Justin's Angel-78

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Twenty minutes later Michael and Justin were cuddled together in the spare room, holding onto each other.
"I'm proud of you, Mico. You did a good thing tonight. You gave a young man a second chance at life."
"Yes, I did, Jus. And he more than deserves it."
Justin smiled remembering what Michael had told Seth about that night on the cliff.
"You told Seth that that night on the cliff an angel saved you, or he was the hope of your future."
Michael raised his head, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"I was right on both counts. You are my angel, Jus. And you are my hope of the future. A future full of your deep love."
Justin sobbed, Michael kissing him, and rolling over, so Justin was now in his arms, Justin's head laying on his chest.
"I love you so much, Mico."
"I love you more, Timby."
Justin fell asleep, Michael remaining awake.
He smiled, thinking of the second part of Seth's vision.
Yes, he had to be there to see that.
That joy would be of his own orchestration.

Chapter 78

Michael woke before Justin, cuddling against him, seeing his breathing relaxed and a gentle snore escaping his smooth lips.
Even in sleep, Michael saw so much beauty in Justin.
Justin lay quietly, Michael's eyes scanning over his face and torso.
Michael ran a finger across Justin's chin, feeling the softness of his light facial hair. Justin stirred a little, Michael sighing gently.
A rap came on the door, Michael saying enter.
Kevin walked into the room, seeing Michael holding a sleeping Justin in his arms.
"Morning, Mike. Paulo's got breakfast going full blast, it smells so good. He sent me in to wake you two, it's after ten."
Michael smiled, gently shaking Justin. Justin didn't move, Michael running his hands across his chest , nudging him.
"Stop it, Mico. I'm tired. Keep your horny hands to yourself."
Michael stopped instantly, Kevin bursting out into laughter.
Michael blushed deeply, sitting up.
"I'm sorry, Kevin. Justin is never like this. It must be the strange room and short sleep."
Michael flicked his finger on Justin's nose, Justin jumping up.
He stared around, focusing on Michael then Kevin.
"Morning, my love. Morning Kevin. What time is it?" Justin said stretching, seeing Kevin was still laughing.
"What's he laughing at?" Justin said to Michael, seeing Michael fold his arms across his chest.
"I'll leave you two lovebirds to make up." Kevin laughed walking out and closing the door.
Justin smiled at Michael, leaning in to kiss him.
"And just what do you think you're doing?"
"I'm getting my morning loving from my angel?"
Michael held in a smirk, trying to be serious.
"Oh. Now it's okay? A minute ago you told me to keep my horny hands to myself. Okay, Timberlake. You can use your own horny hands to please yourself. So take my advice, and go please yourself."
Michael turned away from Justin, not looking at him.
Within seconds Michael felt the bed trembling, turning to see a sight that tore at his heart.
Justin was holding himself, crying his eyes out, in silence.
Michael had him in his arms in a moment.
"Oh, my love, I'm sorry, I was just fooling with you. I'd never deny you my love."
Justin sobbed against his chest, Michael holding him, wondering what was upsetting him so much.
"What's wrong my love?"
"I thought you were mad at me. I don't remember saying that to you, I'd never not want you to touch me. You must know that."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's tearful cheek.
"Of course I know that. It was just so surprising to hear from you. It must have been the tail end of a dream."
Justin nodded, but for the life of him he couldn't remember what he had dreamt about.
Justin kissed Michael deeply, needing to feel his love.
Michael returned the kiss with just as much passion and love.
"Morning, Jus. I love you."
Justin smiled, laying his head on Michael's chest.
"Love ya more, my angel."
Michael smiled, running his fingers through Justin's short hair.
"I guess we've just had a small fight, huh, Mico?" Justin said.
"I'd call it more of a mistake, due to lack of sleep, and strange surroundings. How does that sound?"
Justin smiled, running his fingers through Michael's chest hair.
"Can I ask you something, Mico?"
"What is it Justin?"
"Why don't we fight? All the couples I've known, including my parents and others, have had fights during their relationships. We've been nothing short of completely loving."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin again.
"We don't fight because we have a special relationship, Jus. We have true love. We know each other's thoughts, needs and desires. I could never make myself hurt you, my love. And I know in my heart that you wouldn't hurt me either.Both of us love each other enough to talk things through, that stops any arguments."
Justin teared up, hugging Michael tightly.
"That sounds so truly wonderful, Mico. You've always made me feel so special, so loved."
"That's because to me, you'll always be special. You'll always be my Jus."
Justin leaned in kissing him deeply, Michael hearing Justin's stomach growling.
Michael laughed, Justin blushing.
"Looks like my tiger needs to be fed. That's why Kev was in here, Paulo's got breakie ready. Let's head out, and then let's go see Seth."
Justin smiled, climbing out of bed, giving Michael a hand up, kissing him as they pulled on their clothes.

After a satisfying, rich and hearty breakfast the five men drove to the hospital.
They walked into Seth's room seeing him sitting up in bed, smiling at their entrance.
Kevin hugged his brother tightly, Seth returning the hug with vigor.
"I think this is the first time in a long time I've been separated from you, Sethy. I missed you."
Seth smiled, hugging him again.
"I missed you too, Kev."
Justin hugged Seth, kissing him on the cheek, Seth blushing deeply.
"Wow, I've been kissed by Justin Timberlake."
Justin smiled, laughing, ruffling Seth's blond mop of hair.
"Consider yourself lucky. A lot of women would die for that kiss. And even a lot of men."
Seth smiled, sensing Justin was a kind, gentle man, and loving.
"I kiss all my friends, but the best I save for Mico."
Michael smiled.
Lonnie and Paulo both hugged Seth, talking to him happily.
Seth's eyes remained on Michael, Michael staring at him quietly, smiling.
"Guys, could I have a few minutes with Michael. I need to talk to him."
"Sure thing, Seth. Come on Kevin, let's leave them to talk." Justin said ushering his friends quietly out, smiling at Michael just before he closed the door.
Michael sat down on the side of the bed, smiling at Seth.
"How are you doing, Seth? Do things look clearer this morning?"
"Yes, Mikey, things look crystal clear. I realized I almost fucked up yesterday. I almost gave up on living life." Tears could be seen in Seth's blue eyes.
"Almost." Michael said. "But you're here, Seth. You now have a chance to really live life. Take a chance at finding what will make you happy. I believe you'll find it quite easily, part of it you already have."
Seth looked surprised at Michael, wondering what he was alluding to.
"I want to thank you, Mikey. For what you did for me. Not just last night, but from the moment I opened your book. Your writing entered my soul, it gave me hope. And last night, you gave me so much more."
Michael hugged the young man, sensing his courage and hope shining through. All he needed now was love.
"To hear you say those words, that is all the thanks I need."
Seth smiled, sighing nervously.
"My head doctor should be here shortly."
"Talk to him Seth, tell him all your feelings. Don't be ashamed of what's happened to you, let it all go. You'll be surprised how great it feels. I know. Justin helped me through all my pain by getting me that help also. And the doctor made me open up all my feelings. That helped me come to terms with all my inner demons and insecurities. For that I'll always thank Jus."
Seth smiled seeing Michael's love for the handsome pop star.
"You're deeply in love, both of you.  God, I wish I had that."
Michael smiled, hugging the young man again.
"There is someone out there who will fill your heart with deep happiness, Seth. Trust me on that."
Seth smiled as a young man walked into the room, smiling at both men.
He was extremely attractive, handsome nordic looks.
"Hi, Seth. I'm Doctor Sherman, but please call me Rick. And this must be the angel of hope."
Michael raised an eyebrow, the doctor smiling.
"That he is." Seth said, smiling at Michael.
"Sorry, that's what Kevin just called you in the hallway. You must be Michael. I've seen you and Justin on television."
The young pyscologist shook Michael's hand, then shook Seth's, smiling at him.
"So I hear you've had some emotional problems, Seth. Perhaps, if you feel free, you can talk to me all about them."
Seth smiled, feeling relaxed with the young doctor.
"Yes, I need to talk, I have a lot to get off my chest."
Michael smiled, getting up.
"I'll leave you two to talk, and I have some other business to attend to. I'll see you later today, Seth. Take care, and take heart."
Michael leaned down, hugging his friend and kissing his cheek.
Seth blushed, but smiled a wide smile.
Michael walked back out into the hallway, everyone sensing his good mood.
"They're going to talk for a while.  And this angel of hope has to go meet a friend."
Kevin blushed, hearing Michael use his phrase, Michael laughing and hugging him.
The four men all hugged Kevin, promising to stop by later that day.
They left to go back to the hotel to freshen up and get changed.

A short hour and a half later, Michael and Justin had showered, as well as made love in the shower. Their touches had turned to desire; both men having gone without their passion the day before.
Justin helped Michael get dressed, their hands roaming and lovingly touching each other.
Michael smiled, Justin seeing so much happiness in his eyes.
"You seem really happy, love."
"I can't wait to see Father Derrick again. I sense something wonderful is going to happen."
Justin cocked an eyebrow.
"Is there something you want to tell me, Mico? Are you hiding something?"
Michael smiled, kissing him again.
"I don't know what it is, but I just have one of my feelings."
Justin smiled, wrapping his arm around Michael's waist.
"Then let's get going. I can't wait to meet him, either."
Michael smiled, walking out of the room with his Justin.
Michael's mind was on the second part of his vision about Seth.
This part he was dying to witness.
They met Paulo and Lonnie in the hallway, the four heading out to meet Father Derrick.
Onward to their destiny.

Their vehicle pulled up in front of a modest two-story brick building located next to a small church.
Justin looked around seeing a bunch of children playing in a small playground. Most looked between five and eight years of age. A Sister was playing with some of them.
They all stepped out of the vehicle, Michael looking around at all the familiar surroundings.
The place hadn't changed. Everything looked the same.
Michael could see the decaying brick and rundown appearance of the building.
But what counted most was what was contained inside.
Love. That feeling of love and hope.
Michael had felt that when he was a small child, and he'd felt it every year that he had returned here.
Michael smiled a broad smile, Justin looking into his eyes.
"Let's go, Jus. Let's find Father Derrick."
Michael walked into the building, the others following.
He walked into the administrative office, an older nun looking up at him from her desk.
"Michael!!!" She said getting up and hugging him tightly.
"Hello Sister Margaret. How are you?"
"I am well! And I hear you're doing great! You're the talk of the place, my young friend!"
Michael smiled introducing everyone to her.
"It's so nice to meet you Mr. Timberlake. A lot of the young people here listen to your music. I even like it, it's not that hard rock craziness."
Justin smiled at her, thanking her.
"You're early, Michael. We weren't expecting you until next week, for your annual visit."
Michael  nodded, the sister putting her hand on his shoulder smiling.
"Something tells me you've finally found happiness, Michael."
Michael smiled at her again.
"Yes Sister. I've never been happier. My life is finally on track."
She smiled a large warm smile.
"Let's go find Father Derrick. He'll be most happy to see you."
"That's why I'm here, Sister Margaret."
She smiled again, walking out into the hallway.
Justin asked her some questions about the orphanage, Sister Margaret explaining different things to him.
They walked past a few class rooms seeing children studying and listening to different teachers.
"There are over one hundred and twenty children here now, Michael. The place is getting crowded. So many unfortunate orphaned children. So many that  come in and go out so fast. Some we grow to love as our own. You know the Father, he takes a personal interest in each one. Even one of his earlier children has come back, he's now nineteen. He's staying with us now. He had a hard life out there in the real world. He came back to find guidance."
Michael smiled, knowing of who she spoke.
"That's Father Derrick's love. It gets into your soul." Michael said, Justin seeing him lost in his memories.
He so wanted to wrap his arms around him, to comfort him, but this wasn't the place.
"I think he's in the conservatory with the children and their music." Sister Margaret smiled.
Michael's face changed into a large smile.
"This place hasn't changed at all. I can feel the love and happiness soaking through the walls."
The Sister smiled, opening the door at the end of the hall.

They all walked into a large hall. At the far end of the hall, a choir of about fifteen young children were singing a melodic hymn.
The choir had its back turned to the visitors.
A priest stood on the stage, directing the choir in singing the hymn.
The priest was concentrating on the hymn and guiding the vocalists in their bridges.
Michael stared at the man, Justin knowing this had to be Father Derrick.
He looked handsome; around fifty, rugged looks and a flowing smile.
The priest smiled at his singers, nodding and showing encouragement.
Michael walked up the aisle, stopping about halfway, Justin stopping beside him.
They all listened to the music, lost in its rich tones and melodies.
Michael sensed a couple of children off key, smirking a little.
Father Derrick finally looked past the choir at the people standing in the aisle.
His face broke into a large grin.
He instantly stopped, the choir stopping.
"Children, that was very good. But if you want to hear an angel sing on earth, I suggest you turn around and look upon one. And he's standing beside Justin Timberlake."
The youngsters turned around, most of them looking shocked, some beginning to scream.
Justin blushed, Lonnie and Paulo walking up beside them.
They sensed they might have to do a little crowd control.
The young singers all were pointing and clapping, some acting like they were going to cry.
Father Derrick walked down off the stage, towards Michael.
Justin saw that Michael had tears in his eyes, but Justin sensed deep happiness in Michael.
In a few moments, Father Derrick was standing in front of Michael.
"Hello again, my angel."
Michael pulled Father Derrick into a tight embrace, the priest putting his arms around Michael.
The two finally broke apart, smiling at each other.
"It's so good to see you again, Father."
"And a joy as always to see you, my young friend."
"These are my friends, Father." Michael said, introducing Justin and Lonnie.
The priest shook both of their hands.
"And this is my cousin, Paulo. "
Paulo smiled at the priest, shaking his hand.
"Cousin? Michael, you've found more family?"
"It's a long story, Father. I've had an exciting year."
"Yes, I do read the papers, Mikey. You're a hero, many times over. I'm proud of you, my son."
Michael blushed, the priest shaking his head.
"Ever the same, Mikey. You'll never change."
Justin smiled, knowing the priest knew Michael well.
"It's a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Timberlake. Thank you for everything you've done for our Michael. I'm positive you are behind his smiling face and happy countenance."
Justin blushed, Michael laughing.
"He's my best friend. I don't know where I'd be without him. And please, call me Justin."
Justin smiled, Michael looking at all the young people. Their eyes were still all focused on Justin.
"I think you have some fans who'd like to meet you, Jus."
Justin waved at everyone, everyone giggling and waving back.
"I'll be right back, Mico." Justin said, walking towards the youngsters, Lonnie following him.
Michael watched Justin talking to the youngsters, the kids laughing and smiling.
"That's quite the friend you have there, Mikey." Father Derrick said watching Justin and his singers.
"Yes. he's quite the friend."
Father Derrick smiled, putting his arm around Michael's shoulder.
"I sense a lot more, am I correct?"
Michael blushed, looking into the man's blue eyes.
"Enough said, Michael. We'll have a long talk later. How long are you in town?"
"Until Thursday. Justin has to get back for interviews Friday."
Father Derrick nodded, letting go of Michael.
"Well, looks like choir practice is a bust." Father Derrick smiled walking over to the children.
"Well kids, what do you think of our new friends?" The priest asked, smiling at Justin.
"Awesome, Father! You know the best people! And that's Michael Tavarro!" Said a boy of twelve, pointing at Michael.
Michael smiled walking up to the group.
"We've seen you on television, Mr. Tavarro. You're a writer friend of Justin's." Another girl said.
"Michael is much more than that. He's actually a former resident from here." Father Derrick said, looking at him.
The kids all looked at him in awe.
"Really, Father?"
"Yes indeed. Michael stayed here when he was nine, for a little while. Then he went to a foster home. And then his grandmother found him, and he lived with her from then on."
Michael's smile faltered a little at the mention of the foster home, but it returned when his Nana was mentioned.
"You're lucky, Michael. You found someone to care for you." A boy around ten said, looking at him with awe.
"Yes, I found my grandmother. I was lucky."
Justin smiled, looking at Michael.
"So kids, looks like I'll let you go early from practice, but tomorrow we'll have to make it up."
"Father, can we sing for Justin?" A couple of kids said together.
Justin smiled, winking at them.
"I've got a better idea." Father Derrick said.
"Remember when I told you that if you wanted to hear an angel sing, you should turn around. I was talking about Michael, not Justin. Don't get me wrong Justin, you have a great voice. But I've never heard such beauty as when Mikey sings."
"I take no offense, Father Derrick. And I couldn't agree with you more." Justin said looking at Michael, who was blushing.
All the children looked at Michael, puzzled.
"Please Michael, I long to hear your voice again." Father Derrick said .
Michael looked at everyone, seeing the children looking at him with wonder.
"Alright, Father. For you, I'll sing. But don't say I didn't warn you, I'm kind of out of practice. It's been a while since I sang a hymn."
Father Derrick smiled, pushing Michael up onto the stage.
Michael looked down at everyone, thinking for a moment.

"Alright, this is a song I haven't heard since I was a child. My father used to sing it every Sunday morning on our walks to the park. He loved nature and this song inspired him. I've always loved it. It's called `Here I Am, Lord'"

Everyone quieted down, watching Michael close his eyes.
Michael's rich voice filled the silent room, all the children stunned by the depth of feelings in Michael's voice.

I, the Lord of sea and sky,
I have heard My people cry.
All who dwell in dark and sin,
My hand will save.
I who made the stars of night,
I will make their darkness bright.
Who will bear My light to them?
Whom shall I send?

Here I Am, Lord, Is it I Lord?
I have heard You calling in the night.
I will go Lord, if You lead me.
I will hold Your people in my heart.

I, the Lord of snow and rain,
I have born my peoples pain.
I have wept for love of them, They turn away.
I will break their hearts of stone,
Give them hearts for love alone.
I will speak My word to them,
Whom shall I send?
Here I Am, Lord, Is it I Lord?
I have heard You calling in the night.
I will go Lord, if You lead me.
I will hold Your people in my heart.

Paulo had tears running down his face listening to Michael sing the beautiful hymn.
Justin was lost in Michael's voice, his angel singing God's love.
Lonnie and Father Derrick looked at each other, then looked at all the children, who were all quiet, captivated by Michael's angelic voice.
Then Michael began singing the last verse:

I, the Lord of wind and flame,
I will tend the poor and lame.
I will set a feast for them,
My hand will save
Finest bread I will provide,
Till their hearts be satisfied.
I will give My life to them,
Whom shall I send?

Here I Am, Lord, Is it I Lord?
I have heard You calling in the night.
I will go Lord, if You lead me.
I will hold Your people in my heart.

Michael finished the song, opening his eyes, smiling at everyone.
"Wow." A child of seven said, looking into his golden eyes.
Everyone started clapping, Michael blushing.
Father Derrick walked up onto the stage, hugging Michael.
"God has touched the earth with the voice of his angel. That was beyond beautiful, Mikey."
"Thank you Father. I have you to thank. Remember those lessons you gave me. I always used your teaching to help me."
The priest smiled, laughing.
"Believe me, Michael. I can't take praise for that voice. That's a gift from God."
Justin smiled, wondering if the priest knew how gifted Michael really was.
"Alright, children. Time to return to your classes. "
All the kids awed and grumbled, Father Derrick urging them back to class.
"Come, Michael. Let's have a refreshing cup of tea." Father Derrick said, guiding them all back out into the hallway.

He led them down into his study, Michael remembering the room and its loving warmth.
Sister Margaret was waiting for them, a service of tea set up.
She poured them all a cup, offering biscuits and small cakes.
They all sat talking, Michael telling Father Derrick about all that had happened in the last few months.
He told him about his finding happiness, and his accepting his mother's fate.
Father Derrick smiled, looking at Justin.
Sister Margaret quietly left, having to take care of some things.
"So, Michael. I take it Justin's love is the reason for most of your happiness?"
Justin nearly choked on his tea, Michael patting his back.
"Justin, we have to do something about that face of yours." Michael said, everyone laughing, Justin blushing.
"It's alright, Justin. It's not hard to see. I saw it on Larry King's interview. You show it in your eyes when you look at Michael. I'm happy for both of you, especially you Michael."
Michael smiled, telling Father Derrick everything that had happened between Justin and him.
Father Derrick sat in amazement, listening to all of Michael's happiness coming out in his voice and his smile.
"The two of you were destined to find each other. I sense God has had a hand in all of this. And that makes me smile. Love is in both of your hearts. I'm happy for both of you."
Michael beamed, hugging his old friend Father Derrick then hugging Justin.
They'd just sat down again, when Sister Margaret came striding into the room again.
"Father, Sister Maria is having trouble with Shauna and Darian again. She needs your help."
Father Derrick sighed, getting up.
"Who are Shauna and Darian, Father?" Michael asked.
"They are two little twin angels who were brought here by social services three weeks ago. They've had a rough time. Their mother is an addict, her boyfriend used to beat them. And they are only three years old. It's a tragedy."
Michael felt his friend's sadness.
"What's wrong now, Father?"
"Their mother has cleaned herself up. She's been given custody of them again starting next week. I don't like the idea of them going back to her, but there's nothing I can do. I hate the thoughts of those sweet little angels suffering again. But my hands are tied. Like they were with you, Michael."
Michael lowered his head, sighing.
Father Derrick put his arm around Michael, feeling his pain.
"You know how I felt about that, my friend. I won't go into it again. But now I see such happiness in you. I only hope for the same for them. All my children deserve that. They are all constantly in my prayers."
Justin could see the love Father Derrick held for his charges.
"I'll be right back, sometimes I can get them calmed down."
"Please Father, maybe I can help. Sometimes I have a way with children." Justin said, smiling.
"That's because you're a child, yourself, Jus." Michael said, everyone laughing.
They followed the priest upstairs to the dormitories, Michael lost in his memories.
They heard the children before they saw them. Loud crying could be heard coming from the last room.
They walked into a nursery, seeing a young nun, Sister Maria, holding a small girl. A small boy lay on the bed beside her, crying his eyes out also.
"Darian starts, Shauna follows. They're twins."
Justin looked at the two small children, seeing two visions of beauty. Both had blond hair, curly and short, both having large blue eyes, although full of tears.
Justin sat down on the bed beside Darian, looking at him.
"Hey little sport, why are you crying?" He said softly.
The boy looked at him, pulling away.
Justin smiled at him, his widest smile, Justin's real smile.
The boy continued to cry.

"Darry, Darry, Darian, little boy of blue.
Don't keep crying, or my eyes will cry too."

Justin sang softly.
Everyone smiled in surprise at Justin's quick singing.
The boy immediately stopped, listening to Justin's sweet voice.

"Little angel, soft and light.
Show us your smile, let it shine bright."
The boy looked in awe at Justin, then a smile broke across his face.
He crawled into Justin's lap, Justin hugging him gently.
When the boy smiled, his sister stopped crying immediately.
"Hello little man. I'm Justin." Justin said smiling at the boy.
"Hi, I'm Darian. That's my sister Shauna." The boy smiled pointing at his sister.
Michael smiled, looking at the little girl.
She was staring at him with two blue eyes large in wonder.
Michael had never seen such deep bewitching eyes. She would be a heart breaker when she grew up.
Then the girl did something that surprised the nun and Father Derrick.
And it totally shocked Michael.
She reached out her hands, wanting Michael to pick her up.
Michael looked at Justin, Justin smiling, the small boy smiling at him also, cuddling in Justin's arms.
Michael bent down, picking the little girl up.
She cuddled in his arms, laying her head on his chest.
Father Derrick smiled widely.
"Well, there is a surprise, indeed. She's been here for three weeks, and you're the first person I've ever seen her go to on her own."
"That's Mico. He's special to everyone." Justin beamed.
"Are you an angel?" The little girl said looking up into his golden eyes.
Michael felt his heart soften completely at those words.
"No, little angel. I'm Michael." He said softly.
The little girl smiled a smile that would melt the coldest heart. The room seemed to take on a warmth of happiness.
"I like you, Michael. Will you be my friend and Darian's?" She said, looking at Michael with her deep blue eyes.
Michael stared at her, then Darian, and finally Justin.
They all had the same deep blue pools of love.
"Of course I'll be your friend, Shauna. And I hope I can be Darian's too."
"I miss Mommy. Where is Mommy?" Shauna said, Michael seeing a glint of a tear in her eye again.
"Your Mommy is coming soon, she's going to be with you again. Would you like that?"
"Yes, very much. We love Mommy, but not Uncle Steve."
Michael sensed who Uncle Steve was.
"I know little angel, I know. Mommy loves you too."
The two little children both smiled, Justin beginning to play with Darian. Shauna stayed in Michael's arms watching Justin and Darian laughing and playing.
She smiled and began laughing.
Father Derrick and Sister Maria stood watching the two men bond with the two children.
"I've never seen the like." Sister Maria said, Lonnie smiling.
"Well, Justin is a big kid, most kids love him. And Michael, well, Michael is sweet Michael. What's not to love?"
They all smiled, watching the four together.
For an hour, Justin and Darian had fun, Shauna actually joining them; she had taken to Justin as well.
Michael smiled watching the three play together.
After a while, Shauna fell asleep in Michael's arms, Darian nodding off in Justin's.
They gently lay the two down on the small bed, the two cuddling together.
Michael laid his hand gently on top of each small forehead, then leaning down to kiss them.
"They really are angels, Jus." Michael smiled, Justin seeing his golden eyes tearing.
They all quietly left the room, Sister Maria staying.

They found themselves again in Father Derrick's study.
"That was remarkable, Michael! Those two took to you both so easily. Have the two of you thought of raising children?" Father Derrick asked, Justin smiling.
"Yes, Father. We've discussed that. Someday we'd like to get married and have a family. Michael says we have too much love not to share it." Justin said, smiling at Michael.
Father Derrick smiled, looking at Michael.
"You've come a long way, Michael. Since your youth, your abusive father and the abuse you lived through in that home."
Michael looked at Father Derrick in shock.
"It's okay, Michael. I found out what went on in that home from the police after it was shut down. Your not talking of it made me realize that you had been a part of that."
Michael teared up, looking at his friend.
"I didn't want to tell you about it, I thought you might feel it was your fault for letting me go there."
Father Derrick lowered his head, Michael seeing a tear in his eye.
"I fought so hard to keep you here, Michael. But in the end I failed. I am sorry for that. I'm sorry you had to suffer through that pain, I can only imagine what you went through."
Michael got up kneeling in front of the priest.
"Never think that, Father. The past is the past. You couldn't change it and neither could I."
Father Derrick hugged Michael close to him.
"I've found out so much since then, Father. My father wasn't my father."
The priest looked shocked; Michael sitting down beside him explaining about his family in Spain and all his history.
"My God, Michael! You are special. I always knew that, deep down in my heart. God does walk with you."
Michael smiled, looking into the priest's kind eyes.
"Father, can I ask a favor of you?"
The priest nodded, Michael getting up and walking to Justin. Justin got up, Michael putting his arm around him.
"If it's okay with Justin, when we decide to get married, will you marry us? For me, you are God's servant, I would love you to do that for us."
Justin smiled, knowing how much this would mean to Michael.
"I'd like that too, Father " Justin said smiling.
"Certainly, Michael! I would be honored. Even if the church doesn't acknowledge it, I would be blessed to do it."
Michael smiled, hugging the priest again, Justin smiling at the two men.
They chatted for a few minutes, everyone relaxing.
Then Michael felt it was time to broach another subject.
"How is he doing, Father?"
Father Derrick looked at Michael, knowing of whom he spoke.
"Tomas is doing well, although it's been only a week."
Michael smiled, seeing relief in Father Derrick's eyes.
"You're glad he came back, Father. I see it in your eyes." Michael said, smiling.
"Yes, Michael. I have worried for a long time about him. He was the only child who ever walked away from me. I felt like I'd failed him."
Michael put his arm around him, comforting his friend.
"You didn't fail him, Father. He just needed to follow his own path, even if it led to a wrong end. I took it upon myself to guide him back to you. He needed you."
Father Derrick looked surprised.
"He told me what he'd done, how he'd attacked a group of men, only to find an angel walked among them. He said the young man was like God walking on earth. It was you, wasn't it, Michael?"
Michael looked into Father Derrick's eyes, smiling.
"Yes, Father. But I'm not an angel. I'm just a man."
Father Derrick smiled, looking at Michael.
"You never cease to amaze me, Michael. I thought the day I met you that something great was destined for you. I think I may have been right."
Michael blushed, Justin smiling.

The door of Father Derrick's study opened, Tomas walking into the room.
You wanted to see......." Tomas started saying, freezing in his tracks.
He stared at Michael, his face going white.
He fell to his knees, beginning to cry.
"Have you come for me? Am I to go?" He said with pain in his voice, everyone looking shocked, including Father Derrick.
Michael remained motionless, then he rose and knelt beside Tomas.
"Hello Tomas. What is wrong?"
Tomas looked up at Michael with confusion on his face.
"What have I done wrong? You're here to hurt me again, aren't you? Have I failed Father Derrick?"
"No, Tomas. You haven't failed anyone but yourself."
Tomas looked at Michael, unsure what was going on.
"Why are you here?"
"I came to see an old friend, Father Derrick. I lived here once myself, Tomas."
Tomas looked shocked, an unbelieving look on his face.
"You? You were an orphan? Who are you, really?"
"My name is Michael Tavarro. And I want to be your friend."
Michael put out his hand, Tomas taking it slowly, staring into Michael's golden eyes.
"You're not an angel?"
Michael blushed, then chuckled.
"You don't know how many times I've heard that lately."
Tomas blushed, lowering his eyes.
"I sensed your pain, Tomas, and your need for Father Derrick. I know what that feels like. All I wanted to do was help you find your way back here, so that maybe you could have a chance at a better path in life."
Tomas nodded, looking up now into Michael's golden eyes.
"Why do you want to be my friend? I tried to hurt you, hell I might have killed you."
Tomas lowered his head, Michael bringing his chin up so his eyes met his.
"I can see the goodness in people, Tomas. I saw it in your eyes. Have faith and take a chance."
"Thank you, Mr. Tavarro. Thank you for giving me a chance."
Michael smiled, looking deep into his eyes.
Michael saw Tomas' mind full of his past.
"You have your life to live, Tomas. She would want you to live it fully."
"I miss her so much." Tomas had tears in his eyes.
Michael nodded, hugging the young man.
"She'll always be in your heart, Tomas. She'll always be with you."
Tomas wiped his eyes, looking at the other people in the room.
"These are my friends, Tomas. Let me introduce you."
Michael helped him stand up, introducing him to everyone.
Tomas stared at Justin, finally recognizing him for who he was.
"You're Justin Timberlake! Oh, shit! I tried to assault a superstar."
Justin laughed, smiling at him. Tomas blushed.
"I'm sorry. I want to apologize to all of you for doing that. I ask your forgiveness."
Justin put his hand out, Tomas taking it. Justin pulled him into a hug.
"All you need to do is find who you are, Tomas. And find something that you're good at, and make it your life. We all have faith in Michael's seeing the goodness in you."
"I wish I could sing like you. I'm not talented like you."
"What about the flowers, Tomas?" Father Derrick said.
Michael's smile caught Justin's eye,  Justin then looking at Tomas, who was blushing.
"That's just a hobby. Its what I like to do in my spare time."
"Tomas has a great green thumb. He can turn dirt into magic. Come see for yourselves, everyone." Father Derrick said, heading out of the room, putting his arm around Tomas.

Everyone followed behind them, Father Derrick walking through a set of double doors into what appeared to be a lush garden.
Everyone saw many beautiful flowers, large beds of them arranged to enhance the small garden.
"This is beautiful, Father Derrick. It's like a small piece of paradise in this old neighborhood." Michael said, smiling at all the flowers.
"It's all Tomas' doing. He did all these flowers and arrangements. And it took him only two days."
They all looked at him surprised. All except Michael, who had a knowing look on his face.
Michael smiled at him, thinking of someone else.
"My father loved flowers, my grandfather told me he was very good with his hands in nature. He saw the beauty in God's images."
Justin put his hand on Michael's shoulder.
Tomas looked at Michael, seeing a sadness briefly in his eyes. He sensed that even a remarkable man like him had some pain in his heart.
"You do have a talent, Tomas. It's in the way you bring out beauty in the soil. You are gifted." Michael said smiling at him.
"Flowers won't make me rich, Michael. I need to have a real career."
Michael walked up to him, looking into his eyes.
"You love nature, Tomas. That can be a career. You can be a horticulturist, or a botanist. You can find new exotic plants and flowers. You could find a cure for cancer in plants, who knows. The doors are wide open for you. Just decide how far you want to go through them. Grasp onto the talent God gave you. Never be afraid to take a shot at what makes you happy. At what can fill your heart with joy. I know that from my own experiences. A friend taught me to live life."
Justin looked into Michael's eyes, seeing the truthful, honest feelings that Michael was giving Tomas.
Tomas smiled, his whole face changing.
"I love flowers, and plants. Do you really believe I can make a career out of them?"
Father Derrick stood back, looking at the change coming over Tomas. And he saw that Michael was feeding Tomas a new hope, a new dream to reach for.
"Yes, Tomas. You can do anything you put your mind to. I did the same with my writing."
"You're a writer? That's so cool. I'm not good at writing."
"To each his own talent, Tomas. I'll leave you a copy of my book. Then you can tell me if I'm a writer or not."
Tomas smiled.
"I'd like that. Thanks, Mr. Tavarro."
"It's Michael. Or Mike. Okay?"
Tomas smiled his large smile again, Justin smiling himself.
"I'm sure Father Derrick can direct you to schools that have horticultural classes, if you're interested."
"Cool, thanks, I'll look into it."
Michael smiled, Tomas showing him a bed of yellow marigolds he'd just planted.
"I'm sorry for what I did out there last week, Mike. I never meant to come on to you like that. But you have to admit you are damn sexy. So are you, Justin."
Both men blushed, Lonnie holding in a laugh.
"I'm gay, Michael. I'm not ashamed of that." Tomas said lowering his head, sensing Michael might not like that.
"That's alright, my friend. I'm gay also, Tomas.  And I've found the love of my life." Michael said, smiling at him.
Justin smiled, putting his arm around Michael.
Tomas looked on in shock.
"You mean..... the two of you......holy shit!"
Everyone laughed, Tomas blushing at Father Derrick.
"Forgive me Father, I'm sorry for using profanity." Tomas said, the priest smiling at him.
"It's okay, Tomas. It is a surprising revelation."
Michael smiled, putting his arm on Tomas' shoulder.
"Yes, Tomas. I've found love. After a lifetime of hardship and pain, somewhat like yourself, I found someone to make me happy. Never fear, God guides us to our destinies. You have a greatness that will burst forth, my friend. And a heart that one day will soar with the love of a wonderful person!"
Tomas smiled, lost in the moving way Michael talked.
"Let's go back inside, everyone. " Father Derrick said smiling, as everyone took a last look at the beautiful garden.
Michael stood looking at all the flowers, a chuckle in his throat. Justin heard it, wondering what Michael was laughing at.
Michael looked into his blue eyes smiling.
Justin felt a deep contentment in Michael's soul.
Michael's thoughts were on one thing: hope for a wonderful future.

End of Chapter 78

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