those feelings of despair. I never thought I'd have love again."
Justin hugged him tightly, wanting Michael to feel his love.
"I feel your love, Jus. Your deep love. All the cruelty of my life can't measure up to the love I feel from you. My past is now the past, your love is now my future. And from that love, my heart soars. I'm so happy, Jus, so happy I've found your love."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael deeply.
"All the pain is in the past, Jus. You've now made me open all of it to you, to all of you. I feel free now, totally free from my past. I can go on now, happy, and in love with you, deeply in love with you."
Michael kissed him again, deeply; Justin feeling Michael's soul free of all its pain.
Paulo and Lonnie smiled, getting up and hugging Michael as he stood up, Justin standing beside him.
They all sat down again, Michael brushing his tears away.
"When I'd left Father Derrick's orphanage, I thought I'd never see him again. I was wrong. Every year, after I was finally able to drive, I went back to my Mom's home, to try and sense her soul again, to try and find her love. And every year I returned to see Father Derrick. We'd talk for hours about my pain and suffering, my need for my mother's love. I never told him of my abuse in that home. I didn't want him to feel that it was his fault that I went through that. It never was. He always felt the goodness in me, always told me to let it flow and others would love me. And now he's felt the goodness in Tomas, who's now returned to his fold."
Justin smiled at Michael, taking his hand again.
"You're remarkable, Michael. To give guidance to that young man, to guide him back to Father Derrick and his love, you're so wonderful."
"When I sensed his past and his connection with Father Derrick, and when I sensed the loss of his sister, I knew I had to guide him back to Father Derrick, to give him a chance at a better life. A better life than I had."
Justin kissed him again, Michael relaxing in his arms.
"I want to help Father Derrick's orphanage financially, Jus. I'm getting wealthy off my books now, I want to give back to those that need it most."
Justin smiled at Michael's giving heart.
"I'd like to help too, my love. To thank him for being there for you when no one else was."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin again.
"When we have some free time, I'd like to go and see him again. I'd like you to meet him."
"I'd like that very much." Justin said, everyone smiling at the two lovers.
They relaxed for the rest of the drive to Glendale, pulling into the stadium around two o'clock.
Michael relaxed while Justin went to his meetings and photo ops.
Michael sat with Pink for over an hour telling her all about himself, Pink hugging him several times, overcome with emotion.
At the end they parted as good friends, Pink seeing so much caring and love in Michael.
She even dedicated a song to Michael on stage, the crowd going crazy, Michael blushing.
Justin smiled from the backstage area, seeing the crowd's response for his Mico.
Through Justin's concert, Michael never moved, Lonnie and Paulo seeing a wide smile on his face.
After Justin's concert, the bus rolled out again heading back to L.A.
Paulo and Lonnie headed for bed, it being after midnight and them wanting to sleep a bit.
Justin was a bundle of testosterone, bouncing off the walls.
He kept jumping into Michael's lap, kissing him deeply, their friends sensing Justin's exuberance and happiness.
When Paulo and Lonnie retired, Michael knew what he had to do to calm down this bundle of energy.
Justin was on the couch playing a video game, bouncing around. Michael closed his lap top.
"Okay, tiger. Enough is enough. You need to work off that energy. Come with me."
Justin looked up at Michael.
"I'm in the middle of a game, love."
Michael walked over to him, shutting off the tv with the remote.
Justin looked up at him as Michael leaned down, kissing him deeply. He moved Justin's hand to his center, Justin feeling Michael's rising desire.
"Why don't you come and play with this joystick, lover, and see if you can score?"
Justin's smile lit up his whole face.
Michael walked towards the back, Justin rushing after him.
Justin followed him back to their bedroom, Michael pushing him against the door the moment Justin closed it.
"You're one wound up stud, Timberlake, and I'm going to sap all that energy out of you."
Michael pressed his lips against Justin's, opening his mouth and sucking on his tongue.
Justin immediately hardened, Michael's arousal taking over. Justin felt Michael's control over him, this was going to be Michael's show.
Michael lowered his hands, both finding an ass cheek to squeeze, Justin's center rubbing against Michael's.
"Why, you're hard as a rock, Timberlake!"
"It's you, Tavarro, you're such a turn-on for me."
Michael licked at Justin's lips, Justin begging to kiss him again. Michael smirked, knowing Justin was willing to get into this scenario.
"Tonight you're mine, Timberlake. The big rock star will be mine, in every way. You seduced all those crazy fans out there tonight, all of them wanting to touch you, to be with you. A god standing in front of them. But it's me that's going to have their god. I'm going to make love to you in new ways that will make you cry."
Justin couldn't believe this side of Michael, this raw masculine power. Justin could feel Michael's manliness, his dominance.
Michael stepped back, looking at Justin's evident tent.
"Take your shirt off, Timberlake."
Justin pulled his shirt over his head, throwing it on the floor.
Michael stared at his nude torso, leering at every uncovered inch.
" How many women and men wanted you tonight, lover?"
"All of them, Mico. All of them wanted me. But I need and want only you."
Michael stared at him, Justin feeling so much desire in that one look.
"Pose for me Timberlake. Show off those muscles."
Justin smiled, bringing his arms up, flexing his arms, his biceps bulging.
Michael walked up to him, feeling his hard biceps, their smooth skin. and his hairy forearms.
"Impressive, very impressive, but they look dirty, let me clean them. Stay still."
Michael's tongue ran along Justin's bicep, Michael licking it all over, Justin moaning at the touch. He licked the other arm, nibbling and chewing the tight flesh, both biceps glistening with moisture.
A shudder went through Justin as Michael's breath blew across his underarm.
Michael's tongue went further up Justin's arms, his lips and tongue devouring his armpit.
Justin gasped, his body jerking.
Michael turned to the other armpit, devouring its hairy center.
Justin moaned, wanting so much to grab Michael but knowing this was Michael's show.
Michael pulled back a bit, lightly running his fingers along Justin's nipples.
Justin's body trembled as Michael stepped back.
"Timberlake enjoyed that, I could feel it in his horny body's trembling. Turn around stud."
Justin turned around, Michael raising Justin's arms putting his hands flat against the door.
He ran his hands all over Justin's back, over his tattoos, feeling the heat radiating off his smooth body.
"Why you're on fire, Timberlake! What does a sweet piece of man candy like you need?"
"I need you, Tavarro." Justin's voice trembling.
Michael leaned in against Justin, rubbing his center against Justin's clothed ass.
Justin felt his hardness, needing it so much. He rubbed back against it.
Michael's hands moved around to the front of Justin, tweaking his nipples.
Justin moaned, Michael's mouth breathing against his ear.
"You like your nips stroked, Timberlake?"
"Yes, God yes!"
Michael smiled, knowing how Justin was feeling.
Michael's hands moved lower, unbuttoning Justin's cargo shorts. He lowered the fly, his right hand rubbing against Justin's large erection.
Justin bucked against him, Michael biting on his earlobe.
"You're as hard as steel, you stud! And you're making me harder. Maybe I should put that hardness someplace warm and hot."
"God, yes! Oh, God, my lover, put it inside me!"
Michael smiled, sensing Justin's feelings lost in their desire. He was really turning Justin on big time.
Michael pushed the shorts down as well as Justin's briefs, Justin stepping out of them.
"Stay perfectly still, Timberlake."
Justin didn't move hearing Michael doing something.
He felt Michael's hands returning to his chest. He jumped at their coldness.
"Relax, Timberlake. I'm going to oil you all up."
Justin smiled, feeling the slickness of the oil on Michael's hands.
Michael oily hand ran all across Justin's chest, rubbing his nipples, his abs and his stomach; Michael lost in the feeling of the slickness of Justin's body.
His hands went lower, wrapping around Justin's large cock, the oil acting as a lubricant, Michael stroking Justin rapidly.
Justin's whole body was trembling, but Michael wanted more.
He moved his hands back, taking the bottle of oil and pouring some more on Justin's back.
The oil trickled down over Justin's tattoos, Michael rubbing it into his smooth muscular back.
Justin felt the heat from Michael's hands caressing his back, moving lower.
He shuddered when he felt Michael's hand fall on his ass cheeks.
The slippery hands kneaded and rubbed both cheeks, the oil glistening on his smooth skin.
Then Justin felt a wetness in his crack, knowing this wasn't oil. This was Michael's tongue.
Justin spread his legs, moaning as Michael rimmed him deeply.
After a long time of deep rimming and sucking, Michael raised himself up, smiling.
"Turn around, pop star."
Justin turned around seeing Michael totally naked. When he'd removed his clothes, Justin didn't know. . .or care.
What he did care about was standing in front of him:  his naked man.
Michael pushed up against Justin, Justin's gleaming skin slick against Michael's hairy body.
They kissed with a deep passion, Michael probing Justin's mouth, tasting his sweetness.
Michael pulled back, licking along Justin's cheek.
"So, Timberlake. Ready for the ride of your life? Is the pop star ready to please his lover?"
Justin shuddered, loving Michael's masculine voice.
"I'll do whatever Tavarro wants. I'm his to love."
Michael grabbed hold of Justin's large hard cock, stroking it.
He pulled Justin to the bed, throwing him down on it, diving onto Justin's exposed cock, taking all of it into his mouth.
Justin nearly screamed, the sudden rush too much for him.
Michael felt his tightening balls, knowing Justin was on the edge.
Michael pulled off, Justin whimpering.
"Please, Mico, please, I need you."
Michael smiled, knowing he had Justin in his hands, to do as he desired.
And he only desired one thing.
Justin's love. This masculine, muscular, smooth vision of beauty lay before him, his to love and please.
And Michael started pleasing him, in so many ways.
Michael pulled Justin up to a sitting position.
"My body needs your lips, Timberlake. Lick me all over."
Justin dove ahead, licking Michael's hairy chest, sucking his nipples and biting them.
Michael moaned, feeling Justin's deep need to please him.
Michael gasped when Justin found his erection, sucking it deep into his mouth.
Justin had become very talented at doing this. Very talented.
Within moments Michael felt his control collapsing, pulling out of Justin, denying him his needs.
"Please Mico! I need to taste your love, please!"
Michael pushed him back down on the bed, flipping him over and pulling his legs up.
Justin's center lay exposed to Michael, Michael running his fingers along that heated crack.
Justin moaned, praying Michael would give into his needs.
Justin felt Michael positioning himself, sinking deeply into him.
Justin felt the explosion in his mind and his body, Michael erupted within seconds of entering him.
Justin felt him trembling against him, knowing that the desires had become too much for Michael.
Michael kissed the back of Justin's neck, still remaining inside him.
"Timberlake, I just filled your hot ass. Now I'm going to let you fill mine."
Michael quickly pulled out, Justin feeling the emptiness inside him immediately. It felt like a great loss of love.
Michael flipped him over, climbing on top of him.
In one heated movement, Justin's cock pushed deep inside Michael. Justin screamed as he felt the tightness of Michael's ass clamping around his shaft.
Within seconds Justin had exploded inside Michael, Michael falling on top of Justin's oily slick chest.
Michael ran his hands across it, feeling the sleekness and slipperness of it.
Justin's passion took a long time to come down, ending with Justin crying in Michael's arms.
Michael held him, knowing this was Justin's way of dealing with the overflowing love inside him.
It was too much for him, too much love.
And that filled Michael's heart with happiness.
After a few minutes of gentle kisses and tender touches, Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes.
"That was unbelievable, Mico. "
Michael smiled kissing his lover's moist lips.
"Have I sapped that energy from you, Jus?"
"Mmmmmmm, yes my love. And what a wonderful way to do it!"
Michael curled up against his lover, kissing him gently.
"I love you Timby."
"I love you more, my love."
"I think we should rinse all that oil off you, or you'll ruin these sheets."
Justin smiled, the two lovers getting up and heading towards the shower.
They tip-toed past Lonnie and Paulo's room, not wanting to wake them.
They quietly as possible took a shower together, their desires and love igniting briefly.
They walked back to the bedroom, the two lovers curling up together, content in their arms with their love embedded in each other's heart.
Within minutes, Justin's desires took over again, Michael giving in to his needs now.
For another hour the two lovers pleased each other, Michael falling asleep against Justin's chest, Justin smiling in the darkness.

Justin woke up, hearing the bus pull into their front yard.
He looked at the clock reading five o'clock.
He stretched yawning, and gently shaking Michael.
"We're home love, time to crawl into our bed."
Michael murmured, Justin smiling.
Justin got up, feeling the warmth inside him, and his contented heart.
Michael had worked all the energy out of him, Justin feeling relaxed.
And Justin sensed Michael was exhausted.
Justin pulled on his discarded shorts and shirt, walking out of the bedroom.
Lonnie and Paulo were up, stretching and yawning in the livingroom.
"Morning, Jus. Did you guys sleep?"
Justin smiled, Paulo picking up on that smile.
Lonnie laughed, picking up on it also.
"Mico's asleep, I think I'll have to carry him into bed. I better try and get him up again."
"Let me Justin." Paulo said.
Paulo smiled heading back to the bedrooms.
Within a few minutes Paulo walked back down the hallway, Michael drudging behind him in a pair of shorts.
Justin sensed he was half sleep walking.
"Morning love." Justin said, wrapping his arms around him.
Michael murmured again, laying his head against Justin's chest.
Lonnie laughed seeing Michael sleep walking.
"This way my love."
Justin guided him through the livingroom and outside.
Gary smiled seeing Michael asleep and walking.
"I'll tell him you said goodnight, Gar." Justin said, Gary hugging him.
"See you soon, Jus."
Justin guided Michael into the house, Paulo going ahead and shutting off the alarm.
Justin walked Michael straight up the stairs, saying good night to Paulo when they separated at the top of the stairs.
Justin put Michael to bed, climbing in beside him.
He set the alarm for eleven o'clock, Michael's book signing began at one.
Justin lay beside Michael, Michael moving into his favorite spot, Justin smiling.
Justin lay in bed, Michael snoring gently beside him.
Justin thought about Michael's big day ahead.
In a few hours, my love, you'll be a star in the eyes of so many of your fans.
But you'll always be the brightest star in my sky of love.
Justin closed his eyes, a smile on his face as sleep overtook him.
He didn't feel Michael getting out of bed an hour later.

End of Chapter 73

And so Michael's soul is now set free of all his pain; Justin bringing it all to the surface.
He now had complete happiness in his life.
Will it last?
I hope you liked the idea of Michael's book becoming a possible Pulitzer Prize winner.
I wanted him to have his own success, separate from Justin.
It just seemed better that way.
Next chapter we finally have the book signing, and another surprise.
I'm a devil with those lately.

And a special thanks to the best editor a writer could have, my amigo, Mike O.
Without his knowledge of grammar my story wouldn't be what it is.
Props to ya, Mike!

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