Justin's Angel-74

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to
this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin guided Michael into the house, Paulo going ahead and shutting off the alarm.
Justin walked Michael straight up the stairs, saying good night to Paulo when they separated at the top of the stairs.
Justin put Michael to bed, climbing in beside him.
He set the alarm for eleven o'clock, Michael's book signing began at one.
Justin lay beside Michael, Michael moving into his favorite spot, Justin smiling.
Justin lay in bed, Michael snoring gently beside him.
Justin thought about Michael big day ahead.
In a few hours, my love, you'll be a star in the eyes of so many of your fans.
But you'll always be the brightest star in my sky of love.
Justin closed his eyes, a smile on his face as sleep overtook him.
He didn't feel Michael getting out of bed an hour later.

Chapter 74

Justin opened his blue eyes, finding himself alone in an empty bed.
He looked around seeing no sign of Michael.
He glanced at  the clock seeing it was ten o'clock.
He yawned, stretching his muscular arms over his head.
"Mico, my love. Why aren't you sleeping?"
Justin felt his Mico in his mind.
"I love you, Jus. I'm relaxing in the pool."
Justin got up walking to the balcony, opening the doors and walking out onto it.
He leaned on the railing looking down onto the back patio.
Michael was in the middle of the pool, relaxing on a floating chair.
From this distance, Justin could see his eyes were closed.
Justin smiled, just relaxing and looking at his man's beautiful body.
The sun caught all Michael's features:  the beautiful face, the sculpted hairy chest and legs.
Michael wore a pair of swim trunks, Justin's desires surging through him, looking at the beauty before him.
"You don't need to stare, love. It's all yours. I love you, my Jus." Justin heard in his mind.
Justin smiled, seeing Michael's eyes opening, looking up at him.
Michael took in the vision of beauty looking down on him.
Suddenly he saw another vision cover his eyes, hearing screaming and a crash. Michael screamed and  leapt up falling off the chair into the pool.
He sputtered to the surface, Justin yelling at him.
"Are you okay, Mico? What's wrong?" Justin turned, not waiting for an answer, disappearing into the house.
Michael swam to the edge of the pool, pulling himself up, sitting on the edge, panting hard as he tried to focus his mind.
He heard Justin running across the patio, sitting down beside him.
Michael felt Justin's strong arms around him, feeling his love.
"I had a vision, Justin."
"Are you okay?  It seemed to totally shock you!"
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the love and concern flowing.
Michael looked up at the balcony again, remembering what he'd seen.
"I think something awful is going to happen, Jus. I saw a double vision."
Justin looked at him, seeing worry in Michael's eyes.
"Can you tell me what you saw?"
Michael felt Justin's arms tightening around him, feeling his safety.
"The first part was at a concert, I don't know for sure but I think it was yours. People were screaming and crying and there was a loud crash or explosion. I felt a great weight on my chest and I couldn't breathe. I think something bad may happen at one of your concerts."
Justin remained still, holding tightly onto Michael.
"And the second vision?"
Michael stood up, Justin rising with him.
Michael looked up to their bedroom balcony.
"I saw someone falling from our balcony, Jus. I saw someone getting hurt."
"Who was it, Mico?"
Michael turned looking into Justin's concerned eyes, tears in Michael's.
"It was Paul. I think I threw him off the balcony. I think I may have to kill him."
Justin hugged Michael close, Michael clinging to him.
"He's going to be in our house, Jus. He's going to come after us here."
Justin stroked Michael's back, holding him close.
"He won't hurt us here, Mico. This is our safe haven, our house of love. He'll never hurt us here."
Michael felt Justin's love and protection, cocooning him in a blanket of warmth.
"This has to be wrong, Michael. It could be just a bad dream or a reaction to something. You haven't been sleeping much lately."
Michael felt Justin trying to allay his fears, felt his love trying to protect him.
"Whatever it is, I don't think you'll be hurt. That's all that matters to me. I'll protect us both, my love." Michael said, kissing Justin's lips.
The two lovers stood still for a while, holding onto each other, lost in their own protective embrace.
Michael suddenly noticed that Justin was naked, he'd run downstairs completely naked.
"Um, love, you're naked."
Justin looked down, smiling.
"And this is a bad thing?"
Michael smirked, running his hands along Justin's chest. He saw Justin's rising desires.
"It's making Vicky and Kelly blush."
Justin turned around seeing all their friends standing in the patio doors. They'd just arrived, Paulo letting them in.
Chris, Joey, Kelly, Lance, Josh and Vicky all stood in shock. Paulo and Jake stood with smiles on their faces. Justin dove behind Michael, his face turning red.
"Oh my God, Justin Timberlake naked!" Vicky said, her face showing shock.
Michael looked at his Vicky, smiling.
"Well, you can't call him Timberlacking anymore."
Chris and Joey were on the ground laughing their heads off.
Vicky turned three shades of red, putting her hands over her eyes.
Josh and Lance just stood still, stunned looks on their faces.
"I think you need to cover yourself love, too many eyes are getting their fill." Michael said handing Justin his wet towel.
Justin wrapped the towel around himself, everyone now beginning to laugh.
"I'll head in and put some clothes on." He said, Michael kissing his cheek.
Justin's blush deepened as he snuck his way around his friends, hearing their laughter.
Kelly and Vicky whistled as did Lance, Josh blushing also.
Michael smiled remembering Josh's original feelings for Justin.
Michael went up to him hugging him.
"Well how do you rate Justin now, against your Lance?"
Lance blushed, Josh taking his hand in his.
"Justin has a beautiful body, Mikey. But my Lance, he is beautiful in body and soul."
Lance teared up, Josh kissing him, Vicky and Kelly sighing.
Michael smiled, telling everyone to relax on the patio, he'd start getting brunch ready.
They all sat down, the laughter still echoing off the patio.
Michael met Lonnie in the kitchen, and promptly ushered him outside.
He began pulling out food he'd prepared that morning.
Justin walked into the room, hugging him tightly.
"You okay, my love?" He asked, kissing Michael.
"I'm okay, Jus. How about you? That was a great floor show."
Justin blushed again, Michael kissing him.
"Relax love, it was all your friends. I'm sure they've all seen you naked at one time or another . As for Vicky and Kelly, you just gave them a vision of your total beauty."
Justin smiled, marveling at how Michael could make him feel happy.
"Thanks for the Timberlacking remark. You always make me feel wonderful."
Michael smiled, running his finger along Justin's cheek.
"I always say the truth, love. You're more than enough for me."
Justin kissed him again, Michael shooing him out to the patio.
Justin walked out, smiling at all his friends.
Lonnie had been told the story, Lonnie struggling to hold in his laughter.
Justin jumped down onto a chair.
"So, why did we have the honor of seeing the great Justin Timberlake buck ass naked spooning with his boyfriend?" Chris said laughing, suddenly looking shocked.
"You weren't just going to do the nasty were you? Ewwwww!!!" He said, Vicky slapping his head, Chris saying ouch.
Justin's face changed, Josh picking up on it.
"Jus, we're only playing with you."
"It's not that, Joshy. I was naked because I ran downstairs from the bedroom in a hurry because Michael was freaking out."
Everyone looked at each other, Justin looking at his friends.
Justin explained to everyone Michael's visions, everyone's mood changing.
"Something will happen at a concert? He couldn't see exactly what?" Lance said, concern on his face.
"Yes, and Michael thinks he might get hurt. God, what can we do?" Justin was getting upset.
"And Mikey thinks Paul is going to attack you here?" Lonnie said looking at Justin.
Justin nodded, his mind on Michael.
"Well dammit, we're going to get you more security. Armed guards around this place." Lonnie said, his resolve hardening.
"No, Lonnie."
They looked up seeing Michael standing in the doorway.
He walked over beside Justin, putting his arm around him, sensing Justin's need for him; Justin's fears relaxing.
"I'll not live in fear, surrounded by people with guns. If Paul wants to attack me here, then let him come. I'll not back away from him. I'll protect Justin with my life. Nothing or no one will harm him."
They all saw the conviction and determination in Michael's words and his golden eyes.
"As for the concert, I'll play a part in that too. What the outcome is, I don't know. All I know is that I'll stand true to my ideals and protect all of you."
Everyone smiled, seeing Michael's love shining through.
"Let's not live in fear or doubt. Let's go forward as we must. God is with us all, we're in his protective heart."
Paulo smiled, Michael asking him to help him bring out the food.
They disappeared into the house, Justin looking after Michael.
"I love you, Mico." Justin said in his mind.
"Love ya more, Timby." The reply received.

Everyone sat down to a wonderful brunch, lovingly prepared by Michael.
The conversation turned to Michael's book signing.
"So, Mikey. All prepared?" Josh asked smiling.
"Yep, as much as I'll ever be. And I don't feel scared, much."
Joey laughed, slapping his back.
"That's what we want to hear. We'll all be there showing you our support."
Michael smiled, feeling all their love for him.
"Thanks, guys, and ladies."
Everyone smiled.
"I got a surprise for you, love."  Justin said, running back into the house.
"God, what's he cooking up now?" Michael said, everyone holding in their laughter.
Justin returned carrying a garment bag.
He leaned down, kissing Michael deeply.
"This is for you love, go upstairs and try it on."
Michael raised an eyebrow, reluctantly getting up.
"What is this, Jus?"
"It's your outfit for today, my special gift to you. Go on, hurry up and put it on. It's only an hour and a half till your show, so you might as well get ready."
Michael shook his head, Justin kissing him again and patting his butt.
Michael walked back into the house, Justin sitting down beside Josh.
"I take it it's a black outfit. What's with you always dressing him in black?"
Justin blushed, smiling at Josh.
"It's his color, what can I say? It brings out those golden eyes."
After about thirty minutes, Michael walked out onto the patio, showered and dressed.
Everyone smiled at the vision of beauty walking before them.
Justin's eyes were on Michael's body and his beautiful face.
"Jus, this is beautiful, thank you so much."
Michael was dressed in a dark black Armani blazer, dark black dress pants and a black silk shirt, open at the throat, Michael's black chest hair visible.
The shine of the silk shirt showed off Michael's slim, muscular torso.
Justin got up, hugging Michael to him.
"You're a vision of real beauty, my love. You'll totally floor them with your intoxicating beauty."
Justin pulled out a box from his pocket, handing it to Michael.
"This is for you, my love. My way of showing you my faith, my faith in you. Open it."
Michael looked at the velvet box, everyone smiling at him.
He opened it slowly, finding a golden cross, gleaming in its beauty. It was attached to a gold chain.
"It's beautiful, my love."
"This is a symbol of our faith, Mico. Our faith in God. I want it to be a symbol also of my faith in you. It also shows what you mean to me. Read the inscription on the back."
Michael turned the beautiful cross over, reading the inscription.
A tear fell down his cheek.

                      Justin's Angel

Michael looked into Justin's blue pools of love, Justin pulling the cross out of the box and putting it around Michael's neck.
The cross lay against Michael's hairy chest, glowing against all the blackness he wore.
Justin kissed him deeply, their friends wiping tears from their eyes.
"Now you'll have our faith with you always."
"And I'll always be Justin's Angel."
Justin teared up, Michael kissing him again.
All their friends go up, looking at the cross around Michael's neck.
"It's beautiful, Mikey." Vicky said,  kissing his cheek.
They all relaxed in the living room, Justin going upstairs to shower and change.
Ryan showed up about half an hour later as Justin came downstairs.
Justin wore a blue silk shirt, grey dress pants and the black Gucci shoes Michael had bought him.
Everyone was sitting in the living room as Ryan and Justin walked in.
"Looking sharp, love." Michael said, kissing Justin and hugging Ryan.
"Man, Michael, you look fantastic. The crowd's going to go wild. Well, we have some preliminary numbers. The book store has received ten thousand copies of your book, and the crowds have been lining up since seven thirty." Ryan said smiling.
"What?" Michael looked shocked.
"Yes, Michael, this looks big. Real big."
Everyone smiled, feeling the excitement in Ryan's voice.
"I drove past, Mikey. They're lined up down the block."
Michael's face changed, Justin feeling his nervousness,  Justin's arm going around his waist.
"You can do this, my love." Justin said in his mind.
Michael smiled, feeling Justin's love.
"Damn right I can." He smiled.
Everyone followed them out, two limousines waiting outside. Michael raised his eyebrows, Justin smiling.
"Hey, you're going to do this in style."
Michael smiled, hopping through the open door of the limousine.

They arrived at the mall about twenty minutes later, and Ryan hadn't been wrong.
They all saw the lines of people waiting to get in.
"Man, this is like a concert." Josh said, looking at Justin.
"Yep, and the star here is my Mico."
Michael blushed, Justin still picking up on his nervousness. Justin wasn't worried. His love was here for his Mico.
They pulled around to a private reserved entrance, Lonnie and Paulo hopping out of the two cars. looking around.
Michael and Justin as well as everyone else walked through a private entrance.
They were met by an older gentleman, who shook Michael's hand enthusiastically.
"Welcome Mr. Tavarro. I'm John Parker, the store manager. It's a pleasure to meet you. This is beyond our wildest dreams, we think we may run out of books. There are so many people here waiting."
Michael smiled, wonder on his face.
"Is everything ready, Mr. Parker?" Ryan asked, taking charge of Michael's affairs.
"Yes, please come this way Mr. Parsons. Everyone else please relax in that room right there, refreshments have been set up."
Ryan walked off with the store manager, Michael and everyone else going into the assigned room.
They all relaxed, sitting down, Michael pacing a bit. Justin gave him a glass of Coke, Michael sipping it a bit then setting it down.
Ryan came back, smiling.
"Everything's a go, Mikey. Looks real good, the store is jam-packed. And twice as many waiting outside. You may be a while signing books, unfortunately."
"I don't mind. They've all come to meet me, the least I could do is meet them."
Justin smiled at Michael's giving heart.
"It will be a few more minutes, relax."
Michael smiled as Ryan sat down; Michael beginning to pace again.
After a few minutes, everyone looked at him, then at Justin.
Justin put his arm around Michael when he walked by.
"Time to stop, love; you'll wear the floor out. Doesn't this remind you of something?"
Michael blushed remembering Justin's own nerves at that first concert.
"Guess it's a normal thing."
Justin smiled kissing him deeply.
Michael stopped pacing, leaning against Justin.
His fingers went to the cross around his neck. As soon as he touched it, he felt a calmness settle into his mind, and his heart.
He smiled widely, Justin looking at him.
The store manager came in, talking quietly to Ryan, and looking at Michael.
Ryan got up smiling at him.
"Well, Michael. It's time. Are you pumped for this?" Ryan asked, seeing the wide smile on Michael's face.
"It's time I met my fans." Michael said walking out of the room, everyone following.

Michael walked into a private office adjacent to the store's main area.
Looking through the other office door they could see a stage was set up, as well as a large table to the side of it.
Everyone saw the large crowd waiting in the store, the large room was packed.
All Michael's friends and Justin would remain in the office, getting a full view of the proceedings.
Michael had to do this alone. This was his show. The stage was his.
Justin looked at him, seeing a deep calmness on his face.
He so wanted to kiss him, the place too risky at the moment for that tenderness.
He slinked his hand into Michael's, Michael squeezing it.
Their eyes met, both seeing the love shining in those moist orbs.
Ryan walked out of the office, and onto the stage with Mr. Parker.
The crowd instantly quieted down, looking towards the stage.
Justin hugged Michael to him as soon as Parker was out of the room, kissing him deeply.
"Good luck, my love." He said, Michael smiling a calm smile at him.
"Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all here today to our new location." Mr. Parker said. Cheers went up.
Parker went on about the store and its new features, the crowd waiting patiently.
"And now I'd like to introduce you to Ryan Parsons, Michael Tavarro's agent."
Ryan smiled, looking out at the large crowd.
Yes, this was going to be a phenomenal success, he thought.
"Thank you Mr. Parker. On behalf of my client, I want to welcome all of you here. As you all know, this is Michael's first novel and the success has been overwhelming. I myself take great pleasure in working with this fine young man and being here to welcome you all to his first book signing. The story that this novel tells is a story of life's struggle, a story of pain and suffering, and love and hope. And Michael will tell you so much more about his inspiration. So, without further ado, it's my greatest pleasure to introduce to you the number one best-selling author in the country. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Michael Tavarro!!"
Ryan turned, bowing toward the office.
The crowd, as one, turned their heads in that direction.
Michael walked out onto the stage, walking towards the podium.
The noise in the large store became deafening. Cameras flashed everywhere.
Thunderous applause echoed off the walls; the people all standing, cheering him.
Michael stood looking out at all the faces in the crowd, rows and rows of upturned faces.
He was lost in the cheering and clapping.
He had a large smile on his face, Michael beginning to wave to people, people waving back.
Justin stood at the doorway with his friends, hidden from the crowd's view, looking at his lover in the spotlight.
He saw the smile on Michael's face, and the joy. And Justin's heart was filled with joy and happiness for his lover.
"Thank you, thank you all." Michael said, the applause not dying down at all.
He waited, smiling and bowing, the crowd clapping more.
Michael estimated over three thousand people were packed into the large, sprawling store.
Finally, the noise level lowered a little, Michael beginning to speak again.
"Thank you, thank you all of you  for coming here today. It brings a great joy to my heart to see so many people so moved by my story. And to see so many people interested in meeting humble, little ol' me."
Laughter echoed through the store, Justin seeing Michael's humor flowing.
"I hope I can live up to your praise. First off, I want to thank all of you for coming here today to meet me, to learn more about what I've written."
Michael picked up his book off the dais, holding it up.
"This is part of my heart. The story trapped in these pages is part of my soul. The words and phrases are my feelings flowing out of my soul."
All Michael's friends looked out into the crowd, seeing everyone silently listening to Michael's commanding voice as it carried out to their hearts.
"Daniel was real, a real man. And a real friend. His life was a tragedy, but his heart was the most beautiful thing that I've ever been honored to know. This book was my dedication to him, to his values and his loving heart."
Michael looked out, everyone seeing the beauty of this man's soul, his words having deep meaning.
"I'd like to tell you all about him, about his dreams and hopes and his amazing take on life. Would you like that?"
The crowd clapped loudly, cheers going up, Michael smiling.
Justin and his friends stood back, watching Michael cast a spell on the crowd.
Michael talked for over an hour about Daniel, himself and his life. He left nothing out, telling them all about his past, his own emotional struggles with his inner self.
And through it all, when Michael's emotions threatened to break free, Justin's calming voice echoed in his mind, calming his soul.
The crowd listened to all Michael told them, tears flowing from a lot of those upturned eyes.
Michael told them of Daniel's murder at the hands of his own father, and of Michael having to kill that same man to save Justin, Lonnie and Paulo.
Cheers went up from a lot of young people in the crowd at the mention of Justin's name.
Justin wasn't happy with that, not wanting his part in Michael's life to interfere with Michael's success.
Then Michael surprised Justin.
"Well, I sense a lot of the young people know who I mean when I say Justin."
The crowd went wild, shouts of Justin Timberlake echoing all through the store.
"Yes, Justin Timberlake. He has become a dear, wonderful man in my heart, his friendship meaning so much to me. I owe that wonderful man so much."
The crowd clapped louder, Michael looking toward Justin.
"What friend wouldn't wish his friend success, and stand by him? He's here today, giving me support. Would you like to meet him?"
The crowd went ballistic, the younger ones screaming.
Michael waved Justin over. Their minds flowing with thoughts.
"Mico, this isn't right. This is your time. I want nothing to distract your success."
"Come here my love.  I need you beside me, to bask in my happiness."
Justin walked slowly onto the stage, smiling, the applause deafening.
Justin hugged Michael, the crowd screaming.
"Thanks, everyone. But this is Michael's day in the sun. I want all of you to appreciate what a wonderful book he's written. And the next one is even more moving."
The crowd clapped and cheered, Justin still having his arm around Michael.
"So, I'm here to support him, and to cheer him on, the same as all of you. Don't you just love this man? I know I do."
The crowd cheered Michael's name, Justin hugging him again and then walking back offstage.
The noise settled down again, Michael smiling to himself.
"Thanks, Jus. I don't feel anything but happiness."
"I love you Mico. Knock their socks off."
Michael smiled, beginning to talk again.
"Alright, I'll open the floor to questions, if anyone has anything they'd like to know?"
Three microphones had been set up, people lining up to ask questions.
A lot of the questions dealt with his book, and the upcoming second one. Throughout the discussions, questions were asked about Justin, mostly from younger girls and guys, Michael answering them all truthfully, to the best of his ability.
Michael watched a young man of about twenty approach the microphone, Michael seeing another young man behind him, his face showing bruises and cuts.
"Hi, I'd like to ask you a question about your own life?"
Michael smiled at the young man, the man behind him seeming nervous.
"How did you overcome all that personal pain and suffering? It must have been torturous."
Michael felt in his soul that the other young man carried his own pain and suffering.
Justin was watching from the office, seeing the young man himself.
"By never giving up. The pain was sometimes overwhelming. It got to a  point where I almost killed myself. The pain of that  traumatic rape and abusive childhood was mind-numbing. But I never gave up hope, that maybe one day I'd find happiness, and love."
"And have you found what you've hoped for?"
Michael felt Justin enter his mind.
"What's he fishing for, Mico?"
"Calm down, Justin, I don't think he's fishing for anything. Trust me."
"Okay, Mico. I love you."
Michael smiled, looking at the two young men.
"I'm happy, my friend. My live is complete, and my soul is healed. That's enough for me. And I now have love in my soul."
The two young men both smiled, Michael smiling back.
Justin smiled, feeling Michael's love.
The audience clapped more, Ryan nodding to Michael.
"I'd like to read you a passage from my novel, to show you the depth of Daniel's heart." Michael said, looking more at the nervous young man than the crowd.
Michael opened his  book, the crowd quieting down.

  "Daniel stared into the abyss, standing at the cusp of the cliff's edge, his mind lost in his inner torture. His heart ached for peace, for the voices to be silenced.
His mind was laid open, all his demons surrounding him, all his hope gone.
He stared down towards the flowing water, sensing its soothing coolness. His soul wanting to invade that coolness, to end its pain. To drown in its dark waters.
The deepness of the blue, smooth water enticing him to its cold bottom.
All his resolve was gone, all his hopes ended.
His foot trembled as he edged forward.
Then a voice came deep inside his conscience, breaking through the other voices.
Only two words were heard, two words which stayed Daniel's foot and pushed him back, away from the wet darkness.

                                          Live life.

These two words made Daniel regain his hope, a hope that maybe his life could be lived. In happiness. "
Michael closed the book, seeing a lot of teary eyes in the crowd. Then people began applauding him, the clapping getting louder and louder.
Michael bowed, as Ryan came back on the stage.
"Thank you, Michael. We'll be taking a short break to set up things, and then Michael will be returning to autograph books. Thank you."
Michael waved as cheering started again, people beginning to line up.
Michael walked off the stage to his waiting friends.
Justin hugged him, feeling Michael's calmness.
"You were fantastic, Mikey. They were hanging on your every word." Lance said, smiling and clapping him on the back.
Josh hugged him, smiling at him also.
"Ya did good, Mikey. They love you." Jake said, smiling.
Michael smiled, looking at Justin.
"I had a little help."
Justin smiled back, hugging him again.
He so wanted to kiss him, but decorum forbade it.
After everyone hugged him and congratulated him, Michael sat down, Justin sitting beside him.
"It's will be about ten minutes, Mikey. Do you need anything?" Ryan said smiling.
"I'm fine, Ryan. Just peachy!"
John Parker came walking in, smiling.
"This is fantastic. You were so great, Mr. Tavarro. The crowd is talking nonstop about you. You've really impressed them."
"I was just being myself. I don't think I'm that impressive."
Joey just about choked on his drink, Chris patting his back.
"Holy crap, Mikey! You've got to be kidding me!" Joey said staring at him.
Michael stared back, then broke up laughing.
"Okay, Fatone. I'm damn impressive!!" Michael said, a wide smile across his face.
Justin was in awe of Michael's happy mood.
All Michael's fears were gone, all his doubts. He'd finally realized that people loved his writing, this proving it.
Michael smiled at Justin, the two relaxing beside each other, quietly talking in their minds.
"I'm so happy, Jus. They really were here for me. For just me."
Justin smiled, running his hand along Michael's arm.
"Yes, my love. This was all for you. My sexy writer. I'm so proud of you."
Michael smiled contentedly.
He looked around at his friends.
"Guys, there are a lot of people out there, I don't want to disappoint any of them. I'm going to be here for quite a while signing books. You don't have to hang around for all that."
"Nonsense, Mikey. We'll stick around for a while." Josh said, smiling at him.
"There is a time limit, unfortunately, Mikey." Ryan said. "The store can only accommodate you until five."
"That's only three more hours. A lot of people will not get a signed book."
"This is how it works, Mikey. You can't meet every single person. There's close to seven or eight thousand people out there. You just don't have the time." Ryan said, patting his shoulder.
Michael looked crestfallen, Justin rubbing his other shoulder.
"It's hard, I know. I felt the same when I first started singing. I wanted to meet every single fan. But there's just not enough time in the day to do it, Mico. They realize that. At least they all got to see you in person, and that's half the fun. You looked damn sexy up there. A lot of women and a few men were eyeing you pretty close."
Michael smiled, Justin's kind words making him feel better.
"I understand, Jus. But I just feel I'm letting a lot of people down."
"They get to read your book, Michael. How could they be let down?"
Michael thought about something in his mind, coming up with a plan.
Michael smiled his large smile again, Mr. Parker coming back in.
"We're ready for you now, Mr. Tavarro."
Michael got up, walking back out to the waiting fans. More clapping and cheering beginning.
Michael sat down at the table, a large stack of books on top of it and beside it.
The people were lined up as far as he could see behind a roped corral.
The ropes were pulled back and the people started forward.

Three hours later, Michael had signed almost three thousand books. And he never tired of it. Because he was honored to meet the people who'd bought his book.
The people who believed in him and in what he was trying to say.
He smiled at everyone, thanking them personally, a lot of people leaving with wide smiles.
All through it, Michael's mind was thinking about something else. What he wanted to do for those he couldn't meet.
He knew what he could do.
It was ten to five and still they walked onward.
Michael had just finished signing two books for an older woman for her grandsons.
He smiled at her and thanked her for coming, she smiling back at him.
The next man in line was the young man who'd asked Michael the personal questions.
"Hello, thanks for coming. Who would you like me to sign your book to?"
The young man smiled at him, a pleasant, kind smile.
"Could you sign it for my brother Seth. He's too shy to ask you himself."
Michael looked up at the other young man, standing behind his brother.
"Certainly, I don't mind at all. And you are?"
"My name is Kevin. Kevin Avery. This is my brother Seth." Kevin said, pushing a reluctant Seth in front of him.
Michael smiled at him, Seth looking into his deep golden eyes.
Michael extended his hand, Seth visibly trembling.
He took Michael's hand, Michael's smile never faltering.
"A great pleasure to meet you Seth. I'm glad you've enjoyed my book and its deep meaning: Hope and living life to its fullest."
Seth nodded, still staring into Michael's eyes.
"Thank... thank you, Mr. Tavarro." Seth said in almost a whisper.
"No. I want to thank you, Seth. For having the courage to come here. Don't give up, my friend. The pain will end soon."
Kevin looked at his brother, putting his hand on his shoulder. Then he looked at Michael.
"How did you know he was in pain?"
"It's written in his soul."
Seth and Kevin began to move, Michael grabbing Kevin's hand.
"Thanks for being there for him, Kevin. Your love is keeping him going."
A tear came to Kevin's eye, the young man turning and walking away.
He stopped looking down at a piece of paper Michael had put in his hand.

"Call, me later. M.T." It read, a phone number written down after it.

Kevin looked back, seeing Michael signing more books. The young man put his arm around his younger brother, walking him out of the store.
Seth opened his book, reading Michael's hand written message:

"Hope begins with that first step backward. And that step is forgiveness. Live life and love will fill your heart."

Seth walked with a smile on his face, and a happiness inside him. The happiness at meeting his hero.
Kevin smiled to himself at seeing his brother smile. He hadn't smiled in a long time.

An hour later, at five thirty, Michael had to leave. A lot of people remained standing in line.
Michael walked back up onto the stage again, looking out at them all.
"I want to thank you all for coming, unfortunately I have to leave. I'm sorry I couldn't meet all of you, but you're all in my heart. Thank you so much. I want to give you all a parting gift, a smile and a special thank you."
Michael smiled at everyone, closing his eyes as they began to glow.
He sent out a message to all those in the building, a silent thank you, and a silent message of love.
He opened his eyes again, seeing a lot of smiling faces, everyone quietly beginning to leave.
Michael walked back to the office, everyone still waiting there.
"Wow, Michael. I've never seen so many happy people. And they didn't even get to meet you personally." Joey said.
Michael smiled at Justin, then looked at Joey.
"Yes they did, Joe. Yes, they all did."
Everyone looked at him confused.
"Let's go, Jus. I'm starving and your concert is in two hours."
Everyone followed Michael out, climbing back into the limousines.

Michael sat beside Justin in the restaurant, a contented smile on his face. He'd hardly spoken on the quiet ride to the restaurant, everyone still trying to figure out what Michael had meant.
"Okay, Tavarro. What's going on? What did you mean back at the store?" Joey asked, Justin giving him a stern look.
Joey stuck his tongue out at Justin, Michael laughing.
"What I meant was that everyone did meet me personally, in their hearts and minds. I used my gift to send everyone a message."
Joey looked shocked, looking around at everyone.
"You did that, Mikey?" He said, a look of awe on his face.
"Yes, Joe. Everyone in that store now believes in their heart that they've met me personally, it's what their mind is telling them. I wanted them all to feel how much they'd touched my heart, now they do feel that . In a sense I have met them all, individually, on a lower subconscious level."
Everyone smiled, marveling at Michael's giving heart.
"That was a wonderful thing to do, Mikey!" Vicky said smiling at him.
"I have to keep my fans happy." Michael said, smiling at her.
"All we ever did was sign autographs. You're signing their minds, Mikey. Way to go Tavarro!" Joey said, sincerity in his voice.
"Thanks, Fatone."
Joey smiled, Kelly kissing his cheek.
The conversation went on to other things, Justin picking up on Michael's quiet demeanor.
He put his hand in his under the table, Michael smiling.
Before they knew it, it was seven o'clock. Justin had to head to the arena.
Tonight, they were playing again in the same arena that Justin had rehearsed in before starting the tour.
Justin hadn't any need of being there early, no interviews or meetings scheduled. He'd planned that all in advance to clear his time for Michael's big moment.
Everyone was going to take in the concert. They drove to the arena, Michael snuggled up against Justin's chest, his head laying on it.
"Want to talk about it, love?" Justin asked, Michael looking up at him.
"I'm still sorting all the feelings I've got out in my mind. But I think there's something wrong here."
"Are you thinking of those visions?"
Michael nodded, Justin hugging him tighter.
"It's alright, my love. We'll be alright. Today is a special day, my love. Let's focus on that."
Michael smiled, trying to think about his book signing.
He thought about Seth, and what he'd felt in his soul when he'd shaken his hand.
Michael's cell phone went off, Michael knowing who was calling.
"Hello, Kevin."
"Hello Mr. Tavarro. How did you know it was me?"
"I just had a hunch. And please, call me Michael. Are you alone?"
"Yes, Seth is taking a shower, Michael."
"I know what's going on with Seth and what happened to him."
"How could you possibly know that?"
Justin looked at Michael, not having a clue who he was talking to.
"He was beaten up by his close friends, wasn't he?"
Michael felt Kevin's tears about to surface.
"God, how do you know that?"
"I felt it all in his soul. And there's more he hasn't told you. I have a special gift for sensing pain and suffering. I'd like to talk with Seth, Kevin. If you'll let me. I think I can help. I've been in the same place he is now."
"I know. That's why Seth felt such a connection with you. It was Seth that made me ask you those questions. He needed to know how you survived it. I know it's tearing him up inside. He's not the loving brother I've always known."
Michael felt Kevin's pain at not being able to help his brother.
"Don't worry, Kevin. All you can do is love him. I've got to go, but please call me if anything happens. I've got some free time off next week. I'd like to come up and talk to Seth."
"Thanks, Michael. I think that would be a big help."
"Alright, Kevin. It's been nice talking to you and meeting you. I'll talk to you soon, give me your number."
Michael pulled out his pen, writing the number down on a small pad.
"Okay, thanks. And talk to you soon. Good night."
Michael closed his phone; Justin, Paulo, Josh and Lance all looking at him.
Michael sighed, looking at Justin. He explained the whole situation to them all.
Justin tightened his arm around Michael.
"There are a lot of young people out there with similar situations, Mico. You can't help them all."
Michael nodded, feeling Justin's love.
"I know, Jus. But this young man was crying out to me for a special reason. I have to help him."
Justin smiled, knowing Michael's desire to help people.
"Alright, Mico. I can't stop you from giving with your heart. I'll be there if you need me."
"I'd like to go see him at the start of next week maybe, when we've got free time, Jus. He lives in San Francisco. Maybe we could visit Father Derrick at the same time."
Justin nodded, kissing Michael's cheek.
Michael smiled, kissing Justin tenderly.
"Right now, this wonderful day is going to end with my man shining in the spotlight."
Justin smiled again, the two snuggling together.
They arrived at the arena at around seven thirty.
Walking into their private room, they were all met by Timba, Cassi and Pink.
"Props, Mikey. We've heard through the grapevine about your signing. Looks like you were a big hit." Timba said, hugging Michael, then Justin.
"Yes, it was beyond belief." Michael said, hugging all three.
They all relaxed, Pink soon disappearing to start her show.
Michael walked backstage to watch her show from the sidelines with Justin.
Justin wrapped his arms around him, kissing the back of his neck.
"You ready, love?" Michael asked.
"I'm ready. All prepared. This is becoming second-nature to me again. But every show is different, and this one will be good."
Michael smiled, hearing the confidence in Justin's voice.
They watched about half an hour of Pink's show, Justin then disappearing to get ready.
Michael looked around, sensing something just wasn't right. He couldn't pinpoint what it was.
He walked all around the back stage, still feeling it.
He talked to a lot of the crew, asking seemingly unimportant questions, not really learning anything. They all sensed he was deep in thought about something.
He walked back into the private room, everyone seeing his quiet mood.
Justin walked back in, dressed in a black Armani suit.
Michael smiled, seeing the vision of beauty in front of him.
Michael hugged him tightly to him, Justin sensing something in him.
"You're beyond beautiful, Jus. I love you."
"What's wrong babe?"
Michael stared into his eyes.
"I don't know, Jus. I'm getting this feeling, like something's not right."
Justin hugged him again, trying to soothe his mind.
Brian popped his head in, telling Justin it was almost time.
Michael kissed Justin deeply, Justin feeling all his love and affection.
"I'll see you back here after the show, my love. And Mico, relax." Justin smiled, Michael smiling back.
Justin disappeared, everyone heading to their seats to watch his show.
Once seated, Michael looked around seeing the enthusiastic crowd waiting for Justin's arrival.
Lonnie sensed Michael's quietness, wondering what was on his mind.
Lonnie sensed something wasn't quite right either. Lonnie quietly told Paulo to be on his guard.
The two men talked quietly, both looking at Michael.
The music started, Justin standing in a spotlight.
Everyone, including Michael, soon became lost in the beauty and magic of Justin's performance.
After two hours of performing and energizing the audience, Justin feeling Michael throughout the show  in his mind, Justin spoke again to Michael.
"Man, the crowd's blowing me away tonight. They're so energized. I just wish it was cooler on stage, it's hotter than usual. I don't think this air conditioning is working too well."
Michael looked up at the air conditioning units. His eyes blurred, Michael seeing his vision again.
Then Michael felt a presence, someone watching Justin on stage. He knew who that person was and why he was there.
Michael jumped up just as Justin began his finale.
Lonnie and Paulo looked at him puzzled, Michael staring at them.
Vicky, Lance and Josh, as well as Jake felt Michael's fear, and saw it on his face.
"It's the air conditioners. Come on Lonnie we have to get backstage now!!!"
Michael was fighting his way past his friends, through the dancing crowd, Lonnie and Paulo running at his back.

Michael ran backstage, the guards letting him go through, his ID prominent, as well as they all knew who he was.
Michael stopped just off stage, looking up at the large air conditioning units which hung above the stage, directly above Justin and Timba.
Lonnie and Paulo finally caught up to Michael, both men gasping for air.
"What's wrong, Mikey?"
"There's something wrong with those air conditioning units, I can sense it. Justin says it's really hot on stage, they're not working right."
Above the stage two large air units hung from steel tressels.
The three men looked up, just as they heard a loud bang and a loud cracking sound.
The right unit shuddered, starting to shift.
It totally collapsed, beginning to fall, pulling the other unit down with it.
With the loud music on stage, Justin and his band were unaware of the impending disaster.
Lonnie and Paulo gasped, starting to yell and shout.
Michael didn't wait for anything.
He took off heading for his Justin.
Everyone on stage would be crushed or badly hurt by the weight and size of the large units.
Michael threw out his hands, his eyes glowing and his gifts igniting.
In his mind Justin heard Michael screaming his name.
Justin turned around just in time to see Michael throwing his arms out. And seeing his golden glowing eyes.
A wave of air hit Justin fully in the chest, propelling him backwards.
The large wave hit everyone, Timba, the dancers and band members thrown across the stage like rag dolls, along with a lot of their equipment.
The first large unit crashed on the stage with a thunderous bang, debris flying everywhere.
The second unit landed on top of the first one, bouncing off it and flying apart.
Michael knew he didn't have a chance, seeing a large section coming right at him, Michael having the briefest of moments to prepare for the impact.
The flying unit hit him full force, taking him down in an instant.
A large cloud of debris and dust filled the stage.
The audience was screaming, guards and security surrounding the stage.
Justin was struggling to his feet, instantly looking for Michael.
Timba helped himself up, bleeding from his forehead, everyone else slowly getting up.
"Jesus, what the hell happened?" Timba asked, seeing Justin starting to run forward.
Timba grabbed him, trying to stop him.
"Wait, Justin, you don't know if it's safe."
"Michael's under that debris, I have to find him." Justin said, emotion in his voice.
Timba let him go, running with him.
They climbed through the wreckage, finding Michael laying on his back under a large pile of debris.
Lonnie and Paulo were running towards them.
"Get an ambulance right now!" Timba yelled, Justin sinking to his knees beside Michael.
"Mico, are you all right? Talk to me, Mico!" Justin said, tears flowing down his face.
Michael's face looked bruised, and cut in places.
Timba thought Michael was dead. No movement was evident.
Paulo, Timba and Lonnie pulled debris from around Michael, gently freeing his legs which had been covered by most of the unit.
A group of security guards surrounded the stage, the audience not moving.
Justin touched his cheek, feeling warmth.
Michael's eyelids flickered a little, his eyes slowly opening.
Justin smiled, a sob trembling through his body.
"Yes, Mico. It's Jus. Are you alright?"
Michael looked into his eyes, too tired to talk.
Justin felt a low voice in his mind.
"I'm so tired. I'm fighting to stay with you, don't worry, I'll ....."
A shudder went through Michael's body, Michael's eyes closing, his head falling down against Justin's chest.
Justin put his arms around him, feeling his slow, jagged breath on his cheek.
"It's okay, Mico. I'm here, I'm here with you." Justin said, tears flowing down his cheeks, Justin holding his Mico tightly.

End of Chapter 74

And so Michael shone in that spotlight of fame for a brief moment.
Justin's love and support his guiding light.
Will Michael have a chance to help Father Derrick or Seth?
Is Michael really okay?
Who did he sense before this tragedy?
The answers lie forward, read on.

Hugs, Angel.

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