Justin's Angel-90

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


The crowd was clapping loudly again, Justin hugging Michael close.
When he pulled back his arm remained around Michael.
Michael looked into his moist blue eyes, seeing something else there.
Oprah caught the look between the two men, seeing something also.
"It's time, Mico." Michael heard in his mind, Justin staring at him.
Michael stared back at him, seeing calmness in those blue pools of love.
Michael smiled, then nodded.
Justin looked out into the audience, seeing all of their families and friends present, seeing all their loving smiles.
Justin stood up, his hand going into Michael's, Michael standing up beside him, waiting for Justin to speak.
"I"ve walked for a long time alone, my soul lost in loneliness. In this man standing beside me I found something I didn't know existed. Something that I thought I'd never have."
Justin looked at Michael, their eyes meeting.
"I found love, true love. Michael is my soulmate. He is my everything. I love him with all my heart and soul."
Justin wrapped his arms around Michael, kissing him tenderly.
What happened next, Lance later said, was as if the hand of God's love passed across the room.
The audience stood, staring at the two loving souls standing free in front of everyone.
And the increasingly loud applause was truly inspiring.

Chapter 90

Justin and Michael parted, their eyes glued to each other.
As one, they turned looking out into the standing crowd, seeing everyone smiling, hearing the steady applause.
Justin felt free. For once in his life he was truly free.
He looked at Michael, seeing him lost in the crowd`s adulation.
Justin smiled, looking at his family, seeing their love shining brightly.
His father`s smile was inspiring, as was his mother`s tearful smiling face.
Oprah broke the standstill, walking up to the two young men.
"Courage, you both have so much courage." She said, hugging both of them, then turning to the audience.
"Today we've seen love shining at its best. And true courage shining in both Michael and Justin's face. I'm sure I speak for everyone here, when I say, love is in your hearts, my friends. The world now knows that true love. Congratulations to both of you."
Michael and Justin both smiled at her, Oprah hugging both again.
"That's our show for today, I want to thank our guest, Michael Tavarro. And all those others that have shown us the real man--and his love--we now see before us. And a special thanks to Justin Timberlake, for showing his courage here, and his love for Michael. Goodbye, everyone."
The audience was on its feet again, the applause and screaming loud.
All of Justin's and Michael's family and friends, walked onto the stage, both men inundated with hugs and kisses.
The cameras were turned off, the credits finished.
The show was over.
And to Michael it had been unbelievable.
Everyone hugged and kissed him, his eyes turning to Justin's at every chance.
In their minds the words flowed.
"Did you see it, Mico? Did you see the acceptance on their faces? I feel so alive. I feel so free. I love you, my love."
"I love you too, Jus. With all of my heart."
Vito patted Michael's back, asking for quiet as they all walked off the set, the audience finally starting to move out.
"Everyone is invited back to my restaurant to celebrate the birth of Justin's and Michael's open love."
Everyone smiled, beginning to separate.
"Justin, Michael, could I see you for a moment?" Oprah asked, both men nodding.
"We'll wait for you over here, Mikey." Lonnie said, standing with Paulo.
The two men walked a ways away from their friends, following Oprah, she turning and stopping to face them.
"Justin, that was so courageous. What you did for Michael."
"I didn't do it for Michael, or us. I did it for myself."
Michael smiled at Justin, seeing his courage and feeling his calm soul.
"I needed to be true to myself before I could be true to Michael. That's how much I love him."
Oprah smiled, hugging him tightly.
"What you've done here today will surprise the world tomorrow. I'm sure you realize that it will probably leak out before that. But that's the nature of this celebrity business. Both of you showed a lot of courage today, and I know you'll show even more in the weeks, and years ahead. I just want you to always remember the reasoning behind this, that it was love. Never forget the love I see in both of you, the love you have for each other. I'm proud that you allowed me to be a part of all this. You both are truly amazing, loving, giving men. Congratulations, and many years of happiness."
She hugged both of them, both men feeling her emotional state.
"Now get going, your friends and family are waiting for you."
"You're welcome to come with us, Oprah." Michael said, Oprah smiling.
"Maybe later I'll pop in for a while. I know where Vito's place is. Goodbye, and good luck."
Oprah turned walking away from them, both men taking the other's hand in his. They both sensed that she wouldn't show up.
"Let's go party with our family, Mico." Justin smiled, the two walking back to Lonnie and Paulo.

The four walked out of the studio into madness.
The audience was outside waiting for them. Security guards were keeping the crowd controlled.
The two men smiled happily, Justin signing autographs, Michael signing a lot also. Lonnie slowly inched them towards the black minivan Paulo had rented for them. Once inside, the guards directed them forward, the van surrounded by fans.
"It looks like you were a hit, Mico." Justin smiled, Michael resting his head on Justin's chest.
Seeing that, the crowd started clapping and shouting more.
"It looks like we were a hit, Jus." Michael quietly said.
Justin smiled, looking at Zach and Christina behind them. Becky smiled at Justin, Justin winking.
Everyone saw that Justin was calm and seemed happy, after all that he'd just done.
The van moved forward slowly, the crowd widening and finally they were off.
Everyone else had gone ahead, waiting at Vito's for them.
Everyone chatted and laughed on the short trip there, Justin sensing a quietness about Michael behind his few spoken words.

They arrived at Vito's, Loren ushering them into the private dining room.
Everyone was there, more hugs and congratulations given to the two smiling men.
Michael was surprised to find Fred and Betty there, Justin having called them.
They hugged both of them, Betty smiling.
"Everyone has told us. I'm deeply impressed by your courage, Justin. And your love for each other. Welcome to a life of open love."
Justin smiled, hugging the smiling woman.
"Yes, now you can love freely, and we'll all be blessed with that loving sight." Fred said, Michael shaking his hand, Fred patting his shoulder.
Michael spotted Ryan also, Justin having called him as well.
Ryan came up to Michael, hugging him tightly.
"Congratulations, Michael! I heard it was a hell of a show! This is going to do wonders for your books!"
"Thanks, Ry. I'm sure it will." Michael said, Justin again sensing something behind Michael's words.
Vito clinked a glass loudly, everyone looking in his direction.
"Thank you all for coming. This is a special day, a day of openness and freedom. Someone has asked to give a special toast, would everyone please take a glass of wine and we'll celebrate Justin's and Michael's day."
Justin smiled as everyone was given a glass of wine by Loren and Christina.
Lance walked into the center of the room smiling at Justin and Michael.
"If everyone would indulge me, I'd like to give the first toast. Justin, I've known you for a long time, since we were awkward teenagers. And in all that time, I've never known the deep courage and love that lay in your soul. Today you showed all of us your deep love for Michael, and your courage to take the path to an open life. I know what that feeling is like, coming out to the world. But you did it on an even grander scale. You did it wrapped in Michael's love. I'd like to propose a toast to something special. To love. We all saw the love both of you share, we've seen it every day that the two of you have been together. We've watched it grow into the beautiful thing it now is. Today, Justin, you've shown its true soul. To Justin and Michael's true love."
"To true love." Everyone said, raising their glasses.
Michael was in tears, as Lance hugged a tearful Justin.
Lance broke that hug, staring at Michael, his green emerald eyes full of flowing tears.
"Oh, Michael. The two of you together on that stage, it was so beautiful. You're both so lucky." Lance said, Michael taking him in his arms as Lance sobbed.
Josh walked up to them, Michael gently guiding Lance into Josh's strong arms.
"It's okay, love, it's okay." Josh said tenderly, Lance calmed by his loving voice.
"Lance's sentiment goes for me too, guys." Josh said, looking at his friends, Justin patting his shoulder.
"Thank you, Josh. And it's alright. You did the right thing. It wasn't the time." Michael said quietly, Josh looking shocked.
Lance looked up into Josh's blue eyes, Josh lowering his head.
"What are you talking about, Mikey?" Lance asked, looking at Michael, as was Justin.
"Josh almost came out on that stage."
Everyone looked surprised, no more than Josh.
Michael put his hand on Josh's shoulder.
"I felt it in your heart, Josh, I saw the look you gave Lance, the turmoil in your soul, I felt it greatly. But at the final moment, you couldn't take that last step."
Josh looked on the verge of tears, Michael lifting his head up.
"I'm going to tell you what I told Justin. When the time is right, you'll know. Don't do it for Lance, don't do it for all of us. Do it for yourself. When all the self-doubt and self-denial is gone, that's when you look within yourself and decide. We all know that Lance is your soulmate, Josh. Lance knows it most of all. We all see the love the two of you share. Your love isn't the issue here, it's you own self-worth. You need to be at peace within yourself. And when you are, Lance will be by your side, as I am for Justin. And everyone in this room--including your own family--will be there also. We love you, Joshy."
Josh was crying, Lance hugging him now.
"Michael's right, Josh. I love you and I can wait until you're ready."
"I just need a little more time, Lancy. I need to tell my family before I can feel that I'm ready."
"And I'll be by your side, in any way you need me."
Josh kissed Lance, the two lost in their love for each other.
Justin wrapped his arm around Michael, the two looking into each other's eyes.
"Is there anything you don't know?" Justin said, his love growing for this special man.
"I know I'm starving?" Joey piped up, everyone laughing, Justin just shaking his head.
"On that note, please everyone, the food is ready." Vito said directing everyone towards the buffet.
Everyone began filling their plates, Justin and Michael chatting with everyone.

About twenty minutes later the two sat down at the table with their closest friends.
Josh smiled at Michael, Michael smiling back.
"Thanks, Mike. You really are a good friend."
"I'm me, Josh. Love me for being me." Michael said, lowering his eyes.
Justin felt that feeling again. It was time to find out what was wrong.
"So what's the next step, Justin?" Joey said, buttering a roll.
"Well, I talked to Johnny this morning, he said that we should not talk at all until after the show airs tomorrow. If it leaks out we should remain quiet. Then we should do a one on one interview with someone. Johnny suggested Larry King again. What do you think, Mico?"
Michael seemed to be lost in his thoughts, not eating his plate full of food.
"Okay, Michael. What's wrong? Are you mad at me?" Justin said, everyone at the table stopping to look at them.
Justin's suddenly loud voice could be heard by everyone in the room, the room quieted down immediately.
"I'm not mad, Jus. I'm just disappointed." Michael said, not really looking at his food.
"Why are you disappointed, Mike?" Josh asked, Lance putting his hand on his arm.
"Sorry, Michael. Do you two need some time alone?" Josh said, Michael looking up at him. There were tears on the edge of Michael's eyes.
"Who knew that you were going to do this, Jus?"
Justin smiled, now sensing what was bothering Michael. He could feel it in Michael's soul.
"I planned it with everyone's knowledge, the whole exposure of your life, and the part about my telling the truth about last week. My coming out, well, only my immediate family, Paulo, Lonnie and my four bandmates knew."
"You forgot to tell someone more important Jus. You forgot to tell me." Michael said, making a move as if to get up and leave.
Everyone realized now that Michael was hurt by his not knowing.
Justin put his hand gently on his arm, Michael sitting back down.
"What would you have said if I had told you first, Mico?"
Michael looked into Justin's blue pools of love, seeing his waiting for the truth.
"I would have told you no, Jus. I would have told you that I didn't deserve that kind of public acknowledgment. That you should have chosen a smaller venue for opening up about us. You didn't have to expose my life so openly, I never was worth that kind of adulation. And you didn't have to come out on national television to prove your love for me."
Justin looked into Michael's eyes, seeing his insecurities in full view.
Everyone in the room could see them also. They heard Michael's own self-doubt in his moving words.
"That's why I didn't tell you, Michael. Because you would have put me first, ahead of yourself, as always. Sometimes your giving heart gives too much, my love. It was time that I put you first."
Michael looked into Justin's loving eyes, seeing only truth there.
"What Justin have you always told me you love most?"
"The real Justin."
"Exactly. The real, insecure, gangly, childish man that I am, Justy Timberlake. I'll explain it this way, Michael, so you can understand. I needed to show the world the real you. The giving, loving, caring man that everyone in this room loves. So that by showing the real you, they could finally see the real me."
Justin's love for Michael could be heard by everyone in his voice. And everyone felt the truth in that last statement.
" I walked out onto that stage, not as the image that Justin Timberlake is, but as only Justy Timberlake. Because standing out there alone in full view was Mikey Tavarro. My love, and my everything. Our one soul is real, Mico. And my telling the truth about us was easy to do when they saw the real you standing beside me. How could I not fall in love with you? The real you and the real me has now become the real us. That's who stood out there, just you and me. Two people in love, who'd found each other's soulmate."
Michael was in tears, now seeing what Justin had done.
He hadn't grasped the simplicity in Justin's simple plan.
"Oh, Jus! That was beautiful! And you're right. It was the real us standing there, as it is the real us sitting here. I love you, Justy."
Michael kissed Justin deeply, everyone smiled, the two lovers lost in each other's soul.
The two parted, love deeply showing in their eyes.
"I guess I flew off the handle, so to speak. Well deal with it, it's just me."
Everyone smiled, sensing Michael's happy mood now.
"I'm starving." Michael said, starting to chow down, Justin smiling at having Michael totally happy again.
They ate heartily, a lot of happiness flowing through the room.
Vicky looked over at Justin when they were finishing their dessert, wanting to know something.
"Justin, can I ask you a question?"
Justin nodded, smiling at her.
"Why didn't you say that you were gay? You said that Michael was your soulmate and that you loved him with all your heart and soul. Was there a reason for how you worded it?"
Chris blushed, not knowing if it was a good idea to open this box of dynamite.
Michael was staring at Vicky, she wasn't able to read the look he was giving her.
"Yes, Vicky I did say it that way for a reason. If people want me to be gay, then I'm gay. If they want me to be bi, then I'm bi. I'll be what they want me to be because that's what they'll think I am. But that's not important to me. Because I'll be what I know I am. I'm not attracted to women, I'm not attracted to other men. All that I'm attracted to is one person. Mico. No one has ever ignited the fires of my passion and the warmth of my heart as he has.
Too often people label things, and label other people. I think I should be judged by my own feelings and my own accomplishments. As well as who I love. I am who I am. Whatever that is, you can decide. I know who I am. All I know is that Michael is my world, and I love him very much. And that's enough for me."
Michael smiled, looking at Justin's smiling face.
He understood the reasoning behind Justin's words. Justin still cared deeply about his fans. He didn't want to cut them off cold turkey. He'd let them decide on their own what they saw in him. If they felt a lingering hope that he wasn't gay, only bi, then he'd let them have that. But to Justin himself, Michael was all he needed. Yes, Michael saw Justin's love for him alone. He finally felt that Justin really was his alone.
"That goes ditto for me, Jus." Michael said, Justin kissing him tenderly.
In those few words, everyone saw Michael's acceptance of Justin's view on his own life. Michael would stand by Justin's career, and his life. Michael would be Justin's Mico forever.
They broke up into smaller groups, Justin and Michael walking around chatting with people.
Seth and Tomas were having a great time with Nana, the three conspiring.
Michael walked up to them, raising an eyebrow.
"Okay, what's going on? Am I being cast aside for two little drops of sunshine?"
Nana smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"I'm going to call Johnny, Mico. I need to let him know how things went." Justin said, Michael kissing him as Justin walked over to a quiet corner.
Michael sat down beside Seth, ruffling his blond hair.
"We're going to stay with Nana for a week on our spring break. It's in two weeks." Tomas spoke up, Michael feeling the happiness in his heart.
"That's swell, guys! You'll love Nana's home in the spring. Take a trip out to the lake, it's beautiful when the snow disappears." Michael said, lost in his memories.
Nana smiled, putting her arm around his shoulder.
"And it will always be home to my angel."
Michael smiled, looking at the two young men.
"Looks like you're about to sign up two more. Watch her boys, she'll take your hearts."
Nana laughed, smacking Michael lightly.
"Behave, grandson! These two are so sweet, it's like seeing love blossoming."
Both men blushed now, Michael smirking.
"Yeah, soon we'll have to pull out a hose to cool them down."
"Oh, Michael!" Nana said, laughing.
Seth and Tomas were becoming uncomfortable with this talk of lust.
"Relax boys, if that's how you feel, then go with it. Love is best when it's shown physically." Nana smiled, both men shocked by her talking of physical love.
"On that note, run!!!!" Michael said, both young men turning red, then getting up, taking off quickly, Michael laughing.
"That's very funny, Michael. Now they'll be terrified to even kiss in front of me." Nana said smiling.
"Nah, they're in love. They'll show it every chance they get."
To prove his point, they saw Seth's hand go into Tomas's, a light kiss exchanged as they walked over against the wall, to join Kevin who was talking to Timba and Cassie.
Justin sat back down beside Michael, smiling at him.
"Johnny says he's going to watch the show tomorrow. He's proud of both of us. He sends his love."
Michael smiled, Nana looking at both of them.
"He's got Larry King on board. Larry's going to fly up here and interview us on Saturday. Johnny says we should lay low until that interview. I think he's right."
"He is, Jus. Let the people see the show and then we'll talk ourselves. It's going to be crazy for a few days."
Justin nodded, Michael still feeling his calming mood.
"I want to say something, boys." Nana said, both smiling at her.
"Love in any circumstances is emotional. For the two of you, it now will be very public. Before me, I see two people with hearts full of love. Always remember that love, live with it in your souls and you'll get through anything."
Justin smiled, hugging Nana.
Michael saw the deep love the two shared, Justin's love for his new grandmother.
"I need that love, Nana. I'll feel it everyday. Everyday will be a joy with Mico."
Michael smiled, standing up.
"I just thought of something else you need."
Justin looked at Michael as he walked across the room, heading for the small stage.
On the stage was a piano, and a few chairs.
Justin remembered the last time Michael had stood on that stage, singing a song at his surprise party.
Michael got up on the stage, turning on the microphone.
"Can I have everyone's attention."
Everyone smiled, turning to see Michael standing alone beside the piano.
"If you'll let me indulge myself for a moment, I'd like to play a little music and sing someone a special song. You know I don't like to preform in front of people often, but tonight I feel so much love for one man, one man who loves me just as much. He showed his love and courage today, I want to show him my love and courage."
Justin smiled, knowing something magical, as always, was about to happen.
Everyone sat down, all their eyes turned towards Michael.
Becky ran over to Justin, climbing up into his lap, kissing his cheek.
"Is Uncle Michael going to sing?"
"Yes, Becky. His voice is beautiful."
"I know, he's great."
Justin smiled, listening to the music fill the room.

As I look into your eyes
I see all the reasons why
My life's worth a thousand skies
You're the simplest love I've known
And the purest one I'll own
I know you'll never be alone

My baby you
Are the reason I could fly
And because of you
I don't have to wonder why
Baby you
There's no more just getting by
You're the reason I feel so alive

Justin and Michael had made eye contact, the words sinking into Justin's soul, the voice filling his heart.

Though these words I say are true
They still fail to capture you
As mere words can only do
How do I explain that smile
And how it turns my world around
Keeping my feet on the ground

My baby you
Are the reason I could fly
And because of you
I don't have to wonder why
Baby you
There's no more just getting by
You're the reason I feel so alive

I will soothe you if you fall
I'll be right there if you call
You're my greatest love of all

My baby you
Are the reason I could fly
And because of you
I don't have to wonder why
Baby you
There's no more just getting by
You're the reason I feel so alive
Justin I feel so alive

The music ended, everyone clapping loudly, standing up.
Justin got up, carrying Becky with him onto the stage, sitting down beside Michael.
Michael saw the tears in his eyes as he leaned in and kissed him deeply.
"That was beautiful, Mico. Every word entered my soul."
"Love ya, Timby."
"Love ya, Mico."
Becky climbed out of Justin's arms and into Michael's lap.
Michael smiled down at her, Becky kissing his cheek.
"And does my little angel want to play the piano?"
"Play me a song, Uncle Michael. A good song."
Justin laughed, Michael smirking.
"Well, Becky, I know a song you'll love. It's about teddy bears. But I need some other big kids to help."
"Big kids like Justin and Daddy?" She said, Michael laughing.
Michael waved at the guys, and pointed at others.
"How about it guys? Let's get all you young male singers up here, that includes you: Daddy."
Zach blushed, being pulled up by Josh, all of them crowding around the piano.
Lance, Josh, Joey, Chris, Zach, Kevin, Seth, Tomas and Jonathan stood around the piano.
"I said young, Chris." Michael said, Chris giving him a private salute, after blushing deeply, Michael laughing.
Stevie climbed up into Justin's lap, both men with a child in their lap now.
"Okay, let me start, and then whoever wants can join in for a verse. I think you all know the song."
Michael began the music, everyone recognizing it right away.
Michael's rich voice again filled the air, everyone mesmerized into silence.

If you go down to the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go down to the woods today
You'd better go in disguise.

For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

Stevie and Becky laughed, the adults smiling.
Lance and Josh sang the next verse.

Every teddy bear who's been good
Is sure of a treat today.
There's lots of marvelous things to eat
And wonderful games to play.

Beneath the trees where nobody sees
They'll hide and seek as long as they please
Cause that's the way the teddy bears have their picnic.

Joey, Chris, Zach and Jonathan sang together. Stevie and Becky had large smiles clapping to the music.

If you go down to the woods today
You'd better not go alone.
It's lovely down in the woods today
But safer to stay at home.

For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

Everyone sang the last few verses together, Justin and Michael smiling at the two happy children.

Picnic time for teddy bears
The little teddy bears are having a lovely time today
Watch them, catch them unawares
And see them picnic on their holiday.

See them gaily gad about
They love to play and shout;
They never have any care;

At six o'clock their mummies and daddies,
Will take them home to bed,
Because they're tired little teddy bears.

Everyone clapped, Michael receiving kisses from Becky and Stevie.
They all returned to their seats amongst laughter and smiles.
Michael had brought new life to everyone's mood, the night marching on.
About an hour later, Michael watched Loren talking adamantly with Vito, sensing something was wrong.
He walked up to them, putting his hand on Vito's shoulder.
"What's wrong, my friend?"
Vito looked a little jumpy, sighing as he looked at Michael.
"Loren just told me there are a group of photographers and reporters outside the restaurant. She stopped them from coming in, but they're waiting outside. They knew about Justin's big announcement." Vito said looking sad.
"Well, I guess the secret's out. It's okay, Vito. We'll handle it from here. I'll make sure they don't upset your patrons."
"I won't allow them in the restaurant, people are having dinner, and this party is private."
Michael smiled at him, hugging his friend, then returning to the other guys.
"There are reporters outside, Jus. Looks like the secret is out."
Justin nodded, but still remained calm.
"Looks like we'll have no rest, my love." he said, smiling at his lover.
"Well, we could always invite Jason Warner over. I hear he has a new friend named Mark. Those two could take on those reporters."
Justin's face lit up, his smile wide.
"Really, Mico?"
"Yep, let's see if they can come over tomorrow."
No one seemed to know who Michael was talking about, except Paulo and Lonnie, who remained quiet. Josh was in the corner talking with Randall, not hearing the conversation.
Michael smiled, sensing some well-deserved fun would take place tomorrow.
"We're not going to let this make us prisoners, Jus." Michael smiled, Justin smiling back.
They went back to their friends, enjoying their time together.

At eleven, people started leaving.
Christina and Zach had invited Justin's parents and the other *Nsyncers to their place for breakfast the next morning.
Justin and Michael watched their friends go, seeing the flashing lights of cameras in the front parking lot.
Timba called Justin from the parking lot, informing him the reporters were acting like vultures, his life their fodder.
Zach, Christina and a sleeping Becky were the last to leave, going to the minivan to get it ready to go.
Lonnie and Paulo remained with Justin and Michael as they said their goodbyes to Vito and Loren.
As always Vito refused payment for all he'd done.
"Michael, today I saw you the happiest I've ever known. That in itself is payment enough. Life will be good to you my friend, and Justin will be even better."
Michael sobbed, hugging his dear friend, Justin moved by the touching sight.
"I love you Vito. You and Loren will always have a place in my heart."
Vito was now in tears, smiling at his friend.
"Keep that job open, you never know when I'll get tired of the glamourous life." Michael said, smiling at his old friends.
"It's yours whenever you need it. But we both know that will be never." Vito said, Justin seeing the truth in that.
They walked to the door, Vito and Loren hugging both of them goodbye.
"Ready, guys?" Lonnie asked, both men nodding.
"As ready as I'll ever be." Michael said, Justin smiling at him.
The four walked out, Vito holding the door open, Lonnie walking in front of them, Paulo at the rear.
The cameras were blinding, and they immediately were surrounded by people shouting.
"Justin! Justin!! Are you gay!! Is this your boyfriend??" They heard to their left.
"Is Michael Tavarro your lover? Are you two married?" Someone said on their right side.
Both men remained quiet, slowly moving forward.
"Is Lance Bass involved with you, Justin? Are you lovers or are you in a threesome?"
Michael almost burst out laughing, but held it in.
"Watch Oprah tomorrow and see what I've said." Justin said, Michael sensing his mood changing to loathing.
A reporter stepped right in front of Michael.
"Are you responsible for Justin Timberlake's gayness?"  The man said, Michael a little stunned by his question.
Paulo gently moved the man aside, urging Michael on.
They slowly moved towards the waiting van, Michael seeing Zach standing at the open car door.
Michael sensed that these reporters would follow them back to Zach's.
"Let's go, Paulo. Our flight leaves in an hour and a half. We have to get to the airport." Michael said, letting people overhear.
Three reporters smiled, backing off.
Michael talked to Justin in his mind, Justin smiling.
"Lonnie, let's head for O'Hare. We haven't much time." Justin said, Lonnie realizing what was going down.
"Move it people, we have a schedule to keep. Move it!" Lonnie picking up his pace, people pushed out of the road.
Within minutes, they were at the van, Justin and Michael hopping in, sitting in the middle seat, Zach hopping in the back with Christina and a sleeping Becky.
Lonnie hopped into the driver's seat, Paulo taking shotgun.
The reporters seemed to be splitting up, some still surrounding the van, others hopping into cars and pulling out.
Lonnie saw they were heading for the expressway.
Michael's ruse seemed to be working.
Lonnie put the van in drive, heading forward, the remaining reporters left behind.
Zach turned looking out the back window, seeing them getting into waiting vans and cars, all of them heading for the expressway.
"Damn, Jus. Why are we taking the scenic route while the press is taking the expressway? They'll be at the airport well ahead of us. By a couple of days at least." Michael said, showing a pouty look on his face.
Everyone burst out laughing, quieting down when Michael pointed to Becky.
"Michael, you're amazing. That was a great idea. You think really fast on your feet." Zach said, Michael smirking.
"If you think that's great, you should see what I can do when I'm off my feet. Right lover?" Michael said winking at Justin, Justin beaming.
Everyone groaned, Michael now laughing.
Within twenty minutes, after Lonnie had drove around for a while, making sure they weren't being followed, they arrived back at Zach and Christina's.
An hour later, Justin and Michael found themselves alone again, Justin closing the door on their room.
Michael had Justin in his arms almost immediately, kissing him deeply.
Justin felt lost in Michael's closeness, in the heat from his body against him, Michael stepping back.
"I've wanted to do that from the moment you walked onto that stage, my love." Michael sighed, sitting down on the bed, Justin sitting beside him, their arms going around each other.
"Michael, before we fall asleep, we need to clear the air first. I hope you're okay now with my not telling you."
"I am Jus. I totally understand why you did it that way. I'm proud of you, Jus. Proud of your acceptance of us, and what I mean to you. You mean even more to me."
Justin smiled, leaning in and kissing Michael lightly.
"So tell me what's bothering you, I've felt it since we left the restaurant. It was what that reporter said, wasn't it?"
"Yes, Jus. It kind of hit a nerve. Am I responsible for you being gay?"
Justin turned Michael so he was completely facing him.
"Michael, you are in no way responsible for my being gay. All you're responsible for is being you. The you that I fell in love with. I had these inner feelings before I met you, Mico. You know that's true. I fell in love with you, the real you. I'd want you to own up to that any day."
Michael smiled, Justin's openness washing away his troubled mind.
"Well, what's not to love? I'm beautiful and damn it, I'm so sexy."
Michael laughed, then stared at Justin, seeing him quiet.
"You had me at beautiful."
Michael laughed, Justin smiling.
"Love, that's just too corny."
They both laughed, then stared at each other.
"You are beautiful, Mico. A vision of beauty that I can't get enough of."
Michael felt the desire in Justin's voice, the lust behind the words.
Michael stood up, standing in front of Justin.
Justin ran his hands along Michael's hips to the sleek torso that was showing through the black silk shirt.
Michael undid the buttons, his shirt open now.
Justin's hands ran through the soft chest hair, feeling the firmness beneath the soft skin, and the heat.
They found the two drops of hardened flesh, Justin rubbing Michael's nipples, Michael moaning softly.
Justin saw the outline of Michael's manhood forming in the tight black pants.
Justin's hands lowered, rubbing against that organ, Michael gasping.
Justin undid the belt, opening the pants, seeing the black boxer briefs underneath.
Justin's heart raced, seeing the blackness against Michael's olive skin.
Michael pulled his pants off, discarding his shirt.
Justin looked all over Michael's body, seeing the beauty that was so intoxicating.
"You're so beautiful, my Mico. So beautiful." Justin said, his voice full of emotion.
He stood up, taking Michael into his arms.
He felt Michael's nakedness against him, needing to feel his own flesh against that heat.
"Take my clothes off, Mico. I need you against my naked flesh."
Michael trembled, wanting to do nothing so much as that.
He opened Justin's shirt, his hands touching the smooth warm flesh, a shiver going through him.
Justin felt Michael's desires and how he was affecting him.
Justin felt the power he now had, the power he had over Michael's desires.
Michael looked at his lover, his and only his, Justin.
His Justin looked different, determined.
"Look at me", Justin demanded.
Justin peeled off his shirt and tossed it on the chair next to the bed.  Mico looked at his lover but remained still, something was different about Justin.
He seemed to be more manly, more strong and rugged.
"Come to me, Mico."
Mico was immediately next to Justin. They stood eye to eye.
Justin raised his right arm and flexed his bicep.
"Kiss it. Kiss my strong, powerful arms."
Mico did as instructed, kissing both powerful biceps as Justin raised the left one.
"Bathe them with your tongue, Mico."
Michael licked the hairy arms, right down to his wrists, the soft hair sending a pulse of desire through Michael.
"Feel my muscular chest", Justin said as he pumped up his pecs. Michael did as he was told, feeling the strength and hardness of his lover's smooth chest.
Justin's aggressiveness was turning Michael on feverishly.
"What do you see and feel?"
Michael struggled with this new, strong Justin and felt an unusual loss for words.  "I feel, my lover, your skin...ummm...muscles...um...the power."
"Sit down on the bed Mico".  Michael did as he was asked.
Justin took Michael's head gently in his hands and moved his face across his flexing chest, Michael tasting the sweat off that chest.  He then took off his pants and moved Michael's face across his thighs.  Michael felt that familiar sensation as he got hard, but also something else.
"Let everything else go, Mico. I'm your entire world right now. Tonight it is you and I, alone in our passion."
Michael knew that it was true.  Nothing else mattered but Justin at that moment.  At that moment, all his responsibilities and burdens left his mind as Justin commanded his complete attention to his physical beauty.
Justin stepped back, "Look at me, Mico".
Justin flexed his arms in front of Michael's face.
Michael gazed at the muscled body in front of him and surrendered.  The relief was overwhelming.  He cried tears of joy as he gazed at the power of Justin, his man, his champion.
Justin continued to flex and present his body for Michael's adoration. For the first time in weeks, Michael let go of his burdens.
Nothing mattered to him but the man standing in front of him. The man he loved.
Justin gently pushed Michael onto his back and removed the last remnant of clothing Michael wore, his black briefs. When he was fully naked, Justin leaned forward flexing his bicep in front of Michael again.
"Caress it, then kiss it", he commanded.
Michael did, and then continued to cling to every muscle on Justin's powerful body.
"Am I your hero, your strong knight, your man, your world?"
Michael could only nod `yes' through the emotions and flowing tears.
Justin stood up again, removing his boxer briefs, standing naked, his body on display for Michael to worship.
"Look at me".Justin pumped every muscle he could muster. Michael looked at his body in awe.
Justin saw the way Michael was staring at him, his own desires threatening to unleash.
He knew Michael was now his, that Michael would be his forever.
Justin climbed onto the bed, hovering over Michael.
"You are mine, in body and soul. I will love you forever, Mico. Let's enter that center of love together, our one soul complete."
Justin lifted Michael up a bit, sinking his rigid manhood into Michael's center.
Michael heard the music, and felt the love at the center of their world. And he felt the new Justin.
The Justin he now loved with all of him.
"Mico, tonight we are one, forever."
Michael cried tears of joy, and utter happiness.

Hours later in the lightness of the dawning morning, Justin sat up in bed, Michael sleeping beside him.
Justin scanned his lover's naked body, the sheets pulled back, Michael's physique on full display.
He never tired of looking at the beauty of Michael's body.
It was now blemish-free, healed of the scars of hurt and pain.
Justin remembered last night and how he'd emptied Michael's mind of all his burdens and responsibilities.
Justin felt this new power in him, the power to clear Michael's mind, to remove his worries.
Justin was now able to heal Michael's doubts.
Justin was now the power and strength that would hold Michael together for their long lives.
His opening up his life to the world freed Justin's soul of all his own doubts.
Michael moved a little, Justin sensing his being cold.
Justin pulled the sheet up, covering Michael's cooling skin.
"The gift has been given." Justin heard a quiet voice say.
He turned, seeing Daniel standing in a darkened corner.
Daniel smiled, walking closer to him, Justin seeing the love in his eyes.
"Hello, Daniel. How are you?"
Daniel chuckled a bit, Justin blushing.
"Sorry, I keep forgetting you're an angel. I should know how you are."
Daniel smiled, looking at Michael's sleeping form.
"The gift has been given, Justin. You now have the ability to focus Michael away from his worries and burdens. He'll need you so much ahead. Do you have that determination, that willingness to keep him centered?"
"Yes, Daniel. I'll do all I need to do to keep Michael happy. I will be his strength and his power."
Daniel hugged Justin tightly, Justin feeling the warmth of his giving love.
"You have truly amazed me, Justin. I never knew that you could be this strong."
Justin looked down at Michael.
"His love makes me strong, his giving soul makes me believe I can do anything. He is my power and strength."
Daniel nodded, knowing himself how true that was.
"Justin, Michael carries a great power inside him. A power unlike anything the world knows. And he carries it for a reason. All that will be shown later, at the time it's needed. But you yourself carry a power also. The greatest power that God has ever created. The power of love. Always remember that where Michael is concerned. For twenty years, he was lost without it, now it fills his soul. And when it overflows, the world will benefit so greatly. My time runs short, I must go. Soon Michael will need you greatly, Justin. And all of us know he'll be well cared for. Thank you for loving him, Justin."
Justin hugged Daniel again, smiling.
"It was so easy to do, you know that feeling yourself."
Daniel smiled, nodding.
"All too well."
Daniel got up, walking towards the darkness again. He stopped and turned, looking at Justin.
"When the time comes, and you'll know when it's time to tell him, give him a message from his Mom. Tell him:

"She left to fill the divided house. Her love will shine in you always."

Daniel disappeared into the darkness, Justin alone again with his lover.
Justin stared at the darkness, thinking of all Daniel had said.
And he suddenly realized something.
He wasn't sleeping.
Daniel had always come to him in his dreams, tonight he's come to him when Justin was awake.
"What does that mean?" Justin thought to himself.
"What does what mean, love?" Michael murmured beside him.
"It's okay, Mico. I was just talking to myself. Go back to sleep, babe." Justin said, laying down beside Michael.
Michael snuggled against him , his head finding its place of happiness.
Justin lay quiet, wondering why he had to tell Michael that his mother's love would always be with him. And what was meant by the divided house?
He slowly felt sleep threatening, hearing Michael say his love.
"Love you, Timby."
"Love you more, Mico." Justin murmured, sleep finally overtaking him.

End of Chapter 90

And so Justin has a new power.
A new sense of purpose. To be Michael's strength, to give him the power of his love.
Michael is going to need it greatly ahead.
Lots more to come on this path of discovery.
Up next a return appearance of someone and a new Michael.

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