Justin's Angel-84

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Paulo's face changed, anger flooding his soul.
"You said you'd always be there for me. You'd always help me. You're not my brother, you're just a liar."
Michael looked into Paulo's emotional green eyes.
"I'm sorry, Paulo. I ask your forgiveness."
Paulo was on Michael in a flash,  punching  Michael squarely in the face, Michael falling backwards.
Justin was beside his lover in a heartbeat, Michael holding his face.
Lonnie grabbed hold of Paulo, pushing him back against the wall, away from Michael.
"Now calm to fuck down, Paulo!" Lonnie said, deep worry on his face.
Paulo's face was a mask of deep anger, his eyes glaring at Michael.
"I love him, he's my life. And you won't save that life? I hate you. I hate you so much."
Justin felt the words burn into Michael's heart, Jake staring at his lover in shock.
Paulo pushed Lonnie away, storming out of the trailer, people outside looking at him charging away.
Jake knelt down beside Michael, patting his shoulder.
" Are you okay? I'm so sorry, Michael. I'm sorry you got caught in the middle of this."
Michael removed the paper towel that Justin had given him to stop his nose bleed.
"I'm sorry I didn't tell him everything. He just didn't give me a chance." Michael said, tears in his eyes.
Justin put his arm around Michael, feeling Michael's pain.
Michael got up slowly, adjusting his clothes, then headed for the door.
"Michael, he needs time to cool off." Jake said, staring at his friend.
"He's my brother, Jake. He needs me, if only as a punching bag."
Michael tearing eyes stared into Jake's blue eyes.
Michael walked out of the trailer, Justin looking at Jake, both men fearing for Michael's hurting heart.

Chapter 84

Justin, Jake and Lonnie walked out of the trailer, seeing Michael standing looking at where their SUV had been.
"Paulo's taken the car. He's gone back to the hotel." Michael said quietly, Justin putting his hand on his shoulder.
"Are you okay, Mico?"
"No Jus, I'm not.  I have to talk to him."
"Is that wise? He's pretty upset, and I don't want you to be the brunt of his anger." Justin said, looking at Jake.
"It's my fault he's angry. I should have told him the whole truth. I have to tell him the truth."
Justin looked worried, Lonnie looking at him.
"What is the truth, Mico?"
Before Michael could answer Lonnie, Craig came up to them.
"What was wrong with your friend, Justin? He stormed out of here, nearly drove into the set in his haste to get out of here."
"He's a little upset about something personal, Craig." Justin said looking at his friend.
"I need to take the rest of the day off, Craig. We've got to go find him and calm him down."
"Understood, Jake. Take all the time you need. I'll just film some minor backdrops for the rest of the afternoon. See you tomorrow morning, okay?"
"Yes, Craig. And thanks. See you in the morning." Jake said hugging his friend.
Justin hugged him again, Michael and Lonnie shaking his hand.
"Come on guys, my car's over here." Jake said, the three men following him.
They all got into Jake's Jeep Liberty, Jake driving them to the hotel.
Michael and Justin sat in the back, Lonnie riding in the front with Jake.
Justin talked to Michael in his mind, Michael not saying much.
"What's going on, my love?"
"I need to talk to Paulo, Jus. I need to let him know what he has to do."
"What are you talking about? What does Paulo have to do?"
"I'm sorry, Jus. Please believe me, it's nothing I'm keeping from you. I just realized it myself last night. I just hope he believes me."
"I understand, love."
Michael took his hand in his.
"Have I told you I love you today?"
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek, the two in front looking back at them.
They both saw that Justin had calmed Michael down a bit.
"Yes, my love. Three times."
Michael smiled, his head going to Justin's chest, Justin wrapping his arms tight around him.

They arrived at the hotel in under twenty minutes, Jake parking his car.
In a few minutes they stepped out of the elevator, walking up to Paulo and Lonnie's room door.
Michael stood in front of the door.
He took a deep breath, closing his eyes.
Justin put his hand on Michael's shoulder, Michael opening his eyes, staring into Justin's.
Michael felt his love, his faith and his strength.
Justin had so much faith in him, so much trust in his judgement.
Michael looked at Jake, Jake showing concern on his face.
"Inside lies your hope, Jake. His love is your hope."
Jake looked at Michael, unsure of what he meant. Justin and Lonnie had the same look on their faces.
Michael knocked on the door, waiting.
Paulo opened it wide, staring at everyone.
"I don't want to see you right now, any of you. Especially you, Michael. Leave me alone."
Paulo began to close the door again, Michael forcefully pushing it open.
"If you want to hit me again, then do it. I'm not leaving until you listen to me."
Everyone was shocked at the command in Michael's voice.
Paulo stared at Michael, then turned, walking into the room, sitting down on the couch, not looking at anyone.
Everyone walked into the room, sitting down away from him, all except Jake. Michael remained standing.
Jake sat beside Paulo, Paulo finally looking at him. Jake took his hand in his, Paulo not saying anything, but not pulling away either.
"I think you need to apologize to your brother for hitting him, Polo." Jake said softly.
Paulo looked at Michael seeing his face swollen a bit around his staring golden eyes.
Paulo lowered his head.
Michael took a deep breath, looking at Justin for a moment, then focusing on the two lovers sitting on the couch.
"I told Jake in the hallway that inside here lies his hope. You are his hope for life, Paulo."
Paulo looked up at Michael not sure what he was implying.
"And what's that supposed to mean?" Paulo said, anger still evident in his voice.
"I can't heal Jake because I am not the one charged to do it. You are, Paulo."
Jake looked shocked. Paulo looked absolutely stunned.
"What do you mean Michael?" Justin said, staring at his lover.
"When I collided with Jake that first day in the hospital garden I saw the truth of why he was in that hospital. I felt it in his touch. I felt his illness, and his pain."
"You already told us that, Michael." Paulo said not looking at his brother, only looking at Jake.
"I had a vision also, Paulo."
Paulo looked up at his brother, staring into those golden eyes.
"What did you see?" He asked slowly, unsure if he wanted to know.
"I saw you, Paulo. I saw you in this room, sitting where you are sitting now. And I saw what happens next."
Justin got up, putting his arm around Michael. He'd sensed Michael wanted to say something to him.
Michael turned looking into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the love he'd come to feel was a part of him.
"I need to give Paulo something, Jus. It's something you've given me with love. He needs it to do what he must do."
Justin kissed Michael's lips.
"Then give him what he needs, Mico."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin back.
Michael turned looking at the two lovers staring at him.
"In the vision I saw you as the true one, Paulo. The one who can heal Jake. My gift of healing is God's gift, my friends. He's given it to me to heal those who need healing. Jonathan needed to be healed from drowning. Betty needed to be healed from cancer. All the others had injuries that needed to be healed. I know that Jake has an serious illness, Paulo, but I'm not the one who can heal him completely. Jake needs the healing of God, Paulo. But he needs something more than that. He needs the healing of your love. I can't heal him, because I don't love him like you do, Polo. He is your soulmate, he was always destined to be your true love. And the essence of true love is faith, hope and trust."
Michael looked at Justin.
"I myself had been destined to be Justin's soulmate. In that, I will always have his faith, his hope and his trust. And I will always be able to heal his injuries and his ailments. He will live a long life of good health. I will always be there to make sure he does. Because my love will be mixed with that healing. They say that love can heal the soul. It can heal so much more."
Justin stared at Michael in wonder, Michael taking his hand in his.
"You healed my soul, Jus. Every time that we make love, my healing love will heal you.  I will heal you for all your long life."
Justin's eyes filled with tears, Lonnie's eyes staring in wonder.
Paulo and Jake stared in disbelief at what Michael was saying.
Michael walked up to them both, kneeling in front of his brother. In his hand he clasp the golden cross that hung around his neck. The cross that Justin had given him the day of his first book signing. That cross had given Michael the courage to walk forward, to face his fears.
Michael bowed his head.
"In love you have united your souls. In life you have joined souls. The gift of healing love is part of that soul binding. It is a gift of God's love. It binds two true soulmates for life and heaven. I have been chosen to offer this gift to you."
Michael raised his head and stared at Paulo, looking into his green eyes.
"You are the one who can save him, all you need to know is how. I will show you with my love and Justin's love."
Michael stared at Jake.
"You are the one with a wounded body and soul. I will show you how to regain that which once was. Health, happiness and love."
Michael removed the gold cross that lay around his neck, Paulo's eyes widening.
"This was given to me by Jus, in love and devotion. It represents the faith he has in me, the love he feels for me. It also represents the faith both of us have in God.
This is a symbol of our faith, the faith we have in God. I give you a part of myself, and God's gift of healing in this gift for what you must do, Paulo. Place it around your neck, brother."
Paulo took the cross from Michael, Justin and Lonnie watching him.
Paulo put it around his neck, the cross touching his skin.
In an instant, Paulo felt a force fly through his mind, his soul and his body.
His eyes took on a greenish glow, everyone staring at him.
Paulo felt so much rush through him, his body trembling.
The power Paulo felt was overpowering, almost consuming.
He heard Michael's voice echoing in his mind.
"Focus, Paulo. Focus on my voice."
Paulo focused, coming back to himself.
Paulo looked at Michael, seeing a tear running down his cheek.
"I am sorry Paulo, sorry to give you a part of what I alone must bear. No one needs to bear my burden, least of all you. But someone needs your faith, your hope, and your healing love.  This gift that I have given you, combined with your love, shall cleanse both of you. God's healing touch is in you now, my brother, joined with your love. Use that gift for him, for both of you."
Paulo turned looking into Jake's blue eyes, seeing Jake lost in wonder.
Paulo placed his hands on Jake's chest, feeling instantly all that lay inside Jake.
All his feelings, his desires, his pain and his hurting soul. He could feel his blood flowing, his heart beating.
Paulo closed his eyes, centering on the pain he'd felt deep inside Jake.
He found what he sought, the diseased kidneys, feeling their dying tissue. Paulo concentrated on his love for Jake, for his need to be loved by him.
Everyone watched a blue glow surround both men, Jake feeling a warmth inside him.
He also felt the beginnings of a new vitality, a new strength.
He sighed deeply, swaying a bit.
Michael was beside him in a moment, gently holding him as Paulo continued.
After a few moments, when Michael touched Jake's forehead, Paulo's eyes opened, the glow instantly disappearing.
Paulo stared at Jake, Jake opening his own eyes.
"I feel so refreshed, so full of energy. Can it be?"
Michael touched Jake's shoulder, closing his eyes.
In a few moments he opened them again, staring at his two friends.
"You are healed, Jake. Your body and soul are healed."
Paulo and Jake both began crying, hugging each other tightly, and then kissing.
Justin and Lonnie had tears in their eyes, seeing the two lovers so happy.
Michael rose up standing in front of Jake and Paulo.
"I need the cross back, Paulo. You cannot control the power you feel inside you, it will destroy you. Relinquish what I have given you."
Paulo stared at Michael, seeing the same power, and so much more, deep in Michael's golden eyes.
Paulo slowly removed the cross, handing it back to Michael.
Michael took it from him, putting it around his neck again. Paulo immediately felt the power disappear.
Paulo turned looking into Jake's blue eyes, seeing so much joy there.
"I feel your love all through me, Polo. Your healing love. I think everything is gone, all the pain, all the emptiness. I'm healed."
The two kissed again, lost in their happiness.
They parted, smiling and looking at each other.
Michael watched for a moment, his face showing no emotion.
Justin picked up on his mood immediately, putting his hand on his shoulder.
"Are you okay, Mico?"
Everyone looked at Michael, Michael lowering his head when Paulo looked into his eyes.
"Justin, I need to be alone for a few minutes to think all of this through. Excuse me."
Michael walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.
Justin watched him leave, turning to look at Paulo and Jake.
Paulo saw the sadness in Justin's face, and the concern for Michael.
"What have I done, Jus? I've hurt him so much." Paulo said, beginning to cry.
Justin sat down beside him putting his hand on Paulo's shoulder, Jake's arm wrapped around him also.
Lonnie watched his friend's pain, sensing that Paulo realized now the depth of what he'd done to Michael.
"I hit him Jus, I hit my brother in anger. All his life he's been abused, and he trusted me to be his brother. Now I've lost his trust."
Justin rubbed his shoulder looking up at Jake.
"You're wrong Paulo. Michael's love for you hasn't changed. I still felt that there. He's upset about something else."
Paulo looked up, his teary eyes staring at Justin.
"What's wrong, Jus?"
Justin sighed, looking into Paulo's green eyes.
"What was it like, Paulo? What did it feel like to hold a part of Michael's power?"
Paulo felt that memory in his soul.
"It was like being buried alive, floating in a charged energy. It felt like it would consume me. I was totally lost. Only Michael's voice in my mind brought me back to the surface of that charged energy. It's such an all-consuming power. It was like being in the center of the universe."
They all listened to Paulo, lost in the feeling of the power Michael held.
"Michael feels that he's endangered you, Paulo. By letting you feel that power. He feels he's hurt you."
Paulo stared in awe, not believing what Justin was saying.
Justin looked toward the door, staring at it.
"He knows he had to do it, so that you could heal Jake and become his true soulmate. But he's still not happy about having to do it. This power is, he feels, his alone. Remember what he said:

"I am sorry Paulo, sorry to give you what I alone must bear. No one needs to bear my burden, least of all you."

They all remembered the words, spoken by Michael, and they now felt the deep emotion they'd missed in his voice when he'd said them.
"When he realized that you were afraid of his gifts, Jake, and what they might do to Paulo, that hurt him even more. He had to decide whether it was worth upsetting you, Jake, to save you. In the end, he decided it was."
Jake lowered his head, realizing that he had looked at this gift thing all wrong. Now, when he felt what Paulo had done for him, what Michael had done for both of them, he realized that the gifts weren't something to be afraid of. They were a manifestation of love.
The gift of Paulo's love had healed him. The gifts Michael used were God's gifts. Gifts of love.
"I've been such a fool. I'm sorry, Paulo. I was afraid of something that I should have been overjoyed to witness and to have. I think we both owe Michael an apology."
The door opened, Michael walking back into the room.
Everyone stared at him, Michael feeling uncomfortable.
"I got to our room and realized I didn't have my key. You have it, Jus."
Justin smiled, getting up and walking to Michael.
"I've been sitting out in the hall thinking." Michael said.
Justin put his arm around him, Michael feeling his strength.
Paulo and Jake both stood up, walking to Michael.
Paulo grabbed him in an emotional hug, beginning to cry again.
Michael held him, feeling his brother's pain.
"It's alright, Polo. Your brother loves you."
Paulo pulled back, staring at Michael with tears flowing.
"I'm sorry I hit you, Michael. I'm sorry I hurt you. You trusted me and I've failed you."
"No, Polo. I love you and trust you as always. You're my brother. Yes, I was shocked when you hit me, but that was my fault. I should have told you the truth from the start."
Paulo wrapped him in his arms again.
"This wasn't your fault. And your giving me a part of your power wasn't wrong either. I needed it to save my love. I can't thank you enough for what you've done today, Mikey. For what you've done for me and my Jake."
"I didn't do anything, Paulo. I was only the messenger. God's love and your own saved Jake. Always remember that. You now carry a more controllable gift, Paulo and Jake. You will always be able to heal Jake, and he'll be able to do the same for you. That's the gift of a soulmate's healing love."
Jake's tears matched Paulo's as he too hugged Michael.
"Thank you and God, Michael. For what you've given me today. A future, a future of love and happiness."
Michael smiled, kissing his cheeks.
"Welcome to this crazy Tavarro clan, Jake."
Jake laughed, Paulo smiling.
"So who's grateful enough to buy me dinner." Michael smirked.
Everyone laughed, Michael's humor working its magic.
"I'm going to buy my brother the biggest steak imaginable." Paulo said smiling widely, picking Michael up and twirling him around.
"What are you trying to do, empty my stomach so it will fit in there? Put me down before I throw up." Michael laughed, Justin smiling at the two brothers, now back to normal.
But Justin felt Michael was holding something back.

The five men went out for dinner, ending up at a classy steak restaurant.
Paulo took charge, ordering for everyone, Justin and Michael smiling at his newfound happiness.
"This meal is on me guys, on me and my man."
Jake smiled, agreeing with Paulo.
They talked happily, the conversation lively.
Michael noticed Paulo looking at him every few minutes.
He felt in his mind what Paulo was feeling.
The waitress came, putting down their drink orders, Paulo ordering a bottle of champagne for the meal.
Once the waitress left, Michael turned looking at his brother.
"Out with it, Paulo." Michael said quietly, Justin looking over at Paulo.
Paulo looked at him, lowering his eyes.
Everyone felt his unease.
"I'm worried, Mikey."
"You don't have to worry, Paulo." Michael said, seemingly lost in his own thoughts.
"But I just felt a small part of it. How do you control all that power? It scares me to think that it might overpower you. I remember that day at the pool and the force of that wave. Hell, it put me into the pool. How do you live with that inside you? And why does it have to be you?"
Michael looked around at everyone, the last one he looked at being Justin.
"This power is God's power, everyone. He controls it inside me. You should think of this power as a living thing. Adrian showed me when I was young simple tricks to decieve it, to make it sleep. When I need it I can awaken it, to unleash as much as I need. That's when it's hardest to control. When it is unleashed. I concentrated a small amount of that power into that cross, Paulo, and gave it to you. I put to sleep the mother, to control the babe I gave you. Now that babe has rejoined its mother. The two are joined again as one, the whole power intact, sleeping again, waiting for its next rising."
Michael fondled the cross on his neck, Paulo looking towards it.
"But don't you get scared when you realize the monster you have inside you?" Jake asked, regretting it immediately when he saw Justin stare at him.
"I'm not scared of it anymore, Jake. And there's a very simple reason for that. I now know what it is."
Justin looked at Michael, sensing happiness in him.
"It's God's love, Mikey." Lonnie said smiling.
Michael smiled at him, then at the other three.
"In its purest form." Michael said laughing. "Or so the voice tells me."
Justin stared at him, Michael smiling.
"You know inside all of you, you hear a voice, your conscience, telling you what to do, helping you think things through? A part of yourself that you talk to, to reason things out?"
They all nodded.
"Well my voice is so much more. It's guiding me, talking to me, even listening to me at times. It's like I have another person inside me."
Justin looked totally shocked.
Michael laughed, everyone remaining quiet.
"Come on guys. You have to admit that's pretty weird."
Lonnie nodded, staring at Michael.
"I think the power behind my gifts has manifested itself into some subconscious thing inside me. In essence, I'm talking to my power."
Justin smiled, sensing Michael wasn't afraid, Michael looking into his eyes.
"I'm okay, Jus. I'm sane, healthy and just plain beautiful."
Justin laughed, the others smiling.
"So what does this voice tell you?" Lonnie asked, Michael smiling.
"It told me what to do for Paulo and Jake. It helped me write Justin's song. It helped me open my heart to you, Jus."
Justin smiled, as did Paulo and Jake.
"Then this voice has my utmost thanks." Justin said smiling at Michael, so wanting to kiss him.
"You're welcome, Mr. Timberlake." Michael's voice came out totally different.
Everyone stared in shock.
Michael exploded into laughter, everyone realizing Michael had pulled a fast one.
"Very funny, Mico." Justin blushed.
Michael regained control of his laughter, patting Justin's hand.
"It was too much to resist, Jus."
Justin smiled.
"You are so going to get it when we go back to the hotel."
Paulo and Jake looked at each other, both saying it as one.
"Someone's getting lucky! Someone's getting lucky!"
Everyone laughed, Justin turning two shades of red.

Jake and Paulo left their friends, heading back to Jake's hotel room to spend the rest of the day together. Paulo hugged Michael tightly, Michael kissing his cheek. They parted as brothers. Justin sensed Michael still was bothered by something.
They returned to their suite, Justin showering for his party. Michael had begged off going, opting to stay at the hotel.
Lonnie and Justin left shortly before eight, Justin kissing Michael repeatedly.
He was concerned about leaving Michael alone, Michael finally convincing him that he was going nowhere.
Sleep was all he wanted, Justin feeling his tiredness.
Michael snuggled up on the couch immediately after Justin left.
And then the tears started.
Michael cried himself to sleep, alone in the darkness of the suite.

Justin left the gala early, around eleven. Lonnie sensed it was more do to his concern for Michael.
They quietly entered the suite, surprised to see Michael sleeping on the couch.
Apparently, he'd never made it to the bedroom.
Justin hugged Lonnie, the man silently leaving to go to his room.
Justin removed his shoes, sitting down on the couch, kissing Michael's cheek. He felt wetness on his cheek.
Michael's eyes opening staring into Justin's blue orbs.
He wrapped his arms around Justin's neck pulling him down to his lips.
The kiss lingered long, the two lost in each other's love.
Justin snuggled up against Michael, Michael's head finding its home.
Michael and Justin found themselves alone finally, snuggling on the large couch in the living room of their suite.
"I'm so where I want to be right now." Justin said, snuggling closer to Michael.
Justin had picked up on Michael's quietness since he'd awakened.
Justin sat up, pulling a rose out of the bouquet sitting on the coffee table.
"A rose for your thoughts, lover?" He asked handing Michael a white rose.
Michael smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
Justin saw a sadness in Michael's eyes.
"Talk to me, love."
"How about a relaxing bath, Jus?  I'd love to relax in that big tub with you." Michael smiled a tired smile.
"Sounds like heaven. I'll get it all set up, you grab some glasses and a bottle of wine."
Michael smiled getting up and heading into the walk-in kitchen, Justin disappearing into the bathroom.
Michael pulled out a bottle of white wine from the refrigerator, and a bowl of strawberries.
He put them and two glasses on a tray, walking back into the master bedroom.
He walked into the spacious bathroom, looking at the large, marble, sunken tub.
It was full of bubbles, Justin sitting in the middle of them.
Candles were lit around the tub, the soft glow bringing a beauty to the room.
Michael looked at Justin's exposed torso, seeing the wetness of his smooth skin.
"The water's heaven, lovecakes."
Michael smiled, setting the tray down.
He pulled off his shirt, Justin staring at his hairy, muscular, defined chest.
Michael removed his pants and boxers, slipping into the tub, turning his back to Justin, laying back.
Justin enveloped Michael in his arms, Michael's back laying against his muscular chest.
Justin began to wash Michael slowly, running water over his back and chest.
Michael sighed, leaning again his lover.
"Heaven it is, Timby."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's neck.
They lay quietly, Michael then pouring a glass of wine for each of them, handing Justin his.
Justin tapped his glass against Michael's, kissing the back of his neck again.
"Here's to love and our matching hearts."
Michael smiled, laying back against Justin.
They both drank their wine slowly, relaxing in the tenderness of each other's company.
"So, what's the sadness I feel in you, Mico?"
Michael turned looking into Justin's eyes.
Justin took their two glasses, setting them down next to the tub.
He ran his finger along Michael's cheek, Michael shuddering.
And then Michael began to cry.
Justin was shocked, taking Michael into his arms, Michael laying his head on Justin's wet chest, sobbing.
After a long ten minutes, Michael finally cried himself out.
Justin held him, letting Michael find the words.
"When he hit me, it hurt me to my soul. I love him so much, he's my brother, why did he have to hit me?"
Michael cried, Justin now knowing what the sadness was.
"I know, love. I know how much that must have hurt you. His love hurt you. I'm sorry for that. And I know that Paulo is even more sorry. He cried so much when you left. He felt he'd hurt you deeply. And now I realize that he had. Don't hate him for it, Mico. He loves you with all his heart. I know that truthfully."
"I don't hate him, Jus. I love him, he's my brother. I know that part of it was my fault. But it still hurts to think that it still can happen."
Justin raised Michael's head, staring into his eyes.
"That someone can hurt you. That someone you love can hurt you."
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes, nodding, Justin now seeing the truth.
"I love you Michael. You are everything to me. I'll never hurt you. This I promise you."
Michael clung again to Justin, holding onto him for dear life.
"I love you so much, Jus. Please don't hurt me, I'd die if you ever hurt me." Michael sobbed into Justin's chest.
Justin held him, his own tears falling.
He saw now how deeply this had affected Michael, to his very soul.
His old insecurities had reared their ugly heads.
Michael was afraid of being hurt by love again.
Justin pulled Michael back staring into his eyes.
"Do you love me, Mico?"
Michael looked into Justin's eyes, finding his love.
"With all my heart, with all my soul." Michael said, staring into Justin's wet blue eyes.
"Ask me, Mico?"
Michael took a deep breath, trembling.
"Do you love me, Jus?"
"With every fiber of my being, with every part of my existence. I love you Michael. I've loved you from the moment I looked into your golden eyes. In them I saw so much pain, so much hurt. I wanted to erase all of that, to find the joy, happiness and love I knew was hidden beneath. And I've found them all. And so much more. I've found a love I never dreamed I'd ever be worthy enough to have."
Michael stared into Justin's blue pools of love, sinking deep into their beauty.
"I promise you now, on the love I have for you, my Mico, that I will never physically hurt you. The day I do that will  be the day I rip my own heart out. For to do that to you would destroy my heart. I wouldn't be able to live with myself, without your love. I love you, Mico, I love you. Please believe me, I love you. I'll never hurt you, I promise."
Justin was now crying, Michael taking him in his arms, Justin sobbing against him.
Michael wore a smile of eternal bliss. In those words that Justin had just spoken, Michael had found his salvation. He now knew deep in his heart that Justin could never hurt him, would never hurt him. Justin couldn't live without his love.
"I believe you, Jus. I believe you."
The two sat together, just holding each other, their closeness soothing their souls.

When the water had cooled, Michael and Justin rose out of the tub together, helping each other to dry off, Michael opening the drain to let the water go out.
Once they were completely dry, and a little excited, Michael blew out the candles, and turned off the lights.
They walked back into their bedroom, hand in hand, their bodies open to each other's gaze.
Neither could keep their eyes off the other.
Even after the last few months of being together, they still saw so much beauty in each other.
Justin took Michael into his arms gazing into his beautiful eyes.
"I love you, Mico."
"I love you, Timby."
They kissed a deep kiss of love, lost in each other's heart.
They parted, Michael pulling the covers back, sinking back onto the bed, pulling Justin with him.
Justin lay on top of Michael kissing him again, Michael 's hands roaming down his back to his bottom.
Justin felt Michael's energized desires, Justin's mouth moving downward, kissing Michael's neck and going further down, licking his chest, sucking his hard nipples.
Within minutes he was at Michael's center, Michael breathing heavy.
Justin took the shaft in his hand, stroking it, feeling its heat.
Michael moaned Justin's name, Justin taking all of him deep into his mouth.
Michael gasped, his troubled mind now filled with only Justin's love. The music filled his mind, Justin's voice flowing deep into his soul.
Justin felt Michael's abandonment, his being lost in Justin's love.
Justin pulled off Michael's hardness, Michael whimpering.
Justin smiled, moving himself up a little, positioning himself.
He kissed Michael deeply, Michael moaning.
They both opened their eyes, staring into each other's souls.
"I need you Mico, I need your love." Justin whispered, sinking backwards.
All of Michael's hardness sank deep into him, Justin gasping, throwing his head back.
Michael pulled upward, latching his lips to Justin's right nipple, sucking the drop of flesh madly.
Justin was lost now, his musical soul hearing Michael's melodic song . The words meant so much to him, the words of Michael's love.
The two focused on the other's desires, needs and bodies.
Trembling motions sent each to new places of desire.
The room echoed with their moans and words, the fever of love flowing through them both.
For hours they felt each other's soothing lovemaking, felt each other's needs.
And at the end they lay together, their desires satisfied.
Michael had held Justin when the emotions of their fevered love became too much for him, Justin crying tears of love.
Now they were where both were happiest, Michael in Justin's arms, his head laying on Justin's smooth chest.
Justin held Michael in his arms, feeling Michael's contented love.
He still felt those insecure thoughts flowing through Michael, knowing how today had deeply affected him.
But he also felt Michael's acceptance of his promise, and what it meant to Michael.
In truth, it meant so much more to Justin.
"I've never had anyone depend on me, Mico. To need me like you need me, Mico."
Michael raised his head, kissing Justin's lips.
"I do need you, Jus, and not just your body. I need your love, your smile, your laughter, your tears."
Justin smiled, tracing his finger along Michael's cheek.
"I always thought that I could handle anything, Jus. That no matter what life threw at me, somehow I would survive. But what happened to me today made me realize that I can't handle being hurt again. I've gone through so much pain, so much hurt. I thought I was immune to it, but I'm not. My greatest fear is that you'll fall out of love with me. And that you'll hurt me. I know it's irrational, but that's what fear is. Irrational thoughts that draw away our strength. I love you, Jus. And I know how deeply you love me. Your promise means everything to me, my love. The promise of your love."
Justin kissed him deeply again, Michael's soul filling with his love.
Michael lay back on his chest, sighing gently.
"I love you, Timby."
"I love you more, Mico."
Justin held him for a long time, finally feeling Michael's breathing relax, then hearing his gentle snoring.
Justin stared at his lover's body, then at his face, seeing a small bruise above his nose.
Justin had always thought Michael so courageous, so strong. He found it hard to believe that anything could hurt Michael now.
But in one punch Paulo had hurt Michael to his very soul.
Justin didn't blame Paulo, he knew Paulo had reacted due to his emotional distress at finding Jake was ill.
And Justin knew Paulo deeply regretted hitting Michael. He'd seen that on his handsome face when Michael walked out of the room.
Justin lay awake thinking about all that Michael had said, about his fear of him hurting him.
Could he hurt Michael like that? In a fit of anger would he lash out at him?
Justin remembered the hurtful words he'd said to Michael that one day at home. How it had hurt Michael deeply.
But words could be taken back, physical hurt couldn't.
All his life Justin had never understood why people fought. He'd always tried to be giving, to be the peacemaker.
He felt in his heart that he could never physically hurt anyone, most of all Michael.
"I'll never hurt you my love, you are everything to me. " Justin whispered.
Justin kissed Michael's forehead, snuggling up closer to him.
Michael murmured in his sleep, Justin catching the words.
"I know, Jus."
Justin teared up, closing his eyes.
He fell asleep to his lover's soothing words.

Paul stepped off the plane, walking through the terminal. He scanned for any sign of surveillance.
He'd dyed his hair dark brown, now wearing a moustache and goatee.
The dark glasses he wore shaded his blue eyes.
He walked out of the airport, seeing the sun sinking down, the day almost dying.
He hailed a cab, taking off towards his hotel.
He only carried one bag, which had all he required.
The cab driver tried making conversation, Paul silencing him with a few well placed words.
Paul needed silence, to clear his thoughts.
Although his mind never was clear these days.
He knew Fredrick was following him in his mind.
When he'd returned to meet him, Fredrick had been waiting, as if he knew when he'd arrive.
And Fredrick had taken him again, using him like trash.
Then Fredrick told Paul something that chilled him to the bone.
Fredrick was in Paul's mind, and he controlled him.
Paul didn't believe him, not until the screaming stopped.
Paul closed his eyes, feeling that pain once again course through him.
The pain of his submission. The pain of Fredrick controlling his mind.
Fredrick was his master and Paul now had to accept that.
For his master had promised him his greatest desire.
And Paul now felt he was close to that prize.
Paul's hand went to his chest pocket, feeling the gift hiding there.
A smile crossed his lips.
Tonight he'd test it, to make sure it did what Fredrick said it would do.
And if it did, then his prize was certain.
Fredrick had babbled on about someone called Medusa, Paul not knowing who that was.
Something about turning people to stone, or controlling them.
Paul felt the desires taking hold of him.
His desires for a certain young pop star with blue eyes. Paul wanted to see those blue eyes staring into his own, when Paul made him his.
He'd become crazed with taking that young man, with using him completely.
The cab pulled up in front of the hotel, Paul dispersing it with a twenty.
He walked into the hotel, registering as Jackson Phillips, the woman behind the desk flirting with him.
Paul scanned around seeing nothing strange.
His mind sensed something, what it was he couldn't pinpoint.
He took his keycard from the young lady, walking to the elevator.
The doors opened, Paul seeing a cart being pushed out.
Attached to the cart was a young man, strikingly beautiful. Tall, blond, slim, but Paul saw a muscular frame under the uniform. His nametag read Shane.
Paul smiled at him, the young man smiling back.
Paul entered the elevator as the young man got out.
The young man bent over the cart giving Paul a view of his tight black pants, and the nice butt inside them.
"How late does room service close?"
"We're open till twelve, sir." Shane said smiling at him.
"I think I'll order when I get to my room."
"Ask for me personally, sir. I've very quick."
Paul smiled his killer smile, removing his glasses.
"That I most certainly will do."
The elevator doors closed, Shane catching one last look at the man.
"Maybe this will be a lucrative night, that guy looks like a good tipper." Shane said, smiling.

Paul threw down his bag on the bed, pulling off his jacket.
He pulled the gift out of his inside pocket, staring at it.
It was a plain photograph of Fredrick Tavarro.
He stood alone, his face filling half the photo.
His eyes seemed to be alive.
Paul felt a shudder go through him, turning the photo over on the bed.
He pulled off his clothes, jumping into the shower.
After his shower he wrapped a robe around himself, walking back into the bedroom.
He picked up the phone, calling room service.
He ordered a chicken sandwich, and two bottles of beer.
He requested Shane personally, a leer forming on his face.
His hand went below his robe, stroking his growing hardness.
Paul looked in the full length mirror on the wall, opening his robe a little, his smooth chest exposed, one nipple showing.
Perfect, he thought.
A knock came on the door five minutes later. Paul smiled.
He opened the door, smiling a killer smile at the young man with the cart.
"Hi, Shane. That was indeed fast."
Shane smiled, pushing the cart into the room.
"I'm fast in service, I take care of our guests." Shane said staring at the exposed chest, seeing the hard nipple.
Shane felt a sudden nervousness with this guy. Was he trying to come on to him?
Shane was straight, he had no desire to taste that forbidden fruit.
"I was wondering if you could help me with something, Shane." Paul said leering at him.
"I'll always try to help our guests."
"Well, this could take a while.  Do you have time?" Paul said.
"It is the end of my shift, so, yes, I can stay to help you out if you need me." Shane smiled, hoping for that big tip.
Paul walked up to the bed, standing beside Shane.
Shane could feel his body heat, becoming uncomfortable with the closeness of the man.
Paul picked up the photo, turning it over.
"Could you look at this photograph and tell me if you recognize this man." Paul said.
Shane tore his eyes away from Paul's lustful gaze, nervously staring into the photograph.
His body shuddered, his soul becoming lost in the eyes of the man in the photograph.
Paul looked at the young man, seeing him lost in the photo.
"Shane." Paul barked, the man remaining still.
Paul removed the photo from the man's hand.
Shane didn't move, staring ahead.
"Sit down Shane."
The young man sat down on the bed, staring ahead.
"Look at me."
He raised his head, staring at Paul.
Paul saw a blankness in his eyes, their blue seemed hazy.
"Take your clothes off, now." Paul said quietly.
The young man stood up, pulling all his clothes off.
Paul stood back leering at the muscular beauty standing in front of him.
"What is my name?"
"Master." The young man said, Paul smiling.
"And what is your name?"
"No, it's Justin."
"You came into this room wanting me, didn't you."
"No, sir. I wanted a good tip."
Paul smiled. A straight man! Very interesting.
"Oh, you're going to get a tip. The tip of my hard flesh in your ass."
Paul walked up to him, running his hands across his chest.
Paul pinched his nipple, hard.
The man moaned, but didn't move.
"Lay down on the bed, and stick your ass up in the air."
Shane lay down on the bed, on his knees, his ass facing Paul.
Paul walked up to the bed, his robe falling to the floor.
"Turn around and take me into your mouth, and suck me slut."
Shane turned, swallowing Paul's hardened cock.
Paul smiled, feeling his desires about to unleash.
He stared down at the photo, picking it up off the bed.
He stared at it, that shudder beginning again.
He turned it over, placing it on the nightstand.
Fredrick had been right. The photo would immobilize someone immediately, turning them into slaves.
It didn't effect Paul the same because Fredrick already controlled him.
Whoever Medusa was, Paul was happy for this gift.
Paul smiled looking down at the young man sucking his shaft.
He'd turned a straight man into a cocksucker.
He pulled out of Shane's mouth, his hardness standing erect. He slapped him across the face with it, Shane just staring ahead.
He walked over to the cart, picking up the two bottles of beer.
He opened one, drinking half of it.
He leered at the exposed ass staring at him, licking his lips.
He walked back to the bed, running his free hand over the smooth bubble butt.
His fingers found the deep crack, entering the tight hole.
He smiled, pulling them back out, looking down at the beer bottle in his hand.
"Tonight you're going to feel what being a slut really means, Justin."
"Yes, master." The young man said not moving.
Paul laughed, his hands moving forward, the beer bottle still in one.

End of Chapter 84

So Paul is back.
What evil things has he planned for Justin and Michael?
What can he use this mysterious photo for?
Is Michael back to normal or are there still doubts in his heart?
Can Justin show him his promise is real?
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