Justin's Angel-89

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael smiled. Justin was proud of him, Justin loved him so much.
"I owe a lot of that to you, Jus. You've been beside me, loving me and encouraging me. I love you."
Justin smiled, hugging tighter to Michael.
"Promise me you'll never change. You'll never let this go to your head."
Michael now knew what Justin was troubled about, Michael sitting up.
"Jus, I am never going to be a star, a celebrity. My heart's just not in it. Fame and renown are nothing to me. I have never been that way."
"Fame changes people, Mico."
"Has it changed you?"
"No, I like to think I'm the same guy I started out as. Loving, caring, decent, sane."
"You are, Jus. You're the guy I fell in love with. Not Justin Timberlake, just Justin."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing his lips.
"You'll never have to fear that I'll be that type of star. There will never be Michael Tavarro, just Mico."
Justin teared up, believing Michael's words, knowing that Michael would never allow himself to change, he'd always be the man Justin loved. The sweet, giving, loving man.
"Thank you, Mico. Thank you for always being you."
Michael smiled, laying down again, Justin snuggling against him.
"Love you, my Timby."
"Love ya back, my Mico."
They remained quiet, Michael feeling Justin relaxing again, light snoring coming after a few minutes.
Michael lay there, listening to Justin's contented sleep.
You'll never change, my love. I can't live with anyone but my real Jus. I hope you can live with the real Mico when you finally know him.

Chapter 89

Michael gradually woke up, feeling someone laying beside him whom he immediately sensed wasn't Justin.
He opened his eyes looking into Becky's small round face.
He looked at Justin, seeing his arms wrapped around the little girl, a small smile on his face.
Michael gently leaned over, shaking Justin's shoulder lightly, Justin's eyes opening, looking into Michael's loving golden orbs.
"And to what do we owe this surprise?" Michael asked, kissing Justin lightly on the lips.
"She walked into the room about an hour ago, crawled up on the bed and woke me. She crawled in between the two of us. I didn't have the heart to move her when she fell asleep."
Michael smiled, Justin blushing a little.
"You're so loving, my sweet. She's okay right where she is."
Justin smiled, wrapping his arms a little more around the child and Michael.
"Isn't this magical, Mico? Laying in bed with a child between us."
Michael smiled, feeling Justin's need for this.
They quietly chatted, the two happy for this quiet time together.
After awhile a gentle wrapping came to the door, Christina sticking her head into the room, smiling.
"I figured this is where I'd find her. She always gets up early and crawls into bed with Mom every morning. I'll get her up so you can get some more sleep." Christina said walking into the room.
"Don't you dare move her. And deprive Justin of his playmate? I think not. I'll let you sleep for another hour, love. Enjoy your angel." Michael smiled, getting out of bed, throwing on a t-shirt and sweatpants.
Justin smiled, closing his eyes again, snuggling up to Becky.
Michael and Christina walked down to the kitchen, quietly looking out into the living room seeing Paulo and Lonnie still sleeping.
Michael sat down at the table, watching Christina start the coffeemaker.
The two friends sat down, Michael telling her all that had taken place since he'd last been in Chicago.
Christina became lost in his voice, lost in his narration.
She marveled at all he'd done for Justin. His love for the young man could be seen in his eyes and his face. Justin was his life, his happiness and his heart.
"You're so remarkable, Michael. So giving and loving. I see that Justin is as he is because of you."
Michael smiled, tears in his eyes.
"I will do all that I can so he will have love and happiness. He's my world."
Christina smiled.
She saw the happiness and calmness in Michael. After all that had happened he seemed indeed happy, she only hoping it would last, that Michael and Justin could now be happy.
"What of Fredrick, Michael? Will he stay away, will he be able to remain idle and let us be?"
Michael sighed.
"He'll stay away, for his own safety. I've given him an ultimatum. If he tries anything before the final confrontation, I will destroy him. I have the power to do that. He will bide his time, gather his strength and seek to take it all at the end. He has too much to lose to risk anything until then. Greed and power drive him now. The final outcome will decide all."
"What will happen then, Michael?"
"I don't know, Cricket. I know part of what will come to pass. We will see as it unfolds. Now, how about some of that coffee?"
Michael got up, pulling two cups out of the cupboard.
Christina knew he was eluding the subject.
Zach walked into the kitchen, in boxers and a tank top.
"Morning, love." He said smiling.
"Morning, sweetie." Michael replied blowing him a kiss, Christina laughing.
Zach gave Michael a friendly salute, Michael laughing, pulling another cup down.
The three friends sat drinking their coffee, Zach finally looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"When I think of what might have happened to Justin, what you did for him, how you fought for him, it just seems so unbelievable. The courage you had, Mike. I can't believe you're both alright."
Zach was beginning to tear, Christina and Michael rubbing his shoulders.
"I would fight to my last breath to keep him safe, Zach, he's my everything. I used my gifts to heal him, you wouldn't have believed how hurt he was, how much pain--physically and emotionally--he went through. I had my own pain, my own doubts. I blamed myself for what happened to him, if he'd never met me he would never have been put in that situation. But Jus made me see that it wasn't my fault, that I never asked for that danger, or that hurt. I love him so much. Sometimes I can't understand how he can love me so much."
"Because I've seen the real you, Mico." Justin said, everyone looking up, Justin standing in the door with Becky on his hip.
Christina got up, taking Becky from Justin, Justin sitting down beside Michael, kissing his lips tenderly.
"I want you to let go of those insecurities, love. I'm in love with you, you've already accepted that. You're stuck with Justy Timberlake, and all his faults and weaknesses. Same as I'm stuck with Mico Tavarro and his. And I'm tickled pink by that."
Michael smiled, Justin kissing him again.
"I can live with that. Justy Timberlake is unbelievable."
Justin smiled, the two kissing again, Becky looking at both men.
"Uncle Michael? Do you know Uncle Justin snores?"
Everyone laughed, Justin blushing, Paulo and Lonnie wandering into the room laughing also.
"How about coffee everyone?" Christina said, heading for the pot.
"How about we head for the shower, love?" Justin said, Michael smiling.
"I'm up for that. Cover your ears, Jacky. It could get very vocal."
"Too much info, Mikey." Zach said, covering his ears, Michael ruffling his hair.
"You two go ahead, and keep the screaming to a minimum." Christina said smiling.
The two lovers walked out of the room, Christina catching Becky climbing off her chair, knowing the two needed some alone time.
The two took a quick shower together, both necking and flirting around a bit, content with the closeness. They walked back into the kitchen, Christina putting breakfast on the table.
Everyone sat down to a small feast, chatting happily, the earlier talk forgotten.
After breakfast, they all sat in the living room, Michael working on his laptop, zoning out the television Lonnie and Paulo were watching. Zach and Christina took Becky outside for a walk, Justin going into the bedroom to make a few phone calls.
Michael assumed they were about his work.
Michael browsed through his e-mails, different ones from Seth, Tomas and Father Derrick. He missed his friends, wanting to visit them soon.
They all seemed happy, Seth's and Tomas' budding romance blooming on its own.
Michael smiled at the different views he got from both men, the essence of both: love.
Justin walked back into the living room, plopping down on the couch beside Michael.
Michael closed off his laptop, just as Lonnie looked at Justin.
"Just, can I see you for a moment."
Justin nodded, both men getting up and walking into the kitchen.
Paulo turned off the television Lonnie and he had been watching, looking out of the corner of his eye at Michael with concern.
Zach and Christina walking into the apartment, pulling off Becky's jacket as she ran across the room, jumping into Michael's lap.
Michael played with Becky as Paulo walked over to Zach and Christina, both catching the worried look on his face.
Justin and Lonnie walked out of the kitchen, everyone seeing Justin's nervous face.
"Cricket, can you take Becky and give her some milk?" Justin asked, Christina nodding.
Christina took Becky into the kitchen, Becky smiling at Justin as she walked by, Justin giving her a wink and a blown kiss.
A few minutes later, Christina joined the others, leaving Becky coloring at the kitchen table.
Justin sat down beside Michael, Michael looking at everyone.
"Okay, Jus. Tell me what's wrong. I sense concern and I feel it in all of you."
"Michael, I don't know how to tell you this, so I'll just tell you."
Michael nodded, waiting.
"Paul's dead, Mico."
Zach and Christina wrapped their arms around each other, their concern for Michael showing on their faces.
Michael remained frozen for a moment, then lowered his head.
"Lon and Paulo heard it on the television news a few minutes ago."
"How did he die?" Michael said quietly, not looking at Justin.
"They found him in his hospital bed this morning, Michael. He'd been repeatedly stabbed. "
Justin sighed, taking Michael's hand in his, giving Michael all his love.
"His heart was cut out of him, Michael. And left on top of his chest."
Michael looked up into Justin's eyes, everyone seeing the tears in his golden eyes.
"He knew, Jus. He knew that he would die for failing. He told both of us that. His life was forfeit, he said. He knew."
"It had to be Fredrick." Lonnie said, looking at Michael.
"It wasn't him personally, Lon. He's in Spain, I know that. He had one of his henchmen do it. He's still in Spain."
Justin somehow knew Michael was right, how he knew that, Justin wasn't sure.
"This was Fredrick's way of showing me his resolve. He knew I'd removed Paul from his control, so he ended Paul's freedom. I now hope Paul has found peace at last."
Michael stood up, Justin rising with him.
"If you'd all allow me, I'd like to say a prayer."
Everyone nodded, Michael lowering his head, everyone following, the room ushered into complete silence.
"God, a troubled soul has returned to you this day. Let him find the everlasting peace of your love. I ask that you forgive him for what he's done throughout his troubled life. Through his own actions and those of others he's walked the wrong path. Now he's in your kingdom again. Through your giving love let him find peace. We are all your children, we stand in your love, and your giving heart. Blessed are we to walk in your love. Amen."
Everyone said Amen, tears flowing from a lot of eyes.
"Goodbye, Paul." Michael said quietly, Justin watching him, and feeling his soul.
"That was beautiful, Michael." Christina said, Michael hugging everyone, hugging Justin last.
"I think I should get ready for the show." Michael said, walking out of the room and down the hall to their bedroom.
Justin sat down, everyone sitting again.
"Is Michael okay, Jus?" Zach said, worried for his friend.
"Yes, Zach. He's sorry that it had to end this way, he never wanted Paul to die. His heart is full of sorrow for that, but I feel relief also, Paul's part in this is over. He'll never hurt my Mico again."
Zach rubbed Justin's shoulder, everyone feeling that same relief.

A few minutes later, Michael walked back out into the living room, Justin looking at a vision of beauty.
Michael wore a black silk shirt, tight forming, his physique on full display. The black pants were sleek and crisp.
"Wow, Mico, you look fantastic!" Justin said, seeing the golden cross around his neck, and the two rings on his fingers.
Michael smiled a small smile, Justin standing and kissing him tenderly.
"Thanks, Jus. I know how you love me in black. "
Justin kissed him again, Michael sighing.
"You okay, babe?"
"Yes, Jus. I feel a sense of finality where Paul was concerned. That part of this is over. I should get going."
"Lon's going with you, love. Paulo has some stuff to do for me today." Justin said, Michael arching an eyebrow, but remaining silent, just nodding.
"You going to be okay, Jus? You have Becky to yourself all day. Try not to tire her out."
Justin laughed, kissing Michael again.
Zach grabbed his car keys, he was driving the two of them to the television studio on his way to the hospital.
"I'm sorry all you guys couldn't come to see the show, it was just too short of notice to get tickets." Michael said.
"It's okay, Mikey. We'll all watch it tomorrow when it airs." Paulo said.
Michael smiled hugging his brother, then Christina. Justin smiling at everyone's love for his Michael.
"Knock em dead, tiger. Show the world your loving self." Justin said, kissing him one final time, not wanting to break their embrace.
Justin walked the three to the front door, opening it, Michael sneaking one last kiss in, Justin purring.
He stood there watching the three walk down the hallway, the elevator closing on Michael's waving form.
Justin turned, walking back into the living room.
"Okay, let's get this show on the road."

Half an hour later found Michael sitting in a makeup chair, a technician applying makeup.
Lonnie sat in a chair reading a magazine.
The door opened, Oprah breezing into the room, followed by her assistant.
"Michael! There you are. It's so nice to see you again."
"Hi, Miss Winfrey, it's nice seeing you also." Michael said, sitting up and extending his hand to shake hers.
She pushed it aside, hugging him tightly.
"It's Oprah, remember?" She said smiling at him.
Michael smiled back.
"How are you, Michael? I've kept a close eye on you and Justin. I'm so sorry to hear about all that happened, including this morning's tragic news. How are you doing?"
"I'm doing OK, Oprah. Paul's death was so tragic, I never wanted that. He's at peace now, and here I am. So, you want to talk to me again?"
Oprah shook her head, marveling at Michael's giving heart.
"You betcha, sweetie. The world has fallen in love with you, and I'm going to find out all that there is to know about you, Michael."
"Careful, Oprah, you might be surprised by the real Michael." Lonnie said smiling.
"I know I will be. I know it." She said smiling, her assistant talking to her.
"I have to go, Michael. See you shortly, just before air time."
Michael smiled when she hugged him again.
In Michael's mind he heard Justin's voice.
"How's it going, love?"
"I'm nervous, Jus. Do you really think I should be here?"
"Yes, Mico. If anyone deserves this, I know you do. Trust me, Mico. Relax and go with the flow. You may be surprised."
Michael arched an eyebrow, wondering what he meant by that.
"What do you mean by that?"
"I mean that you may find that a lot of people love you. I count myself as number one on that list. Love ya, babe."
Michael smiled, feeling Justin's love.
"Love ya too, Timby."
"Go get em, Tiger."

Twenty minutes later, Michael and Lonnie stood offstage waiting for Michael's cue.
They could see the large audience waiting for the show to start.
Lonnie looked at Michael seeing his relaxed mood. Justin had calmed him, of that he was sure.
"Michael, before all this happens, I want to say something to you."
Michael looked up at his large friend, smiling.
"I want to tell you, I'm proud of you. A long time ago, when we first met, I told you that Justin meant a lot to me and that if you made him happy you'd always have a place in my heart. You've earned that place, my friend. With all the love and happiness you've given him, and myself. I love ya, man."
Michael teared up, hugging the large man, their friendship close and strong.
"I love ya too, Afro Sally."
They hugged, hearing someone walking up behind them.
They both turned seeing Oprah smiling at their closeness.
"Ready to shine in the sun, Michael?" She said, smiling.
"Bring it on, I'm ready for anything." He said smiling widely.
They all heard the announcer.
"Ladies and gentlemen, Oooooopraaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!"
Oprah smiled walking past them, heading onto the stage, the crowd now on their feet, the applause loud and ecstatic.
She walked across the stage, smiling.
"Hello, everyone! Today's show is going to be one of my best, I believe. Today we have with us a rising star in the world of fiction. And a beautiful angel in true life. Today's guest is Michael Tavarro, best-selling author and rising celebrity. Let's look at some clips of his newfound stardom."
Michael watched the monitor in front of him, seeing video clips of his last appearance on this show, as well as ones on his saving the girl at the concert, television interviews and the his last interview at the hospital.
"Michael has touched a  lot of people with his warm personality and kind heart. But I'll let you be the judge of that. Lets give it up for my guest, Michael Tavarro!"
The applause was thunderous, Lonnie patting Michael on the back, Michael walking out into the spotlight.

Michael stood looking up at the audience, seeing, and hearing the warm welcome for him.
He remembered the crowd when Justin and he were on here last, they being there then for Justin.
This crowd seemed larger.
Michael smiled, waving and walking toward Oprah.
She hugged him tightly, Michael feeling her genuine warmth.
She guided him to the couch, Oprah sitting down beside him.
Michael looked out at everyone, noticing that two rows of seats were empty at the front of the audience.
The audience finally calmed down, the applause finally lowering in volume, everyone taking their seats.
"Welcome back, Michael. Wow, you've really impressed everyone here, I haven't heard a reaction like that in a long time, Justin Timberlake being the last one."
Everyone clapped enthusiastically again at the mention of Justin Timberlake.
"Hello, Oprah. It's wonderful to be back again."
"You've really been shining in the spotlight again lately, what with your number one selling novel, another one rising on the charts, and your personal friendship with Justin Timberlake."
Michael smiled, relaxing a bit.
"Yes, it's been a wild ride. I never imagined it would be this monumental of a change in my life."
"And now word comes that your first novel, Daniel's Mission will be coming to the big screen."
The crowd went wild again, thunderous clapping overpowering the silence.
"Yes, I will be writing the screenplay for it very shortly. I want the movie to reflect the book, so I'll have total control on that."
"Sounds like it will be a great success with your involvement. Maybe there will be a small part in it for me?" She smiled at him, Michael laughing loudly, his wonderful melodic laugh bringing a smile to Oprah's face, as well as a few sighs from women in the audience.
"I'll keep you in mind for something." He said, Oprah laughing herself.
"Your second novel is doing fantastic, number forty seven already on the best-sellers lists after only six weeks. Tell us about it, I understand it's a sequel to Daniel's Mission."
"Yes it's the final chapter in that story. But it's unlike the first one in its frank reality."
Michael talked about the book, trying to show people that it would be unlike the first one.
"It sounds very riveting, I'll have to read it soon. Something tells me it will be number one even more quickly. Sounds like a real page turner."
Michael smiled putting his hands up, crossing his fingers.
"Here's hoping I'm not a one-hit wonder." He said, everyone laughing at his humorous mood.
"Honey, your just a wonder, period." She said, Michael blushing.
"Now on to the real reason you're here. We all want to know about the real you. The life and loves of Michael Tavarro. So spill it, cutie."
Michael smiled, seeing her genuine interest in his life.
"A lot of us have read about your tragic life, Michael. Maybe you can expand on it, tell us all the details. If you're comfortable with that."
Michael nodded, she taking his hand in hers.
"I'm comfortable with all my life. To me it wasn't tragic, it was my life. Let me start at the beginning."
Michael felt all his words coming out, his going through every detail to everyone. He laid his life in the open, telling them everything. His troubled youth, the loss of his mother, the abuse and heartache. The brutal rape by the man he'd loved, the years of self loathing and the pain and hurt. He told them of Daniel, his life and tragic death at the hands of his father. And what Daniel had given him. Through it all, the audience grew in its understanding of him.
They began to love the man, love him for his courage, his faith in better times ahead. His resolve to continue on in the hopes of something better for the future.
Then he told them of meeting Justin, their friendship and their deep trust in each other.
Many tears were apparent on the audience's faces throughout his talking, as well as on Oprah. Michael had moved them all with his narrative skills.
"We've all heard the tragic news over the last week, Justin's brutal attack, and your saving him. How is Justin doing, Michael?"
"Justin is doing okay, everyone. He has a lot of strength and courage. He's recovering quickly from this ordeal. He's going back on tour starting Sunday. This will not stop him from living his life."
The audience clapped at hearing this news, Oprah smiling at Michael's caring for Justin.
"And how are you handling this tragic news this morning? If everyone hasn't heard yet, Paul Richards, their attacker, was found murdered this morning in Los Angeles."
Some people hadn't heard,  murmurs going through the audience.
Michael's face changed a little, Oprah seeing the sorrow there.
"I'm sorry that Paul died, I never wanted that. All I ever wanted was for him to stop hurting my friends and myself. I never hated him, all I ever wanted was for him to stop. Now hopefully, he has found peace. I hope God can forgive him for his life."
The audience was in shock, seeing Michael's giving heart showing through.
Oprah put her hand on Michael's shoulder, looking into his golden eyes.
"How can you forgive that man after all he's done to you, Michael?"
"By going on, Oprah. My heart needs to heal, my life needs to go on. Carrying hatred and pain isn't the answer. So I've settled my feelings with him, I've forgiven him. I told him that to his face two days ago. I'm focused now, my life is mine again."
The audience stood up, the clapping again loud and respectful.
"We'll be right back, everyone." Oprah said.
The cameraman gave the signal that all was clear.
Oprah hugged Michael gently, seeing such calmness in his eyes.
"I can't believe what you've told us, Michael. You truly are remarkable in your giving heart."
Michael smiled, looking out at the audience.
He notice some people being escorted to the empty seats he'd noticed before.
His face changed, seeing who they were.
Lynn, Paul, Lisa, Randall, Jonathan and Stevie. As well as Lonnie, Kevin, Vito and Loren, Timbaland and Cassie.
"Back in twenty seconds." The stage director said, Michael sat in stunned silence as Oprah returned to her position.
The cameraman pointed at Oprah.

"Welcome back, everyone. We're talking with Michael Tavarro, best selling author, and a genuine giving man. He's told us all his life story, his courage and faith showing through. What's your philosophy on life, Michael?"
Michael focused again, smiling a heartwarming smile.
"Daniel gave me my view on life. Life is for the living. You have to go through life living it. That means going on, regardless of how tragic or demanding it becomes. Faith, trust, hope and love are the four driving forces of life. I have them all now."
The audience applauded, everyone smiling at Michael's meaningful words.
"Do you have any regrets, Michael?"
"None, Oprah. To have regrets is to give up on life. I'll never do that. My life is good."
"And it's about to get better."
Oprah got up, walking to center stage, smiling out at the audience.
Michael remained seated, watching her, not understanding what she'd meant by her last words.
"We've all witnessed Michael's open heart, his courage and faith showing through, in all his words, and in his deeds. I think you'll all agree with me that he is an exceptional man."
The crowd was standing again, clapping loudly and smiling.
Michael blushed a little at her comments, nodding slowly at the audience, Oprah looking back at him, smiling at his shyness.
"A dear friend of mine, and Michael's, contacted me this week with a wonderful idea for this show. I wonder how many people remember an old television show from the fifties called `This Is Your Life'?"
The crowd clapped, a lot of people remembering.
"It was a show where people were shown who affected them the most in their lives. So today we're going to show Michael his life, the special people that mean so much to him, those that are now a driving force in his life. People that have become so important to him, and he to them. His friends and his family."
Oprah smiled up at the crowd, then turned to look at Michael.
"So Michael, get ready, because This Is Your Life!!!!"
The crowd was ecstatic, on their feet practically screaming as Oprah walked back to Michael.
Michael on the other hand was in shock.
Oprah stood in front of him, extending her hand to him.
"Come on, Michael. Let's meet the real you."
Michael nervously stood up, Oprah walking him over to three stools that now stood at center stage.
"First up we have two people who've come to mean a family's love to Michael. Ladies and gentlemen, Michael's grandmother, Helena Stavros and his uncle, Silas Warner."
Nana and Silas walked out from behind a curtain on the right side of the stage, Michael's face revealing his emotions.
Nana hugged her grandson, the two crying against each other.
"Hello, my love. Nana's here." She said, the audience seeing their love shining.
Uncle Silas hugged Michael then, the two deeply loved by each other.
"Nice seeing you again, son. Even if it's in front of the whole damn world."
Everyone laughed, Silas's humor infectious.
Michael heard Justin's voice in his mind.
"Calm down, love. This is all for you. Relax and enjoy this."
"Is this your doing, Jus? Why have you done this?"
"I want the world to see the real you, and what you mean to your family."
"Jus, I'm overcome by this, I don't know how to handle all this."
"By taking their love into your heart, Mico. I'm right there with you, love."
Michael smiled, standing between his now sitting family.
"It's a pleasure meeting both of you. Michael's told all of us of your deep love for him, of your guiding love through his life."
"Michael is more than a grandson to me, he's my son also. My love was always there for him. How could I not love him, when he needed so much love? I hope it's been enough."
Michael kissed his grandmother's cheek.
"Your love has been in my heart from the first moment I met you, Nana. It will always be my guiding force."
Nana teared up again, Michael hugging her tightly, the audience clapping and awing.
"These two people are my life. They've taught me to love, to grow and to give. Their love is embedded into my heart. It's part of who I am. My giving heart is my Nana's and Uncle Silas' monument to love."
Everyone clapped, moved by Michael's love for his family.
"Those were deeply moving words, Michael. We all see the love you three share. But there's so much more to show. If your grandmother and uncle will take their designated seats we'll continue onward."
Nana and Uncle Silas hugged Michael again, Michael watching them being escorted to the front row, sitting down beside Lynn.
He now knew what all those empty seats were for.
So many empty seats.
"Next up we have some close friends of Michael's. We've met two of them before, but now they've become three. Let's welcome, Christina and Becky Marshall, as well as Dr. Zachary Warren."
The crowd clapped loudly seeing the photos of Michael with the two women on Oprah's show.
Zach, Christina and Becky walked out onto the stage, Becky running up to Michael, Michael catching her in his open arms.
Zach and Christina shook Oprah's hand, and then hugged Michael.
Zach could see Michael's emotions were barely in check.
"How are you doing, little angel?" Oprah asked, smiling at Becky.
"I'm great! My Uncle Michael is happy."
Everyone oohed and awed at the little girl in Michael's arms.
"Yep, he's really happy. We've chatted with you and your mommy before, but who's this young man?" Oprah asked, smiling at Zach.
"My name is Zach, I'm Michael's childhood friend. Michael and I were best friends growing up, We've been there for each other through all our younger years. I think of him as my brother. I love him so much." Zach said, tears in his eyes.
Michael gently handed Becky to Christina, pulling Zach into a hug.
They audience was moved at the deep friendship these two handsome men shared.
"Do you have any stories to share about Michael, and his friendship?" Oprah asked smiling at the two friends.
"This man has the most giving heart of anyone I know. When I graduated high school I was offered a chance to go to medical school. My family couldn't afford it. But that didn't stop Michael. He knew I'd never take money from him, my best friend, so he did something better."
Zach told everyone about Michael's gift to him, his unselfishness and love for him. How much Michael had sacrificed to make Zach's dreams come true.
Never had they heard such a story of self sacrifice.
"How's that for unselfishness, for generousness and love?  And he's still giving me so much."
Everyone stood, Michael overcome by this praise. Tears flowed from his blushing face, Zach hugging him again.
"Through a lot of conniving and trickery, he has given me an even greater gift. He introduced me to these two beautiful angels here."
Zach put his arm around Christina and Becky, kissing both of them.
"Christina and I fell in love, we're getting married in a month. I'm going to be a husband and father."
Everyone screamed and yelled, the applause deafening.
Michael hugged all three again, Oprah thanking them, the three going to their seats down front.
"You're also a matchmaker, Michael?" Oprah said smiling.
"You wouldn't believe how many people I've united. I love seeing people in love."
Oprah smiled, everyone smiling also.
Zach looked around seeing a lot of women drooling over Michael. He smirked at that irony.
"Next up we have three other friends of Michael's. They have another heartwarming story to tell. I'm told it's a story of love, and hope. Let's meet Father Derrick O'Hara, Seth Avery and Tomas Santiago."
Michael looked in shock at his friends walking on stage.
They all walked up to him, hugging him tightly.
Everyone was wondering what a priest and two young men had in common with Michael.
Michael looked into Seth's eyes, seeing calmness and love.
Tomas smiled brightly at him, Father Derrick showing a tearful smile.
"Sit down guys. It's a pleasure to meet all of you. Perhaps you should start, Father Derrick. What's your involvement with Michael?"
"I've know Michael since he was a small child of nine. I was the priest who gave the service at his mother's funeral. I brought Michael to my orphanage, where he stayed until he was taken to that abusive foster home. I've always regretted that mistake."
Michael put his hand on Father Derrick's shoulder, everyone seeing no blame in Michael's eyes.
"Michael and I became good friends after, he's returned to my orphanage quite often, seeking guidance and friendship. I consider him a remarkable man. I've never met anyone with such a giving heart. Recently, Michael and his friend Justin Timberlake showed how great their giving hearts are. They've taken it upon themselves to double the size of my orphanage. They're building me a new one. How's that for caring hearts? How can I ever thank them for doing that for the children?"
Everyone clapped loudly, the audience on their feet again, acknowledging the generous hearts of the two young men.
Michael hugged Father Derrick, smiling at him.
"Your helping all those lost children is all the thanks we want. I'll always try to help you, Father, like you did for me all those years ago. Isn't that what we need to do for others? Help those who need that help? Isn't life about sharing our wealth, our hope?"
The crowd clapped again, Michael smiling at all of them.
They'd just heard Michael's giving heart.
Father Derrick was in tears, Oprah putting her arm around the priest.
"Michael, you're amazing! How can someone so hurt be so giving?"
Michael looked out at all his friends and family sitting in front of him.
"Through the love of family, and friends, my heart will always be giving."
Oprah smiled, waiting for the continuous applause to die down.
"And what of these two strapping young men? Do you have something to share with us about Michael? Who'd like to go first?"
"I would, Miss Winfrey." Seth said, Oprah laughing.
"Son, it's just Oprah."
"I've always been taught to respect my elders."
Michael burst out laughing, the crowd laughing as well, Oprah looking a little shocked, then turning her face into a smile.
"Okay, youngster. I see your point. Please go on."
Seth looked out at his brother, Kevin, giving him "thumbs up".
"I guess I should start at the heart of this story. I killed myself."
The audience looked shocked, as did Oprah.
Michael walked over to the two seated young men, standing between them, his hand going to Seth's shoulder.
Seth looked into his golden eyes, finding his courage.
"About a month ago, I hung myself from a tree in my back yard. I gave up on life and killed myself. Michael had come to my home that night on the request of my brother because he'd been where I'd now found myself.  All my trust and hope was gone. I'd read Michael's book finding so much of myself in Daniel. I'm also gay, and all my friends had turned against me. They abused me, beat me and hurt me deeply. Two days before I gave up on life, my best friend sexually assaulted me. He'd destroyed the last of my hope. My life was a mess and, unforgivably, I took the easy way out. Michael found me that night, hanging from that tree. He pulled me down and gave my life back to me. Through his love and understanding, I've found my own courage. I'm in love with life again. He showed me that I have so much to live for. Thank you, Michael. For showing me that life is worth living."
Michael hugged the young man, tears flowing from his eyes.
Oprah was crying openly, Father Derrick now calming her.
The audience was in tears, deeply moved by Seth's honesty and courage.
They stood up, the applause meant for only him.
He looked out at everyone, seeing their acknowledging his courage.
"You see, courage is love, Seth." Michael said quietly, Tomas smiling at his friend.
Oprah got herself under control again, standing up and hugging Seth.
"You're a courageous young man, Seth. We all see your courage."
Seth smiled, looking at Michael then Tomas.
"I'm living life. And I'll do that for the rest of my life."
Everyone clapped again, Oprah turning finally to Tomas.
"And lastly we have Tomas. I understand you have a story to tell also."
"Yes, Oprah, I've a story, although not as dramatic as Seth's courageous story."
"Please, Tomas. I'm sure it will move us also."
Tomas smiled.
"I was raised in Father Derrick's orphanage. My sister and I came there when I was five years old. My sister died of leukemia when I was nine. I was all alone, and I pulled away from those who wanted to help me."
Father Derrick put his hand on Tomas' shoulder.
"I ran away from the orphanage when I was fourteen, living off the streets. I fell into a life of crime, stealing and gang violence. My life was on a one way course, ending in my probable death. One day my gang attacked a group of four men walking along the beach in Los Angeles. We surrounded them, aiming to rob them and do more. One of those men stared us down, offering us a chance to leave. We laughed it off, admiring his foolish courage. I pulled a gun on him, the man remaining calm. Within a second he'd brought me to my knees.  A fight ensued, that one man dispatching myself and three of my friends. My other homies were subdued by that man's friends.  I was injured, kneeling on the ground, waiting for him to finish me off. To be given what I deserved. But instead, that man knelt beside me, looking deep into my soul. Somewhere inside me he found something that warranted his helping me. He helped me with my injuries, and he talked to me about hope. He talked to me of hope and life, and he gave me a choice. To go forward on the path I was on and destroy myself, or to return to where I'd once felt loved."
Tomas looked up at Michael, tears in his eyes, Michael smiling at him.
"He told me to go back to Father Derrick, to give his love another try. To give myself a chance at a future. So I returned, and found that he was right. I have a future now, and so much more. I owe that man my life. That caring man was Michael."
Michael hugged him tightly, Tomas sobbing into his arms.
The crowd was on their feet again, everyone clapping and wiping their eyes.
Tomas stood up, looking out at everyone. He pulled Seth up beside him, the two linking hands.
"Michael gave me something more. He introduced me to Seth. He's given me someone to love me. I have love in my heart again. I'm not alone anymore. He's given both of us a future together. Thank you, Michael."
Seth and Tomas both hugged Michael, the two smiling at him.
Oprah hugged Tomas, then Seth, then Father Derrick, the three going to their seats.
Oprah hugged Michael now, feeling his emotional state.
"One more group and then we can close this off, Michael." She said the audience calming down.
"Next up we have five close friends of Michael's. You know four of them really well. I won't introduce them, let's just let them join us. Come on out guys!"
Lance, Joey, Josh and Chris came out, Vicky walking beside Chris, their hands together.
The crowd went ballistic, the screaming and applause deafening.
*Nsync was in the spotlight again, albeit missing Justin.
They all hugged Michael, his face now emotional, tears falling.
Vicky hugged him tight.
"Hello guys, long time no see." Oprah said, smiling.
'Hi Oprah!!!!" They all said together, Oprah laughing as each one hugged her.
"These four have bonded a special friendship with Michael. And this young lady, Vicky Carson, was Michael's best friend in Chicago."
Vicky waved, smiling.
"Michael, these four wanted to be here for their own reasons. Joey, how about you start."
Joey smiled, putting his arm around Michael.
"Michael, you started out as Justin's friend, but through time and your giving soul, you became friends to all of us, and our extended families. We all love you, Michael, for just being real."
Michael smiled, Joey hugging him.
"Chris?" Oprah said, Chris smiling.
"I want to resonate Joey's sentiment, with one of my own."
Chris put his arm around Vicky.
"Mikey, you have given me something special. You connected me with my own angel. Through your giving soul and pushing hands, I fell in love with this special lady. Nothing can ever match up to that, I love you man. Thanks for all you've given both of us." Chris kissed Vicky, thunderous noise ensuing.
Chris and Vicky both hugged him, the audience screaming and clapping at seeing Chris in love.
"You're next, Lance." Oprah smiled, not believing all she's seen here today.
Lance smiled, hugging Michael close.
"I want to thank Michael for being Michael. I never thought I'd meet someone who had so much love to give, so much heart to give to others. He knows what he's done for me, and how much he means to me. He's my best friend, and that's my gift to him. Friendship, love and faith."
Lance hugged him, Michael in tears. The audience clapped seeing the bond between these two men.
Zach heard a couple of people behind him commenting on their closeness.
"Maybe they're lovers. They're both gay." He heard a woman say.
"Nah,  I can't see Lance being Michael's type. He's probably got someone special."
Christina laughed, Zach looking at her.
"I heard it all, love. If only they knew." She said, Zach kissing her cheek.
"And that leaves just you, JC." Oprah said smiling.
Josh looked at Michael, Michael feeling his soul.
Josh looked at Lance, then at the audience.
"When I first met Michael, I didn't trust him."
Oprah looked surprised by that remark.
"I thought he was using Justin to further his own career, or something like that. I soon realized how wrong I was. I made a terrible mistake. I never saw the giving heart, the loving soul of this man until it was almost too late. And when I realized it, this man forgave me, forgave me for not trusting him. And he's shown me his trust, by being one of my best friends. I love you, Mikey. You're someone special."
Josh hugged him, all the guys and Vicky now pulling Michael into a group hug.
In a sense it was a good thing, Michael was breaking down, his emotions finally spilling forth.
The audience was on their feet again, the clapping steady.
Michael had been right. Before the audience's eyes stood a brotherhood of friends.
They all parted, joining everyone else in the seats down front, Michael seeing one seat remaining.
Oprah smiled at everyone.
"Michael, we've seen your family, your friends and all the goodness in you showing through. You are an exceptional young man. There's one more person I want to introduce to everyone. He's someone whom you didn't know existed until a short time ago, and since then he's become your brother. Ladies, and gentlemen, please welcome Paulo Garcia."
Paulo walked out onto the stage, Michael now knowing who that last seat was for, his brother.
Paulo and Michael hugged, all the women ogling the two visions of beauty on center stage.
The two brothers parted, both in tears, Oprah hugging Paulo, The three of them sitting down.
"Paulo, please tell everyone the unusual circumstances surrounding your relationship."
Paulo smiled, relating to everyone the history of their meeting.
He told them of Michael's not knowing the existence of his father's family. He told them of his own tragic past, of the similarities of their lives. Of being motherless, of being raised by a loving grandparent. And finally their being united.
"Michael now calls me his brother. I have the brother I always needed. Michael has saved me from death, and he's given me life. The love of a brother, the love of a friend. I love you, brother."
The two hugged again, Oprah smiling with tears again in her eyes.
The crowd was clapping loudly again, on their feet once again.
Michael was really emotional, Paulo trying to calm him.
Oprah gave the two a moment to catch their breath, going to a commercial.
Nothing was said, the two smiling at each other.

"We're back with our remaining time with Michael Tavarro." Oprah said, smiling.
Paulo still sat beside him, Michael wondering why he hadn't taken his seat down front yet.
"I'm going to do something unusual for me, I'm going to shut up." Oprah said smiling at Michael.
The audience chuckled at that. She handed the microphone to Paulo, Oprah walking down front and sitting in the one remaining seat.
Michael looked at Oprah and then back at Paulo, Paulo smiling and then standing up, Michael sitting alone on the stool.
"Michael, I've been given the honor of introducing the last guest on this show. All of this show was his idea. This tribute to you, this exposing of the real you. He came to me a few days ago and asked my permission to do this, because I am your brother. And he asked me something else. Something that he wants to do.
Michael sat frozen, his breath gone.
"Ladies and gentlemen, it's my greatest pleasure to introduce to you, Michael's best friend, Justin Timberlake."
Justin walked out onto the stage, the audience going ballistic.
The thunderous roar was beyond deafening.
Michael watched Justin as he smiled at everyone, his eyes glued to Michael.
He walked across the stage, Michael seeing a vision of beauty gliding towards him.
Justin was beyond beautiful, his eyes and smile breathtaking.
Within moments, he was hugging Michael tightly.
Oprah walked back up onto the stage, hugging Paulo, Paulo taking her vacated seat.
Justin whispered in Michael's ear only three words.
"I love you."
He broke the hug, Michael overcome with love.
Oprah hugged Justin gently, Justin returning the hug as the audience still was on its feet.
Finally the volume calmed down, everyone slowly sitting down.
"Justin, you are a sight for sore eyes! It's so wonderful to see you looking so fantastic!"
The audience clapped more, Justin waving and smiling.
Michael suddenly realized something.
It wasn't Justin Timberlake sitting beside him, it was just Justin.
Justin had walked out onto the stage as himself.
No image, no false pretense, just himself.
For once in his lifetime, Justin was showing the world the real him.
"How are you doing, Justin? We all want to give you our best wishes for a speedy recovery from your tragic fate last week." Oprah said, both men feeling her deep concern.
"I'm almost back to normal, Oprah. Thanks to you and everyone for your prayers and well wishes. But most of all I have Michael to thank for everything he's done for me. He saved me again, in so many ways."
Justin hugged him close again, the audience on their feet again.
"Can you talk about what happened, Justin? Or is it too emotional still?" She said, Justin smiling.
"No, I want to talk about it. It's time the world knew what really happened."
Justin began, Michael sitting beside him, listening to all that Justin said. He told them everything. All about Paul's attack on him, Michael's arrival, and the final outcome. Michael put his hand on Justin's shoulder when he felt Justin's emotions coming through, his love calming him.
"So you see, I needed to tell this myself, I needed to let all of you know the truth. Justin Timberlake was almost raped. I didn't have any control on that, my control was taken from me. But I had the courage to fight back, with everything I was capable, although it wasn't enough. Only Michael's courage and love stopped that man. For that I love him. And I love him for a more important reason."
The crowd was clapping loudly again, Justin hugging Michael close.
When he pulled back, his arm remained around Michael.
Michael looked into his moist blue eyes, seeing something else there.
Oprah caught the look between the two men, seeing something also.
"It's time, Mico." Michael heard in his mind, Justin staring at him.
Michael stared back at him, seeing calmness in those blue pools of love.
Michael smiled, then nodded.
Justin looked out into the audience, seeing all of their families and friends present, seeing all their loving smiles.
Justin stood up, his hand going into Michael's, Michael standing up beside him, waiting for Justin to speak.
"I've walked for a long time alone, my soul lost in loneliness. In this man standing beside me, I found something I didn't know existed. Something that I thought I'd never have."
Justin looked at Michael, their eyes meeting.
"I found love, true love. Michael is my soulmate. He is my everything. I love him with all my heart and soul."
Justin wrapped his arms around Michael, kissing him tenderly.
What happened next, Lance later said, was as if the hand of God's love passed across the room.
The audience stood, staring at the two loving souls standing free in front of everyone.
And the increasing applause was truly inspiring.

End of Chapter 89

Justin's and Michael's love has now been revealed to everyone.
The real Michael and Justin now in full view.
What will be the reaction? Will Justin and Michael be able to handle it?

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