Justin's Angel-82

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


The room was silent as Michael stared into Justin's blue eyes, lost in their emotional soul.
Justin got up, walking to Michael, Michael standing.
"It's all I could think of to say, Jus. The words of my heart."
Justin wrapped his arms around Michael, sobs racking his body.
"I love you, Mico. I love you so much."
Michael held him, smiling at the happiness he felt in Justin's heart.
"The words, they were so beautiful. I loved the words." Justin said, still crying.
"Happy Birthday, Jus."
Michael kissed his lips, Justin smiling.
"Happy Birthday, Mico."

Chapter 82

Josh and Lance walked up to Michael, Josh putting his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"Michael, I've heard a lot of music throughout my life, but no song has moved me the way that one just did. It was pure magic. Your love in its truest form."
Michael teared up, deeply moved at Josh's heartfelt words.
Everyone stood up, clapping and cheering now in full force.
Michael smiled, Justin breaking his hold on him, Justin smiling at all their family.
"That's the most beautiful song I've ever heard, Mico." He said smiling widely.
"And it's Justin's song." Michael smiled.
Seth and Tomas walked up hugging them both.
"You have to record that song, Michael. It's totally unbelievable." Tomas said in awe, Seth smiling at Michael.
"No, Tomas. That song I sang for Justin. It's for him alone."
Justin teared up, moved at the meaning behind Michael's words.
Josh shook his head, not believing what Michael was saying.
"That's not right, Mikey. Your voice, it's so pure, so captivating, a person becomes lost in it."
Everyone agreed, Michael looking at Justin.
"You said it yourself, Josh. It's my love in its truest form. That's why I sing, for love. I don't need to be idolized or worshiped, or make millions. All I need is Justin's love, that in itself is reason for me to sing."
Justin kissed Michael, everyone smiling and crowding around the couple.

Michael sat down puffing and huffing.
He'd just danced with Vicky, a fast paced song.
Tomas sat beside him smiling.
"You tuckered out, old timer?"
Michael laughed, kissing his cheek.
"And where is the object of your affection?"
Tomas smiled, looking at Seth dancing with Cassie.
"He dances so beautifully. Isn't he hot?"
Michael smiled, looking at Tomas.
"He's hottest in your eyes, Tomas. So what's been going on between you two? Unless it's not my business."
Tomas smiled, patting Michael's knee.
"You're a dear friend, Michael. I sense I can talk to you about anything."
Michael smiled looking into Tomas' brown eyes.
"I've never met anyone like him, Mike. When we've been together, it's like we're totally in sync with each other. He knows what I'm thinking about. I'm the same way with him."
Michael looked at Seth, dancing with Christina and Becky now, smiling.
"That's the heart of love, Tomas. Knowing what your lover feels and wants."
Tomas blushed, looking down, Michael sensing what had triggered that blush.
"The two of you haven't yet, am I right?"
Tomas nodded, looking at Seth again.
"We've known each other for only a week, and he's been through so much. I want him to trust me, before we let that happen."
Michael put his arm around the young man smiling.
"That's wonderful to hear, Tomas. That shows how much you care for Seth's feelings. You're  a remarkable man, Tomas Santiago. Seth will be so lucky to share his life with you."
Tomas looked at Michael sensing the real truth behind those words.
"I believe he's my soulmate, Michael. I feel it deep inside me. I want to show him that."
Michael looked at Seth, seeing him glancing towards Tomas, he'd been doing that since he'd gotten on the dance floor.
Michael smiled, seeing the love so evident between the two souls.
"Seth needs patience, Tomas. Patience, love and tenderness. He's been through a lot of pain, and physical hurt."
"I know, Michael. I wish I could hurt that man for what he did to him!"
Michael sensed the anger in Tomas, putting his arm tighter around him.
"That isn't the answer, my friend. The answer lays in what's in front of you. See that young man staring at you? He needs you. For in you he sees his hope, his hope of a future. A future that will destroy that pain in his heart. That pain to be replaced by love. Your love, Tomas."
Justin had quietly stood behind the two men, listening to all Michael was saying to Tomas. He knew that Michael was telling Tomas his own truth, the truth that he'd found himself with Justin.
Justin sat down beside Michael, Michael smiling at him.
"Mico is right, Tomas. Past pain can be cleansed by love, deep true love. Sitting beside you is proof of that. My love healed Michael's soul, and his love now fills mine."
Michael felt Justin's arm slip around him, Michael releasing Tomas.
Seth walked up to the three men.
"Excuse me. I couldn't help but notice you sitting here all alone in your beauty. Would I be too bold to ask you for a dance? Someone as captivating as you should be shining on the dance floor."
Tomas looked on the verge of tears, Michael feeling the warmth of Seth's smile and gaze directed at Tomas.
"Well I'd love to, but my lover is really jealous." Justin said, smiling widely.
Seth and Tomas laughed loudly, Michael slapping Justin's knee.
"I think he was talking about Tomas, Jus. Not everyone thinks you're the most desirable man in the world."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"Only I think that." Michael said.
Seth and Tomas smiled, Seth extending his hand.
Tomas took it, the two walking to the empty center of the room.
A slow song was playing, the loving couple looking at each other.
Seth took Tomas in his arms, the two melting together.
Michael watched the two, seeing Seth lay his head on Tomas' shoulder.
Everyone watched the two dancing, seeing the closeness they enjoyed.
"Shall we join them? Seems criminal to waste such a beautiful song, when I could be dancing with my angel." Justin said, Michael looking into his blue eyes.
"I thought you'd never ask." Michael smiled pulling Justin up.
The two joined the other couple in the center of the room.
Within a few moments, all the other couples were dancing; the room full of loving embraces.

The party continued late into the night, everyone having so much fun, none wanting to leave.
Justin's gaze constantly fell on Michael's smiling face, Michael staring at him with the same look of love.
Michael danced with a few people, Justin surprised at his graceful moves.
The shy, introverted Michael was gone. Before Justin stood a man so alive and happy.
Justin smiled, knowing a lot of that was due to him.
But like all good things, the end had to draw near.
There was enough room in Nana's large house to sleep most of them, Nana assigning rooms to all their friends.
Vito, Loren, Fred and Betty had rooms in a motel close by.
Father Derrick, Kevin, Seth and Tomas were staying in the same motel.
Nana had invited everyone to the house for breakfast in the morning before their flights left later that day.
By two in the morning, the only ones left were Justin, Michael, Lance and Josh.
Lance hugged Michael one last time, kissing his cheek.
"Congrats to both of you. Love does shine from both of you."
Michael kissed Lance's cheek, smiling.
"As it does from our best friends." Michael said; Lance and Josh looking into each other's eyes.
The two rose up, saying goodnight, heading for their own room, next door to Michael's.
The final two lovers snuggled alone on the couch, watching the fireplace.
Justin kissed Michael again, lost in his golden eyes.
"This has been a magical day, my love." Justin said, Michael laying his head on Justin's chest, looking at the new ring on his finger.
"I never dreamed that you would do this so soon, Jus. You don't know how happy you've made me today."
Justin kissed his forehead, watching the fire in the fireplace.
"I know, my love. And I'm just as happy. We now have each other forever."
Michael raised his head looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"We always had each other, Jus. My heart was yours almost from that first day."
Justin teared up, Michael kissing him again. This kiss had deep passion in its center.
"I love you so much, Mico. I need you so much."
Michael's hand lowered, caressing Justin's center.
Justin moaned, his eyes lost in Michael's golden glow.
"Our engagement bed awaits, my lover. Tonight I am yours for all your desires."
Michael got up, extending his hand to his lover. Justin could see his aroused state.
Justin rose, his own desire showing predominantly.
The two walked upstairs, quietly going down the long hallway.
At the first door, Michael stopped putting his finger to Justin's lips to silence him.
They listened, hearing different voices.
They both smiled, slowly walking down the hallway.
At each door they heard love, happiness and passion.
Love had spread throughout the house; desire and passion igniting everyone's souls.
At the door next to Michael's, they both stopped, their smiles widening.
They could hear Josh passionately moaning Lance's name, the sound of love filling the quiet hallway.
They could also hear voices in the room across the hall from Michael's.
Paulo and Jake were in that room.
Michael looked into Justin's eyes, seeing love and happiness there.
"Can you feel the love, Mico? Can you feel the happiness radiating from this house?"
Michael smiled, kissing Justin deeply.
"It started in our hearts, and has spread to everyone. Let's join in that happiness, that passion."
Michael pulled Justin into his room, closing the door, kissing him deeply.
The two were joined together, their hands gently exploring each other's body.
Justin broke the heated kiss, staring into Michael's golden orbs.
"Sit down on the bed, Mico, and bask in the beauty that is yours."
Michael smiled, sitting on the bed, staring at Justin's beautiful white form in front of him.
Justin smiled seductively, removing his white vest while pulling off his white shoes with his feet.
Michael could see the white silk shirt clinging to his torso, his nipples defined in the silky whiteness.
Michael's manhood strained for release seeing the vision before him.
Justin slowly undid the buttons of his shirt, his smooth chest exposed to Michael's staring eyes.
Justin licked his lips as he slowly unbuttoned the white shirt, Michael seeing his hard nipples, Michael drawn to the right one.
Michael scanned all over Justin's chest as he discarded the shirt.
Justin's cross tattoo seemed to glow in the soft lamp light, Michael seeing his bulging biceps with a faint dusting of hair on them. Justin's arms were now more hairy, he'd stopped shaving for his lover.
Michael wanted to lick those arms, to feel that hairiness.
Michael's eyes continued their journey across Justin's smooth, taut chest.
He scanned downward, seeing the washboard abs, the small bellybutton and the trail of hair leading below Justin's white pants.
Michael saw the large tent in Justin's pants, Justin lightly running his hand over it.
"Do you see what your love does to me, my darling?"
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing passion and so much desire there.
He watched as Justin undid his belt, and unbuttoned the pants.
He lowered the pants, Michael seeing the white boxer briefs he wore. Everything he'd worn was white, symbolizing the purity of his love for him.
Justin stepped out of his white pants, then pulled off his white socks, standing now in only white briefs in front of the man he loved.
"Here I stand before you, Michael. On this night of the happiest day of my life. You are my everything, as I am yours. I give you all that you see, with all my love. I love you so much."
Michael sobbed, the emotion of Justin's words echoing in his soul.
"I give you all that I am, Justin. I am yours always. And I want all that I see. I need you and love you so much."
Justin walked up to him, standing in front of him. His fingers caressed Michael's cheek.
"Then take all that you need. Feast on my love, my body and my soul."
Michael put his hands on Justin's hips, feeling the heat of his body.
Justin moaned instantly at the contact of Michael's hands.
Michael's hands roamed up Justin's chest, feeling the hardness and smoothness of his soft skin.
His fingers sought out his right nipple, rubbing against the drop of hard flesh.
Justin moaned louder as Michael's hand pulled Justin's body forward.
Michael's lips kissed Justin's belly button, his tongue licking the salty skin around it.
Justin gasped, Michael feeling his hardness against his neck.
Michael brought his hands down again, both rubbing against Justin's bulge.
"Oh God, Mico! I feel so alive!" Justin gasped.
Michael smiled, continuing to lick downward.
His hands grasped the elastic band on Justin's briefs, tugging downward.
The briefs lowered, Michael seeing the trail of hair widening.
Then Michael saw the prize before him, he saw the shaft of Justin's manhood bend downward, the briefs exposing more as they went downward.
Michael buried his nose in this hairy center of Justin's body, smelling the scent of Justin. That intoxicating scent that drove him wild.
The briefs pulled down over the head of Justin's cock, the cock slapping up against Michael's chin.
The briefs fell to the floor.
Michael began licking down the exposed shaft, taking the head into his mouth.
Above him Justin was lost, his eyes closed, feeling the touch and passion of his lover.
In one quick movement Michael took all of Justin into his mouth, devouring all of his manhood.
Justin actually screamed, the feeling of instant love so intense.
Michael purred, his desires unleashed.
His hands sought out the two globes of flesh behind Justin, his ass cheeks smooth and warm.
Michael deep throated his lover, feeling and tasting Justin's love.
Justin was lost, his emotions flying through his mind. He sensed his desire threatening to erupt, instantly backing away from Michael, his cock slipping out of Michael's mouth. Michael trying to follow it, wanting all that lay inside it.
Justin leaned down bringing Michael's lips to his.
Justin pushed Michael backwards on the bed, until he was laying naked on top of him.
Justin could feel Michael's hardness against his own naked hardness.
Justin broke the kiss, his tongue running down Michael's cheek to his ear, taking the flesh into his mouth, sucking on Michael's earlobe.
"Oh God, Justin! That feels so good! Take my clothes off please, I want to feel you against me, the two of us united." Michael pleaded, his body bucking against Justin.
Justin smiled, returning to kiss his lips.
Justin's fingers found the first button on Michael's white shirt.
Slowly he undid them all, revealing the hairy torso that lay underneath.
Justin licked and sucked Michael's hard erect nipples, Michael moaning.
Justin pulled the shirt off when Michael rolled on top of Justin for a moment.
They looked into each other's eyes, lost in their love.
Michael undid his pants pulling them down, Justin seeing his need for freedom, his wanting to be naked against him.
Within moments, Michael was nude, laying on top of Justin, kissing him deeply again. They could both feel their heated centers rubbing against each other, Justin lifting his legs up, wrapping them around Michael.
Michael opened his eyes, looking down on Justin, knowing he'd never deny him his love.
"I need you, Mico. I need your love inside me."
Michael smiled, guiding his manhood to its loving need.
Michael entered Justin slowly, Justin gasping, pulling Michael to him.
Michael sank deep into Justin, feeling as if he'd melt right into him, feeling Justin's need for this closeness.
"I love you Michael. With everything I have. Make love to me, take me there, to your love."
Michael began a heated rhythm becoming lost in Justin's moaning and movements.
Michael kissed Justin's face, pumping into him, licking his nipples, and his throat.
Sucking on his moist skin as if it was a delicacy he craved.
The two became one, lost in each other's heated passion.
Michael felt the edge evaporating, his resolve gone. He screamed, exploding inside Justin, Justin screaming also, exploding all over his own chest, the two shuddering with their orgasms.
Michael regained his composure, slipping out of Justin. He licked all of Justin's juices off his smooth chest, taking in all his lover's taste. Justin panted and huffed, his eyes closed.
When Michael had Justin clean and his appetite satisfied, he cuddled up against him, laying his head on Justin's chest.
"Oh, God! That gets more unbelievable every time." Justin said, his voice emotional.
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's right nipple.
Michael felt the usual tremor in Justin, Michael laying back and pulling Justin against him, Justin crying into his chest.
It always moved Michael deeply when Justin showed this side of himself. The way Michael affected his soul.
"It's alright, my love. Let all your love and happiness out." Michael said, Justin continuing to cry.
"That song you sang, my song, I never heard anything so beautiful. It was like an angel singing to me."
"It was Justin's angel singing, sweetie. Singing of his love for you."
Justin kissed Michael again, laying back against his chest.
"Thank you, Jus. For this special day. For all your love I now feel. I can't wait to marry you, my love."
Justin gazed up into Michael's eyes, smiling.
"I promise you before the day we marry, I will be as free as you are. Our love will be open to the world."
Michael knew of what Justin spoke, of his commitment to him, to go public with their love.
"Can you wait until this prophecy business is complete, Jus, before we marry? I can't marry you with that hanging over us."
Justin got up, pulling Michael up with him, the two sitting together.
"I can wait until you're ready, my love. This ring is a promise, a promise to marry you on the day you desire. I hope it will be soon, but I can wait until the happiness is complete inside you."
Michael teared up, Justin kissing him again.
"It will be a day of immense beauty, Jus. How can it not be with you there?"
The two snuggled together again, feeling safe in each other's arms.
"I love you, my Mico."
"I love you more, my Timby."
Within minutes, Justin was sound asleep, Michael holding him close. Michael shut off the bedroom lamp, the room now bathed in the soft moonlight.
Michael stared into the moonlit darkness, lost in his own thoughts.
He heard the voice in his head again, the comforting voice of his destiny.
It spoke words of wisdom, knowledge, then love and hope.
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's forehead.
He thought of all that Justin had given him this day, his love and his hope. A hope for that beautiful future, that future together.
Michael's mind sought out all those that were close to him.
He also sensed those new to his heart.
He felt their safety, their contented hearts.
All was right with the world, his world.
Michael closed his eyes, snuggling against the man who'd saved him.
Saved him so that he could save so many more.

Justin woke up to a heavy weight on his chest.
He opened his eyes, seeing his brother's bright face smiling at him.
"Hi ya, Justin." Stevie said with a large smile.
"Hi ya, Stevie."
Justin marveled at how Stevie loved to sit on top of people, ever since he was an infant.
Justin smiled, knocking his small brother off his chest, beginning to tickle him.
Stevie's laugh echoed off the walls, Lance popping his head into the room.
"Looks like the Timberlake boys are being crazy again."
Justin smiled, letting Stevie catch his breath.
"Your mom is looking for you Stevie."
"OK, Lance. Bye Justy." Stevie smiled as Justin made another grab for him, Stevie laughing, running out the door.
Lance closed the door, sitting down on the edge of the bed.
"Morning Lance. Where's Mico? "
"He's downstairs cooking breakfast for everyone. I think he's been up for a while."
Justin raised an eyebrow looking at his watch.
It was only nine o'clock.
"He didn't get much sleep. We were up a little late." Justin smiled, Lance smiling as well.
"Yes, we heard. Talk about screaming passion." Lance laughed.
Justin smiled widely, not embarrassed by Lance's statement.
"Well, there was quite a lot of moaning going on next door when we came to bed."
Lance blushed, Justin sitting up and hugging him close.
"I take it love was in your soul last night also?"
"As was passion. " Lance said smiling.
"I think a lot of love echoed through this house last night. Michael's love and mine setting off some fireworks. I'm glad it made its way to you and Josh."
Lance smiled again, looking into Justin's eyes.
"It doesn't take your love to ignite our passion, Justy. Josh has a love of his own that ignites my love."
Justin smiled, loving Lance's new openness.
"Yesterday was beautiful, Jus. I only hope when I propose to Josh it will be that beautiful."
"What? Oh my God! Really Lance?" Justin hugged his friend, Lance smiling widely.
"Yes, Jus. I love him with all my heart and soul. No one's ever made me feel the way he does. I just hope he feels the same when the time comes."
Justin put his arm around Lance, feeling his insecurities.
"I've seen Josh's eyes, Lance. When he looks at you, he is lost in your love. He'll say yes, no doubt of that. He loves you with all his heart."
Lance smiled, looking downward. His eyes bulged.
Justin was naked sitting beside him, his manhood exposed to him, and it was at attention.
Lance leapt up, staring at Justin's nude body.
Justin smiled, standing up.
"Relax, Lancy. It's just me. You've seen me naked before. I'm not ashamed to stand in front of you like this. I know you love Josh, and you know I love Mico. They both trust us completely."
Lance smiled, still unable to take his eyes off Justin's toned, tight body, or his beautiful center.
"Michael is really lucky, Jus. You're beyond beautiful."
Justin smiled pulling on his boxer briefs.
He walked up to Lance, putting his hand on his shoulder.
"Josh is pretty damn lucky himself."
Lance smiled a large smile, the two hugging.
Josh popped his head into the room, looking at Justin standing there in his briefs.
He also saw Justin's aroused state.
He looked at Lance, Lance blushing.
"Have I interrupted something?" He said, smiling.
"No, Joshy. Lance was just admiring my body."
Lance looked stunned at Justin revealing that.
"What?" Josh said, Lance blushing.
"Hey, Josh, it's okay. Lance came in to get me up and didn't realize I was sleeping naked. When I got up he saw all of me." Justin said smiling.
"Lucky, Lance!" Josh said smiling widely.
Justin and Josh both started laughing, Lance turning beet red.
Josh put his arm around his lover, kissing his cheek.
"It's okay, lover. I'm in no way jealous. I know you love me completely."
Lance smiled, Justin smiling at the two lovers.
Michael walked into the room seeing Justin nearly naked with their two best friends.
"You giving free shows again, Timberlake?"
Justin laughed, Michael kissing him deeply.
"Just a private one for Lance." Justin winked, Lance blushing again.
"Lucky, Lance!" Michael said, everyone bursting into laughter, Michael raising an eyebrow.
"And you call me twisted. Man, you three are so weird sometimes."
Justin laughed, wrapping his arms around his lover.
"Love ya, Mico."
"Love ya more, Timby. Hurry up and shower. Breakie's almost ready."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael again.
"Care to join me, lovecakes?"
Michael smiled at this new name.
"Get going, pudding pop."
"Pudding pop?"
"You're just so damn delicious and sweet, I just want to eat you up."
Justin laughed, dropping his briefs, Josh and Lance standing in shock, gazing over Justin's beautiful body, staring at his enlarged package.
"Anyone else care to join me?" Justin said winking at Josh and Lance, walking to the bathroom, his smooth bubble butt on display for all to see.
Josh looked at Lance, both blushing at each other.
Michael laughed seeing the trapped looks on their friends' faces.
"It's alright, guys. I love Justin with all my heart. I will always trust him. He likes to shock people, but  he does it with love. And count yourself lucky. Not many people get to see such a vision of beauty. I still can't believe he's all mine."
Lance smiled, putting his arm around Michael."He really is a vision of beauty. And he's all yours, Michael."
Michael smiled, ushering his friends out of the room.
"Tell Nana to start dishing out breakfast. We'll be down shortly."
Lance and Josh both smiled, winking at him, then laughing as they walked down the hall.
Michael pulled off his t?shirt and sweatpants, walking into the bathroom nude.
He saw Justin in the shower, soaping himself up, humming to himself.
Michael recognized the tune, Justin's song, smiling.
He pulled back the curtain and stepped into the old fashioned tub.
Justin looked surprised then smiled widely.
Michael was in his arms in moments, the two kissing deeply.

They both walked into the kitchen arm in arm, everyone getting up and clapping.
They looked surprised, Lynn walking up to them.
"Welcome to married life, my boys."
Justin kissed his mother, looking confused.
"We're not married yet, Mom." He said, Michael smiling.
"The moment that ring goes on his finger, you're together in the sight of God." Nana said smiling, pulling out two chairs for them at the head of the table.
The two sat down together; Michael smiling at everyone sitting around two large tables.
His family had grown quite large.
He saw Tomas nudging Seth, Seth getting up, Tomas following him.
They walked up to Justin and Michael, smiling.
"I wanted you to have something special, Michael. For what you've done for me. This comes from my heart."
Michael smiled seeing a box in Seth's hands.
Michael took it, opening it up.
He was surprised to see Seth's blue and gold roses in the box, planted in a small planter.
Michael pulled the flowers out of the box, everyone oohing and awwing at the beautiful roses.
They all saw the uniqueness and symbolism of the colours immediately.
Michael looked up at Seth; Tomas putting his arm around Seth's shoulder.
"I haven't quite got the colours right yet, I want to match them with your eyes and Justin's. I've decided to call them the Tavarro and Timberlake roses. Tomas thinks I should enter them in the state's flower show this spring."
Michael's smile was beaming, Justin smiling just as brightly.
They both got up and hugged Seth, Tomas smiling widely.
"Thank you Seth, they're beautiful. They mean more to me because your loving care grew them. Your love made life. Keep that always in your heart."
Seth hugged Michael tightly, Kevin watching his brother with deep pride.
"Actually, I've got a gift for you also, Seth. For you and Tomas. Hang on a second."
Michael pulled out his wallet, fishing around for something, pulling out a business card.
"This is the card of a former college professor of mine. His name is Nathan Harrison. I don't know if you've heard of him?"
Seth's eyes practically bulged out of his head.
"Nathan James Harrison? The head of UCLA's botany science center back home? I've read a lot of articles on his studies."
Michael smiled, handing Seth the card.
"I called him a few days ago, and gave him your names. Yours and Tomas', Seth. He's looking for some intelligent men to help his brother in their thriving flower business. He's a florist to a lot of famous people. It would be a very interesting part time job for both of you. Interested?"
Both young men's faces were practically glowing.
Father Derrick smiled, knowing Michael was weaving his magic with these two young minds.
"Plus it would be a foothold in your favorite field. The field of these beautiful roses." Michael said smiling, looking at the planter on the table.
Both men hugged Michael, Justin smiling.
Michael's giving heart doling out more happiness.
Everyone sat down to a hearty breakfast, Michael's cuisine a big hit as usual.
Throughout the meal, Michael looked around at all his family, taking in their smiles and laughter, seeing their happiness.
Justin quietly watched Michael, sensing his happy, relaxed mood.
After breakfast everyone relaxed, sitting around and just talking.
Kevin and Joey were having an amusing discussion on the best dessert Nana had made for last night's buffet.
They both ended up following Nana into the kitchen for a taste test, Michael laughing to himself.
Michael sat down beside Paulo and his grandfather, Alberto smiling at Michael.
"How are you doing, Poppa?" Michael aslrd, Alberto smiling at the name.
"I am well, Michael. My heart feels much younger surrounded by all this love and happiness."
Michael smiled, Alberto kissing his cheek.
"I want to congratulate you again, Michael. Justin is a wonderful, loving, giving man. My heart soars to see your happiness."
"Yes, I've never known such happiness. It feeds my soul."
Alberto smiled, seeing Michael lower his head, then raise it again, looking into his golden eyes.
"Any news on Fredrick?"
Alberto's smile slipped a bit.
"Nothing, Michael. He's disappeared completely."
Paulo saw Michael's concerned look, then it disappeared.
"He's out there, Poppa. And I sense he'll make a move shortly. But I am ready for him. I will protect what's mine."
Alberto looked at Paulo, Paulo looking at his grandfather.
Michael smiled, looking at his family.
"But enough of the gloom and doom, let's relax and enjoy these next few hours together. I can't wait to go to Spain this summer, grandfather, and see my father's home."
Alberto smiled, seeing happiness again on Michael's face.
"You'll love the beauty of our home, Michael. And an angel will walk there again."
Michael smiled, hugging his grandfather.

The next few hours flew by, a lot of happiness echoing through Nana's home.
But time ran down, the family beginning to break apart.
Randall, Lisa and their sons left first, Justin hugging Jonathan and Stevie tight, Michael receiving the same from them.
Joey, Kelly, Brianne, Chris and Vicky were next, followed by Zack and Christina. Justin had deep tears in his eyes when he had to say goodbye to Becky.
"You be good, my angel." Justin said, Becky wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing his cheek.
"Can I come to your wedding, Uncle Justin?" She said, Michael moved by her innocence.
"You'll be there front and center, Becky. I couldn't get married without my angel."
Becky smiled, leaping into Michael's arms.
"Bye, bye, Uncle Mikey."
"Goodbye, little angel."
Becky smiled, looking into his golden eyes.
"Maybe you and Justin can have babies now."
Justin laughed, Michael a little shocked by her words.
"Maybe some day, Rebecca."
Becky smiled kissing his cheek, her mother taking her in her arms.
Zach hugged Justin, smiling at him, then kissing him on the lips.
Justin smiled when he broke the kiss.
"Man, Mico, your buddy's one hell of a kisser, you sure he's not switch hitting?"
Christina burst into laughter, Zach blushing deeply.
"I can guarantee he's been doing no such thing. Right babe?" Christina smiled at him, Zach winking.
Zach turned looking into Michael's golden eyes.
The silence between the two a sign of their deep love.
Michael saw his emotions were unraveling.
"I'll be seeing ya, Zacky."
Zach sobbed, pulling Michael into a tight hug.
Michael held his friend, feeling all his emotions.
"I love you, Mikey. What you did for me, all those years ago, how I never realized it. I can't thank you enough."
"You've thanked me every day we've been together, Zach. With your smile, your heart and your love."
Zach smiled, breaking the hug, seeing Justin and Christina crying.
"Ya done gone and made my man all sappy, Zacky. Get outta here before I whoop your ass." Michael said in a twangy accent, smiling.
Zach and Becky laughed, the small family leaving.
Everyone else slowly departed amid many hugs and kisses, all their family and friends leaving.
Lonnie, Paulo, Timba and Cassie waited outside, going to the airport with Justin and Michael, heading for Montreal and the next concert.
Michael turned looking into his grandmother's smiling face.
"You call me when you land up there in Canada, my dear." She said, her smile so beautiful.
"I will, Nana. Just as soon as we land."
She smiled, taking his hand in hers, looking at his ring.
"Love life, my grandson. Beside you is he who will be your rock, your shoulder to cry on, the one to laugh with, and the one to cry with. Marriage is a bond made in love. I see that love in both your eyes. Whatever comes what may, you'll have each other to draw strength from. I love both of you so much."
Michael's eyes were wet with tears, his arms pulling her against him.
"I love you, my Grandmother, my Mom."
That moved her to tears, her courage failing.
She sobbed, clinging to him, not wanting him to go. But go he must. His life lay ahead of him, a life she knew would be filled with love.
Justin and Silas hugged each other, looking at a mother and son saying goodbye.
"I love you Nana. Always. See ya."
She smiled, Silas wrapping his arms around her, the two watching the two young men walk down the steps and climb into the vehicle, Michael staring out the window at them.
She smiled, waving to his retreating face, Silas putting his arm around her.
"My angel flies now." she said, Silas kissing her cheek.

Michael sat in the airplane seat looking at the ring on his finger.
The ring that bound Justin's love to him.
The voice in his mind talked to him, Michael smiling.
Justin sat beside him, looking at Michael's smile.
"You never looked happier, Mico."
Lonnie and Paulo smiled in the seats across from them.
"These last few days have been beyond belief."
Justin smiled, knowing that feeling.
He had it himself.
"It was really nice of Nana to invite Seth and Tomas back to her home for their Spring break." Lonnie said, both men smiling.
"I think she's taken a shining to both of them. Her grandmotherly instincts have kicked in." Michael said, laughing.
"And they both love her, it showed in their smiles."
"Yes, they both do. They don't have a mother figure in their lives, Nana will try and fill that void. Like she did with me." Michael said, smiling.
"Then they'll have a life filled with love." Paulo said, everyone smiling at his truthful words.
Michael smiled, Justin taking his hand in his, the two relaxing.
Michael stared out the window, lost in his own thoughts.
His ring finger stroked the golden cross laying against his chest.

Nana sat in Augustus' study, pouring over the documents, browsing the long, dead past.
She found what she was looking for, unlocking the wooden box.
She unrolled the parchment, the one she'd read a thousand times. She now knew the truth of its meaning.
She stared at the words, seeing the known part, wondering why there seemed to be a part missing.
That worried her considerably.
Why hadn't anyone realized that? Was what she was looking at only in her imagination?
She sensed it was real, by what else lay in the box?  By now, she knew in her heart.
Augustus' treasure, or what he called his treasure in the letter, lay hidden inside.
She opened the hand-written letter, looking at her husband's beautiful writing.
She'd found this box hidden in a secret place after he'd died. He'd never spoken of it, never shown it to her.
The key to the box lay inside the letter's envelope, with a small note detailing the whereabouts of the box. She'd destroyed the note as per her husband's wishes. Only she now knew where the box was located. The note and key Nana had received a year after her husband's death, as per his instructions to his lawyer.
She sat thinking about her life with her loving husband.
He'd told her when they'd first married, what he was charged with doing. What his life encompassed.
She'd always had a deep pride in who he was, in what his life was devoted to.
Their love had been strong, measured in the beauty of their smiles.
She looked up at the painting above his desk, seeing her husband standing proud.
The keeper of the sacred truth, the lord of his own destiny.
But his destiny had been lost. He hadn't lived long enough to see his grandson.
To see the truth in him.
His own self pride had torn his daughter from him, and his only grandson.
Nana teared up, looking up at his picture.
"I love you, Augustus. But you were too damn proud for your own good."
She smiled, looking down at the letter again.
She read the words to herself again.

My dearest, Helena.

Love soars in my heart every moment we are together.
You are and will always be my sunshine.
But I sense that I'm not to see the beauty of your smile much longer.
I feel my own immortality, my darling.
I've left this letter for your benefit, and for your help.
I'm not afraid, I have faced death before. Life after death will be unbelieving in its beauty.
My only regrets are leaving you, and knowing that I won't see his beauty.
He that we've been searching for. That we've been waiting for.
He that we've devoted our lives to protect.
The messenger of God.
He's here, I know it, I feel it in my heart.
Somewhere out there lies our savior, the savior of goodness.
You know who I am, and what I've been charged with.
I won't see that final truth, that final judgement.
I leave all this in your hands, my love.
I was the leader of the devoted.
The last of the ancient line of knowledge.
The future lays in the hands of the younger generation. They take it as a duty to their family.
We took it as an oath to God.
Within my home lies my treasure. What I have guarded for so many years.
I have guarded it with my life; of what its meaning is I know not.
That was never mine to know.
But that never changed my determination to keep it safe until that day.
Guard it until he's known, my angel.
When you feel deep within your heart that he walks among us, you know what must be done.
Seek him out, and offer him our devotion.
This treasure is his, its worth only known to him.
The Stavros dynasty will be his devoted, his guardians.
My life has been blessed with my own angel, you, my love.
One day we'll walk together in God's love.

I love you, now and always.

Nana folded the letter again, setting in back into the box.
She stared down into the wooden box, looking at what lay inside.
The smaller black marble box, with the golden inlaid cross on its top.
What lay inside it, she didn't know.
There seemed no visible way of opening the box.
Silas and she had tried many nights to find some way of opening it.
No way had been found.
She picked it up, looking at its smoothness and shiny finish.
It was a piece of artistic beauty.
She felt the warmth of its goodness.
She smiled, placing it back inside the wooden box.
She closed the lid, locking it, putting it back inside its hidden place.
She sat down again, looking at the letter she'd just finished writing.
The words that had flowed from her heart.
She folded the letter up, sealed it in its envelope, and placed it into the small portfolio laying on the desk.
Silas walked into the room, seeing the tears in Helena's eyes.
He put his arm around her shoulder.
"You should have told him, love."
"It is not my destiny, Silas. You know that. His path leads him forward, all our love inside him."
Silas knelt beside her, looking into her eyes.
"I love you Helena. I'll do all you have asked of me."
Helena kissed his lips, Silas lost in her beauty.
Their love was deep, so many years together keeping the faith.
He'd been her companion, through all the years of Michael's love, both basking in it.
And here now he would stand beside her, for her sake and her husband's.
And more so for Michael.
They parted, Helena staring at the phone on the desk.
"It's time, Silas. It is time to inform the devoted."
Silas quietly nodded, standing up again, putting his hand on her shoulder.
She picked up the phone dialing the memorized number.
It rang several times, finally being picked up.
"Hello, Gregory Stavros speaking."
"Hello Gregory, it is Helena."
Gregory's breath caught in his throat.
"Hello, your ladyship."
"He walks among us, my child. It is the time of the devoted."
The silence was total. The young man momentarily speechless.
"Who is he, Helena?"
"He is my own grandson, Gregory. He is Michael Tavarro."
"You are sure?"
"Yes, I am sure. Destiny's truth lays in his soul."
"Then it begins."
"Yes, Gregory. It begins."
"And the treasure?"
"He will have it soon. As per Augustus's and my wishes."
"It seems so impossible, the family's waited so long, so many centuries."
"The truth of God is possible, Gregory. It lays in my Michael's heart."
"He has all the signs? All the truths?"
"Yes, my child. He has it all, and so much more. He is he that has been foretold."
"Then the two paths have joined. The two lines made one."
"Yes my child."
Nana could feel the love and happiness in Gregory's soul. She could almost feel his tears.
"Tell me everything, Helena."
Nana talked to Gregory a long time, telling him what he needed to know.
She hung up the phone, looking into Silas' eyes.
"And so it begins."
Silas smiled, Nana looking at the picture on the desk.
She picked it up, staring at her grandson's face.
"I love you, Mico. I was right. For you are the messenger of God."

End of Chapter 82

Another mystery. Who are the devoted?
Does Michael know more than he's letting on?

I hope the intimacy wasn't too much.
I just wanted to show that love includes passion.
Plus, it stirs our own souls.
I hope the last three chapters have made your heart soar.
Let's just call it the loving heart of my story.
Onward we go, so much more to witness on this journey.

Keep the faith, love to all.

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