Justin's Angel-96

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin and Michael felt so free, dancing in the open, their love uncovered.
Josh stood quietly beside Lonnie, watching Lance dancing with Christina's mother.
His eyes fell of Justin and Michael, seeing the love they felt for each other, their open love.
Josh smiled, his face taking in the sight of their deep love. A love he himself had with Lance.
He stared at his lover, seeing the happiness in his green emerald eyes.
Josh smiled, walking onto the dance floor, Lonnie wondering where he was going.
He walked up to Lance, tapping him on the shoulder.
Lance turned around, looking into his blue eyes, seeing so much love there. Nancy smiled at him.
"If it's all right with you, Nancy, would you mind if I cut in."
Nancy smiled, kissing Lance's cheek.
"Not at all, Josh, not at all."
Josh took a shocked Lance into his arms, beginning to dance.
Lance stared at him, at only him.
"Josh, what's got into you? We're in public."
Josh smiled, looking into Lance's green eyes.
"I'm right where I want to be. In your arms, my love. I'll never hide again, my love. We're in love, and we're free. I love you Lance."
Lance teared up, Josh kissing him deeply as they danced.
Everyone looked at them, their friends smiling, strangers looking surprised, but remaining quiet.
Michael looked over at them, Justin smiling at what he saw.
Lance laid his head on Josh's chest, the two dancing together for the world to see.
Michael smiled, looking back into Justin's blue eyes.
"Ah, weddings, they spread so much love."
Justin laughed, looking deeply into Michael's golden eyes.
Michael smiled, kissing him gently, laying his head on Justin's chest, lost in the closeness of his love.
"I love you, Jus."
Justin sighed, feeling so contented.
"Love you more, my angel."
They danced for what seemed like hours, their love flowing through each other.
All the couples of love united on the dance floor, and at the tables.
Love did indeed reign over this moving day.
And Justin's and Michael's shone the brightest.

Chapter 96

Michael opened his golden eyes, feeling the warm morning sun beaming in on his face.
His head lay against Justin's chest, Michael feeling the warmth of his body against him.
He smiled, hugging Justin closer to him, Justin murmuring a little.
Michael looked at his watch, sighing.
It was almost nine o'clock.
They'd promised Zach and Christina they'd be at their new home around ten for brunch.
Michael smiled, remembering everything about yesterday.
The party had ended around one thirty, it being after two when they'd finally returned to Michael's apartment with Paulo and Jake.
Justin and Michael had made love before falling asleep in each other's arms.
The perfect ending to a perfect day.
Michael kissed Justin's right nipple, feeling his lover move a little.
He pulled his body up, kissing Justin's closed lips, Justin's eyes fluttering.
Michael smirked, knowing he was awake.
Michael moved his body on top of Justin's, feeling his hardness against his stomach.
Michael wrapped his right hand around it, feeling its warmth.
"Open your teasing eyes, Justy. Timby's come out to play."
Justin laughed, his blue eyes opening, staring into Michael's golden orbs.
"Morning, lovecakes. I love you."
Michael smiled, kissing his opening lips.
"I love you more, honeybuns."
They both laughed, Michael still holding onto Justin's shaft.
Justin moaned, Michael smiling, lowering his head.
"I so want to play with you, Timby, but we don't have time. We have to be at Zacky's in less than an hour. Up and at `em, sweetie."
Michael leapt out of bed, Justin eyeing his aroused state.
"Damn, you look so hot, lover."
"Race ya to the shower, Justy."
Justin jumped out of bed, Michael smiling, opening the closed door.
Michael stopped, Justin stopping behind him in shock.
Standing in the hallway were Paulo and Jake, both totally naked.
Jake's hand was on the doorknob of the washroom's door, Paulo's hands were on Jake's ass.
They all stood stunned, all except Michael, who had a wide smile on his face.
"Looks like we both had the same horny idea, brothers!" Michael said laughing.
Everyone started laughing, staring at each other's aroused state, blushing.
"Sorry, Mikey. It's your apartment, please go first." Paulo said, staring at Michael's large erection, then blushing again.
Michael smiled, walking down the hallway, putting his hand on Paulo's shoulder.
"It's a big shower, we could all get in." Michael said, quietly.
Everyone looked at him in shock.
Michael burst out laughing, everyone blushing.
"Believe me boys, it would be way too crowded. You and Jake go ahead, Jus and I will wait. Just let us know when you're finished. Come on, Justin."
Justin smiled, walking past them, winking at both of them, both men marveling at Michael and Justin's open nudity.
The two men walked down the hallway towards the living room, Jake staring at their perfect, beautiful butts.
Paulo and Jake looked into each other's eyes, smiling.
"Let's get going, Polo." Jake said, grabbing hold of Paulo's still enlarged shaft.
Paulo moaned, walking into the bathroom with Jake.

Michael and Justin sat together on the couch, nude and comfortable in their openness.
"Think we shocked them, Mico?"
"No, Jus. I don't think so. They both felt calm in their souls. They've totally accepted our openness and our brotherhood."
Justin smiled, looking towards the hallway.
They heard the shower start, and also a faint sound of someone moaning.
Both men smiled, kissing each other lightly.
"Man, they're both so hot!" Justin said, remembering the two forms of beauty he'd just seen.
Michael smiled, running his hand along Justin's smooth chest.
"Yes, they are beautiful. But you're breathtaking."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael deeply.
They felt no jealousy or hidden desire in each other, only their combined love for each other.
And they both sensed a new love for Paulo and Jake.
After about ten minutes. they heard the shower turn off, breaking their kiss, snuggling together.
In a few minutes, Paulo and Jake walked into the living room, still naked, smiling at them. Both men were now deflated, smiling contented smiles, their hands locked together.
"It's free now, brothers." Paulo smiled, Jake and him looking at their naked friends.
Justin still couldn't believe the two visions of manliness standing in front of him.
Michael smiled at his wonder, kissing his cheek.
"Close your mouth, babe. Unless you're looking to put something in it. In that case let's hit the shower."
Paulo laughed, Jake smiling, Justin blushing.
Michael and Justin got up together, their manhoods swaying as they walked toward their brothers.
Michael put one hand on Paulo's shoulder, the other on Jake's.
He looked into Justin's blue eyes, standing beside him.
"You're right, Paulo. It is free now. All our hearts are free. The four of us share a special bond. A bond of deep love for each other. A bond of friendship and brotherhood. We love each other. Not a sexual love, but a love of united respect and admiration. I have no qualms about loving any of you in any way. Of making any of you happy with my love. It's because I feel more for you both than just brotherhood.
Jus is my soulmate, as you two are to each other's. We all know that will never change. We hold no jealousies among us, we love each other completely. We now have a freedom, it's based on love and faith. I love you guys, in any way that seemed true. My love is there for all of you, emotional and giving. Justin and I love each other completely. And we love you."
Jake and Paulo looked deeply moved by Michael's open stating of his love for them;  Justin looked like he might cry.
Michael ran his hand along Justin's cheek, wiping a tear from his eye.
"Let's get showered, love. We need to get going."
Justin smiled, kissing him deeply, then turned, hugging Paulo, Michael hugging Jake.
Justin kissed Paulo on the cheek, Michael kissing Jake.
They all felt it, that bond that Michael spoke of, a newness to their relationship.
Justin then hugged and kissed Jake, Michael doing the same with Paulo.
Their nakedness forgotten, only their love for each other in their minds.
Paulo and Jake stood still, watching Michael and Justin smile, then walk into the bathroom, shutting the door behind them.
Paulo looked at Jake, Jake staring into his green eyes.
"Looks like we're a foursome now. A foursome of love."
The two men smiled, then hugged each other, their bodies against each other.
"I love you Jake, you are my soulmate. And I love Justin and Michael. They are our brothers always."
"I love you Paulo. I hold no jealousy with them, they are my brothers. I love them and need them. But I need you the most, and love you the most."
Paulo kissed him deeply, the two walking back into their room.
Michael and Justin stood in the shower, their hands roaming each other's wet bodies.
"Mico, I love you so much. And I love my new brothers Paulo and Jake. I can't believe we trust each other that much."
Michael looked deep into Justin's blue eyes, seeing his unchanging love.
"I love all three of you, Justin, but you alone have my heart. I love them, and want to see them happy. All of us will be happy together. A close family of love."
"Michael, were you serious about loving them in any way?"
Michael ran his hands down Justin's back, resting them on his smooth, wet globes.
"I love making love to you, Jus. Only you can send me to that place, our center of love. But our love for them will be shown in many ways. With a touch or a caress, or maybe even more. But only if it's needed in love, not in sex. I love them, Jus, but I don't desire them. You, you alone are all I need to be satisfied. It's you that I desire."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael deeply.
"I love you in the same way Mico. I need only you to find that center. You take me there every time. I love Jake and Paulo, my new brothers. And we'll give them all we can give. I can just imagine how greatly that love will grow. The four of us together as brothers forever."
Michael smiled, kissing him deeply.
They washed each other quickly, drying off and heading back to their bedroom to change.

They were on the road quickly, the four connected souls.
They all sensed a new dynamic to their relationship.
They were four parts of a bonded soul. A soul of brotherly love.
Paulo kept smiling at Jake and Justin, Michael smiling as he drove, Justin holding his hand.
"So we're all comfortable with this arrangement? We're all here for each other, to lean on, to talk to, to be brothers to."
They all smiled nodding.
"I get dibs on Paulo's hot ass." Justin said, all four laughing.
"Sorry, Jus. That ass has already been taken." Jake said, kissing Paulo's cheek.
Everyone smiled at each other, their feelings open to all.
They joked with each other, in a new way.
They arrived at Zach's just after ten, seeing everyone had arrived.
Justin was assaulted by a flying Becky who was in his arms as soon as he walked into the front hallway.
"I'm all packed, Uncle Justin! I'm ready to go!"
Michael laughed, knowing Justin was just as happy at seeing her eagerness to go with him.
Zach and Christina hugged them both, as did everyone else when they walked into the large kitchen.
They all sat down to a wonderful breakfast, prepared by Nancy and Nana.
Michael chatted with Father Derrick and Kevin over breakfast, Justin chatting with Lance and Josh.
Everyone had seen the openness that Josh showed Lance last night, but everyone remained quiet about it.
They all thought it was up to Josh to express his new feelings.
Michael felt everyone's love for the two men, smiling to himself.
"So, Josh, you were extremely happy last night. Care to share your feelings?" Michael said, smiling at him, everyone surprised at Michael's opening the subject up.
Josh smiled, squeezing Lance's hand on the table.
"We visited my family last week, our love is now in the open. They all still love me, and are happy for both of us."
Michael smiled, knowing how greatly Josh had wanted that.
"Actually, my Mom and Dad had it all figured out beforehand. Parents, you got to love them."
Everyone laughed, smiling at their friend.
"Last night I felt all the love and happiness in all of you, especially you, Mikey and Jus. Seeing you dancing in the open like that, made me realize how much I wanted that. I need Lance in my life in every way. I'm not going to hide it anymore. We're a couple, completely, and openly. Our love needs to be shown."
Justin hugged his best friend, Michael getting up and hugging Lance.
"Thank you, Mikey. Thank you for having faith in me. Your faith made me see Josh's love."
Michael patted his shoulder, looking at both of them.
"No, Lance. Your own faith and Josh's faith in you made both of you see each other's love."
Everyone smiled at Michael's diverting praise, knowing his reluctance to be praised.
"The same goes for all you other couples I see here today. The love you feel for each other was inside you all along, each of you found a way to bring it out. I'm just glad I saw and felt it all. It's been so beautiful."
Justin had tears in his eyes, feeling Michael's happiness.
Michael's cell phone went off, Michael answering it, smiling, then walking out onto the back patio to finish his call.
He closed the door behind him, everyone looking at each other.
"Man, Justy. Michael is one of a kind." Chris said, Vicky squeezing his hand.
Justin looked at his lover, seeing him walking around the patio.
"Yes, Chris, the best kind."
Joey smiled, looking at everyone. He told Justin their idea of planning something for the Easter weekend.
Justin smiled, loving it. Then his face changed.
"I love it, I'm not sure of Mico's feelings about it."
They all nodded, knowing Michael's shyness at adulation.
"Damn it, Justin! That man deserves this! He's done so much for all of us! And for you! We want to do this for him! We all love him so much!" Chris said, everyone surprised at his emotional outburst.
"Oh my God, Chris! Are you showing feelings for another man?" Joey said, Chris blushing a little.
"I love the guy! Okay! There, I said it." Chris said, Vicky showing tears in her eyes.
Justin smiled, at did everyone else.
They knew Michael could reach the heart of anyone.
"But for the love of God, please don't tell him. He'd destroy me!" Chris said, everyone laughing.
Michael walked in seeing everyone laughing, Chris blushing.
"You putting your foot in your mouth again, Chris?" Michael said, smiling. "It's a wonder you're not fatter with all that toe jam your eating."
Everyone laughed, Chris turning beet red.
"Mikey, don't ever change." Lonnie laughed, Michael smiling quietly.
Justin picked up on his mood.
"You okay, Mico?"
"That was Ryan, Jus. They've shelved the film idea for now. The financing fell through."
Justin got up, hugging Michael against him.
"Oh, Mico. I'm sorry. I know you were really keen on writing the screenplay."
Michael remained quiet, Justin sensing something more.
"I fell in love with the idea, Jus. The idea of showing Daniel's ideas on life. I so wanted to do this. I've already written half of it."
"There's still a chance it could be done later, once a backer is found. I'm almost sure of it. People will want your book to be shown on film."
Michael smiled, knowing Justin was trying to make him happy.
"That's true. You're right, Jus. Thanks for being here for me. Love ya."
Justin smiled.
Michael kissed him, everyone seeing Justin's faith in Michael's greatness.
Michael sat down again, Nana giving him another cup of coffee, patting his shoulder.
Everyone voiced their opinions on his work, Michael feeling all their love.
With breakfast over, they all relaxed in the living room, everyone watching Zach and Christina open their wedding gifts. There were quite a few of them.
Seth sat down beside Michael, watching Tomas and Justin playing on the floor with Becky.
"How ya doing, buddy? You seemed quiet at breakfast." Michael said, smiling at the young man.
"Can I talk to you in private, Mikey?"
"Sure, bud, let's go out back."
Michael got up, talking to Justin in his mind, Justin nodding, Seth shaking his head, watching them.
In a few moments, Michael and Seth were sitting outside by the pool.
"What's on your mind, Sethy:?"
"You and Justin have such a wonderful gift, talking to each other in your mind."
Michael smiled, watching the young man quietly.
"It must be so wonderful to be that in sync with someone."
"Tomas told me he thought the two of you were pretty in sync."
Seth smiled, Michael sensing what was bothering Seth.
"Oh, man. Our little Sethy's in love, deep love."
Seth smiled bashfully, Michael putting his arm around him.
"He's so wonderful and sexy, Mike! I've never met anyone like him. He's so caring, loving and gentle. He cares about my feelings and my needs. He's so attentive, so right there for me."
"So what's the concern?"
"I'm in love with him, Mike. And I want to be with him. He's so beautiful and sexy."
Michael smiled, now knowing what Seth was worried about.
"And you're afraid you won't measure up to what he wants and needs."
Seth lowered his head, nodding.
"He's had boyfriends before, Mikey. I've had no one. I don't even know what to do to make him feel good. How can I be what he needs?"
Michael smiled, remembering his own first time with Justin.
"Seth, I'm going to tell you something, something I believe you need to know."
Seth looked at Michael, lost in his golden eyes.
"Tomas is more terrified of you."
Seth looked shocked, Michael looking at him with calm eyes.
"I felt his feelings for you last night, Seth. He had been sitting watching you dance on the dance floor. I felt the love inside him, his love for you. He thought you looked so beautiful. Too beautiful for him. He's had a lot of one night relationships, casual encounters, and some rough stuff also. You terrify him because with you, he wants more. More than he feels he deserves. More than he's ever hoped for. He's afraid to tell you what you've come to mean to him. And what he's wanting from you."
"And what's that, Michael?"
"He wants to be loved, Sethy. Completely, in all ways. He's terrified that you won't find him enough. That he's less that what you deserve."
"He's so wonderful, so totally beautiful. How can he think that?"
"He thinks that because he's thought that all his life. He's thought he wasn't good enough to be loved."
"I love him."
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"And he loves you. All I can tell you is to follow your heart, and show him what he means to you. It isn't about sex, it's about being with the person you love. And showing that person how they make you feel. Understand?"
Seth smiled, hugging his older friend.
"Thanks, Michael. Thanks for telling me."
Michael smiled, pulling out a set of keys from his jacket pocket.
"Justin and I are leaving this aft. My apartment's free for both of you. You don't go back until tomorrow night. Tonight you need to spend some time with him alone. The two of you have a lot to talk about."
Seth smiled, taking the keys from Michael.
"I'll talk to Kevin and Father Derrick. They'll understand what you want to do." Michael smiled, knowing something about Seth's own feelings.
Seth hugged Michael, Michael feeling his love and something more.

Michael talked to Justin in his mind, the two smiling at each other.
Justin felt Michael's giving heart, and his need to see love blossom.
Michael disappeared for a while after the gifts were all opened,, giving an excuse about forgetting something back at the apartment. He borrowed Vicky's keys, having something to do.
An hour later he was back, smiling at Justin.
Around one o'clock, Zach and Christina were ready to go. Their plane left at three for Honolulu.
Christina was crying, hugging her little girl, Becky smiling.
"Don't be sad, Mommy. I'm going to have fun with Uncle Justin and Uncle Mikey."
Zach smiled, kissing her little cheek.
"Now you behave, and listen to your Uncle Mikey. Both of you." Christina said, looking at Justin.
Everyone laughed, Justin blushing, Michael hugging and kissing the two newlyweds.
Michael and Nana stood together, holding each other, Justin holding Becky, on the front porch, watching Lonnie pull the SUV out onto the street, Christina and Zach waving goodbye.
"There go two people deeply in love." Nana said, Michael smiling.
He felt some deep feelings in his grandmother, seeing a tear fall down her cheek.
"You really love Zach, don't you Nana?" Michael said, looking quietly at her.
"Yes, Mikey. Almost as much as you do."
Michael smiled.
"And Christina's special in her own right." Nana said, Justin now looking at her.
"Is something bothering you, Nana?" Justin asked, Nana smiling at him.
"It's just me thinking about the happiness of youth, and young love. The love I see also in my two boys' eyes."
Both men smiled at her, Nana kissing their cheeks.
They all went back into the house, Nancy fixing lunch for the remaining people.
Lonnie was back in about an hour, putting Justin's and Michael's bags into the SUV now.
They were leaving at four.
Justin had a concert in Charlottesville that evening.
It was a two hour flight, they'd arrive just before Pink went on.
The said their goodbyes, everyone hugging the four men and the little girl.
Becky was smiling brightly, loving the idea of being with Justin and seeing him sing.
"You take care, Mikey." Tomas said after hugging him goodbye.
"You open your heart, his love will be everything you hoped for." Michael said, Tomas looking confused.
Seth looked at Michael, Michael hugging him tight.
"Have fun, Sethy. Love ya."
"Love ya, Mikey. And thanks, for everything."
Father Derrick and Kevin hugged him, Michael having already had a quiet talk with them.
They piled into the SUV, Nana the last to hug Michael goodbye.
"See you at Easter, my boy." She said, Michael hugging her tight.
"You take care, Nana. And take it easy, I worry about you. I love you."
She smiled, kissing his wet cheek.
"I will, my grandson. And you have fun with the kids."
Justin and Becky both laughed from the backseat, Michael climbing in the back with them.
Becky was sitting between the two of them, Justin and Michael smiling at her.
"We're going to have a blast, Unks." She said, Paulo and Lonnie laughing loudly.
Michael smiled, laughing along with Justin.

The taxi pulled up to the curb, Seth climbing out of the car.
"Where are we, Seth?" Tomas asked, looking up at the apartment building in front of them.
He'd been surprised when Seth had asked him that evening to go for a ride downtown, and Father Derrick and Kevin had remained behind at the hotel..
"This is where we're staying tonight."
Tomas looked at Seth, seeing him blushing a little, and his blue eyes staring at him.
"What's going on, Seth?" Tomas asked, watching Seth pay the cab driver, the cab pulling away.
"Michael gave us his apartment for the night, so we could be alone."
Tomas looking into Seth's eyes, seeing something new in them.
"Come on." Seth said taking his hand, picking up their bag and walking him up the steps.
Seth unlocked the first apartment door on the right when they walked through the front door, Michael having told him the apartment's location.
They walked into the apartment, smiling at the coziness of the place.
They removed their jackets, hanging them on the hooks at the door.
Seth held Tomas' hand, the two walking around the place, seeing the piano and comfy couch in the cozy living room.
They walked into the kitchen, and were greeted by a surprise.
The table was all set up with candles and a bouquet of roses.
A bottle of wine was chilling in a bucket of ice, the ice having melted. but the wine was still chilled.
Both men smiled, seeing an envelope sitting against the bucket.
It was addressed to "Sethy and Tomas"
Tomas picked up the envelope, Seth smiling at him.
"Go ahead, open it. It's from Mikey, probably."
Tomas smiled, Seth lost in his beautiful face.
Tomas opened the envelope, finding a single sheet of paper.
"Let's sit down. Read it, Tomas. Knowing Michael, it will be something profound."
They walked back into the living room, sitting down together on the couch.
Tomas opened the letter, taking a deep breath.
Seth listen to his friend as he began reading the letter.

My dearest friends and loving angels:

Tonight is a special night for both of you, a night of promised dreams and new hope.
I want to tell something to both of you.
You are here, in my home, where I lived before I found love.
This place will always hold a special place in my heart.
For it was here that I found true love, with my Justin.

We both sat here as you now sit, afraid to speak with our hearts.
Too nervous to speak of what was in our hearts.
Justin's love was unexpected, his caring heart so unbelievable.
He sat here beside me and told me that life was about taking chances, that I'd never know if I didn't take the chance to see what his love could be like.
I took the chance, and every moment since has been filled with joy and happiness.
I said those three words I'd been so afraid to say, and I've said them every morning and every night to him since, his love is inside me now, and I've never been happier.
It's time both of you took that same chance.
And I think it's time I said what needs to be said.

Tomas, my young friend.
Your feelings I've felt so deeply.
Your feelings of self worth and confusion.
You believe that Seth is too beautiful and too special to want you.
You're wrong my friend.
Seth needs your love, he hungers for it.
To his loving eyes you are more beautiful and special than he is.
All your life you've been afraid to let anyone love you for yourself.
Let Seth in, Tomas. His love is more beautiful than you've ever imagined.
He loves you completely.

Seth, my budding flower.
Your feelings I've felt even more deeply.
That's because they are my own. Or were my own.
You're scared, scared to let Tomas love you.
Scared of being hurt by him as George hurt you.
You're so wrong, Sethy.
Tomas isn't George.
Tomas has something that George never had.
It's his love for you.
We are so alike Sethy, you and I. I loved Paul, he didn't love me.
You loved George, he didn't love you.
We were both hurt deeply by the men we thought we loved.
And now we both have found the man who does indeed love us.
He needs us, and wants us.
Yes, Seth, Tomas loves you. Deeply.
In him you will find all you've longed for, all you've needed.
He will heal your heart and your soul.

Together the two of you will be one.
All you have to do is look into each other's eyes and feel what I've seen in both of you.
Your deep love for each other.
It's there, it's there for both of you.
Take the chance, and love each other.

With my heart I give you now what both of you need.
It's my special gift to both of you.
Look into those eyes in front of you, and see what I've given you.
Each other's love and hope.

Forever your friend, Michael.
I love both of you.

Both men had tears running down their cheeks, as they looked up into each other's eyes, seeing something new there.
Something that Michael had given them.
His gift of hope.
"Seth.... I..." Tomas said, Seth putting his finger to Tomas' lips.
"Just kiss me Tomas, please. I need you to kiss me."
Tomas took Seth into his arms, their lips touching.
Both men felt it instantly, the deep feeling of each other's love.
All of their inner feelings, all of their hidden hopes and dreams.
Michael's gift flowed through them, uniting them in a rush of love and hope.
The same gift he'd given Paulo and Jake, and Lance and Josh.
The gift of a soulmate's flowing love.
They parted, staring into each other's eyes.
"Wow! Did you feel that?" Seth said, taking a deep breath, Tomas breathing heavy also.
"Yes, that was so unbelievable!"
Seth laid his hands on Tomas' face, kissing his lips again.
"Michael is right, Tomas. I need you so much, I need your love, your beauty and you.'
Tomas began to cry, taking Seth into his arms.
"You love me, Seth? You need me that much?"
"Yes, Tomas. I need you so much. And I love you so much."
Tomas felt his heart soar, he felt his soul fill with Seth's love.
Seth laid his head on Tomas' chest, feeling his heart beating against him.
"I love you, Tomas."
Tomas' heart and smile were joined in total happiness.
"I love you more, Sethy."
They held each other, awash in truth and love.
Seth broke their embrace, looking into Tomas' eyes.
"Michael is right, my love. I'm scared. I'm scared that you will hurt me. I need your love and I'd die if I lost that love. Please don't hurt me, Tommy. Please."
Tomas hugged him tightly, kissing his forehead, holding Seth as he sobbed against him.
"Oh, my love! I will never hurt you! I love you. To hurt you would be to hurt my own soul. I promise that I will never hurt you."
Seth looked up into his brown eyes, their lips meeting again.
Both men felt the truth and honesty in Tomas' words.
"Tomas, there will only ever be you in my heart. I will love you and give you all of my love. You will never be alone again."
Tomas sobbed now, laying his head on Seth's chest, Seth smiling now.
Both men felt in each other trust, hope and love.
Tomas looked up, staring at Sethy.
Seth smiled, kissing him tenderly.
"I needed a new name for the new you."
Tomas looked deep into his eyes.
"Carmen called me that, only she ever called me that."
Seth ran his finger along Tomas' cheek.
"You aren't alone anymore, Tommy. You have me and my love."
Tomas smiled, kissing him again.
"Then I'll always be your Tommy."
"And I'll always be your Sethy."
They held each other for a few minutes, feeling the newness of their relationship.
"I think we should drink some of that wine. Michael left it here for us, my love."
The two walked into the kitchen, Tomas opening the bottle of wine, filling two glasses.
Seth noticed a note on the fridge.
Smiling, he opened it, finding a bowl of strawberries and assorted fruit pieces and a bowl of melted chocolate.
They both smiled. Michael had thought of everything.
Seth heated up the chocolate in the microwave and then they relaxed together in the living room, snuggling on the couch, sipping the sweet wine and feeding each other chocolate-covered fruit.
The feeding turned into gentle teasing, both of them licking chocolate off each other's nose and lips.
Their kisses became more heated, more desiring.
Tomas broke their heated kiss, staring into Seth's eyes.
"I love you, Tommy. I'm ready to take our relationship to another level."
Tomas smiled at him, Seth caressing his cheek.
"I want to sleep with you tonight, Tommy. I want to feel you against me, to feel your heat and warmth."
Tomas teared up, looking into his loving blue eyes.
"Are you sure, Seth? We can just sleep, I'm fine with that."
"I need you so much, Tommy. I'm not sure what I want to do, all I know is that I need you with me."
Tomas smiled, kissing him tenderly.
Seth got up, taking Tomas' hand, helping him up.
They locked the door, turning out the lights, putting the remaining fruit and wine back in the fridge, then walked down the hallway.
They stopped at the door to Michael's room, laughing at the sign on the door.
"You know, I love Michael so much. He's so special." Tomas said, Seth smiling also.
"He's one of a kind. As are you, my love." Seth said, as Tomas kissed him gently. Then he opened the bedroom door.
He turned on the light, both men stopping.
The bed was covered in rose petals, large baskets of different flowers all over the room.
Both men stared at all the flowers, smelling the rich aroma and beautiful scents.
"This is beyond beautiful." Seth said, both men seeing a small piece of paper laying on the bedspread.
They walked over, Seth picking up the note, reading it with emotion.

"In a garden of hope, two gardeners shall sow their seeds of love. And together their crop will be beautiful."

Tomas looked into Seth's tearing eyes, pulling him against him gently.
He pulled a red carnation off the bouquet beside the bed, giving it to Seth.
"I love you, Sethy."
"I love you, Tommy."
They kissed deeply, both men lost in their emotions.
They parted, Tomas staring into his blue pools of love.
Seth ran his hands across Tomas' chest, feeling the strength and power underneath the shirt.
He ran his hands behind Tomas, cupping his butt cheeks.
Tomas moaned a little, Seth staring into his brown eyes.
"I guess we should get undressed if we're going to bed." Seth said, emotion in his voice.
The two men parted, their eyes never moving from each other.
Tomas pulled his t-shirt over his head, Seth gazing at his sculpted chest.
Tomas' chest was smooth, a deep tanned brown, his abs defined and cut deep into his body. Two small nipples were hardened and standing erect. A tattoo of an eagle was emblazoned across Tomas' left shoulder.
"That's a beautiful tattoo, Tommy."
"I got it as an initiation into my gang."
Tomas lowered his eyes, Seth sensing his feelings.
"Never be embarrassed about your life, Tommy. I'm not ashamed that you had that hard life. It only shows how beautiful you are for surviving it so that I could love you."
Tomas teared up, so wanting to hold Seth in his arms, but not wanting to make Seth feel nervous.
Seth destroyed the distance between them, taking him into his arms.
"Oh, Seth! I love you for loving me!"
Seth held Tomas' beautiful body against him, feeling the smoothness and heat from his body.
Seth kissed him deeply, his hands touching his back.
"Undress me, Tommy, I need to feel you against me."
Tomas kissed him lightly, his hands grabbing the bottom of Seth's t-shirt, pulling it upward.
Once off, his hands ran across Seth's naked torso.
His chest was smooth, blemish-free, narrow and so beautiful.
His skin was a light colour, contrasting to Tomas' darker tanned skin.
"You're so beautiful, Sethy. Your skin is so soft and smooth."
Seth ran his hands now across Tomas' chest, feeling it's firmness and smoothness.
Seth looked down seeing a tent in the front of Tomas' pants, knowing his body was having that affect on him.
Seth realized his tent was showing just as much.
Seth pulled open the belt of Tomas' pants, undoing the buttons.
Tomas let Seth pull his pants down, Tomas stepping out of them.
He wore white boxer briefs, the front of them wet, a large bulge visible.
Tomas opened Seth's pants, lowering them down his hairy legs.
Seth wore black boxers, his erection standing straight out.
Seth stepped out of his pants with Tomas' help, Tomas picking up both pairs and setting them on the chair beside the bed with their t-shirts.
He joined Seth again, staring at his revealed body.
Seth was similar in build to his brother Kevin, Tomas thought. He'd seen Kevin a few times without his shirt on, after his evening runs. The man was a walking adonis.
But to Tomas, Seth's body was the most beautiful vision he'd ever seen.
Seth was also lost in the beauty he saw in front of him.
"You're so beautiful, Tommy! So unbelievably muscular and smooth!"
Tomas smiled, pulling Seth against him, both men lost in the electricity of love igniting in them.
Seth kissed him deeply, Tomas feeling their hardnesses against each other.
Seth's tongue entered Tomas' mouth, both men tasting each other.
They kissed, lost in the passion.
Tomas broke the kiss, pulling off his briefs in one fluid motion, throwing them on the chair.
He stood in front of  Seth, Seth gazing at his complete nakedness.
He zoned in on Tomas' erect shaft, seeing the intense beauty of it.
It was about seven inches long, uncut and thick, slightly angled upward.
Tomas then moved, laying down on the bed, on top of the fragrant rose petals.
He lay there staring at Seth with so much love in his eyes.
Seth pulled off his briefs, throwing them at the chair.
Tomas' eyes widened seeing the gift that Seth had.
His cock was large, over eight inches, cut and standing straight out.
Seth climbed into bed, laying beside Tomas, gazing into his eyes.
"My God, Seth! You're so gifted!"
Seth laughed, Tomas laughing as well, their laughter dying as they stared at each other.
"Tommy, you're so beautiful! I want to  feel you against me! I know you're experienced, that you know what to do. I don't know anything. Will you teach me?" Seth said, his voice low. his eyes not looking at Tomas.
Tomas kissed him gently, feeling the moisture on his warm lips.
"Sethy, I am experienced in sex. I've been with guys. But this isn't going to be sex. This is going to be lovemaking. I've never had anyone make love to me. I want that with you. Let's learn together."
Seth sobbed, Tomas pulling him against him immediately.
"Oh, Tommy! That was so beautiful! I want that sweet love, not just sex. I want that with you."
Tomas smiled, kissing him again, pulling Seth on top of him.
They felt the heat and electricity of this moment, this moment they both wanted and desired.
"Make love to me, Seth."
Seth stared into his brown longing eyes, his hands beginning to explore Tomas' taut body.
His lips began against Tomas', then slowly began to roam.
He kissed Tomas everywhere. Along his neck, down his chest, sucking and licking each nipple, Seth hearing Tomas' moaning and gasping.
Seth went lower, his hand grasping the hardness, feeling the heat and softness of it.
Seth sucked his inny belly button, his tongue probing the small hole.
Tomas gasped, Seth smiling.
He licked the hair that was lower, his tongue finally touching Tomas's center.
Seth took the head of Tomas' hardness into his mouth, pulling the skin back as he began to suck and taste him.
Tomas actually screamed, Seth lifting his head. "You okay, Tommy?"
"God yes, Sethy! I've never felt better! Don't stop, please don't stop!"
Seth smiled widely, returning to the treasure he'd found.
He took as much as he could into his mouth, beginning to suck and tongue the throbbing organ.
Tomas bucked and moaned, biting his lips, his body trembling.
Within seconds he felt his release coming, trying to warn Seth.
Seth sank more into him, Tomas exploding, screaming Seth's name.
Seth drank all that Tomas gave him, relishing the taste and texture of the rich cream.
Tomas trembled and slowly relaxed, Seth licking his center clean, taking in all that he could get.
He moved back up slowly, kissing and caressing his sweating chest, the moisture an elixir of love in Seth's soul.
When he was face to face with his lover again, Seth waited for Tomas to open his eyes.
When he did, Seth saw the tears flowing.
"Oh God, Seth! That was so mind-blowing, so spiritual! It was like I was cocooned in your love, in the center of your love! It was so beautiful!"
Seth smiled, kissing him deeply, feeling Tomas' love flowing through him.
"Make love to me, Tomas. Take me to that special place."
Tomas didn't break eye contact, moving his body on top of Seth's.
Their lips united, Tomas lost in the taste of Seth's desires.
He slowly lowered his head, licking every inch of Seth's throat and ears.
Seth moaned, Tomas feeling his hardness burning into his stomach.
Tomas inched lower, attaching his lips to Seth's small pink nipples.
Seth gasped as Tomas made love to both of them, Seth's body trembling.
Tomas went lower, in search of Seth's center.
He found all of it, staring him in the face.
His cock was large, but so beautiful.
Tomas wrapped his hand around it, feeling its girth, its softness, smelling its enticing aroma.
Tomas never needed anything like he needed what was in his hand.
He looked up at Seth, Seth's blue eyes staring down at him.
"Please, Tommy. Please love me."
Tomas took it in his mouth, lost in the succulent taste, his desires taking over.
He sank as much as he could deep down his throat, reveling in its aroma and taste.
Tomas had sucked cock before, this wasn't anything like that.
This somehow was something more.
It felt like a part of him was returned, a part that had been missing in his life.
He now knew what it was. It was love. It was Seth's love.
Seth bucked, his body shaking uncontrollably, Tomas continuing his devouring of Seth's love.
Seth felt his mind explode in happiness, in complete joy, his orgasm following right after.
Tomas drank in all he could, a lot leaking out of his mouth, but Tomas knowing he'd capture every drop.
The essence of Seth's love.
Tomas cleaned him all up, then cuddling against him, feeling Seth's body tremble, then hearing Seth's sobs.
Tomas became afraid, sensing he'd hurt Seth, pulling him into his arms.
"Oh, Seth! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I went too far. Don't hate me, please don't hate me!"
Seth clung to Tomas, raising his tearing eyes, staring into Tomas' brown eyes.
Tomas saw something wonderful in those blue tearing eyes.
"Oh, Tommy! I can't ever hate you! I love you! What you just gave me, what you just did for me, it was so moving, so utterly unbelievable. I felt all your love, all your caring and love for me. You're right, Tommy. This wasn't sex, this was our love uniting, our souls uniting. I love you so much. Thank you, thank you for loving me."
Tomas' heart filled with joy and happiness, his lips seeking out Seth's, their kiss the first kiss of contented love. Of joined souls.
They parted, Seth's head falling against Tomas' chest, Tomas wrapping his arms around his lover.
"I love you, Tommy."
"I love you, my Sethy."
Tomas held him as he felt Seth relax and sleep gradually overtake him.
Tomas was just beginning to feel sleep overtake himself when he saw a faint glowing light in the corner of the room.
He looked towards it, seeing it take a misty shape.
He stared as it changed into his sister's smiling face.
Tears flowed down his cheeks, a voice filling his mind.
"I love you, Tommy. And Seth will make you so happy. His love will make you so happy. Live your life in happiness now, Tommy. Your guardian angel will always love you, but Sethy will love you completely."
Tomas smiled, kissing his lover's forehead, looking at the smiling face.
"I love you, Carmy. Be happy. I know I will be with Sethy. "
The vision smiled, blew him a kiss, then faded; Tomas smiled, wiping tears from his eyes.
He felt Seth cling tighter to him, Tomas closing his eyes.
He fell asleep, wrapped in Seth's love.

End of Chapter 96

And so Michael unites two more soulmates.
I just couldn't leave Seth and Tomas in the background, they needed their moment in the sun.
Lots more to come with all the soulmates.
Up next: Easter, with a few wonderful surprises.
And the return of an unwanted guest.

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