Justin's Angel-83

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


She picked up the phone dialing the memorized number.
It rang several times, finally being picked up.
"Hello, Gregory Stavros speaking."
"Hello Gregory, it is Helena."
Gregory's breath caught in his throat.
"Hello, your ladyship."
"He walks among us, my child. It is the time of the devoted."
The silence was total. The young man momentarily speechless.
"Who is he, Helena?"
"He is my own grandson, Gregory. He is Michael Tavarro."
"You are sure?"
"Yes, I am sure. Destiny's truth lays in his soul."
"Then it begins."
"Yes, Gregory. It begins."
"And the treasure?"
"He will have it soon. As per Augustus's and my wishes."
"It seems so impossible, the family's waited so long, so many centuries."
"The truth of god is possible, Gregory. It lays in my Michael's heart."
"He has all the signs? All the truths?"
"Yes, my child. He has it all, and so much more. He is he that has been fortold."
"Then the two paths have joined. The two lines made one."
"Yes my child."
Nana could feel the love and happiness in Gregory's soul. She could almost feel his tears.
"Tell me everything, Helena."
Nana talked to Gregory a long time, telling him what he needed to know.
She hung up the phone, looking into Silas's eyes.
"And so it begins."
Silas smiled, Nana looking at the picture on the desk.
She picked it up, staring at her grandson's face.
"I love you, Mico. I was right. For you are the messenger of god."

Chapter 83

Fredrick walked the long hallway, walking down the stone corridor.
His dress shoes echoed off the stone walls.
This building was old, a part on his past.
He'd walked these corridors as a young man, lost in their many long passages.
This part of the building was hidden from all.
He'd found the secret passage by accident when he was seventeen.
He knew no one knew of it, the rooms empty and forgotten for centuries.
Now they were filled with comfort and luxury.
Fredrick made sure of that.
This was his hiding place now, the rooms from which he'd bring down the destruction of his family.
He walked quietly through the maze, finding the secret door.
He walked through closing it behind him.
He'd used these four rooms for a lot of pleasure in his younger years.
He'd lured strong virile men down here, to please his desires, killing the first one, erasing the memories of the others.
His sexual appetite was large then, controlled more by desire and need.
Now it was controlled by power.
The power he felt by breaking men's souls.
He walked through the first room, which was his study, filled with books and drawings.
Many hours of late he'd spent there reading on the prophecy, trying to decipher the words.
He'd in the end concluded that it was all wishful thinking on Adrian's part.
His forefather had been a fool.
Believing in the Son of God, when instead he should have been ruling Spain.
Fredrick had read of the Council of Bargosa and their offer of Kingship of Spain to Adrian when the feuding lords had destroyed each other completely.
He'd also read of Adrian's refusal to lead.
He'd walked away from power to plant flowers and sire brats.
It didn't enter Fredrick's mind that Adrian, in a sense, had sired him through the family lineage.
To Fredrick, Adrian was a fable, a non-existent blot in history.
He'd heard the stories since childhood, never believing their truth.
Fredrick walked into the second room, the two large men standing.
"You have brought him?"
"Yes, your lordship, he awaits you in the next room. And the other is in your bedroom."
Fredrick stared at the two henchmen, the two lowering their eyes from his golden gaze.
They lived in fear of his power, experiencing first hand his wrath. They were now enslaved to him, their minds his.
He walked into the next large room, seeing the man standing alone.
The man bowed to him, sinking to his knees.
"Greetings, my lord. It is a joy to have you in Spain again."
Fredrick sat down in his chair, the man still on his knees in front of him.
Fredrick put out his hand, the man kissing his old ring.
"It is good to be back in Spain, my old friend. How are things progressing?"
"We are winning converts, sire; but not at a fast rate. The stories of Michael's gifts have begun to spread; Alberto breeds them like wildfire. The family senses a lost hope in him. It's very troublesome to me. What can we do to rid us of this blotch on the Tavarro name?  The name you uphold in the highest."
Fredrick stared at Victor Falisca.
"How is my niece, that whore you call a wife?"
Victor lowered his head.
"She is well sire, she sends her devotion to you." Victor said kneeling again.
"Do not worry yourself, nephew-in-law. I've tired of her a long time ago. I would not waste my seed on her barren hole again. I have new souls to give that to."
Victor didn't know what he meant by that, but didn't ask.
"I have a set of instructions for you to complete, Victor. I expect them done immediately."
"Yes, sire. It shall be done. What of Michael?"
"Leave him to me. I have someone who will be taking care of him shortly. And his bitch."
Victor nodding, his eyes lowered.
"If my plan succeeds, Michael will be useless to their hopes. Arise, Victor. I tire of looking at your bald spot. Get out of my sight. And see Garmot, he will give you the list on your way out."
Victor bowed, walking out of the room.
Fredrick closed his eyes, sensing out his servant.
He smiled, finding Paul doing what was asked of him.
Fredrick opened his golden eyes, looking ahead of him, staring at the doorway to his bedchamber.
His smile lengthened, standing up and walking towards the door.
He threw it open, the wooden door banging against the wall.
Inside, his bed was stripped bare of blankets. A single white sheet covering it.
Laying on top of that bed was a young man of exquisite beauty.
Classic Spanish features, a handsome rugged face.
His shirt was gone, his chest smooth and blemish free.
Sweat poured off it, glistening all over it.
Fredrick slowly shut the door, locking it.
He wanted privacy for what needed to be done.
Fredrick walked up to the bed, the man's eyes following him.
"Hello, my child. Do you remember me? I don't think you do. I've never met you. But I know who you are. And I know what I want you to do for me. My name is Fredrick."
The young man's eyes bulged, Fredrick sensing he knew exactly who he was.
"I have a responsibility for you, something you may have to do. I always play to win. And I cover all eventualities."
Fredrick walked up, ripping the tape from over the young man's mouth.
"You bastard!!  I'll never help you!! I'll die before I let you destroy the Tavarro name!!"
Fredrick slapped him across the face hard, the man's head flying to the left.
"I will decide what happens to the precious Tavarro name. I am the lord of this family, and you will see that."
Fredrick check the ropes, seeing the young man arms were secured.
He ran his hand along the man's smooth torso, his fingers lightly brushing his cheek.
"You are so beautiful, my child. A vision of God's beauty. I want you, do you know that? And I'll have you. You can scream all you want, I like that. I will take all that I need from your body, then from your mind. In the end I'll have what I need, your body and your mind. And then you'll do your task. You'll die probably from it, but then you'll die knowing that I graced you with my body."
Fredrick ran his hand along the man's biceps, feeling their power. He saw the tattoo of a small cross on the man's left arm, smiling.
"The sign of God. How touching. Pray to your God now, in a few hours you will be praying to me."
"I'll kill you with my bare hands you bastard! I'll kill you before I let you touch me!"
The young man struggled, fighting his restraints. He felt the uselessness of doing that, knowing he was trapped.
Fredrick watched him as he removed his own clothes, the man continuing to struggle.
Fredrick stood beside the bed naked, the young man staring at his large, erect phallus.
Fredrick ran his hands across the man's naked torso, pinching his nipples.
The man spat at him, Fredrick laughing.
Fredrick climbed on top of him, staring into his frightened eyes.
Fredrick slapped him again across the face, the man looking shocked.
Then Fredrick kissed him, the man fighting it.
Fredrick bit his lip causing blood to flow.
The man struggled, Fredrick licking the blood off his chin.
"You taste divine. That Tavarro blood is so succulent. I need to feast on more."
Fredrick lowered his head, biting the man's neck, the man screaming.
Fredrick's teeth marks turned red, Fredrick licking at the moisture.
Fredrick worked lower, biting him repeatedly until he reached the man's navel.
He pulled open the man's pants, pulling them down.
A limp cock was exposed to him, Fredrick taking it into his hands.
"What's this? A Tavarro man without an erection?  Why, that just doesn't seem right?"
The young man was crying now, still fighting to stop the humiliation.
Fredrick began licking the man's shaft, tenderly, the man not knowing what to do, he was hopelessly tied down.
Fredrick's movements were causing the young man to harden, not being able to stop it.
"Please, I beg of you, don't take my innocence. Please."
Fredrick looked up, staring into the man's blue eyes.
"You're virginal! How extraordinary!! This is a happy moment for you. I'll show you how wonderful it can be."
Fredrick pulled a knife off his nightstand, cutting the ropes that bound the young man's feet.
Fredrick in one motion pulled the man's legs apart bending them upwards, his feet touching his shoulders.
Fredrick plunged at the hole in front of him, the man weeping, knowing what was coming.
And then his scream echoed off the walls, Fredrick grinning and beginning to laugh.
Fredrick kissed him again, tasting the blood in his mouth, this  feeding his desires.
The young man opened his deep blue eyes, blue like the ocean, staring into two red ones.

Michael awoke in the darkness, feeling Justin against him.
They were spooned together, Justin's arms wrapped around him, his head nestled on Michael's shoulder.
Michael lay quiet, feeling safe, wrapped in a blanket of Justin.
He listened to the droning of the bus' engine, the bus moving down some long, endless highway in the darkness of the winter night.
The last few days had been busy.
They'd hit Montreal, Washington D.C., Cleveland, and Boston. And now they were heading for New York City.
It would be a full week of concerts and book signings.
Then a week off to relax.
They'd talked about that week, what they wanted to do.
They wanted to stay home, to be a couple, to experience the joy of home life.
Michael felt Justin's breath on his cheek, smiling at his lover's light snoring.
They'd made love when they'd returned to the bus, Justin's energy sapping Michael's body.
Michael was tired. He'd been restless, nights becoming endless hours of laying awake, as tonight again showed.
He was feeling the weight of his responsibilities.
So many people he needed to protect, to keep safe.
Every night when they'd fallen asleep in each other's arms, Michael had been the last to close his eyes.
He'd sought out all those he cared for, making sure they were safe.
He always felt the calmness and love flowing from them. The love they all felt for him.
Sometimes he felt guilty about sensing them out: spying on their happiness.
But he knew he had to do it, because of what lay ahead.
Michael sensed that something would happen soon, that something would happen to Justin.
He knew it would be Paul's desperate, final gamble.
But Michael knew something Paul didn't, and he sensed Fredrick didn't know either.
Michael's connection to Justin.
There would be no way that anyone would hurt his lover.
Michael would sense Justin's fear immediately.
And he would do all in his power to help him.
Michael gently opened Justin's arms, turning him on his back.
Justin murmured a little, Michael hearing his name being spoken.
Then Justin was snoring again.
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
Michael got up, put on a robe, and headed to the washroom.
He was in the washroom for a few minutes, then walked out, surprised to see a light burning in the living room.
He walked down the hallway, seeing Paulo sitting on the couch, wearing only boxers, staring out the window at the passing darkness.
"It's late, brother. You should be in bed."
Paulo turned looking into his golden eyes.
Michael saw the tears in his green eyes.
Michael walked over, sitting down beside him.
He put his arm around his brother, Paulo laying his head on Michael's chest, beginning to cry.
Michael remained quiet, waiting for Paulo to speak.
"I think I'm going to lose him, Mikey!"
Michael was shocked, knowing Paulo was speaking of Jake.
"What makes you think that, Polo?"
"He called me this evening, after the concert. He says we need some time apart. That we need to take a break. He's got to sort out some things in his head. It sounded to me like he needs to decide if I am worth the effort."
Michael teared up, hearing Paulo's insecurities about himself.
"You listen to me, Polo. You are worth the effort. Jake loves you, I know. I see it in his eyes. Whatever is bothering him, he just needs to work it out. It isn't you. Give him time, Paulo. "
Paulo looked at Michael, hoping beyond all hope that Michael was right.
"I remember a few nights ago at Nana's, when Justin and I stopped outside your bedroom door. We heard the passion and love coming from your room, Paulo. The two of you were making love, being together in love's heart. I can't believe that those same two people have any doubts about their own love."
"He was so wonderful that night. So tender and exciting. It was so beautiful." Paulo said, Michael seeing him lost in the memory.
"He loves you, Paulo. Never doubt that."
"Then why does it feel like he's pushing away from me? What have I done?"
"Why don't you ask him?"
Both men looked up seeing Justin standing in the doorway. He wore only boxer briefs, Michael lost in his beauty.
Justin walked in, sitting on Paulo's other side, looking into his green eyes.
"A relationship is built on communication, Paulo. On being open to each other. Whatever is bothering him, he'll tell you. He does love you. Of that Michael is completely right."
"But what if it's me, what if it's my fault? How do I fix what's wrong?"
Michael looked at Justin, the two looking at their brother.
"Love can be a screwed up mess sometimes, Paulo. One moment you're deeply in love, the next you're fighting. But the heart of it is honesty. You need to be honest with each other. Justin made me realize that a long time ago." Michael looked at his lover, Justin smiling.
"I love him. Of that I'm completely honest. I need him so much." Paulo said, crying again, Justin taking him in his arms.
Michael looked at his lover and his brother, seeing two visions of beauty.
Seeing two men he'd come to love greatly.
"I know what's wrong with him, Paulo. I know what's bothering him."
Paulo and Justin both stared at Michael. Justin sensed Michael's feelings, that Michael didn't want to tell him.
"Tell me, Mikey, please."
Michael sighed, looking into Paulo's pleading green eyes. How could he deny his brother the truth?
"I've sensed him out in my mind, brother. He's awake, walking around his hotel room, deep in thought. He's scared, Paulo."
Paulo stared at his brother, taking in all he was saying, not believing it.
"Scared, of what?"
"He's scared of you?"
Paulo looked shocked.
"Why would he be scared of me?"
Michael  took Paulo's hands in his, looking into his green eyes.
"He's seen my gifts, Paulo. He is scared that you may also have those gifts."
Paulo looked stunned, lowering his head.
"He thinks I'm a freak."
Justin's head went up, realizing what Paulo had just implied. He saw Michael's face change, his head turning away.
Paulo realized what he'd said when he saw Michael look away from him.
"Oh, Mikey! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean you when I said that."
Michael turned looking at him, tears in his eyes.
"It's okay, Paulo. I felt that way for a long time. That I was a freak. I had never asked for these gifts."
Paulo hugged him, feeling Michael's acceptance of who he was.
"I've come to realize that maybe I've been looking at it from the wrong perspective. Nana once said that I have a special place in life, a special destiny. That God gave me these gifts as tools, to use them to achieve what's asked of me. I now believe she's right."
Justin smiled, seeing a new look in Michael's eyes: acceptance.
"I wish I had special gifts, Michael, but I don't. I can't understand why Jake would think that."
"Because you are my cousin. And now my brother. You are with me constantly. He's afraid that I'll give you gifts. He's seen Justin's abilities in regard to our telepathy."
Paulo frowned, upset by this revelation.
"But I don't have gifts, I'm just a regular guy." Paulo said, looking at his brother.
Michael stared at him, Justin unsure what Michael was going to say.
"You are not a regular guy, Paulo. You are a special young man with a giving heart and a loving soul. But you have to think about Jake's point of view. He loves you so much, because of that real you. The kind, caring, loving man you are. The man he's fallen in love with. He doesn't want you to change."
"I am not going to change, I like who I am."
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Jake needs to hear that."
Paulo smiled, nodding.
"He's in New York filming a new movie. I think I need to talk to him."
Michael nodded, Paulo smiling.
"I think I'll head to bed, guys. Thanks, Mikey. For talking to me and telling me the truth."
Michael nodded, smiling.
"You're my brother, I could never lie to you, Polo."
Paulo hugged him, then hugged Justin.
"Night, guys."
They both said good night to him, Paulo going to his bedroom.
Michael looked after him, Justin snuggling up against him.
"There's more isn't there, love?"
Michael looked at Justin, knowing he couldn't decieve him.
"Yes, Jus. Jake is worried about something else. I think it's up to him to tell Paulo."
Justin shook his head, snuggling tighter against Michael.
"You amaze me sweetie. You know everything."
Michael smiled, running his hand along Justin's right hairy arm.
"I know I need to sleep beside my lover. Let's hit the hay, sweetie, we have a few hours before we reach New York."
Justin smiled, letting Michael lead him back down the hallway.
They climbed back into bed, Michael laying his head on Justin's chest.
"What's wrong with Jake, Mico?"
"He'll tell Paulo and then us when he's ready, Jus. Let's let him decide that on his own."
"I don't want him to hurt Paulo. I won't let him do that." Justin said, Michael seeing that Paulo was important to Justin now.
"He's going to be my brother-in-law. That makes him family."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's right nipple.
"I love you, Jus."
"Love ya more, lovecakes."
Michael smiled, closing his eyes.
Justin held him, listening quietly.
He felt his lover's breathing relax, Justin relaxing.
"What's wrong, my love? I know you're sleeping less, I know when you're awake. How much did you sleep tonight?"
Michael sighed, Justin waiting for him to talk.
"I feel it all beginning to overwhelm me, Jus. All that I'm responsible for. For my large family, to protect them all. For what lays ahead. Fredrick is out there, he'll do his best to hurt me. I think Paul's going to make his move soon, what that will entail, I don't know."
Michael felt Justin tense up, Michael lifting his head.
"He'll not hurt you, Jus. I promise you on my soul that he'll not hurt you. I am your protector, I'll die before I let him hurt you."
Justin smiled, feeling Michael's protective love surround him, Justin pulling him close.
"There's something else, Jus."
Justin sat up, Michael sitting up with him.
"I sense a change coming, a real change for you and me. What it is I don't know. It's there in my mind, I just can't pin it down. Something good is going to happen. It's good, of that I have no doubt."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"Is it our wedding?"
Michael smiled looking at the ring on his finger.
"No, I don't think its that. That goodness is for the future."
Justin nodded, letting Michael continue to talk.
"A giving heart will double your love. I don't know what that means. It's flashing in my mind, that phrase."
Justin smiled, having no idea what it meant.
"Another omen from Adrian?"
"I'm not sure, Jus. I'm not sure. I haven't heard his voice in a long time, or seen him in my dreams."
"God guides us, Mico. Let's let him unfold our lives. We don't need to worry about what's to come, lets live in the moment."
Michael nodded, Justin seeing his confusion.
"And there's something else?"
Michael looked at him.
"Look to the sign of the cross. In that you shall find protection."
Justin looked at Michael, at the cross around his neck, unsure what to say.
"Another lost phrase, flying through my mind. Oh, Jus. I'm so tired, so tired of all this thinking, of all this worrying."
Justin pulled Michael in front of him, putting his hands on Michael's shoulders.
"Close your eyes, Mico."
Michael closed his eyes, Justin massaging his shoulders, working on his neck.
Michael moaned, the massage soothing him.
Justin's fingers went up the sides of Michael's head, massaging his temples.
Michael sighed, lost in the soothing touch of his lover.
Justin began humming, something he hadn't done in a while.
The quiet tones relaxed Michael completely, his body falling against Justin's.
Justin smiled, knowing he now had Michael relaxed, and calm.
He continued, feeling Michael's soul calm and relaxed.
Within a few moments Michael was asleep, Justin gently pushing him back onto the bed.
Michael had a contented look on his face, Justin staring at him.
"Sleep deep, my love. I love you." Justin said, laying beside him, his arm crossing his chest.
Within moments, Justin was asleep.

Justin knew immediately where he was.
That special place, the place he'd given his vow to Michael.
He walked into the clearing, seeing it now empty, but still snow covered.
He looked around seeing Daniel sitting on the boulder, smiling at him.
"Hello, Justin."
"Hello, Daniel."
Daniel rose up, walking up to Justin, kissing his cheek, then hugging him tightly.
"Congratulations, my friend. Your destiny has been fulfilled. You have Michael's love, and he has yours. I wish both of you eternal happiness."
Justin smiled, looking into Daniel's brown eyes. Justin realized how much Michael had meant to Daniel.
"It's alright, Justin. I am nothing but happy for both of you. You were destined to be his love, and have his love. I love him, and I love you."
Justin smiled, Daniel guiding him to the view of the lake.
"It was magical what you did for him here, Jus. You gave him back his sanctuary. His life."
"I love him, Daniel. I love him so much."
Daniel nodded, looking down.
"There are great changes ahead, Justin . Some that will be very surprising. Even I was surprised when I learned of them."
"Michael sensed that something good was going to happen. Is it?"
Daniel smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"It will be something good, something magical."
Justin smiled, then saw Daniel's smile fade.
Daniel stared ahead, looking out at all the whiteness.
"Do you think heaven looks this white, Justin?"
"Don't you know, Daniel? You've been there."
Daniel looked at Justin, Justin seeing the truth now.
"I haven't been there yet, Jus. I've been here, walking at Michael's side, on his incredible journey. This is what I stay for, for Michael. God asked this of me, and I do it freely."
Justin hugged him, seeing completely what Michael meant to Daniel.
"There is danger ahead, my friend. Danger for both of you."
"Yes, he is the instrument of that danger."
"Will Michael be okay? He won't be hurt?"
Daniel brushed the beginning tears from Justin's cheek.
"It is up to you, Justin."
"Me? I don't understand."
"You have to do something, Jus. You have to stop Michael from making a mistake."
"I will do anything to protect Mico." Justin said, staring into Daniel's brown eyes.
Daniel lowered his eyes, not wanting to look Justin in his.
"You have to stop Michael from killing Paul."
Justin looked shocked, continuing to stare at Daniel.
"Circumstances will change Michael's soul. It will be filled with anger, and you are the only hope for his future success."
"What do you mean, Daniel?"
Daniel looked out at all the whiteness, marveling at its brightness.
"If Michael kills Paul a chain of events will be unleashed from which there will be no salvation. Only by letting Paul live can Michael stay the true course. You must stop him, Justin. With the only weapon he'll react to. Your love."
"Alright, Daniel. If that's what it takes then I will do it. "
Daniel smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"Michael isn't to know of this beforehand, Justin. Events must unfold as they are meant to be. God demands that."
"Alright, Daniel. I won't tell him." Justin said, seeing the demand in Daniel's staring eyes.
Then Daniel smiled at Justin, seeing the beauty in front of him.
"Michael is so lucky, Jus. Your beauty and love will fill his heart forever."
Justin smiled, Daniel turning and walking back to the boulder. He turned back to Justin, smiled, and waved goodbye.
His image faded into nothing, Justin alone on the hilltop.
A touch of colour in front of the boulder caught Justin's eye.
Justin looked at two roses that were growing beside the boulder.
A blue and yellow twosome, blooming in the dead of winter.
Justin noticed something else.
Below these two dabs of beauty, two smaller blue roses were just budding.
Justin smiled, thinking he knew the meaning of that.

Jake awoke to his alarm going off, laying back in bed staring at the ceiling.
He stretched looking around at the empty, lonely room.
His mind went back to last night's conversation with Paulo.
What he had had to say to him, and how he might have hurt Paulo by doing it.
Jake sat up, staring out the window at the brightening sky, lost in his thoughts, one name on his mind.
The mere thought of him sent Jake's heart thumping.
The man was so wonderful, so giving and loving.
Jake had never known anyone who made him feel so loved.
His beauty and body sent Jake into a place he'd never known existed.
The thought of losing him had made Jake's heart crack. Why was life so unfair?
Jake got up, quickly showering and getting dressed.
Breakfast arrived shortly after he was ready.
Jake looked it over, passing on most of it.
His cell phone went off, Jake looking at the call display.
"Hello, Jake here."
"Hello, Mr. Gyllenhaal. It's Dr. Henderson's office calling. Dr. Henderson would like to speak to you. One moment please."
Jake's breath caught in his throat, hoping beyond all hope.
"Hello, Jake. It's Dr. Henderson. How have you been doing?  Where are you?"
"I'm in New York actually. New movie shooting."
"That's good to hear."
"Yes it's an action film.  I know you've called for a reason, doctor."
"Yes, I have, Jake. The tests are all completed. I'm sorry, Jake. It's not a match. It was close but there are too many  irregularities. We'll have to try again."
"There's no one left, doc. You've tested all my family, My cousin Deidra in Chicago was the last one."
"I'm sorry Jake. But there is the  chance of a unrelated donor. We'll start going through the registries and labs. Hopefully something will come up."
"What are the chances, doctor?"
"It's very slim, Jake. I'm sorry."
"Thank you, doctor. I'll come in at the end of the week and see you."
"Okay, Jake. See you soon."
Jake ended the call, throwing his phone across the room.
He put his head in his hands, sobbing.

A few hours later Justin's bus rolled into New York.
Justin and Michael checked into their hotel, as did Paulo and Lonnie.
They all met in Justin's room, Michael cuddling with him on the couch.
"So what's on the agenda today, sweetie?" Michael said, kissing his cheek.
"Well, we're free today until eight tonight, I have that music gala tonight. Are you sure you don't want to come as my date?  I'd love to have you on my arm."
Michael smiled, laying his head on Justin's shoulder.
"I think that would raise a few eyebrows, Justin Timberlake showing up with a man. Interesting, to say the least."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's fingers in his hand.
"Someday, my love, you will be on my arm for all the world to see. Hopefully soon."
Michael smiled, remaining quiet.
"If it's okay with you guys, I'm going to see if I can meet up with Jake." Paulo said, Justin smiling widely.
"How about it, Mico? Want to go see a movie set, see what it's like in the acting game?"
Michael smiled, knowing Justin had acted in a few movies, Alpha Dogs having been released recently.
"That might be interesting, if Paulo's okay with us tagging along."
Paulo smiled widely, liking the idea of Michael being there for him.
"Sure thing bro, but I don't know how happy Jake will be to see us."
Michael got up hugging his brother.
"Just talk to him, Paulo. He'll be happy to see you."
Lonnie looked on, concerned for his friend, Justin having explained to him what was going on.
"Love is about communicating, Paulo." Lonnie said smiling at him.
Paulo nodded, the four getting ready.
An hour later they found themselves on a side street in downtown New York.
The shoot was outdoors, an outdoor car sequence.
It was a closed set, Paulo trying to get in.
He wasn't having much luck.
His name had been sent by phone to Jake's trailer, his admittance coming back denied.
He walked back to their car, looking crestfallen.
"He doesn't want to see me, I can't believe this." Paulo said, Justin looking at him.
'Hang on a sec, guys."
Justin got out of the vehicle, walking up to the checkpoint again.
He talked to the guard, smiling widely.
The guard looked awestruck.
The guard got on his phone again, talking quickly.
A few minutes later, Justin walked back, carrying four tags.
Paulo looked at them with interest.
"Here are our passes, put them on. We're invited to see the shoot."
Paulo looked shocked.
"I found out who the director was, he's a friend of mine. He's invited us to watch. And maybe someone can get a chance to meet a certain star."
Paulo looked unsure, Michael sensing his reluctance.
"I shouldn't be here, he doesn't want to see me."
"Don't get discouraged, my brother. I'll make him talk to you, if that's what it takes. Come on." Michael clipped his pass to his coat, walking ahead.
The other three followed, Paulo and Justin exchanging looks.
A security officer lead them to the director's trailer, Justin smiling when greeted by his friend.
He introduced everyone to Craig Brewer.
"Craig directed me in Black Snake Moan. " Justin said smiling.
"You didn't need direction Justin. You're a natural at it." The man smiled shaking everyones's hands.
"Thanks, Craig." Justin said, Michael smiling at him.
"So what are you doing down here, Justin? Looking for another part?"
Everyone laughed, Justin patting his friend's shoulder.
"Well, the tour's flying through here, concert tomorrow night at the Garden. Had some free time so we thought we'd come  by and see Jake in action. We're all old friends."
"Ah, cool. We're just about to shoot the first scene. Please enjoy yourselves." Craig said, another man coming up to him, the two talking, Craig smiling and excusing himself, the two walking away.
The four men found a vacant spot out of camera range, standing quietly and watching the scene.
A red mustange convertible pulled up, Jake climbing out of it.
He talked with the director, and some other staff, discussing the upcoming scene.
Jake hadn't noticed his four friends standing off-camera.
Paulo couldn't keep his eyes off his lover.
He wore a tight white t-shirt and black jeans.
His body looked buffed and sleek.
But Paulo saw deep trouble in Jake's face.
His eyes looked tired, his face unshaven.
Michael watched Paulo watching Jake, feeling his emotions.
Jake got back in the car, talking more with the director.
"Okay people, lets get this going. Jake, go to your spot and we'll get this all set up to shoot."
Jake started the car, driving down to the end of the street.
After a few minutes of situating actors and set props, the director called for quiet on the set.
"Action." The director called.
Jake's car came speeding down the street, Jake slamming on the brakes in front of an apartment building.
He jumped out of the car, two gruff looking men walking down the steps of the building.
"Well, well, Markham. What are you doing here? Looking to even the score?"
Jake pulled out a gun, the two men stopping.
"Cut." The director said, everyone relaxing.
"Jason, your shirt is too bright, change into a duller colour." The director said.
Wardrobe was on him in a flash, the actor putting on another shirt.
"Okay, lets take it from the beginning."
The actors positioned themselves again, Jake driving back again.
"And action."
They went through the scene again, Jake pulling out his gun again.
"I'm here to seek justice for Amy, you bastards."
Everyone remained quiet watching Jake's emotions on display.
His eyes were full of tears, Paulo sensing a lot of them were real.
"How can I go on without her, what have I to live for? You took the one person away from me that mattered."
One of the men quietly pulled a gun out from behind his back, firing a shot at Jake.
Jake fell to one knee, firing his gun.
The man flew back, blood erupting from his chest, the other man running at Jake with a knife in his hand.
Jake fired another shot, the man going down.
Jake dropped the gun, blood leaking from his white shirt.
He  crawled to the car, climbing in, in obvious pain.
He started the car, driving forward.
"Cut. That's perfect. Well done everyone. We'll take thirty to regroup for the next shot."
Everyone moved around, Paulo staring at Jake, who was talking to the director.
Jake turned seeing the four men standing looking at him.
Jake froze seeing Paulo's beautiful green eyes staring back at him.
"Hello, Jake."
"What are you doing here? I said I didn't have time to meet with you."
"You've got half and hour, Jake." Craig said, seeing Jake wasn't happy to see his friends.
"I've got things to do. Excuse me." Jake said walking away towards his trailer.
Paulo lowered his eyes, Michael staring after Jake.
"Come on, Paulo." Michael said heading after Jake.
Paulo didn't move.
"I said come on, Paulo." Michael said looking back at him, everyone hearing the determination in his voice.
Paulo caught up to his brother, Michael putting his arm around his shoulder leading him forward.
Justin watched them heading for the trailer, he and Lonnie following.
The four men stopped at the trailer, Michael knocking on the door.
"Go away. Please."
Michael opened the door, walking into the trailer.
Apparently Michael wasn't taking no for an answer.
The others followed Michael in.
Jake was standing beside a table, shirtless, peeling a blood pack off his chest.
He wiped his chest on the white shirt, pulling another white tshirt over his chest.
"Why did you come here, Paulo. I told you I'd talk to you in a few days."
"You also told me we needed time apart. What have I done to make you walk away from me, Jewel?"
The others were surprised by the name, Michael remaining quiet.
Jake looked surprised by Paulo's statement, lowering his eyes.
"It's not you, Polo. It's me. I need time to think some things through."
"Don't you love me anymore?"
Jake's eyes flew up staring into Paulo's green ones.
"I love you with all my heart, my love."
"Then what's going on? Is it because of the gifts?"
"Michael says that you're worried that I might have gifts like him, or that he might give me some. I'm not gifted Jake. I'm as normal as you or anyone else."
Michael lowered his eyes for a moment, Justin watching him.
"I was  concerned about that, Polo. I didn't know if I could live with that responsibility. Of loving a special man. I don't know how Justin does it."
Justin put his arm around Michael, Michael smiling at his closeness.
"I do it because I love him. His gifts do make him so special. I love Michael and all his wondrous abilities."
Jake smiled, Paulo walking up to his lover.
"I love you, Jewel. My heart is yours completely. Just tell me what's bothering you. I want to help."
"You can't help, Paulo. No one can." Jake said turning away from those deep green eyes.
Paulo looked on the verge of tears, Jake already showing some.
"That's where you're wrong, Jake."
Paulo and Jake both looked at Michael, who hadn't spoken since they'd entered the trailer.
"It's time this was in the open, Jake. Hiding it from us isn't the right thing. Hiding it from Paulo is the greatest mistake you've made. Backing away from the person who loves you isn't right. Timba found that out."
Justin stared at Jake, reality dawning on him.
Jake looked in total shock.
"How did you know?"
"I felt it that first day, when we collided in that hospital. I just put it all together yesterday. I think Paulo needs to know now."
Paulo looked totally confused, looking between Michael and Jake.
He then looked at Justin seeing tears in his eyes.
It all clicked together suddenly.
Paulo grabbed Jake, looking deeply into his blue eyes
"Are you sick, Jewel? Is that what's wrong?"
Jake lowered his eyes, sitting down on the nearest couch.
"I have a degenerative kidney disease, Polo. I've had it for a long time. Since I was a teenager. I need a new kidney, but no one matches the criteria. They've scanned my whole family, no one fits. The last one was my cousin Deidra in Chicago. That's what I was doing at that hospital that day, the day I collided with Michael. We were doing tests. They just came back this morning, negative."
Paulo put his arm around Jake, kissing his cheek.
"Why didn't you tell me, Jake?"
"What was I supposed to say? "Hey sweetie, I'm sorry but I'm going to die."
Jake was crying now, everyone seeing his raw emotions.
Paulo looked at his lover, Michael seeing his love openly displayed.
"Is it that serious, Jake?"
"Yes, Polo. My kidneys are failing, without a new one it's only a matter of time."
Paulo turned Jake's face to face his own, staring into Jake's tearing blue eyes.
"So rather than tell me, you thought you could just walk away from me."
"Yes, Polo. I thought that you didn't deserve to see me waste away, to slowly die. But I'm scared, so scared. I love you so much, I don't want to leave you. I love you."
Paulo hugged Jake to him, Jake sobbing into his chest.
Paulo looked up at his brother, looking into Michael's tearing eyes.
"You are my brother, Michael. Please help Jake? Please heal my love?"
Michael stared into Paulo's pleading eyes, seeing the deep need there. The need for Jake to be alright.
Justin was watching Michael also, feeling the feelings in Michael's soul.
"I'm sorry, Polo. I can't heal him."
Justin and Lonnie looked in shock, Paulo looking totally stunned.
Jake raised his head, seeing Michael's grief, so evident on his face.
"What do you mean you can't?" Paulo said, a bit of anger in his voice.
"I don't have the power to heal Jake. I'd do anything to be able to, but I can't. I'm so sorry, Jake."
"It's alright, Mikey. I wasn't hoping for that. Even you can't save me."
Paulo got up grabbing Michael by the shirt.
"Heal him, right now! Do you hear me?? You healed Justin's brother, you healed Timba! Why won't you heal the love of my life??" Paulo was getting emotionally upset, on the edge of full out anger.
"Because I can't, my brother."
"Don't call me that!! You're not my brother! You're a stranger! I thought your soul was full of giving love, of healing heart. Please, Mikey, Please!"
"I wish I could Polo, but I'm not the one to heal him." Michael backing away from Paulo.
Paulo's face changed, anger flooding his soul.
"You said you'd always be there for me! You'd always help me! You're not my brother, you're just a liar!"
Michael looked into Paulo's emotional green eyes.
"I'm sorry, Paulo. I ask your forgiveness."
Paulo was on Michael in a flash,  punching  Michael squarely in the face, Michael falling backwards.
Justin was beside his lover in a heartbeat, Michael holding his face.
Lonnie grabbed hold of Paulo, pushing him back against the wall, away from Michael.
"Now calm the fuck down, Paulo!" Lonnie said, deep worry on his face.
Paulo's face was a mask of deep anger, his eyes glaring at Michael.
"I love him, he's my life. And you won't save that life? I hate you! I hate you so much!"
Justin felt the words burn into Michael's heart, Jake staring at his lover in shock.
Paulo pushed Lonnie away, storming out of the trailer, people outside looking at him charging away.
Jake knelt down beside Michael, patting his shoulder.
"Are you okay? I'm so sorry, Michael. I'm sorry you got caught in the middle of this."
Michael removed the paper towel that Justin had given him to stop his nose bleed.
"I'm sorry I didn't tell him everything. He just didn't give me a chance." Michael said, tears in his eyes.
Justin put his arm around Michael, feeling Michael's pain.
Michael got up slowly, adjusting his clothes, then headed for the door.
"Michael, he needs time to cool off." Jake said, staring at his friend.
"He's my brother, Jake. He needs me, if only as a punching bag."
Michael tearing eyes stared into Jake's blue eyes.
Michael walked out of the trailer, Justin looking at Jake, both men fearing for Michael's hurting heart.

End of Chapter 83

Shades of foreboding.
Who is Fredrick torturing and what is his plan for the young man?
Why wouldn't Michael heal Jake?
Is there something else going on?
Let's hope Paulo's love for his brother still lays intact.
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