Justin's Angel-93

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


The four left the studio, guided out by a group of security guards.
They came to the front doors again, seeing the crowd still waiting.
The cameras started again, the four heading for the SUV which had been driven up to the door by security.
They hopped into the vehicle, the doors shutting.
Michael and Justin leaned back, Lonnie pulling out into the street, reporters following.
He sped up, losing them quickly.
They drove around for almost an hour, making sure they weren't followed, finally arriving back at the apartment.
Lonnie and Paulo were staying the night, the four leaving for Buffalo in the morning.
They sat around the kitchen table, talking about the show and things.
Four friends bonding over their love for one another.
They quietly retired for the night, Michael and Justin snuggling together in bed.
"What a day, love." Justin sighed, laying his head on Michael's chest.
"Yes, what a day. The first of many in the public eye." Michael said, Justin raising his head, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"Do you regret me being a celebrity, Michael?"
"No, Justin. That doesn't matter, you know that. We'll deal with everything ahead of us, because we'll be together."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael deeply.
It turns into passion, both men surrendering to each other's love.
They fell asleep after their lovemaking, both contented with each other's faith and love.
Knowing their love and faith in each other would get them through anything.

Chapter 93

The week flew by; there was a lot of public interest in Justin and Michael's relationship.
News stories and magazine articles were abundant and television coverage was non stop.
But through it all, Justin and Michael remained themselves, calm, relaxed and quiet.
They held no more interviews, Larry's being replayed over and over by television shows.
Justin tour dates were sold out, his announcement not really affecting his fan base.
They still came in droves to hear him sing, his voice filling their souls.
And that made Michael smile.
The first concert in Buffalo was sold out, the crowd giving Justin a ten minute standing ovation when he appeared on stage.
Justin blew Michael a kiss, the audience following his gaze. Michael received just as loud an ovation.
Every concert night Michael sat in the audience, staring at the man who'd captured his soul.
Fans now knew who he was, Michael being cheered as much as Justin.
Justin wanted to bring Michael up on stage, Michael nixing that.
He didn't want to appear as Justin's prize.
Justin understood his reasoning, that the people came to hear him, not ogle over their relationship.
So Michael remained in the audience, most of the fans knowing he was there and acknowledging him.
The week ended with Michael and Justin flying up to Chicago late Thursday night after his concert. They were off until Sunday when Justin was slated to make an appearance at the Academy Awards.
They were spending two days with Zach and Christina, going over wedding plans and to check out the reception site.
They arrived late, around two in the morning, Lonnie driving them to Zach's place.
Zach got up, letting them in, half asleep.
They all quietly crashed, falling asleep almost immediately.

Michael was woken up by someone sitting on his chest.
He opened one eye, looking into a small smiling face, a larger face behind it.
"Morning kiddies."
Becky and Justin both laughed.
Becky leaned down kissing Michael on the cheek.
"Hi, Uncle Mikey!"
"Hi, angel. Nice to see you again."
Michael grabbed her tickling her gently, her boisterous laugh echoing off the walls.
Justin kissed Michael , the two trading their vows of love, their ritual complete.
"So I take it this little angel woke you up again?" Michael said, Becky smiling.
"Yep, she needed to see her Uncle Justin." Justin said, smiling.
Christina popped her head into the room, smiling at everyone.
"Hi guys, welcome back."
Michael and Justin both got up hugging her, Christina telling them breakfast was ready.
Michael and Justin quickly showered, dressed and walked into the kitchen.
Everyone said good morning, the two sitting down at the already prepared table.
They all chatted and laughed, talking about the upcoming wedding.
They talked all about Justin and Michael's interview and the atmosphere since then.
"Hopefully, this will all die down quickly. We were bothered for a while by reporters, but once we clammed up, they went away." Zach said smiling.
The talk then returned to the wedding.
"So, we're heading over to see this magical place, Michael?" Justin said smiling at him, as he helped Becky put jam on her toast.
"Yes, Ryan sent me the keys. If you both like it, we've been given permission to use it by the owner."
"Cool, Mikey. Can't wait to see it." Zach said, Christina wrapping her arm around him as she sipped her coffee.
"After that, we have an appointment for our tuxes this afternoon, Mikey."
"My man in a tux, all that black, mmmmm....." Justin purred, everyone laughing.
"You have an unnatural fetish for black, sweetie." Michael said, Justin blushing.
Michael kissed him sweetly.
"That's why I have no problem wearing black, because it excites you."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael, Zach gagging.
"Don't tell me seeing Michael in a black tuxedo is going to get your rocks off Timberlake?" Zach said.
"Seeing Mico in anything black pretty much does it for me."
"I'm picking out grey ones then."
Everyone laughed, Zach shaking his head.
Christina and Zach exchanged looks, Zach nodding at her.
"Justin, I need to ask you something."
Justin smiled at her, waiting for her to go on.
"Justin, you've become a special person in my daughter's and my heart. We both love you very much. I don't have anyone to walk me down the aisle. My father is gone. Would you honor me by doing it?"
Justin began crying, jumping up and hugging Christina tightly.
"Oh, Cricket! I'd be honored to give you away!"
Michael smiled, knowing how much this meant to Justin. He'd been feeling left out of the wedding.
Michael knew this would make him very happy.
"I'm going to be flower girl, I get to carry flowers." Becky piped up.
"Yes, you do. And you'll do such a good job. I'll be right there to help you." Justin beamed at her, the child smiling up at him.
Justin looked back at Christina, smiling at her and Zach.
"Thank you! This means a lot to me! I'll be so happy to do it!"
Christina smiled, hugging him again.
She also knew that Justin had been feeling left out.
They finished breakfast, all of them hopping into the rented SUV.
Michael gave Lonnie directions.
Twenty minutes later they pulled up onto a secluded suburban street.
There were a lot of large old houses lining the street, Michael telling Lonnie to pull up in front of the one at the end of the street.
They drove up a circular driveway stopping in front of a large house.
They all got out, looking at the large home.
"Michael, it's so beautiful. Who owns this place?"
"Some writer that Ryan knows."
Michael unlocked the front door, everyone following him inside.
The house was spacious with high ceilings.
A large living room was to the left, a fireplace in the center of it.
They walked through it, Justin and Michael holding hands.
The kitchen was large, Michael explaining to them how the caterers could use it to cook up the buffet.
Michael opened the french doors, guiding them out onto the large back lot.
Christina and Zach looked around, speechless.
A fountain stood to one side, water cascading down into its marble bowls.
The yard was large, with a swimming pool at the far end of the lot.
"Michael this is huge. This should accommodate everyone nicely."
"Yes, picture tables over here. That left side could be set up as a dance floor, the stage over there. We could have lit candles floating in the pool. It would be so romantic."
Zach and Christina smiled, listening to Michael's detailed descriptions, picturing it all in their minds.
"It's perfect, Michael. I say yes. What do you think, sweetie?" Zach said.
"It's beautiful, Michael. It's the kind of dream home I always pictured when I was a child." Christina said, tears in her beautiful eyes, Zach hugging her close.
Michael smiled, Justin winking at him.
"It's perfect, Mico. You were right. It's so perfect for them." Justin said.
Zach and Christina looked at Justin, seeing him pick up Becky.
Justin smiled, then walked into the house with Becky.
Everyone smiled and chatted, Paulo and Lonnie giving their opinions of the residence.
Michael remained quiet,  letting Paulo and Lonnie voice their opinions.
Michael looked back towards the house, seeing Justin peeking out through the french doors, waving at him.
Michael smiled, the signal given.
"If I could have everyone's attention, I would like to say something to the loving couple."
Zach and Christina looked confused but walked over toward Michael.
He walked up to both of them smiling.
"Justin and I have a surprise for you. We both love you so much. You've been my friend for a long time, Zacky. I love you deeply as a brother. And Cricket, you've walked into my life with a special angel that Justin and I love deeply. Both of you two special angels have our love."
Zach and Christina were moved by Michael's profound words.
"Your little angel has a surprise for you."
They turned in the direction Michael was pointing his hand.
The french doors opened, Becky walking out with a large smile on her face.
In one hand she carried a flat box with a large bow on top of it and a single red rose in her other hand.
Justin walked behind her carrying a tray of wine glasses and a bottle of champagne.
Zach and Christina looked at each other, not sure what was going on.
Becky walked up to her Mom and Dad, smiling.
Michael took the gift box from her, leaning down and kissing her cheek.
Justin set the tray down on the patio table.
He walked up beside Michael taking the rose from Becky, kissing her cheek as well, Becky beaming up at him.
"I did it good, Uncle Justin?" She asked, Michael smiling at her beaming face.
"Real good, Becky." Justin replied, smiling at the child.
Michael and Justin took their hand in each other's, smiling at the couple.
"We wanted to give you something special as a wedding gift. Something to start your new life of love. This is a gift from our combined heart, our love and our faith given to both of you. Congratulations to both of you, our dear friends." Michael said, tears in his eyes as he handed the box to them.
Zach took it, Christina wrapping her arm around him.
Both of them looked again at Michael and Justin, both men winking.
Zach opened it, revealing a single folded piece of paper.
He took it out of the box, setting the box down and opening the paper.
He looked up in shock at Michael and Justin.
"That is the deed to this house. The deed to your new home." Michael said, Justin smiling.
Zach looked stunned, looking down at the paper, seeing their names on the deed.
Justin stepped forward handing the red rose to a stunned Christina.
"The first flower of love for your new home. May it blossom as your love will blossom here."
Both Zach and Christina began crying, hugging Justin immediately.
Paulo and Lonnie stood silent, tears of happiness running down their faces, both men clapping.
Michael picked up Becky, the little girl smiling at him.
"Is this our new home, Uncle Mikey?"
"This is your new home, little angel."
Becky shrieked in glee, Michael laughing.
Becky jumped into Justin's waiting arms, the two running around the back yard.
Zach stared at Michael, seeing him smiling at him, tears running down his cheeks.
"Oh, Michael! This is so unbelievable!" He said, tears flowing from his wet eyes.
"You're going to have a large family soon, Zacky and Cricket. Two wild little boys who'll need room to run. This is what you and your family need, my loving friends. It's what you both deserve."
Christina and Zach both hugged him tightly, Justin smiling at the tender moment.
He walked over to the champagne.
The three broke apart, tears still flowing.
"Lets drink a toast to the future Mr. and Mrs. Warren's new home."
Everyone took a glass, Becky given a glass of milk.
Michael raised his glass.
"To Becky, Christina and Zach. May every day of your new life here be blessed with unending love. We love you all so much, our special friends."
Justin put his arm around his lover, feeling him still overcome by emotions.
Christina went up to them, kissing both of their cheeks.
"You forgot two others, Mikey. Our soon to be new sons, little Michael and little Justin."
Justin looked shocked, Michael nodding, their tears now flowing.
Justin was ecstatic, hugging Christina tightly.
Everyone gathered around, Michael and Justin hugging each other close.
Now they all took the time to really walk around the home, Christina and Zach looking in every room.
A half hour later, everyone was ready to go, Christina and Zach taking one last look around with Michael.
"It's beyond beautiful, Mikey. It's the home I always dreamed of." Christina said, Becky in her arms.
"Then that's all that matters. Welcome home, Cricket."
Christina smiled, kissing his cheek, everyone walking out to the car.

Michael stared out at the waiting crowd.
He sighed, Justin's hand going into his.
"Are you ready, my love?"
"As ready as I'll ever be."
"It's time my angel shone bright." Justin said kissing his lips, Lonnie and Paulo smiling across from them in the back of the limousine.
They were pulling up to the entrance to the show.
This was to be their first red carpet walk together as a couple.
And it was at the Academy Awards. Justin was invited as a presenter.
They both kissed again, the car coming to a complete stop.
"Let our love shine bright, my love." Justin said, the door opening, Lonnie and Paulo stepping out first.
Justin got out, extending his hand to Michael.
Michael stepped out into a flashing kaleidoscope of colors.
Cameras were going off, people were shouting, and the sun was shining overhead.
The two held hands as they began walking forward, down a crowded walkway.
Justin felt a little nervousness in Michael, squeezing his hand tighter.
Michael calmed, feeling Justin's love.
They were walking the red carpet of the largest awards show of the year. Their love was on display for the world, and the world was soaking it in.
Cameras and photographers were shooting every inch of their walk, Justin and Michael both smiling, their hands entwined.
Around them, Michael saw movie actors, directors and all the power of Hollywood.
But the jewel of this empire for Michael was the man standing beside him.
Michael felt Justin's calmness, and his happiness.
Justin was free, his life was free and open.
Michael looked ahead and saw the waiting reporters, Justin explaining to him beforehand how they would have to walk and talk to different television reporters.
They were pulled over to the first one.
Ironically it was ET.
"Justin, Michael! It's so good to see you." The female reporter said, both men smiling.
"Thanks, it's great to be here." Justin said, his Timberlake image showing through.
"This is your first appearance together, and I must say both of you look fantastic."
Michael wore a black Armani suit; Justin wore a light grey Versace suit.
"Thanks, we're happy to be here. Justin is presenting, I'm looking forward to seeing him on stage." Michael said, a genuine smile on his face, the two still holding hands.
They were ushered forward, stopping at each reporter, Michael seeing the tediousness in it.
Through it all, Justin and Michael talked in their minds, calming one another and making each other laugh.
Michael also picked up on a lot of actors and actresses watching them.
That made him uncomfortable, Justin putting his arm around him, calming him.
"They're just people, Mico. Just like you and me."
Michael smiled, walking ahead with Justin.
They found their seats, settling in to watch the show.
Michael was mesmerized by the lavish theatre.
Several actors stopped by, shaking Justin's hand, talking to him, basically staring down Michael.
Through it all Michael smiled genuine smiles, but basically he was more or less ignored.
Halfway through the show, Justin had to leave to do his part on stage.
Michael was bored, deciding he needed a drink.
He got up, Paulo following him to the bar.
Michael had just gotten a glass of wine and was turning around, when another man almost collided with him.
"Oh, sorry about that, Michael." The man said, smiling at him.
Michael looked into two brown eyes that were breathtaking.
But what took Michael's breath away was the man's face.
He looked just like Daniel.
"It's okay, no harm done. How do you know my name?"
"Well, it's not hard to know, seeing your picture everywhere. I want to congratulate you both, anyone can see you're both in love."
Michael smiled, looking at the man with a sense of friendship.
"Michael Tavarro. And you are?" Michael asked shaking his hand.
"Nicholas Gonzalez."
Michael smiled at the man introducing him to Paulo, Paulo looking at him also, seeing the resemblance.
"Are you an actor, Nicholas?" Michael asked, not knowing him at all.
"I've done movies and television, yes."
"Cool. You remind me of someone dear to my heart. Have you read my book?"
"Yes, I have. It was fantastic. Who do I remind you of?"
Nicholas looked surprised, then smiled at him.
"Well, that's a wonderful compliment coming from you." His smile was so breathtaking, like the real Daniel's.
"I have to get back, don't want to miss Justin's intro, maybe we can talk later, we're supposed to be heading to some parties."
"I'm sure we'll meet at one of them."
"Great, very nice meeting you." Michael smiled, shaking his hand again.
Michael and Paulo walked back toward their seats, Nicholas staring after them.
"My God! That man is absolutely breathtaking! Justin is so damn lucky!" Nicholas thought, staring after a vision of beauty.
Michael sat watching Justin's intro, seeing his lover walk onto that big stage with Nicole Ritchie. They were introducing musical scores.
Two hours later, the show was over, the four back in their limousine, driving to an after party.
"That was four and a half hours I'll never get back." Michael sighed, everyone laughing.
"The only special moment was seeing my angel standing in the spotlight. " Michael said, snuggling up against Justin.
Paulo mentioned to Justin about meeting Nicholas, Michael telling him all about it.
"He looks just like Daniel, Justin! I think he'd be perfect for the movie! I'm going to ask him if he'd consider doing it."
Justin didn't remember ever meeting the man, but he took Michael at his word.
"Interesting. You'll definitely have to talk to him. I want to meet him, just to see if you're right." Justin smiled, Michael kissing him deeply.
They arrived at the party, the two mingling as cameras still went off.
Justin was greeted by a lot of people he knew, Michael smiling and staying at his side.
Morgan Freeman hugged Justin, the two having worked in "Edison".
"How ya doing, Justy? And this must be the famous Michael. Pleasure meeting you, Mike. You're lucky to love this freak here. He needs to be grounded."
Michael smiled, liking the man immensely.
"What can I say? Everyone has a cross to bear." Michael smiled, Morgan laughing loudly.
"I like him, Justin. He's a riot."
They all laughed, Michael relaxing more, Justin smiling.
It actually turned into a relaxing, fun night. Michael met a lot of actors and actresses, realizing they were just people, working in film.
There were a few egos, he saw evidence of that, but overall they were just nice people.
Around one o'clock, Michael spotted Nicholas talking to someone who had his back turned to them.
He grabbed Justin by the arm, pulling him across the room.
Justin smiled, walking then with Michael.
When he saw Nicholas, Justin stopped in shock.
"Pretty close, huh?" Michael said, smiling, walking up to the two men.
"Nicholas, I want you to meet the love of my life, Justin."
Nicholas smiled, staring at Michael, shaking Justin's hand, the other man turning around.
Justin and Michael both looked in shock.
"Hello, guys." The tall handsome man said.
"Hello, Kevin." Michael said, staring into Kevin Federline's brown eyes.
Justin put his arm around Michael, staring at Kevin.
"It's nice seeing you both again." Kevin said, extending his hand.
Michael looked into his brown eyes, seeing the truth in them.
Michael took his hand in his, nodding.
"It's been a while, Kevin."
"Yes, since your party. The party I made a fool of myself at. I want to apologize again for that."
"It's finished, Kevin. Let's not speak of it again." Michael said looking at him.
Kevin smiled shyly, Justin staring at him, then at Nicholas.
"Nicholas, you look just like Daniel." Justin said staring at him.
Nicholas laughed, smiling at Michael.
"So I've been told by Michael."
"Let's sit down and talk, guys." Michael said, watching Kevin.
Lonnie and Paulo stood back, keeping an eye on the crowd, knowing Michael and Justin wanted privacy. Lonnie and Paulo both talked to each other, watching Kevin.
Michael saw where Kevin's eyes were looking. At Nicholas.
He'd felt all of Kevin's thoughts when he'd shaken his hand.
Diane had been right. Kevin had changed.
What Michael had done had changed Kevin's soul.
He was more calmer, more relaxed, and his soul was more at peace.
"So what are you doing here, Kevin?" Justin asked when Michael had finished talking to him in his mind.
"I'm here with a friend, Nicole Ritchie."
"Ah, cool." Justin said, seeing Nicole talking to some people.
"So, Nicholas, I don't know if you're aware, but I'm writing the screenplay for my novel, `Daniel's Mission'.
I was wondering if you'd be interested in auditioning for the part of Daniel? You look just like him." Michael said looking at him with sincerity.
"Cool, Michael. I loved the book. To be thought of as Daniel, well, that's a great honor."
Justin sat watching the man stare at Michael, seeing something in that long gaze. He remained quiet putting his arm around Michael as they sat.
Michael smiled at him, talking with Nicholas.
They talked all about the upcoming movie, Justin and Kevin talking with each other quietly.
Michael was right, Justin thought. Kevin had changed.
The bravado was gone, his actions and words more subdued and relaxed.
Their friendship was back.
The night waned down, Justin and Michael deciding to leave.
Justin watched Nicolas shake Michael's hand. He still saw that look deep in his brown eyes.
Michael, on the other hand, was watching Kevin watching Nicholas.
They all parted, Lonnie and Paulo guiding them through the paparazzi.
Inside the limo again, the four relaxed.
Michael looked at Justin, sensing an old feeling.
"Man, what was Kevin doing there? It was a shock seeing him." Paulo said looking at his brothers.
"He's changed, guys. He's doesn't have the bravado he once had. I've changed him for the better." Michael said, Justin taking his hand in his.
"You did good, Mico. He's a nicer man now. Like the Kevin I first met."
Michael smiled, Justin snuggling against him.
"So do you want to say it, Jus? I feel your feelings, remember." Michael said quietly.
Justin looked at Michael, then leaned in, whispering in his ear.
"Love conquers all."
Michael smiled, pulling him into his lap, kissing him deeply, Justin lost in Michael's heated passion.
Lonnie and Paulo looked out the windows, feeling the guys needed privacy.
Michael's hand went against Justin's center, Justin moaning into Michael's mouth, their tongues locked in passion.
"As much as I want you and need you my love, I don't think this is the place." Michael said quietly, kissing Justin's moist lips again.
"Mmmmm, babe. You're unbelievable. I need you so much."
"You okay now? I sensed your jealousy toward Nicholas. I'm yours my love, you know that."
Justin nodded, looking into those golden eyes.
"I know, Mico, I know. I love you."
"I love you more, Timby."
Justin smiled, laying his head on Michael's chest, Paulo looking at Michael.
"A little jealousy, but it's gone. My man knows no one can replace him."
Justin smiled, hugging Michael tighter.
Paulo smiled, his own thoughts kept to himself.

An hour later, Justin was moaning as Michael sank deep inside him again.
"Oh God, Michael! That's the spot! Oh God!!!"
Michael was lost, in the scent, touch and heat of Justin's body.
He exploded deep inside Justin, Justin shouting his name as he exploded all over Michael's chest.
The two came down from their orgasmic height, Michael falling against Justin.
"Oh God, love! That was fantastic!" Justin moaned, Michael kissing his lips.
"You are fantastic as always, my blond god." Michael said, Justin kissing him again.
Michael pulled out, resting on his side, wrapping his arm across Justin's chest, looking into his blue eyes.
"All better now, lover?"
Justin smiled, staring back into Michael's golden orbs.
"Yes, Mico. I'm sorry, my love."
Michael put his hand on Justin's lips.
"All you need to remember is that no one will ever take your place. You're stuck with me Justy. I love you and only you."
"I know, Mico, it's just, so many beautiful men stare at you, they see what I see, your unbelievable beauty. And I'm scared that you'll see something in one of them that you don't see in me."
Michael got up, staring down at him.
"Get up, Justin."
Justin rose out of the bed, standing quietly.
Michael pulled him by his hand to the bathroom.
"Look in this large mirror and tell me what you see, Justin."
Justin heard the seriousness in Michael's voice.
Justin looked into the mirror seeing a vision of beauty standing beside him.
"I see a vision of beauty standing beside a disillusioned man."
"That's no way to talk about me, Justin. I'm not disillusioned."
Justin looked at Michael with surprise.
"I just showed you what I see, Jus. To me, you are the vision of beauty. No one has anything more than what I see in you. It's time you realize that you are mine, and I am yours. You made me see that just recently, it's time I made you see it."
Justin teared up, looking into Michael's deep golden pools of love.
"It's more than that vision of your physical beauty I see, Jus. I see your giving heart, your loving soul. I feel you inside me, with me. We are one together. No one will ever change how I see you or need you. I love you and will love you always. I don't need, or want, anyone else. Got it?"
Justin pulled Michael tightly to him, crying against him.
"I see, Mico. I see. You're mine and I'm yours. I love you and will love you always."
Michael held Justin to him, kissing his lips tenderly, the two feeling their love flow through each other.
"Babe, is this the last time? Can you finally put those fears aside, and love me and trust me?"
Justin smiled, kissing him again.
"Yes, oh God, I hope so, my love. I love you and I trust you. Of that I'm certain. It's the others I don't trust."
"Together we are one, we love each other. No one can come between us, Timby."
Justin smiled, Michael walking him back to bed.
They climbed back in, Justin snuggling against Michael, Michael feeling his holding onto him as a life line.
Justin still would always have a little doubt inside him, and Michael knew he'd always have to show him the truth.
Michael closed his eyes, sending his love deep into Justin's soul, the man feeling it sink into his being.
They fell asleep, lost in that center of love, two hearts joined together.

Nicholas was smiling widely.
He looked down at the man below him.
He saw the lost look in his eyes, the look of surrendered passion.
It had been so easy for him to get this man into bed.
He'd sensed Kevin's desires and longing for him all night.
He'd seen it in his eyes.
After the party had waned, he'd hitched a ride with Nicole and Kevin, hoping to entice Kevin.
He was surprised how easily it had gone.
They'd dropped Nicole off, begging off a nightcap, wanting to have Kevin to himself.
Kevin had invited him here, to his apartment, to talk and have a few drinks, Nicholas knowing it was for something more.
Kevin had gone into the kitchen to grab some drinks, Nicholas had walked into the bedroom.
That was where Kevin had found him a few minutes later, kneeling, naked and waiting on his bed.
Kevin had been stunned, staring at the vision of beauty waiting for him.
"I thought I'd cut to the chase. I know what you've been wanting all night. And it's here waiting for you. Now take those clothes off and come here."
Kevin thought he was dreaming, his clothes on the floor in a flash.
Nicholas pulled him down, rubbing his cock across his face.
"You're wanting this aren't you, Federline?"
"Yes, God yes! You're so beautiful! Please, I need you so much!" Kevin pleaded, wanting the man who was in front of him totally naked and ready.
"Then I'm going to give you all you can take, stud. Get ready to please me completely."
He'd surrendered to Nicholas completely, the man totally in control.
But what Nicholas didn't know was that this was what Kevin had longed for. For him.
Kevin wanted Nicholas with all his soul.
He'd met Nicholas a few weeks earlier, a friend of a friend, going out to parties, partying together. Just two friends having fun. But since that night at Justin's, Kevin had been looking for something more.
And tonight when he'd seen Nicholas looking so beautiful and desirable, he sensed he'd found what he searched for in this vision of manliness.
The man had captured his soul.
And here, tonight, Kevin was giving in to him completely.
He'd sensed it was what Nicholas wanted, what he needed.
But Kevin didn't know the real reason Nicholas needed him tonight.
Because Nicholas needed a body to release his own passion.
The passion he'd acquired for a vision of beauty he'd looked upon all night.
Nicholas was lost in his own need. His need for Michael.
He'd never seen anyone so totally breathtaking.
Justin was hot, but Michael was unbelievable.
So, Nicholas now was taking his desires out on the man below him.
Kevin was giving Nicholas all he needed willingly.
His body his to use, to sap all the desire out of him.
Nicholas sank deeper into him, Kevin moaning and panting.
"You like that? Does that feel good?" Nicholas panted, his eyes closed.
"God yes, Nicholas! Deeper, oh God, deeper!" Kevin moaned, feeling all of Nicholas' nine inches sinking deeper inside him.
Nicholas felt his passion flowing, his control almost gone.
And in his mind, he pictured Michael in front of him, not Kevin, not the man who secretly loved him.
Nicholas exploded deep inside him, Kevin exploding almost simultaneously.
The two shuddered, Nicholas biting his lip to stop from calling Michael's name, Kevin loudly moaning Nicholas'.
Nicholas pulled out, falling back, his eyes closed, laying still, panting and gasping.
Kevin lay beside him, his body feeling the satisfaction of Nicholas' intense love making.
Kevin curled up against him, licking his smooth chest, licking his left nipple.
Nicholas opened his eyes, hoping against all hope that it was really Michael.
He stared into Kevin's brown eyes.
"That was fantastic, Nicholas. You're unbelievable." Kevin said, moving to kiss his lips.
Nicholas turned his head, lifting his body up.
"Thanks, Kev. You're one hot fuck. Why don't you grab us a couple of drinks?"
Kevin looked at his smiling face, scurrying out of bed, wanting to please him.
He returned with two bottles of Gatorade, Nicholas downing half the bottle.
Kevin stared at the vision laying in his bed. The man's muscular smooth body had a gleam of sweat all over it, Kevin's eyes roaming to his engorged center.
Kevin climbed back into bed, sitting beside him.
"Hell of a party tonight, Kev. I didn't know you knew Michael Tavarro."
"Yeah, I'd known Justin for quite a while and went to a party at their house."
"Yeah, I heard mention of something happening there."
Kevin nodded, lowering his eyes. Nicholas sensed something strange there. Nicholas asked him to elaborate.
Kevin told him reluctantly what he'd done. He told him how Josh had been his first lover. How he'd made a pass at Josh, then Michael, and then finally Justin. Then he told him how Michael had taught him a lesson he'd never forgotten.
"Man, that Michael is one hot stud. Do you think he and Justin play around with others?"
"No, Nicholas. They're totally devoted to each other. But why are we talking about them? I'd like to talk about you and me."
Nicholas smiled, running his hand along Kevin's chest.
"Right now you and me are about to go another round, stud. So why don't you shut up and put your mouth to some good use. You're one talented cocksucker Kev. Josh trained you well."
Kevin stared down at Nicholas' rising shaft, Nicholas stroking it, Kevin lost in its beauty.
Nicholas' hand went behind Kevin's head, Kevin's body lowering as he took the hard shaft deep into his throat.
He loved the taste of Nicholas' body, and his center.
"That's it, stud. Suck my hard cock. And then I'm going to ride you hard again. "
In Nicholas' mind he was only thinking about one man, the one man he'd have, no matter what the cost.
"You're going to be mine, Michael! And if I have to fight with Justin for you, I'm game for that too!"
Kevin looked up, seeing the smile cross Nicholas' face, realizing he was making him happy.
If he'd known the truth, his heart would have cracked.

Lance stepped off the plane, his lover walking ahead of him, heading for baggage claims.
Lance looked at Josh, seeing the beauty of his loving angel.
They were in Maryland, heading for Josh's parents home.
Josh was coming home to drop a bomb, or what he took to be a bomb.
Lance had talked long and deeply with Josh, always showing him his love for him.
They talked it all out, Josh telling Lance he felt it was time.
Lance felt Josh's feelings, sensing Josh's acceptance of himself.
They grabbed their bags, Josh going to a rental booth to pick up their car.
Twenty minutes later saw the two on the rode heading for Josh's family home.
They snuggled together, Josh driving, Lance against him.
"You doing okay, babe?" Lance asked, kissing his cheek.
"Yes, love, I'm doing okay. A little nervous, but hanging in there."
Lance smiled, relaxing against him for the hour drive.
They pulled up in front of the large house, Josh looking at the front door, seeing it open.
An older woman walked out, Josh smiling widely.
He jumped out of the car, running up the walkway, embracing his Mom.
Lance opened the car door, smiling at the touching scene.
Karen Chasez hugged her son, feeling his love and happiness.
"Welcome home, son." She said, smiling at him.
"Lance is with me, Momma." Josh smiled, Karen looking at her son's friend.
"Hi, Lance. Come on into the house."
Lance smiled, walking up the walkway, Karen hugging him when he walked onto the porch.
"A joy as always, Lance. Your Mom has called me a few times. I heard all about Reichen. I'm glad you're okay, Lance."
"Thanks, Karen. It's wonderful to see you again. How's Roy?"
She smiled, talking to him as she walked him into the house.
She pulled him into the kitchen, setting him down at the table, pulling food out of the refrigerator.
"First things first, we got to get some food into you. You look too thin."
Lance smiled, loving this special lady.
Roy walked into the kitchen, coming from the back yard.
Josh smiled at his father as he hugged him, kissing his cheek.
"Hello, son. A joy to see you know where home is."
Josh blushed, his Dad laughing, ruffling his hair.
"How are you doing, Lance?"
Lance got up, Josh's father hugging him.
"I'm doing great, thanks for asking."
"Diane told us about your troubles. We're both here for you, son."
Lance smiled at both of them, nodding his head.
"Thanks, that means a lot to me. Your son is so much like you."
They both smiled, Josh blushing.
"Where is Tyler?" Josh asked, trying to change the subject.
"He's gone camping with some school friends." Roy said, Josh missing his younger brother.
"That's too bad, I was hoping to spend some time with him."
"He left a couple of days ago. He was sorry also. But maybe he can go down and spend some time with you when he's off school." Karen said, smiling at her son.
"Yeah, I'd like that. I miss him."
Lance smiled up at Josh, Lance sitting at the table again, Karen setting a plate of sandwiches on the table, Josh sitting down.
Karen saw the way the two looked at each other, smiling.
Roy excused himself, going to wash up for lunch.
"So, Josh. We saw Oprah, and talked to Lynn last week. It's just so remarkable. We never expected Justin to be gay."
Lance looked quietly at Karen, Karen looking a little embarrassed.
"Sorry, I didn't say that right, Lance. We're happy Justin has finally found someone special. Michael appears to be a really nice boy."
Roy walked back in, catching the last few words of Karen's sentences.
"Yes, that was quite a show. I've never seen Justin so happy. Michael really does seem like he's a giving man."
"He is, Roy." Lance said, smiling at Josh.
"You wouldn't believe how giving. Josh and I owe him so much, me the most actually. Michael was the reason I left Reichen."
Josh frowned a little, wanting so much to put his hand in Lance's.
"Lance, the reason you left Reichen is because you realized what he was doing to you. Michael just helped you come to terms with your feelings." Josh said, Karen remaining quiet, watching her son.
"How did he do that?" Roy asked, Josh looking at his parents.
"Let me explain it, Josh." Lance said, Josh nodding his head.
Lance told them all that had happened, the abuse, the hurt and pain. What Michael had done for him, and all that had happened to make him leave him. How Michael had saved him from making the biggest mistake of his life.
Karen was in tears, hugging Lance tightly.
"Michael sounds like an angel. What a giving man."
"He is an angel. He's my guardian angel." Lance said, tears in his eyes. Josh put his arm around him, smiling at him.
Lance smiled back, feeling Josh's strength and love.
"And I sense you're a courageous, giving man yourself, Lance. It was you that stopped yourself from doing the wrong thing. Michael just showed you how to save yourself." Karen said, looking at both of them.
Lance smiled widely at her compliment.
"Thanks, Karen. Michael gave me the courage to change my life. To go on. For that I'll always love him."
Karen looked at her husband smiling.
"And I sense you have gone on, Lance. And I see deep happiness in your eyes. And I sense new love."
Lance felt nervous, trying hard not to look at Josh.
"I'm glad you have our son to love you, Lance. Josh deserves someone wonderful like you." Roy said; Karen was smiling at both of them, through tears.
Josh and Lance both sat there, stunned, their mouths hanging open.
"How did you....?" Josh was able to mutter.
Karen got up putting her arms around her son, kissing his cheek.
"It's not hard to see, my son. We see it in both of your eyes. Well, actually we saw it on Oprah, when you began to speak, Joshua. You looked at Lance first, then Michael. I've always been able to tell when you were in love, my Joshua. "
"Is there something you want to tell us, son?" Roy asked, smiling at both young men, the two parents standing up now.
Josh stood up, his mother walking beside his father, wrapping her arm around him.
Lance took Josh's hand in his, standing beside him.
"I'm gay, Mom and Dad.  I've known I was gay for a long time. I've had a few relationships, but none have given me what I've found in Lance. He's given me so much love, so much happiness and joy. He's my soulmate. I love him with all my heart."
"And you, Lance?" Karen said, tears again in her eyes.
"I was so disillusioned after Reichen. I thought that no one could ever love me. That I wasn't special enough for anyone to want to love me. That all I'd ever be was a doormat for someone. Your son never gave up on my someday loving him. His loving friendship turned into something more. It turned into love. I love him, with all my heart and soul. No one has ever shown me so much love. I can't live without his love. I love him."
Karen walked up to both of them, hugging Lance first, then hugging Josh last.
"My son, my beautiful boy! I've waited so long to see happiness and love in your eyes! I see now it's gone right to your soul. I'm glad it was this special man that gave it to you."
Josh sobbed into his mother's chest, moved by her acceptance of Lance, and Josh's love for him.
Roy walked up to Lance, hugging him tightly.
"Welcome to the family, son."
Lance now was crying, feeling the acceptance of Josh's family for him.
"Thanks, Roy. Thanks, Karen. You won't ever regret my loving Josh. I'll make him happy forever."
"It's Mom and Dad now, Lance. " Karen said, Josh smiling widely, tears in his eyes as his father now hugged him.
Josh looked at Lance, seeing his emotions out of control.
Josh took Lance into his arms, Lance still crying.
"It's okay, Lance. Your Joshy's here."
Lance gradually calmed down, looking up at him, staring into his blue pools of love. Lance kissed him, Josh lost in the love that flowed through him.
Karen and Roy wrapped their arms around each other, looking at their son and his lover, seeing the glow of happiness that surrounded the two.
"Looks like Michael's giving love spreads everywhere." Karen said, smiling as Lance and Josh parted, looking at them.
"We're going to have to meet that boy one of these days." Roy said, Josh and Lance laughing.
"You won't believe what that man can do. Let us tell you all about it." Josh said, Lance smiling, the four sitting down at the kitchen table for a long, well-needed talk.

End of Chapter 93

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