Justin's Angel-76

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Everyone stared at Michael, looks of total shock on their faces.
Michael started feeling uncomfortable, seeing the all too familiar looks of disbelief.
Justin sensed Michael's feelings of embarrassment and weakness.
"I know this is strange, that I'm not normal, that I'm a freak. I just want you to know that  I do it only to help people. I'd never use these gifts for my own use. Thank you."
Michael turned to go, Johnny stopping him.
"Michael. I'll speak for everyone here. You are in no way a freak. We've all watched you with Justin, seeing the kind, giving, loving man you are. And you've shown us your specialness in so many ways, Michael. To all of us you are a special man, and we all love you."
Michael teared up as eveyone began hugging him, Timba, Tim, the band members, all of the dancers. Then the crew took their turns, smiling and shaking his hand.
Justin stood beside his Mico, seeing everyone had accepted this gifted man.
Justin felt Michael's heart filling with happiness and acceptance.
Michael was loved now, by a lot of people.
And Justin was going to show him the greatest love he'd ever know.

Chapter 76

Michael sat watching Justin's performance, lost in the music and Justin's deep, beautiful voice.
He'd watched several concerts now and he still loved sitting and listening to Justin's soulful voice.
Paulo sat beside him, smiling at Michael's lost look. He saw that all Michael's attention was riveted on his man standing on stage.
Paulo looked around seeing the encroached crowd, not seeing anything out of place.
His contact yesterday with Michael--Michael's taking his strength--had given Paulo something in return too.
When they had connected, Paulo felt all Michael's past pain, all his life's hardship, and it almost brought him to his knees. To go through all that and survive, showed the depth of Michael's courage.
And Paulo had also felt Michael's deep loving soul.
There was so much love inside his cousin, so much giving heart.
And that made the anger that Paulo had felt seem so insignificant.
Not when you weighed it against Michael's love.
Michael filled Paulo's soul with his love, Paulo finding peace within himself.
Michael turned looking at him, a smile on his face.
Justin had just finished his second to last song.
He'd sung Love Me Tender.
Michael had become lost in the words, feeling Justin singing it to him alone.
"We should get moving, Paulo. Justin's last number is coming up, lets go to the room and wait for him."
Paulo smiled, standing up with Michael.
They walked through the crowd, heading backstage.
When they entered the hallway towards Justin's private rooms they were met with a wall of reporters.
Yes, Justin was right. This was big news.
"Mr. Tavarro! Mr. Tavarro! Do you have time for questions?" A reporter asked, flashing cameras going off.
Paulo scanned the group making sure they didn't encircle Michael.
"Yes, I can answer some questions. Please ask away."
Paulo sensed Michael's calm mood.
"Is it true you saved Justin and his bandmates at that tragic concert in Los Angeles on Monday?"
"I was there, I helped people move off stage before that steel structure fell. I wanted everyone to be safe. I reacted to the best of my abilities."
Paulo smiled hearing Michael being so honest and evasive at the same time.
"People are calling you a hero again, saying you've saved lives again." Another reporter remarked, Michael seeing he was from MTV.
"I helped when help was needed. I am only a hero in the sense that people were in trouble and I did something. If you'd check I'm sure you'd find that a lot of people helped that night.There are a lot of silent heroes that need no thanks. Consider me one of those. So few times people take the initiative to help others. The world would be a better place if people just helped others."
The cameras continued to flash, Michael smiling at everyone.
"Justin must be very thankful that you were there to help. Has he helped you out financially?" Another reporter asked, Michael sensing this loaded question.
"I've never asked Justin for any financial assistance. I want all of you to understand something. Justin Timberlake is the most generous, loving, caring man I've ever met. He's given me so much friendship, respect and love. He was with me on Monday at my first book signing, giving me his support and friendship. We are best friends, two men who genuinely love each other. He's my best friend. That's why I'm here tonight. To support him just as much as he supports me."
Another reporter raised her hand, Michael smiling at her, nodding.
"Is Justin seeing anyone, there are rumors he's spending a lot of time with someone. Do you know if Justin is in love?"
Michael looked her calmly in the eyes, smiling.
"Justin's a star in the spotlight. When he's on stage you see the image of the star. When he's offstage, he's the real Justin. A man with a deep sense of love, happiness and privacy. His private life is just that: private. He cherishes every moment he can have to himself. His love and his heart are his to give, and whoever he'll give those to will be blessed with an unending love. I won't speak on his private life. That's his life and I'm blessed enough just to know the real Justin."
The reporters smiled, knowing Michael wasn't going to dish.
"Your book is selling like hotcakes, Michael. Is there more for you ahead?"
"I'm doing a signing event tomorrow and will be doing more. The second novel is completed, and about to be released. You'll be hearing more from me." Michael said smiling.
Paulo leaned in, Michael nodding.
"I have to go, thank you for your questions. Please feel free to get any information from my publishers or Justin's management team. Thank you."
The cameras continued to follow Michael as he made his way to Justin's room.
Once inside, two guards closed the door, standing in front of it.
Michael relaxed on a couch, breathing deeply.
"You did good, Mikey. Especially that last question. Way to show them they need to respect Justin's privacy." Paulo said smiling.
"Yeah, but I sense that lady was fishing for dirt. She now realizes that I won't be peddling it."
Paulo smiled as Michael closed his eyes.

Michael felt a weight on top of his lap, opening his eyes.
Justin was sitting in his lap, smiling down at him.
"Look, Paulo. A puppy. Can I keep him?" Michael smiled.
Justin laughed, kissing Michael deeply. Michael could feel all of Justin's energized soul.
"Yeah, Mikey, but I think you'll need to get him fixed. That dog is just plain excited." Paulo said laughing.
They all laughed, Justin getting up and sitting beside Michael, the two snuggling together.
"Great show, love. Fantastic as always, especially that song, Love Me Tender. It almost felt like you were singing it to me only."
"I was. And will you love me tender, love me true?"
"Every day of my life, my love." Michael said, kissing him again, Justin sighing with happiness.
"Paulo told me about the reporters. Thanks for defending my privacy, and my love."
"Hey, I'm the one you're giving it to. I need to protect my man."
Justin smiled, cuddling closer to his lover.
"So what's the game plan for the rest of the night?" Michael asked.
"Well, I've got interviews and meets, should be about another hour and a half. Then maybe we could hit a casino, do a little gambling. I've been looking so forward to that."
"Okay, Jus. Get hopping then."
Justin got up, Michael slapping his ass playfully.
Justin smiled, blowing him a kiss. He disappeared out the door, Michael seeing cameras going off.
Michael relaxed, falling asleep on the couch.
About two hours later, Justin was shaking his shoulder gently, Michael's golden eyes opening.
"Time to go, Michael. Lets get going." Justin said quietly, getting up and waiting.
Michael sensed Justin was bothered about something. He looked at Lonnie, Lonnie looking away from him.
"Everything okay, Jus?"
"I don't want to talk about it here, Mico. Let's just call it a night, and go to the hotel."
"What about the casino, I thought you had your heart set on it?"
"Fuck the casino, I'm going to my room." Justin snapped, walking out of the room, Lonnie following him.
Paulo looked at Michael, seeing his eyes had lowered. Michael got up heading towards the door. Paulo put his hand on his shoulder, Michael looking into his green eyes.
"He's upset, Mike. He's not mad at you. Let him tell you when he's ready."
Michael nodded, walking down the hallway after a receding Lonnie and Justin.
They got into a stretch limousine, heading to the hotel.
Michael sat beside Justin, everyone quiet.
Michael could sense Justin's anger, simmering in his mind. He could also feel Justin's insecurities.
Michael felt that maybe this was his fault, that he'd done something wrong.
Justin's hand went in his, the two now holding hands.
Michael looked into Justin's eyes, seeing his love shining through.
They both smiled at each other, their secret smiles.
Justin put his head on Michael's shoulder, Michael putting his arm around him.
Whatever was wrong, Michael knew it wasn't his fault. Justin had just reassured him of that.
They pulled up in front of the hotel, Michael marveling at all the bright, flourescent lights everywhere.
"Welcome to Sin City, Mikey." Lonnie said smiling.
Michael smiled, walking behind a quiet Justin and Lonnie.
In ten minutes, they walked into a large, richly decorated suite.
Michael stood in awe. He remembered that first hotel room Justin had taken him to, it being lavishly decorated. These rooms looked like a palace.
"Wow." Was all Michael could say.
Justin smiled at Michael's wonder, then turned away from him. He headed toward the bar, pulling down a bottle of vodka, pouring himself a glass with ice.
Michael stood watching him, Lonnie and Paulo sitting down on a couch.
"Okay, Justin. Out with it. What has got you so upset that you need a drink?"
Justin turned away from him, sitting down on another couch. Michael slowly sat down beside him.
He put his hand on Justin's shoulder, Justin turning around falling into his arms.
Justin began crying, Michael holding him.
Michael held him tight, letting him cry. He looked over at  Lonnie, Lonnie lowering his head.
Lonnie knew what was going on. Of that Michael was sure.
After a few minutes, Justin had stopped crying.
"Okay, Jus. It's okay. Tell me what's wrong."
"I was blindsided, Mico. She'd set up a trap for me." Justin said, lowering his eyes.
"Tell me about it, Jus. Was it another reporter?"
Justin nodded, looking into Michael's loving golden eyes.
"It was her again. That woman reporter from tonight. The one Paulo told me asked you about my being in love."
Michael's face changed a bit.
What was with that woman, did she just want to piss him off??
"What happened, Jus?"
"She was so nice, talking about the show, then about you. She asked questions about you and the accident. She was trying to get me to admit that you saved everyone. I basically said the same as you had said. Then she started asking about your personal life. About our friendship. That's when she said those things and I got mad."
"What did she say, Jus?"
Justin looked away from Michael.
Michael turned Justin's head back, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"Please tell me, Jus."
Lonnie looked at Michael knowing this might hurt him.
"She pulled out some notes, and started talking about you, Mico. She said you'd come from a broken home. Your father was a criminal and that your mother had committed suicide. That you'd been supposedly raped by your boyfriend and how you'd hooked up with an eighteen year old young man who'd died tragically. She said that someone who came from that background usually wasn't trustworthy. That they ended up the same way, a criminal. She was making it all look like you were a bad person, Mico! That somehow all that was your fault. I just couldn't let her do that. I lost it."
Michael's arms went around Justin, holding him. Michael sensed his anger again.
"I started in on her, telling her she didn't know what she was talking about. I tried explaining it all to her, your life, your struggle to survive. She just didn't seem to want to hear, or care. I told her about your giving heart, and your courage. It got pretty vocal. I got angry at her. I stormed out of the interview. I've never been so mad. The media will have a circus with this when it's shown."
"I'm sorry, Jus. I never wanted my past to interfere with your image. I knew it would all become public knowledge someday, I had just hoped it wouldn't affect you. I'm sorry."
Justin hugged Michael to him.
"You have nothing to be sorry for, love. Don't ever apologize for being you. I don't really care what the press thinks of me. All I care about is that the real you is shown to the world. Not some fake image they are trying to create. You are the opposite of everything she was implying. You're loving, kind, gentle and  courageous. We all know that."
Lonnie and Paulo agreed.
Justin smiled looking at Michael.
"You just made me realize that this will show me in a new light, Mico. It will show me defending you against false accusations. And that suddenly makes me so happy."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin.
"My protector."
Justin smiled, Michael seeing his loving Justin back.
Michael looked at Lonnie and Paulo.
"She's going to have a lot to answer for. For making you upset and for showing me in a  bad light. Can we get a copy of the interview?"
"Sure can, Mikey. The record label videotapes all interviews while they're being done on our tours, as insurance in such cases as this." Lonnie said.
"Good, Lon. Get me a copy."
Lonnie nodded, pulling out his cell phone.
"What show was she reporting for, Justin?" Michael asked.
Justin looked hesitantly at Michael.
"She's a freelance reporter. She sells her interviews to ET and other shows, Mikey."
Lonnie hung up shortly, telling them they'd receive a tape first thing in the morning.
"Good. I've got an idea, but it may be risky. But it won't involve you directly, Jus. Only me. If they have any recourse it will be against me, not you."
"Mico, I can't ask you to do that. We're in this together. Maybe it's time I came clean. That I came out."
Michael kissed him tenderly, looking into his blue eyes.
"Jus, you do that when you want to. Not when you feel you have to for others, including me. That truth must come from you, and you alone, when you're ready."
Justin nodded, feeling Michael's truthful words.
Justin pushed the drink away from him, not needing it.
"Suddenly I feel tired." Justin said, laying his head on Michael's chest.
Lonnie and Paulo got up, saying their goodnights. The two lovers remained quietly on the couch.
"Thank you, Jus."
"Mmmm, love. For what?"
"For defending me, for defending my honor."
Justin smiled, running his hands on Michael's chest, feeling his warmth underneath.
"You are my soulmate, Mico. Any words against you, are words against me. I'll always defend you."
Michael smiled.
"Lets go to bed, Jus.I'll give you a massage to relax you."
Justin smiled, standing up, pulling Michael up with him.
They walked into the large bedroom, seeing a large king size bed covered in a red satin bedspread. There was a mirrored ceiling above the bed.
"I feel like I'm in a whorehouse." Michael said, Justin laughing loudly.
Michael smiled, pulling off his shirt.
Justin lay down on the bed, watching Michael undress.
When Michael was down to his briefs, he sat down beside Justin.
Justin looked his body over, still seeing a few bruises on his left side and one his right thigh.
"Are you feeling better, love? All the bruises are mostly gone."
"I'm fine, Jus. The rest will disappear by tomorrow. Now, let me help you out of those clothes."
Justin stood up, Michael standing beside him.
Michael removed all of Justin's clothes slowly, looking at every exposed inch.
Justin's body never failed to excite Michael, in its raw beauty and sensual smoothness.
Once Justin was naked, Michael pulled the covers back, directing Justin to lay down on his stomach.
Michael walked into the bathroom, finding a bottle of oil.
He walked back out, shucking his briefs and climbing on top of Justin.
He slowly began giving his lover a relaxing massage, his hands pulling all the tiredness and pain out of Justin's muscular back.
He massaged his legs, and ass, Justin purring.
Then he turned him over, working the soothing oil into Justin's muscular chest and legs.
This wasn't a prelude to lovemaking, this was Michael soothing his man's tired body.
Justin's eyes were closed, Michael's touch soothing his mind and soul.
Michael continued, rubbing the hard muscular arms and legs, feeling the strength behind his lover's beauty.
Michael soon heard Justin lightly snoring, knowing the gentle massage had lulled him into sleep.
He gently got up, looking down at his glistening lover.
Justin was so beautiful.
He pulled the covers up over him. Michael turned out the lights, then climbed in beside him, resting his head on Justin's slick chest.
"Don't worry my love, no one will paint you in a bad light. I'll see to that."
Within moments Michael was asleep, the two united in their strong bond of love.

The next morning when they'd awoken, the two lovers spent time together showering.
Michael showered all the oil off Justin's body; Justin soaping Michael's blemish-free skin.
Michael had been right. He was now completely healed.
The two made love; a  passionate, long, steady session of desire, pleasing each other in the ways that joined their hearts and souls.
Later, they sat down to a late breakfast with Lonnie and Paulo.
A courier had delivered the tape just as they were finishing breakfast; Michael popping it into the VCR.
The four watched the interview, Michael carefully watching every word the reporter had spoken, writing down a few notes of his own. She was good, Michael thought. Maybe a little too good for her own good. Justin watched him, not sure what Michael was looking for.
Ryan showed up just as the video ended.
Michael hugged him, Ryan smiling.
"Looks like our man's back to normal. Glad you're okay, Mikey."
Michael smiled, asking Ryan for a moment alone to discuss something.
Michael kissed Justin, Ryan and Michael walking out onto the terrace.
"Do you have any idea what Michael's going to do, Jus?" Lonnie asked.
"No, Lon, I don't. We'll just have to wait and see."
After about fifteen minutes Ryan came back in with Michael, Ryan talking on his cell phone.
Michael smiled kissing Justin again.
"I'm going to get ready, love. I'll be right out."
Michael disappeared into the bedroom, grabbing his cell phone on the way.
Justin was wondering who Michael was going to call.
Ryan hung up his phone, sitting down at the table; Lonnie pouring him a cup of coffee.
"Sorry to hear about your interview, Jus. That wasn't very professional of them. I can understand your reaction to Michael's browbeating. Thanks for sticking up for him."
"I love him, I'd never do anything less."
Ryan smiled, patting his shoulder.
"Michael would do the same, he loves you just as much."
Justin smiled, liking Ryan. He was around forty, balding a bit, but a really nice guy.
They sat quietly, Ryan finishing his coffee.
"So, what's Michael's plan?" Lonnie asked, hoping Ryan would know something.
"Michael has suggested something. I think he should be the one to tell you. I've got to go set up some things for him, tell him I'll meet him at the store. You have the address, right?"
"Yes, we'll make sure he gets there for one o'clock." Paulo smiled at Ryan.
"Make it twelve fifteen." Ryan smiled back, shaking everyone's hand and leaving.
Michael came out of the bedroom a few minutes later, seeing Ryan gone.
"He said he'd meet us at the store. He had some things to do for you first." Lonnie said.
Micheal smiled, nodding.
He wore the black silk shirt and pants Justin had given him, Justin was lost in his beauty, seeing the golden cross around his neck and the silver ring on his right hand.
He was wearing his signs of faith, his faith in Justin's love.
Michael smiled at him, sitting down beside him.
"Okay, Mikey. What's the plan?" Paulo said, beating Lonnie to the question.
Michael looked at everyone debating within himself.
"Lets just say that I'm going to play a little cat and mouse game.  I've lured the mouse into the trap. And she doesn't even know it."
Justin looked at Michael, reality dawning on him.
"My God, Michael!  You're not inviting that woman to your book signing."
"No, but I am holding a press conference beforehand. And she may just be the star attraction."
Justin looked surprised, wondering what Michael was going to do.
"I have to stop this before it gets out of hand, Justin. So I'm going to give them the truth. The real truth. Before it all becomes a pack of lies."
Justin nodded, taking Michael's hand.
"Then I'll be right there beside you."
"No, Justin. This, I do alone. This is me that's being maligned, not you. I need to do this alone. But I want you there, in my mind, my love."
Justin smiled, feeling Michael's determination.
"Alright, Mico."
Michael smiled, patting his knee.
"Get dressed love, the press will be there at twelve thirty. I want this done before my signing."
Justin got up, heading into the bedroom to change.

At ten after twelve, Michael and Justin walked into the book store, meeting the manager at the private entrance.
"Welcome, Mr. Tavarro, Mr. Timberlake. It's a pleasure meeting you both." The manager, Mr. Dexter, said, smiling at both of them.
"Thank you, but I'm just an observer here, giving Michael support." Justin smiled.
"Certainly. We've set up a room for you, Mr. Tavarro."
"Please call me Michael." Michael said smiling.
"This way, Michael. The press have arrived."
Michael walked into the room, seeing Ryan on his phone. Ryan waved at him, finishing his call.
"All set, Michael. Everything is all set up. Do you have it?"
Michael opened his attache case pulling out the video cassette, handing it to Ryan, Ryan smiling and leaving the room.
"What's he going to do with that, Mikey?" Lonnie asked knowing what was on the tape.
"You'll find out very shortly, Lon. "
Ryan came back into the room shortly, telling Michael the room was ready.
Michael kissed Justin, Justin seeing determination and courage in Michael's golden eyes.
"Trust me, my love. " Michael said, starting to leave.
"With my soul, my love."
"There's a television set up right there, Justin. It's on live feed with the press setup. You can watch all of Michael's meeting." Ryan said, patting his back.
"Thanks, Ryan."
Justin looked at Michael one last time, Michael winking at him, and blowing him a kiss.
Justin smiled, sensing Michael's calm mood.
Michael walked out of the room, heading for the press.
Justin turned on the set seeing a stage set up. The camera was on an angle, so that they could see the podium where Michael would be standing as well as the first few rows of reporters.
Justin picked out clearly the woman from his interview.
Lonnie pointed out a large television screen behind the podium, what that was there for no one knew.
The three men sat down waiting for Michael to start.
Justin saw his lover walking through a door heading to the podium, Ryan behind him.

Michael walked up to the podium smiling at everyone. Ryan began speaking first, introducing everyone to Michael, and thanking them for coming.
He then handed the podium over to Michael, a lot of cameras flashing and video cameras running. Michael adjusted the microphone, smiling.
Justin watched from the room, lost in Michael's calmness.
"Go get `em, tiger!"  Michael heard in his mind, his smile increasing in its width.
"Thank you all for coming, I've wanted to meet the press and  let you all get to know me. For the last month or so, since my first brush with heroism, I've been playing shy with you, trying to keep my private life just that: private.
But my friendship with Justin Timberlake has kind of thrown me in the spotlight, so to speak. I've arranged this meeting for the press to get to know me better. Please feel free to ask me anything."
Michael scanned the room spotting the woman reporter in the front row to his right.
"I'll start with you, the gentleman with his hand raised, you."
"Yes, Mr. Tavarro. Mike Aster from the Las Vegas Tribune. How does it feel to be acclaimed as a hero? You've on several occasions helped so many people, including Justin Timberlake himself. Didn't you save his life?"
"Yes I saved his life. He was in danger and about to be shot. I tried to stop that from happening and in the process was injured myself. As for being a hero, I've stated my views on that subject on several occasions, but I'll state them again. I help people. When I see someone in trouble, I try to help. It's as simple as that."
Camera flashes went off, Michael remaining calm.
He answered several questions on his friendship with Justin, on his book's success and on his next book. He purposely avoided the young woman, who now showed signs of getting agitated at being ignored.
Michael sensed the timing was perfect.
He finished off a question about his interview on Larry King and Paul's appearance.
"Yes, the young lady in the front row."
"Diane Porter, free lance reporter. Michael, I'd like to ask you some questions about your personal life."
Justin tensed up, staring at the television. Lonnie put his hand on his shoulder.
"Oh really Miss Porter??  Haven't you already dove into my personal life? There couldn't be anything else you don't know!"
A lot of the reporters heads went up, looking at the young woman.
"I don't know what you mean, Michael."
"My name is Mr. Tavarro. Only people I know and like call me Michael."
Lonnie winced, feeling that barb.
The young woman tensed up.
"I'm here to learn the truth about you, Mr. Tavarro. The truth about all of your past."
Michael walked beside the podium.
"Usually when someone wants to know the truth they ask the person involved. They don't try and cajole the truth out of their friends by being ruthless or underhanded."
The other reporters had picked up on the sudden tension between Diane and Michael, sensing they'd met before.
"I'd like to show everyone here what I mean by being ruthless and underhanded. Ryan, if you please."
Ryan walked over to the television screen, hitting the power button and hitting play on the VCR.
Justin, Paulo and Lonnie knew what was going to appear on that television screen.
"This is an interview Miss Porter had yesterday with Justin Timberlake. She's about to sell it to ET for tonight. I'll let you watch all of it, and then we'll discuss it."
Michael hit play, Diane leering at him.
Everyone watched Justin's face appear on screen, and then Diane began talking to him.
After fifteen minutes, the intense interview was over, Justin throwing his microphone off and storming out of the room.
Michael shut the television off, turning back towards the surprised reporters.
"You're quite talented, Miss Porter."
"Thank you, Mich..... I mean Mr. Tavarro."
"I wasn't complimenting you. There are a few problems I have with this interview and I'll tell you what they are."
The other reporters were smelling a story here, a story that Michael was about to unfold.
"Firstly, and most importantly, you upset my friend deeply. How dare you throw such accusations at Justin, without knowing the truth! The truth you could have found by talking to me! Justin was visibly and emotionally upset by that. You trashed me, his friend, and that upset him. Some things you said were, in essence, partially true, although you twisted all of it around to make me look bad. Well guess what??  All you succeeded in doing was pissing him, and me, off!!"
Diane felt trapped, singled out by Michael's steady glare.
"I only reported what I found out."
"Oh, really?? Well let's see the truth of what you found out. First off, you called my father a criminal. There is a criminal in my family, but unfortunately it wasn't my father. It was my uncle. My father died in Spain when I was seven years old. He was murdered by my uncle. My uncle beat me, abused me, and abused my mother. He was sent to prison for armed robbery. My mother killed herself because she was so emotionally exhausted that she didn't realize the full extent of what  she was doing."
Diane looked shocked, her facts beginning to unravel.
The other reporters were taking everything in, marveling at Michael's candor and truthfulness. The man was courageous.
"Secondly, I was raped. No "supposedly" about it. My grandmother as well as doctors in my home town can verify all of that. The man who did it was also the man who tried to kill Justin. He and two of his friends raped me when I was nineteen. I filed charges and the case was dismissed because of lack of evidence. You need to understand the small town ethics I grew up in . People took care of their own,  I never stood a chance of convicting the mayor's son."
Camera's flashed, everyone quietly listening to Michael's voice as it echoed off the walls of the small room.
"And lastly, you stated that I'd hooked up with an eighteen year old male, when I was twenty three. Well guess what?? That young man was Daniel, the Daniel from my book. He was like a younger brother to me. There was no sexual relationship as you've implied. I wasn't in love with him. He was my friend, my dear friend. I loved him as a brother, only to lose him because his father hated the fact he was gay. His own father shot him, in cold blood, leaving him to die in the street, in my arms. How do you think all that you said made me feel?? You trashed my friend, my life, and me!!"
The young woman was in shock, now realizing she'd gotten everything wrong.
"I'm sorry, Mr. Tavarro. I didn't mean to imply anything."
The reporters looked shocked.
"Don't give me that crap! You knew what you were doing, every word of it! You deliberately did it to prevoke Justin. Because you knew he'd defend me. Because I am his friend and you were maligning me."
The woman was caught, the other reporters staring at her.
Diane stood looking in shocked silence, at all Michael had said, opening his whole life to everyone. He hadn't hidden anything, and she knew it.
"There is nothing I hate more that people who try to use others to benefit themselves. All you had to do was talk to me, and you would have learned the truth. But you weren't interested in the truth. All you wanted was a story. A story that would sell. Regardless if it were true or not. Isn't that right?"
The woman didn't say anything, but started picking her stuff up.
"I called this meeting to tell all of you the truth about myself. You now know most of my past. My hard life and all it entailed. And all you had to do was ask. I don't know what the future holds for me, but I know that I will always expect honesty and integrity from the media. Maybe it's too much to ask, but I still hope for it. Justin wanted to speak here today also, to debuke that interview, but he's more of a man than some of you give him credit for. He's a good friend, who sought to defend me against this untruthful, malicious attack. I thank him for that. I didn't want to evoke a standoff here today, I just wanted you all to know that I fight for what I see as my rights. As the rights of all individuals in the spotlight. The right to be treated with respect and fairness. Thats all I wanted to say. Now I have a store full of people waiting here to meet me and talk to me about my writing. Thank you all for coming."
Michael walked away from the podium, some reporters clapping and shouting after him.
The young woman looked after him, then hung her head down. The other reporters giving her a wide berth.
Michael didn't stop, but kept walking through the door and down to his Justin.

Justin was smiling, seeing all that had transpired. Once Michael left the room, Justin stood up, waiting for him to come to him.
Michael had been unbelievable.
Michael walked into the room in a calm manner.
Lonnie and Paulo were ecstatic, hugging him tightly.
Justin smiled at him, the two looking in each other's eyes.
"You were unbelievable, Mico."
Justin knew he couldn't kiss him here, in this public place, but he did hug him, giving him a silent thought.
"I love you, Mico. That was so unbelievable."
Michael smiled, answering him in his mind.
"Thanks, love. I love you too."
Ryan came in handing Michael a glass of cold water.
Michael drank it all, seemingly parched.
"Wow, I needed that. Thanks Ryan."
Ryan smiled, telling Michael he had only five minutes until his public appearance.
"Another big crowd, Michael. There must be at least five thousand out there. And the press is still hanging around. You did good in there, buddy. I'm proud of you. For standing up to the media. Let's hope it does some good."
Michael smiled, hugging Ryan.
"Who'd have thought there were five thousand non-gamblers in Vegas?" Michael said smirking.
Everyone laughed, Michael hugging Justin, then walking out.

Justin, Lonnie and Paulo all watched Michael from the wings, seeing his calm and happy mood.
He thrilled and awed the crowd as before, telling his history and Daniel's.
This time he didn't bring Justin out into the spotlight, Justin thankful for that.
A lot of the reporters had remained to watch Michael's appearance.
Justin and Michael felt the best defense for Justin at the moment was to be silent.
He would talk about it in his next interview.
Three hours later, after Michael had met a lot of fans, the four climbed back into the limousine, heading to the hotel.
Michael was in an exceptional mood, his smile infectious.
Justin and Michael kissed heatedly in the car, having been denied each other all day.
Lonnie and Paulo sat back smiling at the two lovers.
On the ride back, Justin's cell had gone off.
It was Johnny calling with some surprising news.
ET was not going to play the interview, stating that it was done in bad taste.
They were even going to apologize on air to Justin and Michael for any distress it had caused.
Michael and Justin knew that it would air as part of other network stories, due to Michael's appearance and the reaction he gave.
Justin was impressed, he hadn't expected that from the media.
All his life, his personal life had been fodder for the tabloids and TV entertainment shows. This was a refreshing change for him.
The president of the production company, and also owner of several other shows had called Johnny personally to apologize to Michael and Justin for the whole incident.
Johnny had asked Justin if they wanted to pursue legal action for the whole ordeal.
Justin looked at Michael, Michael nodding no.
Justin refused, sighting that he and Michael felt they'd put their point across. They demanded respect and integrity with the media.
Johnny told them both they'd probably earned that now.
He also told Justin it might be a good time to open up about his personal life with Michael.
They both nixed that, stating they wanted Justin to do it when he himself felt ready.
Johnny agreed, backing them one hundred percent.

They had a relaxing dinner in the hotel restaurant all together, then they hit the casino for the rest of the evening.
Michael wasn't one for gambling, but he had fun watching Justin try his luck. He also saw Justin lose a lot.
At eleven they called it a night, the two lovers retiring to their room.
After a few hours of passionate lovemaking and a relaxing shower together, the two lay snuggling in bed.
"What a wonderful day, Jus. Everything worked out well." Michael said, his head on Justin's chest.
"Yes, Mico. Everything turned out well."
Michael looked at Justin, sensing his quiet mood.
"What's wrong, my love?" Michael stroking his smooth chest, touching his right nipple.
"You didn't need me, Mico. You did it all alone."
Michael looked up into Justin's eyes, seeing a sadness there.
"I told you I had to, Jus. I was protecting your image."
"I know, Mico. But I felt left out."
Michael knew now what Justin was feeling.
"My love. I will always need you. Your strength, your love and your smile. You are my courage, and my hope. Don't ever think that I don't need you. Hell, I was terrified up there, alone. But then I realized I wasn't alone. I had your love, and your voice in my mind. You will always be a part of me, my love."
Justin smiled, Michael's touching words destroying the sad feeling that had entered his soul.
"I love you, Mico."
"I love you more, Timby."
The two fell asleep together, in the warmth of their joined love.

The next day was spent sightseeing around Vegas, the two men just relaxing and enjoying each other's close company. Lonnie and Paulo tagged along, but gave them their space.
On several occasions, fans recognized Justin, Justin dealing with it in a calm, friendly manner.
Michael smiled in the background watching Justin Timberlake appear briefly, then disappear just as quickly, only his Justin remaining.
All day the two smiled at each other, lost in their togetherness.
In the evening, Justin took Michael out to dinner at a trendy French restaurant.
Michael was in awe, feeling so out of place in that kind of setting.
Justin saw his wonder and child-like innocence.
Justin realized that Michael was a child in a lot of ways, having no experience in the finer things in life.
Justin was going to show him that kind of life. But he sensed Michael would always remain a down-to-earth guy, comfortable in his own home.
That pleased Justin to no end. His Mico was a normal guy, with no preconceived attitude of fame and stardom.
His Michael was Michael.

Justin was up before Michael the next morning, scheduling his surprise.
While Michael slept Justin made some calls, Lonnie making some also.
Justin quietly walked into the bedroom looking at Michael sleeping peacefully.
He never tired of just sitting and watching Michael sleep.
To Justin's eyes, he looked like an angel, at peace and beautiful.
Last night, they'd made love for hours, their intimacy close and loving.
Michael had fallen asleep with a look of contented peace on his face; a small smile still showing.
Justin smiled, gently shaking his lover's shoulder.
Michael's golden eyes opened looking into Justin's blue ones.
"Morning, Jus. Love ya."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's moist lips.
"Love ya more, sexy."
Michael smiled, stretching his arms over his head, Justin's hands remaining on Michael's chest.
"How long have you been up, Jus? What time is it?"
"It's ten-thirty, love. You slept for almost nine hours."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin again. He started pulling Justin down on top of him, Justin knowing what Michael wanted.
"Love, I know you're feeling frisky, even after last night. But you have to get up, breakfast is here. And we've got to leave soon."
"What time is our flight back to L.A.?"
"Get up love, your breakie is getting cold."
Michael smiled pulling back the covers, Justin scanning his nude body.
"Sure you're not frisky?" Michael smiled, pulling Justin against him.
Justin saw Michael's aroused state, wishing he had more time to make him extremely happy.
Justin gently pushed him back a little, Michael pouting.
"Sorry, Mico. You can wipe that sad look off your face, ain't gonna work." Justin smiled, running his hand across Michael's tight chest.
"Can't fault a man for trying to seduce such a fantastically beautiful stud."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael lightly.
"Get dressed love, Lon and Paulo are already eating."
Michael smiled, watching Justin go out of the room.
Five minutes later, after hugging Lonnie and Paulo, Michael was eating a large breakfast, Justin eating cereal.
After breakfast and light-hearted conversation, the four sat finishing their coffee.
"So, Jus. You didn't answer my question. What time is our flight to L.A.?"
Lonnie and Paulo smiled, Justin looking into Michael's eyes.
"I wanted to thank you again for yesterday, Mico. For what you did for me, how you turned my interview around, showing me being protective. That meant a lot to me."
Michael put his hand on Justin's arm, smiling.
"I stand up for those I love. Especially you."
Justin smiled his secret smile for Michael, Michael lost in his beautiful face.
"I've got a surprise for you, love."
Michael's brow furrowed, everyone holding in a laugh.
"I know, I know. You hate surprises, but I think you'll like this one." Justin beamed.
"Okay, Jus What is it?"
"We're not going to L.A."
Michael remained calm, staring at him.
"So, exactly where are we going?"
"We're free and clear till Thursday love. Three days to ourselves. I've decided we should spend some time in San Francisco. Somebody I know wanted to go there."
Michael's smile lit up his whole face.
"You mean it, Jus?"
Justin saw the happiness in Michael's face.
"Yep. Our flight leaves at two. We come back Thursday morning."
"But Jus, didn't you have some things this week? Work stuff?"
Justin smiled, hugging Michael
"I have you, my love. You're more important. Everything can wait till the end of the week. And before you get all defensive, there wasn't that much, just a couple of interviews, that I've rescheduled. I want to do this, Mico. I know this is important to you. And I'm dying to meet Father Derrick. I want to thank him personally for being there for you."
Michael teared up hugging Justin tightly.
"Thank you, Jus. This means a lot to me."
Justin kissed him, Lonnie and Paulo both smiling.
"What about the house?"
"Lonnie called Lance. Josh and he will keep an eye on the house."
"I'd like to see Seth too, Jus. I promised Kevin I'd talk to him."
Justin nodded, taking Michael's hand in his.
"I know, Mico. He needs your help. And I'll do what I can, whatever you need."
Michael smiled getting up from the table.
"We better start packing, we don't have much time."
Justin laughed, getting up and following Michael into the bedroom to pack their things.
An hour later, they were on their way to the airport.
Lonnie and Paulo picked up quickly on the delightfully happy mood Michael was in.
"Mikey, I've never seen you so happy." Paulo smiled, Michael laughing.
"All is right with the world, Paulo. I have the love of my life beside me, my novel is a best-seller. I have a new family, good friends, and I'm going to San Francisco."
Michael's face changed a little, Justin picking up on it.
Michael turned looking at him.
"San Francisco always meant sadness to me, Jus. It was where I grew up. Where most of my pain came from."
Justin put his arm around Michael.
"But now it doesn't feel like that. I'm happy. I don't think I've ever been so happy. I'm going back there to see a good friend. And to do so much more."
Lonnie and Paulo looked at each other, wondering what Michael meant. Justin thought the same thing.
"Trust me love, I am totally happy. This is going to be wonderful."
Michael's good mood infected everyone else.
"Thanks, Jus. For doing this for me. I love you, Timby."
Justin smiled, cuddling against Michael.
Michael lay beside him, Justin lost in the joy and happiness he felt in Michael.
His mind thought about next week and his upcoming birthday surprise.
I love you, Mico. And next week I'm going to make you the happiest you've ever been.
The limousine headed down the highway towards the airport, no one in the car realizing the future significance of what this trip would have on all their lives.

End of Chapter 76

Well, Michael's love for Justin shines through again.
He'll defend him in all ways.
Onward to San Francisco, and more drama.

Thanks to my friend, Mike, who's constant attempts to reign in my atrocious grammar give this story its respectability.

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