Justin's Angel-85

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Paul walked up to the bed, his robe falling to the floor.
"Turn around and take me into your mouth, and suck me slut."
Shane turned, swallowing Paul's hardened cock.
Paul smiled, feeling his desires about to unleash.
He stared down at the photo, picking it up off the bed.
He stared at it, that shudder beginning again.
He turned it over, placing it on the nightstand.
Fredrick had been right. The photo would immobilize someone immediately, turning them into slaves.
It didn't effect Paul the same because Fredrick already controlled him.
Whoever Medusa was Paul was happy for this gift.
Paul smiled looking down at the young man sucking his shaft.
He'd turned a straight man into a cocksucker.
He pulled out of Shane's mouth, his hardness standing erect. He slapped him across the face with it, Shane just staring ahead.
He walked over to the cart, picking up the two bottles of beer.
He opened one, drinking half of it.
He leered at the exposed ass staring at him, licking his lips.
He walked back to the bed, running his free hand over the smooth bubble butt.
His fingers found the deep crack, entering the tight hole.
He smiled, pulling them back out, looking down at the beer bottle in his hand.
"Tonight you're going to feel what being a slut really means, Justin."
"Yes, master." The young man said not moving.
Paul laughed, his hands moving forward, the beer bottle still in one.

Chapter 85

Michael woke up, finding the bed empty.
He picked up his watch off the nightstand, seeing it was nine fifteen.
He fell back into the bed, stretching widely.
"Morning, love. Where's my sexy amigo? Love ya, sweetie." Michael called out in his mind.
Michael felt Justin's smile before he felt his words in his mind.
"Morning, babe. Love ya more, lovecakes.  I'm in Lonnie's room talking with Lon, Jake and Paulo. Be over in a few minutes."
"Okay, Jus. I'll pop into the shower and refresh myself. See ya soon."
Michael got up, scratching his chest, heading into the bathroom, climbing into the tub.
He hit the water faucets, then the shower button, water spraying down on him.
He sighed, grabbing the soap, washing his body all over.
He still felt tired, but a good tired.
Last night's passion had soothed his soul, as had Justin's loving care.
But his mind was on one thing. His brother. Paulo's love
Michael washed himself off, drying himself and then walking back into the bedroom.
Justin was sitting on the bed, smiling at him.
Justin looked at the vision of beauty coming out of the bathroom.
He never tired of looking at Michael's toned body, it igniting the fire in his heart.
"Beauty walks in God's love. You are so beautiful, my angel."
Michael blushed a little, leaning down and kissing Justin's lips.
Justin's hands went to Michael's chiseled chest, running his fingers through the soft chest hair.
Michael started pushing Justin backwards, Justin reluctantly stopping.
"We don't have time, love. Someone's in the living room waiting for you."
Michael let Justin go, standing again.
"Really? And who would that be?"
Michael's eyebrows furrowed for a moment, then he sat down beside Justin.
"What are you doing, Jus?"
Justin put his arm around him, looking at Michael's concerned face.
"I'm trying to help, love. You told Paulo yesterday that everything was alright. Last night you showed me that it wasn't. You need to talk to him, brother to brother. Tell him your feelings, Mico. Tell him what yesterday did to you. He's your brother. He loves you. And he needs to know the truth."
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing that Justin was trying to help.
"Okay, Jus. I do need to tell him the truth. What did you tell him?"
"I only told him you needed to talk to him, Mico. He's waiting to do just that."
Michael nodded, Justin sensing his doubt.
"He loves you, Mico. He's your brother. You need to put this past you."
Michael looked up as Justin kissed his lips.
"I'll let you get dressed, we'll be waiting in the living room, Mico."
Justin got up, looked at his lover.
"Love ya, sweetie."
Michael smiled, his heart melting at Justin's beautiful face.
"I love you too, tiger."
Justin smiled, walking out of the room, Michael staring down at his feet.
He knew Justin was worried about his insecurities. The fear that someday Justin might hurt him.
They'd talked it all through last night, Justin's promise still echoing in Michael's mind.
Michael sighed, standing up and getting dressed.
In a few minutes Michael was ready, standing at his bedroom door.
He took a deep breath and opened the door.

Michael walked out into the living room, everyone looking up at him.
"Morning guys." Michael said smiling at his friends.
Paulo stood up, Jake getting up and hugging Michael.
Lonnie greeted him with a bear hug, everyone smiling.
Michael looked at his brother, Paulo walking up to him and hugging him tightly.
They parted, Paulo sitting back down beside Jake, his lover wrapping his arm around him.
Justin scooched over on the couch, Michael sitting beside him.
"We were just about to head for breakie, Mikey." Lonnie said, smiling at him.
"Great, I'm famished. But first I need to talk to you Paulo, alone."
Everyone got up to go, Justin kissing Michael's cheek.
Paulo smiled at Jake, Jake kissing his lips.
"We'll meet you two downstairs. Take your time." Justin said, sensing Michael's nerves.
The three men exited the room, heading down to the restaurant.
Paulo got up, sitting down beside Michael.
"Okay, Mikey. What's wrong? I sense something is bothering you. Is it about what happened yesterday?"
Michael sighed, looking into Paulo's green eyes.
"This is hard for me to talk about, Polo."
Paulo's gaze remained on Michael, Michael finally lowering his eyes.
"You're upset with me, aren't you? You didn't tell me everything yesterday, Michael."
Michael felt a sob building in his chest, Paulo seeing his distress.
"I really hurt you, didn't I? Oh God, Michael!"
Michael put his hand on Paulo's shoulder, seeing Paulo beginning to break down.
"I need to say something, Polo. Please let me say all of it."
Paulo nodded, afraid of what he might hear.
"I have struggled all my life to find people that I can trust.  It's never been easy for me to open up to people. To let them love me for me. I found that person in my Jus, and I've found that person in you, my new brother. I don't call someone brother unless they've entered my heart and soul. I've found that brother in you, Polo. Yesterday you did something that hurt me to my very soul. You hit me, Polo. That hurt has turned me inside out. It's made all my insecurities come alive again. Everyone that I've loved has hurt me. You know of what I speak, my life is an open book. "
Paulo had tears in his eyes, seeing how much now he'd hurt Michael.
"I love you, Polo. You are now and always will be my brother. I know you didn't do it deliberately, only in anger. Anger that I caused.  But now I'm scared."
Paulo wiped his eyes, Michael wrapping his arm around him.
"You're scared of me?"
"No, Polo. Not of you."
Paulo looked up into Michael's golden eyes. He saw love there, deep love for him.
"I'm scared of myself. My insecurities are back. I'm scared that Justin will hurt me. And if he does, it will destroy me. I love him so much, he's my everything. Please God, don't let him hurt me, please don't."
Michael sobbed, his inner secret now open before his brother.
Paulo took him in his arms, holding him tight.
"Oh God, Michael! Justin will never hurt you, he loves you with all his heart!"
"Everybody I've loved has hurt me, I don't want him to. That would kill me, Polo. I love him so much."
Paulo kissed Michael's forehead, wiping the tears from his eyes.
"Have you talked to Justin about this?"
"Yes, he's made me a promise that he'll never hurt me. His unconditional love is that promise."
Paulo smiled, kissing Michael 's cheek.
"I think, hell I know, that that is a promise he'll never break."
Michael smiled a small smile, Paulo holding him again, Michael laying his head on his brother's chest.
"I'm sorry, Mikey. For bringing all those deep feelings up again. But don't ever worry, Justin and I will always love you."
"I love you Polo. I forgive you completely for what happened yesterday. We're the same as we've always been: Two loving brothers."
Paulo smiled, feeling his brother's love as always. They broke apart, Michael sitting up.
They both wiped their eyes, Michael smiling a little more.
"I just needed to tell you, Polo. I just needed to get it off my chest. Justin told me I had to tell you the truth. I hope you understand."
Paulo kissed Michael's cheek, smiling at him.
"I understand perfectly. I'll never do anything like that again, Mikey. My anger is pretty volatile at times. I'm deeply sorry I took it out on you. And I'm sorry I'm not as centered as you are."
Michael laughed, Paulo smiling.
"I am so far off center, I need a compass to just stop myself from getting lost."
Paulo laughed, ruffling Michael's hair.
It had lengthened a bit, still not as long as he'd always kept it. Another month and it would be normal again.
The two looked into each other's eyes, seeing their love, friendship and brotherhood strong as ever.
"Let's go get some food, bro." Paulo said, Michael smiling.
"And Michael...."
Michael looked into his brother's green eyes.
"Justin loves you. Never forget that."
Michael's smile widened, Paulo smiling.
"Besides, you'd whoop his ass any day."
Michael laughed, some of his doubts evaporating.
The two opened the door, heading downstairs.

Jake looked over at Justin, seeing him deep in thought.
Lonnie looked at both of them.
Everyone was quiet, a sense of concern around the table.
Justin hadn't elaborated on what was going on, just that Paulo and Michael had to talk some things through.
Both men knew that it had to do with yesterday's altercation, the two brothers needing some bonding time.
"Should we order, Justin?" Lonnie asked, looking at his friend.
"Let's wait for Mico and Paulo. They should be along shortly."
Lonnie saw that Justin wasn't worried, just calm and deep in thought.
Justin looked up hearing laughter, seeing Paulo and Michael laughing as they walked to the table.
Everyone broke out in smiles, Michael looking directly at Justin.
"Sorry we took so long, guys. Paulo's such a woman, he never shuts up."
Jake laughed, Paulo ruffling Michael's hair again, Michael swatting his hand away.
"Keep your hands off the `do, only one person touches my hair." Michael said smiling at Justin.
"You're in a good mood, Michael. Everything back to normal?" Jake asked, smiling at him.
"As much as normal can be around this smartass." Paulo smiled, pointing at Michael.
Justin laughed, Michael smiling at him.
"Everything okay, love?" Justin said in his mind.
Michael sat down beside him.
"Everything's fine, Jus. My brother and I talked it all out. We're back to our old selves."
Justin's smile was large and radiant, Michael lost in his beauty.
"I love ya, Timby. Thanks for making me talk to him."
"I love ya more, Mico. I'm glad the two of you have your love back, you'll always need your brother."
Michael's teary eyes smiled at Justin, their love flowing.
"Looks like those two are talking to each other in that way." Lonnie said nudging Jake's elbow.
Everyone looked at the two men looking at each other, smiling.
"I wish we could communicate like that." Jake said, looking into Paulo's eyes.
"We communicate pretty well, I'm not complaining." Paulo said smiling into Jake's blue eyes.
"Well I'm complaining. What do I have to do to get fed around here?" Lonnie said smirking.
"You need a woman, Lon. Then you can feed off love, like all of us." Michael said, everyone
They sat back, relaxing, waiting for their breakfast.

The day was filled with a hectic array of duties.
Justin had interviews, his concert that night.
Michael had a meeting with Ryan and his publishers and a book signing at two in the afternoon.
Justin's concert began at eight.
They parted around eleven, both men kissing deeply, knowing they'd be with each other throughout the afternoon in their minds..
Michael went to his meeting, Paulo in tow.
Paulo waited in the waiting room, chatting with a secretary, while Michael went to the meeting.
A half hour later, Michael walked out of the boardroom, his face emotionless, Ryan following him.
Paulo got up quickly sensing Michael was in shock.
Michael didn't say anything, just walking out of the room heading for the elevators, the other two men looking at each other.
They followed him, entering an elevator.
The ride down was dead silence, Ryan shaking his head at Paulo.
Paulo hailed a cab downstairs, Michael still remaining quiet.
Ryan was driving with them to the signing at a large downtown Manhattan book store.
Once they were all in the cab, Ryan turned and looked at Michael.
"Please, for the love of God, say something, Michael!  I don't think it should have been that big of a surprise. It was bound to happen eventually."
"I know, Ry, but I just find it so unbelievable. I can't believe it." Michael stared out the window, lost in his thoughts.
Ryan smiled seeing Michael sitting, stunned into silence.
"I never doubted it, I'm just surprised it's happened so soon. Hey, wait till Justin hears."
Paulo looked at his brother and then Ryan.
Ryan told Paulo what had happened, Paulo looking totally shocked.
Michael looked out the window, staring into himself.
"Maybe Justin will want to get involved with this, imagine that." Paulo said smiling.
Michael turned looking at Paulo, Paulo seeing tears in Michael's eyes.
"I don't want Justin to get involved. It would be just too weird."
"I don't know, Mike. I think he'd be perfect." Ryan said, smiling.
"So what's on the agenda for this afternoon." Michael said, Ryan knowing he was trying to change the subject.
Paulo couldn't understand why Michael wasn't happier after this news.
Ryan talked to Michael about the upcoming book signing, Michael half listening.
His mind was somewhere else, his thoughts jumbled.
A voice entered his head, Michael smiling.
"Hey sexy, where are you?"
"In a cab heading to the signing. What's up with my sexy man?"
Justin smiled, sitting in a chair, makeup being applied to his face.
"Sitting in makeup, getting ready for another interview."
"Make sure you wash after, I don't want to be kissing a powderpuff."
Justin laughed, the makeup girl giving him a look, Justin then blushing.
"Sorry, was just thinking of something humorous." He said smiling at her.
"So what's up, Mico? What time will you be done?"
Michael talked to Ryan, Ryan telling him, wondering why he needed to know.
Michael went back into his mind.
"Probably not till close to seven. It's best if I just meet you at the Garden. I have my pass with me as does Paulo."
"Okay sweetie, I'll see you in the private room, love ya, lovecakes."
Michael smiled, Paulo knowing why he was smiling. Ryan just looked confused.
"Love ya more, tiger."
Michael looked at Ryan, then Paulo.
"We'll head to the Garden after the signing. Justin will meet us in the private room."
Ryan looked strangely at him, wondering how he knew that.
Paulo held in a small laugh, Michael looking at Ryan.
"You might as well know, Ry. Justin and I can communicate telepathically. We can talk to each other no matter how far apart we are. It's another of my gifts."
Ryan turned white, Michael actually thinking he was going to pass out.
"That's...that's unbelievable! Wow!"
Michael had told Ryan a long time ago about his gifts, Ryan never really believing him, what just happened now sinking into his mind.
"You really are one of a kind, Mike. One of a kind."
Michael didn't say anything else, returning to staring out of the window.
Paulo and Ryan exchanged looks, both remaining quiet.

At seven, after four hours of signing novels, Michael was feeling tired.
They arrived at the Garden, walking through the security detail, all their badges prominently displayed.
Michael had garnished a pass for Ryan.
Ryan was in awe of the security, never before being at a pop concert.
Paulo smiled, guiding him along.
They arrived in the hallway of the private room, just in time to see Justin come running out of it at full gait. Behind him, Pink was spraying water at him from a large squirt gun. She wasn't having much luck hitting him. Her head was soaking wet as well at the top of her outfit.
"You're ass is mine, Timberlake! You're going to drown, boy!"
Justin saw Michael and the others ahead of him, running up and ducking behind Michael.
"Save me, Mico. Save me from that crazy bitch!"
Pink's eyes narrowed walking up to Michael.
"Your chicken shit boyfriend is going to die, Mikey! He's totally soaked me!"
Justin smiled, his head coming from behind Michael.
"It was awesome, Mikey! I totally caught her unawares! I snuck up on her and she didn't see it coming!"
Justin was smiling ear to ear.
"I didn't see it coming because you ambushed me, you little perv!" Pink said, pumping the gun again.
Justin ducked behind Michael further, everyone around them holding in laughter. some of it escaping.
Pink sneered at everyone, everyone looking elsewhere, seeing the water gun in her hand.
Michael looked at Pink, putting his hand out.
"Give me the gun, sweetie."
Justin smiled from behind Michael, knowing she'd cave to Michael.
Pink looked at him, her face still showing anger. Then she looked at Michael.
She saw his eyes, saw the tiredness in them, reluctantly handing the gun to him.
Justin smiled, claiming victory.
Michael took the gun, looking it over quickly.
He looked at the barrel, turning the choke on the end.
He handed it back to her, smiling.
"You'll get a more concentrated flow now."
Michael turned looking at Justin. Then back at Pink.
"As you were, people."
Michael walked away, walking into the private room.
Justin stood in shock, standing alone in the center of the hallway.
Michael walked into the room, then heard Justin's high pitched scream. Then lots of laughter.
Michael smiled, sitting down on the couch. He laid his head back, closing his eyes.
Paulo walked in, smiling and chuckling, Ryan and Lonnie behind him, outright laughing.
"Man, Mikey. That was a classic, Justin was totally shocked. He's soaking wet, Pink's drenched him." Lonnie said laughing.
"And how's Pink?" Michael said without opening his eyes.
"She's smiling ear to ear."
Michael smiled, Paulo and Lonnie glancing at each other.
"And justice is done."
Pink came waltzing into the room, a large smile covering her face.
She plopped down beside Michael, Michael opening his eyes, then handing her a towel.
"You sir, are one bonified good friend."
Michael smiled, then saw Justin walking into the room, his face, shirt and pants drenched.
His face wore a pout that resembled a lost puppy.
"Thanks a lot, Mico. You're supposed to protect me!"
"I can't protect you from yourself, love."
Justin lowered his head, not moving.
Michael sighed, getting up and walking to his side.
He lifted his lover's head, staring into his pouting face. He kissed him tenderly, then he started drying his wet face with a towel that was in his hand.
"That was done for your own good, Jus. Ambushing someone isn't playing fair. Pink deserved retribution, that was only fair. Understand?"
Justin's face changed, a small smile now on it.
"Understood, Mico. I'm sorry."
Michael smiled, kissing his wet lips again.
"Now get out of those wet clothes before you catch a cold."
Michael turned walking back towards Pink.
Justin pulled the water gun out from behind his back where it had been hidden, aiming it at Michael's head.
Michael stopped, not even turning around.
"If you're even thinking of soaking me, love, then consider the consequences. How does no sex for a week sound?"
Justin looked totally shocked, Michael walking over and sitting down beside a surprised Pink.
"How did you know he had the gun behind his back, Mikey?" She said staring at him.
"Because I know my angel well, his heart is full of mischief, and love."
Justin smiled, throwing the gun on a nearby table.
He pulled off his wet shirt, and dropped his wet pants.
Everyone blushed or looked away except Michael.
Michael loved Justin's heart of mischief. His need to shock people.
"Don't give it away love, you should be charging."
Justin laughed, pulling on a robe Lonnie handed him.
He towel dried his hair sitting down then beside Michael, kissing his cheek.
Michael smiled, Paulo smiling widely.
"Tell him your big news, Michael. " Ryan said, everyone's eyes turning to look at him.
Michael's smile faultered a little, Justin seeing it quickly.
Paulo smiled at Michael, Michael looking then at Justin.
"My publishers want to sell the rights to my first book, Daniel's Mission."
"Sell the rights, for what?" Justin asked, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"For a movie."
Justin's face changed into a large grin.
"Mico,  that's fantastic! They're going to make a movie out of your book? That's awesome!"
Justin leapt up, dancing around the room, ecstatic for his lover.
Michael stood up, looking at Justin's enthusiasm, everyone jumping up and shaking Michael's hand, kissing him and patting his back.
Michael sat back down, lowering his head.
Justin stopped, looking at Michael, immediately sensing his feelings.
He sat back down beside him, putting his hand on his knee.
"What's wrong, Mico?"
Michael looked up at Justin, a few tears in his eyes.
"That book was my life's work, Jus. It's my treasure of words. They're going to butcher it if they turn it into a movie. I know they will. Most books never keep their essence when they're turned into cinematic fodder. I don't want that to happen."
Everyone now saw why Michael wasn't totally happy with this news.
"I'm sure they won't, you'll have some say in what's created." Justin said, Michael still unsure.
"He'll have total control, if he'd have stayed and heard everyone out." Ryan said, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"What do you mean, Ry?" Michael said, not sure what he was talking about.
"You walked out of the meeting, love?" Justin said, surprised.
"I was in shock, Jus. I just couldn't believe it. I thought they were going to destroy my soul."
Ryan unfolded his hands, setting his briefcase down.
"What I mean is that the publishers are going to back you one hundred percent, Michael. Not the people from Hollywood. They believe in you, Michael, in your vision. The deal won't go through without you having total control on everything. And the simplest way to do that is for you to write it."
Michael looked shocked, Justin understanding what Ryan was saying.
"They want you to write the screenplay, Mico. " Justin said smiling.
"Really? " Michael said, still shocked.
"Yes, Michael. This book has moved and influenced a lot of young people. The publishers understand its impact on the youth market. They want the movie to reflect that also. So the best way to do it is to have the talented author do the screenplay. That way your story is shown the way you want it to be shown, Michael. Your vision will be seen through your eyes." Ryan said smiling.
Michael's face changed immediately, a wide smile crossing his face.
"I can't believe it, I'm writing the screenplay. I've never done that before."
"If it's anything like your book, love, it will be fantastic. Oscar material, even." Justin smiled.
Michael blushed, everyone smiling.
"And maybe Justin can star in the movie. What do you think of that idea, Justin?" Pink said smiling, Michael's face dropping immediately.
"No, I won't allow that!" Michael said firmly.
Justin turned looking at Michael, surprised by his quick reply.
"Why not, Mico?"
Michael looked at Justin, feeling his surprise and reaction to his words.
"I'm sorry, Jus. I shouldn't speak for you. It's just, to me it would be too strange, too weird. My fianceť playing my Daniel. We already have enough weirdness in our lives. But that's your decision, Jus. I would never demand anything of you."
"Relax, Mico. I'm on tour right now, making more movies isn't on the top of my list right now. But I will tell you this, I'd never want to play Daniel. He's too close to you for me to interfere with that. I'd feel like I was making him into something he's not. Me. But I'd love to be involved in some way, whatever you deem fit."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin deeply, everyone smiling, seeing Michael happy again.
"Thank you, Justin. I'm glad you weren't upset with me. I just want this to be like the book, Daniel needs to be hispanic. I want truth in the whole thing."
Justin smiled and stood up.
"I understand completely, Mico. It's your book, your movie. You tell the story in your way and people will love it."
MIchael smiled at him, Pink patting his shoulder.
"I have to head out, got to ready myself for my show. See ya later, Mikey."
Michael hugged her, wishing her luck.
Pink stood up staring at Justin. Justin walked up to her hugging her tightly.
"Sorry, Pinky."
She smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Okay, Justy. All is forgiven."
Michael smiled, seeing the two friends right again.
Justin began pulling clothes out of garment bags, everyone quietly exiting the room, leaving the two lovers alone.
Michael helped Justin pick out a suit to wear onstage, Justin marveling at his keen fashion sense.
Within twenty minutes, Justin was ready.
Michael stood back, looking at the vision before him.
"You're breathtaking, my love. I can't believe how beautiful you are."
Justin smiled, taking Michael in his arms, kissing him deeply.
"I sense your tiredness, love. Get some rest, you don't have to watch the show."
"I will never tire of seeing my love shine bright. I can sleep when we're back home."
Justin sighed, knowing Michael would watch the whole show.
They were leaving right after the show was finished, catching a late flight to L.A. and home.
They sat together, waiting for Justin's cue, just being together, lost in each other's love.
Half an hour later, Lonnie popped his head in, smiling at the two sitting together.
"Time to wow them, Jus."  Lonnie said smiling.
Michael kissed his cheek, the two getting up and heading out.
The night flew by quickly, Michael sitting with Ryan and Paulo through the show. Ryan was lost in the glamour and extravagant floor show.
Michael was lost himself, staring at Justin. He never tired of seeing Justin perform, seeing his beauty and grace fill the stage.
After the concert, Michael and Justin piled into a limousine, with Lonnie and Paulo, heading for the airport.
Heading for home.
And right into trouble.

Michael woke up, feeling the heat from Justin's body against his cheek.
He smiled, knowing where he was.
Home. Their home.
They'd arrived late in the night, around four in the morning.
Both crawled into bed, kissing each other, saying their love to each other, and then falling instantly asleep.
Michael raised his head, looking at the clock.
Ten thirty.
Michael yawned, looking down at Justin's sleeping form.
He smiled, taking in every inch of Justin's beautiful face.
Michael leaned down, lightly kissing the moist, perfect lips.
Justin murmured a little, his arms wrapping around Michael.
His eyes slowly opened, staring into two golden suns.
"Mmmm, morning, Mico."
"Good morning, Jus. I love you."
Justin smiled, repeating the sentiment, their ritual finished.
Justin pulled Michael down to his lips, losing himself in their taste.
He rolled over on top of Michael, the kiss lingering.
His hands felt all of Michael's body, his lips tasting each part.
They made love, a slow, erotic session of deep desire and passion.
Michael became lost in Justin's desires, in his touch and his kisses.
An hour later, they both lay panting, Justin laying on top of Michael, their sweat glistening.
"Oh, love, that was amazing.  It just gets more unbelievable."
Michael kissed him deeply, Justin lost in the passion of the moment.
Michael rolled him over, his lips finding his again, the love flowing through both of them.
Michael broke the kiss looking down into Justin's blue eyes.
In them he found all the love he ever wanted, all the hope and faith he needed.
"I love you, Jus."
Justin smiled, his fingers gently stroking Michael's cheek.
"I love you deeply, my Mico."
They cuddled, the two together as one, lost in the happiness of their bed, and their home.

A knock at their bedroom door stirred both men, Michael smiling.
"Come on in, bro."
Paulo walked in, smiling at Michael and Jus.
"Hi guys, good morning."
"Morning, bro." Justin said, sitting up and stretching, his chest on full display.
"I'm off to Jake's for a quiet breakfast. He's back in town for a couple of days."
Michael smiled, Justin snickered.
"Is that what they call it now, `breakfast'?" Justin said, holding in a laugh.
Paulo blushed, Michael outright laughing.
"Paulo, I wish you happiness. Enjoy yourself, and give my love to Jewel."
Paulo smiled, leaning down, kissing his brother's cheek, and then ruffling Justin's hair.
"We'll be as happy as I heard you two this morning."
Justin blushed, Michael smiled widely.
"I told you not to give him the room beside us." Justin said, still blushing.
Paulo laughed walking to the door.
"If you're going out or doing something, give me a call, bro. I'm still your bodyguard."
Michael smiled, Justin nodding.
"Sure thing, Paulo. We'll try not to need you. I think Jake needs you more."
Paulo smiled, walking out of the room.
Justin snuggled up against Michael, kissing his neck.
"So, what's on our agenda today, lover?"
Michael kissed Justin's nose, smiling.
"I'm getting up, showering, and then making my man a fantastic breakfast."
Justin beamed, Michael getting up, the fallen sheet exposing his nude form.
"I know what I want for breakfast. And it's full of cream."
Michael laughed, running into the bathroom, Justin right behind him.

An hour later found the two eating in the kitchen, Michael having made a wonderful small breakfast for the two of them after a steamy shower together.
Justin set his cell phone down on the counter, helping Michael bring the plates to the table.
The two sat down at the table, eating heartily.
For dessert Michael sat in Justin's lap, feeding Justin strawberries dipped in cream. Justin licking Michael's fingers.
"That was a delicious breakfast, lover. I'm stuffed."
Michael purred, licking a bit of cream off Justin's lips.
"I'm not stuffed yet, lover. " Michael putting his hand in Justin's lap.
"I guess I'll have to cook something up to make you full." Justin said, passion in his words.
Justin's hands slunk under Michael's robe, feeling his rising desire. His hands went lower, feeling the heat of Michael's center.
Michael moaned getting up out of Justin's lap, taking his hand.
He meant to head upstairs but Justin was too heated, too charged to go far.
Justin pushed Michael up against the counter, opening his robe in the front, pulling it off him.
Michael stood nude in his kitchen, Justin shedding his robe.
Their passion was ignited again, young love burning in their hearts and souls.
Justin sank to his knees, Michael's beautiful tush in front of him.
The light dusting of hair on it sent Justin's desires into overdrive.
He began kissing and licking each globe tenderly, then more urgently.
Michael shuddered, feeling his own desires increasing.
His legs spread apart, Justin seeing the center of Michael.
Justin leaned in, his tongue devouring that sweet rosebud.
Michael screamed, his hands flying across the counter, his mind lost in Justin's touch.
His right hand knocked Justin's cellphone onto the floor, falling under the table.
His left hand sent the frying pan onto the kitchen floor.
Michael was lost, not knowing anything but what he felt in his center.
Justin kept his rimming up, Michael moaning.
"Oh, God, Jus! That's absolutely fantastic! Oh, God. I need you! Oh God, I need you!"
Justin stood up, his own desire fully engorged, rubbing it against Michael's center.
Justin knew what Michael needed, wanting to send Michael to his favorite place.
Justin sank deep into Michael, Michael screaming Justin's name, his body shaking.
"Oh God, yes! Yes!"
Justin began a heated rhythm, in and out, Michael pushing against him .
The phone on the kitchen counter suddenly went off, ringing loudly.
"Forget it Jus, take me to that place, please."
Justin ignored the phone, resuming his rhythm.
The answering machine picked up, both men lost in the moment.
"Hi, Michael, it's Ryan. Pick up, guys. I've got some wonderful news, Mike. The Pulitzer Prize foundation wants to interview you for their publication. There's only one problem. They're in Los Angeles for today only, they can only meet you today. If you get this message, get back to me ASAP. They can see you at two o'clock. I know it's late but please call me back. I'll try your cell, Mike."
Both men caught small bits of the message, not understanding it, lost in their lust.
The message ended just as Justin let out a scream, exploding inside Michael.
Michael screamed Justin's name as his own orgasm tore through his body, his fluid gushing all over the counter wall, Justin wrapping his arms around Michael, holding him for dear life.
They both shook, feeling the bliss of their desires spent.
When they'd calmed down, Justin slipped out of Michael. Michael felt the loss of the connection, Justin kissed his lips deeply, Justin's love now entering through that connection.
They broke apart, Justin smiling at his lover.
"Fantastic, lover. You're amazing."
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"You're beyond fantastic. Mmmm."
"I think Ryan was on the phone, I caught his voice. I'll clean this up love, you hit the machine." Justin said, grabbing some paper napkins off the table.
Michael went over to the phone, hitting the message button.
They both listened to Ryan's message, Michael's face lighting up.
He looked at his watch, realizing it was five minutes after one.
He picked up the phone, calling Ryan.
Justin stared at him, waiting for Michael to say something.
"Ryan Parsons here."
"Ryan, got you message."
"Mikey! Thank God! I tried your cell, no answer."
"Sorry, Ry, I was involved in something important."
Michael stared at Justin, smiling.
"The interview's at two, Mikey. Think you can make it?"
"Where is it?"
Ryan gave him the address.
"OK, that's not too far, we should just make it. Alright, Ry. And thanks for the short notice."
Michael smiled, then laughed.
"Talk to you later, I'll let you know how it went. Bye Ry."
Justin saw the large smile on Michael's face, Michael looking at him.
Justin knew how important this was to Michael, and his writing.
"Come on hon, let's go for it. Race you upstairs to get dressed." Justin said, taking off in a rush.
Michael beamed, racing after him.

Ten minutes later, Justin and Michael rushed out of the house, heading for the garage.
Ryder, one of the bodyguards walked up to them.
"Heading out, guys?"
Michael smiled at him as Justin opened the garage door.
"Yeah, have a last minute interview. We'll be back in a couple of hours." Michael said smiling at him.
Michael had gotten to know the three men well, breaking the ice with them. He knew they were only doing their job, Michael making friends with them quickly.
"OK, I'll let Jim and Marcus know, so we can expect you back. Later, Mikey."
"Later, Ryder." Justin said, driving out in the Viper, Michael hopping in beside him tenatively.
"Who said you should drive, Jus?"
"I'm fast, Mico. We need to get there quick."
"I need to get there in one piece also." Michael said, Ryder laughing, Justin giving him a dirty look that made Ryder laugh louder.
Justin gunned the car, screeching out of the driveway through the opening gates, Michael holding on for dear life.
In their rush to make up time they totally failed to notice the car parked across the street watching the front gate.

Jim saw the two young men flying through the front gate in the convertible, both waving at him as they turned and disappeared down the street.
He closed the gates, both shutting together with a loud clank.
He heard the beep of his phone, pulling it out of his pocket.
"Jim, Justin and Mike took off for an interview, they will be back in a couple of hours. Marcus is going to call into headquarters, I'm going to take a break."
"OK, Ryder, I'll keep the gate closed and watch the front." Jim replied into the phone.
He looked around seeing a car parked at the end of the street.
He watched a tall man get out, dressed in a navy blue suit.
The man was walking towards the gates.
He looked young, with a beard and moustache, brown hair.
The man was walking right towards the gate.
Jim put his hand on his sidearm, watching the man approach through the closed gate.
"Hello, I'm officer Danson. I'm patrolling the neighborhood in regards to some recent break-ins. I was wondering if you could identify a man we've been looking for."
"Certainly, officer. Do you have a photo?"
The young man smiled pulling out a photograph from his breast pocket.
He handed it to the uniformed guard through the gate, the guard smiling at him.
Jim looked down at the photograph.
Instantly he froze, lost in the staring eyes of the photograph.
Paul smiled, looking at the frozen man.
"Open this gate, right now."
"Yes." Jim said hitting the remote button.
Paul walked through the gate, looking up at the large house.
His smile widened, sensing the beginnings of the happiest day of his life.

Justin and Michael pulled into the parking lot of the downtown building at five minutes to two.
Michael turned, looking at Justin, Justin seeing his face was a little pale.
"You, Timberlake are a maniac!"
Justin smiled widely, looking around, then kissing Michael's cheek.
"Yes, but I'm your maniac."
Michael couldn't help it, his smile broke out, Justin laughing.
"Got that right." He said, kissing him back quickly.
They walked into the building, checking in at the front desk.
They were guided upstairs to a large office, and shown into a spacious room.
"Oh God, we should call Lon and Paulo." Michael said pulling out his cell phone.
Michael began calling Jake's, Justin looking for his cell phone to call Lon.
He couldn't find it, searching all his pockets, Michael talking on the phone.
Once Michael hung up, he looked at a disheveled Justin.
"Paulo's on his way, he'll call Lon and pick him up on the way."
"I've forgotten my cell phone, babe. I need it, I've got to make some phone calls to different people."
"Here, use mine."
"I don't have the numbers, they're on my phone. How about I just pop back to the house and pick it up? I know I left it on the counter in the kitchen. Someone distracted me this morning, and I forgot it." Justin said rolling his eyes playfully.
"Am I a distraction now?" Michael smiled shyly.
Justin beamed, so wanting to kiss his lover.
"You are a heavenly distraction, that I can't get enough of."
Michael's smile was large and loving.
"I'll be right back."
Justin gave him a quick hug, slipping a small kiss on his cheek, and walked out of the office.
Five minutes later two men walked into the room, smiling at Michael, who stood up.
"Mr. Tavarro, a pleasure to meet you." The first man said, smiling as he shook his hand.
"I'm Nicholas Lemann, Dean of Columbia University and this is Gregory Moore, editor of the Denver Post. We both are chairs on the Board of Directors of the Pulitzer Prize Foundation. We will be conducting the interview. We're glad you were free to meet with us on such short notice. We apologize for any inconvenience."
"I assure you it was no problem meeting today." Michael said after shaking the other man's hand.
Both men smiled looking at the young man in front of them.
"What happened to Mr. Timberlake. I so wanted to meet him. My daughters are big fans."
"Sorry, he had to go back home, he  forgot something, he will be back shortly."
"Excellent. We're right in the middle of doing some post results of another interview we just finished.  We'll be ready for you in about half an hour. Sorry for the delay. Please relax and we'll return shortly."
"Not a problem, I'm waiting for Justin anyway. Please take your time." Michael said smiling at the two men.
They walked out of the office, Michael sitting down again.
Fifteen minutes later Lonnie and Paulo walked into the room, Michael smiling at them.
"Hey Mikey, thought we'd missed you." Lonnie said, sitting down beside him.
"I'm waiting for the interview, they're just finishing up another one."
"Where's your better half?" Paulo asked sitting in another chair.
"He forgot his cell phone at home, he was racing back to pick it up. God, that man can drive fast."
Lonnie laughed, knowing Justin's love for speed.
"Don't I know it, I'm always telling him to slow down."
"I'll see where he is." Michael said, concentrating.
"Jus, where are you now? Lon and Paulo just walked in."
"I'm just turning onto our street, I'm right at the gate, I should be back there in about twenty minutes, love."
"Okay, love. I'm going to the interview in about fifteen minutes, see you when I get out. And for God's sake, please slow down."
Justin laughed as he pulled up to their driveway.
"I'll talk to you as soon as I get back there, Mico."
"Love you, Jus."
"Love ya more, lovecakes."
Michael smiled, Paulo and Lonnie knowing he'd connected with Justin.
"He'll be here in twenty minutes."
They all smiled, relaxing, Michael sitting and thinking.
Suddenly in his mind he had a feeling that something was wrong.

Justin pulled up to the gate of their home, seeing Jim standing behind the gates.
Jim opened them, staring at Justin.
Justin drove slowly through, waving at Jim, the guard remaining still.
Justin thought it odd, Jim usually was friendly.
Oh well, he needed to rush.
He gunned the car, driving around the circular driveway, stopping in front of the home.
He saw Marcus standing at the corner of the house, staring at him.
"Hey, Marcus." Justin said, waving.
The tall man just stood still, then turned walking towards the front gate.
"Damn, these guys are in a mood today." Justin said to himself, climbing out of the low sportscar.
He walked up to the front door, unlocking it and walking through the front door.
The house was quiet, Justin heading down the hall to the kitchen.
He looked on the kitchen counter top, not finding his phone. He looked on the table, then spotted it laying on the floor beside a chair, stooping down to pick it up.
When he stood up, Paul was standing right behind him, his arms going around Justin, his hand coming to his face. A pad of cloth went over his mouth, Justin breathed in toxic fumes, feeling darkness surrounding him. Justin immediately collapsed, Paul letting him fall to the floor.
Paul bent down on one knee, shaking Justin's shoulder, the young man not moving.
Paul traced his finger along Justin's beautiful face, down his taut chest to his belt, then placing his hand over Justin's center, rubbing it hard.
Justin didn't move, Paul's face taking on a wide smile.
Paul stood up, turning as Ryder came into the room, his glazed eyes staring at Paul.
"You know what needs to be done. When they enter, make sure they see the photo. Then bring Michael to me. I'll be upstairs in their den of evil."
"Yes, sir." Ryder said, his face emotionless, then turned and walked out of the kitchen.
Paul smiled, looking down at Justin's unconscious form.
"I have you now, my beauty. Your master is here to take you. The adventure begins."

End of Chapter 85

And so Paul has achieved his greatest desire: he has Justin.
Will Michael be able to stop the upcoming tragedy?
Will they be able to fend off that photo of submission?
Will the guards let them live?
It looks like Justin is in dire straits.
Keep reading, much more drama to come.
Tragedy is on the horizon.

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