Justin's Angel-92

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael stood up, pulling Justin up with him.
"I love you, Jus. And I want to walk you down that hall and show you our center of love. I want to please you and have you please me. Being intimate with you is an earth moving experience, my love. I feel so alive when I'm in your arms. Tonight it's just you and me, here again in our secret love nest. We've come full circle. And tonight I can honestly say that I am beyond happy that I have you for myself. I love you, and only you. You are mine, Jus."
Justin ran his hand along Michael's face, wiping the falling tears.
"I am yours, Mico. Your's alone. And you are mine. I love you, and only you. Take my hand, and walk with me into our center of love. Tonight our desires, our passion and our love will feed our souls."
Michael took Justin's hand, the two walking down the hallway to Michael's old bedroom.
The bed was the same, but the room looked emptier, the desk gone, as well as a lot of other things.
But all they needed was there: each other.
Within moments they were unclothed, in each other's arms, their passion flooding their souls.
If a gifted person had walked into the room, they would have seen two blue auras entwined, a white center of faith and love burning bright.

Chapter 92

Justin awoke, finding himself alone. He looked around the room, seeing Michael's clothes gone off the chair.
"Morning, love. Where are you?"
"Good morning, Justy. I love you. I'm in the kitchen, my love. Stay in bed, I'll be in in just a few minutes."
Justin smiled, laying against the warm pillows, snuggling into the blankets.
He could smell Michael's scent among the blankets, the smell sinking into his nostrils.
His lover sent him into that center of their love in so many ways.
With a look, with a touch, with the sound of his voice, or a scent of his intoxicating aroma.
Justin loved everything about Michael.
He still felt last night's passion, his body feeling content and fulfilled.
Michael's lovemaking had been so tender, so genuinely moving.
And Justin felt he'd returned the same to Michael, the two falling asleep in each other's arms.
He heard the door opening, Justin remaining under the covers, his eyes closed.
"My angel, are you asleep?"
"How can I sleep without my teddy bear?" Justin laughed, opening his eyes.
Michael stood beside the bed, a tray of food in his hands, a smile on his face.
"What's this?"
"It's my way of returning your sweetness from the other day. I've made you breakfast, Timby."
Justin looked up at Michael, seeing the love shining from those golden eyes.
"That's so sweet, lovecakes. But you didn't have to feel obligated to return that sweetness."
"Jus, my angel, be quiet. I did this because I love you, so sit back and enjoy it."
Justin smiled, pulling himself up, pushing the pillows back, and then sitting up.
Michael sat the tray over his legs, Justin seeing a lot of food on the tray. A bowl of his favorite cereal, milk, toast and jam, a plate of pancakes, sausages and bacon.
"Mmmm, love, this looks delicious. Let's eat it while it's hot."
"I've eaten already, Jus. This is all for you, my hungry man. Dive in, I'll be right back."
Justin smiled, diving into the food.
Michael returned shortly, with his laptop and a cup of coffee.
He sat down beside Justin, turning his laptop on.
"Thought we'd check the news sites and entertainment sites, see what's going on. I heard something about some mega?star shining before the world."
Justin beamed with a mouthful of cereal, Michael smiling.
They checked a lot of the sites, seeing a lot of headlines and articles, as well as pictures of the two of them.
"Well, Jus. Looks like there's no turning back now."
"I never will turn back, Michael. You are mine, and we're together, forever. All that's changed is everyone knows now. Our love is in the open now. I'm so happy that I can now show you off to the world. We can go to award shows, walk the red carpet together. You're no longer my hidden secret."
Michael frowned a little bit, Justin stopping to look at him.
"Something wrong, love?"
"Jus, I'm still not comfortable with all this star stuff. With all the glamour and glitz. It's just not me. I know it's an important part of your career,  and I'll do whatever you want me to do to help you in that. Just don't expect me to be overjoyed with it."
Justin leaned in kissing Michael's cheek.
"You know, I continue to love you more each day. You're so sweet, and innocent. I still can't believe that you're not awed by all this celebrity lifestyle. Nothing about it takes your breath away?"
Michael closed off the laptop, curling up beside Justin as he finished his breakfast, Michael sipping his coffee.
"The only thing that takes my breath away about all that is seeing you on stage. To me that's what all the glamour and the stardom is about. You in the spotlight, singing with that amazing voice. You have such a gift, such a beautiful voice."
Justin teared up, feeling the deep truthful love in Michael's soul.
"I can say the same about your writing, Mico. When I read your words, even just a note you've written me, it moves my heart and takes my breath away."
Justin leaned in again, kissing him now on the lips.
Michael felt the desire in that kiss, and the deep love.
"That's sweet, Jus. But my writing is just me pouring my soul into words."
"As is my voice, love. It's me pouring my heart into music."
They both smiled, realizing they had something more in common.
"So, Jus. The interview with Larry, are you comfortable with talking about all this?"
"Yes, Michael. I want to talk about all of it."
"Just a word of warning, love. I will not hold anything back. Knowing Larry he will ask some pretty tough questions."
"Alright, Mico. All I expect is for you to be truthful, to yourself and to us."
Michael smiled, kissing him again.
"I think there are going to be a lot of upset fans out there, now seeing that you’re taken."
"I don't care, Michael. If they can't be happy for me, when they see that I'm happy, then they aren't really fans."
Michael nodded, Justin's cell phone ringing on the nightstand.
"Looks like the real world has found us again." Justin said, asking Michael to answer it, Michael smiling.
"Hello, Michael here."
"Hey, Mikey! Rise and shine. Or has Timberlake exhausted you? Can I speak to the clothes horse?" Chris' voice had a lot of mirth in it.
"I'm sorry, Chris, Justin's mouth is full at the moment and I'm not exhausted at all. I'm about to climb onto that horse and go for a ride" Michael quipped back.
Justin was laughing as he finished his meal, putting the tray on the floor, grabbing his glass of milk.
"Man, you're sick, Tavarro! You just put a really disgusting picture in my head!"
"Excellent. It's about time you had something in there except all that empty space."
Chris groaned, knowing he wasn't going to top Michael in this verbal exchange.
"Okay, I concede. Can I speak to the horse?"
"Excellent comparison, with a horse, Chris. My man is hung like one."
Justin burst into laughter as he drank his milk, milk shooting out of his nose.
Now Michael burst into laughter, handing the phone to Justin.
The two calmed down, Justin talking into the phone.
"Morning, Chris. What's all this talk about horses? Are you thinking of taking one for a ride?"
Michael almost fell off the bed laughing. He could feel Chris' blushing and shock in his mind.
"Justin! You've been with that man too damn long!! He's rubbing off on you."
Justin smiled, blowing Michael a kiss as he calmed down again.
"That's a real sweet thing to say, Chris. Thanks."
"I wasn't being sweet, Jus. You're getting as bad as him. Anyway, I'm calling to tell you that Lance talked to Johnny, your interview is scheduled for nine, and that it's live. You okay with that, Curly?"
Michael saw Justin's smile slip a little.
"Yes, Chris. I'm okay with that. I just didn't expect it to be live."
"Okay, bud. Lonnie and Paulo will be over around five. I think they're looking for a free meal. All the rest of us are flying out this afternoon. We'll talk to you guys later, Jus. And, Jus?"
"Yeah, Chris?"
"I'm proud of you, sport. I'm proud of both of you."
"Thanks, bro."
"Vicky wants to talk to your jockey."
Justin laughed, handing the phone back to Michael, curling up beside him.
"Hey, Mikey. Just wanted to say goodbye, we're flying out in a few hours. But we're all going to Josh and Lance's to watch the interview. I love you Mikey."
Michael smiled, feeling her love shining though.
"Love ya too, toots. Saw goodbye to your troll for me."
Vicky laughed saying goodbye.
Michael threw the phone on the nightstand, grabbing Justin in his arms, kissing him deeply.
"Mmmmm, love. That's nice." Justin purred.
Michael ran his hand along Justin's cheekbone, looking into his eyes.
"I take it you're concerned with the show being live."
"If it's live, Mico, that means he may have call-ins."
"So? What's wrong with that?"
"We may hear firsthand some negative feedback."
"I can handle it, Jus. Are you ready for it, my love?"
"Yes, I think so. I just don't want anyone bad-mouthing you. They need to realize that you didn't do this to me. I fell in love with you, not the other way around."
Michael kissed Justin again, feeling his need to stand up for Michael.
"My love, all that matters is what you said early. We have to be true to ourselves. And you're wrong. I fell in love with you also, Jus. It wasn't a one way thing. We fell in love with each other."
Justin smiled, Michael's hand going a little lower, his fingers attaching to Justin's right nipple.
Justin moaned as Michael leaned in and kissed him.
"You're way too overdressed, Mico." Justin said, his hands pulling on Michael's t-shirt.
Their morning adventure was about to begin.

A short two hours later, the two men walked out of their bedroom, their arms around each other.
They both were contented, hopelessly in love.
They walked into the kitchen, Michael finishing up on the remaining breakfast dishes.
Justin helped him, the task done in fifteen minutes.
They ended up back in the living room, Justin looking at his watch.
"It's only ten o'clock, love. What would you like to do today?" Justin said, Michael smiling.
"I think the question should be what do we want to do, love?"
"I'd like to spend all day making love to you, my sexy angel."
Michael smiled, then blushed.
"I think you'd get tired of seeing my ass all day, love."
Justin put his hand on Michael's butt, squeezing a cheek.
"I'll never get tired of seeing the hills of heaven."
Michael burst out laughing, Justin following him. Their laughter filled the cozy living room.
"Seriously, Jus. Any ideas?"
"I'd like to do something outside, Mico. I like the freshness of the winter air."
"Hmmm. Hey, I got an idea!"
"What is it?"
"It's a surprise. Trust me, you'll like it."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"Okay, babe. Lead the way."
Michael smiled, pulling Justin up, the two heading for the bathroom to get their disguises ready.

An hour later, Jason and Mark were walking down Michigan Avenue.
Justin looked around at all the downtown area, seeing all the tall buildings.
He wasn't really watching where Michael was leading him.
They walked into a large outdoor park, Michael smiling at Justin, winking.
Justin finally focused on where they were now.
They were walking towards a large outdoor rink.
"Mark, what place is this?"
"This is Chicago's biggest outdoor rink, Jason. You did say you wanted to do something outdoors. How about ice skating?"
Justin slowly nodded, Michael picking up on his sudden nervousness.
"Everything okay, Jase?"
"Yeah, Mark, everything's fine."
Michael smiled walking up to the entrance.
Justin stopped for a minute, trying to center himself. It had been a long time since Justin had been on ice skates. And there was a good reason for that.
They walked inside, Michael paying for skates for both of them. The employee looked both of them over, staring at the goth kid and punker, shaking his head.
Michael handed Justin his skates, Justin smiling shyly at him.
They found a bench, putting on their skates.
Justin remained seated, Michael getting up and walking onto the ice.
He began to circle around, suddenly doing a pirouette, landing on his feet in a fluid motion.
Justin sat in amazement, watching Michael skate in perfect form.
He did turns and twirls, a few other people watching him.
Justin spotted a group of four teenagers watching Michael skate.
Michael came back to Justin's bench, plopping down beside him.
"Mark, that was phenomenal. You were amazing!" Justin said, Michael smiling at him.
"Thanks, Jase. Why aren't you out there with me? It's a beautiful day, and the air is crisp and refreshing. Come on,  Jay."
Michael got up, pulling Justin up.
Justin nervously walked ahead, getting onto the ice.
He began to skate around, slowly. Then he promptly fell on his ass.
Michael was beside him in a flash, helping him get up.
"You okay, Jay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. I think you should know something, Mark. I can't skate worth shit."
Michael smiled, putting his arm around Justin.
"I'm sorry, Jay. Why didn't you tell me?"
"It's a little embarrassing, when I see what you can do."
"Nothing to be embarrassed by. I've skated for years, Jay. Remember, I come from New York, we have winter, you know."
Justin smiled, seeing Michael wasn't embarrassed by him, he was as loving as ever.
"And I had to go and land on my ass. "
Michael smiled.
"Did you hurt it? Want me to kiss it and make it all better?"
Justin smiled widely, seeing Michael's calming love.
"Later, sexy. I'll take you up on that later."
Michael laughed, helping Justin steady himself.
"Here, let me give you a few tips. Keep your skates a little more open, and on a bit of an angle. That keeps your balance more centered."
Justin did as Michael said, feeling his balance more controlled.
"Here, watch me. See how I move the skates to control the motion?"
Michael skated forward, Justin watching his skates. He quickly got the motion and style.
He skated forward, his movements more controlled.
Shortly he began to smile, and feel more relaxed.
Michael skated around him, smiling at Justin's movements. He sensed his feelings, talking to him in his mind.
"Now you're getting the hang of it. Just relax and enjoy it."
"This is great, Mico. I love it!"
Michael smiled, the two skating around.
They spent a half hour skating around, Justin now feeling totally relaxed.
Michael skated over to the concession stand, going to get hot chocolate for both of them.
Justin skated around, enjoying himself.
The four teenagers who'd been watching them earlier skated around Justin, Justin feeling nervous.
"Hey Gothy, what's a loser like you doing on ice? Shouldn't you be begging for money somewhere?" One of them said, the other three laughing.
Justin tried ignoring them, but they skated all around him, laughing at him.
Michael returned from the stand to see the four around his lover.
"Man, you're pathetic at skating, my little sister skates better than you." The young man said.
Justin fumbled a little, falling down again, landing on his ass.
The four laughed, Michael's eyes furrowing as he came towards them.
They saw him coming, backing off and leaving, their laughter loud and celebratory.
Michael set the cups down, kneeling beside Justin.
"You okay, Jay?"
Justin got up slowly, Michael helping him get to a bench.
Michael skated back, picking up the cups of hot chocolate.
He came back, sitting beside Justin.
"I'm okay, Mark. My ass is sore though, that hurt."
Michael smiled a little, Justin looking at him.
"The offer's still open for me to kiss it and make it better."
Justin smiled, seeing Michael's love for him, and his trying to make him smile.
"Thanks, I'll take you up on that later, love."
Michael looked over at the four teenagers, who were now skating around a mother with her young daughter.
People were watching them, seeing their bothersome antics.
"I think it's time four young men learned a lesson."
Justin looked at Michael as he got up, heading onto the ice.
Michael skated into the center of the rink, about ten feet ahead of the four teenagers.
Michael saw that the mother was nervous, her daughter looking terrified.
"I think it's time you four stopped bothering people." Michael said in a firm voice.
The four turned looking at him.
"Hey! It's Gothy's punky friend." One said, laughing.
"Fuck off, man! We'll do what we want." Another said.
Michael skated up to the mother and daughter.
"I'll take care of these four, you and your daughter go back to having fun."
The women smiled at Michael, skating away from everyone.
Michael turned looking at the four.
"Okay, you four think you're so hot? Why don't we have a little challenge?"
The four looked at each other, smiling.
"What's in it for us?"
"How about a hundred dollars?"
They looked shocked,
"Yes, each." Michael said.
"And if you win?"
"If I win, the four of you will apologize to that lady and her daughter, and you'll behave yourselves when you skate here from now on. Deal?"
"So what's the challenge?"
"The challenge is, myself against you four. If you make me fall, you win. I have to make all four of you fall. When one falls he's out."
The four grinned widely.
"You mean like roller derby?"
Michael smiled, "Yep."
"Deal, Punky." The leader said.
"Fine. Let's start."
Justin sat watching his lover begin skating, not believing what he was doing.
The four skated around him, Michael skating faster, they matching him for speed.
A lot of people were now watching, hearing of the challenge.
They'd all known these boys, knowing of their callous attitudes. And they all found a comradery with the punk kid who was taking them on.
Michael began doing figure eights, the teens skating by him close, one at a time, pushing at him.
He'd expected that, that they'd use force to knock him down.
Michael turned around just in time to see one teen charging right at him.
He swerved around, the teen flying by him, his friends grinning.
The teen turned to fast, stumbling on his skates, falling flat on his ass.
"That's one." Michael said, smiling.
The other three leered at him, two talking to each other.
The two took off after Michael, Michael picking up speed.
Michael saw the two were circling around for the kill.
He knew what they had planned.
They came at him from two different directions.
Michael picked up speed, preparing his legs for the jump.
One was coming right at him, full force, Michael knowing the other was right behind him.
Michael pulled his upper body up, spreading his legs.
He took off in the air, his legs leaving the ground.
He was airborne, his jump a fluid motion.
The one in front of him skated right through his legs, running right into the other boy who'd been behind Michael.
Both collided, both falling on their sides.
Michael landed on the ice, twirling around and stopping.
He stared at the one remaining boy.
"That's three."
The one remaining teen stared Michael down, Michael feeling his anger.
The teen skated by a group of teens who'd been playing hockey.
He grabbed a hockey stick out of one of their hands, the others all watching the goings on.
The teen charged after Michael, Michael picking up speed again.
The teen chased him, Michael knowing what he intended to do with the stick.
The teen was closing in, his skating faster than Michael's.
Michael could hear a lot of skaters cheering, knowing that this had become enthralling for everyone watching.
The teen was about six feet behind Michael, Michael sensing what he was about to do.
The teen threw the hockey stick at Michael's skates.
Justin saw the dirty move, knowing Michael would trip over it, or worse.
The stick's end caught Michael's skate, Michael feeling his momentum change.
He was prepared for it.
Michael's feet stopped, but Michael kept going.
Everyone gasped, including Justin, preparing for Michael's tragic fall. The teen had a wide smile on his face.
Michael became airborne, and twirled in the air, six feet off the ground, the stick flying off his skates.
He did two somersaults and landing flatly on his feet, no stumbling or falling.
He twirled twice and then turned, heading back toward the teen.
The teen stood in shock, not believing what he'd just seen. No skater was that good!
Michael was on him in a minute, the teen feeling scared.
He turned, meaning to skate away.
Michael grabbed hold of his jacket, beginning to pick up speed, pulling the teen with him.
The teen's three friends, who were together, stared in shock as Michael propelled the remaining teen right at them.
He collided with all three, all four going down in a heap.
Michael skated up to them, stopping beside them.
People all around the rink were clapping and cheering, Michael looking down at all four.
"Seems to me I've won." Michael said.
The four looked up at him, with forlorn faces.
Justin skated up beside Michael, stopping.
"Since I'm the winner, you now have to provide payment."
An older man came skating up, looking at the boys and then Michael.
"I saw and heard all of it. You were simply amazing. I've never seen someone skate like that!"
"You work here?"
"Yes, and we've had nothing but trouble from these four."
"Well, you'll have no trouble from now on, correct?" Michael said staring at the boys.
They all got up, lowering their heads.
"Yes, we'll be good."
The mother and daughter skated up, smiling at Michael.
"Thank you." The mother said.
"Don't you have something to say to this nice lady?"
The boys looked at her, sighing.
"We're sorry."
"I accept your apology." She said smiling at them.
"And from now on the four of you will be nice, and behave?" Michael said.
They all nodded, Justin smiling.
"Just to let you know, my friend here taped the whole thing on his cam phone. Would be a shame if I learned you went back on your word. It might just make it onto the local news." Michael said, the four staring at him in fear.
"We'll be good. Please. We'd be the laughing stock of the neighbourhood."
"Then I suggest you behave then. It's late, Jason, we'd better be going."
Michael turned looking at the teen.
"Where in heaven did you learn to skate like that?"
"Yes, exactly." Michael said, his eyes glowing at them. He turned, skating away, Justin following him.
The four remained, confused and shocked looks on their faces
"I didn't cam that, Mark?"
"I know that, but they don't."
Justin smiled, the two getting off the ice, sitting down and taking their skates off.
Half an hour later found the two back in the apartment, Justin kissing him deeply once they were inside.
"My skating star. You were fabulous out there, babe!"
Michael smiled, kissing Justin back again.
"Where did you learn to skate like that? Really?"
"My next door neighbor back home was a bronze medal winner at the Stockholm Olympics. She taught me how to skate."
Justin shook his head, laughing.
"You, my love, are amazing!"
"You don't have to tell me that."
Justin laughed, following Michael to the bathroom.
They removed their disguises, Justin smiling at seeing those two golden eyes again.
Justin pulled Michael to him, kissing him when they walked into the bedroom.
Michael kissed him deeply.
"Turn around, Justin."
Justin smiled, turning around.
Michael's arms went between his, his hands undoing Justin's belt.
Michael's lips kissed Justin's ear as he undid his pants.
"I remember a promise I made." Michael said, sinking to his knees, taking Justin's pants with him.
Justin gasped as he felt Michael's lips on his ass, then Justin started laughing.
"A man true to his word. I love you, Mico."
Michael stood up, turning him around, Michael's hands going to his center.
"I want to make love to you, Timby. So much!"
Justin felt the desire in him take hold, and he felt Michael's.
Within moments the two were on the bed, lost in each other's bodies and souls.
At around three they got out of bed, showering together, their lovemaking satisfying their passion. They tenderly and with loving care cleaned each other, then dressed each other.
Michael began dinner, knowing their friends would be here at five.
The two were cuddling on the couch when they heard the knock.
Michael got up letting Lonnie and Paulo in.
They hugged each other, Justin telling them about their day.
Paulo and Lonnie looked shockingly at Michael.
"Man, Tavarro! Is there anything you can't do?" Lonnie said, Justin smiling at his lover.
Michael blushed, walking into the kitchen.
Paulo walked in, Justin and Lonnie relaxing in the living room.
"You never cease to amaze me, bro." Paulo said sitting at the table.
"That's me, Mr. Surprise." Michael smiled, turning the food in the oven.
He sat down with Paulo at the table.
"So what's going on with you, my brother?" Michael asked, smiling.
"Jake left for the airport just before we came over here."
Michael smiled feeling the love Paulo had for Jake.
Paulo smiled, then blushed.
"Jake want's me to move in with him, Mikey."
Michael smiled widely, hugging his brother.
"That's fantastic, Paulo! Jus, come here!"
Justin and Lonnie walked into the kitchen, Michael telling them the news.
Justin hugged Paulo tightly, as did Lonnie.
Paulo looked uncomfortable, then sat down.
"I told him no, Michael."
"What?! Are you nuts?" Justin said, in shock. Michael put his hand on Justin's shoulder, sitting down beside Paulo.
"Why don't you want to do that, Paulo?" Michael said quietly.
"I told him I couldn't, not as long as you and Justin weren't safe. I owe it to you to be with you, Michael. I need to be there to help you."
Justin sat on the other side of Paulo, now seeing what Paulo did.
"My brother, we both love you for wanting to protect us, as we love Lonnie also. But you have your life to live. You'll still be our bodyguard, but more importantly, our brother. You need to think about yourself, for once in your life, Paulo." Michael said, tears in his eyes.
"You've both been so good to me, so kind. I love you both. If something happened to you and I wasn't there, I'd never forgive myself." Paulo had tears in his eyes, Justin putting his arm around him.
"Paulo, our home will always be your home, but Jake is your life now. He loves you completely. It's time you had that happiness, the happiness Michael and I have." Justin said, smiling at his brother.
"The guys are right, Paulo. You're still their bodyguard, but after hours you need to be with your man." Lonnie said, Michael smiling at him.
Paulo looked at everyone, all of them hearing a knock at the door.
Lonnie went to answer it.
A few moments later, Lonnie walked into the room, looking at Paulo.
Jake walked into the room.
"Jake?" Paulo said getting up.
"Paulo I couldn't leave without saying that I love you. I'll willing to wait till your ready."
Paulo looked at his lover, then at Michael.
Michael nodded, tears rolling down his cheeks.
Paulo walked up to Jake, taking him in his arms and kissing him.
"I'm ready, Jake. I want to be with you, always."
Jake looked surprised, looking at Michael, Justin sitting in his lap.
"My brothers are kicking me out of the nest. It's time I flew on my own."
Jake smiled widely, kissing Paulo deeply, everyone smiling.
"I'll drive you to the airport, love." Paulo said, looking at Lonnie.
Lonnie gave him the keys to their car.
"We'll hold dinner, Paulo." Michael said, Jake hugging everyone, the two lovers then leaving.
"Looks like we'll finally have our home to ourselves, my love." Justin said, Michael smiling.
"For a while, Timby, for a while."
Lonnie looked at Michael, as did Justin.
Michael went back to preparing dinner.

An hour later, Paulo was back, the four sitting down to a scrumptious feast prepared by Michael.
They all ate, laughed and talked; Paulo was so happy and smiling.
After dinner, and the dishes done, they were leaving the apartment, under cover of darkness, the two lovers slipping into the back seat of the SUV.
They drove to the studio, Lonnie calling ahead to inform them they were on the way.
Word was out, the interview known by all the media.
They knew they'd be walking into a media storm.
When they reached the studio, all of them were shocked by what greeted them.
A large crowd, was waiting. And a large contingency of reporters and cameras.
Lonnie drove the vehicle through the crowd, cameras going off.
Police had set up a barricade, Lonnie stopping the car at the entrance.
"I'll park, you guys go ahead in. Paulo, keep your back up." Lonnie said.
Paulo nodded, stepping out of the vehicle.
He opened the back door, Michael stepping out first, Justin following.
The camera flashes were blinding, the shouting reporters drowned out by the screaming fans.
"Justin! Michael! We love you!" The crowd cheered, Justin and Michael nervously waving.
Paulo scanned everyone, guiding his friends forward.
They didn't speak to anyone, walking towards the doors, waving at the crowd.
The reporters screamed questions at them, both remaining silent.
"Looks like we have some support, Mico." Justin said in Michael's mind.
"Indeed we do, love. Indeed we do."
They entered the building, a guard leading them to their dressing room.
After makeup, the two relaxing in a private room, Justin holding Michael in his arms, Michael's head resting on his chest.
Lonnie and Paulo both sat quietly, waiting for the show to start.
The door opened, Larry King walking in.
"Well now, there is a sight that warms these old tired eyes! Hello boys!" Larry said smiling.
Justin and Michael got up, both about to shake his hand, Larry hugging both of them instead.
"I hear congratulations are in order. I saw the show. Very moving, but to be honest, not too surprising. I kind of sensed it the last time we met."
Michael smiled, liking the man immensely.
"Justin and his bad poker face." Michael said, everyone laughing, Justin laughing as well.
"That face is gone, it's replaced by this smiling one." Justin said, taking Michael's hand in his, Larry smiling.
"Before we go on, I just had to see you and tell you I'm happy for both of you. You both deserve this happiness. I knew there would be more to this story, I knew it."
"We knew it too, Mr. King."
Michael smiled again, Larry laughing.
"Justin, I think you've got a very honest man here."
"He's the best, Lar. The very best."
Larry smiled.
"Since you’re both open how, I hope I can ask pointed questions?" Larry said, looking at both of them.
"I'm willing to discuss anything, Larry." Justin said, his arm slinking around Michael.
"Good, Justin. I want the world to learn all about both of you, and how you fell in love."
"It's a heartwarming story, a story of true love." Paulo said, Larry smiling at him.
"Ah, the famous cousin! You are more handsome in person."
Paulo blushed, everyone laughing.
The director popped his head in, telling everyone everything was ready.
The three walked out toward the set, Lonnie and Paulo following.

They sat down on a different set than the one Larry usually had.
"I thought a more one on one feel would be better for this." Larry said, Justin agreeing.
Larry sat in a comfortable chair, Justin and Michael sitting on a loveseat together, a coffee table between them and Larry.
The makeup people and sound crew fluttered around for a few minutes, the director cuing Larry that it was thirty seconds to air.
"Have a great show everyone." The director said, cuing the music.
"Welcome everyone, to a special interview tonight. I'm in the Windy City tonight about to talk to two young men who've captured a lot of attention in the last few days. My guests tonight are Justin Timberlake and Michael Tavarro."
The camera panned to them, Justin and Michael smiling, the music playing again.
"Let's look at some recent video on our two special guests."
The monitor showed their home, Michael's interview at the hospital, and clips from the Oprah show, ending in Justin's and Michael's kissing on stage.
"Welcome, my friends. Well, what can I say? You've dropped a real bombshell here, haven't you?" Larry said, smiling at them both.
"Yes, Larry, in a sense. It's not a surprise to us, or our families or friends. It's only a surprise to the world."
Justin said, his face calm and relaxed.
"It must have taken a lot of courage to stand in front of the world, in front of your fans, to openly declare your love for Michael, Justin?"
"It was easy when you realize how much Michael means to me. I promised him a long time ago that we'd go public with this. He let me decide when I wanted to. How's that for love?"
Michael smiled at Justin, the camera zooming in on both of them.
"How does it feel to have the reigning King of Pop# proclaim his love for you in front of everyone, Michael?"
"It's doesn't change how I feel about him. I've loved him for a long time, the King of Pop meaning nothing to me. It's the real Justin that I love. Don't get me wrong, I love his singing, he sings so beautifully. But the image can't compare to the man I love."
Justin smiled, taking Michael's hand in his.
"How did the two of you fall in love? Please tell us your story." Larry said, smiling at them both.
Justin and Michael, together, told their story: Justin's knocking Michael down, the subsequent time together, and their discovering their love.
"That's a romantic story, fellas. It sounds like true love."
"It is, Larry. Justin is the most loving, giving man I've ever met. I don't know how I've ever lived without him." Michael said, Justin moved by his words.
"We'll be right back."
The camera went off, Larry smiling at them both.
"It's going good, guys. But I will have to broach the subject of Justin's celebrity status and how this will affect it."
"That's fine, Larry. We told you, we'll talk about it all." Justin said, Michael feeling his love and courage.
Larry smiled, the cameraman cuing him again.
"We're back with Justin and Michael."
The camera panned to their smiling faces.
"This is a big step, Justin. A major music phenomenon going public with his sexuality."
"I didn't go public with my sexuality, Larry. I went public with my love for someone special. To me, it doesn't matter that Michael is a man, or a woman. What matters to me is that Michael loves me, and I love him. I wasn't going to hide my love for him any more. He means too much to me to hide him away like a dirty secret. He'll never be that. He'll always be the one that I love."
"As will Justin be the same for me. I love him completely. We're soulmates." Michael said, Justin tearing up as Michael smiled at him.
"Moving words, Justin. But what of your fan base? Aren't you worried about how your image will now appear?"
"I'm the same man I was last week, or a year ago. I'm Justin Timberlake. Singer, actor, son, brother, friend and lover. My values or my beliefs haven't changed because I love another man. I'm still a faithful servant of God. I love Michael with all my heart, and he loves me. I feel different because I now have a heart full of love and happiness. I hope everyone can see that."
"But you are gay?" Larry said, Michael dreading the finality of that question.
"I love Michael. Putting labels on people to me is confining. I love Michael, and we make love, as a sign of our love for each other. And believe me, it's fantastic. If that means I'm gay, then I'm gay. To me all that matters is my love for Michael and his love for me. I love him completely, his will be the only love I need."
Michael was in tears, hearing Justin' declaration of his love for him.
"That's beautiful, Justin. You have a lot of courage, and I believe a lot of goodness. I think Michael's rubbing off on you."
Justin smiled, Michael smiling also.
"Stick with me kid, you'll go places." Michael said.
Everyone laughed, the laughter around the studio could be heard on air.
"You are a card, Michael." Larry said.
Michael smiled.
Larry's face changed to one of concern.
"We all heard the news of Paul Richard's death, and what had happened in your home. Do both of you feel safer now that he is gone? Although your uncle is still at large, Michael."
Justin felt Michael's calmness, Michael squeezing Justin's hand.
"Neither of us wanted Paul's death. We both explained that before. We both have forgiven him. As for my uncle, I know he's in Spain. And someday that part will be finished. Justin showed a lot of courage in going public with his attack, I'm proud of him. No man should be subjected to that kind of abuse. And I did what I had to do to protect the man I love. Neither of us will live in fear. We have each other to protect us."
"Courageous words, Michael. We'll be back with some viewer calls."
Michael felt Justin's sudden nervousness.
"Relax, Jus. We'll get through all of this." Michael said in his mind, as Larry talked to him.
Justin relaxed, feeling Michael's love flow.
"We're back with Justin and Michael, who are talking about their open, loving relationship. Just to let you know, people have been calling in to the studio all day, since yesterday after Oprah's show. You've both received a lot of positive and reinforcing support from a lot of people."
"That's wonderful to hear, Larry. But I'm sure there was some negative also." Michael said, remaining calm and smiling.
"Yes, unfortunately, as always."
"People are welcome to speak their mind, Larry. It's a free society. We both know that not all of the people will agree with our loving each other." Justin said, Michael surprised at his calmness.
"True, Justin. Society still wrestles with this concept."
Justin nodded, as did Michael.
"We'll start with our callers. Up first is Matthew from Arkansas. Hello Matthew."
"Hi, Larry. I just wanted to ask Justin if he now fears that his career is over? Props to you two, for your courage."
Justin smiled, looking at the camera.
"My music is my music. I sing to send a message. A message of love and understanding. Each of my songs has a deeper meaning behind the words. What I've announced hasn't or won't change the way I sing or write my music. It's me in a melodic form. Actually, I think I'll write greater music now that I have Michael to inspire me."
Lonnie and Paulo smiled, knowing how greatly Michael had inspired Justin in his singing. Michael smiled even wider.
"Thank you viewer. Next up is Rachel from Connecticut. Hello Rachel."
"I'm mad at you Justin. Mad at you for letting this writer warp your mind. You weren't gay before you met him. He's corrupted you. All you need is a good woman to change you back to the man we love."
Justin frowned, Michael squeezing his hand, Larry looking nervous.
"Rachel, I didn't corrupt Justin. Justin and I fell in love. As any two people do. With kind words to each other. With respect, trust and faith in each other. Are you married or do you have a boyfriend?"
"I have a husband."
"Then how can you judge others for wanting love in their heart, when you yourself know what it feels like?"
"I want Justin to have love. I just can't accept that he's in love with a guy."
"Why can't you? You have love, you know the feeling of happiness and faith it brings to your heart. I have the same when I am with Michael. He is my love, my faith and my soul. He makes me as happy as I'm sure your husband makes you."
"But it's not right, Justin. It goes against all that God teaches us." She said, Michael sighing.
"Here comes the religious factor." Michael said, a serious tone in his voice.
"And what is that supposed to mean?" She said with fury in her voice.
"Let's be truthful here as God wants us to be. Tell us who you really are."
Larry and Justin looked at Michael with surprise.
"My name is Rachel, I told you."
"Yes it is. But why don't you tell us what you do for a living."
There was silence for a moment.
"I'm the eastern director of God for Life."
"A religious group that calls for total rejection of today's moral values." Michael said calmly.
"Yes. What's going on here is morally wrong. You are using your celebrity status to promote gay issues. To go against God's teachings."
"We are doing no such thing." Justin said, Michael looking at him quietly.
"Tell me, what is the most important teaching of God?" Michael said, looking at a flustered Larry.
She remained silent, refusing to answer him.
"I'll tell you what it is. That God is love." Michael said, Justin smiling.
"That's right, Mico." Justin said, smiling at him.
"Justin and I both believe in God's love. And in what it means to us. We love each other, we love God."
"How can you love God and be that way?" The woman said, everyone picking up on the hatred in her voice.
"God teaches us that we should love our neighbor, we should open our arms to all God's children. Justin and I are both God's children, but you can't love us. And I know why. I've heard it all my life." Michael said, Justin picking up on the calmness in Michael's voice.
"Hatred of others is brought on by ignorance. The failure to get to know people before you judge them. The last time I checked, God was the one who was to judge us."
"And he'll judge you for what you are: sinners!"
"I think we've heard enough from you, madam." Larry said, Michael shaking his head, Larry hesitating to disconnect her.
"I feel sorry for you and your organization, madam. You fail to see the truth in God's faith. The truth that all God's children should be loved and cherished, regardless of their faith, their sexual orientation, their beliefs or their lives. I know you probably won't change, but maybe that's something you should think about."
The woman remained silent, then they heard the line disconnecting.
"Apparently your words silenced her, Michael." Larry said.
"Apparently, Larry."
"We'll be right back."
Justin and Larry exhaled, Michael remaining calm.
"Mico, that was remarkable! You certainly took the fight out of her!" Justin said, kissing his cheek. Larry smiled at that sign of tenderness.
"How did you know who she was, Michael?" Larry asked, looking at him.
"I've known her kind of people all my life, Larry. It's not hard to hear the hatred in their voices."
Justin put his arm around Michael, Michael feeling his love.
"We're back with more callers. Up next we have a friend of both of you, Lance Bass. Hello, Lance."
"Hi Larry. Hi guys!"
"Hi, Lancy." Michael smiled, hearing a familiar voice.
"I just wanted to call on behalf of everyone here, Justin and Michael's families, to voice our love for them. They've both entered all of our hearts and we all love them."
"Did Justin tell you that he was going to come out on national television, Lance?" Larry asked.
"Yes, Larry. He told his family and his four bandmates. But the one who was totally in the dark was Michael."
Larry looked at Justin and Michael with surprise.
"Really,  Justin?"
"Yes, Larry. Michael has always put others first, it was time for me to put him first. I didn't tell Michael I was opening up my life because I wanted to do it on my own. Michael always told me that when I had faith in myself, when I had no more fear or doubts, then I should do it for myself. And that's what I did."
Justin put his arm around Michael, kissing his cheek, Michael smiling.
"Seeing him and his life exposed on that show, the world seeing the real him, made me decide that I wanted the real Justin to be seen also. We love each other completely, and you saw the real us on that stage. And you'll see the real us from now on."
"So you will be publicly a couple now?"
"Yes, Larry. But we're not flaunting it. We don't need to. We'll go to events when we're asked, but we're not going to be the poster kids for gay rights. We love each other, and we'll display that just like any other loving couple." Justin said, Michael nodding also.
"Lance, you came out a few months ago, were you able to give Justin support before he did this?"
"Larry, Justin had the support and love of all of us. We're proud of both of them. I love you guys."
"Love ya, Lancy. Tell everyone we love them." Justin and Michael said together.
"Thank you Lance, and say hello to all the guys." Larry said, Lance saying goodbye.
"You both are going to be inundated with requests for interviews about this."
"No, Larry, this probably will be the extent of our talking about this. We've both agreed that our private life is just that–private. We love each other too much to not want privacy." Justin said, Michael nodding.
"Your lives are going to change now, you'll be in the public eye. Do you believe that this event will be a good thing for freedom in this country?"
"Larry, we didn't do this for fame, for notoriety or for shock value. We did this because we wanted to be free. To freely love one another as two people in love. And sitting here with you tonight are two people deeply in love. Two people who deserve the same privacy that any couple has." Michael said, Justin's tears flowing.
"I love Justin." Michael said smiling.
"I love Michael." Justin said.
"We'll be right back with our closing moments."
Larry looked at the two young men across from him, seeing two people in love. Michael's words were truthful.
Within a few minutes, the cameraman cued Larry.
"We're back with our final moments with Justin and Michael. Is there anything you want to say to the viewers out there? Let's start with you Justin."
"All I have to say is that I'm happy. For once in my life I'm completely happy. I have someone who loves me deeply, a wonderful family, and a fantastic career. I love all my fans and I know that they'll be happy for me as well."
Michael smiled, feeling Justin's relaxed soul.
"I want to echo Justin's sentiments. I'm happy also. This man makes me laugh, smile, love and soar. He's one of a kind, and he's mine."
Larry smiled at both of them, leaning over and shaking both of their hands.
"It's been a wonder and a great enjoyment to talk to both of you. I only wish both of you the best life has to offer. We'll be seeing you both again. My guests have been Justin Timberlake and Michael Tavarro. Goodnight everyone."
The cameras went off, Lonnie and Paulo walked up to the set, hugging both of them, everyone clapping around them.
"Great job guys." Lonnie said, tears in his eyes.
"Thanks, Afro Sally." Michael said, Lonnie hugging him again.
Larry hugged both young men again, smiling at them.
"You're both a class act, my friends. You both showed your love and courage tonight. I think the world's going to be impressed."
"Thanks, Lar." Justin said, Michael shaking his hand.

The four left the studio, led out by a group of security guards.
They came to the front doors again, seeing the crowd still waiting.
The cameras started again, the four heading for the SUV which had been driven up to the door by security.
They hopped into the vehicle, the doors shutting.
Michael and Justin leaned back, Lonnie pulling out into the street, reporters following.
He sped up, losing them quickly.
They drove around for almost an hour, making sure they weren't followed, finally arriving back at the apartment.
Lonnie and Paulo were staying the night, the four leaving for Buffalo in the morning.
They sat around the kitchen table, talking about the show and things.
Four friends bonding over their love for one another.
They quietly retired for the night, Michael and Justin snuggling together in bed.
"What a day, love." Justin sighed, laying his head on Michael's chest.
"Yes, what a day. The first of many in the public eye." Michael said, Justin raising his head, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"Do you regret me being a celebrity, Michael?"
"No, Justin. That doesn't matter, you know that. We'll deal with everything ahead of us, because we'll be together."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael deeply.
It turns into passion, both men surrendering to each other's love.
They fell asleep after their lovemaking, both contented with each other's faith and love.
Knowing their love and faith in each other would get them through anything.

End of Chapter 92

And so they've expressed their love and feelings in public.
I enjoyed writing the part about the skating challenge, hope you enjoyed reading it as much.
Hope everyone was okay with the religious discussion.
I was trying not to be judgmental.
As Michael said, God judges us.
Onward we go to other things.
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