Justin's Angel-87

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


All through the evening Justin's eyes never left Michael's, everyone seeing his nerves on edge, Michael being his calming anchor.
Michael never left the room after returning with Jonathan and Stevie.
He wasn't leaving Justin for anything.
They all knew that Michael alone was Justin's strength. His love would heal his distraught soul.
At ten they all left quietly, Justin and Michael remaining alone.
A police officer was posted outside the room, the press not having any chance to disturb Justin.
Michael was staying the night, his doctor understanding Michael's calming affect on Justin.
Justin curled up in the bed, Michael laying beside him, Michael's arms wrapped around him.
"I'm so scared, Mico. Why did he have to do that? What did I ever do to him?" Justin sobbed.
Michael held him tighter, kissing his cheek.
"I'm here, Timby. I'm here."
Justin closed his eyes, Michael's gifts taking him to that center of their love again, Justin falling into a peaceful sleep.
Michael opened his eyes, looking down at his sleeping lover.
"I'm sorry, Jus. I'm sorry that I did this to you."

Chapter 87

Michael woke up to Justin's screaming.
He saw Justin sitting up in bed, Michael taking him in his arms immediately, Justin struggling with him.
Michael sent his love into Justin, Justin immediately calming down, his falling tears breaking Michael's heart.
"It's okay, Jus. Your Mico is here, everything is alright." Michael said, his voice calming his soul.
"I saw him in my mind, his hands touching me, his terrifying hands."
Michael held him close, Justin's head laying against Michael's heart, crying.
Michael began humming, Justin listening to the beautiful sound.
"I love you, Mico. Don't leave me."
"I'm here, Jus. I'm not going anywhere. Nothing in the world will keep me away from you."
Justin remained against him, lost in Michael's protective embrace.
Michael looked at his watch, reading one o'clock.
Justin fell asleep, listening to Michael's heart beating.
Michael held him, his thoughts going through his mind.
He heard the voice again, the soothing voice of love.
Michael talked to it, telling it his feelings, his heart cracking.
The voice spoke loving words of hope, Michael falling into a light sleep.
All through the night, Justin woke up occasionally, Michael waking up immediately upon feeling him move, soothing him back into a peaceful sleep.
In Michael's heart, Justin's love kept him from breaking down.

Justin awoke, looking around, seeing Michael sitting beside the bed, smiling at him.
"Morning, Jus. I love you. Time to get up. The doctor will be here soon to release you."
Justin stretched, sitting up. He stared at Michael hearing him say his morning ritual.
"I love you more, Mico."
And then Justin began to cry, Michael holding him again.
"I thought I'd never hear you say those familiar words again." Justin wept, Michael kissing him tenderly.
"It's okay, Jus. Yesterday is over. Today is today. We are together, from today and forever."
Justin calmed, hearing the love in Michael's voice.
The door of Justin's room opened a few minutes later, Lance and Josh walking in.
"Morning, guys." Lance said affectionately, hugging Michael and then gently hugging Justin.
Justin tensed a little, Lance feeling it.
"How are you doing, Jus? Everything okay?" Lance said tenderly.
"I'm okay. Mico has been here for me." Justin said quietly.
Lance hugged him lightly again, Justin relaxing more.
Michael and Josh exchanged looks, Michael standing up.
"I'm going to talk to Joshy for a few minutes, Jus. I'll just be outside the door, okay?"
Justin nodded, still staring at Michael as he walked slowly out of the room, blowing Justin a loving kiss, leaving the door open so Justin could still see him in the hall.
"How's he really doing, Mike?" Josh said, staring at Michael's concerned face.
Michael turned his face so Justin couldn't see his face.
"He's terrified, Josh. He won't let me out of his sight. He had some troubled dreams last night. He woke up a few times."
"How are you doing?" Josh said putting his hand on Michael's shoulder. Michael saw the love in his blue eyes.
"I'm fine, Josh. My concern right now is Justin. And only him. Nothing else matters."
Josh saw the look in Michael's eyes, sensing he wasn't being totally honest with him.
"Alright, Michael. We're all here for both of you." Josh smiled, Michael smiling at his caring soul.
"Thanks, Josh. I don't know how long it's going to take Jus to get his strength back, but I'm not moving from his side."
Josh nodded, putting his arm around him.
They walked back into the room, Justin smiling at Michael's return.
"Once the doc clears you, Justy, Lance and I are taking you two home." Josh said, sitting down beside Lance.
Justin nodded, Michael sitting beside him.
"The house has been all cleaned up, guys." Lance said, smiling at Justin.
Justin lowered his head, Michael putting his arm around him.
"It's our home, Jus. I'm not living anywhere else. I know it's frightening to you at the moment because of what happened there, but it's the home we've always meant to live in. You know that."
Justin nodded, kissing Michael's cheek.
"I know, Mico. I love that house. It's our home. I'm not going to let them take that from us."
Michael smiled, seeing Justin trying to be strong, even though his feelings were giving him away.
Michael sensed it would be a long day.
The two remained together, Josh and Lance sitting quietly, not knowing what to say to their friends.
A few minutes later Dr. Anderson came walking into the room.
"Hello, Justin. How are you feeling today?"
"I'm doing okay, doctor." Justin said nervously.
"Good, good. And how are you Michael? Hope you got a good night sleep here, those chairs can be uncomfortable."
"I slept okay, doctor."
Michael got up, smiling at Justin, letting the doctor examine him, Lance and Josh stepping out into the hallway.
Paulo and Lonnie walked toward them, both hugging the two men.
"How's Jus?" Paulo asked, Josh telling all of them what Michael had said.
"It's going to be a hard couple of days ahead for Justin." Lonnie said.
"I think it's going to be even harder on Michael." Josh said, worry on his face.

The doctor looked Justin over, telling Justin he was good to go, releasing him into Michael's care.
Lance brought in a bag with a change of clothes for both of them, Michael helping Justin change in private.
Michael saw the bandage across Justin's chest, a sob threatening to erupt from him.
He quickly gained control of his emotions, helping Justin get dressed.
When Justin was ready to go, Michael quickly changed his own clothes, Justin shyly looking at him.
When Michael pulled off his shirt, and Justin saw the bandages on his shoulder and his side, Justin's own sob filled the room, the tears flowing.
"Oh, God, Mico! You're really hurt! He hurt you badly!"
Michael took him in his arms.
"It's okay, Jus. I'm okay. I've healed the wounds. Here, look."
Michael removed the bandage from his side, the wound completely gone.
Justin breathed out, touching the clean spot.
Michael removed the bandage from his shoulder, that completely healed as well.
As was the wound on his hand.
"I'm healed, Jus. All the pain is gone. I want to do the same for you, if you'll let me. I'll remove that slash from your chest, as well as your bruises once we're home."
Justin hugged him tightly.
"I love you so much, Mico."
"I love you more, Timby. Let's go home." Michael smiled at him, pulling his clean shirt on.
There was a rap on the door, Lonnie and the others walked into the room, Michael smiling at them.
"There's a hell of a crowd of reporters down there, Mike. It's going to be hard to get Justin out of here."
Justin leaned closer to Michael, Michael sensing his fear of that crowd. The last thing Justin needed right now was to be mobbed.
"We're leaving today. Nothing is going to interfere with my Justin being safe. I think I know what has to be done. I'll talk to the reporters, and while that's going on, Lance and Josh will sneak Justin out."
"No, Mico. I can't let you face them alone." Justin said, Michael feeling his worry.
"Justin, you need to get home quickly and quietly. I'll not let them terrorize you with their questions or crowd you in. You need rest, I'm taking care of you."
Justin nodded, feeling Michael's protective love.
"Okay, Mico. I will go with Lance and Josh."
Michael walked out of the room, returning in a few minutes.
"I've talked to the doctor and the administrator, they're organizing a room for all the reporters. The word's out that I'm making a statement. While I'm doing that, Justin can be snuck out."
"We'll sneak him out quietly, Mike. And we'll meet you down the road a ways. You should ride home with Justin." Josh said, Justin smiling at that plan.
"Okay, Josh. Keep him safe."
Josh hugged him, Lonnie and Paulo standing, ready to protect Michael.
Josh slipped out of the room, going to talk to Justin's doctor to arrange their silent escape.
Josh returned shortly with the doctor and a wheelchair.
"Hop in, Justy. Let's go home." Michael said, Justin smiling at him.

Michael stood quietly, the elevator descending.
Lonnie and Paulo stood on both sides of him, all three silent. The hospital administrator was accompanying them to the press conference.
It had been all set up quickly, the press learning that Michael Tavarro was going to issue a statement on Justin's family's behalf.
All of Justin's family were waiting at Justin and Michael's home.
The doors finally opened, the administrator guiding them down the hallway.
They stopped in front of a large door.
"This is our lecture auditorium. It's the biggest room we had available to accommodate everyone." The man said.
Michael took a deep breath, Paulo patting his shoulder.
"Let's get this over with."
The man opened the door, Michael walking into the room.
Paulo and Lonnie were shocked.
There had to be five hundred reporters inside that large room.
Cameras and flashes were going off, Michael not stopping, heading to the dais that was set up in front of everyone.
Everyone quickly stopped talking. The cameras continuing to sound and flash.
"Good morning. My name is Michael Tavarro. I have been asked to read a statement to the press from the Timberlake family. Then, time permitting, I will answer your questions."
The reporters nodded at him, a lot of video cameras zooming in on Michael's calm face.
Michael pulled out a letter and his rich voice going out across the room.
"On behalf of Justin's family, his parents, step?parents, and his two brothers, we wish to thank all of his fans for their undying support of Justin through this tragic ordeal.
Yesterday Justin was attacked in his own home by a fanatic madman who was bent on savagely hurting him.
Through love and bonded friendship, and his faith in our lord, our son was saved from a tragic fate.
He has sustained emotional and physical trauma from this attack.
We only wish that everyone would respect our son's right to privacy and allow him to heal from this tragic ordeal.
God and love are his hope for a quick recovery.
Thank you all, and keep Justin in your prayers, Lynn and Paul Harliss, Randall and Lisa Timberlake."
"I'll take some questions." Michael said, a lot of hands flying up, and people talking, the cameras flashing more predominantly.
Michael pointed to a young man in the front row waving at him.
"Mr. Tavarro, is Justin okay? How badly was he hurt?"
"Justin received severe cuts, bruises and lacerations in the attack. He's recovering from those injuries. The emotional toll on this ordeal will take longer to heal."
Another reporter raised his hand.
"What was your involvement in this attack?"
"I stopped the assailant from further hurting Justin."
"What does that mean?"
Michael looked at him, sighing.
"The attacker had Justin tied down, I tackled him. A fight ensued. At the end of the struggle, the man tragically fell off the upstairs balcony. I held him in my hand for a moment but wasn't able to keep my grip. The man fell twenty feet onto a cement patio. He's sustained severe injuries. He's alive but he'll be crippled for the rest of his life."
Michael stared out at the reporters, silence had descended upon the room.
"So you saved Justin Timberlake's life again?"
Michael felt those old feelings, the mantle of praise being thrown at him.
"I stopped a madman from hurting my best friend. Nothing more."
"Was this man, Paul Richards?" One reporter asked.
"Yes, he is."
Cameras flashed brighter.
"Our attacker has been stopped. Justin and I have our lives back. Only Justin's life is a little emotional right now. Please have the courtesy to give him the time he needs to recuperate."
"Mr. Tavarro? How did the attacker reach Justin in his own home?"
"He had it all planned out, we're sure he had help doing it. He subdued the three guards guarding Justin's home. Justin wasn't there at that time. Justin returned later, and walked into a nightmare. But that nightmare is over now. He'll have the love and support of all those who love him."
"You've become an important part of Justin Timberlake's life. Is there more here than friendship?" A female reporter asked.
Lonnie and Paulo looked at each other knowing the impact of Michael's answer.
Michael took a deep breath, hearing Justin's voice in his mind.
"We're out of the hospital, Mico. We're free."
Michael smiled a small smile.
"Justin is my best friend. He's indeed an important part of my life. Yesterday I almost lost him. I love the man. I  did what I had to do. I will always stand by him, and do everything in my power to keep him safe. Thank you, I have nothing further to say."
Michael walked away from the dais, his eyes full of tears, reporters shouting at him.
Lonnie and Paulo stood by him, four other guards surrounding the small group, all of them pushing out of the room.
They rushed out of the room, heading to a nearby exit, a black SUV waiting.
The three hopped into it, reporters surrounding them.
They drove off, stopping three blocks away beside another black SUV.
Michael got out, climbing into the other vehicle, into Justin's waiting arms.
Michael and Justin held each other, Lance and Josh smiling at both of them.
"Let's go home, Joshy." Michael said, Josh pulled the car out into traffic, Lonnie and Paulo following them.

A half hour later, Michael and Justin arrived back at their home. The street outside their house was inundated with reporters and news trucks, a circus in full swing.
The SUV was tinted with dark windows, the cameras unable to see Justin clearly.
Michael was thankful for that, Justin's bruised face saved from disastrous photos the next day.
The two vehicles drove through the gates, Jim closing them after they'd entered.
Justin and Michael met the three guards at the front entrance, all of them receiving hugs from both men, the three feeling their friendship still there. Michael and Justin had easily forgiven them.
Thirty minutes later, Michael and Justin were curled up in their living room on a couch, everyone quietly giving them space.
All their family were there, as well as Vicky, Chris, Jake, Paulo, Lonnie, Josh and Lance.
Everyone was surrounding them in that room, their love there for Justin.
Nana and Joey had called, sending their love to Justin.
Zach and Christina had called, Justin talking to Becky, her love making him smile.
But Justin was quiet, Michael knowing his nervousness at being back home, even in Michael's arms.
"You should lay down, my love. It's been a long morning for you."
Justin tensed up a little, Michael knowing what he was bothered by.
Michael sat up, looking around the room.
"It's time, Jus. It's time I helped you."
Justin looked at him, kissing his cheek.
"You've helped me every moment that I've known you, Mico. Your love is all I need."
Michael looked into his eyes.
"I feel the fear and terror in your mind, love. I know you're terrified of going upstairs, of seeing that room again.
But this is our home, I won't allow you to live with fear in our home. It's time I helped you with that fear, Justin."
Justin looked at his lover, seeing his love deep in those golden eyes. Justin's eyes filled with tears.
"I'm scared in my own home, Mico. How do I stop that feeling?"
Justin's Mom sat down beside him, putting her hand on his shoulder.
"Let Michael help, Justy. We all see the fear in you, we all want you to be well."
Justin cried, his mother holding him.
"Alright, Mico. I want to be free of this fear, of this terror I feel, I need to get past this."
Michael took Justin's hands in his, looking into his blue eyes.
Michael's eyes glowed bright, Justin lost in them.
Everyone saw the blue auras ignite above them, seeing a lot of black threads running through Justin's.
The auras joined together, a whiteness glowing in the center.
All the blackness instantly disappeared, replaced by a brighter white.
Then the auras flowed back into the two men, and quickly disappeared.
Justin opened his eyes, looking into Michael's golden ones.
"I feel so refreshed, so relaxed."
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
Josh sat beside Lance, staring at Michael with quiet concern.
"All your fears are gone, love. You have nothing to fear here in our house of love. Now let me heal your wounds."
Michael touched Justin's bruised face, everyone seeing the blue glow.
The bruises and small cuts seemed to magically disappear.
Michael opened Justin's buttoned shirt, everyone seeing the long bandage.
Michael gently removed it; Lynn gasped, her face showing deep emotion when she saw the deep slash across his son's chest.
Michael gently put his hand on Justin's chest, the blue glow shining even brighter.
Everyone stared in awe as the cut thinned, then shortened, then totally disappeared.
Michael removed his hand kissing Justin's lips.
Justin ran his hand along his chest, feeling the same smooth skin that had always been there. His eyes were full of tears, looking at his love.
"Your soul, your mind, and your body are healed. I love you, my Jus. My healing love will always heal you."
Justin hugged him, Michael feeling his happiness, and his calmness.
Paulo and Jake looked into each other's eyes, knowing the feeling of their healing love.
Everyone smiled, seeing Justin almost back to his old self. They all knew the depth of what they'd just witnessed. Michael would always be the healing force in Justin's life.
Michael buttoned up Justin's shirt, the two smiling at each other.
Everyone relaxed, Justin talking to his family, Stevie now sitting in his lap, Justin talking to his little brother.
Lonnie informed everyone that Michael's press conference was going to be on the noon news, everyone settling in to watch it.
Michael remained quiet, Justin smiling at him, Michael smiling back at his love.
At noon, they all sat quietly watching the news.
They listened to Michael's words, everyone looking at him when he said his final statement.
Justin put his arm around him.
"Thank you for saying that, Mico. For telling them you loved me."
Michael smiled at his lover, Josh looking at him, feeling it was time he said something.
"But I sense there is something else you want to say." Josh said.
Michael looked at his friend, lowering his eyes. Josh got up, sitting down beside Michael.
"You said here a short time ago that it was time you helped Justin. I think it's time we helped you, Michael."
Michael looked around, everyone sensing his fragile emotions. He was on an emotional edge.
He stood up, beginning to walk away, Josh grabbing his hand, refusing to let him go. Justin staring at both of them.
"This isn't your fault, Michael. You didn't hurt Justin."
Justin stared at Josh, not understanding what he had just said.
"Tell Justin what's going on, Michael. Tell him the truth." Josh said, his love showing in his blue eyes.
Michael turned, looking down at Justin, the tears erupting in his golden eyes.
"I'm sorry, Jus. I'm sorry that I was the cause of your getting hurt. It's all my fault. If you hadn't met me, you'd never have been put in that situation. None of this would have happened. I'm sorry for walking into your life and almost destroying it."
Justin was on his feet in a flash, taking Michael into his arms.
Michael tried pushing away from him, feeling Justin's love.
"It's all my doing, Jus. I made Paul attack you, I made him follow me, I made him want to hurt you. And he did hurt you deeply Jus. You would be so much better off never having met me." Michael said, sobs erupting from him.
Justin hadn't realized the depth of Michael's insecurities, and what Michael felt he was personally responsible for.
"No, Mico. The only fault here lies in Paul and Fredrick's hands. They hurt me, not you."
Justin took him into his arms again,  Michael struggling against Justin's love, Justin holding him tightly.
"Never think that I would ever regret meeting you. I thank God everyday for letting you walk into my life. I love you, Mico. I've been truly blessed, to find your love, to have it in my heart and soul. I accepted a lot time ago the danger that followed you, and the risks involved in loving you. It had entered my mind that I might suffer from that danger. But all that never mattered to me, all that matters is that I needed your love. Your love is worth any danger or hurt that I will endure. I love you, Mico."
Michael cried, now holding Justin tightly, holding onto the one thing he needed.
"None of the hardships in your life were caused by you, my love. You walked through life with a loving heart, fate dealt you the pain and hurt you've endured. I fell in love with your heart and soul, Michael, the rest didn't matter to me. You had no control on what has happened to you, and I have no fear of that possible hurt. Because I know in my heart that my love is all you need, nothing else matters."
"I need your love so much, Jus. I need you." Michael said, Justin kissing him.
"You have it all, Mico. My love, my heart and my soul. Never think that I blame you for any of this. I love you, I'll always love you. As will all those surrounding you, our family."
Everyone else had stood up, encircling the two men.
Everyone touched Michael's shoulders and back, Michael feeling all their love, no one blaming him for what had happened.
Michael raised his head, looking around at everyone, ending his gaze in Justin's blue eyes.
"I love you, Michael."
"I love you, Justin."
The two kissed, everyone wiping tears, seeing Justin's love entering Michael's soul.
Michael felt in his heart all the words Justin had spoken, feeling the meaning behind them. Justin and no one else in the room blaming him.
They all loved him for who he was, for who he'd always been.
Michael felt loved, deeply loved.

The day passed quickly, Michael smiling now at everyone's love for him. His doubts had been destroyed by the unending love.
He cooked a delicious lunch with Lynn and Lisa's help, everyone enjoying the feast.
After lunch, Michael walked upstairs with Justin, alone.
They both walked into their bedroom, noticing the door gone, and the doorway of the balcony covered in plastic.
Carpenters would be coming in a few days to repair the damage.
When Justin entered the room, he felt a little tension at seeing their bed, remembering what had happened in it, but Michael's hand on his shoulder calmed him.
He sat down on the bed eventually, Michael sitting beside him.
Michael put his arm around him, kissing him tenderly.
In moments the two were laying together, Justin holding Michael, Michael's head on his chest.
The two fell asleep together, wrapped in their love, wrapped in their togetherness.
The demons of the past were lost from their minds, only love filling their souls.
Josh and Lance quietly walked through the doorway, seeing the two sleeping.
Lance put his arm around his lover, kissing his cheek.
"They're going to be alright now, their love will guide them through anything."
Josh kissed Lance deeply, feeling Lance's love enter his soul.
The two walked back downstairs, telling everyone what they'd witnessed, a lot of smiles brightening the room.

Around four o'clock Vicky shook Michael's shoulder, Michael opening his eyes.
He looked up at his friend, Vicky's wide smile making him smile.
"You two lovebirds going to sleep the day away?" She said, smirking.
Michael looked at Justin's closed eyes, looking at his blemish-free face. He knew Justin was awake, he saw a small quiver at the corner of his lips
"Wake up, Timby. We're in the presence of the Queen Bitch."
Justin laughed, opening his eyes, looking up at Vicky's sneering face.
"Why you pencil dicks!" She said jumping on top of both of them, tickling Michael, his laughter entering Justin's soul.
Justin jumped on top of her, trying to protect his man.
Vicky turned her assault on him, Justin laughing his head off.
Michael smiled, Chris entering the room.
"Is this a three?way? Can I watch?"
"Hey, Kirkpatrick. Even two gay men can do more for her that you'll ever dream of." Michael said, Chris's mouth dropping.
The three on the bed burst out laughing, Chris turning beet red.
"Ha..ha. Very funny, Tavarro."
Vicky got up, kissing her man.
"Don't worry love, you're more that enough sugar for me, my sweet nookums." She said, Justin and Michael bursting into more laughter, Chris faking indignation.
"My love, I am thy sweetness." Chris said with pride, kissing her lips.
Michael smiled.
"Got that right, Snooky Nookums." Michael said, everyone laughing again including Chris.
They all walked downstairs, walking through the kitchen towards the back yard.
Everyone was out on the patio,  a pool party in full swing.
Michael looked for a moment at the concrete patio when they walked into the sunshine, then shook those thoughts from his mind.
What had happened had happened.
Life went on.
Justin and Michael walked over to the pool house, changing into swim trunks.
The late afternoon was spent relaxing and having fun, both men swimming together and with their friends.
Justin and Michael constantly looking at each other, seeing their bodies whole again.
Their beauty was breathtaking as always.
After a delicious barbecue supper, everyone sat around relaxing at the patio tables.
Paulo sat down beside Michael.
"Professor Lemann called a couple of hours ago, Michael. They're willing to reschedule your interview for Tuesday. They understood what happened yesterday."
Justin smiled at this news.
Michael was beaming, knowing he still had a chance to talk to them.
"How long have you guys got off?" Jake asked.
"Well, today's the ninth, I don't have another concert until the eighteenth, that's nine days. We've both got some stuff to do, interviews, photo-ops, etc." Justin said quietly, Michael patting his arm.
"You have nothing to do, Justin. Johnny has canceled all your appearances until the concert. You have nine days to relax." Lonnie said, smiling at his friend.
"That wasn't necessary, I need to get back into things." Justin said, Michael kissing his cheek.
"You need to rest, lover. Johnny and all of us see that, so you're going to relax and just enjoy it. Understood?"
Justin smiled, nodding at Michael.
The rest of the evening was spent with their friends and family, the two relaxing.
Ryan called around seven thirty, Paulo handing Michael the phone.
After Michael explained all that happened and Ryan voicing his love for Justin, Ryan got down to the other  reason for his call.
"Michael, you have a request for a return interview with Oprah. She wants to dedicate a whole show to you. Something like the life of a breakout writer. Are you up for it?"
"When is it, Ryan?"
"She wants to tape it on next Thursday, to be shown Friday."
"I'll let you know, right now Justin is my greatest concern." Michael said, Justin watching him.
"Understood, Mikey. Let me know. Tell Justin I send my love."
"Will do, Ry. Talk to you soon."
Michael hung up the phone, Justin smiling at him.
"Ryan sends his love, Jus."
"And?" Justin asked, Michael sighing.
"Oprah wants me to do her show again, just me this time. She wants to delve into my life's story."
Justin smiled widely, hugging him.
"That's fantastic, babe! When do we go?"
"Justin, you are going to relax, if I do this I'm going alone."
"What do you mean `if'??  I remember a certain person who wouldn't allow me to change my career to stay with him when he was sick."
Michael's own words had come back to haunt him.
"You might want to take that foot out of your mouth, Mikey. Jus has got ya there!" Chris said, laughing.
"Thank you very much, Snooky Nookums, but my foot still tastes better than any part of your troll body!!" Michael shot back.  Everyone burst out laughing, Chris turning beet red.
"Alright, Jus. Point taken."
"Mico, I want to be with you, plus we can see Zach and Cricket again."
"Not to mention a certain child named Becky." Michael smiled, Justin's face practically beaming.
"Okay, Jus. We'll go to Chicago, and I'll do the show."
Justin smiled, seeing Michael's love in full view. Justin relaxed, everyone talking about Michael's upcoming television appearance. Michael smiled, and blushed, Justin seeing his usual calm innocence.
Michael's reluctance to be praised made Justin's heart smile. It was an endearing quality that made Justin love him even more.
Looking at Michael, here with his family, with their friends, shining his love on everyone, and saving the best for him, made Justin realize what Michael had come to mean to him.
He really was his soulmate, his love and his everything.
Justin smiled, thinking of something in his mind. Yes, this would be perfect.
Michael smiled at him, seeing Justin deep in thought, smiling to himself.
"Penny for your thoughts, love?" Michael asked, Justin looking at him.
"All my thoughts are of you, my lovecakes."
Michael smiled widely, Justin smiling beside him.

Everyone left around ten o'clock, Paulo retiring to his room.
The two remaining lovers sat together on the couch in the living room, in their usual position.
"It's been a long day, Jus, I think we should go to bed. You need rest."
"I love you, Michael." Justin said out of the blue. He'd been quiet for the last ten minutes.
Michael raised his head, kissing his moist lips.
"I love you more, Justin." Michael said, looking into his blue eyes.
"I know the last few days have been traumatic, Jus. We love each other. Everything else will come in time. I can wait till you're ready. There is no rush. I know what you've been through, and how it has affected you. We don't need to prove our love to each other, we both have it in our souls. I love you, my angel."
Justin teared up, hugging Michael to him, tears flowing down his cheeks.
Michael was so understanding, so giving, letting Justin go at his pace, letting Justin regain the comfort they once had. The comfort he'd lost yesterday.
"I am so tired, Mico. Let's go to bed."
The two got up, Michael locking up everything, Justin walking beside him, their hands entwined.
They walked upstairs into their open bedroom, Michael laughing as soon as they entered.
"What's so funny, love?" Justin asked.
"I don't think I'd be comfortable doing anything frisky anyway. We have too much openness, Paulo might get a free show."
Justin began laughing, Michael laughing louder, then Justin practically screaming with laughter.
Paulo walked in from next door, wondering what all the laughter was about.
As soon as Justin saw Paulo, he fell off the bed laughing his head off.
Michael's laughter was just as loud, Paulo smiling at both of them.
"What's so funny, bros?" Paulo asked, Michael trying to regain control.
"Sorry, Paulo, we were just laughing at the openness of our bedroom."
"We're both going to have to be on our best behavior." Justin said, that setting Michael off into another laughing fit.
Paulo just shook his head, smiling at the happy mood his brothers were in.
"It's nice to hear you guys laughing." He said, Justin getting up and hugging him.
"It's nice to laugh again, bro." Justin said, Michael smiling as he wiped his eyes.
"Goodnight, Jus and Mikey." Paulo said, both hugging him.
"Goodnight, Polo." They both said together, Paulo smiling as he left them alone.
Justin and Michael both smiled at each other, the two removing their clothes, down to their briefs.
They climbed into their large bed, laying beside each other.
Michael knew this would be hard for Justin, to let someone touch him in that way again, and Michael would let him decide when it was time.
"I love you Mico."
"I love you, Timby."
"I need you, my love. I need you in my arms."
Michael smiled, returning to his favorite place, his head resting on his lover's chest.
The two felt the instant connection, the connection of their love.
They fell asleep against each other's naked body.

The weekend found the house full of friends and family, everyone wanting to be there for Justin.
The paparazzi remained outside the gates, cameras flashed when vehicles entered or left, no sign of Justin visible.
Michael felt those feelings of being held prisoner, but he didn't mention them to Justin.
He knew this was what Justin needed, peace and quiet, relaxation and his Mico.
On Saturday, the carpenters had come.  New doors had been put up, their home returned to normal.
Everyone watched the news, reports leaking in about what had really happened, as well as a lot of guessing. Michael knew that eventually the sordid details would be uncovered.
But Michael didn't worry about that, he knew one day soon Justin would be forced to talk about what happened to the world.
Michael would be at his side when he did.
But for this next week, Justin would be free of that worry, Michael would make sure of that.
Throughout Saturday and Sunday, Justin's old self began to shine, his laughter, smile and mischievousness.
Michael and he hadn't gone the final step but they had progressed to more touching and kissing.
Michael knew he was going at his pace, Michael willing to do the same for his lover.
Monday was an alone day, Paulo going out with Jake for the morning, leaving the two totally alone.
They spent most of the day together in their office, Michael working on the finishing chapters of his third novel, Justin working on some songs he'd been thinking about.
The two of them constantly looking at each other.
They're calm home life was interrupted by a phone call and a visit, Monday afternoon.
Dr. Anderson had called, Michael taking the call.
"Hello, Mr. Tavarro. How is Justin doing?"
"He's recuperating well. We almost have our old Justin back."
"Great to hear. I also want to talk to you."
"Alright, doctor."
"I need to talk to you about Paul Richards."
Michael remained quiet, listening.
"We've finished with the surgeries, nothing more can be done. His spine is completely damaged, unfortunately he'll never walk again. He's been wanting to speak to you, about what I'm not sure. I know you have no obligation to do it, but I believe it might be beneficial to his recovery."
"Alright, doctor. I will think about it."
"Good, Michael. I don't want you to feel I'm pressuring you to do this. I understand the relationship you had with him. I will totally understand if you say no."
"Thank you, doctor. I'll let you know my decision."
Paulo and Jake had just come in when Michael was finishing the call.
Paulo heard the mention of a doctor, wondering what was going on.
When Michael hung up the phone, he sat down at his desk, Justin looking over at him, Paulo and Jake sitting on the couch.
"I need to talk to you about something, Jus."
Paulo and Jake began to get up, Michael telling the two of them to remain seated.
Justin got up, walked to Michael, and sat in his lap.
"Paul wants to see me, Justin." Michael said, rubbing his back.
"Why, Michael?"
"I don't know, Jus. But I need to tell you the truth. I blame him for what he did to you, but I don't blame him for trying to kill me in that bedroom. Fredrick was in his mind, controlling him when we fought. I know that now. Because after Paul fell from the balcony, I removed Fredrick from his mind."
"You did that?"
"Yes, Jus. I couldn't let Fredrick hurt Paul anymore. Even after what he'd done to you, I helped him. I also tried to heal his injuries, but they were too extensive. The doctor told me they've done all they can. He's never going to walk again."
Justin kissed Michael's cheek.
"I don't hate you for trying to help him, my Mico. Your loving soul knows no bounds. I won't say I'm happy about him wanting to see you, but if you want to see him, then I'm okay with it. I think that maybe I need to see him too."
"I won't let you do that, my love. I won't subject you to him again."
"No, Michael. If I can face him, maybe I can forgive him too, like you've done."
Michael had tears in his eyes, seeing Justin's resolve to put this behind him, to face his fears.
"Alright my love, if you're sure of this then we'll do it together. I'll call Dr. Anderson back, and we'll schedule a time."
"The sooner the better, Mico. The sooner the better."
A knock was heard at the front door, Paulo going down the hall to answer it.
Jake hugged both his new brothers. He couldn't believe the forgiveness they were both showing.
Paulo came back into the room.
"There's a police detective in the living room, Michael. He's here to take your statements."
Michael looked at Justin, Justin nodding his head. They knew they'd have to do this, both accepting it.
They both walked down into the living room, greeting the detective.
"Hello, Mr. Timberlake, my name is Detective Walters. I'm in charge of this case. I know it's been a traumatic few days for you, that's why I gave you some time to recover. I see your healing nicely."
Michael and Justin both shook the detective's hand, both sitting down, exchanging pleasantries.
"If it's not too emotional, I'd like both of you to give me your statement of what happened on Thursday."
"No, we're ready to tell you everything."
"Great. Let's start with you, Justin."
Justin began telling his version of the events, culminating in his waking up in the hospital. Michael gazed at him throughout his talking, Justin feeling his love and comfort.
The detective recorded everything on his tape recorder, making notes.
"So you didn't see the suspect until you woke up in the bedroom."
"No, he'd snuck up on me in the kitchen and drugged me with something."
"That would explain the bottle we found in your kitchen, a highly toxic carcinogen."
"Alright, Michael, let's hear your part in this story."
Michael told his point of view, leaving out that part about the photograph, letting the detective draw his own conclusions about how the guards were subdued.
"You were very heroic in trying to save the life of a man who'd just tried to kill you. That's very remarkable."
"I believe in the meaning of life, that everyone has the right to life. I couldn't just let him fall to his death."
The detective shut off his recorder, looking at everyone.
"I should let you know that Mr. Richards has already given his statement to me. He's confessed to trying to rape you, Justin, and to trying to kill you, Michael, on Thursday and trying to kill Justin in Chicago."
Michael sat back surprised at this admission from Paul.
"He claims that your uncle, Fredrick Tavarro, was the mastermind behind both attacks."
"That doesn't surprise me." Michael said quietly.
"He gave us the location of your uncle in New York, but the police there found a deserted house. He's vanished again."
Michael nodded, Justin watching him.
"We don't think he's in America any more. We believe he's fled the country. We found passports and information for flights to Madrid."
Michael looked up, realizing that Fredrick had returned to Spain. He'd have to get word to his grandfather.
"What happens now to Paul?" Michael said quietly.
"He'll be convicted of his crimes. He'll be moved to a prison hospital then integrated into prison life when able to go. You can put all this behind you now. I think you'll be safe from now on."
Somehow, Michael didn't believe that.
"Paul is asking to see me. I'm going to see him."
"Do you think that's wise? Isn't it better to put this behind you?" the detective asked, looking at Michael.
"No. Paul and I have a long history of violence. I want him to know I've forgiven him. Whatever time he has left, he should live it with a settled past."
The detective nodded, standing up.
"I'm through for now. I don't think we'll be bothering you any more. It's a pretty cut and dry case, after Richards confessed to everything. You shouldn't have to testify at his trial."
"Thank you, Detective Walters. I'll show you out." Paulo said, walking the detective to the front door.
Justin put his arm around Michael, the two sitting together again.
"Call Dr. Anderson, Michael. Let's get this over with." Justin said, Michael kissing his cheek.

At seven o'clock that evening, Paulo, Lonnie, Michael and Justin drove out of their home, the paparazzi trying to take pictures, the tinted glass hiding them well. They assumed Justin was still in the house.
They drove the half hour drive to the hospital, Justin donning glasses and a baseball cap when exiting the vehicle.
Michael stayed close to him, making sure Justin was comfortable with all this.
They met Dr. Anderson in admissions, the doctor guiding them to the security ward.
Paulo and Lonnie remained outside the ward, while the doctor took Michael and Justin down to Paul's room.
"He's was sedated most of yesterday, but today he's fairly coherent. Try to keep him calm, and please be calm yourselves. You're still recovering, Justin. I don't know why you want to do this, but it's your choice. He hadn't asked to see you."
"I'm not letting Michael do this alone. And I have to see him myself, to close this off in my mind."
The doctor nodded, sensing the close relationship between these two young men.
The doctor showed them to Paul's room, the guard letting them through the guard station.
Michael and Justin walked into the room, seeing Paul laying on the white hospital bed.
He turned his head slowly looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"Michael. You came." Paul said, struggling to breathe, tubes running out of his nose and his arms.
"Yes, Paul. The doctor said you wanted to see me."
Paul looked at the man behind Michael, seeing Justin Timberlake.
Paul closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them again.
"I'm surprised he came with you, after what I tried to do to him. You have courage, Timberlake."
Paul coughed a little, breathing deeply.
Justin remained quiet, looking at the broken man laying in front of him. His fears relaxed, Justin seeing now that Paul would never be able to hurt him, or Michael, ever again.
"I'm broken, Michael. I'm a broken man. You'll never know the tragic life I've led, a life of pain and hurt. I know I deserved it all."
"We all carry pain through life, Paul. Some of us carry more."
Paul winced in pain, Michael walking up to the bed, sitting on the edge, looking down on Paul.
"He deceived me, Michael. He told me lies about you, he told me you were evil. I've been laying in this bed thinking for two days, and I just can't understand you. Why did you try to save me? Why?"
"Because you needed to be saved, Paul."
Paul put his hand in Michael's, looking into his eyes.
"I've done bad things, Michael. Terrible bad things. And it started with you. I hurt you badly back then, didn't I?"
Michael looked into Paul's blue eyes.
"I forgave you for that, Paul. For what you and your friends did to me. I carried it around for years inside me, all that pain and hurt. But I found something that I needed more."
Michael looked at Justin, Paul following his gaze.
"I found love. And measured against that pain, love has won. I forgive you Paul."
Justin walked up beside Michael, putting his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"I want to forgive you also, Paul. For trying to hurt me. I'm sorry it ended like this. "
Michael put his arm around Justin, Paul looking at both of them.
Tears were in Paul's eyes, looking at the two beautiful men in front of him.
"I don't deserve your forgiveness. I just can't allow that. I'll have to face God to be forgiven. And I don't think he's going to allow that either. My life is forfeit. I know that now. Fredrick doesn't leave loose ends."
Paul grabbed Michael's arm, staring at him, both men seeing the pain on his face.
"Thank you, Michael, for giving me a moment of clarity. For seeing something worth saving in me, even if it's too late. I ask only one thing of you. Destroy his evil. Don't let that man win. I now know you are the one who can stop him."
Paul let go, falling back, gasping, his breath irregular.
"Get the doctor, Jus." Michael said, concern on his face, Justin exiting the room.
"He's afraid of you, Michael. I had it all wrong. He's afraid of you because you are what he's feared you are. You are the messenger of God."
"I am, Paul. And I'm something more."
Paul looked into Michael's eyes, seeing something deep in them.
"I'm sorry, Michael, I'm sorry I got it all wrong."
Michael stared quietly, his hand resting on Paul's arm.
"Rest, Paul. Close your eyes. It's time we parted."
"Thank you."
Paul closed his eyes, Michael remaining quiet.
Justin returned with Dr. Anderson and a nurse,  Michael and Justin quietly leaving the room.
They sat down on a couple of chairs in the hallway.
The doctor came out, walking up to them.
"He's sleeping again, he's just sapped all his strength. You won't be talking to him again today."
"It's alright doctor. We've said what we needed to say." Justin said, Michael nodding.
The two young men shook the doctor's hand and left quietly.
Paulo and Lonnie met them outside the security ward, going back down with them.
On the ride home, Michael let Justin snuggle in his arms, Justin laying his head on his chest.
"You okay, Jus?"
"Yes, Mico. I feel my fears are gone. I've faced him, and I'm not afraid anymore. He can't hurt me anymore. It's time I went on with my life. My life with you, my love."
Michael kissed him tenderly, Paulo and Lonnie smiling from the front seat.
"It's time we both went on with our happiness, our happiness together."
Justin smiled, his head returning to Michael's soft chest, Justin listening to his steady heartbeat.
Michael remained quiet, his thoughts on Paul.
In his heart Michael knew Paul was right.
Fredrick wouldn't forget Paul's failure.
And Michael was going to destroy Fredrick's evil.

End of Chapter 87

I know there was a bit of gore and violence in the last chapter, I hope I didn't overstep my bounds.
I just needed to show the evil in Fredrick and the turmoil in Paul.
This chapter has a feel of finality to it.
The healing of Justin by Michael's hand.
The passing of Paul from this crowded stage.
Onward we go to some surprises, and some tragedy.

Hugs, Angel.

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