Justin's Angel-88

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin returned with Dr. Anderson and a nurse,  Michael and Justin quietly leaving the room.
They sat down on a couple of chairs in the hallway.
The doctor came out, walking up to them.
"He's sleeping again, he's just sapped all his strength. You won't be talking to him again today."
"It's alright doctor. We've said what we needed to say." Justin said, Michael nodding.
The two young men shook the doctor's hand and left quietly.
Paulo and Lonnie met them outside the security ward, going back down with them.
On the ride home, Michael let Justin snuggle in his arms, Justin laying his head on his chest.
"You okay, Jus?"
"Yes, Mico. I feel my fears are gone. I've faced him, and I'm not afraid anymore. He can't hurt me anymore. It's time I went on with my life. My life with you, my love."
Michael kissed him tenderly, Paulo and Lonnie smiling from the front seat.
"It's time we both went on with our happiness, our happiness together."
Justin smiled, his head returning to Michael's soft chest, Justin listening to his steady heartbeat.
Michael remained quiet, his thoughts on Paul.
In his heart Michael knew Paul was right.
Fredrick wouldn't forget Paul's failure.
And Michael was going to destroy Fredrick's evil.

Chapter 88

The paparazzi hadn't left, waiting for them when they reached the house.
Justin looked out at all the reporters, photographers and trucks waiting outside the gate to their home.
They drove through the gates, getting out and walking into the house.
They all went into the living room, Justin walking up to the window, looking out on the front gates through the draped windows.
He sighed then plopped down on one of the couches.
Michael sat down beside him.
Michael put his hand on his shoulder, knowing Justin was still uncomfortable with crowds.
"When will we have our life back, Mico? That was what I liked about this house, the anonymity.  It was our sanctuary. No one knew where we lived."
"I know, Jus. But this will die down, once you're back on tour. Once you've talked about all this in interviews. Are you ready for that, love?"
"I think so, Mico. I know my life will always be in the spotlight. It won't be long until all the disgusting details are uncovered. Until the world knows that someone tried to rape Justin Timberlake."
Michael looked at Lonnie and Paulo.
"Then why don't you beat them to it? The best offense is a good defense. Why don't you come clean about all of this yourself? It will show the world the courage and heart you have, what I've always known you had."
Justin looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing his strength there.
"I never thought of that, Mico! You're right, maybe I should be the one to reveal that truth!"
"And I believe it will be beneficial for you also, love. It will shed your soul of any lingering pain. The truth always cleanses the soul."
Justin smiled at Michael, kissing his cheek.
"No matter what you decide, my love, I will be there for you. To help you through all of it."
Justin teared, hugging Michael to him.
Justin pulled out his cell phone, dialing a number.
"Hi, Johnny. It's Justin."
"Hey sport, how are you doing? How's Mikey? I was planning on popping by tomorrow morning."
Justin took a deep breath, Michael watching him.
"I'm ready to talk about all this, Johnny. Michael thinks I need to tell the truth, that it should come from me what really happened."
"Okay, Jus. If that's what you want, then I'll be behind you one hundred percent. Whatever you want, I'll deliver."
"Great. Thanks, Johnny. I'll get back to you with what I want to do."
"Sure thing, Jus. And Jus, I'm proud of you. You're showing a lot of courage. Tell Mikey I'm proud of him too."
"Michael's love makes my courage soar."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"Talk to you later, Johnny."
"Later, Jus. Say hi to your man for me."
Justin put the phone down, looking into Michael's eyes.
"Johnny says hi, Mico, and wants you to know he's proud of both of us. Thanks, love. For giving me that little push. For showing me I have to take charge of my life again. And thanks for letting me go with you when you saw Paul. Seeing him brought everything into perspective. I now see he can't hurt me again, or hurt you. We're free of his terror. How are you really doing, love?"
Michael  sighed, Justin putting his arm around him.
"It was really hard, Jus. Seeing him, and remembering all he'd done to me. But seeing him like that made me see how lost he is now. His life was destroyed. First by his own actions, then by Fredrick's control. Suddenly I feel sorry for him. For the lonely life he now faces. A life of pain and loneliness. His hell lays ahead of him. I only hope that someday his soul can find a comforting peace. I want that for him. Is that strange that I want him to find peace?"
Paulo and Lonnie looked on, seeing Michael's forgiving heart on display.
"No, Mico. You've realized that it's finally over. Paul's influence on your life is at an end. He'll never hurt you--or I--again. And your wanting him to find peace, that's your forgiving soul letting you wash away his hurt. You now have your own peace. And that loving soul wants him to have the same. Your soul amazes me, my love."
Michael smiled, Justin kissing him.
"I'm so tired, Jus. I just want to sleep for weeks." Michael said, laying his head on Justin's chest.
"Then lay in my arms forever, love. I'll let you sleep in my arms always."
Michael smiled, just resting against Justin's powerful body.
Paulo and Lonnie quietly got up, exiting the room, Justin waving at them, both smiling at him.
"I know the feeling of tiredness. How about we go upstairs to bed? It's after nine. We both need some sleep."
Michael nodded, Justin gently pulling him up, the two walking upstairs.
An hour later, Paulo locked up the house, turning out all the lights.
He stopped briefly at their bedroom door, putting his hand on the door knob.
He quietly looked into the room, seeing Michael laying against Justin in the darkness, his body in its usual place.
"Sleep well, my brothers. Let your souls unite with your new freedom." He whispered, tears in his eyes.
Paulo quietly closed the door, walking down to his own room.

Justin and Michael awoke, feeling refreshed, their bodies energized.
Michael left the house at nine that morning, Justin kissing him deeply.
His postponed interview with the Pulitzer board was at ten o'clock.
Paulo drove him in Justin's Viper, the paparazzi snapping their pictures as they drove away.
Randall had dropped off his sons just before Michael had left.
Justin spent the morning with his two brothers, Jonathan and Stevie thrilled at having some alone time with their big brother.
That made Michael smile. He knew the love they had for him. And he knew that Justin needed them more.
Michael returned at noon, finding them all in the backyard playing touch football.
Jonathan and Lonnie teamed against Stevie and Justin.
Michael and Paulo sat on the patio watching the four laughing and playing, the game almost over.
When they'd finished, Justin and Stevie were the winners by one touchdown.  Justin carried a beaming Stevie on his shoulders, running around the back yard.
Michael smiled, knowing how happy Stevie felt. And how Justin loved to win.
Justin walked over to them, dumping Stevie in Michael's lap, Stevie laughing.
Justin bent down kissing Michael's lips, Stevie smiling.
"Welcome back, Mico. How did it go?"
"It went great, Jus. They really were impressed. I think I blew them away with my candid remarks. The interview will be out next month in their publication."
"Fantastic. I knew you'd blow them away." Justin beaming at Michael's success.
Michael smiled, tickling Stevie, Stevie screaming with laughter.
"How about I make these Timberlake men some well-deserved lunch? Winners get to chose the meal!"
Justin looked at Stevie, Stevie beaming.
"Hot dogs!" Stevie shouted, Michael laughing.
"Dogs it is!" Justin said, ruffling his younger brother's hair.
Paulo started the barbecue, Michael preparing the food.
Michael made chili dogs for all the guys, Justin laughing with his brothers.
When everyone had food on their plate Michael sat back watching everyone laugh and eat, Lonnie looking quietly at him.
"What ya thinking on, Mikey?"
"I'm just thinking that I've always wanted this, Lon. I never had brothers. Seeing Jus with Jonnie and Stevie, and Paulo here too, as well as you, makes me see what I now have. A brotherhood of brothers and friends."
Lonnie smiled, moved at Michael including him in that group.
Michael smiled back.
"We'll all be here for ya, Mikey."
Michael knew in his heart he'd always have this brotherhood.
An hour later, after lunch was cleaned up, the guys headed for the pool.
Justin got a phone call, talking for a few minutes, then hanging up. While he talked on the phone, Michael helped Stevie change into trunks in the pool house.
Ten minutes later Justin sat down in the deck chair beside Michael, just having put an inner tube in the pool for Stevie to play on.
"You watch Stevie, Jonnie." Justin yelled, Jonnie waving at him. Paulo was swimming in the pool with them.
"That was Joey, they're flying in this afternoon, Mico. They all want to come for dinner, if that's okay?"
"Awesome! And why would it not be? We'll call Lance and Josh as well as Chris and Vicky. Might as well make it an *Nsync extravaganza. How about I cook up something special?"
Justin beamed, knowing Michael's love for his bandmates.
"Sound great. But don't overdo it just for the guys, they'll eat anything."
"Now, Jus. You know I love to cook, and they're my dearest friends. I want to do it."
Justin couldn't believe how much they'd all come to mean to Michael.
"I'll send Paulo out after to do some shopping." Michael said, watching Stevie and Paulo laughing in the water.
Justin sat back now, watching Michael.
Their earlier conversation was deep in his thoughts. Michael's showing him that he had to open up about what had happened to him had given Justin an idea.
While Michael had been making lunch, Justin had made two phone calls. One to Johnny and then one to someone else.
He only hoped that Michael would react the way he thought he would.
Justin looked at his lover watching his brothers.
I love you, Mico. For you, I'll tell the truth.

Randall and Lisa picked up the boys at four o'clock, their flight home leaving at seven.
Justin and Michael hugged them all tightly, promising to visit soon.
Michael spent the afternoon cooking and cleaning; Paulo, Lonnie and Justin helping him.
At six Lance, Josh, Chris and Vicky arrived.
Lonnie and Jake showed up right behind them.
Lonnie was made bartender, dispensing drinks to everyone.
At twenty after six, Joey and Kelly arrived.
Michael stood quietly by watching Joey and Justin hug for a couple of intense minutes. Joey was in tears, sobbing uncontrollably while he hugged Justin in a gentle bear hug.
Justin was deeply moved by Joey's love for him, tears flowing from his eyes as well.
"I'm okay, Joe. Thanks to Michael's healing love, I'm alright."
At those words, Joey turned looking into Michael's golden eyes.
Joey swept Michael into a tight bear hug, Kelly now hugging Justin.
"I love ya, Mikey. For all you've done for Justy, for saving him and loving him." Joey said, his eyes still full of tears, Michael deeply moved by his touching words.
Michael broke the hug, telling Chris to get Joey and Kelly a drink. He wanted to propose a toast.
The others refilled their drinks, waiting for Michael's toast.
Justin stood beside Michael, Michael kissing his cheek, wrapping his arm around his waist.
Michael took a deep breath.
"My life is an open book to all of you; as are my heart and soul. Today I feel like the luckiest man on Earth. I have my Justin safe and well again beside me. And I've made peace with my past. I feel like a new man. And here, standing before all of you, I've realized something.  Looking around at all of you, I see the people who've come to mean so much to me. You're all here, all except Zach and Christina, that is. I now have a brotherhood of friends.
You've all taken me into your hearts, believed in Justin's and my love, and you've stood by both of us. So I'd like to propose a toast, to all of you. To my brotherhood of friends."
Everyone raised their glasses, tears flowing from a lot of moist eyes.
"Here's to friendship and love. Both Justin and I see that in all of you. To our friendships."
Everyone toasted, Justin hugging and kissing Michael.
"That was beautiful, Mikey." Josh said, Lance kissing his cheek.
Lance raised his glass, asking to say another toast.
"Michael, those were deeply touching words. And I want to speak for all of us in saying that you've become so much more to us. We all love you, no one more that I. We have so much to thank you for. You've united Josh and me, Chris and Vicky, Zach and Christina, and Paulo and Jake. And that leaves only Lonnie, but I'm sure you'll figure something out for him. Your giving heart has given all of us our greatest hopes and dreams. We'll never be able to repay you for that. But the greatest payment we can give you is our love. Both of you will have that forever. So I'd like to propose a toast, to both of you. Your shining example of love will be a beacon for all of us to hope for. For in both of you we see the purest form of love. True love. To Mikey and Jus."
Everyone raised their glasses, Michael almost sobbing.
Lance walked up to him, hugging him tightly.
"Thank you, Lance. That was beautiful." Michael said, Justin rubbing his back.
Lonnie walked up to him, grinning.
"I'd like her to be smart and sexy." Lonnie said, Chris laughing.
"She will be Lonnie." Michael said, Lonnie looking stunned.
"Only someone as generous and loving as you would deserve that."
Lonnie teared up, Justin patting his friend's back.
"On that sappy note, lets eat." Joey said, everyone laughing.

That evening was one of the happiest, most joyful ones Michael had ever known.
Good food and pleasant, happy conversation was had by all.
Michael and Chris joked all night, Michael on top as usual.
In Michael, Chris had found a kindred soul, their humor bouncing off each other. And their friends reaped the hilarious rewards.
Everyone felt a comradery with each other, a bond of loving friendship felt by all.
Everyone left that night with a new joy in their hearts.
Michael had spoken the truth, they were a brotherhood of friends.
When everyone had left, including Paulo, who was going to spend the night with Jake, Michael and Justin locked up, walking upstairs.
When they walked into the bedroom, Michael stopped in surprise.
The fireplace had a large fire going, a table was set up beside the love seat with a bottle of wine and two glasses. The bed was covered in rose petals.
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes.
"A gift from Josh and Lance. I wanted to end this evening in a special way."
Michael stood still as Justin leaned in, kissing his wet lips, Michael feeling his passion.
"You've been so loving to me through all this, Mico. You've been patient and tender in your passion. You'll never know what that means to me. You cared more for my feelings than your own. I love you, Mico."
"Your happiness is all I have ever wanted, Jus. I needed to let you know what you mean to me. I love you, Jus."
They sat down on the loveseat, Justin pouring them each a glass of wine.
"It's time for my own toast, lover. Here's to you, and your giving love. My heart and soul are filled with that love. And tonight I want our bed to be filled again with our passion. I need you, Michael. Never in all the time we've been together have I needed you more. Do you still need me?"
Michael set down his glass.
He ran his hand along Justin's jaw, turning his head to his, their lips meeting in a kiss of love.
"I need you in every moment of my life. In my bed, my arms, my heart and soul. Without you I am nothing, with you I can do anything. I love you Justin, you'll never know the depth of that love."
Justin's eyes were staring into Michael's soul, into the center of his love.
Justin stood up, his hand extending down, Michael taking it.
Justin led him to the bed, taking him close in his arms, kisses of love turning into passion.
Michael remained still, letting Justin lead.
Justin removed Michael's shirt, his hand roaming down his muscular hairy chest.
They stopped at Michael's belt, Justin opening his pants, seeing the excitement in Michael's center.
Michael's pants fell to the ground, Michael stepping out of them.
Justin pulled him against him, feeling the heat of Michael's body, the scent of his beauty.
"Oh God, Mico! I've forgotten how intoxicating your body is! The scent of your body igniting my desires! And how you excite me!"
Michael kissed him, feeling the heat and passion of his Justin, the real Justin.
Within minutes Justin had removed his own clothes, Michael pulling back the comforter, the two laying down, Justin moving on top of Michael, their lips connected, the passion flowing through them.
Michael felt Justin's return, the Justin who'd excited him from that first kiss.
He felt Justin's need, the need to please him. Justin was on fire, and Michael's body was the water to quench that fire.
For hours the two became one, each man lost in the power of seduction, in the moment of passion's embrace.
Their heightened desires open for each other.
At the end, Michael lay against Justin, panting, lost in his post-orgasmic glow.
He felt the familiar tremble, pulling Justin into his strong arms, Justin sobbing against him, Michael smiling at the normalcy of that emotional moment.
His Jus was back.
Michael smiled waiting for Justin to calm down.
"Oh, Mico! It's like it always was! The beauty of our lovemaking, the passion and the desire! They're all still there!"
"I always knew your passion would return to me, my love. Welcome home, Jus. Welcome back into our center of love."
The two lovers lay together, falling asleep in each other's arms, smiles on both their faces.

Michael woke up alone, Justin wasn't laying beside him.
He looked at the alarm clock reading eight thirty.
He stretched, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.
"Morning, babe. I love you, sexy."
Michael felt Justin's smile enter his soul.
"Morning, lovecakes. You stay right there, I'll be right up. I love you more, my angel."
"Okay, Jus. I'm too contented to move. This bed feels so good, but it's missing something. Some hot, sexy man should be beside me."
Michael felt Justin's love deep in his soul.
"I'll fill that emptiness in a moment, love. Be right there."
Michael smiled, snuggling up in the soft bed, awaiting his lover.
A few minutes later, Michael heard the door opening, Michael turning to see Justin walking into the room with a large tray.
Michael sat up seeing all the food on the tray, Justin smiling at him.
"I wanted to feed my man."
Michael's smile beamed.
"Aw, Jus, you made me breakfast! That's so sweet! What's the occasion?"
Justin smiled, setting the tray down in front of Michael.
Michael saw eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, pancakes, strawberries and grapes, and a bowl of cereal, as well as a small vase holding a single white rose.
"It's Valentines Day, my love. A gift for my sweetness."
Michael's face turned downcast.
"I forgot it was the fourteenth, Jus. I'm sorry, I haven't gotten you anything."
Justin kissed his lover.
"You've given me the greatest gift: your love. There's nothing more I need."
Michael smiled, looking down at the hot food.
"It all looks delicious, my love, but nothing is more delicious that your sweet moist lips. Can I have dessert first?"
Justin beamed, kissing Michael deeply, Michael purring.
"Mmmmm, now that's heavenly."
Michael dove into the food, Justin grabbing the bowl of cereal off the tray.
Michael ate with relish, savouring the delicious food.
Justin beamed seeing Michael eating heartily, his own heart full at seeing Michael loving his cooking.
"This is the best, love. You really take care of me."
"I'll always take care of my angel."
The two ate their breakfast, Justin then setting the tray aside, Michael snuggling up against him while they fed each other the grapes and strawberries.
"This is what true happiness is, Mico. Sitting with you close, feeling our contented love."
Michael smiled, licking the strawberry juice off Justin's lips. That gesture sent a wave of passion through Justin, Justin pushing Michael back, their lips on fire.
"Mmmmm, that's an even better dessert. But Paulo should be home soon, how about we take our shower and see if I can give you a special Valentine's gift."
Justin smiled, getting up, pulling his boxer shorts and t-shirt off.
Michael stood up, naked and hard, Justin turning to walk to the bathroom.
Michael pulled him into his arms, kissing him with lust and desire.
Justin was overcome by the desire he felt in Michael.
Michael broke the kiss, sinking to his knees.
He engulfed Justin's cock deep into his mouth, it sinking down into his throat.
Justin gasped, overcome with passion, moaning Michael's name.
Michael began a steady rhythm of deep throating, his fingers caressing Justin's ass.
Michael needed the passion, the desire he felt in Justin. And he needed his essence. It fed his soul, that rich taste of Justin's love.
And it didn't take long for Michael to feast on that essence.
Justin exploded into Michael, Michael drinking all of his juices, tasting the sweetness of his lover's soul.
Michael felt Justin's trembling body, his lover coming down from that height of passion.
After Michael had fed on all of Justin's love, he stood, kissing him lightly on his cheek.
"The nectar of your love is delicious, Jus. I'm so contented. I have everything I've ever wanted. And I want to give you everything you need."
Justin teared, pulling Michael close to him.
"Now how about that shower, my love?" Michael asked, sensing the passion erupting in Justin.
"I need you, Mico! Oh God, I need you inside me!"
"I can't think of a better place I'd want to be. Happy Valentine's Day, my sweetheart."
Michael guided Justin into the shower stall, the two joining together immediately under the warm water stream.
Michael made love to Justin, sinking his passion into him deeply, Justin closing his eyes and going to that place, that heaven he longed to stay in.
As Michael exploded he called out Justin's name.

A half hour later found Justin and Michael packing their suitcases.
They were leaving after lunch, heading to Chicago for Michael's interview with Oprah.
Michael had called Zach yesterday, arranging for them to visit.
Everyone was staying at Zach and Christina's, Christina not allowing them to stay in a hotel.
"You're all family, and family stays with family." She'd said.
Justin was thrilled, he'd get to spend all his time with Becky.
Michael had quietly sat watching Justin before Paulo and Jake came home.
Michael knew how deeply Justin loved the little girl, Michael wanting some day to make Justin even happier by giving him that family he'd always wanted.
Michael closed his eyes seeking out someone, his faith and hope calming.
He opened his eyes, seeing Justin staring at him.
"You went off for a moment, Mico. Where were you?"
Michael smiled, taking Justin's hand in his.
"Just checking in on everyone, everyone's doing okay."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
Paulo and Jake walked in, Michael smiling.
"Well, looks like Jake's received his Valentine's gift." Michael said pointing.
Justin burst out laughing, seeing the tell tale mark of passion.
Jake blushed, his hand going to his throat.
"Paulo, you animal!" Justin said, between gasps of laughter.
Paulo beamed, his arm slinking around Jake.
"What can I say? His love makes me wild."
Michael smiled, hugging both of them.
Michael lifted Paulo's shirt, Justin seeing the red mark beside Paulo's left nipple.
"Seems Jake can be a wild man too!" Michael said bursting into laughter.
Paulo blushed now, Jake smiling widely.
"There are others if you want to check elsewhere, Mikey."
Michael was rolling on the floor with Justin, Paulo's face a deep Valentine's Day red.
Justin and Michael calmed down, both smiling at their brothers.
"How did you know I had that mark?" Paulo said, looking at Michael.
"You forget, my brother, I feel the love in both of you. It wasn't hard for me to feel your lover's special need."
Paulo smiled, hugging Michael again.
Everything was right with them again, Michael's love ever present.

Lonnie showed up just before lunch, Michael fixing a quick snack to tide them over until they were at Zach and Christina's.
Lonnie and Paulo loaded the bags into Jake's Jeep.
Justin looked out towards the gate, seeing the cameras pointed in his direction.
"Mico, I think I can show myself now, I'm okay with being in that spotlight again."
"You sure, Jus?"
Justin looked at him smiling.
"Yep, I'm sure. I don't want to talk just yet, but they can take their photos."
Michael smiled, looking at everyone else.
"Let's go see Becky, Jus."
Justin smiled widely, jumping into the Jeep.
They pulled out, Jake and Lonnie up front, Justin in the back seat in the center, Michael on his right, Paulo on his left.
They drove toward the gate, Jim waving at them before he opened the gate.
Michael told Jake to stop, Michael lowering the window, Jim leaning in.
Michael told him something, Jim nodding.
Michael closed the window, the gate opening. Jake drove through the gate. through the center of the paparazzi.
The paparazzi were around the vehicle in a flash, cameras going off, Justin remaining calm.
Everyone ignored the shouts for comments and for Justin to say something.
Jake drove ahead, turning onto the street, reporters chasing the car.
Jake sped up, leaving them running behind.
Justin let out a breath of relief, Michael's hand going in his now.
"You okay, love?"
"Yes, Mico. I'm fine. What did you say to Jim?"
"I told him to tell the reporters an hour after we left that you were going out of town until your next concert date. That there was no point in them hanging around. I didn't want to see them waste their time waiting for you to not come back. Seemed pointless for them to remain there."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
He saw Michael's caring soul, wanting everyone to be happy.
They arrived at the airport, Paulo guiding them to a private hangar.
He'd commandeered his family's private jet again, knowing Justin wanted to remain apart from the public still.
Jake and Paulo stepped away from them for a moment, Jake wanting to see Paulo off in private.
Michael sensed the love they now shared, knowing that distance wouldn't diminish it.
The deep kiss they shared proved his point.
A few minutes later they boarded, all saying goodbye to Jake.

Six hours later, they all stepped off their plane, spotting Zach waving at them.
Paulo had told him what hangar their plane would be de?boarding in.
Michael was on his friend in a flash.
He tackled Zach, the two rolling around on the floor, everyone looking on. They got up, hugging each other tightly.
"Mikey, you wonderful freak! It's so good to see you!" Zach said, tears in his eyes.
"How's my Zacky?" Michael said, ruffling his hair.
"Good, good. How's Mikey Wikey?"
Michael laughed, Zach looking towards Justin's smiling face when he quietly walked up to them.
Zach looked for a moment, seeing his calmness, Zach's tears beginning to fall.
He rushed to Justin, hugging him tightly.
"Thank God you're okay, Justin! I see Michael's giving love in this. You are okay?" He said with tears falling.
Justin had his own tears, seeing Zach's love for him.
"Michael's love has healed me, body and soul."
Zach smiled widely looking over at his friend.
"Why doesn't that surprise me? Come on everyone, let's go back to our place."
Zach hugged Paulo and Lonnie, helping them with all the bags.
They all piled into Zach's Mustang, a little crowded, but comfortable.
"Someone's dying to see her Uncle Justin." Zach laughed, Justin beaming.
Michael smiled, cuddling against Justin.
A short twenty minutes later they were walking into the apartment.
They all heard the shrieks of glee, seeing Becky running toward them.
Justin was on his knees in a moment, the little girl flying into his arms.
Justin was crying, hugging his little angel, knowing how much she loved  him.
Everyone stood watching the two hugging, tears in their eyes, Christina wrapping her arms around Michael, kissing his cheek.
"Welcome to our home, everyone."
Justin got up, Christina hugging him gently, seeing his smiling face, Christina looking at Michael.
Michael had Becky in his arms, kissing her cheek.
"I see your love has done wonders."
"Yep, my Jus is back to his loveable self, Cricket."
Everyone exchanged hugs, Michael asking where her Mom was.
"She's down visiting her sister. You and Justin can stay in her room. Lonnie and Paulo will be bunking on the sofa bed."
"Thanks, Cricket, for putting up with four men, and two kids for the next two days."
Christina and Zach laughed, Justin and Becky smiling widely.
After the suitcases were put in the rooms, everyone relaxed in the living room.
They all chatted, Michael and Justin telling them all that had happened.
Everyone could see that Justin was pretty much back to his old self, Michael's love healing him completely.
Justin went with Becky into her room so she could show him all her toys.
Michael smiled, Christina picking up on his happiness.
"So you're on Oprah again, that's great Mikey." Zach said.
"Yes, she wants to interview me about my books and life."
"You've come a long way, my friend. I'm so proud of you." Zach said, Michael smiling at him.
They chatted about a lot of things, Justin coming back carrying Becky on his shoulders.
He sat down on the floor between Michael's legs, Becky sitting in front of him, playing with her dolls.
"I see you're still a big kid at heart." Christina said, Michael laughing.
Justin beamed, Becky smiling up at him.
"What can I say?  I always love children, it's their joyful innocence." Justin said, a little sorrow showing in his face. Michael's hand went onto his shoulder, Justin smiling up at him.
Christina could see that Justin had lost some of his innocence because of that attack. But she could also see Michael's love calming his soul. The calm look on Justin's face the proof of that.
"Hey, Jus, remember those two children at Father Derrick's orphanage? You really made them smile." Lonnie said, Justin smiling also.
They told Zach and Christina about the two small twins and how Justin had stopped their crying.
Christina marveled at Justin's loving heart for children.
Justin sat quietly, lost in his thoughts.
"I wonder how they're doing?" He said quietly.
"They're well and happy, Jus." Michael said, rubbing his shoulder.
Justin looked up at Michael, surprised.
"Remember on that day, when they'd finally fallen asleep, and I had kissed them both before we left."
Justin smiled, rubbing Michael's leg.
"You gave them your devotion, didn't you?"
Michael smiled, looking into Justin's upturned blue eyes.
"Yes.  I also wiped their minds clean of their past abuse. I've been keeping track of them. I felt I needed to. I don't know why, just a feeling. I wanted to make sure they're alright."
Justin realized that those two small angels had touched Michael's heart as well as his own.
"They're happy, Jus, their Mom has remained clean. They're going to be okay."
Everyone smiled at Michael's words, his feelings showing.
"Well, I should start dinner." Christina said getting up, walking toward the kitchen.
Zach asked her to wait a moment.
She stopped, turning, Zach getting up and standing beside her.
He kissed her lips, Christina smiling.
"We've got something to tell you, everyone."
Michael watched them, remaining quiet.
"Christina and I are getting married. And we're going to have a child."
Justin screamed with glee, jumping up hugging them both. Becky was laughing at him, hugging his leg.
Lonnie and Paulo both got up hugging them both.
Zach stared at Michael, still sitting, seeing him lowering his head.
After a few moments, when everyone clued into Michael's silence,  Michael stood up, raising his head.
Tears were flowing from his eyes.
He walked up to both of them taking each of their hands in his.
"Zacky, Cricket, I'm happy for you both. I've felt the love grow in both of you, the love you both now feel for each other. And the love you both feel for this little angel here. You're all going to have a life filled with happiness, love, and joy. Your three little angels will fill your life with love. I've known you for a long time Zacky. And I've never seen you as happy as I see you today. Congratulations, my brother."
Zach was crying, hugging his friend close, kissing his cheek.
"Mikey, I want you to be my best man. And if it's a boy, we want to name him Michael. Your love for us brought us together. This is our way of saying thank you."
Michael sobbed knowing Zach and Christina's love for him.
Justin patting his shoulder, smiling at their friends.
Christina looked at Michael suddenly.
"Three little angels?"
Michael smiled widely.
"You're going to have twins, Christina."
Christina and Zach looked stunned. Michael winked, sitting back down on the couch, everyone looking at him.
Becky crawled up into his lap, smiling at him.
"I'm going to have two little playmates?" She said innocently.
Michael hugged her as Justin sat beside them.
"Yep, two little brothers."
Zach and Christina calmed down, then smiled, knowing in their hearts Michael was usually right.
"So have you set a date?" Justin smiled.
"Actually, it's going to be March seventeenth, four weeks from now. We decided that we wanted it as quickly as possible, before Christina starts showing, providing you're free."
Michael smiled, patting his shoulder.
"For you two, I'll make sure we're all free."
Everyone congratulated them both, Justin and Becky playing again.
Michael helped Christina prepare supper, everyone sitting down to a pleasant meal.
After supper they sat around talking, Zach telling them how he'd proposed to her.
He'd taken Becky and Christina out to supper at Vito's, Zach having worked out his plan with Vito and Becky.
At supper, Becky had asked her mother to fix Tina, her doll.
When Christina had begun to look the doll over to see what was wrong, she found the ring hanging around the doll's neck.
She looked at Zach, Zach getting down on one knee.
"Christina, Becky. I love both of you, my heart soars with your love. Will you, Christina, be my wife, my soulmate and my love? And will you, Becky, be my daughter, my child and my angel?"
Both smiled widely, Becky throwing her arms around Zach's neck, Christina crying.
"Yes, Zach. I love you and I'll marry you. And Becky loves you like a father. We're finally going to be a family."
A week later they'd found out Christina was with child. That only heightened their happiness.
Zach and Christina were snuggled together, Justin lost in Zach's story.
Everyone saw the love Zach and Christina had.
"I'm getting a Daddy!" Becky said, Justin smiling at her, the little girl sitting in his lap.
"Yep, Becky. Zach's going to be your Daddy." Michael said, smiling at the happy girl.
"But you'll always be my favorite Uncles." She said, smiling at both of them.
Justin and Michael both had tears in their eyes, both kissing the little girl.
"Time for bed, sweetie." Christina said getting up.
"I want Uncle Justin to tuck me in. Maybe he can sleep with me." She said, Michael laughing.
Justin got up, carrying her to their bedroom, Christina following.
"Looks like there will be no loving tonight, Mikey. " Zach laughed, Michael giving him a salute.
"It's okay, Zach. Justin stoked my fires this morning. I'm good."
Zach blushed, Paulo and Lonnie laughing.
"And there's always the shower in the morning."
Zach got up, covering his ears.
"TMI! Mikey."
Everyone laughed, Michael's humor flooding the room with laughter.
Christina walked back into the living room.
"Justin seems calm and happy, Mikey. I can see in your caring ways you've helped him to get over this." She said sitting beside Michael.
"It was hard on both of us, but Justin's well-being will always be my first concern."
She patted his leg.
They talked for a while longer, Lonnie starting to yawn.
"You guys are tired, we should call it a night." Zach said, seeing everyone looking done in.
Christina got up, returning with some bedding for the couch.
Michael walked down the hall to Becky's room.
What he saw when he walked into her bedroom made his heart melt.
Justin was laying on Becky's bed , Becky laying on top of his chest. Justin had his protective arms wrapped around her, cuddling her against him.
Christina put her arm around Michael, both looking at the two sleeping angels.
"You man loves children, Mikey."
"Yes, I want him to have that happiness, after we marry we're definitely going to adopt a little angel of our own."
Christina smiled, sensing more in Michael's words.
"A little hint of something to come?" She asked, looking into his golden eyes.
Michael smiled, then both walked towards the bed.
Christina gently picked up Becky, Michael lightly shaking Justin.
He opened his eyes, Michael smiling down at him.
"Time for beddie-bye, Jussy Wussy. You can play with your playmate in the morning."
Justin smiled, stretching, and getting up, Christina laughing , then putting Becky back into her bed.
She kissed her daughter on the forehead, Justin leaning down and doing the same.
"Come on lover, let's go to bed. Night, Cricket."
"Night guys. See you in the morning."

Justin woke up in semi darkness, not knowing where he was.
He felt alone, and unprotected.
He started crying, feeling the bed move.
Someone grabbed him, Justin trembling for the briefest of moment, then realizing by his touch that it was Michael.
"You're okay, love. It's Mico. I'm here." Michael said taking him into his strong arms.
"Where are we, Mico?"
"We're at Zach's, remember? You're here with our friends, and Becky."
"Oh, yeah, that's right. I didn't know where I was." Justin said, Michael picking up on the tremble in his body.
"I'm here, love. No one's going to hurt you. I think you had a bad dream. Lay back down, I'll hold you."
Justin let Michael lay back, Justin laying against him, his head on his chest.
"Everything okay, Jus?" Michael asked with love in his voice.
"Yes, I don't know what it was. Maybe I still have a few hidden doubts."
"Doubts? About what?"
Justin didn't say anything, Michael remaining quiet.
"I love you, Mico. You've become the most important person in my life."
"You are the same for me, my love."
"Tomorrow you'll be out there, center stage, for all the world to see. My lover shining in the spotlight. I'm so proud of you."
Michael teared up, sensing something else was behind this speech.
Justin looked up into his eyes.
"You've come so far, Mico. The world will now know your genius, your giving heart."
Michael smiled. Justin was proud of him, Justin loved him so much.
"I owe a lot of that to you, Jus. You've been beside me, loving me and encouraging me. I love you."
Justin smiled, hugging tighter to Michael.
"Promise me you'll never change? You'll never let this go to your head?"
Michael now knew what Justin was troubled about, Michael sitting up.
"Jus, I am never going to be a star, a celebrity. My heart's just not in it. Fame and renown are nothing to me. I have never been that way."
"Fame changes people, Mico."
"Has it changed you?"
"No, I like to think I'm the same guy I started out as. Loving, caring, decent, sane."
"You are, Jus. You're the guy I fell in love with. Not Justin Timberlake, just Justin."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing his lips.
"You'll never have to fear that I'll be that type of star. There will never be Michael Tavarro, just Mico."
Justin teared up, believing Michael's words, knowing that Michael would never allow himself to change, he'd always be the man Justin loved. The sweet, giving, loving man.
"Thank you, Mico. Thank you for always being you."
Michael smiled, laying down again, Justin snuggling against him.
"Love you, my Timby."
"Love ya back, my Mico."
They remained quiet, Michael feeling Justin relaxing again, light snoring coming after a few minutes.
Michael lay there, listening to Justin's contented sleep.
You'll never change, my love. I can't live with anyone but my real Jus. I hope you can live with the real Mico when you finally know him.

End of 88

A little shorter than usual, but I just wanted to have a little breather.
A chapter of love, and togetherness. A few moments of joy and love before the next whirlwind of activity.
Hold on to your hats everyone, there's a real wind of change coming.

Hugs, Angel.

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