Justin's Angel-80

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Everyone watched the two come together on their first kiss of love, Michael smiling widely.
All eyes turned towards his golden eyes, seeing the tears flowing.
Michael felt Justin's arm wrap around him and his fingers turning Michael's chin.
"You did good, Mico." Justin said, kissing Michael deeply.
Michael felt all Justin's love flow into him, lost in its deep warmth.
They parted, both looking again as the two new young lovers remained together.
"Looks like I may just be gaining  a new brother." Kevin said, with a wide smile on his face, tears flowing down his cheeks.
Father Derrick looked at Michael, marveling at what his friend had done for Tomas and Seth. To bring two lost souls together, to unite them in love, was nothing short of miraculous.
Father Derrick thought back to a night long ago, when he'd brought a young boy back to the orphanage after burying his mother.
A young boy who'd been abused and beaten, who'd lost everything.
The young boy with the golden eyes.
He'd put him to bed that night, the boy hadn't said anything all day.
When the priest had tucked him in and given him a drink of water, he'd kissed him on the forehead.
Father Derrick had felt a warmth radiate through him.
When the priest had almost closed the door on the small child, he'd heard an angelic voice in the darkness.
"For goodness I will survive. For hope I shall endure."
Father Derrick's eyes remained on Michael's face, watching the young man with his lover.
Let's hope you live a long time, my angel, Father Derrick thought in his mind.

Chapter 80

The Roses of Love

The evening ended with Michael and Justin saying goodbye to everyone.
They were going home in the morning, back to L.A.
Father Derrick took all their information, Justin promising their lawyers and accountants would be contacting the priest.
Michael hugged his four friends, Father Derrick, Seth, Tomas and Kevin, promising to be back soon.
They left among many tears and hugs, the four leaving in the SUV.
The last thing Michael saw was Tomas and Seth standing together, arms around each other, smiles of new love on their young faces.
Justin had briefly talked to Kevin alone, scheming about next week's surprises.
The next morning found the four flying back to Los Angeles.

The rest of the week flew by quickly, Justin having interviews and meetings, Michael staying home, working on his novel and just relaxing.
Saturday found them flying to Minnesota for another concert, Justin doing his show, Michael doing two signings.
Late Sunday morning, they arrived back home, both men exhausted with jet lag.
They slept in late, snuggled together, connected as one in their large bed.
Michael finally woke up to a ringing phone around eleven o'clock.
"Who is it?" Michael mumbled, trying to focus.
"Morning, ray of sunshine!"
"Vicky, it's only morning and we just got home. What are you calling for?" Michael yawned, looking over at a soundly sleeping Justin.
"Hey, don't bitch at me, your slutty boyfriend told me to call him at eleven, he wanted me for something."
"He's not into crazy bitches, so you need not apply. " Michael retorted, Vicky laughing her head off.
"I'll be over in ten, make your butt buddy pretty, princess." Vicky said, hanging up.
Michael fell back, shaking Justin's shoulder.
"Mmmm, what?" Justin mumbled.
Michael opened his eyes smiling.
He pulled back the covers, Justin trying to pull them back up, his nude body feeling chilled.
"Stop, Mico. I'm cold."
"Let me warm you up then."
Michael climbed on top of Justin, his body covering him.
Justin purred, opening his blue eyes.
"Mmmmm, now that's warmth. Feeling frisky. are we lover?"
"I'd like nothing more that to ravish you, my darling. But your endearing public await."
Justin furrowed his eyebrows, looking confused.
"One crazy ass bitch is on her way over here, she said something about you needing her for something at eleven."
Justin eyes popped open, pushing Michael off him.
Michael looked surprised, looking at Justin.
"Okay, I know when I've been spurned. I can't believe I'm being ditched for a crazy, wild woman."
Justin laughed, knowing Michael was kidding him.
"No one will ever replace you my love." He leaned down kissing Michael deeply, Michael wrapping his arms around Justin, trying to pull him back into bed, Justin knowing he couldn't.
Justin pulled away, Michael pouting big time.
"Sorry love, I have to do this. I'll make it up to you later, I promise."
"So, do I get a clue about what's going on? Would it be something for my birthday?" Michael asked, batting his eyelashes.
Justin smiled, pulling his pants on, Michael leering at his strong legs and enlarged organ.
"Don't catch that in the zip lover. I don't want that baby hurt."
Justin looked down, realizing he'd forgotten underwear. He pulled the pants off quickly grabbing a pair of briefs out of the dresser drawer.
Within a few minutes he was ready, the two hearing the front door bell ringing.
"Let Paulo get it. He's up, I heard him downstairs." Michael said, Justin smiling as he looked at himself one last time in the mirror.
Michael got out of bed, putting his arms around his lover.
"Do you really have to go, love? I wanted to stay in bed all day with you."
Justin turned, his eyes scanning Michael's beautiful body.
"With you that would be a wonderful day. I'll be back later my love. We'll snuggle all afternoon."
Michael smiled releasing Justin.
"Okay, Timberlake. I'll hold you to that."
Justin began to leave the room, Michael stopping him.
"I love you, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael deeply.
"I love you more, my sexy man."
The two parted, Michael heading into the bathroom to complete his morning ritual, Justin heading down the stairs.
He met Chris and Vicky in the kitchen with Paulo, hugging them all.
"All set, Vic?" Justin asked.
"Yes, Timberlake. The things I do for love."
Justin smiled, grabbing a croissant out of Paulo's hand, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"Back later, Paulo, keep Michael in a good mood. He's not too happy about me ditching him."
"He'll forgive you when he finds out why." Paulo smiled.
"I'll hang here and keep him company while you run off with my woman." Chris said, blowing a kiss at Vicky, Vicky swallowing it up.
Justin just rolled his eyes, keeping his laughter to himself.

Justin and Vicky headed into the shopping district, driving in Justin's Viper.
"So, to what do I owe the honor of this trip?" Vicky asked smiling at Justin.
"I need your help. I have to buy his ring."
Vicky's eyes lit up, her smile widening.
"You want me to help you with that?? That's so sweet!"
"You've known him for so long, you know what he likes. I need your help Vicky. I have some ideas, I just need a sounding board."
Vicky smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"So, give me all the juicy details."

Michael walked into the kitchen, surprised to see Chris sitting there.
And also happy.
He hugged him, the two smiling at each other.
"So, I guess we've both been ditched, huh?" Michael said pouring a cup of coffee.
"Yep, my sweetie has sunk to an all time low. Running off with a half baked,  has-been singer."
Michael laughed, Chris smiling at his happy mood. Paulo walked in smiling also.
Chris had learned from Paulo all that had happened in San Francisco.
"I hear you've been spreading your love around the Bay area."
"Yeah, we put up some hefty hotel bills with all that broken furniture. Justin gets very violent in the throws of passion."
Chris turned three shades of red, Paulo doubling over in laughter.
"Oh man, Mikey. That was priceless. " Paulo said between bouts of laughter.
Chris just shook his head, his face still showing shock.
"That's one for me, Chris." Michael smiled.
Chris laughed, knowing he may have found a nemesis in Michael.
"I think I've met my match." Chris said with sincerity.
"And I'm only beginning, sweet cheeks."
Paulo laughed, following Michael out of the room.
Chris took a gulp of his orange juice, following the two men.
Michael walked into the living room, Paulo heading upstairs to shower.
Chris flopped down onto a sofa, watching Michael head to the piano.
Michael pulled out some notepaper from a folder laying on top of the piano, shuffling a few pages, finding what he needed.
After a few minutes of prep work he began to play, Chris immediately sitting up.
He'd never heard such a melodic tempo before.
Michael looked at him, smiling.
Then Michael began to sing, Chris silenced into shock.
He listened to Michael sing the song, Chris hearing perfect pitch on every note.
A tear ran down his cheek when he heard the words Michael sang.
He knew in his heart who those words were meant for.
Paulo slowly walked into the room, a look of total awe on his face.
The two men remained quiet listening to Michael sing his heart out.
When Michael finished, he looked at his two friends.
"Well, what do you think? Do you think he will love it? It's my gift for him, for his birthday. I thought long and hard about what to give him. This is all I could think of."
Chris got up, putting his arm around Michael, hugging him.
"He will cry for hours hearing those words, Mikey. "
Michael smiled.
Paulo smiled at him, wiping tears from his eyes.
"That's so beautiful, Mikey. Justin will be floored."
"I don't sing it to floor him, I sing it to show him my love. I know he's thought up something special for me, I just hope this will be enough for him. I want to make him happy."
Chris heard the uncertainty in Michael's voice, his being unsure.
Chris sat down beside him on the piano bench.
"Mikey. You make him happy just being here. I've known Justin since he was fourteen. He's always seemed a child to me, a small lost boy. In the last few months, I've seen him the happiest he's ever been. And that's because of you. You have made him see life in a new way. He's never been happier. I see it in his eyes every time he looks at you. This gift will enter his soul. It will be the best birthday gift he'll ever receive."
Michael hugged Chris, smiling at Paulo.
"I still think it needs work."
Chris shook his head, sensing Michael's self-criticism.
"Always the perfectionist, Tavarro. Don't fool with perfection. The end results will never compare to the passion of the first time you sing it for him."
Michael smiled, taking Chris' words to heart.
"Thanks, Kirkpatrick. For a clown, you're pretty perceptive."
Paulo laughed, Chris giving him a salute.
Everyone laughed together, the three looking over Michael's gift.

In the tenth jewelry store, Vicky was beginning to tire.
"Jesus, Justin, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. You've turned down a lot of beautiful rings. What are you really looking for?"
"I'm looking for that special one, that one that feels to me like it will be part of Michael, like it belongs with him. I'm not sure if you understand what I mean."
She looked at the young man, seeing him looking at the rings in the showcases.
She knew what he meant, he was looking for something that spoke of his love for Michael. Something that Michael would wear as a symbol of Justin's love.
She smiled wrapping her arm around his shoulder.
"You're one of a kind Timberlake. One of a kind."
Justin smiled at her, the two looking in other cases.
A young woman came up to them smiling.
"Hello, Mr. Timberlake. Is there anything I can help you with?"
"I don't think so, I've pretty much looked at all you've got on display. Nothing has really caught my eye."
"Sorry to hear that." The young woman said, turning to go back to another couple.
She stopped, turning back to the two of them.
"Just a moment, I think we just received some new ones. Mr. Patrice hasn't put them on display. One moment please."
The woman left, Justin and Vicky waiting, Vicky tapping her foot impatiently, Justin just shaking his head.
She returned in a few moments with another man, the man introducing himself as Mr. Patrice, the store owner.
"I've just received some rings in from our French exporter. Maybe one of these would pique your interest."
He proceeded to open a large case,  Justin and Vicky looking at the rings.
They scanned them slowly,  nothing really catching their interest. Then Vicky saw it. The second to last ring on the bottom row.
Justin looked at her, scanning to where she was looking.
Justin's breath caught, his face smiling widely.
The jeweler looked to where they were looking.
His smile widened too.
He thought he'd never be able to sell that ring. He'd though it too unique to be worthy of desire. It just wasn't something anyone would like.
Apparently he was wrong.
"I'll take this one," Justin said, holding the ring up, lost in its beauty.
The colours seemed to flow together, Justin thought, smiling to himself.
"Certainly, Mr. Timberlake. Any special engraving requests?"
Justin told him what he required, the two settling the bill, Justin and Vicky leaving, the two wearing large smiles.

Michael came out of the study, his mind on other things than his book. He'd tried to write for over an hour, his mind too preoccupied with the song he'd sung earlier.
Chris and Paulo had gone over to Josh's to see their friends, Michael left with the outside guards.
He heard the front door opening, Justin and Vicky walking in.
Michael smiled, walking up to Justin, who pulled him close, kissing him deeply.
Vicky stood by, smiling at the display of the depth of their love.
"Mmmm, I should let you go shopping more often." Michael sighed, Justin still holding him.
"But did you have to bring back the clearance merchandise?"
Justin laughed, Vicky slapping Michael on the back of the head, Michael yelling ouch.
Vicky smiled kissing his cheek.
"Your man went to Josh's with Paulo. Apparently my company was too demanding on him."
"What did you do, Mikey? Have you two been one?upping each other again?"
"Let's just say, I'm the master. That's all that matters." Michael said smiling.
Justin beamed, loving Michael's enthusiastic mood.
"That's my man. Number one in all he does." Justin said, kissing him again.
Vicky smiled, hearing a horn blare outside.
The three walked to the front door, being greeted by a smiling Paulo.
Chris sat in his convertible waving at Vicky.
"Your knight in shining armor awaits, Vic. Try to get him home before he rusts." Michael said, Chris doing a double take.
Justin and Paulo were laughing themselves silly, even Vicky had a smirk on her face when she got into the car beside Chris.
Chris looked at her, Vicky unable to hold it in any longer. Her laughter filled the driveway as the car sped off, both waving at everyone.

The rest of that day, and the next, were filled with love between the two men. They spent all that time together, sharing their love, their desires and their hearts.
They both knew that the next day would see them parting. Justin was heading to Toronto to do his next concert, Michael heading to New York for his second novel's official release party.
Justin hated the thought of being apart from Michael and also missing his release party. He knew what that meant to Michael.
But Michael knew there would be days when their schedules tore them apart. They both knew that in their souls and hearts they would be together. Both had their mind connection to hold onto.
On the morning of the thirtieth. the two awoke and made love immediately. Their passion was intense, both giving so much to the other, to carry them through the next twenty four hours. Tomorrow would find them together again, Michael smiling, thinking of Justin being with him in Nana's home. Justin was smiling, thinking of his surprise for Michael.
Paulo would be going with Michael to New York, Lonnie heading to Toronto with Justin.
They would leave each other in their home, the airport being too public.
At ten Michael stood in the front vestibule, staring into Justin's blue eyes.
Justin was trying to be strong, but Michael could see the sadness in his eyes.
"I love you, my Jus. I'll talk to you whenever you need me. You know that, right?"
Justin smiled, kissing Michael again.
"I know, Mico. I know you'll be with me every moment that I need you. I just wish the real you would be beside me."
Michael smiled, kissing him again.
Paulo and Lonnie watched, knowing how hard this first parting would be on both of them.
They took comfort in knowing that tomorrow would more than make up for today's parting sadness.
The two lovers looked at each other one last moment, Michael smiling at his Justin.
"Love ya, Timberlake."
"Love ya more, Tavarro."
And with that, Justin found himself without his Mico.
For the next hour, he talked on his cell phone.
Two hours later he was on his way to Toronto. He felt Michael enter his mind.
"How ya doing, sexy?"
Justin smiled, Lonnie looking at him, sensing what was making him smile.
"Doing good now that you're here, my love." Justin thought.
"Any time you need me, I'll be right here, my love. Talk to you soon, I'm going to catch a few z's. Someone wore me out this morning."
Justin smiled, remembering that morning's rush of passion.
"Sleep well, my angel." Justin thought, Michael smiling in his plane seat as his eyes closed.
The day flew by for both men, Justin doing PR work, Michael meeting with Ryan and their publishing companies.
Michael attended the release party, going through the motions of interest with book agents and wholesalers. His publishers presented him with another large cheque, this one three times larger than the last. Michael was floored. Ryan wasn't surprised at all.
Michael smiled within himself, knowing where he would be sending a chunk of that money to.
While Michael was surrounded by literary agents, Justin was surround by his enthralled fans.
And in his mind, one fan shone the brightest.
He put all his love and soul into every song, as if he were singing them all for his love. For his Mico.
And in several quiet moments, his thoughts went out to his lover, so far away.
Michael talked to him, letting him feel his love, giving Justin his boost to be all he could be.
Both men believed in their souls that this would bind their relationship. No distance could separate them, they'd always be together.
Justin praised him when Michael told him about his bonus. Michael was indeed on his way to literary success.
The two talked to each other, giving each the desired encouragement.
Michael retired early from the party, going back to the hotel with Paulo.
Paulo felt that something was bothering Michael.
Paulo was staying with Michael in the same suite, Michael happy about that. He didn't want to be alone.
Through all the last few weeks, a worrying thought had been dislodged deep in Michael's mind. His upcoming birthday.
That day had always meant pain to him, deep pain. The loss of his mother.
Even though he'd recaptured that lost love, the moment still echoed in his mind. And entered his consciousness.
That moment was embedded in his soul.
That moment he had awoken in that cold bed, with his mother laying beside him.
That feeling of hopeless loss. That feeling of total loneliness.
Michael stood looking out the window on the twentieth floor of the hotel,  Paulo walking out of the bathroom after taking his shower.
He sensed Michael was deep in thought about something.
That something troubled his soul.
And the tears falling down his cheek echoed Paulo's concern.
Paulo walked into his room, picking up his cell phone.
Within a few moments he was talking to someone.

Michael stood looking out the window, not really looking at anything, his mind on the past.
He felt Justin enter his mind.
"Hello, my love. What's wrong? Paulo just called me. He's worried about you?"
Michael turned seeing Paulo sitting on the couch quietly staring at him. His green eyes full of deep love.
"It's nothing, Jus. I'm okay."
"I think it's something major, Mico. You've hidden it from me. I wasn't able to sense anything? Please, my love. Tell me what's really bothering you."
Michael sighed, Paulo watching him.
Paulo knew he was talking to Justin, Paulo hoping Justin could draw this out of him.
"It's about tomorrow, Jus. What tomorrow means to my heart."
"You still feel the sorrow of that day, don't you?"
"Yes, Jus. I now know she loves me, that she always loved me. But nothing can remove that moment of loss I felt. It still lingers deep in my soul."
Justin felt Michael's deep pain, even though he was so far away.
"I'm sorry, my love. I'd forgotten the deep loss you'd felt that day, and still feel. Is there anything I can do to ease that pain?"
Michael's tears fell now, Paulo feeling his own flowing.
"Just promise me you'll never leave me, Jus."
Miles away, Justin's own soul felt Michael's deep loss.
Michael lightly sobbed, Paulo getting up and putting his strong arms around him.
Paulo held him as he cried, feeling for Michael's deep pain. He sensed that Michael was still in pain from that lost day of tragedy.
While Paulo held him, Justin soothed his mind with his unending love. Justin felt Michael's feeling of loss, of waking that night in the darkness, alone. Knowing he'd be alone for a long time. That feeling was again almost overwhelming Michael. Then inside himself Justin felt something stronger. He felt his love for Michael. It was stronger, yes, much stronger. Justin opened his mind, sending that deep love to his Mico. Michael felt all that Justin was trying to give him. He felt all his love flowing through him. Michael took it all in, feeling his soul awash with that beauty. Feeling the pain and loss evaporating against that love. Soon his crying slowed down, Paulo sitting him down on the couch.
"I'm alright now, Jus. Thank you for being there for me, my love. For giving me your love."
"I love you, Mico. Always remember that, in your heart and in your soul. It's time you got some rest, my love. I feel your tiredness. Paulo will be there for you now, my love. Your brother is here."
"I love you, Jus. Goodnight my love."
"Goodnight, Mico. Until tomorrow."
Paulo helped Michael get up, sensing the tiredness in him.
While Michael was in the washroom taking a quick shower, Paulo called Justin again.
Justin explained to him what was wrong, Paulo telling Justin he would be here for his brother.
Michael came out of the bathroom, wearing only his boxer briefs, Paulo pulling off his own clothes.
"I'm sleeping with you tonight, Mikey. You shouldn't be alone."
Michael smiled, seeing the love in his brother's emerald eyes.
"Thanks, Polo. That would mean a lot to me."
Paulo smiled as Michael crawled into bed beside him.
Within minutes Michael was moving, his body against his brother's. Michael lay his head on Paulo's chest, Paulo holding him in his strong arms.
Paulo remembered a night when Michael had done this for him.
Tonight he would stay here in Justin's place.
It was all he could do for his brother.
Tonight he would be Michael's rock.

The next morning in New York dawned into a cloudy, cold, snowy day.
Michael awoke in the arms of his brother.
Paulo was awake, looking down at him.
"Good morning, brother. You slept quietly all night. You feeling better, Mikey?"
Michael smiled at his brother, staying where he was, feeling his warmth against him.
"I feel great, Polo. I had the protection and love of my brother, it made the loneliness of this bed bearable."
Paulo teared up, kissing Michael's forehead.
"I was honored to fill his place in this bed, Michael. But no one can replace Justin in your heart and soul. In a few hours, he will be in your arms again."
"So, hot morning sex is out of question then?"
Paulo looked shocked, Michael bursting into laughter.
"You're so gullible, Polo. I love ya, bro."
Michael smiled, climbing out of bed.
Within twenty minutes, they were checking out of the hotel.
Michael walked out of the hotel feeling the brisk northern wind blowing against his face.
He now remembered why he had stayed up here in the north all his life.
The freshness of winter soothed his body,
A month in the Los Angeles sunshine had dulled Michael's senses.
He smiled, remembering all his youthful days, plowing through knee deep snowdrifts.
Paulo on the other hand, looked totally lost.
Michael laughed, looking at his Mediterranean cousin.
"Lost in the cold are you, my Spanish amigo?"
"It's damn well freezing, Mikey. Give me the sunshine of Spain any day."
Michael smiled, remembering all Paulo had done for him last night. Being his shoulder to lean on. Holding him in the darkness of the night.
Michael had woken once during the night, feeling Paulo's arms around him, feeling his brother's love and protection.
"It's time for me to go home, bro."
The two caught their short flight back to Michael's hometown.
When they landed, the air still felt fresh and cold. But the sun was trying to shine. Only clouds still kept it hidden.
When they walked into the airport hangar, a surprising sight shocked Michael.
Uncle Silas stood at the doorway waiting for them.
He was dressed all in white.
A white topcoat, white pants and white snow boots.
In his hand he held a red rose.
Michael looked confused, hugging his surrogate uncle.
"Welcome home, my Michael."
Silas handed Michael the red rose, a large tearful smile on his face.
"This rose represents home, Michael. It is a symbol of what once was, what once filled your heart with joy. Home. "
Michael took the rose, smiling at his uncle.
"Home lies in your heart, wherever you live."
Michael hugged his uncle.
"Hang onto that beautiful rose, Michael. There is much more to come." Silas said picking up the bags.
Michael looked after his uncle, then at Paulo.
Paulo smiled, shrugging his shoulders.
The three walked out into the parking lot, climbing into Silas' Jeep Cherokee.
They drove out of the airport heading for Michael's home town.
Michael took in all the sights, seeing all the old familiar places.
It was a half hour drive from the small airport to his hometown; Michael pointing out things to Paulo.
When they neared the exit for his town, Silas drove right by it.
"Silas, you've forgotten to turn at Cutter's Lane."
"No, Michael. We are not going home."
"What?? Where are we going?"
"You'll see, my boy. You'll see."
Michael looked confused, Paulo patting his shoulder.
"Relax, Mikey. It's a great day for a drive."
Michael nodded, looking at his uncle.
Silas wore an expression of deep calm.
He turned winking at his young friend, a smile on his face.
Michael smiled, but still felt unsure what was going on.
Within a few minutes, he realized where they were headed.
To the lake.
"Uncle Silas, why are we heading to the lake? This time of the year it's pointless. It's so bleak and empty of life."
"Today it isn't, my boy. Today it has a special beauty to it."
Michael looked at Paulo, Paulo now smiling.
"Go with it, Mikey. Just enjoy all that is about to happen."
Michael took a deep breath, remaining quiet.
He sensed that he was about to find out his surprise from Justin.
He watched them turn off the highway, seeing the road to the cabin completely plowed out.
They drove the winding mile into the lake, Michael looking at all the white-covered ground. The blanket of whiteness covering all the beauty of this area.
"You wouldn't believe how beautiful this area is in summer, Paulo. I'll have to bring you here to see it then."
"I'd like that, Mikey." Paulo said with genuine enthusiasm.
Michael smiled, turning back and looking ahead.
They pulled up into the cabin's driveway, Michael seeing three large vans parked beside the cabin.
Apparently someone was here, Michael thought.
The vehicle stopped beside the cabin, Michael climbing out.
He didn't see anyone around, Silas getting out.
"Let's go inside, Michael. And then we can get this show on the road."
Paulo smiled, Michael sensing something was about to happen.
"What's going on, guys?"
"From here on in, Michael, it's best if you don't talk. Just enjoy it." Paulo said, ushering his cousin ahead of him.
Michael walked into the cabin, expecting a large group of people to yell surprise. He was sure Justin had planned a big surprise party for him, here at his family's cabin.
They walked into complete silence.
The cabin was empty.
It was warm, a fire had been going in both fireplaces. Someone had been here.
Michael walked into the large central living room, seeing a white garment bag laying on top of the coffee table.
He looked at Silas and Paulo, Silas nodding at him to go see what it was.
Michael walked over to it, seeing a piece of paper pinned to the outside of the bag.
Michael picked the note up first, recognizing the writing as Justin's.

For my angel, a garment of purity to wear in winter's whiteness.
Put this on, my angel, and walk onto the path of your destiny.
I'll love you every moment of the way,
Your Jus.

Michael set the note down, opening the bag.
A totally white suit was inside, including a white topcoat, and white snow boots.
It was his size and similar to the one Uncle Silas wore.
"Put the whole outfit on, Mikey. Your destiny awaits." Uncle Silas said, smiling at him.
Michael noticed that Paulo had disappeared.
"Where's Paulo?"
"Never you mind that. Get cracking, and shimmy those duds on."
Michael smiled at Silas's warm directions, pulling his coat off.
Within a few minutes Michael was standing in a white suit, looking totally lost.
"Come with me, Michael."
Michael began to walk with Silas, the older man suddenly stopping, then turning around to face him.
"Michael, before this begins, I want to tell you something. I've been proud of you since the first day we met in your grandmother's home. You've been nothing but a loving child every day since then. And now you are an exceptional caring, loving, young man. You've filled your grandmother's, and my heart.with great joy and happiness. We both love you very much, my son."
Michael teared up, Silas kissing his cheek, then hugging him.
"Thanks, Unky. I love both of you so much. For all you've given me, for all your love."
Michael saw tears in his uncle's eyes.
"Let's go, Michael."
"Go where, Uncle Silas?"
"Go forward to your destiny, Michael." Silas smiled, handing him his red rose. Then he walked out of the cabin.
Michael walked out, seeing Paulo, Jake, and Lonnie standing in the driveway.
They all were all dressed in white.
In the identical outfit that the other two men wore.
In Paulo's hand he held a green rose.
In Jake's hand there was a small blue and gold flower arrangement.
Michael walked over to them, Jake hugging him first. He kissed him on his left cheek, Michael seeing tears in his blue eyes.
Jake pulled away, pinning the small flower arrangement to Michael's lapel.
"A gift from your love, to mark you as special among all of us." Jake said.
Michael smiled, looking then at Lonnie.
"Here today, begins your trek along Justin's path of love." He said, hugging Michael, tears in his big brown eyes.
Michael smiled, then looked at Paulo.
Paulo smiled, his green eyes full of love, handing him the green rose.
"This rose symbolizes the greenness of the world's beauty in spring, Michael. Today marks the rebirth of your inner spring, the rebirth of your love which had been buried under a winter of pain and loneliness. Justin's spring is now upon you, my brother, bask in its beauty–in its singular beauty."
Michael teared up, remembering what he'd told Justin long ago in Chicago on that snowy morning in his apartment. Justin had remembered all that Michael had shown him.
Paulo hugged him tightly, kissing his cheek.
"Come, Michael, walk with your brother on this loving path."
Paulo took an arm guiding Michael forward; Lonnie, Jake and Silas walking behind them.
Michael looked up into the sky seeing a light snow falling, the air feeling so alive with winter.
They walked around the cabin, Michael sensing where they might be going.
Could he be returning there?
Could Justin bring up that sorrow on this day? Could he be taken to that place of his deepest shame?
Michael tensed a little, Paulo sensing it.
"Cast off your fears, Michael. This all is done with love, with Justin's love."
Michael relaxed at those words, turning to walk forward.
He saw a big surprise ahead of him.
Zack, Christina and Becky were standing ahead on the plowed path.
They all wore white, just like everyone else.
Michael was picking up on the theme of this event.
The whiteness of winter. Of purity and clean love.
Michael smiled at his friends, seeing tears in Christina's eyes.
Becky waved at Michael, a yellow rose in her hand. Her youthful smile melting Michael's heart.
Michael walked up to them all, Zack hugging his friend tightly, Christina following.
Michael bent down to Becky, the small child hugging him and kissing his cheek.
She looked up at her mother, smiling.
Zack smiled at his old friend, seeing Michael's eyes brimming with tears.
Christina tapped Becky's shoulder, Becky handing Michael the yellow rose.
"This rose represents a new family, Michael. Your love for us has created a new family. This rose is a symbol of Justin's love for you, to symbolize his commitment to raising a new family with you." Zack said, tears in his own eyes.
Michael felt a sob run through him.
They all kissed him again, Paulo guiding Michael ahead.
All the others followed behind them, walking with Michael on his journey.
The snow continued to fall, casting a beauty on the whole procession.
Everyone in white, blending into the wintery background.
Michael sensed he was heading to the top of the hill, to his Justin. Somewhere up ahead he waited for him. What he was doing there or what he planned to do, Michael couldn't guess.
Ahead he saw more friends.
Vicky, Chris, Joey and Kelly stood together, Brianne standing between her parents.
All, like everyone else, were dressed in white. And all wore wide smiles, looking at Michael as he approached.
Vicky held a pink rose.
Michael walked up to them, everyone showing tears.
"We are your friends, Michael. You've opened your heart to all of us, and each of us is richer from that love." Chris said, Michael actually seeing a tear in his eye.
"This flower symbolizes friendship, Michael,  the love of a friend for all his own friends." Joey said, his smile wide and friendly.
"The love of a friend for his best friend, Michael." Kelly said, Brianne hugging her tearing mother.
"It symbolizes Justin's friendship with you, Michael. First and foremost he is your best friend. In all things he values your friendship. Together two friends shall walk, hand in hand through life. Friendship is the heart of love." Vicky said tears rolling down her cheeks.
Michael hugged her, Vicky sobbing into his white shoulder.
Michael fought to control his own sobs. This was becoming very emotional for him.
Joey, Chris and Kelly all hugged him, patting his back.
Tears flowed from a lot of eyes.
"The path continues, my brother. Forward you must go." Paulo smiled, his arm around Michael's shoulder.
Paulo led a tearful Michael onward, up the winding hill.
Next to be met by the growing group were Lisa, Paul, Jonathan and Stevie.
Jonathan held a fuchsia-colored rose.
Michael stopped, hugging all four, each one kissing him.
"The path carries you along, son." Justin's stepfather said, smiling.
"This rose symbolizes freedom, Michael." Jonathan said with a wide smile, looking at his brother.
"The freedom both of you will feel with each other. The freedom to be yourself, to know the other shall never demand of you anything not binding. You both have the freedom of your own convictions. Love will be the freedom of your souls." Lisa said, smiling at her new step-son.
"Love you, Mikey. " Stevie said, a sob issuing from Michael as he hugged the small child.
Everyone could see that Michael was overcome with emotion, and he hadn't reached the pinnacle yet.
All his friends and family followed Michael as he walked ahead, Paulo at his side.
Michael looked around seeing the beauty of this place, knowing its deep meaning to him.
This had been his sanctuary, where he'd always come to escape the stress of his turbulent life, the pain of his existence. To do his thinking and his dreaming.
As a child he'd walked alone here, lost in his thoughts, his hopes and dreams. Dreams that he'd felt would never be realized. Could never be realized. Not after all the pain and hurt.
But up ahead somewhere was a man who'd made all his dreams come true.
A man who'd given him so much of himself. His love, his faith and his courage.
Justin was Michael's hope and life.
And one day, Michael was going to show him the true meaning of that gift.

They reached the crest of the hill, Michael seeing his two dear friends standing together.
Josh and Lance stood together, arm in arm, Lance holding a burgundy rose.
Like everyone else, they both wore white, the colour drawing out their blue and green eyes.
Michael walked up to both of them, seeing those beautiful eyes were moist.
"Hello Michael, our friend and so much more." Lance said, tears beginning to flow.
Michael hugged him tight, both men crying now into each other's shoulders.
Josh and Paulo looked at each other, everyone else looking at the two friends hugging.
Lance parted from his best friend, looking into Michael's wet, golden eyes.
Michael hugged Lance, the two feeling their joined love.
Josh smiled at both of them, wiping his own eyes.
"Michael, we both love you. You've given myself and my Lance the greatest gift. A love that neither of us knew existed. The love of destiny. For that we'll always thank you." Josh said, Michael tears continuing to flow.
He heard Christina and Vicky crying behind him.
Lance held out his rose.
"This rose represents love that was destined to be, Michael. It is a symbol of the destiny that both you and Justin have fullfilled. You both were destined to find each other, to love and need each other. Take this rose with the others and walk forward to that final destiny."
Michael took the flower offered, combining it with the others he held.
He hugged both men together, a sob racking through his body.
Both loving friends held him until he regained control of his emotions, Michael smiling again.
"I feel like I'm on a path of endless love."
Everyone smiled, Josh and Lance linking hands together.
Paulo was at Michael's side again, smiling, his eyes full of tears.
"It's a short trip now, Michael. Your true love awaits."
Michael took a deep breath, moving forward, all the rest following.
If Michael had looked around he would have seen the eagerness and excitement in all their loving eyes.
But Michael was focused on what lay ahead: his Justin.
They walked around the slight bend in the road that Michael knew led to the clearing. The heart of his loving sanctuary.
When they turned the corner, Michael stopped, looking at his family standing in front of him.
Nana, Alberto, Randall and Lynn all stood together smiling at him.
Nana and Lynn each held a rose, Lynn's golden yellow, Nana's blue.
Michael felt the deepest sob erupt inside him, Paulo putting his arm around him.
The four sides of his family walked up to Michael, enveloping him in their loving arms.
Michael cried deeply, everyone overcome with his emotions.
Stevie and Becky looked at each other smiling, not sure why Michael was crying.
Becky tugged at Michael's pant leg, Michael breaking his hug with his grandmother.
Michael looked down at the small child, Becky looking up at him smiling.
"Don't be sad, Uncle Mikey. Uncle Justin said you'd be happy."
Michael smiled, leaning down kissing the small girl.
"I am happy, Becky. I'm crying tears of joy."
The girl beamed, Stevie laughing.
Michael stood up smiling at the two children.
He looked again at his grandparents and Justin's Mom and Dad.
"We represent your combined family, Michael. " Randall said, smiling.
"Justin's heritage and yours, Michael." Alberto said, tears in his golden eyes.
"Welcome, Michael. To our loving family. We welcome you with open arms. You have shown your deep love for our son, we now have a new love in our hearts. The love of our new son. " Randall said, Michael starting to cry again.
" And your grandmother and I both welcome Justin to our families. He is a new ray of sunshine that makes our grandson's own beauty shine brighter. We will love both of you always." Alberto said, his voice cracking with emotion.
Michael was all out crying now, tears flowing down his cheeks.
Nana and Lynn walked up to him, tears on both their cheeks.
"This blue rose symbolizes Justin's blue eyes, Michael. It also represents hope. You were lost, my grandchild, and through Justin's love you gained the hope of a better future." Nana said, her tears now flowing unchecked.
Michael took the rose from her, Nana kissing his cheek.
"This golden rose symbolizes your golden eyes, Michael. It also represents faith. You gave my son your faith, the faith he needed to believe in himself and your unending love. And you were given his faith, the faith that his love would always be for you alone." Lynn said, her voice cracking with emotion, tears flowing freely.
Michael took the rose from her, Lynn kissing his cheek.
Nana wiped the tears from her grandson's eyes, seeing his love shining through those golden orbs.
"We all here, stand before you Michael, giving you our support and love, as you have given all of us each day you've brightened our lives. And now it's time for you to walk the final path alone, to your final destiny. Open your heart and soul to his love, hope and faith." Nana said, everyone smiling at him.
Everyone parted from him, Michael seeing the rise to the clearing ahead of him.
Michael hesitated a moment, then looked around at all the visions in white that surrounded him
He was surrounded with love. Their combined love for him.
He wasn't afraid anymore. Not of the past, the present or the future.
Not when he had so much love surrounding him.
Not when ahead of him was the greatest love he'd ever know.
They all saw the wide smile cross his face, and they all saw his golden eyes glow.

Michael walked ahead, walking up the slight rise that entered the clearing.
The falling snow suddenly seemed to stop as if it was preordained.
Michael pulled back the hanging boughs of the two large spruce trees that stood at the entrance. Snow gently fell from them, Michael walking through.
What he looked upon when he entered the clearing stopped him in wonder.
The clearing was full of large white baskets of white and red roses.
Most of the buds on the roses were closed, the weather preventing them from full bloom.
They stood in a circular display, Michael looking towards the opening at the other end.
There stood a smiling man that took Michael's breath away.
In all his wildest dreams of love, he'd never imagined that such a vision of beauty would stand before his eyes. A vision that was meant for him alone.
Justin stood in the open clearing, gazing at him, the white expanse of the frozen lake behind him.
He wore a gleaming white suit, no coat over it. On his lapel was a small blue and gold flower arrangement identical to Michael's.
Justin's smile was the widest Michael had ever seen it, his blue eyes sparkling.
The clouds parted and a single beam of sunshine shone down on Justin.
Michael stood in awe, seeing his angel in God's light.
The sun now broke through the clouds, bathing the whole clearing in bright light, the flowers taking on a different vision, one of warmth and beauty.
Michael's eyes never wavered from Justin's.
The blueness of those deep eyes seemed to be glowing.
"Welcome, my Mico, to our winter garden of love. In winter's heart, a vision of beauty walks on the path of love. Please come to me, my angel."
Michael walked forward past the large baskets, his eyes still locked on the beauty ahead of him.
Everyone else now entered into the clearing, walking inside the circle of flowers.
They all looked upon the two young men as Michael walked to Justin.
Justin could see the tears flowing from Michael's golden eyes, knowing that what he'd done had deeply affected his soul. He felt it in his own.
But Justin wouldn't cry, he needed to be strong to get through this, to give Michael his greatest gift.
Michael walked up to him, staring into his blue eyes, lost in the love he saw shining there.
They stood a foot apart, staring into each other's eyes. Justin's were wide with strength and love, Michael's were wet with emotion and deep love.
Justin leaned in, kissing Michael's moist lips.
"I love you, Mico."
"I love you more, Jus." Michael said, his voice deep with emotion.
Justin took his hands in his, Michael feeling the warmth of his skin against his.
"Happy Birthday, Michael."
Michael's face showed deep emotion, staring into his lover's blue eyes.
"Happy Birthday, Justin."
Justin smiled, kissing his lover again. His lips tasted like sweet wine.
"Today is a day of contradictions, my love. For me, it's always been a day of happiness and warmth. For you, today is a day that always brought pain and deep sadness, my love. I felt that sadness last night in your soul."
Michael lowered his head, Justin raising it with his fingers.
"But last night I felt something stronger. I felt my love for you. And I gave all of that to you completely. Because I love you. And it was enough to wipe the sadness from your heart. My love is strong enough to make you happy, Michael. To make you happy for the rest of our lives, and beyond to the next adventure."
Michael teared up again, smiling at him.
"Yes, Jus. I felt that love and it was enough. It's what I've always needed. With it I feel safe, alive and loved."
Justin smiled, looking around at everyone.
"Everyone that is close to us, that we love as family, stands before us. They are united in this place to bask in our love, my darling. They've all watched us grow together, have seen our love blossom, like these flowers here."
Michael smiled, then laughed.
"Sweetie, these flowers are closed up, it's too damn cold to blossom."
Everyone laughed, loving Michael's emotion-diffusing humor.
Justin smile widened, looking down at the white rose in his hand.
"This is the final rose that completes your bouquet, my love. It represents the purity of my love for you, the cleanliess and goodness of that giving love. I love you, my sweet. You are my everything."
Michael's tears flowed, taking the rose from Justin, joining it to the others he held in his hands.
"In your hands you hold our roses of love, Mico. They represent home, rebirth, friendship, family, freedom, destiny, faith, hope, and most of all, love. All the ingredients we need to be one. Will you be one with me, my love?"
"Yes, my love. I am, and always will be, one with you. One soul and one heart."
Justin joined Michael's hands around the flowers, both holding onto them.
"I once gave you a rose to signify your new love planted in my heart. You gave me a dozen back as symbols of the forest of my love growing in you. These are the flowers of our lives, Michael. They grow in both of us."
Justin bent forward, Justin kissing him again.
Justin smiled at he took the bouquet from both their hands.
Jonathan walked up smiling at both of them, taking the bouquet from Justin.
He walked back, setting the bouquet on top of the boulder which sat in the center of the clearing.
"I have walked in this place in my dreams, Michael. It is real, it's just like in my dreams. There is the boulder on which Daniel always sat. And there is the lake with the most breathtaking view in summer." Justin said wrapping his arm around Michael.
"Yes, it truly is breathtaking." Michael said, gazing out on all the whiteness.
"When was the last time you were here, Mico?"
Michael sobbed, burying his face in Justin's chest.
"The last time you were here you stood alone, Michael, lost in the grief of your tortured soul."
Michael lowered his head remembering that night.
"I came to you that night, pulled by your final thoughts, your final desperate hope."
Michael turned looking into Justin's eyes.
"That night we sang a song to you, a song that made you have hope and courage. We'd like to sing it again to you, my love. The words mean so much more now. We now sing it for you with my deep love." Justin said, his bandmates stepping forward.
Justin walked over to them, Michael turning to face all five of them.
Lonnie turned on a tape machine he'd carried up.
The music filled the small clearing, Justin's rich beautiful voice filling Michael's soul.

When the visions around you,
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surrounds you,
Are secrets and lies
I'll be your strength,
I'll give you hope,
Keeping your faith when it's gone
The one you should call
I'm standing here all along....

And I will take
You in my arms
And hold you right
Where you belong
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

Justin walked up to his lover, taking him into his arms.
Josh's beautiful voice filled the small clearing.

I've loved you forever,
In lifetimes before
And I promise you never...
Will you hurt anymore
I give you my word
I give you my heart
This is a battle we won
And with this vow,
Forever has now begun...

Just close your eyes
With each loving day
Know this feeling won't go away
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

Over and over I fall
When I hear you call
Without you in my life baby
I just wouldn't be living at all...

And I will take
You in my arms
And hold you right
Where you belong
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you baby

Just close your eyes
With each loving day
Know this feeling won't go away
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you

Every word I say is true
This I promise you
Ooooh, I promise you

The song ended with the five young men standing in front of a sobbing Michael, Justin holding him tight, feeling his emotions deeply in his own soul.
"We have come full circle, my love. I saved you that night, so I could love you this day."
Michael sobbed into Justin's shoulder again, everyone feeling the truth in Justin's quiet words.
Michael lifted his head, staring into those blue pools of love.
"Oh, Jus! That was beyond beautiful! The words, they hold so much more meaning now. They hold your love."
Justin smiled, knowing this had been the right thing to do.
"Yes, my love. Those words come from all our souls. The words of our love."
Michael looked at all five men, seeing deep love in all their eyes, deep love for him.
The other four men put their hands on Michael's shoulders.
Josh spoke first.
"Those words come from our hearts, my friend. I wasn't here for you that day, but I'll always be here for you now, every day."
Michael looked into Josh's blue eyes, Josh kissing his cheek.
"Your giving heart has filled my soul, Mikey; our love will fill your life." Lance said, kissing his other cheek, tears in his green eyes.
"We are your friends, and always will be." Joey said, emotion deep in his voice.
"But I'm still a better one upper than you." Chris said, everyone laughing.
Michael laughed, patting his shoulder.
"We all love you, Michael." Chris then said, Michael hearing deep truth in his words, and seeing tears in his eyes.
Michael hugged all four, the four men then stepping back.
Justin wore a large smile on his face.
"Thank you, Justin. For saving me that night, and for doing this today. You've made this a happy place for me again. This all has been so wonderful. It's truly a beautiful birthday gift."
Justin remained still, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"It's not over yet, my love." Justin said, offering his hand to Michael.
Michael took it, Justin walking him towards the boulder.
Michael stopped beside it, Lonnie placing a heavy blue blanket over it, Justin picking up the bouquet.
"Please sit, my love."
Michael sat on the boulder, Justin handing him the bouquet again.
Justin stood in front of him smiling.
Everyone else formed a circle around the pair, joining all their hands.
Justin looked down at Michael smiling.
"We are encircled in a ring of love, Michael. Feel its warmth and giving love. But the greatest love is at its core. Our love. Our true love."
Everyone smiled, Michael seeing a lot of teary eyes.
Justin walked up to him taking his hands in his, Michael setting down the bouquet first.
"I walked an empty life until you entered it, Mico. Something was missing from inside me. And I know now what it was. It was your love. When I first kissed you, I felt a small part of it inside you. And every day since then it's grown, it's radiated off of you. And it's touched so many souls. All those around us have felt its warmth. And I have felt its fire and burning desires. You complete me, Michael . I love you with all my heart. And there is only one thing left for me to give you."
Michael watched Justin kneel down before him, Michael's mind reeling in shock.
Justin pulled out a white velvet box from his suit pocket, opening it in front of Michael's tearing eyes.
Within that white box Michael saw the most beautiful ring he'd ever seen. It had an outer circle of blue, an inner circle of white, and a golden center.
"The colour of our eyes, blue and gold. The white to represent our pure true love."
Michael stared into Justin's blue eyes, knowing what was coming next.
"I love you, Michael. With all my heart and soul. You are everything to me. My angel, my love, and my life. I came up this path today alone, I want to walk back down it together with you. I love you, my Mico. There is only one thing I have to ask you, to make my life complete. I ask you to join our souls in God's love forever."
Michael heart burned with love, looking at the beautiful man kneeling in front of him.
"Will you marry me, Michael?"
The clearing was wrapped in silence. Everyone holding their breath.
A deep sob issued out of Michael, the young man emotionally standing up and walking past Justin through the circle of love.
Everyone stared in confusion, sensing something wrong with Michael.
Justin looked after him, standing up, watching Michael walk to the edge of the embankment looking down onto the expanse of whiteness.
Then Michael looked up into the heavens.
The sun broke through the clouds again, bathing Michael in a bright light.
Michael turned looking down at Justin.
Standing there, they all saw him as if he were a heavenly angel looking down upon them.
Michael stretched out his hand, Justin walking up to him, taking it in his own.
Michael eyes were full of tears, as they stared into Justin's.
"The last time I stood here, my heart was empty. My soul was lost. I had nothing to live for. And here I stand now, so many years later, surrounded by something I thought couldn't exist for me.  Love.
I've never felt this before, this deep entrenched love. Since the moment I heard your voice on this same spot, my life has not been my own. It's as if I've been walking in a dream.  Is this a dream, Jus? Are you real? Did you save me that night, or is all this heaven?"
Justin put his hand on Michael's cheek, Michael feeling the glowing warmth of his skin.
"This is real, Michael. This is your life. This is what it always was supposed to be. A life filled with love, and hope, and faith, and happiness."
Michael sobbed, falling into Justin's arms, Justin wrapping them around him.
"Thank you, Jus. Thank you for saving me that night, for making me walk away from this edge. For giving me the hope that life would get better."
Michael lifted his head, kissing Justin's lips.
"I never imagined it would be this unbelievable. That I'd have this much love given to me by all of you."
Michael looked around seeing most of his family in tears, everyone deeply moved by his words.
"They say that love is given freely, to those we cherish the most. All my love I give to you, my darling. From the moment I looked into your blue pools of beauty, I've been lost. Lost in your love. Sometimes I feel that I can't survive without it. I love you Justin, with all my heart and soul, you are my everything. I will never love anyone the way I love you."
Justin was now crying, moved beyond words by Michael's rich voice, a voice filled with love and emotion.
Michael stared into his wet blue eyes, his own golden ones glowing.
"The answer is yes, Justin. Yes, my love. I will marry you. For you, I will love forever."
Justin sobbed, hugging Michael tightly, Michael holding onto him, feeling the emotional state Justin was now in.  Everyone clapped and cheered, Zack kissing Christina, Chris and Vicky kissing. Kelly pecked Joey on the cheek, Joey smiling.
Josh and Lance looked into each other's eyes, feeling the love they felt for each other. They kissed, moved by the love they'd just witnessed, and more so by their own love.
Everyone was wrapped around someone, feeling the deep love in this enclosed place.
Once Justin was again in control, he pulled away from Michael, Michael wiping the tears from Justin's cheeks.
"I think you have to make it official, love." Michael smiled, waving his finger.
Justin smiled the widest smile Michael had ever seen on his face.
Justin pulled the box out of his pocket again, opening it.
He pulled out the ring, taking Michael's hand in his, looking into his eyes.
"Today I pledge my love to you, my angel. Today we walk together forever."
Michael smiled, Justin placing the ring on his finger.
The two wrapped their arms around each other, uniting in a deep kiss.
And their joined love, at this moment in time, overflowed, unable to be contained in just the two of them.
A glowing warmth flowed through the clearing, all the closed roses opening wide.
All the red and white roses blossomed in the dead of winter.
Everyone stood in shock, looking at all the beautiful roses, Justin and Michael still lost in their kiss of overwhelming love.
The bouquet that lay on the center boulder burst forth in full bloom, different colours united together.
All the colours of love united in that floral display.
But the greatest display of love was on the clearing's edge:  the two newly-engaged men kissing in the afternoon sunshine.

End of Chapter 80

Justin's love for Michael shines through.
They walk now on their path of love, created by their own hearts.
I hope you liked the concept of Justin's winter path of love.
And I'd always sensed that the clearing was the ideal place for it.
For Justin to make that place return to Michael's heart as his sanctuary, not as a symbol of his pain.
A lot of people have been hungering for this chapter for quite some time.
I hope its met all of your expectations.
It comes from my heart, from my own path of love.

P.S.  Lots more on the horizon. On now to Michael's gift for Justin. And another surprise, or two.
Thanks as always Mike O. Your talent lies in dealing with my twisted logic.
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