Justin's Angel-94

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Karen walked up to both of them, hugging Lance first, then hugging Josh last.
"My son, my beautiful boy. I've waited so long to see happiness and love in your eyes. I see now it's gone right to your soul. I'm glad it was this special man that gave it to you."
Josh sobbed into his mother's chest, moved by her acceptance of Lance and Josh's love for him.
Roy walked up to Lance, hugging him tightly.
"Welcome to the family, son."
Lance now was crying, feeling the acceptance of Josh's family for him.
"Thanks, Roy. Thanks, Karen. You won't ever regret my loving Josh. I'll make him happy forever."
"It's Mom and Dad now, Lance. " Karen said, Josh smiling widely, tears in his eyes as his father now hugged him.
Josh looked at Lance, seeing his emotions out of control.
Josh took Lance into his arms, Lance still crying.
"It's okay, Lance. Your Joshy's here."
Lance gradually calmed down, looking up at him, staring into his blue pools of love. Lance kissed him, Josh lost in the love that flowed through him.
Karen and Roy wrapped their arms around each other, looking at their son and his lover, seeing the glow of happiness that surrounded the two.
"Looks like Michael's giving love spreads everywhere." Karen said, smiling as Lance and Josh parted, looking at them.
"We're going to have to meet that boy one of these days." Roy said, Josh and Lance laughing.
"You won't believe what that man can do. Let us tell you all about it." Josh said, Lance smiling, the four sitting down at the kitchen table for a long, well needed talk.

Chapter 94

The next two weeks flew by, Justin and Michael traveling from coast to coast.
Justin doing concerts, Michael doing book signings.
Michael's second novel was on the rise again.
“Daniel's Mission” was still number one for the twelfth straight week. “The Final Love”, Michael's second novel, broke into the top twenty after only eight weeks on the lists.
The Thursday before Zach's wedding, Michael and Justin arrived in Cincinnati.
Michael was leaving in the morning to head for Chicago to spend Friday with Zach, for final preparations.
Justin was heading to Nashville for a concert Friday night. He'd be flying in late Friday night to Chicago.
Michael spent all evening with Justin, making him feel loved and special, knowing tomorrow they'd be apart for the day.
Both knew there would be days of departures, both knowing their love was strong.
They made love that night, in a heated way, knowing it would probably be at least a day or more before they were together in that way.
Friday morning, Michael and Paulo left for Chicago, Justin kissing Michael over and over at the airport, not wanting him to miss his tender lips.
"Timby, I'll carry your wetness on my lips until we are united tonight. Love ya, sexy."
Justin smiled, watching Michael disappear through the gateway.
Lonnie looked at Justin, putting his arm around him.
"Twenty hours, Jus. That's all it is."
Justin nodded, knowing it would feel so much longer.
Michael arrived in Chicago at noon, Zach meeting the two of them, Michael practically hugging Zach to death.
"Wow, Tavarro, chill out! I'm not subbing for Timberlake, so keep your hands to yourself!" Zach said laughing at Michael's wired state.
"You got nothing on my lover, Zach. Unless you've been taking steroids." Michael laughed, Zach tussling his hair.
"Hey, Timby's the only one allowed to touch my locks."
Zach smiled, helping Michael and Paulo carry their bags.
Zach looked at all of the bags, raising an eyebrow.
"We're Justin's advanced luggage detail. You know him, high maintenance." Paulo smiled, Zach and Michael both laughing.
"He bringing the other half then?" Zach countered, Michael giving him a salute.
All three burst out laughing heading for Zach's car.

The rehearsal went fine, all the details settled.
Justin wasn't there to do his part, but Michael knew he'd do it easily.
They had a small rehearsal dinner at Vito's, everyone laughing and toasting Zach and Christina.
Nana and Silas had arrived, as well as Zach's parents.
Sharon and Jim Warren had fallen for Christina so easily, and Becky was now their angel.
Chris, Vicky, Josh and Lance had flown in from L.A., as well as Jake, Joey and Kelly flying in from New York.
Sharon had practically smothered Michael in kisses, Michael always loving the woman.
Paulo was pulled into the happiness also, Nana hugging and kissing him all night.
"Hey, bro, you got to get used to it. We're a loving family. You're going to be kissed to death."
Paulo laughed, planting a kiss right on Michael's lips, shocking him.
"Might as well start with you." Paulo smiled, Nana laughing her head off.
Michael just shook his head, laughing after the fact.
The party was a happy affair, lots of smiles and happiness.
Becky fell asleep in Michael's arms, Christina smiling at his tenderness to her daughter.
She so wanted Justin and Michael to have a little one of their own.
She knew her two new sons would have two loving uncles who would shower them with love.
The night waned down, Zach and Christina having to part company at midnight, until the wedding.
Zach, Michael and Paulo were going to Michael's old place to spend the night, the girls and parents staying at Zach's.
Michael, the one stickler for tradition, practically had to carry Zach out of the restaurant at twelve, Zach almost crying at leaving his future wife.
"Come on, Zacky. Time to go. She'll be yours forever starting tomorrow. See ya soon, Cricket." Michael smiled, feeling for his friend.
Christina hugged Michael and Paulo, waving goodbye as they drove away.
They arrived at the apartment in  five minutes, Paulo carrying in their tuxedos, Michael and Zach carrying in the bags.
The rest of the guys arrived there a few minutes later, Jake and Paulo snuggling on the couch, Michael smiling.
They all relaxed, Michael heading to the kitchen.
He looked in the fridge, smiling.
He'd called Vito with a special request, pulling out the beer bottles from the fridge and liquor from the cupboard.
"Time for our own party, brothers." Michael smiled, two bottles of vodka in both hands.
Zach and Paulo smiled, finding ice and mix in the fridge as well.
They sat down pouring drinks, relaxing and just being brothers.
Laughter filled the room as everyone told stories about each other.
At twenty minutes after two, a knock came to the door, Paulo walking to it in a little bit of a stagger.
He opened it to see Justin and Lonnie standing there with smiles on their faces.
"Is this the Warren wake?!" Justin said, Paulo busting out in laughter.
Lonnie and Justin could both tell that Paulo was a little tipsy.
Justin walked into the living room seeing everyone laughing their heads off at Zach trying to balance three beer bottles on his head.
Michael was sitting on the floor, a glass of vodka in his hand, looking up at Justin.
"Hey, great, the stripper's here!" Michael beamed, Zach dropping all three bottles, everyone diving, catching them before they hit the floor.
Justin's grin was from ear to ear, diving onto the floor and on top of Michael, kissing him deeply.
"Hey, that's my stripper." Zach said, staggering and sitting on top of Justin's back.
"Get off my man, Warren. You got a cutie at home." Michael laughed, Justin bucking his ass, Zach falling on the floor.
"Hey, Mikey. I want to see Timberlake strip. Let's see if the great Justin has the balls Michael says he has." Zach laughing, his eyes glassy.
"Ok, Zach, just for you, I'll give you a show." Justin said, standing up, pulling his shirt up, his nipples exposed.
Everyone laughed, Chris and Joey laughing their heads off.
Lance and Josh were snuggled on half the couch, Paulo falling on top of Jake on the other half.
"Justin, it's okay. No one wants to see your skinny white ass." Zach said, his laughter filling the room.
"Justin's skinny white ass is all mine, right lover?" Michael said, Justin feeling his horniness.
"You have a few too many, love?"
"Just a couple, nothing too drastic. Helping my bro celebrate his love for Christina, right Zacky?"
Zach smiled, giving Michael the thumbs up.
Chris handed Justin a glass of vodka, Justin thanking him.
Lonnie grabbed a beer, relaxing and talking to Joey.
They all laughed and talked, playing a few ridiculous games, Chris ending up the butt of a few jokes. All around good fun.
Lance was feeling no pain, Josh realizing Lance became really amorous when intoxicated.
Zach was getting pretty drunk, falling down a few times, finally settling down on the floor between Michael and Justin.
What surprised Justin was Michael.
He looked totally sober.
Justin had watched him drink at least several glasses of vodka on the rocks.
Michael seemed unchanged.
"So where's my show, Justy?" Zach said, patting his head.
Justin laughed, his laughter high and loud.
"You can't handle my gorgeous bod, Zacky."
"Hey, if Mikey's all over it, it must be pretty fine. Right, Mikey? I know Mikey's hot. I"ve seen him naked."
Michael blushed, looking at Justin, Justin smiling widely.
"He's damn hot." Justin said, staring into his golden eyes.
"Yeah, Mikey's the bomb. Man, even I once though of trying something with him." Zach said, Michael looking shocked.
Zach stared at him, then lowered his head.
"Really, Zach? You never told me that?"
"A little bi hiding in there somewhere, Zach?" Joey asked, smiling at him.
Zach blushed, looking at Michael again.
Everyone was watching Zach, his face beginning to blush redder.
The drinks had brought out the truth.
Zach looked at Michael again.
"After you told me you were gay, you still seemed so natural, so you. I loved you so much, and you always were there for me. After I broke up with Connie, remember we spent all that time together? You were just being a good friend, I was thinking other things. I'd had a few girlfriends, and they'd all panned out. I thought that maybe you had the right idea, that you seemed happier than me."
"Zach, I didn't have any one. You know that. I was happy just being myself. And I was happy with your friendship."
"I thought you were maybe interested in me." Zach said, looking at Michael.
"You were my best friend, Zach. You were all that I had. I never thought that way about you. I loved you too much as a brother."
Zach smiled, blushing.
"I'm sorry, Mike. I shouldn't have told you."
Michael put his arm around him, kissing his cheek.
"It's okay, Zach. Every guy has those feelings sometime in his life."
"I love you Mike. I now realize it is as a brother. But at that time, I thought it might lead to more. Then you met Paul, and I was so jealous. Then Paul hurt you."
Zach looked down, Justin putting his arm around Zach as well.
"I wanted to kill him, Mike. For what he did to you. To my friend. To such a loving guy. And I just wanted to hold you, to make all that pain go away. I need to tell you something, Mike."
Michael looked at Zach.
"I bought a gun the day you got out of the hospital. I was going to kill Paul if he came anywhere near you when he was released. I remember the terror you unleashed that day you found out he was free. I loved you too much to let that bastard hurt you again. I know that I was in love with you."
Michael stared in shock at Zach, Justin just as surprised.
Zach looked at his old friend, seeing Michael's shock.
"I always wanted to tell you, Mike, but I never had the courage. I remember the night you disappeared. The night you went to the lake. And now we know what you went to do that night, how totally lost you were."
Michael looked on the verge of tears, Justin about to get up to comfort him. Zach beat him to it.
Zach put his arm around him, looking into his golden eyes.
"I remember that night when you came back home, there was a different light in your eyes. It was as if you'd made your mind up about something. I now know what it was. It was the light of life.  And I now know Justin was the reason you went on with that life. And seeing the two of you together makes me so happy. I love ya, Michael. As a brother and a friend. And I've met the love of my life. No one makes me feel like Christina does. And tomorrow she's going to be my wife."
Zach was crying, Michael pulling him into his arms.
"It's okay, Zach. Thank you for loving me, for being you."
Zach hugged him, his tears stopping.
"Christina knows, Michael. I told her all of my past, all of my feelings. But she also knows I love her now. She's my everything."
"You don't have to tell me that, Zach. I see that in both of your eyes. You two will have a life filled with love and happiness. The past is just that. The past. We have a real love now, the love of brotherhood. Don't worry about me, my friend. I've got the same happiness. A life ahead full of happiness."
Michael looked at Justin, seeing tears in his blue eyes.
Justin saw the love both men had for each other, and the love Zach had for Christina. He knew Zach loved Michael in a different way now, Justin's jealous soul feeling no worry from Zach.
"Man, we're bringing this party down. Let's have some more drinks, everyone." Zach smiled, Michael smiling back.
Zach got up, struggling to stand, then falling flat on his face.
Justin was laughing his head off, Michael laughing as he tried to help Zach up.
"What happened?" Zach said, Michael helping him sit up on the couch.
Lance and Josh were helping Michael to steady him, Zach not looking so good.
"I think it's bedtime for Zacky." Michael said smiling.
"Nah, Mikey. I want to party!" Zach said smiling, Michael shaking his head.
"Okay, Zach. But you're staying put. Lance get him another drink, but make it coffee."
Lance smiled getting up.
The party resumed, lots more talking and laughing flying around the room.
Michael and Jus sat together, talking in their minds.
"You okay, Mico? I sensed your shock at Zach's confession. I'm not jealous, I know his love for you is now a brother's love. "
Michael smiled at Justin, taking his hand in his.
"I love Zach, Jus. But nothing compares to your love. And nothing compares to his love for Cricket. We'll be brothers and friends forever."
Justin smiled, feeling Michael's unending love for Zach.
He watched Michael look around at all their close friends, feeling Michael's love for all the people in this room.
They kept laughing and drinking, Lance falling asleep in Josh's arms.
Michael smiled looking at the two lovers.
Jake and Paulo were pretty well done in, Chris and Joey laughing still.
Michael looked at his watch seeing it was almost four o'clock.
"Lon, I think you're going to have to drive these two jokesters back to their hotel. I know Vicky will expect her troll back before daylight, Or he'll turn into a pumpkin."
Everyone burst out laughing, Michael and Justin getting up off the floor.
Justin staggered, Michael holding onto him.
Justin was almost done too.
Lonnie helped Joey walk Chris to the door, Michael getting their jackets.
"See you in the morning guys, you're coming here before the wedding?"
"Yeah, Mikey, we'll be here around ten o'clock." Lonnie smiled, hugging him and a wobbling Justin.
"Your man needs sleep, Mikey." Lonnie laughed, knowing the hangover they'd all have in the morning.
What surprised him was Michael's state. He looked totally sober.
Lonnie--as well as everyone else--saw the amount of alcohol Michael had consumed.
Josh and Lance hugged, Michael, he receiving sloppy kisses from both.
The guys left, Michael guiding Justin to a chair.
Michael went to Vicky's old room, getting the bed there ready for Paulo and Jake.
He returned, Paulo pulling Jake up, Jake staggering, Paulo almost carrying him into the room.
Paulo hugged Michael goodnight, Justin waving goodnight from the chair. Michael pulled out the couch bed, Michael bringing out bedding for Zach, who was sound asleep on the lounge chair.
Michael made up the bed, turning to see Justin now asleep in the other chair.
Michael smiled, shaking Zach's shoulder, Zach murmuring.
Michael pulled him up, sitting him on the bed's edge, removing his socks then his shirt.
Zach fell back, Michael guiding him to the middle of the bed.
He removed Zach's pants, Zach now just in his boxer briefs.
Michael scanned his friend's tight, muscular body.
Zach was beautiful in his own spectacular way.
But he wasn't his Justin.
He was his friend.
Michael smiled, pulling the blankets over him.
Michael's next task was getting Justin to bed.
Justin wouldn't wake at all, Michael finally picking him up in his arms.
Justin clung closer to his chest, murmuring his love for him.
Michael smiled, walking down to the bedroom, hitting the light switch, the living room going into darkness.
He laid Justin down on their bed, closing the bedroom door.
He removed Justin's clothes, pulling the covers over him, Michael pulling off his own clothes.
He lay down in bed beside his lover, laying his head on his chest.
Within minutes he was asleep.

Michael woke at nine, rubbing his eyes.
He got up quietly, seeing Justin not moving at all.
Michael walked into the living room, seeing Zach sound asleep, sprawled across the sofa.
His body was laying across the mattress, Michael smiling.
Michael stood against the doorframe, his mind on last night's revelations.
Zach had once thought of Michael as more than a friend.
But Michael knew in his heart nothing could have ever happened between them.
Michael loved Zach with all his heart.
But his love was destined to be Justin's. Always.
He loved his friend so much, realizing what today meant to him.
Today, Zach was going to marry the person he loved most in life.
Michael envied him.
Justin and he would one day fulfill their own dreams in such a way.
Michael couldn't wait.
He walked into the kitchen, starting the coffee maker, pulling out stuff for breakfast.
He whistled while he worked, his mood happy and joyous.
In a few hours he'd stand beside his friend, and see true love taking its final step.
Michael picked up the phone, calling Lonnie.
After a few rings, Lonnie answered.
"Hey, Lon. Good morning. How are you doing?"
"I'm doing ok, but don't ask me about the others. They're all dead to the world."
"I expected as much. It's time they were up, Lonnie, my man. We have lots to do."
Michael talked to Lonnie, telling him what he needed to do to get them all up.
Michael was planning on doing the same thing.
"They're going to kill me, Mikey."
"Tell them they can take it out on me."
"Okay. Will do. See you shortly."
Within a half hour, he had breakfast pretty much prepared, Michael popping his head back into the living room.
Zach still lay in the same position.
Michael walked down the hall, looking quietly into Vicky's room.
Paulo and Jake were dead to the world, Jake wrapped in Paulo's arms, the two looking so beautiful together.
Michael smiled widely, seeing his brothers’ happiness.
He left the door wide open.
Michael walked down the hallway opening his bedroom door.
Justin was sound asleep, his body half uncovered, Michael sighing at the vision of beauty.
Michael smiled to himself, walking back down to the kitchen, leaving that door open as well.
He pulled out the frying pan which he'd just cleaned after cooking bacon and sausages.
He picked up a large metal serving spoon.
He smiled, his eyes glinting with mischievousness.
He stood in the living room, and smiled.
He banged the spoon against the frying pan repeatedly, his voice loud and vocal.
"Up and at em, boys! Time to rise and shine!!!"
Zach jumped up, falling off the mattress onto the floor, Michael heading down the hallway.
He still banged the frying pan, his voice still loud and echoing off the enclosed walls.
Justin came running out of his bedroom, as did Paulo and Jake.
All three looked totally disheveled, staring at Michael's smiling face.
Paulo wore bikini briefs, his state of arousal apparent.
Jake’s boxers showed his desires openly as well.
Justin wore nothing, his arousal in full view.
"Looks like you're happy to see me, love. Love ya, Justy." Michael winked, Justin covering himself as best he could.
Paulo looked like death warmed over.
"Mikey, it's too damn early for this shit. God, I feel like a bomb's exploding in my head." Paulo said, his eyes looked bloodshot, Michael knowing the amount of alcohol he'd drunk last night.
Jake hugged Paulo against him, the two looking totally wasted.
Michael knew they all had hangovers, all their eyes looking tired, and unfocused.
Michael walked up to Justin, kissing his cheek.
He banged on the frying pan again, smiling and walking down the hallway toward the kitchen.
"Up and at em, breakie's ready. It's Zacky's big day!!!!"
Everyone stared after him, their faces looking lost.
Michael walked into the living room, Zach sitting on the edge of the mattress, his head in his hands.
"Zacky's getting married! Zacky's getting married! Hooray, hooray!!!!"
Zach looked up at his friend, seeing Michael’s smiling face.
"You're way too fucking chipper, Mikey. I feel like I've died."
Zach fell back on the bed, his muscular chest in full view.
Zach's body was well-defined, smooth and muscular. Michael always thought he looked a bit like Tom Cruise, only more defined.
And Michael noticed that Zach had matured everywhere.
Michael saw his aroused state as well, his boxer briefs full and tented.
"Looks like all my boys are excited this morning. Love is in the air!"
Michael smiled, then walked out into the kitchen, pulling down five coffee mugs.
He poured five cups of coffee, setting them on the table.
Four rough-looking men walked into the room, their clothes now on, although hastily thrown on.
They all sat down at the table, Zach laying his head on the table.
"I'm so feeling like I about to throw up. My head is pounding." Jake said, Michael looking at his four friends, drinking his coffee.
"What's wrong, boys? Feeling a little under the weather? Tsk, tsk. You need a pick me up, all of you.  Have some coffee."
Justin took a sip of his, feeling the heat from the cup.
"And who's up for breakfast? Lots of sausages and greasy bacon. Mmmmm."
Jake felt his stomach lurch, getting up and running out of the room.
Paulo looked after him, knowing his own pain.
"Mikey, why aren't you like us? You drank just as much as we did." Zach said, his head still on the table.
Michael smiled, ruffling his jet black hair.
"Zacky, Zacky." Michael said, rubbing his shoulders.
There was a knock at the door, Michael smiling, walking out of the room.
"How come he's not wasted?" Paulo asked sipping his coffee, looking up as Lance and Josh walked in.
They both looked totally wrecked, their clothes looking disheveled as well.
Joey and Chris walked slowly behind them, Chris looking like death warmed over.
"I hope you don't feel like you look, Chris?" Justin said, his head throbbing.
Michael walked back into the room with a smiling Lonnie.
"Aw, Lon! Look at all our little boys! Don't they look just adorable?"
Lonnie pulled out a camera, taking pictures, everyone trying to cover their faces.
"God, Lonnie. Put the camera away!" Justin said, hiding his face.
"What's wrong, Timberlake? Afraid for your public to see your less that beautiful face?" Chris smirked, holding his head.
Michael laughed, everyone looking up at him.
"What's the idea Tavarro? Making Lonnie wake us with all that noise. My head's still ringing." Joey said, Michael smiling quietly.
"Michael, why aren't you like us, death walking?" Lance asked, Michael seeing his bloodshot eyes.
Michael smiled, sitting down beside Justin.
"It's because of my gifts. I can drink all I want, and never feel the effects. My gifts dissipate the alcohol. I'm not much of a drinker to begin with, it's just last night we had so much to celebrate. I only thought I should celebrate with you guys."
Everyone looked at him, not hating him for wanting to be happy with them.
"Oh, my head!" Lance moaned, laying his head on Josh's chest.
"I can help all of you. If you'll let me."
Justin nodded, kissing Michael's cheek.
Michael put his hands on Justin's forehead, closing his eyes, the blue glow appearing briefly.
Justin opened his eyes, smiling.
"Wow! I feel great. Thanks, love." Justin kissing him again.
"You need to brush your teeth, Jus." Michael smiled, Justin blushing.
Justin got up, walking toward the bathroom.
Michael got up, walking up behind Lance.
He put his hands on his forehead, the glow again appearing.
And so he went, around the table, relieving the hangovers of all his friends.
Lastly he came to Zach.
He did the same for him, Zach opening his eyes, smiling.
"Man, I feel so refreshed. All the pain and headache is gone. Thanks, Mikey!"
Michael smiled, Justin coming back into the room, wrapping his arms around his lover.
"That's my Mico! Our loving sweetheart!"
Justin kissed Michael deeply, Michael tasting the freshness of his clean mouth.
"That's much better, give me some more."
Michael and Justin kissed again, everyone smiling.
"Thanks, Michael." They all said together, Michael smiling at everyone.
"You're really happy, Mikey." Zach said smiling.
"It's going to be a wonderful day! My friend is getting married!"
Zach smiled, looking at his friend.
Zach's expression changed. His head lowered.
"About last night, Mikey."
Michael wrapped his arms around Zach, kissing his cheek.
"We're friends and brothers, Zacky. Always. I love ya."
Zach teared up, hugging him back.
"I'm so happy you're here to share in my happiness, Michael."
"Wouldn't want to be anywhere else."
Everyone saw the love these two men shared, and they all knew that it would always be there.
"On that sentimental note, I have to go." Michael said smiling.
"Where are you going?" Justin asked, smiling at his enthusiastic mood.
Michael put all the food out on the table, smiling at everyone.
"I've got to go pick up the flowers at Cricket's. Then, after that, we all have to head to the church to decorate. You guys enjoy breakie, I've eaten already. Be back shortly."
"Want some company, lover?" Justin asked, grabbing some food off the table.
"Sweet. Come on, honeybuns."
Justin beamed, Chris faking throwing up.
Everyone laughed, diving into the food. Their appetites were back.

Justin sat in the passenger seat, his hand in Michael's, feeling Michael's happiness.
"You are so happy, love."
"It's all this talk of marriage and love. I'm so happy for Zacky and Cricket."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek.
"The next ones will be us, love. We're going to be even more happy."
Michael smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"I love you, Jus. I want to marry you. I want our day to be beyond belief."
"It will be, Michael. Because you will be shining in the sun, my love."
Michael smiled, pulling up beside Cricket's apartment building.
They put their hands together walking up to the door.
A few minutes later Nana let them into the apartment, Michael and Justin both hugging her and kissing her cheek.
Christina walked out of the kitchen, her hair all done up. Becky ran right at Justin, Justin scooping her up, kissing her cheek.
"And there's the vision of matrimonial beauty!" Michael smiled,  hugging Christina.
"How's Zach, Mikey?" She asked, Michael feeling her worry. Vicky smiled at him, rolling her eyes.
"Your man is peachy keen. He woke up with a big hangover, but I've put him right. I put all of them right." Michael said, looking at Justin, Justin blushing.
"We got wrecked last night. Totally bombed. Mico used his gifts to sober us all up this morning."
Nana smiled, Michael hugging Christina's Mom and Zach's Mom and Dad.
"Gifts?" Sharon said, everyone looking nervous.
Michael smiled, patting Christina's shoulder.
"Yep, I'm a regular miracle worker." Michael smiling. everyone laughing, Zach's parents smiling again.
Michael introduced them to Justin, Sharon totally awed by meeting a celebrity.
"I'm just Mikey's boyfriend, please just think of me as that." Justin smiled, both smiling at him and Michael's obvious love.
"So, we're here to pick up some flowers."
"They're in the bedroom, Mikey." Silas said, Justin and Michael following him.
Within fifteen minutes they were on the road again, arriving back at Michael's place.
They walked in, smiling at seeing everyone relaxing.
"Where are Jake and Paulo? And Lance and Josh?" Justin asked, looking around.
"They're in the bedrooms. I think they're making out." Lonnie said laughing, Chris groaning.
"Aw, what's the matter, Chris? Sad because Vicky's not here? I saw her this morning at Cricket's. She said she had a nice relaxing sleep last night. Something about not having to listen to your mating call." Michael said, a serious look on his face.
Joey burst out laughing, Justin and Lonnie joining it, Chris looking embarrassed.
"She didn't say that!" Chris said getting up and standing in front of Michael.
"She told me to tell you something special, and to give you something."
Michael grabbed Chris, kissing him right on the lips.
"I love you Snooky Nookums!" Michael said, batting his eyelashes.
Joey was on the floor, laughing his head off.
Justin and Lonnie were holding on to each other, their laughter loud.
Chris stood stunned, staring at Michael.
"From her lips to God's ear." Michael said, winking, walking down the hallway.
Chris stared after him, Justin putting his arm around him.
"You have to admit, he's one hell of a kisser."
Joey couldn't stop laughing, even Chris began to laugh.
"Yeah, he's something alright."
Michael walked to his bedroom door, knocking gently.
"Just a minute." He heard Josh say, hearing movement.
The door opened, Josh appearing with his shirt off.
"Oh, hi Mikey."
Michael pushed the door open, walking past Josh, seeing Lance in his bed, his naked chest exposed.
Michael winked at him.
"As you were, gentlemen.  I just came in to grab some stuff for the decorating."
Michael went to his closet, pulling out a box of stuff.
Josh sat down on the bed, Lance wrapping his arm around him.
Michael picked up the box, smiling at them both.
"We're taking off in about half an hour. That's lots of time to be happy."
Michael smiled, walking out of the room, closing the door behind him.
"Think he knows what we were doing, love?" Lance asked, Josh smiling at him as he crawled back beside Lance.
"Yeah, Lance. He knows. Now where were we?"
Lance smiled, laying back in the bed, pulling the sheet off him.
His naked body was in full view, Josh staring at every inch.
Lance's manhood stood proud and hard.
"Make love to me, Lance. Take me in your arms and show me your love." Josh said, pulling his pants off, the two together in each other’s arms quickly.
Lance rolled over on top of Josh, staring into his blue eyes.
"I love you Josh, so much."
Josh pulled him down, kissing his moist lips, their passion resuming.

Michael stopped in the hallway, knocking on Vicky's bedroom door.
"Yes?" He heard movement, then Jake saying enter.
Michael opened the door smiling, seeing Jake and Paulo laying in bed together. Paulo was laying almost on top of Jake.
"Just wanted to tell you that you have half an hour. Enjoy."
Michael smiled, then shut the door.
Jake looked up into Paulo's green eyes.
"You know, I'm not embarrassed anymore, Michael feels no shame in our showing each other our love." Jake said looking into his lover's lustful eyes.
"That's my brother, he just wants us to be happy." Paulo said, staring into Jake's blue pools of love.
Their lips met, their passion continuing.
Michael walked down the hallway, back into the living room, sitting down in Justin's lap.
"There's a lot of love going on back there. It's a day for love."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's lips.
"I so want to make love to you, my sweet."
"Unless we use the bathroom, looks like we're out of luck. Unless you want to put on a floor show?"
"No, no, no!!!!" Chris, Lonnie and Joey all said together, Michael's loud laughter echoing off the walls.
Justin smiled, feeling Michael's total happiness.
Twenty minutes later, Lance and Josh walked into the living room, both smiling.
Michael smiled at them, the two sitting down.
Five minutes later Paulo and Jake walked in, smiling also.
"Ah, love is in the air."
"Weddings." Chris said shaking his head, Joey laughing.
All the friends left together in Lonnie's SUV and Joey's minivan.
They spent an hour decorating the church, setting up the flowers.
They stopped at a neighbourhood restaurant for burgers and fries, Zach not eating much.
Michael could feel his nerves setting in.
"Just a few more hours, bud. Then she's back in your arms."
Zach smiled, blushing.
The guys all went back to the hotel to relax and get dressed; Justin, Michael, and Zach returned to the apartment again.
Lonnie would be back at two to pick them up.
Zach and Christina had invited Justin's family, as well as Father Derrick and Seth and Tomas. Since Michael's involvement with Justin, they'd all become like family to Zach and Christina as well.
The last few months had seen a uniting of a close group of people. Michael was the core of that group, his love the center.
Justin and Michael relaxed together on the couch, talking with Zach.
Zach told Justin stories of Michael and his youth, exploits they'd gotten into.
Justin laughed at the tales, seeing the closeness the two had shared all through their teens.
Before they knew it, it was one-thirty.
They pulled out their suit bags,  the three changing together in the living room.
Zach looked at his friends muscular bodies, seeing Justin Timberlake’s beauty glowing.
"Man, Justin, you're really stunning."
"Not compared to Mico. His beauty is intoxicating."
Michael smiled, looking at Zach's muscular frame.
"You're not to shabby either, Zacky. Christina's one happy bride."
Zach blushed looking at Michael's hairy muscular chest.
He looked at Justin staring at him, Zach blushing.
"It's okay, Zach. Michael is beauty in its most stunning vision. You can't help but look at him."
"I feel the same when I look at Christina." Zach said, his thoughts clouded.
"What's wrong, Zach?" Michael asked, putting his arm around his naked shoulders.
"Do you think I deserve all this, Mikey? Do you think I've earned her love?"
Michael hugged him tightly, Justin looking at two visions of beauty. It wasn't sexual, it was the beauty of friendship.
"Oh, Zach! The love you share with Christina is true love. I see it in both of your eyes. A love destined to be fulfilled. Three small children are going to have a lifetime of love, love flowing from their parents’ hearts. Christina loves you totally, Zach. And I feel the love in your heart for her. You have earned her love, Zach. You both will be so happy. "
Zach's smile was wide and shining.
Justin felt the truth in Michael's words, and he saw on Zach's face his love for Christina.
"You don't know how much I love her. I want to spend my life with her."
"Today is the beginning of that life, my Zach. A life of love. Let's get dressed and get you hitched. I want to see your love united."
Zach smiled, the two hugging tightly. Zach then hugged Justin, not caring that he was nearly naked.
They dressed quickly, helping each other with their ties.
Justin stood back looking at Michael.
The blackness of the tuxedo brought out the shine in his golden eyes.
Michael looked beyond beautiful. He looked stunning.
His hair had lengthened almost back to its original length. His face was blemish free, his beautiful smile intoxicating.
Justin took his hands in his, looking into his eyes.
"You're beautiful, my Mico. So beautiful."
They kissed a tender kiss, Zach standing beside them, smiling.
Today he stood in the presence of true love, and his own true love would be in his arms shortly.

Justin stood outside the church, waiting for Christina to appear.
Michael was inside with Zach, waiting for their entrance.
A limousine pulled up, Justin smiling.
Vicky stepped out of the car, wearing a full length blue gown.
Becky climbed out of the car, leaping into Justin's waiting arms.
"Hi, Uncle Justin."
"Don't you look beautiful, my angel!"
Becky was dressed in a white lace dress.
Nancy, Christina's Mom, got out of the car, helping Christina out.
Justin stared at her, seeing the beautiful white dress she wore, her veil blowing in the breeze.
The day was beautiful, sunny and warm; unseasonably warm for mid-March.
"You look absolutely breathtaking, Christina!" Justin said, tears in his eyes.
Christina smiled, hugging him tightly.
"Thank you, Justin." Christina smiled, a glow of happiness on her cheeks.
"Time to make Zach happy, Cricket."
Christina smiled, Justin taking her arm.

Zach sat with Michael in the alcove, the two waiting with the minister.
"I feel so happy, Michael! I feel like my life has led to this moment."
Michael smiled, looking at his friend.
"And I have you to thank for all of this. You brought us together, Mike. Your love for me has given me so much love in return. How can I thank you for that?"
Michael teared up, kissing Zach's cheek.
"By going out there and stating your love for her. Seeing the five of you joined is all the thanks I need."
Zach hugged him, his own tears falling.
The minister smiled, seeing the friendship between these two young men.
"It's time, Zachary." The minister said, the three rising up, the minister walking out first.
They walked out into the front of the church, standing in front of the altar.
Michael saw everyone smiling at them, seeing all their friends waiting with smiles on their faces.
The photographer was all ready, smiling at Michael.
Everything was a go.
The music cued, the audience standing as one.

Justin heard the music begin, smiling at Christina.
"It's time, angel. Time to be with your true love."
Christina teared up, Justin kissing her cheek, the two walking forward.
Vicky walked down the aisle first, Chris staring at her beautiful face and voluptuous body.
Joey leaned into his ear.
"She's absolutely stunning." He said, Kelly smiling beside him.
Chris didn't take his eyes off her, Vicky smiling at him as she walked past.
Next down the aisle came Becky, walking with a basket of flowers in her hands.
Her smile was large and wide, Michael smiling at her, a tear in his eye.
Zach smiled at his soon?to?be daughter, blowing her a kiss.
Becky smiled wider, throwing rose petals down the aisle.
Everyone turned looking at the small child, smiling.
Behind her walked Justin and Christina.
Christina looked the vision of matrimonial beauty.
Zach stared at her, tears falling down his cheeks.
Michael put his hand on his shoulder steadying him.
Michael's eyes wandered to two blue pools of love, staring at him as he walked down the aisle.
Michael could see the happiness on Justin's face, his love for Christina and Zach.
And Michael's own love for Justin grew larger that day.
Justin stared at his lover, seeing the vision of beauty that was ahead of him.
Michael had tears in his eyes, seeing the love of his life smiling at him, seeing his happiness at being here for Christina.
They ended their walk at the altar, Justin kissing Christina, smiling at her, giving her hand to Zach, then sitting down beside her mom.
Becky climbed up into his lap, Justin smiling at her.
Christina and Zach smiled at each other, turning to face the minister.
"My friends, we're here today to witness and bask in the love of these two special people. Two children of God who love each other deeply. Both were lost with no love to fill their souls. And through the love of a special friend their hearts opened to find that which they needed."
Christina and Zach both smiled at Michael.
"This ceremony is a joining of love, a joining of God's love. And it is going to be different. Different in the sense that this too is the beginning of a new family. Together they shall walk in their faith in God, their love for each other. Before Zachary and Christina exchange their vows we'll hear loving words from two special friends."
Justin stood up, walking in front of Zach and Christina.
Justin smiled at both of them.
"I've been asked to say a blessing on the happy couple. To wish them happiness and a long life of love and faith.
Through the love of someone special to my heart, the two of you have united in love.
We, your family and friends, have gathered here today to witness the joining in front of God of your love, faith, and trust in each other.
We are blessed to know both of you as kind, loving, and giving individuals.
You are blessed in having all of us to lean on, to love you and to be there for you.
We all wish you joy and happiness, a life of love and togetherness.
We love you, both of you.
Live life with happiness and faith, God loves you."
Christina and Zach were moved by Justin's touching words, Justin hugging both of them.
Justin then smiled at Michael, winking. Michael smiled back.
The minister stood in front of them again, smiling.
"In all your family, in all your gathered friends, you will find happiness and enrichment. Take all that they give, give all that you can to them, and life will be good. Blessed are you to have happiness and joy in all those that are here today to share in your love. Another dear friend wishes to speak now of family, love and faith."
The minister smiled at Michael, Michael stepping now in front of the loving couple.
Everyone waited, knowing that Michael's words would be very touching.
Michael motioned for Becky to join the couple.
The little girl got up off Justin's lap, walking up to stand between the couple, both putting their arms around her shoulders.
"Zach, Christina, and your little angel, Becky, the three of you are now going to be a family. The three of you soon to be united in love. Love for one another. I'd like to tell you what I see in each of you."
Zach and Christina had smiles on their faces, nodding at Michael.
Becky smiled widely, Michael kneeling down to her level.
"Becky, little angel of love, in you I see happiness and laughter. I see you looking at Zach with love, at your new Daddy. I see joy in your smile, when you look at your Mom. You love her so much, and she loves you. And you love your new Daddy. He loves his angel. They both love you deeply, and will be with you always. Smile, little sweetie, you’re loved by all of us."
Becky smiled, kissing Michael's cheek, a lot of people wiping tears from their eyes.
Michael stood up, smiling at Christina.
"Christina, another angel of love. In you, I see joy this day; I see in you love. In your eyes, your heart, and your soul. Today you stand beside Zach, who loves you deeply. The last few years you've been so lonely, so forgotten by the world. You struggled to survive, to make a life for you and Becky.
Your sweet little girl was all that mattered in your heart, the love for your child.
You never faltered from your love for Becky, even forgoing your own happiness.
And then one day, I walked into your life. I believe, in my heart, it was for a reason.
Standing beside you is that reason. To unite you with your true love.
I once told you to take a chance, to love him and he in turn would love you.
Love is now in your eyes. As is faith, hope and trust. Smile, Christina, your life now will be one of joy, happiness and love."
Christina smiled, tears in her eyes, hugging Michael.
Michael turned, looking into Zach's loving eyes.
"Zach, my dearest friend of my youth. I've known you for a long time. Since the first day I met you, I saw in you someone with a giving heart and a loving soul. I've watched you--and helped you--grow into the successful man I see before me. You gave me so much love and friendship when I needed it most. In all sense of the word, you are my brother.
And here today you stand on the threshold of declaring your love for Christina.
I had a hand in uniting both of you. It was an easy thing for me to do.
Because I've wanted you to find love, and to have a life of beauty, happiness and joy.
In Christina, you will find all of that, and so much more. So smile, Zach, your life now will be one of joy, happiness and love."
Zach's eyes were full of tears, he hugged Michael tightly.
Michael smiled, joining their two hands, and putting Becky's on top of both of them.
"A loving family. Before us stands a family, soon to grow larger. You all now share a bond of love, joy and happiness. Bless this union, this union of love and faith."
Michael smiled, going back to his place beside Zach.
A lot of crying could be heard, Nana and Nancy, as well as Sharon, all crying.
Justin looked at his lover, feeling the happiness in his soul. Tears ran down Justin's cheeks, his arm around Christina's mom.
The minister smiled at Michael, looking out at the congregation.
"Blessed are you to know the love of these two special people. Today they stand before you as a sign of their commitment to each other in the house of God.
Would the two of you now turn and face each other?"
The two turned as one, smiling at each other. Becky remained between them both, looking up at both of them.
"Do you , Zachary Warren, take Christina as your wife and soulmate; to love her unconditionally, and at all times giving her your love and faith?"
"I do." Zach said, staring into her beautiful eyes.
"Do you, Christina Marshall, take Zachary as your husband and soulmate; to love him unconditionally, and at all times giving him your love and faith?"
"I do." She said, lost in his loving eyes.
"May I have the rings?"
Michael took the three rings out of his pocket laying them on top of the bible in the minister's hand.
Chris looked at the bible seeing the three rings.
"Three rings?  As if this wasn't enough of a circus!"
Joey smacked him on the back of the head, Jonnie looking at both of them, bursting into laughter.
The five people facing the altar all turned; Lynn admonishing Jonathan, both blushing.
The minister smiled, then laughed.
"Ah, the freshness of youthful exuberance. Let us continue."
The group turned back to face the minister, the ceremony continuing
"These three rings represent love. The love of a man and a woman. And the love of a child. A family's love. Zach, take the first ring and place it on her finger. Christina, take the second and place it on his finger."
They took the two large rings, placing the ring on each other's finger.
The minister smiled, extending the bible forward.
"Zach and Christina, together take the third ring and place it on your daughter's finger."
The two smiled, taking the small ring, and putting it on a smiling Becky's finger.
Michael and Vicky had tears running down their faces, seeing the love of the family before them.
"The three of you are now a family, joined in the sight of God, united in the love you all have. In the sight and love of God, I now pronounce you a family. Zach and Christina, you may kiss each other. Then I believe a little angel deserves two kisses." the minister said, smiling at Becky.
Zach and Christina kissed deeply, applause resonating off the walls of the small church.
They broke apart, Zach picking up Becky, both adults kissing her cheeks.
The minister guided them all over to a white table, the wedding certificates needing to be signed.
Michael and Vicky signed their names, Zach and Christina signing theirs.
When they were finished, Zach, Christina and Becky stood together in front of the congregation.
"Ladies, and gentlemen, it gives me great happiness to present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Zachary and Christina Warren, and their daughter Rebecca Warren."
The audience clapped loudly, the family smiling, then walking down the aisle, Michael and Vicky walking behind them, their arms linked.
Justin took Nancy's arm, and followed behind them, Zach's parents behind them.

Outside the church, everyone was hugging and kissing the newlyweds.
The photographer snapped pictures of everyone.
Justin was carrying Becky, everyone kissing her as well, Becky happy in Justin's arms.
Michael stood beside them, smiling at everyone.
Everyone had come. Justin's family, Seth and Tomas, Kevin and Father Derrick.
Michael hugged everyone, so happy to see them all again.
Vito and Loren were there as guests, Vito's restaurant doing the catering at the reception.
Michael hugged his friends, Vito smiling at him.
Justin noticed that Uncle Silas had disappeared, wondering where he'd gone to.
The couple were hugged and kissed by everyone, Nana kissing both their cheeks.
After a few minutes Zach walked up to Michael, telling him they were ready to head to their new home.
Michael smiled, walking over with him to a waiting Christina and Becky.
"It's time to go, Cricket. Your chariot should be here momentarily." Michael smiled.
Zach looked at him quizzically, wondering what other surprise he'd thought up.
Justin had his hand in Michael's, wondering also.
Then everyone heard the horn blaring.
Down the block came a classic red convertible.
Zach stared in shock, seeing Michael's grandfather's old car, Silas driving it.
Michael put his hand on Zach's shoulder.
"I remembered the drives we had in this car, Zach. They were some of the happiest moments in my young life. I thought it only fitting to drive you and your new bride around in it. Sort of a reliving of old memories."
Zach teared up, hugging Michael tight.
"Oh, Mikey! What a beautiful thing to say! I'd be honored to drive with you again!"
Justin was crying, moved by the loving sentiment that Michael was showing his friend.
Silas pulled the car up in front of them, smiling as he opened the door.
Zach hugged him, everyone looking at the beautiful decorated car.
Streamers and paper carnations covered the classic car.
Michael opened the back door, helping Christina and Becky into the car, Zach getting in beside his new family in the back seat.
"Vicky, you hop in front with me." Michael smiled at her wrapped in Chris's arms.
"Can Uncle Justin come too?" Becky asked, Michael smiling widely.
"Of course, it's a car of love."
Justin beamed, walking around the car, letting Vicky sit in the middle.
Everyone buckled in, waiting for Michael.
Michael smiled at everyone standing around the car, Nana hugging him.
"We'll meet you at the house shortly."
Michael got in, starting the car, smiling to himself.
This car felt like a part of him.
And today it was indeed a car filled with love.
He smiled at Justin and Vicky, seeing the happiness on their faces.
"Let's go for a drive."

End of Chapter 94
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