Justin's Angel 75

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


They climbed through the wreckage, finally finding Michael laying on his back under a large pile of debris.
Lonnie and Paulo were running towards them.
"Get an ambulance right now!" Timba yelled, Justin sinking to his knees beside Michael.
"Mico, are you all right? Talk to me, Mico?" Justin said, tears flowing down his face.
Michael's face looked bruised, and cut in places.
Timba thought  Michael was dead. No movement was evident.
Paulo, Timba and Lonnie pulled debris from around Michael, gently freeing his legs which had been covered by most of the unit.
A group of security guards surrounded the stage.
Justin touched his cheek, feeling warmth.
Michael's eyelids flickered a little, his eyes slowly opening.
Justin smiled, a sob trembling through his body.
"Yes, Mico. It's your Jus. Are you alright?"
Michael looked into his eyes, too tired to talk.
Justin felt a low voice in his mind.
"I'm so tired. I'm fighting to stay with you, don't worry, I'll ....."
A shudder went through Michael's body, Michael's eyes closing, his head falling down against Justin's chest.
Justin put his arms around him, feeling his slow breath on his  cheek.
"It's okay, Mico. I'm here, I'm here with you." Justin said, tears flowing down his cheeks, Justin holding his Mico tightly.

Chapter 75

Michael found himself fighting the darkness.
He heard voices, echoing off his mind, jumbled, confused voices.
His body ached, that he knew.
What had happened? Where was he?
Through all the emptiness and darkness he heard one voice, one familiar voice.
It was melodic and beautiful.
"Wake up, my love."
"My love? Please don't leave me in the darkness." Michael said, calling out to that lost voice.
"It's okay, Mico. I'm here, I'm here with you always."
It was his Justin. His love slowly filling Michael with warmth.
"Open your eyes, my love."
Michael opened his eyes staring into Lance's green tearful ones.
"Lance?" Michael said weakly, almost a whisper.
"Welcome back, Mikey. Thank God." Lance smiled, Josh smiling behind Lance.
Michael was in a hospital room, surrounded by his friends.
Vicky, Chris, Joey, Kelly, Jake and Paulo all were surrounding him.
But Michael saw that the most important man in his life was missing.
Michael looked around slowly, Lance sensing who Michael was seeking.
"He just left about three hours ago, Mikey. He's flown to Fresno for his next concert."
"He's left me." Michael said with tears in his eyes.
Lance looked at Josh with a confused look on his face.
"Mikey, you told him to go."
Michael now looked confused.
"What happened? Where's Justin?"
Michael was getting worried, he sat up in bed.
Then the pain hit him. He actually screamed, Josh and Lance gently laying him back down.
Vicky was in tears, Chris holding her tightly.
"Please, it's going to be okay, Mikey. You've been through a lot, most of your body is badly bruised." Vicky said with love in her voice.
Michael gasped, the pain still flowing through him.
"Where's my Jus? I didn't want him to go."
Josh was on his phone, talking to someone.
Josh hung up taking Michael's left hand.
"Hold on, Michael. He'll be here momentarily."
As Josh finished his words, Michael felt Justin enter his mind.
"Mico, my love. Calm down. I'm here."
Michael visibly calmed, everyone knowing who was calming him.
"Jus, I was so scared. I thought you were gone, I thought something had happened to you."
"Shhh, my love. Be calm, I'm with you, in heart and soul. How are you, my love?"
Michael sighed, relaxing now, Lance still holding his hand, seeing his body relaxing.
"I'm in such pain, Jus. I can't focus, I can't heal myself. I need to focus."
"I know Mico. I know. You went through a lot. The doctors say it's a miracle you're alive."
Michael's tears still flowed, Lance sensing his deep pain.
"Shhhh, Mico, relax. I'll be with you in a few hours. I didn't want to leave you, but you wouldn't hear any of that. You woke up for a brief time, begging me not to stop the tour. You ordered me to go. I love you so much, Mico. I will be with you soon. Close your eyes my love, let my voice soothe you, let my voice fill your mind."
Michael relaxed, listening to Justin's soothing voice, his eyes closing.
Within moments, Michael was asleep again.
Lance remained at his side, Josh holding him gently.
"I can't believe he's back. We all say what happened, how he got hurt. I can't believe he survived that."
Josh kissed Lance's cheek, holding onto his lover.
"I sense Mikey will never leave us, sweetie. His love is too strong to walk away from us."
Lance started crying; Josh holding him tight, tears flowing down his cheeks as well.
Vicky sat down on the other side of Michael, running her hands across his bruised forehead. Chris put his hand on her shoulder.
"Rest, my Mikey. Your Justin will be here shortly, and you can start to heal."
She leaned down, kissing that bruised forehead.
Paulo remained against the far wall, Jake holding him close, tears falling down both of their faces.
Paulo's thoughts were on only one thing.
I'll kill them, I'll kill them both.

Justin opened his eyes, sensing Michael had fallen asleep, his breathing returning to normal.
Timba stood beside him, his arm around his shoulder. The two stood backstage at the concert.
"You okay, JT? How's Mikey?"
Justin lifted his head, smiling at his friend.
"Mico's asleep. He woke up again and he's in a lot of pain. I was able to relax him enough to get him to fall asleep again. He needs a lot of rest."
Timba tightened his hold on Justin, Pink and Cassi standing in front of them.
They all marveled at the close, spiritual bond between Michael and Justin.
"He'll be okay, right Justin?" Pink asked, Justin seeing the concern on her face.
"Yes, once he's rested, he can begin to heal. This is the worst he's had to deal with, but I felt his confidence and determination just before he fell asleep, he's determined to heal."
Timba smiled, letting him go as Cassi and Pink both hugged Justin.
"I can't believe he survived that, Jus! When that wall of steel hit him, I thought he would be completely broken, or worse." Cassi said, looking into his blue eyes, tears falling from her own.
She'd been in the audience watching Justin's last two numbers when the tragedy occurred.
"I think he had just enough time to try and protect himself with his gifts."Justin said quietly.
Cassi kissed his cheek.
"He had your love with him too, Jus. He had your love, that 's what made him risk his own life to save you." Lonnie said, walking up to them.
Justin teared up, looking at Lonnie.
"My Mico would move heaven and earth to keep me safe. Or move a whole stage full of performers."
Lonnie smiled, then his face changing a bit.
"I just got off the phone with the L.A.P.D investigation unit. That accident wasn't an accident, Jus.The riggings surrounding those units were tampered with. Some of the steel structuring was weakened deliberately. And pieces of a small pipe bomb was found, that's what started the whole reaction. That was probably the loud bang we heard."
Justin looked at Lonnie, his face emotionless.
"It was deliberately set?" Timba said, shock on his face.
"Yes, and I can give you two guesses who. " Lonnie said, putting his arm around Justin.
"They were trying to kill me." Justin said, concern on his face.
"I think so, Jus. Or at least hurt you bad. To make Michael hurt." Lonnie said.
Justin looked at his friends, sensing Lonnie was right. Only two men wanted to hurt Michael.
Fredrick and Paul.
Had they been there? Were they watching?
Justin felt uneasy, Lonnie picking up on it immediately.
"We've swept this whole arena, Jus. There is no sign of anyone or any other tampering. Armed guards are patrolling backstage. There is no way anyone's going to get near you or anyone here." Lonnie said, patting his shoulder.
"Do I have to live in fear now? Do I have to live surrounded by armed guards. Mico doesn't want that, and he'll put his foot down." Justin said.
"I know, Jus. I know. But I'm going to make damn sure nothing like that happens to either of you again. I love both of you, and I'll protect you with any means I can. Michael needs to understand that." Lonnie said, Justin seeing his determination and also his love.
Justin hugged his friend.
"I know Michael will be happy you're here with me, protecting me, Lon. He has complete confidence in that."
Lonnie smiled.
"We have about two hours till we go on, try and relax, Jus." Timba said, guiding him to the couch.
"I'll only relax when I have my Mico back in my arms." Justin said, laying his head back, closing his eyes.
His friends all looked at each other, sensing Justin's need for his Mico.

Paul sat in the airport lounge, staring into the darkness of the night.
His body ached all over, the events of the early morning had been mind-numbing.
He'd failed again.
He thought he'd planned it all out perfectly.
He'd been there over a week ago, watching Justin rehearse in that arena. Casing it all out, seeing the large air conditioners, formulating his plan. It was perfect.
It worked precisely as he'd planned.
Until that spawn of satan ran out onto that stage.
How had he known? How did he know what was about to happen?
And how did he accomplish what Paul had seen with his own eyes?
Those people seemed to fly across the stage, as if the hand of God were moving them.
After Paul had exited the arena, slipping into the darkness, he'd walked for hours, totally confused.
He was also afraid. Afraid of what Fredrick would do.
Paul had doubts, they entered his mind, seeping into his conscience.
Who was Michael?
He'd seemed such an insignificant person when Paul had first raped him.
Where had all these miraculous powers come from?
Paul felt Michael wasn't as easy to manipulate anymore.
He also sensed some kind of connection between Justin and Michael.
Paul walked for hours, then went back to his small hotel room, waiting for his retribution.
He sat, staring at his cell phone, terror simmering in his heart. The terror of failure.
His cell went off, Paul taking a deep breath, answering the call.
"Hello, my child."
"Hello, my lord."
"You have failed, haven't you?"
Paul took a deep breath, replying yes.
"I sensed it, as well as heard it on the news. The devil's servant is now all-powerful. Don't feel too dejected, I sensed it would fail. Michael is very protective of his bitch.
And I sense you are happy it failed. You so want Michael's bitch, don't you?"
Paul nerves got up, wondering how Fredrick knew that?
"You forget my son, I can read your mind. I know you lust for that slut, and you still lust for Michael. What if I told you I have a plan so you can have them both?"
Paul's mind zoned in on what Fredrick said. And his hardness lengthened.
"I can have them both, my lord?"
"Yes, Paul. I want you to have them both. Use them, abuse them, and then I will deal the final blow. But it must be a carefully laid plan. It will take some finesse and careful planning. Are you up for the task? Do you desire them that much?"
"I will do all you ask, my father. If I can just have an hour with both of them, I will make them scream for their devil with their dying breaths."
"I will kill Michael, slave! He is mine to kill! You can have his body and his bitch. I want his soul!"
"Yes, my lord. As you wish." The smile widening on Paul's face.
"Good. Then we need to start the plan. But first, there is the matter of your punishment."
Paul's breath caught in his throat.
"In about ten minutes your punishment will come to your door. Receive it as if it were me. That punishment is yours alone, take it and ask for God's forgiveness."
"I will, my lord. Forgive me for failing you."
"This is the last act of forgiveness, my son. The next failure will result in your heart being ripped from your chest by myself."
Paul's heart clenched, his breathing all but stopping.
"I will not fail you again my lord, not when I have such a prize in store for me."
"See that you don't. I would suggest that you don't."
Paul's phone went dead.
Paul sat still, waiting for his punishment. What it would be he knew not, but he sensed it would be painful.
A knock came to his door a few minutes later, Paul slowly getting up.
He opened the door, seeing three men standing there. They were all in their late thirties, large muscular guys.
"You Jackson Phillips?"
Paul nodded, opening the door to allow the three to enter.
The three walked in, not saying a word.
The last man shut the door, locking it, setting down a large duffle bag.
"We're here to punish you on behalf of your lord."
Paul nodded, sinking to his knees.
"I accept thy punishment. Take what you need. I have sinned."
The man backhanded Paul across the face, the other two pulling him to his feet.
"We need only your body, slut. Silence is mandatory, except for the screaming. We're going to do wonderful things to you. You've never imagined the things you'll feel today. You are our slut, as you'll soon believe."
The man ripped open Paul's shirt, running his hands across his chest.
Then he opened Paul's jeans with a large knife he pulled from the duffle bag, ripping the jeans to shreds.
He cut Paul's underwear off, Paul's large cock at full mast.
"Looks like the slut likes this. You'll scream for us to stop before we're through." The man said shoving a rag laced with cocaine into Paul's mouth.
The other two licked Paul's cheeks and neck.
Paul closed his eyes, then heard noises. His mind began swimming, the drugs taking effect.
He opened his eyes again, seeing the other man standing naked in front of him; a large, thick, twelve-inch cock standing out in front of him.
In one hand, he had a large dildo, at least sixteen inches long and six inches around.
In the other, he held a long black whip.
He walked up to Paul, seeing the terror in his eyes. He pulled the rag out of his mouth, kissing him deeply, biting his lip.
He opened Paul's mouth, inserting the tip of the dildo and pushing it slowly down Paul's throat, Paul beginning to gag.
"If you think I'm big, wait till you see Bruno. We need to stretch those throat muscles, then your ass muscles, bitch. Prepare for the ride of your life."
Paul's mind exploded with pain as he felt something big entering his ass, and the dildo sinking deeper down his throat.
But deep in his mind, away from the encroaching pain, one thought echoed to his soul.
This will be nothing compared to what Justin will endure. And what Michael will have to watch and endure himself before the end.
Paul sat in the lounge, reliving all the pain he'd endured that morning. Those three men had been brutal. But deep down Paul felt vindicated. He looked at his watch, seeing it was almost ten o'clock.
His flight left in an hour. His flight to meet his master, to start the end.
But he'd be back. And when he returned, Justin Timberlake would be his to enjoy.
And Michael would die.

Michael's eyes opened, sensing the darkness of the room.
He felt someone warm against him, slowly turning his head.
Justin lay beside him in the confining bed, laying on his side, his arm across Michael's chest.
Justin's face was inches from Michael's own.
Michael leaned over, kissing his parted lips.
Justin's eyes opened, looking into Michael's painful golden orbs.
"You're here, my Jus! Thank God you're here! I love you!" Michael's tears flowing.
Justin wiped the tears from Michael's cheeks, kissing him lightly but tenderly.
"I'm here now, my love. Rest, I'm beside you now. I love you always, my Mico."
Michael closed his eyes, a small smile crossing his face.
He focused his more alert mind on his injuries now.
He felt all through himself, feeling the pain and injuries.
This would take a lot, more than he thought he had. The damage was extensive. He'd had only a moment to bring his gift back to himself to shield the oncoming destruction.
He hadn't enough time to blunt the full impact. But what he'd done had saved his life, of that he was certain.
Michael concentrated, feeling for his gifts.
He felt an unknown presence in his mind and a voice.
"There is a way, Michael. A way to heal yourself quickly. Seek out the truth inside you."
Michael searched his mind and heart.
He smiled at what he found.

Justin woke up feeling Michael's body against him in the small bed.
He gently rose up, walking to the washroom.
When he returned he sat down on the bed, looking at Michael's sleeping form.
His lover was hurting deeply, he'd seen it in Michael's eyes.
Justin remembered the look in Michael's eyes on stage when Justin had turned and seen Michael's outstretched hands.
It was a look of love and acceptance. And a look of determination.
Michael knew what he had to do and did it without regret. He'd done it for him.
Justin teared up thinking of all Michael had done for him.
Twice he'd made the greatest sacrifice. He'd given his life for him.
And twice Justin had been given Michael back.
Justin put Michael's hand in his.
"You've given me your everything my love, all I can give you is all of my love." Justin said quietly, closing his tearing eyes.
"That's all I've ever wanted, Jus." Michael said quietly, almost a whisper.
Justin opened his eyes, seeing Michael's golden eyes opening.
Michael raised his arms, Justin laying beside him, Michael wrapping his arms around him.
"Please be okay, Mico. Please be okay." Justin was beginning to cry.
"I'm going to be okay, Jus. I'm on the mend."
Justin lifted his chest up, looking into Michael's golden eyes. He still saw deep pain, but the tired look had lessened.
"I've started the healing, but it's going to take a few days, even with my enhanced gifts. I almost lost all my strength, Jus."
Justin hugged him gently, kissing his cheek.
"I don't remember talking to you at all about the concert, Jus. How long was I out?"
"Almost twelve hours, love. We were all pretty scared. You hadn't said a word since I'd found you buried under the rubble. I was talking to Josh about canceling last night's concert in Fresno, and you woke up immediately, staring at me, telling me I had to go. You were almost insistent, as if you sensed what I was going to do. When I agreed you closed your eyes again."
"I have always said that I would never interfere in your career, Jus. And I mean it. The same goes for Thursday's concert in Vegas.  Even if I'm still out, you're going and that's that."
Justin nodded, running his finger along Michael's scarred chin. The cuts were greatly reduced in size; the healing was beginning.
The door opened, Justin sitting up.
A smiling nurse came in, walking over to Michael.
"How are you this morning, Michael?"
"I feel like I was run over by a train." Michael said, managing a small smile.
"Yes, so I've been told. You're a remarkable, strong young man. God has his hand on your shoulder."
Michael smiled a bit more, the nurse patting his shoulder.
"And how are you Mr. Timberlake? Did you sleep well beside him?"
Justin blushed, looking like a child caught with his hands in the cookie jar.
"Relax, it's okay. I came in about an hour ago. The two of you looked so peaceful together. Love in any form is love. Your secret is safe with me." She smiled, Justin relaxing.
"Besides, Michael will heal faster if the person he loves is beside him."
Justin smiled widely, the nurse becoming lost in his beautiful face.
She blushed now, taking Michael's temperature.
After she'd done that, and checked his blood pressure, she smiled, leaving the two alone.
Michael asked Justin if he could pick him up some boxers and tshirts to wear, Michael hating these hospital gowns.
Justin smiled going over to the closet, pulling out a suitcase.
"Lance and Josh brought some things last night from our dresser."
Michael smiled, thinking of their two best friends.
As if they had sensed it, the two friends walked into the room, smiling at Michael.
"Morning, Mikey. Feeling better?" Lance said sitting beside him in an instant.
Lance kissed his cheek, Michael smiling at him.
"I will be, now that Mother Lance is here." Michael said, taking his hand.
Josh laughed as well as Justin, Lance blushing.
"Thanks for caring and being here, Lance. You're one of my best friends now."
Lance teared up, Josh knowing how much that would mean to Lance.
"Really, Mikey?"
"Yes, Lance. We're kindred spirits, too alike not to be real close."
Lance's smile brought a warmth to Josh's heart, he knew Lance loved Michael dearly. Josh loved him dearly also.
"Now, I need to get some real clothes on, help me take off this damn gown, Lance."
Justin rummaged inside the bag pulling out a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt.
Lance pulled back the blankets, helping Michael off with the gown.
Lance hesitated for a moment, Michael smiling at him.
"It's okay, Lance. I have nothing I'm ashamed of, or you should be ashamed of seeing either. We're friends, brothers of the soul."
Lance smiled, pulling the gown off Michael's chest.
Lance gasped, moving back.
Justin and Josh both stared in shock, Justin beginning to cry. Josh put his arm around him, trying to steady him.
All of Michael's chest was black with bruises, as were his hips and legs. They all sensed now why Michael was in such pain. How his bones hadn't all been broken was a miracle. But they knew his whole body had felt the impact of that steel structure.
"Is it that bad?" Michael asked, looking at his Justin.
Justin wiped his eyes, going up beside him.
"Your body is all black, my love. You're bruised from head to foot."
"I know that, Jus. I can feel it all."
Justin sobbed, Michael rubbing his back.
"Could you help me put these clothes on guys? I don't think I have the strength. I don't like being naked for the world to see my skinny, bruised little body."
Justin kissed him, grabbing the shorts again.
Josh and Lance gently lifted Michael's hips, Justin sliding the shorts up his legs. Michael sucked his breath in, the men knowing it was still extremely painful.
Josh and Lance  held Michael gently in their strong arms as Justin put the t-shirt over Michael's head and pulled his arms through the sleeves.
They laid Michael gently in the bed, Michael's eyes tearing.
"You okay, babe?" Justin asked, his emotions under control now.
"Yes, Jus. I just need some more rest. I'm going to sleep again, I'm so tired."
Justin kissed his cheek.
"Okay, babe. We'll let you sleep. We'll go get some breakfast and come back."
Michael nodded, closing his eyes.
The three men went out of the room, closing the door.
Once in the hallway, Justin was in Josh's arms, sobbing.
Josh held him tight, letting him cry.
"His body, it looked so hurt. He must be in such pain, he could hardly move. Oh, God, my sweet Mico!" Justin said between sobs.
Lance rubbed his back, Josh just holding him until he gained control again.
"Jus, you have to be strong for him. He needs you so much right now." Josh said, Justin nodding, wiping his eyes.
Paulo came around the corner, Jake walking beside him, Lonnie behind them.
"Hey guys. How's Mikey?" Paulo asked seeing Justin's wet eyes.
"He's sleeping again. He's in a lot of pain, but he's healing. " Justin said, Paulo hugging him.
"Come on Jus, lets get some breakfast into you." Lance said.
"I'll stay here and be with him." Paulo said, his eyes tearing, walking into the room before anyone could say anything.
Everyone looked at Jake.
"Polo's taking it pretty hard. He feels bad that he couldn't stop Michael's getting hurt. And he's really freaked out about this not being an accident. He was so angry last night, I couldn't even talk to him."
Josh put his arm around Jake.
"Just give him time. Mikey's really important to Paulo. He's his brother, he loves him a lot."
"We all do. " Lance said, Justin smiling at everyone's love for his Mico.
The friends walked down the hallway, looking for the cafeteria.

Paulo sat beside Michael's bed, lost in his thoughts.
Anger flooded his soul, his mood dark and violent.
He looked at Michael's sleeping form, touching his cheek.
"I'll get him, Mikey. If it's the last thing I do, I'll kill that son of a bitch." Paulo said with anger, lowering his head.
"No you won't , Paulo."
Paulo looked up into Michael's golden eyes.
"I sense all the anger and violence in your soul, Paulo. I want you to let that go."
"He's hurt you so much, Michael. He deserves to die. For all he's done to you and all he's promised to do. I'll die before I let him hurt you again. And I'll take him with me."
"Are you God, Paulo?"
Paulo looked at Michael, lowering his head.
"Only God can hand out death, Paulo. It is not for you to decide who lives or dies. Yes, Paul has hurt me, greatly. But I won't kill him, not unless I have to. God will deliver justice in his own way, for both of them. All we can do is be here for each other. To protect and love each other. Will you do that for me, Polo?"
Paulo sobbed, hearing Michael use that special name.
"I will do anything you ask of me, brother."
Michael smiled, taking Paulo's hand in his.
"I ask a favor of you."
Paulo nodded, looking into Michael's eyes.
"I need your strength, Paulo. I need it to help me gain mine back."
"Of course, Michael. Take all that you need."
Michael smiled, talking quietly to Paulo.  His eyes took on a low glow.

Justin and his friends walked back into the hospital room, seeing Paulo sound asleep in Michael's bed.
They all looked around not seeing Michael anywhere.
The bathroom door opened, Michael walking out.
He smiled at them all, everyone standing in shock.
Michael's face was completely healed, blemish free.
"Hey Jus, how was breakfast? Did you bring me anything?"
Justin walked up to Michael, Michael hugging him tight.
"It's okay, Jus. I'm a lot better, still sore all over, but I'm about sixty percent healed. Thanks to my brother."
Michael looked at the sleeping Paulo, smiling.
Jake walked up to Paulo, sitting beside him, shaking him gently.
Paulo opened his eyes, smiling at Jake, kissing him tenderly.
"I nodded off, where's Michael?"
Michael smiled at his brother Paulo looking at him with surprise.
"Thanks, bro. Your strength did the trick. Now if you don't mind, can I have my bed back for a bit? I'm still a little tired."
Paulo nodded, quietly getting up, Michael laying down again.
Paulo swayed a little, Jake wrapping his strong arms around him, guiding him to a chair.
"Mico, what's going on?" Justin asked, sitting beside him.
"My strength was still pretty low. I needed to be strong to do some serious healing. I borrowed some of Paulo's strength, with his permission of course." Michael said smiling.
"What do you mean you borrowed his strength?" Lance asked.
Michael looked at all of them, as if weighing his words.
"I've acquired another gift. Compliments of Adrian again. His voice entered my mind and told me what to seek out. I found it buried deep in my mind. I now have the ability to gain strength from others to recharge myself. I took about a third of Paulo's energy and strength  to rejuvenate my own. I didn't want to risk anymore, to tire Paulo anymore. I used enough to heal me a lot. Thank you, Paulo."
Paulo smiled from the chair, Michael smiling widely.
Justin pulled Michael's shirt up, everyone seeing the bruising had lightened up a lot, no black showing anywhere.
"It should take me just a couple of days now to return to my lovable self."
Justin hugged Michael close, gently kissing him.
"I'm going to be okay, my love. Nothing will ever hurt me. Not now when I can draw on the strength of all those who love me."
Everyone smiled, looking at each other, Josh walking up beside the bed.
"I'll speak for all of us, Mikey. Take all that you need, whenever you need it. We all love you, we give our love and strength freely."
Everyone nodded, Michael's face covered in tears.
"Thank you everyone. I love you all. Now where does a man get food around here?"
Justin laughed, Lonnie heading out of the room to get Michael some food.

Michael left the hospital the next morning.
He was about eighty percent healed, able to walk out of the hospital on his own.
They left through a private garage; a lot of reporters had descended on the hospital.
Michael was big news again, his presence on that stage reported by a lot of fans.
Stories had begun circulating that Michael had gotten everyone out of harm's way, a hero again.
No video had been taken, that bringing a sigh of relief to everyone.
Trying to explain what had happened would have been very difficult if photographic evidence was available.
Michael took it all in stride, quiet as usual.
Michael and Justin sat in the back of the SUV snuggling together. Justin felt Michael's strength was back, although he still felt a tiredness in him.
Another day would find Michael back to his old self.
Justin marveled at what Michael was capable of. To heal himself in less than three days after such a violent attack.
Michael smiled at him, kissing his cheek.
"I'm so happy I'm going home. I've come to think of it as our home, Jus. Our sanctuary."
Lonnie looked in the rearview mirror at Justin.
Justin looked at Michael smiling.
"Yes, my love. It is our home, a place we'll always be safe in."
Michael smiled, snuggling a little closer to Justin, Lonnie staring into Justin's eyes.
"How did Nana take the news?" Michael asked, relaxing beside Justin.
Justin had called Nana the morning after the incident. It had taken him almost an hour of reassuring her to stop her from flying in to be with Michael.
He'd called her three times since, updating her on Michael's condition.
"She wasn't too thrilled, Mico. It took a lot of persuasion to stop her from leaving everything and being with you. The same goes for my parents."
Michael smiled, feeling the love everyone felt for him.
"I'll call them all as soon as I'm settled back at home."
Justin looked again at Lonnie, Lonnie looking away.
They soon came to the street where their home was.
Michael saw a man standing at the gate to their home's entrance.
The man opened the gates, nodding at Lonnie, Michael looking at him.
Michael glanced at Justin, Justin smiling at him shyly.
They drove around their circular driveway stopping at the front door.
Michael saw another man walking around towards the back of the house.
Michael didn't say anything, Paulo and Lonnie exchanging looks as Lonnie opened the back door for Michael.
Michael got out, Lance and Josh stepping out of the house.
"Welcome home, Mikey." Lance said, hugging him gently.
"Yes, Mike, welcome back. " Josh said, smiling at him.
Michael gave both a small smile, remaining quiet.
They all walked into the house, Michael heading for the living room. Michael looked out the window, seeing yet a third man walking across the lawn, heading around back.
Michael sat down on one of the couches.
They all sat down, Justin sitting beside Michael on the couch.
"Okay, Jus, will someone explain to me what's going on in our home? " Michael asked in a serious tone.
Lonnie looked at Michael, knowing this was his idea.
"I've hired men to guard your home Michael, when you and Justin are here. It's as simple as that. You need to be protected from those bastards. Your vision came true, Mikey. About the accident. And damn if I'll let the second part happen. That bastard isn't getting within an inch of either of you here."
Michael stood up, Justin sensing his sudden anger.
"This is my home, Lon! I want it to remain that! You have no right to turn it into a prison! I won't live like this!"
Lonnie got up, Justin seeing the determined look on his face.
"Damn it, Michael! This isn't a joke! Those bastards mean to hurt you, both of you! I'll do everything in my power to stop them! And this is how it's going to be! You can like it or lump it! End of discussion!"
Michael walked up to him, looking him in the eye, Justin getting up quickly. Everyone else sensed Michael's anger.
"I've been a prisoner to my pain all my life, Lon. I thought I was finally free! Why can't you let me live my life? Now I have to be a prisoner in my own home! Boxing us up isn't going to save us! It will happen regardless of what you think you can do to stop it! The only protection left for Jus will be me! I'll sacrifice it all to protect him! I want those armed men gone!"
"No, Mico. Lonnie's right. We need protection, it will make me feel safe. Do this for me? Please?" Justin said, Michael turning to look at him.
"So, this is how it's going to be? My life will be ruled by other people's decisions? Thanks for making me a prisoner, Jus!" Michael said, a tear in his eye.
He started to stagger a bit, Justin sensing his sudden tiredness.
Justin walked towards him.
"Please, Jus. I need to be alone for a while." Michael walked out of the room, everyone looking at Justin.
Justin sat down putting his head in his hands. Lonnie put his arm around him.
"I'm sorry, Just. I didn't want this to upset him or have him take it out on you."
"It's okay, Lon. I knew he'd be upset by this. I love him enough to know he's not mad at me or you. He's just confused right now. He needs time to think things through. He'll calm down and then he'll talk to me."
Everyone smiled at Justin.
They all sat around quietly talking for about half an hour, Justin getting up and excusing himself.
They all knew he was going to see that Michael was okay.
Justin found him in their bedroom, sitting out on the balcony.
Justin stood in the doorway, Michael looking up at him.
"I'm sorry, Jus." Tears falling from Michael's eyes.
Justin sat down beside him, Michael laying his head on Justin's chest.
"I'm sorry for lashing out at you. For what I said."
"You've nothing to apologize for, Mico. I knew you'd be upset by this. It's all kind of new for me, too. But I understand where Lonnie's coming from. He cares deeply for both of us, he's only wanting to protect us. Everyone else feels the same."
"I know Jus. But I hate the idea of being guarded. I'm not important enough to need that kind of protection."
Justin pulled Michael apart from him.
"You are important to me. You mean everything to me, Mico. If this can keep you safe then I'm all for it."
"That's just it, Jus. I don't think it can."
Justin got up, walking to the railing and looking down on their backyard.
"I'm scared, Mico."
Michael  got up, putting his arms around him.
"They're out there, and they're going to come for us. I'd feel a little safer knowing there are people around us, to protect us. Never doubt that I know you are my greatest protection. I just feel a little safer knowing that there are people around this house. We'll never be alone."
Michael kissed his cheek.
"Okay, Jus. If it makes you feel safe, then alright. Let them stay. But if they interfere with me, I'll voice my opinion, okay?"
Justin smiled, kissing Michael deeply. He felt Michael's tiredness.
"You're  tired, babe. How about you lay down in our bed and I'll look after everyone downstairs, OK?"
"I have to talk to someone first, though." Michael said taking Justin's hand, the two walking back downstairs.
Lonnie got up, seeing Michael and Justin holding hands.
Michael walked up to Lonnie, Lonnie about to say something.
Michael hugged him tightly, Lonnie a bit shocked.
"I'm sorry, Lon. I'm sorry for fighting with you. I want to thank you. For loving both of us enough to do what you think is right. That shows me you love us, Lon."
Lonnie teared up, smiling at Michael.
"I do love you guys, you two are more than just employers."
Justin smiled, hugging Lonnie.
"Okay, Afro Sally. The guards can stay."
Lonnie smiled, as did everyone else.
"Great, Mikey."
"I want to meet them all later, since they're going to be here all the time."
"Sure thing, Mikey."
"Right now, I'm exhausted. I'm heading for that soft bed upstairs. Timberlake, entertain our friends."
Justin smiled kissing Michael's cheek.
"I'll be up later to wake you for lunch, love."
Michael smiled, walking out of the room.

Justin woke Michael up about three hours later, Michael smiling at him.
"How's my Mico?"
"Doing okay, Jus. I feel a lot better."
"You look a lot better too."
"What does that mean? Have I ever looked bad?"
Justin smiled, kissing him deeply.
"To these eyes, you've looked nothing short of beautiful."
Michael smiled, running his hand down Justin's chest, stopping at his belt.
"I so want to make love to you, Timby."
"Later my love, when you're at full strength. I can wait, but my left hand has been getting sore."
Michael laughed, his hand rubbing Justin's center.
Justin moaned, feeling his desires rising.
"Tonight your hands will get a rest."
The two lay together for a moment, basking in their togetherness.
"Lunch is almost ready, love. Lance has been cooking."
Michael raised an eyebrow.
"In my kitchen? No one cooks in my kitchen."
Justin smiled watching Michael get up, Justin following him downstairs.
The two men walked into the kitchen, Lance smiling at them both, working at the stove. Paulo, Josh and Lonnie were at the table smiling up at them.
"Bass, what are you doing?" Michael said folding his arms.
"I'm cooking lunch." Lance said, worry suddenly on his face.
Michael went up to him, looking at the food Lance had prepared.
"No one cooks in my kitchen."
Lance lowered his head.
"No one except me and  my Lancy." Michael smiled putting his arm around him.
Lance raised his head, a large smile on his face.
"Looks delicious, Lancy. I knew Josh was beginning to look fat for some reason."
Everyone began laughing, Josh looking shocked.
Michael ruffled Josh's hair, Justin laughing as they both sat down.
They sat down to a nice lunch, Lance smiling at everyone's appetite for his food.
"So, Jus, what time do we leave for Vegas?" Michael asked, eating his sandwich.
"I leave in about an hour, I thought you'd probably want to stay here and relax."
"Jus, I'm almost all better, I can go with you."
"Are you sure, love?" Justin looking at him with hope.
Michael smiled, patting his hand.
"I am totally sure. I want to see my Timby under the bright lights."
Justin's smile beamed.
"Looks like the traveling Timberlake road show has its groupie back." Michael smiled.
Everyone laughed, Justin smiling. His face changed a bit, looking at Michael.
"The press is really on our tails, Mico. What happened was big news. You saw only a small part at the hospital. They were all over me last night in Fresno. They're going to be all over you if you go tonight."
"Let me handle the press, love. I'm capable of doing that."
"Mikey, you've been labeled a hero again. " Josh said, patting his shoulder.
"Man, do they ever get tired of that?" Michael said, Justin kissing him.*
"No photos or videos have come to light, so we think we're safe in that regard. No one can prove you're gifted."
"I don't care about all that, Jus. All I'm concerned about is your safety. Damn the reporters."
Justin nodded, Michael sensing his worry.
"My gifts are there, Jus. I use them when they're needed. I hope no one sees me using them, but that won't stop me from using them, especially where our safety is concerned."
Justin smiled, seeing the determination in Michael's eyes.
"Okay, Mico. I love you."
Michael smiled, kissing him.
They finished lunch, Justin helping Michael pack for their flight to Las Vegas. This would be the last concert for about a week, the next one not until the following Saturday in Minnesota.
They would spend the night in Las Vegas.
Michael called Nana and Justin's parents, letting them know his condition.
Nana seemed thrilled he was healing quickly, sending her love to him.
Michael got off the phone crying, Justin holding him.
It was almost the same with Lynn and Randall.
Everyone told him they loved him, that they would always be there for him.
Michael's spirits were high when they left their home.
Josh and Lance drove them all to the airport. They parted with group hugs, the four flying to Vegas.
They landed around four thirty, going straight to the arena, Justin wanting to rehearse a bit before show time.
Justin, Michael, Paulo and Lonnie walked into the arena, guided by a security guard.
Michael noticed the enhanced security, more officers and more cameras as well.
Justin's record label wasn't taking chances with their star.
They were led to the private room, Michael relaxing on the couch.
"You okay, love?" Justin asked, Michael smiling at him.
"I'm fine, Jus. A little tired, but doing okay."
Johnny Wright walked into the room, staring at Michael.
Michael got up, the man hugging him tightly.
"You, my friend, are a wonderful sight for these tired eyes. You look almost back to normal." Johnny's smile large and wide.
"I never was normal, Johnny."
Johnny laughed, Michael seeing caring in his eyes.
"If everyone is ready, would you please come with me, Michael?" Johnny asked, a new, serious look on his face.
Michael looked at Justin, Justin blushing a bit.
"What's going on, Jus?"
"Come on, Mico. Johnny wants to show you something."
Michael started walking, following Johnny out of the room, everyone else following behind them.
They walked down different hallways, finally coming to the backstage area.
Johnny smiled, heading out onto the stage, ushering Michael and Justin ahead of him.
Michael walked out onto the stage, Justin walking behind him.
Michael saw all the crew seated on the stage in folding chairs.
They all stood, clapping and cheering when Michael came on stage.
Michael looked shocked, not expecting this.
Timba and Tim as well as the rest of the band stood in front.
When Michael walked up to the center of the stage, the clapping began to slowly stop.
Timba walked up to Michael seeing him unchanged.
Timba hugged him gently, Michael hugging him tight.
"We're so happy you're okay, Mikey." Timba said, tears running down his face when they parted.
Johnny walked up to the podium asking everyone to be seated.
"Michael, on behalf of all this extended family--all the crew and techies here--we want to thank you for what you did the other night. How you somehow saved everyone on stage. A lot of people could have been seriously hurt, if not for you. We can't believe the wonder of it. The special person that you are. We'd all like to know how you did it. Please, Michael. Tell us."
The cheering began again, everyone smiling at Michael.
Michael looked at Justin, seeing the pride in his smile. Michael walked to the podium smiling shyly.
"All my life I've been blessed with special gifts, of some of them, I can't speak. But that night I used one of them. I saw the units come crashing down and I knew I only had one choice. I have the power to move things, to push them around. That's what I did. I used that gift to push everyone away from the center of the stage. Because of the urgency, I used all of my gift, that force sent everyone flying pretty quickly. I'm glad none of you were injured by my reckless behavior. I was injured because I didn't have enough time to pull the gift back to protect myself completely. But I'm fine now, I'm almost healed."
Everyone looked in awe at Michael.
"Could you show us, Michael? How you do it?" Johnny said, everyone nodding.
Michael looked over seeing the large grand piano sitting ready for the concert.
He looked at it, his eyes glowing.
Everyone looked on in wonder as Michael put out his hand.
The piano slid across the stage almost thirty feet, stopping before it came to the edge of the stage.
Michael lowered his hand, his eyes returning to normal.
Everyone stared at Michael, looks of total shock on their faces.
Michael started feeling uncomfortable, seeing the all too familiar looks of disbelief.
Justin sensed Michael's feelings of embarrassment and weakness.
"I know this is strange, that I'm not normal, that I'm a freak. I just want you to know that  I do it only to help people. I'd never use these gifts for my own use. Thank you."
Michael turned to go, Johnny stopping him.
"Michael. I'll speak for everyone here. You are in no way a freak. We've all watched you with Justin, seeing the kind, giving, loving man you are. And you've shown us your specialness in so many ways, Michael. To all of us you are a special man, and we all love you."
Michael teared up as everyone began hugging him:  Timba, Tim, the band members, all of the dancers. Then the crew took their turns, smiling and shaking his hand.
Justin stood beside his Mico, seeing everyone had accepted this gifted man.
Justin felt Michael's heart filling with happiness and acceptance.
Michael was loved now, by a lot of people.
And Justin was going to show him the greatest love he'd ever know.

End of Chapter 75

Seems Michael has finally been accepted by everyone.
And his powers continue to grow.
What is Fredrick's plan?
Can Michael fight against it?
More questions than answers. But then I like to keep people guessing.
Thanks for all the interest.
Much more to come.

Keep the faith, Angel.

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