Justin's Angel-95

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Down the block came a classic red convertible.
Zach stared in shock, seeing Michael's grandfather's old car, Silas driving it.
Michael put his hand on Zach's shoulder.
"I remembered the drives we had in this car, Zach. They were some of the happiest moments in my young life. I thought it only fitting to drive you and your new bride around in it. Sort of a reliving of old memories."
Zach teared up, hugging Michael tight.
"Oh, Mikey. What a beautiful thing to say. I'd be honored to drive with you again."
Justin  was crying, moved by the loving sentiment that Michael was showing his friend.
Silas pulled the car up in front of them, smiling as he opened the door.
Zach hugged him, everyone looking at the beautiful decorated car.
Streamers and paper carnations covered the classic car.
Michael opened the back door, helping Christina and Becky into the car, Zach getting in beside his new family in the back seat.
"Vicky, you hope in front with me." Michael smiled at her wrapped in Chris's arms.
"Can Uncle Justin come too?" Becky said, Michael smiling widely.
"Of course, it's a car of love."
Justin beamed walking around the car, letting Vicky to sit in the middle.
Everyone buckled in, waiting for Michael.
Michael smiled at everyone standing around the car, Nana hugging him.
"We'll meet you at the house shortly."
Michael got in, starting the car, smiling to himself.
This car felt like a part of him.
And today it was indeed a car filled with love.
He smiled at Justin and Vicky, seeing the happiness on their faces.
"Let's go for a drive."

Chapter 95

Everyone waved at the convertible as Michael pulled it out onto the street, blaring the horn.
Lance and Josh stood standing watching the new family driving away.
"That was so beautiful, Josh. Michael's and Justin's words so moving."
"Yes, my love. It really was a ceremony of love."
Lance smiled, so wanting to kiss Josh.
The wedding had ignited the deep feelings of love in his soul.
But in public, he couldn't show Josh his happiness.
The two lovers walked with Joey and Kelly towards the minivan, Chris following them.
They all climbed in, Joey pulling out into the line of cars leaving the church.
Lance and Josh were kissing as soon as the car was mobile.
"What a beautiful ceremony!" Kelly smiled, Joey taking her hand in his.
"Michael's so amazing. His words are so moving, always." Joey said, Chris smiling.
"I can't believe what that man's done for Zach and Christina. In fact, for all of us." Chris said quietly.
Josh and Lance sat beside each other, Lance's head now on Josh's chest.
"He's unbelievable, all right." Josh said, Lance smiling.
"We have to do something for him. Some kind of special night out, or something." Lance said, everyone agreeing.
"But what?" Lance said.
"We'll talk with Justin privately today, see if we can't come up with something."
"Hey, we're all going to their place for Easter, how about we plan something for that weekend? We'll all be together! Justin's invited everyone for Easter." Chris said, looking at Josh and Lance.
"True, it would be good timing, it's only two weeks away." Josh said, smiling.
"Cool, let's get Justin on board, and we'll plan it." Joey said.
"You know Michael hates this kind of thing." Lance said, Josh and Chris laughing.
"Yeah, we know, but he'll see it's us showing him our love." Kelly said, everyone smiling.
Five heads got together, planning their surprise.

Justin looked over at Michael, seeing the smile on his face.
Vicky was looking at him also.
Michael hit the horn, people waving at the bridal car as it drove down the streets of Chicago's suburbs.
"Michael, quit it. Everyone's looking." Christina said, blushing.
"As they should. They're seeing a beautiful couple in love." Michael said, looking at Justin.
Justin smiled, thinking that Michael meant them.
"I like showing off my sweetheart." Zach said, leaning in, kissing Christina, Becky sitting between them, smiling.
Justin turned his head back, smiling at the couple in love, winking at Becky.
"You warm, little angel?" Justin asked, smiling at Becky.
"I'm fine, Uncle Justin. This car is so cool."
Michael laughed, looking in the rear view mirror at her.
"Yep, it's a special car. It's my vehicle of love."
Justin felt all of Michael's happiness, and his love sinking into his soul.
"Mikey, I can't believe the happiness I feel radiating off you! What's gotten into you?" Vicky said smiling at him.
"What can I say? Weddings make me happy. Especially the wedding of dear friends."
Zach and Christina smiled, Zach putting his hand forward on Michael's shoulder.
"That was a moving speech both of you gave. Thank you for those beautiful words."
Justin and Michael both smiled, they'd only run through it once the day before in Cincinnati.
"We meant every word, you two. You have the love and faith of all of us. Never forget that." Justin said, Michael smiling.
"So, you didn't tell me, Zach. Where are you three going on your honeymoon?" Justin asked, Vicky wanting to know as well.
Michael looked in the rearview mirror, Zach smiling at him.
"Well, we are going to Hawaii for two weeks, right my love?" Zach said, kissing Christina again.
"Yes, it's going to be so beautiful, two weeks of love." She said, staring into Zach's loving eyes.
"That's great, it's a beautiful place. Also very romantic. You'll love it." Justin said, smiling back at them.
Michael looked at Justin, his eyebrow raised.
"Cameron and I went there for a week one time." Justin blushed, Michael nodding.
Michael looked back at Zach, Zach winking.
"Honey, should we give Justin his gift now?" Zach said, Christina smiling, then nodding.
"Gift? You didn't have to get me anything. I was so proud to walk you down the aisle, Christina. I don't need a gift, doing it was gift enough."
Christina smiled, leaning forward, kissing his turned cheek.
Justin smiled.
"Justin, we wanted to give you something that would make you really happy. Michael actually came up with the idea." Christina said smiling, Justin looking at Michael.
Becky looked up at her Mom, then her Dad, both nodding.
"Uncle Justin, I'm going to stay with you for two weeks. You and Uncle Michael are looking after me while Mommy and Daddy go away."
Justin looked totally shocked, Michael smiling.
Justin's eyes teared up, a large smile on his face.
"Really? For real?"
"Yes, Jus. I offered to look after Becky for Cricket and Zacky. She wouldn't have fun on a honeymoon."
Justin actually shrieked, leaning over the back seat, kissing Becky's cheek.
"We're going to have so much fun, Becky!"
Everyone smiled at Justin's childlike happiness and his open enthusiasm.
"Looks like I'm going to have two kids to look after." Michael smirked, Vicky smiling at him.
Justin leaned over her, kissing Michael's cheek.
"You're the best, babe."
Michael smiled, turning onto the street leading up to Zach and Christina's new home.

Michael parked in front of the home, the driveway and both sides of street filled with cars.
A space had been left in front for Michael's car.
The photographer was waiting for them, wanting to take pictures of the newlyweds in the classic car.
After about ten minutes, he was finished.
The bridal party got out, Zach helping Christina out of the back seat, Justin carrying Becky.
They all walked up the walkway, Nana and Nancy greeting them on the front step.
"Everything's ready for your grand entrance, sweetie." Nancy said to Christina, smiling.
Michael excused himself for a moment, going through the kitchen, the caterers all working busily, smiling at Michael.
Michael knew them all from Vito's restaurant, saying hello to all of them.
He looked out the French doors, seeing the crowd sitting at their tables, everything ready. The band was all set up, ready to go.
The back yard was decorated in white roses, mixed with red ones.
Flowers were everywhere, Michael smiling at all the beautiful arrangements.
Everyone had done a wonderful job.
Michael caught Lance's attention, Lance getting up and walking through the French doors.
"We're all here, Lancy. We need Zach's parents to get this all going."
"Sure thing, Mikey. I'll send them in. How was the drive?"
"It was wonderful, Zach and Christina are beyond happy."
Lance smiled, hugging his friend, going back out.
A few minutes later, Lance was back with Sharon and Jim.
They all gathered together in the living room: the bridal party and all the parents.
Lance smiled at everyone, walking back through the kitchen, everyone following him.
They all waited inside the doorway; Lance going out and walking up onto the stage where the band was waiting.
"Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention please."
Everyone took their seats, looking toward Lance.
"My name is Lance. I will be your master of ceremonies for this evening. I am a good friend of the groom and the bride. It gives me great pleasure in introducing all of you to Mr. And Mrs. Zachary Warren and family."
Lance turned looking toward the French doors, the band beginning to play music.
Everyone stood up, looking toward the patio.
Joey and Chris, who had been standing on both sides of the French doors, opened both doors smiling.
The photographer Michael had hired was ready to take pictures.
Out first walked Justin and Christina's mother arm in arm.
Everyone began clapping, Justin smiling widely, cameras going off.
Behind them walked Zach's parents.
Next up came Michael and Vicky, Chris staring at his girlfriend's smiling face.
To his eyes, she looked beyond beautiful.
Joey smiled, watching Chris's steady gaze.
Michael was smiling widely, looking at all their friends.
They all took their places, standing in a semi circle in front of the stage.
Through the doorway walked Christina and Zach, Becky walking in front of them.
The crowd was clapping louder, whistling and shouting, the photographer taking pictures of the new family
Michael thought the three of them looked so beautiful, a tear in his eye.
Justin was watching Michael, seeing his happiness at this moment in the sun for Zach and Christina.
Justin knew that it was because of Michael's gifts that these three were now a family.
And that it was also because of Michael's giving love.
Zach, Christina and Becky stopped in front of the semi circle created by their bridal party, facing their applauding friends and family.
"We're going to have a congratulatory receiving line here, with the bridal party. Please come up and give your best wishes to the happy couple. After that, the bridal party will be having pictures taken. Dinner will be in about an hour and a half. Please feel free to mingle and have fun." Lance said on the stage, smiling at everyone.
People began to come forward, a line forming, everyone hugging and kissing everyone in the bridal party.
Michael knew a lot of them, but some he didn't know. Friends of Zach's from work, other friends of Christina's.
Seth and Tomas gave Michael long, tight hugs, Father Derrick and Kevin smiling at their love for him.
Father Derrick hugged him as well, Justin smiling at their special bond.
It was well over a half hour of congratulatory hugs and kisses, everyone happy and enjoying themselves.
After everyone had kissed the bride and congratulated Zach, the  bridal party was ushered over to the end of the back yard, where a floral backdrop was set up for pictures.
For almost an hour pictures were taken of everyone, Michael smiling through it all.
The photographer took a picture of Justin and Michael together, by Zach's request.
Michael sat in Justin's lap, the two hugging, Michael's head on Justin's chest.
Everyone saw the beauty and happiness in both of their faces, the two men looking so perfect together.
Zach and Christina smiled, knowing that picture would hang on their wall, as well as Michael's and Justin's home. And probably every home of all their friends and family
After all the photographs were taken, everyone mingled waiting for dinner to start.
Lance walked back onto the stage, smiling.
"Dinner is ready, would the bridal party take their seats at the head table please?"
The bride and groom sat in the center of their long table.
All the parents sat on the bride's right side; Michael, then Justin, then Vicky sat on Zach's left side.
"A dear friend of Michael's has offered to say grace. Please welcome Father Derrick O'Hara."
Father Derrick walked up to the stage, taking the mike from a smiling Lance.
"Would everyone please bow their heads?"
Everyone lowered their heads, Father Derrick smiling.
"Dear lord, we, all of your children, are gathered in this beautiful home to bless this loving couple.  A new family shines here today, basking in the beauty of their joined family's love. We thank you for blessing these two with their giving love for each other and their love for your loving heart. Guide them in all they do, love them in all their adventures. Let us now dine with this new family, all of us basking in their happiness. Amen."
Everyone said Amen, the caterers bringing out plates of food for the tables.

The meal was scrumptious and delicious.
Vito had outdone himself again.
Michael smiled over at him, bowing his head. Vito smiled back.
When the meal began, glasses were being tapped with silverware, the old custom observed.
Zach and Christina stood, kissing deeply, the applause loud.
Michael and Justin smiled, looking at the newlyweds.
Lance went up to the microphone, smiling at everyone.
"If you'd like to say anything to the newlyweds, you're more than welcome to come up to the microphone while we finish dinner and dessert. Please stop the tapping of wine glasses, the happy couple will now ignore it. The only way to make them kiss is to sing them a few lines from a love song. After dessert we will have toasts to the bride and groom. Thank you, and enjoy."
Josh was the first, walking up to the microphone, winking at Lance as he passed.
There were some unknown people here, they had to play it cool.
"Hi, I'm Josh. I just wanted to wish Zach and Christina a lifetime of happiness and love. Michael introduced all of us boybanders to these two special people, they now have a place in all our hearts."
Zach and Christina smiled, touched by Josh's and the guys' friendships.
Josh's rich beautiful singing voice filled the air.

Love is in the air, with every sight and every sound.
Love is in the air, everywhere you look around

Zach and Christina smiled, standing again and kissing deeply, Josh smiling and leading the clapping.
And so it went, people going up and singing small parts of love songs.
Five doctor friends of Zach's broke into a chorus of Love Child, everyone laughing and applauding.
When dinner was finished and dessert had been handed out, four famous singers walked up onto the stage.
"Hi, my name is Joe. I don't know if you all know us, but we used to be in a band a long time ago."
Everyone laughed, clapping heard all around.
"Apparently you do know us. God help you." Chris said laughing.
Everyone laughed, Michael smiling at his friends.
"We're up here to sing a song, at Zach's request. This one isn't for the bride and groom, this is for the best man and his date."
Michael looked at Zach, Zach winking.
"Michael and his new friend recently made their relationship known to everyone. Who's Michael's man anyway?" Joey asked looking around at everyone.
"I don't know, I heard he's some washed up singer." Chris said.
Everyone laughed again, looking at the head table, Justin laughing as well.
"This is Michael and Justin's first social engagement as a open loving couple. All of you now will see their open love. It's beautiful." Lance said, Justin and Michael smiling at his moving words.
Their four friends smiled, all circling around the microphone.
"Get ready to pucker up, Justy." Josh said smiling.

Love, love me do
You know I love you
So please, please, please love me do

The four men finished their impromptu song, their voices sounding so good, so in tune with each other.
They hadn't lost their harmony.
Everyone clapped loudly looking towards the table, Michael standing up, taking Justin's hand.
Justin stood up, staring into Michael's golden eyes.
Michael stared back into his blue eyes of love.
"Welcome to the open world of love, Jus."
Justin smiled, leaning into Michael.
Their lips met, the kiss tender and loving.
The clapping was really loud, everyone cheering the couple.
They sat back down, Zach putting his hand on Michael's shoulder, both smiling at each other.
No words needed saying, they both felt their own happiness.

The speeches started, toasts being given to the couple. Justin toasted the parents of the two newlyweds, Michael toasted the maid of honor.
Michael gave no other emotional, moving speech, he'd said all he needed to say in the church.
The meal was finished, everyone relaxing around the bar and mingling, while tables were cleared.
Zach and Christina mingled with everyone, a lot of happiness flowing through everyone.
Michael sat down beside Seth, Tomas, Kevin and Father Derrick.
"It's so beautiful, Mikey. Everything looks so beautiful. The flower arrangements  are stunning." Seth said, Tomas voicing the same sentiments.
"Yes, it's beautiful. But I think my wedding to Justin will be even more beautiful, thanks to you two." Michael said, smiling at the two young men.
Seth and Tomas looked confused, staring back at Michael.
"Justin and I want you two to do the flowers for our wedding. We both see the love and beauty in your work, and Nathan told me how you've been doing wonderful work at his brother's shop."
Seth broke into tears, hugging Michael tightly, Michael smiling at Father Derrick.
Tomas hugged Michael next, the two young men then getting up and running over to Justin.
"You're remarkable, Mikey. You make everyone so happy." Father Derrick said, smiling at him.
"That's what I'm here for, to make everyone happy." Michael said, staring at the two young men hugging Justin together.
"Thanks for bringing smiles and happiness to their lives, Mike. And they loved staying with Nana last week, she's quite special herself." Kevin said, smiling at Michael.
"That she is, Kev, that she is." Michael smiled at him, then looked at his grandmother.
She was chatting with Christina, the two laughing.

"I love the dress, Christina, it's so beautiful!" Nana said smiling at her.
"Yes, it's the dress of my dreams. But I think I feel a button's come undone, can you check and button it in the back for me, Nana?"
"Sure, child, turn around."
Christina turned around, Nana seeing the opened button hole, pulling the fabric together and buttoning it again.
"There you go." She said smiling, then spotting a mark on Christina's lower left shoulder blade.
It looked like a birthmark, in the shape of a cross.
Nana froze, staring at the mark, her heart almost stopping.
Christina turned back around, smiling at her.
"Thank you, Nana." She said, then looked at her face.
It was almost white.
"Nana, are you alright?" She said, Nana staggering a bit, Christina grabbing her.
"Justin!" She said, seeing Justin a few feet away from her.
Justin turned seeing her holding Nana, and Nana's face.
Justin was at their side in a flash.
"Are you okay, Nana?" He asked, guiding her gently to a chair behind them.
Nana sat down, her body trembling slightly, Justin feeling it.
She looked up at Christina, tears in her eyes. Then she looked at Justin.
Then her gaze sought out Michael, who was on the other side of the patio, talking with Father Derrick.
"I'm fine, just a little dizzy spell. I just need a drink of water, and I'll be fine." She said wiping her eyes, Justin immediately going for her water.
Christina sat down beside her, her arm around her shoulder.
"You're sure your okay?"
Justin walked back, a glass of water in his hand. He handed it to Nana, she taking a drink.
"Thank you, Justin. I'm fine now. Don't worry, I'm fine."
Justin smiled at her, then he immediately walked over to Michael.
Michael smiled up at him, then saw the concern on Justin's face.
"What's wrong, Jus?"
"Nana's had a little fainting spell, Mico."
Michael was up in a flash running over to his grandmother, Christina getting up, Michael sitting down beside his grandmother.
"Nana, what's wrong? Is everything okay? Let me get Zach."
"No, my boy, I'm fine, just a little dizzy spell. I hadn't slept well last night, just a little tired, that's all."
Michael hugged her close, kissing her cheek, Justin and Christina seeing his love for this special lady.
"You've been working too hard with this wedding, you need to rest." He said tenderly, Nana smiling up at him.
"I wanted everything to be special, Zach deserves that." She said, Christina tearing up, seeing her love for her husband.
Zach came over with Father Derrick, who'd gone to find him.
"Everything okay?" He asked, concern on his face and Father Derrick's.
"I'm fine, Zach, just a little tired. I think I'd like to lay down for a little while."
Michael helped her get up, he and Zach taking her arms, guiding her into the house, Christina and Justin following, everyone around looking at them going inside.
Zach guided them to the downstairs spare room, where a bed was.
Nana lay down, Michael taking her shoes off, throwing a blanket over her gently.
"I'm going to look you over quickly, Nana, just to make sure." Zach said, Christina coming back in with his bag.
"Okay, Zach. I'll let you do that." She said smiling, Zach asking everyone to step out of the room.
Michael waited outside the room, Justin holding him. He felt Michael's worry.
Ten minutes later, Zach came back out, smiling at Michael.
"She's okay, Mikey. Just a bit tired. Her heart and lungs are excellent. Nothing seems wrong."
Michael let out a sigh of relief, Justin feeling it in his soul.
"That's good news." Silas said. He'd been brought in by Christina, everyone seeing his love for Nana.
"She just  needs a nap for a few hours. We'll let her sleep."
Michael nodded, Silas going into the room.
Justin and Michael walked back outside with Zach and Christina, everyone looking at them.
"She's okay, just a little tired. Please everyone, enjoy the music and drink." Zach said, everyone smiling.
Silas sat on the bed, Nana opening her eyes, staring into his grey ones.
"Oh, Silas." She began crying, Silas taking her into his arms, feeling her deep worry.
"It is really true, Silas. Michael is going to hate me when he finds out."
Silas held her, tears in his eyes as well.
"He has the right to know, Helena. And I think you're wrong. Michael could never hate you. He loves you unconditionally."
Helena lay back, staring at Silas's handsome face.
"He's everything to me. How can I tell him the truth?"
"By looking him in his loving eyes and showing him your love. Let's wait until you're more settled. Tell me, how do you now know it's true?"
Nana told him what she'd seen, Silas nodding.
"We'll wait until we go down to his home for Easter, Helena. That  gives you a couple of weeks. I'm going to do some checking, let's make sure this is correct."
Helena nodded, Silas kissing her tenderly.
Helena stared at the closed door, knowing what the future might hold for Michael, and what it might do to their relationship.

The music began playing, people starting to dance.
Michael sat down at a table, Justin, Josh and Lance sitting down beside him.
Michael felt Justin's arm go around him, feeling his love and caring in his touch.
"She's going to be okay, Mico."
"I know, Jus. But I can't stop worrying about her. She means so much to me."
Justin kissed his cheek, holding him tight.
Josh and Lance knew of Michael's love for his grandmother, and what she thought of him.
Zach and Christina stopped by the table, looking at their friend.
"You okay, Mikey?"
"Yeah, Zach. Thanks for looking after her."
Zach smiled, rubbing his shoulder.
"She's almost like my grandmother, Mikey. I love her too."
Michael smiled, looking and seeing Silas walking back out of the house.
He sat down at their table, smiling at Michael.
"She's asleep. But she wants to be woken up in a little while. She doesn't want to miss the party. She wants to see Zach and Christina shine in their first dance of love."
Zach and Christina's first dance wasn't scheduled until later.
They wanted their friends to have fun first, plus they wanted to mingle.
Zach and Michael both smiled, feeling Nana's love.
Vicky came over to the table with Lynn and Lisa, Vicky pulling Michael up for a dance.
"You're not going to sit there all night and worry, Mikey. You need to smile, pencil dick." She said lovingly, Justin smiling at her concern for Michael.
Michael laughed at her, Vicky pulling him towards the dance floor.
Justin watched him, listening to Josh, Zach and Lance talking.
He turned looking at Silas, seeing him watching Christina.
Justin felt something wasn't quite right, he'd seen the same look on Nana's face when she'd looked at Christina. It was as if they were suddenly seeing her for the first time.
"Everything okay, Uncle Silas? You look deep in thought about something."
Silas smiled at Justin, patting his arm.
"Life is about surprises, Justin. God sometimes gives us some wonderful surprises in life. Love and faith, hope and happiness. Yes, indeed. God's beautiful surprises."
Silas smiled, getting up and asking Lynn to dance.
Lynn smiled, walking to the dance floor on his arm.
Justin looked after him, wondering what he'd meant by that statement.
Josh offered his hand to Lisa, Lisa smiling and accepting his offer.
Justin and Lance sat quietly watching their men dancing, seeing their beauty and graceful moves.
"Michael's a hell of a dancer, Justy. Why doesn't that surprise me? He's good at everything."
"Don't I know it, Lancy, don't I know it."
Lance smiled, watching Josh.
He stared at the man he'd fallen deeply in love with.
"Silas is right. God gives us some wonderful surprises in life. Josh's love is mine." Lance said, his voice full of emotion.
Justin smiled hugging his friend.
"And Michael's love is the greatest surprise I've ever known."
Lance smiled at Justin's love for Michael They both felt so lucky.

An hour and a half later Michael was sitting with Justin, smiling at everyone, when he saw Nana and Silas walk out of the house.
He walked up to his grandmother smiling at her.
"How are you, Nana?  Everything okay?"
Nana smiled at him, kissing his cheek.
"It takes a lot more than this excitement to slow this old girl down." she said smiling at him.
Michael walked her over to his table, Justin kissing her cheek and pulling a chair out for her.
She smiled at all their loving care, sitting down.
"I'm fine, everyone. I'm just going to relax and enjoy the party. Have Zach and Christina danced yet?"
"They're going to shortly. Right, Mikey?" Josh said, smiling.
Michael smiled, getting up and walking up to the stage.
He talked to the bandleader, the man smiling and nodding. A couple of minutes later the band finished their current song, Michael taking the microphone.
"If I could have everyone's attention, I'd like to have the bridal couple on the dance floor. It's time for two stars to shine in our heaven."
Zach and Christina smiled, coming from different sides of the dance floor, taking each other's hands in the middle of the floor.
"As tradition goes, this is your dance, our loving couple. Your first dance as husband and wife. Christina and Zach chose this song to show how much this day means to them. And how much their love means to each other. It means a lot to me also. To see two special people in love and now united. Music isn't enough for this special moment. If my Justin would come up here, he and I would like to sing that song for both of you.
Zach and Christina looked surprised, Justin walking past them, smiling.
He walked onto the stage, kissing Michael's cheek, everyone clapping.
"Ladies and gentlemen, let's watch the happy couple." Justin said smiling as the music began.
Michael's rich voice filled the night air, everyone mesmerized.
Justin's beautiful voice soon followed.
Justin and Michael became lost in the music they sang, lost in the meaning of the words in their own hearts.

Tonight I celebrate my love for you
It seems the natural thing to do
Tonight no one's gonna find us
We'll leave the world behind us
When I make love to you

Tonight I celebrate my love for you
And hope that deep inside you feel it too
Tonight our spirits will be climbing
To the sky lit up with diamonds
When I make love to you tonight

Tonight I celebrate my love for you (ooh)
And that midnight song is gonna come shining through
Tonight there'll be no distance between us
What I want most to do
Is to get close to you tonight

Nana and Silas smiled at their grandsons, watching them sing together, feeling the song meant just as much to them as to Zach and Christina.
Nana then looked at Zach and Christina, seeing their loving eyes lost in each other's.
She smiled a warm smile, feeling the love in this beautiful home.
Silas squeezed her hand, Nana looking into his grey eyes.
"Zach and Christina both look so happy. And I sense you'll make them even happier." Silas said, Nana kissing his cheek.
Nana smiled, but her soul felt that fear again. That fear of disappointing Michael.

Tonight I celebrate my love for you
And soon this old world will seem brand new
Tonight we will both discover
How friends turn into lovers
When I make love to you

Tonight I celebrate my love for you (ooh)
And that midnight song is gonna come shining through
Tonight there'll be no distance between us
What I want most to do
Is to get close to you

Tonight I celebrate my love for you

The song ended, everyone clapping at the loving couple, then standing up, clapping for Justin and Michael's beautiful version of the song.
Michael blushed, Justin kissing his cheek, wrapping his arm around him.
Zach and Christina bowed to them, both men smiling.
"Let's enjoy the evening, everyone get up on the dance floor. Let's get this party started!" Justin yelled, everyone laughing, Michael included.
The music started again, a more upbeat song.
Justin and Michael walked onto the dance floor, their hands together.

And so the evening went on, everyone dancing and laughing.
Justin and Michael danced with everyone, the two moving with grace and beauty, constantly watching each other.
Michael sat down in a chair at an empty table, watching Justin dancing with Sharon.
Michael looked all around, seeing his family and all his friends dancing, laughing and enjoying themselves.
In his mind he heard his voice again, telling him words of happiness and kindness.
He smiled, just as Justin sat down beside him.
"You having fun, lover?" Justin asked, smiling at him.
Michael smiled, grabbing Justin's hand and pulling him up. He headed toward the house, walking through the patio door, pulling Justin along.
Within a few minutes he had Justin locked in the upstairs washroom with him.
Michael pulled him into his arms, kissing him deeply, Justin feeling his passion and love.
"Mmmm, babe, that was fantastic."
Michael smiled, kissing his lips repeatedly, small kisses of love.
Michael's hands kneaded Justin's clothed ass cheeks.
"I just needed a moment alone with you, Jus." Michael said, laying his head on Justin's chest, Justin feeling Michael's contented soul.
"I love any time alone with you, my angel." Justin said, wrapping his arms around Michael.
"Wasn't today beautiful, wasn't it magical?" Michael said, Justin smiling.
"That it was, Mico. That it was."
"I've felt so much love today, Jus. I've seen all my friends, all our friends so happy, so joyous. I can't believe that I saw and felt all this today. That I'd ever have a night of love like this. That I have all these friends now. I'm not alone anymore. And I have you to thank for that, Jus. You've made me so happy. I have so many friends now. Thank you, Timby, for giving me a life and friends."
Michael hugged Justin tighter, Justin sensing his feelings.
Michael felt loved. He didn't feel alone anymore. He finally felt totally loved.
To Michael his friends were everything now. And Justin was the most important.
They kissed deeply, a kiss of unending love.

Twenty minutes later, after an intense session of passionate kissing and groping,  Michael and Justin walked back out onto the patio, walking up to their table again.
Lance and Josh looked up, smiling at them.
"And just where did you two disappear to? Having a little private fun?" Josh smirked.
Michael laughed, hugging Josh, ruffling Lance's hair.
Lisa came up to the table, grabbing Michael's hand. She hadn't danced with him yet.
Michael smiled, walking out onto the dance floor with her.
Justin watched Michael, feeling his happiness. A tear fell down his cheek, Lance seeing it.
"Everything okay, Jus?" Lance asked, Justin looking into his green eyes.
"Everything's wonderful. And I have an idea. I want to do something special for Michael. And you all need to be included. Will you help?"
Josh and Lance smiled, nodding.
Justin told them what Michael had said to him, about his now feeling loved by all his new friends.
Josh and Lance smiled, knowing they would always be Michael's friends and that they'd always love him.
"Let's go talk to everyone." Justin said, getting up, Josh and Lance following him.

Michael danced three songs with Lisa, the two talking with each other, Michael loving her deeply.
Michael didn't notice--but Lisa did--Justin talking to different people all around them.
She looked at Justin, Justin mouthing something to her, she understanding.
"You seem really happy tonight, Michael?" She asked, smiling at him.
"I'm beyond happy. I feel so alive, so focused. It's as if my life now has meaning. I'm loved by so many, Lisa. I finally feel loved."
Lisa felt Michael's happiness, her smile wide and beautiful.
He smiled at her, dancing around with her.
Towards the end of the third song, Michael noticed that the dance floor had thinned out, only he and Lisa were left dancing.
The music finished,  Michael stopping, his back to the stage, Lisa kissing his cheek.
"I think it's time you had a special moment, Michael." Lisa said, Michael seeing Nana and Silas walking up to him.
Nana and Silas both hugged Michael.
Lisa walked over, standing beside Randall.
He saw a lot of people he knew missing.
"This is for you, my sweet child. Turn around, my angel." Nana said, Silas smiling at him.
Michael turned around, seeing something that surprised him.
All his friends were standing on the stage.
Justin stood in the center of them.
They were all there, smiling down at him.
Zach, Christina, Vicky, Seth, Tomas, Kevin and Father Derrick.
Chris, Lance, Joey, Kelly, and Josh. Jake, Vito, Loren and Lonnie.
Justin smiled down at Michael, Michael looking confused.
"If I could have everyone's attention, I'd like to talk to you about friendship." Justin said, Michael listening to his lover's melodic, beautiful voice.
All of Michael's family walked onto the dance floor.
Randall, Lisa, Lynn and Paul. Jonathan and Stevie and Paulo.
They all stood around him, Michael's eyes scanning all their faces.
He turned back to stare at his love.
"This night has been so special, a lot of it due to the love of one special man. We all know of Michael's giving heart. Of all he's done for Zach and Christina. And all he's done for all of us. All that he's done for me, the love of his life. Michael, we want to show you what you mean to all of us. And what we'll all mean to you, forever. Standing up here are all your friends. And myself. I love you and you'll always be my  best friend."
Michael stared at Justin, lost in his beautiful smile.
Justin saw the falling tears on Michael's face, knowing this just felt so right.
"We'd like to sing a special song for you, Michael. Take heart in the words, take their meaning of love."
The music began, Michael recognizing the song, tears blinding in his eyes.
Justin's voice began, the others joining in on the chorus.

And I never thought I'd feel this way
And as far as I'm concerned
I'm glad I got the chance to say
That I do believe I love you

And if I should ever go away
Well, then close your eyes and try
To feel the way we do today,
And then if you can remember,

Keep smiling, keep shining,
Knowing you can always count on me
For sure
That's what friends are for

For good times and bad times
I'll be on your side forever more.
That's what friends are for

I never thought I'd feel this way
Well you came and opened me
And now there's so much more I see
And so, by the way, I thank you.

And then for the times when we're apart
Well, then close your eyes and know
These words are coming from my heart
And then if you can remember

Keep smiling, keep shining
Knowing you can always count on me
For sure
That's what friends are for

In good times and bad times
I'll be on your side forevermore
That's what friends are for

Justin ended the song as he walked down onto the dance floor, seeing the tears in Michael's golden eyes.
"Thank you, Justin. Thank all of you. That means so much to me."
Justin hugged him, people clapping loudly.
Everyone walked off the stage, Michael hugging everyone, the clapping continuing.
The music began again, a slow song, Justin taking his hand in his.
"Could I have this dance, my angel?"
Michael smiled, Justin taking him in his arms.
The two danced, all the others joining them on the dance floor.
Justin and Michael felt so free, dancing in the open, their love uncovered.
Josh stood quietly beside Lonnie, watching Lance dancing with Christina's mother.
His eyes fell of Justin and Michael, seeing the love they felt for each other, their open love.
Josh smiled, his face taking in the sight of their deep love. A love he himself had with Lance.
He stared at his lover, seeing the happiness in his green emerald eyes.
Josh smiled a wide smile of happiness, walking onto the dance floor, Lonnie wondering where he was going.
He walked up to Lance, tapping him on the shoulder.
Lance turned around, looking into his blue eyes, seeing so much love there. Nancy smiled at him.
"If it's all right with you, Nancy, would you mind if I cut in?"
Nancy smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.
"Not at all, Josh, not at all."
Josh took a shocked Lance into his arms, beginning to dance.
Lance stared at him, at only him.
"Josh, what's gotten into you? We're in public!"
Josh smiled, looking into Lance's green eyes.
"I'm right where I want to be. In your arms, my love. I'll never hide again, my love. We're in love, and we're free. I love you Lance."
Lance teared up, Josh kissing him deeply as they danced.
Everyone looked at them, all their friends smiling, strangers looking surprised, but remaining quiet.
Cameras went off, the couple oblivious to all of it.
Their souls were one, their love overflowing.
Michael looked over at them, Justin smiling at what he saw.
Lance laid his head on Josh's chest, the two dancing together for the world to see.
Michael smiled, looking back into Justin's blue eyes.
"Ah, weddings, they spread so much love."
Justin laughed, looking deeply into Michael's golden eyes.
Michael smiled, kissing him gently, laying his head on Justin's chest, lost in the closeness of his love.
"I love you, Jus."
Justin sighed, feeling so contented.
"Love you more, my angel."
They danced for what seemed like hours, their love flowing through each other.
All the couples of love united on the dance floor, and at the tables.
Love did indeed reign over this moving day.
And Justin's and Michael's shone the brightest.

End of Chapter 95

And so Zach, Christina and little Becky are now a family.
Brought together by Michael's giving heart.

What is the secret that Nana dreads to tell Michael?
Does it have something to do with Christina?
Or is it somehow connected with Michael's destiny?

What surprise are the guys cooking up for Michael?
Will he be surprised?
Onward to the next path in this journey of love.

Special thanks to Mike O. and Rod, friends of inspiration.
Collaborators of my soul.
Thanks guys.

Keep the faith, we'll need it shortly.

Hugs, Angel.

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