Justin's Angel-81

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael stared into his wet blue eyes, his own golden ones glowing.
"The answer is yes. Yes, my love. I will marry you. For you, I will love forever."
Justin sobbed, hugging Michael tightly, Michael holding onto him, feeling the emotional state Justin was now in.
Everyone clapped and cheered, Zack kissing Christina, Chris and Vicky kissing. Kelly pecked Joey on the cheek, Joey smiling.
Josh and Lance looked into each others eyes, feeling the love they felt for each other. They kissed, moved by the love they'd just witnessed, and more so by their own love.
Everyone was wrapped around someone, feeling the deep love in this enclosed place.
Once Justin was again in control, he pulled away from Michael, Michael wiping the tears from Justin's cheeks.
"I think you have to make it official, love." Michael smiled, waving his finger.
Justin smiled the widest smile Michael had ever seen on his face.
Justin pulled the box out of his pocket again, opening it.
He pulled out the ring, taking Michael's hand in his, looking into his eyes.
"Today I pledge my love to you, my angel. Today we walk together forever."
Michael smiled, Justin placing the ring on his finger.
The two wrapped their arms around each other, uniting in a deep kiss.
And their love, at this moment in time, overflowed, unable to be contained in just the two of them.
A glowing warmth flowed through the clearing, all the closed roses opening wide.
All the red and white roses blossomed in the dead of winter.
Everyone stood in shock, looking at all the beautiful roses, Justin and Michael still lost in this kiss of overwhelming love.
The bouquet that lay on the center boulder burst forth in full bloom, different colours united together.
The colours of their deep love united in that floral display.
But the  greatest display of love was on the clearing's edge: the two newly-engaged men kissing in the afternoon sunshine.

Chapter 81

The two men broke their kiss staring into each others eyes.
Justin felt Michael's soul fill with love, his love.
He'd done it, all he'd hoped to give Michael.
And Michael had said yes.
Michael wanted to marry him, to be with him forever.
Justin's smile was wide and large, Michael awed at its magnificent beauty.
They both looked down into the clearing seeing all their family smiling at them, and seeing all the roses fully bloomed.
"Wow!" Justin said, looking at all the beautiful roses.
"The warmth of our love blossomed them all, Jus. As your love has blossomed in my soul."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael again.
"Ok, let someone else get a crack at him." Vicky yelled, everyone else laughing.
Justin and Michael broke their hug, smiling at each other.
Everyone surrounded the happy couple, hugs and kisses thrown everywhere.
The two were pulled apart by family and friends, kissing them with deep affection.
Michael continued to stare at Justin, their eyes still connected.
In their minds, their words flowed.
"I'm so happy, Mico! I love you so much! Were you totally surprised?"
Michael felt Justin's childlike enthusiasm, his happiness at surprising him.
"I love you, Jus. This was so moving , so surprising, it was so beautiful. Yes Justin, I was totally surprised."
The two were inundated with happiness from their family, some bawling their eyes out.
Lance pulled Michael into a large hug, kissing his cheek, tears flowing.
"I'm so happy for you, Mikey. That was all so beautiful."
"And what of your heart, my friend? Is it full of love, seeing so much love displayed here?"
"Yes, Michael. My heart is overflowing."
"Then I suggest you give some of that to a certain sexy man who's staring at you right now."
Lance turned seeing Josh waiting his turn to hug Michael.
Josh's eyes were burning into Lance's.
Lance's smile shone almost as bright as Justin's had.
Josh hugged Michael, Michael kissing his cheek. He'd already congratulated Justin, the two in tears when they'd hugged.
"You two lovebirds take off, I sense you need a moment alone." Michael whispered in his ear.
Josh smiled, kissing Michael's cheek again, then looking at Lance, grabbing his hand and pulling him away.
Vicky hugged Michael as Michael watched the two disappear through the spruce boughs.
Michael smiled looking at his dear friend in his arms.
"You've never looked happier, Mikey. I love you so much. I'm so happy for you."
Michael teared up, Vicky kissing his cheek.
Nana walked up, looking into her grandson's golden eyes.
"So, my child. Love has found your soul. A love I sense is destined for eternity."
Michael teared up, Justin now watching the two staring at each other.
Everyone saw the deep love in Michael's eyes for his grandmother.
"You were right, Nana."
Nana looked a little confused, Michael kissing her cheek.
"My thoughts drift back to that day I stood terrified in front of you in that foster home. You knelt down in front of me and looked deeply into my eyes. And I remembered every beautiful word that you said."
Nana was now shedding tears, her mind going back to that wonderful day. The day she'd found her grandson. She began crying, hearing her forgotten words coming out of Michael.
"You've been so lost, my child. God has now joined us together. I will love you, Michael. I will give you all that I can give. You will know what love is, Mico, and you will be loved."
Nana cried, Michael taking her in his arms, looking around at everyone.
"I know what love is, Nana. And I am loved. It started with your giving heart, and your generous love. Now I have an even greater love. The love of an extended family, and most of all, my Justin's. You were right, Nana, you were so right."
Nana smiled, Silas putting his arm around her, both smiling as Justin came up and put his arm around Michael.
"The rest of his life will be filled with love. All of our love." Justin said, Nana kissing his cheek.
"Congratulations to both of my grandsons." Nana said, Justin tearing up as she hugged both of them.
"We should head back down, love. It's beginning to get a little chilly." Justin said, when all the hugs and kisses had been exchanged.
Michael realized that Justin was only in his suit, everyone else wearing overcoats.
"Don't worry, love. I'm here to keep you warm."
Everyone laughed, Justin beaming as Michael wrapped his arms around him.
The large group started exiting the clearing, Justin and Michael the last to leave.
Michael looked around seeing all the flowers in bloom, Justin kissing his cheek.
Michael turned looking into his blue eyes.
"I love you, Jus. Forever."
Justin kissed him deeply, the two lost in the kiss.
They didn't see or feel the three standing beside the boulder.
Daniel, Diana and Ramon.
They watched the two men kissing, Ramon kissing Diana's cheek.
"Love is their anchor now. It radiates from them both." Daniel said, the two others smiling at him.
Daniel had a tear running down his cheek, Diana kissing it away.
"You will always be in his heart, Daniel. But you know that Justin is his love."
"I know, Diana. And I am happy for both of them. I just love seeing beauty in life."
The three smiled together, their forms slowly fading.
Michael and Justin broke the kiss, Justin looking around.
"I think they were here, Mico. Your three guardian angels."
Michael looked around, smiling.
"I am sure of it, Jus. I am sure of it."
The two joined hands, turning back around and leaving the beautiful clearing.

Lance felt the fire of Josh's desires, his body against his.
The two had returned to the cabin, running with passion upstairs into the first bedroom they found.
Josh had Lance in his arms in moments, his hand behind him locking the door.
The two had their lips together lost in the intensity of their passion.
Their hands sought to remove their clothes, garments falling to the floor.
They fell back together on the large bed, Josh on top of Lance, kissing him deeply.
"I need you, my love. I need you against me, inside me, for the rest of my life. " Josh said, Lance hearing the desperation in his voice.
"I will be there, Josh, inside you, and against you. And forever with you."
"Make love to me, Lance. Take my soul to that place."
Lance rolled Josh over, looking into his blue eyes, his body on top of him.
He guided himself deep into Josh, never breaking contact with his loving eyes.
Josh moaned, and pulled Lance to him, kissing his moist lips.
Their passion took over, lost in the feelings of unbridled love that soared through them.
They made love, passionately and ardently.
Lance exploded at the same moment as Josh, both calling each other's name.
Lance fell on top of Josh, kissing his lips, Josh opening his eyes.
"Oh God, Lance! That was unbelievable!" Josh said beginning to cry.
Josh was like Justin in so many ways, the emotion of Lance's unleashed love making him cry.
Lance pulled Josh to him, holding him against him.
"It's beautiful, my love. The love we share is beautiful."
They held each other, basking in the afterglow, lost in their love.
"This was rather spontaneous, Joshy."
Josh smiled, kissing Lance's neck.
"It was all that love we witnessed, Michael's and Justin's. Wasn't it beautiful?"
"Yes, Josh, it was. They have a deep love that seems to radiate into our hearts. I know how they feel. Your love is having the same effect on me. Your love is all I want, Josh. You are all I need. To me it is the most beautiful love I've ever known."
Josh teared up, kissing Lance deeply.
"We should be getting back, everyone will wonder where we've disappeared to." Lance said, smiling at his lover.
"I don't care, Lance. I'm here with you, that's where I've always wanted to be."
Lance cried, Josh pulling him close, kissing his cheek.
"I love you, my Lance."
"I love you, my Joshy."
They both heard the bedroom door opening.

Michael and Justin walked around the cabin meeting Lonnie who smiled at them.
"There's the two stars of love. We wondered where you'd gotten to. Seems everyone is disappearing. Jake and Paulo have gone off and so have Josh and Lance."
Michael smiled, not realizing that Jake and Paulo had needed a moment of love also.
"Well, we just wanted a few moments alone, you understand." Justin smiled at his friend.
"Yes, Just. I understand completely. Everything is ready when you are."
Michael looked at Justin, Justin flashing his smile.
"We've got food and entertainment all set up at Nana's, love. A celebratory evening lays ahead."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin deeply.
The walked hand in hand around to the front, seeing people beginning to pile into the vans.
Jonathan came out of the house, laughing.
"What's so funny bro?" Michael said smiling.
"I walked in on Lance and Josh, lets just say, in a revealing moment." Jonathan said smiling.
Justin burst out laughing seeing Lance and Josh walking out of the cabin.
Lance's face was red, Josh looking a little disheveled.
Josh was tucking his shirt into his pants, trying to put on his jacket.
"Your bedroom door doesn't lock, Michael." Josh said, looking at Jonathan.
Michael burst out laughing, knowing they'd been in Silas's room at the top of the stairs.
"That lock hasn't worked in years, and I had the misfortune of doing the same to Nana and Silas."
Everyone burst out laughing, Michael now blushing.
Michael walked up to Lance smiling.
"The passion of the moment dulls our judgements."
Lance smiled, Michael kissing his cheek.
"Ah, young love, isn't it wonderful?" Michael said laughing.
Lance blushed more, Michael patting his back.
"Never be ashamed of showing your love for your man, Lance. Love needs to be shared."
Josh smiled, putting his arm around Lance.
"And my Lance has a giving soul." Josh smiled, kissing Lance deeply.
"Just try not to corrupt us minors, okay guys?" Jonathan said looking at Justin, laughing.
Justin tackled his younger brother, Michael smiling.
They played around in the snow, Becky and Stevie climbing on top of them.
Michael smiled seeing all the children playing.
"Okay, kids. Time to get going." Lynn said, laughing at everyone.
"All you young lovers can hop in the last van, Josh, Lance, Justin and Michael. Now where are Paulo and Jake?" Randall asked looking around.
"I think I know where they are, Dad. They can come with us. I'll be right back." Michael said, walking into the cabin.
He walked through the living room heading out to the back porch. He stopped in his tracks when he walked out onto the porch, seeing the two men together on a couch.
Jake and Paulo were kissing deeply, lost to all around them.
Paulo had his hands under Jake's shirt, Michael smiling.
Jake's hands were in Paulo's pants.
"Ahem!" Michael said, the two breaking their hold.
Paulo stared at his brother blushing, Michael smiling.
"Sorry to intrude, brother. But we have to get going."
Jake blushed adjusting his revealing bulge, Paulo doing the same.
"Looks like the two of you need a little release. You have five minutes." Michael smiled, walking back into the cabin.
Paulo turned looking into Jake's blue eyes, Jake staring back.
"You heard him, five minutes." Paulo said sinking to his knees undoing Jake's belt.
Jake gasped as Paulo began his passion.

Michael waited beside the van, Justin's arms wrapped around him.
Michael smiled thinking of all the love that had blossomed here today.
He looked towards the hill behind the cabin, Justin kissing his cheek.
"We have to come back here in the summer, Jus. You need to see the real beauty of this place."
"It's beauty starts with your smile, Mico."
Michael smiled kissing his lover.
Paulo and Jake walked out of the cabin, smiling at everyone.
"Well, it's about time." Lonnie said, smiling.
They were the last to leave, the other vehicles already departed.
Michael saw the contented looks on both men, smiling to himself.
Michael locked up the cabin, hopping into the van with Josh, Lance, Paulo, Jake and Justin.
Lonnie was driving, Jonathan riding in the passenger seat.
Michael and Justin cuddled together, Josh and Lance together, as well as Paulo and Jake.
"Onward with the car of love." Jonathan said, everyone smiling.
On the trip back to Nana's home, Justin continually kissed Michael, Michael feeling all his desire and love.
"Today was our day, Jus, and we're the only ones that didn't get lucky."
Lonnie burst out laughing, the other four men behind Justin and Michael turning red.
Michael burst out laughing, everyone joining in.
"Sorry, I was wrong. We are the luckiest here, we have each other." Michael smiled, kissing Justin.
The ride back was enjoyable, a lot of smiling and kissing.
Michael kept looking at the beautiful ring on his finger, Justin telling him the story of its discovery.
"It's like it was the ring you were meant to have." Justin said, smiling.
"I think it was, my love." Michael said looking at the three circles.
"Take it off and read the inscription, Mico." Justin said smiling at him.
Michael took it off, looking into the sunlight.

Mico, our love is forever. Jus.

Michael teared up, looking up at Justin.
"I love you, Jus."
Justin kissed him deeply, everyone smiling.
The ride didn't take long, the van arriving at Nana's large house, everyone piling out, looking at the place.
"Wow, Mikey. This place is beautiful." Jake said, looking around.
The house was large, but definitely gave off the warmth of a home.
The white siding blended into the whiteness of the ground.
"It's home, my childhood home. " Michael said smiling. Justin wrapped his arms around him.
"I can feel the love shining through it, Mico." Justin said, smiling.
They walked up the steps onto the large front porch, the front door opening.
Nana came out, hugging everyone, welcoming them all to her home.
They were all ushered into the home, all their white coats being taken by Silas in the front entrance.
Michael looked up the white staircase, up at all the rooms of love.
Nana put her arm around him, kissing his cheek.
"Welcome home, grandson."
Michael hugged her, kissing her back.
"It's good to be home."
"Alright then, we need the happy couple together." Silas said, pulling out his camera.
Justin wrapped his arm around Michael again, kissing his cheek, the flash going off.
"Okay, Silas. Put that away. Today is about love. Everything's ready, Justin." Nana said with a smile.
Justin took Michael's hand in his, pulling him to the left, down towards Nana's big living room.
The doors opened, Michael staring in awe.
The room  was completely white and red, with red roses everywhere.
Everyone stood in the living room, clapping erupting from everyone.
Michael saw all his family and a lot of friends.
Some who surprised him.
Father Derrick, Tomas, Seth and Kevin stood just inside the door, all of them immediately hugging both men.
"Congrats, Michael and Justin. " Seth and Tomas said together, Michael seeing their hands going together.
Father Derrick hugged both, tears in his eyes.
"I'm so happy for you, my angel. You deserve this happiness." He said, Michael hugging him again with emotion.
Next in line were Cassi and Timbaland, both giving them hugs and kisses.
"Props, Mikey. You're finally making JT an honest man." Timba said laughing.
"He's the most honest man you'll ever meet, Tim. That's why we all love him." Cassi said, her smile warming Justin's heart.
They walked further in, Vito and Loren hugging both of them.
"I had to come, Michael. To see this look of happiness on your face. It's been a long time coming, but I believe it was well worth the wait. " Vito said, tears running down his cheek.
Michael sobbed, hugging his old friends to him.
"Thank you for being here, my old friend, on this day of love." He said, Loren hugging Justin.
Michael turned seeing Fred and Betty standing behind Vito.
They both smiled at Michael, Michael hugging both of them.
"We were so surprised when Justin called us, and asked us to come. How could we miss our angel's happiness. Congratulations, Michael." Betty said kissing his cheek.
"God gives happiness to his angels, always." She said, Michael kissing her back.
Fred smiled, hugging Michael next.
"It's wonderful to see that happiness finds your soul, Michael. We both knew you'd find true love, and with this young man. We both saw it in both of your eyes in that park." He said, smiling as Betty took his hand.
"May your sixty years be as blessed as ours, my boys." Betty said smiling at her husband.
Michael smiled at the loving couple, wishing for that happiness.
Justin and Michael walked around hugging all their family and friends again.
"If I could have everyone's attention. Please. " Josh said, everyone quieting down, Justin putting his arm around Michael, leading him into the center of the room.
Josh handed both of them a glass of champagne, everyone else picking up a glass.
"I'd like to propose a toast to these two wonderful men. Today they've accepted their love for each other. They have promised themselves to each other. I've known Justin since we were kids. And in all that time I've never seen the smile he wears today. A smile of love, a smile of Michael's love. "
Zach walked up beside Josh, smiling at Michael.
"And I'd like to second that toast, to give my love to Michael and his Justin. I've known Michael since we were kids, known him for his giving heart and loving soul. But never have I seen the love that radiates off him today, the love he's been given by Justin. So we'd like all of you to raise your glasses and toast the happy couple. To love, happiness, family and a life time of being friends. To love. To Justin and Michael!"
Everyone raised their glasses, echoing their sentiments.
Michael was in tears, as was Justin, both hugging their dear friends.
"Alright everyone, there's lots of food, drink and conversation, enjoy yourselves in our home." Nana said ushering people into the adjoining dining room.
Josh and Justin separated, looking into each other's eyes.
"I'm happy for you, Jus. For finding the love of your life. Michael is the best thing for you, Jus. You'll forever be happy. I know that with all my heart." Josh said, Justin crying and hugging him again.
"And you'll find that same happiness with the man beside you, Josh. Your soulmate."
Josh parted from his friend, feeling Lance put his arm around him.
Justin and Michael smiled at their friends.
Justin talked to Michael in his mind, a smile forming on Michael's face.
"Lance. Would you be my best man?" Michael said, smiling at his friend.
Lance looked totally stunned.
"Michael, I don't..... for real?"
Michael took Lance's hand in his.
"We are connected in our hearts, my friend. Zach and Paulo are my brothers, you are my best friend. I wouldn't ask anyone else."
Zach and Paulo both smiled, knowing of Michael's deep friendship and love for Lance.
Lance began crying, Michael hugging him close.
"Josh, would you be my best man?" Justin said.
Josh stared at Justin, then Michael.
"You've always been my best friend, Joshy. I couldn't ever think of anyone else."
Josh hugged Justin tight, seeing the trust both felt in him; feeling their love for him.
Josh and Lance put their arms around each other, smiling at their best friends.
"We'd be honored." They both said together.

Justin had planned everything.
Food and drink were in abundance, Vito and Nana supplying most of it.
Laughter and happiness filled the large home, everyone having lots of fun.
Nana showed the ladies all around her home, all of them marveling at the beautiful rooms.
Michael's grandfather had made his fortune in oil and lumber in the growth of the surrounding areas.
He'd built this home himself, a lot of love going into the house, Nana's touch on everything.
Michael and Justin walked around the house also, their friends following.
"Where's your room, Michael?" Josh asked, Michael smiling.
Michael guided them upstairs to his room.
Justin walked into the room, surprised at what he found.
Michael's room was the smallest in the whole house.
A double bed was present, one dresser and a small writing table.
"It's a little small, Mico." Justin said, wrapping his arm around him.
"I never needed much room, Jus. I feel safe and warm here: cosy. "
Justin smiled kissing his cheek.
Josh laughed, pointing at two posters on the wall.
One was of N*Sync, the other was of Justin.
The Justin poster had a moustache and beard drawn on it.
The N*Sync poster had glasses and broken teeth on most of the guys, as well as moustaches.
"What's all this, Mico?" Justin said folding his arms.
Michael blushed, looking down.
Zach smiled, putting his arm around him.
"That was my doing, Justin. I did all that one night when I was fed up with listening to Michael playing your CDs. Man, he played them for hours. I think he had every song memorized, he used to sit here and sing right along."
Everyone looked at Michael, Michael glancing away.
"I never saw him so mad as that night when he came in and saw what I'd done. It was only a joke, but he took it to heart. It was a while before I'd felt he'd forgiven me."
Michael kissed Zach's cheek.
"I told you that night I forgave you."
Michael walked up to the posters, looking at them, lost in his memories.
"Guys, I told you that you got me through some hard times. Your music was my rock. It was the only thing I had."
The five band member looked at each other, tears in a few eyes.
"We're glad we were there to help, Mikey." Joey said with a tearful smile.
"You did help, Joe. Your music got me through some tough times. Your friendships will get me through the rest of my life."
Chris looked away, Michael feeling his emotions.
"Hey, this is the happiest day of my life. Let's not dwell on the past. I think you should all tackle Zach for defacing religious artifacts."
Zach looked around at them, everyone tackling him, catching him totally off guard. Michael stood back smiling, then began laughing.
Zach was trapped in a tickle fight, Zach's laughter booming in the small room.
After a few minutes the five men got up, Zach gasping for air.
"It took six years, but justice has been done." Michael laughed, helping his friend up.
"Oh, and I bet you've known all along this would come about, right? Oh, wise one."
Michael smiled a knowing smile as he walked out of the room.
Everyone looked at each other, wondering.
"Nah, he's joshing us, guys." Chris said, not very convincingly.
They all walked downstairs back into the living room, finding Michael laughing with Lynn and Paul.
Nana walked up to Justin smiling.
"You have a lovely home, Nana. It radiates warmth and love."
"It's your home now too, Justin. You're my grandson now."
Justin teared up, hugging his new grandmother.
"There are a lot of beautiful antiques here. It's all quite beautiful." Lynn said smiling at Nana.
"Yes, starting with me."
Michael laughed, kissing his grandmother's cheek.
"Yep, you're my old girl. The most beautiful antique in this loveable house."
Nana laughed heartily, slapping Michael's arm.
"Hey, if you want to see a cool antique you should take a look at Michael's car!" Zach said smiling.
Michael's head snapped around, Justin seeing his face going white.
"No, Zach, there's no need to do that. Let's have some fun guys, how about some music?"
Justin saw that Michael was trying to change the subject, Justin remaining quiet.
"Come on guys, it's out in the garage, I'll show you."
Paulo, Lonnie, Chris and Joey all followed Zach, Michael looking forlorn.
Josh and Lance picked up on his changed mood, wondering what was going on.
Nana put her arm around Michael, everyone staring at them. All eyes in the room were on the two.
"I think it's time Zach knew the truth, Michael."
"I can't tell him, Nana. He'll be mad at me for doing it."
Michael walked over to a couch, sitting down.
Lance walked over, sitting down beside him.
"What's wrong, Michael? Zach could never hate you."
"He won't be happy when he finds out what I've done."
Justin walked over to him, sitting beside him, Michael looking up into his beautiful face.
"Zach loves you, Michael, you know that."
Michael nodded, sighing deeply.
Michael turned when he heard the front door opening, Zach and the others returning to the room.
"Your car isn't in the garage, Mikey. Where is it? Has it been stolen?" Zach asked, concern on his face.
Michael slowly got up, standing still for an unsure moment, then walking over to his friend.
He pulled Zach into a hug, Zach surprised, unsure what was going on.
Michael broke the hug, Zach seeing tears in his eyes.
"I did it for you, Zach. It was for you. I hope you can see that."
Zach looked at Michael, seeing his sadness.
"What's going on, Michael? What are you talking about?"
Zach looked at Nana, seeing her smiling at Michael. He saw love in her eyes, and a great pride.
"It's time, Michael. Tell him the truth."
Michael sighed, walking to the window, looking out on the setting sun.
He turned when he felt Justin's hand on his shoulder.
He felt Justin's strength.
Michael turned looking at Zach, seeing his friend waiting.
"The car isn't missing, Zach. I sold it."
Zach looked shocked, walking up to Michael.
"How can that be, Mikey?? You loved that car, it was your grandfather's pride and joy. It was your pride and joy."
"Yes, Zach it was."
Michael looked at Justin and then around at everyone who was quietly watching him.
"It was a `53 Cadillac El Dorado convertible. Cherry red. It was my grandfather's pride and joy." Michael said smiling at Nana.
"Yes, your grandfather loved that car. He used to take me for drives all around town on Sundays, he loved that car so much. He used to tell me he was showing me off on Sundays, but I knew it was the car he was showing off. That didn't bother me, I had his love the other six days." Nana smiled.
Everyone smiled, Michael smiling at his grandmother the most. Vicky sat down beside her listening to Nana's words.
"And when Michael turned sixteen I gave it to him, to give him the joy his grandfather had found in that car. He'd never known his grandfather, I felt the car was a part of him.  And you found the same joy, didn't you, Michael?"
Michael smiled, Zach smiling also.
"Yes, that car was so wonderful. It became a part of me. I drove it everywhere, and I really took great care of it. It was so beautiful. I loved it."
Zach stared at him.
"Then why did you sell it, Michael?"
Michael put his hand on his shoulder.
"For you, Zach. I sold it for you."
Zach looked confused.
"What are you talking about, Michael?"
Michael sighed, turning his back again, afraid to look at Zach.
Justin felt his fear.
"Do you remember the day you got accepted to medical school? Two weeks before graduation from high school?"
Zach smiled remembering that wonderful day.
"Yes. I was so happy. I'd worked so hard to get that far. But my family couldn't afford to send me. The joy was short-lived." Zach said, looking at Michael again.
"But you had a plan." Zach smiled.
Michael looked at Zach.
"You had me put in for twelve different scholarships. I finally won one, it was through your grandfather's lumber company."
Nana looked at Justin, Justin looking back at Michael.
"It was for fifty thousand dollars. It was enough to get me through those first two years. I've always been thankful to you for that idea Michael."
Michael lowered his head.
"There was no scholarship, Zach. I made it all up."
Zach looked shocked, Christina putting her arm around him.
"What are you talking about? I still have the letter, it's on the wall of my office."
"I designed and wrote that letter, Zach. "
Zach was getting confused.
"Why? Why would you do that?" He said, his voice raising a little.
Justin felt his anger was getting up.
Michael walked up to him, taking his hands in his.
"For these, Zach. For these hands. For the world to have your healing hands."
Zach looked stunned, not understanding what Michael was saying.
"When no scholarship was coming forth, I knew I had to do something. So I made up that bogus letter, mailed it from New York the weekend I went there with Nana."
Nana put her hand on Michael's shoulder.
"I offered to help out, to give you the money, Zach. But Michael said you wouldn't allow that. That your pride was a large part of you. Your stubborn pride. He said that you were his brother, that it was up to him to get you the help you needed."
Michael looked at Nana, seeing her pride in her golden eyes.
"I went to Nana and told her what I wanted to do, what I had to do. I knew you wouldn't take the money from me or her, you were too proud. So I set  it all up. Bill Jensen had been eyeing my car for years, he'd wanted it for a long time."
"You're not making sense Michael. None of this makes sense. You've had that car for years, I've seen you driving it. You had the car a year ago last Christmas. We went riding down to the fairgrounds. This doesn't make sense."
Michael looked into Zach's eyes, seeing his love still there.
"I sold the car to Bill Jensen, on the condition that I was allowed to have it on the weekends that you were home. He parked it in Nana's garage so you'd think that it had always been here. I wanted you to believe that you received that money on merit, not as a gift from me."
Zach collapsed in a chair putting his head in his hands.
He looked up at Michael, tears in his eyes.
"Why, Michael? Why all the deception? Why did you sell the most important thing in your life?? Why did you do that for me?"
Michael looked into Zach's eyes, knowing that Zach must know the answer.
"Because I love you, Zach. Because you had a wonderful gift that needed to be unleashed. I did it for you, Zach. To make your dreams come true."
Zach began crying, walking up to Michael.
"But that car was your life, a  part of you. You gave all that up for my welfare, for my future."
"Because you're more important to me. It was just a car, Zach. You were and are my brother. Your happiness meant more to me than any material possession."
Zach took Michael into his arms hugging him tight.
"Oh, Mikey!  I can't believe you did that!"
"I'm sorry, Zach. I'm sorry for deceiving you, for lying to you. I just wanted to make you happy." Michael cried on his shoulder, Justin walking up behind him, putting his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"You are so wonderful, Michael. To think that you did all that for me, without hesitation. You don't know how much this means to me. I love you so much, my brother."
Michael sobbed, Zach kissing his cheek.
Everyone had tears in their eyes, hearing of Michael's giving heart, his sacrificing his own happiness for Zach's.
Seth laid his head on Tomas' shoulder, Tomas putting his arm around him, both men lost in the moment of truth.
"I am so proud of you, Mico. That's the most selfless thing I've ever heard of. You are unbelievable." Justin said, kissing his cheek.
Michael wiped his eyes smiling.
"I did it for you, Zach. I'd do it for any of you." Michael said, looking around the room at all his family and friends.
Everyone smiled, Justin looking at Silas. Silas slipped quietly out of the room.
Zach and Christina joined hands, both kissing Michael's cheek.
"I want to thank you, Michael. Now, all these years later, for what you did for me and my career. I don't know how I'll ever repay you for all that."
Michael put his hand on Zach's shoulder.
"You repay me everyday that you help people, Zach. Everyday that you save a life, my kindness is returned in full."
Justin smiled at Nana, Nana winking at him.
"I think now is the time that I gave you your birthday present, Mico." Justin said, kissing his lips.
Michael looked confused.
"I thought all this was my present, Jus. This wonderful day of happiness."
"This is our engagement party, love. Your birthday gift is something special.  A wonderful woman gave me an idea about something you needed."
"Geez, Timberlake, you're such a gift junkie."
Everyone laughed, Michael's humor flooding the room.
Justin took Michael's hand in his, telling everyone to follow them.
They all followed the two men, down the hallway, Justin stopping at the front door.
"Okay, Michael. Close your eyes. And no peeking."
Michael smiled, closing his eyes.
Justin opened the front door, guiding Michael outside.
Everyone followed, Michael hearing gasps and awes out of everyone.
Michael felt Justin leading him into the front yard.
"Can I open my eyes now?"
Justin kissed Michael's lips, Michael loving the feeling of his warmth flowing through him in the darkness.
"This gift I give from my heart, Michael. I give you what you gave so long ago, your sacrifice leading to this day. Open your eyes, my love."
Michael opened his eyes, his breath catching in his throat.
On the front lawn, in the center of all its whiteness, sat a cherry red convertible.
His grandfather's car.
Michael turned looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"Nana told me the whole story a couple of weeks ago, Michael. I talked to Bill Jensen, explaining all that this car meant to you. What you sacrificed to let it go. He sold it to me this morning. He too knows of your giving soul."
Michael teared up, a sob threatening to erupt.
He turned back looking at a part of his past. A good part.
He walked up to the car, touching its driver's door.
He felt the connection, the connection with his grandfather. The happiness they both felt in the beauty of this car.
"Happy Birthday, Mico." Justin said.
Michael pulled him into his arms, kissing him deeply.
Then Michael began to sob, Justin holding him.
"I thought I'd never see it again, that it would be a part of my past. Thank you, Jus. Thank you for giving me part of my life back."
Zach walked up to the two men, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"Now both of our dreams have come true Michael. All is right with the world."
Michael hugged his friend, Justin smiling.
"I think you should take your fianceť for a spin." Nana said, Justin smiling enthusiastically.
Michael's face lit up, opening the door, slipping quietly into the car.
Justin ran around to the other side, hopping into the car.
Everyone stood together in the  front yard, seeing the happiness on Michael's face. A complete happiness, so long in coming.
Justin smiled, seeing Michael sitting there staring at the dashboard, tears running down his cheek.
"This is so magical, Jus. This is like a dream."
"I know the feeling, I've been living it all day."
Michael smiled, starting his grandfather's car. Everyone waved as the two lovers drove out onto the street.
Michael put the top up, Justin taking his hand in his.
They drove around town, Michael pointing out different sights, Justin trying to kiss him constantly.
After a half hour drive, they parked on a quiet street, locking in a passionate kiss, Michael feeling happiness flood his soul.
Michael lay his head on Justin's chest.
"Thank you, Jus. For this wonderful gift. For giving me back my grandfather's love."
Justin smiled, kissing him again.
"We should head back, I want to see my gift." Justin smiled.
Michael raised an eyebrow, sitting up.
"And what makes you think I have something for you? Isn't my love enough?"
Justin smiled, putting his seatbelt back on.
"Chris let it slip that you have something special for me. Sorry, lover."
Michael smiled, starting the car again.
They drove back to the house, constantly touching and kissing each other.

When they arrived back at Nana's, Michael asked everyone into the music room.
Everyone crowded into the warm room, a fire burning in the large fireplace.
Michael had Justin sit on a sofa with his mother and Nana.
Paulo smiled at Michael, knowing it was time for his gift.
"You've all seen the beautiful, touching gift that Justin has given me. And the gift of his love."
Justin smiled, his eyes staring into Michael's.
Justin suddenly felt a small tremble in Michael's soul, as if he was deeply worried about something.
"How could I measure up to that, Jus? What could I give you that would compare to that beauty? You already have my love."
Justin looked into Michael's soul, sensing his reluctance to show Justin his gift.
"Please, Mico. Anything you give me will be magical."
Michael smiled, looking into his lover's eyes.
"I always told you that when I really want to show you my emotions, my heart, I find it easier to write it down. The words flow easier."
Justin smiled, wondering what moving words Michael was going to say to him.
"I've found a new outlet, Justin. I hope this gift will touch your heart."
Michael walked over to the large grand piano in the corner of the spacious room, Justin smiling.
"This comes from my heart, Jus. Listen to the depth of my love for you."
Everyone looked at Justin, then at Michael, sensing something wonderful about to happen.
Michael opened the cover over the keys, placing his fingers on the keys.
Josh and Lance were standing at the end of the piano, Josh putting his arm around Lance.
They both knew that an angel was about to perform.
Michael began playing the piano, a rich melody flowing through the room.
Justin immediately recognized it as Michael's song for him.
Justin's song.
Justin leaned back, loving Michael's playing it for all their family and friends. They'd all hear the beauty of Michael's music to Justin.
What happened next froze Justin in his seat.
Michael's rich voice filled the room.
Michael had written his love in music, these new words sung for his Justin.
Josh and Lance stood stunned, listening to Michael pour his soul into those words.
Justin was lost. He now heard the music of his heart, the music he hears in his soul, the music of Michael's love.
Every word became a part of Justin's heart, embedded in the love he held there.
And Justin noticed something new.
Michael's eyes were open, he was singing this song, staring into his lover's blue eyes.

Don't think that I don't know
When my love started to grow
Deep in your soulful blue eyes
I found my calming skies
A hope materialized,
And then I fantasized
Of our love together
To begin my heart's surrender
to you, only you

Love conquers all
it makes it all, so magical
to burn our souls into one
Our new love has now begun
I look into your eyes
And now I realize
That it was true, I needed only you
Love conquers all

I now realize that I've needed this
All this deep romantic bliss
And your beauty healed a heart
that had been shattered apart
The pain of a tortured past
on a path that couldn't last
my eyes now look above
to my angel's love
for my angel's love

Love conquers all
It makes it all, so magical
to burn our souls into one
Our new love has now begun
I look into your eyes
And now I realize
That it was true, I needed only you
Love conquers all

you really are my angel
sent from above
to be my hope and faith
giving all your endless love
my angel's love
My tears now fall in joy
For my beautiful boy
Destined to be mine
for all time
My beauty, my love

Love conquers all
to make it all so magical
to burn our souls into one
Our new love has now begun
I look into your eyes
And now I realize
That it is all so true, I need only you
Love conquers all

Your love conquers all

The room was silent as Michael stared into Justin's blue eyes, lost in their emotional soul.
Justin got up, walking to Michael, Michael standing.
"It's all I could think of to say, Jus. The words of my heart. I hope it was enough." Michael said, looking down.
Justin wrapped his arms around Michael, sobs racking Justin's body.
"I love you, Mico. I love you so much."
Michael held him, smiling at the happiness he felt in Justin's heart.
"The words, they were so beautiful. I loved the words." Justin said, still crying.
"Happy Birthday, Jus."
Michael kissed his lips, Justin smiling.
"Happy Birthday, Mico."

End of Chapter 81

And so their birthdays unite their love even deeper.
I hope you've enjoyed my spin on that special day.
I liked the idea of the car, uniting Michael with his past, so to speak.
Someone who sacrifices like that should receive happiness in return.
It's just my own personal view.
Lots more to come.
The next chapter gets a little steamy.

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