Justin's Angel-91

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Daniel disappeared into the darkness, Justin alone again with his lover.
Justin stared at the darkness, thinking of all Daniel had said.
And he suddenly realized something.
He wasn't sleeping.
Daniel had always come to him in his dreams, tonight he's come to him when Justin was awake.
"What does that mean?" Justin thought to himself.
"What does what mean, love?" Michael murmured beside him.
"It's okay, Mico. I was just talking to myself. Go back to sleep, babe." Justin said, laying down beside Michael.
Michael snuggled against him , his head finding its place of happiness.
Justin lay quiet, wondering why he had to tell Michael that his mother's love would always be with him. And what was meant by the divided house?
He slowly felt sleep threatening, hearing Michael say his love.
"Love you, Timby."
"Love you more, Mico." Justin murmured, sleep finally overtaking him.

Chapter 91

Lance felt like he was in heaven.
Josh had been insatiable tonight.
When they'd returned to their hotel room after leaving Vito's, Josh had taken him in his arms as soon as their door was firmly locked.
The intensity of his kiss floored Lance.
He'd never felt so much passion and desire flood his soul.
Josh was on fire.
He'd removed Lance's clothes before they had even neared the bedroom door, Josh pushing him up against the wall.
"Oh God, Lance, you're so beautiful! I'm going to lick and touch every inch of your hot, sexy body!"
Lance heard the lust and desire in Josh's voice, seeing him pull his shirt over his head, exposing his tight, muscular torso.
"I love you, Lance. With all my heart and soul. I'm going to show you how much."
And Josh did.
Four hours later, Lance was laying in bed, totally fulfilled and relaxed.
Josh walked out of the bathroom, his naked body on display for only Lance.
Lance took in every inch, the muscular chest, smooth and bronzed. His slim muscular legs, covered in black soft hair.
His strong hips and washboard abs.
Josh's manhood swung between his legs, Lance knowing its taste and warmth.
Lance smiled as his lover climbed back into bed, snuggling against him.
"I thought you'd have dozed off, love." Josh said, Lance smelling the clean soap smell coming off Josh's body.
They'd showered together, but Josh had spent some time taking care of other business.
Josh had blow dried his hair, he hated sleeping with wet hair.
"I can't sleep without my love in my arms." Lance said, Josh smiling.
Josh's hands wandered over Lance's smooth chest, rubbing his left nipple. Josh leaned down, licking the hard nipple, Lance moaning.
"Josh, you're still not satisfied?"
"How can I ever be satisfied when you turn me on so much, my love? Your body lights the fires in my heart."
Josh rolled over on top of Lance, kissing him deeply, his hands rubbing both nipples.
Lance moaned in the kiss, Josh feeling his rising manhood against his ass.
Lance had taken him twice tonight and still Josh felt empty.
"Take me again, my love. Make me feel your love inside me."
Lance rolled Josh over gently, looking into his blue eyes.
He saw the need, the want in those beautiful eyes.
Lance lifted Josh's legs, guiding his hardness into that special place, Josh moaning loudly, biting his lip.
"Oh God, Lance, that's it! Deeper!"
Lance plunged all the way in, feeling his body against his lover's.
He started the motions, Josh gasping, closing his eyes and moaning.
Lance kissed his lips, picking up his momentum.
"God yes! Faster, faster! Oh God that feels so good!" Josh moaned, Lance hearing the abandon in his voice.
Lance sped up, The bed vibrating with their movement.
Josh's hardness rubbed against Lance's stomach, Lance wrapping his hand around it. Upon contact Josh's organ exploded, his fluid flying all over Josh's chest, Lance running his fingers through it.
He felt Josh's orgasm, his body trembling and bucking, that sending Lance into a downward spin.
He exploded inside Josh, the fluid filling his lover's tight ass.
Lance gasped Josh's name, falling on top of him, his body now completely spent.
He pulled out, licking all of Josh's juices from his tight smooth chest, making his way up to Josh's moist lips, kissing him.
Then Lance lay back, his breathing relaxing.
He couldn't move, he was totally spent.
He felt a trembling, then heard the sound of Josh's sobbing.
Lance pulled out, pulling Josh into his arms, Josh sobbing against his chest.
"Oh God, Lance! It's always so beautiful! You make me feel so alive!"
Lance held him, feeling Josh's continuing to cry.
He felt in his heart that this was more than Josh's usual crying at Lance's lovemaking.
"Josh, what's wrong, my angel?" Lance said tenderly, kissing his cheek, rubbing his back with his hand.
"Please, Lance. Please don't leave me! I'll die if you leave me!"
Lance was totally shocked, he felt Josh cling tighter to him.
"Josh, my darling, I am not going anywhere. Why would you even think that?"
Josh remained quiet, his crying stopping.
Josh slowly pulled out of Lance's loving arms, getting out of bed, walking to the window, looking out into the Chicago night.
"Oh, Lance. I'm not courageous, like Justin. I didn't have the courage to confess my love for you. You must hate me for that. I'm sorry, Lance, I'm sorry I don't have the guts to show the world my love for you." Josh said, Lance hearing the anguish and sorrow in his voice.
Lance got out of bed, walking up to his lover, turning Josh around to face him.
"Now you listen to me, Joshua. I don't ever want to hear that kind of talk from you. Not courageous? You're the most courageous man I know. You're the most giving, loving man. The man I've fallen hopelessly in love with. And you've fallen in love with me, Joshua. You stuck it out when I was so emotionally destroyed. You've been there with all your love and understanding. I still can't believe you've fallen in love with me. You had the courage to not give up on loving me, even when I couldn't see why you still hung around. But believe me, with all my heart, I'm glad you did. I've fallen in love with you, Josh. There is no way that I could hate you, my love. As for your confessing your love to the world, that doesn't matter to me."
Josh tearfully looked into Lance's emerald eyes. He took Josh's hands in his, looking deep into his blue eyes.
"All that matters to me is what I remember from two special nights we spent together. The first night I offered my body to you and I prayed that you wouldn't be like the others, and hurt me. You didn't take what was offered to you. You wanted my love, not my body. You were the first person who needed my love. The second night was the most special night of my life.  The first night we made love. You gave yourself to me completely, you made me feel courageous, you made me feel alive. It felt like I was in control of my life, and you showed me how much you trusted me. I promise you right now, Joshua Chasez, that you were the first, and you will be the only man, whom I will give my heart, my soul and my love to. I love you, my Josh."
Lance kissed him deeply, Josh feeling his love flow through him, that endless source of Lance's love.
"I love you, Lance. Thank you for loving me."
"It was so easy to do, lover. It was so easy to love you."
The two returned to their bed, snuggling together.
Lance fell asleep, listening to Josh's heart against his ear.
Josh lay in the darkness, listening to Lance's words over and over in his mind.
"I love you, Lance. You are my everything. I've never felt so complete. It's time, my love. It's time I told my family." Josh said to himself, the love of Lance echoing in his soul.
He fell asleep with a small smile on his face.

Zach woke up alone, Christina not laying beside him.
He looked at the clock seeing it was nine o'clock.
Everyone was coming at ten for breakfast, Zach yawning and stretching as he pulled on a shirt and a pair of jeans.
He walked out of the bedroom smelling the aromas of breakfast.
He smiled, his stomach growling, as he walked into the kitchen, finding it empty.
The table was all set, all the extensions put in.
Zach walked through the other doorway into the living room.
Christina was sitting down with two men, Becky sitting in her mother's lap, staring at them.
Zach raised his eyebrows, seeing that one of them was a goth kid.
The other looked like a punk-style street kid.
"Hi, honey. These are friends of Michael's. He mentioned them yesterday. Jason Warner and Mark Dexter." Christina said, looking at Zach.
Zach felt that she looked like she was about to burst out laughing. Zach had to admit they did look strange, sitting there staring at him.
The punk kid got up, walking up to him.
"Hey, bub. Got a cig? I'm bustin' here." He said in a gruff voice.
"Sorry, we don't smoke here."
"Hey Crisco, your man is prime beef. A real nut-buster." The goth kid said, staring at Zach.
"Hey, my fiancee's name is Christina! Show some respect, man!"
"Don't get your jeans in a knot, stud." The other said, Zach's temper rising.
The punk kid walked up to him.
"Man, you're delicious. Mind if I take a snack?" He said, licking Zach's cheek.
Christina turned her head, her laughter about to erupt, holding Becky, who was smiling at Jason.
Zach pushed the guy back.
"Just what the hell do you think you're doing? Back off you sicko!!!" Zach's anger showing on his face.
"Hey, don't have a cow, Zacky." Mark said, Zach catching the change in his voice as Jason stood up, walking towards him.
"Save some for me, I like sloppy seconds."
Zach knew that voice.
Justin laughed, Michael smiling widely.
"Michael? Is that really you?"
"In the flesh. Or should I say, the refurbished flesh."
Zach looked at him, staring at his face. He now saw Michael's features, hidden under the sallowly complexion.
"My God! I didn't even recognize you! I was about to put you flat on your ass!"
Michael laughed, Justin smiling now.
"Did you know it was Uncle Justin, Daddy? He's so funny looking." Becky said laughing, Justin picking her up and twirling her around.
Michael smiled at Becky's new name for Zach. It just felt so right.
"I didn't have a clue, sweetie! Michael, Justin, it's just unbelievable!"
Michael smirked, Justin and Becky laughing.
"I hooked Justin up with his disguise the first week we met. It allowed him the freedom to move around unnoticed. I think the next few days, Jason and Mark are going to be around."
Zach smiled, seeing the sure fire result himself.
"You'll be unrecognizable! That's fantastic!"
They all sat down, Zach asking where Lonnie and Paulo were.
"They've gone out to scout around and grab some papers, and to get a feel for things."
They heard a knock at the front door, Christina getting up to answer it.
Justin set Becky down, whispering in her ear, she clapping.
Justin and Michael stood over against one wall, waiting for the guests to come in.
Joey, Lance, Josh, Chris and Vicky walked into the room together, followed by Jonathan, Stevie, Lynn, Randall, Lisa, Paul, and finally Nana and Silas bringing up the rear. Nana and Christina were chatting.
The others had gone home, Seth and Tomas having work this weekend. Timbaland and Cassi had gone ahead to Buffalo for concert preparations.
Everyone stopped, seeing the two different looking men standing against one wall beside the couch.
"Hey, Zach. Michael and Jus not up yet?" Lance said also looking at the two men.
"They're just up, taking showers and getting ready, they should be out soon."
"So, who's this?" Vicky asked staring at the two strangers.
"This is Jason Warner and Mark Dexter. They're the friends Michael mentioned yesterday."
Josh immediately recognized Justin's disguise, guessing that Mark was Michael.
He sat down, keeping quiet, sitting back to enjoy the show.
Lance sat on the arm of the chair Josh sat in, Josh taking his hand in his. Lance looked surprised, Josh doing that in front of strangers.
Vicky looked the two men over, staring at them.
"I know all of Michael's friends here in Chicago. I don't know you two."
Mark stared at her, giving her a sneer. Jason licked his lips.
"Well, toots, what you know means dick all to me." Jason said, Vicky looking shocked.
Her look quickly changed into a look of intense murder.
Chris knew that look and was beside her in a second.
"Hey! Didn't anyone ever teach you manners? This is a lady you're talking to." Chris said, his anger showing also.
"Hey, Jase, what's a lady doing with an ugly troll?" Mark said, Jason smirking.
Chris's anger broke, Vicky putting her arm in front of him, holding him back.
"Michael's not likely to make friends with people like you. How do you know Michael?" Vicky said, Mark hearing the familiar anger in her voice.
"Mikey and me are real close. You might say we're bum buddies." Jason said, winking at Mark.
"What!" Vicky said, everyone shocked at the rudeness of these two men.
Mark staring at everyone, zoning in on Lance sitting by Josh.
"Hey, Jase. Check out the tanned blondie. I'll be right back."
Mark walked over to Lance, staring at him lustfully.
"Hey foxy, you all alone, or is this your sugar daddie?" Mark said, pointing at Josh.
Josh looked shocked at first, then lowered his head, holding in his laughter.
Lance on the other hand, was completely shocked, backing up further on the chair.
"Let's blow this crib, cutie. I want to get into your pants, sweet cheeks. I'll betcha I won't be disappointed." Mark said putting his hand on Lance's knee, Lance looking nervously around at everyone.
Mark kissed him on the lips suddenly, Lance totally unprepared for it.
Joey had heard and seen enough.
He grabbed Mark by the arm, turning him around.
"Okay, asshole. That's it! I don't know who you two are but that's it! You've insulted my friends and you've got no respect for others! You're both leaving now! On your own or with my foot up your asses! Your choice!"
"Hey, chill, muscleboy. Come on Jase. These guys are all too slow for us." Mark said, Jason walking up beside him.
"Your right, Mark. They're just too damn slow."
Nana started laughing, walking up to Mark and kissing his cheek, then hugging him.
Everyone looked stunned.
Josh now was laughing his head off, Lance staring at him in shock.
"My boys, you're such tricksters. They don't have a clue." She said, Michael smiling and Justin laughing out loud.
Everyone still looked shocked.
"Hey Joe, it's me, Justin!" Justin said, Joey's eyes going wide with disbelief at the voice he recognized.
"No way! Oh my God! No way!" He said, grabbing Justin, looking into his blue eyes.
Vicky, Chris, and Lance ran up to them, staring wide-eyed at Justin, then Michael. Everyone else surrounded the two men.
Michael smiled, talking in his normal voice.
"I take it you all didn't have a clue?"
Everyone blushed then laughed.
Vicky smacked him upside the head, Justin smirking.
"You pencil dick! I'm so going to get you two back!"
Justin laughed sticking his tongue out at her.
"Don't stick that tongue out unless you intend to use it!" Vicky shot back.
Justin blushed deeply, Michael smirking.
"If you insist, Vick." Michael said and promptly French-kissed Justin. Justin beamed.

After they broke apart, Michael explained all of it to them, Nana adding her own part.
"Michael was in charge of makeup at his high school's drama club. He used to make up some pretty fascinating characters. On more than one occasion he tricked myself and Silas. I recognized Mark though, from a former play Michael had written and put on."
"Mico, you've wrote plays?" Justin asked, although not totally surprised at learning that, his lover was so talented.
"Yes a couple, nothing major."
Josh also filled them in on his earlier run in with Jason Warner.
Lance folded his arms, staring at him with a determined look on his face.
"Joshua Chasez! You mean you knew it was them, and you didn't let me in on it? I was getting nervous. I though he was going to try something!"
Josh lowered his head feeling ashamed.
Michael put his hand on Lance's shoulder.
"I'm sorry, Lance. Josh was fooled by us before, he just wanted to be in on the joke. But you have to admit, you should be happy. I did single you out as the cutest in the room. That's got to count for something!"
Lance laughed, hugging Michael. Then he kissed Josh. He turned back to Michael smiling.
"Thanks for singling me out, stud."
Everyone laughed, a lot of them still staring at Michael.
He was almost unrecognizable.
His hair was greased back, his face a sallow color, almost pale.
He had a nose stud, two earrings on one ear, a small moustache, and a goatee.
And what was most unreal, was that his eyes were now blue.
"How'd you get blue eyes, Mikey?" Josh said, marveling at their blueness.
"Contacts, Joshy." Michael smiled.
Everyone laughed, Paulo and Lonnie walking into the room, their arms loaded with papers and magazines.
"You two are big news, guys. It's everywhere."
Everyone took a paper, reading the headlines out loud.







"I like that last one, Jus." Michael said, Justin smiling at him.
"Me too, it's so true."
Justin kissed Michael, everyone smiling at his calm manner.
Michael looked at Lance, then back to Justin.
"Okay, Timberlake. Spill. What's this about you and Lance being lovers?" Michael said, folding his arms, staring at Lance.
Lance turned three shades of red, Michael's stern face immediately breaking down, his laughter filling the room.
Everyone laughed at the absurdity of the headline.
"Just because I'm gay also, they paired us up. Man, they don't even know my tastes." Lance said, faking indignation.
Josh put his arm around him, kissing his cheek.
"I know your tastes, my love. And I know you think I'm delicious."
Lance smiled , the two looking at each other, kissing deeply, then hugging close.
Michael smiled, sensing the feelings of his two best friends.
Michael looked at Justin reading an article, sensing his calmness. Justin had indeed changed. He wasn't afraid anymore. He'd totally accepted his life, his love for Michael, and his own self.
Michael smiled widely, Nana putting her arm around him.
"And what's got you smiling so nicely?" She inquired, marveling at Michael's outward happiness.
"I'm totally in love. I've never been so happy."
Justin caught Michael's words, smiling at him, kissing him tenderly.
"Let's eat everyone." Christina said, everyone getting up and heading for the kitchen.

The meal was delicious, everyone filling their stomachs and their hearts with laughter and good conversation.
After breakfast, they all relaxed around the apartment.
Stevie and Becky played in her room, Michael and Justin relaxing with his friends.
Christina and Zach made their announcement, everyone screaming and hugging them.
That lead to an hour of wedding planning among everyone.
Christina had picked the church she'd attended most of her life, the only thing left was a place for the reception.
Michael thought for a moment, looking around the room, seeing the coziness of the apartment.
He asked Zach and Christina how many would be attending the reception. They replied about seventy or eighty people at the most.
"I think Vito's would be kind of small, plus they're would be other diners there. How about I take care of it. I have a place in mind, just give me a couple of days to check into it. Are you two okay with an indoor/outdoor reception, a back yard wedding party? It's a beautiful place." Michael said, looking at the couple.
Zach beamed, loving the idea, Christina discussing it a bit, and then falling in love with it as well.
"As long as the weather is nice, it would be beautiful. "
"Well, this place is fairly large also, so if it's too cold or rainy, it can be taken inside." Michael said smiling.
"I just have to talk to Ryan, he told me about it a few months ago, and I went and checked it out."
"Planning on getting married, were you, sweetie?"  Justin winked.
"No, Jus. It actually was before I met you. I was actually thinking of buying a home, but it was just way too big for me."
Vicky remembered the place, she'd gone with Michael one weekend just to look at it, Michael never really intended on buying it. Michael was right, it was beautiful, but too big for a single person.
"Sounds like a plan, Mikey." Zach said, Michael smiling.
"I'll let you know, and we can check it out in a week or so."
"We checked our schedules, the weekend of the seventeenth is free for all of  us." Justin said, Zach and Christina smiling.
"Awesome." Zach said, Michael shaking his head.
"Looks like I'll be making a few trips to Chicago before then, love." Michael said, kissing Justin's cheek.
"That's okay, babe. I know how important Zach is to you, and now to me. If there's anything you need me to do, just let me know."
Zach hugged Justin, feeling his friendship and love.
"Vicky, would you be my matron of honor? You're the only girlfriend I've got, and you've been so sweet to me. I don't have any sisters or brothers, I was adopted."
"I'd be honored, thank you so much, Cricket!" Vicky said, tearing up, the two girls hugging.
"I didn't know you were adopted, Christina." Nana said.
"Yes, my Mom adopted me when I was six weeks old."
"You don't know anything of your parents, or where you were born?"
"No, nothing. That was a long time ago."
"How old are you, child?" Nana said smiling at her.
"I'll be thirty two on my wedding day."
"Oh, wow, your birthday is your wedding day!" Vicky said smiling widely.
"That's part of the reason we picked that day." Zach said, Christina snuggling up against him.
"By the way, you don't look a day over twenty three." Michael smiled, Christina blushing.
"Hey, quit flirting with my love. You know you have one of your own." Zach said, laughing.
"And believe me, he's all I'll ever want." Michael said kissing Justin, everyone smiling at the two wild-looking men sitting on the couch.
"Man, it's creepy seeing a goth kid and a punk rocker kissing." Chris said, shuddering.
"Almost like seeing you kissing Vicky." Michael retorted, Joey bursting out laughing.
"Yeah, and Chris is the punk." Joey said, everyone now laughing, Chris blushing red.
The phone went off, Zach picking it up, walking into a quiet corner while Joey and Chris wrestled on the floor.
After a few minutes, Joey and Chris had relented and Zach sat back down.
Michael saw the concerned look on his face.
"That was Charlie, the doorman downstairs. There are reporters downstairs looking for you, Justin. They said they know you're here."
"Well, looks like the party's over." Paulo said, Lonnie nodding his head.
"We should go, guys. You don't need reporters invading your privacy." Michael said, Zach shaking his head.
"It's okay, Mikey. They have no right to enter our home. And you have a right to be left alone."
Michael got up, sitting beside Zach.
"Zach, we do feel at home here. But you have a daughter now, and two on the way. You need privacy and a normal home life. Our being here might jeopardize that. I won't let that happen. Justin and I are going."
"Where will we go, Mico? The show airs today, tomorrow is our interview with Larry, then we head for Buffalo."
Michael looked up at Vicky, smiling.
"Well, there's always our forgotten love nest. The place where we first began our love, my sweet. My old apartment."
Justin's smile was practically glowing.
"Really, Mico?"
"Yep. We still have it until the lease runs out at the end of March. It's still mostly furnished. Vicky and some friends were going to clean it out at the end of March. It's perfect timing for us. A few days of love in our old haunts. How about it, love?"
"Yes, Mico! I'd love to go back and stay there!"
Michael smiled, looking over at Paulo and Lonnie.
"This means us leaving here alone, Lon. You and Paulo would just stand out too much. Justin and I have to leave alone, and soon. Just relax, these disguises will be enough."
"Mico's right, guys. And don't worry, I'll have the best bodyguard right beside me." Justin snuggled against Michael, Michael wrapping his arm around him.
"Okay, Mike. I see your reasoning and the logic behind it. But we're going to be checking on you, got it?"
Michael smiled, nodding.
"Paulo, we'll need our clothes and stuff brought round later tonight. Maybe you can take it all to Vito's and Vito can arrange someone dropping them off. We can't risk reporters following you or Lonnie. After the show today, you'll be widely known and recognized."
Paulo nodded, seeing Michael had everything under control.
"What about food, Michael?" Lynn said, smiling at his organizational skills.
"Jus and I can order in, or even pop out to the store, these disguises are our comfort zone."
Everyone saw that Michael was in control.

A half hour later, the two were ready to go.
Justin and Michael hugged everyone, the two receiving several kisses and hugs from Nana and Lynn.
As mothers, they were concerned for their children, and for their safety.
Both trusted Michael's ability to keep Justin safe from reporters and others.
Justin and Michael walked out of the apartment and into the elevator, waving goodbye to their families.
Upon descending into the lobby, they saw the reporters right away, chatting with the super and the doorman.
Justin looked at Michael, Michael talking to him in his mind.
"Just follow my lead, and remember, goth kids don't smile."
Justin winked, Michael walking ahead.
They overheard the discussion as they nonchalantly walked past the group of about eight reporters and cameramen.
"For the last time, we know Justin Timberlake is up there visiting friends, maybe even staying here, we saw his bodyguard going in a while ago. We'll make it worth your while if you just let us go up." Said a determined-looking man.
"I don't care who you saw, and I can't be bribed! I want the lot of you outside now! This is a private building and our tenants deserve their privacy! Now get out!" The super said, Michael liking his direct approach.
Michael and Justin walked past, hearing the reporter swear under his breath.
The reporter noticed Michael and Justin walking toward the front door.
"Hey, you two. You came from upstairs. You know Christina Marshall?" He said, Michael stopping, telling Justin to stay calm in his mind.
Michael whirled around staring at the man.
"I don't know any chick by that name, man."
"How about your weirdo friend here?" The reporter said, looking Justin over.
"Nah, I don't know her. We came here to visit a friend, numbnuts." Justin said, his bravado now on display, Michael loving his getting into the role.
"Listen, asshole. I don't need your stupid backtalk! It's bad enough I've got to talk to you two faggots, now I got to track down a celebrity faggot singer!" The reporter said, anger in his voice.
Michael saw Justin's face change, sensing his shock and hurt at hearing that degrading word describing himself.
Michael was on the man in a flash, bringing him to his knees, Michael holding the reporter's arm behind his back.
The other reporters looked shocked.
"Listen, asshole! We don't take kindly to being called that! Where are your manners? You owe myself and my friend an apology! Now how about it, or do I have to teach you some respect?"
The reporter looked deeply shocked.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean any disrespect. I'm sorry I said it." He said, obviously in no state to argue.
Michael released him.
"I don't know who you're all looking for, but my advice is to get to hell out of here before my friends upstairs see ya, they're even meaner than I am!"
Michael turned walking out of the front door, Justin in tow.
They walked down the street, not hurrying, knowing the reporters had walked out the door and were looking after them.
"Looks like the kid showed you some respect, Hartman." One reporter said, smiling.
"Who is that guy?" The reporter asked the doorman, rubbing his sore arm.
"I've never seen him before. But I like his attitude. Now stay out of here, or I'll call the cops." The doorman said, closing the door.
"Now what?" the reporters said to each other.

Michael and Justin walked along, Justin looking at a quiet Michael.
"You ok, Mark?" He asked, Michael looking into his eyes.
Justin missed those golden eyes looking back at him.
"We'll talk about it later, Jason." Michael said, both feeling it safer not calling each other by their real names.
Justin nodded, Michael remaining quiet.
Michael was thinking to himself.
He'd handled that wrong.
He'd sensed Justin's feelings, and he knew he'd have to talk with him about those feelings.
"Let's go into that market and pick some things up for supper and breakie."
The two walked into the grocery store, shopping around.
They walked around, Justin loving the openness of shopping freely.
Michael actually smiling again at seeing Justin's enthusiasm.
They found what they needed, Michael paying for all of it, the two carrying bags
Within ten minutes, they were at Michael's old apartment building, Michael unlocking the apartment door.
It hadn't changed, although some things were missing.
The piano top was empty of photos, the walls were bare of paintings and photos.
They'd put the groceries away, Michael and Justin agreeing that they wouldn't be going out again today, both helping each other remove their disguises in the bathroom.
Within a few minutes, they were their normal selves.
Justin smiled when Michael removed the contacts, his beautiful golden eyes staring back at him.
"There's the man I love." Justin said, kissing Michael deeply.
Michael smiled, the two walking out of the bathroom and back into the living room.
Michael called Zach's, letting them know they'd arrived safe.
They snuggled up on the sofa, Justin laying his head on Michael's chest.
"I love this place, Mico. I remember the newness of our love. The nervousness I felt that first night."
"You? Man, I was walking on glass. I'd never met anyone who'd entered my soul so quickly."
Michael teared up, Justin feeling his emotions.
"You were so unbelievable, Jus. So everything I wanted you to be. It was like you were sent from heaven."
Justin kissed him lightly, looking into those golden eyes.
"Hey, I'm not the angel here."
Michael smiled.
"Justin, we need to talk. Actually we need to have "the" talk."
"The talk?"
"Yes, I want to tell you a story."
Justin sat up, waiting for Michael to continue.
"When I first came out, I was a victim of hatred, Justin. It was about two months after I'd opened up about my sexuality. I was fifteen and I wasn't hiding it anymore. Nana and Silas didn't love me any less, nor did Zach. The kids at school didn't treat me any different.
There was a neighbourhood party one weekend, all the neighbourhood in attendance. It was always a fun time. Lots of music, good food, and fun and games.
I was having the time of my life until Miles Sanders walked in. He owned the house on the end of our road. He'd usually been a quiet man, a good neighbor. But that night he turned into a monster."
Justin put his arm around Michael feeling his memories flood back to him.
"I was playing basketball with Zach and some friends and he marched up to me, grabbing me by the arm. He stared at me, I could see the hatred in his eyes and on his face. Then he took all his hatred out on me in a verbal tirade.
`What's this faggot doing here? I won't stay near a gay bastard! How can you all stand the sight of him? He is the vilest of God's creatures! Throw him out of here or I'll beat the gayness out of him! He ain't worth the spit his daigo father spit into his mother!'"
Justin sat in shock, not able to fathom how Michael could have endured that.
"Nana and Silas went at him, pulling me away from him. I ran home in terror. That's where Nana found me later, in our back yard, under the elm tree. I always went there when I was confused about something. It was where she and I had some wonderful talks together. We always talked out my problems there. She always made me see the truth in what I was worried about. That night was no different."
Justin nodded, knowing how she loved her grandson, and had always been there for him.
"We talked about what had happened. And she showed me the truth. Why he'd acted that way. He was scared, Jus. Scared of someone different. He'd lived his life the same as his father, as his grandfather. His values were entrenched in his soul. And I was something different. Something he couldn't understand. So he reacted as he'd been taught to do. By showing me as inferior, as beneath him. He lashed out at me because he couldn't accept that I was different. That truth helped shape my life, Jus. Nana showed me that I was different, but I was also myself. That I should always be proud of who I was, that I shouldn't be afraid of people who were too scared to face someone who was different."
"What happened to Miles Sanders? Did he change?"
"No, Jus. He never changed. And that cost him the respect of his neighbours and his friends. He became an outsider, a loner. He got drunk one night and rolled his car, he was killed instantly."
Justin held Michael, feeling his acceptance of what he'd learned.
"I have never doubted who I am since then, Jus. I've accepted who I am and what people will think of me.  I've faced all of it, in different situations and different venues. You felt some of that today, Jus, didn't you?"
Justin lowered his head, Michael lifting it up slowly, looking into his blue eyes.
"I've never been called that before, Mico. That hurtful name. "
"It's just a name, Jus. There are a lot of them. You'll hear a lot more hurtful names, throughout your life now. But you need to remember what I've told you. People say those names out of the ignorance of judging people before they get to know them. If Miles had of only taken the time to know me he would have seen the real person I am.  That was his loss. And this is my life. I won't let anyone hurt me with those names, Jus. You saw the worst in me today, Jus. That one man set me off. Because I saw what it did to you. I felt your hurt. I wanted to hurt him for hurting you. I'm sorry for showing you that side of me, love. That's not me. "
"I know Mico. I was surprised. I now see the reasoning behind what you did, your need to protect me from that. And your wanting me to see the reasoning behind their ignorance. I'll try and see it that way, just like you have."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin lightly.
"I'll always protect you, my love. I just can't always protect you from the world's ignorance and insensitivity."
Justin nodded, feeling their love as strong as always.
They snuggled together for a while, a knock coming to the door.
Michael got up, looking through the keyhole, then smiling.
He opened the door, seeing Tony the bartender standing there.
"I've got some luggage for ya, Mikey. Let me in."
Michael smiled, opening the door wide, Tony carrying in a bunch of bags.
"Hey, Mikey. How ya doing? " Tony said smiling, Michael staring at his hot Italian looks.
Justin was staring also, Tony seeing him.
"And this is the famous Justin Timberlake.  Nice to meet you Mr. Timberlake. Any friend of Mikey's is a friend of mine."
Justin smiled, shaking Tony's hand.
"Please, call me Justin."
Tony smiled, handing Michael a large bag.
"Your Nana's sent some cookies and stuff for the two of you."
Michael smiled, feeling his grandmother's thoughtful love.
"Thanks, Tony. Would you like to stay for a while?"
"Thanks, Mike, but I have plans. My girlfriend is singing at the cabaret tonight. "
"Okay, thanks for doing this."
"No prob, Mike. And I wanted to say, congratulations. Justin is one lucky guy." Tony said smiling.
Justin smiled widely, putting his arm around Michael.
"I feel pretty lucky also, Tony. " Michael said, smiling just as widely.
"Vito told me all about it, guys. You've both got one hell of a lot of courage. And I can see a lot of love too. Congrats!"
"Thanks, Tony." Justin said, feeling the sincerity in his words.
"I got to bail, Mike. You two have fun, and be happy."
Tony hugged them both, the two men blushing a little.
He left smiling at Michael, Michael shutting the door behind him.
"Man, Mico, that man is drop-dead gorgeous."
Michael stared at Justin, then smiled.
"Yeah, that he is. I always thought that too. But his friendship put those thoughts out of my head. Plus he's not my type. I go for sexy, blond singers." Michael said, Justin smiling, a little blush on his cheeks.
Michael pulled him into his arms.
"Yeah, and I go for sexy, sultry Spanish-Greek writers."
Michael smiled, the two sharing a deep kiss.
"The show is going to start shortly, Mico. We should snuggle down and watch it."
"I was there, Jus. I don't need to see myself. Although I do remember a real vision of beauty popping up towards the end."
Justin smiled, Michael turning the television on and sitting down with Justin on the couch.
They watched the show, Justin smiling widely at seeing his lover on display for all to see.
"You look fantastic, Mico! Black brings out your golden eyes so much."
Michael smiled as Justin kissed his lips, Michael more interested in the man beside him than the image of himself.
Michael began to flirt with Justin, licking his arm and running his fingers along his leg. He sat in his lap, kissing his neck, trying to distract him.
"Mico! Stop it! I want to watch you! It's not everyday I get to see my love shining on television."
Michael sighed, laying his head on Justin's chest, Justin smiling and watching the show.
All through the show they talked about little things they both saw. Justin spotting the moments when Michael's emotions were about to break down.
Michael pointing out little flaws in his own movements or speaking style.
Justin frowned, not liking Michael's critique of himself.
"Mico, you're too critical of yourself. I want to hear you say something positive about the man you're looking at right now."
Michael looked at himself on television, thinking to himself.
"Well, I don't look fat, like everyone says the camera makes you look."
Justin shook his head, dumping Michael off his lap and onto the floor.
Michael looked up at him in shock.
"What was that for?"
"That was for being a smart ass. Jesus, Mico. I think you're being so hard on yourself. You can't see what you are."
Michael got up sitting beside Justin.
"And what am I?"
"You are a talented, handsome, damn near fantastic man. Everyone sees it but you."
Michael sighed, Justin putting his arm around him.
"I've never found myself to be anything spectacular, Jus. It never mattered to me. I'm not now, nor have I ever been, egotistical."
"And I'm glad of that, sweetie. But I just don't like you downplaying yourself. To me you're something special. I just wished you'd see that yourself."
Michael nodded, looking at the television again.
"You know, I do look good. I see my looks have changed a lot since I've been with you. Must be all the physical activity I've been doing. I look more buffed."
Michael batted his eyes at Justin, Justin just shaking his head. Michael's look made Justin smirk, then laugh.
Michael smiled, kissing him tenderly.
"I'll try not to be so self-critical from now on, okay?"
Justin nodded, the two going back to watch the end of the show.
When Justin made his entrance, Michael smiled, seeing the real Justin.
"You totally floored me, love. I wasn't expecting that at all."
Justin smiled, snuggling against him.
"That was the idea, love. I'm glad you were okay with my not telling you."
"I am Jus, I see the reasoning behind what you did. I'm proud of you, Jus. You amaze me."
They shut the television off, both their phones ringing simultaneously.
For the next hour, they talked to all their family and friends, both switching phones periodically so they could both talk to everyone.
After the last call, Michael saw Justin yawning, getting up himself.
"You tired, babe?"
"A little, love."
"Lay down here, I'm going to start preparing dinner for us, you take a cat nap."
"You sure, love? I can help if you need it."
"Lay down, Jus. Close those blue eyes and I'll wake you in a while."
Justin nodded, stretching out as Michael walked into the kitchen.
Michael came back out to the living room in fifteen minutes, finding Justin lightly snoring.
He walked into the bedroom, coming back with his laptop and a blanket.
He tenderly covered Justin's body with the blanket, kissing his cheek.
He took his laptop into the kitchen, sitting down at the table, turning it on.
He hadn't started dinner yet, knowing that Justin would need a rest.
He did some work, answered some e-mails and then more work.
Before he knew it two hours had passed, Michael checking on Justin again.
Still asleep, the blanket snuggled against him.
Michael smiled, starting dinner finally.
An hour and a half later he walked back into the living room, gently shaking Justin's shoulder.
Justin opened his blue eyes, staring into two beautiful golden ones.
"Mmmm, how long have I been out?"
"About four hours, love."
"Four hours? Why did you let me sleep so long?"
"Because I knew you needed it. " Michael said, leaning down and kissing his lips gently.
"Now get up, love. Dinner is ready."
Justin got up, stretching and heading for the washroom.
A few minutes later he walked into the kitchen, the table all set with candlelight and flowers.
"It's beautiful, Mico. But where did you get the flowers?"
"I popped out for a few minutes incognito, there's a flower shop at the corner."
Justin smiled, Michael pulling out his chair for him, sitting him down.
"Thanks, love."
Michael smiled, putting a plate in front of Justin then sitting down to his own plate.
Justin smiled seeing what was on the plate. Grilled steak kebabs and Caesar salad.
"Our first meal together here. Remember?" Michael smiled.
"Yes, Mico, I do. I was expecting wieners and beans and you gave me this. You said you'd always try to make my dreams come true. And they all have, my love. I have you, I have your love. They all came true."
Michael teared up, pouring each of them a glass of wine.
Michael raised his, smiling at his lover.
"My dreams came true the evening I open my eyes laying on that dance floor."
Justin teared up, Michael taking his hand in his.
The two ate dinner together, the meal tasty, the atmosphere cozy and intimate.
After dinner, and after dessert, the two walked back into the living room, snuggling on the couch.
Michael looked into Justin's eyes.
"Justin, I want to say something."
Justin nodded, sensing it would be something profound and moving.
"My life has been a struggle, Jus. A string of hurtful moments. But there have been moments of sheer joy. And almost all of them have come from you. The moment you first kissed me. The moment I gave myself to you completely. The moment  I woke up in that hospital bed looking into your blue eyes. The heartfelt moment you looked up into my eyes and asked me to marry you. And the moment you kissed me on that stage. Every moment I've been with you has been a moment of joy."
Justin was crying, Michael's words moving him so much.
"I can't believe that a short four months ago I didn't know you, Justin. That you weren't a part of my life then. I need you now, every moment of my life. I love you, Jus. Every waking moment of every day makes me smile, because I see your beautiful smile, and I feel your love. And I now know that I make you feel the same. You said earlier that I was too self-critical. Well, I will change that. I am something special. I have to be, because you fell in love with me."
Justin smiled widely, seeing Michael's smile. Michael had finally admitted he was something special.
"Well, it's about time. I love you, Michael. My special Mico."
Michael stood up, pulling Justin up with him.
"I love you, Jus. And I want to walk you down that hall and show you our center of love. I want to please you and have you please me. Being intimate with you is an earth-moving experience, my love. I feel so alive when I'm in your arms. Tonight it's just you and me, here again in our secret love nest. We've come full circle. And tonight I can honestly say that I am beyond happy that I have you for myself. I love you, and only you. You are mine, Jus."
Justin ran his hand along Michael's face, wiping the falling tears.
"I am yours, Mico. Yours alone. And you are mine. I love you, and only you. Take my hand, and walk with me into our center of love. Tonight our desires, our passion and our love will feed our souls."
Michael took Justin's hand, the two walking down the hallway to Michael's old bedroom.
The bed was the same, but the room looked emptier, the desk gone, as well as a lot of other things.
But all they needed was there: each other.
Within moments they were unclothed, in each other's arms, their passion flooding their souls.
If a gifted person had walked into the room, they would have seen two blue auras entwined, a white center of faith and love burning bright.

End of Chapter 91

Another one for the ages.
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